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Title: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 06, 2011, 12:16:38 AM
L. Ron Hubbard in Freedom article, "How to Win an Argument", 16 June 1969

    "It is not entirely just to say that psychiatrists and psychologists have no technology. True, they can cure nothing and cannot change anyone for better or worse and as a result have to kill "difficult patients" but they do have one piece of technology.

    This is concerned with winning arguments.

    Anyone who disagrees with their planned totalitarian rule is pronounced "insane". He is seized quietly, conveyed to a prison, tortured and usually permanently injured or killed."


Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 10, 2011, 04:30:53 PM

"It's actually a flow because you can make it. That's why it's actual. But you can make it and observe it and that's actual, see; not necessarily real, but actual."


From the article by LRH is called Admiration The Universal Solvent excerpted from The Factors: Admiration and the Renaissance of Beingness lectures, lecture of 23 March 1953 "What's Wrong with the PC and How You can do Something About it"

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 12, 2011, 04:28:11 PM
                      Human rights

.....In 1969, L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “The United Nations came up with the answer.  An absence of human rights stained the hands of governments and threatened their rules.  Very few governments have implemented any part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  These governments have not grasped that their very survival depends utterly upon adopting such reforms and thus giving their peoples a cause, a civilization worth supporting, worth their patriotism.”....

Hubbard wrote this while he was on a break from rampantly violating human rights.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 13, 2011, 09:14:42 AM
                                  "THE GE IS A FAMILY MAN

The GE is a family man; the GE is lost without a family. It's very strange, but Homo sap is a family unit. The GE is built on that basis. It's fascinating, fascinating. It's not important to know it but a lot of your urges toward families and so forth are not thetan urges at all, they're the GE. The GE can't survive at all without a family unit. He's just as dead as a mackerel if he isn't a family unit, whereas your thetan is just dead as a mackerel if he gets too mixed up in family units.

You can't talk to GEs; they're kind of psycho. And by the way, you can fall into this dreadful trap with a GE. You see, he uses the MEST universe with which to build. He's gotten very, very bad off and he has to use MEST materials all the time.

So, you get this situation here with the GE, and your GE is busy: build, build, build, build, build. And, of course he's got to have a family to build with.

You get this terrific family thirst. And you get your GE surviving best and being loused up the most because of interfamily relationships.

And your thetan, by the way, can much more easily go into a group. Families are not good groups; they're bad groups."

LRH, From the taped lecture
"Flows: Patterns of Interaction"
10 December 1952

It leaves little doubt that adherence to Scientology can inevitably lead to you throwing away all family in favour of your supposed eternity.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 14, 2011, 09:41:25 AM
L. Ron Hubbard in Freedom Scientology early in 1969, "International Edition No. 1"


    While western countries are spending billions fighting terrorist activities abroad they are neglecting the one they have at home.

    The psychiatrist and his front groups operate straight out of the terrorist text- books. [...]

    Setting himself up as a terror symbol, the psychiatrist kidnaps, tortures and murders without any slightest police interference or action by western security forces. [...]

    A psychiatrist kills a young girl for sexual kicks, murders a dozen patients with an ice pick, castrates a hundred men. And they give him another million appropriation.

LRH.   Founder of the RPF.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 14, 2011, 09:44:33 AM
                        HCO PL, Confidential, 29 June 1971

    Policy is that we assign any case or upset in Scientology to past damage and interference with the person by medicine or psychiatry. They were sent to us after medicine or psychiatry had already destroyed them. We cannot be blamed for psychiatric or medical failures.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 15, 2011, 09:54:34 PM
"It takes truth to live with a swiftly changing world. Nothing less than truth can survive. You cannot survive with anything less than truth."
    L. Ron Hubbard, The Ability Congress - Washington D.C 1957


ENEMY      SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by
           any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the
           Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

LRH:jp                                                   L. RON HUBBARD
Copyright (c) 1967                                       Founder
by L. Ron Hubbard

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 16, 2011, 11:10:14 AM
Hubbard Dissemination Course (c) 1986 L. Ron Hubbard Library wrote:

When you are out talking overtly about Scientology, you will inevitably meet some people whose entire purpose is to make you be covert in your communication.


Recognize this about people who are objecting to you talking: When you're having any kind of a mess-up in trying to talk with somebody, the basic objection is the fact that you're talking. It's not true that everybody objects to your talking (don't let me give you that impression), but in this specialized case, where you're getting any kind of an objection—no matter how covert—the main objection is the fact that you're talking.

The way to overcome that objection is to simply drive it into apathy by talking more overtly, and more. Don't try to modify yourself for an agreement. You're sitting in the living room, and there are some friends around, and they have a guest. This guest says, "Well, isn't that a cult?" or something of this sort, after he's heard you're a Scientologist. Bird-dog him right there. His main objection is the fact that you're talking.

He probably considers himself attacked as an authority. After you go along a little further, you'll find out maybe he's a medical doctor or a psychologist. Perhaps he has some vested interest, or he minored in psychology in the barber college (that's where they teach that now), and he makes a nasty crack; he'll pretend some vested interest in what you're talking about. A proper reaction on your part is to just shift the subject entirely, skip it and talk about something that the rest are talking about or interested in and just shut up at that point, only shut up loudly. There are no halves about this; just shut up loudly. You just look at them with a little surprise, and look out and say, "It's nice weather we're having," or get off to some banality. Cut him to pieces and ignore him afterwards, because his main objection is to you talking. It didn't matter what you said; that's why he raised an objection.


Cut him to pieces by a loud silence, and shift the conversation the other way. There's no halfway point; you don't diddle along saying, "Well I don't know, a lot of people say it is a cult, but you know, between ourselves, really there are a lot of sincere people mixed up in this; I know there are a lot of . . ." You don't do that—that's what he hopes you'll do.

If you cut this guy dead (and this isn't just in the interest of being nasty), you leave a sudden vacuum. It is now up to him to try to lead into a subject which he knows nothing about, and he can get into the most dreadful morass you have ever heard of. You have just left a vacuum, and haven't given him a proper answer; you've left a communication line unfinished. This vacuum has been mocked up and he falls right into it. He'll have to talk about it; he has no other choice, and you can go on ignoring him. The longer you ignore him, the more upset he will be about the whole subject. But he will finally have to go out and buy a book to find out all about this subject so that he can do something to you about it.

Or you just cut him to pieces. You say, "Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. It is the study of the human spirit in its relationship to the physical universe and other life and it does a lot of things for a lot of people." Start explaining it to him very carefully, and if you really want to be nasty about it, mock him up as a two-year-old kid and explain it very, very well to him.

You think the rest of the people at the party are going to turn on you for doing such a horrible thing—they're with you all the way. If you have nerve enough to do that, you've got nerve enough to lead them.


If you had not cut the individual to pieces, the second you left he would have told all the others some great untruth which he had read in the medical manual concerning Scientology, or something of the sort. He would have cooked any impression that you had made unless you had already cooked him.

That's a nasty crack, but the truth of the matter is, the next time this individual who objected to what you were saying is present and you're not, he will make hash out of you unless you've already made hash out of him. So just finish him on the spot.

Finish him by saying, "Did you ever study Scientology? Oh, you studied psychology. Oh, when was that? Ha-ha—when—when was that? Oh, that was from a regular university? Oh? Oh yeah, very interesting. But, did you ever study Scientology? Oh, you read something. Where did you read this? What issue was that? Who said that? Who said that? Oh, did you read all of the article? Did you ... I remember the article very well"—this throws him off board because he's just invented the article—"I remember the article very well, but in the last half it said it was very beneficial to man in general—didn't you get down to that? Oh, I see. Well, do you do everything in a perfunctory way like this?" Then drop him!

The art of conversation and the art of dueling have many things in common, and if you are ever dull enough to fail to see this similarity, you deserve everything you're going to get in a fight like that. The dueling trick of suddenly coming up with your weapon and dropping well back to invite a desperate lunge is very, very well known to a great many dead men. The other one is, even in the face of skill, if you just press in a thundering hard attack and just keep on attacking, sooner or later he's going to find a hedge or something at his back and fall into it; you're just taking a chance that way.

In view of the fact that nobody is in the kind of condition to really put up a good fight these days, you're taking a horrible advantage. This guy is dueling you with a hatpin and you have a broadsword. You just go in overtly and butcher him.

This has a lot to do with your procurement of preclears. You wouldn't think so, but it does. You use an overt communication line and people immediately say, "Look, this guy isn't scared. If he isn't scared then he must be a survivor type. If he's a survivor type, why, that's for me, because obviously I'm not a survivor type." All you have to do to demonstrate yourself as a survivor type (one test only), is continue to communicate!

Let's take this in a most horrible way (since we are talking about dueling and killing): Supposing you stabbed a fellow and he fell down, and he just lay there, stretched out, and he kept on talking to you in a rather undisturbed tone of voice. Suppose you then got your broadsword and hacked him into several pieces, and he kept on talking to you in a rather undisturbed tone of voice. And you then got a big keg of gunpowder, put it under him and blew him up and spattered him all over the scenery, and he kept on talking to you in an undisturbed tone of voice. Somewhere along the line you would have the idea that this was a survivor type.
— L. Ron Hubbard
Hubbard Dissemination Course © 1986 L. Ron Hubbard Library

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 06, 2012, 11:48:05 AM
HCO Bulletin of 6 May 1982, "The Cause of Crime"

    "There would be no criminals at all if the psychs had not begun to oppress beings into vengeance against society.

    "There's only one remedy for crime -- get rid of the psychs! They are causing it!"
                                                                                       L Ron Hubbard.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 24, 2012, 08:15:04 AM
                          Re: Who actually saw Hubbard take drugs ?

    Here's a partial collection of information on Hubbard's drug and alcohol outlook and use. There's more.

    From 'Terra Incognita: The Mind':

    "The best stimulant is Benzedrine. In its absence an overdose of coffee will do."

    From 'Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health' (1950):

    "Opium is less harmful [than alcohol], marijuana is not only less physically harmful but also better in the action of keeping a neurotic producing, phenobarbital does not dull the senses nearly as much and produces less after effect..."

    From a 'Philadelphia Doctorate Course' lectures (1952):

    Lecture 27: "The body - He has never used it. He's taken care of it."

    Lecture 33: "There isn't any reason it shouldn't drink all the liquor it can hold... be perfectly free to use the body in any way he chooses."

    Ron Jr. from 'Messiah or Madman?' (concerning the 1950s):

    "My whole life I've always marvelled at his capacity to consume alcohol and remain upright and coherent. A fifth of Myers dark run was like two aspirin to dad...

    "He [Hubbard Sr.] would sit at his typewriter late at night and boost up on drugs and hit way at the top, and just write like crazy. He could type 97 words a minute with four fingers. That was the maximum the old IBM electric typewriter would go. When he got into one of these drugs trips, he'd write until the body just collapsed.

    "That's the way he worked. Usually what he had written in a burst would then be allowed to trickle out to the public, the classes he taught. It just wouldn't show up right away."

    'Challenge', a poster on ESMB, and an old timer who knew Hubbard, and even smoked a joint with him in 1953 in Phoenix, has written of Hubbard's drug use in the 1950s. Other old timers have also written of Hubbard's drug&alcohol use in the 1950s&1960s.

    Hubbard's bottle a night at St. Hill, and how it was discreetly discarded the next morning:

    From 'Keeping Scientology Working' (1965):

    "We will not speculate here on... how I came to rise above the bank."

    A few excerpts from the John McMaster interview in the book, 'Messiah or Madman?' (McMaster was "the first real Clear"):

    "...In all the years of working for him I found that he absolutely despised people for being Scientologists."

    McMaster commented on an encounter with Hubbard at St. Hill, when he urgently needed to relay a message:

    "Well, it was about mid day. He was just getting up. He was a night owl. Anyway, I got up there and he was in his bathroom, which was attached to his bedroom. He came out and I was surprised at the color of his body. It was grey. He came out nude.

    "And there on the table was one of those enormous bottles of Gin."

    On the Apollo, McMaster witnessed Hubbard's drug supply, "It was the largest drug chest I had ever seen. He had everything!"

    From Aleister Crowley's 'The Book of the Law':

    "We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit; let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of Kings: stamp down the wretched and the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world.

    "...I am the snake that giveth knowledge and delight, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs. They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self...

    "...The Kings of Earth shall be the Kings forever: the slaves shall serve.

    "Them that seek to entrap thee, to overthrow thee, them attack without pity or quarter; and destroy them utterly."

    The 'Law of Thelema' is "Do What Thou Wilt." For Crowleyites, its "Bible" is 'The Book of The Law'.

    From one of Jack Parsons' letters to Aleister Crowley, re. Hubbard: "He [Hubbard] is the most Thelemic person I have ever met..."

    And from Jack Parsons, Hubbard's "Magic(k)al partner" for a time in 1946. Parsons wrote this poem, which appeared in 1943, in the 'Oriflamme' Journal of the O.T.O:

    "I hight Don Quixote, I live on Peyote, Marijuana,
    "Morphine and Cocaine,
    "I never know sadness, but only a madness,
    "That burns in the heart and the brain.
    "I see each charwoman, ecstatic, inhuman, angelic, demonic, divine.
    "Each wagon a dragon, each beer mug a flagon
    "That burns with ambrosial wine."

    Some more links re. alcohol and drugs:

    There are two tapes that come to mind where Hubbard appeared to be inebriated. One is a 1952 'PDC' lecture where he goes on about "Liberty, Equality, Eternity," and the other is - I believe - an FEBC tape, from around 1970, where he shouts, "Communista! Communista!'

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 22, 2012, 09:41:20 AM
    All Registrars
    FBO Hat

                                             HCO POLICY LETTER OF 1 APRIL AD15

                                                      ALL DIVISIONS
                                               ORGS AND DOOR LOCKING

    It has always been firm policy that the doors to our organizations are always wide open. After all we have a planet to clear and the button of 'exclusion' is a part of the R6 bank that only we can audit out. Therefore it is senior policy that:


    However, there is one exception to this rule. It is therefore senior-senior policy that:


    By locking the door on incomplete reg cycles, you are Keeping Scientology Working.


    L. Ron Hubbard

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 14, 2012, 12:00:38 AM
"Remember one thing, we are not running a business, we are
running a government.

We are in direct control of people's lives.

But for the first time we are not making victims of them,
we are making them more able.

So bring order into these
people's lives."

HCO Secretary WW2
© 1975 L. Ron Hubbard Library

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 16, 2012, 12:13:14 PM
"I have high hopes of smashing my name
into history so violently that it will take a
legendary form even if all the books are
destroyed. That goal is the real goal as far as
I am concerned. Things which stand too
consistently in my way make me nervous.
It's a pretty big job. In a hundred years
Roosevelt will have been forgotten - which
gives some idea of the magnitude of my
attempt. And all this boils and froths inside
my head...
"Psychiatrists, reaching the high of the
dusty desk, tell us that Alexander, Genghis
Khan and Napoleon were madmen. I know
they're maligning some very intelligent

L. Ron Hubbard wrote these words in a letter to
his first wife in 1938.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 30, 2012, 12:14:45 PM

"But there was one discovery in 1978 that I haven't said very much about, and am really not likely to since it's a sad thing.

"It's what happens to a thetan who is not salvaged or processed and goes on down the chute. Man, when I saw that and saw it to be true, I actually felt sorry for these guys that try to hit at us. Poor devils.

"Some religions talk about hell. It's an understatement of what really happens."

L. Ron Hubbard.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 28, 2012, 02:03:30 PM

                 Part 1 of 3 -- L. Ron Hubbard Talks About Xemu/Xenu

Scientology denies that they teach abut Xenu (a.k.a. Xemu). Here's proof they do, right from L. Ron Hubbard's mouth. By the way, to learn about Xenu/Xemu in scientology would cost you hundeds of thousands of dollars! You can get to tthe entire 90 minute lecture here:

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on August 20, 2012, 08:49:45 AM
                               Hubbard Talks about Math, Physics, Neural Science.

    Hubbard failed all math- related courses for very simple reason -- he could not grasp mathematical concepts, his Philadelphia Doctorate Course shows that (it is quite ironic that the course is called “Doctorate”)

    This is how “the greatest scientist” describes the difference between Differential and Integral Calculus:

    “As you look through the book, you'll find in the early part of the book on Calculus, "dx" over "dy", a little "dx", and a little "dy" -- and one's above the other on a line -- predominates in the front part of the book, but as you get to the end of the book you find these "dx" and "dy"s preceded by a summation sign, or are equating to a summation sign, and the presence of this shows that we are in the field of Integral Calculus“.

    This sounds like a silly joke, but Hubbard is serious about this because he admits that he could not understand even the simplest mathematical ideas:

    “Now I hope you understand this, because I've never been able to make head nor tail of it. It must be some sort of a Black Magic operation, started out by the Luce cult -- some immoral people who are operating up in New York City, Rockefeller Plaza -- been thoroughly condemned by the whole society. Anyway, their rate-of-change theory -- I've never seen any use for that mathematics”

    Not only Hubbard says that he is incapable of understanding the math, but he also brags about his mathematical handicap. This is exactly what a smart conman would avoid doing -- he does not want his audience to think that he is a complete idiot. But Hubbard does not care about making a fool of himself in front of a gathering of people, which shows mental retardation.

    Finally Hubbard arrives at the most stunning conclusion that I have heard so far -- the math does not work in this universe:

    “Calculus -- if you want to know -- there is room there for a mathematics which is a good mathematics. And it would be the rate of co-change, or the rate of change when something else was changing, so that you could establish existing rates of change in relationship to each other, and for lack of that mathematics, nobody has been able to understand present time -- you just can't sum it up easily -- or let us say, for lack of an understanding of what present time was, nobody could formulate that mathematics. So, actually there's a big hole there that could be filled -- a thing called calculus is trying to fill that hole, right now, and it can't.”

    And who’s to blame for this poor math? Newton, of course!

    “But the rates of change -- it comes closest to it. I think it was one of Newton's practical jokes. Here we have Calculus, and it's trying to measure a rate of change. Well, if we had something that was really workable and simple, it would be formed on this basis. The present time, and gradients of time were gradients of havingness, and as one havingness changed, you could establish a constancy of change for other related havingnesses“.

    In the end Hubbard becomes completely incoherent when he introduces a concept of havingness, which is totally out of this word. Incoherent speech is a clear sign of mental deficiency. Our retard came up with the craziest ideas, as usual.

    Regardless of his occupation, a normal person is capable of understanding basic facts about the universe. But this observation does not apply to Hubbard -- our idiot’s “understanding” of the universe is a gross misunderstanding of simple empirical data.

    Hubbard’s term is the MEST (mass, energy, space, time) universe. But all high school students know that there are only three independent variables in physics - length (space), time and mass. Energy is not independent variable, and so are not temperature, density, velocity, etc. Hubbard could have called his creation MTST (mass, temperature, space, time) universe, MDST (mass, density, space, time) universe, etc -- any combination of independent and dependent variables goes. The right term would be MST (mass, space, time) universe. But Hubbard was so incredibly stupid that he cannot distinguish dependent variables from independent ones.

    In his sci-fi novel, Volume I of Mission Earth, Hubbard describes black holes as sources of energy. But nowadays even a 5-th grader knows that black holes absorb energy without emitting it. Hubbard’s stupidity prevented him from giving correct description of a black hole.

    A Hubbard supporter might say that Hubbard never claimed that events described in Mission Earth are real, so his definition of the black hole is not an indicator of stupidity. However, it is known to all sci-fi readers that the writers follow physics concepts very strictly without trying to alter or twist them. Hubbard saw scientific descriptions of black holes but was unable to understand them, which shows that he was a complete idiot incapable to grasp even the simplest scientific ideas.

    Below is a correct definition of the space:
    “Space: the volume in which all celestial bodies, including earth, move”
    McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms.

    This is how Hubbard defines space:
    “The definition of space is 'a viewpoint of dimension “


    Space consists of three dimensions (lengths), therefore it is logically incorrect to define “space” via “dimensions” that constitute space -- this logical fallacy called vicious circle. Properly interpreted, Hubbard’s definition of space is equivalent to this definition, “space is how one sees space”, which is gibberish. Only a person with extremely low intelligence could give such obtuse definition of space.

    Hubbard the Neurological Scientist wrote the following “masterpiece”:
    “It is clear that the object is often of interest to us for some special characteristics of immediate usefulness or value. If we enquire as to the neurological processes involved in registering the object, we find that the nervous system has abstracted, from the infinite numbers of sub-microscopic characteristics of the event, a large but finite number of macroscopic characteristics. In purchasing a 'pencil' we usually are not interested in its smell or taste. But if we were interested in these abstractions, we would have to find the smell and the taste of our object by experiment“.

    First of all, the number of all characteristics is not infinite but finite because the number of variables used to describe a physical object is finite; these variables include size, weight (mass), density, valence, temperature, wavelength (color), etc. Measurement of infinite number of characteristics would require infinite time, as every scientist knows. Therefore, it is commonly accepted that the number of characteristics used to describe an object is finite.

    A nervous system cannot abstract anything from sub-microscopic characteristics because it cannot perceive objects on sub-microscopic level; it cannot register objects even on molecular level, as everyone, except for Hubbard, knows. Of course, if someone sees objects on sub-microscopic level in his hallucinations the way Hubbard saw his body cells (see one of my previous posts) then he would accept Hubbard’s description of the workings of nervous system.

    Hubbard’s inability to understand simple scientific concepts shows profound mental retardation. Yes, my friends, Hubbard was a cretin!

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 16, 2012, 11:14:11 AM
                     Hear Ron explain about everything here.

Wikileaks has an archive of Rons recorded lectures.


                            Not for the stupid.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 31, 2012, 06:17:22 PM
Hubbard Learned Brainwashing From The Best And This Proves It!!

    Hubbard on brainwashing:

    In a lecture called Aberration and the Fifth Dynamic Hubbard stated:

    take a sheet of glass and put it in front of the preclear — clear, very clear glass — which is supercooled, preferably about a −100 centigrade. You got that? Supercooled, you know? And then put the preclear right in front of this supercooled sheet of glass and suddenly shove his face into the glass. Now, that's pretty good. I mean, that was developed about five billion years ago by a whole-track psychiatrist […]. The mechanism of brainwashing which I gave you, with supercold mechanisms and so forth, is very well known, was used very extensively in the Maw Confederation of the Sixty-third Galaxy. They had a total psychiatric control of all of their officers and executives, and when they got tired of them they used this specific method of brainwashing"

    This is for any non believers that didn't think Ron knew just what the hell he was talking about when it comes to that wild contraption we call the human mind...terra incognita...!

    Hmmmmm...the "Maw" Confederacy...gotta' admit that's a new one to guano...hmmmmm...Ron was sooooo mysterious!

It's on the 15th ACC and CD Power Of Simplicity (?), Tape 22: 5611C13 Abberration and the Sixth Dynamic.!!

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 01, 2012, 06:36:53 AM
Leak:                    LRH "Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of the Universes".

    Leak: LRH Audio Tape -- "Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of the Universes".

    From: WWP

    I have debated long and hard about whether I wanted to fulfill a request for this tape. I have had it a long long time since I purchased the original HCL course tapes. After much consideration, while I know you will PROBABLY use this to defame and degrade L. Ron Hubbard it's important this gets out onto the Internet.

    This tape is called "Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of the Universes". If you're careful enough, you'll see half a dozen posters on this forum mention the tape; it's mostly because I've given it to them because they've asked me for it. However, they wouldn't leak it because I told them not to. What is this tape? It is the only known surviving session recording of L. Ron Hubbard and his late-wife Mary Sue Hubbard. In this tape (and two others on the HCL course called "Detecting Entities") Ron talks about extraterrestrial or inter-dimesional beings or entities which are connected to our universe looking to harm us. While I personally don't believe this story there are a lot of us in the Freezone who do and consider this tape sacred.

    Since I don't believe in the story and believe there's a historical significance to this tape that supersedes any supposed "confidentiality" here it is, in full un-edited and restored glory - 5204c-SESSION Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of the Universes.

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Here's your treat. Now do a trick (preferably a barrel-roll)

There's a transcript at, if you want to (partly!) skim over this.

Title: Re: Hubbard quote of the day....
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There’s a chilling statement by L Ron Hubbard’s son, Nibs, which explains the malignant malevolence underlying this strategy which Scientology has employed since the 1950s:

    . . . Well, he [ LRH] didn’t really want people killed, because how could you really destroy them if you just killed them? What he wanted to do was to destroy their lives, their families, their reputations, their jobs, their money, everything. My father was the type of person who, when it came to destruction, wanted to keep you alive for as long as possible, to torture you, punish you. If he chose to destroy you, he would love to see you lying in the gutter, strung out on booze and drugs, rolling in your own vomit, with your wife and children gone forever: no job, no money. He’d enjoy walking by and kicking you and saying to other people, “Look what I did to this man!” He’s the kind of man who would pull the wings off flies and watch them stumble around. You see, this fits in with his Scientology beliefs, also. He felt that if you just died, your spirit would go out and get another body to live in. By destroying an enemy that way, you’d be doing him a favor. You were letting him out from under the thumb of L. Ron. Hubbard, you see? . . .

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 The Helatrobus Implants - L. Ron Hubbard - 21 May, 1963

    The Helatrobus Implants

    A lecture given by L. Ron Hubbard on 21 May 1963

Thank you. People of Earth, we come in peace. We bring a plowshare, not a sword. But we won't use any clouds to spread the message. Oh, I see you characters haven't been really up to the front of the track yet. All those Helatrobus Implants of course came out of clouds originally, you know. And this is the 21st of Mayo, AD 13, Galactic ye -- well that's beside the point. You don't look to me like you've been making the
progress you ought to; you just don't look to me like you've been making the progress. But possibly if you'd taken a retread in the Keokuk Central Office, maybe you would have made better progress.

An interesting problem has presented itself, and so forth; Every once in a while an industrious D of T will treat an HPA like somebody in a co-audit, you know, and give them all the latest tapes and materials and just overwhelm them but good, you
see, and never teach them how to audit. And would you like to be handling the material you are handling without knowing how to audit? Be rough, wouldn't it? Well, the degree that we don't make good auditors and the degree that we can't give Saint Hill training to as many as possible, we are actually holding back Scientology.

You're in just a little bit of a breathing space right at the present instant. This is just a little bit of a breathing space. I was playing tag with the atomic war and the enthusiasm with which certain misguided degraders wish to launch off the bomb and all of this sort of thing, actually stood across our track rather hard and it caused a tremendous acceleration in research which ordinarily would have been plotted out
across a much longer space of time and gives us something of an emergency
characteristic on this, because we've still got to beat this line. We've still got to beat this, and these characters don't know what they're doing.

I can imagine them now, you know, saying -- saying, "Well, to be happy or not to be happy. You know, I -- I don't know." I can see Kennedy walking around now. "Well, is it really the beginning of heaven or the end of heaven?" You see, and so on. He's going over and see the Pope. And there's the Pope sitting there, and so forth, and he's got an electronic that is cutting his guts out, you know, and he's saying, "Bless you, my uhh -- son, bless you, my son." You know?

A wild game going on and these are the characters who are telling you whether or not you can launch a bomb or not launch a bomb. You see? So there's no good sense involved in any of this and it's sort of in the cards and we're winning, we're winning hands down.

Now, our technological advance at this particular time is sweeping on much faster than I can give you all of the fine bits of, so that I can give you the technology and the way you arrive at the technology. And this is the best that I can do. Now we've long talked about Clears and so forth, and that's fine. There is nothing wrong with that, and there are Clears and so forth. And we can make Clears by our own definition and as far as the public is concerned, why, this is a very interesting advance. And as Peter once told me, he says, "Man,". he says, "but I need this" he says, "to interest people out in the public. Don't go knocking out this grade of Clear." See? Well, he's perfectly right, see, perfectly right. But in actual fact the state of Clear is not only attainable but is being attained today here and there without any -- hardly any remark at all.

Now, for instance, in the last eight and a half hours of auditing I've found three
goals and run three banks on a pc. Three complete GPMs. Well, this is a -this is rather a dizzy rate of speed. Don't you see? All right. Now, you haven't got any time to celebrate. That's what's wrong with that. You're achieving these things and there's no chance to -- to state to the PC, "Now you have to break out the champagne," you see, because it usually happens in the middle of session; by the middle of the next session, or the end of the session, he's already gone beyond it. You're achieving these various points. Now, if you're achieving this now, you might be quite interested
in the fact that states of beingness undreamed of before exist immediately before you.

They're in your very immediate future. Before Christmas, probably, if you keep your nose to the grindstone and keep your case going.

You're -- you're right there. Now, the technological win is tremendous and there are only about five percent of the cases you're going to run into that are going to give you a bit of a thetan ache because they don't have what I choose to call now, because it was the nation or small government that did these things -- Helatrobus -- not to be confused with Helatrobe.

Helatrobe is the Galactic Confederation. It's Helatrobus. Call these things the Helatrobus Implants for lack of a better designation because 43 trillion isn't accurate for all cases, don't you see, and that sort of thing. You can't give it by a time date and there is no reason to keep calling it by a time date. Let's call it by something that was less well known, but that we can identify.

Call them the Helatrobus Implants and it tells you these are the implants which begin with the electronic clouds over planets and -- and the dichotomy, plus and minus, and so forth, and sweep on through in a certain series. And people have been through them once, twice, three, four times and they have -- we have the patterns of the
first series very accurately. We'll shortly have the patterns of the second series. All that makes very easy auditing. We even have a technique that handles this now: 3N, which has just been released and that's the same patter that you've been using, speeded up a bit. And there's even a shortened version of that which you will need very soon.

You need this -you'll go right on needing this from here on out with a pc. You'll need what's called 3N, but 3N has to be shortened after a pc has gone for three
or four banks because the pc's running too fast. And for instance, I've gotten a pc up to a point of the RI blows on statement. This pc has been very carefully textbook audited and is now blowing on statement. There's no -- you call it back and it doesn't even flick, so you have to say, "That rocket read." See, "It -- that rocket read." But why?

Because, well, it rocket read when they said it, but you haven't even got a tail on the rocket read a lot of the time.'-You've got the accelerated start. But instead of a tail on it, you've got a blowdown. See, the thing doesn't have a chance to do a complete rocket read; it disintegrates. It does an accelerated beginning; goes like mad, the tone arm moves down, pc says, "Fine." You read the thing back and it's quiet as a mouse. You can't get a tick out of this thing. You haven't even opposed it yet and you can't even get a tick out of it. All right. Well that, of course -- after a while when a pc's doing this, it's a waste of time to read the RI back to him, so you get 3N-2 which is an abbreviated form of 3N, just like 3N is an abbreviated form of 3M-2, don't you see? But you won't be using 3M-2 on these implants because the other is too easy. Now, what can you cut out?

Well, I just leave it up to you. What can you cut out? Because your job -let me tell you this very straight from the shoulder -- your job is to make sure that the charge is blown out of that RI and that is your job as an auditor. And let me -- let me put a bug in your ear right now, don't you let any pc talk you out, with ARC breaks or anything else, out of getting that charge off. You understand? Because the pc will natter, the pc will yap, the pc will this and will that about your reading it a second time, how you're cross-checking or doing anything like that.

Because you can do these things without losing too much speed, but the pc starts suppressing his cognitions in order to make speed, you see. Suppressing this, suppressing that and all of a sudden you've got a little fluky RR that goes flick-pow, and you see it stop. It's -- it's a choked down.

Pc's suppressing almost as fast as he's giving it to you. And you say the pc is very nattery and the pc is this way and that way, and therefore you mustn't go in and clean that up. Well, you've been defeated as an auditor the moment you make that conclusion.

continued here...

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                                    Audio file   Hubbard lecture excerpt


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                          Hubbard letter to FBI regarding "sudden insanities" in Scientology

    Pete Griffiths posted this on Facebook .

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                                  "Somebody some day will say 'this is illegal'.
                                      By then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not."

L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 4 January 1966

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                         Threats of Death and Violence From Scientology

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                    Research? What Research?

    Someone asked a good question in the Science of Survival thread regarding whether there was any physical research data connected with this business.

    Here's the answer from the horse's mouth:

    "Now, once in a while somebody says to me, "You don't keep a record of what you're doing." The hell I don't! I keep a record - this (meaning the recorded lecture) is actually a record. You just wouldn't believe me if I had told you there was practically no thought or research behind this. But there isn't. There isn't any thought or research, as you think of it, of taking endless notes, notes, notes and then trying to find these and compare. That is not the way I do research." (LRH lecture, 6 November 1952, Methods of Research - The Thetan as an Energy Unit, from the Source of Life Energy lecture series.)

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                                                      Hubbard's Antichrist Bulletin confirmed by two Exes or Indies
Raw data from Marty's blog via WWP.

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                                             The real truth about Xenu and "touch assists" as told by L Ron Hubbard.

In LRH's Own words as told in 1969 on the Apollo, the REAL truth about Xenu. This video is a challenge to Scientology, but this video is not for profit and strictly for informational purposes.

Before you cut your next cheque to the cult, listen to the type of confidential material you will be submitting yourself to.