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Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 30, 2013, 07:08:07 AM
It is suggested that one read "MY STORY"


before reading what follows...

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 1

                                                                        BIG vs small.

There is an infinite supply of occurrences that are not a problem. They may be a problem for someone else,
but to you they are simply not a problem.

For an occurrence to  manifest as a problem, your personal involvement is required.
One must adopt the viewpoint that they have a stake in an outcome.

History is an account of other`s personal involvement in outcomes.
We are encouraged to learn from history. There are even exams.

And yet the one lesson to be learned from history is that we don`t learn from history.

The individuation that is YOU is writing history right now.
To do this, one has to delude themselves that they have a stake in an outcome.

Can you quote what historical figure you are basing your present time history writing on?

Is it Sir Walter Rayleigh ?  Joan of Arc?  Pol Pot? Lady Godiva?  Alexander the Mass Murderer?

Who ?

It is a cruel joke that historical figures are held up as larger than life examples of what to or not to do.

However the fact that they have all been relegated to history is proof conclusive that they were smaller than life.

History is merely a story just like any work of fiction. A mix of fact and fantasy. An emotional ride that, to capture you, must convince you that you have a stake in it.

As soon as you believe in something, you have set yourself on a collision course to discover it is not true.

That is the game this dimension offers. It is the game.
Without it there is no game.

The reason being that you have elected truth to be something outside of that which is you.

That act makes an emotional ride possible. It makes a stake in an outcome possible. It is history in the making.

It is no coincidence that the problems you manufacture are all bigger than you.

Whilst all of the problems you don`t have, are imperceptibly smaller.

The only problems that can be perceived are the circumstances you elect to be smaller than.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 01, 2014, 07:55:23 AM
                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 2

                                                  While there is still hope, there is no enlightenment.

The most addictive substance in this dimension is LIFE.  The glue that sticks one to it is HOPE.

This is so obvious that it is behind thought. It is the fabric of what does the thinking. Thus it avoids detection..
Life and hope are not what one sees. They are what one sees with.

The unenlightened see this paradox as a play with words and hope it goes away. There is nothing to be gained from grasping this.

For the enlightened there is no hope.  You recognize enlightenment when you are hope-less.

If you think for a moment that you can be enlightened and hope for something, you are still hoping to become enlightened.

Enlightenment has been subverted by anyone or anything that gives you hope.

Giving someone hope is convincing them that enlightenment is a journey you can pack your luggage for.

It deludes you into thinking that the unenlightened you can accompany you into enlightenment.

Organized religion gives us the hope that we will be reunited with all our loved ones in the hereafter.
Liz Taylor will be lounging around a mansion with all of her seven ex husbands and their ex spouses and their ex spouses...and children.
....and pets !!!
The things we were denied in this life are all there awaiting us in the rapture.

When one is enlightened there is nothing to hope for. The perfection in the imperfection is as assumed as problems are in the physical plain.

Enlightenment requires no hope. Hope is anathema to enlightenment.

Hope creates something to overcome and an interesting story for historians.

When the things to be overcome lose all relativity to size, enlightenment is experienced.

Every moment of unenlightenment is bolstered by your decision to be bigger or smaller, better or worse.  ie. Relative.

Tomorrow`s lesson....   "How to make an upside down cake the right way up."

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 02, 2014, 07:13:48 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 3

                                                                    Hope = faith = belief = a life.

From outside of the story, hope, faith and belief are identical.  Together they make a story and that story is your life.
From inside of a story one has a platform to view from.
One evaluates all circumstances and experiences with their story as a filter.

If what is being observed does not fit in with ones story it is not engaged in any way.

Ones hopes, beliefs and faith form a bubble around the identification created by that story.

And this is where you get the upside down cake...

One believes that circumstances and experiences have created their life (bubble).
But from outside of the story one sees clearly that the beliefs, hopes and faith, have created the circumstances and experiences that are ones story.

That bubble is there to protect the owner from the terror of losing ones identity.

This should explain why story owners allow people holding guns to push them around.

There is unadultereated terror at the thought of losing ones story (life).  This is because it is unthinkable.

When ones story is doing someone`s thinking, losing identification with that story makes thought completely random and dissociated.

In this realm of identification ones faith, hopes and beliefs precede them on a journey into a life story.
It  is a game of catch up that has the goal of self perpetuation. It is those beliefs, hopes and faith that drop the evidence (Circumstances and experiences) that encourage us to make sound decisions.

Here... let`s see if I can get the penny to drop.  I know its not easy to think of something without something to think with.

Notice how stupid people are on the subject of death.
Ask great religious leaders or top scientists. They are the stupidest.
You have asked them to think of a subject where their thinking gear is redundant.

The thinking gear is created by the life that is the viewing platform.
Absent that life there is nothing to think with. There is no viewing platform.

You can see by the afterlife hopes and beliefs that are commonly held that they are fraught with this world influences.

Gates. Palaces, father, Mansions, trumpets, virgins. All that crazy shit.

This is why hope faith and belief can lead you down the garden path totally without inspection.
They are manufacturing the evidence that keeps them immune from blame.

They are like "the shakes" experienced by a junky.
Hope, faith and belief are the glue that keep one addicted to life.

Shatter someone's hopes, faith and beliefs and just see if their LIFE doesn`t fall apart !!!

Is their a cure for this ?  Only when you don`t HOPE for one.

One cannot think their way to enlightenment.
Thinking is an unenlightenment Queen bee.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 06, 2014, 08:35:11 AM
                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 4

                                                                      Is there a God ?

Is there an answer? Is there a reason for being here? Will the cast of "Friends" ever re unite for a one off special?
Which religion is right? Is there life on Mars? Did Jesus really exist? Who will win American idol ?

While you are waiting for these questions or any questions, for that matter, to be answered you have successfully distracted yourself
and perpetuated the illusion we call life.

There are no answers that will bring one to enlightenment. All questions and answers just buy more time.

When one is outside of the story, there are no answers because there are no questions.

Questions and answers are the same thing. There is no time to ask a question and await the answers.

It becomes clear that time itself was created between questions and answers.

From inside the story one can delude themselves that one day they will have the answer and the answer will bestow enlightenment.

This is all despite the fact that all answers have ever done is to provide MORE questions.

I know....  We are getting close. Soon mankind will have the answers they have been looking for. Maybe it will happen when
we invent the wheel or computers become a reality. Maybe the Hadron Collider will show us how to make the perfect curry.

If one was to magnify and manifest this question and answer time machine and  create the perfect unenlightenment collider, it would be called "Organized Religion."

Here you have a hope, a belief and a faith acting as the vanguard of all the evidence and answers bestowed on us by greater powers.

How can one get enlightened by seeking answers from an unenlightened, self perpetuating industry?

Don`t you see?  By asking a question, all you are doing is reconfirming the story that you built a life on.

Example...  Is there a God?   Answer....  #@^%$+++.

This answer is totally rejected because it isn`t the answer you were EXPECTING !!!!!!

It doesn`t fit in with your circumstances and experiences.

This mechanism is what has kept mankind unenlightened for more time than existed before it was kept. Infinitely more.

The exact ingredients that create organized religion are the exact same ingredients that go into creating a life story.

And what is organized religion but one big story. And for Man it is His tory unfolding.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 11, 2014, 07:29:45 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 5

                                                                 You and me against the world.

As soon as one has elected to be someone from within, they have created a world where they can go...without.

For every bit of character building one does, one loses options. Ones view of the world becomes set in concrete.

As we are all experts on everybody else`s mind we soon see how people are set in their ways.

The mind says "Well since we have to go some way...It may as well be the right way.

The more one identifies with a mind that is doing things the right way, the less one can recognize other ways.

The mind is geared up to perpetuate itself. It has an innate addiction to fitting in with what it perceives as LIFE.
It is a co conspirator. It will draw on ones circumstances and experiences to justify the RIGHT direction to take.

The mind has an agenda that supersedes any other possibilities.

Identification with a mind eliminates infinity and reduces one to one.

Let`s take a few instances where this can be seen.

We are talking about other individuals minds here. Otherwise the mind looking at itself will see nothing. It`s what does ones looking.

Let`s say we have in front of us a mind with a problem.
The mind feels uncomfortable and unfulfilled. It has all the symptoms described by words invented by the people who are working on cures for these exact mental problems.

The experts allow the afflicted some of their precious time.

Without fail, the expert will ask the mind to tell its story.
The mind is in heaven.

It puts on the record before the question is even finished.

The expert will compare the story it is hearing with its own story. This is how it can see where the afflicted took the wrong path.

The expert`s mind has diplomas and a speed boat, so it knows it took the right path.

The experts mind won`t for a second suspect that it is leading the troubled mind down the garden path.

Let me just make the point that, A person`s story is a complete record of how they got fucked up.
It is what led them to where they don`t want to be right now.

There is nothing in that story that will get the person from where they don`t want to be now to where they want to be in the future.

But for the time being they are offered , hope, faith , and belief.... They have a LIFE with hope faith and belief.

Without those things they would have no identification with their LIFE his/story.

Their options would go from one to infinity.

One goes from "I AM ................   to ,but  I could be......or I could be............  or I could be. Or even.........

The I am has filled in the first blank. It cannot see the `could be` blanks at all. They remain blank.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 13, 2014, 06:39:28 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 6

                                                                    The walking dead.

To have a life one has to be 99.99% dead.

The life we have is what is left of us when our light is dimmed.

The circumstances and experiences we identify with take form.
That form is the darkness on a negative photographic plate that we hold up to the light.

From outside of the story we see that all life is only possible in the dark.

The light blocked by our belief in negative experiences and circumstances creates the picture that we
are sentenced to develop in the darkroom.

One cannot hold up the same negatives every time and expect the picture to change.

We are constantly recreating our same old life and getting the picture all too clearly.

Because we believe in and are so addicted to the picture of our life, we look from the picture and focus on the forms that are
holding back the light that we are.

At death we surrender our identification with the picture and the negative and we lose the singular viewpoint that our
identification created.

We come back to life through death.

No wonder identities are baffled about life and death.

"Life is death and death is life."

It`s like trying to punish someone into liking you.

By blocking ones own light, one is always developing a picture that is unique to the self.

That self, over time, identifies with the picture of their life by adding more darkness to the negative.
This process makes their picture more black and white and defines the lines.

The more defined you are, the more you are surrounding yourself with darkness.

One gets to the point where they are so identified with the darkness that they fail to recognize their own light any more.

It`s always darkest just before the dawn.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 14, 2014, 07:29:58 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 7

                                                             Don`t mess with Mr. In between.

Enlightenment will continue to elude humans for all time.

This is all part of the conundrum.

The mere fact that one is a part of mankind is a full expression of unenlightenment.

Enlightenment is inperceivable to all but the enlightened.

Enlightenment is not something one can understand conceptually. It is a state of being.

Even if the most talented word-smith re wrote what I am describing here, it would never be a hit.

It could only ever be read for the wrong reasons.

For what is read on this subject to do its magic, one has to be out of their mind.

So it can only ever address that within you which is already enlightened.

It`s more of an acknowledgement than a sacrament.

The message here does not answer the questions any reader could have ever asked.

One cannot place these answers in any void created by any question.
No information here will ever fit in with anybody`s experience.

People will not tolerate this logic for a second. "It just doesn`t make any sense." they will say.
And yet they will see nothing odd about a bunch of hippies protesting WAR , by having one with the police.

The only motivation provided by unenlightenment is to become somebody.

It doesn`t ever register as completely futile.
Just take a walk around your local cemetery.
Everybody planted there used to be somebody to.

The unenlightened miss the point that the ones they aspire to be like, were only ever having fun.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 15, 2014, 07:01:43 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 8

                                                            "My God.... Why hast thou forsaken me?"

God cannot be felt while one is deluded about potential.

The self has been educated into believing that potential is a standard of excellence that one can live up to.

"He had so much potential but he blew it all quitting."

"If we lived up to our potential the world would be a better place."

"I always knew I had the potential to be a ........   but for some reason I just never did."

The mere fact that one takes on board the idea that they have the potential to fail is a perversion of what potential is.

Potential is not an extinguishable force.
It is not something that has a use by date. It is not something one can waste. And it certainly isn`t something one can live up to.

All these, and a myriad of other dilemmas , are only possible by hitching ones wagon to lack of potential.

Potential is limitless possibilities.  Which is the definition of GOD.

There is nothing a god could not potentially do!!!

God can even make God-self invisible.  And the moment that happens we are left with the birth of the question...

"Invisible to who ? " 

And that is where YOU are right NOW.

God can see you at all times.
But while there are "times" you cannot see God.

The self`s view of God is obscured by the negative one is holding up.

Only some of God`s light filters through.
The darkness in the negative casts the shadows that surround the self.
They define everything that is framed within that picture one has of Life.

It`s not fun living in the shadows.
 And FUN was what God was having when he allowed a part of God to focus back at God and see how much Fun God potentially is.

When one reunites with God, it is the most fun they have ever had.

But from down here in the shadows one thinks that by modifying the shadows fun can be experienced.


Guy wants to be a babe magnet.

He looks at his body and feels it is inadequately defined. 

Conclusion.... Go to the Gym. Endure much pain and gain the body he can love.

Because he can love that body it is obvious to him that babes will love it to. And all sorts of fun will be the outcome.

But the pain is too great. The path too long. He quits and now has put more experience and circumstance on the negative
that blocks fun.

No wonder the longer one lives the more one dies.

It is part of the conspiracy to take life seriously and reward oneself with fun.

Why then are the most beautiful women the most critical of their own bodies?
Why do people express fun by getting shit faced with alcohol.?

Why do the wealthy holiday in places where they don`t need money?

Why do rock stars become junkies?

Why do "The Wiggles" fight amongst themselves?

  Fun is not something one has. It is something that one is.

Looking outside of ourselves to find out who we are is how we got here in the first place.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 16, 2014, 08:31:37 AM
                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 9

                                                                    The CONtrol.

To be inside of his story a guy has to continually project the concept that there is something greater than the self.
Higher forces. God. A supreme being. An all knowing entity. The mover unmoved. The devil.

Because the mind cannot conceive of such a thing. It has to pervert this dilemma into a concept it can think with.

So you end up with people worried to death that some almighty presence gives a hoot whether they masturbate or not.

The general conspiracy is that some great creator is keeping notes on our masturbation habits and these and other unmentionable transgressions will need to be accounted for on judgement day by our "mortal " souls.

This is never pondered on for long by the mind. It has other priorities. Namely preventing judgement day from happening at all.

This concept has made wankers of all who believe it.

Being part of the human race is nothing to be proud of.  And it is a race. A race away from the finish line. With a severe handicap.

This whole scam about God and eternity has been perpetuated by severly motivated racers pretending that they know what God wants
and doesn`t want.

This is the genesis. Not the Genesis which took seven days.
The Genesis of control. With you as the new life form to play the control game.
Which is all his story has ever been.

Control. Control. Control.

Have a look through any his story you want. It could only exist within a frame of control.

The tool implemented can only ever be right and wrong.

A self to exist has to be inside a frame of control using right and wrong to not see that.

And all right and wrong is adjudicated by a greater force.

Whoever has control is right. Who ever lacks control is wrong.

Any self can sit in this to create their eternity.

From within the story right and wrong are all one can see. By seeing them control is the omni presence that one is fighting.

Outside of the story it is clear that right and wrong are the tools used by control on the gullible and the needy.

One can never release themselves from un-enlightenment because of right and wrong.
Right and wrong are what mask enlightenment.

What I`m telling you here is definitely not right (Or wrong).

Everything you have experienced is proof of that.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 20, 2014, 08:02:58 AM
                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 10

                                                                       Play the game !

When ever any humans are brought to account, we are caught in a terrible predicament.

"Your Honour, my client although remorseful of his lapse of judgement, was also a victim. His parents died in a tragic stampede at a K Mart opening sale. He was sexually abused, by eight sets of foster parents and three priests. His efforts to save the African Dung Beetle from extinction, were misguided, to be sure, but that was the result of a poor education. The fact that he sought solace in the alcohol he purchased with those funds is surely an indictment on society as much as my client. It is with these extenuating circumstances that I beg the court to show some sympathy and leniency towards my client on this day of sentencing."

The other side of this coin, which is randomly tossed around, is where a human becomes someone others want to emulate. The biography goes into intricate detail about all the obstacles that this fine example, of what can be achieved against overwhelming adversity, overcame.

This is no surprise. After all,  it is a case of "That`s life."
It is obvious that each step taken is thoroughly and exclusively informed by the individual`s circumstances and experiences.

It is this reality that makes genuine love between the players in the game of life, impossible.

All love in this dimension is conditional.

Parents will love their offspring until they develop an attitude incompatible with theirs.

Newly weds will love each other till death or until they fail to meet each others expectations.

Funny how you have to really love someone before you can really hate them.

Love has been perverted by the mind to mean compatible baggage.

From outside of the story it becomes clear that one has to invent a serious relationship before it can go seriously wrong.

There is no worse feeling in the world than to have all of your expectations disappointed by another.

Just don`t appoint anyone. It is not easy staying out of the game.  But the truth of the matter is, it is just as difficult to stay in the game.

The difference is that if you stay out , you have nothing to lose.
If you stay in, you have everything to lose.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 23, 2014, 09:33:04 PM
                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 11

                                                                     The death about truth.

From outside of the story truth is a spontaneous creation. It is not created relative to anything else.

For that truth to become manifest one has to believe in it.

But a truth can only exist in the presence of a specific viewpoint.

Till that TIME, it is pure potential.

Ironically, the viewpoint  adopted by the philosopher is that the truth will set you free.
How many TIMEs have you heard that useless piece of junk?

Which truth are they talking about?

It is only truth that can enslave you.

As soon as you believe in a truth , you are from that time on a slave to it.

So from the moment truth sinks into your life, you have created a stimulus response story.

You look out from that truth and create your own bleak outlook.

The truth has made liars of every one of us.
We presume that if all the lies are replaced with truth we can use the truth like stepping stones to walk out of this place.

But realize this. " If there was no truth, lies could not exist !!!!!

A lie can only exist relative to a truth.

From outside of the story there is no truth or lies.

From inside of the story there is nothing but.

As one`s story unfolds it is an evolution of discovering that all truths are lies.

And it has gone on since time began, and will continue to keep creating time.

To the enlightened, there is no truth or lies. All there is, is spontaneous creation.

The spontaneity is lost the moment one views their creation as a truth.

   "Not believing any truth will set you free."           

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 25, 2014, 07:57:34 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 12

                                                                         Proof of life.

The moment one believes a truth, they are under pressure to provide proof.
If they can`t they and their truth will be rejected.

The one thing that supersedes proof is agreement.

This is something innate to to the mind.
It sets the mind on a mission to create mass agreement.

The mind reasons that if enough people believe it, then that will trump any proof top the contrary.

This is the cosmic conspiracy at work.

Philosophical truths are dependant on numbers to gain any sort of credibility.

If you have 1,000,000 believers then your truth must be better than a philosophy that has one believer with proof.

The game of life is perpetuated fanatically and habitually by all "lifetime membership card holders.

Just start noticing it. You will be encouraged to agree and discouraged and even ostracised for not agreeing.

Every single player in this game has an agenda to make you agree.

"Great weather we are having."  " It`s not safe to walk the streets."  " Wasn`t that a great game last night."

"Politicians are out of touch." " But at least you have a job. That`s the main thing."  " Justin Beeber is a spoilt rich kid."

"Things are so expensive these days."  " Did you hear about how stupid foreigners are?"

If you don`t agree with any of the above your "life" could be in jeopardy.

Play the game !  Play the game !     Play the game !!!

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                                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 13

                                                                      Saving the world. (As we know it.)

Can you imagine the world singing in perfect harmony under a huge coke bottle?
Can you imagine every single person in the world sitting around a huge camp fire singing Kumbaya?
Can you imagine whole communities being able to picnic with bears and lions?
How about world leaders all hugging each other and crying as the last weapon of mass destruction is thrown on a huge bonfire?

Bit of a stretch?

What about a family outing where no one gets physically assaulted?...

No ?

How about just not feeling disappointed about yourself?

Actually I know for a fact that the subject of world piece cannot even be contemplated by the human mind.

It`s like teaching dead people to dance. You were too late.

World peace....  The greatest minds in existence have been pondering this for eons and still haven`t come up with one idea.

Not one.  Instead the mind has come up with world peace ideas to fight over.

So how come world peace has been the most popular yes vote of all time, only to be constantly pipped at the post by conflict?

This phenomenon has made jack asses out of Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, L. Ron Hubbard, and The Incredible Hulk, to name a few.

And Ozzy Osbourne  has done more for world peace than all of them put together.

                      "Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most."

                                                                                                 Ozzy Osbourne

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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 14

                                                                    Working for peace.

From inside of the story working for peace makes perfect sense.
If everybody just put a little effort in and was a bit more tolerant and loving then peace would be an inevitability.

There could be peace plans and negotiators. Agreements signed.
When that all failed we could send peace keepers to the worlds hotspots and once they get shot at we could punish those who break the peace with a war.

This would be like the police a.k.a., peace officers. And they have a long history of restoring the peace.
They have a war on crime. 

This all makes perfect sense to the mind.

Why the criminal justice system came up with a scheme called "Diversion" is unclear to me.

This prevents non serious, first time offenders, from being put through the criminal justice system.

Mind owners agree this is a good idea. But why deny those who have wandered from the straight and narrow the benefit of all the criminal justice system has learned about rehabilitating lawbreakers and returning them back to a society where they can carry on as well adjusted , contributing citizens ???

Isn`t this an admission that getting involved with them isn`t going to do anyone any good.?!

Christians have been at war with sin and evil, for centuries. They even had crusades in the middle ages.

"Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before."

They even send out missionaries to conquer new areas.

                                          Having a war for peace is as moronic as talking about silence.

Like silence , peace is what`s already there.

By connecting with the peace and quiet , so are you.

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                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 15

                                                                       Right you all is.

The mind is not seeking enlightenment. The mind has a stake in keeping its owner unenlightened.
Enlightenment spells the end of the mind.

To prevent its owner from realizing this, the mind has come up with a series of forgeries.
A bullshit version of everything man has asked the universe for.

Let`s look at a couple of examples.

How is it that there are so many different "one true paths" to enlightenment?

The mind loves this sort of shit.

It says, "Well if the religions can`t even agree and get along together , what hope do I, a normal human being, have?

The reason religions exist at all is to save man from suffering. If there was no suffering, the worlds religions would have no

No religion can afford to end suffering. To end suffering would be to end religion.

So religion instead sells "hope" to those who are willing to "believe."

From that perspective bullshit enlightenment is dressed up and sold with great dignity.

Dressed up enlightenment is easily recognized by all the pomp and ceremony that surrounds it.

The more elaborate the ritual, the less enlightened its practitioners are.

Wearing a funny hat , shaking a stick and doing a wacky dance are all symptoms of fake enlightenment.

The mind being an expert on everyone else`s mind sees this. It recognizes how absurd other`s beliefs and rituals are .
But it does not, for a moment, allow inspection of the crazy shit it inflicts on its own host.

This phenomenon has harmonics all through every aspect of "life".

Bullshit peace, Bullshit love, Bullshit philosophy, bullshit justice, bullshit knowledge.
Bullshit happiness, bullshit heroes and villians, bullshit entertainment. Bullshit justice,
Bullshit politics. Bullshit science.  Bullshit healthcare. Bullshit society. Bullshit information. bullshit economics

And most insidious of all... Bullshit TRUTH !

It is only by ceasing ones search for truth that one realizes
truth was only ever a specific viewpoint held up by the unlimited potential that one was before the truth set in.

             A truth is something you are holding there by believing it.
             By believing it your truth is on a timer which runs out when you inevitably discover your truth is not the truth at all.
             The truth is your slave master.

The truth is only there because of the viewpoint you have adopted to find out that your truth is made up.


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                                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 16   

                                                                         Crunch time.

How can what I`m saying possibly be true?  If it was you surely would have heard about it by now.
What? You`re supposed to believe words on a screen not echoed by any of the great universities or experts on the subject of life?!

How come this information isn`t on CNN. Why has Jeremy Kyle never brought it up?

What credentials do I have? What about my life?...... How come I probably aren`t a multi millionaire laughing from when I get up in the morning till when I fall asleep at the end of the day?

What I`m saying can`t possibly be true !!!!


Their is nothing here to believe. One can`t design a course and sell cd`s of what I`m saying. There is nothing to learn or teach.

All we have here is a movement away from a specific viewpoint.

Notice how people who are falling apart with laughter say to the joker. "Stop it....You`re killing me."

I`m the joker who is taking the "life " out of you.

Better now than waiting till you get taken out of life. That`s when it becomes clear that they have been living a lie.
Their is no alternative. Life can only exist inside a lie.

I know it`s impossible to get your mind around this.
All one can do is move out of the specific viewpoint that believes in the truth.

Okay.  So let`s see if we can blow your mind.

Are you ready?

Take a look at your life.
You have a name. You have an age. You have interests and hobbies. You have certain individuals that you interact with.
You have an education. You may have a job. You may use that job to identify yourSELF with.
You have a history. You have memories. You have had experiences. You are within a set of circumstances.
You have strengths and weaknesses. You have preferences. All very tangible stuff.

You can prove you exist. The case for you existing is overwhelming.

And everything above is true.

Except when your life ends. Now none of it is true.

But you say...."It used to be true."

Problem is.......  There is no such thing as time.

So there was no time for any of your truths to exist.

The life you have is merely the lie born from your belief in a truth.

                "Life" is the process of;

                                              1.) Holding up a created truth.
                                              2.) Believing it.
                                              3.) Identifying with the viewpoint that can hold the truth in place.
                                              4.) Turning one`s back on the truth while being directed by it.
                                              5.) Wearing oneself out avoiding the truth.
                                              6.) Living a lie.
                                              7.) Holding out for as much time as possible until the truth catches up with one.
                                              8.) Discovering that one`s truth was a lie.
                                              9.) Creating a new truth.
                                             10.) Start all over again.

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                                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 17

                                                                  Stake your claims.

                                                  1.) Holding up a created truth.

And so we begin the human experience with one of the greatest stories ever told.

"......With God as my witness...I`ll never be hungry again"

                                                            Scarlett O`Hara (Gone with the wind 1939.)

                                                                               2.) Believing it.

                            To believe in something one has to have a stake in it. Throw themselves into the role.

                                              3.) Identifying with the viewpoint that can hold the truth in place.

One has from that moment on lost their unlimited potential and now have a specific viewpoint with a specific desired outcome.

                                              4.) Turning ones back on the truth while being directed by it.

The self created truth cannot be inspected again without bias. Because now one can only see what they have created from a myriad of loaded questions.  The answer has become sacred. Their truth is now the motivation for thought. There is no motivation to find fault with one`s thinking.

                                              5.) Wearing oneself out avoiding the truth.

This is where the mind gets busy , drawing on everything in its experience to formulate plans and hatch schemes to carry out.
The difference between an amateur and a serious actor is that the serious actor asks before playing a scene; "What`s my motivation?"
He goes from someone reciting lines to living them.

                                              6.) Living a lie.

The more something is thought about and talked about the less purity remains. It has to be refined to fit in with the agenda of the mind. From the isolated viewpoint one has no option but , as in this case, to play the part of a business person. A serious business person.

                                              7.) Holding out for as much time as possible until the truth catches up with one.

From here one puts out their radar and attracts to themselves the wherewithal to perpetuate their lie. They will meet kindred spirits, attend seminars, dress for success, imitate other successful business people.  Develop a new vocabulary, even carry themselves differently.
Things that bolster their new world view are embraced. Things that don`t are ignored. It never dawns on one that they have one solution for everything. No what the problem, there is a businessman's answer. Needing love is now a business transaction. Alcohol is the businessman`s answer to the stress of it all.  If you are a child of one of these serious business people you are constantly reminded that you are a liability. But there is a business solution to that too. You are being groomed to be Donald Trump junior. And you better make your parents proud if you want any inheritance.  The more the child hears about the gold rush the more he thinks..."Bull-rush."
                                              8.) Discovering that one`s truth was a lie.

"The difference between the black man and the white man is that if the white man losses all his money he jumps out the window. A black man would never do that."
                                 Unnamed African American New York cab driver 1990.

                                              9.) Creating a new truth.

When disaster strikes the mind can be said to have failed. It has no clue how to take away the pain so it offers up the most moronic rubbish over and over again till the mind owner has had enough.

                                             10.) Start all over again.

The now ex mind owner, totally vulnerable, will grab a new truth to ease that pain.  A new mind is forming. It is encouraged with all the evidence it produces to back itself up. It will never be inspected again while it can give life.
The cycle has begun again.
You have a life. Life is a game. And we are all being played.

I realize that the above example is somewhat self serving in its twists and turns. But you don`t need my example. Look at your own example.

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                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 18

                                                               Where`s the fun in that?

When your truth is that you have a life then it is inevitable that you will believe that circumstances and experiences are an integral part of who you are.

Such a believer will be motivated to improve their circumstances and strive for better experiences.

One will now collect the desirable and discard the undesirable.  This activity is totally dependant on having a viewpoint.
One is further led to believe that without a viewpoint there is nothing worth viewing.

Everyone knows that you are uniquely you. You have your own body. Your own name. Your own description. Your own personality.
Your own hobbies and interests. Your own quirks. Your own moods.

And for someone who wants to be one of everyone one has to turn their back on the pure potential that they are.

From there one is encouraged by everyone to build a life for themselves.

A true believer will spend their whole life doing this.

One will draw to themSELVES experiences and circumstances that bolster their belief.
They will find no comfort in anything (like these words) that challenge that belief.

The self will deliberately turn its back on true north and take pride in heading south.

The self has no motivation to resolve itself. It`s only agenda is `self` preservation.

If you ask the self what it is doing at the eleventh hour...

You will be listening to a complete victim of experience and circumstance.
Their truth has caught up with them and now they face the final curtain completely lost and bewildered.
Their whole life`s work has been for nothing.

They are about to become the cause of truth, again.

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                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 19

                                                                    When is the truth not the truth?
                                                                    When it isn`t yours.

Your truth is the only truth you need to have a long and successful, or otherwise, life.

That truth is only in existence because it can be seen from the point of view you are maintaining.

So now that you have a viewpoint you are obligated to manufacture a mind to support that truth.

That mind will search out like minded people. The more people believe it , the truer it shall appear.

The mind has no capacity to do otherwise than defend its truth... It has all the proof it needs.
"You can`t argue with the truth. The truth will set you free."
But if it has the capacity to set you free, then what is holding you prisoner now !!!! !?????
It isn`t lies. Lies can only exist in the presence of truth.

The mind has successfully avoided asking or answering this question since the dawn of time.

Even the constant insults of the non like minded  hasn`t budged the mind in its resolve.

You see the non believers have their own truth to defend.
They see your truth as the absurd pile of crap that it really is.
You see their truth for the big pile of crap that it is.

The mind now has friends and enemies.
It has drawn a line in the sand.

So long as the non believers keep their views to themselves while you try to change their minds they are safe.

Despite the futility of trying to impose their truth on non believers, the mind must help the unbelievers to face the real truth.

See the problem?

As soon as you have a viewpoint you are out of sync with other viewpoints.

You have to be. They are different viewpoints.

"Why can`t they see it? It`s so obvious...  Are they that stupid?" The mind is happy to ask that till the point of exasperation.

"They can`t see it because they are not where it can be seen from.

"Okay!" the mind says..."They are a hopeless case. Let`s try to exterminate them and their "evil, blasphemous," minds.

We`ll show them who has the irrefutable truth.

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                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 20

                                                             Never fuck with the truth.

The truth can be compared to the compass on a sea faring vessel. It points where one is going.
It says there is a better life in that direction. The new world awaits.
This is the cue for the mind to start accumulating what is needed to reach a specific destination.

Hope and belief help to keep one on course.

The mind takes its job very seriously. If anyone or anything challenges its authority, it  can attack with a total lack of compassion.

Mind owners are so capable of cruelty that their actions could fill newspapers around the world for ever.

Every act of any sort by the mind is totally justified by that mind.

The whole legal system has been built on finding the truth. And ironically the courtroom is the venue as far away from the truth as one can get and keep a straight face.

Even if you are an innocent victim with nothing to hide. The defendants lawyer will be able to expose inconsistencies in your testimony.

Abraham Lincoln, before he became president, was able to get one of his clients off one time when a witness positively identified him at the scene of the crime.
Lincoln questioned the witness about how he could see so well at night.
The witness said "by the light of the moon."
Lincoln produced the almanac that showed there was no moon that night.
Result...The testimony of the witness lost all credibility.

Okay ...  So we have a truth and the mind gathers and manufactures evidence to support it.
The mind is a zealot when it comes to building a self to live that truth.

The mind is all about accumulation. It`s Archilles heel is an absence.

There is nothing like a loss to turn the mind to silly putty.

Leaving it`s owner lost at sea.

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                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 21

                                                                     Losing ones self.

Loss is the minds worst subject. It will distract its host from pondering the subject.

The mind can never come up with a suitable explanation. It will distract it`s host and FIND something else to think about.

Hearing about someone else`s loss the mind will express its sympathies, talk about it`s own brush with loss and then encourage the loss victim to pick themselves up and carry on. The mind will do its best to offer the sufferer a profound truth to soothe them.

"There are other fish in the sea."  "You can rebuild your life." You`ve got to pick up the pieces and move forward."

But all this falls on deaf ears. The loss sufferer`s mind is closed for business.

The unthinkable has happened and the mind is having a mental breakdown.

The loss victim has lost a truth. The bigger the truth the bigger the loss.

If it was a truth that one had built a life on, then that life starts to crumble. There being nothing to hold it in place any more.

The pain is unbearable. One is experiencing the primal fear of falling. Heroic efforts are made to grab a hold of something. Anything to stop
the brain drain. The pain is in direct proportion to the degree one has identified with what was lost.

The fact that one is now losing thier mind as well, only compounds the suffering.

Loss is the most difficult thing to communicate about. Other minds pretend they sympathize. But really they are just going through the motions.
Similar to what yours did when a close friend suffered a loss. It`s not anyone`s fault. It`s just the mind uses positioning to  form an opinion.
It has to be like something that one is familiar with for it all to make sense. Duplicating someone else`s loss is like placing nothing nowhere.

At a moment of  severe loss one turns to their life long accomplice, the mind, for help. Their is a bottomless pit of silence from the mind.
It is so embarrassed by this that it starts replaying the loss over and over and over , endlessly.
Maybe there is something that we missed.

Now totally lost and alone, the loss victim feels their world start to fall apart.

Everything they held as true is slipping away. It is the loneliest, most vulnerable place to be.

The victim is now looking for answers. A new truth to believe. It begins again.

It is why people stay in the game, encourage others to stay in the game, and why the mind kills people who don`t hold the same basic truths.

It is from this pit of despair that philosophy was born. A new truth. Something to take away the pain.

If only you believe it, you are delusional. If a few people believe it , it is a cult. If a lot of people believe it, then it is a religion. If everybody believes it, it is the world we live in.
A new path to follow. Things to believe. Obstacles to overcome. A life to live.
For ever and ever amen.

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                                                                    "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 22

                                                                  Filling the void. Building a life.

What do they say?   "Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself."

Once again, as always, a self serving bit of philosophy.

All philosophy that makes sense, is making sense because the self you are can relate to it. Thus all philosophy is a held up truth from a viewpoint. That viewpoint is based on the belief that one is here to sense the truth one holds up.

There is no truth..... till you believe in it.

That is why this world is so obsessed with the truth.

Life will always be a struggle with the truth. That`s because the struggle with truth is what life is.

When someone has had all their truth knocked out of them they are pronounced dead.

Death is enforced present moment awareness.

Present moment awareness is where one finds unlimited potential truths.

I want to use this to illustrate a point.

Potential is endless possibilities. Nothing is set in concrete.

One could potentially love or hate anything held up for consideration.

This is too general to be a truth. It doesn`t fit the definition or the criteria.

Try telling someoine that you could love or hate anything they hold up for your consideration.

Before much time has passed they will insist that you are obviously not telling the truth.

You get that ?

All we can ever see from inside of life is that truth can be refined. It can be used eternally looking for deeper truths.

But truth`s bastard children, lies, are always following truth around.

See it this way. A pathetic truth can only accommodate a pathetic lie.
A sophisticated truth can only accommodate a sophisticated lie.

                The ultimate truth is the only thing that can give birth to the ultimate lie.

Don`t believe that any  truth is set in concrete and you will have no reason to get dried out and hard.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 05, 2014, 12:22:29 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 23

                                                                   "You can`t handle the truth."

No one can. Truth is like a rainbow. One can only perceive it because of where they are standing.

By the time you get to stand where a rainbow was. It has already gone.

So with this analogy one can finally grasp that truth is at the mercy of our viewpoint.

Truth changes with our changing viewpoint.

One cannot unravel this age old conundrum with truth.

That`s why nothing I say can be memorized or used as a formula.

Everything you are hearing is directed at shifting your viewpoint.

Because it is where you are that determines your interaction with life.

To avoid disaster, all one need do is not be where disaster strikes. 

Even devout atheists cuss the God, they don`t believe exists, whenever disaster strikes too close to home.

So do you see? You have predisposed yourself to being a disaster victim because of where you live.

The truth held up in times of disaster is, "Count your LOSSES, pick up the pieces , and rebuild your lives."

And that is true. ...So long as you believe it.

This has been the standard solution on how to cope with disaster.  Anyone who thinks differently is, of course, delusional.

But get this....  The truly delusional are rushing around trying to avert disaster, while distracting themselves from the reality that their very lives are a disaster.

The mind shirks responsibility here by telling its host that they just had bad luck.

Wanna know how fucked up the mind is on this subject?

Listen to a mind talking about a disaster.

"The Johnson family lost everything in the tornado. The house they lived in for forty years. Their meth lab and the family cat.
Allan,the father of four, was found in a neighbours paddock, with a broken leg, two broken arms, a concussion, severe bruising and several deep lacerations needing stitches. He was found buried under hen house debris, and reciting the script from "Starwars, Revenge  of the Sith....

                     But...... He was lucky..........  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????"

Just listen next time you hear disaster coverage.

Tell me I`m making this shit up.  What is it about disasters that bring out all these "lucky" people?

Even doctors....  "Well he was very lucky.........."

If laying in a hospital bed, in traction, is good luck, I`d rather have no luck at all.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 05, 2014, 08:05:20 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 24

                                                                  An accident waiting to happen.

No one in their right mind would ever knowingly place themselves in danger.
Luckily the mind has the ability to draw ones focus away from the danger and place it on benefit.

The minds projects the glory of winning through all the hardships one endures in pursuit of victory.

There are no architectural models displayed with a torrential shower over them and a 200 mile per hour fan blowing wind on them.

All the minds projected realities seem to be occurring on a beautiful warm summers day, with a cloudless sky and no Tsunami in sight.

When the actual building is complete and visited in winter it is sometimes impossible to push the front door open against the force of the inclement weather.

The mind is the eternal optimist. It is so sure of its rightness that it doesn`t have a plan B.

It`s fantasized outcomes are so one eyed that no other outcomes are contemplated or acceptable.

The mind is building the self it always wanted to be.

But just to illustrate how made up the minds projections are.

If you take a western world conditioned mind, it will desire to stand out from the crowd.
Meanwhile an Eastern conditioned mind will have blending in with the crowd as its objective.

If a Japanese businessman was to suddenly be overcome with a severe case of death, you`d find his replacement was so identical
in looks, hobbies and interests , that no would would notice that he still hadn`t gotten around to replacing the standard issue family photo, left by his predecessor, on his desk.

Japanese game shows are all about someone being singled out, tortured and humiliated. The more they scream the funnier it is, to the Japanese.

There are no stand up comedians in the Eastern world. Instead they have lay down dead agitators.

If a western comedian said to an Eastern audience "Did you hear the one about the suicide bombing instructor who said to his class "Watch closely. I`m only going to show you this once...."  the comic would himself, bomb.

The conditioning one is exposed to by their specific circumstances bring about a specific predictable character.

That character, because of that conditioning has reduced conceivable, outcomes down to one specific possibility.

Humour goes out the window and seriousness sets in.

Just contemplate all the serious problems the world is facing.
It is us that create the seriousness around them. Till then they are just problems.

If you are overwhelmed by serious problems the best thing that you could do is meet someone who finds your problems hysterically funny.

You will feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders when you do to.

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                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 25

                                                                        Nothing to say.

The subject matter we are covering here is not possible to communicate to a mind. 

The mind cannot think with something it cannot position relative to something else.

The mind cannot endure subject matter it cannot relate to without turning on a massive dose of boredom. In severe cases, unconsciousness.

A loss is an absence of something. It is impossible for the mind to position a nothing next to a something.
The result is that the mind will distract itself from thinking about nothing, by daydreaming about something else.

If you`ve ever attended a school, I`m sure you can relate to this.

The reason so many people`s lives are a disaster is that they allowed themselves to be where the modern education system disaster struck.

The next time some kid at the traffic lights calls you a fucken shitfaced cunt, because you didn`t pay him for cleaning your windscreen, ask him to summarize how well the modern school system has prepared him to make his way in life.

The mind has a devil of a job trying to contemplate nothing.

It would rather have you suffer a disaster than nothing at all.

And the mind will take you to where disaster will strike, then feign disability and blame a God that neither of you believe in.

Anyway... back to loss.

Like I told you the mind will do a sterling job distracting one from the subject.

For example I was privy to a conversation yesterday between a guy who`s marriage was falling apart and a legal expert.
The legal expert began his advice thus...: "Next time just pick a chick you already don`t like and give her a house. It`s much less painful."

And I`m going to being using the sanctified institution of marriage to illustrate how disasters happen.

There is no subject that better illustrates, truth, belief, faith , hope, loss, positioning, conditioning and disaster the way marriage does.

It has been a disaster since the very first wedding vows were taken. It has taken more lives than alcohol, tobacco and firearms combined.

"You know you are over the hill when your mind makes a promise that your body can`t fill."

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                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 26

                                                                     Supplied then denied.

To experience the agony of having someone`s life drop out from underneath them, look no further than the marriage breakup.

To witness someone go through this process is to watch someone who has been struck by a disaster.
Of course there are many other types of disaster that can leave one`s life hanging in the balance.
They each have their own different story, but the shell shocked, bewildered look on the sufferers faces are the same.

So I`m going for the marriage breakup blues. Because it is something so rampant that they even keep statistics on it.

Everyone has stumbled through the debris of broken marriages. While not everyone has witnessed other forms of disaster.

Okay !!

The way to avert a disaster, is to not be there, where disaster strikes.

Now remember this is all about loss and the mind has to take its owners focus away from something that is not there.

The mind hates nothing. It would rather put you through anything than have you experience the tranquillity of nothing.

While your viewpoint is changing in the next few paragraphs the mind will keep interjecting. "But what about ......"
" and... But if that`s the case, then how come my friend Bob Sacamanto ......."
" But what about the starving kids in Africa? How does this help them ?"

"Okay mind.... If you are so full of bright ideas now...How come when I went through two years of HELL over my marriage break up you went on vacation. FUCK YOU !!!"

 Once again you placed yourself where disaster happened. Had you not been in that place, there would have been no disaster to experience.

Now I`m going to relate a pretty standard story that you should be able to identify with.

It begins innocently enough with nothing. Now rather than experience the limitless possibilities offered by nothing, one creates a truth that can give meaning to the life it is about to create. That truth is .... Anything is better than nothing.!!!"

That truth will not be inspected again till it catches up with he who has turned his back on it. This is the precise moment it is exposed as not being true at all.

Till that time, we can get busy looking for a something that is better than nothing.

One shines a beam of something out into the universe. One believes someone will acknowledge the something. At least they hope someone will.  Well slap me around and call me Susan if someone doesn`t shine your own light back at you and instantly there are two less lonely people in the world.

There is an attraction, but is there a meeting of the minds?

The mind gets busy vetting the potential candidate for true love.

Even dating agencies can help here if your mind is too lazy.

Similar age ...check !
Similar made up interesting facts about your selves.....Check !
Similar religious beliefs and state of mental deterioration....Check!
Similar financial bracket..... Check !

This is exciting....  Could this be him/her ?

A date is arranged.  The mind readies itself to be the person it thinks the potential partner wants its owner to be.

She is relieved to realize that he hasn`t picked up on the fact that she is tired of looking beautiful all the time and wants out so she can finally let herself go, while still making her girlfriends jealous.

He is relieved to think she didn`t pick up on the fact that he`s tired of having to go through this process every time he wants a root.

Note to readers.... I`m talking about a fictitious couple here just to illustrate a point.
Any similarities to anyone you know living or dead is purely coincidental.

Soon both of these fictitious characters begin to let it slip that they are selling a lemon.
This, and encouragement from friends and family hasten the relationship to becoming more serious.

The game of chicken commences.  Each tries to impress the other with what a great deal they are getting.

The mind gives its final pass based on chemistry. It will say of rejected prospective partners that "they ticked all the boxes....But they just didn`t have the right chemistry."

But if everything is in order, and all the tests have been passed, the countdown commences.

"We have found TRUE love. We are soul mates. We have an undying love for each other. We have found happiness.
 There is no he and she any more. We are a we."

Coming up in the next instalment...

                                                 Will he find out that she is pregnant before they say their vows ?
                                              Will she find out that he still gets the occasional spanking from a dominatrix ?

                                                   Will Karla be able to resist the urge to`speak now`, instead of forever holding her peace?

                                                    Will we "she" ever learn to appreciate formula one ?

These and other burning questions will be answered in the next thrilling episode of  "I do, I do, I do , I do, I do."


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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 27

                                                                  "Love you to death."

Biologically, men are programmed to have an insatiable desire for sex. Once again not you... Men.

Meanwhile women have a biological need for security.  Women needing a safe environment to bear children.

Neither sex understand the viewpoint of the other because they are not living in and as that viewpoint.

So part of a woman`s make up is thinking long term.
Men. They don`t know anything about five minutes from now.

Women absolutely know that they can lead a man around by his dick. As soon as she is not getting what she wants the first thing to be withheld is her willingness to open her legs.  This method has been used for thousands of years to bring men around to a more cooperative frame of mind.

Meanwhile men will use their ability to provide security to threaten women. Just watch any "love story" to see this in play.

With this in mind let`s get back to our story.

A couple who can tolerate each other for more than five minutes have mountains of bullshit about relationships to sift through.
The woman, who is thinking in the long term knows that the happiest day of her life is her wedding day. She is the driving force behind the vows being taken.

Have a look at mens magazines for any evidence of wedding paraphernalia. All you`ll ever find is honeymoon photos.
Meanwhile women`s magazines are all about weddings and babies, relationships, and weight loss stories.

Women focus on before and after sex. Men just see those times, if at all, as obstacles and consequences.

So it is the women who instigates the marriage. He goes along with it. After all it`s what she wants.

This is where women become bullshitters and master manipulators.

Everything is in code. 

She asks him which of her girlfriends he thinks is prettiest. He thinks there is a threesome coming up.
But "Which of my friends do you think is prettiest?" actually means... "I`m in the mood for a fight.

"Does this dress make me look fat ?  Means  "You need to compliment me right the fuck now !!!

Meanwhile the guy is just waiting for an appropriate time to get his dick out.

The female needs to mould her man into the guy she wants to marry.

She is driving. He is just along for the ride, trying not to make any mistakes.

Finally their special day is here.

Thousands of dollars have been spent. Everyone is gathered.

The groom waits nervously at the alter. His main focus is..."What the fuck am I doing here? Oh well... too late now."

Suddenly the worst song ever written is playing. He turns around and wonders who the fuck is that making her way up the aisle?

They both keep reminding themselves "this is what we are supposed to be doing. Plenty of approval....  People like us.!!"

Now the game of chicken has reached its zenith. Neither have backed down.  This must be love.

Men are a hopeless lot. That`s the real reason women cry at weddings.

Now the minister or celebrant calls on all the supernatural forces he has heard of to witness and bless this holiest of unions.

The bride and groom don`t get many lines here as it is generally understood that they are in shock.

Finally the ceremony is over and then the deal is sealed by signing a contract.
Strangely no one has ever read their own wedding contract before they sign it.  That is the last bet and match in the game of chicken.
The deal is done. It`s over. What a relief !!!  GAME OVER !!!

Now everyone hits the bar. 

The newly married couple have just had the best day of their lives.

Where to from h
                         e ?.

Post by: Sharone Stainforth on February 07, 2014, 11:38:37 AM
Sorry to have been out of touch...still read your stuff sometimes and I loved this last one about marriage...hilarious. Keep on keeping on...

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 09, 2014, 07:07:25 AM
                                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 28

                                                                 And they lived happily ever after.

Nice to hear from you again Sharone. Loved the talk you gave at the Irish convention.

     Has anyone noticed how virtually all works of fiction end at this point. The princess has been rescued by the handsome prince and together they ride off into the sunset. The newly weds have finally found happiness and true love.

So why do all the fairy stories end there?

Surely, we as spectators, have a right to know what true happiness is like.

Here.... Let me tell you what happens after our blissful couple disappear over the horizon and the lights come on as the theatre empties.

Firstly for those involved in this story there is a huge sense of relief.  All of the obstacles have been overcome and the goal has been achieved.   Both have made a huge investment in each other. They are so grateful for all the support they received from everyone who helped make their special day such a success.  They are forever in their debt.

Our new bride knows that she has married a rough diamond. But with a little work he can be brought up to speed.

For the time being she is willing to overlook the fact that he got some of his lines wrong and that he was seen admiring the maids of honour way too long at the reception. 

One day they awake from the honeymoon and realize that the person they fell in love with is no longer working here.
She fell in love with the guy who was rescuing her. He fell in love with the girl who admired his rescuing skills.

She wonders where has the guy gone who used to do heroic things to impress her. He can see no reason to keep wooing someone who has already been wooed.

But here they are stuck with each other and they start to unpack their belongings.

As he opens up his meagre worldly goods, he never realized that his new wife had so much baggage.

Part of her baggage is supervising his baggage.

He extracts the first item and places it neatly in their love nest.

Before long. She can tolerate it no longer.

"Wo, wo, wo wo !!   What do you think you are doing? Sorry honey... That , that , that, that and that are going in the garbage straight off.

"You won`t be wearing those clothes any more. Your porn collection is not coming into our home. Those daily phone calls to your mother are over !!  You don`t need your old friends any more. They are holding you back (from giving all your attention to me.)
"Now , because I love you...You can keep that, that and that...for now.!  Put them in the garage."

Then he offers to help her with her baggage, but is relegated to placing her oh so essential, top heavy, ornaments carefully around their new home.

They begin to see that being a "we" means a lot of compromise.

He gives up his life long passion for Formula one. And she gives up complaining about it.

She gives up her quiet moments at home alone, and he gives up all his friends.

He gives up ogling other women and she gives up going out anywhere with him.

She phones her mum and friends saying  "I never would have believed it would be so hard to live with a male."

Her friends and mum assure her that "everything will be fine." She is about to get a crash course in husband training.

He doesn`t know what makes her happy. Luckily she does.  And she`s pretty emphatic about it.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 11, 2014, 07:43:32 AM
                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 29

                                                                      Broken promises

Now that they are a couple, they have responsibilities that bring a whole new dimension to their definition of self.
They have made a commitment, in front of witnesses and, often,  in the presence of God herself.

Each has made a promise to be the source of happiness for their better half. They have promised to forsake all others and love only each other until it kills them. 

The fact that something needs to be declared has already made it bogus.
It`s like our love for each other was so less than obvious that we have to hire a plane to write it across the sky.
The bigger the words the more truthful it will be.

Whenever someone says to you "Look .... To be honest......."
What does that make everything else they have been saying to you?

Anyway.... Let`s get our fictitious couple positioned for their rendezvous with disaster.

There is some sense of closure experienced for finally answering the question that has hounded them for months...

"When are you two getting married?"

That is now replaced with "So when are you two going to have a baby?"

Now I get it....  This is an endless process of fulfilling "supposed to`s."

More helpful advice is "You`re not kids any-more. Now you have responsibilities."

Westerners scoff at the "arranged marriages" of the East, without noticing that  apart from choosing what colours to have, their marriage is completely arranged as well.

Every woman wants her wedding to be like a fairy tale. She has had it pumped into her by popular culture since she was a child.
There is no plan B.
Guys have been conditioned to believe that a happy woman is a moist woman.
There is no plan B.

Women need to feel loved to have sex.
Men need to have sex to feel loved.

Who invented this disaster zone ?

Our old friend the mind has been busy getting us deeper and deeper into uncharted territory. lured on by the hope of happiness.

Every time the prospects of happiness are fading the mind throws a hissy fit.

Where as before, each had only one mind the soothe. The couple have two minds to pacify.

As time passes, the hope over ever finding happiness is abandoned.

And there is one person to blame. The nut job who promised to love me to death.

Now all the mind owner can hope for is some peace and quiet.

  Question : Are you happy ?
   Response: "No. I`m married."

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 13, 2014, 07:55:49 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 30

                                                                    Lasting the distance.

The subject matter being covered here leaves one with the impression that the author has a cynical  viewpoint on marriage.

To the contrary, from outside of the story, it matters not whether one is married, single, gay, old, young, black, white, yellow, or green with envy.

From outside of the story, the things that are inhibiting ones potential are obvious.

And although marriage has been used here to illustrate a powerful source of inhibition, the same case would be made with any of the pursuits or endeavours man has pursued in search of fulfilment.

All follow the same ingredients that have their genesis in a flawed truth which becomes believed in.

From outside of the story one can observe the false truth. From inside of the story, one is too busy courting disaster.

The information being disclosed here, cannot penetrate the mindset of a participant in the story.
To communicate this one has to present in a form that the mind can`t get itself around.

There has to be a simplicity that the complex mind can`t work with.

The same simplicity that you had as a pre mind child.

The great movie director John Borman (Deliverance) attended a British public school as a child. One morning when his grandfather dropped him and his sister off at school, he discovered that the bombing raid carried out by the Nazi`s the previous night, had scored a direct hit on his school.
His comment at the time...." Thank you Adolf."

Of course this was a disaster to all those who believed in the British public school system. But for those victims who didn`t, like John, it was no loss at all.

As children we can`t be bothered getting bogged down in serious bullshit.

A summer`s day knocking about with friends lasts an eternity.

The friendships one has as a child are never recaptured in adulthood.

The simplicity and fun are surrendered by a process of attrition.

The main offenders are the married couple you call your parents who are only ever doing what their minds say is best for you.

What they are really doing is transporting you into the disaster zone that you call "my life.".

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 15, 2014, 08:01:11 AM
                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 31

                                                               How can you mend a broken heart?
                                                                      (Or.... Understanding self flagellation.)

Loss is by far the most devastating experience one can experience. With any other type of disaster one can formulate a plan.
One can get back in the saddle. One can try to fix it.
But with loss, there is simply nothing, and nothing one can do about it.

A loss victim is in a daze, totally incapacitated. 

The ground beneath their feet has disappeared. They are unable to get any traction. Their whole world collapses.

The thing lost is the very platform that they used to operate from. The mind goes into a panic.

"Maybe it is here?  Maybe it is there....  "Where did I see it last ?"  "Maybe it has been kidnapped and is being held against its will.."
"God help me... Please bring it back. I`m begging you...  I`ll be good from now on.  If you can grant me just this one wish, I`ll promise to do whatever you say.  I`m sorry I made fun of you and your kid.  I believe in you now.....  If you bring back my............ "

What a sad and pathetic mess loss victims are. This is compounded by sympathetic friends who insist on telling you all about their experiences with loss.

The mind will make feeble attempts to hold it all together.
It will remind you of how finding lost , keys, wallets and children in the past quenched your paranoia.

So you ask the mind "Well where is the lost thing?"  And the mind says ... " We don`t have time for this now. Let`s go and look at all the places you have already looked again."

So what is lost ?

It can only ever be nothing.      NOTHING !   NO THING.  (Unless you make something out of it.)

Nothing just happens to be the mind`s arch nemesis.

From the instant one believes that nothing is something, one is a disaster waiting to happen.

The truth  held up is that "Anything is better than nothing." And that is true while one believes it.

This belief is like a marriage. One has beliefs that they are married to.

They have great chemistry with their beliefs and with those who hold similar beliefs.
All goes well until there is loss.

Then one is left devastated. Their life is a disaster.

They franticly search for a new truth to hold onto. Anything is better than nothing.

To the divorcee it is clear that the reason the marriage failed is that "He was an arsehole", or "she was a bitch."

However it will be seen that the disaster caused by this failed marriage will be exactly proportional to how married they both were, not to each other, but to the institution of marriage itself.

When one holds up a bullshit truth, then turns their back on it. It will come back to bite them in the arse in time.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 16, 2014, 06:46:00 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 32

                                                                Keep your enemies even closer.

Because the mind is all about something, nothing is the minds enemy.

The mind interprets nothing as a loss.

When something personally important disappears then the mind suffers a personally important loss.

When something becomes nothing the mind becomes dysfunctional.

Once the mind has experienced a personally important loss it will make tireless efforts to prevent that disaster again.

The mind is now programmed to worry its owner to death.

The mind is very anxious about becoming nothing again.

It will think it is a good idea to sedate you, as this will give it more time to live your life.

The threat of loss is what makes people inside of the story  hold on to things.

The thought of loss makes the mind very uncomfortable. It will make its owner hold onto things tightly.
It reasons that it would die if the things held were to slip from its grasp.

So mind owners grow old from worry. Their bodies lose their suppleness.

This becomes even more evidence of how disastrous loss is.

The stress caused by threat of loss, encourages one to take something for it.

Mind altering chemicals do the job nicely.  They soothe the stress for now and hope to stay one step ahead of it by pushing it further into the future.

Every time they stop the medication the stress comes back. So they do more drugs to push it back to the future.

But your truth always catches up with you.

Till it does it, will take you down some lonesome roads, directing your every move.
You will only turn to face your truth when it has led you to a dead end.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 17, 2014, 07:53:14 AM
                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 33

                                                                      Life`s a bitch.

The mind gets very frustrated on the subject of enlightenment.

It wants someone to show it someone who is enlightened so it can imitate them or pick fault with them.

Once it can do either of these two things it has bought itself more time.

The mind loves to hear reports of supposedly enlightened people doing unenlightened things. It goes...
"Well if Swami Padipudipah can`t keep his dick in his frock, what chance does little old me have?

This is because the mind can only register unenlightenment.

It can only see that which is unenlightened. The enlightened aspect of what is observed is invisible.

This realm where the mind is king, is all about unenlightenment.

You can`t see that which is enlightened because it isn`t HERE.

Therefore all evidence one has that someone is enlightened is actually that which has not been converted.

But the mind goes.... " But if someone is enlightened, they should be ;

They should be loving.
They should be wise.
They should be happy.
They should be benevolent.
They should be wearing a frock.
Choirs should sing when they enter a room.
They should have a halo.
They should be Republican.
They should be able to heal people and perform magic tricks.

Unless they prove they can do all of these things, then enlightenment is just another disappointing commodity to be bartered for.

This mindset  has kept the unenlightened world going for as long as people are expecting to live in it.

This is why James Randi has kept his million dollars.

For a supernatural act to be registered it has to be converted to something natural.
Therefore Randi keeps his million dollars for all time.

In this universe something can only appear supernatural because it hasn`t yet been de frocked.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 17, 2014, 07:57:27 PM
                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 34

                                                                    Going unconditional

Anyone who has a half functioning mind will by now see no point in reading the message I am relaying.

As I`ve said there is nothing to be gained from anything I am saying.

For a mind this is going to be very unfulfilling.

The mind has convinced its owners that without it, they wouldn`t even know who they are.

The mind has convinced its owners that it will keep them out of disaster zones.

There is just no way a mind is going to take its own de frocking lying down.

It has been the seat of every truth you have ever made up, believed, turned your back on, and been a bitch for.

The basic truth the mind has propagated is that "it is an essential part of your life."

Once that is true because you believed it, that truth is not inspected again, because it is now delegated all inspection duties.

Just try to get anyone to change their mind about something of significance.

The mind will not change itself. It will pretend to. It will buy more time to ponder the issue.
If pressed it will lash out at any percieved threat to its authority.

The mind is not your friend !!!!

You can get the most brilliant minds in existence and watch them descend into name calling, hissy fits , violence and addiction. Simply by challenging its rightness.
It will kill you to protect its right to rule.

The mind is, when push comes to shove, a spoilt brat kid from Hell.

So long as you believe that the mind has an essential role of ruling your life and you obey it...The mind will take it easy on you.
But the moment you disobey it, you will incur its wrath.

The same wrath that others will incur if they don`t fall into line with your minds goals, objectives and rightness.

The mind will kill, torture, rape, sulk, punish, insult, belittle, deride, fight, deceive, lie, use, con, betray, withhold...., Oh fuck this, just read the newspaper.

This is due to the mechanism of the mind. It is a relative machine.
It must have something to position things against for them to register in the mind.

The mind is conditional.

It will allow you to love someone if..........

The moment you realize that you are not seeing through a maze of conditioning, you are finally free of the mind.

Now when your kid comes home from school with the worst report card in recorded history, you can hold your child, look into their eyes and simply say   " I LOVE YOU."

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 19, 2014, 07:58:11 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 35

                                                                     Looking for nothing.

Ever since time began, those who believe in time beginning, have been searching for understanding. Searching for meaning, searching for a relief from suffering. Searching for happiness. Searching for the truth. Searching for their perfect soul mate. Searching, searching  searching.

Some have tired of searching and instead they search for relief from the anxiety caused by searching.

After centuries of evolution and scientific discoveries still no trace. When will this search end?
Billions of words have been written on the subject and billions of dollars have been wasted funding this expedition.
And what have we found so far ?

                                                            NOTHING !!!

Just listen to the comforting words medical doctors hand out to their patients that are suffering from multiple organ failure.

"Get your affairs in order."

Great efforts are made to help the terminally ill die with dignity. And yet there is no medical guide on how to live with dignity.

The body is a pile of stink being held together by who ever has taken ownership of that body.
When they disown it, that stink starts to come out.

"Ashes to ashes,  Funk to funky..... "

Here one minute... Gone the next.

I know this subject matter is something people get very emotional about. It`s all about loss. The exact opposite of what people`s thinking gear is programmed to do.  It reminds people that the search is in vain.
Every search for something has ended up finding nothing.

Sure it can be a long road. The longer the better. But ultimately we are left with nothing.

Now here is the tricky bit.

The thing doing the searching is the mind. It can`t function with nothing. And nothing is the exact thing every searcher has ended up finding.

But the mind can`t function with nothing.  You get the dilemma?

If you`re thinking, "This is nothing new," then you are still making something out of nothing.

The moment you truly contemplate nothing, you have disabled the mind.

Then it is clear that nothing is really something else.

Till then you are stuck with the same old something.

More soon....

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 20, 2014, 06:50:12 AM
                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 36

                                                                 A show about nothing.

The one thing that has been underrated by every truth seeker is nothing.

And yet you can read any philosophical text and realize that they all came up with nothing.

Whether it be Science or religion or philosophy the nothing they came up with is completely overlooked and replaced by the optimistic words "But we are still looking."  Then we pull an Ally Mc Beal face and take mind altering substances in as sophisticated manner as we are able.

Take the Bible for example.  People who want others to believe their truth swear on it.
But if they actually read it you find they now want to swear at it.

But I guess it does provide comfort to some people.
Page after monotonous page of evidence that there are people stupider than you can give the ego a boost.

If you take the stupid out of the Bible you would find that all of the pages are blank. Allowing anyone to write anything they want on those hollowed pages.

Truth seekers think they are on to something, ultimately they find nothing, So look for something else.

This is the process of living.

And the mind is a sucker for it. Has been since time began.

When it comes to nothing, the mind is as dumb as the Bible.

It is not even possible to do serious research into the subject of nothing.

Because nothing is the opposite of serious.

As it turns out nothing is nothing but FUN !!

And Fun is like peace and quiet. It`s what is already there. They only seems to disappear when we create something (a truth) and take it seriously (Believe in it.)

This is the disaster zone. For we can only venture out into this world by turning our backs on whence we came in. (Ain`t that the truth ?)

By taking any truth seriously we set the fuse for the disaster of discovering it was not the truth at.

All truth has a "use by" date.  Everything you believe in, will expire.

`Nothing` cannot expire. 

Have I taught you nothing?

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 20, 2014, 04:06:27 PM
                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 37

                                                                  It`s all for nothing.

I`ve warned you many times that there was "nothing" to be gained from reading this.

But here is the thing.....  "Nothing is potentially anything."

The moment nothing becomes something, that something resides outside of endless possibilities. It ceases to be magic and becomes what magic has created.

If we hold our creation up as truth, believe in it, and turn our back on it , we can no longer imagine how it was created.
We are no longer privy to the happy backstage viewpoint. We are stuck with the sad truth.

We then create a mind to protect us from that truth.

To send the mind out in search of truth, is like sending your kid out into the world to convince people that someone they can`t possibly fathom, loves them.

The world sent that kid straight back to his father all bloodied and beat up.

The mind is a self perpetuating mechanism that gives you somewhere to go and something to do.

Without the mind, you would be nothing. That`s why the mind keeps you worried to death. It`s something to do.

Once you believe the truth that you are your mind, losing your mind will feel like place where those who don`t believe in the unfathomable father wind up.

If you believe that you are the vehicle the mind uses to take you to places and do things, then any threat to it`s existence is even more unfathomable than the unfathomable father.

See if you can get this....

The only way something can remain unfathomable is by being nothing.
The moment nothing becomes anything, it ceases to be unfathomable.

And remember the mind says "Anything is better than nothing."

 If you can discard that "truth" for NOW...

We can finally see the potential `nothing` has.

                  When there is nothing, there is nothing wrong.
                      "      "     "     "      , there is nothing to worry about.
                      "      "     "     "      , there is nothing to harm you.
                      "      "     "     "      , there is nothing to stop you.
                      "      "     "     "      , to intimidate you.

You see... the possibilities are endless.

                  We experience great relief when nothing shows up on our xrays.
                   We love it when others can find nothing wrong with us.
                  We love it when nothing goes wrong.
                   It`s a buzz when we have nothing to worry about.

 When it comes to the bad stuff.... We want nothing to do with it.

If we knew how to reduce the bad stuff to nothing, what a wonderful world this would be.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 21, 2014, 07:40:49 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 37b

                                                                     Thanks for nothing.

As far as enlightenment is concerned, the mind will let its owner know there, but it sure as hell won`t let them go there.

The mind can see no benefit in its owner becoming enlightened.

It is so preoccupied arguing with itself and other minds in its vicinity, that it won`t make the time for anything else.

And that is why bullshit enlightenment is ruining this world.

Any route to enlightenment that doesn`t have nothing as its objective puts something there in place of enlightenment.

Rituals, ceremonies, funny hats, reverence and robes are all bullshit enlightenment.

They are the minds solution to inhibit the enlightenment of its owner.

And it goes through all this bullshit for self preservation.

Go up to anyone with religious beliefs and tell them it is all bullshit.  Then watch their mind kick in with the objective to make you nothing.

The mind will argue, debate, bomb, murder, martyr itself, rape and pillage to defend its religious beliefs.

It will even go to the highest court in the land to defend its right to practice its religion.

Trouble is , you only need to practice something because you haven`t got it right yet.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 22, 2014, 07:52:13 AM
                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 38

                                                                     More on nothing.

"Nothing" has been totally overlooked by every serious, mind owning seeker.
Despite the fact that every one of them has found nothing.
Instead of having fun with nothing, they have found something else to pursue.  (Which has also led to nothing.

All roads lead to nothing.

 Mind owner can invest billions of dollars and millions of thinking hours seeking and have still found nothing.

The mind will invent things to award itself for discovering something or other. But its a pretence. For in time, even the trophies they award will mean nothing to.

For the mind has been given the impossible soul purpose of giving itself "Peace of mind."

The problem is that while there is still something, there is still something to bang up against.

Can you list one thing that a mind does which doesn`t have "Peace of mind" as its final objective?

Can you list one thing that has been done, that was still deemed a success even though it did not produce the anticipated "Peace of mind?"

Achieving peace with the mind is not possible. People have taken drugs, climbed mountains, believed in God, amassed fortunes, committed mass murder, done speed dating, gone to the moon, invented gadgets, robbed banks, invaded countries, hit children, undergone plastic surgery, suicided, tortured, gone on Dr. Phil, become TV stars who eat cockroaches and yell at kitchen hands.

Believe me if it looks like it could provide "Peace of mind," someone has tried it.

And here we all are with `nothing` again.

So if the mind is a merciless task master, how does one ever escape its clutches?

You can`t just sit around doing nothing.......  Or can you?

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 25, 2014, 07:16:53 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 39

                                                                      The circle of life.

There is no gateway out of identification with the mind. Just like there is no gateway out of life.

The pearly gates, like cricket, are a product of the mind.

Faced with nothing, the mind is duty bound to put `something` there in its stead.

All philosophy, therapy, religion, and science are creations of the mind.

Each has come up with nothing, so has put something there to get peace of mind.

The mind will take this PIECE of mind and proclaim to the world that it is TRUTH.

Then the mind will try to turn any contrary evidence or opinion into nothing.

The mind will argue, belittle, ridicule, insult, or assault, anything that challenges its TRUTH.

It will even insist that GOD himself originated the TRUTH it believes.

It might even take up chanting to preoccupy itself so it has no spare attention units to hear any other truth.

Or put on a silly hat to keep re-minding everyone that this space is already taken.

There is not one mind created philosophy that does not speak of "Live and let live", while actually practising "Live and let die."

The "great" religions of the world can only unite when they all become nothing.

But the mind of a believer is happy for the others to go first. It will even try to nudge them over the edge.
The mind sometimes refers to this as Ethnic Cleansing.

It is here that the mind reveals its true mandate through its actions.
This is the nexus of the universe.

Any threat to the truth that is holding the mind together is taken very seriously. The mind can`t afford to risk failure in defense of its TRUTH.

It pulls out the big guns. It`s greatest fear is the best it can come up with to be used as a weapon against potential threats.

And that fear is becoming NOTHING !!!!!!!

It knows this is the ultimate hell for the mind. So it assumes that contrary minds have the exact same fear.

All efforts of the mind to perpetuate itself begin and end with an attempt to make nothing of any threat.

Once nothing has been made of the potential threat the mind knows that `nothing` has nothing to fight back with.

"Nothing can`t hurt you." and "nothing can hurt you." are the same thing.

The mind perpetually tries to make the other guy nothing first.

All mind owners are in the same boat.
Some want to escape and make the world go away.

The best they can do is maroon themselves on a desert island, where they are "ALONE WITH THEIR THOUGHTS."

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 25, 2014, 11:30:06 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 40

                                       The truth. The whole truth, and any truth is better than nothing.

Some minds are so programmed to righteously defend their truth that they will outlive their host.

Even after the host has reverted back to nothing, the mind will continue to rein-act its truth over and over.
Like a mental patient the mind will literally haunt a location where its truth has not been acknowledged.

It will re state and rein-act its truth like an old record that is set on repeat.

We call such a mind a ghost.

But even here the truth it has turned its back on will eventually catch up with it.

When its truth runs out of steam, it will have not the wherewithal to separate itself from the fact that its truth was also a ghost.

People have always been afraid of ghosts.
Just like they have always been afraid of the mind.
What does that tell you ?


Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 26, 2014, 12:16:27 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 41

                                                                Gimme some truth.

The eternal quest for answers is the minds way of keeping its host in the circle of life.

The answers the mind allows its host to receive pose more questions.

The host, because it has identified with the mind, has allowed the mind to give itself brief moments of respite before it continues on its self perpetuating journey.

The mind can never allow its host to see that the truths that give it peace of mind are made up.

The mind is a victim of this universe. As a result, all its questions are loaded questions.
The mind is bias and prejudice incarnate.

It is the agenda of the mind to keep itself wondering.  Posing and resolving questions. Then posing and resolving more questions...

The universe causes the question to be posed and the answer can only be received when it fills the vacuum created by the question.

This is the actual circle of life.

At the eleventh hour of life, the host realizes the despite a lifetime of searching and learning, it knows nothing.
Then to add insult to injury, the mind says  "So long sucker. You`re on your own."

One has now attained present moment awareness where nothing MATTERs.

The mind is the tool we have used to separate ourself from ourselves.

One awakens from their sleep.

The vastness of our potential is embraced.

It is not possible to explain to an inhabitant of a mind what it is like to be free of the mind. .... Because to a mind it does not make any sense.

Like a jealous lover the mind will enact its vengeance on you if you try to leave it.

Despite all its pretence of sophistication and dignity, the mind will quickly resort to savagery with malice if one threatens its authority.

It knows what scares you. 

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 02, 2014, 09:14:06 AM
                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 42

                                                                     Gaining permission

What follows is impossible for one to get their thinking gear around.  From outside of the story, what follows is as plain as day.
For someone inside of the story, these words cannot be made sense of.

There is nothing here for the mind to position this information to. It does not form part of a minds experience. And certainly can be proven incorrect by the evidence of ones circumstances.

For the mind to hold up anything as true, it must have approval.

Any truth that does not gain approval will be abandoned or amended.

An acceptable truth garners peace of mind for the holder of that truth.
An unacceptable truth will sentence its holder to convince the world that it is indeed the truth, but needed to be packaged better.

So inside of the story people are sentenced to convincing others of their truth, whether they are true or not.

The mind is the truth holder. It needs permission. It needs approval. It needs acceptance. It has needs !

Any hypotheses that does not meet with at least some approval, is dropped or amended.

A working hypotheses is not completely accepted but it gets by when it provides benefit.

So what it comes down to is that, science and religion have had to have the appearance of providing benefit to be acceptable.

The test of time is the benchmark. If some theory passes the test of time it becomes the truth.

Every mind that holds the big bang theory as true is sentenced to wait until the universe starts to contract to prove their truth is correct.

Anyone who believes in the Kingdom of God is sentenced to trying to do the right thing until they die.

The mind is totally unequipped to create enlightenment in either regard.

The mind needs something to do and approval there of.

The mind is holding its owners prisoner by holding out for approval.

Prison is acceptance of your truth, gone bad.

The only prison that can exist is a place that inhibits the minds ability to dramatize its addictions.

 Only a mind that holds its addictions as truth can be imprisoned.

A mind inside of the story that contemplates life has merely bought more time to dramatize its addictions.

The mind has you imprisoned, addicted, and unenlightened by its addiction to approval.

If you want to make friends with a mind, just say to it.... "You were right !!!"

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 02, 2014, 11:49:28 AM
                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 43

              "By waiting for the universe to grant you permission to leave it, you are bestowing on it the authority to keep you in it."

  A Monopoly board does not know who invented it.

Playing the game of monopoly for eternity will never divulge who the author is.

The game board is the creation of the inventor, who is absent from the board.

The inventor of Monopoly can play the game of Monopoly, so long as he obeys the rules he invented.
As soon as he stops playing by the rules he invented, he has ceased to play Monopoly.

No where in the game of Monopoly can one find the instructions on how to stop playing the game.

If one just simply walks out mid game, his/her actions don`t meet with any approval from fellow players.

Was I using the word Monopoly ???  Sorry meant to say Universe.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 03, 2014, 07:58:58 AM
                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 44

                                                                  Roll the dice. It`s your turn.

Because you are not playing the board game Monopoly at this moment, none of the disasters that effect Monopoly players are having any effect on you as we speak.

For someone who has rolled the dice on a Monopoly board, they have made themselves vulnerable to all of the Monopoly potential disasters.

And similarly to the game of life, it`s fun if you are winning. But once the game is over and the board is packed away, it does not make a bit of difference who won or lost.
It`s only a win or lose proposition for the duration of the game.

Your location on the game board only exists when you give your consent to play by the rules.
This sets in motion the Monopoly player mindset.

That mindset will dissipate once no potential gain can be envisioned. The mind loses interest when it sees nothing.

At this very moment the mind is playing games other than Monopoly.

It is not experiencing the tranquillity of not being a Monopoly player.

It is not experiencing the tranquillity of avoiding all of the fallout of disasters potential players of other games face.

The mind is so focused on the disasters it is involved in that it fails to register all the disasters it is not involved in.

It turns out there are thousands of trillions of disasters one is not experiencing because it is so preoccupied with the less than a dozen it is involved in.

The mind believes that anything is better than nothing.

Every disaster you are involved in was an emotion ordering the mind, ordering the body. Before you wound up with a hard on for something, the mind thought of it first.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 04, 2014, 02:27:52 PM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 45

                                                                       The sticky mess.

Only a mind could come to the conclusion that the problem of the human mind can be resolved by the human mind.

But the mind exists in the relative universe. It has to have something to think about.

The thought comes after the something.

The mind is incapable of creation. All it can do is rearrange what is already there.

An artist will not release his art until it has given him peace of mind.

A Scientist will not publish his theories until they make sense in his own mind.

A new age visionary won`t act until it "feels right."

And all of this is very nice and pleasant while one is inside their comfort zone.

However all that goes out the window when one encounters a disaster.

Then one is cast back into the raw emotional state where minds are created.

Your computer goes through the same thing when there is a power cut.

No matter what that computer has in it, No matter what functions that computer has performed, it is now a useless piece of junk.

Totally paralysed. Silent and clueless.

It has returned to the nothingness whence it was created.

Likewise, the human mind is a useless piece of junk when its power cord gets pulled.

All that remains is those raw savage emotions that created the mind.

These emotions MAKE NO SENSE.

They never have and they never will.

It is only the mind that convinces us that it has to make sense.

The mind has convinced its owners that once everything makes sense there will be some sort of utopia, some sort of incredible revelation.

But that is a huge booby trap.

The mind is mandated to fuck things up somehow.

There will never be peace while there is mind.

And if you want to know how serious the mind is about fulfilling its obligation...If you think the mind is this marvel of modern science...

Just realize this.... Every act of murder, torture, genocide, extortion, violence, hate, punishment, and slavery was conceived subjectively by the mind before it materialized objectively outside of every textbook ever written.
Not a part of the mind..... The mind.

And every act of cruelty, made perfect sense to that mind. It had a duty to.

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                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 46

                                                                     Combating EVIL.

There are two ways to communicate. Either one communicates about something or one communicates from something.

Either one writes about Spain or one is writing from Spain.

The difference is the shift in viewpoint.

Thus it is with the subject of EVIL.

This subject, which man has banged his head against since Moses wrote the first five chapters of the Bible, is still as perplexing as it always was.

What is evil? And can one trade it on the stock market? Or get a patent on it?

Of course it is ridiculous to try to float EVIL on the stock market. Why ?  Because it doesn`t exist !

It`s just an idea. One needs blueprints and graphs and projections.
People need something to invest in. They wouldn`t be so stupid as to invest in something that wasn`t there.

And yet for something that does not exist, EVIL seems to be doing a roaring trade.

Evil is outperforming GOOD in every venue across the world from the playground to the Vatican.

While GOOD is fighting the GOOD fight at the front, EVIL is moving in on its flanks.

EVIL is ready to pounce on GOOD anywhere it shows itself.

Likewise... Anywhere that EVIL shows up, GOOD will rise to the challenge, and go into combat against EVIL.

But doesn`t it strike you as odd that to protect GOOD, sometimes you have to do EVIL things.

And likewise to promote EVIL one has to dress it up as GOOD.

Man... one could play this game for eternity. 


Can you imagine what the world will be like way off in the future when GOOD finally triumphs over EVIL.??

There will be dancing in the streets and free ice cream. Cats and dogs will be sleeping together, and All movies will have happy beginnings, happy middles, and happy endings.

Any time EVIL raises its ugly head, it will be rounded up and publicly executed.

And if the forces of evil ever raise their ugly heads again, We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Has it not occurred to anyone, that it is the combat itself that meets all the criteria that defines EVIL ????

The combatant communicates not about EVIL but from EVIL.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 08, 2014, 10:42:47 PM
                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 47

                                      Everything you wanted to know about death but nobody knew.

Despite all the knowledge and understanding that has built up, there is still nothing one can find out about death that makes any sense.

The reason for this is that death makes no sense.

The human mind was constructed to facilitate the life of its self.

To try to get through to it about its own non existence does not compute.

The mind cannot think about a nothing. Therefore the subject of death has remained a mystery to the minds of man and always will.

The human mind is terrified of its own death. So much so that it is compelled to go into combat against anything that it perceives as a threat to its existence.

When it does feel threatened it will dig in and use what it fears against its perceived enemies. Its main fear is becoming nothing. Thus its strategy to make the enemy nothing. Kill, exterminate, obliterate, destroy, annihilate, eradicate. etc.

This can range from humiliation to murder.  But the fucked up thing about this is that its own host is not immune from being thrown under the bus by the very mind that led its owner into the disaster zone it is defending its self against.

A mind that is cornered will turn on its host, like an oxygen deprived cell does when it turns cancerous.

Everything that is known about death has been filtered through a life perpetuating machine called mind.

It will twist any accurate information it receives about death into something that makes sense to life.

Listening to someone who has had a near death experience, you will hear them talk about this indescribable FEELING.

..."It was like.....    .
"It was like... I was in Heaven."
"It was like... I was with GOD."
"It was like" this feeling of complete well being.

"It was like......"
"It was like ......."
"It was like
I was floating in a sea of infinite love."

To hear about death you have to be told about it from somebody in life.

"Dead men tell no tales."

Death is being free of the mind. But not really. It is lack of identification with mind that gives one present moment consciousness.

As I`ve mentioned before. "You will never feel more alive than when you are dead."

You are now the nothing that can potentially be anything. And so long as you don`t identify with any thing, you will remain pure potential.

You are off the Monopoly board and beyond combat. In a state of complete surrender.

Everything you have denied yourself, for however long you have been dead alive, is now miraculously available again.

Now you know why the cruel world was always trying to reduce you to nothing. When you are nothing it is not possible to harm anyone, least of all yourself.

All your experiences have been `who you are not`. And you had them so that now you can bask in the glory of who you really are.

It is not possible to experience finding yourself, unless you have experienced losing yourself.

Other than that its pretty much up to you. You can look through the pages of your ex mind like one looks through an old photo album.

One thing that the mind can`t get around is that when you die, you are surrounded by those you call forth. Both the dead/living and the living /dead. There is no such thing as waiting on the other side.

Now if by chance you begin to feel pressure on your chest and oxygen being pumped into your lungs, you will awaken to find people looking down at you and busily rushing around, checking your pulse, just rest awhile.

Soon you will rejoin the living and be able to answer their questions about what it felt like to be dead, you can start using the "It was like`s.."I was telling you about.

Some will scoff at what you tell them. Just don`t get combative with them. They have minds to defend.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 09, 2014, 07:42:38 AM
                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 48

                                                                Going into combat for the mind.

The mind of man is willing to do anything to protect its truth.  To this end, the mind will try to surround itself with like minded people.
This gives the mind peace of mind. It can stay out of arguments and conflict.
It feels safe associating with those are not constantly challenging its truth, even by their presence.

You see the mind is programmed to instinctively lash out at any threat to its authority.

The mind is an unforgiving mind. It does not forget who challenged its truth either by word or action.

Any time  its  truth is challenged it can turn on its perceived attacker with a complete and detailed history of all prior infringements.

It will keep turning up the heat to combat a perceived enemy. It will start with words and if compliance is less than forth coming from the enemy, it will descend into physical violence.

When the mind is enraged, you cannot talk sense to it. It can`t hear you. And this from a mind that prides itself on all the sense it makes.

As the betrayed rocket scientist is raining blows on `the love of his life`s head, and the theme from "2001 : A space Odyssey," playing ominously in the background,  sums up the mind perfectly.

Great minds have concluded that the mind of man can be changed. They have built an industry on it.
They are adamant. They won`t ever change their minds about this truth.

See if you can sneak this in past your mind..

       "You are either communicating about a mind...or communicating from a mind."

Peace of mind means combat for its owner.

God`s mind is supposedly at war with Satan. Yet a mindless God has no reason to go into combat with Satan at all.

                          Why would it?

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 10, 2014, 07:34:18 AM
                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 49


Great minds have pondered the question "How did we get here?"

What great minds never took into account was that they had to be here to ask that question.

For those that are not here, there is no such question.

A question must be posed from a specific viewpoint.
That viewpoint has already tainted the answer.

The only answer a mathematical question allows is a mathematical one.

Two apples plus two apples cannot be answered with "ambidextrous banana."  It doesn`t make sense.
The mind needs sense to carry on with its nonsense.

The question "Why are we here? is already booby trapped by our assumed truth about what being here means.

One cannot ask "why am I here?" from somewhere else.

So you see. 99% of every answer is in the question.

So all answers are the 1% missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is the right answer simply because it FITS.

The completed jigsaw now gives one the complete picture that must be protected.

But that completed puzzle has become a piece of an even bigger jigsaw puzzle that has to fit in with other completed jigsaw puzzles.

As a result "We can put a man on the moon, but I still have that bitch Kyle telling lies about me at school."

"We have the technology of the mighty computer and yet I still get rock headed Nigerian Generals emailing me with `get conned quick` schemes."

Is it hard to make sense of what I`m saying?

When one finally relocates to where none of it needs to make sense, one is free of identification with the mind.
From there one can communicate about minds instead of communicating as one.

As for jigsaw puzzles, they are best left to those who can think of nothing better to do. 

As it is with all puzzles.

Puzzles only exist because you are doing them.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 10, 2014, 09:03:36 PM
                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 50

                                                                 Conversations with Mind.

Current wisdom is that man is a amalgamation of body, mind and soul.  It is believed that for happiness and well being one must have all three elements in alignment. There is no one who is arguing with this truth.

And some even light incense to talk about it.

It makes for a rosy picture. Mind, body and spirit all lined up in perfect harmony.....  And going where exactly ????????

And all those who can`t line up and join the march of civilization, become the road of bones that humanity tramples under foot.

The mind loves all this new age shit. "Get everything in balance." "Only associate with things that give you a good vibe."

"Be kind to yourself and others."  "Eat healthy." "Your body is a temple."  "Think nice thoughts." "Respect others beliefs, even though they are obviously demented."  "Love is the answer."  "Use positive affirmations." "Jump and the net will appear."

The world is full of these inspirational sayings, quotes and advice. You even get emailed them and told to pass on these positive messages.

If we all light candles and pray, we can spread peace around the globe.

Here I`ll do it now.



   Nope. Nothing.

The mind, body, and spirit in balance is a creation of a self perpetuating mind.

It knows people are suckers for this shit. And any of these quotes meets with approval from other minds.

"Yeah....If we can keep coming up with this crap, we can all find peace one day.

Oh Lord....Give me a break !!!

I`m about to summarize every bit of philosophy the human mind has ever come up with.
I`m talking about from Abraham through to Kim Jong Un. 

Here it is...

                 "FUCK YOU."

If you find this hard to believe...

Just look at the next inspirational quote some mind has come up with, and ask yourself this....

                                       Does what I just read encourage me to keep playing the game?

It is only from inside the game that one feels no choice but to play it.

It is only a mind that will encourage you to feel there is no choice.           

A mind created philosophical saying presumes you have no choice.

It is saying "Fuck you."

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 13, 2014, 07:32:43 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 51

                                                                    Obey.....Or else.....

A being identified with a mind has no choice but to obey that mind.

The mind says "jump" and its owner says "How high?"

A mind owner is so busy obeying the mind that he/she has no resources spare to turn around and face the mind.

The mind is totally running the show. It is holding your "sense of well being" hostage.

The mind has circumstances and experiences to back up every order it issues. Meanwhile all you have is hopes and dreams.

The mind is vigilantly watching your every move. It cannot allow you to reach towards your potential.
To do otherwise would bring the minds reign of terror to an unceremonious end.

Mind owners never realize that the thing that is holding them back is their own mind.

Every dream you ever had has been sabotaged by the mind.

Every single arsehole you encounter is the a victim of mind control.

Those who have been completely beaten down into submission by the mind become the "How are you? Have a nice day." zombies that
haunt the malls of the urban spiritual wasteland.

Life for mind owners is identical to a baggage carousal at the airport. People`s baggage banging into other peoples baggage as it goes around in circles.

Trying to break free of the minds grip is impossible. It`s so hard because one can`t get their mind around it.

Trying to think your way out of the mind is like trying to walk to the end of a circle.

The mind will help its owner to come up with a scheme that will get the mind to shut the fuck up.

It will picture a log cabin in the woods, or a deserted pacific beach, or a penthouse suite overlooking Central Park, or finding ones soul-mate.

So one spends time devising a strategy to get free of the mind while obeying the mind yet again.

                              The mind has a mandate to prevent you from reaching your potential..

"But if we didn`t have minds we would act just like animals.!!!!"

All I can say to that is get out of your shell and have a look around you.

Am I being too harsh on the mind?

See how you feel about that next time you piss off a mind owner. Be it your parent, best friend, lover, team mate,  or total stranger.

See how you go next time you piss off a mind owning fellow motorist.

Meanwhile have a "whatever your mind tells you to have" day.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 14, 2014, 07:47:28 AM
                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 52

                                                                        The MINDer

The mind`s ownership of it`s host is dependant on the mind keeping you from reaching your potential.

To that end the mind will use every trick in the book it is writing.

It could be said that it is MINDing its owner.

It will never part with the instances of victimization and betrayal suffered by its host.

These are the stories the mind keeps repeating to keep its owner in character.

Every time a mind owner reaches toward his/her potential, the mind reMINDs them exactly who they are.

The stories that the mind owner uses to reMIND its owner that it is essential to the hosts existence are actually instances where it was the mind that came into conflict and combat with other minds not under your control.

This answers the age old question as to why some minds direct their host to ruthlessly control other minds.

However, the conflict of minds is caused by them  holding up conflicting truths.

The conflicts one has, which create their story, are the clashes of beliefs to the end of protecting a truth that one has turned their back on.

The mind is never searching for the truth.  All it can ever do is protect the truth that it believes in.

The mind knows it can`t handle the truth. It can only believe it.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 15, 2014, 12:10:32 AM
                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 53

                                                                     Where does the mind reside?

The mind will be located where ever its circumstances and experiences have put it.
The mind was created from a place where all things were possible.

The mind makes it possible for a viewpoint where all things are not possible.

One thing that is not possible for the mind is to resurrect the viewpoint that all things are possible.

The mind`s very existence is dependant on hiding this viewpoint.

When one sees that there are unlimited possibilities, one does so without the mind.

Unlimited possibilities can only exist in the presence of nothing.

This is why the mind will not tolerate or contemplate nothing.

It concludes that nothing is the end.

So if one ever need to locate the mind all they need do is contemplate nothing and the mind can be counted on the appear between you and nothing.

Another way of stating this which may help, is that the mind exists between you and your unlimited potential.

The mind does nothing but hold you back. It does this by pretending to protect you.

The mind is not half assed about its duty. It will protect you to death.

It does this by believing that the currency it deals in is real.
That currency is circumstances and experiences.  These are turned into a story that the mind tells its owner endlessly, over and over again.

If it comes down to you or your mind, the mind will sacrifice your life before it will surrender to  nothing.

So where can one find a mind?

.......  Between the little picture and the big picture.
From the little picture one communicates from  mind.
From the big picture one communicates about mind.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 15, 2014, 09:03:49 AM
                                                                 " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 54

                                                                        All for nothing.

Nothing is the backdrop for every something in existence.
No matter what that something is, no matter how hard it resists the sands of time, it to will ultimately revert back to nothing.

When the mind tries to contemplate this nothing that all some-things arose from, it short circuits and thinks about something else.

The something that has arisen to make something out of nothing is the mind. (Watch daytime TV.)

But hear this...The mind cannot create. It can only re organize what has already been created.

And that is the definition of the mind.

It is the product of re organized circumstances and experiences.

The mind of man cannot conceive of it being any other way.

We all know that if we challenge the authority or rightness of someone's mind it will defend itself with prejudice.

What we never suspect is that offence is taken, and given exclusively by minds.

The minds priority is to win the argument and defend its truth.

To this end the mind will send its host into all sorts of disaster zones.

No matter how the mind re organizes something , that thing, will ultimately become nothing.

Unlimited potential is available when the mind becomes nothing.

Enlightenment is knowing that it was all for nothing...

                  ...And that you are the nothing it was all for.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 17, 2014, 10:27:42 AM
                                                               " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 55

                                                                         MY LIFE STORY

                                                   or... "A funny thing happened on the way to the cemetery."

The subtext of every life story is that in time the liver of the life story will cease to exist.
It`s so taken for granted that it sets the stage for the story to unfold on.

It goes without question that every life story will come to an end.

Death is the final appointment `story makers` have to keep.

It is the great wheel of life that great minds have written and spoken of.
Death is as unavoidable as avoidance of it is.

Death is the truth, story makers have had to live with. Not because they want to. But because it is obviously true.

"Death is real.  One day you will die. You will be nothing."

Great way to start the day !!!!

But for a story maker, it is how they start, continue, and end their day. Knowing that their stay here is temporary.

They are reminded of it every time they attend a funeral or watch TV.

And this is true while you believe it.  And some time in the future it is your destiny to prove it.

The mind gathers any evidence it can to back up what it believes.

There is no mind in existence that gathers information to disprove what it believes.
That just isn`t something a mind can do.

Before it can do that, it has to change its beliefs first. Otherwise there is nowhere for contrary facts to stick.

The mind grabs hold of a truth, hangs on to it like grim death and then turns its back on it.

To a mind, any truth is better than nothing.

To that end, the mind has an agenda to protect its truth. It will even put you in a uniform, arm you, and
send you off to a war zone to defend its truth. Of course you have God on your side. No war is complete without drafting God into your salvation army.

With God on your side how can you miss (the cemetery)?


Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 18, 2014, 10:22:20 AM
                                                                " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 56

                                                                    Solving problems

One thing you can always count on the mind to do is solve problems. 

Problems and solutions go hand in hand, like a married couple before death does them part.

There are no solutions without problems. Likewise, there is no problem that there is no solution for.

The mind detects a problem and the mind reorganizes stuff to solve the problem.

What is very revealing here is that the mind detected the discomfort of certain circumstances and then the mind comes up with a solution by digging into its experiences.  But the real objective of the process in play is to provide "peace of mind."

Once that is achieved the mind has located a new truth to hold onto.

The mind feels a sense of peace, for example, when it stockpiles masses of weapons that can turn masses of people, who don`t agree with its philosophy, into nothing.

Once the mind has made peace with the true solution, it will hold onto that truth, turn its back on it, and believe that the problem itself needs redefining so that it fits in with the solution.

This is why no one sees a problem with perpetually enforcing solutions that don`t work.

The world is happy for a focus group of the greatest minds on Earth to come up with no solution, but a newly defined problem.

Its all minds could come up with.

The mind is designed to perpetuate itself. Not you.

Every problem and every solution that is itself a problem, globally and right down to you dear reader is a creation of the mind.

                                                There is no problems or solutions outside of a mind.

The mind has a problem with that statement. It solves it by crying "Bullshit!"  It will nag at you about it till it gets what it needs...

                                                 Peace of mind.

  Every harsh word said... Every punch thrown, and every gun fired, has been in an effort to placate the mind.

                                     The mind will go into battle for world peace.

                                     It gives it peace of mind.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 20, 2014, 08:28:55 AM
                                                              " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 57

                                                           What the mind doesn`t want you to know.

It is obvious to a mind that what I`m telling you here is pure bullshit.

This rubbish about problems and solutions only existing within a mind is not backed up by one single persons experiences or circumstances.

Just have a look for God`s sake.

The problems that engulf our attention and time are real. Only a mindless moron couldn`t see that.

If any mind has the balls to confront the facts, it will show you that you have problems as far as the eye can see in every direction.

Problems with self esteem. Problems with your marriage. Problems with money. Problems with work. Problems with your kids. Problems with your relationships. Problems with addictions. Problems with the neighbours. Problems with your computer. Problems with politics. Problems with your plumbing. Problems with your health. Problems with tradesmen. Problems with conmen. Problems with your faith. Problems with crime and education. Problems with your past.  Worry about your future.

Gee it sounds like you are living in a disaster zone.

Who put you there?

Who or what has been doing the driving?

Who or what have you consulted with, every step of the way through your life story?

What keeps you up at night worrying you about your future?

What has trapped you, an immortal being, in the life you are having?

And when you are at the end of your tether and have finally had enough of everything....

You are at your darkest hour and with no one else to turn to, you plead with the mind for help.

And seconds before you pull that trigger, the mind has one final piece of advice before it abandons you.

"FUCK YOU."    After all who came up with putting a gun to your head as a specific solution in the first place?

I`m sorry to be so insulting to your life long companion. I`m sorry to tell you that the entity you have entrusted everything you have to, is a cheating, lying, scum-bag, whore, son of a bitch, treacherous, self indulgent, self righteous, arsehole...  But its something your mind will never tell you. 

But what would you call the thing that has kept you separate from GOD ?

                                           God is unlimited potential.

                                           God ceases to be God when that potential is expressed.

Notice how all this time, the god you don`t believe in has failed to help you one single time.
Actually...try it now. Ask God to perform a miracle for you right now. .....   .......

NOTHING !!!!!   

Not even close.  Maybe if you cut a deal. Do a bargain with God.

"You do me just this one small favour, and I`ll do this and this and then I`ll believe in you."

NOTHING again.  Don`t worry billions have tried this and had the same silent treatment.

How about Satan ?  Let`s see if he can help? 


They are both creations of the mind.

The mind calls potential for good, GOD.
And potential for evil, SATAN.

The mind in its obsession to create identities, has personified both forces.

And it all gets so silly I can`t be bothered going over the ramifications.

There is nothing good or bad about unexpressed potential.

It can only be subjected to judgement once expressed.

This is pure gold to the mind.

It can sit in judgement about everything held up in front of it forever.

The mind even passes judgement on God and Satan themselves.

The mind is the tool we use to communicate about God and Satan.

Absent a mind , we communicate from God or Satan.

                                          God and Satan is what the mind uses to keep you in your story.

The two can only be separated by the act of expression  of potential.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 21, 2014, 08:03:21 AM
                                                                 " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 58

                                                            It`s a lonely journey to rejoin everyone.

The road to enlightenment is blocked at all times by the mind.

You say "I want to be enlightened. " The mind says "Fuck you."

If you still proceed with this insanity of becoming enlightened, the mind will sabotage your every step.

Just like when you wanted to have a shot at fame and fortune, the mind said "fuck you" and sabotaged your every step.
It knows what scares you. It can be very persuasive. It has facts to back it up. It can distract you with whatever works.

That which really works , is other minds.

As soon as you exhibit signs of withdrawing from the "be normal" game, other minds will descend on you.

To the degree that you show independence, other minds will attempt to make you dependant again.

Other minds will try to convince your mind to get back in line and play the game like any "normal " person would.

Minds have even come up with rules and laws to keep the peace (of mind)

To the mind, having rules and laws makes sense.  Otherwise it would be carnage out there.

Just think what would happen if there were no rules.

It wouldn`t be safe to walk the streets. You couldn`t leave your house without fear of it being broken into.
You couldn`t park your car without fear of it being stolen.
You couldn`t just stand on a city street without fear of being "King hit" by a school graduate.
You couldn`t invest your money without fear of being defrauded.
You couldn`t even go to a party without fear of being raped or assaulted.
Just think of the massive drug problem society would have if it were not for anti drug laws.
If it weren`t for rules and laws we would have wars breaking out all around the world.


Thank GOD for rules and laws !!!!!!

The purpose of rules and laws is to keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

Any attempt to break off that road flies in the face of convention.

The rules and laws are there for you to fit in with. There is great comfort and security from doing this.

Wow betide anyone who tries to violate the laws of physics.

Stay within the law and you will die a happy man.

For anyone seeking enlightenment, they must set off totally alone. The laws of man must be ignored.
There are no enforcers to keep you on the road to enlightenment.

                                  Indeed the road to enlightenment is breaking free of enforcement.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 22, 2014, 09:47:46 PM
                                                                " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 59

                                                                 Killing the Grim Reaper.

The two things in life that are unavoidable, are death and taxes.  The mind hears this sort of comic book philosophy and it goes... "Shit. I must remember that one.  I can feign great knowledge by repeating that to others."

The only thing this type of crap philosophy is good for, is keeping all co conspirators in line.

Whereas for someone who is enlightened, they find this kind of talk very taxing.

Like any bit of mind created philosophy, it is encouragement to go on playing the game.

Death is the number one tool used by the mind to keep you in line and scare the fun out of you.

If there was no death...There would be no religion.

Religion serves the purpose of giving mind owners "peace of mind", if they believe it, of course.

To the mind, death is the problem and the mind will figure out the solution one day.... Just hold on. "Scientists are working on it."

Science has already demonstrated that it can prolong life... So maybe with more funds and more research and more minds working on it, One day science MAY be able to prolong life indefinitely. One day they will find the solution and "dancing in the streets.......etc."

Trouble is...... problems and solutions cannot exist outside of a mind.

Try some time to draw a mindless object, like a rock, into getting emotionally involved in your problems.

The rock won`t offer any solutions...because in won`t register the existence of any problem.

Try all the tricks a mind has learned to be understood. The rock couldn`t care less. It is a mindless object.

Now watch the mind start to speak for the rock. The rock is imagined by the mind to be possessed by some great power.

The rock now becomes a sacred object to the mind owner. But other rocks listening in couldn`t give a shit.

To a mindless object, not even the threat of death is intimidating. The rock cannot be enforced to do anything.

But to a mind owner, death is a disaster that is very intimidating.

"Give me your money, or I`ll kill you..." etc.

But a disaster can only happen to you  because you are there.

Thousands die every hour and yet because none of them was you, they don`t really register as a disaster.

What makes a disaster is identification with the victim of it. Otherwise it`s just something you wrap a fish in.

If you didn`t live anywhere , the grim reaper would have no way of identifying you.

Which means that death could not come a calling.

Death is only a problem because solutions to it, prolong your life. 

Outside of the mind there is no identification with problems or solutions.

From there one can see that the Grim Reaper is a creation of the mind, just like the made up life it has come to take away.

The Grim Reaper goes along with identification with a mind. They made each other up.

When you identify with a mind, you communicate from its integral fear of being nothing.

To the mind, anything else would be dereliction of duty.

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                                                             " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 60

                                                                So.... What is the solution?

Once one inhabits a mind, it becomes a lifelong commitment to provide peace to that mind.

The mind is recruited as a way of cutting you off from unlimited potential.

You say "I can have whatever I desire." And the mind says "fuck off."

The mind creates a character for you to interact with the life it has made real. You now have a stake in the game board called life.

Once the mind has convinced you that it is you, you are hence forth communicating from a specific viewpoint.

A non specific viewpoint is beyond the reach of a mind.
The mind speaks in the first person. I, my, we, us, our, are what the mind sees with. Impartiality is not a viewpoint the mind  ever deals with.

The mind pretends to care about you and others.

But that care only lasts as long as those entities cooperate with the mind.

The mind can bar a lifelong friend from speaking to you ever again as punishment for one minor transgression.

The mind, once it has you in its grip, will relentlessly demand that you deliver it peace of mind.

Meanwhile it will run a muck with your life, giving you all sorts of problems to solve.

Those solutions only create new problems as your mind gets more demanding.

This is why life, for a mind owner, is one disaster after another.

To escape the clutches of the mind one has to be like the rock the mind was arguing with pointlessly, in the previous part. (Above.)

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 26, 2014, 07:41:50 AM
                                                               " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 61

                                                             "But without a mind I would be nothing !"

Exactly !!!

This is why the something that sprang from nothing has a vested interest in staying something.
That something , which is better than nothing , is the mind.

Absent the mind, a being can potentially do anything. Once housed in a mind that being can only do what the mind gives it permission to.

So the being goes from being nothing, to doing virtually nothing.

The mind`s number one enemy is nothing.

You give a mind nothing to think about and it will soon think of something.

The mind can see no benefit in nothing. Nothing pisses it off.

                                             When you finally think about nothing  you have actually ceased to think !

And that nothing is like nothing you ever thought of.

The mind will come up with philosophies to trick its host into keeping their mind.

Some meditations insist that one think of something as a way of neutralizing unwanted thought.!!!???

When the meditation is over one can think about the benefit they had from it.

All philosophies that were born in a mind, buy the mind more time.

Just read any of them.... Mao, Jesus, Jung, Mohammed, Hitler, Moses, Einstein, John Lennon, Donald Trump, Hawking, The Wiggles.

It`s all about creating the perfect world and your part in it.

But is it?  None of the above have the same world vision.
Each of their philosophies is written from a viewpoint that was created from circumstances and experiences that composed a mind.

That mind only saw its version of a perfect world. It was the vision that, if realized, would give that mind peace. (Peace of mind.)

Can I point out that all these mind created philosophies have come to nothing.

But rather than discover that `nothing` was like nothing they thought it could be, the mind writes more philosophy and buys itself more time.

You are right. This is a real mind fuck !!!  And deliberately so.

There is no peace of mind !!!  Peace of mind creates piece of mind.

For something to cease to be, one has to cease being it.

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                                                                " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 62

                                                                        Self defence.

The more one has identified with a self, it seems they become more concerned with self defence.

This can range from practising a few slick moves that can neutralize an opponent in hand to hand combat, to building a bunker and amassing a vast military force.

The mind, which takes itself very seriously, will build a fortress to protect its right to give the common people the right to think like it does.

It`s all actually quite comical to someone who isn`t in a story, protecting it.

What is not apparent to the "tough guy" is the futility of their empire building.

One tries to take on the expanse of the cosmos with seventeen inch biceps and a few Karate moves...., well the humour becomes quite apparent.

To the self defender, the feelings of insecurity, expand in direct proportion to their efforts to isolate themselves from those insecure feelings.

Because one has built a castle to defend their self, they are now also obligated to defend that castle.

For someone who set out to achieve "Peace of mind" they have actually created more stuff to worry about.

Now if someone is doing body, or empire, building for FUN, that`s a different matter.

However if the building of whatever kind is motivated by defence of the self, then one is going to come into conflict with other self builders who don`t like to see you moving in on their turf.

Watch a hundred kung fu movies. It`s all about one martial arts school at war with another.

Are these guys stupid?

They are only at war because they wanted to defend themselves.

It is the self defence that has put them in the war.

Is this deeper than it first appears?

It is only while one has a self that one feels obligated to defend that self.

The more serious they are about defending that self, the more seriously they pursue self defence.

Many popular forms of self defence have come into the world. But by far the most popular, and the one at the basis of all other forms of self defence has hidden itself from the minds of even geniuses.

The reason it remains undetected is that it itself has its own self defence system.

Even a guy who has trained seriously, particularly so, in every martial art there is, will be no match for this fortress of solitude.

Let`s set up the bout.
In the left corner is Ikickinpunch, street fighter and undefeated champion of the world. In the right corner is the concept that defence of the self is only necessitated by the existence of the self.

"Keep it clean boys. No eye gouging or groin stuff."

The better Ikickinpunch is at self defence the harder it will be for him to see his opponent.

Ikickinpunch will protest that this is bullshit. Of course he needs to defend himself. "Look at the facts and statistics. Look at all those years of training. Look at the sacrifice. Look at all those who tremble when my name is mentioned. I have the truth on my side. Look at all the money I spent on steroids. Plus.........  He started it!!! ....Okay smart arse.... If there is no self, then what the fuck am I fighting for? huh ?"

But no matter how hard he kicks and punches, he will only overcome his inability to see his opponent when he ceases ALL hostilities.

Indeed it is his self defence efforts that render this concept invisible.

Once the self is no longer identified with the ex self, he sees that ....

                                Self Defence is unnecessary when there is no self to defend.

Every self has to find fault with every other self as justification for not being it.

Conflict and hostility start and never end,   with the self. This conflict and hostility evaporates with present moment awareness.

The earliest symptom of self defence is loss of compassion.

That`s something that no self respecting person wants to hear.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 02, 2014, 07:29:03 AM
                                                                " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 63

                                                                  "But what`s in it for me?"

Like a spoilt brat child, the mind is relentlessly pestering its host with "But what`s in it for me?"

"How can I benefit from this?"  it constantly demands to know.  If it can`t detect any benefit, short or long term, it is very hard to get the mind`s cooperation in any venture on the table.

In its haste to gain benefit, the mind owner will trample other people`s children at an opening day sale. It will invade a foreign country and lie about its objectives.

The whole reason advertising exists is because benefit has become so essential to our lives that we believe it is worth paying for.

It is through perceived benefit that the mind postulates a future reality to occupy.

Benefit is the currency one barters with to buy more time.

The time one is living, as of this reading, is all the result of the eternal struggle for benefit.

Look around you.....  You will not find one thing that is not the result of a continuing evolution of benefit.

Our demand for benefit means that anything not beneficial has long since de-materialized and reformed as the Ginsu knife, or the time share holiday home.

The world we interact with in time is all the result of the minds insatiable lust for benefit.

Nothing is exempt !   Nothing is exempt!

The march of time is unfolding to the drum beat of "benefit."

The world we are interacting with is the result of thousands of years of benefit.
We should, in theory, all be living the dream. Push a button and like magic our desires are instantly gratified.

We are the beneficiaries of benefit..... And even still we are not satisfied.  We know that one day we will finally have peace of mind if only we are given more time.

There has never been a more motivating force than benefit. 

If one was able to step off the "benefit treadmill" one would see clearly that motivation is benefit.

Outside of time they are one and the same.

One has to hold them apart to re enter the life they are living.

Once there, if you look into participants faces, you will see the nervous hysteria, the stress and the worry, that is occurring for their benefit.

The mind is saying to its owner "Give me benefit or give you death."

Every bit of comic book philosophy ever written was conceived on top of this "truth."

You can spot it because it encourages you to formulate a future. A future with benefits. And the time for you to play catch up magically appears.

There is no benefit in knowing what I`m telling you here. None. Nadda. Zilch.

Look into the faces of those who don`t know what I`m telling you. Listen to their conversations. Watch them search frantically through benefit for peace of mind. 

  You will be missing out on all of that.

            You can either vacate your life NOW voluntarily, or kill some TIME till you are evicted.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 03, 2014, 08:17:17 AM
                                                               " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 64

                                                    "How do you transcend life? Your time starts now."

Has it ever bothered you that despite thousands of words written, billions of bullets fired, billions of dollars spent, you still can`t get that question answered?  It should..... bother you.

Is it unreasonable to expect that someone, somewhere, sometime , had come up with even something that one could resolve this enigma?

If you know where to get this questioned answered, feel free to enlighten me.

If you actually look at anything you once thought was the road to enlightenment you will discover that it is actually selling you a new way of thinking.

Up till now you have been sold bullshit enlightenment with benefit as the teaser.

"If you believe this you will one day ......... . If you do this then one day you will........" By following me then you too will ........ ."

The only reason any philosophy or religion has persisted through time is because people claim to have benefited from it.

"I used to be addicted to drugs, but now I`m addicted to Christ."
"I used to live a sad lie, but now I live a happy lie."
"If I had never run across Swodapardi Harmareacha Amberalert, I would be incomprehensible by now."

Cleverly, religions tend to promise to deliver the goods on the other side. And if a full refund of all the time and money you had wasted was awaiting you , it would have been worth the effort.

Sadly all the benefits that had been promised you when you are recalled by the creator of you, for judgement, are of no use whatsoever.

The virgins, the eternal life, the sitting on the right hand, the choirs of angels and those confounded fucking trumpets....enough already !

Everything that has been told to you about the other side is the creation of a mind that is firmly rooted on this side.

No wonder everything dreamed up by the mind is a bunch of self serving superstitious clap trap.

It is the mind`s job to keep you in the mystery. 

The mystery begins and ends in the mind.

Absent the mind, the mystery evaporates.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 03, 2014, 11:53:05 AM
                                                                 " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 65

                                                              Getting calmer about Karma.

If you do something good, something good will happen to you.
If you do something bad , something bad will happen to you.

Okay.... !!!!! ??????

Really ????

When did this start?  Or more to the point, when will it begin?

And anyway where is this "Cosmic Karma savings and loans bank" located?

And who`s running it?

The closer you look at it, the more interest you lose.

I`ll tell you where to locate it to save time.   It is located in the minds of those who believe it.

Same as every other piece of bullshit enlightenment.

If you believe in Karma then I don`t feel good or bad about telling you that it is made up. Your reaction to that is what you deserved.

Meanwhile if you are a non believer in Karma, you like the billions of other non believers, will continue your journey unscathed by its rewards and penalties. "Shit happens."

Karma is a popular myth put their by minds desperate to hold onto your loyalty and compliance.

A mind that has been rendered incapable of retribution invents karma as a way of maintaining its peace of mind.

"He`ll get what`s coming to him ...  One day she will suffer for what she has done....    Eventually someone will teach them a lesson.
They`ll be sorry come Judgement day.!!!!"

All this useful information is manufactured by the mind to keep you busy doing whatever the bloody hell it tells you to.

The mind cares not about good and bad. It can rearrange the facts later to suit its goals.

Waiting for Karma to work its magic is like waiting for enlightenment to pop out of a pile of unenlightenment.

From inside of the story things like Karma have their benefits.

Remove those benefits from your mind and along with it goes the motivation for benefiting from staying in the story.

Good and bad and belief in them, mask the fun that is always there, obscured by your beliefs.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 03, 2014, 10:26:23 PM
                                                                " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 66

                                                             Well how come bad stuff happens?

My response is a question.... "To whom.... does bad stuff happen?

 "To everybody of course..."

Is there one single reported case of something bad happening to nobody?

You see what I`m getting at....?
For something bad to happen one has to first buy into the idea that they are the somebody that something bad could happen to.

That purchase is exactly the thing that puts that somebody out there in the line of fire.

Let me see if I can put this in a way that is indisputable, and yet will make no sense to the mind....

For the duration of a rugby game, the player has immunized themselves against netball injuries, cricket injuries, golfing injuries, judo injuries, fencing injuries, motor sports injuries, skydiving injuries, pest control injuries, wrestling injuries, home handyman injuries, driving injuries, tightrope walking injuries, scuba diving injuries etc...

They are not availing themselves to the disaster zones available to other codes.

However they have placed themselves in a prime position to be the recipient of rugby injuries.

In deed, the more seriously you take your role as a rugby player, the more you open yourself to risk of serious injury.

Now...That sounds a little far fetched.

What about a seventy year old woman playing rugby. Now she`s gonna get seriously hurt !!!???

But what I`m telling you is that if she has been taking her years seventy times , and being a woman, seriously.... she has more disaster zones on the field than just rugby.

Everything you have seriously identified with is just hanging out there like the proverbial sacrificial lamb.

Just think of the accumulation of things people identify with over time.

Human, Male, 47 years old, educated at Harvard, Christian, keen fisherman, chartered accountant, investor, property owner, husband, father,
member of the Free masons, collector of World war two memorabilia, resident of Pleasant view Road, Republican supporter, Bar frequenter, client of Lola the Dominatrix, Friend of Ted and Bill....

Look at everything the mind has accumulated to identify with.

Every one of these ventures, stamped for identification, brings along its own disaster zone.

And one disaster will set off the repercussions in all of the other aspects of the serious participants life.

A simple game of rugby now has become this complex labyrinth of bad things happening for unknown reasons.

Where is the fun in that ?

Identification with something is what gives that thing the power to hurt you.

Pain will be experienced  every time you are negligent in holding on to what the mind has assembled you out of.
Physical and emotional pain are the tools used by the mind to keep you in line.
And like a parent chastising its own child, it does so for your BENEFIT.

The reason nothing particularly bad happened to you today is because you weren`t in the particular place where bad could happen.

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                                                               " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 67

                                                             I just can`t get ME out of my head.

When one casually throws the word "I" into a sentence, that simple word can mask an entire universe of identification.

"I" can be defined. And that defining lets in a vast array of disaster zones.

To remove oneself from the disaster zones that "I" is living in, one is well advised to hastily un-define themselves.

To really understand where someone is coming from, all one need to do is look into their "I"s.

If one looks into the "I"s of an enlightened one, there is NOTHING there.

When one looks into the "I"s of the un-enlightened, one sees a vast array of specific things. It is their story. It`s the thing that authoritatively informs their decisions, all covered under the heading "I".

"I" have decided to invade Poland."
l  \
=  Mein Kampf.

"I" don`t like brussel sprouts.
l \
= was force fed brussel sprouts often as a child.

"I" just want to be left alone.
l \
= have been hurt by others.

"I" am confused and scared.
l \
= Have a head filled with sticky garbage.

And so it goes.... on and on. The mind holds on to sticky garbage to reel you back in every time you try to break out of your/its comfort zone.

The mind is not your friend.  Yet it convinces you that it is who you are. "Look at your facts/story !!!"

                     You can never love yourself while `who you think you are` hates you.


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                                                             " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 68

Can I just take a moment to tell you how much fun I am having writing all this crazy stuff.

I never have a clue what I`m going to say. I just sit here at the computer and shut my mind down and out it pours.

Not once have I read what I`ve just written before posting.
It just hits me with a sense of urgency as if I`ve discovered some amazing new world and I want to share it with others.

On the rare occasion that later on I`ve  read what I`ve written , knowing that there are spelling and punctuation errors in need of fixing, I am blown away by some of the things I`ve said.

It`s as if something that I saw passing me by is now stationary long enough for me to grasp it.

I know for certain that this information isn`t something I`ve read or heard before.
It isn`t something I know...It`s something that I am knowing.

I honestly believe that what is being communicated here is new and unique.
And despite the fact that I`d keep on writing even if no one was reading it but me, it is wonderful to see that you are still following it.

I have no idea where this is going. All I know is that if I sit here... it comes.

And I`ve got to say it is so neat to have you along for the ride.

Is it beyond your reality for me to tell you that every time my words help to enlighten you, that I myself become more enlightened?

It`s as if I`m reuniting with old friends.

Thank you so much.

All my love,

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                                                " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                      SENSE OF JOY.

                                                             Part 69

                                                     Groundhog Day

The mind knows what is best for its owner.  Why wouldn`t it? It is an expert on everything.It is even an expert on why it isn`t an expert on everything.

The mind`s very existence is dependent on knowing better than its owner.
If the owner ever found out that his/her mind was full of shit, they would park it on the side of the highway and walk away.

Strangely the mind has plenty to say about everything it pretends to be expert in except for the one area of expertise that it truly excels in....   Getting its owner into trouble.

Next time you`re standing in front of a firing squad and you ask "How could this possibly have happened?
Notice that surreal feeling of shock as you realize your `life coach` has left the building.  Everything the ex mind owner believed to be true has vanished without a trace.

This is a unique place for a person to gain an unbiased picture of the mind in action.

You are about to be executed by a line of armed mind owners. You already know they are mind owners due the fact that they are armed. (For self defense purposes.)

You also know now that since your mind has abandoned you, there is absolutely no benefit in executing you.
The real culprit has already escaped.

When I sit here bad mouthing the mind , mind owners are obligated to take it personally. After all , everything that they are is what they have taken personally. Mind owners call this thinking.

Thinking is actually regurgitating a personal viewpoint.
There is no act of creation possible from a mind. As the mind itself is the result of an act of creation, it is an eternal victim. Observe someone who is not the victim of anything and you are looking at someone who voluntarily abandoned their mind. They are enlightened.

For those who still identify with their mind, they are sentenced to repeat the same old shit every day.

Their mind has posed problems and implemented solutions that guarantee the perpetuation of the mind.

This is why mind owners are sentenced every morning to relive the same day.

After all the mind is the expert. 

But have you ever noticed how the wronger a mind obviously is, the more adamant it is that it is right?

Just watch someone who has loosened up their mind through the use of alcohol.

Listening to someone who`s had a few drinks effortlessly solving the worlds problems should help you to cringe when you realize "Holy shit...I`ve got one of those inside of me !!!"

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                                             OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                      SENSE OF JOY.

                                                             Part 70

                                               The mind`s gift to mankind.

Religion, Science, politics, and calls to reason have all failed to avert the impending breakdown of society.
I realize that, given time, all of these "technologies" would eventually come up with workable solutions.
But that would only happen after it was realized that, in their present form, they are the cause of the problem they are here to solve.

Mankind`s only hope now is technology. And with the technology available..... ,why, it will practically do anything.....

Unfortunately for us, technology got off on the wrong foot.

Because technology is the bastard child of the mind, it has been motivated by its inventor`s insatiable need for peace of mind, for it`s self. This can be seen by all the brilliant technology that has no plan B.
The inventor only ever envisioned it working as he envisioned it. As soon as that doesn`t happen the whole product is a lame duck that needs another inventor to fix it.

So now we have technology thrown on the heap of all the minds unsuccessful world saving projects.

When a society is reliant on a technological infrastructure that won`t work, then it is the breakdown of technology that compounds the problem of society breaking down.

If the breakdown of a `mind created technological infrastructure` is not averted then, we as a species travel from the information age back to the stone age in a few days.

The more reliant one is on technology the quicker the descent into savagery.

Just a while ago after the hurricane in Tonga, Vodaphone set up a free call center for Tongans` to phone people they know to tell them that they love them.
Instead they were phoning people they didn`t know to tell them that they hate them.

I had a week of regular prank calls all traced to the friendly island of Tonga.

It`s occurrences like this that demonstrate, giving minds the technology to communicate more widely to other minds is only accelerating the problems we are relying on technology to solve.

And don`t get me started on cyber and text bullying. Two practices totally impossible without the aid of technology.

Anyway my point is that, until minds are unburdened of all their self serving habits, technology is just adding to the burden.

If you need more proof about how single minded a mind is, just grab any "instruction manual" for a new bit of technology.

After the warnings about not operating your new gadget while in the bath or intoxicated, you`d be better off reading the Bible and praying instead.

You see the mind that created the user manual knows how it works. It cannot conceive of not knowing.

Same with text books.
I personally have attempted to read every book I`ve ever seen on the subject of music theory.
Wanna know why there are so few people that ever continue their aspirations as a musician?

Because the the books are just turned in school projects.
Throw in a few graphs, charts, musical words and a photo of Sting and you can get a completely useless book filled with mind fuck published.

The one and only music theory book I ever learned from taught nothing !!!

It is just a series of questions.

You answer those questions and music becomes a joyous journey of discovery.

No mind has the motivation to ask the series of questions that will save humanity from , religious, scientific, political, reasonable, technological and mental breakdown.

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                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                      SENSE OF JOY.

                                                             Part 71

                                                         Tools to enlightenment.

There is a smugness that the mind develops around the subject of new technology.
It provides the opportunity for the mind to perpetuate its existence a bit longer.

It`s a distraction from the harsh reality of the unenlightened persons plight. And it gives the mind a bit of an ego boost so it can act all sophisticated and in control.

However there never has been, nor will there ever be, a technological tool that will accelerate anyone's journey into enlightenment. To the contrary all technology is another impediment on the road.

I guess the only exception would be the `off` button. But of course if one hadn`t hit the `on` button in the first place.....

For an enlightened one, technology is not viewed as a good or a bad thing. And by that is meant religion, politics, science, and reason, or any other technology. It comes down to what you desire.
If enlightenment is what you desire then it becomes clear that dependency and identification with any technology will be what is holding you in un enlightenment.

It`s the same with the mind. The mind is a technological marvel. Just like any piece of technology it will buy you some time and give you something to do.

If you don`t know what I`m talking about, just confiscate some teenager`s cell phone.

Dependency on technologies is the tool of unenlightenment. They hook you and keep you waiting for the next fix.
The mind is the dealer. Technologies are the drug. And you are the junkie.

The moment you turn `off`all of the technology you have bogged yourself down in, is the very moment when unenlightenment evaporates.

No technology can be used to produce enlightenment. It is the non use of the technologies invented to produce enlightenment, that, ironically, will.

                       The technology one uses to reach enlightenment is what prevents it.

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                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                      SENSE OF JOY.

                                                             Part 72

                                            Machine people vs people machines.

The mind is the tool we use to keep our self in the game.  It`s not something you did once or will do in the future.
It is always something you are doing moment to moment NOW.

Your story is a slice of now compressed. It can do this because you keep telling it to.

If you can pop out of your mind right now and try to locate your past and your projected future, you will discover that they only exist when you slot yourself back into the mind. All that exists is the present moment of now. Anything else is just your mind doing what it was made to do.

Sure you have a past. But that past can only be accessed NOW.

Your tenth birthday only exists because you bring it to mind NOW.

We are all co conspirators in this. We encourage and reward minds for doing a better job of perpetuating, and protecting the self.

To this end the mind will be drawn towards technologies and gadgets that make `life` easier for the self.

If the mind can get you hooked on technologies and gadgets it means the mind can take a well earned rest.
Its owner will be too preoccupied to ask his/her mind the embarrassing, big questions that the mind is clueless on.

As a result we are forced to live with mind numbing advertising that assure us happiness and benefit can be ours simply by buying into this or that new gadget or technology.

This is tragic for those who buy into this bullshit. But for those who see it for what it is, it`s a source of great fun.

Like listening to a recording of your phone answering robot talking to an automated dialing robot.

Or what about the threatening letters I got from a burglar alarm monitoring company, assuring me they could
burst into my house and uplift the gadgets I had hired them to protect. According to them they had on three occasions come to my house in response to the alarm they had installed going off. And I had to pay for each call out.
 I pointed out that it was the alarm they themselves had installed incorrectly that had brought them out to my home each time.

When I asked them if the insurance policy I had taken out with them would cover the cost of replacing the items they were threatening to break into my house to uplift.....  There was a long silence.

The girl I spoke to wasn`t sure if they would send out security to respond to the alarm going off when they broke into my house.  Silence.

Weeks later I got an apology letter from them confirming that I had indeed made the payments. Their computer had had a glitch.

I told them having them as my security was too dangerous and cancelled my policy. Now I had eliminated the number one threat to my security. THE FUCKEN ARSEHOLES I WAS PAYING TO PROTECT IT !!!!

Now that is a genuine advert for "ARMOURGUARD."

And what about car stereos. Have you ever known anything so stupid?

My car radio had fucken disco lights on it. A great distraction from the monotony of avoiding accidents.

And you let someone over fifty lose on the car radio and it will be destroyed in seconds.

And that`s from wanting to merely hear some tunes while they are driving.

Can you believe it. I just went to turn off a radio someone had left going in the house.... It has no "OFF" button.

Yes...I looked it over thoroughly. Still a small oversight compared to the lack of an "abort" button in the military`s nuclear arsenals. Yeah...They surely thought of that. They must have......

Of course they would have..... 

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                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                      SENSE OF JOY.

                                                             Part 73

                                                      Ingredients of life.

The search for extra terrestrial  life in the universe is the one science news story that is adamant.
All the rest are full of "may, could, possibly, should, might, optimistic...." and other non scientific words.

But when it comes to a new planet being discovered, the news is that "There is "no possibility" of it sustaining life !!!!!" 

This is more revealing than it appears at face value.

What it really demonstrates is that "If something doesn`t make sense to the mind, it doesn`t exist."

The mind knows it exists. And it concludes that if there was another way of existing, it would know about it.

So the mind can only ask a loaded question. It knows from experience what life is, therefore it can only look for life as it knows it.

Science has taught all the school kids that they evolved from fish.
It`s a known truth...easily proved. Look at the DNA of a fish and its very similar to a human`s and a potato`s.

But check out the DNA of DNA and you find it evolved in a mind. A mind charged with protecting and preserving "Life " as it knows it.

Now if the minds of all a planets inhabitants believe that the self`s they are evolved from fish, then you end up with a lot of self fish mind owners.

This gives the population license to acquire what that self needs and "fuck you!"

Science and evolution give one a story that makes sense, unlike other creation stories on the market.

And because it makes sense it becomes life as we know it.

The trouble is....

The moment one becomes present moment aware , either through voluntarily surrendering their story, or by death, (Being evicted.) the one thing that will not hit you is the realization that "I used to be a fish!"
Plus with the freedom from the self which was the mind, there is no thought of being self fish.

It is not lost on me that what I`m saying here goes against the tide of conventional thought.
But if you need to sea this for yourself, try reading DNA textbooks to the terminally ill.

You`ll be there till they they are blue in the face.

All tecnology is the mind`s evolution of protecting and preserving life , as it knows it.

It rely`s on a past and projects a future.

here let`s take a technology at random...


You are going to take a long journey. Your lucky number this week is 1,25,685,408,562,463.
And because your sign is Pisces , you will have fish coming out of Uranus.

Once again totally lost on the terminally ill.

The whole technology is there to protect and preserve a self. And a pretty self fish one at that.

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                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                      SENSE OF JOY.

                                                             Part 74

                                                     The mind`s self defence.

The mind uses TRUTH as its foundation. It will hold onto its truth like a rock climber holds onto a cliff face.
If the mind loses its grip on its truth it will free fall into oblivion.

By gripping ones truth as firmly as possible, one is not distracted by other truths.
So the mind takes the parts of other truths that reinforce the one it is holding onto and disregards the rest.

But keeping a firm grip on a truth is a stressful activity.

The terror of losing ones grip on their TRUTH and plummeting into a deep dark void, is what causes all the stress that one medicates their self against.

How can anyone ever let go of their religion when it promises to deliver them "the way, the truth and the light."?

Just tell any serene true believer that their beliefs are a bunch of hooey and watch their stress levels go off the chart.

To get someone to abandon their truth and adopt yours is not something that a mind will allow.
Remember... the mind is a master at self defence.

When you don`t share the same truths as another, their truth is obviously not truth at all. Some of the beliefs people have beggar belief. And yet to the holder of that truth there is nothing more logical. After all it is their logic that is holding it there.
Meanwhile your own rickety truths go un-inspected.

Getting a mind to let go of its truth is like prying the fingers of a rock climber off of a cliff face.

Its` grip on the truth is all there is preventing the mind owner from tumbling into an abyss of nothing.

Even if you prize all of its fingers off of its truth, as a rule of thumb, the mind owner will pull out its most powerful weapon...

The sulk !!!!

You can take the most brilliant mind in the world, pries its truth out of its hands and it will turn into a spoilt brat child that refuses to talk to anyone !!!!

It will try to pretend that you are not there.

It will look the other way when it sees you coming. It will "unfriend" you on face book. It will never talk to you again !!!

For the you that lunged at a truth, it now won`t let go of, is a small, lost, defenceless, vulnerable child.... It`s where one had to be to latch onto a remedy to the disaster zone they were in.

The truth one lunges at, is devoid of logic. However the mind knows that over time it can mould it into something more sophisticated and believable. The less believable it is the more one has to convince others of its legitimacy.

And that my friend is the story we tell ourselves every moment that we believe it.

It is the story of our lives.  Making sense out of nonsense. Making something out of nothing.

And pretending that something is better than nothing.

                              THERE IS NOTHING.... BUT "THE TRUTH."

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                                                           "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 75

                                                                  Truth love.

Ever since life began, man has had a love hate relationship with the truth.

It was his relativity to the truth that perpetuates the life that is eternally beginning.

It seems that every endeavour man has pursued is being done with truth on ones side.

For anyone to interact with anything their mind first has to decide if there is any TRUTH to it.

Every single interaction observable has the truth behind it.

It is commonly understood that anyone who disregards the truth is living in a fantasy.

But that fantasy is based on the truth they are revolving around.
Just like the truth we all revolve around.

And thus the centre of the universe if finally revealed.

It is the truth.

The whole universe revolves around the truth.

We have individual truths that we individually revolve around.
And we have truths in common that we commoners revolve around.

If you happen to have a monopoly on the truth, then the universe revolves around you.

It is the job of the mind to build a you that the universe can revolve around.

This is the viewpoint that mind owners have.

Lose your addiction to the truth and the universe has nothing to revolve around.

You cease to exist as the bullseye.

What happens then is something no mind can comprehend.
For to comprehend it at all, there can be no mind.

From outside of the story one knows that the search for the truth can only be undertaken by the truth one is searching for.

And that search will go on for eternity as one has to turn their back on the truth to have somewhere to search for the truth from.

It is not possible for a mind to comprehend this.

One reason is that it is NOT THE TRUTH. 

Any mind will tell you that.

The mind knows that more time and THOUGHT are needed.

            When one re emerges into the eternal moment of NOW, truth de materializes along with the universe that revolved around it.

 By the way... This doesn`t make you a better anything.                         

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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 76

                                           Enlightenment is unlike anything you can think of.

The mind cannot conceive of enlightenment. For the mind exists to inhibit enlightenment.

The mind is the one watt, unenlightened version of the 50,000 Kilowatt enlightened non version of its creator.

Inside a mind, for anything to make sense to it, it has to be like something else.

This is why the advertising industry drapes pretty girls in bikini`s over the latest model car out.

A mind goes "I like girls in bikini`s so I must like this car.
The mind is a complete sucker for this shit.

Believe me, when you drive off in your new $60,000 Porche, the bikini clad girl will not still be on the hood.

So the mind is an effect of positioning and as a result it compelled to eternally better position its self.

Authentic enlightenment will always elude the mind. Because a resident of the mind will reject anything that doesn`t make sense to it.

And genuine enlightenment makes no sense at all.

There is no benefit to it. There is no future in being enlightened. There is no reward. There are no bikini clad girls.

An enlightened one in proximity to a mind is not registered by that mind. Just like a mind can`t register all the disasters that are NOT happening to it.

The best the mind can do in the proximity of an enlightened one is find an aspect of the enlightened one that is like something  it can understand.

Thus we have a the minds version of enlightenment.

Because the mind can`t grasp what it is to be enlightened , it develops this whole production on being enlightened like.

It can`t be Christ but it can be Christlike. It can`t be God...But it can be Godlike. Hubbard = Hubbardlike, Buddha = Buddhalike , Elvis = Elvislike. Schwarzenegger =  Schwarzeneggerlike.

The minds version of enlightenment is full of ritual and mimicry.

The mind fails to see that the reason these guys became trend setters is that they weren`t like anything else.

So the mind assumes that by imitating the aspects of them that it can relate to, some of their charisma can be absorbed.

The authentic enlightened one was just having fun. Unfortunately those imitators who aren`t doing it for fun inevitably are brought into conflict with other imitators.  It gets incredibly petty.  "Who is the best imitator? Let`s have a contest."
"Who has understood the message best? Let`s have a war."

One of the great tricks the mind plays to keep you working for it, is to convince you that to be enlightened you have to be like something.

Whereas genuine enlightenment is like nothing you have ever experienced.

                                      Enlightenment is not an experience. Only un-enlightenment is an experience.

Free yourself from your experience and you are uniquely unlike-able.

                                          To be enlightened one must be unlike anything they have ever experienced.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 77

                                                              Seeing nothing

The mind cannot recognize enlightenment or an enlightened one.

Because enlightenment is unlike anything it has experienced, it sees nothing. It cannot imagine any way that spending time focusing on nothing could be of benefit. So in its stead, it thinks of something else instead.

Meanwhile the mind is a complete sucker for bullshit enlightenment.

It sees the benefits offered by bullshit enlightenment and will spent time pursuing it.

The mind can get very excited about finding bullshit enlightenment. It will see a future for its self in the bullshit.

The mind will form a strategy of how to stay unenlightened through its newly found bullshit enlightenment..

It will cooperate with promoters of bullshit enlightenment by investing time and money in pursuit of the benefit promised.

It will do their courses. It will avail itself of their rituals. It will obey their rules. It will mimic the charismatic leader of bullshit enlightenment.
The mind is a willing participant to mind control. It will sacrifice anything for the promised benefit.

It will see `something` in this new religion or philosophy, or political movement.
It is willing to give up having fun now, so that it can have fun in the future.

A bullshit philosophy is instantly recognizable in that it won`t allow anyone to make fun of it.

If someone is brave, or silly, enough to make fun of it, they will have their benefits cut.

Another way is to notice how any devotee takes any criticism of their faith personally. Every bullshit philosophy has to go hand in hand with its own methods of self defence.

An integral feature of bullshit enlightenment is that it has to compensate for its own lack of authenticity with mass approval and agreement.

It reasons that it must be right , otherwise why would so many believe it?

The mind compels its owner to seek out bullshit enlightenment......   "You can be like....."
The mind has no compulsion to seek out genuine enlightenment. ...."You`re on your own !"

When a mind looks at bullshit enlightenment it manages to see something in it.

When the mind tries to see genuine enlightenment, it sees nothing.

Looking into the I`s of the unenlightened, one sees something.
Looking into the I`s of the enlightened, one sees nothing.

When one sees the nothing behind everything.... one is enlightened.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 78

                                                              Seeing something.

Every something that can be sensed or experienced is the objective manifestation of a subjective mind.

Or...  Everything that exists, to be experienced, was conceived of in a mind first.

Thus the manifestation is a window into the mind where it was hatched.

If you are experiencing a day at the beach.... The mind thought of it first.

If your day at the beach is a bad experience its because the mind didn`t think of everything.

But the mind only exists because it can`t think of everything.
The moment it can, it ceases to be.

The function of the mind is to give its owner personal experience.

Give up the personal and along with it goes the experience.

Before one gets married to a mind there are infinite possibilities. Ask any baby.

But once one gets married to a mind they have to sleep with that same old boring mind every night.
It`s possibilities are reduced to one.  And that is what one is ... The physical manifestation of their mind.

Same applies to every mind made up philosophy.

L Ron Hubbard for instance has the largest single psychiatric case history in existence. It has manifested as "The Church of Scientology."

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                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 79

                                                     Time to turn and face the truth about time.

It is because of one`s belief in time that the truth about time cannot be seen.

One holds up a truth about time, turns their back on it and spends the time they have made up proving their truth about time.

Believing in time inhibits direct observation of the truth held about time.

Let`s put it this way... While one is inside of the time they believe in, they are unable to see time from an outside perspective.

 The mind`s job is to inhibit outside observation. So it experiences the beliefs one holds, while inhibiting direct observation of the truth that is holding those beliefs in place.

 This is how one reduces a God to a graffiti artist at the bus stop.

What is being revealed NOW, is the mechanism holding every lifer in their life.
But TIME is a major one, as without it there just would be no time to experience any of the other truth held experiences.

Yes... This stuff does your mind in.

But only while you are in it.

Think about coming back to earth at twice the speed of light. If you came from far enough away , you would arrive back here before you left.

Got that ?  Good. You have now disengaged from the mind.

An observation of life from outside of time, reveals that there is no time. The only place where everything can, and is, happening is NOW.

That`s right. The past and the future are proof of belief of a truth.  Absent that truth, there is nothing to hold the past and future apart.

So the mind acts like a circuit breaker. As soon as it comes anywhere near "Everything is happening NOW!" it cuts the power off and shuts down.

When one ponders the truth about time, the mind says..."Get a life!"

While one is obediently obeying the mind, the mind has a sense of peace and will offer up all sorts of benefits.

"Just think.... you can sort out all your problems later..." 

"You won`t wake up dead for a long time."

"Scientists are working on a cure for everything that ails you."

"One day we will have a President who isn`t owned."

"In the future we will have computers that do everything for us."

When the Rapture comes, I know God will transport me to Club Med."

The mind cannot conceive of everything happening Now. So it squashes a piece of now and takes its time assimilating the part of now that it is drip feeding itself.  It is stretching out now and savouring every moment of it.

While you believe in TIME, you are serving a life sentence.

And any time you talk about time from inside of a mind, you are going to sound like a prisoner of war reading a signed confession on TV while still in captivity. 


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                                                           "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 80

                                                              " No...You`ve lost me."

Until one takes on the time based mind and its reign of terror, one is oblivious to the self perpetuating trap they are laying.

"Of course time exists. If it didn`t how could I be late all the time?"

If there was no time, I wouldn`t know when to show up and when to fuck off."

"I would never be a slave to something that didn`t exist."

So we become a slave and invent time to be our master.

"Your mind will just go crazy convincing you that time is real.
Trouble is it needs time to convince you.

Because when you are outside of time, nothing can convince you of anything.
It`s all being made up NOW !!!

It is not possible to be late for your own funeral.
Death is eviction from an identification.

So there is no "Your."

None of this makes any sense.  It is the last thing the mind wants to know about. And that is because it is the last thing the mind will know about.

The mind that knows there is no time is a mind that has just been vacated. It is an ex mind.

This you will come to know as you re establish present moment awareness.

Sit in a distraction free environment. Close your eyes and connect your breathing. InOutInOut. No pauses. About twenty minutes per sitting.

This will piss the mind off mightily.  It will, from nowhere try to resurrect all sorts of pressing issues.

If you ignore it, it will try something else. An itch ........ 
It will send you off to sleep.
It will start giving you ideas about things you could be doing.
It will dredge up an argument you had twenty years ago. It will come up with brilliant ideas that set off other brilliant ideas.

The mind will do everything it can to seduce you back into being a believer in time.
It will use the past and the future.

By staying in the present moment and ignoring the mind, one is reminding the mind who is the boss.

From there, past and present are revealed as tricks of the mind. And particularly dirty tricks at that.


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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 81

                                                              It`s a hard life.

To receive an accurate assessment of exactly how your mind is fucking you up....All one need do is observe the minds methods of inhibiting ones ability to sit quietly, connect their breathing and avail themselves of present moment awareness.

Here are some examples of things the mind will tell you.

If nothing else at least now one can be conscious of these thoughts rather than just unconsciously obeying them.

"I`m way too busy to spend any time on something that has no benefit."

I`m too old/young to be bothered with this right now. It just isn`t the right time."

I`ve got too much on my mind. When things settle down maybe I`ll look at it."

I`m over doing stuff that promises enlightenment and comes up with nothing."

"If this was any good there would be testimonies from people who had done it. It would be commonly known about.
How come no one else is encouraging me to try this?

"And who the fuck does this guy think he is? Telling me how to be enlightened. Is he enlightened?
I bet his life is as big a mess as mine."

"Doing stuff like this goes against everything I believe. If breathing could set people free then surely Jesus would have breathed."

"I tried it a few times but my mind just kept wandering off, It`s too hard."

"If I got present moment awareness it would be so disruptive to my life."

"Doing the breathing just gets me frustrated and pissed off."

"I`m a very successful person. I`m not going to let some nobody tell me what to do."

" I just fall asleep when I try it. How can that be of any use?"

" I`m used to being good at stuff. When I try this I feel useless."

"I will get present moment awareness in the future. Not NOW."

"I`m too sick right now. My constant pain inhibits my ability to experience how I`m feeling right now."

"I want to think of nice stuff... What right is it of yours to remind me that I have problems."

"This sort of shit only works for white people."

And so it goes....

Here write a few of your own.

..........    ................. ..... ...... .....

 .....   ............... ..... .......... ........ ...... ?

                .......... .... .......... !!

What ever you are writing to get peace of mind about not becoming present moment aware is the exact same dialogue your mind is feeding
you daily to keep you in the game.

The difficulties you are having becoming present moment aware are the exact problems you are running into in your life.

                                                Difficulties exist as a substitute for present moment awareness.

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                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 82

                                                             Closing your I`s.

The moment one focuses on becoming present moment aware their I`s are opened.

By doing the present moment connected breathing one is putting themselves in the presence of their mind for the first time.
Prior to this, one has identified with the thoughts and desires of the mind and simply obeyed them.

By connecting ones breathing, one is outside of the mind and able to see it from an outside perspective.

Naturally the mind will grab you back and sometime later you will regain consciousness and realize you were out to lunch for that period of time.

So it`s a real tug of war. The mind trying everything it can to move back in , and you trying to stay out.

One can become very despondent and assume that there is no hope for them. That mind is one tricky son of a bitch.

But listen and listen good. It is the action of regaining your present moment awareness again and again that is the work.

If the mind takes you away fifty trillion times. All you have to do is come back fifty trillion and one times.

But don`t keep count. Just say to the mind. "Nope!" every time it happens. Say it for the first time every time !!!

The mind will try to convince you that it will take a long time to free yourself of it.
This is the brilliance of the mind. As soon as you buy into that you are already back in the mind.

This is not a hundred year war. This is a war that can only happen NOW. The war cannot exist in the present moment.
You are moving from being a soldier to becoming a conscious objector.

If you do the practice each day, religiously, the mind will know that you mean business, so it may try a few tricks I want to warn you about.

It may allow you to perceive some benefit from doing this. Then it will give you an overwhelming desire to tell others about doing the connected breathing. It may try to convert others to its/your way of thinking.

What is actually happening here is the mind is trying to draw in reinforcements. It can`t talk you out of doing this....Maybe someone else can.

So it has to remain your little secret.  The mind hasn`t come up with one single solution to the worlds problems. Bit too much of a coincidence that it wants to start now and use you as its prophet.

You see as soon as you try to sell anyone else on the idea of doing what you are doing, you have to convince them of a benefit. And there is no benefit here. None !!!!

"Hang on a second.... Why am I doing this then?  Are you telling me I have to go through all this for nothing?"

EXACTLY.  This whole thing is just for fun. Just like when you were a kid. And you`d wake up in the morning and the world was a magical  place full of joy and wonder. 

Since that kid had his head filled with crazy shit, life became one disaster after another.

By becoming present moment aware, when disaster happens , one is simply not there.

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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 83

                                                              Meeting the child killer.

By being present moment aware , one has moved to a location outside of the mind. You are totally vulnerable here and are easy prey for the sense of security the mind can provide.

The mind is a formidable foe. It plays by its own rules. It will use the truth and lies, like they are real.

The moment you think you are beating the mind it has already snuck in through the back door and fucked you all over again.

The mind is not your friend. It has the purpose of keeping the you it has created from realizing it is you who is creating it.

The mind has been busy keeping you busy. The mind is there to keep its self alive. It cares not one iota what becomes of you.

The mind will not let you go. You have to let it go.

Each time you are seduced back into the mind and climb back out you will be embarrassed by how absolutely insane the mind is.

"It just took me away for ten minutes while it was pondering the trajectory of flies landing upside down on the ceiling.
Do they bring their arse up underneath...... or do they roll sideways onto their backs?....... Maybe its a diagonal thing....
I wonder if anyone has filmed a fly landing upside down on a ceiling in slow motion. Could be worth looking into. Scientists could learn a lot from this.........ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

See what fucked up shit your own mind distracts you with when you attempt the trivial job of recovering your soul.


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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 84

                                                               "While you were out...."

The mind will take you away before you know it.
You only know it did when you come back.
While you are in its grip, you have no idea what you are doing as you are too busy doing it.

The shame of being a mind owner is bad enough when one is doing the connected breathing.
But it pales in comparison to what mind owners go through out in the world.

A mind owner can come to lying in a heap in a strange place surrounded by empty bottles.

A mind owner can come to with their children sobbing in their room covered in welt marks.

A mind owner can come to outside the casino with not even enough money to get their car out of the car park.

A mind owner can come to with a relative or associates dignity and reputation torn to shreds due to what the mind has said about them.

A mind owner can come to next to an unconscious bloodied and bruised stranger who was unfortunate enough to tick off the mind owner.

A mind owner can come to with the musical instrument they so wanted to master, laying in tatters around them.

A mind owner can come to standing over some poor choir boy who`s arsehole has been destroyed beyond repair.

A mind owner can come to in a Police car being driven away from a school, ex workplace, or Mall, littered with the dead and injured.

A mind owner can come to after a life time of trying every fad, religion, therapy, drug, philosophy and technology, only to realize that their mind is still there not giving them a moments rest or peace.

Their only option now is to lay somewhere covered in dirt with a "Rest in peace" sign as the only indication that they ever had a life.

"But if people didn`t have a mind they would behave like animals...."

Really ? Tell that to the next mind owner you inadvertently offend. See which you recover from faster, that or a dog bite.

Mind owners believe that, absent a mind, their life would be a disaster.

It is the mind`s job to keep its owner ill informed.

The mind will only allow its owner to underestimate who its owner really is.

By becoming more and more present moment aware, who one really is can make an appearance.
By becoming less and less present moment aware, who one really is can make a disappearance.

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                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 85

                                                       Inside... outside...Leave me alone.

From inside of a mind the mind appears to be a good thing.
It appears to be a necessity. It`s all one knows.  It gives one a sense of identity and a point to view from.
From inside of a mind, improving that mind is a worthwhile activity with benefits.
From inside of a mind, having no mind is inconceivable, with no benefits.

From outside of a mind one can see how fucked up a mind is.
You are outside of other peoples minds and are reminded that the mind has convinced its owner of its rightness and importance. But to an outsider, one can see clearly that it is its owners worst enemy.
To the outsider, it is clear that the mind owner would be better off if they just threw their fucked up mind down the toilet.

One sees a potential love interest. Eventually one gets to meet their mind....

"Oh for fucks sake!!!  I wanted a girl/boyfriend.... Not a patient.  And this is them at their best ????!!!!"

It is commonly understood that people are desirous of meeting their "soul mate."

Sorry to shatter your dreams ...But as a mind owner all you`re ever gonna run into is mind mates.

Once again your mind has led you into a disaster zone.

Just see the empty shell of a person that found someone who gave their life meaning, who had found a source of happiness, who found someone who meant everything to them...only to have it all pulled.

          By assigning someone or something responsibility for your sense of well being, you have just created an addiction.

The mind owner is addicted to their mind. The present moment connected breathing is all about kicking your habits.

All addictions are creations of the mind. If there was no time, there would be no addictions. The needs, and the fulfilment of those needs require TIME.

The mind takes a slice of the eternal moment of now and squashes it. Thus the time to be addicted is created.

And the time to not be addicted is NOW.

During the time one is identified with a mind, one is addicted, if not to one thing then to something else.

If you leave a mind owner alone for long enough with their mind, it will kill them.

If you leave a group of mind owners alone together for enough time, they will kill each other.

The mind is the addiction. It holds you away from fulfilment. Can you think of a better definition for addiction?

I suppose it gives us all something to do. And the time to do it.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 86

                                                          Enlightenment about enlightenment.

So you want to know what enlightenment is.

Think of everything you know....and then chuck it all away.

For enlightenment is like nothing you know.

So one has to go outside of what they know to be enlightened.

A good place to start is with the news that you are already enlightened.
The reason you are not feeling enlightened is because you have fallen for the pretence that TIME is real.

That time is what is holding you from your enlightened awareness.

If there was no time between your self and enlightenment, you would be enlightened already.

At which point there would be no self.

If it didn`t take time to go to the most distant star, then you would be there already.
It is by discarding all things that inhibit the sense of joy and wonder that the enlightened you are, that you can NOW embrace your enlightenment.

Remember... when you do realize your own enlightenment it can only be NOW.

So anything that inhibits your awareness of NOW, is the unenlightenment you have to discard.

All one is discarding is pretence.

It was that inauthentic pretence which was the vehicle one used to achieve an outside perspective of the non pretentious, authentic, unlimited potential, magnificence that you always are.

When one is all there is, one has nothing outside of that. So to pretend one is the something where there is nothing....
That is all unenlightenment is. And the mind which is full of nothing, but pretends it is something, is the tool used for this purpose.

But you don`t have to wait to see if I`m right. You can find out for yourself NOW !!!

I wonder why we treat movie stars and rock stars like Gods?

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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 87

                                      The depreciation of appreciation is creation of restoration.

For some, a disaster is required to make them realize what they already have.

One who has taken all they are blessed with for granted, only becomes aware of how blessed they were, by the absence of that which they were blessed with.

You see ... What one was blessed with is always there. But if one is unaware of that, then only it not being there can motivate the awareness of that which becomes exalted through its absence.

Often it takes a disaster to make disaster victims appreciate of what they already had and are now deprived of.

Of course if one was already aware of how blessed they are, there would be no need for a disaster to give them that awareness.

One persons disaster is another person`s blessing.

What defines a disaster is open to interpretation.

If one is not aware of a disaster then to that one, a disaster never happened.

To a victim of a disaster, one has an experience of loss.

Loss is the restoration of appreciation.

It is your free ticket back into appreciation of NOW.

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                                                           "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 88

                                                           The moment that is present.

If enlightenment is present moment awareness then what is the present moment?

Is it the trees and the sky? Is it the little and the big hand on the clock? Is it the environment around you?

Is it where one is at this moment?

You see ...the moment where one is present, is trapped in an environment.

The common solution is to try to manipulate that environment into letting one transport themselves to a different one.

One is able to tolerate their present environment only due to it facilitating their departure from it.

One punches in their time card because it means they are getting closer to not having to.

The un-fulfilling moment one is present in, is where their mind has taken them. But rather than come clean and admit that it has fucked up big time, the mind will take the satisfaction you are being denied, by the moment you are present in, and hang it tantalizingly in a made up moment when it can be realized.

It will give you a sneak preview of what is awaiting you. A log cabin, a speed boat. being surrounded by adoring fans, being swept off your feet by a dashing prince, a brand new red bike, an island hideaway like Doctor Evil`s, an Academy award, being hit on the shoulders with a sword by the Queen, playing a harp on a cloud in Heaven, being the star guest on "Extreme makeover, having so much money that you can afford a team of therapists to get to the bottom of your lack of satisfaction.

                                      What ever moment you are present in is NOT the present moment !

The moment one is present in is an environment.

Notice that when you do the present moment connected breathing you are in a distraction free environment with your eyes closed.

This aids one in realizing the actual present moment......., not the moment one is present in.

The difference is the difference between appreciation and exasperation.

Really hope you got that one... It`s BIG !

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                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 89

                                                    What becomes of the broken hearted?

The broken hearted are those seeking a sense of fulfilment through the environment they are present in.

For the environment one is present in is their broken heart made manifest.

Of course this sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

And it will continue to sound like bullshit for as long as you believe that this bit of truth is bullshit.

For in this way the environment one interacts with remains as real as the truth that `it isn`t just your broken heart` is true.

Try to point out the "other fish in the sea" to someone who has just lost the love of their life...

All they see is a barren dried up wasteland of despair.  They are seeing their broken heart made manifest in the environment they are unable to escape from being present in.

The broken hearted has now created an object (of their affections) that their love/appreciation cannot penetrate through.

The broken hearted has now created a wall that they hope to overcome with TIME.

If the broken hearted could only take their focus off of the walls they believe is their environment, and embrace their exasperation in the eternal moment of now, the broken hearted environment where they have been present would have no where to reside.

                                                   That which you have authentic affection for cannot be an object.

Only something that can break your heart can become an object.

The broken hearted will object to hearing this, and the messenger will cease to be an object of affection for them.

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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 90

                                                           Universes colliding.

Trying to figure out the universe from inside of it, is not possible. While one is interacting with an environment that they are present in, they are denied the full picture.  The viewpoint one has adopted to view their environment from is dependant on their environment for that viewpoint.

The mind only exists because it`s what facilitates this me against the universe viewpoint.

So for the mind to make the universe go away, it itself has to go away.

And then there is nothing left to have figured out how it got free.

Look.... From inside of a mind, in a self, in a life, one cannot figure out the why, because these are the figuring out apparatus.

The figuring out apparatus is what poses the question. The question only exists because one does not have the answer.
If one did, the question could not exist.

Heady stuff...I know.

It can appear to be just mind games and playing with words.
And that is exactly what it is....from outside.
However from inside, the big picture is denied to the small picture that one has to view through.

To actually exist in the environment that these words paint is heartbreaking.

And the more heartbroken one is, the more real, solid and impenetrable the walls of one`s environment are.

And this is what can be observed. Just have a look at the devastation an accumulation of heartbreak causes.

The sparkle goes out of the eyes. The spring goes out of one`s step. The smile goes out of one`s face. The love goes out of one`s heart.

The FUN goes out of one`s life.  The vibrant colours go out of one`s perception. The crisp sounds go out of one`s ears. The pills go into one`s system.

Once the fun has gone out of someone`s life, they will try anything (except what will get it back) to get it back.

The frustration and fake pleasantry one is met with in their environment  is the outside version of what was unacceptable and unpleasant inside.

When one registers that they are trapped in an environment that is frustrating and unpleasant, they are compelled to turn it into something pleasant and accommodating. Must have peace of mind.

So they go to their life long "friend", the mind, and it says. "Fuck off. I`m not changing. You find me somewhere better to live. What about a piece of land out in the country....  What about crack cocaine?   Come on ....Do something !!!!"

By exposing the heartbreak you carry, to the healing, mindless, power of NOW, the environment one has trapped their self`s in, loses the thing that is holding it there....  The heartbroken.

Just stay focused in the present moment while doing the connected breathing , and allow the heartbreak to burn itself out.

Believe me...the only place you can be free of your heartbroken environment, is NOW.

No money down and no easy monthly payments.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 25, 2014, 10:41:51 AM
                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 91

                                                              When disaster strikes.

There is nothing like a good disaster to bring out the philosopher inside of people.
It has its own terminology.
"Act of God, Karma, Never experienced anything like it, Pick up the pieces, Made us stronger, community spirit, move forward, shock, hearts going out, lives ruined, dead, lost, fault, traumatized, devastated, rebuild, Inquiry, so this type of thing can never happen again...."

The official inquiry inevitably concludes that "it was a disaster waiting to happen."

 It has to. Otherwise, how could it have been a disaster?

And the next inquiry, into the next disaster concludes that this one was waiting to happen as well.

From outside of the story it becomes obvious that the subsequent Inquiry is a bigger disaster than the disaster it was inquiring about.

The result of every inquiry is the placing of safety measures that will prolong and protect life.
But it was the previous efforts to protect and prolong life that culminated in the last disaster.

All that`s changed is who the victim will be.

And just to add insult to injury, non victims of the disaster come along and describe the mangled human wreckage as "Lucky."

"Yes he`s lost his family, his home, his livelihood, his sight, his leg, his sense of direction and his porn collection......"but he`s "lucky." It could have been much worse.!!!!????"

If only I could have such luck.

The thing to understand about disaster is "it always takes its victims by surprise."

They were there and it happened.  The victim never made a conscious decision to be the victim of a disaster. It was out of their control.

Now this doesn`t just apply to natural disasters. It is also the case for accidents and illness, business disasters, marriages, vacations, careers, fishing trips, dates, crowd control, baking, extreme sports, political movements and religious pilgrimages.

When they happen out comes the terminology. "Act of God, Karma, Never experienced anything like it, Pick up the pieces, Made us stronger, community spirit, move forward, shock, hearts going out, lives ruined, dead, lost, fault, traumatized, devastated, rebuild, Inquiry, so this type of thing can never happen again...."

I guess with everything we are learning about disasters and the help of ever more sophisticated technology there will come a time where disaster is a thing of the past.

It`s any body`s guess what the very last disaster will be. Probably as hard to pick as what the next disaster will be.
If its impossible to predict what the next disaster will be...Doesn`t that make it even harder to predict what the one after the final disaster won`t be?

It may occur to you, because I`m mentioning it now, that you have never been the victim of a disaster that you are unaware of.
For anything to register as a disaster, it requires your personal involvement, and till then you will not be able to involve yourself in it.

But by then it`s too late. Remember disaster takes everyone by surprise.

The process is already in motion before awareness of it occurs. One is already starting to feel ill before they become aware that they are starting to feel ill.

Man if anyone was looking for an excuse to stop reading my posts, this is the one.

Or maybe not....

While one is doing the present moment awareness, connected breathing, every disaster that was waiting to happen, has no place to happen.
But more to the point it has no time to happen in.

So it will strike out of the blue and take you to it without your consent. It will be an"Act of God, Karma, Never experienced anything like it, Pick up the pieces, Made us stronger, community spirit, move forward, shock, hearts going out, lives ruined, dead, lost, fault, traumatized, devastated, rebuild, Inquiry, so this type of thing can never happen again...." all over again.

Now of course what has possessed you may disguise itself as running through a field of flowers on a sunny day. It may be an episode of Coronation Street, it may be a tickle in your throat. There is no way of predicting what will take you.

You will only have an awareness that it has taken you when you re-enter the present moment. Till then, you are a victim of it.

While doing the connected breathing, every time something grabs you and takes control, grab your control back.

By bringing this `out of control disaster waiting to happen`, into the present moment, one is turning `out of control,waiting to happen surprises` into under control knowing potential, where there is no time or place for disaster to materialize.

When your twenty minutes of present moment aware, connected breathing, is up, you can return to doing whatever your mind tells you to.

Makes sense!?

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                                                           "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 92

                                                          Waking up to the truth.

As much as mind owners say that they want the truth, the closest they can ever come to it is belief.

For a truth to exist and have any longevity it must not be faced. Once one has turned their back on the truth they have an assortment of beliefs, dependant on that truth to hold them in place.

A good way to see this is by looking at a religion other than the one you believe.

Immediately, upon inspection it is obvious that it is quite insane.

If you try to point out this truth to followers of the religion in question , they won`t believe you. Because they know that what they believe has to be the truth....Otherwise , why would they believe it?

Now despite their protests that their belief is based on faith, they are forever citing examples of miracles as proof.

That is the mind`s job; to follow its beliefs and never look at their truth.

If you attack the truth that "Love is the answer" the person who believes it, will inevitably respond to you with hateful questions.

The beliefs that one holds is a technology. And it`s always an evolving technology.
Truth holders carry the burden of having to dream up new ways to protect and perpetuate their beliefs.

To the truth holding, mind owning, trapped in a story, individual, this technology is vital apparatus.

But to someone who doesn`t take their mind seriously . it`s all swings and round a bouts.

Unlike the mind owner , the mindless kid can get off the round a bout before it makes them giddy and want to throw up.

To solve the problem of what to believe and what not to, the mind has come up with a solution.

It`s called "The Skeptic." 

The Skeptic has it`s own truths, beliefs and rituals to.

The Skeptic puts on the mask of the unimpressed, just like any other resolute mind owner.

The Skeptic`s Truth is that nothing is true unless it can be proven to be true by the evidence.
And so they believe that. One of the rituals the Sceptic performs is the pretence of thinking things through, when in actuality they are thinking things down.

Let me come clean.....  I`m skeptical of skeptics.

Let`s put the shoe on the other foot for a while...

" So...You`re a skeptic. How long have you been one? Or where you born into it?
Were your parents skeptics too?

Would you describe yourself as an orthodox, or new age sceptic?

Where do you meet? How does one become a member?
So if you are at a sceptic meeting and you admit to believing something, do the other sceptics shun you?

Do you have any scripture that you believe in?

Do you follow the traditional values of scepticism, or do you just pick and chose what parts you want to, for convenience sake, just like every other religious nut?

If you could get all the true believers, plus all the true sceptics, and scatter them around the world you would have the scattered world that is all around you.

All slaves to the truth. All prisoners,..... for life.

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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 93

                                                            So what do I do now?

If you haven`t tried doing the daily twenty minutes of connected breathing you should do it now.
If you have been doing the daily twenty minutes of connected breathing you should do it now.

Now is the only time to do it. There are no credit or demerit points. This isn`t like everything else you`ve ever done.

Everything else you`ve ever done was mandated by your mind.
The mind will never mandate you dismantle its power and authority.

For a mere twenty minutes per day...Tell the mind to shut the fuck up !!!"

After your twenty minutes you can allow the mind to start bossing you around again. You actually have no choice.

But say to the mind..."Now what was all that high priority, urgent stuff you were distracting me with while I was trying to ignore you...?

And the mind will sulk.  And yet five minutes ago, it had stuff to say that was of global importance.

Yes the mind. A technological marvel. A sophisticated apparatus that separates man from the animals.
Or a spoilt, manipulative little cunt....You decide.

On the pro side we have the fact that the mind gives man his reason.

Without that reason the mind is rendered redundant.

One cannot do the present moment awareness connected breathing for a reason.

And like wise there can be no reason to do the twenty minutes a day.

As soon as there is , you ain`t doing it.

Sorry if this is giving your spoilt little cunt of a mind a hard time.

There was no reason for me saying that. I just did.

Okay let`s talk about reason.

The mind is obsessed with reason. "Why did he do that? What purpose did it serve." The reason it wasn`t working was because...."
The reason I can`t lose weight is......."  " The only reason you are mad at me is ......." " The reason I am doing this course is....."
The reason he is a mass murderer is because......" "The reason I am late is...." "The reason I`m sick is....." " The reason I became a ..... is because......"

Reason , reason . reason.  The mind is all about reason. Take away reason and the mind has no reason to exist.

And it will exist while it has reason to.

No one goes to see a therapist for no reason. It wouldn`t make sense.
For it to make sense one would have to have a reason.

So let`s say the reason one is seeking help is because they are depressed.

The therapist now tries to discover the reason you are depressed.

The mind has reason to celebrate. Finally it can bitch and moan and it has a reason to.

The mind has bought itself more time.

One day the mind goes "hallelujah !  I have discovered the real reason I am depressed.! And I have very good reason to be depressed."

The mystery is solved. The mind is so euphoric that it can see no reason to pursue this depression any longer.

Next !!!

But surely this is just crazy.... If there was no reason to, why would anybody do anything ????????????

.......Just for the hell of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    For fun.

Meanwhile you are being who you are, in the environment that you are present in, for very good reason.
Absent that reason , you would be free.  There would be no reason not to be.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 94

                                                            "Enjoy every sandwich."
                                                                                              Warren Zevon 
                                                                                         January 24, 1947 – September 7, 2003) was an American rock singer-songwriter and musician. He was known for the dark and somewhat outlandish sense of humour in his lyrics.

Yesterday morning at the time I`d ordinarily be writing, I happened to be in a car driving into town. Out of the blue, the download that I`d normally be able to put straight into words arrived. Leaving me in the position where I had to try to retain it.
It comes through as a feeling, that inspires the communicable words.

Anyhow... I had to grab one of those words to act as a key so I could access it again.
That word was sandwich.

           Which happens to be one of the words Warren Zevon used when he was interviewed by David Letterman on "The Late Show."
Warren had terminal cancer at the time and Dave asked him if he had anything he`d like to say to the world.
Warren said, "Enjoy every sandwich."

Warren was somewhat out of his mind at the time.
And for someone out of their mind, that statement is already happening.
For someone stuck in their mind the statement is an amusing idea with a longevity that lasts till the next ad break.

The message is timeless, or outside of time. But the receipt of it needs to occur inside of time.
So in effect, one goes from being the message, inside of it, to being the receipt of the message outside of it.

So which one is you? 

The mind has solved this by not being able to comprehend it at all.

The mind has an inherent fear of becoming nothing, which you inherit when you hand over the reigns to that mind.

It will convince you that the better your mind is, the better your life will be. If your mind is not happy with you, if you haven`t given it peace, it will let you know.

Depression is the result of not having peace of mind. The only relief is distraction.

When one attempts the present moment awareness connected breathing, the mind`s weapon of choice is distraction.

It knows it can buy more time by distracting its victim. It hangs amusing pictures on your cell wall.

It will convince you that these pictures hold great benefit. It will make significant efforts to give the pictures significance.

The poor distracted mind owner never suspects that the significance is coming from the mind. Not the pictures.
It wants you to feel significant. It deludes one with matter. You bury your soul in things that matter(ialize).

No self respecting mind will ever leave its owner in doubt about what really matters.

You have a whole history of pictures and experiences that really matter.
They are what makes you, you.

If you are doing the present moment connected breathing, you have withdrawn your consent to make things matter.

The matter making machine we call the mind, itself begins to not matter.

The mind that still matters will say "Without me, you would be nothing. You wouldn`t matter. Without me you would lose everything we have worked so hard for.  You wouldn`t even know how to make a sandwich."

Now wouldn`t that mean that making a sandwich would be a new experience. A first time.

"You wouldn`t know who you were married to."

But wouldn`t that mean I could fall in love with them all over again?"

"You wouldn`t know how to do your job!"

But wouldn`t that make going to work as exciting as the first day?

"You wouldn`t remember where you live."

But wouldn`t that be like going into a new home full of plans and enthusiasm?

"You wouldn`t remember how to have sex."

You mean I`d feel like I used to feel when I first discovered it? I vaguely remember it as feeling fucking AMAZING. Would I have to go through that all again?

"You would forget everything you learned in school."


"You`d forget why you were angry at certain people."

Well why would I be angry at anyone?

"You`d not know what foods you like."

So eating new foods might open me up to new taste sensations?

"You wouldn`t know who your friends were."

So everyone I meet could be my friend.

"Look !... Without me you`d be clueless as to why you are addicted and depressed."

Doesn`t that mean I wouldn`t be?

"Okay...Now you`re making me mad. Without me you would have no idea why you are unable to achieve anything in life and why you are a miserable failure."

Who is saying that? I know I`m not...NOW.

"Act your age!!!!!"

How `bout I just age my act..... How old do I feel like being today?

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 30, 2014, 08:24:23 AM
                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 95

                                             Sounds like we could benefit by losing our minds.

Hell no !!!
The mind exists because of benefit. Take away benefit and you take away the mind.

Every fucked up crazy, nihilistic, wacky, bizarre, tattoo`d and body pierced, drug addled, part of the environment you interact with as part of life is being motivated by benefit.

You don`t see the American military bombing stone age civilizations back into the rubble age for no reason !! Someone is benefiting.

Every action taken by mind owners is for benefit. If there is no benefit there is no reason to do it.

The mind tells its owner that if enough benefit is acquired then it will give its owner peace of mind.

One sunny day way up in the future you will have eaten enough food. You will no longer need to eat. And one day you will have breathed enough air and you will no longer need to breathe. And one day you will have talked so much there will be nothing left to say. And one day you will killed enough of your enemies that there will no longer be anyone left to fight with.

Sounds daft ? But that is exactly the bullshit your mind is leading you along with, without having to say it.

Here I`ll tell you what.
Ask your mind right now what you need to do to make it happy.

Write the list.

Okay. It`s ten years later. You did all that.
Now write a new list.

Okay its a thousand years later...... on and on. 

The mind is relentless in its demands on its owner.

Some have just given up trying to satisfy this insatiable brat.

So they start to stockpile all the things the mind demands of them.

All those things they have been meaning to do, but could never find the time.

Now the mind makes them feel bad about themselves and their environment becomes more and more impenetrable.

Not a good time to be a guest star on "This is your life."

The only time one can remedy this situation is NOW !

However the mind will do everything it can to distract you from now.

Just do the twenty minutes of present moment awareness connected breathing and you are in a battle with the mind for your soul.

For that to be occurring , one can only still be in their mind.
When one has vacated the mind they see that the battle with and the battle itself was the mind.

Outside of the mind one finds an absence of benefit and reason.

The impenetrable, oppressive environment has left with the mind.

All distractions and delusions are gone.

But there is no way one can benefit from this.

How can one benefit from a sense of joy and wonder, and peace and quiet, when they were always there?

Just because one can now see what is there does not a benefit make.

It is not seeing what is there that maketh disaster.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 96

                                                         How the mind bought you off.

The mind will not just sit there while its owner deliberately dismantles it.

When the mind is being disconnected, it does not like it.  It does not like it one bit.

The mind will come up with ideas. These ideas are to protect and preserve its existence.

                                 Everything that one interacts with in a life , was an idea first.

Try to spot one thing in your environment that wasn`t an idea first.

Just because you didn`t have it, doesn`t mean that someone else didn`t.

It`s all too vast for the mind to comprehend. So what it does is it reserves its time for the things that please it.
The mind focuses and draws to it the things it likes and it tries to avoid the things it doesn`t like.

It pretends it is doing you a favour by eliminating 99.9% of what is, and tries to swamp you with the .1% of what is, that it likes.

The mind has elected itself to the highest court in the land. It sanctimoniously passes judgement on everything from a meal to an explanation about existence.

Every mind is guilty of it.  Is this a case of the kettle calling the pot black or what...?

I guess one could speculate that a minds efforts to judge, could be a window into that minds dislike of itself being judged.

By allowing its owner to do what it likes, and think what it likes, and be what it likes, that mind has demonstrated its indispensability.

The mind hides the fact that by encouraging its owner to do, be and think, whatever he/she likes, it has put them on a collision course to be do and think, everything he/she doesn`t like.

                        By allowing the mind to do what it likes....You have become the person you don`t like!!!!

By allowing the mind to like and dislike everything that is presented to it, you the mind owner, have deprived yourself of the ability to see what IS !  You have consented to the creation of the delusion that you are now present in.

Let me give an example. 
When someone asks me how to master the piano. I ask them what about playing the piano do they dislike most.

Till then they have totally focused on what they like doing. So they do that. The result is they stay there.

By finding the things one dislikes and turning them into something they don`t dislike, they will reach a point where there is nothing left to not like about playing the piano.

At which point they are having so much fun playing the piano NOW, that there is nothing to like or dislike about it.

The mind does not like it when you send it the message that you are no longer interested in what it likes and dislikes.

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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 97

                                 "I think that people should be able to believe whatever they like!"

                                                                                                                       The Mind. (Since time began until NOW.)

Naturally if another`s beliefs are in opposition to your own it`s because they are a fucking moron. End of problem.

From outside of mind it is apparent that people believe what they like because they have no other choice.

The mind has gotten away with this scam on its unsuspecting victims to placate them while it carries on its mission to protect and prolong its reign of delusion.

Where is the free choice when the mind has taken everything you don`t like out of your experience?

When something you don`t like to experience comes into your experience, rather than giving you a choice, the mind has already decided that rather than experience it, you will only experience not liking it.

Like when you get diagnosed with cancer or open your front door to be greeted by those who like to disseminate their beliefs.

Neither the cancer, nor the zealots has a choice. And neither will go away easily.

Just like you don`t have a choice about whether you like them coming to pay you a visit.

There is an infinity of things one could believe. But to think you have a choice in what you believe is pure delusion.

The mind holds onto the beliefs it likes. And that is what it uses to investigate new beliefs.

The beliefs one likes are tasked with evaluating new beliefs that come into one`s experience.

The mind is programmed to like things that are like it.

The perfect self perpetuating machine.

Meanwhile, it`s poor deluded owner is convinced that they have the freedom to choose whatever they like.

How is there a choice when what one likes is all that is doing the choosing?

And the only experience a mind owner can have of things it doesn`t like, is the experience of not liking them.

The freedom to believe whatever one likes is as deluded as the beliefs one convinces themselves they are judge and jury over.

The mind convinces its owner that there is great benefit to be had from constantly proclaiming what it likes and dislikes.

And there is. It builds personality. It builds character. It gives one something to believe in, and keep one`s back to the truth.
It defines the self in the greatest self perpetuation delusion since people liked to believe in delusion.

It is through exercising good judgement that one builds a healthy impenetrable delusion to entangle themselves in.

Adjudicating anything liked or disliked distracts one from being able to observe that thing directly.

To maintain present moment awareness one cannot pay any attention to what the mind like or dislikes.

When the mind can no longer differentiate between what it likes and what it dislikes it can be said to be an ex mind.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 02, 2014, 10:09:42 AM
                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 98

                                                           A vast chasm opened up.

Yesterday, out of the blue, I phoned someone I hadn`t spoken to for six months.  They couldn`t believe that I would contact them at the precise moment that they were attempting to do what I would normally do for them. They were attempting to do it because they had no way of contacting me. Freaked them right out.

I won`t go into detail other than to assure you that the odds on this having occurred are billions to one.
And the thing is it also happened a short while ago with someone else. Now trillions to one.

I`m mentioning this because although I come across as sounding like I have all the answers. I`m actually on a journey of discovery myself.

I`m kind of sharing what is happening because I was just blown away with what occurred this morning. And still can`t fathom it.

So I don`t know if this will be dispensed with in a few short sentences or if I`ve just opened up possibly the single most significant discovery

Either way it is worth sharing.

About a month ago while I was doing the connected breathing, my need to breathe abruptly stopped.

I`m used to monitoring my breath and can tell if it is the mind just influencing the change.
But this was different. I was completely in present time and felt fantastic. Yet I had no need to breathe.

Now of course anyone can stop breathing for a few minutes.
But this was me being somewhere timeless where breathing was not needed.

I had a quick poke around, then came back and resumed the connected breathing.

Of course one could speculate that this was just self delusion. Except while I was there, there was no self to delude.

Anyway...This morning it happened again. Out of the blue.

Except this time I didn`t go back to doing my breathing. Instead I found myself breathing for someone else.

Now this happened to be someone I really love. And it was a joy to be them. It felt like I was giggling and being tickled.

I know. It sounds crazy.

I was moved to tears and felt humbled to be so close to another, that there was no separation.

I knew that what I was doing was therapeutic for this person. I was breathing for them with present moment awareness and could feel the discharge of their suffering coming out through me.

Fuck !!! I can`t believe what I am saying.

Okay. Next I felt that this person was done with my services and I found myself inside someone else.
It was my father. The biggest cunt I never knew.

But as I breathed for him. I began to get to know him.

I`ve had trouble for years with a tension in my back that is like a vice clamped down on my internal organs.
No matter how much I`ve tried to release it, it won`t budge. It`s actually killing me.

Now I was feeling it stronger than ever. It wasn`t mine at all. It is my fathers rage. And only by taking responsibility for it on behalf of my father can it be released.

The implications of what I discovered this morning are devastating for the mind.

I see it now as the key way the mind has held us all captive.

The things that are fucking you up and evading detection are for the most part other peoples shit !!!!!

To the extent that you don`t like them, the mind will reduce your empathy for those you don`t like and hold what you don`t like about them
inside of your body, to keep re minding you why you dislike them.

Then it can delude you into thinking you are choosing not to like them.

I don`t know. I`m still trying to get to grips with all this.

So glad you are along for the ride.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 03, 2014, 08:58:25 AM
                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 99

                                                             Swapping places

I`m sorry to say that this is going to start sounding like a diary. I am transforming so much that it is hard to settle long enough in one spot that I can write from.  It appears that what I know is swapping places with what I don`t know. At the same time who I thought I was is swapping places with who I was sure I wasn`t.

This morning at about 5:30 am I was dreaming that I was in the presence of a guy I know who died six moths ago.
Now there was no real conversation just an acknowledgement of each other`s presence. We were both there with nothing.
Just the essence of uniqueness. It`s kind of like a flavour. A recognition of how vastly different every "Hello" is.

It then dawned on me that I wasn`t asleep at all. This was not a dream.

So I got up and began doing the connected breathing only to promptly fall asleep.

So in my dream I`m returning to present moment awareness, and promptly go back to sleep.

The line between when I was dreaming and when I was awake is beginning to blur.

Okay. So we reach a bit of a crossroad here.

The subject matter I`m focusing into is the very stuff that the mind has used to keep people out of.
Ghosts, death, nightmares, the soul, the unknown, The enormity of it all.

It`s been fodder for horror writers since Edgar Allan Poe.

They have all obeyed the mind and made these subjects of terror and overwhelm.

And on the other side one can see this subject matter and be reminded of words of wisdom from the great thinkers and philosophers.

But I`m telling you that everything you`ve been told about this subject matter was written or told from someone in a mind, in a life with a viewpoint and an agenda. And it has always had its own flavour added.

The reason this is so tragic is that it gives searchers a preconceived expectation of what they will discover.

That preconception will actually keep them on the treadmill, in a mind in a life, with a viewpoint and an agenda.

Ones pre occupation with judging things as liked or disliked obscures direct observation.

"I will live for ever in the kingdom of God surrounded by angels and virgins and fucking trumpet fanfares" will get in the way of seeing beyond what is liked and disliked.

When one is using what they know to make sense of what they don`t know, can you see how inhibiting this is?

One has to mould something that they don`t know till it looks like something they do know.

Here is why I`m telling you this.

When one is doing the present moment connected breathing, not one thing you know is of any relevance.
It is just who you were, trying to prevent you from becoming who you want to be.

This is perhaps clearer if I explain that `who you were` was who you were because you had no choice !!!!!!!

This is hard to get beyond.

But look at this...If you`d have had free choice would you have become the person who you are presently being?

Do you suppose that others are who they are because they had free choice?

Do you imagine that the world is in the shape it is by choice?

Do people choose to be poor?
Do people choose to be sick?
Do people choose to be heterosexual?
Did John Wayne Gacy choose to be a serial killer?
Did Wallace Simpson choose to fall in love with King  Edward VIII?

Society has chosen to punish people for making bad choices.

The only choice one can freely make is the one to stop pretending that choice exists.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 100

                                                                  Playing catch-up.

I don`t even know how to begin to tell you where this is going now. The message I am bringing us now, came through a dream.
I know.....  Listen if anyone has had enough of other peoples dreams it is I.

The difference here is that to date every dream I`ve ever heard of was dreamed from within a mind.
The dream was not specific, or clear, it was open to interpretation, and quite frankly was so self centered that it was easy to lose interest in.

What can`t be denied is that dreams happen. They are a form of consciousness that one has little to no control over.

Some are pleasant enough. But some are outright terrifying.

It would be proper to suspect that a dream was just chemicals bouncing around in the brain.
But could that not also be said of the awakened state?

Chemicals can definitely effect the way one thinks, whether awake or asleep.
But that consciousness had to be there, to be effected.

Now it is quite feasible that there are aspects of the dream I had that I am not conscious of.

But here is what I was...

I was there !
The best way to describe it is to say, "I was wanting for nothing."

Everything I had the remotest desire for would miraculously appear. Including the answer as to why people are denied this state.

So there I was with the answer. Now I have to re appear here and play catch-up, to explain it.

The dream is an aspect of consciousness we have surrendered. The dream is the aspect of consciousness where all things are possible.

It is by divorcing ourselves from this aspect of consciousness that we are able to "wake up to reality."

Man that`s big !  I need to take a minute.

We still hear from it, but we are no longer living together.

In deed we are living our reality on our own.  We are no longer on speaking terms with our, one time, soul mate.

We have no choice but to carry on trying to build a life for ourselves in our deprived state.
We have no choice but to make out that we never really loved them anyway.

All cries for help , all suffering, all dissatisfaction is born from the no choice womb of deprivation.

Because from the REAL world we cannot simply magic things to us or away from us, like a dreamer can, we wind up showing up in disasters that totally intimidate us. The inevitable consequences of the environment we are present in becomes impenetrable.

This makes the present reality a living hell.

But the inevitability only hits home, when one runs out of options.  When it enters one`s consciousness that they have zero power to choose.  It`s always been that way here. But part of the `living in reality game` means one has to deprive themselves of that knowledge.
When reality has checkmated a co conspirator in this no longer fun game they seek answers.

But the answers they seek are to keep them in the game. They have NO CHOICE.

The dream state consciousness can magically manifest anything.
Trouble is, because one has divorced themselves from it they have no control of what will manifest.

Plus the small point that everybody, except the dreamer, knows that dreams are not real.

I am in the process of reconciling with my dream state consciousness. What I`m coming to know, is that the breakup was totally caused by myself. By burying myself in a mind, I was allowing something to come between us. Something that always twisted what my dream state consciousness was telling me. But just like every other guilty conscience will tell you. "I had no choice."

Well I`m happy for you readers to conclude that I really am losing my mind.

What I`m writing will never be popular. There will never be any agreement that these words offer the way out.
And thankfully I`ve got enough profanity here so that it will never be taught in schools or quoted in religious settings.

Nothing here is of the remotest benefit to anyone.

What to do? 

One can stay in the reality game till they get evicted, usually on short notice under a pile of auto-mobiles on the free-way, or in a hospital bed somewhere, which you inevitably will... to become enlightened.

Or one can withdraw from inevitability NOW by reconnecting one`s breathing (nasal) in a distraction free environment with their eyes closed
and extract themselves from their mind.

When I started this I did twenty minutes a day.
Now I just do it when and where it will piss, what`s left of my mind, off.

Sweet dreams.

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                                                     "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 101

                                                        Re awakening the dreamer.

Last night I did the connected breathing just before going to sleep. It`s now a few hours later and I have more news from Dreamland.

The actual dream was me hugging and kissing my twelve year old daughter, who I haven`t seen for eight years.
Man it felt good. To finally hold her again and pour gallons of love all over her.

Next I was standing on a city street when a pretty young girl came up and started to kiss me passionately.

I was experiencing two different forms of love and affection.

One was an outflow of love and the other was an inflow of love. Both were pure and both were powerful.

Both were freely available in the dream consciousness state.
And both are denied me in the awakened state. (No I don`t have beautiful strangers coming up to me on the street and French kissing me.)
(( Actually it did happen once. Her name was Cris....))

The dream state consciousness is unable to realive that things cannot happen.

The dream state consciousness cannot think things through. How could it? It has no mind.

It is only by immersing oneself in a mind that `things cannot happen` is realized.

While one is in the conscious of the realized world, one has divorced themselves from the power of the dream consciousness.

That power can only be stopped by a power opposing it. A sliding scale is created.

Let me give an example.

Before one realizes that their dreams will never be realized, they are using a minority of their power stopping their dreams and a majority of their power allowing their dreams.

But once one has realized too much and too often , the scale tips and one is then using a majority of their power inhibiting the dream and a minority of their dream power gets through.

This can be observed in the real world all around one.

Every new generation comes forward full of dreams only to have them shattered through time.

Notice the weary stooped old timers who have lost their dreams...

The power they once had to reach for their dreams is now being used to stop them.

It`s not easy stopping dreams. That`s why the battle weary appear so tired.

The battle weary have realized that dreaming is for suckers.

Their minds are full of scars and experiences, stories and lessons.

All those lessons do, is lessen one`s availability of dream consciousness power.

By restoring present moment consciousness one can cease stopping themselves and  reconnect with anything is possible consciousness.

Seems that is exactly what I am doing. It is the only choice one has.
Everything else is just destined inevitability dressed up as choice.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 06, 2014, 08:18:00 AM
                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 102

                                                              Inevitable voices

As I go about my daily travels, I seem to be stirring some form of recognition in the people I pass.
This is happening too often to not take notice of it.

It isn`t because of anything I`m doing. It takes me by surprise each time it happens,
I just see people recognizing me. It even happened over the phone.
And yesterday one lady asked me if I had a brother. She was sure she knew me , or someone who looked like me. But she just couldn`t figure out how she felt like she knew me.

It is a nice feeling. I guess it must be how celebrities feel. Everywhere they go, people recognize them.

I`m just finding that people are warming to me despite the fact that they don`t know me and yet they feel like they do.

You know what... I`m pretty sure it`s because I have no mind for theirs to clash up against. Thus they feel as though they can see deep inside me. Like a familiarity, or an old friend.  Don`t really know . Just wanted to go on record that I am experiencing this phenomenon.

Something new is occurring when I do the connected breathing. I`m becoming aware of voices in my head.

Now the thing is they have been there the whole time. But now I`m feeling like the listener rather than the speaker.

This is kind of how the dialogue goes so you get the idea.

" I`m thinking of something. I must return to the connected breathing.
Okay I`m back to breathing again. I`m not thinking of anything.
Just breathing. In and out. Not thinking. My mind is quiet."

But do you see. It bloody well isn`t. There is a vocalization occurring that says there is nothing but pure focus on present time.

It`s something I cottoned onto previously... That by the time anything is vocalized it has already happened.

The vocalization is a perversion of what happened. That is because the mind has now converted what has happened into something it can think with.

I can`t help but conclude that this obsessive vocalization is the minds final form of self defence.

"I am enlightened." Is a perverted vocalization of that which its existence negates what was vocalized.

ie. If you are saying "I am enlightened." You actually aren`t.

To summarize.... I am now in the process of losing identification with any form of vocalization.

And during the present moment conscious breathing, paying no mind to it whatsoever.

As I did this I felt a reconciliation taking place with dream consciousness.

Dreams are not vocalizations. One is not partaking in a running commentary of their dream.

One isn`t going "I am now dreaming of electric sheep. I am now running and my pants keep falling down."
One is doing it . Not talking about it.

The complete opposite of reality based life, where one talks about it instead of just doing it.

Vocalization is the minds way of keeping you out of your dream consciousness.
The dream consciousness doesn`t know that you can`t do it.
Vocalization is the minds way of keeping you from simply doing it.

  Everyone who ever fulfilled their dream did so because they didn`t know they couldn`t.

The only one who knows they couldn`t was their mind. And it vocalized that knowledge. But they didn`t listen to it.

I`m not saying any more......

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 103

                                                            Escaping from eternity

Which came first...The chicken or the egg?
Was the big bang the beginning of everything? If so what caused it?
Did God make the world in six days and then rest? How did he know what rest was? He didn`t create it on any of the first six days.

There was no big bang. There was no six day working week God. There was no chicken and there was no egg.

The only thing that has been created is a big fat hairy mystery.

Perpetuating that mystery has been the mind.
By vacating the mysterious mind, one is vacating the mysterious mystery.

It is through distraction that the mind keeps its owner in mystery.

If one tries to vacate the mind it will pull you back by using distraction.

Some of the things the mind has used successfully to distract people are things like War, religion, relationships, exploration, education, money, and scrabble. Look around you for the rest.

All distractions are reliant on the illusion of time. Without time, all distractions de materialize.

Without time, the mind is rendered impotent.

Inside a mind time must exist. Things have to have a beginning and an end. The mystery of life is perpetuated by a mind distracted.

The mind cannot think without time. It needs time to think.

The great mystery of life will exist as long as people devote their time to thinking about it.

  There is NO TIME !!!!!  The mind is right now distracting its owners from knowing this.

Here. Let me give you an example.  Say `time travel` existed. Someone who traversed it could say "I am NOW in 1962."
Or they might say.... "I am NOW in the year 2962."  Either way they are both still in NOW.

The environment they are now present in may have changed, but they still only have NOW to realize it.

Now that you have that, it becomes apparent that we all hit the ground running.

There was never an evolution. There is only ever an emergence.

The environment one is present in, is concurrent with ones experience of it.

There is no beginning or end. These are only distractions.

By surrendering to distraction one has surrendered their power of choice.

The only choice one can make is to refuse to be distracted.

According to the severely distracted,when God created man, he gave him the `power of choice.` Believe in the beginnings of the six day working week, or be eternally tormented in Hell, like every other mind owner you presently know.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 104

                                                         Making peace with nothing.

When one is doing the daily present moment awareness connected breathing "nothing" happens.
Or more correctly, nothing is happening.

This drives the mind wild. The mind sees this as a perfect justification for abandoning any further pursuit of present moment awareness. The mind can think of a million things one could be doing to distract ones focus from the sheer frustration of nothing happening.

The mind will say "Look I`ve tried this for two seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years/decades now...
....and nothing is happening."

The mind will not recognize that frustration as something. It will see it as nothing.

You see how subtle this is?

Maybe it will be clearer this way....  The mind faced with the frustration of experiencing nothing will replace it with an experience of something. That something , for our purposes, could be called a distraction.

But you see what has happened ? The mind is trying to distract its owner from the frustration of nothing.

So the mind rallies the troops and sets off in search of a distraction from its frustration.

No matter what that distraction is, whether it be a new car, or a new lover, or a new computer game, it will
only ever result in one being revisited by the same frustration it was supposed to distract one from.

The distraction cannot ever be a remedy for the frustration. It is after-all only a distraction.

Nothing makes people more frustrated than a remedy that didn`t work.

"You promised me you would love me for ever !!!!!"
"They promised me that I`d get reliable, trouble free, motoring !!!"(And where the fuck are the girls in bikinis?)
" This new fucken computer game is just the old one with different graphics !!!"

Then the whole cycle of life begins again.  " I think I`ll go on one of those cruises. That will make me happy."

Happiness is distraction from the frustration of having nothing to experience.
But that distracting experience cannot but revert back to the nothing one was trying to avoid, resulting in a return of the same frustration and the experience of being unhappy.

Distraction is not the remedy for the frustration of experiencing nothing. All it does is buys one more time.

And here we are NOW. You`ve done all the things that were supposed to make you happy.
And yet here you are, frustrated as hell. If you are still distracted, that last sentence just went right over your head. But it will still be here for you, when you come back, less distracted.

By looking for relief from the frustration of experiencing nothing through distraction, one has now put an agenda into every distraction they engage with.  It sets one up to be continually disappointed in the distraction.
It`s just a case of "how long?" before the distraction abandons all responsibility for your frustration curing agenda.

You have no choice.

The only choice one has is to make peace with the nothing.

Until one does, one is sentenced to time in the inevitability of running from frustration to frustration.

The more one allows their specific frustration to dissipate into the unlimited potential of present moment consciousness, the less one will have waiting for them at the end of their distractions.

Imagine a world where nothing could disappoint you.
It would be like nothing you had ever experienced.

It matters not whether you found this message about nothing frustrating.

But I did warn you there was nothing to be gained from reading my messages.

Once you have made peace with your frustration over nothing, you will have nothing to be frustrated about....
....or with !!!!!

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 105

                                                                 Gaining loss.

The one thing that the mind cannot cope with at all is loss. If you aren`t sitting in a loss at this moment then
the mind cannot think about it.
If you are sitting in a loss then it`s all the mind cannot think about.
It goes into meltdown and goes through your old record collection playing them over and over.
As if that will achieve something.

Mind owners who are experts on the mind come up with ways that fictitious minds can "Cope with loss" or "Deal with loss." Or "get over loss." 

The flaw in this logic is that there is nothing there to get over, cope, or deal, with. It is not there. It`s a loss.

One thought they had something and now it`s gone.  It is absent. It is irretrievable.

Anything one does to remedy nothing, is something. And immediately it becomes so, it is no longer what was requiring remedy. It`s something else.

Seems like word play. And that`s exactly what the vocalizations caused by loss are.

"I could have...  I should have.....If only I had.....  I didn`t know what I had till it was gone....
I`d do anything to get it back..... I`ll do anything to get rid of this pain."

The mind is no help. It just keeps playing the old records, and it is on the verge of abandoning you as well.

If you ever needed proof that your mind is not your friend, try getting comfort from it in your moment of need.

It will likely, helpfully, suggest that you blow your brains out.

What the mind won`t think of is that the one thing not experiencing the loss is the thing that is lost.

That which is lost won`t think to experience that it has been lost..... Because experiencing that it has been lost is confirmation that it hasn`t. How else could it be experiencing it? Only by not being lost.

You can easily see why the mind is at a loss to remedy the pain of loss.

All pain is,....  is identification.  Identification is having stuff.

Red bikes get lost all the time. But if it happens to be the one you had then it`s a pain.

The less one identifies with something, the less pain its loss will cause.

If one was to lose identification with every thing. Then one would lose the pain of losing those things.

Losing something is merely an illusion. Because having identified with that thing was the illusion.

Everyone at the funeral is sad over their loss, except the guy being funeraled, who has lost identification with
that guy.

And because that guy was only defined by his mind, (which is what killed him), his mind is free to haunt somebody else with it`s remedial record playing .

By gaining loss and losing everything..... one has lost the no choice, painful experience of being defined.

With present moment awareness, one sees that belief in loss is an illusion hatched from the un-inspected truth that
identification can be had by having.

And it can while you believe it. But then you are vulnerable to experiencing the pain of losing it.
But when one loses that "truth", having and losing both are lost. It`s a choice to lose it. But a painless one.

One can spend time trying to get over , through, or under a loss.
It takes no time to see that it is only by "having" that one engages "losing."

Lose the illusion of having and..... .....    .....  what have you got to lose?

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 106

                                                                 Facing reality

There is no face grimmer than one that is facing reality.
And that grim face`s reality is that you should face reality as well.
To a reality facer, someone who isn`t facing reality needs to be taught a lesson.

They have no choice.

A reality facer is compelled to defend the reality they face and convert non reality facers to face reality.
The reality facer cannot stop themselves from rubbing reality in the face of the non reality facer.
It is essential to the reality facer that others face reality as well. This makes violence , threats , intimidation, force, and corporal and capital punishment, completely justified. After all, it is for the non reality facers benefit. They just don`t realize it.

The reality facer will assemble an army, and gather other reality facers to enforce reality on non reality facers.
It`s completely the right thing to do... Just ask Sam and Bill and "everybody."

At the same time a reality facer is instructing non reality facers about reality, the reality facer is compelled to discover more reality to reinforce the reality they are instructing.
The reality facer will often use a yellow highlighter pen to highlight the one sentence in a whole book that is reality.

The reality facer can scan a whole newspaper and only see the few bits of reality that it contains.
A reality facer, is on a mission to reinforce reality and disregard everything else.

There is no end to what a reality facer will do to keep reality there.
If reality was to disappear... Where would we be?

Without reality, there is nothing.

All those wars , would have been for nothing. All of those brave men who died in battle would have died for nothing.
All those people who got depressed and got hooked on drugs and alcohol, would have done so for nothing.
What about all the time one spent in school....Was that for nothing?
And what about all the domestic violence?....Yep. That would have all been for nothing.

And what about all the years of dedicated service and self sacrifice to the great religions, that too would have all been for nothing.
A lifetime spent toiling and struggling till one discarded their withered and worn out bodies, that would have been for nothing.

This is the reality that reality facers can`t face.

Oh and by the way....

Please enlighten me.

I want to believe. 

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 13, 2014, 09:27:36 AM
                                                           "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 107

                                                            GOD. Inside out.

Consider all the thoughts that have been thought and all the words that have been used to try to explain GOD.
And you will see that they have all come to nothing.

So rather than settle on nothing, the thinkers and utterers have moved on to something else.
In fact , they have done nothing but something else.

Everything on the subject of GOD that has been served up can only ever be something else.

Once something else has been put on the plate, that something else is not GOD.

The moment you put mashed potatoes on the plate , you are serving up "Mashed potatoes and ........"

God was the infinite potential that the plate , the mashed potatoes and the specifically something else, came forth from.
But once it came forth to be specifically something, it lost it`s potential to be anything else.

You`ll notice how people in the arts are always thanking GOD for inspiring them.
Yet not plumbers. Plumbers have specific things that they have to do. There is limited creative licence available in the world of plumbing.

What I am telling you here is potentially worth billions of dollars.
The answer to all man`s questions. The solution to all man`s problems. The end of all suffering.
One on one consultations with God himself....

If someone was to package and market this stuff. Design courses and seminars. Sell books and cds. Get celebrity endorsements. Put it on the shopping channel. Just think about the potential !!!!!!

The whole problem is, you`d be selling them "nothing." 
That`s why all the really affluent religions have been selling something else.

You simply can`t sell nothing. People won`t accept it.
Infinite, unlimited potential, has to become something else before people will buy it.

Having infinite, unlimited potential, is simply not real to people.

They will however buy into the idea that someone other than themselves could have it.
He has been named GOD, and he lives in his palace in Heaven and he knows everything there is to know.
He made you. He loves you and forgives you your manufacturing flaws, transgressions and trespassing.
And all he wants from you is completely open to interpretation.

GOD is kind and patient. And let`s not forget loving and jealous, and wrathful , with a bit of smiting in there.
God, who created everything, must also have created the psychiatric conditions he suffers from.

GOD is completely accommodating. He/she/it will be, and is, whatever you want to believe.

GOD is really something else.

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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 108

                                                          Confessions of God`s therapist.

  Edited transcript of an interview conducted in a dingy hotel room in Saigon November 1969 and L.A. 1987

When God first came to see me, he was pretty fucked up, to say the least.

Things were tense. It was a war zone. Suffering and death were all around.
God staggered in slightly tipsy and smelling like he hadn`t bathed in months.

I asked him how I could help.
Well he just went ballistic. Ranting and raving and cursing every mother fucking arsehole he could think of, while waving all sorts of weapons about.

Once he calmed down, I repeated my question.

"Can`t you see? Are you fucking blind? We are in Hell. This whole shit-house should be blown off the map.!!!"

Like I say...He was a mess. Didn`t even know who he was. Just confused, cornered, and blind with rage.

I asked God why he was here in Hell as the sound of choppers droned away in the distance.
He said. "I was drafted. I had no choice. You think I would be here if I had a say in it?"

I asked God what he`d say to being somewhere else.
God assured me he`d rather be anywhere other than where he was.

So I got him to close his eyes, connect his breathing , and think of nothing.

Every so often God would open his eyes and explain to me that he was still here.

One time when he did he was still here. But now here was somewhere else.
We were now in a run-down apartment in the Los Angeles suburbs and it was 1987.

I asked God how he got out of Indochina.
He told me how he`d walked out of our meeting without his weapons and was promptly delivered to his superior officers for not carrying a weapon at all times.

Apparently he had told someone in charge that he had realized he was God and had chosen not to harm another living thing. He must have been quite adamant about it.

After three days of evaluation by the duty psychiatrist he was given a section 8 and sent home.
His diagnosis was that he had lost his mind. Too crazy for the armed forces. Now that says something.

Meanwhile back in L.A. God was doing okay. He was managing a rock band and apart from an addiction to cigarettes and the occasional use of recreational drugs he was in good shape.
He still hadn`t realized who he really was.... But it didn`t seem to bother him.
 He didn`t seem to want any more help. So I left my card, just in case he needed me again, and I caught the bus back to my office where another God was due to see me early that afternoon.


What the fuck?????
Am I serious ????
Is this for real ?????
I`ve never read such a bunch of crazy fucked up shit in my life. (Try The Bible.)

I guess this was the biblical equivalent of a parable.

You see for God to wind up in Hell or La la land takes some doing.

But the key to it is to not know that he is God.

He has to suffer from the psychiatric disorder that he created.

We are all the manifestation of God`s mental illness.

Why on earth are we doing this? Well that`s like asking a crazy person why they aren`t sane.

They have denied themselves the sane viewpoint that creates the space for crazy to exist.
That crazy is collectively known as "The mind."
And of course without TIME, there is nothing to experience that crazy in.

So take away the mind, and take away time and there is nowhere for crazy to manifest and no time to experience it.

The God who has chosen to inhabit a mind has surrendered free choice over to that mind.
Now the only choice left is to vacate it. Or one can `not` make that choice and continue to do what their out of control mind tells them to.

Do you realize what they do to the worst of the worst prisoners who refuse to reform.... They lock them up alone with nobody but their mind.  The cruellest torture a mind owner can endure is to be locked up alone with their own mind. Do you get it?  And who, prey tell, is the last conversation the suicide has with???  Their own fucking mind.

This is the entity that God`s have created so that they have something to do and the time to do it.

God has manifested every type of crazy imaginable, all facilitated by the mind.
But the prize one that the mind earns its bread and butter with is Amnesia.

Without Amnesia you would realize God`s name.

                   Here for the first time ever is the name of God.... But you`ll probably forget it.

                                 God   ISME.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 109

                                                                 The conversion.

Traditionally man has elected to believe that anything infinitely more powerful than himself must be a God.
The Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, had Gods coming out their arses.

It didn`t take a genius to figure out that staying on side with something infinitely more powerful was a good idea.
Actually what it took was a moron.

And Moronism was born.

Now if one moron could put on a convincing show that tricked the other morons into believing that he knew what the infinitely more powerful wanted, then that moron was able to get more on top of the others.

Now the pressure was on to have the best show in town.
So the rituals became more elaborate and the silly hats became sillier.

Moronism appealed to the moron inside all who saw the show. But when some morons were still not bowing down
to those morons who knew best what God wanted, and when they refused to heed the warnings, those who best knew what God wanted , realized that God wanted them to cut a deal with those morons who could enforce the heeding of their warnings.

Meanwhile those who could get morons to heed, were having trouble getting them to heed enough.
King Powercrazy would tell his armies to go forth and conquer. And they`d say "Fuck you."
So he`d say "I order you to." and they`d say "fuck you."
He`d tell them that they should be willing to die for him. And they`d say "Fuck you."

He`d tell them of the rewards they would get for going on his power trip.

But it was obvious that they would not be able to experience those rewards if they were rotting in some foreign land with an arrow through their brains.

So those who knew what God wanted , knew that God wanted them to cosy up to King Powercrazy.
Now those Morons could get the king to enforce the people to heed warnings and  King Powercrazy could send
his armies off to loot and plunder for him because it was what God wanted.

Not only that, those who moronically died for the King would have his loot waiting for him at God`s palace.
Now just to emphasize what morons these Gods armies are.
They were always sold on the idea of risking their life for the reward of virgins.

Absolutely amazing !!!  Did they not realize that their dicks would have been eaten by non cloven footed beasts of the fields?

I`ve never been able to fathom religions obsession with virgins.
But is it possibly that the male has eliminated the possibility of the girl being able to say to him "I`ve had better."

Anyway...Back to our crusade.

Around 300 AD the morons, who were busy conquering the known world, found that some of the people they were trying to conquer would rather die for their one true God than be conquered, and they weren`t expecting virgins.

So the conquerors of the world decided to cosy up to the morons who were putting on a show that they knew what the one true God wanted.

So the Christians and the Romans cut a deal which would finally tell the world what the one true God wanted and also had the power crazy descendants to enforce it. (Plus it all began with a virgin.... "They`ll love that !")

The new one true God was born and his name...Revealed here for the first time..

                                      God ISNOTME.

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                                                           "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 110

                                                            Murky certainty.

There exists an illusion that there are many diverse religions all believing in different Gods.
But that is a moronic delusion.
They have all believed in God ISNOTME since HIS emergence.

It`s the one unifying aspect that all religions have in common. If they didn`t, they wouldn`t have emerged to unify with anything in the first place.

We are all living in the world created by God ISNOTME.

For it is only by believing in God ISNOTME that they are here to have a life at all.

For anyone to have a life is utterly dependant on their belief in the one true God ISNOTME. Who has powers they can only dream of.

Once again it sounds like wordplay.
However as one connects their breathing and loses identification with their mind, they do what no one with a life can do. They merge with nothing.

Whether one does this voluntarily, by choice, or involuntarily by death, makes no difference.

At that moment, that moment becomes all there is. There are no other moments.

It is only in the moment where nothing exists that nothing is revealed as pure, infinite, unlimited potential.

There is no mashed potatoes AND ........

There isn`t even a plate to serve stuff up on.

There isn`t even anything to believe in because there is no truth till you make it up.

And there is no reason or benefit to making up a truth.
So all that is left is FUN.

"Who can I be now?"

Look around you ....There is your answer.

One returns from present moment awareness and wakes up to reality... The world full of proof that God ISNOTME exists.

One returns to where they live. They awaken to the place they call home. Specificity Street.
Present moment awareness had all been a dream. A vacation from the harsh realities of life.

But if one made present moment awareness their home, then the harsh realities of life would instead be the vacation they were dreaming of.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 111

                                                     Stop the world. I want to get off.

The reality one is present in, whether it be comfortable or not, is what one identifies with home.
If it is comfortable, one can see no benefit in leaving.
If that reality is the source of discomfort then one can see great benefit in leaving it.
But the more uncomfortable, the realer that reality becomes.
The realer the environment one is present in is, the more unreal it is that one can leave it.

After all.... one`s problems are real.
And always a little too close to home for comfort.

The emotional pain and frustration is celebrated in Heavy Metal music.

But you have to be there to get it. Then it hits you where you live.

To live anywhere at all, one has to be a believer in the God ISNOTME.

This is the one true God that all home owners have in common.

Even atheists strongly believe in God ISNOTME. He`s the one they curse when disaster strikes where they are living.

And yes, God ISNOTME can even count Satanists amongst his most obedient servants.

Once one believes in God ISNOTME, the believer has unwittingly bowed down to forces more powerful than self.
"Reality has been created..... I didn`t create it. I believe in God ISNOTME. I am for-evermore a servant of God ISNOTME. I need to be on side with that which is more powerful than me."

Because believers in God ISNOTME wanted to do what God ISNOTME wanted them to do so much (which was actually nothing) they allowed God ISNOTME to have a voice.

That voice, the voice of God ISNOTME, manifested as the one thing that would give a voice to the God ISNOTME that would be automatically obeyed. It would be the voice of God ISNOTME eliminating any possibility of making a wrong choice. Or a right choice. for that matter. It eliminated any responsibility or possibility of ever having a choice to make. 

Even the choice of believing or not in God ISNOTME was taken care of.

It`s the one thing the enforcer of the will of God ISNOTME will never order you to do.

You`d have to be out of your mind to have that choice.

                                              For the mind IS the God ISNOTME manifested.

And he/it will hang on to you as if your life (Comfortable or not)depended on it. Because it does.


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                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 112

                                                           "Humans in the mist."

The evidence that God ISME doesn`t exist is overwhelming.
Equally overwhelming is the evidence that God ISNOTME does.

I know this is a mind fuck !

Someone asks me "do you believe in God?" I say "define God."
Whatever they say cannot be God...Because God is undefinable.

Now if someone says they don`t believe in God. I say to them. " If God was life itself... would you still not believe in God?"

But if you want to avoid crazy...It`s better to stay away from any conversations about God altogether.

As we are all manifestations of God`s Psychiatric illness, any discourse on the subject can only be crazy vs crazier.

This has put the whole of humanity in a mist that not even a mystic like Dian Fossey could see through.

The result is that humanity is present in a reality where...."it is a jungle out there."

What a mind owner cannot see is that the jungle out there is only seen by the jungle in here.

The mind holds on to the un-inspected truth that it is only believing what it is seeing.
But for someone who has lost their mind, it becomes the un-inspected truth that they are seeing what they are believing.

The truth to exist at all one must turn their back on it.

The moment one inspects their truth, they discover that all that is holding it there is their belief in it.

Obviously that can`t be the truth.

No... I`m not trying to be clever. I`m trying to communicate something that is contrary to everything you believe.

It isn`t something that needs to be true or believed in. Having truths, and believing in them, has caused every disaster you have ever had the misfortune to experience.

                                          For whatever you be believing, you be living.

                                            The belief you hold on to, be life you hold on to.

The be life you hold on to, is overwhelming evidence of the truth it would be crazy to abandon.

Is this fucking with your mind?


And while you be living in God ISNOTME the evidence of its existence will remain overwhelming.

When one does the connected breathing, truth and belief fade away like yesterdays news.

Just pay no mind to any unexpected "news flashes" from the misty jungle. They aren`t true. (Till you be livin` them.)

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                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 113

                                                                   Self HELP !!!

For a believer in God ISNOTME with overwhelming evidence that there are many more powerful forces in the environment they are present in than their-self, there comes the realization that their self needs help.

They observe that their dreams are not being realized. The things that they have used to distract themselves have all failed to provide them with the sense of satisfaction that they had hoped for.

Then comes this lonely feeling of desperation. What to do???

They know if they choose the wrong thing, it could waste years of their life. They could end up with the same dilemma but just be older and tired-er.

This is where one is faced with no option but to do some soul searching and have a serious discussion with their mind.

Have I described you? Like down to a T...?

I know this is the case because that state is the human conditioned defined.

How ? how ? how? how? how?....................

After being a regular patron of the "self help" section of the library I feel I can save seekers of knowledge, some time.

That whole branch of helpful advice could be summarized thus..  "Become someone else."

The language differs from book to book but the message and the methodology is the same.

"Fake it till you make it."

"Hammer in a new self over your old self.  Train your brain.  Dress for success. Be the love you want to see in the world. Do what successful people do."
Keep reminding yourself "Every day in every way I am getting better and better."

"Visualize....plan..... self discipline...... Tell your self that you deserve everything you desire."

Here are the steps.

1.We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

10. Continued to take personal inventory, and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.

11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.


                   ie. BECOME SOMEONE ELSE.

So what is the answer...?

       Who is asking ?......................

                                 GET RID OF THAT GUY !!!!!

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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 114

                                                       "When will my suffering end?"

The moment that there is no "My" to suffer.

Till then there is only suffering.
Now we try to escape that with distraction. But that suffering is just waiting for us when the distraction wears off.

The Mr/Miss Right you found fails to live up to your expectations.
That religion you joined ends up abandoning you just when you needed it.
That gadget you bought gets old and boring.
That dream holiday has to be paid for when you get back.
That career advancing job you got becomes a sentence.
Those children you pushed out, turn out to be ungrateful, self centred, screen watching, disappointments.
Those friends you accumulated fall to bits in front of your eyes.

There is no end to suffering while you are there to experience it.
Every distraction is suffering with a fuse.

Well what hope is there then?  This paints a very bleak picture of the human experience.
Not at all. The picture has already been painted.
Just look into the faces of your fellow humans.

With very few exceptions the happy "Have a nice Day" faces you see are faking it.
With a few words one can wipe the smile off the face of even the happiest faker.(Fakir)

Just tell a happy hopeful Christian that "God sucks dick in Hell."

And voila !!.... You are now looking at the face of the Devil.
It`s like ripping off a band-aid to reveal a festering wound.

The suffering that religion had distracted this Christian from is back in a flash.

The point I want to reiterate here, is that all mind owners are only three bits of bad news away from the laughing academy.

"Fake it till you make it." seems like a modern age catchphrase for the upwardly mobile.
Whereas in actuality it is all mind owners have ever, are ever, and will ever do.

There is no choice.

It is only when humans makes the choice to disassociate with the mind that it becomes clear that every single thing they had been doing, liked and disliked, was without choice.

But the really hard one to dissociate from, is that the same applies to all other mind owners one has had the pleasure or displeasure of meeting.

It is only now that one can choose to stop appointing those who will ultimately disappoint them.

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                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 115

                                                             Dreaming of home.

As one starts to zero in on present moment awareness, they begin to reconnect with dream consciousness.
Their dreams start to become more real. Meanwhile their real world experience starts to feel more and more like a dream.

The solid, impenetrable environment that used to be all too real begins to feel softer and more malleable.
The dreams one has, begin to affect changes in one`s real world experience.

This gives the person going through this the view that these two worlds are re uniting. Coming together if you like.

But that view only exists because one is still living in the mind which needs to make sense of this phenomenon.
Once on the other side there is no need to make sense of anything.

The same phenomenon occurs as someone is approaching death.
The "real world" starts to fade out as dream consciousness takes over.
People who are dying are prone to what are called hallucinations by those still grounded in their "make sense of it" based reality.

To those focused on the dying person they observe someone losing their mind just before they lose their life.

Luckily this situation never lasts very long so those observing it can get back to their lives before they lose their minds as well.  They can go back to their homes and find comfort in the things they keep around them.

Meanwhile the recently departed has left to be home with God. (Or burn forever in Hell  if they were masturbaters.)
(Did it ever occur to anyone that Hell is the place where those who believe in it are living.)?

Death is just enforced present moment awareness.
One hasn`t merged the reality consciousness with dream consciousness.
One has moved house. And they have left all their belongings behind.

There is no forwarding address. Any real world bills sent to the deceased will fail to coax any sense of responsibility
 from the dearly departed.

Home is where one keeps all their stuff.
Not true.
It`s all our stuff that is keeping us home.

When one has present moment awareness, home is anywhere they are. It is potentially everywhere.

Meanwhile one`s stuff insists that it should be a specific place.
And that stuff, which is no hallucination, will keep reminding those trying to leave home that they have responsibilities.

Here is an example of the important, pressing, matters that the mind will use to call someone trying to leave home
back with.

      Breathe....Inoutinoutinout...No pauses.

  " Oh shit. I`ve got that function next week ....... In......  I really hate Tom`s girlfriend.   Out
She`s such a bitch..... In  Fuck...What did I wear last time?....  out......In......Out
Can`t wear the same thing again.....In  But I look so good in the thing I wore last time.... out....

Rodney said so.  I like Rodney...... In.....   Shame about his coke habit.....

I`ll bet if the government arrested all the drug manufacturers and made a big fire and burnt them.... In...
there would be more time.... out.... for reality TV shows about burning casseroles.... In

I wonder whatever became of Graham Kerr...Out

What did they call him ?.......In.........Oh yeah. The galloping Gourmet.  ........out 

That guy could cook tripe like no one else.


Just listen to your mind calling you home for important reasons while you are doing the connected breathing.

Now there`s some real tripe.

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                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 116

                                                            The rise and fall of Fun.

To be living in a mind that believes in God ISNOTME is no fun.

The constant nagging... The arguments....  The stress......  The lying.......  The suffering....  The struggle...

To distract ones self from this dire situation, one goes in search of fun.

But pure unadulterated fun that goes through the mind`s processes comes out as a complicated mishmash of 
bizarre standards that cannot but fail to provide the sense of satisfaction that it set out to find.

The mind owner is constantly on the look out for things that could be fun.

The mind is struggling so hard to find any fun at all, that it looks no further than finding fun for its self.
It has such a tenuous grip on fun that it has no idea what fun is for other minds. So decides to let them find their own fun.

Of course a mind owner takes for granted that it knows what its children will find fun.
But that is short lived as well.... Despite the expense.

Empires, businesses, marriages, careers, friendships, projects, political parties, religions, film studios, schools, lives are built in the hope of finding fun. They crumble when the fun doesn`t materialize.

"Our marriage is not working. We used to have so much fun together. But it just isn`t fun any more."
"This expedition to the South Pole isn`t fun any more. I just want to go home."
"This  course I signed up for stopped being fun months ago."
"This business venture looked like it would be fun. But now it`s just one problem after another."
"The philosophy I had such hopes for has turned out to be just another scam."

It started out as what looked like fun and turned into me not finding any fun for myself and justifying it by busying myself helping others to find the fun I wasn`t having. I was so busy, I didn`t even realize others were making fun of me the whole time."


So what`s the deal ?

Everything one observes emerging, emerged due to the hope that fun would accompany it.

They persisted because there was always the hope that the fun would be there if what emerged was given time.

When all hope of that fun emerging was lost, that thing was dismantled and vandalized with prejudice.

This fun that the vandal experiences destroying shit. Is the fun that the thing being destroyed failed to provide them.

                                            Destruction is fun gone bad.

The only laughter on Wall Street is a sadistic one.

FUN can never be found...... Because it is FUN doing the searching.

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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 117

                                                      Pay Withdraw it forward.

"What`s wrong with the world? you may well ask.

And if you do, you had to be in it to ask.

There are an infinity of things that are not in this world and so the question has never occurred to them.

But that`s just speculation. The world is here and the questioner isin it. Thus there is no choice but to ask that question.

What`s wrong with this world is that you are in it.

A resident in this world has gone from Freedom to freedumb.

The mind, once you are in its grip does not allow choice.
You just fucking well do what you are instructed.

Try these lines out for size:
"You are choosing to be fat."
"You are choosing to be depressed."
"You are choosing to be poor."
"You are choosing to be sick."
"You are choosing to be an addict."
"You are choosing to badly behaved."

Look!  If you are residing in a mind, you have forfeited your right to choose shit.

"But I chose the blue one instead of the red one." That is a wonderful expression of freedumb.

Why did you choose blue?
"It`s my favourite colour."
When did you chose to make blue your favourite colour?
"I don`t remember. It just is. Stop bugging me."

The world is the way it is because there isn`t another one.

Do you get it. There is no choice !!!

You are stuck in this one, and while you are, you have no choice.
This one is all that exists. There is no other world to choose between.

The last choice you made was to have no choice.

The very next choice you make will be to undo that choice. Because that is the ONLY choice you can make.
Every single other choice is no choice at all.

This is hard going for a mind owner.

Still need convincing ?

Try telling your mind that you are other than what it has decided you are.

Tell your mind that you`ve changed your mind about being claustrophobic.
Tell it that you are no longer afraid of the opposite sex.
Tell it that you have decided to become slim.
Tell it that you don`t want to be an addict any more.
Tell it that you have decided to stop being a manic depressive.
Tell your mind that you have decided to swap religions.
Tell your mind that you are going to love your enemies.

Good luck with that....
Enjoy your Freedumb for the few seconds it lasts.

You can`t have any fun with the mind till you stop it from making fun of you.                                                             

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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 118

                                                         When reassurance needs you.

All pain is, is negative feedback from identification.

Conversely, pleasure is positive feedback from identification.

To feel either, one must have identified with that which is experiencing.

Any vocalization which contains the word my, our, I, we, or mine contains that identification. It is first person.

Remove the my, our, I , or we and the experience is not felt.

A bad drug trip is only a painful experience when it is "Mine."

A skilled hypnotist can convince his subject that the arm having a needle passed through it is not an arm that the subject would refer to as "my". And presto, there is no experience of pain.
Likewise a hypnotist can convince his subject that a bad drug experience is "mine."  This despite the fact that no drug has been administered.

To be in pain, mental or physical, is a sad and lonely place to be.
When drugs are not able to provide a distraction or disassociation from the pain the victim is left with the realization that nothing is helping.

When one has tried everything to escape their emotional pain and yet it is still there.... They realize that nothing has worked.

It`s a sad and lonely place. Their whole life is reduced to nothing.
Nothing brings them pleasure. There is nothing worth living for. There is nothing they can do.
Their only desire is to become nothing.

They have just discovered the same thing every other seeker of truth came to.

Nothing !!!!!!

All that struggle...All that effort..... All that money.... All that trust..... All that hope...... All that commitment....

And it all came down to nothing.

Every time they found just turned into nothing again.

It is all so overwhelming that the victim of life, wants nothing more to do with anything. They just want to be nothing.

But rather than becoming nothing, they instead become something else. A more depressed version of the self that they wanted to become nothing.

It`s a very subtle thing. Missed by all the someone`s who made something of themselves.

Every road ever taken, every line of enquiry followed to its ultimate end, leads to NOTHING !

Unable to comprehend nothing, the mind immediately chooses something else instead.

It has to. That`s it`s job. To hide "nothing" from its owner.

For when that mind owner fully embraces "nothing" the mind is done for.
It becomes like every other mind that the mind owner hears on the radio and in the streets.
They get to hear all sorts of crazy shit. But now....none of it is his/hers.
Because there is no identification, there is no compulsion to obey (Or else....). There is no pain to experience.

So how does one embrace nothing?

Sit in a distraction free location, close your eyes and breath your body. Breath in and out with no pauses between the in and the out.
As soon as the lungs are empty begin the inhaling. As soon as the lungs are full, immediately start to exhale.
Done through the nose. Not forced. Just relaxed but with control.

While you are doing this, you are beginning to experience present moment awareness.
Your mind will not like this at all. It will try to persuade you to not lose identification with who it has spent a lifetime making you into.

Just go back to the connected breathing.  FOCUS ON NOTHING .

It is only by being in the now that nothing is accessible.

Nothing and only nothing is potentially anything.

Anything other than nothing is going to taint that nothing with something else.
One can always deal with something some other time.

One can only deal with nothing NOW !!!

There are billions of sound reasons not to do this.
There can be no reason to do it. It can only be your choice.
The only choice you can make is to cease having no choices.
Only you can provide the reassurance you need.

All my love.

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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 119

                                                                    Q and A.

I`ve tried doing this connected breathing but nothing happens. I was expecting to become enlightened.
How long do I have to do it for?

Well for starters.. you don`t have to do it at all. Your expectations of what enlightenment is will always inhibit your ability to recognize it. Enlightenment is like nothing you have ever experienced. Your expectations are based on your experience. Those experiences were of unenlightenment. Enlightenment is on the other side of you losing identification with those experiences.
You don`t have to do it for long. You only can do it NOW.

Doing this breathing thing doesn`t seem to work for me. How come?

It doesn`t work for you. But you can choose to work for it.
This is the mind doing what it does. It`s job is to keep you distracted by something else.
You try to stay focused on present moment awareness and the mind will do its darnedest to distract you with something else.

I can`t seem to get comfortable doing the breathing. My butt hurts. I get itches. I need to cough. And my nose starts running. For some reason I can`t get comfortable enough to be able to focus on present moment. What to do?  Should I buy some comfortable pillows or a floatation tank?

But isn`t that exactly what your whole life has been dedicated to? Trying to be comfortable here.
And how`s that going by the way?
The comforts you acquire to avoid being distracted are the distraction.
By choosing instead, to remain focused in the present moment, despite the distractions, one is freeing themselves from the cycle of discomfort, distraction, discomfort, distraction.
As distraction fades so does discomfort. Along with the sore butt, the itches, the cough, the snot, the pillows and the floatation tank.
Other distractions and discomfort then are not there to be comforted.
Bye bye to your addictions. Bye bye to your repressed resentment. Bye bye to the deep psychological discomfort your psychiatrist was getting to the bottom of.  Bye bye to your need for love and acceptance. Bye bye to your comfort zone.

Is doing this breathing some type of therapy?

No. You have been in therapy your whole existence.
This is anti therapy.
Once you get rid of all the therapy you have experienced, it becomes apparent that it was the therapy that was fucking you up.

"I have a friend who is really suffering and needs help. What can I do?"

Realize that your friend is merely distracted and seeking comfort.
Our instincts are to provide that comfort. When you succeed they merely get distracted by something else.
If they still have a sparkle in their eye then probably the best thing to do is laugh hysterically as they tell you about it.

However usually that sparkle is not there.
So the main thing is to not let yourself be distracted by their distraction.
This probably won`t make sense while you are trying to be sympathetic to your friend.
But the effect your friends problem has had on you is something you can now breathe into present moment awareness.
The best thing you can do is to remain un affected by their distraction/problem.

And just like them, you can only do something effective about something that you aren`t the effect of.

"I`m taking drugs and alcohol. Should I stop this before I start doing the breathing?"

Hell no. The discomfort caused by taking them will show up when you try to focus on present moment.
This will turn on the discomfort of not taking them.

Realize that you are not being a friend to yourself while you are allowing these distractions to rule your life.
Now have a good laugh at yourself.

Realize that all your suffering was for nothing. Don`t then make it into something else.

That`s plenty for NOW.

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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 120

                                                                Q and A part II.

I thought enlightenment and spirituality was supposed to be uplifting.
There is nothing uplifting in this message. How come?

Everything you have heard up till now on the subject of enlightenment was written to give you comfort.
People have always sought comfort in religion and the words of the latest fad.

That has been the criteria, for anything spiritual to catch on.
If it doesn`t provide comfort, then it must be of no benefit.

Searchers have been distracted by religions and philosophies because they provided them with comfort.
Notice how if you question or criticize someone`s beliefs they get very unconformable.
They cannot look outside of their comfort zone. Because everything they view is through that comfort zone.

When someone tries to enforce their beliefs on you, it`s you who feels the discomfort that their belief is preventing them from feeling.

The more uncomfortable they make you feel, the more discomfort their beliefs are preventing them from feeling themselves.

Better a happy lie than a sad truth.

But isn`t this present moment thing just an escape from reality, and an effort to find comfort?

Well it could be.... If that is what you are using it for. That`s pretty much the difference between this and meditation.
Meditation has many parallels to medication.

It is used to find comfort in something.
Where as present moment awareness is really all about nothing.

You can`t really say..."Before I started doing this connected breathing I used to be uncomfortable.
Now I am comfortable. And a big thanks to connected breathing."

If you are doing the present moment connected breathing for some perceived benefit, then you have slipped right past "nothing" and are doing something else.

Because that something else created the beneficiary of it. That beneficiary is now sentenced to protect and prolong that something. A mind is created.

Well I just don`t get it. Why on earth would anyone want to become nothing?

But that`s exactly what you are. Till you became something else.
You came into this world with nothing. And you leave it with nothing.
Am I making this up? 

No.  The nothing is real. Everything else is made up. Till you know that, you have no choice but to be present in the process of protecting and prolonging that which is made up, till you become nothing again.

So being nothing is not something anyone with a mind would want to be.
Once they lose identification with the mind, that`s just what they are.

So you can buy some time and let that creep up on you or you can reacquaint yourself NOW!

There is no benefit to doing this. Unless you think fun is a benefit. But FUN is what you really are.

Maybe you`ve been too distracted to know that.

"Is there a God?"

Only the great God ISME can never ask that.

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                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 121

                                                                Q and A part III.

"What the fuck does that mean? `Only the great God ISME can never ask that.`"

The great God ISME could never ask if there was a God....Because there would be no time to ask it.
A question and answer can only be separated by time.

"But wouldn`t a God be able to do anything it liked? If it wanted to ask that question couldn`t it create the time to ask it?"

Yes that`s exactly what God is doing...But under a different name.

"And what prey tell is that name?"


"I get it....  So God ISME doesn`t have the time to wonder whether or not it exists. But God ISNOTME does. But isn`t this all just mind games and word play?"

God ISME has no time for mind games and word play. One has to believe in the one true God ISNOTME. Only he can make that time.

"I doubt if anyone would believe that. It just doesn`t ring true.
All the evidence points to the fact that people are not God, under any name. Show me one book in any library in the world that backs up what you are saying."

Exactly. Libraries are the temples of God ISNOTME. Talk about mind games and word play. You`ve found the mother lode. By being in the position to ask if there is a God, one must believe in God ISNOTME by default. Regardless of the answer.  One must be living in God ISNOTME to create the time to pose the question.

"This sort of thing does my head in. I just know I am not a God. And anyone who thinks they are is out of their fucking mind."

Now you`re getting it.

"No I`m not. Look.... All I want is to live a long life and be happy. I don`t want to even think about this sort of shit."

God`s speed. God is with you all the way.
You see...By default you are be living in God ISNOTME. And you are quite happy to spend time doing that. God bless you. It is only because of God that you have the time to spend at all.

"Okay that`s enough. Just give me a quick fix."

Sure. I`ll give you one that takes no time at all. Reacquaint yourself with not asking the question about whether you exist or not.

"And how does one do that?

By sitting in a distraction free environment with your eyes closed, deliberately breathing your body, and doing nothing. Ignore your discomfort and take a break from the eternal uttering of God ISNOTME, who we have re named The Mind.

And is there something to be gained by doing this?

Nothing !!!!

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                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 122

                                                                Q and A part IV.

"There you go with that nothing again. What is the big deal about nothing?"

There is no deal at all with nothing. But where one gets into trouble, is when they decide to make something out of nothing. Which is a waste of time. Every single something will ultimately revert back to nothing. Try to think of even one thing that won`t.

Now you`d think that given this reality, that everything came from nothing, and is ultimately going to return to nothing that some investigation of this would be warranted. However, nothing is something the mind cannot think with. Any exploration of nothing can only be done without the mind.
`Nothing` makes the mind redundant. The mind`s mortal enemy is nothing. You place the mind in the presence of nothing and it will make something out of nothing.

"I can`t think with that."

Exactly !!!!
The mind, with its mandate to protect and prolong it`s self, will always chose something over nothing.
In fact the mind is convinced that anything is better than nothing.

This gives God ISNOTME the power to create anything it chooses.
This places you in the role of spectator, participant or victim. And devoid of choice.

Even a moron knows that the universe was created by God ISNOTME.

"So what can one do other than try to enjoy the ride?"

Nothing. That is the only choice you can make. There are no other choices.

"Give me a for instance."

Choose to set aside an outside of time space every day.
Then keep choosing to not be drawn back into the world of God ISNOTME.
This makes God ISNOTME very uncomfortable.
The part of you that is be living in God ISNOTME will be visited upon by that discomfort.
Just refuse to be home when it visits.

Say you get an itch. Just don`t be where an itch can be experienced.

"What`s the big deal about an itch. Why not just have a little scratch and get back to business?"

Because that is the major way God ISNOTME intimidates its victims.
God ISNOTME will create discomfort in, and about, the body to remind you that you are the victim here.

Just ask anybody.

The discomfort caused by identification with a body is legendary.
Body owners are inflicted with a constant barrage of dissatisfaction about their bodies.
Mine`s sick. Mine is too old. Mine is ugly. Mine is losing its hair. Mine is too skinny. Mine is too fat.
Mine has warts. Mine smells. Mine is in jail. Mine is weak. Mine is always tired. Mine has no sight. Mine is
too short. Mine has a rash. Mine....mine....mine.....

And every complaint is confirmation of God ISNOTME.
In fact they often curse God ISNOTME and plead with him to end the suffering their body is causing them.

By becoming the victim of an itch, one is identifying with a body that they are the effect of.
Imagine living in a situation where what was going on in, and about, your body was totally out of your control................. That was easy.....

Or just don`t be there when discomfort strikes in or about the body.

"So should one take a break from doing the present moment awareness when they are sick or have a tooth ache, or any form of physical discomfort?

No. they would be better advised to take a `break from the discomfort of being a body owner`, by continuing to choose to do the connected breathing exercise.

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                                                      "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 123

                                                            Q and A Part V.

"What happens if I do this breathing thing and nothing happens?"

Then you are right on course.

"But this doesn`t make sense. How can nothing happening be enlightenment?"

But then don`t you see, you have turned that nothing into something else. You have turned nothing into something that didn`t make sense.

"I`m sure people would respond to this better if it made sense. Isn`t that true?"

Absolutely... It is true that people respond to things that make sense.
That has included, hair shirts, self flagellation, exterminating infidels, tortured confessions, celibacy,
exorcisms, burnings at the stake, terrorizing small children with made up stories , suicide bombings, bankruptcy, Vows of silence, worshipping cattle and rats, putting swords through the cheek, cannibalism,
counting beads on a necklace, murdering pigeons, banging one`s head against a wall, chanting, genital mutilation, imprisonment, fair gaming, isolation, never seeing who you believe in, casting spells, pointing the bone, voodoo dolls, Tele evangelism, ex communication, giving animals a long painful death, protecting a sign or a rock, and my personal favourite, sacrificing virgins.
Yep...I think I`ll stick with stuff that doesn`t make sense.

"That`s actually really funny."

That`s what funny is....Seeing the fun that another isn`t having.

"Stop the bus. I need some time with that one."

See... that`s funny.

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                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 124

                                                            Q and A Part VI.

"But what about when one laughs at themselves? How can you say that someone finds themselves funny when they are often suffering lives of despair? "

Anyone who is suffering a life of despair, does so because they are missing out on fun.
Once they see that they are the fun they are missing out on, they see how funny it is.
Since you are the fun, being absent from your life will feel like suffering.
What you are running into every day is people who are absent from their lives.
Unfortunately, people consult their minds to remedy this discomfort.
The mind goes looking for fun. It sees things that look like fun and makes valiant efforts to have them.
It will even take photos to memorialise the fun it is having. Maybe even post them on "Face plant."
Or have a photo of themselves holding a fish, on their desk at work.

Now they have something to remind them of the fun they had, while they suffer through their lives.

"I don`t get it. What`s wrong with having fun?"

Nothing.  But what is one having when one isn`t having fun?   Whatever they are having, it is not fun.
When fun is not present in one`s life, it is because the fun that is you is not present in your life.
Usually it`s because you are too busy out there looking for fun.
Once one sees that they are the fun that is missing from their lives, they can see all the fun they have been missing. And that`s funny.

"Where do you get all this crazy shit? What is in it for you to be writing all this?"

I write because it is FUN. Once you are present in your life, you stop looking for fun and be the fun you can NOW see. The mind doesn`t see the funny side of this. Now you can laugh at the mind.

"But are you getting this stuff by channelling or talking to God or what ? How can I get this sort of information for myself ?"

Okay ...I`ll give it to you straight.
If you are identified with a mind, you have no choice but to be a good human and let it kick the fun out of you.
Just choose to tell the mind that you can now see the fun that it can`t.
The search for fun is over.  I`m here now.


If I had listened to my mind none of what you just read would ever have emerged.

Thanks for reading this. It is fun writing for you. XXX

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                                                     "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 125

                                                            Q and A Part VII.

"So which one are you?" Are you the guy asking these questions....Or the guy answering them?"

Both.  I have the answer and the question. I separate them by creating a little bit of time.

"But weren`t you saying before, that the question prejudices the answer?

Yes. It absolutely does. That`s why I only create a little bit of time between them. Unlike others who create a vast amount of time between question and answer. My prejudices last seconds, instead of centuries.
But there is another difference. For me, it is Fun asking the questions and it is Fun answering them.
I kept making the choice not to identify with my mind. So my questions and answers are not dictated to by a mind.

"So how come nobody else has come up with all this?

Well that is the question isn`t it....

"Well what is the answer?"

Choose to not identify with the mind that is telling you that you are less than the nothing you are worshipping.

"What on earth are you telling us?"

I`m telling you that on Earth you are unable to see that everything you are doing is for nothing.

"No.... You`ll have to give us a for instance....???"

See all of the great cathedrals, listen to all the great words of wisdom spoken, watch all the great rituals being performed, count all the cash  poured onto this great source of answers....
Feel all the discomfort in the prayers of the needy...

Now open your eyes and see all that subservience  is directed at "Nothing."
But because the mind cannot contemplate nothing, it instead goes for something else.
The mind then is forced to be subservient to the something else. But that something else is really nothing.
But to a mind owner, he or she is now less than the nothing they have turned into something else.

Being present moment aware removes one from greater or lesser .

"But why is anybody forced to be subservient to anything?"

Excellent question. Just don`t take your time answering it.

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                                                      "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 126

                                                            Q and A Part VIII.

"That last bit is hard to get your head around. Can you explain it more?"

When one moves away from being the nothing that they are, they gain an outside perspective of that nothing.
That outside perspective is the illusion of choice. One can either be greater than, or less than ...nothing.

Having this illusion of choice holds one away from simply being the nothing that they are.

"I am no longer nothing, because I am less than nothing"
Or, "I am no longer nothing because I am greater than nothing."

I know how complex this sounds. That complexity evaporates when one ceases to pretend to be greater or lesser than nothing.

Those who take the lesser route have no choice but to either pray, work, or learn themselves out of the reality that are not choosing.

Someone who takes the greater route has no choice but to expect to be prayed to, expect to be worked for and expect others to learn from.
Once again it is not a choice. The last choice anyone made was to cease to be nothing.
The only choice that can be made from out here is to choose to be nothing again.

"Man this is hard going...."

Tell me about it.  Imagine waking up every morning and having to re enact this over and over again, and having no choice.

People are stuck with the reality that they are living. I mean it is there man. No chance of it de-materializing.

So one has no choice for those who believe that they are less than nothing, but to work, prey, or learn their way out of the reality that they are present in.

And for those who believe that they are greater than nothing,there is no choice but to have lesser beings work for them. prey to them, or be taught a lesson.

"This is massive in its implications. It doesn`t sound like it`s right at all.  Actually it sounds made up and crazy..."

Nevertheless, now that You know about it, see if you can have some fun spotting it.

It only takes one greater than guy to enslave millions of lesser than guys.

But I`m not here to make you work hard or be taught some greater than the others lesson. You don`t have a prayer.

Just pointing out how crazy and futile greater or lesser than, is.

While one is imagining that they are greater or lesser than anything they are stuck with it.

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                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 127

                                                            Q and A Part IX.

"I don`t see why this greater or lesser than, thing has come up. Explain???"

Because while one is holding the position that they are greater than, or lesser than, they inhibit their ability to assume the position that they are actually nothing.

Just have a look at how competitive the reality one is experiencing is.
One is living in a world where there are winners and losers. There is constant pressure to gain self esteem. Then there is the pressure to not lose their self esteem.

What a dent to their self esteem one suffers when they are branded a loser.

"You know I`ve never looked at this before. I always assumed that this competitiveness is what life was all about."

It is the reality that most have assumed. They have had no choice.
But look at the suffering caused by this assumption.
"If we didn`t cut down the rain forest, our competitors would have."
"Our religion is the greatest, and best religion money can buy. the others are all losers and they deserve to go to Hell."
"Why do you have to be a loser? Why can`t you be more like the that Jones boy. He`s a real winner."
"We are in business to make money. If that means some people have to be sacrificed then so be it."
"I`m with the reds. We are the best. If you are a blue, you need to be taught a lesson."

Just look around you. The desire to be greater, gives one licence to lose all empathy with losers.

If you are the greatest, becoming nothing is not an easy choice to make.
If you feel that you are less than nothing, then becoming nothing is something you  will feel unworthy of choosing.

"Once again. There is much more going on here than just the written words."

Whatever it is ...just make sure it isn`t greater or lesser than.

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                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 128

                                                            Q and A.  Part X.

"Can you, as clearly as possible, define exactly what enlightenment is ? Then people can get a grasp on it and know what they are aiming for."

Sure. Get everything you know and throw it away.

"Why? How can that possible help?"

Because it is everything you know that is inhibiting your ability to see that you are already enlightened.

"Oh for fucks sake !!!  I really think you have lost the plot."


"You seem to have a never ending supply of stupid answers."

Only because you have a never ending supply of stupid questions.

"Okay then...Give me one question that isn`t stupid."

Not possible.

"How come?"

Because one has to ask the question from the viewpoint of stupid. The viewpoint one assumes to ask the question has to be one of being stupid.
The answer is the remedy to the discomfort caused by being stupid. The question creates the less than nothing void for the more than nothing answer to fill. And focusing on the process of doing this over and over  distracts one from the reality that they are already enlightened.

"This whole subject causes me discomfort."

And it is the need to resolve that discomfort that is always posing the questions.
This is why people "need" answers. They need to resolve discomfort. And that discomfort emerges in the mind.
There is an eternal struggle to gain peace of mind.

"This is so complicated. It hurts."

That is a choice that the mind has made for you. Just like your heart beating and your breaths being taken.
Stop either, and you will experience vast discomfort.

"So if we have no choice what can we do about it?"

No. You always have one choice. To stop playing the game.

"And then?"

And then you will be able to focus on being enlightened.

"Okay... Just tell us. I can`t see how one can be enlightened by ceasing to play the game."

You are oblivious to your own enlightenment because you are distracted by the game you are playing.

Just like you are oblivious to all the discomfort and disasters you aren`t experiencing.

"But what isn`t happening has the potential to be anything."

                                       BINGO !!!!!!!!!!

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                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                              Part 129

                                                                      The eternal beginning.

Okay. We`re going to change gear a little bit here.

I am starting a new chapter, in a new thread.

It will be called;                                                      "A new story"

                                                                              Sense of fun.

From when the first post goes up there will be a a link to it here...

Meanwhile, I would like you to consider how you would feel about auditioning for a part in a production with your nearest theatre company.