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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part one.

                                       Everything you know is false.

Simply looking is all that is occurring here.

There is no effort to make sense of it.
There is no effort to solve a mystery.
There is nothing can be learned here.

Billions of man hours have been spent pondering the mystery of why we are here.
What is the meaning of life?
What are we all doing here?
How did we get here?
And how can suffering end?

Have a look for yourself....
Summarize what has been learned along these lines.

Write the definitive paragraph that has been true, is true, and will remain true for all time.

"We are here because.....                        ...                              ....

                  ...                 ....                     ....                    ....                    ....                       "

Now show it to some other humans and watch your pearls of wisdom spread like wildfire throughout humanity.

No good?

Try someone else`s quote...

Nope. There is nothing known that will free man from the mystery.

The presumption that it is still unknown just buys one more time.
Seeing that it is unknowable ends the mystery right here and now.

Let me ask you something...

"Would you rather be free... or would you rather be right about how freedom can be achieved?"

If you are not free than you have already answered the question by your actions, as is your right.

You are here to be right about how to answer that question.

See it?

The moment it is seen the one who couldn`t see it is gone.

Nothing is learned.

This whole game of life is rigged from the get go.

The enquirer into the meaning of life is only attempting to be right.

S/he will quiz some "authority" and reject any answer that contradicts what is already known.

The enquirer is motivated by mental suffering and will only accept answers that give them peace of mind.

The enquirer is looking only for answers that are on the same page.

What is being shown here is that the page , the book and the whole story is a con.

Once it is seen for what it actually is, the one who`s existence was dependent on not seeing it, is over.

Nothing was learned !

The one who needed to learn is no more.

This is not learning a new way of looking at things.
It isn`t a skill one can acquire.

Stupidity and ignorance are learned skills.

The actions of the stupid and the ignorant can only be based on what one has been taught.

One has been taught that they are a me.

The core of that me is an individual who seeks love and approval from we.

The individual is that lack of love and approval.

But it all makes sense to a stupid ignorant human.

Do you know the meaning of life?

Then everything you know is false.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 26, 2018, 08:06:00 AM
                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 2. 

                                 Houston We have a problem.

Knowledge has created the Me.

An absence of knowledge is an absence of the me.

You are who and what you are because of what you know.

Knowledge is the source of division.

I am only not you because of what I know.

You don`t know what I know. And I don`t know what you know.

A division that knows nothing is no longer divided.

The division is the individual.
The individual exists in division.

But look. Every individual is stuck in the very same trap.

Every me has a different content...But the context is the same.

The me has no choice but to attempt to persist in time.
The me moves away from pain, suffering and discomfort, towards pleasure.
The me breathes. The me needs nutrition. The me needs protection from extremes in temperature.
The me has sexual desires it needs to appease. The me wants love and acceptance.
The me has dreams.... whether pursued or abandoned.
The me has the desire to become something better.
The me protects what it knows and identifies with.

And every me has pondered this dilemma, even if for a brief moment.

Look deeply at this.
WE all have the same dilemma.

It is not something that any me has uniquely.

A me is unable to look at the actual problem.
A me can only see it`s own version of the problem.

The me is caught up in knowledge.
It is a problem that exists for we.

The entire history of the human race is a bunch of me`s trying
to solve a problem that exists in the dimension of we.

Can we see this now?


Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 27, 2018, 08:54:40 AM
                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 3. 

                                             The Me can never be free.

The me is setting in motion a process that is endless.

The me is attempting to transport itself from it`s own confines into a state of non confinement.

This is a distraction from the actuality that the me is the confinement no matter where it takes itself.

No matter where you go, there you are.

It is a con.

One goes from worrying about not having something to worrying about losing what one now has.

Rather than observing the mechanics of this con, the me will announce that it has learned things.
It is learning about life.

This is a pure con.

If any me examined all they have learned, it becomes obvious that everything they have learned actually adds up to nothing.

The last few moments of this life are spent discarding everything one has learned.

Not one shred of it is of any use when in the presence of the actual.

The actual is an absence of the me. (The me is the non actual.)

The me inhibits observation of the actual.

The actual simply is..... It matters not one iota what the me knows or doesn`t know.

The actual is unknowable.

Nothing being observed here resonates with any me...and never will.

The me is the embodiment of failing to make this observation.

The me must cease to exist for the observation to be made.

But the me protests... "But I only know about existing. Not existing is unknowable to me."

So look at this...

What happens when you die?

"I don`t know."

It is unknowable to the me.
There will be no me there to know or not know.
This is the realm of the unknowable.

The me exists between the known and the unknown.
There is no me in the unknowable.

There is nothing to grab and no me to grab it.

The we is NOT a collection of me`s.

A collection of me`s is exactly that. A bunch of me`s deluding themselves that they are a we.

Can we see this?

The me is interior.
The we is exterior.

Exteriorization of a me is a contradiction of terms.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 28, 2018, 04:31:46 AM
                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 4. 

                                              A waste of time.

Discussing the we with a me is a waste of time.

The me has not the foggiest idea of what we is.

We are just observing this. We are not trying to do anything with the observation.

That doing can only be done by a me.

The me that does things is composed of knowledge.

That knowledge has all been filtered through the me.

We does not exist for a me. So it cannot process it.

The we is something the me has no knowledge of.

The me is preoccupied with becoming.
An observation that does not aid becoming is an observation impossible for a me to have.

The me is left with no choice but to become a better me.

Benevolence and compassion are all about the me.

If they weren`t there would be no me there to register them.

A me observing what is being pointed to here, cannot see the true compassion and benevolence of what is being revealed.

The me just wants to escape pain, suffering, and discomfort.
It cannot see that it is the pain, suffering, and discomfort, it is trying to escape.

Pain, suffering, and discomfort are only experienced because there is a me there to experience them.

The me invents philosophies to place between itself and what is actual.

Deconstuction of philosophy is deconstuction of the me.

When all philosophy is abandoned, the we remains...As it always has, is, and will.

"But there have been some marvelous philosophers.... Some great knowledge discovered.
Without all that, the world would be acting like cavemen!!!"

So if the human race is acting like cavemen... and they have all that knowledge....
is it possible that knowledge is that cave ?

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 01, 2018, 09:18:32 AM
                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 5.

                                                 The endless river.

Every me is out of it`s depth being carried along by the current.

It will remain in that river until it drowns in it.

It may temporarily hold onto a rock, but time will erode away that rock and
all will be carried away till it is out at sea.

The me is no more.

When the me is no more, the we  is.

We is the absence of the me.

The me cannot conceive of it`s absence.

Thus ...No matter how many me`s band together, they can never be a we.

All the me`s in the world cannot see beyond death....
How could they? There is no me there to see it!

What is being pointed at here is not be what the me wants to see.
What the me wants to see is the subject of human knowledge.

All human knowledge and philosophy is tailor make for a bunch of me`s.

Is this why humans hold on so tightly to religion, beliefs, philosophies and knowledge?

After all...the me`s life depends on them.

The me exists at the center of them all.

The we is un-locatable.

No me has ever found the we.

The we is there when the searching ends.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 02, 2018, 07:42:25 AM
                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 6.

                                                Living in the past.

That which is being pointed to here, is a pure observation of here and now.

For a me, here and now are impossible to see.

The me is essentially scanning what is being pointed at here till it sees something it can grasp.

It has to see something that fits in with it`s past.

If something pointed at is described as beautiful, the me can go "I know what beauty is.
I`ve seen many examples of it. I have files from when I first arrived here till the middle of next week."

The me draws on these files to see where it stands.

If what is being pointed at can`t be associated with any files, there is nowhere for the file collector to stand.

Till one knows about something there is no possibility of a life interacting with it.

The me knows it cannot transform.
All it`s files, pre transformation, are deleted.
So the me cannot interact with transformation.

It is caught in what it knows.

When it observes another me who is not caught in the same trap, it tries to gain knowledge about
the free me.

The me knows that knowledge will set it free.

But the me who is free simply didn`t know it couldn`t be.

Acquiring knowledge on how to be free is the jailer.

Can we see this?

Can we see that all evidence to back this up is deleted as it appears?

Transforming from some me who couldn`t see this to a we that can, deletes the me.

The me has no knowledge of pre transformation.
There exists no one there to know it.

The me has transformed into the inability to transform....

Who were you before the me you are now?

See that the files are deleted?

This is all just crazy ideas.

Exactly !!!!!


Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 03, 2018, 07:33:31 AM
                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 7.

                                                 Seeing dissolves being.

While a me is being,it is so besieged with the problems associated with being that it has no time to do any seeing.

What it is being is doing the seeing. So there is no room for the one being to see what it is being.

To see what one is being means one is no longer being what they are seeing.

" I see that I have finished the race. Therefore I am no longer being the racer.

Everything the racer was seeing is gone.
There exists no racer to see it.

One is now being a race finisher, and begins to see other things to be.

What it is now being determines what it is now seeing.

The racer is no longer being, thus there is no longer seeing.

The me is on the roller coaster ride of life.

Once the me has strapped itself in, the me is seeing what a me being a roller coaster rider will see.

The me is not seeing that it is a roller coaster rider.

A roller coaster rider is pre occupied with the ups and downs of being a roller coaster rider.

Once the ride is over the roller coaster rider is no longer seeing.

We are looking at the mechanics of this.

We are not finding answers to questions.

The only questions a me has are "How can I better enjoy the ride? How can I buy more time?"

And "how can I better enjoy the ride and buy more time? is the definition of human philosophy.

When we see this.... we see that the me is being taken for a ride.

That me is now gone without a trace.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 04, 2018, 09:31:15 AM
                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 8.

                                                 Location. Location. Location.

The me derives a sense of location from the known.

You are where you are because you know it.

Even knowing that one doesn`t know, locates one in the unknown.

"But one has to be somewhere...!"   

You know that... and thus one is sentenced to wishing they were somewhere else.

The me is so distracted by the desire to be somewhere else that why they are manifest anywhere at all, eludes them.

The desire to be somewhere else distracts the desirer from where they actually are.

Since all the distracted me`s in the world are focused on their projected solutions, the world`s actual problems have never been viewed.

Just ask any me how to solve the world`s problems.
It can be observed that they don`t know that they don`t know.
For every me that agrees there exists a me who doesn`t.

Knowing that it doesn`t know that is doesn`t know is unknowable to a me.

The me has no capacity to interact with the unknowable.

The me throws everything it knows at the unknowable.

The unknowable is unaffected.

When a me looks at the unknowable it mistakes it for the unknown.

The me has bought itself some time to come to know the unknown.

It has no choice. How to `not do so` is unknowable.

So what is the unknowable?

The unknowable is when there is no me to know or not know it.

Knowing and not knowing is what is creating the me and the world the me knows.

The world and all it`s problems is actually the me and all it`s problems.

The observer is the observed!

The world`s problems and solutions are unique to every me.

Every me has located itself at the center of the world`s problems.

Anything else is unknowable.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 05, 2018, 08:12:21 AM
                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 8.

                                              Life`s struggle.

Life is a constant struggle.

Ant part of life that ceases to be a struggle, disappears off the map.

The me that is caught up in this life struggle, is so engrossed in the struggle that they fail to see the map.

A map only exists because one wants to be somewhere other than where one is.

And it is that desire that puts one on the map.

This is a subtle trick of thought which up till now has been unknowable.

For a me to be on the map there must be something for the me to be.

The me absorbs the surrounding location and builds a life that is only
possible from being in a location.

A location is the foundation of any construction.

The construction fits in to the location.

When that which was constructed changes location it fails to fit in.

There is a commonality if both things were constructed in the same universe, or on the same planet,
even the same continent.

But western world constructions won`t always have much in common with Eastern world constructions.

"What exactly are we talking about here? Is it architecture? Is it psychology? Is it physiology?

It is all and neither. It is pure construction.

Construction is the what is being put on the map.

The construction and the map are mutually dependent.

Religious and philosophical beliefs are based on location.

If a me is constructed in close proximity to a particular religious belief,
that me will be formed in either acceptance or rejection of those beliefs.

Once the me is formed it is now sentenced to defend what has been constructed.

That is the struggle.

It is division. Which is conflict....which is struggle.

Had enough of it ?

The me has.

The we doesn`t know the struggle even exists.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 06, 2018, 07:50:05 AM
                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 9.

                                               A world view.

What is a view of the world?

It is everything that can be viewed.


It is all that is known. Including the knowledge that there is more to come.

So it is all the known and the unknown.

The unknowable is relegated to the unknown basket.

The unknowable is no one there to known or not know it.

Once someone is there, the known and unknown come into existence.

Being there is location. And from that location the one there has a view of the world.

It is their world view.

It is unique to them.

Even if the majority agree with one`s view of the world, that majority agreement becomes part of one`s world view.

There has to be a world view before it can be agreed or disagreed with.

 And the me is located at the center of their world view.

If the me didn`t have a world view, it wouldn`t know where it was.

It would be unknowable.

The me and the world view are one and the same.

Each can be changed and modified, but for transformation to occur, both must die.

The view one had of the world and the me that had it can no longer be located.

The life one`s view of the world had sustained was actually a death.

The death of one`s view of the world is actually life.

It is one`s view of the world that is killing them.

Can we see this?


Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 07, 2018, 08:10:09 AM
                                      THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 10.

                                              Saving the world.

Ever since there has been a world it has made sense to try to save it.

Having a world and saving it go hand in hand.

But every me has a different view on how the world should be saved.

Relying on others to save the world, because one is powerless to save it themselves, is another of those world views.

Once a me has a world view, that`me` can decide what should stay and what should go.

But everything that should stay or go is what constitutes the world.

What stays and goes is determined by whether you see it.

And it will be seen when there is someone there to see it.

A me and it`s world view are a team.

This sort of talk infuriates the me.

The me says "but, but, but, but......"

And every but breathes more life into the me created by it`s world view.

The me gets infuriated because it smells death.

The death of the me is the death of the me`s world view.

But it`s okay. The me`s world view is only ever there to inhibit the actual.

The me builds it`s world view in a mind.
Nothing in the mind is actual. It is the realm of the non actual.

A me thinks it is trapped in a world view.
We see that the me is actually trapped in a mind.

The me wants the world and all it`s problems to disappear.
But how can they while the me is there wanting?

The me would rather have a world full of problems than
be wrong about how to eliminate them.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 08, 2018, 07:24:30 AM
                                        THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 11.


The subject matter being observed here does not form any part of the world view of any me.

For all intents and purposes we are observing something that does not exist.

This subject matter is what makes a world view that does exist, possible.

We are not looking at the photo. We are looking at the development process.

Without a development process, which is not being viewed, there is
no possibility of the photo ever being viewed.

This subject matter doesn`t crop up in daily life.

It does not form a part of any world view.

It is what makes a world view possible.

A me is trapped inside a world view.

And it cannot see anything outside of that world view.

This is because it is the me`s world view that is doing the looking.

A comedian sees comedy in everything.
A scientist sees science everywhere that me looks.
A human sees the world through human eyes.

There is nothing else to see.

The me is it`s own trap.
That me searches for an escape from the trap by looking more closely at the trap.
Maybe it missed something....

The me looks where we are pointing and says  " I just don`t see it.
Nothing being pointed at here fits in with anything I know."

The me is saying "I want to be out of prison by following the prison rules."

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 09, 2018, 08:04:47 AM
                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 12.

                                                 So what are we to do?

Well that is the problem....

The me is sentenced to doing.
It is constantly trying to DO something about it`s situation.

It never sees that nothing can be done.

It will say nothing can be done while still doing.

Doing nothing is impossible for a me.

Try it yourself.

Doing nothing is unknowable to a me.

This is because the me is what is doing.

To do nothing the me must be absent.

This is not theory. It is not a glamorous idea.
It is not the quote of the week.

It is what is unknowable to any me that looks at it.

Can it be seen that despite all that has been done, the me is
still in exactly the same position?

The me is sentenced to do something about it`s situation.

It still has it`s world view that it is surrounded by insurmountable problems that nothing can be done about.

And what can the me be counted on to do?
It has to do something.

The me cannot see that it is the problem.

This is unknowable.
For when it is seen, there is no me there to see or not see it.

Still don`t see it?

What happens to one`s problems and their world view at death?

Well.... That is unknowable.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 10, 2018, 07:46:54 AM
                                                     THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 13.

                                                     The unknowable is not up for discussion.

Freedom does not exist within the known or the unknown.

Freedom is not a thing... It is an absence of slavery.
Slavery is a thing. It is something that can be thought about and discussed.

When there is no slavery to be discussed, or thought about, freedom is what is.

The things that one is not a slave to are never thought about or discussed.
They are unknowable.

When one tells a me about freedom being an absence of slavery, the me does not know what you are talking about.

The me sees nothing and glides right past it. There are no second thoughts as there was no first thought to begin with.

The me is on the lookout for that which fits in with it`s experience.

The me has never, and can never, experience freedom, because the me is the slave.
The slave has to have slavery there to be free from.

When a me has no slavery there to be free from, it has nothing to think about or discuss.
It is unknowable.

The unknowable is the absence of a me there to know, or not know it.

What is being pointed at here is unknowable.
It is meaningless to a me that needs to know.

A me that needs to know is busy accumulating things to know.
What is being pointed at here cannot be added to that knowledge.

It is unknowable to a me that it is a slave to what it knows.

A me concludes that freedom from what it knows can be achieved by accumulating more knowledge.

This makes sense to a me... and it can think about and discuss it.

Pointing the me at the unknowable is life threatening to a me.
It will see the bringer of this message as the grim reaper.

The me says. This is a matter of life and death.
It is you or me.

And this is why discussion of the unknowable is impossible.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 14, 2018, 06:50:58 AM
                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 14.

                                                  How not to.

The me is preoccupied with trying to make something of itself.

It ignores the fact that everything it makes has a shelf life.

So we see that the me is simply trying to buy more time.

When the medical experts inform a me that it`s time is nearly up,
it sees that it actually knows nothing.
Everything it has made of itself is redundant.

There is NOTHING in a me`s experience that can prepare it for an encounter with the actual.

It has ignored the actual it`s whole life.

Now the me is able to see that it`s whole life was dependent on avoiding the actual.

The life was the `me`. And now the me is unoccupied.

Of course a me looking at all this says..."I don`t need to think about this sort of thing.
Nobody else does. And everything said about the actual has been a con anyway.I`ll deal with it later.
I`ve still got plenty of time."

The me sees that nothing we are saying here fits in with it`s experience.
The me has an endless supply of reasons to not see the actual.
Seeing the actual spells death to the me that couldn`t see it.
And that me has invested everything it knows into not dying.

A bunch of me`s who don`t want to die in the same manner will band together.
They will gather under the umbrella of a common belief to shield themselves from
the actual.

To remove that belief ends the life of the believer.
The believer has other beliefs and other lives.
Onwards and upwards. Buy more time.

The actual is an absence of the non actual.

The actual is always unknowable.
Look at it !  How can something be known when there is no one there to know it?

Of course someone there to know it has to say "I know what is being pointed at here is wrong."
After all...I am still here knowing it is wrong.

Onwards and upwards. Buy more time.

The me knows how to be free.

And there is your prison.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 15, 2018, 08:11:37 AM
                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 15.   

                                                     The me is vulnerable.

Life for every me can be over in a second.

The me is a construction based on it`s location.

There is an endless supply of me`s being evicted from their locations.

The non evicted can say "At least it wasn`t me."

The me is out there on it`s own.
It exists in division. It is an individual.

If something doesn`t impact directly on the me, it doesn`t know about it.

It doesn`t want to know about it. It can`t...because there is no me there to know about it.

 The me finds all this very confusing.   It has no capacity to observe this subject matter.

The me knows how to be free. It is attempting at all times to be free of SOMETHING.

It focuses on the something and has ideas on how to be free of it.

The me cannot see that it`s ideas on how to be free are what is trapping it.

If the me was actually free it wouldn`t be there to have ideas.

But the me says "But if I didn`t have ideas...what would I be?

FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 16.   

                                             Division within the me.

When a guy at a restaurant receives his bill  he looks at it
and feels cheated.

He is not happy about having to pay this bill.

He is `full guy.`

`Hungry guy` would have been happy to pay the bill.
But `hungry guy` is gone.

Full guy is left paying the bill for `hungry guy`, who is no longer there.

So `full guy` gets out a credit card, has it swiped and then leaves the scene of the crime
knowing that he has passed the problem onto "Pay the bills guy."

`Pay the bills guy` exists in the future.

All is well for now.

If one follows this through closely one can observe the mechanics of the me.

It is a construction that exists in division.
The division allows aspects of it to be born and die away.

The me is so focused on the living that it fails to register the dying.

Those aspects that die , no longer have anyone there to register them.
They are unknowable.

They are the actual.

Kind of see it?

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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 17.   

                                               Who is the me ?

A me looking at the above example will say ...
"But it was all the same guy.

This is just stupid. Nothing was solved. This is not helpful.
I still have my problems and I don`t like it when someone makes nothing of them."

But isn`t the me making nothing of all the problems it doesn`t have ?

So in fact it is the me who is making problems out of nothing.

A me is a problem making machine.

The me can say "But I can think of a million problems facing us right now."

So where would those millions of problems be in the absence of the me thinking of them?

The me is frantically seeking out problems.
It is doing this so that it can BE THERE to solve them.

If one observes all the me`s in the world, we can see that they are
all immersed in their own problems.

So much so that they have no time for other`s problems.
And anyway they can clearly see that the problem another me is immersed in is made up.

The me will just give it a glance, offer some advice and walk away with peace of mind.

When one sees a problem is their problem.

The me is sentenced to getting rid of the problem.

It never sees that the actual problem is getting rid of the me that is having it.

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                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 18.

                                           The no problem.

When a problem doesn`t exist, neither does the me to have it.

The non me and the  non problem are erasing each other.
There is no separation between them. 

The me that sees it is unwilling to erase a problem is actually unwilling to erase itself.

It can`t. It has no choice but to butt heads with the problem.

It is what the me does. It is what me is all about.

Without it`s problems the me has no ideas.
It doesn`t have any idea who it is.

The me has the idea that by solving it`s problems, it`s problems will no longer be there.
But that method leaves the me intact to observe and butt heads with the next problem.

The mechanics here are self perpetuating. It is a treadmill from which walking to the end of
is a delusion.

This is eternal life.
It is eternal life while one is there attempting to be eternal.

The me is chasing phantoms. It is caught in the mind which is making mental
projections of eventual happiness.

No matter how many times the me finds "happiness" it fails to see each "happiness" evaporate.
The mind projects more problems to occupy it`s victims attention.
More problems to keep the happiness carrot just beyond reach.

To see the mechanics of this is to allow the seeker of happiness to
be the happiness s/he was searching for.

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                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 19. 

                                             Looking at why the message here is so hard to see.

It`s due to the fact that everything one is, is dependent on not seeing it.

If the one not able to see it could see it,
the one who couldn`t would no longer be there to not see it.

The billions of problems you don`t have , you are not having because you aren`t there to have them.

The inability to see this, is the problem one has to overcome to see it.

To locate the one who is there to have problems, just fill in a personality questionnaire.

If you have an answer to any of the questions, that is the guy who is there having problems.

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 18.

                                                     Why is this here?

By this I mean a message.

This is the only place it can exist. It is here and now.

This message is to reveal to the receiver of this message, the me who cannot get the message.

This message goes right over the head of a me.
A me can see no value in it. Nothing can be done with it. I doesn`t fit in with anything a me knows.
The me gets mightily pissed off by this message.
It will bite and scratch the messenger.

The messenger is merely pointing out the mechanics of the trap the me is caught in.
The messenger is not trying to do anything.There is no attempt to change or modify the me.
There is no plan or agenda. There is no advice on what to do.

Let`s assume that you drop dead now.
Have a look at what you know that will be of any use at all.

Do you see it?
There is nothing.

Really look at the actuality.
Resist the urge to speculate.

Just be here where everything you know is gone.

The trillions of man hours spent accumulating knowledge are rendered redundant in a non heartbeat.

This terrorizes every me.

That is because there is a me there to be terrorized.

That terrorized me wants to put something there between the me and the actual.

It will find something to believe. Something, even if it is completely nuts, just to pacify the terror.

It will believe in some magic man in the sky who is interested in your eternity.

If there was no God, man would have to invent one.
Which makes God an invent-able commodity, not unlike Santa Claus.

Can we see this?

The pain, discomfort, and suffering the me is sentenced to is
the me`s own dependency on perpetuating  the non actual.

Ask the me to observe the actual...and it will say "Fuck you !"

And that is what defines the me.
It should be in the dictionary.

Till one sees it, you are the one who is fucked.

Yes my friends...The game is rigged.

Quite a masterpiece.

A mystery that will perpetuate for as long as you are there to perpetuate it.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 23, 2018, 07:46:52 AM
                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 19.

                                                    The me be`s what it sees.

The me sentences itself to an existence between being and seeing.

If there were no seeing, there would be no being.

If there were no being, seeing could not exist.

For as long as the me sees the non actual, the me will be non actual.

While the me is being inauthentic, that me will see the inauthentic.

So in-authenticity is seeing in-authenticity.

It is a perfect match. The me is seeing the delusion it is being.

"Nothing wrong in here. It all makes perfect sense."

The me is living proof of the proof it is living.

The off button to this treadmill cannot be reached while the me is treadmilling.

While stuck on the treadmill the me can see things that will make the treadmilling more comfortable.

The me sees a new hand bag. It can see itself as the owner of that handbag.
It sees admiration as a new handbag owner by other treadmillers.

The me cannot see that it is just a fucking handbag.
It sees it as a desirable handbag, that will be a pleasure to walk and be admired with.
Plus one can carry stuff they need in that handbag.

But now everything that is being carried has become part of what is now seeing.

Eventually one has put so much in their hand bag that it is a struggle just to carry it.

Putting the hand bag down is not an option.

Being a handbag carrier is what one is being.
There exists no one there to put it down.

The handbag that was seen as a glamorous shortcut to happiness has now become a dirty old sack
that the me is stuck with.

Can we see the mechanics here?

If we can there is no me, no treadmill, and no me to carry the dirty old sack.

Of course this is all just talk. Nothing said here is what the me can see.

Nothing revealed here will fit into anyone`s dirty old sack.

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                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 20.

                                                 Home of the bewildered.

A me simply cannot see the message we are sharing here and now.

A me looking at the actual is like light looking for darkness.

The me just can`t get that it can`t get what is actual.

All a me can get is the content of itself.

The me cannot see a global view of existence, because there is no me that is global.

The me is the absence of a global view.

The me working towards world peace is in conflict with conflict.

Can we see this?

The peacemaker is in conflict with war mongers.

The goal of all conflict is peace.

But the peace is already there. The goal of peace is actually the non peace perpetuating itself.

Any me who is talking about peace, has missed the point of what peace is.

Try talking about all the conflict you aren`t having.

There is nothing to talk about.

Peace talks are all about conflict.

Two nations at peace don`t have peace talks.... There is nothing to talk about.

Peace is an absence of conflict.
Every me is sentenced to eternal conflict.

The me is in conflict with that.

The me will argue that it doesn`t have arguments.

Nothing wrong here !!!

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 21.

                                                 Does life serve a purpose?

I don`t know.

Shall we look into it here and now?

Can we observe the actual mechanics that would give life to the question.

We first see that this question has existed since there was life there to ask it.

And that life exists between the question and the answer.

If the question was answered there would no longer be a life there to ask it.

So do you see the answer will always remain unknowable.

The moment the answer is observed there exists no one there to ask the question.

For a me trying to observe this subject matter is like trying to scratch an itch that it cannot reach.

The me will say. "There is nothing there to see. This is all bullshit.
All I want is to be happy ! Is that asking too much?"

That is asking the exact amount required to have a life of pursuing happiness.

Good luck with that. If you find it. You will be the first to live to tell the tale.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 30, 2018, 07:53:17 AM
                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 22.


Can we observe life from an over view ?
Can we, together, simply look at the mechanics of life?
Can we forget about ourselves... and see the big picture?

Can we first observe that we are trapped in a life?
It is as if one just woke up already here.
There is no recollection of making a choice to be here.

Is this what is actual?
Don`t take my word for it.

Now that one is here, is it not a case of trying to make the best of it?

Life is about creating a future. It is about persisting through time.
It is about pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain.

Isn`t it the case that one is in servitude to their feelings?

And is it not the case that `about to die` is the worst possible feeling?

So an overview of life sees that life is all about not dying !!!

All human knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy, has the unwritten title.."How to stay alive."

It is all thought. It is all about facing reality...

But thought is not the reality.

Thought and reality exist in contradiction.

Where there is thought, reality has left the building.

Reality is a product of thought...and has nothing to do with what is actual.

When the actual is observed , there exists nothing there to think about it.

The observer IS the observed.

When all that can die has, there is nothing left to die.

To qualify for death all something has to be is non actual.

The actual cannot die... It never bought into life to begin with.

Thought can have a life pondering this.

Thought is shown the exit door from servitude to life and it says "BUT....."


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                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 23.

What we are doing here is observing what is actual.

It is the only free choice available.

Observing the non actual is not a choice.

It is what one is sentenced to. To believe that any life form has choice is delusion.

One`s feelings are what locks one into the delusion of choice.

"I made the right choice. It felt right."

Feelings are what make the delusion of choice possible.

Absent feelings , no choice is necessary or possible.

This is not right or wrong. This is just observing the mechanics that permit life
to become caught up in the delusion of choice.

The only choice possible is to observe the actual without any feelings.

Feelings are where thought distracts one from what is actual.

The actual couldn`t give a shit about how anyone feels about it.

So what is the actual? It is here and now. Nothing more....Nothing less.

It is the thing, which unseen, produces life.

And that life will persist through the mental cul de sac called time.

When the actual is observed, time in that cul de sac disappears.

The mind, which exists in time, will protest this observation.

It will say... "But I am still in the cul de sac!"

The I that is in the cul de sac, is wondering why it is there.

If the I was not in the cul de sac to ask why it is there, the cul de sac would evaporate.

The I would not be there to spend any more time.

Can we see the impossibility of this mechanical trap ?

The mind shifts it`s focus to solving a problem.
It cannot examine what is actually there having the problem.

Because everything there to have the problem is non actual.

An American having problems... is having American problems.
The American having problems is viewing life through a flag.

The American is having American problems because s/he is being an American.

If such a person were to remove the false flag from their face, they would see an absence of American problems.

Is that clear enough?

Once it is seen, the life that was dependent on not seeing it, is over. Gone....Erased...Vanished....Nothingness.

It won`t even know that it used to not be able to see it.

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                                                 THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 24.

                                                 Can we look deeper into this?

A me looking into this subject matter can see nothing there.

There exists nothing here to hold a me`s interest.
"There is nothing here for me."

If there is nothing in it for the me, the me is blinded.

Seeing the actual is the undoing of the me.

But at the core of the me is the impulse to make something of itself.
This making of itself is the avoidance of death.

Death is the last thing the me wants.
Because death means no more me.

This traps a me in it`s own tiny world.
The me is at the center of it all.
The me is self centered.

It takes we to deeply examine a me.
The me will not cooperate at all.

It will use everything it knows to inhibit exposure of the self.

The we is not a collection of me`s.

No amount of me`s can create a we.

A we is what is here when all the me`s are absent.

The me says "There are many things wrong with the world."

The we sees neither right nor wrong.
The we is seeing the actual.

The actual is not accountable to anyone.
The actual is free.

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                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 25.

                                                Message to a me.

The me is in an impossible situation.

It is a construction based on location.

All a me`s problems are based on it`s location.

The me is located at the center of all it`s problems.

Location and problems are a team.

The me is constantly trying to re locate itself.

It wants to be where it`s problems are not located.

But the me will take it`s problems where ever it goes.

Because the me is the problem.

Can we see this?

Can we see that there is no escape?

If one points to the source of the actual problem the me is stuck with,
the me will go but, but, but but, but....  Just like a motor... a mechanical engine.

The me is fighting for it`s life...

It will go into a rage when the actual is pointed out to it.

It will say but, but, but, but....

The me will insist it knows the solution to all it`s problems.

It`s whole life is implementing those solutions.

Can the me simply observe that none of it`s solutions are working?

Let me ask the me now...

"What is the solution?"

Take a moment......
Write the solution down.

There you go.... Problem solved. Have a happy life.

But if the me is willing to see that it knows of no solution....

Then can the me, who could draw on everything it knows, see that all it knows has not come up with a solution.

Can we see that everything the me knows is WRONG.

Not just slightly wrong... COMPLETELY WRONG !

All that the me has come to know has been a complete waste of time.

Ten years ago the me knew that the answer lay in the future.
Well you are in that future now!
What is the solution?

Observe that all you know amounts to nothing !!!

Just be with that.

Observing that "I don`t know." puts an end to delusion.

Can we see this?

"Everything I know is wrong !" Full stop !!!

Now the possibility of seeing the actual is present.

The non actual is a location.

The actual is everywhere.

Identification with location is the trap.

But...but...but... but... is the motor that keeps the me located in the that trap.

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                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 26.

                                                   What is here and now?

Here and now is what a me cannot be.

Here and now is the actual.

The me cannot be here and now.

A me can only exist there and then.

The me, unable to be here and now, creates a there and then which it pretends is a here and now.

If the me was here and now it would cease to exist.

Unable to contemplate non existence the me has feelings about it.

It cannot observe the actual so it uses feelings as a substitute.

The actual couldn`t give two hoots about how anyone feels about it.

By generating feelings the me can buy some more time.

If the me could be here and now, there would exist no time to buy.

While time exists, the me is serving it.

The me is a presence that cannot observe an absence.

Being incapable of observing an absence, the me has feelings about it.

Feelings keep the actual at arms length.

A me has feelings about everything.

Feelings create the separation between the me and the thing being observed.

"Here is me... and there are my problems. I have deep feelings about my problems."

While the me is having feelings about `my problems,` it can get some mileage out of those problems.

The me has taken a slice of the problem pie and claimed ownership of it.
"These are my problems."

Those problems are unique to the me that has claimed the right to have feelings about them.

What would happen if the me could resist the urge to manufacture feelings about it`s problems?

The buffer between the me and it`s problems would be absent.

The separation would end.

The me would be it`s problems.

Wouldn`t that be a revelation.

The me and the problems would unite.
Transformation occurs and that little cul de sac would disappear off the map.

Of course there is no evidence there to back any of this up.

What evidence is there for all the problems you don`t have?

Well ???

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 04, 2018, 07:51:12 AM
                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 27.

                                           What do we know?

Integral to being a con victim is to be unaware that one is being conned.

The moment one realizes they are being conned, the victim of the con evaporates.

So can we see that there is the possibility that one is being conned and yet they are unaware of the fact?

Of course it is possible.

Not only is it possible, it is probable. If you are pondering it, doesn`t that confirm it?

So how could one know ?

Don`t even try....  It is unknowable.

For the moment one sees the con, the one who couldn`t is no longer there.

If someone is still there....It is because they have yet to see the full extent of the con.

Being there at all, is the con !

Come on....  Really look at this.

One can know any number of things....

But they can never know they are being conned.

Because the moment they know they are being conned the one who knows it, is gone.

Can we see that knowing is made possible by being conned?

Immediately one knows that this is not true.

"Knowledge sets one free." We all know that.
So where is the fucken freedom ?

We know so much about freedom.
So where is it?

Is it possible that all one knows about freedom is what is preventing freedom from manifesting?

Is it possible that one is a slave to what they know?

And is it possible that what one knows is all derived from location?

Is this why one is trapped in a location?

Is this the mechanics of the con?

I don`t know !

There is no one there to know it.

Is what is being revealed here, in conflict with everything you know?

Show me `anywhere` that conflict is possible where something isn`t there to be in conflict.

One is only there because they know it.

And conflict is all about holding on to what one knows.

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                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 28.

                                                    Everything you know.

Everything the me knows is in conflict with what is disclosed here.
Yet...What is being disclosed here is not in conflict with anything.

To be in conflict one must know something and be compelled to defend it.

What is being disclosed here is unknowable.

A me looking at this cannot make any sense of it.
It pisses it off.

The me goes..."I`ll just stick with what I know. Thank you very much."

Now if we put a me on the spot and ask it what it knows, we find that the me
doesn`t actually know anything.

Sure it can talk about the state of the world. It can talk about what everyone should be doing
to make a happy world. It can talk about all that has been learned. It can talk about experience.
It can talk about division and conflict. It can talk about specialized subjects and the forefront of discovery.
It can talk endlessly about life.

Now we ask the me... "Yes. But what does it all mean ?"

And the me says "I don`t know."

So we see that the me actually knows nothing.

And it is happy to stick with that.

It has no choice.
The me will die defending what it knows.
Yet it knows nothing.

We can clearly see this is nuts.

But the me is the nuts who can`t see it.

If you just saw this, then the nut who couldn`t is gone. Finished. Never was.
Unable to be resurrected. Nothing to resurrect. Nothing to know or be known.

The mystery and the mystified were a team.

The observer IS the observed.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 09, 2018, 08:21:21 AM
                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 29.

                                         How do humans tolerate their miserable lives?

By not seeing it.

The human life sentence is a cruel con job.

Life doesn`t know how it got there.
That is the mechanism that creates life.
Life is made possible by not observing how it is created.

It never can...Because the created is doing the looking.

For life to see how it is created, it ceases to exist.

This mechanism creates an unsolvable mystery.

When the mystery is solved, the mystified vanishes.

So life is sentenced to exist in mystery. There is no choice.

Unable to see that it cannot do anything about what is actual, life tries to do something about it regardless.

What it does is create a mental projection of things getting better.

This completely distracts life from observing what it actually is.

Rather than seeing the actual life now, life sees a better life in the future.

Life exists as a dream chaser.

And the human takes great pride in this.

Humans are all for dream chasing activities.

It makes them feel so great, that they are distracted from the actual life they are dreaming about escaping.

Now this isn`t right or wrong. This isn`t a life lesson.
There is no pot at the end of the rainbow.

We are simply observing the actual mechanics of life.
Those mechanics provide a platform for life to exist on.

What is being pointed out here is not something life has been waiting to hear.
It has actually been waiting not to hear it.

Try pointing it out to any life form and it will bite and scratch.

Life will say "There is nothing in my experience (as a slave) that
fits in with what I am being asked to look at here and now.
I have nothing to see it with! I simply don`t have the time to observe the actual. I have dreams to fulfill."

Life has endless dreams it is fulfilling.

Wake up !

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 30.

                                                "I still don`t get it !!"

That`s because the me is not still.

Sit in a distraction free environment... and do the one thing a me has to do....

For the next fifteen to twenty minutes there is absolutely nothing else a me must do.

Seeing with the eyes is not a must do for this.

The breath comes in...and goes out. There is no interruption to this cycle.
No pauses. Once the lungs are full they begin to empty. Not forced.

Observe what happens...
Either the me goes unconscious...or a classroom of rowdy childish thoughts all raise their hands enthusiastically...
"Pick me...pick me...pick me.

The me falls for it every time.

It was attempting to meditate. But all these unruly mischievous mental distractions vie for one`s attention.

See what is happening and cease to be conned by it.

Don`t worry , it will soon come back dressed differently.
But it is the same thing. It is a picture that is wanting you to make it real.... Give it life.

It is the content of the mind.
Not one thing in the mind is real. Not one thing.

Give it life and it will take over your life.
It is your life that you are giving it.

This is all content. It is a pile of the unresolved.
And no matter which philosophy you try, it just won`t leave it`s victim alone.

"But I`ve tried all this. It simply doesn`t work.
It is pointless. There is no benefit to it whatsoever."

Is this what is actual?
Can anything be done about it?

The actual is that which nothing can be done about.
The actual does not care how anyone feels about it.

Look closely here...

The actual is that this does not work.

One is now with the actual.

The observer and the observed.

But they are a team.
They both need each other to exist.

So they are the same thing.
The observer is the observed.

The observer is observing that this does not work.
The observed is that this does not work.

That which does not work and that which it does not work for are
both gone in the same instant.

There is nothing to work and no one for it to work for.

This is unknowable.

For he who did or didn`t know it is gone.

It becomes another problem you don`t have.

There are trillions of problems a me does not know they don`t have.
What they have in common is that they are all unknowable.

"No thanks...I`d rather just stick with what I know."

And thus the me is stuck in the known.

And yet if one asks....

"What exactly do you know?

The me eventually sees it knows NOTHING.

Except that you are pissing it off by pointing this out.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 14, 2018, 06:10:58 AM
                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 31.

                                               The perfect con.

 Life...any life.... is a con job.

Once this is observed, the one who had not observed it is gone... That life is over.

The life one had as a believer ceases the moment that life ceases to believe.

Now that the one time believer is gone, that consciousness has evaporated.

That consciousness now believes something else.

It is trapped believing.

Consciousness is unable to see that consciousness is dependent on something to be conscious of.

When something to be conscious of is absent, consciousness is not conscious of it.

Think of a friend you never had.
Think of a color you have never seen.
Think of the trillions of problems you don`t have.

There is nothing there to be conscious of.

Now life tries to figure this out.

It uses all it is conscious of.
It draws on all it knows.

One day it has it`s photo published in " The Consciousness Enquirer." (Made up.)

Consciousness is now famous in certain circles as a representative of leading edge consciousness.
It stands in front of a blackboard covered with algebra.

"I am a genius." it says. "I have become conscious of something the rest of the world
is not conscious of. My name will go down in history."

"I have expanded human consciousness."

"I have found something new to be conscious of."

Ask any consciousness what death is....

It will say "We don`t know....... but we are working on it."

"Nearest we can tell...Death is an absence of the consciousness that was conscious of life."

Life looks at this and says... "I`m not going to waste my life thinking about it."

"Once you are are dead... Maybe you go to heaven or maybe you reincarnate.
My head is hurting from looking at this..."

Life uses all it knows to enquire into what it is.

But all it can ever know is consciousness of something.

Without the something, there is no inquiry possible.

The mechanics are....

Consciousness and something make something to be conscious of.

Luckily this is all just made up theories and ideas.

What is actual is....................................(Fill in blank)................................................................ ?

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                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 32. 

                                               What is death?

This has puzzled life since life began.

Life has nothing to come at the problem with.

Life cannot ever understand death.

Death is unknowable.

Life sees death as life in different clothing.

The smartest lives in the world are rendered stupid by the question "What is death?" 

The life considering the subject of death can only place more life after death.

It is imagining a future with it in it.

That is all life is ...An imagined future with it in it.

If one could cease to imagine, then all that remains is the actual.
And being with the actual puts an end to any life that be`s with it.

Falling for the life con, puts one on course with the death con.

Life has to be before it can not be.

You cannot die if you were never alive to begin with.

This is impossible for someone in a life to see.

They are dependent on not seeing it for their life.

To see the life con means the life of the lifer is over.

Not one lifer who has made a living as an authority on this subject has
ever pointed out what you are seeing now.

Even lifers who have a statue of Buddha in their garden are baffled by this.

That statue represents a life that transcended life.

Life concludes that mimicry of a life that transcended life will achieve similar results.
But all mimicry does is create a life as a mimic.

Life misses the point entirely. It always has and always will.

Death is unknowable. For the moment it is known, what didn`t know it is gone.

Still don`t see it?

Tell us everything you know about death right now.

Write it down.

Come on....Thousands of years of thinking man....there must be something we know about death.

What did you come up with?

Life struggles with death.

For the dead, the struggle is over.

So what was the struggle??????


And you know that.

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                                                        THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 33. 

                                              An examination of the non actual.

The non actual is knowable.

In fact it is all that can be known..

The actual cannot ever be known because once it is, the life depending on not knowing it is over.

There exists nothing for a life that does know it, to exist between.

This is impossible to see....

But the impossible does happen.
How the impossible happens is unknowable.

Please don`t use "This is all just word play and mind games" to bail out here.

Let`s really observe the hell out of this...

There is what is actual.

There is not what is non actual.

Still with us?

The non actual does not actually exist.

It only exists for as long as some sucker believes it.

The actual exists here and now.

The non actual exists in the field of mind. The mind field.

The me is the consciousness of this mind field.

The mind field gives the me something to be conscious of.

And that field and consciousness are as non actual as each other.

The me hates this. It brings the non actual duo too close to the actual.

And both of their existences are dependent on looking away from the actual.

For if the actual is observed, it`s over for the non actual.

The me protests at this revelation.
It says "This is bullshit. How come non of the great minds have ever pointed at this?
I know how to be free of this existence. And it isn`t anything like what is being pointed out here.

I was reading this because I believed it could end my pain and suffering....But instead it is ending me!!!!"

The me has always done something about pain and suffering. It has run like hell from it. It has
put anything it can between the me and pain.

The me has never just been with the pain.
The me has never stayed with the pain long enough to observe that it is the very pain it is

The observer is the observed.
They are a team.

That team exists in division till it observes the actual.

The actual is no division.
No field of the mind to distract the me from the fact.

That which is being revealed here will never win popular support.
No matter how this observation is presented, there is no me that
wants to see it.

In deed the me will crucify anyone who is immovable on this subject matter.

The non actual exists in conflict with the actual.
Meanwhile the actual doesn`t give a darn about anything the non actual says or does.

Billions of me`s have had opinions about life.

Life couldn`t give a shit.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 17, 2018, 08:21:37 AM
                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 34.   

                                         A timeless look at time.

Can we observe that time doesn`t really exist?

If we can`t.... Show me a time.

Point to time.

Okay ... We are now at a crossroad...

All roads that lead away from here and now will eventually bring one back to this crossroad.

One can spend a life time spending time...
And at the end of it one is still here and now.

Can we see this?

Can we back out of time and have a look at it?
If we haven`t got the time to do this we are in business.

Time can be seen as a separation of two things...

Chronological time....and psychological time.

Chronological time is how one ended up here.

There was the big bang, then the dinosaurs, then the Egyptians, then the Greeks, then the Romans, Gangsta rap, then the "I`m late for work."

What is late for work is the result of chronological time.

The human who believes it is a result of chronological time has evolved into that which is late for work.

But if that human were to die anywhere between the big bang and gangsta rap it would no longer be there to be late for work.

Ex humans are given a free pass to never be late for anything ever again.

Notice there is never a roll call at a cemetery.

Well that would be stupid....

There is no one there to claim the names.

Is this just a waste of time even thinking about it?


To think about it, you have to spend time with it.

So here is the junction of psychological time with chronological time.

You can`t have one without the other.

This is how time is being created. Not was created. IS created.

Try to tell an old timer that time is not an actual thing.

The old timer exists as a result of time.
Otherwise how could they be old?

Now instead of listening to their arguments about how time is real...

Look at the passion that is behind their argument.
They have gone into attack mode.

They are not trying to look at the possibility that time only exists because they are looking with it.
The defender of time is trying to not spend any time examining this.

The Time defender is instinctively trying to eradicate anything or anyone who points to
the actuality that time is made up.

Their whole existence is dependent on time.
Of course they will defend it.

But when the time of the time defender runs out...

The time defender will realize... Time was a con.

S/he will be back at the crossroads of here and now.

It was always here and now.

Time only exists there and then.


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                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 35.

                                       How can someone tell if they are being conned?

They can`t!

If they could, the con would be over.

Can we see this?

Can we see this here and now?

If so...we are seeing a mechanical process, that is beyond human perception.

The human is a victim of a con. It`s existence is dependent on not seeing it is being conned.

So dear reader looks at this and says  "Well if I am being tell me how I am being conned.
Come on smarty pants ...Put up or shut up."

So dear reader is saying "Because I can`t see it...that is proof it doesn`t exist."

"Will the con victim still be there once s/he has seen the con?"  You tell me.

But let`s not get drawn into a dialogue here...

Let us not be drawn into content.

You have never seen your own eyes !

All this time you have believed that you have seen your own eyes.
But you haven`t.

You have seen their reflection in mirrors.
You have seen them on film.

But you have never actually seen your own eyes.

Look at it !

You can`t see them because they are what is looking.

A moment ago you would have sworn that you had seen your eyes.

You had been conned.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 19, 2018, 08:33:53 AM
                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 36.

                                               What is looking?

Maybe you missed something.
Maybe if this message was written more succinctly.

Maybe a series of steps...
Like a recipe.

How can we get something to see something when the something seeing, owes it`s life to not seeing it?

To put it succinctly... How can the unknowable become known?

It can`t.
That is why it is unknowable.

This is a con of gigantic proportions.

The me is the known.
Everything you know is creating the life that is there knowing it.

The life there knows that it is living in mystery.
It presumes that what is unknown is where the answers to all it`s problems lay.

Now that life is compelled to convert the unknown into the known.

Life has been doing this since it first knew it didn`t know something.

This is the perfect perpetual motion machine.

It is fueled by the desire to know. And once it knows something new, it discovers there is something new to
know that it didn`t know it didn`t know before.

This gives the illusion that the truth is unfolding.
The mysteries of the universe are being solved. "Look how far we have come."

We used to be able to kill each other with clubs. Now we have weapons of mass destruction.
We used to look at the night sky and go "I don`t have a clue what is going on."
Now we have telescopes that show us that what we don`t have a clue about is even bigger than we imagined.

Look at all the mileage that can be gotten from this scam.

That journey can only be taken by what is looking at it.

So what is looking at it ?

That is unknowable.

For what is looking cannot see itself...because it is doing the looking.

If there was nothing there to see, there would also be nothing to be seen.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 20, 2018, 08:42:53 AM
                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 37.

                                        "But this doesn`t make any sense !"

And life does?!

Trying to make sense of life has kept lifers busy for centuries. With no end in sight.

This is a dilemma that is being created by every lifer.

They can`t rest until what doesn`t make sense, does.

It didn`t make sense in the past. It doesn`t makes any sense now. So
the future is created so that there is a location for life to make sense.

But that location is imaginary. It`s as imaginary as life having to make sense.

Actual life is not accountable to anyone.

Can we look into this now?

Can we, together, simply observe what is going on here?

Can we observe without conjuring up something to observe with?

Can we observe without making sense of it?

Can we observe without any expectation ?

Can we brush aside the non actual to reveal that which is actual?

Can we?

Let`s see....

Making sense is totally based on context.

The content has to fit into a context for sense to be made.

An isolated fact makes no sense to anyone.

The anyone is an isolated fact that makes no sense.

Is it not obvious that every lifer is busy with complete nonsense?

Show an episode of Dr. Phil or Jeremy Kyle to a tribe of pygmy`s in New Guinea and
they can see straight away that it is complete nonsense.

They have a different context.

The context creates the content.
The content creates the context.

They are a team.
They exist in mutual dependence.

Independence is the absence of dependency.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 21, 2018, 08:21:22 AM
                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 38.

                                                Talking nonsense.

It is the past that makes sense.

Something not making any sense is an unseen past.

It is by seeing the past that one can make sense of what they are seeing now.

This makes perfect sense.

But it`s a trick.

The lifer must use the past to look at everything, if s/he wants it to make sense.

It is the past that mandates that things make sense.

A troubled past is behind every troubled present.

Now it makes sense to say "I am fucked up because I have a fucked up past."

Makes perfect sense until one ceases to look at it with a past.

Now it can be observed as complete nonsense.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 22, 2018, 07:45:17 AM
                                                 THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 39.

                                                  "But it has to make sense."

Who says ?

How much time could one spend trying to make sense of nonsense?

It goes back as far as your past.

Before your past was there, there was nothing to make sense of and no one to make sense of it.

Can we see this ?

The consciousness that you refer to as me is the past.

And that me is stuck living in the past.

If it wasn`t for identification with a past, the me wouldn`t have a clue who it was.

It would have no reason to be all the unresolved problems it has.

    "But surely people have real problems they are facing every moment of the present."

But who is there facing them?

The one facing the problems that are present is the one with a past. They are pre-sent.

"None of this makes any sense."

Finally you are seeing it.

We are not here trying to resolve problems.

We are examining what is there to have the problems at all.

"This is all too confusing. Making sense of existence should be people friendly."

Says who?

An answer is only necessary while there is someone there with a question.

The answer only makes sense because of the question.

Dismantle the questioner and no one is there being deprived of an answer.

So who is the questioner?

It is a consciousness constructed by a past.

The past does not exist. It is a tool of consciousness.

It is how you are being played.

This isn`t right or wrong. It isn`t good or bad.

It doesn`t matter how one feels about it.

It is what is actual.

And once one has observed the actual, the life that existed because it hadn`t seen it, is gone.

Do you see it?

Getting out of this mess is unknowable.

It cannot be taught.

Nothing has been learned here.

The message here is contrary to everything you know.

Everything you know is why you are here wondering what you are doing.

"But what is being said here cannot be the answer."

We don`t recall asking a question.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 23, 2018, 08:34:52 AM
                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 20.

                               "How does anyone know they are being conned?"

They don`t !

The moment the one being conned sees it, they are no longer there.

It is unknowable.

"But surely , according to what is being said here, humans are in an impossible situation."

Exactly.  They are being conned. Not were. Not will be.... Are being...conned.

And they can never see it.

Everything the human is and stands for is evidence that what is being disclosed here is incorrect.

If we were being conned, surely there would be at least one bit of proof.

Approach any human on a subject for which they have strong beliefs...
Tell them that they are being conned.

They won`t believe that. They will proceed to destroy the carrier of this message.

They attack your criticism while defending their beliefs.

They are defending their beliefs. They are fighting for the believers life.

The believer will hold his/her ground like their life was depending on it.

It is.

Luckily you haven`t fallen for any of this shit...So
you can clearly see the con that the conned cannot.

The conned cannot see the con because the conned is doing the looking.

The conned has strong feelings. The bigger the con, the stronger the feelings.

The conned has to defend the con. The conned`s life is depending on it.
The conned will fight for it`s life.

Thus the conned has strong feelings, is defensive, and is in eternal conflict.

Is that finally the definition of the human?

Seeing this is all it takes to transform the human.

But the human isn`t going to give up that easily.

"What about if I saw someone attacking my children? I`d have strong feelings....I`d be defensive. I would fight them off."

I`m sure you can think of an endless arsenal of proof that you are not, as a human, being conned.

Not one of them is actual. Look for yourself. That child abuse scenerio exists in your head. Same with every other for example the conned grasps onto. The conned is inventing problems it doesn`t actually have.
Is that also the perfect definition of the human?

"Just because I get pissed off doesn`t mean I am being conned !
I`m getting pretty pissed off now."

Excellent !

"Shit man. You don`t know anything about me. How dare you try to tell me I am being conned."
You are being conned. This is all a con. You are an arsehole who needs to be ignored."

We have no argument with that.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 24, 2018, 09:02:46 AM
                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 21.

                                                  Now is all there is.

We are observing this now.
We are not allowing what has gone before to cloud our observation.

The reason we are seeing this is because we are looking now.

There is no contradiction....because nothing exists to contradict it.

There is no recourse to authority.
We are not standing on what we learned yesterday to get a better, more informed, view.

We see that all yesterdays added together have amounted to nothing.

So with nothing ...we observe.

And what do we see?

Strong feelings.

We are surrounded by them.
We cannot escape from our feelings.

One even has feelings about feelings.

The human has pondered this deeply. And has come to the conclusion that one should go with their feelings.

Wait a minute...

If one had no feelings ... they would have no where to go !

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 25, 2018, 09:18:26 AM
                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 22.

                                                   I still don`t get it !

That`s because you are human. You are being conned.

One has to be human to not see it.

By seeing it, the con is over and the human is no longer there to not see it.

The human is the embodiment of not seeing it.

The human is programmed to build a life.
When it comes to dismantling that life, the human is clueless.

Giving any human a death sentence is the single worst thing any human can get.
A death sentence is the last thing any human wants.

And that my friends is the dilemma.

The human wants to escape it`s life without dying.

The human cannot see that what it thinks of as life is a con.

"I am an American. I am an Israeli." Not true.
"I am a Hindu. I am a Buddhist."  Not true.
"I am a cop. I am an accountant." Not true.
"I am rich. I am poor."  Not true.
"I am married. I am single." Not true.
"I am happy. I am sad." Not true.
"I am educated. I am ignorant." Not true.
"I am respected. I an despised." Not true.

The moment one is evicted from their life, all that they thought they were is gone.

Not only is all that gone...So is the person who wondered who they really are.

Everything one lived and died for is gone.

And so is the one who lived and died for it.

That is who we are talking to.

The actual you.
The made up one can`t see any of this.
It`s the last thing they want to see.
Because seeing it means they are no longer there to not see it.

Life exists due to a separation between the actual and the non actual.
Once they are united, transformation has happened.

The observer IS the observed !


Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 27, 2018, 08:08:10 AM
                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 23.

                                             The cult of humanity.

Coaxing someone out of the human mind control program is the exact same dilemma as coaxing someone out of any cult.

The cult is fulfilling a need. It is providing a buffer between the victim and discomfort.

Any attempt to remove the cult opens the festering wound that the cult was distracting the discomforted from.

The suffering a victim experiences is due to a prior con.

Pain is identification. It can only hurt when it is yours.

Unable to see what the actual suffering is , the victim creates a distraction.

The sufferer of pain and discomfort has a vacancy for pain relief.

They just want to be out of pain.
But by climbing out of pain they are descending into something else.

Any attempt to get them out of the something else exposes them to the pain again.

So letting someone know that you are helping them out of a vacation from pain is unwelcome.
They are being conned.
And will remain pain free while the con can still act as a buffer.

The victim of a con can see how everyone else is being conned.
But they cannot see how they themselves are being conned.
That is because the one being conned is doing the looking.

Not only that ..that conned person will will try to destroy the de-programmer with malice.

On a global scale this is called war.

The cult victim is compelled to convert as many as possible into the cult to create peace.

If we were all in the same cult, there would be no other cult to be at war with.

Simple.... And completely insane.
The war for peace continues.

Pen-ultimately it is fear that inspires thought.

Ultimately it is the inability to see the actual that creates the non actual....Which is thought.

This of course is all wrong...if you stop to think about it.

If you just see it ..there exists no one there to think about it.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 29, 2018, 09:49:51 AM
                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 24.

                                              the debate about Conflict.

The human cult is so preoccupied with conflict that it has never stopped to
observe what conflict actually is...

The content driving the conflict can only come up with "I`m right."

Without that content there is simply nothing to be right about.

The human deludes itself that through healthy debate, problems can be solved.

Thousands of years of "Peace talks" have left humanity immersed in conflict.

The human appears to listen to the arguments of the opposing side, with restrained patience.

However the human is incapable of seeing anything that it`s conditioning isn`t showing it.

So the appearance of listening to an opposing view is actually re arming.

The human, wanting to appear sophisticated, suppresses the urge to bite and scratch the
one holding the opposing view.

But the moment it can, it will shoot down every argument made by the opposition.

It`s all very entertaining.
And that is all it is.

It is a sport just like boxing. Except with the gloves off.

Instead of getting drawn into the content of the debate, and taking sides,
and activating your conditioning...

How about simply observing... Maybe turn the sound off...

The issue on the table is the table for this sport to take place.

The consequences of not resolving the conflict are quickly forgotten
as the need to be right on how to resolve it overrides everything.

To be free of the human life sentence one cannot keep falling for the same old con.

See what is actually happening instead of being distracted by the props.

No debater has ever said "Your and my conditioning are in conflict."

For the debaters are so preoccupied with the conviction that their conditioning is right.

Let`s look at the mechanics of this trick.
Let us see what is in the arsenal of the debater.

There is the recourse to authority, there is evidence and statistics. There
is popular opinion. There is exposure of outpoints in logic. Showing contradictions in
the opponents conditioning. There is exposing where the other`s conditioning has failed to serve their
own stated objectives. There is personal attacks about the credibility of the spokesperson for the cause
he is championing. 

Then there is what the human is conditioned to do.

William Buckley Vs Gore Vidal

Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 30, 2018, 08:38:32 AM
                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 25.   

                                            The impediment to creation.

Creation takes a back seat to re-creation.

Creation is a nothing.

Creation is an absence of that which has been created.

Creation cannot overwrite that which already is created.

A victim of this con is stuck re-creating.

Which is change and modification.

The one who has no option but to change and modify is actually recycling.
There is nothing new. Just a changed and modified old.

That changed and modified old is the motivation behind a future.

One wants to escape their past, so they recreate a modified version of it in the pretense called the future.

Really have a look at it. 
What is driving one towards the future is an escape from an intolerable past.

One doesn`t want to continue being happy. One wants to be happier.
It is a treadmill.

One doesn`t want to be off..... One wants to be better off.

This gives the victim of this scam something to do.
A recreation if you like.

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 26.   

                                             "I still don`t get it."


Getting off this human experience ride is impossible for the human.

The roller coaster rider cannot exist off of the roller coaster.

Can we see this?
Is it what is actual?

Can it be observed that the human has no capacity to see what is being pointed out here and now?

For once it is observed, s/he who couldn`t see it, is no more.

"But they can live on in memory!"

So memory is the dead on life support....

All that is keeping it alive is attention.

Lose attention and that which was being attended is lost.

The human life is memory.
Lose that memory and lose that life.

But how can one lose their memory?

Remembering how one lost it would be impossible...

Stay out of content.

Just observe the mechanics.

Memory is non actual.
When one allows memory to inform them what the actual should be,
one is using the non actual to see the actual.

Good luck with that.

Is this the "good luck" that is the basis for human experience?

I don`t know...

Have a look.


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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 27.   


It is through customs that one creates the identification with race.

This is the door to separation of races.

The more you are identified with a particular race, the less
 you are identified with another.

This opens the door on the possibility of harming another race and
not being identified with the pain that your race has inflicted on theirs.

This has baffled every race ever since there were races to be baffled by it.

Culture informs a race about what to do and how it should be done.

And it is all hogwash.
Bowing to the Queen or beheading an infidel is motivated by national pride
and cultural pride.

When asked why a patriot performs such illogical rituals.

They will say...... "It`s just what we do."

And what we do is dictated to by a past which
is nothing more that a collection of junk to be sorted out later by someone in the know.

Once out of the know... There is nothing to sort out. Nor was there ever.


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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 28.

                                              "This is driving me crazy !"

Tell me... What is `there` to be driven crazy?

If what could be driven crazy was not `there`, crazy would have nothing to drive.

Let`s look into it....

Is this just something to kill time?
Is this just an intellectual exercise?
Is this just a distraction from everything you have to do?
Is this all just plain crazy?

There seems to be no shortage of crazy.
Crazy is every where one looks.

It`s all too apparent that every culture examined is simply crazy.
Except one`s own.

Convincing another culture that it is crazy is something done by humans to
kill time, for intellectual exercise, and as a distraction from what one has to do.

"My crazy culture can clearly see that your crazy culture is clearly crazy."

I cannot see that my culture is crazy because my crazy culture is what is seeing.

The culture forming mechanics are what creates the division that makes possible
the observation that is not a product of the culture that one observes.

That division is us and them.

Every conflict is an us and them conflict.
There is no us and us conflict.

There is a them and them conflict, but it is obviously crazy.

What specifically are we talking about here?

We are talking specifically about the mechanics that give life to culture.

We are not looking at the content.

We are observing the mechanics of long division.
We are not looking at what is being divided.

For without those mechanics, division is not possible.

It is through simple division that long division is man`s lot.

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                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 29.

                                                   Aborted division.

Division is the mechanism that starts the clock.

Something undivided has no where to go and nothing to do.

It is over before it begins.

There are countless things that you are not spending any time on... But they are all unknowable.

Life, as you know it, cannot exist in the unknowable.

There is no one there to spend time pondering it.

It cannot be divided as there is nothing there to be divided.

This drives the human crazy. The human is predisposed to craziness because it exists in division.

The human exists in the division known as the known and the unknown.

The human attempts to achieve completion by converting the unknown into the known.
It has done this for as long as it has existed. It is what existence is.

No human can see that it is being played. It lives in hope that the future holds the answer.

It cannot see that the past has created the future one is living in now.

And that now is still hoping for completion in the next future.

But.... What about all the advances we have made as a species?
What about all that has been learned about life and the universe.....

"What happens when you die?"

"I don`t know ...But we are working on it."

The human cannot see that it is being played.
S/he will protect the life as a player at all costs.

All the violence and drama one can witness in the world is all
conned humans fighting to not see that it is all a con.

That is the story of mankind.

But here ...we are not falling for anyone`s story.
We are not being seduced by content.
We are observing the mechanics of story telling.

Every story is dependent on mystery.
If there is no mystery...there is no story.

The story does not really exist. It is a trick of the mind.

Here is a mystery (The known) and what will happen is unknown.

Converting the unknown into the known is the process of life.

It is how and why one is here.... wondering how and why they are.

How and why can only exist in division.

The observer IS the observed.


S/he who was there wondering is no longer here to wonder.

The story is over before it started.
Division was aborted.

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                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 30.

                                                "What is life like without a mind?"

Who is asking?

This is a question posed by a mind.

If the mind did not exist, this question could not be asked.

We have to see the mechanics here.

This requires looking behind the curtain.

Seeing how the trick is done, is death to the one who has not seen how it is done.

That life was dependent on not seeing the mechanics of the trick.

Till one sees how the trick is done, one has created the life of the mystified.

The mystified has no choice but to speculate about what is happening.

Speculation is mind.

The mind is a speculator.

 "What is life like without a mind?" is the speculator speculating.

And this is the treadmill mind has glued one to.

The mind will never know what life is like without it.
Because it would no longer be there to know.

Now look what kicks in here...

The mind gets defensive. It gets pissed off.
It is being exposed for what it is.

It will throw everything it can at it`s owner to distract it`s owner from seeing the
self centered, shyster that it is.

Anytime one gets upset or misemotional, they are experiencing a mind fighting for it`s life.

The mind has put them where they can experience conflict.

So they become defensive.

The mind is protecting itself from oblivion.

If instead of defending one`s position, instead they  looked at what they were actually defending...
That mind would no longer be there to be defended.

Someone insists you are being conned.
You can`t see it. Instead what you see is the one telling you that you are being conned must be destroyed.

The fact that one is defending something is all one needs to see that the fact something needs defending makes it a con.

If it wasn`t a con how could anyone defend it?
What defense does it need?

Someone disrespects you....

You get pissed off.
"How dare anyone disrespect me !"

The one there needing respect won`t budge.

S/he is compelled to demand respect. Conflict and drama ensues.

" I have a right to be respected. I have earned it. Respect the me who needs respect...Or I shall
destroy you."

You have been set up to be upset.

If instead, the upset looked at what was there to be upset.... the upset would no longer be there.

And gone along with it would be the piece of mind that inhibited peace of mind.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 31.

                                                 Interest in.
                                                    Uninterested out.

Life begins with interest.

Interested is a quality that life cultivates.
Life takes pride in having much to be interested in.
The more interest one has, the more life they have.

When life begins, it is full of interest.
But a lifetime of pursuing interests that ended up being a wild goose chase
deliver one to a loss of interest.

We are not judging this. We are not comparing it to anything.
We are not solving a mystery. Nor are we looking at what authority has had to say about this.
We are not even particularly interested in what we are looking at here.
We are merely observing.

And what we are not able to observe is everything we have lost interest in.
We also cannot see that which we never had any interest in, in the first place.

We see that we are only interested in those things we have an interest in.

We see that interest is a self generating mechanism.

That mechanism can generate interest in something for which no discernible interest existed previously.
Interest can be developed.

Something that was previously of no interest, can appear interesting once one has a stake in it.

Being human gives one a stake in life.

Where they are at the mercy of this slippery fish known as interest.

The human will only look at what it finds interesting.

By using the interesting barometer to observe the actual is depriving one
of observing what is actual.
The actual doesn`t give a shit about whether or not you find it interesting.

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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 32.

                     "What will happen if I ever see what is being pointed out here?"

Nothing !

If the actual is observed, then there exists no me who wasn`t seeing it.

Life is a con. To experience a life, one cannot see what that life actually is.

Once you can swim, the life of the non swimmer is over.

You go..."But that is stupid. One obviously loses interest in being a non swimmer because now they are interested in swimming."

There exists nothing there to hold one`s interest. The non swimmer is gone.

"But I can remember being a non swimmer."

Fine... You keep remembering being a non swimmer. See how long it lasts.
Try as one might, their time as a non swimmer is up. Gone. Vanished.

One can no longer generate interest in the non swimmer life that once was of great interest to them.

One has moved on. There are far more interesting things to do than reminisce about all one has lost interest in.

Can we see that consciousness is the donkey and interest is the carrot on a stick?

When one brings to their attention subjects of no interest, consciousness is lost.

For human philosophy to exist someone has to find it interesting.

Humans are constantly finding out interesting things about life.
The cutting edge of discovery is always fascinating.

For a new discovery to turn out boring is a death sentence, and is better off never to have been discovered at all.

If a new discovery doesn`t have an interesting headline, who is going to read it?

Until something is interesting to a human it won`t be added to the growing pile of human knowledge.

Human knowledge, though extremely interesting, has nothing to do with the actual.

The actual is unknowable.

The human has no interest in the actual. Thus the human has a life.

That life can see nothing of interest in what is actual.

Approaching the actual, interest is lost, and thus, human consciousness is lost.

Retreating from the actual, consciousness is regained.

Consciousness becomes aware that it was out of it`s depth.

When the actual is observed, consciousness that was dependent on not seeing it is gone...

...Which is transformation.

Interest generated by that consciousness is lost.
The consciousness generating that interest is lost with it.

Interested and interesting were a team.
The observer IS the observed.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 33. 

                                            Why is this here?

By this , what is meant is these writings.

They are just here..... If one cares to look.

Just as what is actual is just here, if one cared to look.

What is being communicated here is not a bunch of thoughts.
It is not the journal of a me chasing thoughts through life.

Thought can never be free of itself.
When one attempts to free themselves from thought`s constant chatter, they have no
choice but to think of ways to do it.

And then they have no choice but to think about what they thought of.

This is a mechanical process that comes to an abrupt end when death occurs.

Death is not what one thought it was.

Human thought will never get a handle on the subject of death.
Human thought is looking in the other direction.

 Being unable to see death for what it actually is,  the human grieves for
that which has been lost. The human carries memories of that which is lost, with them.

Being unable to see the actual thing that was lost... the human carries pictures of it.

The life of the griever is created.
That life will persist until what was actually lost is found or replaced.

But like everything that is born, it has a shelf life.
Nothing returns to nothing in time.

There is overwhelming evidence that what is being pointed at here is not true.

There are neurons and chemicals in the brain. There is fossilized evidence.
There are university research projects. There are hunches. There
is an evolution of thought and understanding.
There are the dusty old books that had it all sown up before it began...If only
everyone had listened to them. What about the great debates?

Surely all of that doesn`t amount to nothing.

`fraid so.

Don`t get me wrong... If you want to stretch out your time in human form, all the above
are the ingredients required.

However if you`ve had enough of living in hope and mystery, then
seeing what hope and mystery actually are... would be something I`d be curious about.

Is that why this is here?
I don`t know. Let`s have a look.

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                                       THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 34.

                                                    The before life.

Humans have speculated about the afterlife ever since human life existed.
Before life began that speculation was not possible.

Until that life existed there was no before ...or after.

Can we see this?

However once life is in existence it has a mandate to protect it.
It is protecting itself.... Other lives...not so much.

That mandate to protect self creates the forward motion of time.

Can it be observed that time moves forward. Not backward.

Is this what is actual?
Can one do anything about it?
No !? ... Then it is what is actual.

Let`s look further into it...

Time disappears completely when the actual is encountered.

When "I can`t believe this is actually happening!!!" occurs, time goes all haywire.
It all seems surreal. Whatever is occurring has no correlation with one`s conditioning.

They are in shock.

Everything one believed they were has completely failed them.

There is no self present.
Transformation has occurred.

"Bill was never the same after "the incident."

Bits of the `before the incident` Bill disappeared...and some of it never came back.

What`s all this about ?

I don`t know....  Can we have a closer look?

Will there be any benefit in doing this?

Not a chance.
Once the actual is observed....who would be there to benefit?
Who would be ?

Life is the victim of a con.
Seeing the con ends the life of the con victim. Their time is up.

There remains no one there to defend.

Let`s really observe the life out of this.

One has fallen for a con.
Let`s say it is a religious cult...

One has a life spending time as a cult member.

There are problems to overcome. There are higher states to achieve... There
is converting others into being believers in the cult.
If there are enough of them, there will be nothing else to believe. Life will be
a utopia, Classical musician cult members will tolerate, heavy metal cult members.
I can see it all now...

I used to go to a Hare Krisha vegetarian restaurant in town.
They had a mural on the wall of people of all nations sharing a picnic under a giant rainbow.

There were bears and lions mixing with the picnickers.

That is the sort of picture you could look at for the rest of your life.
Unfortunately the restaurant didn`t last in the actual world.
The mural turned to dust.

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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 35.

                                                   "None of this is helping." 


How about instead of trying to get help, we look at what the fuck is there needing help in the first place.

A human will convince anyone deaf enough to listen, that this who is who they are ...and that is why they need help.

They need help so they don`t have to continue being who they are.

But they miss seeing that any help they receive only reinforces the help needing who they have become.

Let`s look into this...

A group of people have assembled for their first "anger management" class.

The lecturer begins to explain about the problems people have understanding E=Mc 2.

The class is bewildered.

Finally someone raises their hand and says "This is not what we came here for.
We are here because we are having problems managing our anger...Not because we don`t understand Einstein`s theory of relativity. What you are telling us is of no interest to anyone here."

This class is not there because it has problems with anything Albert Einstein ever did or said.

This class is there because of anger and the management there of.

Are we serious about managing this anger?

Okay. Let`s put it on the desk right now and examine it to death.

Woops.... There is nothing to examine.

How do we do something about nothing?
Well that`s exactly why the courts sent you to the class.

You have been conned into doing something about nothing.

How about here and now we do nothing about nothing.

There is the anger....there is me...

But you are the anger.

The observer and the observed.
The observer IS the observed.
Be the anger. Do nothing.


"I have lost interest in being angry. I don`t know why I am even here."

What is this theory of relativity anyway?

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 12, 2018, 09:57:05 AM
                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 36.   

                                                     "This is too out there !"

A human tries to make sense of what it is interested in.

If it suspects there is something in it for them...they will persevere with it.
But only till they realize that there is nothing there for them after all.
Then they lose interest and drop it.

There is no longer a need to try and grasp what is available there.

Let us look at the title of this book.

"The Unknowable."

The subject matter being pointed at here is unknowable.
There is not going to come a point where one can say "I know what is being pointed at here."

The subject matter here is at the tail end of human knowledge.

It is the "We don`t know...But we are working on it." not being worked on.

We get off this Ferris wheel at "We don`t know."

Of course the human supposes that we are discussing that which is yet.

But that is the same old con.

We look at what is here and now. And what is here and now is "We don`t know."

What is it we don`t know?

See already the human has gone off down the garden path yet again.

It would be unhuman to do otherwise.

We are not looking at content or context here.

There is nothing to fit and nothing to fit into.

Just observe the mechanics.

If we look at this with everything we are....

We are no looking at what we are. What we are is doing the looking.
That which is doing the looking cannot see itself.

A teacher has problems. If you are a teacher you know what problems a teacher is faced with.

A student has problems. If you are a student you know what problems a student is facing.

If you are not a teacher you do not see the problems a teacher has.
Particularly if you are a student.

When one ceases being a teacher, all of the problems they had , as a teacher, are gone.

If one ceased being everything they were being, then all of their problems would cease to be as well.

  "But I have to be something !!!!"

............................ If you insist.

"What would I be if I wasn`t anything?"

If you weren`t anything.... what could possibly be asking that question?

"Just like I suspected there is going to be no benefit from looking at this."

Are we willing to look at how getting benefit would create that which can benefit?

And wouldn`t the beneficiary vanish if their benefit was cut off. !!!???

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                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 37.

                                              The reason.

The human prides itself on it`s ability to reason.

What we are observing here is being observed for no reason whatsoever.

We are observing the delusion of reason itself.

Reason is not a tangible thing. It is a creation of mind.

To use reason to examine reason is to avoid the actual observation of reason.

We are asking the human to use a muscle that it does not have.

The human has no reason to develop this muscle.

The human can delay observing the mechanics of reason for up to a century.

Outside of that century is the nothing we are inviting to make this observation.

We are not making this observation so that we can do something with it.
We are looking for the first and last time at  undoing.

To the human this will all seem like word games.
However we are not for a moment believing that the word is the thing.
We are observing beyond the words. The words are pointers.

Consulting the human on this subject matter provokes highly emotional superstitious nonsense.

It can only lead to the violence of self preservation...

So let us take a moment to close our eyes...breathe deeply and be with the actuality that we know nothing about the unknowable.


We are picking a lock that has been the reason the human is caught in the human experience.

No matter where the human is, it has reasons for being there.

"I am sad because I have experienced great loss.
I am angry because I have been betrayed.
I am depressed because there is nothing to be happy about.
I am struggling because I was born into underprivileged circumstances.
I am in poor health because I ignored health warnings.
I am lonely because my friends all went mad.
I am afraid because there is no reason my future is going to be any different from my past.
I am ignorant because the school system failed me.
I am poor and I don`t really know why. But there has to be a reason for it.
I am pissed off and I have every reason to be."

It is because those reasons are there that one has reason to be there with them.

It is unreasonable to expect any human to abandon reason.
If those reasons were abandoned, the human that abandoned them would no longer be there.

So there is no reason to abandon them.

We are looking at the mechanics are here.
We are seeing how the trick is done.
Once the mechanics of the mystery is observed, the mystified is gone.

And not for any reason.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 38.


We are just observing. There is no reason that we are just observing.

The human cannot get it`s thinking gear around this. The human needs a reason
to do anything. It is this trait that puts an angle on everything the human sees.

Thus the human is not able to simply observe what is actual.

The human is sentenced to forever be observing something other that what is actual.

And now we are able to observe the reason behind this.
Take away the reason and there is nothing to stand behind.

The human is incapable of seeing what it, itself, actually is.

For the moment what it actually is is seen, the human is no longer there to see it.

The human deludes itself that it can see reason.
But it is the reason that is doing the seeing.

Reason cannot see that it is a function of the mind.
Reason is the last line of defense between the human and the actual.

The human, invited to observe the actual, will always find a suitable reason not to.

The human uses reason as blame.
It says..."I am not the culprit. I am sick. I need help."

There are endless reasons to remain human.
It is what being human is all about.
The human remains human for every bit of time it can milk out of the system.

There is no reason to be done with it completely.
There is no reason to try to beat the system.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 14, 2018, 07:58:11 AM
                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 39.

                                                Getting off the grid.

The human is the embodiment of a self.

That self is trapped being a me.

When that me attempts to free itself it inevitably winds up even more entangled in the net.

It is a tragedy to observe the mess humans have gotten themselves into by trying
to escape the circumstances they are stuck to.

The human is stuck with a big hunk of me that is forced to do things.
It does things because it has to.
Don`t get us wrong....It has it`s reasons.

There is a reason for everything..... Except art.

Art is that which no one had to do.

And is art not creation?

Is this creeping in ?
Is what you are seeing here, being seen for no reason?

Wow !!!

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                                       THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 40.

                                                  The great freedom swindle.

Can we look at something together?

Can we look at something that the human is incapable of seeing?

And once we see it, will we cease to be human?

If we cease to be human, what will we be?

If we are examining this subject matter with the intention to be free, that
will surely place an agenda between the observer and the observed.

So immediately we see how fragile this observation is.
Anything that piggy backs along this line of focus, will cause it to collapse.

The human perspective trying to come along for a ride on the way to being with the actual
is what is causing the actual to elude observation.

It is like an angry human trying to see anything that doesn`t just make them even angrier.

Can we take a fresh look at this?
Can we look at it now? Can we set aside our viewing platform and just view?

How does one become free of grumbleabit ?

"I haven`t a clue.  I don`t even know what grumbleabit is."

So before one could be free of is a prerequisite to know what one is going to be free of, is?

Can we see this?

One can read book after book by successful people on the subject of success, and still need to read more "How to be a success" books. Humans have spent so much time doing what successful people say they did to become successful. 

Can we not waste any time at all on this and see, not even successful humans could see that they didn`t know what failure was. How could they write about something they don`t know exists?

`Wanna be successful` humans do know only too well what failure is ...which is why they want to escape from it.

Failure is the driving force behind their need to succeed.

There is a world of difference between trying to keep a distance between oneself and failure, and not knowing what failure is.

For the former, failure is right there behind them. If they stop trying to be successful, it will catch up.

Are we kind of seeing this?

Or are we seeing what grumbleabit is?


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                                         THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 41. 

                                                 How to transcend life.

Can we observe that this subject has defeated humans ever since humans were there to be defeated.

This is a subject like no other.

With every subject possible to make progress with, progress has been made.

Yet on the subject of transcending life, there is still not one single development.
Not one !

Can we observe this as a fact ? Can we see that nothing can be done about this fact?

If we can...we are observing what is actual.
The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

The second one can do something about the actual, it has been altered just enough to cease to be what is actual.

So doing only exists in the realm of the non actual.

Doing anything to transcend life can only mean that actual life has been abandoned and replaced with a non actual interpretation.

So let`s look into it.

For no reason.

Human reasoning is the reason the human cannot observe the actual.

Unless what is being observed makes sense to the human, the human has no reason to look at it.

Can it be observed that all the crazy observable in the world is making sense to someone.

If that someone was absent, there would be nobody there making sense of all that crazy.

For the human to spend any time on something that gave no benefit would be crazy.

We are looking into this together. We are observing a mechanical process.

Now we see benefit is longevity in disguise.

Right at the core of the human we have the mandate to survive.

Which is buying time.

Can we see that this exercise is futile.

Inevitably that time will come to an end. And the human cannot make sense of this.

Instead it will conjure up pictures of trumpets playing and solemn meetings with great ancestral spirits and
all the stuff covered in "Death for speculators."

But can it be seen that at death all that speculation comes to an end?
That speculation was a life of it`s own as well.

Now what death actually is, is observed.

Trouble is there remains nothing there to observe it.
It has already transformed.

Everything that is not here and now is lost.
What is here and now is actual.

The non here and now is the non actual.

There is a simplicity here that defies human reasoning.

The human was too clever to see it.

Now if you just saw this, can you see if you were to
rush around trying to tell humans about it, they wouldn`t have a clue
what you were talking about.

They would say "You have lost your mind."
Which is what has actually occurred.


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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 42.   

                                           "What is the actual?"

I don`t know. Nobody does.

This is the  lack of location where approaching the actual becomes possible.

This is the complete opposite direction to what the human is continually facing.

The human believes it knows something and from there it tries to know more.

The human is being conned into playing this game for as long as it exists.
It`s existence is dependent on the mechanics of this con for it`s existence.

When the human observes the actual mechanics of this con, the human existence that was dependent
on not seeing it is gone.

You are only bewildered by a trick until you see how it is done.
When that occurs...the life of the bewildered is over.

Now the human will say "But I`m still here."
Watch the magic trick again and try to resurrect the bewildered life.

Can`t be done. Nothing can be done to unsee the mechanics.
For the one who couldn`t see it is no more.

No rehabilitation was needed. No recovery time. No lifestyle changes required.
No group therapy. No counseling. No medication. No brain surgery. No intervention by some deity.
No war between nations. No research grants required. "What were we talking about?"

Okay. So we stop deluding ourselves that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
We see that the gold, the pot, the rainbow, and the end, are all mental projections.

Time is made up so that the human has something to do and a space to do it.

Time is not real. It is the mind`s tool for prolonging it`s existence.

Can we look at this?

If time was real then surely sometime in the future time travel will be possible.

So the future time traveler would have traveled back in time to show those
existing before time travel was possible, how it is possible.

Doing something about the actual is not possible.
Doing is only possible in the presence of the non actual.

eg. Time does not exist.... and there is nothing you can do about it.

But for a budding time traveler, time does exist, and there is plenty to do.

You see how this actually works?

Life is dependent on not observing the actual.

For to observe the actual means `that` life is over.
That life is what existed in servitude to the non actual.

Can we see why the mystery of existence has baffled man ever since he
was there to be baffled?

Seeing through this con runs contrary to everything life stands for ...and in.

Eternity is being created now.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 43.

                                                   The human trap.

Can it be observed that the human is constantly looking for benefit?

If no perceivable benefit is present, the human will see that there is actually no reason
to pursue the subject at hand.   

Thus the human is stuck on a treadmill.

Can we see this?

The human is chasing perceived benefit into a projected future.

The benefit is never present. It is always future.

The human achieves some benefit, and from there it sees something else it could benefit from.

The benefit it had just achieved does not hold the human`s interest.

Thus the human existence is one long dissatisfying experience. 

Am I making this up?  Or can the mechanics of this actually be observed?

Why has it never been pointed out to you before?

Simply because there is no benefit in seeing it.
Once it is seen, the one who could have benefited by seeing it, is gone.

There is no benefit in death.

Death is the result of not taking on the flag of benefit.

The pulse of human life is absent from that where no benefit is perceived.

The human will simply look for benefit somewhere else.

Back on the treadmill.

"But of course, as a human, we are looking to better ourselves. That is what being human is all about.
What`s your point?"

There is no point being made here.

We are simply observing the mechanics of being human.

These are the mechanics that have created the world that humans are trapped in.

Benefit is the bait. There is no bait to untrap you.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 44.

                                                   The mechanics of communication.

Communication only becomes possible through separation.

In unity communication cannot come into being.

When one is the thing, there is nothing to communicate.

Can we see this?

The human separation is dependent on believing that it is a lack of
communication that is behind all it`s problems.

The human believes that perfect communication will create a perfect world.

Now those who have pondered this have made the exact same amount of progress as those who haven`t.

It was like trying to solve a mathematical problem with words.

Communication is the exchange of thoughts and ideas between terminals.

What is being communicated is mental projections. It is not the actual thing.

The idea behind communication is "I want the other fellow to see what I am seeing."

But can we see that what is being seen must be accompanied by an explanation?

This way the communicator can bathe the observation in his or her own interpretation.

There is no interpretation being proffered here.

This is an invitation to observe.

Nothing is known. Nothing is being interpreted. Nothing is being communicated.

There is no division.

We are simply observing. That is all.

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 45.   

                                   "But what about the world`s problems...?"

Can we observe that the human is constantly fighting for it`s life?

It is so entrenched in this fight that it can`t even see it as a fight...It just sees it as life.

"Nothing is over until life says "I quit."

Life is the constant fight that can`t quit.

For if life were to quit, there would be nothing there to continue the fight.

Can we look deeper into this?
Can we see behind the curtain?
Can we observe the mechanics at play that make the fight for life possible.

Immediately we observe that life is in conflict with death.

Life, to continue existing, must keep death at arms length.

Here we see division.
Where there is division there is conflict.
Conflict is conditioning versus conditioning.

The only tool life has for sorting out it`s differences is communication.

It hasn`t worked in thousands of let`s keep trying it.

The human has this fantasy about a perfect world.
It has had this fantasy since it was there to fantasize.

"Imagine all the people living for the world."

Meanwhile one`s imagination is in conflict with the actual world.

The perfect world one imagines is as real as all the problems one sees between them and it.

Both the problems and the solutions are imagination. Nothing to do with what is actual.

If one wasn`t seeing an imagined perfect world, the problems of creating the perfect world would evaporate.

The human is seeing what shouldn`t be, as opposed to what is.

Now I`m not suggesting for a moment that the human cease his/her world saving activities.
I mean , the human has come so far.... It would be a shame to just let war, poverty, sickness, corruption, violence, dishonesty, intolerance and religious persecution raise their ugly heads again.

Are we seeing this?

If one is seeing things the way they could, or should, be....

Surely one is not seeing what is actually there.

What is not actually there, is the world`s problems.

If you can`t see this..... Point to them!

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 46.

                                          Can we be with "I don`t know"?

Well apparently the human can`t.  The last thing the human wants is to lose it`s dignity by appearing ignorant.
The human grabs onto `somethings` to know to give itself credibility.

We are just looking at this.
We are not projecting some perceived benefit from converting the unknown into the known.

Can we just simply observe this?
Can we look behind this and see the mechanics of how the human is trapped in it`s human life sentence?

Let`s see...

The human existence is dependent on not seeing what is actual.

Once what cannot see is actual, is seen, what cannot see it is no longer there to not see it.

If one is struggling with the above observation, it is only because they have still not seen it.

Once it is seen, the one who was struggling to see it, is no longer there to struggle.

The human struggles to end it`s struggle. duh!

The human sabotages every effort to break free of it`s struggle.
For if it didn`t, it would cease to be human.
And if it wasn`t human , it`s struggles would have all been for nothing.

Which is what is actual. But the human can`t see it.
For if it did, it would see that it was the nothing that the struggle had been for.

There is nothing to know and no one to know it.

Unable to observe this, the human convinces itself that there is something it doesn`t know.
If it knew what it didn`t know, it would know how to end the struggle.

So the human accumulates the known.

It insulates itself from the actual by surrounding itself with knowledge.
Everyone does it...So it must be right. Right?

The human can elevate itself above other humans by having access to knowledge.

Humans bow down to the humans that are perceived to have great knowledge.

The humans with this great knowledge now have an obligation to perpetuate the charade of
knowledge is freedom. Freedom from the struggle.

If asked "What exactly do you know?" It will be discovered that they actually know nothing.

But they do know how to maintain the illusion that they know something. Something great.

They know how to conduct themselves and dress as those without knowledge know someone with great knowledge should conduct themselves and dress.

After all is a great way to make a living.

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                                                 THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 47.   

                                                        The body.

We are now looking at the elephant in the room.

To the human, life and death are all about the body.

The body is a wake up call to all spiritual endeavors.

All spiritual progress is brought to an abrupt halt with the reminder that one is still
trapped in a body.

There seems to be no escape from the fact that being human requires a body.
This fact is soul destroying.

Spiritual serenity is shattered in seconds by one tooth ache or a giddy spell.

Is this the fact?

Why is this?

We simply don`t know.
We don`t even know that seeing the mechanics of this is impossible

Let`s take a look together now for the first and only time.

The body and the me is a one on one proposition.

When there is more than one me operating a body, those mes are diagnosed as being mentally ill.

However if those mes can be controlled, that me is described as a great actor.

And that is dependent on those characters being convincing.

Those characters are convincing the me that it is the body it is manipulating.

Hard to see ?

At death of the body, despite how convinced one was that they were that body....
They are now unconvinced.
Whatever remains, remains un-convinced.
It was all an act.

A very convincing one.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 26, 2018, 08:24:19 AM
                                         THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 48. 

                                              The body of evidence.

Is it possible the problem of being incarcerated in a body is being viewed from a non actual perspective?

I don`t know.
Shall we have a look at it...

Can it be observed that incarceration is not a choice?
If it were, incarceration would be a misleading definition.... Surely...

So we see immediately that incarceration is a non choice.
Otherwise one would chose to be free of incarceration.

Can we see this as clearly as one can see the boundaries that incarcerate them?

Where freedom of choice is not... incarceration is.

Is this going anywhere?

No.  We are simply observing the mechanics of incarceration.

Until someone attempts to go anywhere, one cannot experience incarceration.

Choice has collided with non choice.

Can we see this?

If one is choosing to be where they are, how can they collide with the non choice of incarceration?

But this is silly...

How can one be human and not go anywhere?



Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 27, 2018, 10:37:18 AM
                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 49. 

                                                      The con victim.

Life is the victim of a con. Or a convict.

Life is convicted by it`s convictions.

Life cannot ever know this.
For the moment it becomes known, the life that has come to know it is over.

It was unknowable. It is the actual.

The human has no idea what to do with this observation.

This observation goes against all it`s convictions.

Shall we go through this quietly and stealthily, without drawing any attention to ourselves?
Like a prison escape. 

However ....rather than escaping from the prison about we escape from the prisoner.

It is a human desire to escape imprisonment.
So if we escape from the prisoner, won`t we be free of the desire to escape.

So who and what is the prisoner?

It is the convict imprisoned by it`s convictions.

It is these convictions that have convinced the con-vict that it is a victim.
But that victim can only remain so while they cannot see the con.

Being a con-vict-i`m buys one more time. It is time that has to be served.

It is a life sentence.

The convict does not like where it is.
Thus it cannot like itself.

Because it`s location is a self construction.

The convinced convict has to keep moving. It has to break free.
The unconvinced un-convicted does not move. There exists nothing to be free from.

Let`s take a guy. We`ll call him Hugh Mann.

Hugh Mann comes to know something.
Hugh holds onto this thing he knows.
He is convinced of it.

He now has a conviction.

Hugh Mann is incarcerated by his inability to let go of his conviction/s.

Hugh would prefer to die rather than abandon his conviction/s.

His convictions have put his life in a location where it can die.

He was convinced that he was Hugh Mann.

Hugh Mann and his convictions together have a life that Hugh can`t let go of.

Hugh Mann is stuck being human.

He has accumulated a body of evidence.

It is where this hu-man serves his sentence.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 50

                                          This is all very unconvincing!


Every Hugh-Mann is convinced he is a body.

There is a body of evidence behind that conviction.

The life sentence Hugh Mann has to serve due to his convictions is the actual crime.

Hugh Mann doesn`t know what he did to deserve this.

Hugh Mann has convinced himself that he is Hu-man.

Hugh Mann is trapped in his own individual body of evidence.

Hugh Mann is convinced he is an individual Hu-man.

The last thing he wants is to become unconvinced of this.

Being unconvinced of this is the last thing Hugh Mann can know.

For once this has occurred there exists no Hu-Man to know it.

Before Hugh Mann can remain unconvinced that he is caught in a body of evidence,
he will fall for the con that there is another guy in there with him.
This other guy is named E.Go.

Smart hu-mans have told Hugh Mann he needs to exorcise E.Go out of his life.

Hu-mans have been fighting a losing battle with E.Go ever since Hu-Mans created him.

Hu-mans have given themselves a life sentence battling E.Go.
E.Go is real. Hu-mans have convinced themselves of it.

Are we seeing what is happening here?

Is this fact?
Or is it, like E.Go, ...pure fantasy?

When how the con is being done, is observed, the life of he who could not see it, is over.

"This is all very unconvincing."



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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 51

                                  The problem and the solution are the same thing.

Hugh Mann spends his life trying to solve his problems.
But Hugh Mann`s problems only exist while Hugh Mann exists.
Nobody knows the trouble Hugh Mann has seen...
Nobody knows but Hugh Mann.

Can we cut through the bullshit here and simply see that Hugh Mann IS the problem!?

Hugh Mann is so preoccupied with his problems that he is unable to see that HE is the problem.

The less he IS Hugh Mann, the less problems he has.

While he is Hugh Mann he has Hugh Mann problems.

You can call this individual any name you like, but s/he is still Hu Man.

Hugh Mann says "But I have got an E.Go that I can`t get rid of."

Can we see that this is Hugh Mann`s E.Go ?

Hugh says..."I`ll sort this out in the last five minutes of my life as Hugh Mann."

In the last five minutes of Hugh`s life, all that Hugh was convinced he was, is disappearing.

Hugh`s problems disappear as quickly as Hugh does.

Being Hu-man was the problem all along.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 30, 2018, 08:16:11 AM
                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 52

                                            "Don`t worry.... Be happy."   

The individual human exists in division.

Hugh Mann is separate from other humans.

And yet all Hugh Manns are essentially the same.

How is it that we can all be the same and yet so different?

Have we understood the question?

Humans are trying to get to the same place in different ways.

The place Hugh Mann and humans are trying to get is happiness.

Hugh Mann sees happiness as one thing.
Other Hugh Manns see it as something else.
But they are all seeing happiness and that is where the hu-man has been headed ever since he had a head.

The human is a work horse projecting a happiness carrot. (Held out of reach by a stick.)

Thus it is inherent in the human to be constantly facing problems.

Every time the human grasps something it was convinced would make it happy.... it dissolves in his/her hands.

The human is a problem creating machine that is trying to get to the end of it`s problems.

When it gets to the end of it`s problems it continues to make new ones.

The human is convinced that if it solves the convincing problems it is currently facing that
there will be no more problems.

So the problem creating machine will be free to create more problems.

Can we see the mechanics here?

"How does a problem creating machine become free of problems?

Authorities consulted have said ...
"We don`t know... But we are working on it."

A human taking a part time glance at this will say... "But that`s life."

So life is a sentence of no choice. It is constant dissatisfaction.
It is disappointment, and discomfort.

Just randomly ask any Hugh Mann if they could be anything in life ...what would they most like to be?


Which means they are not happy now.

Happiness is a carrot on a stick.
And it is a mental projection placed there by a problem creating machine that is the hu-man.

There is no choice.

The only choice possible is the choice to no longer have no choice.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 31, 2018, 08:42:52 AM
                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 53

                                                 What can be observed here and now?

Here and now is the residence of the actual.

As Humans cannot see the actual, the human is never here and now.

When here and now exists the human must be absent.

Just sit quietly , eyes closed in a distraction free environment and connect your
breathing...In/out/in/out...No pauses.

Notice it is impossible to remain here and now.

The mind that makes one human is transporting you to there and then's relentlessly.

There is no choice.

Even if consciousness is abandoned completely, there
is still a denial of here and now.

Can we see this?

To stay on the map, the human will convince itself that here and now is one`s present location.
The physical universe is what here and now is.

But by closing ones eyes one is no longer depending on physical surroundings to give them a sense of here and now.

Here and now has no dependency on anything.

Here and now is independence.

We see immediately that this is tricky subject matter.
It is difficult, if not impossible, to think about.
We see that the human needs something to think about.

Without something to think about...thinking is what is impossible.

This is where the human falls back into the trap.

The human will be so caught up in it`s own thoughts that it fails to see what thought actually is.

Thought is the non actual.

No matter what one thinks about , it is a non actual projection.

There is what is actual... Which is an absence of thought.
And there is the non actual...Which is the presence of thought.

That thought, what ever it is, eliminates here and now.

We are just observing the mechanics of it.
We are inquiring into how the human is tricked into being human.

Once the mechanics of the trick are observed, the one being tricked is gone.

It is mourned as much as any life you never had.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 01, 2018, 08:22:51 AM
                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 54

                                                  No way out.

The human cannot spend any time pondering the meaning of life.

The human can only spend time pondering ending it`s pain.

Time is one of the ingredients of life.

So to ponder is a time consuming activity.

Viewing life through life`s ingredients is to be it, rather than see it.

For someone spending their life in pain, all they want is for that time to come to an end.

Do you see it?

They don`t want time to end.
They want to exist in time beyond the pain.

Time has fooled them again. Time and time again.

Human pondering is motivated by pain.

The human who isn`t in pain is so busy posing and resolving problems that they have no time for pondering.

There is no such thing as a laughing philosopher.

When laughter is present...Philosophy has left the building.

It is because of human philosophy that man is not laughing.

Philosophy is a product of thought.
Philosophy can be known.

Therefore it is non actual.

Everything you know has resulted in you being in pain.

Which is no laughing matter.

Philosophy has the unknowable caveat "When it suits you."

"Do unto others as you would have done unto you...WHEN IT SUITS YOU." etc.
"You reap what you sow... WHEN IT SUITS YOU." etc.
" Though shall not commit adultery...WHEN IT SUITS YOU." etc.

Laughter is the sound philosophy makes when it is being flushed away.

Next time you are laughing hysterically, try to quote the piece of of philosophy that has afforded you such euphoria.

Laughter exists where human philosophy does not.

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 55

                                                        No idea.

The human has no idea what we are observing here...

And that is simply because we are not trading in the ideas currency market.

We are looking here and now at what is actual....Not someone`s ideas about it.

Ideas are a consumable. They are a disposable commodity, that exist until a better one comes along.

Humans and ideas have a symbiotic relationship.

Humans create ideas ...and ideas create humans.

The human goes "But if I didn`t have ideas...I wouldn`t have any idea what I was."

We are not falling for that.

We are not chasing ideas here.

We are not turning what we see into an idea.
We are merely observing.

We are observing what is actual.
Once what is actual is observed, that which was observing the non actual is vaporized.

We are not observing the actual because it is a good idea.

That which would benefit from a good idea is not there to benefit.

So the human asks "Well...why would I do this?"
And we say..."We are not DOING anything.

Having ideas and then doing something about them is fine if one chooses to remain human.

Trouble is...This is not a choice. And furthermore one has to ignore the fact that all of their ideas and doing are
time buying mechanisms.

But as sure as the human is suffering because of it`s own ideas, the human is running out of time.
Soon the human will have no idea of how to buy more time.
This is when transformation occurs.
It is life and death united.

Humans have a long history of following those with the best ideas.

But the best ideas trap the human.

The best ideas the human has are about buying more time in the human prison.

Humans will defend ideas. For without them they are not.

Ideas put an end to observation.
Ideas create a barrier between us and the actual.

Ideas are the mind diverting attention away from the actual.

One cannot observe the actual because of their ideas about it.

When the actual is revealed, one goes..."I had no idea."

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 56

                                                    "All this is going nowhere."

No matter where you go.... There you are.

What we are looking into here is that which needs to go somewhere.

Constantly going somewhere, has successfully diverted human attention from what exactly it is that is going.

The human equates going somewhere with self preservation.

The human is seeking to arrive somewhere that is better than  where they left from.

It goes against human nature to seek out places where one would be worse off.

This is so obvious... This is so what is actual, that the human cannot see it.
It remains unseen by the human because it has become the human that is looking WITH IT.

The human cannot observe being off.
The human is constantly projecting better or worse in front of it.

The human has no choice but to perpetually solve it`s problems so it doesn`t
wind up even worse off.

The human will continue to do this until it can`t come up with any ideas about how to keep doing it.

The human and it`s problems both disappear in the same instant.

Neither can outlive the other.

When the human has outlived itself, it is neither better or worse off.

It is simply off.

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 57

                          "If moral codes are bullshit...How should I conduct myself?"

What is this myself?

Musn`t it be a construction that is so self obsessed that it needs rules to prevent it
from infringing on the rights of others?

And there you have the human.

It suits itself as to which morals to uphold and which to conveniently forget.

Philosophy and moral codes are an artificial solution to a problem that has not actually been observed.

Let`s look at it now.

The ideas humans have invented are an attempt to eradicate pain, suffering and discomfort.

They are a projected code of conduct necessary to keep pain, suffering and discomfort from entering one`s life.

Can we see this?

So humans are creating codes of conduct for humans to aspire to.
These are rules and regulations that can be known.
The idea is that if one knows them, one will conform to them.

Like the road rules.

But when it doesn`t suit the human, s/he will break those rules.

So the solution is to invent penalties and punishments for law breakers.

Those penalties , can you believe it? , are pain , suffering and discomfort.

Which is back where we started.

This is the human treadmill from which there is no escape.

At this moment the actual moral code of the human is viewable.
It can be seen ...But it cannot be known.

To see it, the human who couldn`t must be gone.

"Don`t get caught!"

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 58

                                                  The cure.

The human is trying to cure itself with ideas and mental projections.
It is attempting to modify what it is with rules and logic.

So the focus is on what the human should be.
What the human actually is, avoids scrutiny.

All the human can know is what it isn`t.
There are libraries full of what the human is not.

The human is the embodiment of not being able to see what it actually is.

Of course this makes no sense to any human.

The human will protest.
"But we have learned so much...We have come so far.
Things we didn`t know about yesterday, we know about today.
One day we will know everything and we will be free of ignorance."

The human has it`s way of doing things.
But it cannot see that all it has achieved is to delude itself into believing the word is the thing.

It`s as simple as that.

When the human sees what is actual...there are no words for it.

At that moment there is no human there to say them.

Upon hearing that the human goes...

"This is a load of rubbish.
Everything we have learned runs counter to what is being pointed at here and now.

Look at all the evidence. There are libraries full of it."

Okay... Summarize it. Give us the "Readers digest condensed version."

Done that?

The meaning of life is.....

Now share it with the world.
Humans have all been waiting to hear the cure.

Well...not quite...
They have been waiting to hear the cure that is aligned with their imprisonment.

"If I take the cure and it results in me not being here anymore, then it was hardly a cure!"

The cure is what is needed to stay human.

The human and the cure are a team.
Without the other , neither can exist.

If there is no human, there is nothing to cure.
Without the cure there is no human to keep taking it.

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 59

                                                     What`s really happening?

The reader is being invited to use a muscle they do not posses.

This is the muscle one would use to forgive someone who had wronged them.
It is the muscle one would use to immediately bring their hate and anger to a stop.
It is the muscle that would propel one out of a deep depression or out of a life long addiction.

That muscle does not exist.

See this as a fact.

Observe a human who is sulking...

Now say to that human "Just stop it."

But the human who is sulking cannot stop it. It has no capacity to stop it.
That muscle does not exist.

Can we see this?
Not just get the concept... Not understand it intellectually...

But can one embrace it? Can one be their inability to see?

Can one be with the fact that the human has no capacity or faculty to observe the actual?

Can one observe that all human inquiry into philosophy is tolerating the theory so that one can get to the
bit that tells one what to do.?

And can we see that the human has no choice but to turn what can be done into ritual?

Remove all ritual from human philosophy and religion and they are over. Gone!

What is being pointed out here is quite a revelation.

It isn`t that the author knows it and is telling you about it.

The author is seeing it here and now as well.

The observation here is not coming from the known. It is the unknowable.

How to be free of this human mess is not something that can be known..

If one actually knew it, they would already be free of it.
And if one was free of it , there would remain no one there to know it.

This is not mind games and word play.

There is no mind at play here.
And once the actual is observed it is beyond words.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 60

                                                      Love and hate.

Where would the human be without them?

The human spends it`s entire life loving and hating.

This is not a part time occupation.

These are the ingredients that make occupation possible.

The human erects an impenetrable wall between what it loves and what it hates.

Once that wall is in place, the human wonders why it is walled in.

The human wants to be on the side of love and locates itself with it`s back to the wall.

From there the human looks for love.

But no matter what the human does, hate will be there poking it`s ugly head over the wall.

They haven`t escaped from hate at all.

The love they have found is ready to turn to hate the moment that love fails to fulfill their expectations.

Humans love their children right up until they talk back to them.

Humans love their significant other right up till their significant other ceases to make them feel significant.

Humans will hate something until they can see a way that what they hated can prolong their life.

Just look at it.

Don`t love or hate what you are seeing.
Just see the actual.

See how you are being played.

For the human there is no escape from the love hate trap.

They love some aspects of being human...but they hate others.

While the human is preoccupied with loving and hating the human experience, the
human fails to observe what the actual human experience is.

"But if I didn`t know what I loved and hated, I wouldn`t know who I was.
If I removed love and hate from my life I would have no life."

What would I be if I didn`t love and hate?"


There would be no attraction or distraction.

There would be no division.

One would be with the authentic...the actual.

And that is what the human cannot be.
The human is the non actual and the non authentic.

The moment the the human is no more.... love and hate are gone with it.

The human loves the inauthentic...and hates the authentic.

It has no chance.

Can we see this?

The human has cried out for love and unwittingly activated hate.

Pretty cool con.

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 61

                                             The great pretender.

There is not one thing within the human mind that is authentic.

Everything about the mind is a pretense.

That mental machinery that one is compelled to obey is completely a pretense.

The mind pretends to be what is actual. It is very convincing.
It will hound it`s human victim into compliance. It will never give up.
To give up is death to the pretense.

To bolster the case that it is real, the mind will bounce ideas of other similarly
trapped individuals and groups.

Let us short cut this to see the big picture.

At death, the pretense is over.

Can we really see this?

Everything one was pretending to be is gone. 

The plans, the connections, the accumulation, the knowledge, the regrets, the ego, the ambition, the drug history, the convictions, contracts, the house, the car, the bank account, the theories, the allegiances,
the love, the hate, the fear, the courage, the pain, the suffering , and the discomfort.

All gone. 

So what remains..?
Certainly not the human.

In the absence of the pretense, there is the authentic.

Can we be with this actuality?

The human is incapable of seeing the authentic.

Just watch two humans conversing.

Joe... "Bullshit...bullshit... bullshit."
Molly " Bullshit...bullshit. ..bullshit."

The human is saying "My pretense is working out fine and it is only getting better."

The other human is saying. "My pretense is as good as yours."

But when the human pretense isn`t working out... and the human can`t pretend
it`s pretense is working anymore.
..the human falls apart.

One is in close proximity to what is actual.

But being human, one tries to get their life back together, rather than be with the actual.

All help is perpetuating the pretense.

It`s what humans do for each other, when being human is all about pretense.

The human commodity is pretense.

When pretense is is the human.       

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 62

                                                "What exactly is meant by "the unknowable"?

We don`t know.

Shall we look into it together?

The unknowable is when there is no one there to know it.

How can someone know what something is when they are not there to know it?

..."But one doesn`t have to be imprisoned to know what  imprisonment is...."

Let`s really look behind that.

If one is not actually imprisoned then all they can know is the idea of imprisonment.

It is not actual imprisonment. The idea is non actual imprisonment.

And it is built from the past. Experience, knowledge, evidence, history.

If one is not imprisoned here and now, all one has is the past. Which is just an idea.

So one uses the idea to put themselves in prison.

If one had no idea what prison was, how on earth could they end up in prison?

If that were the case, one could end up in prison and not even know it.

Isn`t it the case that they would only become aware of the prison when they tried to leave ? 

Now one has the idea that they are in prison.

It is the idea that has imprisoned them.

Now the human tries to change it`s ideas.

After all it was a bad idea to wind up in prison.

They have been put in prison to change their ideas.

Imprisonment is there for those with bad ideas.

Imprisonment itself is a bad idea.

So why does the human keep having it?

When the human sees the mechanics of this, the human who couldn`t is gone.

And it has no idea what happened to the prisoner.

There is no prisoner there to have any idea.


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                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 63

                                                 "Where has the gone... gone?"

Freedom is a lack of restriction.

Conversely ...restriction is a lack of freedom.

When the actual is observed, freedom from the non actual is revealed.

Thus restriction is a con. It is the belief that the non actual is actual.

A belief itself is a substitute for what is actual.

It only appears actual while one believes it.

One is conned into believing in their limitations.

There is a whole mechanical process in place to ensure one stays within their

The life that exists within those limitations is dependent on not seeing how it is being conned.

We really need to see deeply into this.
A part time superficial glance is all the limited can muster.

We are seeing why we cannot see it.

We are not looking at what we can`t see.
We are looking at the actual fact that we can`t see it.

What are the mechanics in place that prevent unlimited observation ?

We are looking, not at what we cannot see, but at what is restricting us from seeing.
Once the human believes in itself, it has created an unlimited encounter with limitation.

The unlimited has been conned into believing it is limited.

The actual unlimited is conned into being in conflict with it`s non actual limitations.

For the unlimited to be observed, that which is limited has to die.

So what happens to the life that was limited? Where does the gone, go?

Well... It never existed in the first place.
So it doesn`t go anywhere.

The non actual is constantly on the move. It is always on the go.
The actual is unmovable. It doesn`t go anywhere.

"No matter where you go....there you are."

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 64

                                                   "I can`t believe it."

This is the death cry of the non actual.

When the actual is encountered, the believer in the non actual is vaporized.

The entirety of the human experience is dependent on beliefs.

Beliefs are a `stand in` for the actual.

When this compilation of beliefs comes face to face with the actual it can`t believe it.

There is nothing to believe and no one there to believe it.

The believer becomes a non believer.

Which is saying nothing.

There is nothing to say..... And no one there to say it.

"My loved one has died and I can`t believe it.
I have crashed my car... and I can`t believe it.
My partner of twenty years has been having an affair...and I can`t believe it.
I have been fired...and I can`t believe it.
The evidence shows that my guru is a con man...and I can`t believe it.
I just saw a U.F.O. and I can`t believe it.
I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness....and I can`t believe it.
My home has been burglarized ...and I can`t believe it.
Someone is pointing out what is actual ...and I can`t believe it."

Thus it goes for the human.

When a human`s beliefs are shattered, they go into shock.
They don`t know what to think.
They can`t make any sense of it.
It doesn`t fit in with the script.
It feels like the world has come to an end.

Notice that the above examples are what the human would interpret as bad things.

You can make a list of all the great things that have happened to you that you couldn`t believe.


That did n`t take very long...

It`s pretty much a no win situation for the human.

The human doesn`t know how lucky it is...because it isn`t lucky.

The only reason something lucky happens to a human is because the human didn`t know it couldn`t.

So it wasn`t luck at all.

Whatever luck befalls the human is the result of not having the belief that it couldn`t.

All beliefs are limiting.
They trap the believer.

Can I tell you a quick story. It`s something that actually happened to a little girl I knew.

Princess Diana was coming to New Zealand. She was going to be put on display in front of hundreds of school kids.

This seven year old girl who was staying with her grandmother mentioned that she was going to meet
Princess Diana today.

So her grandmother helped her iron her school uniform and  brush her hair so she would look her best when she met the Princess.

That evening she was on the TV news giving Dianna a bouquet of flowers and having a good old chat.
Now you could say she was the lucky one to be picked out of hundreds of kids that day.
It never occurred to the little girl that it wasn`t a forgone conclusion.

So it wasn`t luck at all.

Do you kind of see it.

Hope this hasn`t turned you into a believer.

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                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 65

                                                    A peace of conflict.

The human believes it is surrounded by conflict.
The evidence is overwhelming.

What the human fails to see is that `it` is the conflict it is in.

The con is that the human sees the conflict outside of itself and
believes s/he is in conflict with it.

"I disagree with violence." says the human.

But if the human wasn`t there believing in the violence it disagrees with, there would be no violence there to disagree with.

We are examining violence here...but the same mechanics apply to getting free of any type of quicksand the human is limited by.

The more one is in conflict with it, the more one sinks into it.

But this is not a guide for getting out of quicksand of any sort.

This is an examination and vaporization of that which falls victim to quicksand.

All human aid is about getting one`s life back.

What we are looking at here is how one is being tricked into having a life in the first place.

Let`s look into it....

One believes they have a life while they are believing it.
When that life is over, one is no longer there to believe in that life.

Even all the speculation about the afterlife becomes unbelievable.

Still finding it hard to see?

If one sits , eyes closed, in a distraction free environment, and does the only thing a human actually has to do for the next twenty minutes or so...breathe....(In /out/in/out/ no pauses) one will experience the conflict they have surrounded themselves with, closing in.

So one goes....How come I can`t get all this shit to shut the fuck up?

A dialogue of conflict ensues.

There is me and there is this conflict.

I am in conflict with the conflict !!!!

Now we see that we have no one else to blame for this predicament.

There is only me there.

But that me is in conflict.
It and the conflict it is, is divided.

Division is conflict.

I am the conflict I am experiencing.

I am being conned.

The observer IS the observed !!!!


There is no benefit for the life that had not seen this...
That life is no longer there to benefit.

Of course to that life, seeing this is a death sentence.

When life and death are united, there is nothing to say. There is no sentence.

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                                                 THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 66

                                            Everyone`s gone to the movies.

A moving picture is an illusion.

It is actually now, now ,now, now....

There is no time to examine one frame, because the next one is arriving in less than a second.

One is willingly being tricked into thinking that a moving picture exists... When it doesn`t.

The moving picture tells a story.
A still frame cannot.

A still frame is only the story the viewer is making up.

By not making up a story about a still frame, the viewer loses interest immediately.
There is nothing there to get interested in.

What makes it interesting is the story you tell.

Is it possible for a human to observe something without making up a story about it?

Sit quietly in a distraction free environment, close your eyes, connect your breathing, and
observe silence....

How did it go?
How long did you last before the author started making up stories?

Now...let`s not be in conflict with the author...

Let us simply observe that the author is a psycho.

When one comes to in the middle of a story being told by the author,
just return to present moment connected breathing and look
at the story that had captured you.

"What the fuck?"

Tell another about your dream. See how long it is before you put them to sleep as well.

If we look deeply into this we see that movement is the mechanism that
captures the interest of the observer.

A still picture that doesn`t inspire movement, (or a story), will not hold one`s interest.

The observer is unmovable. Yet the unwary observer can be moved by a story.

This is so deep.
I wonder if you can see it?

What we are being invited to look at here does not fit in with any story you have ever been told.

The story you have been told is the story of how you wound up in this mess.

This mess has no choice but to have another attempt at writing it`s way out of the mess it is in.

But the mess is already in motion. It is taking it`s victim for a ride.

"Everyone else is doing it...So it must be right."

The human is not even slightly interested in the still picture.
It wan`t to get it`s life moving in a positive direction.

The human wants to know "What`s the story?"

Tell it there isn`t one, and it goes... "Sorry...Not interested."


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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 67

                                                   Your life is killing you.

Can we not superimpose a moving picture over that statement?

Can we just hold it still and look into it?
Look behind it. Look beyond the words.

Be curious about what it is actually?

Life positions itself in opposition to death.

Life is on the move.
That movement is in the opposite direction to death.

Can we just observe this as what is actual?

Life is saying "No..Don`t stop and look at this... There is so much to do. Onward and upward."

The moving picture captures one`s attention.

Because the next picture arrives so rapidly one has no time to see that it is only a now and another one and another one.

So let us not waste any more time pondering this.

Can we just call foul on all motion.

Let`s stop the game.

Now we have a still, motionless picture.

It is only now that we see it isn`t a picture at all.

It is what is actual.

All motion to and away from death is redundant.

Life and death are both present, as they always are, but without the imposition of time.

Time creates a life that is destined to die.

Without the life created in time, there is nothing there to die.

Sit there and try to mourn for the loved ones that you never had.

Sit there and try to mourn for all the addictions you never had.

But you can clearly see the ones you did have...
They are what is killing you.

Are you getting the picture?  still ? still? still? 

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                                         THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 68

                                               "Are we deconstructing what life there is?"

We are not DOING anything.
We are simply observing that there is no life there in the first place.

Of course the life in question will insist it is there...

And while it is convinced it is there, it is serving it`s convictions.

Those convictions cannot see beyond the life that holds them.

Without those convictions there exists nothing there to look.

Can we see the mechanics of entrapment?

Are you trapped in a belief system you never had?
Are you solving problems you don`t have.
Are you suffering from an injury that you never had?
Are you suffering from too much happiness?

Are you having trouble with a product that you never bought?

Can we see how integral you are to your problems?

Not because we are saying it.... Can we see it without dependency on anything?

So what do we do with this observation?


We are just looking ... We are not buying anything.

Can we see how clever this con is?

The con victim exists because it is being conned.

The con victim cannot see it is being conned.

When it sees the mechanics of how it is being conned, the con victim is no longer there to NOT see it.

That is exactly what the human cannot see.

You try to point at this to a human and it will dub in all sorts of life nurturing projections.

The human will tell you everything it believes...
It has to. The human cannot see what is actual.
The human will turn on you if it perceives you are attacking it`s beliefs.

It may never talk to you again.

Try to hold the human still so it can look at this.

But it can`t see the point.

It has real problems to solve. Things to do.

Eliminating the problem maker is not a priority.

"I can think about all this shit later...
I have plenty of time.

I make time up by not seeing what is actual all the TIME."


Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 16, 2018, 08:20:38 AM
                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 69

                                                    The entrance to the exit...

So how do we get a human to see that which it`s life is dependent on not seeing?

I don`t know!!!!

Can we have a look ?

"I don`t know" is the key to this whole damned mess.

"I don`t know" is what is actual.

Speculation, guesses, theories, ideas, hopes, beliefs, prayers, dreams, inferences, etc...are all NON ACTUAL.

What is actual is "I don`t know."

You with me?

The human cannot see what is actual... So it makes something up to substitute for what is actual.

The human has put something between itself and what is actual. This is a life.

The departure from the actual has created time for that life.

The time for that life, thus created must run out.

It will run out when the life is no longer there to obscure the actual.

The moment you see how you are being conned, the life as a con victim is over.

Now this just seems to be mind games and word play.
It is easy to dismiss that we are observing the actual.
It is easy to dismiss because there is nothing there.

All of man`s problems, suffering, pain and discomfort are possible
by not seeing this con.

It is so easy to dismiss the one pointing out this to you.

It is easy to say..."This is an interesting theory..but I am interested in
real problems and real solutions. Till something, I can do something with,
is placed before me, I will not look into it."

The human is buying time as a researcher, a gatherer of facts.
That human will hate anyone or anything that points out their whole existence is a waste of time.

The human hates the actual and death.

But tell the human that you know something... Something that will give them enlightenment,
and the human will give you anything you ask for and do anything you say.

Tell such a human that they cannot buy the actual... And any DOING is just going to lead to more entanglement.. and they may attack the bearer of this message.

The human will die for their beliefs...For without them there is no life.
By ridding oneself of all beliefs there is nothing left there to die.

Get the human to believe in enlightenment.. and un-enlightenment is the residence where he be living.

Can we see what the human is up against?

Can we see this as clearly as we cannot see the trap we are in ?

We are not doing anything with the actuality that "I don`t know."

We are observing the actual. The actual cannot be known. It is unknowable.

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                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 70

                                       "Is everything we know wrong?"

We are not saying that at all..

We are pointing out that everything a man knows is what is making them man.

To carry on as a man, it is essential to keep knowing what man knows.

But man cannot find peace with that knowledge.
He knows he needs to know more.

Men look up to those who know more than they do.

Deriving a sense of importance for knowing more than others is a distraction
from the fact that one doesn`t know that they actually know nothing.

What they know has a shelf life of a century.
Outside of that, man knows nothing.

So all man knows is, what a man can know.

Which is literally next to nothing.

If one takes away what man knows, he finally sees he knows nothing.

At which point he is no longer limited by the man he knows he is.

Everything man knows is not wrong.... It is right for being a man.

Human knowledge is saturated by the human.

The human is searching for the truth.

The whole human existence is a lie.

The truth is that which protects the lies.

The actual is what the human has to avoid seeing, so it can continue it`s search for "truth."

And there is nothing wrong or right about it.

Anything else is unknowable.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 71

                         "What is the difference between the truth and the actual?"   

The truth is man made.
The actual is man unmade.

 The truth is something that can be known.

Whereas the actual is unknowable.

The truth needs someone to believe in it.
The actual couldn`t care less about what anyone believes.

Are we seeing this distinction?

The moment one locates a truth , they have put themselves there to believe it.

The truth thereafter must be defended.
For the believer in the truth is dependent on the truth for it`s existence.

The believer has put him/herself in conflict with non believers.

The believer is sentenced to ensuring that the truth prevails.

When one attempts to show a believer what is actual, they will see no future in it.

Which is death.

Can you see that you are not in conflict with what is being pointed out here. It`s
just that you can`t see it?

There is no evidence to back up what is being shown here.
There is no evolutionary process that has made this observation possible.

There is nowhere one can go to get corroboration.
There is no authority on what is actual.
What is actual is that authority is a product of truth. And needs to be defended.

"The truth can be argued and debated."
Which is what is actual...which can`t be.

It is not possible to argue or debate what is actual... Because the moment it is
observed the one who could argue about it is gone.

Truth exists in separation from the lie.

The truth is in conflict with lies.

If all the lies were gone, so too would the truth be gone.

Truth gives birth to lies.

Truth and lies are the same thing merely separated by the time they remain divided.

And that time sorting the truth from the lies is the life sentence
of pain, suffering and discomfort for anyone seeking the truth.

Whatever truth is found, will be revealed as a lie.

Okay ?


Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 19, 2018, 08:28:35 AM
                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 72

                                                     No reward.

We are not offering any reward for those who observe the actual.

Let us just say there is no reward.

Immediately we are outside of the capacity of the human.

The human does things. And it does them for an anticipated reward.

The human cannot even imagine any other reason to do anything.

That is because the human is imagining it`s own future.
And it need to see a better future to move into it.

The human is being coaxed along by reward.

There is no reward in seeing this.

To see it..the human must be absent.

For all the human can see is a future that is better.

Otherwise it sees no future at all.

You getting this?

The furthest the human can go is to deny instant gratification.
It does this by advocating delayed gratification.

It takes great pride in this.
It resists temptation now so that it can reach it`s reward later.

"Suffer now... Believing that you will be rewarded later."

Is that the definition of human religion and philosophy?

Humans are now experiencing the rewards of all those who have gone before.

The present is the future of past delayed gratification.

Now is the rewarding experience of Past delayed gratification realized.

How is that working out for you?

Feel gratified?

Is it a rewarding experience?

Want to play again ?

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                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 73

                                                   The one and only time...

Everything that is being pointed at here is wrong....
if one chooses to remain human.
Which, by the way, any moron can see is not a choice.

When did you decide to become human?

Really look at it...

There is no time that the choice to be human was made and then forgotten.
Have you forgotten that you are a human?

Where is the time before the human you are ?

Can you see it?

Time began as a human.

You weren`t not existing and then joined time as a human.

This is a vicious con. Breathtaking in it`s scope.

Can we really look at this?
Can we forget everything we have been taught for now and just observe?

If we can`t we are stuck with the time based human serving our sentence.

We are not glossing over this in search of something we can do.

We see the actuality that doing is ritual.
Not just some doing... All doing.

Ritual is a repetitive process. It is time dependent.

The human is incapable of observing the actual.
It projects a substitute for the actual.
The non actual is born.
Something can be done with the non actual.
Faced with the actual there is nothing needs doing.
The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

"My loved one is dead.!" That is what is actual.
Anything done about this is non actual.

Can we see this?

Can we be with what is actual?

"My loved one is dead...and that is what is actual...END OF STORY !!!"

Everything we do only takes us further away from our actual dead loved one.

This is not leading anywhere.
There is no reward waiting to be unearthed.

We are merely parking that which can be buried to the side for now.

By remaining with our actual dead loved one we see that they were never alive to begin with.

Our interaction with our dead loved one was never actually them.

It was time spent with them as a human.

Time is movement.

Movement is ritual. It is repetitive process.
And repetitive process is locked into time.

Movement is doing ...and thus ritual.

The human is a time based, ritual performing, prison builder, that is using all it is to
to be free of itself.

The human is trying to do in order to not have to do.
The human IS the pain it is wanting to be free of.

The human is using it`s limitations to be free of limitation.

Meanwhile there are endless things that human is not trapped by that it is doing nothing about.

It doesn`t even give those freedoms any time at all.

It can`t !

It isn`t trapped by them because it isn`t there to be trapped.

The second we see this...
The human, who couldn`t, is no longer there to not see it.

"This is all hogwash !"


Now..... You tell us what is trapped and how to free it...

Well ?    ?

Well ?

We are genuinely curious...

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 74

                       There is not one single human who will agree with what is being pointed at here.

And your point is...?

We are pointing out what is actual.

The actual doesn`t become the actual by humans agreeing with it.

If one is human and doesn`t have a problem with that, then seeing the actual is not on their radar.
But that requires not observing the actual predicament the human is in.

By the time a century has come and gone there will be not one trace of the human that
could not see that that is what is actual.

The actual has no obligation to anyone.

As soon as an obligation is bestowed on the actual, it ceases to be the actual.

This is frustrating for a human.

It goes "What is the actual?  Just tell me. Tell me what to do.."

So let`s look at it together...

Let us shut down this human madhouse called the mind..and simply look.

Look right now.

What is going on? Why am I here? How did I get here? What is here?

Okay.... Can we see that we do not know?

Can we make that simple observation and be with it.
Can we resist the temptation to make up shit ?

By observing that "I don`t know." everything I do know has been exposed as non actual.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

"But I don`t believe what you are saying."


The actual couldn`t give a toss about what anyone has to say.

One day you will look back on this and have nothing to say.
Because there is no one there to say it.
That day is now.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 75

                                            What is superman?

The human believes it is a unique individual.

"Some humans like this...but I like that." 

What the human likes and dislikes makes them unique.

But the fact that liking and disliking is a human characteristic is identical from human to human.

Humans are all in the same jail...but living in different cells.

The context is the same. The content is different.

But the content cannot exist without the context.

I like blue and he likes green....How different can we be?

I like spicy food and she likes sweet tasting food. How different we all are.

Are humans that stupid that they cannot see that they are both dependent on food to exist.
Humans need sleep. They need shelter from the elements.
They need to fuck. They need to be thinking. They need to be loved and accepted.
Humans have feelings and moods. They have hopes and dreams.

"He dreams of being a rich businessman. I dream of traveling the world.
How different we are ...."

But we are both caught up in dreams.

Unless we observe that the human, as a species, is caught in the same trap...
We are not seeing the entire trap.

I am an individual who has my own problems.
But the whole species has the same problem.

To see personal problems and not species problems, is to
fail to see the real problem.

There is no such thing as a super human.
It is a story told to children in comic books.

For someone to appear super human, they are actually not human at all.

To be a member of the human race is to march in step in the procession to the cemetery.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 23, 2018, 09:32:09 AM
                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 76


We must really see something before we can observe that it isn`t actually here at all.

The human species has convinced itself that it is solving problems.

The problem is always over there.
Unless it is over there, the human cannot see it.

So the human is perpetually incapable of seeing the actual problem.

The human sees problems with the human species.
What it doesn`t see is that the human species is the problem.

At that moment the human is no longer part of the human species.

Once the human species is no longer looking at the problem, the actual
problem can be observed.

And the actual problem was that one was the human species.

Miraculously the problem of the human species is no more.

The human species was a delusion that one was a part of.

How many humans are rushing to join you in your death bed?

No sorry... You are on your own.

The human species delusion is what was in the death bed dying in the first place.

Death for a believer in the human species is that belief dying.

The instant death of the human species belief dies, there exists no
human to believe in it.

So what has actually died?

The belief that one was a part of the human species.

Now it is clear that one never actually was a part of any species at all.

"This doesn`t help at all."

Who or what doesn`t it help?
What were you doing in a position where you needed help anyway?

Of course the human race needs help...

Otherwise there would be nobody there to help it.

But being an ex member of the human race puts you beyond help.

Everything that is humanly possible to help has been done and
apparently it was no help at all.

Once one ceased to be part of the human race, help is the last thing one needs.

Once one buys into being a part of the human race they need help.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 24, 2018, 08:52:04 AM
                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 77.

                                                    Inner and outer reversed.

Can it be observed that for a human there exists an inner and an outer world.

The inner world being consciousness, thought, identification, individuality..

The outer being reality.

These two worlds exist in conflict.

"Inside I know I am very special...but I`m having a hell of of job convincing the outside world of this reality."

Do we see that the inside world is trying to get confirmation from the outside world?

It needs the feedback from the outside world to make the inside world actual.

When the inner cannot get confirmation from the outer, the inner is irreconcilable.

We are not looking for anything here. We are not attempting to make any sense of it.

We are purely looking at the mechanics of it.

The inner cannot be at peace while the outer is invalidating it.

"I am a friendly, loving, caring, person, who just just can`t stand being around stupid cunts."

"If all those no good, interfering people had just left me the fuck alone, I would still be
a friendly, loving, caring, person."

Can we slightly see this? Can we observe that our complaint is the same as every other human`s?

"I will treat you the way you treat me."

That is what being human is all about.

And to stay human, there is no better way.

You try to get a human to look at this for the first and only time and that human will scratch and bite.

It`s whole existence is based on having endless reasons to remain bitter inside the
unforgiving human experience.

The experts on human philosophy say you must forgive those who have wronged you...
and to hell with you if you disagree with that.

The outside is creating the inside... and the inside is creating the outside.

The individual human life is dependent on keeping the inner in, and the outer out.

Here am I ...
And there is the actual.

The observer and the observed.
But the observer IS the observed.


The life dependent on division is no more...and never was.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 25, 2018, 09:35:41 AM
                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 78. 

                                                "Can we have this explained to us again?"

Not possible.

To repeat something is ritual.
One has ceased to observe what is actual. And has now created a facsimile to represent the actual.

To say something again...Is to repeat something. The actual cannot be repeated.
Only a non actual memory can.

So as this is is not communicated from memory.
It is being observed here and now.

We cannot learn about this. We cannot say "I know how to see the actual."

Seeing the actual is only possible by not knowing.

Let`s look at this....

I am trying to observe what is actual.

I am looking with what I know.

This way I will know when the actual is being observed.

So... What is the actual?

"I don`t know."

Great !

What is actual is "I don`t know."

Immediately everything one does know is exposed as NON ACTUAL.

Are we seeing this?

We could say..."Stay there until you see this".... But that is already the case.

We cannot see the actual.... But we sure as hell can see the barriers to seeing it.

That is all humans can see.

And the fact that the human insists on seeing what is actual on it`s own terms is the actual barrier.

The human gets a vision of a bunch of hippies dancing naked around a fire at night.
It imagines flying at light speed through space.
It imagines trumpet fanfares, dignified religious leaders all standing on clouds and looking welcoming.
It imagines virgins.
It imagines being reincarnated as a bird... (Not a warthog.)
It imagines reuniting with deceased relatives and ex husbands and wives.
It imagines being reunited with deceased pets.
It imagines seeing Nazi`s and lawyers screaming and burning in pits of despair.
It imagines an old pervert with a beard saying "You passed the test."
It can`t imagine not imagining.

The human can`t just go... "I don`t fucking know."

And that my friend IS what is actual.

See it?

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 79.

                                                    We know nothing.

The instant something becomes known, it is no longer the actual.

And something that is non actual can be changed and modified.

The human knows who and what it is. And it is that knowing that inhibits actual observation
of who and what it really is.

Actual observation is here and now. Anything else can only be there and then.

"I know who I am because I can remember. If I couldn`t remember, I couldn`t remember who I am.

Memory is a picture of the thing. It is like a word. It is a representation of the thing.

It is NOT the thing.

Words and memories can be twisted and distorted. ie. Changed and modified.

Just listen to opponents in a court of law giving their version of the incident under scrutiny.
Both are obviously telling the truth. They have sworn to it.

And yet...the testimony from each is polarized.

They both absolutely believe they are telling the truth...
And yet the truth in every case is a lie.

The rule of law is the foundation of human society.

That foundation is constructed on lies.

But millions of humans are getting a life out of it.

So do we see it?  They are living a lie.

But that is what humans do.

If they didn`t...they would cease to be human.

The legal system came up with the death penalty.

This solves the problem of how to hide the fact that the legal system doesn`t work.

And this is the foundation of human society !?             

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 27, 2018, 08:55:58 AM
                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 80.

                                                    "Make the world go away."

One cannot make something "go away" until they see what it is.

Not a limited view of it.
Not a viewpoint of something tainted by decades of indoctrination.

It is human to want what isn`t liked to go away.

But what isn`t liked, isn`t liked by the human.

If one actually sees what the human is, there is fuck all there to like.

The human is self centered.
That isn`t a liked or disliked quality.
It is what the human is. Like it....or not!

Being human is all about having zero choice.

The human deludes itself about having choice.

The human winds up an addict...

It says "But I don`t want to be an addict any more.
I choose to be a non addict."

And the human says "Fuck you."

You see it?

The human is being conned.
It is being conned from moment to moment.

It is what being human is.

Death comes along and suddenly you are no longer human.

"But that is a long way off. I can put time between me and the me who is outside of time."

When the death of a loved one occurs... The human suffering is indescribable.

The grieving human is dumbstruck.

It just does not know.

And that is the ticket out of this human world.

"I don`t know is the actuality."

EVERYTHING else is non actual.

It is the non actual that breathes life into the world that one can`t make go away.

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                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 81.

                                                    Seeing through the con.

We are observing now.

We are not drawing on anything that has gone before.

The moment we draw on anything other than now... now is lost.

Are we seeing this?

To observe what is actual, everything one knows cannot obscure the observation.

What one knows is the past.

But really see this.... The past is NOT what is actual.
It is a picture...A memory... Experience.... Programming.

It is believing the word is the thing.

The thing is the thing. It is the thing that is here and now.

The word, the memory, the programming, is a non actual version or a substitute for the actual.

It requires someone being there to see it.

Life is created by being there to see it.

What a life thus created is seeing, is what it owes it`s existence to.

Thus what is being pointed at here is something that has to remain unseeable.
It is the unknowable.

What one is seeing is proof positive that what is being pointed at, here and now, is wrong.

What one is not seeing is that their proof positive is inhibiting the observation of here and now.

The moment one has a belief, they have sentenced themselves to be there to defend it.

One will die defending their beliefs.

The moment the believer dies, so does the belief.

And the moment the belief dies, so does the believer.

The observer IS the observed.
There and then evaporates.

Here and now is all there is.

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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 82. 

                                                   Where you live.

Where one lives is a location that provides a viewpoint.

It is that very viewpoint that inhibits observation of the actual.

One`s name, Date of birth, profession, financial position, IQ, personality, connections, responsibilities...
everything that describes and identifies a me, inhibits observation of the actual.

Can we see that death and losing all the above, is the same thing.???

All of the above is simply the impermanent attempting to be permanent.

Seeing this as a simple fact is beyond the capability of that which exists in ignorance of it.

That which exists is easily intimidated by threats of ending it`s existence.

That which is intimidate-able  cannot see a future without it in it.

Thus it has no choice but to perpetually be dependent on a future.

To have no future is a pronouncement of death.

We are not stirring anything up here.
We are not making sense.
We are observing a mechanical process that owes no explanation to anybody.

We are seeing how mankind is being terrorized by something that isn`t even there.

"This is too hard to see. It is just your theory. Facts prove otherwise...."

Correct .Correct...Correct.

Where does a con victim go once s/he sees that they are being conned?


Tell us where they are living so that they can continue being conned.

"Dear con victim,
                        Please continue being conned...

                                               Yours Sincerely,
                                                   The Con."

Dear Con,

             The guy you are looking for doesn`t live here anymore.
They left no forwarding address.




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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 83. 


Can we see that content and context are a team?

Can we see that they are mutually dependent on each other for existence?

A book exists because of it`s contents.

It`s contents are dependent on the book to give it context.

Some content taken out of a book loses it`s context.

Can we kind of see this?

Something has to be there to fit into a context.

There is no context unless there is something there to fit into it.

The human cannot free itself from a mystery.

It is a mystery why the human is stuck to mystery.

The individual human is an accumulation of mysteries.
That mystified individual is attempting to solve the big mystery.

It hopes that solving the big mystery will be the undoing of all the little mysteries.

How are you doing with that?

The context is all a big mystery.
And that context permits the existence of the content of that mystery.

The content hopes that by solving the context, it will finally find peace.

But the context is made possible by it`s contents.

A book with no content is no book at all...

End of story !

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 83.


Contradiction is division.

These two things do not fit together...

Contradiction creates the contradicted.

If this is true then that cannot be true.

Thus the contradicted is living a lie.

If something is not existing in contradiction, it is not existing at all.

The human wants to live in peace and harmony.

And yet it`s existence is a complete contradiction of that.

It`s life of sadness exists while it desires happiness.

The human exists as the contradiction to all human philosophy.

In actuality there are no contradictions.

Life is there to contradict that.


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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 84.   
                                               Email sent...

Can you see that nothing anyone can do or say will make a permanent
dent in how you are feeling?

Can it be seen that no one except for you has this feeling?

Others have similar feelings. But your feelings are unique to you.

What these feelings dictate is that something needs to be done about them.

However anything said or done will only be the long way round to coming back to them...

Are we seeing this?

So we, and we alone, can navigate out of these feelings.

"You" can`t...Because you and your feelings are inseparable.
You are your feelings. The observer IS the observed.

About now we expect those feelings to sabotage the
termination of the feelings.

"This is all shit I`ve heard before... Nothing works....
I have a malfunction in my brain....etc.."

The feelings you are stuck with are now fighting for their life.
Can we see this?

These feelings looking at a remedy, will inevitably say "This doesn`t feel right."

So we are now looking at feelings as being an invention of the mind.
They are non actual.
They only exist because someone is there feeling them.

The observer and the observed.

Can we see that the mystery and the mystified are mutually dependent on each other for their existence?

If those feelings were gone. so would the one feeling them.
If the one feeling them was gone, so too would the feelings be gone.

Once one sees the actual mechanics of the con, he who couldn`t, is no longer there to not see them ...And never was.

So we have no choice but to be with the non actual.

The only choice is to have a choice.

Or one could carry on as they are...Which they don`t have a choice about.

There is no magic bullet !

There isn`t a paragraph that one can show others that will set them free.

If there was.... we would all be free already.

What isn`t free is the guy who keeps looking for a solution when in actuality there is none.

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                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 85.   


Are we curious as to why we are writing this?

Are we seeing that what is written here is not moving ?

Life is movement. When something stops moving it is dead.

What is being written here is the death of the human.

And it is not moving.

Life exists as a contradiction to death.

Death is stillness.....
Life is movement.

Human philosophy and wisdom is all about movement.

How can man move to a better place?

Let us create a philosophy that moves people.

Humans find out about it and it moves them.

We are writing here anti philosophy, which doesn`t move anyone.

We are pointing out that we are being moved to create time and will wind up
back here.

Just be still.

See how far we have come...See how much movement has occurred...
See all the lives that have come and gone...

And yet here we are.
All movement was a distraction.

A distraction from here and now...the actual.

What is being written here has not moved.

Movement is an empty promise.

In what sense do we mean movement?

All movement is nonsense.

It is all a distraction from being here and now...

Something the human simply cannot countenance. (verb: to permit or tolerate)

We are not doing anything...

We are giving the actual our attention.

When full attention is given, the one attending cannot move...
Because they are no longer there to be moved.

The observer and the observed are one.

No movement between them is possible.

By being your despair you have killed it.

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                                        THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 86. 

                                            What the human is up against.

 Breaking out of the human experience is impossible !

The human experience is the prison.

If one were out of it there would be no human there to experience it.

This one seemingly meaningless con is the source of all human suffering.

You only suffer because you are there to suffer.

"But I have no choice."

Exactly !

Everything the human has become, it has no choice about.

If you can`t see this...try not choosing it.

"I am choosing to follow a certain philosophy."

Okay.  Stop choosing to follow it.

"But that wouldn`t make any sense.
Following the teachings of Swami Payyourway is the obvious choice.
Swami Payyourway speaks to who I am."

Who you are is a follower of Payyourway.
If it wasn`t for Payyourway, there would be nothing to follow.

All the suffering Payyourway followers experience would cease to exist.

All the suffering Payyourway is experiencing would cease as well.

Payourway`s suffering is keeping ahead of his followers and critics.

For if they were to catch up with him, there would be hell to pay.

The whole human trap is about buying time.

By seeing the mechanics of it, there exists no time to buy.

There exists no human to buy it.

What stops buying into this con is no longer human.

Need some time to think about it?

Gotcha again.

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 87.

                                               "Is there life after death?"

I don`t know.

Let`s take a look together.

The human is completely unequipped to examine this subject matter.
Not one human knows the answer to this question.
But one can have a life pretending to know the answer.

That life exists as a pretense. It is over the moment the pretender stops pretending.

So there is no life after death for the pretender.

So we are looking into the actual mechanics of this.

But the human says. "No. I want a direct answer. Is there life after death?"

Now what ever answer the questioner receives has to fill the gap in knowledge that
is created by the existence of the questioner.

Now the questioner has a life questioning that answer.

"Is there life after death?" is a loaded question.

That questioned is being informed by the life that is asking it.

Whatever answers are received by that life, raise more questions.

By looking away from the actual, life has bought itself more time.

It then believes life is a learning process and that death can be learnt about.

If everything man has learnt about death was assembled in one book it would have to
be called "The complete idiots guide to life and death."

Anyone who read it would be no better off than the chimpanzees and bison that never read it.

Now if someone read it, and from that reading they established beliefs...
They would have a life as a believer in what they read.

If they died as a believer, non believers would say.. "It was their own stupid fault."

Now the non believer has a life believing it was the believers own stupid fault they were conned.

So do we see it?  Life is a con.
One is conned into believing they have a life.

Beliefs are a substitute for what is actual.

The non actual is the long way round to coming back to here and now.

Here and now is what is actual.

There is no actual AFTER.
There is no actual BEFORE.

Is there life after death? is the announcement...I don`t see how I am being conned.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 88.

                                                 Come to my aid....

When the human sees something it doesn`t want to see, it tries to move away from that viewpoint.

When it cannot, for whatever reason, it asks for help.

The human will feel that what it is looking at is life threatening.

It will become highly motivated to put something between itself and what it can`t face.

We are just observing the mechanics here.
We are not looking to see if this is true, according to our experience.

When we do that, we are avoiding  being with what we are observing here and now.

If we observe what is here and now, neither the observer nor the observed can exist.

This is due to mechanics.

The observer IS the observed.

How do we look at ourselves?

It can only be done in the separation of the observer and the observed.

The observed is distorted by the observer.
And the observer sees it`s own warped reflection.

It does not like what it sees.

It has done something that requires TIME to fix.

It can`t figure this out at all and thus has
a life waiting for help to come it`s way.

If it occurring to you, how much better your life would be if you received the right type of help?

You are being conned.

Help is equated with preserving and prolonging life.

And no one is coming to help the actual you.

The actual you is beyond help.

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                                        THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 89.

                                                "How come I am still suffering?"

I don`t know.
Can we look into it?

We can make the suffering justified in their suffering.
We can look at the things that are to blame.

And once all the reasons one is suffering have been confirmed, the sufferer
has confirmed their suffering existence.

They will continue to suffer until they have done something about all that has been confirmed.

Can we see how the human is conned into this problem solving process.
It all makes perfect sense.

"If there was no reason to suffer, I would stop suffering until another reason to suffer came my way."

Humans suffer in their own unique way.

When the human wants to end their association with suffering, that human gets in it`s own way.

After all... they are only human.

What distinguishes individual humans, is the unique way they have suffered.

Humans have learned how to live with their suffering.

Death puts an end to suffering. And yet to die is the worst kind of suffering for the sufferer.

Make sense of that !

The avoidance of end of human suffering is the what makes all human suffering worth it.

The human is suffering to avoid ending their suffering.

Can we see this?

Can we really see this?   

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 90.

                                             "I still can`t see it."

The human never will.
Once the actual is seen , the life that couldn`t see it is gone.

Life is the creation of a con job.

Death is what that life must avoid at all costs.
For death is to be with the actual.

Look at death.
It is losing everything that the life that is dying was.

While the dying was alive, they were under the impression that
they were a plumber, or a father, or a media mogul, a newsreader, a bad person, a health freak.
The living have all sorts of things they are thinking is them.

Dying is being stripped of all that.

So please look into this....

What actually remains after all that one believed they were is gone?

Really look into it.

There is no reason to do this.
There is NO benefit.
There is no epiphany.
There is nothing to be acknowledged , and no one to acknowledge it.

WE are just observing this as what is actual.

We are not falling for any more human reactions and defenses.

We have no time for all that.


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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 91.

                                                  "This is a waste of time."

Now you are getting it.

The human looks at what is being pointed out here and it says "There isn`t anything here for me."

And there isn`t.

The human decides not to waste any more time looking at what is being pointed at here.

It has a lot better ways to spend it`s time.

The human will try to spend it`s time on things that will result in benefit.

Earning money to buy things that they believe will benefit them.

And upon the acquisition of these things there is the realization that these actually were just a waste of time.

How do we see this?

We see this because it is what we, as humans, are doing.

It is what being human is.... A complete waste of time.

So no matter what the human does, it ends up being a waste of time.

"But Ive benefited from things I`ve done !!!"

So why keep doing things?  Where does benefit end?

"This is crazy.... This is what life is.!!"

Which is exactly what is being pointed out here.

The human misses the point. It has to. For once one sees it, one sees there is no point.

Can we come at it from another way?

"I have been trying to become ..........  for 10 (seconds,minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries...)
and I still aren`t ....... ."

Till one becomes ..... they have no choice but to spend time being what they have not become.

I want to become happy creates the life of being unhappy.

Wanting to become enlightened creates the life time of un-enlightenment.

Are we seeing this?

Being uneducated is the sentence of those who want to become educated.

What we are looking at here cannot be taught.
We cannot spend any time pondering it.

To do so is to spend a lifetime pondering.

To ponder is to believe that a thought one has not had is what is
keeping one pondering. But pondering is thinking.

The thinker is pondering about thought.

There is an actual mechanical process here that makes all this nonsense make sense.

But it actually doesn`t. It is a trap that the human is using trap building apparatus to break free of.

"I don`t see it !  This is a waste of time."

Finally !!!

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                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 92.

                                                 Living and dying.

As one is dying, they are discarding things.
No matter what they discard. they are still there, post discarding.

One has discarded their identification as a communist, a fascist, a Manchester United supporter.

One had spent their life believing they were many things...
And yet when those many things are gone, they are still there.

They are still being something.
That something is what is dying.

When what is there has nothing left to be, there exists nothing there to die.

At that instant that which could die is no longer there.

What couldn`t die is now here.

What could die is now there and then.

The actual is no longer distracted by the non actual.

What was here cannot make any sense of this.
It is not equipped to contemplate it.

At death, what used to make sense is gone.

So how is it we can see this?

We can observe this by not trying to make anything of it.

We are merely observing.
We see something that is what it is looking at.

The observer is the observed.

Try explaining this to a human and it will kill the one who is pointing it out.
It will kill it to the full extent of what it can get away with.

If what is pointing this out has an ego, that ego will draw fire.
If what is pointing this out makes a living by pointing this out,
it`s livelihood will be attacked.

If the one pointing this out is doing so because they know something, what they know
will be attacked.

Life will attack that which threatens it`s life.

Do we know this?
We can`t...

To know it, one has divided the self from what it knows.

When the mechanics of this are fully observed, that which was observing and knowing, is
no longer there to observe and know.

It is what it is... and it doesn`t know it.

Knowing something is only possible by not being what one knows.

Knowing is a one way toboggan ride to eternity.

The more one knows, the more one knows that they don`t know.

How does one get off that Merry go round?


It is UNKNOWABLE !!!   

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                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 93.

                                                    "I am suffering."

"I am" is the entry pass to suffering.

Whatever one says after "I am" is destined to suffer.

"I am famous" is a one way ticket into suffering famously.

"I am happy" " I am in love." "I am a Christian." " I am an artist."

Whatever comes after "I am..." is suffering.

"I am not....." only suffers for the few moments it exists while being discarded.

Once it is fully discarded, it`s suffering has ended....Because nothing is there to suffer.

Human suffering ends when the human ends.

"What I am" IS suffering !

Hear that two different ways..... Then hear them as one.

There is no suffering without someone being suffer.

The countless things one is not suffering from are the things one is not there to suffer from.

These things are invisible, because there is no one there giving visibility to them.

The human is all about ending suffering.
The human has no capacity to end the sufferer.

If the human could end the sufferer, there would remain no one there who was ended.

Can we see this?

Are we getting out beyond our depth to make this observation?

Can this only be seen from where both the suffering and the sufferer do not exist?

I don`t know.

It is unknowable.

There exists no one there to know it.

The human is so caught up in its suffering that it is not free to observe non suffering.

The sufferer cannot see non suffering.

Non sufferer and non suffering are the same thing.

Nothing to observe it and nothing to observe.

"But how does this help me?

What the fuck are you doing there needing help in the first place?

See it?


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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 94.

                                                You are dying !

The only way to have a destiny with death is to have a life.

That life is creating the possibility of not dying.

That is what it lives for.

Life exists to not be death.

To observe this as a fact one cannot observe it as a me.

A me will get between the observer and the observed.
It will say "But what about me?"

The me makes a big deal about being alive.
It`s life depends on it.

To observe the fury of the mechanical process humans are trapped in,
just try to point out to a human that their deeply held beliefs are a delusion.
It is the same as prying someones fingers off of a rope they are holding on to at the top of an abyss.

Can we see this?

Can we see the grip that life has on it`s victims?

"But what choice is there? Nobody wants to die."

This is a me trying to make sense of something that they have no capacity to observe.

The me exists because it has not seen it.

When the me sees this scam, there is no longer a me there to not see it.

Maybe this will help...

If you are not a Muslim you will not be there to experience the death of the Muslim that is you.

If you are not currently being kidnapped and tortured, you will not be there to experience the torture and death of that kidnap victim.

If you are not Chinese, you are not there to experience the death of that Chinese person.

There is you and what is here and now.

EVERYTHING else is a non actual mental projection, that you have to have a life to see.

Take away that life and there exists nothing to die.

Death of a person is always taken personally.
There is no other way for a person to take it.

Give it up and there is nothing to take.


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                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 95.

      "How come none of the great thinkers have ever said anything that comes close to what is being said here?"

I don`t know.
It`s not something anything can be said about.

This is not "Life...An insiders view."

So far the great thinkers have come up with nothing.
However they don`t stop there...
They think about it and make something of it.

We here on the other hand have observed there is nothing to come up with.
And leave it at that.

We see that the great thinkers have no choice but to try to come up with something.

We choose to not come up with something.

Can we just sober up here ?

Look !!!!

The human lives under the delusion that one day in the future there
will be a sentence uttered that will make all sentence readers go...
"Holy fuck !!!! I get it now !!! I know what life is. I understand everything. I am free.
I owe my freedom to the writer of the sentence that explains everything.
I owe my life to the author of that sentence. I am saved!!! Hallelujah !!

It`s not that way????
Okay you tell us how it actually is...



What does someone need to see before they have that eureka moment?



Thousands of years of great thinking has led to this moment...

So.... What is it?



Finally ... The actual is observed.

"But one day we might know."

There you go again.

The journey into the non actual starts NOW.

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                                                 THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 96.

                                                "What should I do?"

That is the outer limit of human experience.

The human is all about doing.

It has no choice. It is a doing machine.

There is always hope for the human race if it finds something it can do.

We aren`t judging this ..
We aren`t comparing it to experience and history.

Whether one has done everything or nothing the present moment is still the same old present moment.

And there is nothing can be done about it.

For anything to be done, it can only exist in the realm of the non actual.

Maybe this will aid in seeing it...

Someone transcends the human experience and tries to communicate what exists outside of
that human experience.

But the one hearing it is in that human experience.
So the message must be translated for the human to be able to think with it.

That change or modification of the communication goes from seeing to doing.

What the human will do is convert the actual into the non actual.

The actual it can do nothing about.

So everything done is non actual.

Can we see all attempts by the human to escape the confines of the human becomes a ritual.

Humans put on funny hats and recite monotonous passages in ancient languages.
They act solemn and dignified. They acquire wealth.
They proselytize and claim their rituals are the one true path.

There is no end to the bizarre things the human can do in the name of transcending the human.

The human is quoting wisdom, that cannot be written, from a book that can be.

What we are seeing here is the creation f life.

It isn`t an evolution.
There is only now for time to be created.
Time is placing the actual out of reach.

The actual can only be seen now.

Once it is seen it is not possible to spend any time on not seeing it.

There exists no time to do anything in the presence of the actual.

"Why is this so hard to see?"

Because one`s whole life depends on not seeing it.

Pretty cool gag...huh ?



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                                                     THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                              Part 97.

                                                        The saboteur.

The human will sabotage any opportunity to see the actual.

This is where the human demonstrates it`s brilliance.

The human invents whole philosophies to misdirect attention from the actual.

Thousands of man hours and billions of dollars are spent being led up the garden path.

Violence, conflict and war are just two garden paths crossing each other.

The garden paths walked by the human are what it lives and dies for.

Once there exists nothing to live and die for, there exists nothing to live and die.

This is so obvious in it`s simplicity that the human, to exist beyond it, has to look away.

To hold up a flag is to give birth to a flag carrying life.

That flag carrier can live... which gives birth to it`s death.

The flag carrier will never experience the pain and suffering of those who don`t carry that flag.

There is no one there to experience it.

Seeing this is like having an itch one can`t quite reach.

The itch only exists while there is someone there to scratch it.

It is the sabotage of this actuality that leaves the misdirected scratching out an existence.

An existence of "You scratch my back, I`ll scratch yours."

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                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                              Part 98.

                                                     "Can this ever make sense?"

The question is "who could it ever make sense to?"

To make sense, something has to have a past.

The past makes making sense possible.

With no past there is nothing to make sense and no one for it to make sense to.

One is a creation of the past.

This distracts the human into thinking of an evolutionary process.

This past creates a future. It is a mechanical process.

It makes sense.

Can one just observe what is, without needing to make sense of it?

In the same instant what makes sense, and who it is supposed to make sense to, are eliminated.

Making sense of something has created a new base camp.
It is the platform from whence a new construction is built.

The new platform is not an observation ...
It is what creates the observation.

There is only a need to make sense if one believes they are a creation of the past.
In actuality the past is the created...not the creator.

See through this and one is nowhere.
See through this and we are now here.

Does that make sense?

Trying to make sense out of something that doesn`t....
is a long sentence.