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Title: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 01, 2014, 09:02:34 AM
      It is suggested that one read "MY STORY"



                     ..... before reading....                                               

                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 1

                                                          Life is not an audition.

Now the reason it isn`t an audition is because you have already been cast. You have your character, your script and your role to play.

The very idea of taking on another role is unthinkable. I mean to say, you are probably having enough trouble with the role you have already been cast as. And most likely you have lost interest in the plot as well. It`s oh so predictable. Maybe it will be a relief when it ends.
Who cares about a happy ending when you`d be more happy when it just ends.

And chances are that since you have played your role for so long, you will now be typecast. The one thing worse, for an actor, than not being cast at all.

As I ended "Outside of the story" I asked you to contemplate auditioning for a role in some production at your nearest theatre company...
If your reaction to that was anything other than ..."FUN" then you have a very precise gauge of the type of casting your mind is inflicting on you.

"I can`t be bothered.  I have no interest in acting. I haven`t got the time or energy. I don`t have the confidence. I`m too old or too young.
I`m not up to it physically. I`m not good enough looking. I don`t want people looking at me. What if I lose my nerve at the last moment.
There will be plenty of others applying for the role with more experience than me.  I have other things to worry about....Serious things.
I don`t like the sound of all that commitment and responsibility. Why am I even thinking about it. I`m quite happy as I am. Leave me the fuck alone....."

Maybe you thought of some others....

If not... do so NOW !  Make a list if you like.

Very good. You now have defined the role you are currently playing.
It is the role that prevents you from playing other roles.

It is why you are not playing the role that, had things gone differently, you would now be playing.
The thing that is preventing you from playing your dream role is the role you are currently playing.

If you hadn`t been doing the present moment connected breathing exercise (Regardless of for how long) then that list would be even longer.

The better an actor is, the less he/she is acting. They are being the character. They are so believable that you don`t even register that they are acting. 

Just like you don`t believe that you are acting as the character you are now cast as.

So you can act. You fucken well can. Your acting is so good no one even suspects that you are acting. Not even you.

But you are.

Look at all the props you have accumulated. Listen to how sincere your well rehearsed lines are. Feel that character motivation.
See how convinced everyone around you is that your character is real. Notice how well you answer the phone with your serious voice.
Listen carefully as you deliver your lines so passionately when you protest about another character getting their lines wrong, or upstaging you.
Feel how angry you act when yet another prop fails to perform as required.

Have you not realized yet that the only way you will ever play your dream role is to take creative control of the whole production?

That means scrap heaping the one that isn`t fun, and writing a whole "new story"....

This time with your dream role.
And you as the star.

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 02, 2014, 09:05:22 AM
                                                              "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 2

                                                              Who am I really?

Scientists are busy all around the world trying to figure this out for you.

One day soon there will surely be a big announcement in the news.

The question being asked, if it could be seen with any clarity is, "How did we get cast in the role we are stuck in?"

A lot of this research is focused on brains that evolved into the brain that can turn around and look at itself.

The human brain is unique in this ability. There are no otters, wondering how they got a brain. They don`t have the brains to do that.

The difference between a brain that can wonder about itself and one that couldn`t give a shit, is apparently, a subtle difference in their DNA.
What brains that can wonder about themselves have realized is that there are these mysterious switches in its genetic code that cause a gene to mutate.

My brain cannot understand how your brain could possibly find all this science boring. After all, it is all about you and how you got miserable
and lost in a character you didn`t choose.

Brainy people have realised that by introducing different chemicals into the brain, one can alter the way the brain functions.
Actually.. any high school kid could have told them that.

But a "HIGH School kid" would never have the brains to ask, is their brain the one doing the research or is it the one being researched?

The answer of course is both. "It just comes down to a shift of viewpoint."

And you can run the exact same drill on the mind.

So to save the country millions in research grants.

                     "How did we get cast in the role we are stuck in?"

"It just comes down to a shift of viewpoint."

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 05, 2014, 07:59:43 AM
                                                             "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 3

                                                            Stuck in a life.

One is stuck in a role because they carry with them the illusion of choice.

"I could have been somebody...I could have been a contender..."

No you couldn`t.

You are who you are being because you had no choice.
Then you perpetuate that illusion by projecting it on others.

Every time you judge someone else`s actions or words, you perpetuate the delusion that they made that choice.

The guy who broke into your house didn`t do it while he was on holiday from being a movie star.

Hugh Hefner didn`t build the Playboy empire because there weren`t any vacancies in Walmart.

When, during sentencing, a Judge condemns the guilty, will often times , use the words, "You chose a life of crime..."

But if you asked the judge if he could ever have committed the heinous offences shown in evidence during the trial.
He would say. "No! Not under any circumstances. That to me, would be unimaginable. It would be completely out of character."

So...He is an upholder of the Law. And he attempts in vain to prevent the downfall of society.

But there is no fucken choice involved.
The judge could no more become a criminal than the criminal could become a judge.

To pretend there is choice involved is about as stupid and moronic as you can be and still walk on two legs.

Those who perpetuate the illusion of freedom of choice have actually given themselves a life sentence.

The only choice anyone can freely make is to not play the character life has cast them in.

Sit there for twenty minutes daily and ignore your script.

During the making of the film "Ironweed" starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, the story required Meryl`s character to be found dead in a hotel room.
Meryl asked the crew who were ready for the shoot , to come back in twenty minutes.
When they returned Meryl was gone. All that was left was a body on the floor.

Is it a coincidence that probably the best actress in the world can choose to be nothing?

I don`t think so !!

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 06, 2014, 09:34:28 AM
                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 4

                                                            Character building.

The character you are presently playing, and the role you are presently cast in is an amalgam of all the choices you didn`t make.

And conversely, all the characters you are NOT presently playing, and the roles you are not cast in are the mandate of that character.

This is what schizophrenia is all about. Just like the angel and the devil that used to appear over Donald Duck`s shoulders in the early Disney cartoons.

This is what is jumping all over your arse when you try to extract yourself from any addictive cycle.

We only think of the free way types of addictions when we hear the word addiction.
These are the substances and habits that provide a rocket ride to a date with destiny.
These are the addictions that people form clubs where other addicts can share their stories and pray for help.

And those looking at those stories from outside just shake their heads and condescendingly dredge up their own addiction to giving useless advice.

The best the, addiction we call, mind has come up with is to write a new character.

"Imagine how logical it will be to give up your addiction." it glibly offers.

 "Write a new character over the top of the one you are presently playing. Change the story line. Pretend the "addicted you" never existed.
Get a new addiction that is more like a one lane country road, rather than a super highway to inevitability."

Forty days..... thirteen hours...... ten minutes and sixteen seconds without   a   ............  !

Isn`t this "number of days without a ......,"  obviously the banner of the deprived?

Often times the recovering addict is discovering a new addiction to distract him/her self from the old one.

Meanwhile the poor addict feels like Donald Duck.

So one tries to get addicted to a healthy addiction.  The stress and strain is overwhelming. All it takes is one slip, one moment when their guard is dropped, and then we have the most detested word in every language that exists....

                                                       RELAPSE !!!!

It`s depth of feelings of agony and despair can only be compared in intensity, to the feelings of ecstasy that preceded it.

To have focused on a "unhealthy" addiction while reading this, would have deprived one of the consciousness that "healthy" addictions are just the slow country lane version of the same thing.

Life itself is the addiction. And those who have one will die defending it.

That life you have is there, not of your choosing. You are a slave to it.

It doesn`t matter how long and hard you try to create a new life. That old one is just waiting for one small slip up. Just one moment when you let your guard down.  Ahhhhhh.... The relief.

"I hope you have learned your lesson. Now get back in line and do the fuck what you are told to."


Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 10, 2014, 10:42:29 PM
                                                           "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 5

                                                             A star is born.

Who ever you are being now is what is preventing you from being someone else.

And who you are being now is clearly evidenced by the experience you are having.

The poor guy you are, is the thing that is preventing you from being the rich guy you could be.
The lazy guy you are is preventing the highly motivated guy you could be from making his/her appearance.
The addict you are dragging around as you, is inhibiting the potential that you are from being realized.

Every time the new you calls , the old you hangs up on him.

The old you is just twisted memories and partial, one eyed experiences, that taught you lessons.
They are all crammed into what we refer to as mind. The mind is the definition of self centred.

It has to be to give you the centre from which the self resides.

To experience self consciousness is to identify with that mind.

The mind sends you out to get help once your addictions cannot be fulfilled.

All it will ever do is trade addictions.

"I`m no longer high on drugs. Now I`m high on Jesus."
"I owe my life to Swadipardi Pudapart.... I have pledged myself to bringing his truth to the world."

The first step to going free is to disown the things you are trying to get away from and the things you are trying to acquire.

The reasons one is trying to become enlightened are the very same reasons that they are not already.

If one frees themselves from the suffering caused by any addiction for any reason, they now have reason to be addicted to what "freed"  them.

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 13, 2014, 09:37:37 AM
                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 6

                                                           Waiting to move.

Anything one decides to communicate, must be communicated from a point of view.
It is always from something or about something.

The mind tricks its owner into thinking that they are originating the communication, when all it is really doing is justifying the point taken.
What is really occurring is that the point taken is what is originating the communication.

If one had no point of view there would be nothing to communicate.
There is no choice about this. Even having no opinion from or about something ... is a point of view.

And that point of view is from or about something.
When it is about something, rather than from something, the element of identification has been removed.

When the point of view is from something, rather than about something, it is because the point of view has been moved inside that something.

One can communicate in a semi detached way about love. But when it is their own personal love on the agenda, the viewpoint is one of attachment.

A mind can take comfort in attacking other`s reputations. However it will be strangely silent when it comes to its own, except in it`s defence.

This is the very mechanism that prevents someone from moving from the old you to the new you.

The mind`s brief is to protect and prolong it`s self.

All mind owners are sentenced to defend and protect their mind to death.

I couldn`t help noticing that in virtually every biography I read that the subject had a near death experience before the new them emerged.
And reading those where a near death experience wasn`t mentioned, in its place was a sort of an epiphany.

Keith Richard`s was walking past a shop as a kid and he heard "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis. It blew his mind !!!!

Ozzy Osbourne heard The Beatles for the first time and ...... It blew his mind !!!!

Rod Stewart..." I can`t say that short moment in the grass matched what happened to me in 1962, which is when I got to hear Bob Dylan`s first album. Now that really did move the earth."

"Till one blows their mind, every communication line is set in stone by the point of view that mind has assumed."

A new story needs a blank page to be written on.

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 14, 2014, 09:20:50 AM
                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 7


As soon as anyone tries to tap into their potential, the mind will pounce.
It does not have any interest in you reaching your potential because it spells the end of the mind.

It isn`t until one attempts this subjectively that they experience how ruthless the mind is in keeping the status quo.
The mind reasons that if one was to become the new you, then the old you wouldn`t have any involvement, and thus be denied the benefits that the new you was seeking.

It would say that those benefits would be bestowed on someone else.

The useless you, that you really are, cannot reap the rewards of the useful you that you really aren`t.

This is why it is imperative that one discharges the old you, by either a near death experience, an epiphany.
Both of these result in the third possibility... Which is what the other two bring about anyway.
And that is present moment awareness. And it is the only one that is a choice.

The first two also create a dependency on whatever saved them. The choice to be present moment aware is the only true independence.

Make no mistake...The mind is there to shatter your dreams and keep you dependent on it.

Now begins the process of discharging the hold the mind has over you as each attempt at liberation is thwarted.

Just as in the connected breathing  exercise, one must now stop listening to the mind`s reactions to the new you emerging.

Here is a list of the types of ammunition the mind will offer up to you.

"I am too old for this sort of thing."
"I`ve tried this before. It doesn`t work."
"What`s on TV?"
"This is too hard."
"I was born unlucky."
"I`ll start tomorrow."
"I`ve already missed my chance."
"God doesn`t want me to be happy."
"I only feel ambitious when I`m not medicated."
"I`m just WAITING for a lucky break."
"I`m waiting for a sign."

"I don`t get to eat at the adults table. I am a waiter."

And this is where 5 billion years of evolution gets you !!!!???

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 15, 2014, 10:35:57 AM
                                                           "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 8

                                                           The enemy within.

All of the drama and crazy shit one observes in the world is a distraction from dealing with the actual cause of it.

No matter how much money is raised, how many wars are won, or how much effort is poured into solving the world`s problems, more just keep popping up.

This is not new. It`s been going on since the dawn of time. It is the cause of the time that is dawning.

There is no choice. One is dealt a hand. And it is that hand that they hold up for every round.

Someone born into the "I was born into poverty " hand will keep playing that hand. It is all they know.

No matter how much they rearrange their cards, they are still playing with the same hand.

Being who they identify with requires that hand.
Without it they would be someone else, and unable to identify with that someone else. It would be a pretence.

The world is unfolding as it is because everyone is playing the hand they were dealt. They have no choice.

When that hand gets them into trouble they seek an expert who has been dealt the "I can read your cards hand."

And while you still hold the hand you have been dealt, the advice can only be, and has only ever been to bluff your way through the game.

When that fails to bring relief, one resorts to cheating.

But no matter how one tries to deal with the game of life it is always an effort to hold off the relapse.
The hand that one has been dealt is not going anywhere.

People will hold onto the cards they have been dealt as if their life depended on it. It does.

The life that one has, is played with those cards. Without them, one is deprived of that life.

The specific viewpoint one has of life is dependant on looking at life from behind those cards.

And those cards are real. You can remember being dealt them.
They have made you who you are.

And who you are is someone trying to have fun with those cards.
Trouble is, you have identified with the cards instead of the fun you are attempting to have through them.

A card holder in this world has no choice but to try to have fun.
It is only when they throw in their hand that it is realized that they ARE only ever the fun they were trying to have.

The fun that one is, can only be obscured by the cards one is holding up in front of themselves.

The Two of spades cannot be the King of Diamonds or the Queen of hearts unless you play the Joker.

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 17, 2014, 10:43:58 AM
                                                              "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 9

                                                               Rules rule.

The moment one picks up the hand they have been dealt, a viewpoint is adopted.
One looks through those cards to see what they could mean in the scheme of things.
One can for the first time ask, "Is this a winning hand? or could this be turned into a winning hand.

Right at this moment there is an infinity of games on offer.
One loses sight of this by only engaging those games that the specific hand they have been dealt fits in with.
"This is who I am . That is what I do. 
 This is what I do...that is who I am."

This specific viewpoint places its holder in an environment that they are present in.
Which makes interaction possible. One can now compare the specific hand they were dealt, with other potential hands being held.

So better or worse emerges.
These were only brought into view by the distortion or aberration one gets by looking through something being held in front of their face.

 The rules of Mahjong are only relevant to a Mahjong player.
The rules of Mahjong emerge because of Mahjong players.

The rules of "%#@*" have never caused anyone any suffering, or inhibited anyone`s freedom because no one is playing "%#@*".

To experience suffering or become inhibited one has to have become identified with a role they are playing because of a hand they have picked up and identified with.

The key to realizing the games you are playing is the viewpoint that there is the existence of better and worse.

If you are happy because there are those who are worse off...Or if you are sad because there are others who are better off....
That viewpoint can only be held by a player.

One can delude themselves into thinking that they aren`t a player. But if you recognize better or worse, then you are a player in the relative universe.  The illusion of better or worse, as a choice, is like saying one has chosen to go forward in time instead of backwards.

And there is nothing like the romantic union of two souls in love to illustrate this with !
For better.......or for worse.

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 14, 2014, 03:00:09 AM
                                                           "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 10

                                                            Back to square one.

I haven`t written for a while. Something has gone terribly wrong. I have reluctantly decided to converse with potential again to see if I can get to the bottom of it.

So Potential what have you got to say?

Why not start by telling us what has been going on.

I guess mainly I feel like shit. I feel like I haven`t achieved a single thing from all I`ve done to become enlightened. I keep getting images of every single embarrassing, regretful, humiliating, unjust, degrading, depressing thing I`ve ever done.
It`s as if there has never been one positive, worthwhile thing I have ever done or witnessed. It just leaves me with feelings of bitterness
and resentment. It seems the more I try to become the new me, the less progress I make.
That`s something to start with...

Wow. Sounds pretty grim.

Oh ...and my health is failing and I am getting exasperated by all the insane people that surround me.
I actually rehearse in my mind the joy of getting some payback for all those who have wronged me.
I also feel thoroughly embarrassed to be bringing all this up.

Okay. Go and do some present moment connected breathing and then meet me back here....

Let me grab a cuppa and a smoke first.

As you wish.


Okay. Done.

Feeling any better?

Yeah...A bit.

Good enough.  Now lets see what`s been going on.

Well firstly could you answer for me why I have been feeling so bad?

You have created the expectation that being enlightened would foster some sort of recognition from the unenlightened world.
But the unenlightened does not recognize enlightenment. That`s why it is unenlightened. If it were to be enlightened, it would no longer exist.

That kind of makes sense.

Not to the unenlightened. To the unenlightened, God is someone else. Someone un knowable. Someone who works in mysterious ways.

It just struck me that the words `enlightened` and `God` are interchangeable.

Very good. Now do you notice that the enlightened God has no need for feedback. No need for recognition. No need for anything?
God begins where dependency ends.

I`m getting it.

God ISME acts independant of anything. It is by acting in a dependant manner that God transfers its power to God ISNOTME.

I`m feeling so much better since hearing that.

"Good. Get some sleep and we`ll recover some more ground when you have rested.

Thanks so much.

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 14, 2014, 11:26:08 AM
                                                          "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 11

                                                    Never can say goodbye.

Here`s something that`s always pissed me off. When someone makes progress on the road to enlightenment; when they falter, they always tumble right back to the beginning. They don`t go back to just before they faltered. They end up worse off than if they had never started on the path. It`s so demoralizing. What`s the deal there?

Anything, and it doesn`t matter what that thing is, can only be acquired or identified with for the duration of time it is suspended in.
It is an uphill battle to hold any possession up in time. All things will revert back to the nothingness from where they emerged. It`s just a matter of time.

Just hearing that reminds me of how tired I`ve been feeling lately.

That`s what tiredness is. It`s holding things up. Once you put down all that you are holding up, there is great relief.

But how does one put things down? I mean in practical terms.... Lately Neanderthals have been dumping all sorts of their shit on me and I find myself festering on it for hours. I try to move on but it just reappears and sets off all this stuff again.

The unenlightened do unenlightened things. To expect otherwise is itself unenlightened.

So is the answer to just become a recluse and avoid interaction with the unenlightened?

By doing so you are denying yourself the opportunity to allow the unenlightened to bring up that which is unenlightened within you.

Oh for fuck`s sake. This is all just so frustrating. I`m getting tired of it.

Okay. Go and do some more, present moment aware, connected breathing . Then we`ll continue.

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 15, 2014, 08:06:52 AM
                                                                   Double post

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 15, 2014, 09:00:39 AM
                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 13


Okay I`m back.

Fire away.

I guess the thing that is bugging me the most is the quiet desperation and dissatisfaction that plagues peoples lives.
I mean one feels an empathy about other`s suffering, but it seems every effort to alleviate suffering is just futile. People relapse.
They go back to being miserable and overwhelmed with problems. I have just spent weeks in the doldrums myself. And I`m someone who is actually trying to transcend all this crap.  It just feels as if this is all just a waste of time.



Having time and something to waste are mutually inclusive.

Can you explain that a bit?

One can be of the view that it takes a lot of time to become enlightened. Whereas...It actually takes no time at all.
It is the time that inhibits the enlightenment.

But people have no choice. They are stuck with time as a reality.

That`s the apparentcy. (Made up word) The actuality is that people who believe in time are stuck in it.

But one can`t just magic away time.

Yes they can. In the magical world before time.

Tell us a bit about this magical world before time.

Well that would be a world where the days lasted for ever. It would be a world full of joy and wonder. It would be a world where the deep bond of friendship would be experienced purely because another kid showed up in front of your house. It would be a world where you could laugh so much you`d think you were going to die. And even that was funny.

You are talking about childhood of course.
But we can`t stay children forever.

Says who?


Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 14

                                                                     Before zero.

I kind of see what you are saying. But I really don`t feel like a kid at the moment.

If you aren`t feeling like a kid it`s because you are feeling something else.

Well.... Obviously.

No. Not so obvious. It`s something that has been missed by every mind that has tried to unravel this.
Minds are constantly getting guidance from their feelings. Minds will distort and manipulate anything observable till it "Feels right."
The mind is tireless in this pursuit. Everything observed is a manipulation of a made up truth, till it feels right.
As a result, one is able to have a life in a made up reality.

This is hard to get my mind around.

Exactly. When you do get around it, it will be as a result of abandoning the mind. By abandoning the mind one is extracting themselves from a mechanical process. That process is in place so that one is able to experience their feelings. The mind is like the mechanism that allows one to be surprised by the gifts they have bought for themselves.

I can feel something big is hiding just over the horizon. Like I`m about to be surprised by my own gift.

So ...Do you want to reveal it ? Or should I ?

Reveal what?

Okay. I guess that means I will.

Come on then... I want to hear this.

Life as you know it, only exists because one has fallen for the feeling that there is something over the horizon.
This is the grand conspiracy. This is the unthinkable.
For if there was nothing over the horizon there would be nothing to live for.

This is weird....Even by my standards.

Feelings are the booby trapped internal guidance system that keeps its victim from ever going beyond the horizon.

So what should I feel when I finally get what you are raving on about?

Nothing !

Holy fuck!!! This is just nuts.
I`m not sure what your point is . But it doesn`t feel right.

I have no control over how you feel about things. Trouble is neither do you!!!

But people have to have feelings. Otherwise they wouldn`t be human.

BINGO !!!!

You crack me up.
This is some pretty heavy subject matter and yet you make it seem like a mindless game.

Once there are no horizons to strive for, there is nothing to be serious about.
Here...Let me show you the con. The greatest minds have all fallen for it. Billions of dollars and hours have been wasted in this delusion.

The whole human experience is about staying on a treadmill of feeling, experience, feeling, experience, feeling , experience.

Okay... I need an example.

Look around you. That`s all there is. Anything other than that is beyond the horizon.
Once `beyond the horizon` is excluded from the equation one is stuck here with and by their feelings.

Every function performed, every endeavour pursued, is mandated by what appears to come from over the horizon... One`s feelings.

Here is this mechanism in action;
Some human feels bad. They are now sentenced to not rest until they feel good.
Maybe they consult an expert in the field who has expertise in turning bad feeling into good feeling.

This expert will now be judged on whether or not he can turn your bad feelings into good ones.

This is why different things work for different people.

If you consulted someone who was truly enlightened, you would come away feeling nothing at all.
But as is so often the case, one comes away from a healer with feelings of good.
"I went there feeling bad, and he was able to send me away feeling good. He`s the best !!!!

I used to be........  but now I`m ............. All thanks to ................

I was able to feel good for the rest of my life, apart from the last two weeks of it, when I felt like shit."

So what is the enlightened perspective on this?

The enlightened would have no addiction to feeling anything at all.

But without feelings how do we know how we feel, about anything?"

EXACTLY !!!  One has now resurrected pure potential. One is no longer taking dictation. Now one is writing a new story.

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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 15

                                                          Feelings wooh wooh wooh... feelings...

If it wasn`t for feelings one wouldn`t have any instruction or cue as to what their viewpoint should be.

So what are feelings and where do they come from?

They are you, and they come from you.
The potential you is the creator of all feeling and all things. The specific identification you is the recipient of some feelings and some things.

How `bout I just step aside and let you explain all of this stuff about feeling...

Sure. A god is the originator of feeling. A human is the receiver of feelings.
All human feeling is in reaction to..... A human is mired in the feelings they don`t have any control over.
A human is sentenced to forever convert bad feelings into good feelings.
It`s never questioned. One`s feelings are simply obeyed.

But if one didn`t have feelings  they would be like a lifeless rock...

Ah the serenity of the rock. Free of the constant bombardment of feelings.
What a joy it is to be in the presence of an inanimate object that cannot be drawn into the human world of
opinions and viewpoints, needs and aversions, condemnation and approval.

Are you saying the rock is enlightened?

I`m saying that it is feelings that are inhibiting you from sharing the serenity of the rock.

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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 16


This is my first update in several months. Will there be more?
We`ll both just have to wait and see...

I took a long break from tuning into potential and relapsed into the need for results.

It`s something all who seek enlightenment have to navigate through.
When one`s life doesn`t transform into a full-time fantasy camp, inevitably impatience sets in.
One begins to wonder if maybe they have it all wrong.

"Maybe enlightenment isn`t up this road."
"Maybe I`m doing the wrong things."

"It never occurred to me that being enlightened would feel so miserable."

And of course, one always has the ever present self worth issues that threaten to tear down all one has erected.

And why is it that the closer one gets to enlightenment, the further away from it they feel?

And conversely, why would it be  that the further away from enlightenment one is, the more confident they are about their being in close proximity to enlightenment.

It`s a puzzle. An enigma. A labyrinth that has baffled all who are living in it ever since time began.

And isn`t it fascinating that the more self assured one is the more one can be confident that they are further away from enlightenment.
The further one resides from enlightenment, the more answers they seem to have.
And yet the closer one is to enlightenment, the more questions they have.

It`s like it`s all inside out, back to front and upside down.

I confess that I too had the image of an enlightened one as someone who could confidently hand out advice and solve problems.
Traditionally that is the image we have been led to believe in.
Someone who is not phased by anything. A "go to" guy for the bewildered. Someone with a silly hat.

But consider this....

Every person seeking enlightenment is deluding themselves.
What they are really doing is seeking relief from their story.

That is quite an insight.

No wonder there is not one shred of information available with instructions on how to become enlightened.
It`s as frustrating as hell. 
It`s how we deal with things. We want to know what to DO !

Just tell me what I have to DO, to become enlightened?!

You want me to accept Jesus (Whatever that means)....Fine.
You want me to meditate for five years?  Okay...I`ll do it.
You want me to just love everyone and everything?  Okay ...I`ll do that.
You want cash ? How much? Do I get a plaque or a certificate?
You want me to wear a burka?
You want me to stop eating meat?
Just tell me. Somebody please just tell me.

But you notice how much discomfort one feels if their method of enlightening themselves is stripped from them???

So it is clear that any doing is an effort to provide comfort.
Any doing is an effort to make being unenlightened more comfortable.
And it`s a delusion.

What you believe in, you be living.

And that becomes the viewpoint you inhabit.

That is what engages a story.

Just like a play. And it is a play.
When the play is over and the final curtain drops, the actors abandon their characters.

The lights come on. They are enlightened.

Not by the play. But by the absence of play.

For an actor, absence of a play means there is no longer his story.

All stories are about conflict.  Try to think of one that isn`t.

                                                 EVERY STORY IS ABOUT CONFLICT!

Write down the titles of your top ten stories. Books, films, Religions, political parties, philosophies, jobs, wars, price of fish, romance,
western, fable, proverb, investment, marriage, hobby, appointment, relationship, bank account, trip to the casino, holiday,
road crossing...............................

To be in a story one must be conflicted.

To be conflicted one can only be unenlightened.... Otherwise you would be on both sides of the conflict.
To be conflicted one must make the opposing viewpoint untenable.

Is this getting through?

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 17


...... Is something that can only be taken. It isn`t something that can be given.
The moment you try to delegate responsibility, you have assummed responsibility yourself.

All you`ve really done is impose accountability.

This goes deeper than would appear at first glance.

Notice how part of the human condition is the feeling of accountability.

And with that accountability goes denial of responsibility.

These two conflicting attitudes are poles apart.
There is a space between them where stories can be written.

It`s as if the inability to reconcile these conflicting viewpoints is the definition of life.

By living life in a story one is never far from the possibity that they will be held accountable for their actions.
The moment they are, the denial of responsibility rises to the surface.

So it is by relinquishiong responsibility (Cause) that one makes themselves accountable. (Effect)

By denying responsibility one descends into accountability.

The denial of responsibility is admission of accountability.

By insisting that you are not responsible you are being accountable. You are making yourself accountable.

This all seems like bullshit word games.

And it would be if not for the fact that  responsibility can only be taken.

Notice how no one is taking responsibility for anything that has gone wrong.

And there is a lot that has gone wrong in the world.

To remain in this world one must transform responsibility into accountability and pass it on.

Enlightenment, like responsibility , can only be taken. It cannot be given.

If you are waiting for enlightenment , you are probably sitting in a story somewhere reading this.

That`s okay....It`s my fault !

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 18

                                                                     A one eighty.

It`s been a while since I put finger to key.

What is dancing around me is too important not to put down.

So I`ll just allow it to flow.

Firstly it is a mistake to have a new story. It is the addiction to having a story at all that ends in suffering.
Yet we do it instinctively...

Without a story...we are no one.

And enlightenment has been mistakenly equated with finding out who one really is.

A person`s story is always the search for who they really are.

It is through a story that one defines themselves.
"This is who I am. here is my story."

All suffering is due to identification.

One can shut off feelings of discomfort by disassociating with the source of the discomfort.

The mind is the link between a source of pain and one`s perception of that pain.

It is the mind that keeps one unenlightened.
There is no conscious mind.
                                                        Mind is unconsciousness defined.

What I`m about to say is so tricky to grasp.
The mind can come up with reasons why it is wrong till the end of time.

It is the job we have delegated to the mind to keep us unenlightened.

A mind owner is in a perpetual state of sleep.
When something comes along that jars us into consciousness the mind demands that rather than
be with the discomfort,  we act immediately to remedy the situation urgently so we can go back to sleep.

These are the loneliest moments one can experience.

This is waking up on a battlefield with no weapons.

The mind can only ever be dishonest about who you really are.

It has no answer. It never will have the answer to that question.

It is why the question is asked. Absent a mind there are no questions.

Here is the tricky part I was telling you was coming up.
I`ll go into it further. For now I just want to get it down.

The mind , having no answer for who one is, instead sets about
defining who you are not.

Over time one becomes swamped by all the things one is sure one isn`t.

These are specific things one has disassociated from.

So one is then left with an unspecific idea of who they are.

The identity one believes they are is in fact all that is still left during the process of elimination.

But no matter how much one defines what they are not, it does not remedy the the answer to the question of who we really are.

This is why, over time, finding the answer only gets harder.

Now the mind has total ownership of its host.

The mind owner sits in the center of all this wondering what the answer is, never to realize that he/she is
living in the ultimate trap.

Getting out of this trap means being completely counter intuitive.

Being out of the trap equals the end of dishonest identification.

The dishonesty is that you are dis identified with anything at all.
Absent a mind one is everything and potentially anything.

It is the minds job to rub your nose in the fact that the above is not true.

Enlightenment is realized when one is honestly identified with everything. After all it is all you.

Un enlightenment is the process of disguising that honesty.

The mind can come up with endless reasons why you are not everything.

And while you let it, it will be so.

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Every moment is a new beginning...

I recently posted these articles at Ex scientology message board.
It kind of got me juiced up a bit.


This whole enlightenment trip is , as any ex scientologist can attest to, a real fucken minefield.

99% of what is being passed off as "the way" is someone`s delusion.

Interestingly, each seeker believes the above statement, convinced that he is onto the 1% that is the true way.
Some are even willing to die defending it.
And yet still cannot live it.

There seems to be no end to the extent seekers will go in defense of their path, including murder.
So you see the passion this topic evokes.
Any challenge to one`s path is taken very personally.
And that is because it is identified with. It is taken very personally.

I wonder how well it would go down if I proposed the fact that we are all being conned.

I wonder how well it would go down if I pointed out that the path itself, any path, is the con.

I wonder what would happen if instead of nurturing a path one examined the dis-ease that arose from perpetuating it.

What if enlightenment is the eternal process of realizing how un enlightened one actually is?

Oh yeah, one tip... "Your mind is NOT your friend"........................ It`s the path maker.

Just ask Hubbard.


Just in case you are up for more...

I write this , not to be clever or gain approval.
I have no desire to win anyone over to my viewpoint.

I`m writing this because I have compassion. And I know that transcending life`s miseries is impossible.

But I also know that the impossible does happen.

Wondering where to go or what to do to free oneself is so overwhelming that most have settled in to their life sentence believing
that it will all make sense one day, perhaps when we die, which is a long way off.

I truly hope that what I`m about to share will demystify the whole subject and encourage you to discover for yourself that you are being conned.

Communicating sanely about this topic is next to impossible due to the deep seated core beliefs one views any subject matter with, to judge it.
"I accept this. I reject that." " I approve of this. I condemn that."

Someone who is going around asking everybody they know how to solve a problem they are experiencing, is deceiving themselves.
Just watch how their search for a solution stops the moment someone tells them to do what they were already planning to do.
All other advice is passed over. "They didn`t really get it. They were stupid" But the one who told them what they were already thinking is a genius who really
understands. And they are the clever one.

So if you keep telling people what they already think, you are a friend to follow.
If you tell mind owners things that they aren`t already thinking ..."you are a nut. And have many faults. Not just your bad advice. I may kill you."

The hidden agenda of the mind is to achieve PEACE. Not for the world... For itself.

The mind asks.... Does this information give me peace of mind? If it does, it becomes the truth.
If it doesn`t...It is complete bullshit. And it turns it`s owners back on it.

The con is that the mind manufactures separation and conflict.
Minds have existed ever since problems began.

And yet not one mind has come forward with Peace as its goal.

Unless you know of one....

Reason being... Any message of Peace comes from someone who is out of their mind.


Have you ever been curious as to why the mind is an expert on everyone else`s mind and yet when it
comes to its own mind it is a blabbering idiot?

If you have been through the education system, then probably not.

When a mind is force fed answers to questions it never asked, its sense of curiosity is extinguished.

A reluctance to learn is the result of being taught.

The result is, one winds up completely compromised and miserable and they are not even curious to know how and why it happened.
So the seeker is now motivated to end the psychological hurt that arose in the absence of their sense of curiosity.

They have been conned.

Once the mechanics of the con have been observed, it`s over.
When one sees how the magic trick is done, one ceases to be tricked by it.

See who murdered curiosity and curiosity is resurrected.
Which is probably worth doing as curiosity is the only thing that is going to reveal the how and the why of the life sentence one is serving.

Being wrongly convicted is the source of anti social behavior. Resurrecting one`s innocence is reserved only for the curiously uneducated.

More to come....


Like I said, this subject matter is very emotive.
Having one`s beliefs challenged releases passionate emotions.
It causes unbearable psychological discomfort to the mind owner.

Such challenges move one into close proximity to the unthinkable actuality that their convictions are wrong.
And the frustration and despair of being wrongly convicted send the mind into a frantic effort to restore peace.
If people have to be tricked, lied to, or utterly destroyed, so be it.

The mind will even work through the night to restore peace to itself. It`s called dreaming.

The mind is only loyal to itself.
The last conversation the suicide or the murderer has before the act, is with their mind.
The mind is the paddle that takes you up "Shit Creek" and then abandons you.

The mind places "The art of war" by Sun Tzu on mind owners "recommended reading " list.
And in all the years it has existed it never wrote "The art of Peace."

The mind is the worst idea it ever had.

It is the prison you serve your life sentence in.

To break free the key is psychological discomfort.
The lock can be picked with curious attention.
Observing the mechanics of the lock reveal one`s con(victions)

Everything else is choice-less cell decoration that grows old with you.
It merely serves to distract one from admitting they are a prisoner of the mind.

Refusing to grow old and rot in jail transforms
enduring into enjoying.

Mindless fun results.


Becoming enlightened is impossible.

Unless you can show me enlightenment, what I say stands.

All anyone can show you is a path that, if followed, will lead to it.
There are as many paths as there are people.
You are halfway along one right now.

That path is called life and you are stuck right in the middle of it.

The path you have walked is forever informing the path you are bulldozing ahead.

However all the past is, is a remembrance of the pathways that led you to where you don`t want to be right now.

The mind can`t think with this.
It gets bored. It shifts its focus onto things that make sense... like wrestling or hot-rods.
Little mini dramas of life where there are winners and losers, heroes and in the lives of the real..Where there is safety in numbers.

The actuality that one comes into, and leaves this world alone, is dropped from one`s consciousness.
The pathway into the human experience is opened and perpetuated by relegating actuality into the unconscious.

Why be with a sad truth when one can aspire to happy beliefs like everyone else?
"It will all make sense one day.....Maybe at death...which is a long way off."

There is no path that leads out of all this. There is no location that one can arrive at. There
is no effort that can be rewarded with an end to the human experience. No length of time served will ever result in compensation.
There is nothing one can do to escape.

However.... undoing is a whole other un matter.

I won`t bother this board any further on the subject of enlightenment ( what it isn`t. )

For the curious only, Observations available here....

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                                                                     Part 1

Curiosity is the beginning.

"What would happen if..."
"I wonder what it would be like if...."
" Why is it that........?
"How would it feel to....."
"Where might I discover.....?"
"When will I know.......?"

Curiosity, to be a beginning must give birth to a partial knowing.
Curiosity and partial knowing, together, make creation possible.

To the all knowing, creation is unnecessary. It has no purpose or meaning.

But creation puts in place the search for purpose and meaning for the "partial knowing" to become "all knowing."

Life is created by the "all knowing" to give the "partial knowing" time to become complete.

This is the meaning and purpose of life.

The gap between "being" and "becoming" is the residence of the "partial knowing."

The realm of the "partial knowing" is the eternally incomplete.

But what does all this mean to the man on the street?

It means he can free himself from doing..... and undo.

Completion with no search for meaning or purpose. 

Curiosity satisfied ...................

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                                                                        "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 19

                                                                          Where the fun stops

All psychological discomfort is a manifestation of being conned.

Being conned manifests as psychological discomfort.

When fun is absent, suffering comes into being.
When love is absent, laws come into being.

Where love exists no laws are necessary.

Love can deny the laws of nature, physics, and the universe.
Love exists outside of the law.
Existence without love is existence inside the law(s).

Crime and punishment are the creation of law makers.
The ultimate punishment is a life sentence.

No matter how many life sentences one is serving, only love can set them free.

Love has the power to be curious.
Love has the ability to trace psychological discomfort to its source.
Love has the insight to see mechanics of the con manifesting as discomfort.

The con is dissolved. Love remains.


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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 20

                                                                   It`s only words.

The word is not the thing.

A chair is not the word "chair."

Once one modifies a chair beyond certain parameters, it ceases to be a chair.

However the word can be modified without arousing suspicion.

Someone can thus go around with what they think is the thing, in their head, where in fact is only a symbol and possibly severely corrupted.

The words that don`t represent objects, but rather concepts can be twisted so far out of shape that the concept represented by that word is completely lost.

Words like , God, love, truth, peace, fear, religious, time, life, death, enlightenment, freedom, have today lost all meaning.
They are are an embarrassing shambles.

When someone asks you if you believe in God.... Ask them to define God.

You`ll see what I mean.

It means that someone who has found one of these things has only found the thing that fits their perverted definition of it.

By using words and symbols, which are never the thing, one deludes themselves intellectually into believing that
they have unearthed the actuality. Whereas in fact all that has been unearthed is their own warped ideas.

The actual exists regardless of what ideas one has about it.
It cannot be modified or tamed. It cannot be cooked or flavored. It cannot be cultivated or petitioned.

No amount of mental gymnastics will change the actual.
Therefore the actual remains and the thing put through mental gymnastics is never the actual thing.

All thought is a cheap imitation of the actual thing.

Thinking itself becomes a Disneyland version of the actual fact of thought.

Is it any wonder that humanity is fucked up and insane? 
Deluding itself that it is evolved and sophisticated. When the actuality is that Disneyland can only exist by hiding the
technicians that make it all work.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 21

                                                                           The trap.

  If someone was to tell you how to be free, it would mean nothing.

Anything you are told is evaluated to see if it is a match for what the evaluator already knows.
So it is agreed, or disagreed, with, based on what is known.

What is known is what one has experienced.
The mind is a storehouse for experience.
The mind is therefore memory.

Memory is the past.  Past experience.

The mind cannot remember that which it has no experience of.

It cannot remember freedom.
It cannot remember peace.
It cannot remember silence.
It cannot remember love.
It cannot remember stillness.
It cannot remember truth.

To experience any of these things one must go beyond thought.
For thought, memory, or experience does not contain any of the above.
For thought to contemplate any of the above, it must pervert them.

The mind can only think with  perverted versions of the above.

This is why none of the greatest thinkers have been able to come up
with one thing that can help you become free of thought.
This is also why none of the great minds can help bring peace, love, silence, stillness, freedom or truth to the world.

If there were solutions  to the ills of the world then they could be communicated.

You could hear the words that would bring you these things.
Someone could tell you the truth. It would be in a book.
But they aren`t !!!

Only you can discover these things for yourself.

They are all there waiting patiently for you. They always were and always will be.

So for example.... "What is truth?

Truth is what remains, once all the lies have been removed.

Peace is what remains, once all the conflict is removed.

You do the rest.........

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 22

                                                                        What are you?

Man`s search for himself is the eternal search. The search is the creation of that eternity.

When all searching ceases completely, so does time.

All searching implies that you already know what you are searching for.
Otherwise how will you recognize it when you find it?!

The game of life is played in the field of time.
Life is becoming.
Anything that is simply being, is outside of life. And thus outside of time.

Before one can become one must be.

By being something one can enter the field of time and become something.

"I am being sad..... I want to become happy."
"I am being simple.... I want to become complex."
"I am being ignorant.... I want to become informed."
" I am primitive... I want to become evolved and sophisticated."
" I am lost... I want to become found."

But the thing you are being can only be deprived.
It is that deprivation that motivates the desire to become the non deprived version of the deprived version one is being.

The irony is that one will, through time, be deprived of all they have accumulated to remedy their sense of deprivation.

Accumulation is life one sentences themselves to.

Thus death has been shrouded in loss.

All one can acquire is what they are not.
When one loses all they have acquired, what remains is what they actually are.

You are the absence of what you are not.

Life says that absence of what you are not is death.

But all that can ever die is the sense of deprivation.
Life is the eternal urge to revive the sense of deprivation.

Life keeps one too busy to see that.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 23

                                                                 "I thought I had changed."

Change is only possible outside of thought. 

Thought resists change.

A change occurs when thought is absent. Then change returns to justify, rationalize, sabotage, or modify change.

Change is a something that thought does not control.
It leaves the thinker at a loss to explain the change. So thought creates ideas and concepts to fill that loss.
Thought is compelled to put the reins on change so it is back in control.

Evolution is not a thought process.
Evolution would be spontaneous if thought didn`t rein it in.

Thought has not evolved ever since it gave birth to itself.
It is devolution.
Thought has assumed the role of consciousness.

Thought has made itself the center of attention.

That self centered-ness is unconsciousness pretending to be consciousness.

Consciousness has invented the sub subconscious to rationalize and justify the glaringly obvious fact that consciousness is a pretense.

Thought says that a part of it is subconscious.
Thought cannot say where the self at its center resides. It must be something it is not conscious of.

Thought is the mechanism used to halt spontaneity and slow down change.

Thought is a fake self centered, fake spontaneous, fake consciousness, fake control with a fake subconscious.

All this puts the mind, with its thoughts, in conflict with itself.

All fragments of the mind are subconsciousness pretending to be consciousness.

The mind rages against freedom of thought. The perfect disguise to hide the actuality that thought itself is the prison.

The key to unlocking this , is the fact that the experience of suffering, any form of suffering, is symptomatic
of being conned.

When the mechanics of the con are completely observed, the con is over.
When one sees how a magic trick is done, one can never be tricked by that magic again.

The change is instantaneous. When one doesn`t think about it, it is clear that only the mind could ever be tricked.

True consciousness is something the mind is not equipped to think about, or even entertain, as it has NO CENTER.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 24

                                                                        Fear of death....

A death that one is not conscious of has no platform for existence.

One can only give life to something through relationship.

Anything which cannot be interacted with, on any level, is as good as dead.

However thought can interact with what is otherwise dead, through pretense.

Thought has given life to pretense with which it can interact.

The moment thought stops interacting with the pretense, the pretense ceases to exist. It dies.

It`s as if it never existed in the first place. Which it didn`t.

What was nothing, then given life, returns to nothing again. This is LIFE.

A pretense perpetuated by interaction. 

Only thought, which is limited, can interact with a pretense.

Thought itself is the pretense that sabotages any attempt to dissolve the pretense.

It has waged war to achieve peace ever since it crawled out from under the rock it pretended it was hiding under.

Thought sabotages all efforts to see the mechanics of pretense.

Only when the pretense of thought is exposed can one see that which thought is hiding for the duration of life.

Here it is.....   

The thought has created the thinker.

The thought has separated the thinker from his thoughts.

Watch closely. ........

The thinker is the thought.

Without the thought, the thinker is not.

Fear of death is the pretense.

Death of fear is the dissolving of fear of death.

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                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                                Sense of fun.

                                                                     Part 25

                                                              Why are you still here?

Where is here?   
Here is where you are thinking from.
When thought is is the you that is here, there, or somewhere. 

The action of thinking is what fixes one to a location.

Thought is the jail that the thinker is trapped in.

Which raises the question "What is one without thought?"


Which is a state of spontaneous creation.

No frontiers.

One sees that thought is not only the motivation to acquire.  It is also the process of denying that fulfillment.
The mind is conflict. It is the in and the out breath.

I must look desirable.....    I must eat everything in sight.
I must be wealthy.......       Wealth is scarce.
I am lonely....  I must find somebody who completed me.
I must get respect....    I will emulate people I respect.

Pain and suffering result.  ALWAYS !!!

Pain and suffering then give the mind the incentive to remedy the situation.

The goal is "peace of mind."

One searches endlessly for "Peace of mind" with the very thing that, to exist, must contain conflict.

The mind is the conflict humanity has been trying to resolve.

The mind has created "Time" to put the solution as far away as possible in a fantasy.

The frustration felt by every human is the life created between where they are and where they want to be.

The mind uses every trick in its arsenal to perpetuate itself.
It can only do this with the illusion of time.

The mind cannot function outside of time.
The mind will use all its power to inhibit its owner from seeing what is actual.

The moment one is fully here and now, s/he doesn`t know what to think.

It`s the psychological equivalent of the physiological orgasm.

Mindless fun !!!

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                                                                "A NEW STORY."

                                                                Sense of fun.

                                                                     Part 26

                                                               Putting off procrastination

All one has to work with is time. 
To perpetuate the illusion of time is hard work.

The mind is the delusion known as time.
All that is known is what the mind is composed of.

And what it is composed of is a delusion, which is time.

Time is the mind.

The mind cannot entertain the idea of not existing.
It can only operate in the known.

It has no experience of not existing.
Therefore it sentences itself, and anyone  gullible enough to believe it, to existence.

To exist the mind has become a parasite.
You are the host.
The mind tricks you into carrying it around by pretending to be your friend and pretending it can work all this out..... in time....

It`s the perfect self perpetuating machine and the mind owner is a slave to it.

The mind to exist must ignore what is actual.
It cannot see the actual. It doesn`t even attempt to.

Meanwhile the long suffering mind owner consults the mind and asks...
"How can my suffering end?"
The mind comes forward with time based solutions. It can only draw on what it knows.
It does not know freedom. It can`t think with it.

So it projects a non specific aggregate of what has the illusion of being freedom
and gives its owner tasks to perform with the hope that over time it will reach its goal.

So the search for the answer is totally sabotaged.

One can only search for something they once had.
How can something be lost if it was never found?

To find something one must be able to recognize it.
How else would one know they had found it?

So in every case... The thing which one is seeking is something that was already had.

Notice how the mind goes all crossed eyed trying to avoid this actuality???

The actual cannot be observed by the mind.
The mind wants something to think with.
If you don`t give it something to think with, it will resurrect all sorts of incomplete thoughts and dump them right on your head.

That constantly chattering mind,  the mind owner is tormented with 24/7, is the genesis of distraction.

Keep busy being entertained so that the mind will give its owner a bit of peace.

Particularly if other mind owners are also using that distraction.

Isn`t it interesting that when one is successfully entertaining themselves, time disappears.....

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                                                                 "A NEW STORY."

                                                                Sense of fun.

                                                                     Part 27

                                                             Averting avoidance

Is any of this making sense?

If it is , you still haven`t got it.

The compulsion to make sense of everything is the mind avoiding what is actual.

It has to position everything it encounters with something it knows.

It`s been doing this since the day it was consulted and became more than just a recording apparatus.
And yet..have a look at the actual world. The world that invites so much suffering and misery.
Not only on a global level ...But also on a personal level.

The inability of the mind to recognize that global suffering as the same thing as the personal suffering
experienced by the individual, is the actuality.

The ability to take global suffering and make it personal is part of the con which allows suffering to perpetuate.

The mind encourages one to overcome their personal suffering and succeed despite the odds.
Obviously this is very hard work.
Otherwise these determined, single minded individuals would not be applauded globally and held up as
heroes, role models, and success stories.
But when asked why they did it. They say "I had to. I had no choice. Anyone else, given my situation, would have done the same thing."

I realize exactly how frustrating all this is.

The mind, that has tricked you into thinking it is you, kicks in and demands that it makes sense so it can evaluate the situation and do something about it.

To transcend this eternal cycle one has to cease doing.
Doing evokes time.
Immediately you are back on the treadmill.

Any change that requires time is merely the mind`s avoidance of the actual.
By observing the actual the transformation is already your new home.

The instant you realize you are happy, it is over.

See it.  See it NOW !

To see how the magic trick is done is to never be tricked by that magic again.

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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 28

                                                                         What`s wrong with the world?

Great minds and simpletons alike have pondered this question for eons.

It doesn`t take genius to realize that one is in every moment surrounded by things that shouldn`t be.

It is this observation that fuels, frustration , anger, apathy, depression, conflict, desperation.

The only relief from these emotions is when one feels that they can do something about it.

Hitler`s mind was able to shift to other matters of state, once the Jewish problem was being dealt with.
The mind will keep nagging at it`s owner until s/he does something about what is not at rest within it.

The self centered egotistic mind cannot change, cannot recover, cannot avoid the inevitable.
It has sentenced it`s owner to bring it peace, while perpetually creating conflict.

Isn`t this bizarre?
Isn`t what you are reading contrary to everything you think?

Let me demonstrate the fact. The actuality...

I have written thousands of words. Most mind owners bailed out early on, because this is not an easy read. No where is written what one wants to hear.

If you were to attempt to communicate what I`ve been saying, you`d realize that you can`t remember any of it.
There was no message. If you were to read it all again there would be page after page that wouldn`t sound familiar.
You`d wonder how come I didn`t mention this and that the first time you read it.

Actually from where you are at this moment...The only parts of this that you`d remember are the parts that you didn`t really get.

For any of what I`m saying to be retained by memory it has to lose it`s purity and become slightly altered.

I wrote all this and even I have no idea what I`ve said.

Every time I sit down to write I have not the foggiest notion of anything that has gone before.

The moment one can quote anything said here it is because the mind has been able to alter it enough to make it part of memory.
To be part of memory it cannot be pure truth. It must have been manipulated into something that fits into the structure of the mind, which is conflict.

I see the unadulterated truth as it appears on the page in front of me.
You see it, as it appears before you.
That is the change.
The con is exposed. The mechanism is observed. The magic trick is no longer something that deludes the mind.

By observing the mechanics of the illusion, the illusion has no power over you.

At which point your address has changed.
You go from being a believer, into an observer of FACT.

When enough beliefs are dispensed with one has left delusion behind and is now living in actuality.

There is no need to quote philosophy. There is no need to consult authority.
Everything is there in plain sight.

There is nothing wrong with the world. That is the actuality !!!

It is what it is. 
The moment you project a better world you have abandoned actuality and moved off into delusion.

And that is where the human experience happens...In illusion.

It isn`t wrong. It isn`t right. It simply is.

The desire to change what is, is the exact thing which makes that change impossible.
The pure observation of what is, is the transformation that has baffled great minds for as long as they decided minds were great.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 29

                                                                Dispensing with accumulation

It has been an unquestioned function of the mind to accumulate.
It gathers relentlessly. Accumulation is the very life blood of the mind.

It cannot function when it is empty.

Without the thought , there is no thinker.

The mind cannot even conceive of itself being empty.
It has no capacity to entertain such a thought.

It`s like asking a mind to give you love.
It has no love to give. So it goes through the motions of giving a cheap substitute.
It has an accumulation of observable expressions of love and knits them together into what looks like love.
The mind is conditioned by it`s accumulation and is therefore
only able to give "conditional love" which is not love at all.

Love is only possible when all conditioning is removed.

Love was there all the time. The conditioning obscured it.

It has nothing to do with experience. Nothing whatsoever.

For love is not an experience. It just is.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 30

                                                                  You are the nothing it is all for.

We have all been suckered into believing that life is struggle.
All beliefs are a substitute for actuality.

If one was to point at their struggle right now. Try it....
It would become clear that the struggle is not an actuality.
It is a projection of a problem generating machine called the mind.

Once one has identified with that mind, they have given license to that mind to experience pain.

Pain can only exist through identification.
Pain can only get to you via identification.

The more one is identified with, the more channels are opened up to bring pain and suffering into one`s experience.

The solution in vogue is to identify with less and less.

Over time, this handling causes a reduction of the reach of the victim of the solution.
The dreams and optimism of youth become the alienation and pessimism of age.

It all comes down to attitude. And the attitude is the viewpoint of the individual.

That individual can look back at happier times in the family photo album and see sunny days and laughter.
The surroundings in the background of the photos can now be viewed without the conflicts and problems that
one was viewing those surroundings through at the time the photo was taken.
Nostalgic eyes are able to see the perfection that contemporary eyes are too preoccupied to see.

Motivated by the fact that one is aware that they are being denied happiness and fulfillment one
attempts to manipulate the world they are imprisoned in, trying to create solutions to problems and outpoints.

This is how a life is defined. The constant battle. The delusion of a better future.
The overcoming of obstacles. The pursuit of perfection. The avoidance of pain and the quest for pleasure.

This is the mind`s self preservation mechanism at work.

The mystery of the sub conscious is solved immediately wean one confronts the actuality
that the mind, any mind , is subconsciousness incarnate.

Sub conscious and unconscious are one and the same thing. Just different words. And the word is never the thing.

Absent the mind, there is nothing unknown. There is just consciousness.
The mind is the author of both the unconscious and the unknown.
Absent the unconscious and the unknown, the mind is completely redundant.

All that is unknown and unconscious has been the building blocks of the mind.
Actuality has been obscured by the mind.
The moment one loses identification with the mind there remains nothing unknown.

There is nothing for nothing to do.

Nothing must become something to have something to do.

No matter what one does, it will forever be for nothing.

Because you are the nothing it is all for.

One can`t see any of this by viewing it through a mind.
See the mind in action and it loses its power to harm and destroy.

The mind is only the past. That is all. And the past is just images.
It is only imagery. The mind has no where to place the actual.
It can only pervert the actual to take it on board.
So the actual becomes a distorted delusion in the mind.

It now has a viewpoint to observe from..... Distorted delusion.

It is the manufacturer of suffering and conflict.
It`s very existence depends on keeping it`s owner on the treadmill of life.

A mind confronted with actuality is the most pain and suffering one can feel.

The mind has booby trapped itself from going anywhere near actuality.

When you challenge a minds belief and structure, it is fighting for it`s life.
All bets are off. This is war.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 31

                                                               Where the fun begins.....

Life, as it is being lived, is a flight from actuality.
The whole of human history, the mess we all live in presently, is totally and completely , the avoidance of actuality.

All of the pain, the suffering, the despair, the loneliness, the heartache, the humiliation, is the result of images , words and symbols,
that the mind has tricked it`s victims into believing are real.

The mind has convinced it`s owner that all can be remedied through time.

The mind says, "We can figure this out... You and me as a team, we can work on it. We can be logical,
we can consult experts, we can evaluate the facts.


The mind has been on the job 24/7 since it was given the task and tell me...
What the fuck has it come up with?

Weapons, bombs, safety locks, bank accounts, the U.N., Research funds, and social chit chat.  And "Fuck everybody else !"

So what the fuck is the solution ???
What can be done about it?
Somewhere the must be great minds working on the problem... Religious leaders, politicians, scientists. Surely... !!!
There could be a breakthrough any day.... 


Are you willing to look into the matter with me now?

How about , if instead of applying the same old strategy, that has never worked, we look at
not the solution , but the factors that have created the problem in the first place.

If the factors creating the problem are neutralized then surely no solution is necessary.

Seeing this immediately exposes the actuality that all solutions are merely contributing to
the problem.

The search for the solution is the birth of conflict.

Watch this closely....

The solution to a perceived problem is a projection of the mind.
It observes what shouldn`t be and now puts up an imagined what should be.

Neither of them are actual. Both are projections.

It`s relatively easy to see the solution as a call to action, a projected reality.
But what has been missed is that the problem itself is a projection of the conditioned mind.

What the mind has perceived as a problem is only a problem to the mind that perceives it.

The actuality is that it is what it is.  It`s that simplicity that the mind cannot tolerate.

The mind refuses to perceive what is and throws as much mental machinery at it as is required to give it peace.

The mind will fight what I`m saying with all it has. It`s very existence is dependent on not knowing what we are sharing here.

No doubt it will say "But this is just playing the three monkeys with all problems."
(Hear no evil. See no evil, speak no evil.) 

But if one really looks, one can see that the opposite is the fact.

It is the very inability to observe the actual which creates the problem.

For a problem to exist it must be viewed from a viewpoint saturated in distortion.

The symptom of a distorted viewpoint is the persistence of a problem.

Solving problems an indulgence in time.

Actual observation can only be now.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 32

                                                            What inhibits total observation ?

The short answer is .... The observer.

This will sound like something too hard to think about.
And that is because it is.
The mind has no facility to process what I am pointing out to you.

The act of observing is what is creating the observer.
Absent the observed, the observer is not.

Same with thought.
The thinker can only exist in the presence of the thought.

Absent the thought the thinker ceases to be.

The act of observing and thinking creates the illusion of separation.

To think of something or to observe it, one has to be separate from that which is observed and thought about.

Only separation can create conflict.

A total observation of the actual is no observation required.

It is only through a distortion of the observation that separation and observation become possible.

So it would pay to inquire into what is the distortion that poses as observation.

The mind cannot observe the actual. It`s very existence is dependent on never totally observing anything.

The mechanics used by the mind to fool its owner are everything it knows.

Everything it knows is the past. It knows nothing else.

So it is forever weighing up what it is observing with the past.
This makes sense to the mind. And if you are identified with your mind then it makes sense to you as well.

But answer me this....

How come the mind has been making sense of life since it was made.

And yet "Life," as you are now experiencing it, makes no sense at all.

Try to write the definitive philosophy on life and see if you can get even one other lifer to agree with it.

Right now explain the meaning of life to someone. Or write it down.

Find out what it`s like to be branded as a nut.

And yet your mind has been busy answering all the questions posed to it for ever.

So far.... Nadda,. Nothing...Zilch.
Just a big pile of observations and experiences that add up to nothing at all...
And don`t make sense to anyone..

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                                                                        "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 33

                                                                   The mechanics of misery.

Picture a lemon.

Hold it firmly in one hand and slice through it using a knife with the other.

Hold one half of it above your open mouth and squeeze it till a few drops fall on your tongue.

Taste those drops.

Absolutely, unquestionably lemon juice. Clearly distinguishable from any of the billions of other tastes.

Chances are if you did this little exercise you even got a physical reaction.  Right ?

Now. ....   Point to that lemon.   Physically locate it.

If you think it`s in your brain, then repeat the drill with a watermelon.

There is no actual lemon. There is no actual watermelon.

The mind tricked you into thinking there was.

While you`ve got your finger out, point to your depression.
Point to your sadness.
Point to your regrets.
Point to your lack of self confidence.
Point to your fear.
Point to your hate.
Point to your problems.
Point to your poverty.
Point to your pessimism.
Point to your lack of energy.
Point to your grief.
Point to each of the catalog of psychological disorders you have had diagnosed or would have, should you have consulted a mental expert.

What ?  They don`t actually exist ????   Impossible !!!

Am I suggesting we have all been putting ourselves through hell over things that don`t actually exist ?
Does this mean that Hell doesn`t exist either.....?     Unless you can point to it of course.

Perish the thought...

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 34

                                                                     The plot thickens.

All mind owners have been tricked into believing that the word is the thing.

This gives the mind license to pollute the mind with delusion.

Is there anything at all in the mind that is real?

You tell me.

Have a look.

Try to locate one actual thing in the mind.

When that goes nowhere try to locate the mind itself.

Holy fuck !!!!!

Do you realize what you have just done ?

You have, after all these years of being tortured and humiliated, discovered that the whole thing was just delusion.

You trusted that mind to help and guide you. To take you away from pain and lead you to pleasure.

And they are delusions as well.

And you sit there right now unable to comprehend what all this means...

You are at a loss to make any sense of it.

"Maybe if I talk to people who`s opinions I value, they can tell me that your mind isn`t the delusion. It`s this crazy guy who
writes stuff on the internet that is deluded.

Let me just go back to my life. Let the suffering resume.

I wasn`t happy before... But at least I knew who I was. And I`m fine with that till the day I die.
Which is a long way off.

Till I see this on the News, I won`t believe any of it.

Experts and scientists are working on solving all the troubles in the world.
If they can`t come up with even one thing... How can little old me ever hope to transcend delusion.

I need permission first."

                             The mind is the hall of mirrors one holds between themselves and what is actual.

                                 Absent the mind, the actual is revealed in all it`s glory.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 35

                                                                      The great duality

The second a thought process is commenced, time and separation are commenced.

The thing you were in unity with has now become other than you.

The unity that was now becomes the disunity that is.

The subject matter recedes from the problems you aren`t having and is now the problem you are.

Something has been created outside of yourself to interact with.

A part of you, that you own, is now separated from a part of you, that is disowned.

The part of you that is owned, if one really looks, must also be disowned.

This concept of separation, to persist, must be held at arms length.

A mind fulfills this requirement. The mind becomes your representative and spokesperson.

It is now apparent that the mind is the wedge between you and unity with all things.

It, as your loyal guide, takes you out into the world which is no longer you and accumulates.
It is building a you that you own to overcome a you that you have disowned.

Some experts have called this part of the mind the ego. If they had actually taken ownership of
the subject matter, they would be unable to find anything of the mind that is not the ego.

The ego is there to protect you from victimization.
However the mind/ego only exists as a victim. A victim of circumstance.
It is what it has accumulated......   Absent the thought, the thinker is not.

Integral to building a mind is separation.
Thinking does not take place where there is unity.

So comparison is an essential foundation to a budding young mind.
Next comes evaluation and judgement.

Watch some old episodes of "Sesame Street" if you need a refresher course on mind building.

Has it become apparent to you that what you are seeing here is beyond compare?

None of this is like anything else you have ever seen.
It isn`t better or worse than anything.

It just is.

As soon as you allow the mind to get its hands on this stuff , it will alter it.
It has to.
It has no choice.

To a mind, the stuff you are seeing right now is like an itch it can`t scratch.

It`s going.... "Okay...So learning this is going to make me happy ?
It`s going to solve my problems...?
It`s going to make me seem like an intellectual... I`ll be able to pick up chicks at parties. ?

What ? What ? What am I doing here ? Why am I continuing to read this rubbish ?

The mind wants something to do. It goes crazy if you stop feeding it.

(By the way... It`s favorite food is garbage.)

The instant one sees the actual, it is over.

There is no doing involved.
Doing is an invitation to the mind to formulate a plan and create dreams it will shatter , in time.

Look at this.....

The moment it occurs to you that you are happy... It is over.

The moment that it occurs to you that the mind is a restless bunch of crazy...IT IS OVER !

No doing required. The transformation has already occurred.

Now is all there is. 

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 36

                                                                   Loneliness vs Alone. 

The mind wants to be stimulated and entertained. It wants to be there where things are happening.
When embarking on any journey, the mind , like an excited child starts gathering everything it thinks you`ll need.

It maps the path. It plans . It strategizes. It projects images of possible scenarios and obstacles.
It gathers the wherewithal to make the journey a success.
It is your constant companion. It has tirelessly brought you to where you are now.   .... LOST !!!

It is in the terror of this lost feeling that one gives their consent to the mind to frantically accumulate.

The gathering of reliable, familiar, dependable, predictable, controllable, items with which to have relationship with, commences.
It is all to hold at bay the terror of loss.

A severe loss will turn the most brilliant mind into a gibbering idiot.

The paradigm of safety and security is shattered. That whole world falls apart.

One is cast head first into the unknown.
It is now. There is no other time.
The actuality that all that is known is of no consequence in the unknown.

Look at this fact now.

With all humanity/you has accumulated, all the facts and theories, all the experience one has acquired, all
one has, is a pretense that they know.

And the fact remains forever that all that is known is useless when confronting the unknown.

The mind enters the unknown with fear. It is compelled to insulate itself from that fear by
altering the unknown till it fits in with what is known.

The capsule one surrounds themselves with is a perversion of the unknown.
It has no substance. It is not the fact. It can be shattered and will be, in time.

Knowledge is an accumulation of the mind.
The more of it you have, the less you actually know.

Everything that has been accumulated as knowledge will be scattered to the winds of time.

The known can only exist in a bubble floating on the immeasurable ocean of the unknown.

That bubble is the loneliness created by fear. Fear is the skeleton.

When one can be alone, united with the unknown, loneliness has de-manifested.

Will any of this help you meet your soul mate?
That my friend is unknown.

Sorry if I burst your bubble.


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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 37

                                                                   An extraordinary life.

Where does one begin, when there is no beginning?

And where does it all end, when there is no ending ?

Questions of this nature cause the mind to become embarrassingly silent.

It has total access to everything leading up to the question.
It has total access to everything as it leaves the question in it`s wake.

But there is only a void where the subject matter was considered.

The mind somehow avoided the question.

The mind has it`s owner preoccupied with beginnings and endings... 

What was and what will be.  But never , what is.

The mind takes great pride, and receives much applause for seeing what is wrong and putting it right.

Like a TV cop show. Every week a crime against humanity is solved. And then the whole cast
has a new script for the next episode.

The real crime is the con the mind plays on problem solvers.
The moment the problem is solved, it is over and a new crime commences. On and on and on........

All the problems solved, have disappeared. Completely vanished. As is they were never there in the first place.

The void created by the disappearance of a problem is immediately filled by a new problem.

Humanity takes great pride, and is much applauded, for it`s ability to pose and resolve problems.

All problem resolution requires TIME.

By not seeing what is, but rather projecting what should be, one has created the TIME the resolution requires.

If one sincerely asks a mind "What will we all do when the very last problem is solved?"

The best that it can do is say that "there will be more problems revealed that are as yet undiscovered."

Are you getting it?

The mind that talks rubbish to you every moment of your life is a problem creating machine.
All of the problems one is posing and resolving exist in the mind.

Not one of them is actual. Not one.

The actual seeing of the problem is it`s resolution. The conscious observation. No time involved.
The problems you are not having have all been accurately observed as having nothing whatsoever to do with YOU.

The problems you are struggling with have been inaccurately interpreted as having something to do with you.

The one common element to all of your problems is YOU !

Your deluded interpretation of who "you" is, is the only problem, manifested in eternal ways over eternal TIME.


I love you too.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 38

                                                           Leaving the human race.

No matter what anyone does....

No one will ever win the human race.

You can exercise, train, practice, stratagize, cheat, take out the opposition, accumulate weapons, tamper with the signposts , or use chemical assistance.
Everything that could be tried, has been.

And yet, no one has won the human race.

Both the beginning and the end are mere projections of the mind.

Being part of the human race is proof complete, that one is chasing phantoms.

One is the donkey eternally chasing the carrot on a stick.

The carrot is everything that rewards one.
But following close behind is the slap on the arse of pain to keep one moving along.
Going through the motions of being part of the field in the human race.

Your position in the human race is always slightly behind the carrot and slightly in front of the whip.

The carrot is the future.
The whip, ...your past.

The past is slavery.  The future is freedom.

Just as they always have been and will be.

But look at this !!!!!

Even the pleasure one had in the past is converted to pain.
At the same moment one recalls a moment of pleasure from the past, inevitably one is aware of the fact that they are being denied that source of pleasure now.

The past is an accumulation of pain, loss, grief, regret, ..... conditioning.
And it is that conditioning that is seeking freedom.

But freedom from... is not freedom at all.
It is an escape. And you better run real fast if you want to escape the backpack you are carrying.

Welcome to your daily struggle.  Are you a proud member of the human race? 
Is evolution actually revolution?  Is the finish line really around the next bend?

All that is around the next bend...... is the next bend.    All that is around the next bend...... is the next bend....    ....     .....
The circle of life.
Majestic in it`s deceptiveness.

I invite you to observe the majesty of the human race.

Just observe.
Don`t accept the invitation to judge it. Don`t use words to modify and substitute the actuality.
Refuse to compare it to anything.

With direct observation the whole thing is over.

With complete observation division is gone. Unity is restored.

Yes...There can be some tears.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 39

                                                                       Res-erecting Joy.

Happiness is something one searches for.
Joy is what arises when that search is abandoned.

Joy is no longer joy once it is assigned a reason.
That`s when it becomes happiness.
Happiness is gone the moment the reason for it goes.

So you see , happiness is dependence , while Joy is independent.

The moment one realizes they are happy, it is over.

One can never realize that they are joyful.
It is not a perception.

Happiness is rooted in a viewpoint.
While joy is no viewpoint at all.

                                                  Life is relationship.

To have a life, one must have relationship.

Separation transforms what is into what is or isn`t.
This is achieved by disowning.
Disowning permits relationship to exist.
That which is disowned can only exist outside of what is known

Disowning manifests as unknown.

The known manifests as the you that is in relationship with the disowned, unknown.

The you that is known, doesn`t know what it`s missing.
But it knows it is missing something.

Armed with what is known, including that something is missing, the you goes boldly, or tentatively into the unknown
in hopes that it will find what is missing.

And that is the con.

For something to be found, it had to have been lost in the first place...
Otherwise how would a seeker recognize it and know that they had found it?

When one finds a new belief and owns it, the old one is disowned.

This produces the hope of happiness, reward, and encouragement to go on with the eternity of TIME.

Trading the known for the unknown, and swapping the owned for the disowned, is relationship.
Relationship is LIFE.

What has remained unknown till NOW , is that neither the known nor the unknown can hold the actual.

The actual cannot be known or unknown.

The actual is the reunification of the known and the unknown.

When the actual is observed , both the known and the unknown are seen for what they really are,... mental projections.

If one then ceases to own or disown their mental projections, unity is restored.
Absent the thought, the thinker is not.

The search for happiness ends.
The struggle is over.


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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 40

                                                                    Imagine imagining.

The human race is kept in the running by the mental projection that once the unknown is known  the actual will be revealed.

If humanity is playing this game broadly, you too are playing it singularly.

After all you are a part of the human race.
The human race has given you the viewpoint you peer out from.

All you experience is filtered through the human experience.

The known is the bubble humanity resides in, within the sea of the unknown.

And as a human there is no choice but to be swept along by the current.

The solutions to all of your suffering exist in the unknown.   ...  Really ?

Has the accumulated knowledge you are wrapped in, eased your suffering one bit ?

Knowledge can only ever be a mental projection called the past.

Any knowledge from the future is likewise merely a mental projection.

The human experience is running from the past towards a future.

But both the past and the future are merely mental projections that can only be had NOW.

Now is all there is. 

Problems and solutions cannot manifest now.

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                                                                        "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 41

                                                                 Curiosity killed the cat-astrophe.

Curiosity is not a thing to be acquired.
It is what remains when a manufactured disinterest exits.

One has to learn to become disinterested.
Absent those lessons curiosity, like joy are what is actual, without any thing to cause it.

When the thing that is causing something is absent the thing being caused can only recede.

Accumulating knowledge is not an activity of curiosity.
It is an activity of a mind creating an identity.

It is an effort to destroy curiosity.
It is the projection that so much knowledge is accumulated that there is no further need for curiosity.

Commonly referred to as "The know all."

When the security gained by accumulation is stripped from the identity, curiosity returns... !

Why ?  Why ? Why ? 

Let`s use an example.....

One has a sexual partner.
Much pleasure is derived from this mutual  relationship.

One wants to hold onto it. One wants this pleasure to perpetuate through time.

The relationship takes on an identity of its own.
You and me become We.

This new identity requires certain boundaries to be placed to capture and perpetuate these feelings of fulfillment.

People are so desperate to hold onto the cause of their happiness that they even seek the blessing of God.
Vows are taken. Contracts are signed.

Others are drawn into this holiest of blessings as witnesses.

It is cause for great celebration. A service is held. Rituals are performed. Everyone tries to look their best.

Photos are taken to preserve this great day. People drink copious amounts of alcohol.

When the deed is done, everyone can relax and go back to being their usual selves.  Whew !!!

So the whole day was based on everyone playing at being someone else.

Except the newly betrothed.

They have just had the happiest day of their lives.
Now they have to endure all their days knowing that the happiest one is gone.

There are obligations to be met.  Expectations to be fulfilled.

Distractions are frantically pursued to take ones attention off the fact life has duped them yet again.

All the time they spend finding out what they liked about each other is now spent finding out what they dislike about each other.

Despite the fact that this couple were enjoying an obligation free, joyous, sharing.... pre marriage.
And despite the fact they had never seen an actual "happily married couple", they thought they could be the first.
What could possibly go wrong?

We`ll leave their respective lawyers to explain.

When the love has been replaced by hate, one is left wondering why.
What went wrong? 

Is there something one can learn from all this? Is there some knowledge that can be gained?

See how easily one falls for this shit over and over....

See the mechanism and you are free of it.

No matter what catastrophe, one has immersed themselves in, trying to do something about it is
building the next catastrophe and creating the time for it to occur in.

By fully, completely observing the mechanics of the con, no action is required.
Transformation has already occurred.

Old and wise are a myth.
Worn down and stupid is the fact.

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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 42

                                                                  What`s the point?

The point is always a viewpoint.

Once one has settled into a new viewpoint the old viewpoint is discarded and is rarely inspected again.
It fades from memory like yesterdays headlines.

And this is exactly what is occurring as awareness of the con is exposed.

It isn`t a learning process.
It isn`t an accumulation of knowledge.

One is having a new relationship with life.
One isn`t working on a new relationship. One isn`t involved in some sort of practice or meditation.
Life itself is the meditation.

The moment one has a plan on how to change, or a list of acquisitions to gather, I`m afraid they have been duped once again.

This is so subtle and contrary to common knowledge that it has been missed by every mind that has pondered it.
There is no knowledge or conclusions that will lead to this transformation.
It is completely independent of everything you know.

Even telling someone that just by observing the con they can be free of it, will be misinterpreted by their mind and
have them signed up for lord knows what, and off on yet another path to un enlightenment.

It is not the word.  The word is never the thing.

The symptom of being conned is discomfort, pain and suffering.

Notice these are all words...... with no substance whatsoever.

The mind rejects this outright.

"Look...  If I stand on a fucken hurts !"

...........................     WHAT NAIL ?????

You getting it ? The mind has just manufactured a source of pain.
Completely made up. See what it did !?

The mind made up a nail and a you to stand on it.

With made up friends like that, who needs made up enemies ?

And while we`re on the subject "Who needs needs?" 
Another projection of the mind based on nothing.

It`s all a pretense.

Death is when the pretense is over and life is restored.

                                       LIFE AND DEATH ARE THE SAME THING.

The division between them is an illusion.  Direct observation of the actuality of life and death restores unity.
One can no longer observe either of them as they are now what one is looking out from. And that is called love.
Except as word, Love has been so badly butchered that it`s better just to be it.
When one is being it there is no need for the word.

You getting it ?

All that one has accumulated is a vain attempt to thwart death.
One has accumulated a life. One has "A life."

But anything one has, will be taken from them in time.

Hope you`re curious to see that con exposed.

But for now..... observe this.

Having a life means that life can be removed from you.

Life having you........means you can be removed from life.

Come and go as you please.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 43

                                                             Actually observing actuality.

As one is observing the signposts that are coming into view here and now , there will inevitably be
the urge to just abandon the unexplored and return to the safety and comfort of the familiar.

But once you have been up here, you cannot go back as you were to who you were.

Whatever observations were able to be made here, will have been the transformation that
has made the "used to be" redundant.

But don`t get waking up confused with evolution.

Actual transformation does not take time.
It is instantaneous.

Are you curious?

How does one directly observe something so that transformation can occur ?

The mind wants to buy a course on this that it can start in a few weeks.
The mind wants certain impossible criteria filled before it will commit itself to its own destruction.

The mind wants to see results first. It wants a guarantee.
It wants to consult experts in the field of mental and spiritual well being who can green light this endeavor.

The mind is there to protect its owner and it will kill you if it needs to to keep you safe.

When all this has failed the mind will find fault with the messenger.

After all the mind has served its owners through history by making "Who said it" more important than, "What was said."

Meanwhile ignoring and turning away from actual truth, regardless of who said it.

So the mind wants convincing before doing anything. So it can ignore it when it doesn`t suit anymore.

The problem here and now is I`m not suggesting that you do anything.

Oh ....I get it.... This is meditation !!!

Sit there and do nothing.

Well........   No.

Meditation is something you have to dedicate time to.
You have to practice. Getting more and more control over the mind.

At the end of practicing meditation, one has a well disciplined mind.
And when the meditation is over, it goes back to its usual mischief making.

If your life isn`t your meditation, then you are merely on vacation from who you really are.

Just as one could learn to walk a tight rope with lots of practice, one can learn to quieten their mind.
But the tight rope walker and the meditator, both have to climb down some time.

The transformation has already taken place the instant the actual is completely observed.

Nothing to do with time.
Nothing to do with experience.
Nothing to do with acquisition.
Nothing to do with who you are.
Nothing to do with anything at all.

Direct, total observation is the actuality..... Once all the crap you have fucked yourself up with is dispensed with.

Observe without judgement.  The second you judge, you have put yourself in relationship to that which was judged.
Judgement is a projection of the mind. It has no bearing on actuality.

By judging anything at all, you have been caught in delusion.

" But some delusions are good.... and some are not good."
There you go again.

A delusion which has been judged is the story of YOU.

Judgement is the building block of separation.
Separation inhibits actually observing actuality.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 44

                                                               Second hand enlightenment.

Another barrier to direct observation is the recourse to authority.

This is a need for permission, approval, guidance, acceptance, expertise,  in short authority.

The symptoms of discomfort, pain, and suffering, motivate the search for a remedy.

This gets turned over to the mind, It accumulates information so it can make an informed decision.

Unfortunately the whole foundation of the mind is constructed on mis information.

Keeping its owner mis informed is its bread and butter.

Take the education system. It takes kids out of life and teaches them about the thing it is preventing
them from having a relationship with.

The longer they stay in school the stupider they get.

I`ve seen high school graduates  believing there is something that cleans up after them as an unquestioned truth.
Kind of a birthright.

And when their lives become a mess they seek out an authority figure to make it all go away.

The authority figure is someone representing winning in the field of knowledge.

The field of knowledge is split into the known and the unknown.

The human mind has projected the delusion that by converting the unknown into the known
its discomfort, pain, and suffering can be cleaned up.

Hasn`t worked yet.  But there is still time for a first.

Have you not observed how the known only leads to further unknown?
Will the reservoir of unknown ever be depleted?  That is always going to remain "Unknown."

The mind can`t compete with all this, so it leaves it to the experts.

Somewhere there is a team of scientists working on this exact problem
We even donate to their mortgage repayments.

So we have dumped the "too hard basket" into the hands of experts who know.

Sometimes universities, release the results of research projects they have carried out at great expense.

"Here are the results....We`ve contributed to what is known...You clean it up."

They have actually illuminated more unknown.
Theorize, predict, could, should, may, possibly, one day, hopefully.......

There are religious leaders and gurus who know all about what is unknown to us.

They are experts and authorities in the field of spirituality.

The more acquisitions they are using to dazzle and intimidate you, the less they actually know.

This field of expertise is peppered with words like belief, hope, prayer, faith, and referral to a dusty old book.

There is no direct experience with the subject matter.
It is all second hand.

Subsequently, these experts, unable to directly observe themselves, have made second hand observation
the accepted norm in second hand minds of the second hand citizens in this second hand world.
And no one is even slightly equipped to clean up the mess.

 Relying on authority is a cop out. It is an impediment to direct observation.

Belief in authority puts an end to actual observation.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 44

                                                                      Fear of nothing.

Another con that inhibits direct observation is fear.

So let`s examine that together.

What is it ?
Is it real? Or is it just an idea?

One can`t point to it. One can sometimes point to the cause of it.
If examined even closer, one can always pin point the cause of fear.
Why isn`t the cause of fear always immediately obvious ?

Well  ?  Have a look at the con.

Fear causes one to flee from the source of fear.

Observing something fully is not possible while one is running full speed away from it.

The thing one is fleeing is an actual source of danger.

The fear fueling their flight, is the idea about the thing.
Fear is not the thing.... It is what the mind has turned the thing into.

The thing is actual. The idea is a projection.

The old saying "There is nothing to fear except fear itself" isn`t helpful.
It just gives you something else to fear.  .... FEAR.

And fear is just an idea.

Fear cannot exist without relationship.
One can only be in fear of something.

And even then it is the idea about the thing that manufactures fear.

Fear is only one of the millions of bad ideas the mind has come up with.

If one could simply observe the source of the pain and suffering without the accompaniment of ideas
then one would be observing the actual.  Not a substitute for the actual.

One of those ideas that one would be observing without would be "Fear."

Okay....  Since we are on a roll here....

What about fear of the unknown ?

Is "The unknown" a source of fear for you?

Let`s observe it NOW !

There must be relationship for fear to arise.

It is not possible to fear nothing.

How can there be fear when there is nothing to fear?

The mind has no facility to contemplate nothing.
So it substitutes something for nothing.

In this case, that something is unknown.

Thus a relationship is formed with the unknown which is merely a perversion of nothing.
Then, what was nothing, has become something unknown, which one can be in relationship with,
and fear of the unknown is born.

When fear is observed without the fear, one is no longer running away from it.
When observing fear from fearlessness, it will be obvious that there is nothing to fear.
Not even fear itself.

Also tumbling to pieces is the bullshit that the known and the unknown have the slightest relevance to the ACTUAL !

Well done on getting through that one. 
You have to really go beyond the words for transformation to occur.

Together we just dispensed with a million bad ideas we were on a collision course with.

Those million bad ideas are all rooted in fear. No exceptions.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 45

                                                                 Heaven and Hell reunified.

Hello and welcome.
Thank you for your curiosity...

It is curiosity that will kill the cat-astrophe.

As one`s eyes are opening, it can be observed that our world is one of conflict.

Us versus them. understanding versus ignorance. solutions versus problems, pain versus pleasure.

Life versus death.  God versus the devil.  Heaven versus hell. The goodies versus the badies.
The force versus the dark side. Man versus wild.  Crime versus Law.  Truth versus lies.

And for some unobserved reason , we take sides.

At that very instant we disown and own.

Comparison and judgement facilitate this identification/non identification.

The goal is set. And that goal is victory over victimization. The games begin.

Rules are created and violated.

And that is the fucken mess we live in.

When that mess is observed, it is observed through all the above factors and subsequent conditioning.
The state of the world is observed as a problem being created by someone else...and it is a problem.

Of course every problem requires a solution. So the solution does battle with the problem.
And you take sides.

"The war cry for that one is  "You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem."

Let`s transform that......   "You are either observing the fact, or you are caught in delusion.

When the delusion, that one owns, tries to observe the actual, it can`t.

It distracts itself from its frustration with further delusion. It manufactures plans, schemes, ideas, solutions, and remedies
that never have and never will solve the problem. They all come to nothing and fade away in time.

It is the human way to put a problem in conflict with a solution. I guess it passes the time.

Can it be seen that the solution is always a mental projection?
I`m asking you this now?

Not too difficult.

But how about observing the problem?
Is that not also a mental projection?

First there is the fact.  Direct observation of the fact is inhibited by ones conditioning.
So now it interprets the fact as a problem. But it was only ever a fact. The problem is a creation of conditioning.

And then of course we completely fuck it up by projecting a solution on top of the problem which itself is a projection.

All these projections are made up.

Humanity loves to wear make up.

If you take off your make up and see what you really look like, you will see the all of everything.

No problems. No solutions.
Just the fact. 

There may be tears.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 46

                                                                The word "word" is only a word.

Another impediment to direct observation is the word.

In an effort to appear all sophisticated and worldly, the human mind has become all wordy.

Because the mind is incapable of observing the actual, it substitutes the actual for an idea about the actual.

So then it can go through the motions of interacting with what it believes is the actual.
It does this with words, and symbols.

Now the mind can have a dialogue about a banana without having the actual banana involved at all.

The mind has completely fooled its owner into believing that the banana under consideration is as real as
the actual banana.  It can even go through the motions, mentally, of eating a banana with all the same
sensations that eating a real banana would bring.

The minds mortal enemy is the actual.

The mind is powerless to do anything about the actual.
To do anything about the actual it must impose an idea on it.
And this buys it more time.

Ever heard someone say "I didn`t even have time to think."?

These occasions are where transformation occurred before the mind had time to jump in and complicate the matter.

Once the transformation has occurred the mind, uninvited, will return to explain it all and restore peace to itself.

It does this with ideas. And the ideas are words arranged to create a dialogue or monologue.

Ideas are always vocalizations.

The voices in one`s head are the busy mind avoiding the actual.

When one observes the banana without the word, the mind has lost all power to fuck with it.

It is what it is.
The actual.

An absolute joy to behold.

If only we could look at ourselves without the word.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 47

                                                                    "We are the word."

Words create the facility to invent an alternate reality.

As one reads a menu, the mind invents all these imaginary meals based on the clues in the words.

It now does all these complex computations, jockeying what the words represent with the numbers that represent what the cost will be.

It does this until it has an a-ha moment.  A choice is made which brings that mind the closest to peace.

This whole computation is achieved without the actual being present.

The process is unquestioningly carried out with the idea about the actual. A whole alternate reality is established  on
substitutes for the actual. These substitutes are the words and symbols.

The more one embraces the idea about the actual, the less one can interact with the actual.

Once one has lost touch with the actual they are living in a delusion. A lie.
Lying is achieved with the use of words.

Being human involves lying about practically everything, practically all the time.

And you thought it was something only you did.

The actual cannot be vocalized.
The moment it is, it is no longer the actual. It is now the idea.
The idea separates one from the actual.

Where there is separation, there is inevitably, conflict.

All discomfort, pain and suffering is born out of avoidance of the actual.

Avoidance of the actual is achieved through ideas.

And ideas are facilitated through words.

There are words to represent every possible form of human discomfort, pain and suffering.

When one observes that behind those words there is nothing actually.

The con is over.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 48

                                                                      I know what I like....

Another severe handicap to observing directly, is what one knows.

The inquiring mind cannot contemplate searching for answers without the accompaniment of what it knows.

What it knows, gives it something to think with.

The only thing the mind knows, is the past.

So the human mind observes with what it knows.

Some of the things the human mind knows are as follows.

" It`s a jungle out there."
"There are only two things in life that are certain...Death and taxes."
"The world is flat."
"God is on top of it all."
 "All men are pigs."
"The atom is stable throughout the universe."
"There is one set of rules for the rich and another for the poor."
" You can`t teach an old dog new tricks."
"The universe revolves around the earth."
"Going to the cemetery at midnight cures warts."
"Masturbation will make you go blind."
"It takes hard work to get ahead."
"What comes around goes around."
"Money can`t buy you love."
"A picture is worth a thousand words."
"The pen is mightier than the sword."
"Every journey begins with the first step."
"E = MC squared."
"Eric Clapton is God."
"Butchering innocent young girls will appease the Gods."
"It isn`t true without a peer review."
"Spare the rod and spoil the child."
"Work is freedom."
"Joe is an arse hole."
"If you aren`t happy, do something about it."

There is so much that is known.
One could fill many encyclopedias with it.
Then put them on a book case to give the appearance of being very learned.

Have you not observed, after all this time, that no matter how much you know, you are always butting heads with what you don`t know?
No matter how much heroin you have shot up with, the need for the next fix is just as strong.
Your usage of it hasn`t satisfied the addiction.  It has only encouraged it.

The train humanity is on has no brakes.

It is a train of thought.

"What is known" is posing every question.
What is known is framing the only possible answer.

It`s the only possible answer, because it fits in with what is known.

The conditioned mind poses a conditioned question and makes its peace with a conditioned answer.
The conditioned answer is now an observable fact.
But what is observing it?
The conditioned mind !!!!

This was true of the authors of the Bible. It was true of the editors of the bible. And it is true of the readers of the Bible.

It is also true of cutting edge scientists who are inventing weapons.

It is also true of the kid sniffing glue at the bus stop.

What is known is the past.  Doesn`t matter who , where or when you are.
You know and are known as a human being because of the past.

When one does something that doesn`t fit in with what is known about their past, humans say "I don`t know who you are any more.!"

Anything that doesn`t fit in with what is known about the past, causes discomfort to the mind.
It can`t think with it.


Transformation cannot take place when the past is smothering it.

What inhibits transformation ?????

The past !!!  The past is the known. !!!!!!!!

Direct observation, that is free of the known, is the act of creation.
Humans can`t do it.

But you can.

One becomes a human being, by being human.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 49

                                                                     The final frontier.

The final barrier to direct observation , is YOU !

The YOU that you have become, is incapable of direct observation.

If one could directly observe what they have become, they would be outraged.
The inability to directly observe that outrage manifests as outrageous behavior.

The "whole game" viewpoint of the spectator is denied to the participant.

The outrageous behavior observed by the spectator makes perfect sense to the participant.

The "you" that is participating in life is denied direct observation only available to the non participant.

The YOU can`t think with any of this,
It isn`t something it has any track with.

There is nothing in its past to equate this with. It can`t be compared with anything known.

Death , which was always a long way off, is suddenly happening now.

Direct observation of the actual is the death of YOU.

All that YOU are is over. All that you have struggled to accumulate is over.
Everything you know is over.

Life and death are reunited and .......
Well.... let`s see how you go at describing it to the you that is being human.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 50

                                                                   The great divide.

The idea of being free is very appealing. 
The idea of transforming oneself is the stuff of dreams.
The idea of transcending human suffering is like Heaven.

And this is why it doesn`t occur.

Let me explain.

The fact is, for example, that one is feeling depressed.

The idea of staying depressed is abhorrent to the sufferer of depression.
So the victim of depression comes up with ideas to counter it.

The mind is programmed to avoid direct observation.
Direct observation is death to the mental process.
Direct observation leaves the mind redundant...out of the loop, with nothing to do.

So the mind builds a case to consider.

It searches through the past for evidence to back up and justify the verdict it has already reached.

The mind is pretending to be a loyal friend, when all it is doing is trying to buy itself more time.

This can be seen by the fact that the mind will always come up with a plan.
And a course of action.  It needs to give you something to do, to keep you so preoccupied that you
don`t see the con it is playing on you.

The mind owner is perpetually mystified as to why their plans never come to anything.
But those plans, hatched in the mind, were never to give you peace.
They are always about giving the mind peace.

Peace of mind is a contradiction in terms !!

While one is busy doing things about their depression they are momentarily distracted from being depressed.

Are you seeing the con?

Observe the fact that every outrageous act perpetrated in the world
was dreamed up by a mind distracting itself from some fact.

If Hitler had just observed he was depressed, World War 2 might never have happened.
Of course there were other depressed individuals who thought Hitler`s mind had come up
with a great idea that would ultimately result in peace of mind.

But wouldn`t you know it...?

All that happened, was a time of discomfort , pain and suffering for all involved.

The whole thing came to nothing !
It was all for nothing !!!

Outrageous !!!

War is division. Division is conflict...    Always...

The Genesis of the division is between the fact and the idea about the fact.

Don`t fuck around with the idea.
Just observe the fact.

I am depressed !!!!

Now observe the barriers between you and the fact.

Authority, fear, The known, judgement and comparison......words and YOU (Conditioning).

Be with the fact. Not the idea about the fact.

"I am depressed "

Got it?
Not quite.
Observe the fact that those words are happening in a mind ready to run with them.

With all the barriers removed, all that remains is the fact.

Transformation has occurred.
The made up fact has been un-made.

Unity restored. Conflict not possible.

Observe that nothing I am pointing out to you is in conflict with anything !

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 51

                                    Yes. This all sounds like a good idea...But what can I actually do?

Who is asking?

Is it you?   Or is it the idea of you ?

If you are trying to resolve discomfort, pain or suffering, then it must be the idea of you.
There is an agenda preventing direct observation. The circumstances of your life are seeking an answer.
But to recognize that answer it must already be known. It`s the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle.
No other answer, even the actual one, will fit.
The mind is rewarded with the hope of resolution.
But once again, all that has happened is the mind has brought more time.

But if the asking is coming from pure curiosity, there is no agenda, no bias, no preconditions.
One is no longer trying to find something that is lost.
Actual creation is taking place.

Observe this.... Examination of any human life to understand how they came to be and do what they are being and doing,
and the actual answer is "Because they never knew they couldn`t."

You see you have had the ticket out of this mess all along but you didn`t know it. You disowned it.

You must have allowed the authorities to confiscate your passport.

An authority becomes an authority by projecting the idea that he/she knows better than you.

However when one can observe the actuality it becomes clear that them being an authority is a projection to obscure the fact that they don`t know shit.

Maybe you are a bit of an authority.....

Maybe you have built yourself up with what you know.
Why not actually look. Really observe exactly what it is that you know.

Is it possible that you are thinking, "I have no authority to question your authority?"

I`m just curious...
I`m not asking with a bias or an agenda.

I have no authority whatsoever.

So why are authority figures so adamant that they know?
And the curious are adamant that they don`t.

The authority figure is holding on to what is.
And the curious are free of all that ego bullshit.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 52

                                                                     Calling the authorities...

I am curious about the meaning of life...

Which authority should I go to for answers?

Please tell me...

Okay... Let`s make it simpler.

Who is the authority I should consult so that I can fully observe God for myself?

Even simpler...

Spiritual well being ...
Who ya gonna call ?

Come on....  Is everyone asleep?

Peace of mind...

Who is the world authority on peace of mind?
I want to meet this guy.

Nothing ?

Let`s try physical well being.
Who is the person I can go to, to keep me accurately informed about diet and
exercise.  I don`t want to find out later on that they were actually doing me harm.

What about world peace?
Which authority do I consult to establish that?
And if they are such an authority how come there isn`t already world peace.

What else do we humans require?

A sense of belonging. A sense of community.
Which is the authority on social systems that will bring about
the Utopia that Hare Krisha`n paint on their walls?

It`s not as if there hasn`t been enough time for an authority to implement the perfect world plan.
Sociology is a popular subject in universities. Political Science as well. That`s a science!!!???
Surely they have learned something by now..

WHAT ????

Should I go on ?

The trouble is I`m no authority on authorities.

What I observe is them dressing up, having particular rituals, driving flash cars
and generally projecting an image of superiority.

What about disease...

Who is the authority on curing disease?

Let`s take cancer.

Billions have been spent looking for the drug cure.
Billions have been spent tracking down and destroying anyone who actually cures cancer, oddly, without drugs.

And who tracks them down?
The authorities.

Pick a subject....

What about the brain...?

Who is the authority on the brain ?
Is the brain the mind?
Does the soul create the brain ? Or does the brain create the soul?

Do Christians take their brain with them to heaven?
If not...How do they know they are there?

Who is the fucking authority who can answer all mankind`s questions?

Why hasn`t he/she already done so ?

We`re hurting down here.

Believing in authority allows one to quiet their curiosity.
Inquiry ceases. What is known is based on what some authority has told us.
We are second hand citizens of the world, who give authority figures the authority
to deprive us of direct observation.

By assuming a position of authority, one has lost the ability to directly observe the very thing they are an authority about.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 53

                                                                  Who will set me free?

Surely there must be somebody who knows what the fuck is going on.
Is it possible that nobody knows what the fuck they are talking about?

Humans have problems and questions, and they go to someone for assistance.
Once someone can solve people`s problems and answer their questions they become an authority figure.

Now bear in mind they may be an authority on curing suffering, but when it comes to knitting a sweater
they know squat.

So we have different authorities for different things.

So no one, apparently, is an authority on everything.

Doesn`t this mean one needs a team of authorities to navigate the vagaries of living. unscathed?

So we have created a world of specialists.

For this problem you go to this guy. For that problem you go to that guy.

Authorities are the "go to guys" who can make everything okay again in their particular field.

There is just too much to be known to specialize in everything.
It would be absurd to imagine otherwise.

So is it not a fact that knowledge is fragmented ????

There is no one observing the whole picture.

There is no brainstorming between politicians, erotic dancers, and S.T.D experts.
Or maybe there is, but it takes place behind closed doors.

What about gathering all the salient points from each specialized field?
What do they all have in common?

Well here it is....

What is known is perpetually banging heads with the unknown.

Every field.  No exceptions.

All specialized fields are converting the unknown into the known only to discover that there is more unknown to be converted.

Will it ever end?  Will there come a day when the unknown is finally conquered?

How will humanity celebrate this historic event ? That is unknown.

Oh shit !!!  Looks like there are still a few pockets of unknown that were unknown about.

Authority represents what is known.

If you know about something you are an authority on it.

Where has all this knowledge gotten us?

Wanna know the first thing Buzz Aldrin did when he stepped out on the moon?

He took a piss.

Is that symbolic of knowledge providing more things to piss on?

Is the accumulation of knowledge solving any of humanities problems?

Or can it be observed as a con?

If it is, who will set me free?

A reliance on knowledge is an addiction to authority.

The addiction to authority is projected as CONfidence.
If one doesn`t have CONfidence, there is no addiction to authority.

When someone eases your discomfort, pain and suffering, through what they know,
they become an authority, and you to a greater or lesser degree are addicted to them.

But only till you lose CONfidence in them.

Thus authority is revealed as a trick of CONfidence.
So rather than ask who will set me free ....

Observe who and what is obscuring the freedom that you already are.

Who or what, am I seeking approval and permission from?

Authority appears in the cross hairs.

Is authority being used as a remedy for lack of self confidence?


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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 54


What one runs into when attempting to directly observe the subject of authority, is a mechanism designed to
deprive one of direct observation.

This subject threw me out repeatedly when I was trying to sneak in and have a closer look.

It is through direct observation of anything that it falls apart.

Direct observation is the actual. Not the idea of the actual.
At that moment, what exists is the observer and the observed....  The thinker and the thought.

Direct observation allows one to see that the thinker is the thought.
The observer is the observed.

What happens to the thinker when there is no thought?

What happens to the observer when there is no observed?

They are the same thing. The division is over. Transformation has occurred.

The warrior is gone, once the war is over.

The conflicted is gone, once the conflict is over.

The sufferer is gone once the suffering is over.

If you think this is just word play then you still have not directly observed that
the word is not the thing.

You haven`t looked beyond the words and seen the actual.

Because the YOU , you have become, has no facility to directly observe , it nominates and puts into power
an authority to do the looking for you.

As soon as you have placed an authority into power, you then can focus on the authority and not the thing
he represents.

What I`m showing you here is vast in its implications.
And seeing those implications is hard when you are living them.

Humans never have to observe the tough issues because they elect, and place in power, representatives to observe and act on their behalf.

Direct observation of that which is causing you discomfort, pain and suffering is avoided by handing responsibility for that
over to the experts. 

The expert acts to remedy an idea about what he is there to do something about.

He is unable to resolve your problem because your problem is unique to you.
He is observing his idea of your problem.

But while he gives us assurances that he is working on the problem and gives us hope we allow him to stay in power.

It is our confidence in him that gives him the  license to survive.

Once we feel betrayed and lose that confidence he is out on his arse.

But because knowledge is the past. And the past is all we know , we repeat it.
We go through the whole charade again...and again..... and again...

We live in hope.
Hope is an idea formulated by the very mind that is designed to never let you have what you are hoping for.

Please try to observe this.
While you live in hope, you are perpetuating the very idea that is denying yourself of direct observation of the actual.

Only through direct observation can actual transformation occur.
Anything else is just mind games and self deception. A con.

The authority you delegate is all part of that.

Hold your ground.  Observe your way through this hall of mirrors and own it.
Reunite with the you, that YOU has disowned.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 55

                                                                     Public opinion

How on Earth does one know if they are observing the actual?

Isn`t it obvious ?

Wouldn`t all that was preventing observation of the actual have to be absent?

The observation of the actual would be without authority, without fear, without judgement and comparison.
There would be no words or symbols. There would be no "You"

When all that is removed the only thing that remains is the actual.


Don`t write that down or commit it to memory.

Just observe it.
The moment you do, transformation has already happened. You can`t be fooled any more.

There is no you to be fooled.

All the great philosophy and wisdom YOU has accumulated, all the quotes and sayings one keeps recalling, All of the knowledge man has accumulated , has by design, obscured the actual and sentenced the deluded to forever remain in delusion.

Absent the delusion , the deluded is not.

It is the delusion that creates the deluded.

The deluded is the delusion.
The thinker is the thought.
The observer is the observed.

Is any of this getting through to you?

Is this discovery the most significant event comparable to the invention of the wheel of the harnessing of fire ?

NO !!!

Does this discovery need a new religion to promulgate it to the world ?

NO !!

Should we all bow down and worship the discoverer of it?

NO !!!

Should we work tirelessly to change public opinion on the nature of existence ?


The moment you do anything with it, the actual is lost to the machinery of delusion.

The actual is the immeasurable. There are no words.

It is beyond compare. One cannot "think" with it.

But you are allowed to smile.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 56

                                                                      In search of.....

If the reason you are reading these words is because you are looking for something, then
I`m afraid you are setting your self up to be up set.

A search ends when the thing that is sought is found.
It is through re-cognition that something that was lost is found again.

How else would one know that they have found the thing they were looking for.

Look behind the words. This is not fancy intellectual word play.

What is known is always the past. One can speculate or have premonitions. But these remain projections until
they become fact. Fact is known because it is now in the past.

No fact has any relevance until one places it in relation to the past.

Human kind have been searching since humanity began.
It`s in our genes.
The search is relentless and irrepressible.
Humans take great pride in the fact that they are eternally searching.

What humanity has been searching for has little in common from human to human.
The only common denominator is the impulse to search.
If one wanted to speculate about what man`s eternal search was for,
maybe words like truth, love, god, utopia, peace.  the answers to his problems, eternal salvation...etc.

So far, this search has come to nothing.

Unless you have observed different !

All these millions of years of searching, and humanity is just as ignorant on these topics as he ever was.

Am I making this up ?

I now see the whole search addiction as a con.

The mechanics are plainly there if one has eliminated all the distractions between the observer and the observed.

Looking for something, is the assumption that one is being deprived, and will remain so, until that
which is being withheld is surrendered over.

While one is being conned into looking for something,
they are distracted from looking at something.

Looking for something gives life to all sorts of mental machinery.

Directly observing something stops it in its tracks.  Completely.

Don`t think for a moment that this mental machinery is going to take any of this lying down.

Don`t waste your time, noisily,wondering what you can do about it.

Just silently observe IT doing it`s wondering, and it will have none of your time to waste.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 57

                                                                 Observing mechanics of life.

Even trying to contemplate that subject is overwhelming.
It sets all of ones mental machinery into action.
That action has a hidden agenda.... to distract it`s host from dismantling it.

While the mind keeps its owner busy solving all the problems it is creating, its owner is distracted from observing that
the problems it is solving it is itself causing .

Human-kind`s eternal struggle has been with his own mind.

The mind is only, and can only ever be, it`s content.

It knows to use pain and pleasure to keep you within it`s boundaries.

How this came into being is something the mind will never reveal to it`s owner.

If it did, it would become just another encyclopedia on the bookshelf.
Another headstone in the cemetery. Two dates with a mad dash between them.

Come with me now as we observe the dismantling of a human mind....

Let`s take an average run of the mill human, who is three bits of bad news away from a psychotic break.

Someone who`s daily existence is a routine of performing tasks that produce no sense of satisfaction.
Someone who`s whole existence is attempting to fulfill obligations and commitments.

Someone who dreams of a brighter future and lives in hope of escaping their pain and finding their reward.
Someone who has sophisticated opinions on world affairs and yet can`t seem to make any sense of their own personal life.

Someone just like you.

I know I missed out the bits about your unfulfilled love life and your addictions and your embarrassing medical condition...
But does any of this sound a bit like you ?

And to top it off , you can`t think clearly while your mind is chatting away endlessly about stuff that if actually spoken out loud would get you incarcerated.

This is your trusted adviser. The solver of problems. The authority on you.

This is like a comedy skit from Laurel and Hardy.

"That`s another fine mess you`ve gotten me into."


Locate the overwhelming feeling.

What is it ?

It`s "I am overwhelmed !!!!"  Duh.

Observe that this is the FACT !

Observe that any distraction from the fact is something other than the FACT ! A delusion.

Resist the urge to judge or compare the FACT !

The fact is "I am overwhelmed."

Are you observing the FACT ? Or are you observing the idea of the fact.
If you are observing the idea of the fact you are still using words to avoid the FACT.

Fall into the silence where all there is is you and the fact.
Direct total observation. There is the little fucker !!!!

We have the observed and the observer.
The thought and the thinker.

The overwhelming and the overwhelmed.

The overwhelming is the overwhelmed.
The observed is the observer.
The thinker is the thought.

Absent the overwhelming, the overwhelmed is not .

When the overwhelmed is not, the overwhelming is vanished.

What was once division, is now unified.
Transformation has occurred.

Neither the overwhelming, nor the overwhelmed have the space between them to occupy your time.

Words cannot describe what you just observed.
So don`t try.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 58

                                                              "You didn`t hear it from me."

Nothing that YOU are being (human) has the facility to observe that which was observed above.

The YOU, that you are being, is what is inhibiting the direct observation.

Let`s dismantle YOU, to observe what is bringing this blindness about.

The YOU, that you are being, is an accumulation of experience.
That experience continues to reinforce that experience with the deception that it is valuable.
Without it, you wouldn`t know who YOU were.

 "Were" is used deliberately here, because what YOU are is a past tense  (!!!???).
YOU are an accumulation of who you were.

Get it ?

Do you see that it is `who you were` that is forever interacting with life? 

It is your conditioning, that has the "Accumulate !" button stuck down, which represents you
in all of your relationships.

Human beings can only live in the past. Without the past they have no life to live.

Can it also be observed that GOD is the past.
The past is what gives YOU life.

Without the past you are nothing.

YOU will never surrender it`s past.

YOU will see these words as "only words".
But if what isn`t YOU looks beyond the words and directly observes  what the words are pointing to,
 YOU loses it`s grip on that which is not YOU.

That which is Not YOU is the immeasurable.
A complete absence of definition.

If that which is not YOU is directly observing this, then all that YOU are, is deconstructing.

All that YOU are being has no capacity to deconstruct.

It`s whole existence is one of accumulation and construction.

It can`t forget. The best it can do is to distract itself from what it desires to forget,
What it desires to forget is discomfort, pain and suffering.

Is this going too fast ?

It`s just when this con is fully observed it starts falling apart all over the place.

The freeing up of energy is immense.

When one`s distractions, as they surely will, become a source of further discomfort, pain, and suffering,
YOU tries to remedy this, usually by consulting an authority.

The authority knows more than YOU does.
The authority figure is proof positive that accumulation and construction is the road out
At least that is your hope. "Where there is hope, there is life."

CONfidence is always key to holding that buffer there between YOU and the actual.

" I used to be high on illegal drugs. Now I`m high on legal drugs ( God, Jesus, Dr Phil, Abraham,
Some Indian guru who`s name I can`t pronounce, psycho analysis, re-birthing, Reiki, Dianetics,
color therapy, Tony Robbins, The Democrats, Communism, Benny Hinn, Benny Hill, crystals, psychology,....  .....  ....

Now... I`m not saying that any of these things are good or bad, I`m not judging or comparing them
to anything.

What I am observing is that the YOU cannot resist becoming a follower of those that
YOU has confidence in.
The YOU has distracted itself from what is being said and focused on who is saying it.

YOU will then be unable to resist emulating or imitating who it has CONfidence in.

A new construction has begun. Deconstruction of the old was never an option.

YOU now have a second hand relationship with life where transformation is impossible.
There is only modification after consultation.  Direct observation has been diverted.

TIME has been created with something to do in it.

The YOU, who you believe you are, can only pose and resolve problems eternally.
It is only that which you are not who can rip them out completely, by the roots.

This makes the YOU, who you are thinking you are, utterly redundant.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 59

                                                                   The unknown known con.

If one directly observes, it is a fact that humanity exists between the known and the unknown.

All humanity can list off what it knows and what is unknown.

Humanity knows that it is the unknown which is causing all it`s discomfort, pain, and suffering.
It reasons that if what is unknown were known, all its discomfort, pain, and suffering would be over.

But with direct observation it is clear that the process of converting the unknown into the known has
actually achieved nothing to alleviate any of these.

"You can take the man out of the cave, but you can`t take the cave out of the man."

All knowledge has achieved is more comfortable caves.

The pain and suffering have eluded termination.

Which actually renders the comfortable cave useless as well.

Isn`t it accurate to say that when YOU is dealing with a life and death situation,
 it is actually the caveman reacting to the situation completely independent of any knowledge at all?

The Nobel Peace Prize winner and the Nobel Peace prize loser react identically when they smell their wife`s pussy on your breath.

It`s hammer time !

Okay.... Take a minute.

All that evolution, accumulation, and construction  has done, is make it more convenient to not see what actually is.

It is truly a marvel to behold that the developments in the sciences have all come to the same conclusion.
"We still don`t really know."

How much more time will it take before you do ?

"We don`t really know !   Is that my wife`s pussy I smell on your breath?"

Hammer time !

To actually observe, the YOU that knows and doesn`t know must be absent.

What you know, and don`t know, is preventing direct observation.

Both the known and the unknown are mental projections, regardless of
how sophisticated they are or what they smell like.

And what is observed with direct observation cannot be known or unknown.

It has no need to ever get involved in that particular con.

When the direct observation of the known and the unknown occurs,
They are united and `what is` remains, totally independent of who does, and doesn`t, know about it.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 60

                                                                The day the world stood still.

Despite the wild variations on how humanity has manifested, the one common denominator is that the barriers
used to inhibit direct observation are common to every individual and thus common to the species.

Those barriers are ; Fear, judgement and comparison, words and symbols, authority, and YOU...Your self.

Taken as a species that last one would be WE ...our selves.

Let`s look at what lack of direct observation of this sets in motion.

If `what is actual` is not being observed, then what is being observed is something `other than what is actual`.

Something other than what is actual can only be a mental projection...An idea about the actual.
This is the function of our old friend, the mind.

The tools of the mind trade are, fear, judgement and comparison, authority, words and symbols, and the YOU. (The conditioning of the past
which is the known.)

When these barriers to direct observation are in force by a whole species.
You have an entire species that owes its existence to the barriers and not the fact.

There is division within the species. There is the owned and the disowned within a species.

Parts of the whole become pieces of the whole.
SELVES become self's.

The belief has been created that individuals exist who are part of the species.

But the mind never poses the question "How can I be a part of something that `everything I am` is disowning it?"

The YOU asks... "Why is there so much conflict in the world? Why can`t we all just get along?"

And the mind, which is the barriers , uses the barriers to keep you in your locked apartment with the blinds drawn.

How much of me is the species ? And how much of the species is me?

Have a look !!!!

If the species discards these barriers what happens to my barriers?
If I discard my barriers, what happens to the species barriers?

When you directly observe humanity without the YOU, the separation is over.

You are humanity.  And humanity is you. 

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 61

                                                            It`s always in the last place you look.

We need to go into the barrier to direct observation that is YOU a bit.

The YOU is an identification with a self, and that self knows it is a self because of it`s past.
The past is all the self can know.

So the self has a past full of beliefs, (Not facts) evidence and proof that it is an individual self.

After all, even now as we share this moment, no one is so in tune with the self that it is coming to it`s rescue.

The self is on it`s own. And further observation is stopped in it`s tracks.

Stick with me here....

The self, which is YOU, has no facility to observe anything without the YOU being there to do the observing.

So it only exists as an individual viewpoint.

Think of all the things that have happened that YOU isn`t aware of.

Zip.  Nada. Zilch. Nothing. The cupboard is bare.

The YOU that has been observing on your behalf, has disowned the unknown.

The individual human has been struggling to solve all its own problems since individual problems were invented.

But the individual has emerged from the species called human beings.

Everything YOU know about YOU, is based on the fact that you are a human being, who is part of the human race.

Try to think of one thing you know that isn`t based on the fact that you are human....

The YOU that you use to interact with life with, is at the cutting edge of evolution.
It has an individual body and an individual brain ( No...I`m not ignoring the freaks of evolution)

Everything the individual observes is obviously confirmation that the individual exists.

So why is every individual clueless about how the fuck he got here and what happens next ?

Not one of the problems arising out of being human has ever been resolved???

Wake up and smell the napalm.

The problems the species is having are identical to the problems you are having.

"Love thy neighbor....unless of course, he happens to be a cunt."

All solutions are dreamed up by individuals.

That individual by his very presence, has disowned the entire species.

The only solutions an individual can offer can only be a distraction from the fact he cannot solve his own problems.

But what about those selfless altruistic individuals who work tirelessly for the benefit of mankind.???
Can you think of one that didn`t have an agenda. ?

As well as helping actors win Academy Awards, God is also busy helping heal the sick, feeding the hungry, and bringing hope to the
hopeless, through his faithful servants... They are only too keen to tell you.

God is the ultimate Authority.

Come judgement day, he can offer you eternal servitude.

Oh.... Or FEAR !!!

Fucken con!

An individual has no capacity to solve a whole problem by going through the motions of addressing only a part of it.

An individual cannot solve a problem that has its roots in a species he has emerged from and has disowned.

Okay... Let`s pick one...  Violence.

A guy wants to stop being violent. (Not because he actually wants to stop being violent. But because his violence is starting to
give him more stress than stress relief.)

So he goes to the Authority he has CONfidence in. And his tendencies towards violence are dissected and reassembled and he is sent home
with a new tendency towards dissection.

He is grateful to be distracted from his violence for as long as it takes for someone to really piss him off again.

The fact that the whole species is violent has been successfully left out of the equation.

The species is so violent it thinks nothing of throwing individual members of it under the bus.
And then judges and condemns that individual for being violent. 

The cutting edge of evolution.


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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 62

                                                                    It`s clean up time.

Due to the barriers to direct observation not being observed directly, those barriers are what is being observed through.

Watch the mechanics of this.  See the con.

Being unable to see `what is actual`, `what is not actual` is observed in its place.

What is observed is now separate from what is actual.
That separation is disunity.  Conflict.

One now focuses on what is not actual and  projects an idea of how it should actually be to resolve its conflict.

One is now engaged with what is not actual. One is trying to force what is not actual to become what is actual.

But the actual he is forcing it to be is his idea about what is actual. Not what actually is.

If one could observe what is actual, without the barriers to direct observation doing the looking, it would
be clear that the actual is not in conflict with anything.

It just IS.

Let`s see how this plays out back on Earth.

The other humans you interact with cannot just observe you.
They are instead observing an idea about you.

That idea about you does not conform with who you actually are.

So you are now judged and compared in every interaction you engage in.
You are constantly under pressure to conform to an imaginary idea of what a human being should be.

But what should a human being be like? And the answer is, "not like you."

It can be clearly observed that all arguments between humans is two individuals conditioning banging heads.

Really look at this. Don`t run it through your diversion machinery.

One has a non specific standard of how the other should be. Just like the other has.
That is the actuality of the human condition.

Both hold their ground. The human race is perpetuated.

And what is the best solution we as a species can see to put an end to this conflict?

What are the kids doing right now?
Playing games that are all about using violence and force to overcome other humans and aliens conditioning.

Look at the movies they are watching. 
A peaceful community, suddenly disrupted by all that humanity should not be, incarnate in a villain.
A super hero comes to the rescue, often with super powers, and all he is, is super violent.

Peace is restored till the next baddie comes along.

And what has been learned.

Humanity has found violence as the number one preferred method of solving problems.

Here in New Zealand the authorities even had to pass a law to try to curb
the use of it by parents on their own children. (That they love)

So what to do ?

If one sees the mechanics of it, there is nothing that can be done.
Only direct observation of the con allows for transformation.

Thank you for your participation.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 63

                                              Oh for fuck`s sake ...! Just give me something I can actually use ...

Is it not the actuality that YOU is constantly in search for things it can use to better your life?

You needs to see a benefit before it will commit YOUrself to taking action.

"Show me the results !
Prove to me that it works."

You wants projects it can work on.
Something it can throw money at.
Something it can experience. Something tangible.
Something it can dazzle its friends with at parties.

YOU desires to ride the wave of fads.

While the restless mind has a fad it can focus on, it has bought itself more time
and will give its owner a bit of peace.

Do you see the con?

The mind has the agenda of self perpetuation. It`s stock in trade is deceiving it`s owner .

Everything YOU are is the decision to not see the actual.

Everything !!!

By observing the actual, one is depriving the mind of something to do.

The mind preempts this by jumping between its owner and the actual at every occasion.

The mind continues the deception with the pretense of choice.

There is absolutely no choice when it comes to the conditioned mind.

John Wayne Gacy was going to be a Marine biologist, but chose serial killing as his preferred occupation. !!!! ????

Wake up.

One`s conditioning deprives it`s owner of choice .  END OF STORY !!!

The whole life experience is YOUr conditioning banging heads with every other individual human you cross paths with.

The only choice one can make is to observe the actual.

By seeing the mechanics of the con, it is over.

Transformation has occurred .  the page is blank.

A new story can be written.  And.......  You can choose to write a FUN story...

There is no other choice. And only you can choose it.

But when you can invite others to join in and have fun too.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 64

                                                              Problem "solving " (is for) dummies.

When the solution to your problem is not immediately apparent, then one has no choice but to
set about solving it.

How can it be that the solution to a problem is not right there where and when you need it?

Ah..... Insufficient data.

But you have sufficient data to realize that there is a problem there at all.

The solution is in the problem.

But if one is not actually observing the problem for what it actually is. then the
mind has bought more time and something to worry you about in it.

If one was observing the actual problem, no solution would be required at all.

How come ?

Because when one directly observes `what is` there is no problem.
A problem is a time buying invention of the mind.

Have a listen to some human individuals problems some time.

Just listen. Don`t judge or compare.

See the mechanics of what they are doing.

In every case they are in conflict with themselves.

They are of two minds about it.

They are so distracted, and discomforted, by the two sides of the argument that they
are compelled to search for the solution.

While this search continues, the mind eases off on its feelings of deprivation and replaces those with a sense of hope.

Is this going too fast?

A mind that is searching isn`t actually looking.

If it were, the search would be over.

Failing to observe this directly has resulted in the history of human, discomfort, pain and suffering.

The search for the answer continues with no end in sight.

You are human. You have to play out this bullshit. YOU have no choice.

Except............  To see the con and exit the game.

That`s why I say... "It`s the only choice."
The fact you are stranded here on this planet means you are continually not making it.
If you `had` to get off this merry go round, it would cease to be a choice.
Total, unconditional freedom is your choice.

One does not choose the other option.
It is the default.

Want to observe me walking a made up human through a series of instantaneous observations?

This is not a procedure.
There are no steps.
There is no method.
This is not the answer you have been looking for.

 Hu :  "I do not believe it is possible for anyone to escape life`s suffering!"

 Pot.  " Where is this suffering actually?"

 Hu : "Everywhere. It`s in the hospitals, in the war zones. In the office, in the streets, in peoples homes. Everywhere !"

Pot. " Take the humans out of these locations. Where is the suffering now?"

Hu : " Completely gone. The humans must have taken it with them."

Pot. " Where is the suffering actually?"

Hu : " Animals suffer too. So it must be that living things are capable of suffering."

Pot .  What animals are suffering?

Hu : Those ones being experimented on for medical research.

Pot : Where are these suffering animals ?

Hu : "How the fuck would I know ?....In laboratories I guess. What? You don`t care about the animals that are suffering?!"

Pot. For now, could we just focus on the suffering animals your mind is creating for us here.

Hu : "The suffering animals in my mind are based on real animals."

Pot . "The real animals aren`t here. So all that is suffering, here and now, is the animals your mind created.
         So where is the suffering?"

Hu . "In my mind. This is doing my head in.  I`ve got millions of problems you know.
       I suffer from depression. I`ve tried everything. Nothing works."

Pot.  "Is your suffering real ? Or is it imaginary?

Hu : "Oh...It`s real all right."

Pot : "Observe it directly."

Hu : When I try to observe it, I`m not sure if I`m doing it right. What should I be doing?

Pot . "Just be without the do."

Hu :  I`m thinking about it.

Pot.  Now without the thinking.

Hu.  It`s there.

Pot . Now without the word

Hu  ; "              "

Okay.... Now without the "I."

" Holy shit ! Where did everything go ?"

This little mini drama was brought to you by two estranged individuals who have now reunited.

Hu Man. And Pot. Ential. Together there is no suffering to escape from.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 65

                                                                   Show me the results !

The mind is at a complete loss to understand what just happened.
As far as it`s concerned, nothing did just happen.

It was not a participant.
What happened was outside of the mind.

Now the mind is determined to get involved.
It can`t just stand by while things happen that it isn`t comparing and judging.

It wants to go " Oh... I get it !"

But if you give it nothing. It has nothing to get.

What we observed in the previous part was not a failure, or a success.
There was no expectation of an outcome.
So there was no outcome to expect.

Nothing was overcome , or achieved.
No change occurred.

"Man this all does my head in ."
"I can`t relate to a word of this."

"If I`d spent any time on this it would have been a waste of time."

  Your computer has no record of what you did while it was turned off.

So did, what you did while your computer was off actually happen ?

Well not to the computer.

And if you are living in your computer you have a very limited idea of happenings.

You see ? The mind has nothing to do when the actual is observed.

There is the actual. It is what it is.

If one projects something onto the actual, one is no longer observing the actual.
They are observing something else. Something that is NOT actual.

The human mind has been trying to banish anti social behavior from the human psyche by
comparing it, judging it and punishing it. Yet anti social behavior is flourishing.
The criminal justice system is the very institution that generates anti social behavior.

Still the human mind is quite comfortable with this idea. It has enforcers, who`s job it is to "keep the peace."
But the only peace being kept, is the human mind that is disturbing the peace unchallenged, and unobserved.

                                          Why direct observation doesn`t bring about results.

For a result to occur, something has to have changed.
Change takes time.
If no time is involved, change is not possible.

 Directly observing as it is does not have anything to do with time.

All there is is you and what is being observed.
But what is being directly observed is you.

If what is being observed is absent , then the observer is absent as well.

Really observe this !!!!

So... The observer is the observed.

Back to the interaction between Hu and Po.

Hu registers no change after observing the actual.

Hu`s mind has to get involved. It is it`s function.

It demands to have information it can compare and judge.

So Po says to Hu.  "Well...You are no longer a serial killer."

And Hu says "But I never was a serial killer."

Po says. "You are no longer suffering."

And Hu says " But I never was suffering."

Transformation renders  both the observer and the observed as if they never happened.
Because they didn`t happen.

It was only the separation between the observer and the observed that created the illusion of a happening.

You have a choice. To exit this hall of mirrors, or to wait for more to happen.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 66

                                                                   The anatomy of a con.

For anyone to fall victim to a con, the very same barriers to direct observation must be present.

What are they again?

You notice they are not readily available.
The mind has not filed them with any sense of importance or priority....

These are the very things that are inhibiting total, unconditional freedom and the mind has filed them
under "Useless piece of information number 2,015."

Why wouldn`t the mind file these barriers to total unconditional freedom under "Urgent ! High priority!" ?

Come on ..... Look at it !

Isn`t it a fact that one disowns knowledge that has nothing to do with them ?

And total, unconditional freedom has nothing to do with the function of the mind.

You seeing this?

The mind is all about doing and distraction.

By keeping its owner busy it has distracted him/her from the fact that they are being conned.

The mind renders its owner blissfully unaware of the fact that they are being conned.

There is nothing that will shatter millions of years of evolution and accumulation, like the realization one is being conned.

The direct observation that one is being conned leaves the victim naked and totally vulnerable.

All they have done and accumulated is gone in an instant.

Your best friend the mind, has abandoned its owner in his hour of need.
The mind, at this point, is a gibbering idiot.

But , it`s all one has. So they grab onto this "life saver",  yet again.

The con victim is now holding on for dear life to a gibbering idiot.

Oh my God.... Do you realize you have just witnessed the anatomy of insanity.?

This is the guy who is institutionalized. The psych patient. A member of the laughing academy.

Look now.  The insane are totally identified with a mind.
Every thought is real. There is no discrimination between thoughts.

Okay......  That is your mind. That is who is your representative in life`s interactions.

It is every barrier to direct observation. That is what the mind is.

It is your own disowned intelligence.

It was put there as a barrier to direct observation.

It is therefore, and can only ever be, "indirect observation."

It is the solution to the problems it is creating.  ..... to infinity.

It removes the difficult choices, by leaving no choice.

And it will continue doing so till its owner chooses to directly observe the mechanics of it.
In that instant it never is or was.

Do you think I`m accessing all of what I`m pointing out to you by consulting my, or anyone else`s mind?

I`m observing all this the same as you are.

It`s there because of the choice to observe the actual.

But get this....  The only observation one can have is the observation of the barriers.
For when the barriers are removed, what remains is the actual.  And....

                                             THE ACTUAL IS YOU. The con is over.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 67

                                                              Can you see the real me ?

Who `is you`, is what remains when all that is not you is absent.

For something to be absent, it is no longer present.

When all that `is not you` is no longer present, then you are.

And being present can only mean being complete and whole.

Being complete and whole does not allow any fragmentation.

Fragmentation is disunity....which is conflict.

And that is where the human race exists.... As individuals that are fragmented as a species.

The fragmentation within the individuals is projected into the species, which is fragmented into individuals.

To unify all this fragmentation, is a project that has kept the species, and the individuals within it, busy
since the species came into being.  With no end in sight.

   The disunity within you, is the disunity within the species.

Now let`s go into this a little deeper. . .

The individual human being feels isolated and incomplete.

The longer they have been human the more isolated and incomplete they feel.

But let`s observe the mechanism at work that is manufacturing feelings of hopelessness and loneliness.

It is those very same feelings of hopelessness and lonesomeness that are inhibiting direct observation of the mechanism.

They are distracted from that observation by the compulsion to find a remedy for those feelings.

Attention has been diverted from the whole, complete, actual, to that which is incomplete and fragmented.

When it comes to the whole, complete actual there is nothing to do.
It is the only the incomplete and fragmented that requires action.

As a result, the fragmented self can only observe a fragmented world.

The fragmented, incomplete self is now sentenced to fix fragmented, incomplete things.

And the fragmented self falls for it every time.

It is the direct observation of this con that completely removes it.

The complete actual is NOT the sum of its fragments.

The fragments can only ever be something other than the actual.

It is only the, broken, fragmented self that sees a broken, fragmented, world.

The observer IS the observed.

Absent the observer, the observed is no more.

You are not the sum total of the fragments of you.

You were never the reflections in the shattered mirror you are trying to fix.

You are the immeasurable who tried to measure yourself.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 68

                                                                    Why am I still struggling ?

You have been sharing my observations with me and yet you are still struggling.

"So what`s the point ? Isn`t this just all talk ? A whole bunch of baseless fancy ideas?

Actually ...the more I think about it, the more pissed off I get.
Maybe all this bullshit is the con !!!"

Hey...  I get it.

You have REAL problems, and REAL commitments. REAL circumstances. REAL frustration.
REAL pain. REAL discomfort, and REAL suffering.

How can all these words do anything to resolve all that ?
Plus all the unexpected crap, that there seems to be an endless supply of.

 Trillions of tears have fallen as a result of what we REALLY are experiencing.
And not one of them has done anything to put an end to the life sentence we are all caught in.

Lifers are desperately searching for relief from their suffering.
Having found what gives them comfort and relief, they are now stuck to it.
Unwilling and unable to abandon it.
What brings relief and comfort is one`s constant companion.
It is their addiction.

Its absence removes the buffer between the addicted and the discomfort, pain, and suffering, it suppressed.

One would rather die than abandon their addictions.
And thus it is..... Freed from their addictions, the afflicted may, it is hoped, finally "Rest in Peace."

Humans have been dying to keep their addictions their whole life.

So answer me this.... If someone had no addictions , how would they know they had died?

What would death then be a rest from?

No solution ever outlives its ability to solve a problem.

If death was no longer a solution...... If the problem that death solved was no more....,
then death would cease to have a life.

The gun that is being held to all our heads is full of blanks.
Being human has always been a matter of life and death.

And that is where we reside. A victim of both of them.

They are both a source of discomfort, pain and suffering.

I smell a con !!!!

Until the mechanics of this con of cons is directly observed you will
continue to be predisposed to suffering, regardless of what I, or anyone else, says.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 69   

                                                              Death by accumulation.

What one has accumulated is not who they are. It is who they have become.

One is then residing in what they have become, and death is their eviction notice.

As one serves their life sentence there is an accumulation. That accumulation
is very becoming. Who they are is buried by who they are becoming.

Who one has become cannot discard anything it has accumulated because it IS who they have become.

Who one is becoming is sentenced to carry around the accumulation that is who it has become.

Because one believes that what they have accumulated is real they give it all weight.
The ideas that are ones own disowned intelligence, now give one no choice but to "carry that weight."

Sensing that who one is becoming is more and more of a burden, one tries in vane to
hold the ideas that are slowing one down further away than the ones that aid
in the accumulation process.

But because one has given their ideas weight. The further away one tries to hold them,
the more weight they have.

Simple physics.

If one could simply directly observe that what they have accumulated  and are carrying around is
everything that they have become.

And everything you have become is what is reading this now.....
Completely in the dark about who they have become is.

Because who you have become is not who you really are.

Everybody knows that those who are dead are no longer suffering.
So death is the safety valve. When the suffering gets too much one can always opt out.

When they do, they abandon everything they have accumulated and leave it for others to pick through
in their own urge to accumulate.

But no matter how much one accumulates, the thirst is never quenched.

And that is because it is clearly, if one looks, a con.

This is not an anti accumulation message.
This is just pointing out that if you become what you accumulate then you are deluded into
thinking you are what you have.

When what YOU have is gone , then so shall it be with YOU .

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 70


Isn`t this just the most provocative word?

For some reason it sets off the mind with wild imaginings and speculation.

Let`s look into it.

And here is the first clue to unravel probably the greatest con of all time.

                                           Who is looking into it ?

The observer is the observed.

The answers found will forever be completely compatible with the poser of the question.

An idiot pondering this subject will only ever find an idiotic answer.

A believer will find a believable answer.

The question is always posed by that which does not have the answer.
So the answer will forever be framed with "But we don`t really know."

It is only the actual that can directly observe the actual.

The inauthentic cannot observe the authentic.

If you have stopped reading this it is because you have lost all hope of
it providing the answers you were looking for.

One hears all sorts of theories about what happens after death from supposed authorities.

It`s like shopping for salvation.

One finally settles on the one they like best, and they buy it.

As a little sales gimmick, the sales people often have a little `buy now` incentive technique.
There is a whole routine on what will happen if one doesn`t buy it now.

Whatever it is, you can be certain it will come gift wrapped in fear.
You don`t want to be left holding that time bomb.

The one constant, is that anything other than what you believe about death, is believed by the deluded.

And yet they will hold onto those beliefs to death.
And that is as far as one`s beliefs will carry them. After that, the belief is replaced by the actual.

The actual is what is. Anything other than that, is no longer what is actual.

The inauthentic cannot observe the authentic.

The authentic is beyond the barriers that inhibit observation of it.
The authentic is beyond the reach of time.
It is only the inauthentic that has a shelf life.

The inauthentic will rise and fall. While the authentic remains constantly.

The inauthentic is subject to change. While the authentic is in state of constant transformation. (creation)

That which is inauthentic is subject to life and death.

That which is inauthentic is built in defiance of death.
And that is because death is the ending of in-authenticity.

It is only the inauthentic that can expire.

The inauthentic lives in FEAR of death.

Death of in-authenticity means life to the authentic.

The barriers to direct observation stand in defiance of what is actual.

An authority cannot observe what is actual.
For to do so would be suicide to the authority looking.

The authority exists in defiance of death.

The authorities on `life and death` have been looking in the mirror, trying to figure out who smiled first.

Try it !!

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 71

                                                                   Death for beginners

The reason death cannot be directly observed by man, is because everything he/she is, is designed not to face it.

Humanity is programmed, biologically, physiologically. psychologically and evolutionarally, to construct in the opposite direction from death.

An intelligent discussion on the subject of death has never taken place.

The subject of death reduces the intellect to silly putty.

To think about something requires something to think about.

When the subject to be thought about is cessation of thought, the whole subject becomes inconceivable.

So do you get it?

Human kind cannot directly observe death.
It knows that it is a bad thing. ...  But not why.

The result of this ignorance is inevitably superstition and fantasy build on good vs bad.

Bad is in the direction towards death.
Good is in the direction away from death.

The human experience exists between life and death.

They are in conflict.

That conflict is the source of discomfort, pain and suffering.

The resultant discomfort, pain and suffering inhibits direct observation of life and death.

When one directly observes life and death it becomes clear that discomfort, pain and suffering
are what is holding them apart.

The reunification of life and death renders discomfort, pain and suffering redundant.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 72

                                                              The ending of popular mechanics.

All life is on a mission.
It is on a mission to be somewhere better than where it is now.

For the ruthlessly ambitious, reaching the top only reveals more tops to reach for.

The anticipated feelings of wholeness and peace of mind are eternally beyond one`s reach.

The barriers to achieving our dreams and ambition are an essential ingredient.
For without them, there would be nothing to overcome.

The barriers set the parameters of the prison in which one is serving their life sentence.

The sense of freedom and peace of mind one projects beyond
those barriers is, like the barriers , a projection of the mind.

So one has been conned into their own incarceration in a mental prison.

Both the prison and the freedom are creations of the mind.

But now at least one has something to do and somewhere to do it from.

What is being observed here is a mechanical process and apparently, it is very popular.

The barriers have so captured our attention and intelligence, that observation of the fact that freedom is not `freedom from`,
is the only thing that eternally escapes.

Once the barriers are dismantled, direct observation can occur.
Direct observation reveals `what is`, And `what is` cannot possibly be a barrier. It is what it is. Nothing else.
Therefore there is no existence of something to be free from.

Think of all the problems you haven`t got.

You can`t because they don`t exist, other than a lifeless mental projection.

Through direct observation, the mental projections you have, are transformed into
the problems you haven`t.

It is through abstaining from direct observation that mental projections are given life.
And that life can only exist in the absence of direct observation.

By entertaining something that is other than actual, one has given birth to the problem.

The very first problem and the very last problem are the conflict between the actual and the barrier
inhibiting observation of the actual.

That is the problem.

One has no choice but to keep solving their problems.

The only choice one can actually make is to
dismantle the barriers that inhibit direct observation.
By directly observing the actual mechanics of problem creation,
problem solving becomes redundant as there is no problem to solve.

Transformation has occurred.

All the problems one has, have become the problems one hasn`t.

One can only do this now.

Or one can wait till the big "End of the universe conference", where everyone sits around having a great laugh at how we were all conned
for so long. Then there will be a big love fest. Where Scientists and Religious leaders go into mediation and reconcile their differences as they weep and worship the bomb together at last.
Rappers and lawyers will discover they weren`t that different after all.
The Grey`s and the reptilians will be waltzing with the Yeti and his North American cousin, Sasquatch.

Facebook and Twitter will merge and the "dislike" comment button will be removed.

I`m only guessing what an "Ideal world " will be like.

This may all sound a bit crazy and deluded.

Well.... You tell me one single mental projection that isn`t !

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 73

                                                                   The beginning is conflict.

The absence of conflict makes all beginning impossible.

Conflict spans the complete spectrum from a difference in viewpoint to total annihilation.

Conflict exists between.......

And that between can only be the owned and the disowned.

All conflict has its genesis in the act of disowning.

The sand is smooth until someone draws a line in it.

The line is the division between the owned and the disowned.

Now look at this.....

Everything you have disowned, you are now in conflict with.

All conflict exists between the owned and the disowned.

Till the mechanics of this con are observed directly, one is being deceived into thinking and believing
that they have freedom of choice. One believes that they have control of the intensity nob for the
conflicts they indulge in.  Because the intensity is variable one believes that the setting is their choice.

But further observation reveals that there is no `off` button. If it can`t be chosen, then it isn`t a choice.

The illusion of choice is only possible between the conflicted.

One can only choose between this and that.

By direct observation of the mechanics of the barriers to seeing what is actual the illusion of choice
is dissolved.
Choice in its many hues is only between the owned and the disowned.

When the owned and the disowned are reunited, there is no between to choose from.

Conflict is not only ended.
It also never existed.

Transformation has occurred.

Is it possible to exist without conflict of any kind whatsoever?

Not if one is existing in between.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 74

                                                                        No in between.

Observe nothing.........

Is that nothing dead, or alive?

Observe nothing........

Is that nothing known, or unknown?

Observe nothing ........

Is that nothing a problem, or a solution?

Observe nothing.....

Is that nothing real, or a mental projection?

Observe nothing observing you.....

Are you the nothing observing you? Or are you the nothing being observed?


Something cannot contemplate nothing.

Something needs something to contemplate.

The something you are being has to keep turning nothing into something.

If one has adopted something they are sentenced to keep turning something into something else.

Only nothing can reduce something to nothing.

Just in case you were curious as to how direct observation dissolves something completely.
Direct observation doesn`t modify the something observed.
It dissolves it. It is so dissolved that transformation is not a choice. It is an occurrence.

What was, no longer is.

What stands now is not born from what was. What was has dematerialized, and nothing remains of it.

Pure creation has occurred.

Something can only modify.

Only nothing can transform.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 75

                                                                      Pull up a chair.

I want to take this moment to have a little chat.

I`ve been firing off all these, high flung, profound, concepts in a rather impersonal manner.

Just wanted to let you know I`m down here too...... Having to interact with the living.

I`m not blind to the mess, confusion and suffering that threatens to swamp the unwary.

One has to remain quite deluded to hope that known, conventional ways of addressing life`s problems has any chance of ever working.

This is an observation that is self evident for those who care to look.

This observation has resulted in me personally being able to discard all that is known.

When the insights I write come through me, they are not coming out of the known or the unknown.

It becomes clear that the known and the unknown are equally useless in transforming humanity and individuals who are being human.

So when I write, I am not drawing from the known or the unknown.

What comes through is outside of the known and unknown.

Please observe that despite what must be tens of thousands of words I have written, there is nothing there that one can know.

To me it is fascinating that there is no message. There is nothing that can be learned from all this.

If one was to try to summarize what has been read here, over many hours, either verbally or in writing, it
would become apparent that there has been nothing said.
Not one tangible thing that can be gathered up and added to the pile of what is known.

There is nothing here that will modify who one is.

There is nothing here to arm one for the battles ahead.

One has not gone from that to this or this to that.

Transformation is outside the space between this or that.

There is nothing to be gained here.

See if you can observe this ?.... It`s a biggie.

One has not gained authenticity.
One has discarded in-authenticity.

Do you get it?

That is not a gain. 

One has not smothered in-authenticity with authenticity.
That is the conventional wisdom that can only modify.

The modifier can only exist between the this and the that.

And modification between this and that has to involve time.

Please try to observe this for yourself.

Between this and that, barriers exist.  (That is what keeps them apart.)

Humanity is perpetually being conned into hoping that by overcoming the barriers, resolution of his/her problems will result.

But observe the fact that a barrier overcome, only reveals another barrier.

Am I making this up? Is it a theory for discussion?
Or is it as obvious as the sunrise and sunset?


So when I write, I know nothing. It is not a journey of discovery.
There is nothing being looked for.
There is only looking at.

I do not write with any agenda.
It`s just for pure fun.

And I must confess that I am frequently overwhelmed with an immeasurable sense of exhilaration and joy.
I`m not saying love. The word has been so perverted and so manipulated.

" I love God. And with that love I kill you."

    "The world is what it is. It is only through direct observation of what is, that transformation can occur."

Direct observation of your discomfort, pain and suffering  transforms the world.

Your discomfort, pain and suffering is the world`s.

So grateful to have you accompanying me on this transformation.

I feel very privileged.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 76

                                                                     What is healing?

Since you are still here and I`m in the mood for a chat, I`d like to tell you
what I have observed about healing.

First of all...It`s a much bigger and more complex subject than is apparent from a superficial glance.

It is also a subject that individual humans have a lot invested in.
The fact that the whole subject is taken so personally is proof of that.

Insulting someone`s healer is worse than insulting them personally.

The other day I was in a shop getting some smokes. The middle aged guy serving me turned to get
what I`d asked for and I detected he was in pain. After the transaction, I acknowledged he had shoulder pain.
Without a thought I placed my hand on his shoulder. His face registered instant relief. He offered his other shoulder to me.
I placed my hand on that till it had released the pain held there .

He looked at me completely flabbergasted.  He had just experienced a miracle. He had received a healing.

As I turned to leave I realized another customer had entered the shop and witnessed the whole thing.
She didn`t know what to make of it all either.  I left them both wanting more as I drove off.

Immediately a mind started to develop.
It was amazing to observe it.

The mind was filling me with this sense of importance. It was saying "See... I always knew we were special."
"We are the chosen one. The world is our oyster."
It was showing me pictures of celebrities queuing up to see me. World leaders
having to make an appointment weeks in advance to gain an audience with me.
Money and finery flowing over me.

I was going to finally be accepted. Even able to eat at the adults table.
And worshiped by beautiful women who desired my seed.

I had to put an end to it before I started my own religion.

Thankfully being ambitiously unambitious finally paid off.

I observe that others in that position were unable to resist the temptation.

Because I did not climb aboard that gravy train I was able to observe it go past.
Able to see how it works and who had climbed aboard it.

The healer has gone from being a nobody to a somebody.
The somebody he has become, is dependent on being able to do something that not just anybody can do.

This makes the healer superior.
Being superior is only possible by viewing others as inferior.

Since `better than` is an illusion, the `better at...` has to be nurtured.

The `better at...` always boils down to knowledge.

The superior knows what the inferior can`t know.

If the inferior knew what the superior actually knew, the superior would cease to exist.

The authority figure`s superiority is maintained by his/her knowing something you don`t.

Observe this without judgement. See the mechanics of it.

The one thing that an authority figure knows is that if you knew what he knew, he would cease to be an authority figure.

If you are still worshiping some authority figure ask yourself this.

Why has that authority figure not used what it knows to spontaneously transform the world?

Now do you see why authority figures specialize.

They specialize because they don`t know everything !!!

The known is broken down to fragments.
And the idea of putting all those fragments together has never occurred to any mind anywhere at any time.

The authority figure is the healer. He is the guy who can put things right.
And it`s a pretense.

It can only be modification of what is other than the actual.

The authority figure is used as a barrier between you and what is actual.

The healer is trying to realign what is with what should be.

Now, I`n not suggesting that one ceases to consult experts. Not at all.

What I observe is that if one was directly observing the actual, without any barriers,
there would be nothing to consult an expert about.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 77

                                                                     The only choice.

So how does one directly observe the actual ?

I`ll direct your attention to a few non time wasting observations.

Firstly observe that you are living in the illusion of having free choice.
Observe this as a fact.

The direct observation of that ends it. That game is over. Gone. Never was.

Transformation has occurred. In-authenticity that obscured authenticity is no more.

Now that the illusion of choice is ended, The fact of no choice is observed for the first time.

Direct observation of the fact of no choice vs choice reveals choice or no choice is just another distraction.

When there actual is directly observed, choice and no choice become redundant.

Do you see this?

What you chose or don`t chose to do about what is, is impossible.
One can only chose or not chose what is not.

What one chooses, or doesn`t chose has no relevance to the actual.
It simply is.  Choice has nothing to do with it !

The actual was is and will always be the actual.
Any choosing is a delusion.

Direct observation does not include a choice about it.
A choice about it is always going to be merely about it. Not a bulls-eye.

A choice is something one attempts to impose on the actual.

The actual couldn`t give a shit about your right to choose.

Does that sound a bit harsh?

If you were lost in the woods, is nature for you or against you?

Nature has no opinion regarding you either way. That is the fact !

Anyone who injects the idea that nature is for or against, is deluding themselves.

Do you see it now?

One cannot do anything about the actual. Not one thing.
Doing is only possible with that which is not actual.

So there we have the actual and you.
There is nothing one can do about the actual.

But one can undo the non actual.

What is inhibiting your ability to directly observe the actual is all you are holding up between you and the actual.

If one was to undo all they have placed between them and the actual then the actual would cease to be obscured.

The actual is what remains when all that is not actual is undone.

The actual cannot be directly observed, when being looked at through an accumulation of non actual.

All that is non actual depends for it`s life on obscuring the actual from you.

Once the mechanics of how the barriers to seeing the actual are directly observed, transformation has already occurred.

Not only do they cease to be...... In the same instant, they never were.

The disowned intelligence that was being used against you is restored as intelligence with no agenda whatsoever.

And intelligence without an agenda is immeasurable......   And nothing but an absence of barriers.

Fun is `what is` when all that which fun `is not`, is removed.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 78

                                                                The ending of all conflict.

When will it be directly observed that there is nothing that can be done to end conflict?

Only now.

ALL DOING is in conflict.
DOING is the act of conflict.

Human kind has been doing something about the world`s problems ever since doing came into BEING.

And once BEING took up residence in disowned intelligence, the human experience became a race.
The daily grind is the life sentence and try as it may, disowned intelligence cannot DO anything about it.

If you cannot observe that life is a sentence of DOING.... Just spontaneously DO nothing and see
how long it takes before something comes along that you have to do something about.

The world as you experience it, is the accumulation of DOING.

The world if directly observed is a mess and a madhouse not too dissimilar to your own life.

And despite the fact that doing something about it has resulted in exactly what one is doing something about, we fall for it again and again.
There is no other choice.

"The only way to solve problems is by doing something about them."

Anyone who says different is living in a madhouse. 

The very same madhouse that DOING something about problems has created.

Okay let`s look at the advances that have been made in solving the problem of people at war.

Because of science and technology, more people per square meter can now be annihilated from the comfort
of one`s bunker far cheaper.

So doing something to solve the problem of people at war, has resulted in "more bang for one`s buck."

The situation, as it is being viewed, is hopeless.
The condition the world is in is an insult to intelligence.
But every fragment of that condition has made sense to disowned intelligence.
Disowned intelligence is deprived of the big picture.

Let`s have some fun and pull this apart.

The condition the world is in is the result of conditioning.
And one has no choice but to obey their conditioning.

The individual is the result of their conditioning.
The conditioning is an accumulation of individual experiences.
The individual is denied the big picture.
That is what being an individual is.

The individual is the manifestation of conflict.
Individuation demands that one stakes their claim. Marks out its turf.
Places fences along its boundaries...and draws a line in the sand.

The owned and the disowned are separated.

The individual is deprived of direct observation of the world by the very barriers they have erected.

And they are in conflict with the world they see.

Being deprived of unity with the world, one experiences loneliness.
But because one has taken up residence in a fragment of their potential,
they have limited what they can be.
DOING is the only option.
So the individual has only one remedy for loneliness, and that is the accumulation of other like minded individuals.

To perpetuate that "friendship" all parties must remain like minded.

Pathetic really, if one could think about it.

Other viewpoints and the resultant DOING are disowned.

That which is disowned can be done away with without pity.

Are you seeing the mechanics of this?

The divisions one has made are the foundations of conflict.

Conflict causes discomfort, suffering and pain.

Discomfort. pain and suffering can only be registered by the idea of who one is.
If one hasn`t registered that it is "their" tooth that is aching then there is no ache.
Of course there is empathy with ones friends aches. But their enemies tooth ache is the source of glee. "Good fucken job."

The problems of the world are your disowned conflicts.
You are the world.
The world is you.

The world is the exterior version of YOU.

When the conflict that you are ends so does the conflict you are not.

And nothing you have done are doing or will do can remedy it.

When you are being conflict, your doing is conflict.

Undo the conflict within by observing the mechanics of the barriers.

Direct observation transforms.

The barriers are no longer. They never were.

Now get this.

The conditioning was the barrier, and no amount of DOING can remove it.
Doing only reinforces it.
Doing is in conflict with what is.

"What is" cannot be in conflict with anything.
The instant it is, it is no longer what is.
It has become something other than what is.

And that something `other than what is` is a barrier to observing what is... A distraction if you like.

That which is `what is` is immeasurable.
That which is `other than what is` is measurable and therefore limited.

By residing within the measurable one has sentenced themselves to remain forever in conflict with the immeasurable.

And they have no choice but to eternally DO something.

And that DOING is forever in conflict.

A world at war is transformed as conflict is UN DONE.
The peace that is immeasurable, is not observed by holding conflict up in front of it.

Your conflict is the world`s. And there is nothing you can DO about it.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 79

                                                                 How to not DO anything.

Am I crazy?
"This is all just getting outrageously silly. The writer of all this had a few interesting points.
But now he`s just completely lost the plot. Not DO anything ?  I`d like to see him "not do anything."
I am so mad that I read all this, just so I can be told to not do anything !!!!
That`s it... After this post I`m not going to read any more of this lunacy !"

There is nothing that frustrates people like doing nothing.
They just can`t seem to do it.
If they see someone else doing nothing they are relegated to the "time waster" category.
To do nothing is to make everyone who comes into close proximity to the nothing doer, go mental.

It seems that the only person who can get away with doing nothing, is GOD.

Of course Christians will speculate that GOD is busy sending those who don`t believe in him to burn for eternity in Hell.
I mean what else would any responsible GOD be doing?
I guess they`ll become believers when they smell their spirit burning!

But hang on a minute...
Weren`t we focusing on me being crazy?

Okay... So this is the first time anyone has told you that DOING is a waste of time.
It`s a new idea.....? It`s a new concept? It`s just flashy words?
If it had any value , one of the great philosophers would have at least mentioned it.
Did Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad, or Krishna, or Einstien or any of these nut jobs ever say "Do nothing?"
Of course not. It`s totally impractical. It is the stupidest thing that has ever been uttered.

Even thinking about it is an insult to my disowned intelligence.


Had enough venting.?

Great let`s get down there and flush this bastard out in the open.

Answer me this.....  You have been doing shit your whole life.
Now tell me where has it gotten you ?
A clueless fuck up with a nice cave and sophisticated distractions.

You have been DOING everything you can think of and yet there is just more to be done.
All this DOING has not led to any resolution.

Oh ... You have all the answers.?!

You are the sum total of everything that has ever been done.
And yet.... there is still more that needs DOING.

Where does DOING end?

Answer that !

But what`s worse is you have no choice but to keep DOING.
You are DOING TIME !

But what about all that has been done?
What about all the good people doing great things in the world.
Am I saying it has all been for nothing.

Damn fucking right !!!

For nothing !!!!

All the discomfort, pain and suffering has been for nothing.!!!

Oh....You know different?
What`s it all been for then?

What about all that has been done in the field of medicine?
I have to admit that there have been some amazing things done to prolong people`s suffering.

A stay of execution. And with medication that can deaden the pain.
Which then of course deprives one of any chance of ever directly observing what pain is.

Doing nothing drives people insane.
Witnessing another doing nothing makes people go crazy.
Anyone doing nothing has to be disowned with malice. "He`s a lazy cunt."

So I`m crazy for suggesting that one not do anything.
And maybe that`s where the utter rejection of the whole concept gets its passion.
The idea of doing nothing gets the mind all destabilized and panicky.

What about meditators?
People who sit there and do nothing.
Well they are doing close to nothing.
But they are meditating. So they are still doing something.

What about the dead?
Surely they are doing nothing.
Not according to all the epitaphs I`ve seen....  The dead are resting peace.

I draw your powers of observation back to what has been achieved by doing?
Everyone who has ever lived has been DOING something.
What has it all amounted to?

I know...There will be a breakthrough soon.
Soon everything ever done will make sense.

But look again. Hasn`t all that has been done only created more doing?

I`m hanging in here with this one so you have nothing between you and the fact that
All DOING amounts to, is DOING TIME !

Doing has sentenced you to be between what is and what should be, forever.

It is a CON of magnitude.
Every single individual, smart and stupid, enlightened and unenlightened, has fallen for it.

DOING is the distraction away from observing what is.
One doesn`t observe "what is," then they start DOING, to turn what they haven`t observed into what they should be observing.

It`s a fucken trap !!!  Do you see it?

And here is the kicker... There is nothing you can do about it.

Observe beyond the words. Beyond the authorities, Beyond your conditioning, Beyond judgement and comparison.
See the fact of it. You are serving a life sentence and there is nothing you can DO about it.

Don`t chicken out on me now.

Stay with it.
Stare this fucker down.

The observer is the observed.
Transformation has occurred.

The reason for DOING has been defrocked.

There is no more reason to do anything..........  except for fun (Which is no reason at all !)

Take a breather. Enjoy yourself...

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 80

                                                                    Welcome to reality.

Humanity has been racing away from reality their whole lives.

To flee from reality is to be part of that human race.

It is the action of running away from that creates fear.

Do you see it?

We use discomfort, pain and fear to keep ourselves from facing reality.

Unable to see through the discomfort, pain and suffering, we have no choice but to construct an alternate reality.
And that is what DOING is. 

One can do nothing about reality.
So our lives are lived in an alternate reality.

We guard our alternate reality with our lives.

There is nothing we will not DO to protect our alternate reality.

So all DOING is to breathe life into an alternate reality.

When one is powerless to maintain their alternate reality they experience discomfort, pain and suffering.

Under those circumstances anything DONE is completely justified.

Just look around you.

What you see is what you are.

The observer IS the observed.

Absent the observed, the observer is not.

There remains nothing to be in between.
That alternate reality has imploded.
Discomfort, pain and suffering have nowhere to be.

It can be observed that while something can still be DONE about is an alternate reality.
When genuine reality is directly observed , nothing can be done about it....because it is no longer there.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 81

                                                                         Beg Inning

Still here ?

Amazing !!!

Thank you so much.

Looks to me like we are in this together.
Has it occurred to you that I am writing this for you ?
Yes you.

Without you, none of what you are observing would exist.

Somehow, we have avoided writing ourselves into a corner.

Which is actually not possible.

The entirety of the subject matter we are observing together exists to draw one away from transcending it.

We are observing the bait and the trap as a whole functional mechanism.

It is now a constant source of amusement for me to observe the impossibility of our situation.

There is no way out. There is no "path.'"

Enlightenment itself is a giant bait and switch.

I know I shouldn`t laugh. I mean.. this world holds so much crazy and so much misery.

Here let me show you.

I was drawn into providing relief to a guy who has major problems with depression.
I pointed the way out to him.
Then I observed him packing up all the things that were making him depressed to bring with him in search of the cure.

His depression was providing him comfort.
I told him to get in touch if he wanted to break free of his addiction to the things that made him depressed.

Who am I to interfere ?

I see both the comedy and the tragedy.

Okay.  Back to it.

Please observe that one is trapped between a beginning and an end.

If there is comfort and pleasure one doesn`t want it to end.
If there is discomfort, pain and suffering one longs for the time when it finally will.

You observe your own "for instance..."

If there is imagined reward one can`t wait for it to begin and dreads it ever ending.
If there is inevitable punishment, one dreads the moment it will begin and looks forward to it finally ending.

Interesting how the imagined, or projected has proceeded the actual.

Can it be observed that the actual event exists within the idea ?

An idea proceeds it and the idea outlives the actual event.

The beginning and the end exist within the idea.

Absent the thought about the event there is nowhere for a beginning and an ending to take place.

Observe all the things that you have no idea are happening, which they must be.

But where are they beginning and ending?

Do you see it now?

Without your idea they have nothing to go on.

Just fancy word play ?

Fair call !

Alright.... now observe the mechanism absent the words.

You see it is still there.... doing what it does, regardless of what anyone says about it.

And your willingness to observe it directly has been a transformation.

But what used to be there is now absent.
Which is why you cannot remember what it was that happened.

It never began or ended. You have no idea for that to happen within.

Let`s come at this backwards.

Independent of beginning and ending is the idea.

`What is` is disowned.
Why ?
It gives you something to do.

One is now no longer observing what is. One is observing an idea about `what is`.
But because one has disowned `what is` and buddied up with the idea, one can no longer transform `what is`.

The idea owes its existence to obscuring `what is`.
Unlimited intelligence has access denied by a fragment which is limited intelligence.

The limited intelligence idea spawns new limited intelligence ideas.

Collectively they form an idea manufacturing entity called a mind.

The mind, to stay in existence, must never allow you to reconnect with unlimited intelligence.
The mind is a fragment of unlimited intelligence.
There is a division.
All division is conflict. Conflict can only exist within limited intelligence.

One now attempts to own the good ideas in the mind and disown the bad ones.

How are you getting on with that by the way ?

So the mind was born out of conflict and knows nothing but.

Every conflict in existence was born in the mind.

Being cut off from unlimited intelligence one is sentenced to try to put the pieces of their life back together.

The mind has an idea. Within that idea is the beginning and the ending.
And that idea is to DO.

The mind has conned its owner into DOING things to bring it peace of mind.
But to a piece of mind, peace to it cannot be brought.

Before the DOING is always the idea.

But the idea the action of doing, brings no peace.


All you are DOING is perpetuating the illusion.

The idea creates the beginnings and the endings which have no end.

Observe the actual, not an idea about the actual, and "beginning and ending" never even happened.

And you were assuming that once everything was done, there would be nothing left to do.
And that would be the end of it.
 A bad idea. Let`s not judge it.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 82

                                                                     Would`a could`a should`a.

The moment one has taken all of their attention off `what is` and put it on something other than what is,
that what other than what is is in conflict with what is. They are divided.
Conflict is only possible between division.

But look at this...

One has lost the ability to transform `what is` (Because they are now separate from it.) and can only modify or change what remains once `what is` is abandoned.

One has now started something. That thing is is sentenced to exist between beginning and ending.

All facilitated by DOING.

It is not possible to do anything about what is.
It is only through focusing on what isn`t that should`a, could`a,  would`a, enter the mix.

And they are all ideas.
Nothing more.

Those ideas form the trap that exists by separating beginning and ending.

Such a person is now so fixated on the idea of beginning and ending that
they fail to see the actuality that both of them are merely ideas.

Now because you are identified with the mind that is taking you on a toboggan ride to nowhere,
like all great minds must,you ask "How did all this begin? and more to the point..."How will it all end?"

Mwarbi the cave man asked it. and so did the puppeteer working Brains on "Thunderbirds." (60`s TV show)

The mind will search the galaxy in hopes of finding the answer.

It will meticulously inspect everything...except the actual.
For the actual it cannot see.

The actual is outside of beginning and ending.
Meanwhile the mind can only exist in between.

Just observe the mechanics.
Observation is not a doing.

If you are are not observing !!!

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 83

                                                                        Taking a fence.

Infinite intelligence cannot be owned.

Any part of intelligence that is owned, brings into being intelligence that is not owned.

One now has separated a fragment of intelligence that is limited.

Limited intelligence has divided itself from unlimited intelligence.

Where there is division there is always conflict.

Here we have the foundation of the known versus the unknown.
The owned versus the disowned.

One cannot own until it is known.

Neither the known or the unknown, nor the owned and disowned are actual.
They are all ideas.
And ideas are only ever about the actual. Not the actual itself.

As soon as one has an idea about the actual, one has moved away from that which is actual.

One has an idea that they own the known.
They then have disowned the unknown.

When one is conned into taking up residence in between the known and the unknown or
the owned and the disowned one is living in conflict.

Conflict is always between.

An apple has no conflict with the apple it is.

The world has no conflict with the world it is.

Conflict is the creation of something that is other than the actual.

When one directly observes that the barriers to observing the actual are the conflict,
transformation occurs.
Not only has conflict ceased to be also never was.

There is no in between to be in.
No tween exists to be.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 84   

                                                                  Barriers to transformation

One may wonder why directly observing an apple does not transform an apple.

Can it also be seen that there are few if any barriers to directly observing the apple? 

The apple itself is not a source of discomfort, pain, or suffering.

It is after all, only an apple.

And that is all one needs to observe.
If one doesn`t like that apple they can always grab another one.
The apple observed and the observer of the apple can co exist with a minimum of conflict.

But as far as observing the world directly goes, there isn`t another one to be grabbed.

It is a source of discomfort, pain and suffering.
There are many barriers to directly observing it for that reason.

When one has removed the barriers to observing it, it
can transform. There is no conflict

Obviously !

All the barriers have been removed. That`s how come you are now directly observing it.

Barriers to observation are barriers to transformation.

Take a moment with that one.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 85

                                                                          What to DO?

Question : "Should I stop doing things till I can directly observe?"

Response :  Observe the fact that you are being deluded if you think you have a choice.   

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 86

                                                         " Fuck all this shit. All I want is to feel good."

Hey.... That sounds like a good idea.

And all this time you thought you were an individual.

How individual is it to want the exact same thing as every other single human being in the species?

Is this a fact? 

Now let us observe the actual thing that every human being desires... A `feel good`.

Where is it?  Give me an address, or coordinates where this `feel good` can be observed.
The entire species is in search of something that doesn`t actually exist.

No wonder it causes so much discomfort, pain, and suffering.

It is a con.

Feel good is a phantom.... A projection of the mind. ... An idea.

"I don`t care. I still just want to feel good."

Alright. I`ll play your silly game.

Your whole life has been a mission to gather `feel good.`
Why not just sit on top of that accumulated pile of `feel good.`

Oh  oh   ... Where did all that `feel good` go?

Apparently `feel good` cannot be accumulated.
As soon as you have it, it disappears.
Is this a fact?

Which was the longest orgasm you ever had?
Where is it now, when you need it?

There is virtually nothing a human being won`t do to get their next fix of `feel good.`

When a source of `feel good` is located, one becomes hooked on it.

Isn`t that an addiction?

Why are you observing this for the very first time?
I thought the mind was this amazing problem solver.
Think of all that has been learned about addiction, except the answer to it.
And yet the mind never allowed its owner to see that `feel good` is the only addiction.

Directly observe the mechanics.
Directly observe the `feel good`

The observer is the observed.

The division between you and `feel good` is no more.
The barriers are gone.

There is nothing to DO.

Transformation has occurred.

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                                                                              Sense of fun.

                                                                                Part 87

                                                                     "But I can`t help how I feel."

But isn`t it the case that you want to feel good?

And aren`t the actions you take, taken because they help the `feel good` to come about...?

Ask anyone.... One for one, they want to be happy.

When the feelings of happiness are no longer being felt through what they are doing... They abandon it.

Because if what one is doing, isn`t making them happy, they get sad about it.

Being happy is so right, that when someone isn`t , they are asked "What`s wrong?"

Sadness is so repulsive that some people pretend to be happy just so they can remain the envy of all their friends.

Since everyone wants success and happiness, surely sadness is indicative of failure and pity.

Now of course if one is sad they better have a bloody good reason for it.

It gets them off the hook for the time being.

And just like that, one now has to also have a reason to be happy.

Happiness and sadness are byproducts of doing.

Millions of words have been spoken and written on what one can do to be happy.

"If one follows these easy steps, they will inevitably lead to happiness.
Set your goals .
Make your plans." ............. The mind is euphoric. It just loves all this shit.

Follow your dream. Break through the barriers. Learn the secrets to success.

And look what we find.....  Authority figures, words and symbols, comparison and judgement, and conditioning.

Do you see what is happening?

You are creating a dependency on all that obscures direct observation..
A dependency on the things that lead to happiness, which itself is a dependency.

Your happiness is dependent on the things which, if taken away, would take your happiness with them.

By investing in the division of `failure and success` and by buying into the feelings of `happiness and sadness`,
one is creating a division that they sentence themselves to exist between.

Everyone does it. So it must be right.
A whole species couldn`t be conned ...Surely !!

Once one is dependant , the door to being deprived is open.
One`s desire to feel good has put them in conflict with feeling bad.
Why feel anything at all?
Feeling is just an idea. It has no basis in the presence of the actual.

The whole species is obsessed with feeling.

That`s all they ever think about.

" I feel good about this."
" I feel bad about that."
"I feel that what happened to the lazy employee was completely justified."
"I feel that all religions are crazy, except for mine."
" I feel good when I eat."
"I feel bad when I starve,"
" I feel that I need more leisure time."
"I feel like a smoke."
"I feel bad after I have a smoke.
"I feel like getting drunk."
" I feel terrible waking up with a hangover."
" I feel like some retail therapy."
"I feel like killing ."

For  a species that disowns responsibility for how it feels, it sure puts a lot of effort into doing things about their feelings.

Let`s look into this....

Is it your observation that the actual couldn`t give a flying fuck about your feelings?

An apple is an apple regardless of how you feel about it.

Rather than observe the actual apple, the mind has tricked you into observing how you feel about that apple.

"But if we didn`t have feelings..... we wouldn`t be human !!!!!"

I rest my case .

Feelings are an idea. A projection of the mind. They are a fantasy camp for the gullible.

99.9 % of your life sentence has been feeling unfulfilled.
.1% has been a sense of fulfillment that is gone the moment it is realized.

How does that make you feel?

There you go again.  There`s one born every minute.

Feelings are a barrier to direct observation of the actual.

The actual cannot be observed through a barrier to it.

And what barrier is feelings?

                                            Feelings are comparison and judgement !

Find me one feeling that isn`t.

"So what`s the big deal with the actual?"

It is beyond comparison.

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                                                                               Sense of fun.

                                                                                Part 88

                                                                     Don`t feel bad about feelings.

There is no choice about how one feels.

How one feels is a sentence to be carried out, based on a judgement.

Absent a judgement, one would not include how they feel inside the known.

And because what is known forms the basis of comparison and judgment. anything unaligned with what is known
is restrained and sentenced to correction, change or modification.

All that correction does, is suppress one`s true feelings.

Human`s are so preoccupied with hiding their true feelings that observing that none of their feelings are true
to begin with, is not an option.

Feelings rule our lives. We are unable to disobey or ignore our feelings.

We only disobey one feeling by obeying another.
Our feelings are law.
And we disobey the law to our own peril.

Laws exist in the absence of love.

Likewise our feelings are a substitute for love.

Love is unconditional. Once it is conditional, it is no longer love.

All feelings are conditional.

By identifying ourselves with our feelings we have loveless lives.

We are fragmented by mixed emotions.
Because all of our feelings are made up, we wear ourselves out trying to keep them propped up.

It`s hard work feeling unfulfilled your whole life.
There are so many things one has to do.

Feelings place conditions and barriers on love. Which is not love at all.

Absent feelings, love is all there is.
There is nothing to do.

One doesn`t have to do anything.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 89

                                                                          The wall

I have been attempting to observe directly the mechanics of why we are stuck here.

As you can probably guess, it is no small ask.

The subject is all about self deception.

Each time I reach the other side, the ground gives way beneath my feet.

I`ll report back the moment I am on solid ground.


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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 90

                                                                   Finishing a sentence.

All of the mechanics of being stuck here are dramatized, unknowingly, by the criminal justice system.

Can we observe it together?

A member of the species falls out of love with humanity.
This member has now adopted an individual perspective that is exclusive, rather than inclusive.

The individual perspective has disowned other perspectives.
Unable to perceive the discomfort, pain, and suffering other perspectives may perceive,
the individual perspective feels justified in fulfilling its needs, regardless of others.

Laws and punishment are implemented as a deterrent to individuals from getting too far out of line.

Once one has been witnessed crossing that line, the system takes over.

It dramatizes the problem in the hope that the solution will appear at the end of it.

Physical barriers are places around such an individual to curtail their freedom to do more harm,
act as a warning to others, to punish them and give them time to "think about what they have done."
But to the individual learning, their lesson is how not to get caught stepping out of line next time.

The offender is judged, found guilty and sentenced to deprivation of their freedom for a duration
commensurate with the seriousness of their offense.

This system has failed yet to reform individuals since it was implemented.

If it did work there would be no such thing as a criminal record.
Why keep a record of something that no longer exists?

Fortunately humanity doesn`t have to observe this travesty called justice because it has been left
in the hands of the authorities.

The actions taken by the criminal justice system are completely justified.
Just like the offenses committed by the offenders are.

All the crazy one observes makes perfect sense to someone.

Now.... There is no judging of the above.
There is just an observation of it.

Depriving one of their freedom is inviting them to experience, discomfort, pain. and suffering.
By separating one from their freedom, the space is created where discomfort, pain and suffering can exist.

The duration of the sentence between beginning and ending provides the when.

Looking forward to the time one is free, is why one is stuck where and when.

One is stuck between a beginning and an ending when they are conned into believing that time is a direction.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 91

                                                                    Hooked on a feeling.

Once one has been conned into serving a life sentence, because there is a con, discomfort, pain, and suffering are part of the package.

One believes their sentence is real, because their inability to transform is real.

Now DOING through time is their only way out.

But this is just another con. A trick of the mind. The light at the end of the tunnel is inevitably a train.

As a result of this, the human experience is one train wreck after another.

Hospitals and cemeteries and prisons are full of life`s casualties.

The survivors are battle weary and scarred.

The search begins for something that will give them a much needed case of feel good.

Once one has found something that gives them pleasure, it is not likely that they will want to ever lose it.

So now the pleasure seeker will give that source of pleasure all of his/her attention.

The feel bad that used to hold their attention has been demoted. Feel good is now one`s focus.

They have to be near it. They have to have it. Better still they have to own it...posses it.

When the source of their feel good is absent. so is their feel good.

These are the mechanics.
The source of feel good is as varied as there are individuals.

It is the feel good they are hooked on.
When all hope of the source of the feel good ever making one feel good is gone,
that source of feel good is abandoned and a new source replaces it.

When one tires to disown the source of the feel good without a replacement
the mind keeps reminding them that the feel good was only possible through the source.

The only addiction is to the hope of feel good.

If one had no need to feel anything at all, one would have no capacity to be addicted to any source.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 92

                                                                      Who am I, really ?

At all times the observer is the observed.
For, absent the observed, the observer is not.

Let`s look into this.

After all it is where one lives.

While the observer and the observed are separate, a space between them
is a place of residence.

If one is observing something other than what is actual, one cannot but
be other than actual.

The thing being observed is a delusion. Therefore the observer lives in delusion.

To the extent that one is observing a story teller, to that extent they are being the story.

The skill of the story teller is to make the story as real as possible. It has to be relate-able.

Otherwise the story teller loses his audience, his observers.

Even if it is a true story, the continued observation of it is dependent on the observer`s willingness to relate to it.
Willingness to relate to a story is senior to whether it is true or made up.

Humans are suckers for a good story.

They can bring made up characters and events to life.

Often times the line between what is real, and what is imaginary, becomes hazy.

For a story to be told, it must be translated into words, symbols and pictures.
It is never the actual story.
The story comes into existence when the actual is unattainable.

And the reason the actual becomes unattainable is because the actual does not and cannot contain conflict.
It is what it is....End of story.

Thus all stories contain conflict.

If you are observing conflict , you are observing a made up story.

The observer IS the observed.

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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 93

                                                                   Who is God, really ?

If you ever want to see someone`s IQ plummet, just ask them this question.

If one was to gather together all the known facts about God, it would amount to nothing.

Nothing about God is known and therefore it doesn`t qualify as a fact.

Everything known about God is a story to explain God. Therefore it is a story and a fantasy story at that.

The actual requires no explanation....It just is.

A story can only exist in relation to something other than what is.
What is is not in conflict.
Something other than what is, is in conflict with what is, and thus a story.

The happy ending is reunifying what shouldn`t be with what should.

If one just observed the actual, it would be clear that what should, and shouldn`t be, have no relationship with what actually is.

Is it possible the human race is being conned?

Oh boy !    Are they ever...!!!!

This subject brings out such strong emotions in people.

And there is your first insight.

People`s beliefs are filling an emotional need.
A belief is a substitute for what is actual.

Unable to observe the actual a belief comes to the rescue.

A belief is saving you from observing the actual.

What is actual is that everything man knows about God is not God.

Everything man knows about God is the barriers to what actually is God.

If you want to know more about what God is not, go and ask the authorities.
Their area of expertise is `not observing the actual.`

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 94

                                                                " I want to know the truth."

One day, way up there, in the future man will find the truth.

The search for the truth will finally be over.

Man will be able to know the truth.

He will say "That is the truth and I know it."

Then what ?   ...............................................................   

After the celebrations are over and life goes back to normal, the truth may
become old. Man will wonder if there is possibly a better truth to find.
One that actually sets him free.
An ultimate truth. 

The search will resume.

The old truth will be forgotten.

One fine day in a year that not even science fiction writers imagined existed
the ultimate truth will be discovered.

There will be celebrations and official ceremonies.
Awards will be given out.
The truth finders will be worshiped as heroes.

Man will say. "Here are we, and there is ultimate truth ...and we finally know it."

But some may say... "Actually ...I don`t really care for the ultimate truth...
I think I know of a better one."

A great war will be held to see who`s truth is the more ultimate.

When the war is over there will be a victorious truth.

People will worship and defend it.
They will be its slaves.

Man will come to despise the ultimate truth and pine for the days before the ultimate truth was known.
He may suspect that a better ultimate truth existed in the past.
The search will be on to find the ultimate, ultimate truth.

Old texts will be scoured. Historic sites will be excavated.
Theories will be developed. Authorities will arise.

The truth will gradually be uncovered.

Books will be filled with all the truth that is known.
Kids will be forced to learn it for their own benefit.

Soon there will be so much truth to know that it becomes impossible to know it all.
The truth will be fragmented into specialized fields.

One day all these specialized fields will come together and the ultimate , ultimate, ultimate truth will be known.

Man will say. Here I am , and there is the truth.

Then what ?.................................................?


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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 95

                                                                 Well ?  What is the truth then?

The truth is a con.

What ?

How can that be?

Let`s look into it.

When one finds the truth, how does one recognize it?

That re-cognition is inevitably something that fits in perfectly with what is already known.
The picture is complete. The missing piece of the puzzle has been found. Eureka !!!

And there is the truth. It can be pondered, discarded, amended, ignored, despised, feared,
distorted, enforced, compared and judged, quoted, referred to, worshiped, and used to justify doing
the most inhumane things imaginable.

The truth is the fix that the peace loving mind is addicted to.
A mind that has surrounded itself with truth can rest easy. It`s conscience is at peace.

The truth has set it free........... to be a slave to it.

Armed with the truth one can now set about exposing lies.

Lies are in conflict with the truth.

The war is on `with truth on our side.`

The separation of truth from the lies creates the space in between, where one exists.

The truth is the fix and the lies are the deprivation.

We are not judging this.  We are just observing the mechanics of it.

We are not searching for the truth about truth.

Can it be observed that the search for truth has put you right where you are, being who you are being, without the foggiest idea of what the fuck it is all about?

You are the accumulation of all the truths that you believe.

And if you are comfortable with that, I`m wondering if you have found the ultimate truth or just one you can live with comfortably.

Of course you`ll need to stay well away from exposure to other truths, lest they make you uncomfortable.

                                               The truth is a barrier to observing what is actual.

 Truth is the drug that has kept you working the streets, and prostituting yourself, hanging out for your next fix.

And the authorities are the John and Pimp who can give you what you need..... if you do what they tell you to.

Just announce that you have the truth, get some authorities to endorse you, and the suffering will arrive en-mass
to be flocked over. Their truth hungry minds thoroughly distracted from that which is actual.

The actual is who and what and where you are right now.

Spot the con.  Please look !

Who, where and what you are at this very moment is impossible to think about.
Because it is the actual. And the actual is outside of thought. !!!!!

There is nothing that can be done about it.

It is what it is. 

Are you beginning to observe a tiny crack in the known universe?

Slammed shut again by thought.
The mind cannot observe the actual.

The mind is now fighting for its very existence.
It uses feelings and a dialogue to protect you from discarding it.

It says "The actual cannot be the actual. It isn`t true. Where is your eureka moment? I don`t get it.
I want to play on my computer. I haven`t done all I`ve done for you for nothing."

The mind wants the truth. It will get frantic. "Just one more fix. Please. I`ll do anything.
I will cry. I will sulk. I will throw a hissy fit. Please give me one more fix.
Just give me one more fix. I want the truth. The actual does not exist. Here look at all these pretty things I can project to hide the actual."

The actual cannot be pondered, discarded, amended, ignored, despised, feared,
distorted, enforced, compared and judged, quoted, referred to, worshiped, and used to justify doing
the most inhumane things imaginable.

As soon as it is, it has ceased to be the actual.
Ain`t that the truth?

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 96

                                                                  I have actual problems !!!

"Observing my problems doesn`t make them transform. What am I doing wrong?"

Who is observing your problems?

It isn`t someone else.
If it were someone else they would see straight through your problems.
Ask anybody.

It seems problems are easy to solve if they aren`t yours.

But because they are your problems, they exist.
Your inability to solve them is just another one to add to the heap.

If you are human you have a heap of problems.
You could write them all down.

I`ll just sit patiently and read "War and peace." while you start writing them all down.

The list goes on for years. More crop up even as you write down the existing ones.

Now see if you can find a common element to all of your problems.

Ah !!!! There it is.... It is you.

All your problems have you in common.

If you could remove yourself from your problems, they would completely disappear.

And you didn`t do anything. The observer is the observed.
If you are observing problems, you are the problem !

Right there you just observed a crack in the known universe.
Slammed quickly shut again by you.

An observation was made, but there was no you there to observe it.

You had to resurrect your self to be there to get your feel good fix.

You have come back to life.
Life is all about relationship.

Feel good cannot exist without having a relationship to feel bad.
The separation of the two makes the space for you to be in between.

But if one didn`t have feelings they wouldn`t be human.

Think of all the passionate conflicts that humans have brought to the world.
Feelings are what being human is all about.
But what about feelings of compassion? Humans are capable of that !!

Yeah ???   Where the fuck is it then ?

Come on.......    Look !!!!!    Where is this compassionate feeling ?

Just a moment ago you were overwhelmed by problems.
Were they brought about through this compassion that must exist ?

But what about all the great compassionate things that have been done?

Once again, here you sit overwhelmed by problems, unable to do anything about them, and not an ounce of compassion to be seen.

Observe the con !!!!   Don`t stand in it any more.

Ah.....  God.  God is compassion.

Is this the same God who observes everything, yet does nothing?

Is this the God who, despite our impassioned beseeching, refuses to DO anything?

Look at the babies born with jaundice who are forced to wear sunglasses....

Does God not feel compassion for those that he created ?

Maybe God has observed that if God got drawn into your petty problems he would end up just like you have.

And how is that going for you?

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                                                                        "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 97

                                                                "Is all this going somewhere?"

No.   It is staying right here.

Here and now is all there is.
Everything else is a mental projection. An illusion. Something thought is making.
And it is making it up right here and now.

So the actual is`what is,` here and now.

There is nothing to do here and now.

A crack in the known universe is observed.

Then the mind intercedes. It is full of ideas about what it could do about here and now.

It will make a movie with you as its star.

The mind says. "I want peace, and only you can bring it to me. I will make you feel happy if you do."

The tug of war for your consciousness is on.

" I know.... I`ll meditate. Learn to discipline the mind."

The mind will come up with ideas about how it can destroy itself.
The mind is sincere about it. It is your friend. It will lay down your life for it.

After an hour of sitting in defiance of the mind, the meditator
relaxes and goes back to normal.

The mind tells him he has now made great progress in ridding him/herself of it.

Encouraged by this great step towards ridding oneself of their partner in crime,
the mind is free to come up with more ideas on how to dismantle itself out of existence.

Can you observe the con?

The peace everyone is searching for is actually peace of mind.

And for the mind to have peace it must be in conflict.

That is where you are !!!  Here and NOW !

Don`t compare or judge it. Look behind the words. Just observe the actuality.

What is observed is the observer.



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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 98

                                           "What can be done about all the suffering in the world?"

Nothing !

The observer is the observed.

The suffering you are observing in the world is you. It is, and can only ever be, your suffering.

While you suffer, the world suffers with you.

Why is it that the human mind imagines endlessly and yet it can never imagine the actual.
It just cannot do it. The actual is death to the imagination.

Do you get this?

Confronted with the actual, the mind has to imagine something else.
It cannot imagine the actual, because the actual is where imagination ends.

Why has the human mind never imagined that the suffering it observes is the suffering it is?

Because it`s what is actual.

And the imagination cannot observe the actual.


That is what is observed.  The human mind is a slimy slippery piece of mischief that is killing you as we speak.

The mind will insist that if you look into how the mind came about and how it evolved that you will
have a eureka moment and finally be free of it.

Another trick.

It is there in the room with you right now.
And I`m inviting you to observe it right now.

No words. No recourse to authority. No judgement (All tools of the mind.)

Why is it that right now you are not spilling over with a sense of love and joy?
Why are you not observing the sparkling beauty of the world that surrounds you?
Why are you feeling depressed and unfulfilled?
Why do you feel lethargic, sick, betrayed, disillusioned, remorseful, bitter, frightened, bewildered ?

This isn`t what you came here for.
You are being conned !!!!

The mind was, is and can only ever be, a bad idea.

Your mind may be able to con you into believing everything is fine.
But I`ve seen your face on your way to work.

It`s a disgrace !!!

It`s the face of someone "doing" something about it.

Okay....  Let`s pull this fucker to pieces.

There is nothing you can DO about it.
The belief that something can be done about it is a part of the con.
It just buys the mind more time to fuck you over.

The observations I am inviting you to look at, are not from the known or the unknown.
Try to summarize my message.......  There isn`t one.

And yet transformation has occurred within you.

Now as that transformation occurs, what you were never existed.
So you aren`t feeling better. There is nothing to compare how you are feeling with.

Once a feeling has nothing to be compared with, feeling is absent.

One has moved from the illusion to the actual.

One cannot feel authentic.
Authentic is just the absence of bullshit.

Notice how when I ask if a crack in what is known was observed a pure bright light is glimpsed?

What`s that all about?

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 99

                                                                      From the outside.

That which is limited, cannot go beyond it`s limitations.

That which is limited is sentenced to exist within the limitations of what it is existing as.

It`s limitations are what define it.

This is called dharma.

Everything in existence has a dharma.  A duck has a dharma. It`s dharma is a life as a duck.
If it were to go beyond those limitations it would cease to be a duck.

Because ducks don`t wonder, existing as anything other than a duck, is not something a duck is capable of wondering about.

The limitations of the human experience are well cataloged in "The Guinness Book of World records."

Every record broken extends the limits of what the human experience is capable of.

Unlike the duck experience, the human experience includes a sense of wonder.

Only humans wonder what going beyond their limitations would be like.

Those that venture bravely beyond the borders of human limitation are worshiped as Gods.
They become role models. Examples to be held up to inspire one and all to overcome the barriers
and extend the limits of the human experience.
It`s the same old scam that`s been going on for centuries.

And yet we all remain human. It is our dharma. It seems even our sense of wonder is limited.
It is wonder born from within the limitations of the human experience.

Once again, it is an addiction to `feel good`. 

One spends little or no time wondering about the things that will result in `feel bad`.

Yet observe this.... When one is deprived of what makes them feel good, is it not the case that feel bad rushes in to fill the vacuum?

Do you see the con?

Don`t judge it. Just observe. See the mechanics.
When you see how the magic trick is done you can no longer be fooled by it.

The con of the human experience is the groundless belief that by expanding the limited into the unlimited
that the limited will encompass the unlimited.

But it never can. 

By expanding the barriers of the limited one is also expanding the barriers of the unlimited.

The horizon is always on the horizon.

The human suffering resulting in the illusion between limited and the unlimited, has created
the human existence of unlimited suffering.

 Falling for the illusion of the limited and the unlimited, is the separation that creates the space
for the human dharma to exist.

One can wonder about it till they have suffered beyond their limits.

Or one can chose to observe the actuality of the con.

The observer is the observed.
Transformation has occurred.

The limited and the unlimited never even existed.

One had to be human to observe them.

So what are you now?

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 100

                                                                We`re I`m only human.

There is only you.

Everything else is something else and not you.

Thinking one is something else is a product of thought. And thought is never the actual.

Thought has tricked you into believing that you are the something else.

The something else you have been tricked into believing you are, exists
within the limitations of the beliefs of that which you are being.

In this instance, I believe I am a human being.
As a human being, I am limited by what a human is being.
Those limitations are constantly defining me.

I have defined my self through my limitations.

The beginning of something defined cannot exist without an ending.
Only the things you have begun can end.
Thus the human experience has a shelf life.

Once one is the other side of their expiry date, it becomes apparent
that one was only a human being while they were being human.

The something else one was tricked into being has expired. It has ceased to be.
It has curled up its toes and gone to meet its maker. It is an ex human !!

The illusion is over.

The actual is observed. The illusion never happened.

The limitations of being human have deprived one of the capacity to directly observe the mechanics of this.
Humans know they are being deprived. Thus the eternal search for fulfillment.

The limited human believes that by extending it`s limitations, it will one day solve this dilemma.
How`s that going for you?

One can take some comfort in believing that authorities somewhere are close to solving this dilemma on one`s behalf.

Or one can observe that their very existence is dependent on not solving it.

At least it gives everyone something to do.

The human experience is a sentence to DO until you die.
Death will be your undoing.

Along with the undoing of the illusionary you, will be the undoing of the illusion of someone else.

There is only YOU.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 101

                                                          You are the sum total of your expectations.

What is being written here is not based on circumstances.
It is not relevant to the known (limited) or the unknown (unlimited.)

The death of David Bowie has had as profound an impact on me as his life has.
I know what it is to be human.
And I know what it is to be other than.

The two can exist in harmony.

I`m back.....  (My tear ducts are working fine by the way.)

Let`s get back to bringing the two together. (The human and the other than.)

It`s going to get a little hot in here.
The rock and the hard place are melting under our gaze.

Existence is only possible between two things.
The two is the actual. The more than two is the illusion.

The world and the you create the world you live in.

Without the you the world is no more.
Without the world the you is no more.

TWO !!!!

The illusion is that one has many problems. Serious , unbearable, problems;

"I have problems with my parents. I have problems with my kids. I have problems with money.
I have problems with my health. I have problems finding a friend. I have problems finding a lover.
I have problems with work. I have problems with school. I have problems with addictions.
I have problems with depression. I have problems with certain types of people. I have problems
with problems."

"The world has problems. The world has a problem solving problems."

These problems beg for solutions. The mind has a plan.
The mind sets forth on the path of doing something about these problems.

It sets about searching for answers.

It makes you feel particularly bad when you aren`t doing, or can`t do, anything about all these problems.
And it is under these circumstances that humans exist.
Stuck between the illusion of a problem and a solution.
Stuck between desire and fulfillment.

It is, like I say, serious and unbearable.

And you fall for it unfailingly, with everything you have, all the time.
For that is what time is.  Every tick of the clock is you falling for the con.

The human experience exists between birth and death.
The `other than` exists outside of birth and death.

Note. I didn`t say before and after.
The human experience exists within the `other than.`

You`d have to be brain dead to perceive that you are other than human.  (NOT a typo.)

Please observe that despite all I am showing you, none of it is registering in your brain.
If it was you`d be able to paraphrase what you had just read.

Believe me ...anyone who is trying to retain the message here and file it in their brain has given up ages ago.

Who are you when your brain is dead?

Okay.  That`s who I`m talking to.

If the mind believes that cozying up to a brain will serve its ends, then a brain it will be.

That mind is fully functional after brain death. Ask any medium.


So there are two cons at play here that I will expose.

Your brain will not like this.
Your mind will be outraged.

It is imperative to the mind , dressed as a brain, to have some involvement in your search for liberation.
If it doesn`t come along for the ride, how can it sabotage it?

As a result the mind will keep demanding to find good common sense, practical, useful fragments of this message.

It wants to grab some philosophical concept so it can bring you back to earth with it.

It wants something to do. It wants something it can at least think with, compare, judge, and sentence you with.

So a reader of this who is still inhabiting his/her head will want to convert the unknown into the known.
It wants to get a piece of the unlimited and fit it into it`s limited existence.

Do you see this yet?

"Yes...This is all well and good..... But just taste this coffee !!!!"

" I understand all your fancy words.... but I`ve still got to go to my un-fancy job in the morning."

"Give me freedom ...or give me death."

Let me have one more try at this....

The human is attempting to bring the `other than` into the human experience.

Do you get it now?

By doing this the human rationalizes that it will be able to cope better in its "me vs the world" existence.

It says..."If it doesn`t benefit my life...I`m not really interested...... thank you very much."

This is not a small point !

This is your jail being torn down.
No matter how comfortable you make it, it is still a fucken jail.

You may need to read this part 101 a few times.

The con underneath the one above is the `you vs the world.`

Once you have been set up by this one the above will slam your cell door shut with a loud clang that will
be the embarrassing history of you and us.

"The world is fucked.
If you aren`t seeing it. it`s only because you aren`t looking."

Like I told you...Your mind will not like me telling you this.

The fucked up world you are observing is the fucked up you.

The mind diverts your attention from how serious and unbearable it has made your life by
creating a world that you are in and can do nothing about.

You won`t hear this anywhere else.....
"All the doing that is being done to solve the worlds problems are minds keeping their doers
from  targeting the actual source of the problems.
Which are not the world`s. But yours.

Have a look !!!

Tell someone that their solutions to the worlds problems suck...
And they take it personally .....!!!!!

Why ? 
Why ?

What is the source of this unbearable seriousness?

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 102

                                                                          No way out.

In the presence of the great unseen is the truck stop at the crossroads of existence.
To pull in there is to turn for home. The home from whence one came .

For there is nothing to go on for and everything to go back to.

For that which searches for freedom can only ever search for `freedom from.`

The whole game is rigged. There is no way out.

That which searches for `freedom from` can only ever exist as a slave.
The slave and the `freedom from` create the gap for the slave to exist within.

The cause and the effect are the two nothings between which something can exist.

Cause and effect are a symbiotic relationship.
Without both there is neither.

The slave exists as an effect. The barriers to freedom exist as a cause.

It is only upon being presented with a barrier to freedom, that the slave is born.

The slave now exists.... with, and because of something to be free from.

The slave coexists with that which it searches for freedom from.

What is being observed here is something the slave can never know.
For if it became known, the slave would cease to exist , to know it.

The slave and the barrier to freedom are symbiotic. Both must exist or neither can.

One`s consciousness is imprisoned within the separation of freedom and slavery.
Where one has no consciousness of a barrier, there is no consciousness of being a slave to it.

Rather than observe the mechanics of this con, one has a relationship with it by using comparison and judgement.
The mechanics of this become a science of the con or a con-science.

From there forth the slave allows its conscience to be its guide.

The fuel for the conscience is feeling.

Feelings are fragmented. Good feelings are in conflict with bad.

What you are observing here cannot be known.


Let me come at it from another direction.

The you that is searching for `freedom from`, only exists while that freedom is denied it.

The slave is sentenced to only do what will change and modify its relationship with its captors.

There must be a slave for slavery to exist.

There must be a sentenced for a sentence to be.

I know this is tricky.

When you see it, you`ll see something that is impossible to see as a human.

Get the distinction between `free from` and `free of.`

A recovering addict is `free from.` Which is actually slavery with lip stick and make up.

The recovering addict is putting on a brave face.
Their freedom is conditional. Which is not freedom at all.
The recovering addict is not free to indulge in their addiction.

One moment of weakness and the non addicted identity they have been busy building, crumbles.

The reader may be picturing drugs or alcohol or food or cigarettes.
The reader is inevitably not picturing what they are personally addicted to.

One can become addicted to anything.
If that thing represents even the hope of `feel good,` a dependency on it is created.

Life itself is the seat of all addiction.
Life is the hope of `feel good.`  `feel good` is `freedom from.` 
`Free of` is not change or modification . It is transformation.
What one is `free from` one is a slave to.
That which one is `free of` not only ceases to exist it also never did,.

The life that is searching for free-dumb only exists in the denial of it.

                                   The search for freedom, is the slavery one is sentencing themselves to.

Do you see the con?

Really look deeply into this....

The you that is searching for freedom, only exists by being deprived of it.

One is the freedom they are searching for.

The search is the delusion and the creation of time.

The search for freedom defines one as a slave.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 103

                                                                      "What is death?"

This is the one that, if observed, the whole house of cards that we call life, collapses.

The human mind has no capability to ponder death.

It tries to look into it, loses consciousness and comes too out of it.

As a subject, it is a void. And the human mind does everything in its` power to avoid it.

Because of this inability to observe what death actually is, all that is known about death is actually something else.

That`s right !  Everything you know about death is actually not about death at all.

Does not everything you know about death actually include life ?

Is it not about before and after?

Asking the mind to inquire into death is like asking a sandwich to eat itself.

The mind has to be there to conceive of its own non existence.

The mind cannot digest itself.

It is the death it has created.

I know......   Sounds fucked up.

Please look beyond the words here.
Death is a con. And observing the actuality of it, will save the observer indescribable discomfort, pain and suffering.

You are really going to have to look beyond the words to solve this life long mystery.

Death is the absence of definition.

That which was defined is no longer.

Life is the function of defining. Death is the process of un-defining.

Defining is a beginning. Un- defining is an end.

Life exists between its` beginning and its` ending.

The mind gets itself in a worried frenzy because it believes that that which was defined is no longer.

It cannot observe that, that which was defined, is not no longer, it has only ceased to be defined.

The mind has a mandate to acquire, accumulate, construct, do, and define.

Its` life depends on it.

The mind cannot define death. Because death is the great un-defined.

The mind has no facility to define the un-defined.

Absent the mind the un-defined can be observed.
The observer is the observed.

The undefined is transformation.
You are that which can transform.

That which was defined is no more....and never was.

All there is, is you. 

And you are pretty fucken special.

You are actually indescribable.

Share it.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 104

                                                                " What is The Actual?"

Is it the environment one is surrounded by?
Is it that which is tangible.
Those things which can be perceived by the senses?

Is the actual that which is left after the mind has finished fucking with it?

Is the actual massive in its implications? Or is it tiny?
Is it the leaf....? or is it the tree?
Is the actual everything?

Is the actual part of the great unknown?

There seems to be an endless parade of possibilities.
But which one do I settle on as the right one?

"I just want to be happy!!!!"

Can it be observed that this question sets off a lot of chatter in the mind?

Observe the mechanics of this.

One asks the question, "what is the actual?" and the mind rushes in to exist between the question and the answer.

The mind cannot function in the presence of the actual.
It is hiding what is actual from you.

Is this what you observe?  Look into it.


Now watch closely.

We are observing the barriers to observing the actual.
We are seeing the actual mechanics of those barriers.

Don`t judge. Don`t compare. Don`t convert it into words and symbols. Don`t seek shelter behind some authority.
Just observe. Just be with what is actually happening.

The observer IS the observed.

Now observe that the mind wants to rush at this problem with all its sophistication, like a super computer.

Observe it. Observe it without the rushing and time limitations.

Time is another impediment to observing the actual.

Now let`s look at the actual.

Here it is.....

                                        "I DON`T KNOW !"

That is what the mind was hiding from you.

What is actual is "I DON`T KNOW."

Be with it. No judgement. No comparison. No words. No recourse to authority.

All that remains is You and the actual.
The observer and the observed.
The chatter has ceased. The mind is speechless.

There is nothing to be done.

The observer IS the observed.

Transformation has occurred.

What is actual is what you are being here and now.
If what you are being is authentic , you cannot but dissolve in-authenticity.

Give your actual self a big hug from me.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 105

                                                       "Can you just give us something we can do!?"

Unfortunately the "us" that is grasping for something to do is not the actual you.

Let`s clear this one up.

Don`t rush at it. Just observe. Don`t compare or judge. Look beyond the words. Don`t use "We" as an authority to hide among.
You are the "we."

When the mechanics of a con are observed, the con loses it`s power over you.

The con is a distraction from observing the actual.

Be with this till you observe it as actual.

When your observation is not of the actual, then you are inevitably being conned.

It is the minds desire to keep you from observing the actual.

In the presence of the actual, all that the mind had used to con you, including the mind itself, is short circuited.

Here is an observation.....  If the mind is doing something, it cannot be with the actual.
Doing is only possible in the absence of the actual.

When the actual is before one , there is simply nothing one can do about it.

Saying "I have real problems!" is the non actual way of saying the actual. Which is...

"My addictions are giving me a hard time."

Be with that one till you observe it as fact.

When one observes the mechanics of any con, the actual is revealed.

Please believe me... I know this is impossible to grasp.

When the actual is revealed, doing anything about it is impossible.
Anything done is never done to the actual.
To do anything, one has to substitute the actual with something other than the actual.

You want to see how deep this goes.

The whole of human history has been the doing of something to that which is not actual.

A complete waste of time. Sure we had a few laughs along the way.
Brief moments when one saw the absurdity of it all.

So get it through your thick skull that there is nothing one can do to transcend their life sentence.
Unless you know otherwise....

I`m open to it man.

Who did something that resulted in the transcending of our life sentence?

More comfortable cells is all that was ever done.
Is this a fact ?

The only thing that doing has gotten us is authority figures who are con men.

All their/they`re doing is camouflaging the fact that "I don`t know."

Humanity is addicted to them.


What can I do ?   NOTHING.

Observe that all the doing that has ever been done was a waste of time.

The fact that "I don`t know." remains eternally within the illusion of the known and the unknown.

Observe the mechanics of the doing con.

The actual is revealed.

"There is nothing to DO."

Be with it. Not the words. Not the idea. Not the authorities. Not what everyone else thinks.
Just be there with "There is nothing to DO."

You and the actual.
The observer and the observed.

The observer IS the observed.
Absent the observed, the observer is not.


If you are wondering what to do next.
Don`t bother.

You have no choice but to continue to do while you are still being conned.

One has no choice but to continue to do whilst distracted by the DOING con.

Observing is NOT doing anything.

"So where is all this leading?"

To the actual. To the authentic.

To the here and now. (Which is not a recycling depot.)

Doing commences where observation ceases.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 106

                                  You are all that is standing between yourself and unconditional freedom.

The human that you are being is an accumulation of the past.

It is so accepted as fact that it is never observed for what it really is.

Just take a look at every barrier to your unconditional freedom.
It is your accumulated past.

The past is the text book you habitually refer to.

The past is informing your present and projecting another illusion called the future.

Look at this deeply....   There is no future. There is no past.
All that there was is or will ever be is!!

Everything else is a projection of the mind happening in the only place it  .... now.

Time is an illusion created by failing to observe the actual.

Have you not observed that when you are having fun, time disappears.
When you are`nt having fun, time moves like a slug.

If you were non existent would time exist?

Obviously it wouldn`t for you. Because for time to exist, so must you.

You are being conned into believing that you are a victim of time.
The actuality is that you are the cause of time.

Don`t spend any time thinking about this. Time will only help you to get it wrong.
Thinking will only make it worse.  Come on ....How long have you been thinking ?
How much time have you been off in fantasy land with your thoughts ?

And where did it get you?

Look at it !

Don`t judge. Don`t stand in your own way. The mechanics of relationship with time are undeniable.

For any period of time to begin it must have an ending.

Where is time taking you?
What is the final destination?

All it can be is you having run out of time.
So why run into it in the first place?

And while we`re on the subject of make/believe.....

Let`s look into this you who is eternally in your way.

Your personality if you like.

How would you describe/define yourself.

Not your bullshit C/V.

The one that could have been so much more....(if only you`d tried harder.

I`ll just pick someone at random.
Sexually frustrated. Depressed, poor, cowardly, treacherous, gullible, needy,
violent, argumentative, egotistical, selfish, self obsessed, fed up, sad,
frustrated, unfulfilled, suspicious, fearful, boring, shallow, insecure, jealous ...

How am I doing?

Does this sound like you ? Or almost everyone you know.....?

Same thing !

Add your own personalized traits if you can think of any I`ve missed.

How about happy, successful, important, domineering, vital, charming, manipulative,
conceited, uncaring, vibrant, beautiful, sexy, influential, loved, inspiring,
a leader, a hero, a vigilante, a criminal, a sadist, handsome, distinguished, powerful.....

All made up.  Not one of the things you use to define yourself is real.

Where is your importance located?
Where can I go to throw money at your depression?

In which zoo can I visit your sexual frustration.
In what gallery is your ego hanging?

What ?

Are you seeing what I`m seeing?

Your whole sorry arse  personality is made up.

And the actual was always there.

But the you, you manufactured has no capacity to observe it.

The imaginary you either ignores or distracts... (Same thing.)

Don`t feel bad about it. You had no choice.
Everything you believe you are, perpetuates the illusion that it is impossible to be free of.

Observe that what you are observing is impossible.
"How could my whole life be an illusion? It can`t be true. This is bullshit!!!"

See......  There you go again.
Distracted from the actual.

Where is your mind? Where are all the conclusions you have reached?
Where is the addiction that has plagued you your whole life?

Where the fuck is it?  If it is real.... why have you not walked up to it and dealt with it?

Why haven`t you?

Is it because it isn`t even there?  You are chasing made up pictures in made up time.

"But if I let go of all that ...I won`t know myself."

 Case closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 107

                                                              Problem solving (is) for suckers.

What could be more suitable ....  An imaginary conversation about imaginary problems..?!

    "How come you never seem to have any problems?"

I just don`t have time for them.

   "You mean you are too busy?"

No. Too relaxed.

      "You must be in denial. Are you unaware of all the problems in the world?"

What problems?

    "War, poverty, disease, crime, drugs, terrorism. Don`t you watch the news?"

Is the news solving these problems?

       "No. It`s just making people aware of them."

Is making people aware of these problems doing anything to solve them?

     "I guess not. "

So you have an industry making people aware of problems for no reason?

     "Never thought of it like that..... Maybe people in authority can watch the news and then do something about it."

But aren`t the news items mainly about the people in authority?

    "Never thought of it like that?  But the people in authority must be doing something."

Apparently they are making stories that the news media are informing people about for no reason.

    "Either way. I still like to watch the news. It keeps me informed."

Does the media keep you fully informed about the actual causes behind the stories?

    "No. Probably not. I`m sure they must miss a lot of what happens behind the scenes."

So you are liking being misinformed.

    "Never thought of it like that."

Do you think maybe no one is able to solve the problems in the world because they are liking being misinformed?

    "What are you saying?"

I`m just observing the fact that no problem can be solved when something other than the actual problem is
the focus of one`s attention.

    "You should be on the news !"

No one would like it. Where there is no conflict there is no story.

  "It`s a strange world.  Can you stop visiting me?!!!"

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 108

                                                             All the young dudes carry the news.

Being human involves the willingness to like being misinformed by the mind.

Misinformation deprives those being human of resolution.   Which is perpetuation.

The human identified with mind is sentenced to perpetual perpetuation.

In the absence of misinformation, conflict is not possible. Unification and transformation has already occurred.

Transformation is pure creation.

In the presence of misinformation, transformation is not possible.

How can one transform what isn`t.?

Victims of this misinformation con, are serving sentences of perpetually changing and modifying that which isn`t.

All DOING is the sentence served as behavior modification.

 All change and modification, is the attempt to make the prison more comfortable.
This distracts the sentenced from observing that it`s all still a jail.

All human thought is capable of, is projecting a `freedom from`.
The prison still must exists for one to be free `from` it.

One now exists in relation to that which has not de-manifested. It can only forever be avoided.

All philosophy, all hopes, all religion, all contemplation, all prayer .... All the mind is capable of
bringing to its owner , is a different cell within the same prison.

The human mind is the prison. 

There is no possibility of being free of it, while liking being misinformed by it.

The freedom the minds cons you into pursuing, is it`s freedom to ran havoc with your sentence.

How long and how often does one need to be conned before they see the mechanics of what is actually happening?

Only you can answer that.

The mind coaxes its victim along with feel good as it`s bait. This is perverted by the mind by using the word happiness.

It now has you in it`s grip.  The whole of humanity is on your side, egging you on.
"Yes. Be happy. Overcome your barriers. Defy the odds. Share your story. Inspire us to
pursue our dreams. God has a place for you in heaven, as his eternal servant.

"You will die happy !!!!! ?????"

Happy ?   Die happy ?

If one is pursuing happiness isn`t it obvious that they are not happy while pursuing it.
If they were, why pursue it?

And then only to to finally realize that they are actually happy only to watch it end that very instant.

How many more times does it need to happen before you realize you are being taken for a ride?

Please look at this closely.

The direct willingness to be with happiness is the observation of the actual.
The observer and the observed.
The observer is the observed.

It`s all over so quickly.
The mind kicks in and gives you a new task to do. Another mountain to conquer. Another barrier to overcome.
Another sentence to serve.

Do you see it?   Is this something I`m making up to deceive you?

How does one get free of all this?

By observing the mechanics of the con, the actual is revealed.
Being in the presence of the actual allows for unification and transformation.

One is sentenced to remain human whilst viewing this dilemma as a human.

Observe the what the mind makes sense of is actually nonsense.

The mind is addicted to misinformation.

It`s all it knows.

A fully informed mind is disowned intelligence free of delusion. Free of the delusion of being disowned.
It is transformed.

Conflict is no more.

How does one describe `free of` to something that has only ever dreamed of `free from?`


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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 109

                                                                        Where is alone?

Unraveling life`s con can only be accomplished alone.

The human being is incapable of perceiving another`s discomfort pain or suffering.

They can sympathize, imagine, or pity, someone else`s pain.
But these are all their own psychological pain.

The fact is, someone being human does not feel another`s pain.

How else could such acts of barbarism and cruelty, as are being committed, ever be perpetrated ?

Pain is identification.

Without identification, pain is not possible.

This is subject matter that should not be rushed at.

If one doesn`t fully observe the mechanics of this, being free of pain, is not possible.

Please observe that when you are in pain, there is an overwhelming sense of being alone.

Do you get this?

One cannot share their pain. They can only inflict it.

When one is in pain, their entire focus is getting out of it.

"I just want the pain to end," is the slogan of the suffering.

The mind comes to the rescue with remedies, distractions, medications, plans and prayers.

The pain is something one does all they can to avoid.

The actual pain is not observed.

The mind , with all its power says "Be without the pain."
It never says "Be with the pain."

This is how we have a whole field of healing dedicated to handling the symptoms and totally
avoiding the cause.

Do you see this ?  Is it a fact ?

If everything one is , is distracting one from pain, how can the actuality of pain be observed?

This is why pain is the key to undoing the con.

Pain makes one look away. It prompts doing.

It prompts one into doing something to be free from the pain.

Once one is free from, they are now in relationship with it. And thus a slave to it.

Relationship can only ever be free from. Non relationship is free of.

Be with this till it is fully observed.

You are free of jdkslkssh  because you have no relationship to it.

Meanwhile your freedom from pain is conditional on avoidance of it.

Look beyond the words. 

Actually grasping that alone, is enough to put your mind in quite a bit of discomfort.

The avoidance of discomfort, pain and suffering is exactly that which makes one vulnerable to being conned.

When does one frantically seek out an authority figure?

When they are in pain.
The authority has the power to end the pain.
Now one is a slave to the authority figure.
You have been conned.

Now observing the fact that one is being conned releases all the pain and discomfort that the con was concealing.

This is why discomfort, pain, and suffering, are the doorway to observing the actual con.

And as a human who exists as an individual, only that individual can feel their pain.

One is alone in their pain.

While one is the victim of the con, they are living the dream. They are free from pain.
As the con is exposed the avoidance of pain is no longer possible.

Have you ever been the victim of a con?  Hurts doesn`t it?
Want to know who gives a shit?   No one...... but you.

The mind rushes to the rescue (of itself)

Off you go again avoiding the pain and conned yet again.

This scam has made you a slave. It has made you human with no possible way out except death. (Which is a long way off.)

Okay.  Look at the mechanics here.

One perceives pain.
One perceives being alone in pain.
One observes the source of the pain but observes the barriers to observation in its place.

One observes the mechanics of the con.
The con is the barriers to direct observation. (Authority, words and symbols, judgement and comparison, the conditioned self.)

One is now alone with the source of pain.

It is what is here and now. It is the actual.

The authentic observer and the authentic observed.





The observed is no longer and never was.

One is free of pain. Pain never existed.

It is no longer possible to be in relationship with the thing that no longer is.

It now joins all that never manifested.
Like all the bad luck you never had.

In the absence of bad luck, what is the only type of luck left?

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 110

                                                                     Two types of pain.

The con involved in pain is that it is divided in two.

However the human only perceives it as pain.
If one is identified with being human, the body and its` senses limit what can perceive.

Since perpetuation of the body is the physical equivalent of the minds perpetuation of the self,
pain is used by the body to chase one away from non body perpetuating circumstances.Banging one`s head
causes the pain to move the individual away from head banging practices.

Pain is long been accepted as a means of pushing one out of harm`s way.

But when one experiences psychological harm, the deep rooted mechanism
deals with it exactly as it deals with physical pain. It pushes one away.

For the sake of this observation, can it be seen that physical pain is real, whereas psychological pain is made up.

When one attempts to move away from psychological pain they take it with them.
There is no escape from psychological pain.

The mind cannot think this thru.
The mind`s function is to end the pain at any cost.
And it does so by looking for a cure instead of looking at the cause.

Don`t judge this....Or feel bad about it.
It`s just what humans have been conditioned to do.

They know that the pain is to great to bear.
The pain is bigger and more powerful then them.

But that is flawed misinformation.

Would the pain exist if you ceased to?

Well would it?
Who would be there to perceive the pain?

Do you get it?
You and the pain are a duo.
Without Garfunkel, there is no `Simon and Garfunkel.`

The conditioned you...the one being human, has `escape from pain` programmed into it`s genes.

Your genes cannot distinguish between physical pain and psychological pain, because they are too busy fleeing.

If one can observe the mechanical process in action, the fleeing is arrested.

The psychological pain is present, when one starts to flee.
It is there as they flee. And it is still there when they cease running.

Which is what we are going to look at now.

The first observation to make is that one is in relationship with pain.

There is co-existence.

This is so undeniable that the ever helpful mind will investigate ways of terminating your existence to end the pain.

But there is another way....

Why did your sophisticated, intelligent mind never come up with it.?

Why not terminate the pain?????

"Because I can`t !!!! It is everywhere I go."

So do you see? You are carrying it with you.

Put it down.

Step away from it.

Look at it.

Look through the barriers to observation.

Observe the pain.

Is the pain still there?

What are you looking at it with?

Your mind.

Put your mind over there with the pain.  They get along great.

Tell your mind;

"You fucken piece of shit. You complete arsehole. You were ready to kill me !!!
How dare you!!!  Tell me one fucken good idea you have ever had !!
I followed your advice all the way to the lowest point of my life.

Our friendship is OVER !!! We have no relationship."

Drop the vocalization.
Drop the rage. Drop the judgement.

Be with the pain.

The observer is the observed.

There exists a bridge over troubled waters.

You are both sides.



Don`t try to think about what just happened.
Not only is there nothing to think about.
There is also nothing to think with.


Go out and have some FUN.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 111

                                                                      Mindless fun.

What would it be like to exist without a mind?

Have you ever had a friend who won`t stop talking?

Your input into the discussion is,








Can it be observed that your friend is talking not to you, but at you.

Can it be observed that they are so full of their own sense of self importance that your importance to them is zero?

Have you ever experienced that peaceful silence that is there after they leave?

To have such a friend is the most socially embarrassing predicament one can be in.

It drives one into apathy and a hypnotic state.

You have such a friend. Your very best friend. Your number one authority figure.  Your mind.

The peace and quiet available in the mind`s absence is beyond compare.

There is a return of dignity when constantly being micromanaged and told what to do ceases.

The sense of claustrophobia and oppression moves away to reveal an absence of barriers.

All ones problems and fears are now miraculously absent.

You don`t even fear that if you lose your mind you won`t remember important things , like where you live and your partner`s name.

That`s because there was never anything important in your mind anyway. 

What the mind contained was a sense of importance. Which was liberally coated on it`s entire content.

What was truly important is the actual. And the mind actually has nothing acual in it at all!

The mind cannot do anything with the actual.
The mind is the sandwich and the thought is the act of eating.

Your brilliant, sophisticated mind has been busy working on the question; which came first the chicken or the egg.

Another trick of the mind.

The question to exist must assume time.

Absent time, the question is no more.

Which came first the mind or the thought ?

Absent time the question is no more.

The whole con falls apart when the mind stops working on the problem.

It can be observed that the mind and thought are a complete waste of time.

Time is not actual.
It can only exist in a mind.
And once it does, the mind wastes it.

To be rid of the mind is to never know that you had one.

To end relationship with the mind is a choice the mind cannot make.

So only who can make it?

Mindless fun !!!!

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 112

                                                                Nowhere to go. Nothing to do.

Here are a few things, as a mind owner, you could never know.

These are the actual. And the actual is antiseptic to the mind.

These are observations of the actual.

The actual observation takes place in the absence of the mind.

Thus the actual is what is here and now.
Whereas the mind cannot exist here and now.
No matter how hard it tries, it always winds up somewhere else.

The mind attempts to think of nothing. Yet the thinking is the something that prevents the absence of something.

If you are trying to run this through your mind, it won`t happen.

Observe this....

The mind is completely preoccupied with destinations.

It cons its owner from observing that the journey is what is actual.
The destination is a projection of the mind.

So the journey is a blur.

Absent the mind the delicious detail of the journey come into focus.

One sees all they have been missing.

Absent the mind, one ceases looking through their environment and the actual environment comes into being.

Their environment used to be in their way. It was something they were forever in conflict with.
Once the mental projection of an imaginary environment is gone, it is observed that their actual environment contains no conflict at all.

The projected peace and freedom they were pursuing was actually preventing them from seeing the peace and and freedom that is always there.

Absent the mind one is able to see the beauty and wonder in everyone they encounter.
They see what the mind owner has never allowed it`s host to see.

There remains nothing to be disappointed in.
Because expectation is completely eradicated.

One is no longer waiting fro their expectations to be filled.
This alone, kicks time fairly and squarely in the nuts.

Once one has kicked the time con there is no more

Everything is now.

The struggle is over.

One is free of it. There is no struggle to be free from.

The mind doesn`t like what I`m telling you one bit.

It cannot imagine your life without it.
Neither can you.

It must be the observation of the here and now.

And only you can make that observation.

It can only be made now.
It is creation.

Creation is only a mystery to that which was created.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 113

                                                                "How come my life still sucks?"

It`s simple

Because "Life sucks."

Life is lived between two things.

There are innumerable two things to be between.

Life and death, success and failure, happiness and sadness, sickness and health, Love and hate,
winning and losing, fulfillment and deprivation, clever and dumb, rich and poor, beauty and ugliness,
fast and slow, sane and crazy, honest and dishonest, lost and found, old and young, friends and enemies,
strong and weak, sober and high, acceptance and rejection, beginning and ending , now and then, here and there,
Male and female, evolution and intelligent design,.....

Without two things to be between there is nowhere for a life to exist.

Life exists between opposites.

Between tomato and cabbage there is no life.

Life is relationship.

Happiness cannot exist without sadness.
Freedom cannot exist without slavery.

One has a place to exist between two opposites.

Once one has been conned by the illusion of opposites one is in relationship with them.
But it can only ever be stuck in the middle.

One is neither a tomato nor a cabbage, and nothing between.

One is either a slave or they are free, or somewhere in between.

But they can only be free from slavery or a slave to freedom

The opposite is a mirror image of the same thing.

It is an illusion. A con.

A bum who finds $20 blowing down the gutter is rich.
The millionaire who wants to buy out the opposition is poor.

The poor guy worries about finding money.
The rich guy worries about losing money.

The con is the belief that one can move out beyond the opposites.
Thought says there is freedom past the pole.

But as soon as one are standing on the north pole, every direction is now the south pole.

For the earth bound human there is no going past the poles.

The human being is programmed to search for freedom where it cannot exist.

Over and over and over......   

One tries in vain to be free from this. But all there is, is freedumb.

It is when one finally observes the mechanics of the con that one is free of it.

If your life sucks, it`s because that is all that non observation of the actual can bring you.

If your delusion is making you miserable .... have you ever thought to stop deluding your self?

How could you?....  Thought is the delusion.

Observe that.

See the mechanics of the barriers to observation.

Be with the delusion of thought.
Drop the words and symbols.
Drop the judgement.
Get out of your way.

The observer is the observed.


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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 114

                                                                       "What is love?"

Let`s observe it together.

Can we keep observing it, no matter how rocky the road gets?

Can we hold our focus as "love" rips our lives to shreds ?

Can we observe love through all the hurt and pain it has left in its wake?

Do we have enough love in us to admit where love has taken us?

If something promises so much joy and fulfillment and yet leaves a path of destruction.....

I smell a con.     And a rotten one.

Is "love" the super drug that has made junkies of us all ?

Let`s look into it....

Is love making fools of us all ?

Is it a part time thing?

Is love the answer?

Is love deep?
Or is it as shallow as a greeting card?

Is love just a word?

How come nobody has the vaguest idea what love is?

Does love make the world go round?

How come if you love your kids the way you love your spouse you are probably reading this from jail?

What is true love ? And has anyone ever found it?

If God is love, then isn`t love God ?

Maybe there is different kinds of love.

Man ...This love is hard work. 
Stay with this until you observe the actual.

"I don`t know what love is."

It is from here that we see that everything we thought was love , actually wasn`t.

If it was, we wouldn`t be having this discussion.

Everything you thought was love was actually only the search for it.
Which is a kind of slavery.
I don`t want to use the word addiction. So I`ll let you.
Once you have found a reliable supplier, you tend to stick with them.

Do you get it?
We are looking at the mechanics of love.

It is only the mechanics that can be observed for the love itself is not actual.

If you believe love is a real thing.... Please tell us all where to find it.

The closest one could come to defining love would actually be; "One disappointment after another."
It`s only a matter of time.

Evidently , we have been looking for love in all the wrong places.

It sure as hell isn`t in the mind.
You allow the subject of love into the mind and you have some pretty bizarre phenomenon occurring.
Look around you.

"I love my country. ... and with that love I kill you."

Love has created hate.

You think "Oh that`s just some extremist crazy people."
At the same time you accept that love makes people do crazy things.

One is lured into doing crazy things by love.
One wants to prove their love.
But everything one does to prove love exists can only be proof that it doesn`t.

If love did really exist it would be self evident and require no doing whatsoever.

Hey... Love is a complex thing. Don`t blame me. I`m just observing its tricks and deceptions.

This love con is a particularly vicious one.
It will use up your time and leave you full of bitterness and hate, and cost you a fortune.

Is there some way to take all the love out of one`s life?

If that was the actuality, love would cease to take all the life out of you.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 115

                                                                A world without love.

Since love was created we have seen everything but.

It`s a commodity, packaged and sold. And us suckers have bought into it time after time.

How can I say love has brought us only the opposite?
Surely love is a beautiful thing.

Have you ever had to console someone who is being deprived of love?
Have you ever been deprived of love yourself?

It wasn`t beautiful at all.
It was something you don`t don`t want to think about and you probably vowed it would never happen to you again.

Yet you fall in love again.  You need that fix.
`A life without love isn`t worth living.`

Come on crew... Wake up.  Let`s nail this bastard.

Listening to the survivors of love talk about their experiences is like listening to a bunch of war veterans.

Shall we continue?

Or are the wounds still too raw?

Let`s look at the mechanics a bit closer.

As long as one remains conned, the discomfort, pain and suffering, is kept at a distance.
So one holds onto the con and won`t look beyond it.

Try to tell anyone that they are being conned and they allow the discomfort, pain and suffering
to slip past them and dump it on you.

Over time, the con will develop holes. The patches start to fail, and the victim of the con has
to face the actuality that they were being conned.

Their whole mind collapses.  It ain`t pleasant.

Now the discomfort pain and suffering has lost it`s buffer.
When it drops on the ex con, they are in a living hell with nothing to stop the pain.

Nothing.  At which point the mind will regroup and look for an authority who can take this pain away from them.

Once again the pain is relieved by allowing oneself to be conned.

And the cycle repeats.

All totally unnecessary.

Your pain is that you have been deprived of love. You need a fix of the love that is on the market but out of your price range.

You believed in love because it was marketed so well by con artists.
They have written stories about it. Poems, songs, films, music videos, religions.
And they sold them to you. But ultimately you , the naive shopper, bought them.

"Everyone else was doing it. I didn`t want to be the odd one out.
The advertising was very convincing. Everyone looked so happy. I wanted to be happy too."

One falls for the con again.
"The pain is gone. I believe in love. And don`t you ever fucken disappoint me or I`ll have your
arse in divorce court so quick you won`t know what hit you. I`ll take the kids as hostages."

Observe the human suffering and degradation endured by victims of love.
Ignore the advertising. Look beyond the words and symbols and be in the presence of
what love is not.

Don`t compare. Resist the temptation to judge.
Ooops.  Did you see that?

Look at that again.

How can one judge the thing that is not there?

Judgement is dissolved.

What would you call the total absence of judgement?

Be with that total absence of judgement.

The observer is the observed.


You have gone beyond love.

                                                              Welcome home.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 116

                                  " You make it all sound so easy. But trying to transform just isn`t happening for me."

You can never transform anything except the actual.
That is to say, if what one is focused on is something other than the actual, there is still something
that one can do about it.

It is only right up there at the end of the cul de sac where there is nothing that can be done that the actual lives.

If one is at the end of their wits on the subject of transformation and there is only a dead end ahead, that is the actual.

There will be some suffering and discomfort. There may be a feeling of powerlessness.

In this instance one has face to face with the actuality that "It is hard to transform."

Finally. !!!  Do you see it?

This is what is actual.  "It is hard to transform."

It was so obvious. It was there before during and after time.

To not see the actual is to live in delusion. To be conned.

Shall we proceed together right NOW ?

Hold your position. Do not flee. Do not think.

Just be with the actual.... "It is hard to transform."

Cease all doing. Commence being.

You are observing the actual. There is nothing between you.

You are the observer. The actual is the observed.

Recognize that anything between you and the actual is a mental projection from the mind.

Drop judgement. Drop comparison. Drop vocalization. Drop what others have said and concluded. Drop you.

The `you` you are dropping is that which finds it hard to transform.

Now, with nothing between you and that which is actual, the observer IS the observed.

You and "It`s hard to transform" are no longer separate.
The belief that you ever were was a con.

Now unified neither, the "you " nor the "It`s hard to transform" exist anymore.
They have both transformed as one.

Neither the you that found it hard to transform nor the "It`s hard to transform" ever existed.

So now that "It`s difficult to transform" doesn`t exist let`s dissolve another source
of discomfort, pain and suffering.

How about your low self esteem?

"I have low self esteem"

Is that what is actual. Are you at the end of the road?

If you still have some hope of getting high self esteem then go and waste some more time.

I`ll be here when you get back.

Now this one you have to face alone.
I don`t want to become an authority figure that gets in the way of you observing the actual.

Do it now.





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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 117

                                                                   Fact versus fiction.

The mind is a vast library.

A library is a physical place one can visit to peruse what is known.

What is known is divided into different categories.

There are subtle divisions between the categories.
eg. "The arts", Music, poetry, photography, painting, theater, film....etc.

But there is a distinctive division between fact and fiction.

There is a physical division within a library between fact and fiction.

The fiction section has categories as well.
eg. Historical Romance, Science fiction, Crime, Western...etc.

Some fiction is based on fact.
Here we have the author, rather than just reporting the facts, they are taking what is called "Artistic license."

Here the author has taken some things that did happen and with the use of imagination has added some things that didn`t.

And what`s that old saying?....  "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story."

The mind has a lot in common with a library.

The key difference is, one visits a library. They don`t live there.

Whereas the mind is where one resides.... even when they go visiting.

So the mind is the residence of the story.
Even the story of going to the library.

Look at this.
There is a structure to a story.
A good story teller gets so so involved in the story that the structure becomes invisible.

We are all suckers for a good story.

Because at all times we reside in the unfulfilled, we are seeking fulfillment.

All good stories must follow the same formula, otherwise the audience is lost.

A story is a journey, an emotional journey in search of fulfillment.

The basic formula for a story teller is to connect with where you reside (your un-fulfillment),
take you on a journey, and then return you safely home, fulfilled.

Let`s see this done musically.

Begin with the tonic, a familiar comforting resonance
introduce the dominant which is an echo of the tonic from a different place,
Drop the listener into a place of tension with the sneaky sub dominant and
then return to a place of resolution with the tonic again.

Because of the conditioning the human ear has received, an expectation of where
one is going is used to manipulate the listener.

You can see this with the structure of a song.


You following this.

There is a structure. A mechanical process.

But the content is so alluring that the mechanics are invisible.

Every single good film you have watched followed a formula. A mechanical process.

ACT one
Opening image
Set up
Theme stated

ACT two

Choosing Act 2
B Story
The Promise of the Premise
Bad Guys Close In
All is Lost
Dark Night of the Soul

Break Into Three
(Choosing Act Three)
Final Image

If you want more on this...
Here is the guy,

Here is a tip I got from the late, great Peter Sellers.

He used to study acting by turning the sound off while he
studied a film.
Not a quote.
The dialogue draws one into the drama, so observation of the mechanical process escapes ones attention.

Is this not exactly the con that has fucked with you your whole life.

Do you see it?

Isn`t life fascinating?  ...........   When the actual is revealed.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 118

                                                                  What is the actual?

"If I was clear about what is actual, I could confront it and be done with all this suffering.
Can you tell us exactly what the actual is?"

The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

Take this slowly.

It really is like microsurgery.

What makes the human experience so unbearable is that one is
continually butting their head against the things that nothing can be done about.

That is THE ACTUAL human experience.

One valiantly tries to do something about that which nothing can be done about,
 and all that results is change and modification.
To be able to do something about the actual, one still is not observing the actual.
One is observing something other than that which is actual.
So one is continually modifying and changing something which is not the actual thing.

The change and modification of something other than what is actual turns
that which is not the actual into something else that is not actual.

You see???

The actual avoids detection yet again.

What about an example....

Let`s see....


A seeker of the actual, wonders what he/she can do to find the actual.

Maybe talk to God. Maybe learn about science...
Go to a monastery in Tibet. Read what the great philosophers have said.
Take mind altering drugs.  Pay a lot of money to study the truth.
Lead a life of abstinence. Become celibate.  Join a cult. Go into therapy.
Invade Poland. Live an ascetic life . Study the occult. Perform rituals.
Become a hermit. Find a Guru.

Martial Arts
Sweat Lodges / Physical Distress
Dancing / Quaking / Shaking
Sensory Depravation
Near Death Experience
Depression / Despair
Self Flagellation
Spontaneous Enlightenment / Ego Death

On and on it goes.  There is so much one can DO.

If I missed your particular DOlusion, all I can say is , "it`s a shame you didn`t."

Humans have been doing these things for years , sometimes for centuries.

Some of these practices are really life changing.
There is some real behavior modification available.

There are many authorities one can consult in the search for the actual.

Just be careful not to ever challenge their authority.
They get mightily pissed off. You may actually be ex communicated.

So. All doing is misguided. It is an attempt to change or modify something else.

This is where all pain, suffering and discomfort originates.
It is by failing to observe the actual:


What can be done about the actuality that "Nothing can be done about the actual?


That is the actual.  And there is nothing can be done about it !!!

Do you get it?


The observer and the observed...

The observer is the observed.
Absent the observed the observer is not.



You keeping up?

Now the you that was the "NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT THE ACTUAL" is not.

The actual is transformed.

It isn`t changed or modified.

How can one change or modify something that isn`t there?

Magic !!
Do you see how it WAS DONE ?

When you observe how the trick was done the con is over.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 119

                                                                         Still here?


What is this thing that is holding you here?

I mean you are still living your life. Maybe a few things have changed. But the fact is
"I still have pain, discomfort, and suffering. I still have a life I have to live and issues to deal with
I have commitments., obligations, responsibilities. Maybe this is all just a fantasy.
There is nothing I can do about it."

Bingo !!!!!

That is the actual. 
You probably know it by a different name......


The life you are living is THE ACTUAL.

What you have been doing is trying to change and modify it.
But change and modification are only possible with that which is not the actual.

The actual IS the here and now.

It is everything you are failing to observe.

If one was here and now, their life would be in a constant state of transformation.

If your meditation is not your life, then what is it you are meditating about?

A meditation is a focus or observation.
When that focus is not observing your life, no matter how groovy you feel,
you have been focused on not observing your life.

It`s hard to observe this, but the meditator is doing something to not do.

"If I can control and discipline my mind, I will DO nothing."

It is impossible to DO nothing. Doing is doing regardless of to what.

On the other hand where there exists nothing to do, then doing can`t get a look in.

This is why no one can tell you what to do to transcend your life sentence.
The life sentence is DOING.

And there is nothing to be done about it.


What you DO has no relevance to transcending your life sentence.

Doing is present where observation is not.

There is no transformation at the end of doing.
How long have you been DOING, both as a species and as an individual ?

How much more DOING will it take before you observe that DOING is the thing you can`t do anything about?

 "I cannot do anything about doing."  is the actual.

There now exists YOU and "I cannot do anything about doing."

The observer and the observed.

The observer IS the observed.

Absent the observed, the observer is not.


The you that `cannot do anything about doing` is no more.

Observe the mechanics of that which you can do nothing about and it is transformed.

For that which you cannot DO anything about is the actual.

The actual is your life sentence, until you actually observe it.

Your life is your meditation. If it isn`t... then you are meditating about something not actual.

I suppose it gives you something to do.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 120

                                                                            Solved !

The reason that life remains a mystery is no mystery at all.

The mechanics of a mystery can be reduced down to being deprived of peace of mind.

Once that which the mind is being deprived of is obtained, the mystery is over. The mind has peace.
But the mind does not rest. It moves on to the next mystery.

The mind cannot be with the actual, it has to move on.
The mind is a mystery creator.

It`s what it does.

If it wasn`t doing it , it wouldn`t be a mind.

Because there is nothing in the mind that is actual, the mind will seek out and befriend those that are like minded.
By surrounding itself with minds that have a similar delusion, the mind gets help in convincing it`s host that it`s delusions are not delusions at all.

A non conformist mind will find other non conformist minds and conform to their non conformist mind set.

The mind simply cannot observe the actual. It just can`t be with the actual.
It has to put something other than what is actual between itself and the actual.
That thing is not the actual. Now the mind can DO something about it.

The mind cannot observe actual conflict. It cannot watch any competitive sport without taking sides.
If it can`t relate to one of the sides geographically it will side with the underdog.

The underdog has a problem. The mind loves problems.

The underdog is at the beginning of his struggle. The winner is at the end of the struggle.
Thus the underdog gives one more mileage...More struggle to overcome.

Plus a mystery to solve. How can the underdog overcome?

The winner wins, is no story.
But the loser wins, is a good story.
And humans are suckers for a good story.

I hope pointing out the mechanics of all this isn`t ruining your fun.

I wonder if you can observe that this con isn`t actually fun anyway.
It`s the hope of fun.
Just like the hope of peace.
The hope of freedom.
The hope of solving the big mystery.

The actuality is that we live in hope.

See this for yourself.

Don`t you exist with the hope that things will improve?

Meanwhile we live in hope.
You are the we. How can you be anything else?

"I live in hope" is the actuality.

How can one be sure?

Because there is nothing one can DO about it.

"I live in hope."

Remove the judgement and comparison.
Remove the words and symbols.
Remove the imaginary we.
Remove the mind that creates the imaginary we.

There is now only you and "I live in hope."

The observer and the observed.
The observer only exists because of the observed.

The observer is the observed.


The you that "lives in hope" now has no hope to live in.

There was no mystery after all.
With nothing to hope for,
one is no longer being deprived.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 121

                                                                    Slavery of choice.

The human lives in the delusion that he/she has "free will."

According to what Christianity has to say, "Free will " is something God gave to mankind.

You can believe that, or burn for ever in Hell.

It`s your choice.

But isn`t it the case that those who believe that, did not choose to be dumb?

It requires a certain degree of stupid to believe such rubbish. And one would have to be stupid to choose to be that stupid.

It defies belief that one would choose to be so stupid that they didn`t realize how stupid they were.

The moment one owns or identifies with a belief, they inevitably disown other beliefs.
This is what is actual.
There is no choice.

Where the actual is.... Choice is not !

The actual just is. It doesn`t give a flying fuck what you believe.
One cannot choose to believe anything about the actual.  For the instant one does, they are no longer observing the actual.

The believer is off in fantasy land, using mental projections to give them peace of mind.

Doing this isn`t a choice. It is what is actual.

One becomes a slave to their beliefs.
If one`s beliefs were a choice , surely one could choose not to believe them.

Let`s come at this from a different direction.

If one could simply observe what life actually is the delusion of choice would be eliminated.
Belief could not exist.

One couldn`t go..."That is the actual. But I choose to believe something else."
The moment they do, the actual ceases to be.

A belief is a substitute for the actual.
The act of choosing renders the actual invisible.

Choosing to get ones income from this source instead of that...Choosing to
travel to and from that source in a blue car or a red one, is a distraction from the actuality that one is a slave to an income.

And........  There is nothing can be done about it.

There is NO choice.

When one is observing the actual , no choice exists.

Are you getting this?

One is now observing the actual.
The whole human existence is dependent on you not observing the actual.

Immediately the mind chooses to name the actual "The harsh realities of life."
It has imposed a judgement on the actual and diverted it`s host`s attention
away from unconditional freedom and back into the life sentence.

It says "Do something to bring me peace of mind."

The mind gets a whiff of the actual and sees its own demise.
It has no choice but to distract you from the actual.
It says " This is what should be. This is what could be. Look at all your like minded, fair weather, friends.
They are happy doing what they do. Look... Bill has a new job and a new car. We could be happy like Bill.
He has a pretty wife. If we work as a team, you could have a new car, a new job, and a new wife.
You just need to believe in yourself !... I have some ideas I want to run by you."

The mind habitually deprives its owner of observing the actual with the illusion of freedom of choice.

The actual is absence of choice.

Choice eternally manifests things to be between.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 122

                                                                   How to not do anything.

If "doing" is what keeps someone trapped in life, wouldn`t ceasing all doing be the solution?

In theory.

However it must be observed that a theory is a mental projection..... Something the mind does.

Let us look at the mechanics of doing.

One observes....
One judges that observation.
One places the observation within thought.
One comes up with a theory on how that which is observed can be changed or modified.
Doing is the only option left to the observer.
The observer is now eliminated as doing takes over.
One is unable to observe the thing that they are doing something about.

The world applauds.  "You are doing the right thing."

One is now sentenced to doing things to change and modify the world.

" I have done this so far, but there is still a lot to be done."

The minds of humanity applauds.
They have bought more time.

The minds of man are forever demanding "Please tell us what to do."

The more one is being conned by their mind, the more things they have to do.

This all pivots on the belief that one has to do what the mind tells them to.

" I have to do what my mind tells me to."  is what is actual !!!

Do you see it?

There is nothing you can do about it.  IT IS WHAT IS ACTUAL !!!!!!!!

By failing to observe the actual, one has observed something else. Something they can DO something about.

So all they are doing actually has nothing to do with the actual.

Read that again if you need to.

The mind is continuously projecting a list of things you have to do.
Every time you tick something off it adds new stuff to the list.

You have been doing ever since you were conned into owning a mind.
Just observe all that you have done. Struggle after struggle.
Where did it get you?

Here. Which is where you were all the time.

No matter where you go, there you are.

So one goes.... "What if I just stop doing?"

Please observe the actuality here.....

You cannot stop doing !!!!!!!

That is the fucken con.  That is the trap.

You are not choosing to do things. You have no choice.

The illusion of choice is Pall Mall Filter or Marlboro. Red or Green.
The actuality that you are addicted to smoking is not a choice.
The brand of cigarettes changes or modifies the no choice into the deception of choice.

Choosing to be vegetarian rather than a carnivore, obscures the actuality that what you believe you are, needs nutrition.

If you believe that you are a meat body, then doing nothing to acquire nutrition for that body will result
in that body being deprived of nutrition.

Once again, you have no choice.
The choice between life and death is a no brainer.

To applaud someone for choosing life over death is like applauding a duck for quacking.

Obviously what the author is saying here must be wrong.

The mind has collected a whole catalog of what to do to become free.
And nothing being said here has any resemblance to what the mind has collected on the subject of going free.

Have you not observed that everything you do is proceeded by thought ?

You didn`t wind up in the mess you are in without the guidance of the fair weather friend known as my mind.

And the moment the consequences of the minds helpful advice hits you like a ton of bricks, the mind disappears.

The actuality of what the mind has brought to you is un-confronatable by the mind.

The life you are confronting every moment is what the mind will die trying to prevent you from observing.

The mind cannot see the actual. 
It will keep coming up with `brilliant ideas` to distract you.

It will manufacture things for you to do.

But no matter what you do, it can never result in free of doing.

Isn`t that slavery?

Observe that doing is only possible in the absence of the actual.

When the actual is observed there can exist nothing to do.

Isn`t that freedom?


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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 123

                                                                  The never ending story.

Being human leaves one no choice but to continue being human.

Being human is a life sentence. 

The human mind is very clever at distracting it`s owner from the predicament they are in.

The human being will accept the mind`s offering of distraction over observing their predicament every time.

When it comes to observing man`s actual predicament, the mind is paralyzed.

It finds the whole subject is a complete blank and thus can`t detect that something is missing.

What is missing is the actual.

The mind can only function with the non actual.

It`s whole content is non actual.

The mind exists to prevent you from ever coming into contact with the actual.

It will do this till it kills you and even beyond that.

And there is nothing you can do about it.
It is what is actual.
The actual does not allow for choice.

The only choice one can make is to choose to cease having no choice.

One can also continue to delude themselves that they do have choices. It`s their choice.

However if one chooses to cease having no choice, their only choice is to observe the actual.

As the actual offers no choice, one has chosen the actuality that there is no choice.

In that instant the illusion of choice is over. One is free of it.

There is no sitting on the fence when it comes to choices.
Sitting on the fence is also a choice.

Choice became a safety valve for the mind.
One was always able to change their mind about a choice.

It gives the mind an opening to weigh up it`s content.

Comparison and judgement are tools of the mind to distract one from the actual.

While one is toing and froing over whether to be a lawyer or a criminal, one is distracted
from the fact that being wasn`t a choice in the first place.

One has no choice but to make a choice.

Choice can always be brought down to between two things.
Two different things.

Absent choice, it can be observed that there is no difference between the two things.
What is making them different is you choosing between them.

This is not observable while one is continually making up the difference.

If you are still under the delusion that choice exists....

Please explain to yourself how you wound up here in this life sentence.
Was it a choice?

So does choice exist?

If so..... How come you are stuck with the choices you have made.
Was "Use only once." written on the box?

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 124

                                                                     Free OF delusion.

To keep insisting that choice exists is perpetuating the delusion.

The mechanics of choice are comparison and judgement.

Comparison and judgement are barriers to observing the actual.

Are you getting this?

You are being conned.   And rather grandly if I may be so bold.

You are who and what you are because you had no choice !!!!

If you cannot observe this....

Try becoming someone else.

And that is exactly what your life consists of.

See this.  Don`t let your mind distract you again from the actual.
That is the ONLY choice you can actually make.

Everything else is the delusion of choice. 

Now.... If you didn`t have any choice about what you have become....

Neither does anyone else.

You are comparing and judging everything you relate to as if they were choosing to be like that .
"She is a complete bitch.
That guy is such a loser."
"He is mean."  "That holiday destination is ruined."

The fact that you are inherently judgmental was never a choice.

You are not choosing to be judgmental. You have no choice.

Just like the things your non chosen judgmental verdicts are being passed on.

Why have you never seen this before?

That twelve year old Somalian kid isn`t carrying around a semi automatic weapon because he
chose that over a career as a movie star.
There are no supermodels queuing up to be suicide bombers.

Let`s really observe this.

Choice is a delusion.  Choice is the mind doing what the mind does... Comparing and judging.

Comparing and judging, is diverting one`s attention from observing that which is actual.

Comparing and judging are camouflaged by freedumb of choice.

You have the freedumb to believe in God or to not believe in him.

Are you that fucken stupid?

Don`t worry...if you are, I know you would never have chosen to be.

The mind of man had no choice but to project the embodiment of judgement.

The ultimate authority figure. The imaginary one that sits in judgement over all he created.

To judge is to be godlike.

And so the mind of man condemns a twelve year old Somalian boy who has never even tasted a big mac
to an eternity of hell.

The kid had no choice about becoming he who would be judged. And likewise you had no choice but to be he who would judge.

When it comes to the actual there is no choice.

The mind objects , and says "But there could be...."

In that instant the illusion of choice is created.

There is the actual and the illusion of choice.
It is between these that man exists.

While one exists within the illusion of choice, comparison and judgment perpetuate the illusion.

It is the act of judging that creates the life sentence one exists within.

Comparing and judging create relationship. And life is relationship.

That relationship can only ever be an illusion. That illusion is Freedumb of choice.

There is only one choice.
And that choice is to observe the actual.

Is this a little difficult to see?

No wonder it hasn`t been seen since the mind was invented.

It is the function of the mind to hide it from you

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 125

                                                                   What is amazing ?

What is amazing is that you are still choosing to observe that which I am pointing out.

Someone being human has no capacity to observe the material being shared here.

Could I be communicating it better?


Could you communicate it better ?

That`s over to you.

The subject matter here is "The actual."

But someone being human is a human because they are identified with the human mind.

The human mind is the cause of human behavior.

It demands that its host bring it peace. It will use any trick and deception it can dream up to
hold onto its victim.

The mind collects and constructs that which perpetuates it.

It runs from anything that exposes it for what it actually is.

Once one has observed what the mind actually is, its domination is over.

Look at this...

Everything the mind has discovered about the mind is that it is an essential part of human existence.
Without the mind, none of the bridges that people throw themselves off would have ever been built.

Without the mind none of the guns that are used to kill humans would exist.

And without the mind, none of the reasons to kill oneself or others would exist.

The last conversation the suicide, or the murderer has, is with their mind.

The mind constructs and projects itself beyond the life of its host.

If the mind has to sacrifice its host in pursuit of a good idea then so be it.

Observe this.

When the mind is active, pure joy is absent.

Pure joy is the actual.  The mind cannot be with the actual. Anything other than pure joy is actually the intervention of the mind.

Pure joy has no relationship to circumstances.

Pure joy is indescribable. It is beyond comparison. It isn`t dependent on permission or approval. The mind does not know joy.

It can`t think with it.

At all times, as one is observing that which the author is directing ones focus towards, the mind is waiting to pounce.

The moment the author says DO this, the mind will leap forward.

Ahhhhh finally !!!!

The mind will do what is suggested. It will go..."Finally something to do."

And it will set about DOING. It will feel great relief.
It has a stay of execution.

It will throw everything it knows about you into the project and fuck you up.

That`s what it does.

It will then go on record...

"I did what this con man who writes on the internet suggested and it didn`t work !!!

Hallelujah !!!

"See ???  Life sucks !  I can now go off in pursuit of greener pastures."

"I am mind. hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore."

"Now...  enough of this bullshit. Let`s get back to our life sentence. "

                                                  To the mind of the reader....

The author is aware of your addiction to doing. The author has observed that by leaving an opening for
you to do, you can only inflict more discomfort, pain , and suffering, on your host.

The author invites the reader to simply observe this actuality.

The author has you in his sights and will not be distracted.

Your mechanics have been observed. The author knows no fear.

The author has great joy.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 126

                                                                          The prisoner

How does one define a prisoner?

Let`s go with.... Someone who is incarcerated.

If you are incarcerated then we can assume that you are a prisoner. 

Someone who is not incarcerated could not be defined as a prisoner.

So do you see?  A prisoner is defined by their incarceration.

Can we peek over the wall for a moment and observe that it is the defining that creates the prisoner.

If one was to be beyond definition, what could be their prison?

By allowing oneself to be defined, one has imposed limitation on what they can do.

One now exists within their limitations, as a prisoner.

As a prisoner there is no way out except by redefining oneself.

As one is defined by their limitations, existence outside of those limitations are undefinable.

The prisoner can never be free. All the prisoner can hope for is a transfer to another prison.

The prisoner, by his very existence creates his own prison walls.

It is the belief that one is alive that imprisons one in a life.

And there is nothing the prisoner can DO about it.

And that which nothing can be done about IS the actual.

Now there is only the prisoner and the prison.

The prisoner is the prison.

Absent the prison, the prisoner cannot be.



He/she who was the prisoner is no more.
By directly observing that the prison and the prisoner were one, not only do they cease to be ... they also never did.

Let`s go into that last bit a little.

There is only now.
Everything else is mind.
And the content of the mind is not what is actual.

A mind does not contain an elephant.
It can however hold a pretty good facsimile of an elephant which it convinces itself is real.

It names the facsimile with a word.
It now believes the word is real.

But the word and the facsimile are not actual.

One cannot open up a mind and extract an actual elephant from it.

The concept of an open mind is a myth and a pretense.
For if the mind were actually open , it`s entire content would spill out and be exposed as a pretense.

To observe this is to observe that nothing in the mind ever actually existed.

When one sees that the prisoner and the prison are creations of the
is it not also observed that they never actually existed at all.

Just trying to help you to see the mechanics here.

One observes the actual... realizes that the observer is the observed, and
the observer and the observed are now unified.
Transformation has occurred.

One is now in harmony with that which was actual disharmony, and that up till now, had been the relationship.

The disharmony existed only as an imposition by the mind.

It is now gone. Because the disharmony never was the actual.

The idea that it ever exited at all was a con played on those imprisoned within a mind.

Can it be observed that there is nothing in the mind that is actual?

Is this an irrefutable fact?

Will the accumulation of that which is not actual result in that which is actual being revealed ?

How`s that been working out for you?

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 127

                                                                Welcome to the machine.

The mind is at all times waiting to pounce.

It wants to go, "Oh...I get it."

It`s a stimulant to the mind. It will give its owner an experience of being high and enlightened.

The mind does not like being left out of anything.

It will throw in profound judgements on subjects it knows nothing about.

It just wants a piece of the action. It needs to be kept in the picture.

However once the mind has "got it" it files what it got, away with everything else it has accumulated.

The mind has now taken the actual and placed it within the field of thought.

So any chance of the actual being observed is removed.

Once the actual resides within the field of thought , it ceases to be the actual.

The mind wants to "think about it."

But the mind cannot think about the actual, because the actual exists outside the field of thought.

All that the mind can come up with is something other than what is actual.

Do you get the ramifications of this?

So if one is attempting to discover the actual through the mind, one is only ever perpetuating delusion.

When someone says "I get it" they actually just lost it.

And the mind rewards them with a momentary high... which is peace of mind.

The mind says..."It`s okay...I`ll take over from here."

The mind now has something it can DO something with.

Ask any mind about the actual and it can only admit it doesn`t know..."But I`m working on it.

Ah... Peace of mind. Back on the treadmill.

Can it be observed that these are the actual mechanics of the mind?

If one can, it is only because they are not using the mind to observe it.

Why does the author keep focusing on the mind?

Because if one is not observing the mind, then one is observing with it.

And if one is observing through the mind they will never see the actual.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 128

                                                                   Life is killing you.

No matter where one goes, or what one does, they are unable to escape life.

If one is happy with their life and feels no need to escape from it, all they are doing is
avoiding what life actually is, leaving them blissfully unaware.

I`m not judging this approach to life.
But may I point out that happiness and pleasure are dependency.

Happiness and pleasure are dependent on circumstances.

If a happy human goes to sleep in their mansion in Beverly Hills only to
be awoken by a process server nailing an eviction notice to their front door, their happiness has no where to live anymore.

One experiences happiness because.......
One gets pleasure from .....

Happiness and pleasure are the minds way of filling the vacuum left, once joy is absent.

`Happiness and pleasure`, the mind can deal with. But it has zero input when it comes to joy.

The happiness and pleasure one experiences remains as long as the causes of them.

When the causes of happiness and pleasure are gone, they take the happiness and pleasure with them.

Can this be observed?

Happiness and pleasure, have a shelf life.  They are a dependency

When that which one depended on for happiness and pleasure is gone, sadness and pain fill the vacuum.

Is this a mechanical process that one can observe as actual?

The dependency is a relationship. And relationship is life.

One`s life exists between pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness.

"Of course. That`s what being human is.

You`re born, you do the best you can, then you die.  That`s life !"

If you are happy with that..... read no further.

You have been successfully conned !

I`m not here to judge you.

Judgement is just another barrier to observing the actual.

For those who wish to continue, it is important to observe exactly what you are up against.

Everything you know is working against you.

There is nothing in what you know or don`t know that will ever reveal unconditional freedom.

The only thing that will reveal  actual freedom is curiosity.
If you have no curiosity, you have been conned out of it.

New arrivals to the human race have it in spades. They have only recently died to all they knew.

Look into the eyes of a new arrival. Look at those same eyes after a life time of
living within a mind. Curiosity is gone. Joy is absent.

"But that`s life !"

So it is life that is killing you.

And there is nothing one can do about it.

To be free of one`s life sentence is impossible.

.........  But the impossible does happen.

The mind has made it impossible for you to observe the actual.

By observing the actual function of the mind, it`s ability to obscure the actual is no longer possible.

Now there is only you and "the actual function of the mind."

The thinker and the thought,

Absent the thought, the thinker is not.

The thinker is the thought.



The you that existed as a function of the mind is no more.
It never was.

The impossible has happened.

You are welcome.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 129

                                                                      Life after death.

The observer can never observe the observer.

That which is looking cannot be that which is looked at.

The observer can only observe its reflection.
The reflection is a facsimile.
The facsimile only exists while it is being observed.

The observers efforts to see itself are what is inhibiting it from being itself.

When this is observed, the dependency on facsimiles is over.

Facsimiles are accumulated while the observer is conned into believing
that the facsimiles reflect who one is.

Thus conned, one exists in relationship to those facsimiles.

So long as the observer believes that their facsimiles reflect who they are,
they are defined by those facsimiles.

There exists no choice, but to observe from and through those facsimiles.

Because the content of facsimiles is non actual, they cannot exist here and now.

Imaginary projections can only exist in imaginary projected time. The past and the future.

This way, your facsimiles were there, or will be there. But they are never actually here.

If you are actually here and now no facsimiles are observed.

The instant a facsimile`s content is observed, which is non actual, the here and now, actual, is obscured.

Direct observation of what is here and now is obscured by facsimiles of then and when.

Facsimiles can only exist by observing them.

The observer gives them life. Choosing to not observe them deprives them of life.

Allowing observation of facsimiles to define one`s life, is depriving the observer of life undefined.

The facsimiles the observer has accumulated and maintains relationship with, are all life depriving.

Allowing the made up crap in your head to die, resurrects your life.


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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 130


Over the last few days I have written about eight articles.

Each time as I go to click "Post" , I realize that what I have just written
didn`t quite get there.

So I have saved eight articles which are all different routes to the same thing.

None of them get to the thing.

Meanwhile, I have to endure all those things that are preventing me from observing the thing.

This is like having bouts with different boxers on the way to having a round with the champ.

So please don`t ever think that the subject matter of my writing
is written by someone who isn`t getting a few good body blows.

Every time  I get in the ring, I know nothing about my opponent.
And my opponent knows everything about me.

To overcome all this one has got to be authentic.

What is being overcome is inauthenticity itself.

I play straight.
The opposition cheats and lies.

See you at the victory parade.

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 131

                                                                       Okay... Getting it.

I have managed to breach the wall of the subject that has been sealed off and out of bounds.

Maybe if I describe the scenery something will come into focus.

What have we got to lose?

The initial look into this is through the future.

As in... The not knowing about the future is a constant source of worry and uncertainty.

You see what I mean?  Someone can be in great shape today, but have no say about the shape they will find themselves in tomorrow.

The future is coming and one has no choice but to be in it.

And that lack of choice spills over into what the future holds. The future holds on to its secrets.

What sort of news is just over the horizon basking in the light of the coming day.
Is it good news? Or is it bad news?

And right there we have the whole of humanity dis empowered.

Shit happens and humanity throws its hands in the air and says "I didn`t see that coming."

You see the problem?

Hey... This is working.. I`m starting to see into it.

By not observing what is actual now, one is stock piling their lack of observation.

The actual that they are not observing won`t go away. It can`t.

So it waits.  That waiting is called procrastination.

It mounts up and can`t go away.

So it is held in limbo under the heading of "stuff yet to be observed.

Isn`t that the creation of a future ????

And isn`t it a fact that the future is "yet to be revealed" ?


I need to be with that for a spell.

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                                                                  "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 132


If one could morph into something that didn`t used to be, that would be transformation.

One is always being something. If that something ceases to be, a transformation would have occurred.

Change and modification are limited to being a different version of what still is.

A worker who changes his/her job, or modifies their position in ones work place, then s/he has done something about the work,
but has failed to transform the worker.

The worker still exists... changed or modified only.

The worker is so busy changing and modifying that why one is being a worker at all, is not observed.

The one thing that the worker is constantly reminded of is the fact that they have no choice about being a worker.

New technology transforms the workplace. But it does not transform the worker.

The worker has a dependency on work. The worker is not free. The worker is a slave.

The mind of the worker concludes that being an ex worker will resolve this dilemma.

The mind comes up with the solution of doing more work.

The worker is now trying to be free of work by working.

Now please observe the trick.

This is common to all mind solutions.

By placing what is not being observed now in the "Yet to be observed" basket, Time has been created.

The worker has only created more work for the worker and the time to do it in.

You can take the worker out of the work. But you can`t take the work out of the worker.

Every solution requires a future.

A future is a mental projection.

A mental projection is only possible in the absence of observation of the actual.

For a worker, the actual is that which nothing can be done about.

And that is "I am a worker."

Now there is you and "I am a worker."

The thinker and the thought.

Absent the thought, the thinker is not.

The thinker is the thought.


The "I am a worker" is not. Nor was it ever.

There is now no worker to project a future of work.

So what does one now do with their time?

                              What time ?????

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 133

                                                                   Appearances can be deceiving

When the impossible happens, it is described as magic.

The magician appears to do the impossible.

What appears impossible has just happened.

Impossible is an appearance.

Magic makes the appearance of impossibility disappear.

To observe how the impossible happened, one must observe the mechanics.

Till the mechanics of the trick are observed, the appearance of impossibility remains.

Absent an observation of the mechanics of the appearance of the impossible the
observer has no choice but to remain within the possible.

Ones experience is then limited to what is possible.

Any other experience is impossible.

Maybe re read that....

But the con goes even deeper, if one cares to look...

It is the belief that converting what is impossible into what is possible,
that one day, way up in the future, all that was impossible is now possible.

You see it?

You are conned again.
Stuck between the possible and the impossible for ever.

When the impossible is converted into the possible, more impossible shows up.
Stuff that you didn`t even know was impossible.

What is impossible cannot but be expanded, when what is possible is expanded.

                    One cannot be free of the game by continuing to play it.

By entertaining the concepts of the possible and the impossible one is entertained by them.

But can one just simply walk out?

Can one just stop playing?

Not while one is being conned by the appearance of the impossible and the possible.


Because the impossible and the possible, to exist, depend on comparison and judgement.
Absent comparison and judgement, the possible and the impossible cease to be.

Comparison and judgement are barriers to observing that which is actual.

Take a moment to observe how much judgement about the impossible and the possible pollute
your every thought. 

See how the possible versus the impossible is a constant source of conflict in your experience.

"I`d like to be unconditionally  free...... but that`s not possible.

I`d like to be the source of unconditional love and unlimited joy..... but that is impossible."

If one was free of the contradiction of the possible vs the impossible... the actual
would be observed.

The actual is neither the possible. nor impossible. 

The actual is what is there when everything that is being done, comes to an end.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 134

                                                                      Free of conflict

Would it be accurate to describe conflict as "lack of harmony"?

Is it not also the case that if conflict was absent , harmony would remain ?

It may at first appear to be a minor detail, but can it be observed that
harmony is never absent.... It is merely obscured.

There is nothing can be done about harmony.
Therefore harmony is the actual.

Why does one not see it?

Because one is observing something else.

The moment this subject matter is looked into, mixed feelings arise.

The mind, the big expert on everything, rushes in barking orders and
telling you what to do.

The mind cannot observe the actual, so it sets about doing things to destroy
that which it is in conflict with.

The mind is forever handling the non actual.

It will destroy anything that is not like minded.

It will commit murder for all the wrong reasons.

It makes perfect sense to the mind to kill someone who believes in a loving God,
if it isn`t the same loving god that it believes in.

The mind feels so threatened by minds that don`t see what it is seeing, that
it will commit character assassination on their owners.

It can`t help itself. The mind is conflict. It exists as an excuse not to observe the actual.

The mind is in conflict with the actual.

If the actual is observed, the mind is neutralized.

Can this be observed?

All conflict is a projection of the mind.
It is made up. It is not actual.

Now here is where it gets tricky.

Conflict is one mind owner`s conditioning banging heads with another mind owner`s conditioning.

If two cowboys in a shoot out swapped minds at the last moment, they`d both shoot themselves.

A human is exactly the sum total of his/her conditioning.

That is the life sentence.

There is no escaping it......except for death.

The conditioning of every human is that the host will die before the parasite.

The parasite writes the hosts epitaph every chance it gets...

"R. I. P. "

The ex mind owner is now with the actual. (Harmony)

The observer has ceased observing the mind. It`s very existence was dependent
on it being observed.

Does one have to wait for death to be free of mind?

But wait a second....  What if death was just another trick of the mind?

 Does this appear impossible?

If all that could die, was already dead..... how could anything else die?

When nothing can be done about it, the actual is present.

Conflict begins the clock. Every beginning must contain an end.

Harmony cannot enter the field of time.
Only disharmony can.

Harmony ??? !!!!    .....  You`d have to be out of your mind !

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 135

                                                                      "Hey Presto."

What is possible is the past.

It`s possible because it has already happened.

What is impossible, is a future free of its past.

The past is constantly informing the future.

When one looks at the future, they are really only looking at a changed or modified past.

The past is where one has been. While the future is anywhere else.

The past is so unsatisfying that it projects an existence free of it.

We are just observing the mechanics here.
We are not trying to do anything about it.

Can it be observed with clarity, that the past and the future are projections of the mind?

Can it be observed that the past and the future can only be projected from now?

Being a victim of the past is part of the life sentence.
One wishes they could change or modify the past.

One thinks that if they change how they got where they are, they would be somewhere else.

That somewhere else becomes the projected future.

The mind is constantly seeking an opportunity to distract where one actually is,
and write over it where one could be.... with some DOING.

The instant one is not able to observe where they actually are, without all the barriers to observation,
they have put themselves in conflict.  Conflict with the actual.

One is constantly being deprived of an actual observation of where they are, by the projected observation of where they could be.

So you see?   Conflict.

By observing the mechanics of the mind, rather than the content of it, harmony is restored.
Transformation has occurred.

No mental intervention is necessary, when one observes the fact that the mental process itself is what inhibits transformation.

Conflict creates discomfort, pain and suffering.

The mind is conflict. Absent the mind , conflict cannot be.

Please observe that observation of the mechanics of conflict, rather than it`s content, permits transformation.

So observe that it is merely a facsimile.  Observe that the content of the facsimile is irrelevant.
You make it relevant by observing it.

Everything, every single minute thing that one is not in perfect harmony with is a fucken facsimile.

A made up picture.

 Stop entertaining the idea that they are real and then be free of them.

The harmony you are not experiencing now is the intrusion of the mind distracting you with its content.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 136

                                                                Why can`t this all make sense?

The being who is being human is continually consulting their mind on how to escape their life sentence.

All observations and experiences are naively offered to the mind for it to make sense of them.

If the offering does not make sense to the mind it rejects them outright.

It judges such offerings as outrageous or crazy. It condemns them through judgement and comparison.

The mind uses language like  " It is my considered opinion", "It is my belief", " On the balance of probability",
"according to the evidence", " I have a gut feeling about this" etc.

The mind has all these pretensions of great wisdom and liberal thinking.
The mind values education and accumulation of knowledge.

But if one asks any mind to explain death, it suddenly turns into a complete moron.
It can`t function in this field.
So it pretends that there is no such subject.

It works within certain boundaries. And outside of that it is as stupid as having no mind at all.

That`s because the mind exists within a closed paradigm.

The prison warden is only employed because there are prisoners.

Reading anything disclosed by a mind on the subject of death, is like
listening to a Miss World hopeful talking about her plans for world peace.

See if you can get this....

The mind is the mechanism used to prevent observation of what is actual.
In the presence of the actual the mind has nothing to DO.

Rather than observe the actual the mind will entertain ideas that bring it peace.

So every single thing the mind has offered its victims as an explanation of what
death is , is just pure crap. Absolute moronic garbage.

"When you die, you go to heaven and God loves you."

What you know this???
This is what you have observed?

" No but it brings me comfort ".... ie. Peace of mind.

"Anyway...I`ve got more important things to think about. How are we going to bring about world peace?"

So are you getting how frustrating this is?

The human being is stuck being human because everything they are is being human.

The human perceptions provide only a human perspective.

And it all makes perfect sense to a human while being human.

The mind looks at all this subject matter and says "But I can`t do anything with this."
It rejects it outright and carries on being human.
"The end of the human experience is death, and that is a long way off."

Can it be observed that the mind has an endless supply of problems and conflicts that
fixate it`s victim? Things that are just equal to its ability to resolve them if he/she does just a few more things.

And we fall for it endlessly.
We know nothing else.

I`ve just been getting you in the mood for this....

The mind is totally dependent on identification with the body for its existence.

The mind is an accumulation of facsimiles related to a body.

The life of the mind is dependent on the life of the body.

The actual.... The big picture is filtered through the body`s perceptions
into a mind that owes its existence to the body that filtered its content.

It now has a unique individuality that can only be limited consciousness.

That limited consciousness is now the voice of reason.

It will be there to converse with its owner in it`s own individual fantasy world, totally divorced from the actual.

It`s content perpetually distracting its owner from observing its mechanics.

Till one can wise up to this con he/she is eternally sentenced to DOING.

And can that simply be observed as the actual ?

Is it not actually the case right here and now that one has no choice but to DO ?

Would one remain a slave if they didn`t have to do anything?

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 137

                                                                      To do or not to do ?

Have a look at the dilemma humans are stuck with...

On the one hand they are sentenced to doing what they do not choose.
On the other hand they hope that they can do something about this.

Can you see why this appears to be an impossible situation ?

But how can one do something about it when the actual doing is the sentence.

It`s like trying to dig yourself out of a hole.

There is nothing can be done about it.
The entire human experience is based on doing.

Look at how enlightenment and spiritual salvation is dealt with by humans.

Every philosophy and religion is based on what to do.

Obey God and obey the golden rule.

Meditate till you transcend the mind. Recount all your experiences till you have an epiphany.
Perform rituals. Accept Jesus as your savior. Recite certain phrases. Write a big fat cheque.

Do do do do do do do do.

The hope here is that when all is done one will have arrived.
Hasn`t happened yet in the whole half eternity of existence.

So now one hopes that an authority will discover the way out of the life sentence
and communicate it to the world.

Half an eternity later it still has not happened.

Is this the fact?  Is what you are hearing now, a manipulation of the facts to make a point?

Is what you are reading someone`s opinion?

Humans are so sophisticated and mischievous, they can do anything.........except simply observe.

If you could simply observe, your heart would be filled with joy. The world would sparkle with admiration for you.
Colors would be vibrant. sounds would soothe your soul.

If you are still human I can assure you that this is not your experience.

While one is looking through their conditioning, they are having a conditioned viewpoint.
It is that conditioned viewpoint that inhibits simple observation.

It isn`t as if you had a choice. 
All that conditioning is completely appropriate for the human experience.

However...... should one see through their conditioning their experience would be transformed.

Not one shred of that conditioning will assist you in that transformation.

Not one thing in there is about you exiting the sentence of doing.

The conditioning is the accumulation of doing.

Once one can simply observe that, it becomes clear that it doesn`t matter one iota what you have or have not done.

Nothing you ever did, do, or will do can ever be your choice.

Doing is what exists in the absence of observation.

                                       YOU ARE BEING WHAT YOU ARE DOING !!!

The observer IS the observed.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 138

                                                             " There is still a lot to be done."

This is the catch phrase of the human experience.

It`s the one thing you can say to any gathering of humans to win them over.

They get it.

"There is still a lot to be done."

Bunch of gullible suckers.

When all is done, 

"There is still a lot to be done."

When all that is done.....     "There is still a lot to be done."

Never able to observe the actual, the human would find it outrageous to contemplate the fact
that it is that exact projection of thought that is creating the illusion of future.

This is inconceivable to the human inhabiting a mind.

The mind tricks its owner into believing that the actual which it cannot observe now
will be revealed in time. 
Some day, way up in the future the actual will be observed.

Do you observe right now how nutty this is?

Do you observe that this is the mechanical process that one being human is experiencing?

Can it also be observed that the future is all a projection of the mind?

It is not actual. It is made up.

Do you see how impossible it appears for anyone to ever escape this cycle?

Everything you do is to bring the actual into ones presence.
But doing is what inhibits the actual from being present.

When the actual is present , there is simply nothing to do.

Can it be observed that upon the death of the individual, all doing ceases?

They are no longer doing..... and thus are no longer being.

The life sentence as human is no more.

There no longer exists a buffer between the observer and the actual.

Transformation occurs.

All that began as the individual has come to an end.
That which begins inevitably has a shelf life.

Only that which never begins, cannot end.

By extracting oneself from between beginnings and endings,
all that is actual is observable.....   NOW.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 139

                                                          "What happens when DOING ceases ?"

Conflict is no more.

`Doing` places one in conflict with what is actual.

Doing is an effort to overcome..... something.

Otherwise...why is one doing it?

Doing is changing and modifying something that one is in conflict with.

Doing is a viewpoint. Absent that viewpoint, doing is pointless.

Things are not to one`s liking they DO something about it.

Trouble is , no matter what you are doing it will soon be discovered that it is not to someone else`s liking.

Your conditioning, which is insisting on the doing, will bang into someone else`s conditioning. Which is also on a campaign of doing.

The moment you stop doing, you have nothing there for anyone else`s conditioning to bang into.

You are outside of conflict.

This is, of course, totally counter intuitive for a human.

Once one has observed that they really don`t have to do anything, it becomes clear that they
don`t have to be anything either.

Isn`t that freedom?

Interesting to observe that it is what you were being and doing that was causing all the conflict in your life.

Interesting to observe now that others have no need to be or do anything in your presence.

One is no longer appointing and thus is no longer disappointed.

Without a projected expectation, time vanishes.

One is no longer distracted by what could or should be.
One is in communion with the actual.

One is one with the actual.
Transformation has occurred.
That which is not actual no longer exists.
And it never did.

So when time is no longer, what is there to do?

Doing takes time.

   "Doing makes time."

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 140

                                                              Running into problems.

The human experience is a mechanical process of forever running into problems.

If all the humans were vacuumed up from the face of the Earth,  Earth would be free of problems.

Do you see it?

Problems are an integral part of being human.

And what is a problem?
It is observing something that shouldn`t be.
It is an invitation to do something about it.

Everything the human does to resolve problems simply creates more problems.

Observation of this point is avoided by doing something about problems.

This way the futility of doing is never fully observed.

The human has to do something about problems. They can`t help it.

The mind of the human is compulsively posing and resolving problems, endlessly.

It is giving itself something to do and the time to do it in.

It has to. It doesn`t know anything else.

If one could actually observe the actual it would be clear that there is no problem at all.

All that there actually is, is the actual.  The actual doesn`t give two hoots what anyone thinks, says, or does.

Anything that is thought., said or done can only be in relation to that which is not the actual.

Humans perpetuate the delusion that they have to do.

Listen to them.

" I have to wrap this up and send it off to Bill."
"I have to let everyone know that Wendy is a bitch."
"I have to get into shape."
"I have to quit my addiction."
"I have to save money."
"I have to attend the family Christmas get together."
"I have to find my soul mate."
"I have to invade Poland."
"I have to pass the exam."
"I have to be faithful to my partner."
"I have to become a believer in God before I die."
"I have to quit this dead end job."

If you were to take any human anywhere in the world and randomly pick
one of the millions of things that they "Have to do.",  and if you coaxed them into
actually observing what they "Had" to do, you`d never find a single thing that they had to do.

"But I have to blow up as many infidels as I can at the mall on Tuesday."
No you don`t.

"But I have to stay in an abusive relationship for the sake of the children."

No you don`t.

"But I have to become a lawyer."

No you don`t.

"But I have to believe in God."

No you don`t.

"But I have to have money."

No you don`t.

" But I have to buy those amazing shoes that are on special."
No you don`t.

" But I have to lose weight."

No you don`t.

                                  Having to do ... is all made up.

" I have to disagree with you."

No you don`t.


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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 141


Once it has been observed that DOING will not result in NOT HAVING TO DO one is zeroing in on the actual.

The actual is that there is nothing one can DO about it.

The mind rushes in with " But I have to DO something about it ...or else...."

The "or else" is a mental projection.

The "or else" is there motivating one to DO something about it.

The conditioned mind holds a gun to its owners head with "consequences."

But look closer...

Isn`t it the DOING which activates the consequences.?

That includes DOING nothing.

The perfect trap.
Damned if you do.... Damned if you don`t."

Okay.... Let`s make a run for the EXIT without projecting any consequences.

You up for this?

For the first time ever let`s observe what is left when nothing can be done about it.

All that remains is the actual !!!

You with me?

Me with you?

Let`s observe together....

The actual reveals itself.

" I am scared."
"I am uncertain."
I am lost
I am confused.
I am suspicious.
I am insincere.
I am dishonest.
I am egotistical.
I am envious.
I am disorganized.
I am a failure.
I am anxious.
I am lazy.
I am frustrated.
I am fed up.
I am desperate.
I am skeptical.
I am a liar.
I am possessive.
I am  cowardly.
I am unloving.
I am stupid.
I am un charismatic,
I am weak.
I am deluded.
I am powerless.
I am a slave.
I am conceited.
I am mixed up.
I am disillusioned.
I am cynical,
I am greedy.
I am regretful.
I am gullible.
I am needy.
I am pretentious.
I am falling apart.


I am unable to do anything about what I am.

Now drop the vocalization. Be with what is, once the words are removed.

Without words and symbols the mind cannot function.
The word is never the thing.

Comparison and judgement are functions of the mind.
Without the words and symbols only the actual remains.

The actual needs no authority to speak on its behalf.

Now there is just you and what you actually are.

The observer and the observed.

No fear. No consequences, No greater or lesser.
No past . No future.

No comparison. No judgement.

Just you and what you actually are.


No division.
No conflict.
No "or else."


The human observed is the human observing.

It`s happening NOW.

The human is not there.
It never was.

Transformation has occurred.

".......   ....... .... .......   ....."

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 142

                                                  "Enlightenment isn`t what I thought it would be."

It isn`t easy to come to grips with the fact that enlightenment doesn`t actually exist.

This is devastating news. 
After all, one has done... After all that struggle...  The searching... The hardships endured...

Although enlightenment does not exist. ... Unenlightenment certainly does.

To dwell in unenlightenment all one need do, is believe that they are enlightened.

Announcing that one is enlightened is actually confirmation that one isn`t.

Unless one`s meditation is their life, they are meditating about something else.

Meditation is simply observing.

If one is observing from an position of enlightenment, the observation has been corrupted.
One is now comparing and judging everything they observe. So observation has ceased.
Perversion of the actual has commenced.

One has fallen for it again. Enlightenment and un-enlightenment are separated and divided.

One now has a place to exist between them.

Since enlightenment does not exist, nothing can be done about it.
However observation of un-enlightenment will transform it.

You see why this has baffled the great minds.!???

It is so `not` what the mind wants to hear.

The conditioned human wants a story...

I used to be.......   but now I`m ..................  !

If you can`t give it that, it just isn`t interested.

Try giving a motivational speech about "I am amazing and always have been !"

No human wants to hear that ! 

"No.... you`re not getting it....  I wasn`t ever not amazing and then overcame something. I am amazing and I do nothing."

The human race demands that one not be amazing and then do something to be amazing again.

Try it.

....oh you are...

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 143

                                                          From this altitude one is finally grounded.

What is the con?

Anything other than what is actual is a deception, change or modification of that which is actual.

It is a dreamlike state that allows separation from the actual.

Understanding this conceptually just won`t cut it.

It has to be what is actual. It must be where one lives.

The actual is so incomprehensible that one instinctively cushions it with the mind.

The mind is so full of ideas, associations, experiences, emotions, judgements and words, that it
obscures the actual. It is fighting for its life. It won`t go easily.

Understanding it conceptually is not going to be sufficient to end it`s rein of terror.

Till one is right down there with the blue print and an eraser, one is being the blue print, existing with the intent of construction.

Let`s see this in action...

One is experiencing pain, suffering and discomfort.
The mind comes to the rescue.
It formulates a plan to end the suffering.

It visualizes things that must be done.

And that is the human experience.
There is no choice. It is all it knows.

So enlightenment is visualized as an objective to be achieved.

The mind has a plan. It gives it`s host things that must be done.

The host does the things demanded of it and then experiences the enlightenment it visualized.

The mind says..."See !  You do what I tell you , everything works out fine."

The host is now enlightened.  It knows nothing about enlightenment.
The mind comes to the rescue.

"Wear a robe."
Act in a dignified manner."
"Have long pauses before you speak."

"Look down on other humans."
" Get huge fees."
"Write books. "
Organize a movement.
Set plans and objectives.
Save the world."
Kill doubters.

Being an authority on enlightenment is no easy gig.
There is so much to be done.
And no matter how much you do, "there is still a lot to be done."

Conned again !!!!

Proclaiming enlightenment is a green light for un-enlightenment.

If one had actually transcended un-enlightenment they would be with the actual
and there is simply nothing one has to do.

If one was to ignore the temptations of enlightenment, the mind would have
nothing to go on.

The goal of becoming enlightened would be observed as a scam simply
by being authentic.

The mind with all its mischief is powerless before the authentic.

How will one be able to tell which is the authentic?

They won`t. The authentic is unrecognizable as it is transforming.

It is the undefined and the undefinable.

It is constant joy and wonder.


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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 144

                                                                          The image

Anything which is not being observed directly, now, is an image.

The image is what is inhibiting direct observation now.

You cannot observe what is actual now because the image is clouding it.

Don`t stress over it. This is what being human is all about.

There is one thing in front of you and a million ideas about it.

No wonder you are tired all the time.

The simplicity of life is denied the observer by the imposition of the mental machinery one has encouraged and nurtured.

The mind justifies this process as experience.

It says experience is valuable. One identifies with them.
They give you reason.

The reason I am lazy is....
The reason I don`t like Bill is ....
The reason I can`t play the banjo is....
The reason I gave up dancing is....
The reason I don`t trust people is...
The reason I am depressed is...
The reason I am a human is...
The reason I am un- enlightened is...

It all makes perfect sense..  The mind is at peace.

The moment one tries to break free of this conditioning they disturb the peace.

The mind manipulates the facts so as to appear to be unbiased and without prejudice.

But bias and prejudice are the foundation of the mind.

Only a mind could come up with the phrase "freedom of thought."

Try to walk away from an addiction !  Where is your fucken freedom of thought now?


If it isn`t right here, right now, it is a thought.

Do you get that?

In your presence is what actually is.
Inhibiting your ability to actually observe what is there right now , is your thoughts about it.

Your thoughts are inhibiting your observation. !!!

Now do you see it.

You have lost the ability to observe what is actually there !!



Bill is in your presence.

But your ideas and experience of Bill are between you and Bill now.

You are smothering what Bill is now, by covering him with what Bill was.

Your conditioning of Bill is now activating Bills image of himself.
Now Bill`s image of himself is interacting with his image of you.

This interaction is completely inauthentic.

  "How are you?"

I`m fine...How are you?"

    "I`m fine also. How is Bill?"

"Bill is fine. How is Sally?"

        "Sally is fine. How is Adolf?"

"Adolf is fine........    ......"

Give me a fucken break !!!!

When your conditioning talks to someone.... Their conditioning will talk back to you.

You may find great peace in that...

After all ...Not seeing the actual is what the human experience is all about.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 145


 Is it not obvious that the human viewpoint on death can only be from this side.

To see death from the other side the human has to not be.

Do you see it?

The human is inhibiting observation of the other side.

So the human perspective on death can only ever be part of the story.

To observe the whole story, the human partial story must be transcended.

The human is attempting to observe what is present in its absence.

This it cannot do.

The human is attempting to be there to observe its own absence.

It`s absence will only be observed in the human`s absence.

AS the human is present when it inquires about it`s absence, the human
cannot but pollute it`s own observation.

As a result, every observation about death of the human is about anything but.

All it has is beliefs.  But beliefs are a mere substitute for the actual.

A belief brings comfort and peace to the mind.
This is cemented in with the belief that "Death is a long way off."

The mind of the human has bought more time.

The inability to observe the actual now creates time.

If one was able to observe the actual now the human would cease to be, and death would be exposed as the con that it is.

By believing that death for the human is a long way off, the mind has successfully distracted its owner from
observing what death actually is now.

Are you still with me?

To have an end, something must have a beginning.
Existence resides between the two.

Everything begun has a shelf life... A use by date. It will, in time, be no more.

Notice how every mental therapy tries to trace undesired manifestation back to its beginning.
There is the belief that if one saw how it began then that would be enough to put an end to it.

One is now existing between the beginning and the end of therapy.

The mind is at peace. It has found yet another way to perpetuate itself.

It lives in hope.

However if one was able to observe the mechanics at work here, one would observe that
every single thing they are interacting with will be gone before a century is up.

Then what?

Not one shred of their life will remain.

It all had a beginning and an expiry date.

When all that has died, what remains cannot be human.

By transcending the human, one has transcended death.

Even if it`s true that Lazarus transcended death, he apparently did not
transcend being human. He went on to live an unremarkable life.
He is never mentioned again.

One wonders what life Lazarus was brought back to....



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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 146

                                                                       Not death.

The actual can only exist now.
It is what one is, and where one is.
`Why one is` ... is not now. 

`Why one is` must involve a story. 

Just the observation of the above gives remarkable insight.

`Why,` creates the necessity of reason, which is the domain of thought.

It is the birth of man`s search for meaning.

Every culture has a story of how they got here.
What do they call them?.... Oh yeah.  "A creation STORY."

It doesn`t matter how stupid it is. So long as it gives the mind peace.

These stories successfully distract the mind with the how, leaving the why in the realm of "higher forces."

"I don`t know why we are here...but God does."

The how brings life. The why brings death.

How and why are both stories. They both require time. They require construction and demolition.

How and why are the parents of life and death.

I appreciate this seems to make no sense.

Just try to come up with a how and why that do not involve time.

And is not time simply movement?

The ebbing and the flowing. The coming and the going.

The rising and the falling. The living and the dying.

The how and why, con one into participating in the great unfolding of time.

But they are distractions from the actual.

The actual is in constant immediate transformation.

It was nothing before it transformed and it will be nothing when it transforms.

The actual has no past or future.

When past and future are unified, so is life and death.

There is no between to exist in.

Being something is superseded by just being.

"But how did this come about... and why?    There has to be a reason !!!"


What?  You thought one day it will be announced on the news that why and how you wound up here will be announced?

What would happen if the need for a how and why were removed from one`s mental machinery?

A timeless sense of joy and wonder.  A transformation !!!    FUN !

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 147

                                                              Transcending the life sentence.

This has appeared impossible.

Can it be observed that one is trapped in life?

One is surrounded by deterrents from escape in every direction.

The mind of humans doesn`t like to think about this. In deed it is not equipped to make any sense of it all.

The appearance of the impossibility of transcending life is the tool the human uses to keep the status quo.

Everything one has constructed to have a life  is the very prison limiting their freedom.
It is the very same life they desire to escape from.

Maybe you`ll see it clearer from the inevitable results of this construction.

At the moment of death the whole construction falls apart.
One`s life is over.

Everything one thought they were is no more. Gone ! Finished !  Deconstructed.

No human has ever escaped this inevitability.
For to escape this, one can no longer be human.

So from the perspective of death, is it not obvious that the human experience was a pretense.?!

Being human has not been a choice. One comes to in the human experience.

But look at it !...  Death exposes the human experience as a pretense.
And suddenly it is all over.

But without that experience one would not have been human.

The human is a construction of experience. There is no choice.

Everyone is doing it.... So it must be right !!!!???

Well done on staying with this !
Everything you are, is constructed to prevent you from observing that which is unfolding here.

Up till this moment every sign post out of this pretense has been a distraction from the actual.

The escapee has been trying to escape with his/her prison.

How can the pretense ever observe the authentic ?

To proceed it is essential to short circuit the mind.

Right now, demand that the mind provide you with everything it knows about death.

No,,, no,,, no..  Not beliefs.!   
What is actually observable.

You could hear a pin drop.

Do you see that everything the mind knows about death is merely a belief?
It is just conversations with the mind.  ie. Garbage.

That garbage has sat in the way of direct observation of what death actually is.

Let`s look at it now.

Death is deconstruction of pretense.

A pretense can only exist in the field of time.

The pretense believes that, given enough time, the authentic will reveal itself.

How has that been working out for you?

The human has been looking for peace with as gun.
The human is stuck between life and death.

When life directly observes death, the observer is the observed.

The pretense is no more. And it never was.
The human pretense is transcended.
The death one was avoiding is now the life everlasting.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 148

                                                                   Deconstructing the human.

The life sentence is being trapped in everything one has constructed and accumulated.

Deconstruction of all one is, is a choice. Not a bullshit choice like the human experience cons one with.

There is nothing in the human circumstance that will motivate one to be free of it.

The human experience is about change and modification. It cannot think with transformation.

The human experience demands that one take all it is along with it.

The human attempts to take everything that resulted in them being depressed along with them in
their search for happiness.

The human takes everything that made them ill with them in their search for health.

The human takes everything that has resulted in ignorance with them on the journey to enlightenment.

Breaking free of the life sentence appears to be impossible.
Everything the human has accumulated and constructed is programmed to perpetuate itself.

Now you decide "I`m not playing that game anymore". and it will fuck you over big time.

Even the human approach to deconstruction is booby trapped.

But look at this....

When the human dies, all s/he constructed is abandoned. Just fucken gone.
It wasn`t a thought or a plan. It just happened.

What`s up with that?

Come on.... Let`s look into it. Where is the con ?

Loss of the body is the key.

The mind has constructed itself using a body as a foundation.
Take away that foundation and the mind falls apart.

Do you see it?

The death of the body has brought to observation the actuality that one is NOT the body.
The transformation has already occurred.

Identification with the body, and the mind it constructed, was all a pretense.

The life sentence is over.  It also never happened.

A pretense is never the actual.  A pretense did not actually happen.

What is actually happening now is beyond human comprehension.

One is seeing that they were never really human. It was a trick and a con.

Don`t feel bad about it. It was not your choice. And there was nothing you could do about it.
Because it is what is actual.

You know you are with the actual when nothing can be done about it.


Now here comes the next booby trap.

One decides they wish to be free of the life sentence.... So they begin to do something about it.

You see how impossible it is to be free of it.?

Doing and beginning are the trap.
So that which is trapped uses the exact tools that are trapping it to escape. !!!???

Can one just observe that becoming human is a pretense... And everything one has constructed and accumulated is for the purposes of perpetuating that pretense?

Look at death again. The accumulations and construction is over.

Identification with a pretense is over.

You are not the pretense !!!

The human has constructed and accumulated and is perpetuating a pretense.
It is using that pretense to obscure its view of the actual.

The human has constructed its own limitations.
It`s limitations are the prison.

It is doing this right now. And pretending that it is based on the past.

But there is no past.

There is only facsimiles that one is observing now.

There is no future.  Once again just mental projections.

There is nothing one can do about it. It is what is actual.

By observing the actual, the observer is the observed.
Absent the observed, the observer is not.

Transformation has occurred.

Death was not necessary at all.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 149

                                                                        Holding on.

There is nothing being disclosed here that one can hang on to.

The human, with its obsession for accumulation, goes crazy if it can`t hold onto something.

It needs to be able to say "I got it !"

The human is looking for reason.

It is reluctant to do anything unless there is a reason.

But do you see ???  Reason can only exist in the realm of thought.
Reason is what the human mind prides itself on.

Every atrocity committed by humans has a reason.

If reason was absent there would be nothing to motivate atrocity.

Here is the crux of the matter.

There are infinite reasons to remain human. But there is not one reason to discard ones remains.

Thus the accumulation is un-discarded human remains.

The actual unstated reason that one holds onto human remains is that without them the human wouldn`t know who it was.

And a human that didn`t know who it was would no longer be human.
How could it be ?

If one filled in a personality test at this point, they would have not one single answer.

One would be undefined.

Now all one has is an interaction with what is actual.

There is no was, or will be. There is no used to be or should be.
There is no mechanical reaction.  There is no authority to be consulted.
There are no words necessary. There is no comparison or judgement.

All there is , is laser sharp perception of the actual.

Reason is redundant.

The actual is the actual. It needs no reason.

The search for reason is over.

There now exists no reason to accumulate.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 150

                                                                       Exit humanity.

The entire human species owes its existence to the male penis.

It is the one human component that does not lie.

Everything else about the human species is composed of deceit.

The human exists as a testament to not observing the actual.

The human cannot observe the actual.

Never could. Never will.

After all, I`m only human."

In other words "not living up to my potential is part of my genes."

But this is used as a throw away line. Something to perpetuate ones pathetic existence as human.

There is not one single redeeming factor about being part of the human race.

It`s so rare for a human to do anything benevolent that when one does, it becomes note worthy due to it`s rarity.

Human`s who selflessly do good, are looked upon as saints. Or freaks.

And some of them appear in print. Often times the opportunity to appear in print motivated the kind act.

But what about all the groups that are doing good in the world?

How come they never help groups and individuals who expose corruption and abuse within their own organizations?
Wouldn`t that be a good thing ? 

So good was never the real agenda. It was what I believe is good.

It`s brownie points for Heaven.... Or votes in the next election.

The human view on doing good is perpetuating a cause.

The cause is the driving force. The good is just something to carry the cause.

Face it !

Humans expect to bribe their way into a heaven they are too afraid not to believe in, by
telling God " But I said `Have a nice day.`  14,263 times."

Now...You`re probably thinking I`m so pessimistic and have an agenda to win you over to a viewpoint...

"There are wonderful humans out there. This is all just too negative."

So... Before going on reading I want you to make sure you have your name and address written clearly.
Place it in your handbag or wallet and put it out on the footpath in front of your house.

Then come back in to read the rest of this.

I`ll wait !

Gee that didn`t take long.

Back so soon.

Oh you didn`t do it ?

How come ?

Is it that you don`t feel confident about one of the nice humans stumbling over it?

So is the actual pessimistic Or is it optimistic.?

It is neither. Not even interested.

I don`t need to belabor the point.
Just read a newspaper. Watch or listen to the news.
Get any book out about human history.

That is what is actual. That is humans being human beings.

It is so accepted that humans are untrustworthy that you have been suckered into
believing that locking your car and house is normal.

No. It fucken well is not. It is insane.

It is what the human species actually is.

Just recently Derren Brown was able to get three out of four  "Normal" people to commit an actual murder.

See for yourself...

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 151

                                                                       Here`s the thing.

That which is not actual cannot be transformed.

By projecting thought onto that which is observed , one is observing something else.

Something which is other than what is actual is subject to change and modification only.

The human, looking at the human condition, is unaware that transformation is possible.
The human deals with life through change and modification only.

Until the actuality of the human condition is observed, it`s all just misdirected effort.

And that is what it is; conditioning banging into conditioning.

Let us just observe one aspect of the fragmentation that is man.

Man is violent !!!!

So you don`t like violence...

You don`t want to believe that it is true. 
One makes excuses for man. One sees examples of great men and women who have spoken and acted for peace.

A lot of them have been killed violently. That is the fact !

Man is violent.

Look at his amusements.
Look at his history.
Look at his ultimate solutions.
Look at your kids computer games.
Look at the school yards.
Look at your sports fields.

Look at your films.
Look at your TVs.
Look at human history... (If you can stomach it.)

Man IS violent. !!!

It`s what being human is all about.
Take away all the social pleasantries and you have rabid violent behavior.
It`s there every time.

When all else fails, man is VIOLENT !!!


How you feel about it is another mental projection.
Which is how the transformation of man is inhibited.

If you are upset by the fact that man is violent, that is why the fact of man being violent is never directly addressed.

Man is violent. It is what is actual.

End it there.
That`s where it does end, if you end it there.

When you are right there with the fact, it has no beginning.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 152

                                                                   Progress is a delusion.

Loss of identification with the human body is the death of an individual.

Whether that human was a caveman or an astronaut makes no difference.

Nothing either individual accumulated is of any use whatsoever.

Everything the individual has accumulated was to prevent this moment from happening.

And it will always fail.

It was the fear of death that was motivating the accumulation.

When everything that has been accumulated tries to observe what death actually is , it simply cannot.

Death, as a subject has baffled and confounded the greatest most sophisticated minds man has to offer.

A TV show I thoroughly enjoyed was "Time Team."

It`s a British archaeology program.  A different un excavated location of historical interest would be
examined by experts in the various fields of science and human history.

Every site excavated revealed evidence of human conflict and violence.

The experts pieced together the remnants of primitive man`s inability to suppress his violent urges.

The show was cancelled due to the fact that these various experts were so much in conflict with each other that
it became impossible for them to cooperate together, without coming to blows.

I have this from someone in that field who knows some of these experts personally.

So we have primitive conflict or sophisticated conflict.

That`s progress?

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 153

                                                                     Lack of results.

The one being human demands results.

It needs the before and after.

When change and modification cannot be observed the human mind doesn`t register anything except a waste of time.

The human needs to be able to say "I used to be....., but now I`m ....... !

Thus all efforts to transform man have involved doing.

Without a doing involved what is offered is seen as pointless.

By having something to do the mind lives in hope.

But if enough time pasts and results are not forthcoming the mind withdraws its loyalties and goes off
in search of something that provides better results.

You see... It all comes down to results.
Results are the carrot that turns its seekers into asses.

It can`t help itself. It knows nothing else.

The one being human has no choice.

"Give me tangible results, so I can measure change and modification.

But a changed or modified human is still human !!!

The change and modification was and is an accumulation.

It is overwriting on that which cannot be erased.

The result can only ever be an `ex addict.`

"I used to be addicted to ......... !  But now I am not addicted to ......"

This is change and behavior modification with a result.

BUT the addiction is still there.  "Three years, four months, two weeks, eleven days, eight hours and fifteen seconds sober......"

The results are worn like a badge.
It was never what was actual.

If the actual is observed , it transforms and then never existed.

So one is not free from an addiction . One is free of it .

Not only does it no longer exist...It also never did.

There is no result. 
Do you see it?

One could resurrect facsimiles of being an addict. But the addict cannot be resurrected. s/he never was.

This one will take a bit to see.

Free of an addiction, a non result is observable for a split second.

The addiction, to stay other than actual, has believed that the addict was drawn into the orbit of like minded people.
This has empowered the addiction. It provided results. "I need the drug, the pusher appears."

However as the actual is observed it is clear that the addict was actually drawing the like minded to it.

The moment the addict is no more, the like minded cease to be as well.

If one isn`t alert they will miss the de-manifestation of everything in the orbit of that which once was.

Transformation is spontaneous.

Right now... try to miss something that never was.

When the human can observe itself as something that is not, the life sentence is over. With no results.

It is the addiction to results that create the life sentence of conflict.

It is the life sentence that is obscuring the actual.

If conflict is what is being experienced, the actual is not being observed.

The actual is an observation obscured by conflict.

The actual is that which nothing can be DONE about.

The actual is the blank page upon which the other than actual is written.

The human needs results. The actual cannot be modified or changed.
The actual will still be there, regardless of the results.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 154

                                                                  The human experience

The human is dwarfed by the enormity of existence.

The human species is similarly dwarfed by it`s circumstances.

The human experience is a fly spot on the wallpaper roll of time.

In the grand scheme of things, the human experience is insignificant.
And yet the human demands it be significant.

All there is gives no significance to the human so the human attempts
to create its own significance.

This significance can only exist while turning a blind eye to its own insignificance.

Thus significance itself is the creation of the human, who makes significance.

Absent the human, significance is not.

The significant problems faced by every human exist in the orbit of that human.

By believing s/he is human, the human has created it`s own problems ...which are significant.

All wisdom and philosophy created by humans has been filtered to be of significance to the human.

But that wisdom only has significance for a shelf life of a hundred years, there about`s.

The wisdom and philosophy of the human is only significant for the duration of the human experience.

Outside of that, you are on your own.

Once identification with the human experience is over (death) , human philosophy and wisdom is useless.
There is no result can be achieved. There is no comforting quote to be recited. There is no experience that can be drawn on.

So what is there outside of the human experience?   ...You may well ask...

Well...  That is incomprehensible to the human.

The human cannot observe the actual.

It just cannot !

The actual does not make sense.

While one is being something.
That being must be separate from what is actual.

What one is being is forever in conflict with what is actual.

Look at it this way. If one was not being something. there would be nothing to be in conflict.

The human says "But I have to be something."

It is the something that has to be..... NOT YOU !

What we are looking at here is the mechanics of it.

We are just observing. We are not trying to do anything about it.

The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

Doing something about it is what humans pride themselves on. Always have...always will.

If one could just observe the fact that they are being conned into the human experience....
If one could observe it without any interference by the mind...
If one could abandon their human conditioning and just be there with
that which nothing can be done about...

One would be observing the actual.

The human experience has been transcended.

Transformation occurs.

Only the inauthentic can die or perish.

The authentic cannot begin and thus has no end.

What one is observing here is of zero significance to the human.

Being human and significance go together hand in hand.
Both are the result of thought.

Significance is invisible glue.

It`s dissolution is the redundancy of in-authenticity.

The human is stuck to that which has significance.
Absent significance, one is no longer stuck.

Significance has super glued your face to the window of human experience.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 155


There is nothing the human can do to prepare themselves for contact with the actual.

A fascinating dilemma. 

The human is that which is preventing the actual from being observed.

The actual is glanced at by the human..... But it is immediately converted into something that is relate-able to the human.

To be relate-able to the human it cannot stay the actual.

The perspective of the human is not actual. It is made up. It is an accumulation
and a construction. It has a beginning and it therefore has an ending.

Between that birth and death the human perspective exists.

The human has no choice but to accumulate what it deems significant.
It cannot waste significance. Because all it is , is of significance.

This is the fucken trap.

And no human philosophy will ever transcend it.

Just look at all that humans accumulate. If it is of no significance it is abandoned without so much as a "how do you do?"

But try to part the human from that which it deems significant and it will fight for its life.

For anything to be of significance to the human, it must be relate-able to the human.

And the human is all about perpetuating the human.

Look at all your religions and philosophies. Look at all your science....

All underwritten by the human mandate to perpetuate.

Now it is impossible to do anything about this.
You just cannot do a fucken thing.

There is nothing there to do the anything.

Anything you try to do...the human wants to be a part of. S/he wants to come along for the ride.

However ...the human cannot observe the actual.
And that is your only choice. Everything else is the illusion of choice.

Observation...please get not a doing.

Doing is what prevents the observation.

So what is one supposed to observe?

That which nothing can be done about.

Why ?

Because that is what is actual.


" I have no idea what I am , or how I got here ."

Look at it !

Is it what is actual?

Now don`t let your mind distract you from the actual observation.

It will come up with all sorts of ideas...

"I can accumulate more knowledge from authorities on the subject. Read the words of the experts.
I can make an informed decision by comparing and judging the evidence.
I can look for tangible results experienced by other humans. I want peace of mind before I proceed."

Yeah right.

Okay mind....  Tell me , who am I and how did I get here?

"I don`t know ."

Well shut the fuck up !!!!

Just observe the actual.

"I don`t know who I am or how I got here.

Now look beyond the barriers.
No comparison or judgement.
No recourse to authority.
No words or symbols.

Just you and the actual.

The human has been silenced.

Now there is only you and the actual.

The observer and the observed.

Do you see it?

The observer IS the observed.

Absent the observed, the observer is not.

I and "I don`t know who I am or how I got here" are now one.

Now neither exist. Transformation has occurred.

The "I don`t know who I am, or how I got here" no longer exists.

But in the same instant,,,,, it never did.

There is no past to get over.

There is no before and after.
There is no result.

The worry...the fear.... the suffering....  the pain and frustration have lost all significance.

So.....  Who am I and how did I get here?

You are no longer that which needed to know.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 156

                                                     When transformation hasn`t already occurred.

That which is not the actual cannot be transformed.

That which is not the actual invites change and modification , which is a doing.

Whereas nothing can be done about the actual.
It is after all, what is actual.

The mind cannot get itself around this.

So as soon as the problem one is trying to resolve enters the realm of thought, the actual is obscured.

Stay with it.

The lack of transformation is simply the manifestation of the actual still not being observed.

The non actual has rooted itself in time. It has a history of accumulation.
It is there to misinform any human naive enough to take it seriously.

That history is an accumulation of significance.

This is what one runs into when trying to transform an addiction.

Let`s look at it.

It is through observation of the mechanics that the con is exposed.

Every addiction has a history.

Can you see that?

Till one does, there is only superficial observation.

That which one is not addicted to has no history of accumulated significance.

Focus on something you are not addicted to.

Notice there is nothing to focus on.

That potential addiction is of no significance.

Observe the difference between an addiction and a non addiction.

The addiction is of vast significance.

The addiction is the thing that is of significance.

If that significance was absent..... where would your addiction exist?

It could only fade into insignificance.

We are observing the mechanics here.

So ...This revelation about significance is being revealed to you now because one is curious.

Previously the significance was being lived.
The transformation that has occurred is , now one is observing it.

One is now outside of accumulated significance.

The observer and the observed.

Significance is the glue that has conned one into believing they have an addiction.

Something of no significance has no power to addict.

Can this be observed?

Why has the mind never shown you this before?

Is it because the mind itself is an accumulation of everything that is significant ?

Look at it.

What do you have in the mind that has no significance ?

What has the mind to offer on the subject of insignificance?

Ask it for the history of a non addiction.

There is none.
That non addiction is of no significance.

Whereas the addiction you are stuck with is of vast significance.

It means a lot to you.

Notice we have not done anything about our lack of transformation.
We are observing still.

No judgement or comparison. No words or symbols. No recourse to authority. No `what you have become` looking at the problem.

Just the observed and the observer.

One cannot spend any time observing the actual.
If you are, you missed it.

Time can only be expended on what is other than actual.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 157

                                                                     Spiritual progress ! ?

Is there such a thing ?

Shall we look into it?

Who knows what will reveal itself.

From a human perspective, one develops an idea about what being spiritual is.

It is wholly based on past observation.

Now one assembles a picture of a standard to be achieved.

From there, one can change and modify their behavior so as to fall in line with this image of spirituality.

One now has something to do. One has obstacles to overcome. One has things to strive for.

Because one has invested so much of themselves into this project, they convince themselves that they deserve
to be rewarded.

They build a case.
Such an accumulation could be described as a mental case.

" But I did everything the bible told me , except stone my daughter to death when she refused to marry the guy who raped her within hearing distance of the village."

The beliefs of others and their mental process seems foreign to us.

What others think often seems so bizarre that it is unthinkable to us.

Quite frankly... we don`t care what others believe. We know they are stupid.
But when it comes to what they do... Well that`s another matter.

But the mind of man has bypassed the actuality that what a person believes is, at all tines, informing what they do.

One can clearly observe the ridiculousness of the beliefs and actions of others.

But we fail to see that it is our own beliefs that are doing the observing.

Our inability to see how ridiculous our own beliefs are, is a consequence of our beliefs doing the observing.
We are looking through our non bizarre beliefs at a the bizarre beliefs of others.

Now because the conflict created by this phenomenon doesn`t sit well, the human throws a new belief into the mix.

"It will all make sense if I keep progressing on my spiritual path."
There... That gives the mind some hope and comfort..... and something to do. Hallelujah !

There is no spiritual path !!!!!

To the human, the spirit is incomprehensible.
Every single word written about the spirit by the human mind is, and can only be, the non actual.

And because it is the non actual, something can be done about it. And that is every fucked up, bullshit, time wasting, spiritual path
you can buy, steal, or borrow.

The consequence, and integral part of having a belief, is the necessity to convert others to it.

A belief must be fueled to keep it alive.  All beliefs require doing.
Every spiritual path can only be a belief. And a belief is a substitute for the actual.

Just observe the mechanics here.

The human is using something to find nothing.
Using conflict to find peace.
Making noise to find silence.
Creating rules to find freedom.

The nothing cannot be changed or modified....Because it is what is actual.  And there is nothing can be done about it.

You exist when all that is `not you` stops looking for it.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 158

                                                                     Easy and hard.

Can it be observed how easy it is for one to become despondent when confronted with the apparentcy that
overcoming barriers is so hard.

But if one observes the actual mechanics of this, it is clear that nothing is hard at all.

"That`s easy for you to say."

No.  It is neither easy or hard. It just is.

Easy and hard reside within the realm of thought.

If one is being human, one is accumulating a stock pile of that which is too hard and relegates it to the "Too hard basket."

It`s what humans do.  They find it very easy to surround themselves with walls of "too hard baskets."

Over time, the wall of "too hard baskets, blocks off any ability to see over those walls.
The human takes comfort in taking the easy way out.

But stop and look at it. 

What is the easy way out, but a way out of dealing with the actual.

When the actual is observed it is neither easy or hard. It is actual.

By adjudicating something easy or hard one is no longer observing the actual.

From the human perspective one observes doing.
One sees someone doing something easily, tries it, and discovers it is hard.

This has driven humans mad for centuries.

Because the actual cannot be observed by the human, only doing registers.

And the doing is made to look easy by the being doing it.

S/he fails to observe that without the being, the doing could not be.

The being is what is actual. The doing is not.

The human believes that through doing, being can be done.

There are infinite things done to bring about fame, success, recognition, respect, freedom, happiness, enlightenment.

Ask anyone trying... They will tell you how hard it is.

And yet those being what one wants to be, never knew it was hard or easy. Never occurred to them.

By giving `hard and easy` relevance, one removes their own.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 159

                                                                    The human delusion.

The con humans have all fallen for is that through doing, being can be transformed.

The above is vast in its implications.

It is the cycle of life. It is the very foundation of human experience.

For the human ....there is nothing else.

When the human comes too in unfavorable circumstances s/he has no choice but to DO something about it.

But no matter what man does, he is never going to transform.

DOING is what inhibits transformation.

Let`s observe the mechanics of this...

The human registers circumstances he is surrounded by.
The human mind then projects an escape plan.
That plan is based on past experience.

So the past is now informing a projected future.
DOING is now engaged with the intention of BEING something or somewhere else.

Do you see it?

The human mind is endlessly obscuring what is actual by imposing mental projections.

Those mental projections take the observational facility of the being away from here and now (The actual)
and supplant it with there and when. (Non actual)

A projected state of being is only attainable through projected DOING.

Doing is change and modification.
Doing is TIME.

The human is a victim of change and modification.

No matter what the human being does, s/he is still being human.

The human being is being human.

There is nothing one can DO about it.


The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

The human mind now, says "But observing the actual is hard. But here is something easy for you to do...
Look at this projection."

If you can`t see this mechanism, just look at your human existence.

All human effort is DOING to BE.

What is obscured is the actuality that all DOING is informed by BEING.

DOING is the distraction required to inhibit transformation of BEING.


Look at this.

Despite all that humankind has done(And there is a mountain of it)
all that has been piled up is just more to dig oneself out from under.

The human sentence is to DO something about what is other than that which is actual.

By simply observing the mechanics of the actual con, it is over.

Transformation has occurred.

That which was being conned is no more.....and never was.

This is not hard or easy to see. It just is.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 160

                                                                        The sentence.

Every human is doing a sentence.
Everybody is on death row.

The death experience is only the death of in-authenticity.

Someone who has died has stopped playing. The pretense is over.

There is nothing between the recently deceased and the actual.

The pretense, that is the non actual, cannot figure all this out.
It`s very existence is dependent on the manifestation of anything other than what is actual.

The eye cannot see the eye it is looking through.

All it can see is a reflection....which is a facsimile.

Nothing can be done about this. It is what is actual.
One is serving their life sentence within the non actual.

Observation of the actual frees one of slavery to its imposter.

This pretense has a beginning and an end. It has a shelf life.

But look at this...

If there was nothing left to die, how could it be killed?

If one was to die to their past....remove themselves from it`s orbit....
severe all ties to it....  what would be left to die?

The con used to prolong the human life sentence is "significance."

But significance is a mental projection.
It is a product of thought.

The human knows nothing else.

If everything of significance was gone, there would be nothing to trap one in its orbit.

Once again .... There is nothing one can do about it.
It is the actual.

Observation of the actual is what permits transformation.

Doing is only possible in the orbit of the non actual.

As a last ditch effort the mind will conclude it could simply do nothing.

Conned again !!!

To DO anything, even DO nothing , one is trapped in an orbit.... A relationship.

One must observe the actual trap before they can be free of it.

It is not easy or hard. It requires no DOING.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 161

                                                               The problem and the solution.

Can it be observed that the reason a problem exists is because it cannot see the solution?

Once the solution is seen, the problem fades into insignificance.

As a consequence of this the human is eternally confronted with problems.

That is all the human knows.

"Here I am, surrounded by problems again. There is still much to be done."

We are observing the mechanics here.

We are not doing anything.

The human is compelled to DO something about problems.
He is trapped in the problem until the solution is seen.

If there were no people on earth. Earth would be free of problems.

Do you see it? 

The human creates the human problem and finds the human solution to the human problem.

A perpetual motion mechanism. The cycle of life. The human treadmill.

It projects a future where the problem is solved and pursues that projection.

It is carried forward by it`s own inertia.

The focus on the future inhibits the observation that the solution is creating the problem.

The human is the sum total of all its solutions. It is the accumulated solutions that are creating
the platform for the new problem to be perceived.

What you thought that one day in the year 20 billion all of your problems would be solved ????

"But what will you be doing in 20 billion and one ?......  Solving more problems that only exist because you are now standing on 20 billion.

How to get your second billion dollars only exists when you have acquired one billion dollars.

The one billion dollar solution has created the second billion dollar problem.

You seeing this?

Don`t kick yourself.  Just observe the mechanics of it.
You had no choice. It is not someone`s fault. It is what it is....... The actual.
And we observe that it is the actual, because nothing can be DONE about it.

The carrot on the stick is the projected sense of well being one would derive from having no carrot there.

The problem the carrot promises to solve is the problem that only exists as an accumulation of solutions.

It is all of our solutions added together that form the problem. 

This whole process is held together with significance.

We only accumulate and hold on to that which we give significance to. It is LIFE.


The human is incapable of granting significance broadly and without bias.

It therefore deals only in selective significance.

The human has given death great significance.
It has by this fact trapped itself in a life of insignificance searching for significance.

It is between significance and insignificance that the human resides.

The human is lost without them.

It is transformed.

Selectivity is fragmentary.

Fragmentation is the eternal problem.

The human is the eternal solution.

The human is the donkey.   The mind is the carrot.

Time is the treadmill.

All of your problems are your past solutions come back to visit you.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 162

                                                                  Death of death....

It is a prerequisite that to die something must be living first.

To be alive there must be a beginning to that life.

It wasn`t alive....Now it is....
That is the beginning.

The desire to bring forth life is an inherent part of every life brought forth.
Having a life brings with it the responsibility to perpetuate that life form which came forth.

Perpetuating the species is an inherit part of life.

There is no `one off` life form.

Can it be seen that it is the mandate of life to create as much time as possible ?

This instinct does not require thinking. It is what motivates thought.

The urge to perpetuate the life form exists below thought.

For an organism capable of thought, it is that urge to perpetuate in time that motivates the thinking.

Thought is dependent on the life of the organism.
Thought cannot contemplate a life beyond the organism.

Human thought has a humanoid form.
Thought brings the humanoid form with it.

Thought exists only in the vicinity of physical form.

Picture yourself floating in endless space.

Just go there for a moment.

View the Milky Way from outside of it.

How come your view of it is a human view?
Why do you have to turn your head to see what is behind you?
And how come you used your arms and legs to swivel around?
And how come you were clothed?

Do you see it?
Human thought is saturated with human form.

It knows nothing else.

Once again, we are just observing the mechanics of it.
We are not trying to DO anything.

Doing is the beginning of the human.

Reason is thought... and doing is human.

Absent the human, there is no reason to do anything.

Can it be observed that being human presents a limited view.
The human is incapable of perceiving beyond it`s human boundaries.

It takes the human perception with it, otherwise it has nothing to see with.

The human exists between it`s beginning and it`s ending.
Outside of that is pure human inspired speculation.

Look at all information about death. It is totally catering for the human perspective.

This is a pretense. Something can be done about it. Because it is not actual.

Look at all the things one can do to ensure their ending is a happy one.

Eternal life in heaven with all of your pets and ex spouses , plus those fucking virgins.

Is it possible that men with dicks for brains invented the virgins scenario?

Give me a fucking break !

Death is the loss of in-authenticity.

That`s all. 
Every other thought about it is made up by that in-authenticity.

The actual has no use for death.

Why would it?

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 163

                                                                 Transformation of the human.

When that which is human is actually observed , it is transformed.

The inability of the human to transform is achieved by observing something other than what the human actually is.

Death is the tried and tested method of transformation.

But death is being free of all one has accumulated.

Upon death, the me the human thought s/he was , turns out to be not the real me.

Not only is that fake me gone, it also never was.

It is a stretch for the human to grasp this conceptually.
But impossible for the human to observe it as an actuality.
For if it does, it transforms.

The human who is evicted from the me they believed they were
has lost all identification with that me, because it now never was.

It would be like waking from a dream, or coming out of a hypnotic trance.
Or winning the lottery.

That guy who used to be, is over. Finished. Gone.

When one can look back at the me that once was, it is gone.

Till then one is only ever using the me to look.

That me can only ever look back at change and modification.

"I used to be ........ , but now I`m ........ ."

If one can look back and say "I used to be depressed......"

Then one is still depressed but sufficient change and modification has been achieved to suppress that depression.

Can we look at it this way?

If one was to look back at the happy, enthusiastic, fun loving, dynamo, they were as a child,
one would have to admit..." Shit ! I don`t even know who that was anymore."

Transformation has occurred.
That child is no more. Gone. Finished . Over.

Do you see the difference between change and transformation?

Change only registers because the `from and to` still exist.
Transformation has no past.

Once again..... We observe the mechanics. We don`t DO anything about it.

`Doing` is change and modification.
Observation of the actual permits transformation.


" I observe that my past is inhibiting my ability to feel; happy, enthusiastic, fun loving, dynamic."

Is this what is actual?
Can something be done about it ?
If "yes"....It is still not the actual.
If "no" then just be with it.

No words. No comparison. No judgement. No recourse to authority. No thought.

Just the observer and the observed.

Absent the observed , the observer is not.

The observer IS the observed.  The thinker IS the thought.



That which was "my past is inhibiting my ability to feel; happy, enthusiastic, fun loving, dynamic." is no more... and it never was.

Look now....

Doing is always in conflict with what is actual.

Doing attempts to change and modify the actual.
But change and modification is only possible with what is non actual.

What is actual is that one has no choice but to continue to change and modify.
That is the fucken trap that all the great minds have come up with.

The life sentence is `having to do.`
That is what is actual. 
Am I making this shit up ?

Are you sentenced to keep DOING things?
Do you know of anything you can do about this?

NO !
It is the actual.

"I am sentenced to keep DOING things, and I don`t know of anything I can do about this"

Observe it.
Be with the actual.
The observer and the observed.

                                                  Authenticity is the absence of in-authenticity.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 164

                                                                     "But how can I stop DOING ?"

You can`t.

That`s the whole point.
The mind, trying to take charge of what is being observed here, will grab something if it thinks it can DO something about it.

That is what it does. It is a mechanical thing. Give it a stimuli and it reacts. It`s automatic.

The mind is primed and ready to put all it`s expertise into action.

It wants to get a grip on things.

The moment one tries to transform themselves, the mind jumps in and fucks things up.

One gets sick of this constant sabotage by the mind, so they naively ask the mind for the solution.

For hundreds of years the mind has come up with things one can do to be free of the mind.

And because the human believes his mind is there to help him, he puts his life in it`s hands.

Notice how there is a constant stream of inventions of things to DO about the mind.

Do you see the con?

They all try to imprint a new and improved you over the top of the broken one.

Really see this.  All doing is in conflict with what actually is.

"I have low self esteem." is the fact.
"By using the power of positive thinking I will change who I am...." Which is a fantasy.

This is the mechanics of the con we are observing.

If one was to observe that they can DO nothing about the actuality that they have low self esteem, it is over !!!!

Doing is only possible in the presence of that which is not actual.

Let`s walk through it together....

One has low self esteem.

All thought on the subject is dropped.
One remains with the fact.
Words are dropped.
Recourse to authority is dropped.
Judgement and comparison are dropped.

Now one is with the fact. Nothing can be done . It is the actual.
Meanwhile one is still doing things. One is still immersed in many things that are not actual.
But self esteem and a lack of it are one`s focus.

Now one can clearly observe their lack of self esteem.
The mind is no longer hiding the actual from them.

This is me and there before me is my lack of self esteem.
Only I can see it.

Only I can see it because it is me.
I am the lack of self esteem.

The lack of self esteem is only there because I am not quite observing it.
But if I am it.... there is now nothing to observe.

It was only my unwillingness to observe it that allowed it to persist.
Now that I am it, there is nothing to observe.
It is gone. It never even existed.

Everything trapped in it`s orbit is now free to fuck off.

One no longer has to DO anything about their lack of self esteem.

While we are up here.... Can we observe that self esteem or lack of it, were just
made up. They are not actual. They are a product of a mind looking to
give you something to do.

Amazingly effective, don`t you think?

How much worry, and pressure you were stuck with while you were under it`s spell.
How much time and money was expended trying to cure one`s esteem problems?

How in-authenic and pretentious had one become in their search for the self esteem rainbow.

Can one now see all of that which they no longer "have to do?"

Freedom is merely an absence of slavery.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 165

                                                                    Life and death.

Life is being something.
Death is being nothing.

One has to be something, before that something can die.
The something that is being, will have an innate aversion to death.

That nothing, now that it is being something, will take any threat of loss of that something, personally.

You see? It all comes back to identification.

"Who am I ?" is the billion dollar question.

If one was to drop dead right now.... all that one was identified with would be gone.

Do you see it?

One doesn`t want that. Thus one fears death.... Plus of course the pain associated with death.
But pain is identification.

The actuality of the human`s situation is un-confront-able.

The one thing standing between man and death is accumulation.

Accumulation postpones death. Accumulation provides the buffer between one`s self and death.

Threat to that accumulation equates to pain and loss.

Notice how spooked and vulnerable the human becomes after suffering a loss.
It is after all, only human.

We are observing the mechanics of this. We aren`t judging it... Or consulting authorities on the subject.

Accumulation is man`s solution to being nothing.

The more one has accumulated, the further they are away from death.

Eternal life is the carrot.

How long would a religion last if it didn`t promote itself as the way to eternal life?

How many would survive if they didn`t promote eternal damnation as a deterrent?

All this is purely fantasy. It has nothing to do with what is actual.

If humans arrived at the doors of any psychiatric facility and spouted forth all
their deeply held beliefs, they wouldn`t even be allowed to pop off home to get their pajamas.
Those that were allowed to, would be an admission that the facility didn`t have the resources to handle them.

At the moment of death all of ones beliefs are gone.
The only thing holding them there was the human.

The human is the barrier to being with the actual.

Why wait for the death of the human?

If one drops the identification with all they have accumulated. there is nothing there to die.

The actual is that which the human is preventing one from observing.

The actual is what remains in the absence of the non actual.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 166

                                                                       A significant life.

One can observe the actuality that something must be alive before it can die.

There is nothing one can DO about it.  It is what is actual.

The actual is timeless.

The actual offers no direction.

It is not that the actual is relevant at all times.... That is the human interpreting the actual and thus changing it to the non actual.

Time cannot be spent with the actual.

To spend time on something, it must be other than the actual.

All the time that has been spent trying to figure this out has been wasted.

Can it be observed that all the philosophy man has accumulated has come to nothing?
Can it be observed that this is a fact?

Where is the exit door from a life of slavery to DOING?

Duh !!!

The whole field of philosophy could be summarized as "Empty promises."

The quote you are reciting can only ever be the walls of your prison.

The word is never the thing.

The words you are quoting are inhibiting observation of the actual thing the quote is about.

The brilliant quote  engages the mind and then creates time to ponder it.

The philosophies one is quoting are creating the life that is dying.

Absent those philosophies, there exists nothing to die.

I know...  Fucks with your mind.

The reason one holds onto their philosophy as if their life depended on it , is because it does.

And from that dependency a non actual perspective on life and death is maintained.

Thus a believer is terrorized by a death which isn`t what is actual at all.

If one could be with what death actually is, they would observe a
total merger of life and death.... Which is transformation.

When one observes the mechanics of the con. They are free of it.

There then exists no human to be humiliated.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 167

                                                                     Character building.

That which exists outside of the human experience is incomprehensible to the human.

For something to register, it has to have some relevance to the human.

If no relevance is found, attention away from that which is being examined occurs.

Thus the human has no ability to focus on what occurs outside of the human experience....

Any attempt to see beyond the human experience is met with a slanted human version of it.

What occurs outside of the human experience has to be changed or modified so that the human can relate to it.

Everything that exists outside of the human experience is only observable in the absence of the human.

Where one lives determines the view one has.

Outside of the human experience, one doesn`t "HAVE TO DO" anything.

Inside of the human experience one "HAS TO DO" things constantly.

The human exists inside of DOING.

All life exists between two things.

In this instance one has things they want to do and things they don`t want to do.

One is kept so busy doing what they want to, and avoiding that which they don`t want to do,
that the illusion of choice is perpetuated.

This illusion of choice obscures the fact that humans "HAVE TO DO", whether they like it or not.

Meditation is a battle with this human ingredient.

What makes meditating a very human thing to do, is the fact that it has a beginning and an ending.

If the meditation was where one lived, instead of a holiday home, then one would clearly see that
their human experience is the holiday home.

One begins meditating because they wish to discard aspects of themselves that they do not like.
But meanwhile they hold on to aspects of themselves that they do like.

So why is it just as impossible to discard unwanted characteristics as it is to discard wanted ones?

By holding wanted and unwanted apart, a gap is formed between them for the human to reside .

If the wanted and the unwanted were to be united, the actual would lose it`s camouflage..

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 168

                                                            "Where does transformation occur?"

Transformation occurs as a result of all locations where it doesn`t occur being absent.

It is the existence of location that inhibits transformation..

Location only has the capacity for change and modification.

One can change their location or modify it. But they are still located somewhere.

Believing one is located within their human body is all the motivation one needs to delay eviction for as much time as possible.

The human slave is free to believe whatever he likes about the circumstances of his existence.

Unable to observe the actual, the human has no choice but to have beliefs to bring comfort in their departure from the actual.

The human attempts to change and modify what is actual with beliefs.

Meanwhile...the actual has no interest whatsoever in what anyone believes.

Beliefs end up in books that the actual never reads.

The existence of the human is dependent on it tossing words and symbols, comparison and judgement , authoritative
proclamations, and human experience, at the actual.

It is this function that gives the human it`s sense of location.

The human is located at the center of it`s beliefs.

Absent those beliefs, the human has no location, just like the actual.

The human asks, "But where would I be without my beliefs?"

It never waits for the answer.

Because it would no longer be there to receive it.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 169

                                                                      Making sense.

It doesn`t take much to observe that existence doesn`t appear to make any sense.

All philosophy is an attempt to make sense of it all.

But who exactly is it making sense to?

It is the human and his fucked up mind that demands that things make sense.

Just look at human history to witness all that has made sense to human minds.

The military industrial complex makes sense to everyone who`s livelihood depends on it.

So you see we have to have a context before we can make sense.

When something has no context, it doesn`t make any sense.

Once one has a context, it makes perfect sense to construct and accumulate on top of it.

The conduct of a rugby player makes perfect sense on a rugby field.... But nowhere else.

Do you see it?

The context is what allows something to make sense.

Being human provides a context.
Till the human can fit something into that context, s/he can`t make any sense of it.

The actual has no context. Thus by giving it one, the actual has to be changed or modified.
The actual cannot be changed or modified because it is what is actual. Thus the actual
can never become part of the human context.

The human is sentenced to keep trying to make sense of that which is not actual.

That IS what is actual.  But the human can`t make any sense of it.

The human looks for the actual, then changes and modifies it so it will fit a context.

If that which is actual is presented to the human , he goes
"What good is this to me? I can`t do anything with it!"

Thus the human context is a drought of divine intervention.

Divine intervention slotted into a context ceases to be divine.

God only "works in mysterious ways" because man exists within a deluded context.

When the human uses the word "God" prepare to be informed further about what God is not.

Ah men.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 170

                                                                     Stop making sense.

For something to make sense it must have a context.
So the sense is indebted to the context.

This is why the human holds onto the past.
If the past wasn`t informing the present, nothing would make any sense.

The human is stuck in limbo waiting for it all to make sense.

The human hopes that, in time, it will all make sense.

By trying to make sense of it all, the human sentences itself to a context.

To leave that context wouldn`t make any sense.

Humans have concluded that they will be able to change their context by making sense of it.

But can it be observed that it is the context that is what makes things make sense?

So the context encourages the human to make more sense.

The astute observer, realizing that their past is their context, can look at their past
and observe that it just doesn`t make any fucking sense.

So what is informing the human about what makes sense, is itself nonsense.

Can this be observed?

Can it be observed that the entire history of the human experience has been nonsense?

And yet.......   Every element of it made perfect sense to someone, at the time.

That is the actual. And there is nothing can be done about it.

The actual does not make sense.

Requiring the actual to make sense is obscuring the actual.

Observe the waves crashing on a rugged coastline.   Is there any sense to it?

Observe the birth of a human.  Observe the derelict cemetery.  Is there any sense to it?

Everything that makes sense has a shelf life.
It has a beginning and an end.

The human experience is the context that gives life to the conscience.

Sentenced to make sense of con-sense.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 171

                                                                     A bit of a chat...

The focus on needing a context to make sense of things was revealed to me when for three days I wrote
about the divine and observed that what was written was too far out there to post.

The human has no context to observe the divine.
It doesn`t fit in to life as the human knows it.

Now it has been the habit of human philosophy to try to locate something about the divine that the human can relate to.
The human will try to create an incentive for other humans to make the divine achievable.

"You will find happiness. You will become super human. You will become cause over life. You will be able to get rich.
You will reside forever in the Kingdom of God and experience nothing but eternal love and peace."

So one is lured towards enlightenment with the promise of reward.

Then there is the other angle... to use a deterrent.
You know... Like burning in Hell... Being a victim of God`s wrath... Being sentenced to Karma and reincarnation for ever."

Crap like that.

But careful observation of everything that is on offer reveals they are just another process or system.

And all extract from one compliance, or rebellion.

The choice to comply or rebel is the illusion of choice.
One is still stuck in time to a system or process.

Do you see this?

"Live in Nirvana with God and virgins or burn in Hell for eternity... It`s your choice !!!"

What...? Are we all morons?


Remaining human requires one to exist with the delusion of freedom of choice.

If you carefully look at where you are right now and what you are doing and ask yourself
is this where and what I chose?

And yet where you are and what you are doing is the actuality of where the illusion of freedom of choice has delivered you.

You did not choose to be where you are right now.
You didn`t choose to be doing what you are doing right now.

But look at this....

You look at others and judge them for their choices.

Every single interaction you have is tainted with the delusion that the other chose to act that particular way...

Wake up !

If you had walked the path the other had, you would be standing exactly where s/he is standing right now.

So when you judge another for their choices, you are being conned.

Freedom of choice ended the instant the human is born.

If you still believe there is freedom of choice...
Try to un choose the fact that you were born.

By perpetuating the fraud that the human has freedom of choice, one is perpetuating identification with the human experience.

And there is nothing can be done about it.

It is what is actual.

To observe the actual one cannot be observing through the delusion of freedom of choice.

The actual can never be a choice.
What is, is what is. What you choose to do about it is something else. But it is not a choice.

The delusion of freedom of choice coexists only with the something other than what is actual.

I know....  It`s a bit of a labyrinth to navigate through.

To do so is the only choice you can actually make.

Awareness of the divine exists before and after the human diversion.

The human is the very embodiment of the un-divine.

The human exists because of, and to put a spin on, that which is divine.

                                          The divine IS the actual ... and the human exists to not observe it.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 172

                                                               What the human cannot ever know.

The human IS the un-divine made manifest.

The human is being conned into believing that it can become divine through time and doing.

Time and doing are what inhibits the divine.

Time and doing create the "I" who is the un-divine.

It`s a great trick. 
The "I" exists to create the tools that perpetuate time and doing.
And the tools create the "I".

Maybe see it this way.

With time and doing absent , the "I" cannot exist.
With the "I " absent, time and doing cannot exist.

The "I" is constantly attempting to change and modify what it is.

Can it be observed that the "I" is constantly projecting a future, using better as the bait?

The "I" welcomes change and modification.
It cannot even conceive of transformation.

Transformation is the end of the "I".  Which it labels death.
It makes sense to the "I" to resist and fear death.
Death means giving up everything one has done so much to acquire.

It is quite obvious that death is a way out of this life sentence.
But the "I" says...""I " don`t want to go there."

If quizzed about death, the "I" can only bring itself along with any speculation.

I know....  It`s enough to make the mind feel unequipped to sort this out.
That is because it is.

To the mind... confronting the actual is like shadow boxing.

Which is exactly what the mind is all about.

The human is sentenced to be in conflict with its own shadow.

The shadow the human interacts with only exists as a shadow of the human.

The shadow will exist as long as the human does.

The shadow is a result. Not a cause.

The shadow can only be the past.
A shadow cannot arrive before that which casts it.

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 13, 2016, 08:46:12 AM
                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 173

                               What you are BEing is the thing that is preventing you from being what you aren`t.

The human is sentenced to DO things in an effort to change and modify what they are.

This places what they want to be in conflict with what they are being.

So the human has no choice but to use effort to move away from what they are.

As soon as that effort is relaxed the human relapses to being what they are.

Can this be seen?

You are ugly.  So you work hard at being beautiful. When the hard work doesn`t bring the sense of peace of mind
one thought it would, the effort is relaxed and the ugly you is back.

The beautiful you was a projection of the mind. It obscured the actual fact that you are ugly.

So the effort to be beautiful is a DOing to change and modify what is actual.

Doing.... Changing and modifying, remove transformation from what is possible.

If one however was to observe the con being played on them, and just observed that they
are ugly they would be focused on the actual.

The barriers to direct observation, once observed would fall away.

Absent, comparison and judgement, absent authority of any kind, absent words and symbols, absent the conditioned you...
the actual comes into view.

Now it is just the observer and the observed.

Absent the observer, the observed is not.

Absent the thought, the thinker is not.

You are the ugly you are looking at !

The moment that you is no longer, the ugly is gone....and it also never was.

Transformation has occurred.

Can this be observed? 

The thing that was preventing beauty, or lack of ugliness, from manifesting, was the ugliness one was being.

This is not mind games, positive thinking , or beliefs.

They are all dependent for their existence on barriers to observing the actual.

The ugliness only existed in in-authenticity. It was never what was actual.

Now notice the difference....

One cannot be in conflict with something that is not there.
One cannot change , modify or be distracted from an absence.

On the subject of one`s ugliness, there is now nothing to DO.

This is not a technique or procedure.
These are not steps to take. 
There is no before and after images to see.

A confidence trick has been observed. It no longer has any power to cheat you out of authenticity.

The authentic you is undefined.  The defined you is in-authenticity defined.

Ugliness is in-authenticity.  Don`t waste any time with it.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 174

                                                                            Doing life. 

There is LIFE.

And there is life as we know it.

LIFE is the actual.

Life "as we know it" is other than what is actual.

Life "as we know it" inhibits the LIFE that actually is.

LIFE is the unity and balance that allows for transformation.

Life "as we know it" is the inevitable interaction between the disunity and it`s fragments.

Life "as we all know   " is the inability to transform.

When unity is present, transformation is possible.

Disunity inhibits transformation.

Once something is unified it transforms, and ceases to be part of "life as we know it."

"Life as we know it", is totally composed of disunity.

"Life as we know it" is being self absorbed in our petty differences with no end possible.

When we reach for the divine unity, the "life as we know it" can only look with "What`s in it for me and my disunity?"

We are just observing the mechanics.
We are not judging or theorizing.

There is nothing to be gained.
Reason and sense create disunity.

The barriers between men are all man made.

Skin cannot confine you.

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 17, 2016, 10:20:48 AM
                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 175

                                                                     Un divine = individual.

The mind is NOT your friend.
The mind is a storehouse of facsimiles.
Those facsimiles contain language.
And the mind uses language to fool its owner.

Notice that voice in your head!?

That is thought using language to make you do the things thought assures you will bring it peace.

You have no choice about this.
It is a mechanical function.

The mind will attempt to change and modify anything it can, including itself, in an effort to bring itself peace.

The mind is the definition of self centered.

It`s modus operandi is "What`s in it for me?"

It will have grand ideas about "world peace"  , meanwhile keep it`s owner in total darkness about what the world actually is.

The mind`s solutions make perfect sense to itself and have no relevance outside of that.

The mind`s efforts to find peace for itself is what causes conflict.

                                                    War is two peace plans in conflict.

The incessant chatter of the mind prevents the mind owner from observing the peaceful silence that exists
in the mind`s absence.

The mind is creating the individual that has it`s own individual problems.

If that voice in the individual`s head was absent, so too would that individual be absent.

Unity exists in the absence of division.

Division is a thought.
Unity just is.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 176

                                                                       Breaking the cycle.

The human is programmed to reach the end of the cycle.
One assumes that if they just keep going, the end will appear on the horizon one day.

But no matter what one does there is nothing one can do to reach the horizon.
The end is always just as far away.

Can this be observed as what is actual?

Can it be observed that doing will never end?

This is the actual human experience.... Sentenced to DO forever.

There is no getting away from it.
It is what is actual.

But look at this....

All the DOING is just chasing mental projections.

Doing is motivated by facsimiles that are not actual. They are just a projected picture.

So the human is perpetually distracted from where they actually are by pictures of where they could be.
Think advertising.

But to catch up with one`s projected future one has to DO things.
This doing can only ever be change and modification of what is.

Now see the con.
Upon being distracted by how things could be one has completely avoided seeing what actually is.

Do you see this?

The actual can only transform when  one is being with it.

Here.... Let`s walk through it together.

The actual is that one is dissatisfied.

The human mind intervenes with imagery of satisfaction acquired.

Now the human does things to bring themselves closer to the projection of satisfaction.

This requires the effort of changing and modifying the existing actuality till it falls in line with the projected reality.

Now one is so busy playing catch up that the actual misses inspection.

The human has no choice about this. It is after all what being human is all about.

Now if instead of being human, one chooses to just be with the sense of dissatisfaction see what happens.

One is now being with what is actual.

"I am dissatisfied."

"That is the fact.  And there is nothing I can do about it."

Can it be seen that all doing on this subject is actually doing about something that is other than what is actual.

All doing is focused on a changed or modified version of "I am dissatisfied."

"Look I can picture myself being satisfied.

So the dissatisfaction is the actuality. The satisfaction is a made up non actuality.

There is a lifetimes worth of made up non actual things to pursue.

It is what is behind the aging process.

There comes a time when the body can no longer meet the obligations the mind has set for it.

Death of the body is what actually happens. Which is transformation.
What used to be is no more....And never was.

But let`s get back to dissatisfaction.

Is it what is actual?

Be with it. Don`t judge it. Don`t let the mind run off with it.

Here I am. There is my dissatisfaction.

Now one sees the dissatisfaction as unfulfilled expectations.

How else could one be dissatisfied?

What else is an expectation other than a projection of the non actual?

Do you see the con?

There is nothing can be done about it.

You and dissatisfaction.

The observer and the observed.

Both mutually dependent on one another.

When dissatisfaction is actually observed it is YOU.

Now there is no dissatisfaction to observe.
The observer and the observed are one.
Transformation has occurred.

There may be a few tears with this one.

Followed by an absence of the dissatisfied you.

                                         Satisfaction remains in the absence of dissatisfaction.

What was all the fuss about ?

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 177

                                                                   What to do about stress.

How about we not put more junk on the pile of solutions for stress.

This is a con of awesome proportions.

The mind of the human asks "what can I do to relieve stress?"

The suffering, discomfort and pain born from this simple con is the actual sentence of the human.

Let`s look at it.  Just observe it.

When one is suffering from stress, it`s because they are overwhelmed by things they "have to do,"

When "having to do" is absent, so is stress.

One is stress free when they don`t have anything they have to do.

So what does the mind do ?

It tells it`s owner, it has to do something about stress.

But "having to do" is what stress is !!!

Talk about putting out fire with gasoline.

Once again we see the actual, and the mind cannot function.

While the mind is dumbstruck, let`s look at what else it has been hiding from you.

How about a "To do " list. 
Let`s look at things humans "Have to do."

Let everyone at school know Kylie is a bitch.
Kill Antonio for selling me bad drugs.
Get a noisy car so girls will want to suck my dick.
Write my name on bus stops.
Invade Poland.
Get therapy.
Become so wealthy that life will be stress free.
Tell everyone interesting gossip, so people will listen to me.
Turn myself into a weapon so that when I go somewhere I`ll know I could kill everybody in the room.
Imitate people I envy.
Get pissed tonight.
Give up my addictions on January the 1st.
Resume my addictions on Jan the 2nd.
Start living healthy.
Make people jealous of me.
Rob a liquor store.
Be smarter than everyone.
Get a promotion.
Hit that guy who looked at me wrong.
Become enlightened.
Tidy my room.
Get my teeth fixed.
Sort out my finances.
Buy a house in the country.
Get on TV.

The list goes on and on.....

There is so much one "has to do."

When everything one has to do is done a stress free life will be my reward.

Suckers !!!!

It`s never happened in the history of humanity.
"But it will happen for me.... I am special. Everyone thinks so."

So come, the more one "has to do" the more stressed one is?

Yet everything one is doing is being done to relieve stress.

Do you see the insanity of it?

If one was to step out of this madness and listen to all the things another human has to do,
it would be like listening to a very stressed person.
The more they have to do, the more stressed they are.

If one really observed, it would be clear that they don`t actually have to do one single thing on their "have to do" list.

Everything on a humans to do list is there to relieve stress.
The very same stress that having a "to do' list creates.

Still don`t see it?

Okay... let`s say you have just died.

Now write your "to do" list.




Try again....



Holy shit. !!!

Everything that anyone "has to do" is causing the stress that the doing was supposed to cure.

One cannot be free of maps by following one.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 178

                                                     The mind needs something before it can grasp it.

The mind cannot function in the presence of the actual.

The mind`s purpose is to come up with something to distract its owner from the actual.

The actual is right there. But the mind is thinking of something else.

It has created something that is other than the actual.

Do you see this?

Thought is never the actual.
The word and picture are never the thing.

There is nothing can be done about the actual.
The moment one does something it is an effort to change and modify what is actual.
The change and modification is only possible because one has departed from the actual.

The human cannot observe the actual so instead it creates a belief.
A belief is a substitute for the actual.

The human is now a prisoner of his beliefs. Which are not actual.

The human has no choice but to make his beliefs into what is actual.

Every philosophy, religion or ideology has, as part of it`s make up the compulsion to convert others to that belief.

The mind believes that when everyone has the same beliefs there will be an end to conflict.

So it is trying to resolve conflict with that which causes conflict.

The human is justified in eliminating, by any means possible, those who do not share it`s beliefs.

It is relentless and ruthless in this.

The human gathers around it those who have beliefs in common with it.

Human history is groups of believers in conflict with groups of non believers.

So how can one tell if what they are observing is a belief or the actual.Can something be done about it?
If something can, it is a belief. If nothing can be done about it, then it is the actual.

Now together, let`s really observe the shit out of this paradox.

"That which is a belief I have no choice but to do something about ."

Is the above statement a belief? Or is it actual?

Can something be done about the above statement?

Is there anything you are doing that is not based on a belief?

Do you get it?

The belief is what permits the DOING.
A belief is a projection of the mind away from the actual.
A belief demands of one that they do something to make it actual.

A belief is a substitute for what is actual.

                             "That which is a belief I have no choice but to do something about ."

Okay.  We are nearly there.

We are just observing. There is no effort to do anything. We aren`t judging this.

We are looking beyond the words. We are now in the presence of the actual.

Here is me. And there is what a belief actually is.

The observer and the observed.

But the observer and the observed need each other to perpetuate.

There is nothing one can do about that.

The observer is the observed.


"What beliefs?"

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 179

                                                                 The mechanics of life, (as we know it.)

The human owes it`s existence to not observing what is actual.

The actual is not better or worse than anything. The actual is not incomplete.
The actual is not broken. The actual is perfect.

Seeing the actual as less than perfect, is not seeing the actual at all.

Thought cannot observe the actual. Thought inhibits observation of the actual.

Nothing can be done about the actual, because that would require thought.
And observation of the actual occurs in the absence of thought.

Thought can only see that which is less than perfect.
That which is less than perfect is NOT the actual.

To see perfection, one has to get the mind to shut the fuck up.

The human looks at his existence and observes that s/he is immersed in a world that is less than perfect.

Thought now looks for ways to make the less than perfect, more perfect.
There is no choice but to do something to change and modify the less than perfect in an effort to make it perfect.

There is no choice.... "Things won`t get better by themselves."

One has to actually do something about that which is less than perfect.
Ask any human....

The motto of the human is "Don`t just sit there looking ! DO something about it.!"

"If you want something, you have to go out and get it."

In actual fact if one tries to actually communicate to a human, it will be clear that
they aren`t actually there.... They are out getting something.

The human cannot observe that every time s/he gets something or somewhere all that happens is
they now set off to get somewhere or something else.

This has occurred for the entire existence of the human.

Of course it will all end with the next acquisition.  Duh !

The whole of the human experience is chasing thoughts.

Do you see it?

Is it what is actual?

Is there anything one can do about this?

If yes.... then you are not observing the actual.

                The actual is perfection. Any thought that it isn`t, can only be about something else.

The human and the `less than perfect` are co-dependent.

Neither exist without the other.

The observer and the observed.....

Without the observed, the observer is not.

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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 180

                                                               Answer to a question...

What is the ACTUAL ?

Can it be seen that all the think about why we are here and the meaning of life is
generated by the mind? It matters not whether it is pure speculation or an educated guess.

It is NOT what is actual.

If it was what was actual, then it would be over.
Once the actual is observed there is nothing to be done about it.

That is the actual ... End of story.

So.... If one is asked the big questions, regardless of how much they know,
it can be observed that they don`t actually know the answer.

That is what is actual.

But the mind cannot simply observe what is actual.

It comes up with ideas and theories to explain what the actual is.
However the fact that they are DOING something (Anything) about the actual
is proof positive that they are, at that moment, doing something in relation to a picture....Not the actual.

The actual is that which nothing can be done about.
The moment the actual is observed it transforms.

Think of a magician performing a trick.

One sees something, but something else is actually happening.

The observer has been conned.

Once the observer is able to observe the actual mechanics of the trick, his deception is over.

All the thinking and speculating about how the trick was done comes to an end.

It is over.
The fact that one observes the actual creates a transformation.

One used to be a person who fell for the trick.

After observing the actual trick, that deceived guy is no more.

Everything he was doing, to discover how the trick was done, is over.
Nothing more can be done.
Because there is no one there any more to do it.

Get it?


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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 181

                                                                      Follow that dream.

All doing will ultimately result in pain, suffering and discomfort.

For anything to be done, it can only be done in relation to what is other than actual.

Surely then one would conclude that by abstaining from all doing, one would be
free of the things that bring pain, suffering and discomfort.

But the human cannot cease DOING.
DOING is what the human is all about.

When the human stops all doing he is observed as being dead or lifeless.

Let`s see how this works....

The mind, unable to observe what is actual and remain with the fact, becomes the author of doing.

It can`t see what is actually there, but it can see what could be.

That is a picture.

Ask the mind what it is doing about all the things which it can`t picture...

The mind will say. "No no no.... That is not how it works. You get me the picture first... and then I can do something about it."

This is what being human is all about.

Chasing pictures which are not what is actual.


An army cannot contemplate actual peace.
For if it did, it would no longer be there to contemplate it.

So an army has to contemplate what it believes is peace.

The mind is engaged. It forms a picture.
It develops plans and strategies. It can do something to bring about what it
believes is peace. Those imaginings only bring peace to the mind.
The mind that is busy doing, is at peace. It has bought itself more time.

Now it constructs and accumulates the wherewithal for the pursuit of peace.

It builds itself into a weapon to overcome any opposition to it`s vision of peace.

The mind is on the path to peace with WAR.

Ask any human.
It makes perfect sense. !!!

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                                                                 "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 182

                                                                      Crashing and burning ?

Isn`t that what life is?

Every time a human reaches his dream , it is no longer there.

That happiness which was going to be your new home evaporates the moment you move in.

No matter what one constructs or accumulates, the only thing the mind says is "What now?"

Just think of all you have collected in the pursuit of fulfillment.
You must be spilling over with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment by now.

Everything the human has done is to bring him peace of mind.

So where the fuck is it?

You`d think by now some mind would have concluded...
"Hang on.... This is a mugs game."

Where is that mind. ?

Billions of man hours have been spent in the pursuit of happiness.

Well ? Where the fuck is it?

Have a look around.
Look at the faces of humans.

Every human one encounters is queued up at the complaints department.

It seems as though the only humans who exhibit signs of enthusiasm and warmth are sales people.
But they disappear the moment the deal is clinched.

If one was to spend any time quizzing a human, who isn`t trying to sell you something, it`s obvious that they are completely lost and clueless.

Totally unequipped to deal with the life they have been dealt.

What do they say?  "Nine missed meals and you have total anarchy."

This is the lot of the human.

Unable to simply observe this actuality, the human goes, "But I can do something about it."

Here the human sentences himself to more time being human.

The human has projected a picture of what it could be and pursues it.

However the moment the picture is approached it evaporates.
It is at that moment one observes it to actually only be a picture. Thus it transforms.

If one can observe that it is only a picture, instead of being fascinated by what the picture is of,
erased from the mind is one more thing that it "Has to do."

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 183

                                                                     Living in hope.

Can it be observed that "hope" is a projection of the human mind?

Can it also be observed that hope does not exist? It is not what is actual.

It is not word games to say "There is no hope for human kind."

And yet every single human lives in hope.

Without hope, the human has no reason to go on.

When all hope is gone, the actual is revealed.

But the human has no choice.
The human is conditioned to never give up hope.

For the human to observe the actual, s/he has to lose his/her mind.

It is the intrusion of thought that inhibits observation of the actual.

Human consciousness has taken up residence in thought.

Thought and human consciousness are dependent on each other for their existence.

Thought cannot occur unless there is something to think about.

Absent something to think about, thought is paralyzed.

Human consciousness is limited by human thought.

Human thought is all about hope.

Hope is what lures one`s attention away from the actual.

This is a con.

The human is powerless to do anything about the actual.
It is what is.

Meanwhile what it could , should, might, would, or ought to be, offers thought a chance to do something.

The inability of the human to observe what is actual has placed man in conflict with what actually is.

The human is causing the very problems he is trying to solve.
Neither the problems nor solutions have any connection with what is actual.

The human is the mystery he is trying to solve the mystery with.

When the actual is observed, there is no mystery.
Mystery is a creation of thought.

The human has no choice but to hope that one day all mystery will be solved.

And then what will he do?

I guess that`s a mystery for another future.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 184

                                                                      "Know what you are doing."

That`s a very human thing to think , say, and do.

It`s worked well in the past for creating a future.

The human thinks that knowing what you are doing is essential.
And it is.... for remaining human.

Can it be observed that the human is paralyzed without something to do.  ?

The human is on a quest to discover what s/he can do.

The human takes his note book and pencil with him everywhere, waiting
to record what s/he can do.

The human is perpetually facing problems and trying to know what to DO about them.

As soon as he goes through this mechanical process, more problems are revealed.

How many times will a human keep this up till he sees the con?

That`s a question for you.

The human and the problem are a team.

Take either away and the other ceases to be.

The human and the problem.

The thinker and the thought.
The human IS the problem.
The problem IS the human.

Till one sees the mechanics involved, they are sentenced to remain a human with problems.

Here.... Look at this.

"I have to go to work tomorrow."
"I have to get some stuff from the store."
I have to get some drugs."
"I have to pay that fine."
" I have to pass that exam."
"I have to rape and torture people."
" I have to go to the Christmas party."
" I have to buy those shoes."
"I have to apologize to Sally."
"I have to lose weight."
"I have to go to the gym at 7:00 pm tonight."
"I have to take my medication."
"I have to take the kids to Disneyland."
"I have to accept Christ`s forgiveness, so I can spend eternity in Heaven."
"I have to buy that course."
"I have to read that book."
"I have to give people a favorable opinion of me."
"I have to get petrol."
"I have to get free."

Just listen to humans talking.

It appears that the whole human sentence is having to do things that actually one doesn`t have to do at all.

And this is the road to freedom ?

No wonder death of the human is so popular. It`s an end to having to do.

Finally at peace. May they rest in it.

What is actual is that the human has to do certain things.
It has to eat, breathe, and all that...

But an ex human doesn`t even have to do that.
An ex human doesn`t have to do anything at all.

There is nothing there to do it with or for.
S/he is no more.

Can you see it.?  One cannot possibly end having to do, by doing.

But if one observes all that they "Have" to do as a delusion,
then surely they would have less that they had to do.

What is the actuality that is so un-confrontable that the human
distracts him/her self from, with doing, which they have to?

The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

DOING is counter productive to observing the actual.

Having to do `is` the actual human sentence.
And there is nothing can be done about it.

When distraction is absent, observation is present.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 185

                                                                       Problems are the problem.

The human is so captivated by what the picture is of that they fail to see how the picture itself was created.

One gets so caught up in the story that they fail to observe the craft of story making.

Can you think of one story that does not depend for existence on conflict?

The story doesn`t begin until conflict is located.

The conflict becomes a problem.

But here is the trick.

A conflict only registers as a problem when it activates within the observer a pre existing solution to be implemented.

Observation of the problem ceases the moment the observer shifts his/her attention to the solution.

The problem and the solution are the conflict.

The solution is at war with the problem.

The mind is engaged and there is now plenty that has to be done.

Just observe how much is and has been done to solve the world`s problems.

Between the problem and the solution a million stories can be told.

All those stories depend on taking sides.

The observer of the story is always on the side of good.
He wants truth, justice , and freedom to prevail.

But s/he has to abandon those things in the fight to win them.

The solution has gotten in the way of observation of the actual problem.

This is the mechanism that perpetuates the problem of being human.

And being human is a problem.
The problem is the problem.

The problem cannot see the problem.
It is distracted by solutions.

The solutions are about something other than the actual problem.

Maybe an example is warranted here...

A human feels lonely and unloved. It is unbearable.

The solution miraculously appears.
The mind says. "Meet someone, pretend you are loving and connected. Fall in love, get married, and have children."

So the human is distracted from their unbearable loneliness and spends twenty years implementing the solution.

But somehow they still feel empty and unloved. Now they blame their soul mate for being inadequate to their needs.

Now they `have to` work hard at their marriage. They are abandoned and lonely.
Their solution has spat out the problem again.

The mind offers new solutions... Alcohol. Hookers. Suicide, stomach ulcers, Religion.... You know the list....

Or one could wise up and simply observe the actual problem.

" I am lonely and unloved."

Just observe the fact. Be with it. Stare through the chattering psychotic , good for fuck all, mind.

Here I am... and there is "I am lonely and unloved.

Now look beyond the words.
No judgement or comparison.
No pictures of happier times.
No hope. No more bullshit.

No solution.
There is nothing can be done about the actual.

Any solution is a shift away from the actual.

One is now in the presence of the actual...and doing nothing about it.

The observer and the observed.

The observer is the observed.

Absent the observed, the observer is not.



One is no longer lonely nor was s/he ever.

                           When the solver of problems is absent , so is the problem.

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                                                                 "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 186

                                                                      I`m only human.

Our perspective on life is through the human lens.

Having a different perspective is something non relate-able.

The smaller perspective of the human cannot see the big picture.

Thus the human wonders where s/he fits in.

This is the perspective of the created. Not the creator.

The human is even puzzled by the perspective of other humans.

He listens patiently. He has acquired the skill of being polite.
However a perspective or viewpoint , other than his own, is of course stupidity manifest.

Every religion is pure idiocy, except yours.

At all times the mind of the human is grasping for anything that will sheild it from the actual.

For in the face of the actual, the mind is redundant.

The human experience is a detour and diversion from the big picture.

The human has a shelf life in the vicinity of a century.

Ask the most brilliant minds what happens to you before and after the human experience and
the mind is moronic.

It chatters away till you pin it down and it admits that it hasn`t a clue.

This....., after all the study. All the learning , all the evolution, all the wars, all the drama, all the heartache.

The mind does not know anything about the big picture. But it is optimistic that in time it will.

Okay... So let`s see what we have acquired so far.....

"Ummmm ................

...................   Ummmm .............

.... There may be a God ?"

"NO.  What do we actually know?


Atoms.  We know there are atoms."

And man turns that discovery into a bomb.

The human is greedy and self centered at its core.

All philosophy is an effort to change and modify man. To make him better, happier, healthier.
Add to the human`s longevity.

The only tool of inquiry the human has is "What`s in it for me?"
(Yes it can be a hall of mirrors. But every reflection is still a reflection of me.)

The human is pre programmed to accumulate and construct.
These are achieved by doing.

The mind of man is at peace when it finds something it can DO.

You see ?  "That is useful. I`ll put that on my bucket list."

The whole human experience is a bucket list !!!!!

Having a bucket list is all a human can do.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 186

                                              "But you still haven`t given us anything we can do !!!"

Can you imagine the sense of peace if you could find the secret list of things to do to become free?

The whole time you have existed you have searched for this list.

It means everything to you.

"I have been looking for myself my whole life. And finally I have found the path."

Can you imagine your sense of euphoria?

"Oh my God....  My pain, discomfort and suffering is coming to an end."

"Yippee !!!"

"Soon the sound of my laughter will echo through the universe.
People will seek me out for advice on how to solve their problems. I`ll be on Oprah.
I will be able to sit at the adults table with God and Jesus and Moses, and the Dalai Lama and Santa Claus.
See...... My mother was right. I am special."

Can we have a look at this?

Is enlightenment in your future?

If it is, there is plenty to do between now and then.

There are courses to take, fees to pay, things to learn, experiences to have, people to meet. A destiny to fulfill.
Why can`t they just make it into a pill?

Everything that is envisioned about enlightenment is a projection of the mind.

All those imaginings about enlightenment are a mirage.

There is NO enlightenment.

There is only UN-enlightenment.

In the absence of un-enlightenment the actual remains.

While one believes in enlightenment, one exists between it and un-enlightnment.

When un-enlightenment is absent, enlightenment cannot appear.

The actual is observed. The actual has no interest in whether you are enlightened or not.

Doing is not possible in the presence of the actual.

Your vision of enlightenment is perpetuating un-enlightenment.

Can you see it?

Look at the mechanics of this con.

This drives the mind into a frenzy of frustration.

So it creates another picture of enlightenment and it gets relief.

Then it has something to do.

It`s agenda is to bring itself peace.

That peace is a picture. It creates a future and seals one`s fate as a human.
There is no choice. It happens automatically. Sentenced to DOING again and again into an imaginary future.

This is not good or bad. It isn`t just or unjust. It is not unenlightened or otherwise. It isn`t anything but what it actually is.

And your inability to observe it, leaves you under it`s spell.

The solutions you are implementing are perpetuating the problem.

The human views life from between a problem and a solution.

From between un-enlightenment and enlightenment.

When the human stuck between two things is no longer.... So go the two things.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 187

                                                                      Before and after.

The human uses before and after stories to justify DOING.

The multi billion dollar advertising industry owes its existence to the before and after syndrome.

" I used to be sad and unfulfilled until I discovered the new `Happy meal.` And for only $4.99."

" I used to be a drug addict and a criminal, till I found religion."

It is imperative for the human to keep creating a better future to move into.

Anything that holds no future is soon abandoned.
Something that is seen to be providing no change or improvement is observed to be not working.

Things are judged as good or bad depending on what sort of a future they create.

Death is the ultimate bad because there is no future in it.

We aren`t making up our minds about whether this is good or bad.
We are just observing it.
The moment a judgement is made, our pure observation has been corrupted.

What we are seeing here is that a better future takes precedence over the actuality of NOW.

It is what humans DO.

It makes no sense to the human to DO anything else.
But can it be observed that there is actually no choice.

And yet man as a species is still facing the same problems he had when he started working on them.

The only thing he has made a dent in is........ longevity and sedating physical pain.

So now one can put up with the suffering for longer.

So rather than focusing on one`s actual suffering, one refocuses on a non actual notion of not suffering.

DOING is now possible.
The DOING is overwriting the suffering with non suffering.
Pretty soon one has a result and a before and after picture.

And what`s wrong with that?

Don`t forget we are not judging this. Just observing. Trying to see what actually occurs.

And what occurs is humans are trying to solve problems that they haven`t actually looked at.
When humans try to observe the actual a solution is activated.
There was no problem there in the first place. It only became a problem with the implementation of a solution.

Thus man is sentenced to change and modification.
Transformation can only occur in the presence of the actual.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 188

                                                                    The actuality of death.

Death is transformation.

From one side it appears to be the end of life.
But from the other side it is the eternal beginning.

All doing comes to an abrupt end.

Thus the mind and body fall away.

The mind and body are only possible in the realm of doing.

When doing is impossible the mind and body are redundant.

There was never anything within them that had any connection with the actual.
They owed their entire existence to petty interaction with the non actual.

The mind and body were what one avoided seeing the actual with.

The mind and body are only capable of doing things for themselves.

With death, that self is no more.

Gone with the mind and body are all ones imaginings about what death actually is.

All those imaginings were about a self that was made up.

Those imaginings were the past and the future.

All distractions from the eternal moment of NOW.

The human is totally unprepared for death.
Being human is that unpreparedness.

If one could simply observe all the ways they have been tricked into winding
up in the drivers`s seat of this demolition derby called life, they could simply climb out.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 189

                                                                     Rehabilitation of the soul.

The human take on dealing with enslavement is and only can ever be to DO something about it.

The human has an awareness that s/he is in a bad place.
It then projects a picture of a preferred place to be and sets about DOING something to bring the preferred place into being.

The human has no choice about this. It is what the human does.
Both the problem and the fact that DOING something about it has never worked, escape the human`s attention.

All a human can do is create a more comfortable prison cell. (Which is change and modification.)

Can it be observed that with death all of one`s problems are gone.
They are simply no longer.

But look at this. They aren`t gone because they were solved. They aren`t gone because all that needed doing was done.

The problems owed their existence to the solver of problems.

With the absence of the solver of problems, the problems are no more.

What ? Am I suggesting that you should just ignore your problems?

I`m not suggesting that anyone does anything.

Just observe that ignoring one`s problems is exactly what the human is programmed to do, and it isn`t working.

All doing is a focus away from the problem.

One ceases to observe the problem when a solution is implemented.

"I have a problem. But I`m doing something about it."

Don`t deceive yourself. The problem is the actual.
Doing is a shift of focus toward the solution.

One`s focus is now on the solution. Observation of the problem was merely a biased glimpse at best.

Do you see this?

Now I`m not saying don`t do anything about your problems.

I`m pointing out that you have no choice but to do something about your problems regardless of what anyone says.

This is the mechanical process that the human is trapped in.

It isn`t fair or unfair. It isn`t complex or simple. It isn`t big or small. It just IS.

You and your problems are a team.
Neither exist without the other.

The human goes..... "Yes... I`m getting it. Is there a course I can pay for where I can be trained to
dismantle problems at their root and be enlightened after ten days of real hard work?"

The mind wants to help you to become free of all its nagging !!!  Yeah right !!!!

The mind wants you to DO something about the problem.

Observe the mechanics here.

There is me .  And there is the compulsion to do something about my problems.

The observer and the observed.
The thinker and the thought.

Absent the thought, the thinker is not.

The thinker is the thought.


One is now in the presence of the actual.

Nothing can be done about the actual.
It is what is actual.

The compulsion to do something about one`s problems is observed as a waste of time.

The time waster is no more.

How can one waste something that is not ?

Absent something, doing something about it is not something one has to do anymore.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 190


The human mind cannot contemplate an absence.

The absence is a void and the human fills that void with a presence.

Something is lost. The mind now entertains itself with pictures of it.

But if it was never there, no picture can be entertained.

How much of your attention is on missing the people you never met?

To think, the mind needs something to think about.

The mind has accumulated so much to think about, that it never has time
to think about all that it has not accumulated.

What it hasn`t accumulated hasn`t registered as an absence.

Put simply ....The mind cannot think about nothing.

Because something has to be there to think about.

Thus in the presence of nothing, the mind is not there to do any thinking.

The thinker is the thought !!!!!

Notice how this all screws with your mind?

It just makes the mind even more determined to give you something to think about.

Now the mind has you.

It convinces it`s owner that what it thinks about is real.
And that the nothing it can`t think about is not.

Now the mind owner is duped into believing that thinking about anything is better than nothing.

The mind now has license to place it`s owner in a deep depression and pester him/her mercilessly.
No matter how fucked up your mind is, it`s preferable to nothing.

There isn`t even a choice.

Neither thinking , nor doing, has ever freed anyone of this. Nor can it.

Thus the REAL world is a fantasy and a delusion.

Just watch the news. Read a newspaper.
That is thought in action. Not pretty.

When the mechanics of a con are actually observed, the one being tricked is no longer there to be tricked.

The one being fooled is now nothing.

I know.....  Impossible for the mind to see this.

What is silence ?

What is peace?

What is love?

In every case they are nothing. Yet you can still recognize them.

But the mind can`t.

For they are an absence of that which they are not.

And a whole new dimension opens up.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 190

                                                                    Answer to a question.

But isn`t reading this and trying to observe the actual...doing?

On the surface...yes.

Unfortunately human`s are all about doing.
To participate in the human race, doing is inevitable.

But observe this....

There is no future in anything that is being brought to the readers attention here.

Can it be observed that doing requires a future.
The facility of time creates the platform where doing can occur.

Without time , there would be no time to do anything.

With the arrival and departure of  a human into this life the first and last things
that are done is the time is noted.

A human clocked in at this time and clocked out at that time.

Between those times, the human is on the clock.

A beginning and an ending. And a life time between the two.

A life time of slavery to time.

Playtime. Feeding time, bedtime, work time, lunch time. dinner time.
Time to get up. Time to go to school. Clean up time,Time to get married. Time to retire. Time to die.

The whole human experience is dependent on time.

We aren`t judging this. We aren`t saying it is good or bad, right or wrong, or a waste of time.

We are just observing it. Nor are we trying to do anything about it.

We are not wondering what it would be like if there was no time.

We are not thinking that in time, time will be understood.
We realize that a specimen of time will never appear in a test tube at some university.

Watch closely....

The mind cannot observe the actual.
To fill this void , it mocks up pictures, ideas and projections which are NOT actual.

The actual is NOW.
The pictures, ideas and projections are of before later on.

The mind is creating a future and a past. None of which is actual.

The word is never the thing.

One can change and modify the non actual in time.
But the actual is only NOW.

The actual cannot be changed and modified because the observation of it transforms it and it never was.

The actual is that which nothing can be done about.
For to do something about it would require time.

The non actual exists in time.
The actual has no idea of what time is.

NOW is the absence of that which it is not.

And what it is, is not time.

Once the clock is no more, clocking out is unimaginable.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 191

                                                                     Just another theory....

But isn`t all that is being focused on here, just another theory?

Isn`t this just a new fad that will achieve short term limited popularity and then be relegated to history?

Will people say "Oh yeah... I tried that.... It didn`t do anything for me. Now I`m into ........"

"All I ever wanted was to be happy... Is that too much to ask?"

But hang on a minute.. Wasn`t everything you ever did, motivated by the desire for happiness.?

Isn`t that the thing that all humans have in common?

Man this world must be swimming in happiness right now.

Do you see the con?

Simply observe the mechanics of it.

Observe the mechanics of how come it is being hidden from you.

(Authority, comparison and judgement, words and symbols, conditioning.)

All these barriers obscure one`s view of what is actual.
They create an environment where doing is possible.

But doing is not possible in the presence of the actual.
For doing to be possible one must be distracted away from the actual.

eg.  "I have no idea what life is all about or how I got here."
        This is the thing that one can DO nothing about. It is the actual !!!!

"But wait a minute...... I have an idea.... Maybe some God who invented science and made the universe and me and
it will all make sense in time if I make the right choices and do the right things.
I`ll find out. I`ll ask the authorities. I`ll read and compare different theories.
I`ll judge which one is the best, follow that path, and then reach the end of my search and find happiness one day.
Or maybe just not think about it at all."


But it has succeeded in taking one`s focus away from that which nothing can be done about
and focused the fantasist on things it cannot help but do something about.

So is this all just a theory?
Is this something that will grow old and fade away in time?

Is what is written here something one can DO?
And when that doing is complete, it will be done?

When the actual is observed, he who was distracted by the non actual is no more.

One remains lost while they are searching to find their way.
Without the search, the one who is lost cannot be.

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                                                                  "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 192

                                                             What do I need to know to become free?

Answer.   "Nothing."

Explanation .   The idea that through the conversion of the unknown into the known, that ultimately all will be known, is a con.

All that can ever do is reveal more unknown.

It isn`t that knowledge is of no use.
It is what makes the human experience possible.
So if one wishes to remain human, then the accumulation of knowledge is essential.

Everything the human is, is built on knowledge.
Without knowledge, one wouldn`t even know they are human.

To cease one`s search for knowledge is to resign from humanity.

The reason one is human is because they know they are.

There is nothing that can be accumulated by the human that will undo being human.

The human is the canvas that the human experience is painted on.

Anything that is painted beyond the boundaries of the human canvas has nothing to congeal on.

The human can only see what is being disclosed here as word games.
None of what is being observed here answers any question that the human can pose.

The revelations here do not fit in with anything that is known.

The human cannot see any benefit from observing that which is revealed here.
It can`t get a grip on it. There is nothing for it to do.

And quite rightly, the reader concludes that the author of this has no idea of what he is talking about.

Bingo !!!

The author is not drawing on anything he knows. The author is not asking questions and receiving answers.

The author is also aware of how provocative these revelations are to the human.
The rejection of these revelations by the human run the whole gamut of emotions from a mental blackout to extreme violence.

The human agenda is to go on being human, at all costs, for a bit longer.

It is that projection of a future that creates human consciousness,... Which can only ever be self consciousness.

And that my friends is the human mind.

Yes this is quite a labyrinth to attempt to navigate through.
In fact, being free of the human is impossible.... for the human.
No one gets out of here alive.

But the impossible does happen.

The impossible goes beyond the boundaries of the human canvas.

The impossible is not indebted to the known or the unknown. For between the known and the unknown is the realm of the human.

The known and the unknown are the masks worn by the beginning and the end.

 Between the beginning and the end exists the mask worn by the human for the duration of his/her sentence.

So who is the great unmasked?   Who am I actually?

                                           YOU ARE THE ABSENCE OF THAT WHICH YOU ARE NOT.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 193

                                                                 The mechanics of thought.

The mind needs something to think about and time to think about it.

It is this alone which permits the existence of the human.

The human cannot think about nothing for any time at all.

Without time and thinking the human cannot be.

We are not comparing this or consulting any authorities.
We are just observing it as a fact.

This fact is not a step on a ladder. It doesn`t fit in anywhere.

Any time spent examining it, is examining something other than it.

Time is your friend or your enemy depending on YOU.

In your absence time has no relevance.

Time only has relevance when you locate yourself between a past and a future.

Which is exactly what being human is.

Someone who has been robbed of his/her past and future doesn`t know who s/he is. But they still IS.

By simply observing this as the actual, transformation occurs.

However the consciousness which is the mind, cannot observe the actual.
So the mind observes something else. What it focuses into is not what is actual.

From there one builds a life. A life that has nothing actual about it.
Time has been created to locate the actual.
The search for the truth is on.

The mind hates this subject matter. It cannot think with it.
It says "This is rubbish. It has no use. There is no point to it. I can`t get any mileage out of it. How can any of this enhance my life?"

Can I point out that the mind is not your friend. It will abandon you just when you need it.
When the actuality of where your mind has led you hits, you will turn to the mind and say what now? Only to
realize that you are on your own.

But the mind has an Achilles heel, if you care to look.

Just ask it about death.

Do it now.... I`ll wait.

No...Actually let your mind explain death to you.
This will still be here when you get back.

Why so serious?

Can you see that you have just exposed the mind as a dumb ass?!

It cannot observe the actuality of death.
It simply can`t.

You are asking a concrete mixer to un-mix concrete.

Your life is set in concrete by the concrete mixer called the mind.

And just like concrete , it needs time to set.

The mind distances itself from death with the creation of time.

"Death is a long way off, way up in the future."

And that is the mechanics of the mind.
To create more TIME.

Death only occurs to that which has time invested in it.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 194

                                                                  Time is a bad investment.   

All that is being revealed here is unfolding without any time spent thinking about it.

This is not an ignorance of thought. But the embracing it as a finite thing.

The actual exists beyond thought.

The mess humans are in is directly attributable to thought.
One acknowledges that bad thought will have bad consequences and hopes
that changed or modified thought is the answer.

This is the mind taking the reigns yet again.
All thought is neither good or bad until thought analyses it, and passes judgement.

There is no escape from thought through more thought.
Just observe the insane. All minds, whether they be normal, neurotic, or psychotic  still hold out hope that it can be free of itself.

If it can only overwrite good thought on top of bad, the mind will find peace.
But peace for the mind is manufacturing thought. It doesn`t know anything else.

The thinker is the thought !!!!

Absent the thought, the thinker is no more.

The mind cannot see that.........    But you can.

There is nothing anyone can do about it.
It is what is actual.

An encounter with the actual spells the end of the mind.
The mind lives in terror of the actual.

The mind will use every trick and deceit to delay it`s appointment with the actual.
It will hide behind authority for protection. It will throw words and symbols at the actual.
It will sulk, and strike out violently. It will seek out the like minded and flee en-mass into a democratic delusion.
It will commit selfish acts of cruelty to anything that poses a threat to it`s authority.
It will annihilate any impediment to it`s future existence.

The mind even invents a future of everlasting life in Heaven once it`s victim here on earth has outlived it`s use.

The mind has wasted your time.
When asked "Who am I? and why am I here?.......

........All the mind has done is create an infinity of ways of saying "I haven`t got a fucken clue !!!"

Put simply, the mind wants more TIME.

   It serves the mind`s actual purpose for it`s captives to serve that time.


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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 195

                                                                    Divide and conquer.

Since the mind of man can do nothing about the actual it refocuses where it can do something,.... the non actual.

This refocusing is the creation of conflict.

The mind cannot observe an absence.

It needs something to think about and time to think about it.

Since the actual is an absence of what it is not, there is no choice but to create something which is in conflict with the actual.

Doing is now possible.

Any legal system is constructed to find and protect the truth. But not the actual truth.
For if the legal system were to observe the truth, it would no longer be there to observe it.

The mind cannot comprehend true love.
So the mind constructs a system of laws as a substitute for the love it cannot know.

Any legal system depends for existence on lies.

The legal system knows this.

When the court finds someone guilty of breaking the law surely that implies
that their whole defense was perjury.

Yet it is never taken up as an offense, which legally it is.

The legal system doesn`t punish you for lying to it.
They expect it. "Thank you for your participation."
Without all the lies, the legal industry would grind to a halt.

Within a legal system, "the truth" is the thing that will get you out of trouble.
The mind, on trial, is now attempting to convert others to it`s agenda of self preservation....
(Which is the actual truth) and the rest is all just creative camouflage for that.

So...we have the actual vs the mind`s total disregard of it.

The mind is compelled to do something about the non actual.
The non actual is a creation of the mind.
Now if the mind was your friend it would come up with ways to achieve a done on what it is forcing its victim to do.

Instead it comes up with ways to prevent it`s victim from doing what it has sent it out to do.

Observe this as a fact.

Who or what is preventing you from realizing your dreams?

Answer ?


Stay with it.

                                              The human experience exists between doing and done.

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                                                                  "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 196

                                                                 "I can`t get no satisfaction."

What is being written here, is written purely for fun.
There is nothing to be gained or achieved by reading it.

As soon as one has a goal, it invites the mind to participate.
The mind has great ideas and wisdom it wants to impart. The mind is an expert on pretty much anything.
The mind always has an opinion and it can only take it personally if that opinion is threatened or attacked.

The mind has learned all sorts of tricks to present itself as worldly and sophisticated but it will revert to
it`s real neanderthal state at the drop of a well placed insult.

The way to deprive the mind from getting involved is to avoid giving it anything it can do,
But man it wants something to do. By not giving the mind what it wants, it drives the mind crazy.

As soon as it discovers something it can do, the mind experiences great relief.
It has bought itself more time.

But look at this....

The mind projects an objective that can be achieved through doing.
It then sets about changing and modifying it`s circumstances.
It focuses it`s host on an objective.
It now has a life... as s/he whom is doing something for a reason.

But to milk this for all the time it can, the mind not only creates a reason
to achieve something, it also creates reasons it can`t achieve that something.
Otherwise it would already be achieved.
And what does every reason one can`t achieve have in common? 


This is how the mind plays the human for a sucker.

But it gets worse.

The existence of s/he who is doing something is over when that something is done.

The glory of having done something is short lived.
S/he who was doing is now done.

All the doing that was required to achieve the objective is now done.
One now has an actual gold medal.
In the presence of the actual, transformation has happened.

The one who was doing what was necessary to win gold is no more.

Now there is nothing for s/he who wanted to win Gold to do and no reason to do it any more.

This is a very subtle thing.
It goes unnoticed by the mind. Because there is nothing to notice.

All one`s hopes and dreams of achieving peace of mind are shattered by the restless mind which
is on the hunt for the next thing to do.

Another adventure is born with the promise of peace of mind as the pay off.
But the mind at the same instant has created reasons why it can`t be done.

And this is the lot of the human. Sentenced to doing.
There is no choice.

It isn`t good or bad. It isn`t right or wrong.
It isn`t anything other than the actual mechanics of the mind.
It is what the human does.

No amount of doing will put an end to it.

Once s/he who is being eternally deprived of satisfaction, observes how it is actually being done,
the one being deprived, is no longer there to wonder.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 197

                                                    "So you can achieve the actual by doing !!!???"

Ah..... Look deeply into this.

A gold medal is an actual thing.
But the mind cannot observe the actual.

If one could observe what a gold medal actually is, the first thing to observe is that it isn`t actually gold at all.

But this isn`t about chemistry, elements, and the atomic table.

This is about dreams. This is all about symbols.

The inauthentic Gold medal, is no less fake than all the mental projections constructed around it.

Someone desirous of owning a Gold medal doesn`t look at the actual medal. They look
at what that medal represents. It is a symbol for success and victory and "I`m better than you."

By not observing what the gold medal actually is, one can now reorganize their mental machinery around it.

This opens the door on doing. 

The (not quite) gold medal is what it is. There is nothing one can do about that.
But if one fails to observe what it actually is, and instead, focuses on the mental trip it represents, then doing is inevitable.

The symbol has become a barrier to observing the actual.

No amount of doing will bring about the actual.

That is what is actual....
And you didn`t have to do anything to observe it.
In deed if you did, then you were observing something else.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 198


The mind is a sucker for taking up residency in an idea.

When a Gold medal is melted down and broken down into it`s various elements, it can be observed as virtually valueless. That is what a gold medal actually is.

But while the gold medal is held up, by its` winner, to represent achievement, it is potentially of great value.

Sponsorship deals, endorsements, speaking engagements, advertising, job offers, sex.

A gold medal winner can construct a very comfortable life for themselves, by playing along with the idea that
the gold medal represents something that is actual.

And this isn`t a good or bad thing. It isn`t right or wrong. It just is what is really actual.

But just as the word is not the thing, similarly the symbol is not the thing.

The symbol and the word are barriers to observing the actual.

When the thing observed is not the actual, it can only be a belief.
Whether it is a belief shared by many or none, it is still divorced from the actual.

The human can and does take up residence in the shadow of a symbol.

Look at a religious symbol.
The symbol only has power because of what those who have taken up residence in it`s shadow, believe it represents.

The actual is not a thing. It has no longevity. It cannot be accumulated. It cannot be constructed.

It fails the doing test.

Thus a representation of what is actual is erected.... and those who believe the symbol is real, take up residency in its shadow.

And the human never suspects that the symbol they cling to is not the actual.

Look at money. You could be dropped on Mars with a billion dollars and be dead in 4 minutes.

Until you can find someone else who believes in what money represents , it is of no use at all.

Luckily , for those who have it, there is no shortage of other humans who desire it.

The human mind will take up residency in the idea that money is valuable.
There is nothing right or wrong about this. It is what is actual.

But inside this idea where one resides, value is determined by scarcity.
And where there is scarcity, there is greed.

There is no incentive to accumulate that which exists in abundance.

To summarize...

The human resides in , not what is actual, but within that which is only representative of the actual.
Thus the symbol removes that which is actual from the scene.

The human is interacting, not with the actual, but with that which represents the actual. But it is NOT the actual.
The human mind cannot comprehend that their whole residency within the human requires
an absence of what is actual.

Maybe you`ll see it with this...

All of your problems are human problems.

The human and the problem are codependent on each other for existence.

The problem only exists by the human observing it.

The human is consequently stuck to problems.
The human is unable to observe that he cannot observe the actual problem ever.
The human is unequipped to observe that the problem is a symbol of what it represents.

A problem is a problem because it has a because.

Having no money is a problem because....
Being shy is a problem because.....
My car not starting is a problem because....

So one looks at the because and not the problem.

The problem is a symbol...a representation.

And that is okay. It is what being human is all about.

The problem is ......  You aren`t actually human.

Just ask anyone who is dead.

When they died they abandoned everything about themselves that was human.
The body. The mind. The problems. The commitments. The appointments. The symbols. The words. The judgement, the comparison.
The conditioning. The pain. The suffering and discomfort.

All gone.... Like they were never there at all.

They are now the absence of the human.

                                                   The actual is the absence of that which it is not.


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                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 199

                                                                    "Why is this happening to me?"

Can we have a look at why the human being is stranded here in this existence without a single clue why....

Is that something you`d be interested in investigating ?

If the mechanics of this cosmic con could be revealed, would the human experience be at an end?

Would slavery to doing be over?

If there existed no more questions to be answered, would time, as we know it, come to a halt?

Would pain, suffering and discomfort simply vanish?

Is what is being asked here even answerable?

Is more time needed to decide if this is a wise move?

What if somethings were always intended to remain a mystery?

Are you willing to look into this right now?
Or would you prefer to leave if for the final few unbelievable moments of your human experience?

What is the meaning of existence? Or more precisely....
"Why is this happening to me?"

What even gives me the authority to presume I can point to the answer?

The fact that I have zero respect for authority, including my own, makes authority irrelevant.

So .... How about we just cut through the crap and see what is there to be observed?

You okay ?

You wanna get a coffee first ?

Here we go then...

If we can observe the mechanics of why the question would remain unanswered, the door would be kicked right off it`s hinges.

This is the complete opposite of how the mind would inquire into this.

The mind cannot observe the actual problem..... ever.
The mind insists that it`s victim solve all it`s problems so it has room to think.

The mind distracts it`s owner from observing the mechanics of the problem by being hypnotized by the contents of the problems.

Being human requires one to be so caught up in the problem, that  no opportunity to pull oneself away from the conveyer belt and hit the "off" switch exists. 

The mind exists to create barriers to observing the actual. It`s life depends on it.

The mind pretends it is interested in finding the meaning of existence. But in truth it just couldn`t give a shit.
It would rather replay an old argument, or gossip about the neighbors. Or at least "DO" something constructive.

Talk to a mind about the meaning of existence and you put it to sleep. Just go to any lecture on the subject and see.

No... The "Why are we here?" or the "What is the meaning of life? questions are just "How do I end my suffering?" in drag.

The question at the foundation of all questions is simply "Why is this happening to me?"

How about we be different and actually stay around for the answer.....

We see immediately that this is the actual question being asked, because there is nothing one can DO about it.

The mind says "Do something about it."            Let`s not !

Let us, instead, observe how the mind successfully calls off the search.

The mind will quickly assemble bits of information from the known.
These are like bits of a jigsaw puzzle. The mind assembles all it can fit together around the subject.
Once done the missing piece that fits in the middle is already defined.

One always finds the answer that fits.
No other answer will do.

Do you see this.?

The mind has used the facts known about the problem to define what the answer has to be.

A piece of the unknown has now been added to what is known.

The question has, in fact, created the answer. No other answer will fit except for the one posed by the question.

Till there was a question,  no observable answer was possible.

"Why is this happening to me?" totally bypasses any answer that is out of alignment with how "me" is being defined.

The happening is only occurring because the me is present.

The "Me" must be present for the question to be posed.

Why am I in jail? is never asked by someone who isn`t.

Let me use a car as an analogy.

Like a car, the mind is a vehicle that, because it is mobile, it creates an ever changing viewpoint.

The viewpoint one has, is determined by where the car has taken one.

But to observe that one is in a vehicle, they must stop that vehicle and step out of it.

Because this mechanical apparatus can move, the possibility of the question is created.
"How did it get here ? And where is it going?

Do you see it? Having a vehicle that can transport one, is what creates the question.

Absent the car, there is no question as to where it could take someone, or how it even got there in the first place.

The mechanical process of the mind is to change the actual into dialogue.

The mind is not looking for the meaning of life.

It is searching for a sentence.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 200


It is essential for the human to acquire knowledge. It is what being human is.

Posing and resolving problems, in an effort to change and modify one`s relationship with existence.

Faced with a problem, the human assembles what it knows, and based on that, it makes an educated guess
as to what must be the absence that lays in the center of the known facts.

The answer is the missing piece of the puzzle. It must be.... It fits.

Do you see how the question and the answer are a pair. Each permit the existence of the other.

The answers that don`t exist are awaiting the asking of the right question.

The separation of the answer and the question create the time between them.

No time is ever spent pondering the questions that have not been asked.

The question and the answer are the same thing.

Once they are reunited no more time is spent on them.

No more doing is possible.

The one who existed in the time between the question and the answer is no more.

The actual has been observed and transformation has occurred.

We are just observing the mechanics here.
We are not making a judgement about whether it is fair or unfair. We are not commenting about it.

This is NOT raising any questions.

Raising a question is inviting the mind to get involved. And the mind needs TIME to think.

Can we just observe that `no question outlives it`s answer.`

The life of the question ends with it`s answer.

Having the wrong answer does not terminate this relationship.

The right answer is right because it fits.

The question has completely defined what the answer will be.

As a result all answers received by the human are totally framed and set up. 
The human has been set up and framed.

The mechanics of this con remain unnoticed by the human due to the fact that once the con is observed , he who was being conned is no more.

No question is possible in the absence of the one who is asking it.

What is the meaning of existence?

Who is asking?

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 201

                                                                        Mercy killing.

When one observes the meaning of existence from the human viewpoint, isn`t it obvious that that viewpoint is very limited.

The human is preoccupied with a self. And the broader picture is deemed irrelevant. What is the meaning of existence for a mollusk?

The human cannot ask this without polluting the answer with it`s human viewpoint.

The human inflicts it`s need for reason on everything it looks at.

For the human everything needs to make sense. It needs to "fit in."

Unless something has a reason , it doesn`t make any sense to the human.

Reason is a projection of thought.

Absent thought, reason cannot be.

The mind hates this shit. 

The mind needs a reason. When reason cannot be observed, the mind creates it.

The mind demands a reason for everything on a semi casual basis.
It glances at something just long enough to come up with a reason, and then it moves on.

When the host of a mind has been led into even more misery , it can only conclude that there must be a good reason for it.

"Things don`t just happen for no reason."

The human reasons that because they are at effect there has to be a cause.

This is good sound, rational thinking.

When one is suffering there has to be good reason for it. Without reason their suffering would be for nothing.

In deed if there were no reasons to be suffering, could suffering exist at all ?

Is it not the case that all suffering is for a reason?
Ask any authority on human health and well being....
They are expert in finding the reason.

Surely if the reason was absent, along with it would go the suffering.

We are not observing this for any reason.

We are just looking at the mechanics of reason.

Can it be observed that the content of reason is inexhaustible?
After all, there will always be a reason. There just has to be !!!

One needs a reason for doing something.... Otherwise , why would one be doing it.

Is this starting to scratch places you didn`t even know were itchy?

But isn`t it comforting to know that for every fucked up, nonsensical act of cruelty perpetrated by humans on other humans that there
was a reason for it.

It may have only been clear to the perpetrator of the act of cruelty, but it was there nevertheless.

"I had my reasons."

Is it possible that "reason" is overrated?

What were things like before you developed your ability to reason?

When joy existed without a reason for it.

Before you had all the reasons not to experience it...

When a whole bunch of kids were your friends ...and there was absolutely no reason for it.

A day lasted forever and the silliest things would make you all laugh for no reason.

Now look where reason has gotten you. You aren`t even your own friend.
Chances are even you find it difficult to tolerate your own company.

Let`s see if we can put this lost and lonely product of sophistication and reason out of it`s misery.

The impossible does happen.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 202

                                                                 No one wants to be a loser.

Is there a worse insult for a human than being labelled " a loser "...?

And what is a loser?
Surely it is an apt description of someone who is a total victim of their circumstances.

Which is what being human is.

The human is attempting at all times to change the verb into a noun.

A verb is a doing word. A noun is a naming word.

By inventing, one becomes an inventor.
By criticizing, one becomes a critic.

By learning, one becomes learned.
By fighting, one becomes a fighter.

By thinking, one becomes a thinker.

But look at this.

By observing, one cannot become the observer.

The observer has to be there right from the get go.
One cannot do anything about it.

Do you see this?

The observer IS the observed.

The observer has no space to exist.
There is no distance between the verb and the noun.

The human has everything to gain...and everything to lose.
Whereas the observer has nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

The human is fleeing from nothing.
Thus the predisposition towards construction and accumulation.

And thus the inability to lose is built into the fabric of being human.

The human cannot break free of the noun the verb has created.

There is nothing can be done about it.

That unwanted attitude can be dissected, It can be recounted, it can be put into context.
It can be analyzed. It can be discharged. It can be suppressed.

But it cannot be lost.

The human cannot be a loser.

Between that verb and that noun there is still life.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 203

                                                                     "You had to be there."

The human is all about being there.
It has no choice.

The human is a victim of circumstances.
It cannot magic itself away when the shit goes down, ever.

The human is serving a sentence for the duration.
And there is nothing s/he can do about it.
No matter what the human does, it fails to observe that doing is the only option.

It cannot observe that doing nothing is still doing.

The human cannot do nothing.
Ignoring the problem is hoping it will go away.... Hope is a doing.
What is one doing?  They are hoping.

Because the human mind cannot think without something to think about, it cannot work with an absence.

How much of your time have you spent pondering problems that don`t exist ?
None.  No time at all.
But problems other than yours must exist.
They are just absent from your consciousness.

Which means they don`t exist till there is consciousness.

But isn`t all this just word games?

Here... Think of all the problems you don`t have....

What have you got to say about them?
Where are your word games now?

When content is absent, there is nothing for the word to represent.

If you are wondering why you never thought of this.
It is because there was nothing to think about.

Consciousness is hypnotized by it`s content.

Absent it`s content, human consciousness is over.

What exists beyond human consciousness?

The human can never know.

The human is the barrier between you and the actual.

The actual is observed in the absence of the human.

Your problems only exist because you are there.

"You had to be there."

That is the con.

The human has to be there.

You don`t.

It is only through observation of the mechanics of this con that transformation is possible.

When how one is being conned is observed, s/he who was being conned is no more.


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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 204

                                                             Please don`t let me be misunderstood.

The human mind cannot observe the actual.
It just cannot.

If it could, all would be resolved.

The mind`s inability to observe the actual is what makes life possible.

What life ? Your life? My life? their life?


The mind can ponder this subject matter for eternity.

Because it keeps skipping over the actual.
The actual is an absence.
And the human mind cannot think in an absence.

Let`s look into it.

What is death?

The mind doesn`t know.
So there is nothing there for the mind.
So, as it is designed to accumulate and construct, the mind will invent some of the wildest fantasies
to cover over the fact that it cannot observe the actual which is an absence.

There is what is actually there and you.
The separation of these two is "THE MIND."

The mind has no facility for deconstuction of itself.
All it knows is accumulation and construction.

It doesn`t even know why it does it.
It comes up with a reason pretty quick when asked.
But is it the actual reason?

It cannot see that it is futile.
This construction and accumulation will continue to grow and build.
There is no escaping it.

All this accumulation weighs heavily on the mind.
Over time it becomes too heavy to sustain and it`s host gives up the ghost.

Through death the whole self is abandoned.

Gone !!!  As if it never happened.

The mind cannot observe death. It makes no sense.
The mind is all about not dying.

It is keeping alive all it has accumulated.

That traumatic experience you had in infancy, is still there, no matter what you DO.

To be free of this slavery the mechanics of the mind must be observed.
Not the content.

When the mechanics of the mind are actually observed, the con is over.

He who was a victim of the mind is no longer there to be victimized.

This is not a what to DO manual.
When one observes without DOING, the actual is revealed.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 205

                                                                   Science vs religion.

While the mind is distracted by the creationism vs evolution, the actual is bypassed yet again.

These are both activities of the mind.

How can the mind see the actual when it`s criteria for what is actual is what feels right.

It either has God on it`s side. or evidence to back it up.

In both cases there is a presumption that the foundation for the actual is correct.

Many a time people have been falsely found guilty based on the evidence.
And then sentenced to death with God`s blessing, by the courts.

One of the barriers the mind uses to avoid observing what is actual is by placing an authority
between the observer and the observed.

God and science both give people the authority to perpetuate ignorance of the actual.

This quickly degenerates into a battle of words.
There is debate. The mind is excited. It can`t not join in and take sides.

And it is all a waste of time. Which is what the mind intended all along.

You have been conned yet again.

This is not good or bad.
It isn`t right or wrong.

These "choices", are inventions of the mind.
Conned yet again.

The actual couldn`t give a flying fuck what you believe or think.

It is what is actual. And it stops there.
Transformation has occurred.

Once transformed, he who had an opinion about the actual, is no longer there to have an opinion.

For what is an opinion, other than the past informing the now !!!???

At that moment the past has no content.

Where were you last life time ?   Duh....

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 206

                                                                  We`re playing those mind games.

So how does one escape the clutches of the mind?

By observing the mechanics of it.

While the mind is humming along nicely there is no incentive to be free of it.

But every time the mind has a brush with the actual, the mind goes into a panic and
it punishes it`s owner for giving it such a close call.

If the mind owner had just stayed with the actual, the mind would have been unable to function.

The mind is always on the alert. Ready to rescue itself from the actual.

It does this by coming up with ideas.

It can`t be with the fact that one doesn`t know what is happening.
The mind throws potential causes for this uncertainty at its owner.
These causes are all projections of the mind.

The mind uses language and dialogue to distract it`s owner from the actual.

The mind runs potential scenarios with the intent of finding one it can grasp.

The mind is back in control once it has put you in the picture.

This way the actual reason is bypassed and an acceptable reason engrosses the victim of a mind.

One doesn`t need to think about what is being communicated here.

One is just observing the mechanics.

If thought is intervening it will take the form of dialog. It will be the voice of reason.

The human is wondering how he got stuck here.
And the mind is relentlessly putting him/her IN THE PICTURE !!

You see it?


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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 207

                                                                         No way out .

Trying to untangle this twisted wreck of existence we call life is impossible.

Let`s look into it....

The criteria used by the tool charged with sorting this out is ... that it makes sense.

Life is ..... .....  .....     ! "  Ah... That makes sense."

But life still goes on regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

The idea that one day it will all make sense and the penny will drop is demonstrably not actual.

Please observe the facts about life that have been accumulated.... and what is the result of this ?  "We still don`t have a fucking clue."

The human is stuck inside a mystery. Being human, s/he thinks that solving the mystery will lead to enlightenment.

And once one is enlightened....then what ?

The human has ideas and thoughts about what enlightenment is.

But can you see it? These are all creations of the mind.

This is an infinite con.

There is no choice about it.   The human is sentenced to "DO."

It deceives itself about having no choice, by believing it is able to choose what it does.
Thereby distracting itself from the actual fact that it has no choice but to "DO."

This is what the human life sentence is.
Doing stuff, till death makes it impossible to do anything.

And what has the mechanical process of death achieved.
It has removed the self from the picture.
One is no longer there to do anything.

Death is transformation. It is an encounter with the actual.

When it occurs, that which was there is no longer.
But even more.... It never was.

Try to stay with this....

It is impossible to see....  But the impossible does happen.

The barriers to seeing this are the accumulation that is looking.

The human is all about being there and doing something about the problem.
But the being there and doing is the problem.

All that you are not doing is not there because you are not there to do them.

You are not doing anything about all the jail cells you are not in, because you are not there to do anything about them.

You see what I mean...The mind cannot contemplate an absence.
The absence is not there. So neither are you.

The mind is ready to bail out of this subject matter with the slightest excuse.

The mind will say "this is word games. There is nothing here. It isn`t going anywhere.
This is a waste of time. I`ve got things to do. This isn`t making any sense!"

The mind`s ability to distract it`s owner from this subject matter has resulted in a trail of destruction.
Lifetimes have been spent in pain, discomfort and immeasurable suffering.... with no end in sight.

Can it be observed that all this discomfort, pain, and suffering was because one was there?

To have the experience one had to be there.

And once someone is there, there is no choice but to do.

Being precedes doing.

Doing is always an attempt to change and modify what is being.

"By doing spiritual things I will become more spiritual." "By earning I will become someone what has earned."

"By living I will become someone who has lived." "By dying I will become someone who has died."

The human is sentenced to doing things to change and modify what they are being.

If one simply observes that this is what is actually happening.....

If one simply observes it for the con it is.....

Then transformation occurs.

S/he, who was being conned, is no longer being there.... and never was.

`Not being there` is not a prerequisite to `being there.`

And `being there` has nothing TO DO with `not being there.`

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 208

                                                                     "But how can one `not be?`"

Let`s have a look...

The question can only be posed by being.

All that one is not being cannot ask how it can cease to be.

The question, "But how can one `not be?`" can only be asked by being.

By asking the question, one is inadvertently defining what they are being.

One cannot ask how to not be, without  creating an idea of what being entails.

It`s a viscous circle.

`How can I cease to be poor?` cannot be asked by the rich.
`How can I cease to be sick?` is never asked by the healthy.

The mind cannot function in an absence, so it creates a presence.

Because that presence was created by the mind , it cannot contemplate it`s own absence.

What is now being, is in an eternal state of wonder.

That which is being, has sentenced itself to a life of wondering and wandering.

What is unknown is now impregnated with what is known.

And it grows in it`s conquest of the unknown. Fueled by it`s very essence ...which is wondering.

When this con is observed, and it`s mechanics clearly seen, s/he who was wondering is no more.

There is nothing being there to wonder.

Transformation has occurred.

The wandering is over.

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                                                                         "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 209

                                                                       "To be, or not to be...?"

I`m afraid that the moment one decides to be, they have shut the exit door behind them.
Choice no longer exists for that which has chosen to be.

Say one decided not to be.... "Tough luck buster." You are still being, which clearly shows an absence of choice.

One begins being.

This is why time moves in only one direction. And that direction is away from not being.
And being is always the beginning.
The beginning precedes the ending.
Only that which began can end.

There is no choice about this.
This movement away from not being is achieved in time by DOING.
A fortress is under construction.
That fortress cannot observe beyond being, into not being.
It cannot observe the actual. It cannot observe an absence.
The fortress is a chronological construction which is called the past.
Unable to see beyond the past, the fortress fixates on something it can observe
and feel justified for doing so.

The past is an accumulation of all one has learned and experienced to insulate itself from not being.

The past cannot be erased by the fortress. Because it is the fortress.
The fortress is the sum total of all it has learned and experienced.

The past is the known. It is with the known that he who is moving away from being nothing
converts the unknown into more known.

The fortress is depending on the past to define what it is being.

There are mechanics involved here.

Once s/he who is being defined by their past observes how they are being taken in by this...
they are no longer BEing there to be taken in.

You are the absence of that which you are not.

And that is the beginning and the end of it.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 210


What is it ?
Where can I get some?

And if I do find it... can I give it to others ?
Is it available on demand?

Where does it live?
What is its address?

Does help really exist ?  Or is it just a word?

It must be valuable. Humans acquire it and distribute it all the time.

If there was no help, would that render us all helpless?

And if one was helpless... Would they be incapable of giving or receiving help?

These are the questions posed by the one who is beyond help.

Beyond help is not being there to give or receive it.

Kind of like God. At least the New Testament one.

Let`s assume that all the help that has ever been given and received was a complete waste of time.

Not ready for that?

Okay ... Let`s look at where all the help you have ever given or received has gotten you....

Here.  Sentenced to do, for life.

That is what is actual. And you can`t help it.

Help is only a word. It is not a thing.
It is an invitation to do.

The common denominator of help is buying more time.

Do you see it?

We are just observing the mechanics of this idea called help.
We are not converting what is unknown about help into that which is known about it.

Can it be simply observed that help isn`t helping anything !!!???

Help creates dependency.

It completely eradicates independency.

The human is all about dependency.

It prides itself on it.

"I`m dependent on others. And others are dependent on me.
We are all in this together."

And we are helping each other to have long and fulfilling lives.
Our very existence depends on it.

But help is not a thing. It does not exist. It is a belief.
So we only have what we believe help is.

Immediately we must believe we are better off than that which we help.
We also believe that we are worse off than that which helps us.

So for better or worse we believe in help.

Is it that I am trying to convince you to give up giving and receiving help?
What...? you believe I am trying to help you in some way?

The human is what s/he is, and does what s/he does. Humans can`t help themselves.
Choice is not an option.

God help us.

When the mechanics of help are observed, help is exposed as a word based on the idea that
rescuing one from an encounter with the actual is doing something of great significance.

Observe that the human NEEDS help. S/he always has and always will.

To be beyond help the human is no longer there.

Independence is the absence of dependence.


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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 211

                                                                   The actual is not helping.

"So should we all sit around doing nothing?"

You mean like God does ?
Can it be observed that it is not possible for the human to do nothing?
The only humans doing absolutely nothing are ex humans.

And until one is an ex human they are sentenced to DO.
There is no getting away from it.

Being is the green light for doing.

The infinity of things you are not doing, are not being done because you are not there to do them.

What you are doing is wholly dependent on exactly what is being there to do them.

If what is being there is human, it can be counted on to be doing human things.

When the human ceases to be, human activity stops.

All the `problems you have,` become `the problems you don`t have` when you are no longer being there to have them.

Being there was always the problem. Everything else was just something to do.

The human is so preoccupied with what s/he is doing that observation of what they are being remains unobserved.

"But how does any of this help anyone?"

Who is asking?.....  It can only be the human who believes s/he needs help.

And getting and giving  that help, permits the perpetuation of the human.

"Help!" is often the last thing a human says.
And help is always the last thing the human doesn`t get.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 212

                                                                     What`s the problem?

Can it be observed that life, as we know it, for humans, is an embarrassing fuck up from start to finish?

Man is still grappling with the same problems he had when the `problem` was first invented.

Sure the problems are more sophisticated... The news of problems travels faster.
But they are still the same problems.

A politician today, could read a speech written hundreds of years ago and it would still be relevant.

Because the problems are still the same.

Just listen to any politician if you still don`t know what they are. Or interact with a group of humans.

But what is the actual problem?
What is the foundation upon which the problem is erected?

The problem is that the human is incapable of observing the actual.
Which is why s/he has never seen the actual problem.

Are you seeing this?

The problem exists because man cannot observe the actual.
That is the actual problem.... which man cannot see.

For man to observe the actual s/he has to be absent.

Seeing the problem is made possible by being there to see it.

One can be aware of a problem second hand, but s/he still has to be there first hand where s/he is being made aware of it.

There is nothing you can DO about it. For any problem to exist you have to be there.

There are no human problems on Pluto. By coincidence there are also no humans on Pluto.

Earth too would be problem free if every human was to vacate it and take their problems with them to Pluto.
Then Pluto would be swimming in human problems.

But none of this solves the problem.

While there is a gap between the problem and the solution man has somewhere to exist.



Absent the observed , the observer is not.

Here is the human... And there is the problem.

Absent the problem, the human is not.
The human IS the problem.


Transformation has occurred.

The human problem was not solved.
The problem has no existence without the human.

Not only has the problem gone....It also never existed at all. It was not what was actual.

"But my problems are still there..."

Then you must still be here holding the fort.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 213

                                             "What would remain after the human was no longer there?"

Can it be seen that the question always completely frames the answer?

So rather than dismantling the human, can we dismantle the question?

                                             "What would remain after the human was no longer there?"

The question is always presumptuous...  The answer will only be acceptable if it fits in with all these assumptions.

The originator of the question is presuming he knows what a human is, well enough to recognize when it is absent.
The question presumes that time is a linear thing, where something can be there one minute and gone the next.

The question presumes that time is still continuing in relation to the human that is now not.

The question assumes that an absence of something will be replaced with something that can still remain.

The questioner presumes that a sense of completion or resolution will accompany the correct answer.
If not immediately, it is assumed that the line of questioning can be satisfied eventually.

The questioner assumes that more of the unknown will be converted to the known and progress will have been made
in understanding the giant mystery we all exist in.

Why else would s/he be asking it?  It quenches the mind`s thirst for knowledge.

The question exists because the questioner is being there to ask it.

And see this...  There is nothing you can do about it.
It is what is actual. There is no question about it.

The human mind cannot get it`s head around this.

It says this is all mind games and wordplay.

That`s what it does. 

It fools it`s owner.

It convinces it`s owner that the questions it asks, and the answers it gets, are real.

Shall we have a look ?

Here`s a question...

                      "What would remain after the human was no longer there?"

It has all the criteria a real question needs. Even a question mark to symbolize the fact that it is a question.

So where is this question?
Where can I send kids on school trips to observe it?
What size box would one need, to mail it to the authorities on questions and answers?
How much does it weigh?

If I sawed it in half, would it be two smaller questions ...?
....Or just two halves of the one question?

So observing a question is a mind game.
But the question being asked is not !!!???

The question and the questioner are codependent.

Curiosity inquires as to what is actually observable.
The question asks why? Which gives the mind something to do.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 214

                                                           Zeroing in on the actual.

It is impossible for the human to observe the actual.
The only things observable to the human is that which is other than actual.

Once the human is no longer observing the non actual, the human is no longer there.
The human and the non actual are a team. Each depends on the other for their existence.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

When the human is absent, the actual is present and transformation has occurred.

If the human returns, it is transformed. If it doesn`t return it is transformed as well.

And there is NOTHING anyone can DO about it.

The actual is the constant state of transformation.

The non actual is the actual in disguise. It`s ability to transform has been frozen in time.

The human has been conned into thinking that freezing something stops it in time.
But freezing something creates the time it is frozen in.

One becomes trapped by that which will not transform.
And that which won`t transform is the non actual.

If one could simply observe what is actually trapping them, they would not be there to be trapped.

The human believes that in time they will be free.
But actually, it is time that they are trapped in.

This , of course, makes no sense to the human.

The human has been making sense of everything it inspects since time began.

And what is the result of all this making sense?

The human exists in a world that makes not one fucking bit of sense.

I know..... One day this will all make sense...

And on it goes...

By observing the mechanics of the con, the ex con is no more.

Observe this.

Observe a magic trick.
The guy who has been tricked is now there.
He is puzzled. Mystified. Manipulated. Trapped in a mystery.

Now observe the actual mechanics of the trick.

Now watch the trick again.

The guy who was puzzled, mystified, manipulated and trapped is no more.

Transformation has occurred. 

The one who was being tricked is no longer there. 
There is an absence of s/he who was being tricked. Their sentence to time `being tricked` is no longer there to serve.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 215

                                                                      Where is salvation?

We are about to observe the actual.

Is this something you are curious about?

Let us not frame the actual with a question.

The question is an asking. It immediately , on the asking, creates a deficiency.

Observing the actual is not possible if one is distracted by a barrier to observing the actual.

We are not going somewhere with this.
The moment we are going somewhere, we are coming from somewhere.

And where one is coming from (the past) is an accumulation of the non actual.

Because one cannot change the past, they are stuck with it.

One has no choice but to be the sum total of their past.

It`s right about now that the mind intervenes and says "Fuck this shit. I`m off to sleep.
There`s nothing here for me. I`m going to stop working."

Great... !!!  So while the mind is absent, let`s see what is actually observable.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

It is observed that the mind has been placing things between the observer and the actual.

The observer itself is a big pile non actual, deluding and sabotaging itself.

One cannot look through the non actual to see the actual.

Driven to despair by this dilemma the self creates a future for it`s self.

It tells the self that the actual will be revealed in the future.

"One day philosophers and scientists will figure this out, till then, I`ll just accept my lot."

But have a look.... You are surrounded by what is actual right here and right now.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

Meanwhile the self says "This can`t be what is actual. There must be more to it.
The actual WILL be a profound revelation. It will be supernovas and fanfares.
An Orson Wells voice will be narrating.  No.  I`ll wait till a better actual is discovered. This is bullshit."

The self avoids what is actual and hopes for a better future.

Isn`t that what you are DOING?

And that doing is preventing you from observing the actual.

So the human cannot see that it is the author of it`s own ignorance.

Maybe what you are reading here is completely wrong.

Great !  If the actual can be observed by observing something other than the actual, then sign me up.
Give me a lifetime membership.

Just tell me what I have to do to be free of having to do.

Or chose to observe the fact that the human is in an impossible position.
Observation of the actual is actually impossible.

Feeling the squeeze?

There is you. And there is the impossible position you are in.
Can you do anything about it?  Is it what is actual? Is it the actual position you are in?

The observer and the observed.

The thinker and the thought.

Absent the thought the thinker is NOT.
The thinker is the thought.

Unification......   Transformation.

The impossible position you are in is no more. And never was.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

The one who was in an impossible position is no longer there to be in it. The impossible situation is gone as well.

You were the impossible situation you were in.

A few minutes ago...that was impossible to see.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 216

                                                                     More about the actual.

Something is either actual or it isn`t.
If one can still do something about it.... it is still not what is actual.

If it is what is actual then it has transformed. Thus there is nothing one can do about it.
It is a slippery fish.

One cannot progress towards the actual.... because that which progressed is no longer there. can`t figure out how to use a program on your computer.
You are at that moment being the guy who can see how it doesn`t work.

However... once the mechanics of how it actually does work are observed. one is
now being the guy who can see how it works.

It appears to be word games.... Look beyond the words.

Once the actual is observed the guy who could not see the actual is no more.

Now this is the key. It is what has been missed by all the great thinkers.

Why was it missed?

Because it is an absence. And the mind can only deal with what is. It cannot think with what isn`t.

Transformation has occurred. The guy who could see how it doesn`t work, comes rushing back as the guy who can.

The guy who couldn`t see it has completely gone. He never was. Forgotten ...Overlooked.

Do you see it?

No human has ever gotten excited about nothing.

And yet this is the most exciting discovery that never existed.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 217

                                                                 Looking for the actual.

So.,..Where does one look to see the actual?

Once again let us observe the actual question.

It presumes one isn`t seeing the actual.
It presumes that the "one" could see the actual if they knew where to look.

It presumes that if one was to look where the actual was located, that their question would be answered and the search would be over.

The question comes from a place of need.

It`s as if by having the answer to the question, the need will be fulfilled.

The question is always an asking.
It is a declaration that there is an absence.

Are you following?

The question is defining what "one " is being.
And that is "one" who is not able to observe the actual.

If there was an absence of the "one " who was being `unable to observe the actual`..... the question could no longer be asked.

And this is the actual mechanics of the human.
It throws itself into the question and becomes that which needs to answer it.

The human is eternally looking for something.

Can this be observed?

This function of the human eternally obscures just simply looking.

While one is eternally looking for something, they are overlooking what actually is.

The search for enlightenment is obscuring the fact that one is actually being un-enlghtened.

While one is on the road to enlightenment, they have distracted themselves from where they actually live.

The human is eternally creating his/her own deficiencies by wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else.

The human eternally lives in mystery.

How can one see what is actual when they are eternally looking at what could be something else?

The actual is what is actual. It is never something else.

By asking "How can one see the actual?" is being that something else.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 218

                                                                      Looking for the answer.

The human is pursuing a trail of questions and answers in the hope that in the future the big answer to the big question will be found.

But what is looking?

What is the human actually?

The human believes s/he could be something else and focuses on what they could be.
This takes their attention off what they actually are.

For any answer to be satisfactory, it must fall in line with what the human believes s/he is.
All beliefs are a substitute for what is actual.

By dismantling that which is asking the question... the answer has no relevance any more.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 219

                                                                    Your better half.

Having a body is key to the human experience.
Without the body the human experience is not possible.

That doesn`t bar one from experience.
It only bars one from the human experience.

The human experience is experienced through the human body.
The human body constructs itself between two possibilities.
Male or female.

It has the potential to go either way.
But once it is going one way, it is deprived of the way it didn`t go.

So the body is only half of what it could be.

It is then convinced that it`s feelings of deprivation will be remedied by
finding it`s better half.

One sex has a space and the other has something to fill it.

Sexual deprivation is part and parcel of the human experience.

And once the mind is given the job of sorting it out, it becomes emotional frustration.

The amount of pain, suffering and discomfort caused by this emotional frustration
could fuel all the industry, and philosophy, on earth.

But no matter what the human does, the sense of deprivation remains.

And it`s all a con.

The moment the human`s sense of deprivation is satiated, it`s over.
The feelings of fulfillment are fleeting at best.
For the human there is no rest.

The pain associated with this human urge soon dwarfs the pleasure.
The human fights back, flies into a rage and attempts to eradicate this frustration.

There is nothing that says crazy like the human trying to escape this dilemma.

When one finds someone who has the potential to satisfy their needs, it feels like heaven.
When that someone deprives one of that satisfaction, it feels like Hell.

And the human falls for it every time.

If one was what they are searching for, the search would be over.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 220

                                                                       Getting even.

There is no hiding from the following subject matter.

Once one has assumed a body, one is on the game board.

The life sentence is being served.

The human experience cannot exist beyond either the female or the male body.
It takes place between these two borders.

Wherever one winds up between the two they have no choice over.

The body has it`s own agenda. It reinforces that agenda with hormones.

Then social conditioning and peer pressure is added to the mix.

One is cast in a role that they never chose.

It is a living hell.

One`s fate of deprivation is cemented in place by physical and emotional punishment for not conforming to some made up
bullshit. The victim of physical and emotional punishment comes to resent their own body.
Just ask any teenager.

Meanwhile the body is depriving it`s owner of what it didn`t become.

The human, with a body is now on a mission to find it`s better half.
s/he seeks out s/he who they believe will make them feel complete.

The coming together of two bodies on a sexual level is the ultimate expression of this union.
However it is fleeting and not constant. There is no bank where one can amass pleasure.

So the human invents all these sacred, vows and rituals to artificially hold onto this bliss.

It all gets pretty messy, when this sacred union is held together by legal contracts and threats of death.

The human exists in a state of deprivation. The game is to acquire and possess that which they are deprived of.

When all hope of achieving that disappears, the human can be counted on to destroy it.

Vandalism is destroying that which one has no hope of possessing.

You see how confusing and messed up this whole human dilemma is?

It is all completely nuts.

1 % pleasure. 99% sheer misery.

After too long in this arena the human has had enough and wants out.

They suspect they have been conned. But don`t know how it was done.

"And who cares anyway...Not me!"

The pleasure is actual and is over the moment it happens. However the pain and suffering linger. You can bank on it.

The accumulation of pain and suffering now sabotage any chance of happiness.

The human is so preoccupied solving it`s own problems that it never sees that it is the cause of those very same problems.

What one became and is being is the fact.
What one didn`t become and isn`t being is all imaginary.

That is the real split.

That is the duality.

The fact and the fantasy.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 221

                                                                      "I`m only human."

The human experience exists between the male and female of the species.

Before and after the human experience there is no sex.

Where ever the human has manifested on this scale, they have deprived themselves of where they didn`t.

So we have the fact of the manifestation and the fantasy that would make one feel whole, if it were to be realized.

Till that fantasy is fulfilled there is constant yearning.

The human has no choice but to look for fulfillment outside of themselves.
They are chasing a fantasy.

Watch out anyone who doesn`t fulfill another`s expectations regarding that fantasy.

For... Just as every human is who they actually are, and not who they could be, so too is every other human.

And insisting that they be the fantasy one has of them is what sexual perversion actually is.

Yes . You read that correctly.

The human is a physical sexual being. There is nothing one can do about it.

Every time a human physically punishes their child for not fulfilling their expectations,
that child is resenting that they have the body that can be punished.

What the child became (The actuality) can be hurt.
What the child didn`t become (The fantasy) can`t.

Thus the door to fantasy is kicked wide open.
It is where one can escape from the vulnerability of the fact, into the fiction.

The fantasy has become an escape from what is actual.

But the content of the fantasy is a remedy for inescapable reality.

And because the human, who is sexual, is creating that escape, it is always a sexual fantasy.

Can`t see it?

The fantasy has it`s beginning middle and end coated in sexual identity.

The greatest fantasy ever has a happy ending with GOD. God the father.

HE who remedies all that being human actually is.

Not even God, HIMSELF, is free of sexual identity.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 222

                                                              " I am woman ...hear me roar."

One of the barriers to observing the actual is, who you are being.

That which one is being is obscuring direct observation of the fact.

There is the male perspective. There is the female perspective.
There is the sexually confused perspective.

Either way... it is a perspective. A human perspective.

The male and female perspective are so diametrically opposed that they can`t even see each other`s point of view.

A sexual being cannot have a sexually neutral point of view.

They drive each other crazy.
And it is this crazy that is trying to observe the actual.

Not a chance in hell.

Being a modern, man or woman, all sophisticated and knowledgeable, one might assume that they can put their sexuality aside
for the period of observation.  The point is missed.

It is all knowledge and sophistication acquired as a sexual being.

It is the sexuality of the human that has created the thing that is looking.

It is what is actual. It is inescapable. Nothing can be done about it.

The observer and the observed.

Absent the observed... the observer is not.

The observer IS the observed.


The sexual being that was looking , is no more... and never was.

The actual is the absence of that which is non actual.

The human is at all times sexually depraved.
Sexual fulfillment is the seduction that lures the human onto the field of time with promises of sexual fulfillment.

And the human is the accumulation of those broken promises.

It is between the pain and the pleasure that the human resides "till death do us part."

For the human , love has a use by date.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 223

                                                                       The endless enigma.

Humans love to have sex.

But the human falls in love with whomever gives them the sex they love.

The human then tries to posses that which provides them with the sex they love.

A blind eye is turned to the fact that that which one possesses actually possesses them.

One now identifies with their possessions.
 Loss of their possessions leaves one not knowing who they are.

The human simply cannot contemplate an absence.

The mind throws all sorts of junk into an absence in an effort to rescue one from the absence.

Just observe the mechanics of this.

The mind is always looking for something to do.

All the crazy fucked up things man is doing, is all an effort to avoid an absence.

There is nothing can be done about this. It is what is actual.

Can it be observed that for something to be done, it must be done to what is other than the actual.!!!???

Let`s see if this helps...
If one had actual love for someone, it wouldn`t matter what that someone was doing.

And if someone actually loved you, it wouldn`t matter a damn what you were doing.

This kind of love is inhuman.  Do you see that?

The human is only capable of conditional love.

If one possessed actual love for their persecutor, then the persecutor could not be there to deprive one of their possessions.

For it is only inauthentic, conditional, bullshit love that something can be done to.

Actual love has no victims.

When one`s love is rejected it can only be the bullshit love they tried to inflict on another, come back to it`s rightful owner.

If it had been actual love then there would be no one there to reject it, and nothing to reject.

Come on.....
Just stretch out a bit to see the mechanics involved here.

There is no doing involved here.

The only part of love that can fall apart is the part that wasn`t love at all.

The indescribable agony endured by someone who has lost at love is what they were inflicting on another.
Who incidentally is glad to be rid of it. As you will be when you see through it.

This whole area has baffled the mind for centuries.

The mind is always insisting that something can be done about it.

But it is the doing that is creating the something to be done about.

When doing ceases, observation is possible.

Please ... just for a moment, observe the human degradation and suffering the human has had to endure
by failing to observe the mechanics involved here.

The human is mesmerized by content and missing the context.

The content is the past.
At all times the human is trying to remedy the past with the future.

That is the context.!!!

The content provides identification. The little picture.

The context provides dis-identification.... The big picture.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 224

                                                                    " I can`t help myself."   

What one is observing here is not known.
The known and the unknown must be totally disregarded for the actual to be observed.

For as soon as the known is consulted, judgement and comparison stand between the observer and the actual.

Can one simply observe a tree without the word tree?
Can one simply observe the tree without knowing what type of tree it is?
Can one look at this tree without consulting what is known about trees?

Till one can, one is not observing the actual tree.

Until one can observe the actual tree one is stuck with a tree that is not actual.

The non actual tree can only be changed or modified. Transformation of the non actual cannot occur.

Thus it is with the tree of life.
The tree of life is the tree of knowledge.

And the moment anything is known, it forms the past.

The actual past cannot be changed or modified, thus change and modification create the future, where anything is possible.

And it is a con.

Until one observes the actual mechanics of this con, they will remain a victim of it.

No one can save you from it.

The actual circumstances the human is trapped in are beyond the humans ability to observe them.
The human is so distracted by the content that they miss the context.

The human is a construction that constructs.
It knows nothing about deconstruction.
For it to know something about deconstruction , it would necessitate no longer being there to know it.

This all appears to be endless word games to the human.
What is being revealed here does not fit in with anything the human knows.

Can it be observed that if one was not here, then nor would their problems be ...!!!!???

But one is here !!!!

That is the actual.

Nothing can be done about it.

The human you are being is actually all you are not.

You are the absence of that which is not you.

How can one see what they really are, when what they are not is doing the looking?

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 225

                                                 "But what can be done about all the world`s problems?"

The human has an inextinguishable capacity to do. It`s what humans do.

Doing is only possible in relation to the non actual.

When one is with the actual, nothing can be done.

So humans are doing things in relation to problems that have no basis in actuality.

When one observes all that man has done to rid the world of problems it is clear that the problems have only been changed and modified.

But the problems are still there.

The greatest minds in existence have been thinking about the problem since the problem was invented.

The mind has been looking at the content.... Not the context. And the result is a contest.

Who is right? Who is winning the human race?

But isn`t this only a battle of ideas ?

The best idea the human has come up with is to destroy other ideas.

The human has concluded that the only reason other ideas exist is because someone other, is holding them.

Rather than simply observe that his ideas fit the same criteria, the human comes up with ideas on how to remove opposing ideas.

Violence has been in fashion since a past existed.

Before the past, violence was not possible. It was still just an idea yet to be had.

Man`s past is violence. Mans future is violence.  MAN IS VIOLENCE.

Human problem solving is an attempt to destroy violence with violence.

The terror on terror.

Here ...try it for yourself.

Humans queue around the block to go and see "Star wars."
Write a cover page for a movie script for a movie called "Star peace."
Send it to all the movie studios. Don`t worry that the pages are all blank.
No one is ever going to open it.

Announce to your soul mate that you have been having sex with their sibling.

Right then and there you are observing what man actually is.

Man is violent. !!!!!

"But of course anyone would react violently with that content.
....After all they are only human."

Bingo !!!

That is the PROBLEM !!!

Title: Re: "A NEW STORY."
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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 226

                                                                     Can we just look?

The mind of the human is a busy bee, chomping at the bit to get doing stuff.

It can`t sit quietly even for a minute. Try it.

So... We have a world full of problems. But rather than observe the problem for what it actually is,
the mind fires missiles at it full of ideas.

The world`s actual problems cannot be observed because they are smothered with ideas.

Those ideas are projections of the human mind.

They create the possibility of actually doing something about the problems.
But they have nothing to do with the actual problems.

I appreciate the mind cannot observe this.
Let`s come at from a different direction.

The human is aware of problems because they are human.

The human and the problem are a pair.

The human mind projects a solution and now the human has somewhere to exist... Between the problem and the solutuion.

Thus the human has distracted itself from the actuality that the human is the fucking problem.

No human !!! No problem !!!

Get it?

" But that doesn`t solve anything."

Now you`re seeing it.  It doesn`t solve anything because there is nothing to solve !!!!

Now watch the mind.  Just observe it.

                    "But what about all the suffering and misery in the world. That isn`t imaginary."

Okay...Show me suffering in the world that isn`t imaginary.

                    "There are babies being born in Africa with AIDS. That is a fact."

How many babies in Africa have AIDS ?

              "I don`t know exactly how many babies have AIDS....Lots."

Well give me the names and addresses of the ones you do know.

              "I don`t know any of them personally. But we can go there looking for them. If we do we will find them."

So you are telling me if we go looking for misery and suffering we will find it.
Until we do find it , isn`t it is only a projection of the mind ?

            "This is just words. There is real suffering in the world."

Yes. I`m suffering now... talking to you.
 What are you doing about all the suffering in the world by the way?

      "One person can`t do anything about the suffering in the world."

So that is what is actual !

How many problems can you observe?

        "Billions. There are problems everywhere you look."

Now... If you were not being here looking at these billions of problems what would happen to them?

         "They wouldn`t be there. But that doesn`t solve them."

What would there be to solve?


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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 227

                                                                       "Ignorance is bliss."

"But isn`t this just saying that people should ignore the problems in the world?"

Not at all. Why suggest people do what they are already doing?

Nothing here is about doing. Doing is currently being done by people who are `why` they are doing things.

The only people who are absent from doing are non people.

If someone is a person, they are doing. There is nothing they can do about that.

" I couldn`t just stand around not doing anything. It isn`t in my personality."

Exactly !

Look... The life sentence is nothing but a series of `have to does.`

That is what is actual.

It`s why people are fed up. It`s why discomfort, pain and suffering exist.

People are being conned. And they are so busy doing things to make their prison cell more comfortable that they
ignore the fact. The fact is people are prisoners to DOING.

Ask any person who is doing something, what they would rather be doing.
Most often the answer is something else. They are doing what they are doing because they have to.

They would rather be doing stuff because they `want to.`

"Thinking about this makes my head hurt."

Of course it does. The hurt is all in your fucking human head.

"So what can I do about it?"

Nothing. It is what is actual. And the actual is that which nothing can be done about.

"This is bullshit. What makes you an authority on solving people`s pain and suffering?"

But I`m not.

Surely someone who points out that nothing can be done is no authority.

So we have you.... And we have the world`s problems.

The observer and the observed.

Absent the observed , the observer is not.

The observer IS the observed !!!!!

The thinker is the thought.

Now there is nothing between them.

They are one.


He who was creating the world`s problems is no more.

And never was.

"But I didn`t DO anything."

Who is there to do? 

"But you can`t take away the world`s problems by removing the guy who is creating them."



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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 228

                                                                     "I just want the truth."

Which truth do you want ?

If you want the truth, then surely what you have now isn`t it.

If you already had the truth then you wouldn`t be looking for it.

So maybe, you have part of the truth, but are looking for the whole truth, and nothing but.

How will you recognize the truth when you see it?

What if your truth is different from everybody else`s.

Is truth the winner of a popularity contest?

Won`t it then be the case that the popular truth is in conflict with the unpopular truth.

Which is truer ...a happy truth or the sad truth...?

What if the plain truth is an unacceptable truth?

What the fuck is the truth? Is it the content or the context?

If you have the truth on your side, how could you possibly fail to find the truth?

And yet with truth, as it`s banner, mankind is drowning in lies.

I smell a con !

Can we cease looking for the truth and simply observe the mechanics of this con?

Don`t see it as a con?

Okay... Let`s assume you have found the ultimate truth.       Now what ?

Wouldn`t you now be wanting a more ultimate truth?

Wouldn`t your more ultimate truth now be in conflict with the ultimate truth?

You are sentencing yourself to living your truth whether it be ultimate, more ultimate, or just a plain acceptable truth.

Can we observe that looking for something is an admission that one is being deprived of that which they are seeking?

The prison is the deprivation of freedom.
Poverty is the deprivation of wealth.
Sickness is the deprivation of health.
Un-enlightenment is the deprivation of enlightenment.
Stupidity is the deprivation of knowledge.
Notoriety is the deprivation of anonymity.

Do you see how deprivation has created something to do and the time to do it in?

Deprivation must exist before the bars to one`s cell can manifest.

By believing that "the truth " will set you free, one is creating the deprivation of that which they seek.

So what is the answer?

You see...You fell for it again.
The question is the admission of deprivation.

But it gives you something to do... and the time to do it in.

The human mind is a junky for the truth.

How can one ever be free of the mind when everything in it is true?

Try giving the mind lies and it rejects them.

So the mind is composed only of the truth.
And the truth is you have a fucked up mind that`s using "the truth" to enslave you.

Observe the mechanics.
The con is over.
That which was a victim of the con is no more.

                "The truth is whatever brings peace of mind."

                         "Conflict cannot exist without the truth."

                                  "The mind is composed of truth which is conflict."

Conflict is over when truth is abandoned.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 229

                                                                      What is the truth?

Look closely.

The truth is always the content. Not the context.

If one is not drawn in by the content, one can remain above it all
and the context is observable.

The truth is always in the content.
When the context is observable there is no need for truth.

Because the human is mesmerized by the content they are deprived of the context.

One is so busy solving their problems that they have no ability to observe what a problem actually is.

One is so busy trying to break out of the prison they are in that they have no ability to observe what a prison actually is.

One is so busy trying to gain a sense of security that they fail to observe what security actually is.

One is so busy failing to see what is being revealed here, that they fail to observe what is being revealed.

Let`s come at it again.

There are billions of problems. If problems were valuable, humans would be rich.

But one can be aware of these problems and effortlessly move their attention to another.
However when it comes to their own problems , they are STUCK with them.

There are billions of lives. One can refocus on any of them at will.
But when it comes to their own life...The human is STUCK with it.

The human is living with the content of their lives.

And that content is the mind....Which is composed of the past.

The human is a prisoner of their past.

And everything in the past is true.

Now do you see it?

You are a prisoner of the truth.

You cannot escape the truth.

You are what you are because it is all true.

You can`t be who you aren`t because it wouldn`t be true.

What is true is that you are an accumulation of truth seeking more truth. ie... A junkie.

But the truth is a product of the mind. Which is a content. Not a context.

Truth is the fix the mind is addicted to.

No matter how much it has , it wants more.

The human is searching for the truth.
S/he is interested in content exclusively. With no capacity for viewing context.
It is when two opposing truths come together that the lie is born.
Between the lie and the truth there exists a time and a place to reside.

Now all this seems like a labyrinth of contradictions.

That is because one is viewing the content.

But if one observes that this is the exact labyrinth of contradictions that every individual human is stuck in,
then one has the context.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 230

                                                                     Why is the truth bad?

Rather than judge it, why not observe what it is...

The truth is something one has to look for.
So that which is looking cannot be the truth. Otherwise why would it be looking for it.?

And then once you have found it you have to live with it.

Thus one has become a prisoner of the truth.

The truth can only ever be the past.
Therefore one is living in the past.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 231

                                                                          Just a chat.

Thank you so much for staying with this.

I notice the number of views on this thread steadily climbing.
That really encourages me to keep looking and making those observations available for you.

Just want to say how appreciated that is.

Isn`t life fascinating?

So much potential for high stakes and high drama.

And in the final analysis it all comes down to nothing.
Because there is no final analysis.

Once that is observed, holding a loved one, looking at the stars at night, or the waves crashing on a rugged coastline,
or hearing the worst news possible,
all take on an indescribable timeless beauty.

The viewer is in this world...but not of it.

                                  The more deeply one observes the context, the less deeply they show up in the content.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 232

                                                                         What`s in it for me?

This is a serious question.
It is the question being asked by the human at all times?
There is nothing can be done about it.
It is what being human is. It is what is actual.

Now let`s look at the mechanics of this.

"But hang on a minute... What about all the humans who choose to do great, selfless, work for the benefit of others?"

Sure...Let`s look at these altruistic people. Those who choose to help others...

The people who saw pain, suffering, discomfort and deprivation and just couldn`t not do something about it.
They couldn`t live with themselves by not intervening...

Seems it may not have been a choice after-all.

What was the motive for helping others?
Was it to gain Karma credits?
Was it to strengthen their C.V. for their interview with "He who is all powerful," and yet does nothing?

Was it so they could get a seat at the V.I.P. table in Heaven?
Was it their job?
Was it to promote a cause? Carry the Flag for the problem solvers they are indebted to...

Was it simply so they could feel good... about themselves?

And why is it that they feel so bad when you point this out to them?

I`m not judging these benevolent humans.
Just observing that there is always a "what`s in it for me?" element in the background.


There is no choice.

Just like there is no choice for them but to come to the defense of any criticism of the good work they do.

Criticizing what they, or their group, do.... is taken as a personal insult.

Their benevolence does not embrace the one who criticizes their benevolent works.

Benevolence applies to those who need their help, and not to those who don`t.

But it is those who don`t need their help who are the actual problem.

Benevolence focuses on the victims and ignores the victors.

The victors are creating the victims for the benevolence to exist.

And "What`s in it for me?" is the driving force from the ultimate victor down to the ultimate victim, and every human between.

And there is nothing can be done about it.

It is what is actual. 

Right down from those who do good work for Intelligence Agencies, to the victims of their good work,
There is one common denominator.

Whether one is the sophisticated director of the C.I.A. or a simple guy getting crushed by the crowd around an armed truck full of aid,
there is one question they are all asking; "What`s in it for me?"
This is the human at work. It is not good or bad. It is what is.

It is the actual.

Observe it.

The observer and the observed.

The observer is the observed.


The human who was asking "What`s in it for me? is no more and never was.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 233

                                                                    Observing the impossible.

This is a biggie.

The impossible has driven mankind to despair.

It is the subject matter which limits and imprisons the human.

When confronted by the impossible, the human gets his butt kicked every time.

Those who kick back sometimes find that what they thought was impossible was actually possible after all.

A lot of things that were thought to be impossible, have actually turned out to be possible.

It seems the line between the possible and the impossible is constantly on the move.

So if one looks at what is impossible now, it may show up as possible later.

Till that line moves, one is stuck with only what is possible.

So how do we define what impossible is?

Surely it is everything that is not possible.

The impossible is the absence of the possible.

Now ..What truly screws this up is that for one human something is possible. But for another human it is impossible.

What the fuck is going on here ?

I smell a con.

Shall we look into it together?

It is no trivial matter. 

One is only trapped , when escape is impossible.

All of the rage, terror, despair, frustration and suffering endured by the human is directly attributable to this phenomenon.

When confronted by the impossible, the human is it`s bitch.

But hang on a minute....

Isn`t anything possible?... Given time !

The possible and the impossible are not actual. They are not tangible.
The possible has no cut off point... Once time is added.

Time allows the conversion of the impossible to the possible. Which is a doing.

The possible and the impossible are projections of the mind... whose objective is to buy more time.

When the mind separates the impossible from the possible it has created a space for it`s host to exist.

The human is being tricked into believing that by converting the impossible into the possible , everything will be possible, in time.

This gives the human something to do. It is now so mesmerized by the content that the context is lost.

So look deeply at this.

The possible and the impossible are separated by time.

Take out time, and the impossible is possible. And the possible is no longer what used to be impossible.


The time waster is no more... and never was.


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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 234

                                                                  If I only had time.

The human....every human is relying on the future to set them free.

Meanwhile s/he wonders how s/he ended up as a slave to time.

When all of ones hopes and dreams are dependent on time ...well you bloody well better conform with it.

To not bow down to time  is to put all one desires in jeopardy.

How can one expect to get anywhere if they don`t put in the time?

Hearing this, the human goes "But I never realized it was a choice."

And for the human, there is no choice.

The human is stuck here doing time. There is no choice.
Being human is a life sentence.

Now one is left with the time that separates the possible from the impossible.

Which is why it is impossible to break out of the life sentence.

  But isn`t this all just fancy words and mind games.

Please take the time to write down the true version that isn`t fancy words and mind games.

Write it down and share it with the world immediately. There is no time to be lost.

....   ....

Does your one true way of escaping time and doing, involve time and doing?

Ooops !!!

Once you have found the one true way, then sort out this...

How did you recognize that it was truth?
What was it about it that made it truer than other truths?
If what you have discovered is the ultimate truth, then how could it be hidden?

Surely every question would have led to it.

No...What you found was "your truth". Welcome to the human race.

"This is all a waste of time."

Agreed.  Tell me one event in human all history that wasn`t.

...   ....    ....

And yet every event in human history was a big deal to those involved at the time.

The truth is the words "Never forgotten" on a headstone.
The actual is how hard it is to make it out due to the ravages of time.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 235

                                                                     Thought is a delusion.

There is what is. `What is` , is the actual.

And then there is what one thinks about it. What one thinks about it is not what actually is.

What is actual is NOT quantifiable. It is not a number.

The moment one observes a number of actualities, one has made the actual relative to something.
And if one has made one actual more important than another actual, then the actual has been circumvented.

Any time that doing is possible, that doing has turned it`s back on the actual.

This has fooled people for centuries. So don`t take it bad that you are struggling to see it.

The reason something appears complicated has nothing to do with that something.
The complexity is the minds effort to keep from seeing it.

As soon as the actual is seen, the mind is absent and complexity disappears.

Complexity is just the mind fighting for it`s life.

Absent complexity, the mind has nothing to do.

The mind is a very complex thing.

It is a storehouse for quantifiable truths.

But no matter how important a truth , the mind will not allow the truth to stand in its way.

The mind will push the truth aside anytime it does not fit in with it`s purpose.

The mind will never allow the truth to ruin a good story.

And the purpose of the mind is to buy more time by creating stories that provide peace of mind.

The mind can change and modify the truth.
But against the actual it has no power.  What it was, is transformed.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 236

                                                              "When will it ALL make sense?"

Before answering that question, can we just examine how the question has framed the answer.
The answer is in the question.

The `when` implies that time is part of the equation.
`all` implies an absence of nothing.
And making sense implies a construction that does not permit a follow up question.

Do you see all that ?

The question implies a deprivation of the answer. Otherwise, why ask it?
Then what is asking can be observed.

The question is being posed by the construction of everything that makes deprivation possible.

If deprivation is absent, the question cannot be.

It`s around this point that the mind bails.

It says "Fuck this bullshit. All I want is to be happy and have peace of mind.
I want a white picket fence, a loving soul mate, a big screen TV, health, wealth and prosperity. Three kids.No... Make that 4.
Oh ..and love. Plus my kids to stay off drugs. And a beautiful house in the country.
And peace and brotherhood between all men. Oh... and a new computer.
Oh... And I`d love to travel. Maybe write a book. I want to want for nothing. Deprivation be gone !!!"

Meanwhile...I`ll keep going where I don`t want to go, and doing what I don`t want to do, so that
one day I will have the resources to go where I want and do what I want, when I want."

But just as time will get you these things, it will also take them away.

Where is the sense in that?

Still ... It was great while it lasted.

Let`s do it all over again.

What can I be deprived of now ?

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 237

                                                                      So what is the answer?

The answer is "to eliminate the question."

It is the question that gives life to the answer.

Without the question, the answer is rendered impotent.

While the question exists, the answer is holding the key.

The door unlocked by the answer leads to another question.

This is a mechanical process.
It creates the illusion of a way out ...but without delivering the final answer.

This is the same mechanism as addiction.

The next fix becomes the content of one`s focus, while the context is not observed.

While the question and the answer exist, there is somewhere for the addicted to exist.

The content of that existence fuels the asking of further questions.

Do you see this?

It is a con !!!!

"But what can I do about it?"

Nothing !!!!   It is what is actual.

The question "When will it all make sense? " will persist for the exact length of time as the poser of the question exists.

What are we left with ?

The question and the answer.

The observer and the observed.

But the observer IS the observed.
Absent the observed the observer is not.


That which posed the question is no more... and never was.

"But that solves nothing !!!!"

Okay... Keep doing it your way.  It is what humans do. They have no choice.

The human is on the eternal `search for the meaning of life` treadmill.

The answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" is just around the next corner.
I can almost taste it.

But let me point out....

The answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" will be a sentence.

You will be a slave to that sentence.
You will be serving it for as long as you are posing that question.

 One is serving that sentence for life.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 238

                                                                       Deprivation 101.

If the observations being pointed out here seem hard to grasp, please realize that `everything
you are` is preventing and inhibiting simple observation of these points.

`Everything you are` wants time to figure it all out.

But isn`t `who you are` actually `who you have become.`

And `who you have become` needed time to become it.

And what one has become is clearly evidenced by what `what one has become` is DOING.

If one is doing criminal things it is because they have become a criminal.
If one is doing troubling things, it is because they are troubled.
Whatever one is DOING, `what one is being` is the cause of it.

Whatever `one is being` is what is doing the perceiving.

If one believes they are human, they are limited to human perception.

And that human perception is based on human experience... Which is time.

The human is the purchaser of time.
All the human is DOING, is done to buy more time. Particularly quality time.

When the human can buy no more time, all s/he has bought is abandoned.

With the abandonment of being and doing, the actual comes into view.

Being and doing were the time buying mechanism that existed to obscure the actual for as long as it could.

The human is all about doing. Which ultimately, is it`s undoing.

The human has purchased a life span that typically begins and ends within a century.
S/he is so busing having to do things in relation to the content of that life, that the context is missed.

The human has only human perception to make the best of this dilemma.
But human perception is limited to what the human can perceive.

The human looks at death from a human perspective and says "No thanks. Not interested."

Unable to observe an absence, the human mind will busy itself projecting all sorts
of comforting scenarios to bring itself peace of mind on the subject of deprivation of human life.

Whatever is being projected is a product of the mind and has nothing to do with the actual.

The actual is the absence of deprivation.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 239

                                                                  "Nothing has changed."

The one criticism that could be had about observing what is being revealed here is that it changes nothing.

It is very frustrating to have invested all this time reading what is written here only to
finally accept that nothing is changing.
One`s life is still exactly the same. There has been no progress. Things have not gotten better.

The reader could easily feel betrayed and disappointed.
The reader could easily say... "Well I gave it a go. It didn`t do anything for me... I`m moving on."

"This guy is the worst philosopher the world has ever not known.

There is not one legitimate philosopher who would endorse anything that is said here. Not one!

This whole thing has been one big con."

Don`t I realize that there are real people reading this.

People that are suffering. People who are sick and tired of being led up the garden path.

They want answers. They want solutions. They want to be happy.
They want peace. They want things to make sense. They want health.
They want knowledge and prosperity. They want sanity. They want love.

But hang on a moment....

Isn`t everything people want actually a projection of the mind?

Look at them.

What people are actually stuck with, is the exact opposite.

When what man `actually is` is observed, not what he should be...Not what given time he could be...

What man actually fucking well IS....

One may see why nothing written here was ever addressed at the human.

From the moment one realizes they are talking to a moron, there are actually two morons there.

These observations are addressed to that which is beyond human.

When `that which is`  transforms, `that which was` ceases to be...and never was.

Thus no progress is registered. No path leads to or from transformation.

All paths facilitate DOING.

The story of `Adam and Eve` is a prime example of being led up the garden path.

                                               Do Not follow anyone. Be a light unto yourself.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 240

                                                                       What the human actually is.

The human IS the inability to observe the actual.

That is what man actually is.

The whole, entire human experience is all interaction with the non actual.

And there is nothing s/he can do about it.

This must be wrong. This cannot be. How could anyone say anything so far from the truth?

I have no argument with the human protest.

So ...Tell me what is actually going on. Reveal for me the big picture.

Do it now.

Who am I ? How did I get here? Where am I going?  What is God? What happens after death?
What happens before life? Does life have a purpose? What is life?

Scan through all the knowledge man has accumulated for the answers to these questions.

Once you have found the meaning of life, show it to someone else.
Let them observe your ultimate truth.

Feel the utter frustration when despite all your efforts, they look at your conclusions and say "I think you`re full of shit."

Come on guys. Wake up to this con.

One cannot end DOING through DOING.

Here ..Look at this.

Man has been at war for as long as he has existed.

Why ?  Because man is violent.

That is what is actual. There is nothing can be done about it.

Man has spent trillions of dollars on the tools of war.

Now... Look at this...

What if all those trillions had been spent on the tools of peace.?

But where does one spend money on peace. How can it be done?

It can`t.  Because peace is what is actual and nothing can be done about it.

Are you seeing this?

When in the presence of the actual.... nothing can be done.

So peace is what is actual and nothing can be done about it.

Meanwhile war is an invention of man. It is not actual, and thus plenty can be done.

Peace is the absence of conflict. And man cannot be with an absence. Because the absence is what is actual.

Man cannot observe the actual.

When a human life comes to an end. The human discards all that is not actual. ie. The human.
And is then cognizant of the fact that, that whole life was nothing but a waste of time.

When this fact is observed while inside a life, then it is being observed by something that is beyond human.

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                                                                        "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 241

                                                                 Dying to become immortal.

Attempting to understand what immortality is, to a human, is like explaining dryness to water.

It has to not be there to see it.

Let me use the popular family game of Monopoly to illustrate how an absence is un-observable to the human.

The aim of the game is to drive the other players into bankruptcy. Fun for the whole family.

But no one really gets made bankrupt. It`s only pretend. So to play you have to be willing to pretend.

First you need to pretend to be a marker on the board. Something you move around the board to let yourself, and others,
know where to locate you.

To interact with other players one has to fail to generate identification with the other markers.
If a player reaches over and grabs a fistful of another player`s Monopoly cash, they will be told "Hey!!! Fuck off...That`s mine!"

So now we have not only identification...But also accumulation.

Now...So long as someone is playing by the rules, it is quite okay to set about depriving others of their accumulations.
In deed it is encouraged. 

There is no choice.  If you want to play Monopoly, you have to be willing to deprive other players of what they have accumulated and ultimately their very identity.

The marker representing the identity who has lost all s/he accumulated is removed from the board and placed back in the box.
One cannot continue to play when they have nothing to play with. They can no longer "Pay their way."

Once a player is removed from the board, the possibility of winning is also removed. That player has ceased to be a player.
That one has nothing at stake. Identification has ceased. Interest is gone. Time to move on.

The possibility of winning or losing that game is over. Nothing can be done. The game is actually over.

S/he who was playing monopoly has transformed into s/he who is no longer playing Monopoly.

S/he who was a player, is gone..... And never was.

"But I remember playing Monopoly. I have witnesses."

You have witnesses who can testify that you are the guy who was a player."

Like I said. The player is gone.

"This is all just word games...."

No. You`re thinking of Scrabble.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 242

                                                                     Where does suffering end?

At the beginning.

Can we spend a moment observing the mechanics of suffering....?

Suffering is the result of conflict.
Any sort of conflict.

One wants something... but they are stuck with something else.

One is stuck between the desire and the desired.

The result is that one is existing with the undesired.

The undesired is in conflict with the desired.

But let`s look at this.
Isn`t the desired, a projection of thought?

The desired creates a compass point that makes doing possible.

Those afflicted by this con have no choice but to chase their desires.

Now there is nothing right or wrong about this.
We aren`t sitting in judgement here. Merely observing.

That which is desired is relief from suffering.

Once the end of suffering is somewhere else,
the beginning of suffering is where one actually is.

One is constantly at the beginning of suffering while they are somewhere but desiring to be somewhere else.

Now can you see it?

Rather than observe where one actually is, one`s attention is drawn to something more desirable.

So one is constantly escaping from what is.
But here is the point. They have never actually observed that which they are trying to escape from.

One is so busy doing things to remedy their suffering, that the  suffering itself remains unobserved.

As a result, humanity is trying to solve problems without a clue about what they actually are.

The human has never observed the depression s/he is trying to come up with solutions for.

"I am depressed" is the beginning and the end of the matter.
"I am angry"        is  "      "           "     "    "   "    "     "      .
" I am fed up"      "   "      "           "     "    "   "    "     "      .

Anything else is a mental projection that is non actual. It is a solution that has never been with the problem.

Maybe you can see it this way...

Every political and religious problem facing humanity is actually political and religious solutions.

Every political and religious solution is premised on the non fact that humanity is divided.

But for fucks sake !!!! Humanity is divided by politics and religion.

Humanity is NOT divided.
Politics and religion create division.

The solution IS the problem.

You getting it?


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Was about to delete this...

Then thought... What the fuck..

It just seems contradictory. (But it isn`t.)

                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 243

                                                    Transformation is the unification of life and death.

`What is` cannot see `what is not.`

`What is` can only project a changed or modified version of `what is.`

`What is` sees what could, should, or might be.

That which could, should, or might be, obscures `what is`s` observation of `what is not`.

From there,`what is` has no choice, but to try to modify and change `what is` into what it could should or might be.

Separation of desire and fulfillment has been achieved.

And thus perpetual deprivation is where `what is` is.

`What is` is attempting to become "what is not`. But s/he cannot see it.

`What is not` cannot be seen because there is nothing there to be seen.

Have you gone cross eyed reading this yet?

Please bear with me a moment.

What is being observed here are the mechanics of what is causing the cancer of discontent that permeates humanity.

A lot of smart people have and are looking into this.
I am as intrigued and as excited about what is being discovered as anyone.

I`m not in competition. I would love to get to the bottom of it anyway possible.

However when I observe the observations of others, it becomes apparent how rapidly they disintegrate into doing.

 I see this as a con. I see how anxious the human is to latch onto something s/he can DO.

So this is a kind of mimicry. "If I do what the Buddha did, I too will become enlightened."

But the one thing the Buddha did not do is mimic the Buddha.

He didn`t DO anything that the Buddha did.

And yet isn`t the whole religion of Buddhism about mimicry of the Buddha?

Aren`t Christians trying to be Christlike?
Aren`t Scientologists constantly asking themselves "What would Ron do?

You`ll see it in every religion and belief system now that I`ve pointed it out.

Any moron knows if you have a problem you should do something about it.
And I`m not even arguing with that.
I don`t see it as a choice. One has to DO something about their problems.
The only problems you don`t have to do anything about are the ones you don`t have.

Fascinating !

So what is different about the problems you don`t have and the ones you do?

It makes no sense for the human to dwell on problems they don`t have.

Those that do, have a problem.

And now they try to do something about the problems they don`t have and wind up stuck in the orbits of problems they didn`t have
 but, have now.

It is my observation that the human is stuck with `what is` but has no capacity to observe `what actually is.`

The human is here to look towards what could, should or might be. And then change and modify what is into a changed or modified version of what was.

In every instance the human will be reduced to ashes and dust.

The human is no longer obscuring observation.

`What is not` is finally observed.

`What is` is the absence of `what is not`.

Transformation has occurred.

`what is not` changed and modified.
`What is` transforms.

`What is not` (The non actual) has a beginning and an ending.

`What is` (The actual) is without beginning or ending.

`What is` cannot observe `what is not` without becoming `what is not`.

When `what is` observes `what is not`, `what is` is no longer being `what is not.`

Mortality is only observed by the mortal. Both must be `what is not.`

The immortal cannot see mortality because it is not `what is`.

When `what is ` and `what is not` are united, transformation occurs.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 244

                                                                  Observing beyond the game.

`What is` and `what is not` is a shell game.

They swap places when you get close to them.

They are two sides of a revolving door.

In summary..."Things are not what they appear to be."

`What is` is `what is not`

The human has no idea that s/he is being conned.

Reality is a dream and the dream is actually reality.

See...  This defies reason.

The human has been throwing reason at the problem since s/he could think.

The human craves reason. The human has decided that everything happens for a reason.

Everything the human does was for good reason.

If there is no reason to do something, the human loses interest in doing it.

The human reasons that all s/he has constructed and accumulated, must have a reason.
That reason is that it will all make perfect sense in time.

Whatever the human experiences, s/he is certain that there must be a reason for it.

When that reason isn`t forthcoming the human feels betrayed...let down. Violated.

The human reasons that s/he would be better off dead.

And for once the human is right on the money.

The problem is that the human is misinformed about who and what they are.

The human believes s/he is the body.
So ending the life of the body is what the suicide evaluates.
But it is evaluated by their mind. So?
Are they the body or the mind or a combination of the two?

But if the human suicides what will happen to their soul?
 So is the human the body? The mind? the soul? or a combination of the three?

Either way, the suicide is stuck with the reasoning that death of something will end their suffering.

But the suicide has never reasoned that death of the suffering itself would leave the mind body and spirit untouched.

If one stopped breathing life into their suffering it would simply suffocate.

But how does one do that?

One does not do it. One ceases to do it.

If one could observe their suffering directly with no barriers or distractions, that suffering would transform.

Once someone stops looking at what to do about it. That which needs something done about it, is no longer there to do anything about.

Are there any examples of this?

No. All there can ever be is examples of not this.
Examples of this have ceased to be.
They are the problems you are not having.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 245

                                                                Damned if you do. Damned if you don`t.

The human is so preoccupied with solving `what is` happening to them, that they have no time to waste on `what is not.`

A human with a problem can actually do something about the problems s/he has. But s/he cannot do anything about the problems s/he has not.

This is just nonsense. Who the heck would waste any time on problems they don`t have? A worrier. A paranoid.
And of course, the worrier and the paranoid have a real problem.

No. If one could actually observe a problem, they do not have, there would be no worry or paranoia possible.

If one wrote a list of the problems they have...It`s actually a short list.

Not enough money. Frustrated sexually. Need a better residence. Find happiness for self and loved ones. Be addiction free.
Have a reliable car. Travel. Hate my job. Be healthier. Be loved.

What ? Am I psychic?

As far as problems you don`t have... "Well they are other peoples problems. I have enough of my own to worry about."

"Plus I`ve learned the hard way not to get too involved in other people`s problems."

But hang on a minute..,.Isn`t your very livelihood derived from solving other people`s problems.

Look at it.

What is going on here?

When you look at it.... Absent the problem, human`s would have nothing to do ?

It seems the goal of every human is to to be free of problems.

And yet the result of that would leave the human with nothing to do.

What`s going on here?

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 246

                                                                  Problem deconstruction.

I hope you aren`t learning anything here.

This is not a lesson. It isn`t a "How to..." manual.

For a start, there is nothing here that is known. Knowledge is not being imparted.

In fact, the author has no idea of what is being communicated here.

The author is not an authority. The author knows nothing.

There is no attempt here to educate people about how to solve their problems.

All education does is try to teach people to solve problems they don`t have.
You went through the school system.

You may even have a certificate to say that you know something.

Well?   What is it that you know?

If you really look you will see that you really know nothing.

Kids are coming out of the education system believing they are wise.

And yet their parents can`t trust them to make a sandwich.

The whole education system is a fantasy.
It is completely disassociated from what is actual.

What your kids are being educated into is isolation.

Education is an industry that creates tears.

The whole thing could be turned around with the simple question "What is it that you want to find out about?"

And answered with... "let us look at the possibilities.
Can we eliminate the impossible and see what is left, no matter how improbable."

When a human awakens every morning depressed, that human has nothing to draw on to remedy it.
All that the human has been educated into believing just exacerbates it.

The human mind is full of solutions to problems that don`t exist and zero ability to observe what does actually exist.

No human wakes up depressed.
They only get depressed when they are reminded of who they have become.

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 247

                                                                     The life/death dilemma.

Let`s look into it.

This is a slippery fish.  Just when you think you have the answer to this dilemma, it wriggles free and escapes your grasp.

Here is why.

The life that is asking about death, is inhibiting observation of it.

To observe death, the life that is looking at it, cannot be present.

The life that is looking requires that the answer makes sense to it.

That which is asking hears that `death is the final chapter.`
It goes "Well...that makes sense."

So what then? What happens after you close the book?

Life is only possible between birth and death.

Is this actual? Am I just making it up?

If birth and death were united, there would be no gap between them for one to inhabit.

But the human goes. "Too late. I`m here now. I guess I`ll just have to make the best of it."

But notice that making the best of it involves dragging it out for as long as possible.

When you corner the human with the facts about his dilemma, he dodges it with "I don`t have to deal with it now. Death is a long way off."

The human cannot think about itself not existing. The mind cannot observe an absence.

Any thought about death includes that which is thinking about it being there to think it.

Whereas, the moment one actually dies, along with that comes the observation "Holy fuck. I wasn`t any of that."

There is no gap for `any of that` to exist in.

By observing that one is `not any of that` there remains nothing to die.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 248

                                                                         How you wound up here.

Can it be observed that for a viewpoint from a location, one must be located in that location.

One must be have identified them-self with the content.

One must be identified with that which is violated for violation to register.

Someone can watch rocks being vandalized out in a desert and observe that vandalism as a waste of time.
However if it is a rock one has identified with being vandalized, now one will feel personally offended by the rock

"How dare someone vandalize my rocks."

One can only suffer the indignity of being violated when one gets it into their head that they are identified with that which is being violated.
In this instance... rocks.

The vandalism of rocks is a non issue up until they are a match for the rocks one has in their head,
Now one has issues because they have rocks in their head.

 Identification with content inhibits direct observation of context.
The result is contest.

"If I build a wall around my rocks it will prevent others from claiming them as their own."

For the duration that one is defending their rocks, their ability to simply observe that it is only a fucking rock is suspended.

For the duration that one is identified with content...That content inhibits observation of context.

If the context is observed, it becomes clear that identification with content is not actual.

The content is held in the field of time. It will come and go.
Identification cannot exist in the absence of time.

Meanwhile context is timeless. Context has no room for identification.

We are observing the mechanics. There is no suggestion here about what to do.

Observation made through an identification inhibits observation of the actual context.

This creates the illusion of being somewhere.

In this instance...what you refer to as `here.`

But if all identification with content was abandoned there would remain nothing to be anywhere in particular.

And if there is nothing being there, that nothing left here.

Nothing that was never here has died.

Death is only possible because one is remaining identified with that which can die.

The human is identification with that which remains.

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                                                                  "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 249

                                                                   Content with content.

That which is being observed here is of no interest to the human.
Observation of the actual is the one thing the human is incapable of.
For to view the actual, the human must be absent.

The human cannot contemplate its` own absence.

It is only through not observing the actual that human existence is possible.

The mechanism the human uses to obscure the actual is the mind.

The human is proud of its mind. The mind is the human`s best friend.
It informs the human about every aspect of being human.
The mind is all about accumulating and constructing.

It learns things. It solves mysteries. It explores. It and the human are an inseparable team.
If it wasn`t for the mind, the human would have no idea of who s/he was. The human would have no ideas ...period.

When the mind is exposed to material such as what is being observed here, it says "there is no future in any of this."

The mind will say "there is nothing of value here. Nothing here fits in with what I know."

The mind says " Nothing to see here...Move on."

The mind tells it`s victim that everything is under control and through following it`s directions, everything will work out fine.

And how is that working out for you?

The accumulation and construction of the mind has resulted in where and what you are right at this moment.

Your whole miserable life is your mind`s gift to you.

"Oh but I have a plan... Things will get better. My mind will come up with the answer to my problems. My mind
is special. I wouldn`t go anywhere without it."

Just stop and look at this scam !!!

Can it be observed that all of your frustration, sadness, despair, hopelessness, and suffering is directly attributable to your mind?

Why can`t you just abandon it?  Why can`t you ignore it? How can you shut it off?

You can`t !!!!

It is what is actual.

Just observe.  See the mechanics of it. Observe how the mind obscures the actual.

The mind is programmed to give you things to do.

It projects a better future and then keeps you busy with projects that will bring that future about.

Stop again.   Look !

That future is peace of mind.  You see the con?

What the mind is tempting you with is it`s own absence.

"If you do what I say...I will give you some peace."

Now watch the minds second line of defense come in...

" Shit !!  I kind of see what he`s saying....  What should I do?  Give me something to do."

You seeing this?

"I`ll imagine what it would be like to be free of the mind.... Here I am enrolling on a course of meditation.
Here I am leading a spartan life, a life of austerity. I`ll draw up a strategy to transcend the mind........"

Straight back on the treadmill.

Everything you think you are, is a projection of the mind. And the mind will protect that projection by keeping you busy doing things.

The human is a slave to doing. You have to do.
There is no choice. There is nothing you can do about it !

It is what is actual.

Please look at the fact that what we are observing here is what is actual.

It is through observation of the actual only, that transformation is possible.

If one is observing the actual for a reason, then the actual is not being observed.

If unscrambling this mess was easy, it would already have occurred.

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                                                                  "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 250

                                                        "Can you give us an example of an absence?"


But let us observe why the human is unable to observe any absence.

To be aware of an absence the human has to be conscious that there is something missing.

So the focus shifts from the absence to what is absent.

The human approaches the absence itself, and then comes to on the other side of it.

The human version of an absence is the sense of loss.

S/he will then become fixated on that which was lost.

For a human who has lost the object of their love, it becomes all they can think about.

There is no torture like it.

The fixation on what they have lost, prevents direct observation of the absence.

Every bit of human philosophy is an avoidance of the actuality that s/he who is trying to assimilate the philosophy is itself an absence.

Unroll a roll of wallpaper. Now put a dot somewhere in the center of it.

That dot in the grandness of time is a human life.

Can this be observed?

Is it bullshit?  Am I making this up?

The left side of that dot we will use to represent the beginning of that life.
The right side, the ending. (You may need a magnifying glass for this.)

So what occurs before and after that life?

Congratulations .   You are observing an absence.

So in the grand scheme of things... (The context)

There is a minute dot where you are something.

Everything else is an absence of you.


Doing changes an absence into a presence.

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                                                                  "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 251

                                                                   Absence of the presence.

The human is so preoccupied with the content of their presence that their absence doesn`t register.

The billions of locations where one is not present, don`t even exist, from the viewpoint of the presence.

No time is spent in the locations where presence is not being observed.

All possibilities have been reduced down to one reality.

That one reality renders the other possibilities absent.

Now `that which is present` relegates absent alternative realities to the mind to make their existence dependent on doing.

Look at it this way.... Other possibilities actually do exist... But the mind changes and modifies them
to make them more palatable to that reality which is present.

Once something has entered the field of the mind, doing becomes possible and observation of the actual is not possible.

What is being observed here is impossible for the mind to see.

Anything which is beyond the reach of the mind is an absence.

Beyond the reach of the mind, that which is possible, has no beginning and no ending.

Existence takes place within a separation.

The absent has no beginning or ending.

The big picture (The context) is continually being obscured by the little picture (The content.)

Absent the little picture, the big picture is revealed.

When there is an absence of that which exists between birth and death, neither birth nor death follows or precedes the other.
They are one and the same. 

That unification is transformation.

All that led up to, and followed transformation, is absent.

The only prison that can hold you... is the one you are present in.


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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 252

                                                                    The ending of presence.

The human is a slave to their presence.

When that presence is suffering the human wonders why s/he is present at all.

The presence, caught in the content of it`s suffering, has become totally identified with the content of that suffering.

The human has no choice but to continually change and modify content in the pursuit of contentment.

Meanwhile contextment is an absence, and has no word to represent it.

Contextment would be the loss of identification with content.

Contextment would be an absence of contest.

Contextment is beyond the reach of doing.

None of this makes any sense to the human.

The content of the human ensures that the context remains unobserved.

The human is unable to relate to the context because there is nothing there for it.

To observe the context, that which is observing it must be absent.

Still don`t see it?

Who and what will you be when you die?

Where can I write to you?

What will you be doing?

Come on.....

Millions of years of accumulation as a species and no answer !!! ????

Look closely at the con.

The content is posing the question.
Absent the content the poser of the question is not there to ask it.

There is an absence of human problems and suffering everywhere , except where the human is present.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 253

                                                             Much ado about nothing.

There is no reason for me to be writing all this.
And equally there is no reason for you to be reading it.

There is nothing to be gained here for anyone.

This is unique in the field of human philosophy.

So let`s look into this....

Is there anywhere else that a series of observations exist for no reason?

Human philosophy has always needed a reason to justify it`s existence.
Humans needed a reason to look into it.
That reason then inevitably will taint and bias the observations made.

Human philosophy as it has existed has had the motive to provide comfort, end suffering , solve a mystery,
be smarter than other philosophers, convert one to their beliefs, trick humans into parting with their worldly possessions,
receive adulation, sell books, gain respect and recognition, get laid, influence politics, give hope and create peace on earth.

All have failed utterly.

Human philosophy only works on those that believe it.

And that belief had to exist before the philosophy.... Otherwise who would believe it.
So human philosophy is an articulation rather than a revelation.

Philosophies inform the human how to think.
Unless there is only one philosophy it must create division and thus conflict.

Can it be observed that human philosophy is creating the very problems it is trying to solve.

If there was an absence of human philosophy there would be an absence of human contest and conflict.

Philosophy is a creation of the mind to justify doing.

You may want a moment with that one.

Before doing occurs a reason for doing exists.

But once the doing is over it can be observed that there was actually no reason for doing it at all.
The reason for doing was a con.

If I do this...I will get that.... Now if I do that I will get this.

Everything that is being done is being done for a reason.

This con has existed since reason was invented.

And that is a lot having been done...


What is the reason ?

Look at it.

Humans have been doing things for thousands of years....

So what is the basic reason?

You have been doing things your whole life.... So here you are now...
And I`m asking you "What was the reason?  Why did you do everything you did?"

....   ....?  ..... ..... !     ?

Are you now finally conscious of an absence?


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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 254

                                                                  I think... therefore I am.

To be free of the body, one must be free of thought.

Thought and the body are a team.

To think , there must be something to think about and something to think with.

An absence of something to think about creates an absence of the something to think with.

Being identified with the thing thought about and the thing thinking results in a reason to do.

Let`s look at this.

The human is surrounded by the actual. But the human cannot observe the actual because the mind intercedes.
The human is proud of this ability. S/he nurtures it, and lets it run wild.

This thought process distracts the human from what actually is.

So for the human, the life experience is all about being lost in one`s thoughts.

The human cannot observe the actual world. The human is off in fairyland.

There is the tree.
And there is all one`s thoughts about the tree.

One is actual. The other is not.

Like the marker on the Monopoly board, the human is a pretense.

This communication is addressed to s/he who is absent from the game board.

Try telling a player caught up in the drama of Monopoly, or life, that it is "only a game", and they can`t see it.

Once one has identified themselves with a physical pretense, that representation becomes a conduit for feeling.
Both pleasure and pain now capture the attention of the player as a real experience.

But it is not actual.

The player is forever being played.

The human has lost touch with the context and is mired in the content.

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 255

                                                                 Why the human is terrified of death.

Death is an ending of the pretense.

There is no longer anything present to act as a buffer between you and the actual.

All reason for doing anything is absent.

Because the human cannot contemplate an absence , it swaps that absence for a threat of loss.

The human injects time into the equation.
Instead of observing absence, it sees a projection of what was there or what will be there in time.

Can it be observed that without time, a sense of loss cannot exist ?

Transformation occurs upon unification with the actual.
That which transforms is no more...and never was.

Without transformation that which can`t transform remains.

The human is an accumulation of that which it could not transform.

No matter how hard s/he tries, or what s/he does, the human`s past will not die.

This is because the human is the sum total of their past.

To lose one`s past is to lose one`s sense of identity.

That which is now present cannot contemplate an absence of itself because it`s self is doing the contemplating.

The human deludes him/herself by thinking "I could do anything ...if I set my mind to it."

But the human is powerless against a mind that refuses to be reset.

Any human who ventures close to death will discover that they are no longer human.
Not surprisingly they will also observe that their mind has abandoned them.

After all, it is the Human Mind.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 256

                                                                 What is the point of all this?

You tell me.

The human is looking for the meaning of life.
But s/he is the meaning.

Absent you, life has no meaning.

It is you who gives life meaning.

Till this is observed, one is experiencing a life without meaning.

The search for the meaning of life is a con that can go on forever.

The search for the meaning of life will be there for the same amount of time as you are searching for it.

When the human ceases to be, so does the search for the meaning of life.

If we look at this con for what it actually is, we see the pretense that life has a meaning other than the one you are giving it,
then all one has done is create time.

"One day, in the future, the meaning of life will reveal itself."

Humans are working on it as we speak.

But the search for the meaning of life implies that "you are not it."

You see why this con can go on forever.

You are the absence of that which you are not.

The actual is the absence of that which it is not.

For a human, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, means having everything they think they are being taken from them.

But as each successive thing leaves, it is observed that the things they thought they were weren`t actually them.

Those things are gone , yet you remain.

When it is all gone, thinking is no longer possible.
There is nothing to think with, or about.

Everything that you thought you were is now absent.

You are the absence of that which you are not.

You cannot see the meaning of life.
You can only forever BE the meaning of life.

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                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 257

                                                            Identification is an address.

What the human identifies with is where one lives.

Absent identification, life is absent.

Life exists between a beginning and an end.

That which is outside of beginning and ending is absent from life.

When everything one is identified with is absent, there is nothing can be taken from one.

Observation of this is inhibited by any remaining identification.

What you are, cannot see what you are not because what you are not is doing the observing.

When what you are not is absent, transformation is occurring.

Transformation is the unification of the observer and the observed.

You are what you observe.

I know. This makes no sense at all.

That is life for fucks sake !!!

Tell me how life makes sense...   
If one really looks, it can be observed that one`s whole life is spent trying to make sense of it.

This is a con.

How can one make sense of an absence?

The irony is that the absence will forever remain unseen...

                                    ....  BECAUSE IT IS YOU WHO IS THE ABSENCE !!!

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                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 258

                                                                    The illusion of freedom.

What is being revealed here is what is actual.
The actual is an absence that is never absent.
The actual obeys no rules. It makes no effort to accommodate or fit in with anything.

The actual exists beyond beginning and ending.

It is through failing, or refusing, to observe the actual that life becomes poss