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Title: Useful Enturbulation Threads
Post by: Eugene on September 19, 2008, 02:18:09 AM
When a Scifag wants to interview you... (
I think this needs to be linked here. Honestly, guys, it's pretty pointless talking to the Scilons simply because of the complex Scientology instills into an individual.
We're not talking to any old misled person when we're talking to Scilons. We're talking to people who are enslaved to a belief that they know better than any preClear, not on a level where they merely think they have the better idea but, on the level where they 'know' that their absolute human essence is greater than us so anything we say, no matter how rational, must be flawed.

Use of Scilon memes to get the Anon message across (
Scilons speak their own little language, it seems. This might be good for signage or something. We need more signs that mean something.
I like these for possible signs:

Add your own thread links plzkthx. =]

Title: Re: Useful Enturbulation Threads
Post by: rockyslammer on September 19, 2008, 08:20:50 AM
A VERY valid thread Eugene.  Great.  It's one I can really contribute to.

It's a sad commentary that scios are so much more "developed" than you that whatever you say is unimportant.  It's not that they mean to be arrogant - they just are.

I left in 1982 and with my conversations with the ferritt and the others when I can down for the raid it was really noticeable that it was EXACTLY the same as when I left all those years ago.  The arrogance, the arguments, the dismissive attitude, the false data - all the same.  They haven't moved an inch in all those years.  If you say they are stuck in time you wouldn't be wrong - stuck in el wrongs time zone.

More to come.  Make a list of things to ask.  I find you don't get anywhere stating anything - they don't listen.  The only way in is to ask question.  When they fall over their tongue trying to answer they do sometimes start to think.


Title: Re: Useful Enturbulation Threads
Post by: rockyslammer on September 20, 2008, 04:18:10 PM
Scios weakest link is their veracious and scurrilous attacks on the psychiatric profession.  Most scios know this is false, deep down.

The thing is what would the scios do if the psychs were banned and all their patients given to the scios for treatment.  We're talking the ones that like to eat children, the ones that rape anything that moves, the ones that want to kill themselves, the really violent ones that take 5 people to restrain them.  What would the scios do?  It's a valid question - they want the psychs gone - so what would they do?

Of course they have no answer - in reality if it ever happens all scios would head for the hills!  They also know that too.

This is why it's such an easy thing to get to them with.

This way in doesn't talk about xenu, their faith or anything personal.  BUT attacking psychiatry is a mainstream part of what they do.  And its bullshit.

Say - "OK I'm going to bring around to your house where you and your family and kids live 5 really violent patients.  They will be calmed with drugs and in straight jackets.  Your job is to take them off drugs and out of the straight jackets.  One of them raped and murdered a 3 year old girl before eating her and another anally raped a 12 year old boy before burying him alive.  Another thought he was Jack the Ripper and killed and disemboweled 5 young women.  Another likes to masturbate in front of young children - and them forces them to - you don't want to know! The last one isn't that violent he just likes to spread shit all over the place - lots of cleaning up around him.   You've got the technology to handle them haven't you?  Monday OK?"

Then listen to the backtracking!!

Most scios who repeat the mantra have never really thought about it.  Head in sand jobs.

Your mission, if you accept it, is to jerk their heads from out of their arses.