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Title: Hubbard Family Tree
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 13, 2011, 09:21:53 AM
                                Hubbard Family Tree

                                Hubbard descendants:

Summary: In Sea Org Hubbard has one child, Diana, and one grandchild, Ro Ann Leake (Diana's daughter). Hubbard had 6 other children, two of whom (Nibs and Quentin) have died, and the rest appear to have left Scientology. I could find 13 grandchildren that I know of (Nib's 6+Alexis' at least 2+ Diana's 1+ Suzette's 4). Jamie DeWolfe, formerly Jamie Kennedy, and Jamie's unnamed brother, mentioned on a radio show, are the only great-grandchildren I could find, although there must be more. Jamie DeWolfe's daughter Nadia is the only great-great grandchild I could find the name of.

Wife: Margaret Louise Grubb ("Polly", m. 13-Apr-1933, div. 24-Dec-1947, two children) (Note 15)Her 2nd husband was John Ochs, and she apparently died in 1963 (Note 24)
I. L. Ron Hubbard Jr. ( ("Nibs", "Ronald DeWolf", b. 7-May-1934) near San Diego. (Note 1) Nibs had six children (Note 8), at least one of whom was born to his wife Henrietta in London in 1955 (Note 9). Nibs kept his family out of Scientology (Note 30). Gave a lurid 1983 Penthouse interview. (Note 10) Written out of the 1979, 1982, and 1986 wills (Notes 13, 21, and 22). Died in 1991 (Note 11) One of his grandchildren, through Jamie’s mother, is Jamie DeWolfe, former known as Jamie Kennedy (someone else had the Kennedy name), outspoken performer and critic. (Note 11a) Jamie’s daughter, Nadia, was born around 2000 (Note 11b). Jamie has a brother (Note 11c) None of Nib’s descendants are Scientologists (Note 11c)

II. Katherine May Hubbard (b. 15-Jan-1936) in New York City (Note 2) Married in 1957; divorced in 1958 (Note 12) At time of Hubbard’s 1979, 1982, and 1986 wills, her surname was Gillespie. (Notes 13, 21 & 22) Written out of the first and second will but not out of the final will.

Wife: Sara Elizabeth Northrup (m. 10-Aug-1946, div. 12-Jun-1951, one child, bigamy) (Note 15) Wikipedia article (Note 25) Sara's surname was Hollister in 1984 (Note 34) Sara may have died 19 Dec 1997 (Note 36)

III. Alexis Valerie Hubbard (b. 8-Mar-1950) in New Jersey (Note 3). Never acknowledged as an offspring in Hubbard's wills. Alexis took her step-father's surname, Hollister, and was rebuffed after attempting to contact Hubbard (Note 37). There are two mentions that Alexis got a settlement, one mentioning the date June 1986 settlement.(Note 27).'s timetrack says Alexis didn't get a settlement (Note 35) Alexis was married and had at least two children. (Note 28)

Wife: Mary Sue Whipp (m. Mar-1952, two daughters, two sons) (Note 15) The Story of Mary Sue Hubbard has lots of photos and description of her work (Note 31). Photo of Mary Sue, Ron & their four children (Note 33) Lived with three children on the Apollo in 1974 (Note 42). Imprisoned for Snow White conspiracy, died 25 Nov 2002 (Note 26)

IV. Diana Meredith de Wolfe Hubbard (b. 24-Sep-1952) in London (Note 4)
Diana has several names:
Diana or Diane Hubbard or Diane Ryan or Diane Horwich
Engaged around 1970 to a person on the Apollo (Note 42)
Married before March 1974 to John Horwich (Note 43)
Photo of Diana in Sea Org cap (Note 38)
Diana's surname was Horwich on 15 Dec 1979 (Note 13)
Divorced from Jonathan Horwich. (Note 18)
Jon Horwich is ex-Sea Org as of about 2004 (Note 19, page 3)
Diana's surname was Ryan on 10 May 1982 (Note 21) and still was Ryan on 23 January 1986 (Note 22).
Diana is IMPR Scriptwriter at Gold (Note 19)
Diana's only child is Ro Ann Horwich or Roanne or Ro Anne Leake, daughter of Diana and of Jon or Jonathan Horwich.
Blownforgood reported that Ro Ann Horwich flipped and totaled a car at Int Base.(Note 19)
Ro Ann is an electrician at Gold, a bit over 30 in 2008, and married to Chris Leake (Note 20)

V. Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard ("Quentin") (b. 6 January 1954) (Note 5) Photo of Quentin as a young man at note 31. Died 12 November 1976.

VI. Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard ("Suzette") b. 13 February 1955 (Note 6) Two 1974 photos (Note 45). Photo and brief romance with Arnie Lerma (Note 32)
Left Scientology, had 4 children (Note 14)
Suzette's surname on 15 December 1979 was Hubbard (Note 13)
Suzette's surname on 10 May 1982 was Titmus (Note 21)
Suzette and her husband were thrown out of Gilman Hot Springs in 1982. (Note 23)
Suzette's surname on 23 January 1986 was Hubbard (Note 22)
Suzette expressed anger at exclusion from Hubbard's death, and may have received a settlement through her mother (Note 17)
Some at CoS speculated Suzette's son was the reincarnated Hubbard (Note 41)
“Suzette was married to Guy White, ex-Sea Org executive. Now divorced. She did work for a marketing company in LA ( However, her name is no longer on their website. Assume she's still living in LA or the LA area.
They got divorced in the '90's I believe," said Tory. (Note 16)

VII. Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard (b. 6 June 1958, probably in Washington, DC). (Note 7). Arthur has a photo probably around age 20 (Note 44) Arthur and his wife were thrown out of Gilman Hot Springs in 1982 (Note 23). Hubbard's son, Arthur, was said to have been hidden away in Happy Valley for a year after the death of his father, when Arthur had wanted to leave the "Sea Org." (Note 39). Stayed with German scientologist Gottfried Helnwein in 1990 Note 40) Left Scientology (Note 14)

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Note 8: BFM, page 311 “After 'blowing the org' in 1959, fortune had not smiled on Nibs. He had drifted from job to job, finding it ever more difficult to support his wife and six children,”
Note 9: BFM, page 221 “Nibs had a wife, Henrietta, also pregnant in 1955”
Note 10, Penthouse ... w-1983.htm
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Note 11c ... bbas-show/
Note 12: BFM, page 228. “Catherine, then twenty-one, had started working for the organization in Washington but saw little of Hubbard. She married a Scientologist in 1956 which would have pleased her father except he did not like the man; the marriage could not survive his disapproval and she divorced in 1957.”
Note 13: Hubbard's first will, ... 1will.html
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Note 16 Tory,
Note 17: "In fact Defendants' family is believed to have been kept in
ignorance of Defendant's purported stroke, demise and lack
of autopsy until after these events had occurred. Suzette
Hubbard is believed to have been particularly angered by
David Miscavige's actions in this regard." from
Note 18: Little Bear Victor at
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Note 24:
Note 25:
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Note 27: Messiah or Madman (M or M), at ... Madman.txt ,page 10 "a woman - now in her mid-thirties with red hair and unmis-
takable features distinguishing her as a Hubbard - whose first name is
Alexis, was paid a sum of money to settle her claim to part of
Hubbard's estate."
Note 28: M or M, pages 290-291: "In June of 1986 the Church of Scientology agreed to a financial settlement with Alexis. At that settlement conference they tried to get Alexis to write an affidavit that she was the daughter of Ron Jr. They had her fingerprinted and video-taped and, in exchange for
an unspecified sum of money, had her sign an agreement that she
would not write or speak on the subject of L. Ron Hubbard and her
relationship to him."
Note 29: M or M, page 291: Sara said: "She (Alexis) got a very small settlement. But she has a husband who
adores her, and life is good for her and her children. She doesn't need
a lot of money, and, especially, she doesn't need the harassment.
Note 30: M or M, page 315: "Hubbard, apparently resentful that his son had kept his wife and children out of the organization, had cut Ron Jr.'s weekly pay to almost nothing."
Note 31: The Story of Mary Sue Hubbard, by Michel Snoeck, ... y_sue.html This writer is looking for a pony in all the Hubbard horse$%!* but the photos are good and new to me.
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Note 36: The Social Security Death Index has a Sara N Hollister, born April 8, 1924, Social Security # issued in California, died 19 December 1997 in Hadley, MA. The birth year is exactly one year off from Wikipedia, but this is common as the informant, usually the aged person's child, remembers the birthday but gets the year wrong. This was found by a search for "Sara Hollister" at
Note 37: BFM, Page 305.
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Note 41: "When L. Ron Hubbard's daughter, Suzette, had a baby boy he was -- again, they thought he was the reincarnation of their founder. " Andrew Morton (Cruise biographer), interview with CNN,
Note 42: BFM, page 303.
Note 43: "His wife Mary Sue and some of his children, Diana and her husband, John Horwich; Quentin, 19; Suzette, 17, and Arthur, 13, live on the Apollo." ... ology.html
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Comments and corrections, please!

Title: Re: Hubbard Family Tree
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 17, 2012, 11:50:13 AM
I did some research of EL Ron on In a few minutes
came up with a few tidbits:

The 1920 Census shows him 8 years old living in San Diego CA.
Father Harry R Hubbard was 37 years old and a Chief Petty Officer
in the Navy. His Mother, Ledora M Hubbard was 31. Harry R
was born in Iowa. (Fayette, Iowa to be exact according to
a 1935 INS Ships manifest listing Harry and Ledora arriving
from Canal Zone) Ledora was born in Tilden Nebraska. Ledora's
father was born in Michigan, her mother in Illinois. I havent been
able to nail down Ledora's maiden name yet. Harry R Hubbards
father was born in Vermont, his mother in Pennsylvania.

The 1910 Census, year before the "Holy One" was born, shows
Harry and Ledora married, living in a rooming house in Sioux Falls,
South Dakota. Harry's occupation was listed as "Advertising, Publicity"
Ledora's as "none".

The 1935 ship passenger manifest (SS Pastore) lists Harry and
Ledora home adress as 756 5th ave, Helena, Montana. They arrived
in New York

I also came across a couple ship passenger lists, one in 1932 and
one in 1933, listing L.Ron as traveling aboard the SS Coamo from
San Juan P.R to New York.

John S.


father was adopted by a family named Hubbard. Also, Hubbard told some stories about his mother killing a (his?) dog with a shovel, and his sad, neglected and lonely childhood
from Ladybird Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:06 pm from


31 August. Henry August Wilson born at Fayette, Iowa. His mother dies at birth, he is adopted by Mr. and Mrs. James Hubbard of Frederiksburg, Iowa and renamed Harry Ross Hubbard. Later L. Ron Hubbard would claim all sorts of grandiose nonsense about his Hubbard lineage. From

Title: Re: Hubbard Family Tree
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 24, 2012, 08:18:02 AM
                                          Diana Hubbard Horwich

Several people who frequent this blog have asked about Diana Hubbard Horwich’s (L. Ron Hubbard’s daughter) attitude toward Scientology Inc. supreme leader David Miscavige.   The following excepts from a written debrief of the 2003 Maiden Voyage events on the Freewinds gives a real time account that I find to be very accurate in terms of what I observed Diana’s attitude toward Miscavige to be continuously between 1982 and 2004 as I witnessed the two interact.   This report is dated 24 June 2003 and was written by another person many have asked about here, Karen Hollander.

Maiden Voyage 2003 Events Crew Debrief by Karen Hollander:

Another thing came up during that afternoon.  Diana had been working with ED CC Paris who then wrote an acceptance speech for the St. Hill size award.  Diana and Gail reviewed it and thought it was good but too long (about 4 minutes). In it, the ED had acknowledged and thanked COB and RTC for removing arbitraries and for the direction Alain received, stating this was why they were finally able to achieve St. Hill size.  Gail had been working on reducing the length of the acceptance speech and making some edits.  She asked Diana if it was OK to have this part in his acceptance speech, and Diana was adamant it should be deleted as she felt “it would create a hidden data line”. COB Asst investigated and questioned Diana on this and Diana admitted she took this out.  Diana had it thoroughly justified. After that Diana remained on C deck and off of the Management night and production of any other events.  This whole incident created further enturbulation during the event evolution.

It was shortly after this (just before dinner time) that the CO GOLD sent IMPR to the bilges due to the Hill 10s (flaps) that were being created by the IMPR office.  So at this point, both Diana and IMPR were off the production of the MV events and remained off the production lines for the rest of the cruise (what they worked on is noted later)…

…At first, they had Diana in to assist them but I later saw Diana and she told me that COB came into the C deck conference room and when he saw her there, he asked the Execs why they were using her.  She told me that she immediately walked out of the room. I was shocked and asked how she could just walk out of a room when COB was discussing her. She stated that she didn’t want to remain because she didn’t want to be “yelled at” and I told her this was BPR and that she should have been there and confronted what he had to say so she could start changing.  She disagreed.  I went and spoke to the Execs and from ED Int’s perspective, COB didn’t want her in the room so it was correct she left.   

Later in the afternoon I went to the cabin to retrieve a note pad and saw that IMPR was there resting on her bed. She told me that she had gotten heat exhaustion in the bilges and the engineers were concerned about her and had her lie down. They also notified the MLO to check on her as they were concerned she had heat exhaustion.  IMPR told me that the CO Gold had disapproved her request to come back on the lines so she was going to see the MLO to handle how she felt physically.

Title: Re: Hubbard Family Tree
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 09, 2012, 10:37:01 AM
                   30th June 2012. The great-grandson of L Ron Hubbard addresses a conference on Scientology and talks about his experiences and those of his grandfather, with Scientology.

Title: Re: Hubbard Family Tree
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 19, 2012, 08:41:52 AM
                Jamie DeWolf, L. Ron Hubbard Descendant And Tourettes Without Regrets Founder, On The Mutants Of Art And Scientology (PHOTOS)

Who: Tourettes Without Regrets founder Jamie DeWolf, the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard.

Neighborhood: Oakland.

Years in the Bay Area: Life.

Current Gig: DeWolf is the host and founder of one of the best underground performance art shows in America, Tourettes Without Regrets. Part poetry slam, part circus and part rap battle, the event incorporates audience participation and an open mic, billing itself as "the fight club of underground art." (Battle rappers and contortionists share cigarettes outside.) And it's all run by the curious ringmaster: the red-headed stepchild of Scientology, DeWolf.

An outspoken critic against Scientology and his great-grandfather, DeWolf openly shares the tragic story of his grandfather, who fled the church and changed his name to protect his family. Now DeWolf channels his experience into his art, his movies and his show, which runs the first Thursday of each month and is now celebrating its 13th year.

On Thursday, DeWolf will host Tourettes's annual XXX show at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre. And if the monthly series is any indication, DeWolf won't hold much back. ("Step right up, ladies and gentlemen," he shouted into the microphone on a recent Thursday. "We're about to play one of my favorite games on the planet: what's in my pants!")

DeWolf took a minute to sit down with The Huffington Post to talk about the future of Tourettes, the evolution of his art and why Scientology sucks.


So how did Tourettes get started? It started out of revenge because I kept getting kicked out of every open mic night in my hometown for reading disturbing material. The first time I went to a poetry slam, it was the only place that people wouldn't kick me out; they would just give me low scores. I remember my first one, I read this really long, confessional piece and the judges just crucified me. One judge gave me a four and clarified that it was a "what for?"

Ouch. And this didn't make you want to give up? I felt like there was no place for the mutants of art, and I wanted a clubhouse with all of them under one roof. The first incarnation was this really chaotic thing and I quickly learned that actual chaos isn't very entertaining. When we decided to scrap it, we billed our final show as "the worst show ever." Our goal was to get kicked out of the venue, the Stork Club in Oakland. We lit things on fire, cleared the place out with a fire extinguisher and at the end I had everyone come outside and urinate on me.

Did you get kicked out? No, they asked us back! The bartenders said they were sorry they didn't have to piss otherwise they would have joined us outside. Those guys are impermeable.

So what was the goal for the new show, the current one? More like rough sex instead of just a punch in the face. We wanted something that still felt wild and raw but incorporated rituals to bring everyone together and keep things orderly. The fact that we host legitimate rap battles for cash that get intense in downtown Oakland and we've never had a fight tells me that's what we're doing.

How do you think your location has influenced the show? Oakland has this sexy veneer of violence and menace intermixed with this Burning Man kind of art scene. And people perform just to perform. If we were in LA you'd have all of these rappers looking to get signed. Here, we just want a playground.

Do you have a day job? I do. I'm a producer for NPR's Snap Judgment. And I have a bunch of other projects. I have a film called "Smoked" about a cannabis club robbery coming out at the Oakland Underground Film Festival. And I make a lot of art that is a bit more thoughtful than some of the stuff I do at Tourettes. It isn't all gold dildos and flying meat.

So from Scientology to an artist… There it is. [Laughs.] You know I was just on Inside Edition talking about Scientology. They asked me three times about "the one thing I would say to Katie Holmes."

And your answer was? I said I'd apologize for what my great grandfather did and commend her for escaping while she still could.

Were you raised in Scientology? I was not. My grandfather, L. Ron Hubbard Jr. [son of the founder with the same name], spent his entire life trying to get away from Scientology. I'm the only one in the family who will go on record and speak out against it.

Why is that? My mother watched Scientology destroy both her grandfather's life and her father's. When I first started talking about it publicly they said I needed to be careful. I went on Snap Judgment to perform a story about it and it went viral. Immediately I had the church coming after me. They came to my house even though I didn't have a listed address, they posed as performers at shows and they hired private investigators. It was scary, scary stuff. It seems like a fun piece of trivia--"Oh you're L. Ron Hubbard's great grandson, how crazy!" But it's not for people who lost 20 years of their lives to the lies of my great-grandfather and his brutally engineered confidence scam. It's devastating. But I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't let that quest consume me or my art.

So what's next for Tourettes? I want to get it on a national stage somehow. Maybe get it filmed in a professional way and host it on a network. I've thought about a tour but I'm not sure if that would work logistically, especially with no budget. If I had a budget, we would make shows that would destroy.

Tell me your dream Tourettes lineup. The ghost of Andy Kaufman and everyone I'm working with now, but with a lot more money.

Check out Tourettes Without Regrets at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre this Thursday, or at Oakland Metro the first Thursday of every month. Until then, check out photos from the show in our slideshow. Then watch DeWolf's legendary Scientology storytelling video from Snap Judgment below:

Title: Re: Hubbard Family Tree
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 26, 2012, 07:37:42 PM
                            Bay Area Great Grandson Of L. Ron Hubbard Blasts Scientology
July 25, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — The Church of Scientology is known for its famous followers and its reputation for secrecy. In an interview with CBS 5, the great grandson of the church’s founder L. Ron Hubbard blasts Scientology, accusing it of destroying his family.

You can’t choose your family but Jamie DeWolf wishes he could. In fact he said he is putting himself in danger by just talking to CBS 5.

De Wolf, who lives in the Bay Area, is the great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, a man he refers to as a “portly red-headed charismatic lying con-man pseudoscience self-help author.”

His mother is the daughter of Ron DeWolf, L. Ron Hubbard’s son. The son changed his name after he famously left Scientology. Jamie DeWolf said his mother never spoke about the church. “It destroyed and devoured both her grandfather and her father,” he said.

Jamie DeWolf never met his great grandfather. But in 2000, he did a one-man show based on L. Ron Hubbard and his son. The video has since become a YouTube sensation, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the Church of Scientology.

“Within 2 to 3 days Scientologists were at my door with fake cover stories claiming that they were performers doing a show with me. They had people following me, they were on me immediately,” DeWolf said.

But DeWolf has refused to be silenced. He has his own performance troupe, Tourettes Without Regrets, and frequently uses his family as material.

DeWolf doesn’t mince words when it comes to what he really thinks about his great grandfather’s ministry. He called it a “pyramid scheme that sells secrets and they sell them under the guise of self-help.”

Raw Video: Extended Jamie DeWolf Interview

While the world speculated on why Scientology’s first couple called it quits, DeWolf said it was impossible to believe that it was not a factor in the breakup of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. He believes, “the more (Katie Holmes) saw behind the curtain the more horrified that she probably was.”

DeWofl said Holmes was lucky to be able to get out of the church, but the same can’t be said for her ex-husband, whom he calls Scientology’s “golden mascot.”

“Tom Cruise is another victim of the mirage that my great grandfather created around himself,” he said.

CBS 5 reached out to the Church of Scientology and they declined a request for an interview, but instead released a statement.

“Despite his public representations and self-promotion, Mr. DeWolf is not knowledgeable about the Church of Scientology or its founder,” said spokesperson Karin Pouw.

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 Sex and Sexuality
                                         Interview with the Great Grandson of Scientology's L. Ron Hubbard

Jamie DeWolf is most well known for being the host of Tourettes Without Regrets, a renegade show in which he displays weird, artistic, hilarious, vulgar, sexual, and insanely talented performers. Tourettes has won "Best of the Bay" from the SF Guardian and "Best Underground Cultural Event" by the East Bay Express.

You might also know that DeWolf is very charismatic, with an on-stage magnetism and swagger that few can rival. What you might not know, however, is that DeWolf is the great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, the man-made saint of Scientology.

Since he was a kid, DeWolf always knew that he was different. He loved to write, starting at a very early age. While most artistic talent in kids is embraced, DeWolf had the opposite experience; from his earliest memory, his writing has always been a problem.

"It was around fourth grade that they started sending me to the school shrink, because a lot of my stories would get to a point where my entire class was in it, and we would all be under attack." While his teachers and classmates found it disturbing, DeWolf was excited. "That's my first murky memory of writing something and performing it in front of an audience, but I also realized that my writing was always a little racier than any of the other kids in class."

Challenging the powers-that-be seemed to be something DeWolf excelled at. In sixth grade, he was placed in a Christian school. Being a devout Christian, he had a lot of questions. "Christians don't like questions. Faith does not support any kind of interrogation at all." In true DeWolf form, he decided to start an underground zine that he would take to school and pass out like pornography. "It was my weird little contribution."

DeWolf's signature issue was "a three page rap about a student uprising, where all the teachers are killed by name specifically and in a myriad of ways. I wrote it, and some kid made a copy of it and left it in bible study class. It was found, and I was expelled that day," says DeWolf, laughing as he recounts this story about his troubled childhood. After this, DeWolf was forced to go to public school, and the same sort of issues resurfaced.....

Title: Re: Hubbard Family Tree
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             More on Hubbard`s family.

Title: Re: Hubbard Family Tree
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                          1982 CW Scientology Hearings - Ron DeWolf - Day 1

Title: Re: Hubbard Family Tree
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                   Great-Grandson Of Scientology Creator L. Ron Hubbard Slams Church In One-Man Show

The great-grandson of Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard is currently doing a one-man show called “The God and The Man,” in which he opens up about his family’s struggles with the church after his grandfather L. Ron Hubbard Jr. left the institution.

“My grandfather was pretty much hunted until his last days,” DeWolf told KABC-TV in Los Angeles. “He was harassed, he was sued, and he was threatened. He was constantly followed.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists

Jamie DeWolf said he culled the information for his show from years and years of prodding family members for information.

He calls the Scientology creator, whom he never met, “a hustler” who settled in Los Angeles with a brand of science fiction flimflam to sell.

PHOTOS:  Scientology Celebrity Centre Celebrates Anniversary With Famous Members

“He was not a messianic god who grew up as a blood brother of Indians, and then went to the Far East, and studied with wise men, and then was a fighter pilot and a submarine commander and a nuclear physicist,” DeWolf said. “Did he do reprehensible things? Sure.

“I’d love to hear his tall tales, but I’d sure never pay him $100,000 to tell me how aliens possessed my body.”

DeWolf claims his act is not an attack on Scientology, which counts Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its followers, but rather his “testament” to family history, self-identity and genealogy.

For more on DeWolf, check out his website.

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Scientology founder's great-grandson: 'It's one of the most brilliant and devious, systematic...

 Published on 24 Jan 2013

Cenk talks with Jamie DeWolf, the great-grandson of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard about his grievances with the religion and how it's affected his own family.

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                                               Scientology Slam


Haunted by his cult ancestry, Jamie DeWolf visits Sebastopol with words as weapons

Remember In the pre-YouTube, early Napster world of the internet, it was how the masses legally downloaded songs and videos. And in the year 2000, before Google was a verb, a video was uploaded to of a young red-haired kid named Jamie DeWolf performing a slam poem about his great-grandfather, Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, in front of about 50 people.

Within a week, Scientologists had seen the video and were tracking DeWolf in his hometown.

"They were literally running me down," says DeWolf. "I had private investigators following me, they showed up at my house. They had this whole cover story that they were promoters putting on a show with me."

DeWolf's mother, who had seen Scientology consume and destroy her father and grandfather, eventually clued him in to the intent of these mysterious people. "She recognized them immediately just by their general demeanor and how they were asking questions about me, and tried to identify who they were. She ended up kicking them off the porch."


Everyone's got their own take on religion, but for DeWolf, the subject is particularly vexing. "It's really, really difficult growing up as a Christian when your great-grandfather was a cult leader who basically made himself a god, sort of, in our lifetime, for me to do anything without just a complete view of skepticism," he says on the phone from his home in Oakland.

DeWolf's conflicted upbringing fuels his writing and performance, which has made the 35-year-old a buzzed-about name in the East Bay hotbed of slam poetry. DeWolf is the featured poet at the monthly North Bay Poetry Slam (NBPS) at Sebastopol's Hopmonk Tavern on March 10, where fellow Oakland slammer Joyce Lee was featured last month. NBPS host and creator Brianna Sage calls DeWolf "the most well-known performer" the NBPS has hosted, and "possibly the person I look up to the most as a performer."

DeWolf grew up as a Baptist Christian, and his youthful belief was so fervent that he passed out pamphlets on the impending apocalypse. But now he checks "athiesm" on survey boxes. "I refuse to waste another day speculating on somebody else's theology that they're going to pre-package and hand to me," he says.

As the creator and host of the slam poetry vaudeville show Tourettes Without Regrets, which attracts over 400 attendees each month at the Oakland Metro Operahouse, DeWolf has plenty to keep himself occupied. But lately he's been taking on even more projects, like the full-length film Smoked, about a botched cannabis-club robbery, which he starred in, wrote, produced and directed. He's also made several short films based on his poems, and teaches creative writing classes.

Slam poetry isn't for everyone, but it can be a perfect creative outlet for those seeking release. "A poetry slam is a place for people to share their voices, the things they thought nobody would ever want to hear," says Sage. Part written word, part performance art, slam poetry is controversial, emotional and often angry. Poems are more in the style of Chuck D than T. S. Eliot. This fits DeWolf like a tailored sheepskin suit, allowing him to walk around unnoticed in everyday life until he reveals his sharp teeth onstage with violent tirades, brutal honesty, intense vulnerability and Ginsu-like sarcasm.

But no matter how much everyday invisibility may be an asset to DeWolf, the giant eye of Scientology is always keeping watch.

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                                    Alexis, erased daughter of L. Ron Hubbard.

                                            Present day Photo

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                                    L Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson: Scientology Created to Control People

                                              Jamie DeWolf on L Ron Hubbard & Scientology - David Pakman Show                                         

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                                L. Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson Spills The Family Secrets On How Scientology Started. Eek.

Adam Mordecai Adam Mordecai
Scientology has a history of silencing critics. If you want to know where that history comes from, look no further than the experiences of Jamie DeWolf, the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Learn his family's story. Then share it.

At 1:46, we learn about L. Ron's dream to con everyone. At 3:40, we hear about the horrifying threats. At 5:42, the church takes the family secrets. At 7:00, I laugh.

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                                                       Secret Scientology Book Discovered By L Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson
Jun 20, 2014

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                                         The Book Scientology Doesn’t Want You To Read! L. Ron Hubbard’s Great Grandson Reveals ‘Dark’ & ‘Twisted’ Hidden Manuscript About Scientology That Controversial Church Is Trying To Hide

As each day seems to bring a new attack on the Church of Scientology, has learned that the controversial organization could be about to face their biggest challenge yet: L. Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson, Jamie DeWolf, is speaking out exclusively to Radar about his discovery of a “dark” and “twisted” secret manuscript written by his father about the church and its founder — and why Scientologists are scrambling to keep it from seeing the light of day......

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                                         Descendant of Scientology’s founder has disciples of his own

By Nanette Asimov

Updated 10:05 pm, Saturday, September 27, 2014

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                                                Great-grandson of Scientology founder to speak at literature festival

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                                      Founder of Scientology's son said his dad drugged him and thought of himself as the Antichrist

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                                       L. Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson Targets Scientology at "Tourette's Without Regrets" Game Show

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                           Don't Miss "The Holy Sh*t Show," A Circus Game Show Lampooning Scientology, Hosted By Jamie DeWolf!

May 21, 2015

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                                           Tom Cruise Scared Of Scientology Expose By L. Ron Hubbard's Grandson

Jamie DeWolf, grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, is putting the fear of Xenu in Tom Cruise and other Scientologists of note, as he has been taping ...

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                                       Scientology Under Siege! Church Insider Planning Exposé On ‘Twisted’ Secrets

'Going Clear' was just the beginning!

Posted on Jan 19, 2016

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                                                        The biography of Mary Sue Hubbard

    Last month I was approached to work on Mary Sue's biography. Unlike my work on Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch's biography, where I had fantastic help from Yvonne's immediate family, I don't expect that same kind of help on Mary Sue's. You know, the old and highly popular Church of Scientology disconnection practice.

    Despite that, I have been able to gather a bit about Mary Sue's early life. I found four pictures from her college days. Next up I put together clues from eight sources and made an argument that Mary Sue came to Wichita in June 1951. I have now positively identified not only when Mary Sue and Ron were married but where, a first such documentation that I know of.

    If any of you are so inclined and would like to help please e-mail me at

    Mary Sue's bio is here -


    Howard Dickman