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Title: One night with Bill Franks, David Mayo and LRH
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 26, 2011, 08:43:15 PM
                 One night with Bill Franks, David Mayo and LRH

Bill Frank's story about brainwashing

Here is my story about brainwashing. As you know I have tried unsuccessfully to get this posted elsewhere. I have tried also to tell this story many times since it occurred to me that it might be helpful, but it does not seem to be of interest or there is a lot of apathy out there which is certainly understandable. I retell this here as it is about the tech and I think its useful in explaining a lot of what has happened over the years.

Firstly, I swear that this is the absolute and complete truth even though it occurred 37 years ago.

Secondly, a little about me which might put things into perspective as to why I saw what I am about to say as very significant and in a way horrific.I was in the SO for a little under 14 years. I attained the "rank' of Lt. Commander through promotions only by Hubbard. I was OEC and FEBC(trained by Hubbard) , HSDC, Class nine when I left in December 27 1981, as well as DSEC, Nots auditor, plus assorted other stuff. I was OT five plus nots, plus sec checked up the wazoo over the years. I also audited between 3-4000 hours conservatively speaking-probably much more, a lot of this was under Hub as the C/S. I spent about 3 1/2 years working with Hubbard pretty directly on the ship at various posts.Ii got to know him as well as anybody did.
My last position was Chairman of the Board and ED Int both by directive of LRH personally.


Thirdly and to the point of all this preamble, on one night in 1974 I found myself in David mayo's office in the tween decks of the Apollo.
It was very late or early in the morning. We were ,i believe in the port of Safi, Morrocco. A student of mine, I was currently D of T and Mayo was Flag Snr C/S, had blown. Hubbard was extremely angry with us due to this blown student of mine on the FEBC program. In an attempt to show Hubbard what we had done to handle this guy we collected up all the sec checking that he had received over the last 2 months, it had been a lot poor guy, and presented it to him along with an outline ofthis studen't progress on the courses he had taken. We had also wanted to show him how we had been careful that he hadn't gone by misunderstoods, etc.

We waited and waited and about 0300 hrs a messenger came down with a Despatch written by LRH. My memory does not recall any folders being returned. The despatch was entitled Very Confidential underlined. "He went onto say that if you or Franks ever reveal any of this information that I am about to reveal, the consequences will be severe for SCN."
He then wrote" a person does not blow due Overts or Witholds. He blows only due to ARC BKs".
"However, If any of this information ever became public,I would lose all control of the orgs and eventually Scientology as a whole".signed "LRH"
Both Mayo and me looked at one another completely incredulously. I cannot speak for Dave but I was completely flabbergasted as I realized at that point of digestion that he is talking about something that 75-80% of the tech is premised upon. Furthermore, the OEC/FEBC was currently anchored by the latest" developpment" at the time -being the L's, L-10,11, & 12.which for tose who don't know is about OW's. I don't believe Mayo or I talked about this again until we were out where I saw him at his auditing facility in Montecito, California in 1983. I believed we were a bit shell shocked about this.
As for me, I began to see more and more that scientology was merely a big prison camp. I stayed in for another 7 plus years but I was always mindful of this and always had in mind changing this "tech". I believe it is the key to what we have all seen and experienced as brainwashing.

That is all. I hope someone who want to use this will do so as there is no doubt that there is good in the tech it is just a matter of where is it.
How do you sort out the good and the bad and at the same time keep the good without throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
I regret that I could not fix this during my tenure.

Best, wogman Bill Franks

Title: Re: One night with Bill Franks, David Mayo and LRH
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 01, 2011, 07:11:52 AM
Bill Frank's story about blackmail
In addition to the allegations about OWs vs ARC-Xs, Bill Franks has provided remarkable information about the depths to which L Ron Hubbard would stoop to protect his racket.

In sworn testimony before a Judge in a 2002 legal case against Scientology, Bill spoke in depth about PC Folders. He stated that there was strict policy in regard to the priest/penitent nature of the folders and that Scientologists were assured their information was safe. Yet, despite the policy and assurances, PC Folders were routinely culled:
. . .  . . . Bill Franks: Well, we spent thousands of hours on the ship redacting folders, PC folders that would compromise Hubbard, for example, where people had seen Hubbard do something and it got into the PC folder, just in case the PC folder should fall into the wrong hands. I mean, that would be an example that I would know of.

Q: All right. And would taking something out of a member's PC folder and destroying it be a violation of the written policy?

Bill Franks: Yes .
.  . . .
And, not only were the PC Folders culled, they were also routinely inspected for details which could be used against disaffected members of the cult.

. . .  . . . Q: Is there any time that, according to Mr. Hubbard's policies, where PC folder material could be used to question the person whose PC folder it is at a deposition, and make it public?

Bill Franks: Sure.

Q: And how so? Under what circumstance?

Bill Franks: A guy who was considered to be an enemy of the church. Many times, on board the ship, Hubbard would have -- I mean, he sent me instructions to go through the PC Folder, list all the -- in Scientology parlance, list all the crimes, being anything that can be used on the PC, such as if he smoked pot or whatever, and list those out and -- and use those or give them to an attorney. I mean, that was  pretty common practice, or was back then.

Meanwhile, here in 2011, Scientology apologists and those who themselves were directly responsible for carrying out PC Folder data harvesting, rail against the injustice of it all. Irony, much?

Title: Re: One night with Bill Franks, David Mayo and LRH
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 03, 2012, 10:36:10 AM
                  David Mayo talking about Hubbard's final research.

David Mayo was the senior spiritual technical person who L. Ron Hubbard initially entrusted to oversee the whole Scientology spiritual practice legacy in 1982, when the aging Hubbard realized he didn't have many years left. Mayo's title was the Senior Case Supervisor International. Mayo fell from grace just months after the April 1982 20 page despatch from Hubbard where Hubbard detailed to Mayo what Hubbard wanted. This talk discusses that 20 page despatch and other relavant events. This talk is one of several dozen talks recorded of David Mayo speaking in 1983 or 1984 at the center in Santa Barbara where David's group of ex official Scientologists were based. Mayo's Scientology splinter group probably formed the largest and most skilled schism group of ex official Scientologists in the history of the Scientology movement, and from these tapes of Mayo's group's informal weekly graduation ceremonies, it can be heard that his schism group's offered services were almost the same services official Scientology delivers, with just different names. Mayo's group operated within a milder atmosphere, minus the harsher atmosphere of official Scientology. Mayo's Santa Barbara group was hit with suits and infiltration by official Scientologists and the Mayo group fell apart within a few years. But while it was operating, Mayo's group constituded the largest schism group in the Scientology movement's 60 or so years of history so far.
- Chuck Beatty, ex Scientology (Sea Org) staffer 1975-2003

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