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Title: "He isn't one of us" Oh no no no!!!
Post by: rockyslammer on June 23, 2008, 09:56:09 AM


This is a Dutch link to an article in a reputable Dutch newspaper.

It is about maffia hitman Jesse R. who is accused of 6 murders (that
they know of) AND is a scientologist.

I have read about this guy in a few other newspapers too, but apart
from an article in the Telegraaf newspaper that I haven't been able to
find online (maybe Peter has it?) this is the first that highlights
his connection to scientology a bit more.

The gist of it; This guy is a hitman, he's being accused of at least 6
murders (organised crime-related) and is standing trial for them this
fall. He's in jail right now.
I translated a bit of the article. (not everything, just the relevant

The guy's name is: Jesse R. (last names of suspects are not published
in Holland due to our privacy laws) and the guy named La.S who is
quoted is a former friend and co-criminal, and is the main witness in
the case.

TRANSLATION, part 1 (starting in the middle of the first paragraph):

The case-file is filled with testimonies from La S., who is spilling
the beans about R's criminal acts. According to his friend R. killed
people for money in order to save the world.
This bizarre combination can be explained by the teachings of the
church of scientology, of which R. was an enthousiastic member.
"Jessie thinks like this: I am going to make a 100 or 150 million and
I will spend it all on scientology. He feels that it doesn't matter if
he has 100 victims now, because in the end, he will save 1000's, so it
won't all be in vain."
The teachings of scientology seem to be ideal for a hitman. It teaches
that the body is just a home for an immortal soul. You won't die, your
spirit will return. So it's not neccecary to fear death.
R. won't speak about the assasinations he commited, at least not
during police-interrogations, saying he's sticking to the criminal
code never to speak about crimes. But he WILL talk about other things.
According to police-detectives R. said he is against criminals and is
fighting for world-peace.
These are the goals of Scientology. But, according to Scientology
spokesperson Julia Rijnvis it is not fair to link the church with this
dangerous criminal. According to her he has misunderstood the
teachings, was never part of their religious services, and is not a
member of the church.
She says scientology has been abused by him, and notes that in another
case Hitler believed in God, but that doesn't make the bible bad.

Title: Re: "He isn't one of us" Oh no no no!!!
Post by: anonyrat on June 23, 2008, 12:31:00 PM
I saw this on Enturb - I believe he was the head of Narconon there, or at least involved in it somehow. "Not a member of the chuch"? Uh huh, suuure.

Title: Re: "He isn't one of us" Oh no no no!!!
Post by: Lenny on June 23, 2008, 08:22:29 PM
I can see the "in another case Hitler believed in God, but that doesn't make the bible bad." thing being a point
But the fact they obviously lie about him being in the church is just stupid.
Thanks rockyslammer