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Title: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 02, 2008, 02:18:35 PM
FSM News.
 (Field Staff Member= Non contracted staff get commissions for signing up wogs.
15 % for training 10 % for auditing.)

Recently active...
Deva Khalsa, Dennis Paul (two time star of "Fair go") Ali Axford,
Kevin Owen, Roberto Gutierrez, Bev Ried, Helen Smith, Christchurch Dianetics Centre,
Rodney Higgins, Julie Foai, Annie Hsieh.... very well done. Continue...

The importance of drilling...
                                        The best FSM`s and regges drill.......

Up coming events.
CCHR Human rights exhibit 31 Oct and 1 Nov ASB showgrounds.
Harry Potter /Halloween (Ideal org fundraiser) 1st Nov Grafton 7:00 pm
IAS anniversary event. 8th Nov Grafton 7:00 pm
BBQ/Treasure hunt (Ideal org fundraiser) 22 Nov 7:00pm Grafton
Childrens Xmas party Dec 6 th 2-4 pm Grafton.
IAS briefing  6th Dec 7 PM Grafton
Xmas Pot luck dinner (Ideal org fundraiser) 13 th Dec 7PM Grafton

WHAT !!! No BINGO ???

Academy Newsletter.

Academy now has two fully Flag trained course supervisors.
Igor Platonov and Stephan Rule.
New woman has joined staff with her three children.
Come in and do the Basics !!!!
Photo of Igor supervising 11 students.

Photo of Igor supervising 9 students (two were needed back on post.)

Photo of Mathew Fraser coming out the Panmure Org`s entrance suitcase in hand.
Off to Flag to become a Flag trained supervisor.

Success stories.
Helen Smith did problems of work and now doesn`take lunch breaks.

Clinton Stringfellow did History of man and Technique 88...realizes
we have been dumb and naive for millions of years. (speak for yourself.)

Joanne Woodhead realizes that you create your own future. (With Ron`s permission of course)

Joanne Woodhead has been feeling rotten . Feels better now.
Thanks to THE BASICS.

I`ll post more breaking stories from inside the cult as they develop.

Watch this space.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: OnceBitten on November 02, 2008, 05:42:47 PM
I'd be interested to know if the children of the woman who joined staff are also on staff.  I'm just wondering if Auckland Org are taking children on staff when they should be at school.  Do you have any info re this?

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 02, 2008, 05:56:08 PM
Exact quote from Academy Newsletter,

                     " This even included a woman who after finding scientology
last year has brought numerous friends and family into the Org and has
even joined staff! She is now working in the org, with her three children,
on getting more people introduced to Scientology."

That`s all I have at this stage.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 05, 2008, 06:48:45 PM
Place your hand on the Dianetics and repeat after me...

The org is broadly distributing a "pledge of commitment" to all scientologists.

This is spooky stuff.

I can`t be bothered writing out the pledge.
It`s just stirring words from LRH about the "Big bang".
(That`s right. He had trouble with his digestion towards the end.)

Just play some anthem like music and begin all these sentences with "Whereas..."

Translation. If you don`t pull finger, we are fucked !!!

signed , witnessed and dated.

Conveniently attached is a "manning up our org (NO)newsletter."

"100 staff wanted on an immediate basis...."
"You are needed now."

This is a sign of absolute desperation.

There is no mention of any physical benefits you would get from helping the org.
There is no effort to appeal to your common sense.
It`s just a straight out emotional plea. The swan song for any organization.

It`s the equivalent of an abusive partner in a relationship saying
as they are being abandoned....
"But we need to stay together for the sake of the kids."

The barrel is now empty .
The Hubbard is bare.

The abuse is over.
The abuser now reaps what was sown.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: anonyrat on November 05, 2008, 07:15:10 PM
Is this 100 staff wanted just for the Auckland org? o.O

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 05, 2008, 10:43:20 PM
Hi anonyrat,
                     you should post more often. We don`t hear enough
from you.

Yes, this is a New Zealand `manning up our ideal org` newsletter.

If you are interested in becoming one of the 100
the newsletter goes on to say  ......needed now!!

"Executives across all divisions of the org board
Auditors, Supervisors, Word clearers, Personnel, Dissemination. Treasury,
Course admin and Qual, Division 6 staff to bring in new public
Receptionists and File Clerks."  (Seems OSA is the only division fully staffed!)

I should just mention that anyone considering answering this call
should do a reverse interview. Ask to see their CV.
After all you have a right to. By signing a staff contract it should be
made clear to you that what you are actually doing is being contracted
out of centuries of human rights advances.

Everything that has been gained at great personal cost to the
brave individuals who fought for these humane conditions, scientology
wants you to sign away with the stroke of a pen.

Basic minimum wages, Reasonable hours, Health and safety issues,
Paid sick days, annual paid holidays, maternity leave, sexual discrimination
and harassment regulations,  The right to strike, breaks, The right to belong
to a union, etc.

I challenge any scientologist to send a copy of a staff contract to ANY NZ trade
union and post their response to this site.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: rockyslammer on November 06, 2008, 06:30:32 AM
100 people to renovate the new building more like - for DMs retirement fund.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 10, 2008, 11:36:13 AM
Quiz night and Halloween/Harry Potter nights have been held at Grafton org.
But "we need more public along to make these really successful fundraising events"
Bring friends and family. (Unless you disconnected from them.)

There are five photos of Quiz night.
I count 26 people total, including a few kids.
There were two special presentations .
One was to Mike and Lauren Ferris for moving up
to Premier Benefactor status on our fundraising board.
They got a plaque each. (Maybe used as prizes in the upcoming treasure hunt.)

And secondly young Tristan Woodhead (10 years old)
has made an impact by donating over $500.00 of his own money
for the future of Scientology in New Zealand.
This gives him the status of "supporter."
(Shame on you Scientology !!!  Give the poor kid his money back.
Ten years old. You`ve already takn his parents off him. Isn`t that enough.?)

And great news ...from 20th November it will be New Zealand week
on the Feewinds.
Reo Schamroth, Clinton Stringfellow and Anne Carmichael are already
booked to attend.

       ( Note to the three above. When you get to Feewinds your
passport will be confiscated. And you will be breathing air
laced with blue asbestos. Look it up online for yourselves.)

Halloween night has eight photos.
Maybe 20 or so attendees.
Mike Ferris notable by his absence.
All these masked people in the org must have caused Mike to run to his office
to correlate his files and phone his seniors.

Upcoming events
Ideal org management briefing and FUNDRAISING event Grafton 7:00 pm Sat 15th Nov.
BBQ / Treasure hunt Grafton 6:00 pm Sat 22 Nov
Book-a-thon weekend (no venue ??? )  29-30 Nov 9:00am till 5:00 pm
Kids xmas party 13 th Dec Grafton
Xmas Pot luck dinner Grafton 6:30 pm 13 Dec

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: rockyslammer on November 10, 2008, 01:25:24 PM
Xmas Pot luck dinner Grafton 6:30 pm 13 Dec

what? Beans n rice?

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: OnceBitten on November 10, 2008, 02:48:00 PM

And secondly young Tristan Woodhead (10 years old)
has made an impact by donating over $500.00 of his own money
for the future of Scientology in New Zealand.
This gives him the status of "supporter."
(Shame on you Scientology !!!  Give the poor kid his money back.
Ten years old. You`ve already takn his parents off him. Isn`t that enough.?)


That's disgusting.  Taking money off 10year old.  He should be out buying himself a skateboard or something.  That really is the pits.  I didn't think even scn would stoop that low, but no.  Mike's in for his chop even from kids.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 10, 2008, 06:53:55 PM
Not Auckland but a pattern is showing up

 From: Flag Service Org <>
Date: Saturday, November 8, 2008,

Dear ,

Bring your family and friends to Flag. No matter the age...we will work with them to get them through their next step.

Below is a success from a mother who brought her 4 ? year old daughter to Flag to do the Children?s Comm Course.

Call us at 727-467-6988 to get you and your family scheduled.


Lizzie Crosslin
Public Services Consultant

?My daughter saw a picture in the Source mag of the Children's courseroom and asked me if she could come with me to Flag so that she could do a course. She can only read 3-5 words and I thought it wasn?t a good idea and told her we would do it later when she was older. After several comm cycles of her talking me into it, I finally got her a ticket and arranged for her to come with me to Flag. She had originated wanting to do this course (Children?s Comm) because she felt shy when she met new people.

She is only 4 1/2 years old and had to have the course read to her and then did the essays and drills called for on the checksheet. She was more and more uptone each day, very proud of each accomplishment she made and before she even started the drills she would point out parts of communication in other people. She loved her supervisors and they were spot-on with the correct gradients and all the other barriers we pushed through. After she started doing the TRs portion, she really changed a lot. I saw her more able to confront people and she started originating comm to people she didn't know and having really good comm cycles. Then, after each time she would tell me how good she was confronting, how she acknowledged or if someone didn't acknowledge her etc, I was so impressed! After she got her Supervisor passes, which I wish I had videod, she was SO elated and told everyone she saw that she was the youngest course comp at Flag and started full on conversations with strangers, which was a major change. I saw her really use what she learned and even corrected me when I would fail to acknowledge or some other out-TR. When she got home she also handled the girl at school who would tease her and make her introvert!

All that I have to say is that LRH tech works like magic and on anyone! I saw my daughter?s huge ruin, that I have been trying to help her with for quite some time, completely handle in just a few days on this course! She became more causative, extroverted and in comm with her environment and now has the tech of how to handle her life with communication at the age of 4 1/2! This is obviously very important and valuable to me as a mother as well. ML, M.S.

This e-mail was sent to you by the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization , 503 Cleveland Street , Clearwater , Florida 33755 . If you do not wish to receive further e-mails click here to unsubscribe.


Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: OnceBitten on November 10, 2008, 09:42:05 PM
Yeah, I saw that on ESMB too.  All I can say is 'poor kid'

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: rockyslammer on November 11, 2008, 07:56:59 AM
 "She became more causative, extroverted and in comm with her environment and now has the tech of how to handle her life with communication at the age of 4 1/2! This is obviously very important and valuable to me as a mother as well. ML, M.S."

Obviously her mother and el Wrong were that poor little girls ruin and now that they caved her in she will say yes to anything!!  And that what they wanted.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 25, 2008, 12:50:22 AM
Posted on WWP forums

Post one ...

"got this today.

normally, scientology sends a lot of promotional material to public. flyers on new books, courses, tapes... etc. historically, they send so much promo material that public members can fill a box in 2 weeks.

got some people who have been tracking release of promo materials to track their cash on hand. since this is how they try to get public to take more courses and buy more books, aside form phone calls and visits, any decrease in promotional material doesn't mean they don't want to send it out, but that they can't.

the pace has slowed down so much, it took a year to fill up this last box.

this has been verified by 3 people.

now this means they were already starting to struggle with money before anon started, but we definitely had a major effect."

Further down...

"I'm a postie, and I've noticed a severe drop-off in the amount of Scilon junk mail ever since July. Pre-Chanology I'd get about 3 Scientology items per household per week, and they'd go to about 4 houses (out of about 850-1000). Now, I'm lucky to see one a month, and a lot of houses that used to get them don't anymore. Last one I saw was in August, and it was a small brochure for the Sea Org, encouraging the householder to "Take advantage of our limited spaces on board the Freewinds! Discount rates now apply!"
My conclusions; they're losing members (they offer discounts, they push overseas auditing in Saint Hill and Clearwater), they're losing money (the size and quality of the items has deteriorated as well as the frequency of their delivery), in short they're losing.
And we're winning."

I have seen evidence of that here in NZ.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 16, 2009, 03:43:53 PM
Just got a copy of the latest Scientology New Zealand Newsletter.

It seems the bottom of the barrel is being scraped.
Four out of the six most recent course completions are children.

" My time on the Children`s Comm Course has been
great, but I did have a few bumps - I was angry,
emotional, crying, acting smart. But my time was fun.
The training routine I really had trouble with was
sitting still with eyes closed, then open but now I`ve really improved
from 10 minutes to 25 minutes.
This has helped me focus more.
The rest was fine, except that I always had to use TR0 and TR0 A
in my TR`s but I rose to the challenge and I beat the goal and
now I`m better than ever.
                                    Yonatan Schamroth.

"And they go out there with, you know,  young children who don’t really know anything about scientology or why there is a protest and um, and it, it just looks weird."
                Mike Ferris on National radio.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 11, 2009, 11:46:19 PM
I heard through the grapevine 2 days ago (sorry about the wait) that there is a mission reviewing freeloader debts. Not only are they reviewing them (because this has been done before) but they are canceling some peoples entire debt.
This is a fact. Not only did I hear this but it was confirmed from someone that I have contact with that is fully in (sadly).

This is a case by case situation though. It's not like they are cancelling all freeloader debts (yet). That would look even more odd if they did.
The only reason they'd be doing this is if they're hurting for more cash. Great news.

I'm sorry I can't give anymore details.

Posted by. Iknowtoomuch
Reply by BFG...

 Legal reason for doing this!
Yeah, The reason they are doing this is because until they sort these people out - they are all potential legal threats.

I know of several people that have had their Freeloader debts completely cancelled - which is not saying much as they are illegal in California anyway.

If you know someone who has recently left, you will be quick to notice that these people are NOT being issued Freeloader debts at all. It is a big no no in the legal arena and the Scilons are treading very careful these days. They are also NOT issuing ANY SP declares period.

They are also going out of their way to very carefully track down people have blown the Sea Org in the last few months. Every single one is being tracked down, brought back, signing TONS of legal docs and in some cases being paid large amounts of cash to leave quietly. Yeah - that's right OSA - I know what you have been up to.

They are trying to chill these guys out so that their SOL run out and then they CAN'T sue the Scilons. The docs and cash are just a holdover so that these people will not turn ugly. With the Internet out there, someone blows and within months they could be totally deprogrammed and ready to sue for all the crimes that were committed and then the Scilons have a huge problem on their hands. The docs and cash buy them a few extra years, which in the legal arena is all it takes.

These days, blowing from the cult is not only easier than ever, you can get paid to do so if you play your cards right. Unless, you're at the Int Base, those guys are just plain screwed. I have some juicy plans for those guys in the works though. I would not count them totally out just yet.

I am sure we will see some of these people that were paid off float to the surface when they realize that the docs they signed are not only not binding, but they could stand to get a far larger amount of cash if they came forward.

Yep - OSA - running out of legal loopholes is a bitch ain't it?

Until next time...

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 28, 2009, 08:47:34 PM
The latest Auckland org newsletter is out for December 2009.

It`s all about donating money to Miscavige`s real estate project.

Have you ever wanted to be called a "Humanitarian?"
Just write a cheque  for $100,000 to Miscavige.

Rather be known as a "Premier benefactor?" That`ll cost you $50,000.

There is a two page center spread of the FUNdraising held at
the "Idle Morgue" photos. I count 20 people in attendance.
Dressing up, putting on wigs and doing funny dances.

Same as last month...but way less people.

 I`ll bet anything you like they didn`t raise enough money
to pay for one of the shirts Miscavige wears.

You scios deprive your families of your hard earned money
for this bullshit ?

How is that ethical ?


Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: AnonKiwi on January 01, 2010, 01:34:25 AM
I'm glad the folks in the org are having a good time but I'm sad that they get folks demanding cash off them left right and center!

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: NED on January 01, 2010, 08:32:36 PM
All the people in the photo's doing FUNdraising should be KR'd for Out-Tech!  Scientology is supposed to keep it's viability by selling and delivering Scientology.
What a bunch of Squirrels!!
This is so pathetic it's funny.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 12, 2010, 09:54:41 AM
                      The latest Scientology NZ newsletter is out.

April 2010.

They have made emptying their public`s bank accounts into a GAME !!!

It`s a "Mission Impossible" theme game. ie. Wear sunglasses.

There are photos of the 20 victims dancing and smiling. Plus one baby.

" We have been briefed by "management": We have 4 months to raise
the funds to make this an Ideal Org.

Mission Purpose: To "clear New Zealand.
Task: $7 million in 4 months...This is not a mission impossible.
Below are some of the targets. If you have seen these people . Capture them and bring them in !"


I wish these guys would just step back and look at this in daylight.

If you had trouble scratching together the money to buy sunglasses,
you aren`t in the position to part with the sort of money Miscavige is demanding of you.

And if you think people aren`t coming in to Scientology because you
don`t have a pretty building... you delude yourself.

The money Miscavige is taking from you is clearly and legally "a gift."
No refund or repayment possible. Think about that next time
you are treated like a zero by the cult.

When this all falls apart you are going to feel pretty silly.
And your children will suffer for your stupidity.

" Daddy why did you give all your money to a man who is now in jail ???"

Time to wake up.  Ask the tough questions !!!

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: NED on April 12, 2010, 12:20:48 PM
Thanks IDCB.  Your last message needs to be put in the next News Letter that comes out of the Org.
I really hope for their sakes they wake up.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: rockyslammer on April 12, 2010, 04:44:33 PM

The first thing the Flim Flam Man did when he rolled into town was call a big meeting at the local Church.

“My friends, we’ve got Trouble,” he told the assembled congregation. “Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with E and that stands for Expansion! Look at you, bursting at the seams!”

The congregation looked around at the half empty pews and wondered what the heck this stranger in the straw boater and bow tie was talking about.

“I’m talking about Expansion,” explained the Flim Flam Man. “I’m talking about the Future! I’m talking about building the biggest, most impressive church this town has ever seen, right in the middle of town! A church that will make people sit up and take notice!”

And with that, he whipped out a bunch of pictures that he’d gotten a starving artist to paint for him for a few bucks. “Just look at this,” he said, “It’s the biggest office building in town, a local landmark. And this is how it will look as your new church. Just look at those 20-foot stained glass windows! Look at that huge golden cross on the roof! It will be spectacular! It will be…what’s the word…ideal!”

“Well, it sure looks pretty,” said the Parson. “But we’re doing fine right where we are. We can’t afford a big building like that, and in fact our church policy forbids us from investing in property we can’t afford.”

“That’s old policy,” said the Flim Flam Man. “You’re looking at the past, not at the future. You have to stop thinking small – you have to think big!”

“How would we ever afford such a building?” asked a Businessman. “It costs millions of dollars.”

“Well, we can do it,” said the Flim Flam Man. “If you all empty your bank accounts, take out second mortgages on your houses, rob your children’s college funds, and sell your cars, we can make it.”

“You said ‘we’,” commented a Shopkeeper. “So how much will you be investing?”

“Me?” said the Flim Flam Man. “Well, I…that is…other commitments and so on…and after all, it’s your church, not mine…”

“How would we ever fill such a big building?” asked a Merchant. “It’s huge.”

“There you go, thinking small again,” said the Flim Flam Man. “Everyone knows that it’s a basic law of the universe that ‘if you build it, they will come.’ What’s the matter, didn’t you folks see Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner?”

“Well, I guess we could treat it as a real estate investment,” said a Realtor. “If we own it, we can always sell it when the market improves…”

“About that…” said the Flim Flam Man. “You wouldn’t actually own it. As soon as it was purchased, it would be turned over to the International Religious Holy Landlord Trust.”

“And who controls the Trust?” asked a Teacher.

“Well, that is…I do.” admitted the Flim Flam Man.

“Oh, so then you’d be responsible for upkeep, utilities, property taxes and renovations,” said the Businessman.

“No, actually, you’d still be responsible for those things, not me,” said the Flim Flam man. “After all, it’s your church!”

“Let me get this straight,” said the Banker. “We give you all of our money. You buy a huge, expensive building. We’re responsible for filling it up. We’re responsible for renovating it. We pay all the property taxes, utilities and upkeep. But we don’t own it, you do. And you can sell it whenever you want and pocket the money.”

A young boy raised his hand.

“Mister, I don’t know much about money and real estate and stuff, but it seems like you don’t put in any money, and you get everything, and we put in all the money and get nothing. That doesn’t seem fair.”

“But…but…you do get something,” the Flim Flam Man stammered, frantically grabbing some more of his paintings. “You get these great trophies and plaques, and you get status! Yes, that’s right, status! You get to call yourself things like ‘Contributorus Maximus’ and ‘Patronus Elitus,’ and…”

That was as far as he got. The Flim Flam Man was ridden out of town on a rail, and all of his pretty paintings burned.

“Oh, woe is me,” said the Flim Flam Man, as he sat in his seedy motel room, trying to clean the tar and feathers off his striped suit. “Woe is me! That’s the only con I know, and it’s so transparently criminal that even a child can see through it! Where, oh where, will I ever find a group of people that won’t ask me all those embarrassing questions? A group that is so trusting, so gullible, so dumb, that they will actually fall for it?”

Then he had a bright idea.

When he arrived in the next town, he headed straight for the local Church of Scientology.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 08, 2010, 07:59:52 PM
Anyone here involved with Scientology here in Auckland NZ around
1975 to 1980 ???

Do you remember Bruce Hardie-Neil ?

He was the guy running the public divisions for Auckland day.

So he would have been in charge of the body routing, testing area,
FSM`s and basic courses.

Tall guy , looked a bit like Han Solo from Starwars but walked more like Chewbacca.

Anyway according to the latest St Hill ANZO Newsletter, The Auditor,
Bruce has attested to New OT 5. Cause over life.

And look it only took 35 years. 
I guess Hubbard removing all arbitraries and then adding more,
and then Miscavige removing all arbitraries and then adding more,
was responsible for this streamlining up the bridge.

Cause over life !!! Can you imagine it ?


Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 18, 2010, 04:06:14 PM
              Meet some kiwi Scientologists on youtube.


Paula ...

                 Meet a scientologist  Australia

Meet a scientologist youtube search results...

Scientology works and it helps people.

Of course if it doesn`t work for you, it is because YOU have crimes which
we will find out about. !!!

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: NED on May 18, 2010, 09:40:21 PM
Why don't they mention Xenu, Lisa mcPherson and the endless phone calls they get for money?  i wonder if they are like a lot of Scientologists and screen their incoming calls because they are so sick of calls for money.  Are they OT's?  Does that mean they know all about Xenu and Body Thetans?  Are they cause over the MEST universe?  They seem "gleefully" happy but just look like zealots to me.
This is sad.  Wish they could see the other side.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 22, 2010, 01:47:29 PM
Auckland`s Idle Morgue is targeted to be opened at the same time as Sydney`s.
Early 2011.

"To pull this off by then, in mid June we have to have
completed the funding  of resource consent, and full
construction documents. That is what we are fundraising
for currently. The by early September we need the balance raised so the
renovations can begin.

We need you to get very creative, to flourish and prosper. and donate now !
Donations form is enclosed. Please fill in and return."

Pirate themed event is happening tonight.
Saturday evening 22nd May.
Guest speakers are Mary-Jane Burke and Len Collen. (OT VIII.)

$50 per ticket. $150 per family.
Time 6:30 PM for dinner.

Do not expect to be briefed on the developments in Australia.

Do not expect to be briefed on the fact that Scientology
is being exposed worldwide as a criminal organization.

Remember it is a high crime to heckle a Scientology speaker.
Not a good idea to ask about these things.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: NED on May 22, 2010, 05:37:18 PM
Pirate themed evening??  They won't even be able to afford costumes let alone donate to the Idle Morgue. Poor bastards.  I feel sorry for them.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 24, 2010, 11:04:07 AM

Note: Please do not send this email on to your friends as it is important that we keep it for members only and then we will not see it ending up on the internet. Just email me your friends email address and details and I can put their name in the mailing list.
--Wendy Honnor
IAS Freedom Medal Winner 2003

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: NED on May 24, 2010, 01:47:35 PM
Your secret is safe with me Wendy.  :-)

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 02, 2010, 01:26:48 AM
The latest from the org is that they have managed
to fleece two more families out of $100,000 each.
The latest two "humanitarians" are The Schamroth family
and Ian Gillott.

Each received a kauri wood carving which cost Miscavige nothing.

This is just so bloody evil.
These poor people think they are saving the world.
That, to me, is the worst type of scam.
I thought the tech was going to save the world.
How is it that now that an empty building will ?

Just look at the lack of logic...

That amount of money could have created an OT.
Someone who is cause over life.
Someone who could just make the ideal org
materialize for free.

Or don`t the OT levels work ?

If you are an OT.... why is this site still here ?

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 01, 2010, 09:13:20 PM
   Not so much news.  More a request for news.

Auckland Org / charity status / nosey about their money
In light of the inquiry so far, and the failure of CCHR to get tax exempt status in NZ I would like to ask some questions about the records of AK ORG -that were submitted to the tax dept and/or the Charities Commission. Refer to attached doc at bottom of page.

I would like others to put up questions which they think should be asked. If anyone has worked in DIV 3 it might be interesting to hear what you would have to say.

Some of my questions are:
Does the Charities Commission know that there is a 10 million dollar building owned by scientology in Grafton Road Auckland? Not used since it was bought 1 or 2 years ago as far as I know.
Who owns it? Scientology AK? Scientology NZ? Scientology O'seas? The IAS?
Is it used for charitiblle purposes? Are they renting it out?
Are they using it as an investment?

On the list in the attached doc, item 3 is "donations". This is income separate from income from spiritual counselling and training. What was the money donated for? What did the contributors think was going to be done with that money? What was it spent on?

Item 4 is "Contributions from affiliated organisations"
Who were they? What was the money given for? What was given in return? ( I can only assume this is the org selecting people to O'seas) I think there are no missions in NZ.

Where exactly does "investment income" come from? (Item 6).

On the "Less Expenditure list" there is the infamous "Exchange losses" $3, 164 889 in 2008.
So what the hell was it?

There is "contributions to affiliated organizations" $49,890
- who did it go to? O'seas? CCHR?
What was the "religious training for staff"?
What was the "loss on disposal of asset" -60,000?

I don't know if these are the right kind of questions or not.
Any questions you would like to ask in the context of Charity Commission / tax and taxpayers ' tax exemptions etc?

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on August 21, 2010, 03:35:42 PM

Apparently the new Executive Director for Auckland Foundation is...

Dr Helen Smith.

How the heck could I know that ?

Oh no ...More sec checks for the staff.


Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 29, 2010, 06:37:39 PM
This is from inside the Sea Org ANZO.  You may recognize a few names here.

                               IAS reg the RPFers in ANZO!

Did you know the IAS vultures are circling on the ANZO RPFers? Not bad enough that they are living like rats but seems if you got bucks they'll let you dine out at least until you hand over your doe.

Dav Bowen has been on the program since late 2004. He came into some $ as an inheritance from his grandma. Now his graduation is being held up until he hands it over. Of course he got to eat out while they were working him over.

Same thing for former Power FSM Carlo DeLorenzo, he's on the RPF for a list 1 RS, go figure the guy got over a 1,000 people into the Church in Sth America with Ange Pinto back in the day but then joined the Sea Org. Bad move, he was in Madrid before it opened as an idle org. He became the fall guy for a lack of div 6. A girl from Gold said he had a List 1 RS and he's been on the RPF for about 10 years now. First in PAC where he was 7 years on his route in sec check. He then came to ANZO. Well he got some bucks when his Italian mother died. The IAS vultures circled in, once in PAC where he gave and they bled him again recently for another $6,000 in ANZO.

Vickey Dickey has been selling off the farm in NZ and every time she gets money coming in the IAS get tipped off by the RPF I/C, Marlana O'reily, who reads all the mail. They come in and dine her until she bleeds more bucks for the cause. She then gets to return to her life of squalor on the RPF where she gets shit for spending some of her $ for an A/C in the double door garage where all 28 RPFers were living in that hot box. Same goes for her son Edward who's the SO Standards and Discipline I/C, he also gets to bleed, in between his getting the bad people to run up and down the fire escape at the AO or wash dishes for their failure to extort money for the cause.

These also include one Shimona Jefford who only recently graduated the RPF and was posted as DofP but now she gets to wash dishes so she will learn that the way to true spiritual freedom is extorting money by whatever means. She pretty BIs and may hit the eject button soon.

Hey Edward, what's it feel like to be the vehicle of oppression while your inheritance is hemorrhaging away from the "standards" that you enforce?


Cop ya later!

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 03, 2010, 11:32:48 PM
                                              Perth org

I got an email from a staff member trying to recover me onto the newly released div 6 basics courses. In it was no mention of the quest for the ideal org building, which has been going on for well over 6 yrs. But they did give me a rundown of the org sit. When i left in 2008 there were 20 sthg staff, most long-term. Now there are less than 10, and shrinking rapidly.
Also the ED has divorced the Has and now eloped with the ex-Pes, who is the Has' brother. The Pes' wife, Kerry Vale, the d/ed passed away from ovapian cancer last yr. The Ed is expecting the Pes baby and the baby's dad will also be his uncle. Kerry's son will now be the Ed's nephew and stepson. Inbred much?
For anyone who knows the perth org, you understand the family closeness and wonder how the Ed can now elope with her brother? All this within 6 months of Kerry passing. I just hope they weren't carrying on together while Kerry was dying. It does beg the question tho....
Apparently the fdn org has similarly shrunk to a tiny size. Prob because Sue Hunt has regged everyone into so much debt they can't stay on staff or join.

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Here are some photos taken inside the Sea Org in California.
Possibly year 2000.  These photos are in sharp contrast to the cults magazines and advertising brochures.

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              Scientology Auckland sends out final newsletter for 2010

And what a year it was. Wins, expansion, and more wins.
It was all so hard to keep up with that none of it is reported in the newsletter.

But get this... Lafayette Ronald "L. Ron" Hubbard (March 13, 1911 – January 24, 1986)

So on March 13th of this year, Ron would have been 100 years old.
And on the 24 th of January we can all celebrate the 25 th anniversary
of the day Ron officially stopped aging.

That was the day 25 years ago that Ron conquered death by dying.

There has been little news of what Ron has been up to since that time.
Certainly nothing reported by the latest Auckland org newsletter.

What is reported is that " P.D." has completed the "How to achieve self confidence life improvement course.
I guess one gains the confidence to sign their name on the next level.

       "Welcome in LRH`s Centennial year             
        And celebrate Scientology`s
       unprecedented EXPANSION in 2010 !

                    Venue : Grafton Org
                 Date : 31st December 2010
                  BBQ and games start : 1 PM
                   Event start : 4 PM
                   (Refreshments served afterwards.)"


                    There are 14 photos of 2010 MEMORIES in the newsletter.

All better off forgotten.

          In summary.  A newsletter with NO NEWS !!

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                                      Meet a Scientologist

                     —New Zealand Woman’s Lifelong Anxiety Vanished

Scientology helped Paula Mackenzie overcome anxiety, become the kind of daughter and mother she always wanted to be and create her ideal relationship. Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

A vague nervousness and feeling of anxiety bothered Paula Mackenzie for the first 30 years of her life.  Through Dianetics, she pinpointed the source of this, and now it is gone.

Mackenzie, 33, learned about Scientology from her partner, Steve Green, when they started dating three and a half years ago. A single mother, raising a three-year-old daughter on her own, she had her share of issues and problems.

“Steve suggested I read the chapter in the Scientology Handbook on children,” she says. “There were practical tips that had never occurred to me.  I tried them out.  They worked. My daughter Grace calmed right down—and so did I."

But it was a Dianetics session that really changed Mackenzie’s life.

“In Dianetics auditing (spiritual counseling) you go back to earlier periods of your life,” she says. "Suddenly I was looking at what happened before I was born.  It all stemmed from a decision I made as a baby that continued to affect me my whole life. Once I spotted that, it was gone.”

In that session, Mackenzie also discovered something she had only suspected before—that she is a spiritual being who has lived before and will live again.  Having this knowledge gave her strength and confidence when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“It was extremely difficult when she passed,” says Mackenzie. “I was able to reassure her and provide a calm and loving environment. I was so glad to be able to be there for her.”

In addition to raising her daughter, now six, working as personal assistant to an executive in the New Zealand football industry, and continuing with her Scientology studies, Mackenzie assists Green in his work as director of Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a Scientology-sponsored watchdog group dedicated to eradicating psychiatric abuse. And the couple is looking forward to the birth of a son in May.

“I love what I’m doing,” says Mackenzie. “I love my work and my friends.  I am absolutely relaxed in my relationship with Steve and no matter what comes up we sort it out. In fact, I just love my life.”

View the Paula Mackenzie video at


The popular “Meet a Scientologist” profiles on the Church of Scientology International Video Channel at now total 200 broadcast-quality documentary videos featuring Scientologists from diverse locations and walks of life. The personal stories are told by Scientologists who are educators, teenagers, skydivers, a golf instructor, a hip-hop dancer, IT manager, stunt pilot, mothers, fathers, dentists, photographers, actors, musicians, fashion designers, engineers, students, business owners and more.

A digital pioneer and leader in the online religious community, in April 2008 the Church of Scientology became the first major religion to launch its own official YouTube Video Channel, which has now been viewed by millions of visitors.


Meet A Scientologist profiles:

Meet A Scientologist videos:

Scientology Newsroom:

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                          IAS Whales Plotting Against Miscavige?
OK, you want rumors?

Here's one I've heard for several months from under-the-radar Co$ friends who are inactive but are never going to resign from the Co$. Each of them is closely connected to one or more extremely large IAS contributors (all public, obviously) who have had it with David Miscavige. The rumor is that these IAS whales (and I'm talking WHALES!) now believe Miscavige is such a big liability he simply must go -- to jail or to South America or to hell. They don't care where, they just want him gone.

Allegedly, sekrit meetings (with legal counsel) are in progress about how to:

* Separate Miscavige from Co$ funds so he can't fight these actions using legal counsel

* Build stronger governance checks and balances into the Scio corporate system

* Manage the transition from Miscavigeland to the new reformed corporate Scioland

The plotters are considering current in-good-standing SO execs as Miscavige's replacement, as well as having a Scio-admin-trained non-SO Scientologist with high-level executive experience managing a "real business" manage the transition.

Because my friends don't all hang with each other, there may be real fire under the smoke. Whether this is true or not, or likely or not, it's at least pleasant to think that Co$ loyalists would also want to oust the dwarf.

Anybody else heard anything about this? Either way? Is this bullshit?


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In 2010, major Churches of Scientology opened across Europe, North America and Africa.

These new Churches are the realization of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard`s vision, where he prescribed the standard and model for all Churches of Scientology to aspire to in becoming what he called an Ideal Organization (Org). Ideal Orgs are built to provide all services of the Scientology religion while also serving as a home for the community at large for the cooperative advancement of the underprivileged and forsaken of every ethnic and denomination. Ideal Orgs are made possible by the contributions of Scientology parishioners dedicated to uplifting their communities and helping their fellow man.

New Church Grand Openings are attended by thousands of parishioners, guestsand dignitaries from across the social spectrum.

   * The first new Ideal Org opened in 2010 was the Brussels branch of the Churches of Scientology for Europe, on the 23rd of January. Thousands of guests were on hand from across Europe to cut the ribbon on an 88,000-square-foot historic structure along Boulevard de Waterloo. Among the distinguished guests was the Honorable Hugo Coveliers, Senator in the Belgian Parliament, who addressed those gathered: This new Church in the capital city of Europe stands as a beautiful testament to your help, and you can be certain of my continued support. You care for people, and this Church is such an example of this attitude. " Since opening, dignitaries from across the European community have visited the Church and toured its massive Public Information Center, comprising hundreds of multimedia presentations illustrating Scientology beliefs, the life and legacy of Founder L. Ron Hubbard, and the full array of Church-sponsored social betterment and community outreach programs. (Watch the video: Churches of Scientology for Europe Grand Opening.)

   * One week later, on the 30th of January, Scientologists and their guests assembled in Quebec, at the heart of the Nouvo Saint-Roch district to open a new Ideal Org for that city. Many dignitaries participated in the dedication, including the Honorable Pamela Appelt, from the International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development, who declared: It has been my privilege to work alongside the Church of Scientology for 25 years. Whatever the issue, you have answers that are useful to anyone in public service. " (Watch the video: Church of Scientology of Quebec Grand Opening.)

* The following week, on the 6th of February, came the Grand Opening of the new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre of Las Vegas. Thousands of Scientologists and community leaders gathered to dedicate the new Ideal Org designed to serve those who work in the entertainment capital of the world. Those taking the podium for the ceremony included United States Congresswoman Shelley Berkley and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, who stated: As the Mayor of the fastest-growing city, I look forward to partnering with you, as the fastest-growing religion. " (Watch the video: Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Las Vegas Grand Opening.)

   * On the 26th of March, a new Scientology Life Improvement Centre opened in Johannesburg, South Africa, directly adjacent to the nation`s university. Joining Scientologists for the dedication ceremony were university students, community leaders and government officials. The welcoming address was delivered by Ms. Phumzile Zuma, daughter of the nation`s president. (Watch the video: Johannesburg Scientology Life Improvement Centre Grand Opening.)

   * On April 24th, the new Ideal Org of Los Angeles opened its doors. More than 6,000 parishioners and guests celebrated the opening of this Church which stands at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and L. Ron Hubbard Way. Formally welcoming the Church were a host of local and state officials, including State Assembly Member Karen Bass and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, who spoke to the Church`s social betterment programs in his address: Your drug education means everything to the safety of our schools and neighborhoods. That is why we trained a corps of our own deputies in the use of your unbeatable program. So I want to thank each and every one of you for everything you do in helping me do my job. " (Watch the video: Church of Scientology of Los Angeles Grand Opening.)

  * On the 10th of July, the National Scientology Organization opened in Mexico City. More than 7,000 Scientologists and guests attended the dedication of this first Scientology Ideal Org in Latin America, in a fully restored cultural landmark that stands near Mexico`s National Fine Arts Palace and the Supreme Court. Here, too, officials took the opportunity to recognize the Church and its social betterment programs. Ms. Laura Chapa from the Federal Ministry of Education addressed the gathering by stating: I believe that with the opening of this new Organization, leaders of all sectors of society will have the same realization I had: that you have the solution. And so I also believe that what will come from this new Organization is a turning point for our nation. " (Watch the video: National Scientology Organization for Mexico Grand Opening.)

   * On the 17th of July, an assemblage of 4,200 parishioners and guests filled the streets to inaugurate the new Church of Scientology of Pasadena. The heritage of the 58,000-square-foot historic Victorian landmark is preserved in the fully restored structure, including the classic four-story atrium galleria, and the interior Chapel featuring Tiffany-inspired stained glass windows as a backdrop for Scientology religious services and community gatherings. Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard was among the notable guests who participated in the dedication ceremonies: With this beautifully restored structure in Old Pasadena, the Church of Scientology represents not only a growing religion, but an important factor in the future of this city. " (Watch the video: Church of Scientology of Pasadena Grand Opening.)

   * On the 24th of July, parishioners and their guests congregated just blocks from the Seattle Center and Space Needle for the opening of the new Church of Scientology of Washington State. Among those welcoming the new Church was State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, with whom the Church has partnered in the field of human rights for 35 years: There is nothing more important in life than being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe. That is freedom, and that is what makes life worth living. And that, to me, is what you represent. " (Watch the video: Church of Scientology of Washington State Grand Opening.)

In the last five years, the implementation of Mr. Hubbard`s vision for Ideal Orgs has resulted in 22 new Churches. An additional 60 buildings are currently under construction or renovation to house Ideal Orgs scheduled to open over the next two years.

(Video presentations:

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 29, 2011, 05:00:41 PM
                                              Ray Andrews

For anyone who remembers him.... Ray Andrews passed away around the beginning of 2011. He had been in Scio since before I got in, in `78.

Doesn`t seem to have been active in recent times.

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 11, 2011, 09:12:12 PM
                   Check Out Flags Incredible Stats - A Must Read!!!!!!

Hello Everyone!

Did you get the latest issue of Source Magazine(Issue 213)? I sure hope you
did and I certainly hoped you read it thoroughly. Keep in mind that Source is the magazine from Flag Land Base - the Mecca of technical perfection. Also, this magazine comes out only about 4 times a year. Thus, the stats of release and graduates reflect about a three month period.

Before I continue, a simple quiz. What are the main statistics of an org? Give
up? Here they are according to LRH himself:

"Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well-trained
auditors. The other is satisfied pcs. ...Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME."


Life Repair Block 8 December 1970 (OEC Vol. 4, p. 145)

"The product of an org is well-taught students and thoroughly audited pcs."

HCO P/L 17 June 1970RB KSW Series 5R, Technical Degrades (OEC Vol. 0, p. 14)

So let's take a look at Flag's completion stats over the last three months.

Clears - 5
OT 1s - 1
OT 2s - 2
OT 3s - 1
OT 4s - 5
OT 5s - 7
Class 5 grad auditor course completions - 3
Class 5 grad auditor internship completions - 1
Class 8 auditor course completions - 1

Are these expanding stats? If it doesn't add up in your brain then good for you If it does add up in your brain then you need a new brain! Clear the planet?? You couldn't clear the street you live on in twenty years with stats like this.

So where is all this hype about expansion coming from? When you go to an event you hear about all these expanding stats with wonderful graphics showing trends going straight up. I bet you can't recall the last event they talked about Clears, OT's and (most importantly) auditors being made. That's because these are some of the stats being reported:

"People helped"
"Hours on OT projects"
"Ideal Org Fundraising"
"Volunteer hours in building orgs"
"Population of cities with new groups"
"Number of citizens aware of Human Rights"
"Shopping Malls playing our Human Rights PSAs"
"Number of dirt particles removed during film restoration"
"Number of miles of distraction-free voyages"
"Number of terrabytes of processing memory"
"Inches of press"
"Square feet of book cover cloth"
"Feet of lamination"

Get the idea??? Sounds great but not the real product. And what is Flags new product? It's having pc's spend countless hours on Objectives. That includes OT 7's and OT 8's being put back on Objectives for no good reason whatsoever because - yes sir - that will handle what ails you. If you recall where Objectives is at on the bridge you will note it is at the bottom. If you recall where OT levels are on the bridge you will note they are on the top. So why ar the OT's being made to regress bassackwards? If you have half a brain you'll figure out that answer in a microsecond.

Liken it to when you were a baby and just learned how to crawl(Objectives). Youthen put in time, effort, years of training, etc. to become a greatsprinter (OTlevels). Now your coach comes along and says you have to go back and learn how to crawl again because you just didn't get it 100% right when you were a baby and that is what is holding up your progress. Oh - and by the way - you'll have to spend many, many hours relearning crawling all at you own expense.

Ridiculous? - yes! Counter productive? - yes! Current executive C/Sing via current management? - yes! So go take a good look at the latest Source magazine and ask yourself - "what's wrong with this picture?" Better yet - ask your org about their stats on auditing completions and auditors made. Have any staff left and why? Where are all the OT's??? Where are all the Clears???? Where are all the Auditors????

When was the last Class 12 made??? You know - all the questions you have been asking yourself but are afraid to ask management. However, if you do ask
questions to org management be prepared for endless sec checking, lower condition write ups, costly amends projects and "stink eyes".

GO AHEAD.......I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly,

The Org Insider

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 11, 2011, 09:18:36 PM
     Article 9. * No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Ellaine Allen was busted from the post of Captain of AOSH ANZO in 2003. She had become one evil Medusa, all those who glanced upon her turned to stone, particularly after she returned to Anzo from the "veterans return program" which by all accounts seems to be a customised implant similar to the RPF.

She hated families with a vengeance and ordered recruiters to force their way into homes while recruiting minors on at least one occasion, these particular kids were being baby sat by a girl who is now probably scarred for life. On another occassion they kept Ben Gibson in an recruit interview for hours after course while fobbing off his mum who'd come to pick him up. Anyone who knew the Gibsons would have know it might be smarter to wrestle a water buffolo for her calf than to bullshit her while holding her son hostage for 4 hours. She went fucking nuts right there in the foyer.

Any parent who objected to her recruiting their children was sent to special sec checks to correct them and remove their CI to *command intention* FPRD style HCO sec checks that would leave people defeated and will-less. The Gibsons were not spared AFAIK.

While Ellaine was Captain both her MAA Amanda Kingdom(Captains MAA) and the advanced course C/S Peter Sparshott died from cancer, she also blew off the top performing reg in ANZO, Robbie Walker then black PRed him to his new employer and got him fired just as he was getting on his feet.

You'd think someone like her would be RPFed for kidnap or bringing the cult a bad rep. Guess again, she was done for giving the South Africans a discount on their OT levels after the South African rand fell in May 2002 to .07 US cents to the dollar. No bullshit.

The field was a wreckage, and any one with any sense at all avoided the AO like the plague.

Enter Mark Whitta with the task of putting it all back together, and he did try, until he was thanked in his turn for being Captain by being put in the RPF.

More to follow.

Much more

Cop ya later!

Prior to coming back to Australia Mark had been in the US for about 15 years. His last post there was FR FSO. He took over the Captain post in 2003 but only lasted until early '05 before he was busted.

One of the things that had come up was that he fancied Rikke Beeny. She used to be in RTC and was at the FSO as one of the Reps in 1997 when the Lisa McPhearson incident happened. She was banished to ANZO over her involvement. Anyway Mark liked her and they flirted and held hands before it came up in his sec checking. He was out of his depth and she's a pretty good lair so she denied it all and as he was going down anyway that was further used to push him down, her claiming she had no part in it. In the Sea Org if you fall in love it's instant invest. Good place for a eunuch.

Mark gets busted and sent to Dundas, then in due course he's slated for the RPF. It would be normal to send him to PAC base but he overstayed his visa by nearly 14 years in the US and can never return so the people handling him, including the RTC terminal (Lowry, I think) and the CMO on down to the RPF I/C Marlana O'Leary for some special reason wanted him hidden.

The Sea Org must be the most withholdy and secretive group in the world - so much for all that sec checking.

They didn't want anyone to know he was off post. So they devised a plan to hold him under the two indoor squash courts there on the east side of the property. The slope of the roughly excavated dirt floor allows for a little space under the building where tools, junk or a mower might be kept. No one goes there so it was decided they would keep him under this building.

At the entrance it is large enough to stand up in but it’s only small and the ground slopes upwards so the area he had for standing was about 7 meters by 4 meters. This is on the lower end of the property and when it rains the floor gets very muddy. It’s clay too so it sticks like shit to a blanket, everything that touches it ends up caked. The space is not well ventilated either and has that mildewy, musty smell. He was under guard in that location every day for about 6 months.

A guy from the US by the name of Kip Engen was there with him most of the time. They would go there early in the morning before 7am and stay there all day till it was dark. They would go into one of the other buildings and he would shower and go to bed before 10pm. After about 3 months of this he was protesting pretty badly and Marlana finally relented and let him go for short walks for some exercise in the afternoon with his guard.

So he was in there for 3 months before being allowed to go for a walk!

I honestly don't know why he didn't flip his fucking wig.

Or at least do something about his predicament!

Cop ya later!

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 11, 2011, 10:01:55 PM
......So there's our *hero* locked up under a squash court, there is no window, just some lights on the ceiling, he hasn't seen the sun for 3 months, all his food is brought in there to him and he doesn't leave till after dark.

He really nagged his captor to death about getting out for a walk, I 'spose if you have someone all day for three months you could really get on their nerves.

Eventually he gets out and goes for a walk, does he run? No, he tamely does whatever they tell him. So much for the bridge to freedom.

He's also despondent because the girl he thought he had a future with not only won't have anything to do with him but *passed* her sec check and claims she had nothing to do with him in the first place.

Finally after about 6 months he was allowed out of the makeshift cell and put with the others on the RPF. Probably felt like *freedom* to him after that. Mark has been on the RPF now for close to 5 years. For most of the time he has had no twin same as Kerry Ellis who is also stuck on the program.

They are never going to graduate.

There are others on that program that have been on it for over 12 years, including Vicki Geddes and Wendy Lewis. They are in their 60s and have to run about like all RPFers, shuffling their feet when they are on decks.

But 12 fucking years! You get less time for manslaughter in this country, which I'll tell you about in my next thread (Yeah, OSA, I know all about that one and the churches contribution to it).

Typical of the Sea Org when they get onto a really dumb idea they just keep doing it, so now the space under the squash courts has been used repeatedly to detain anyone wanting to leave or that is in bad wth the RPF I/C at ANZO. She has people put there under guard routinely. People are there for weeks at a time.

So far Mark's six months is the record.

But they will beat it, unless stopped.

We all know that, don't we?

What's more, the RPF has about 30 people in it currently and when the CLO moved to Dundas from the Sydney org in May 2009 their berthing was shoved into a garage at Dundas. The CLO moved out of Castlereagh st. when the Syd org moved. The old RPF berthing is now occupied by OSA (Hai OSA!) and there was no where to put them so someone came up with the garage as the place for them. There is a 2 door garage that is about 7 meters by about 9 meters where the poor bastards all sleep. The bunk beds are crammed in there 3 high and there is very no space for any personal belongings. It’s a very cramped and unholy space.

How would you like to sleep in a double garage with 30 other people?

The conditions in any US prison are better. Oh, and typical altered importance, they put a barrier up between the men and womens bunks, but no other improvements were made for them. They also don't have separate toilets and both men and women use the same space. The stalls on the left are for the guys and the girls are on the ones to the right.

Often they run out of toilet paper or its kept from them by Rikke Beeny who runs her shit on the RPFers, she's in charge of the maintenance at Dundas since being busted from her RTC post at Flag and they have top use old newspapers. I guess after her spectacular fall from grace she needs to find some poor saps lower than her to kick.

Must be extra hard on Mark, the girl he loved denying him even the dignity of wiping his arse.

Mark, wake up, grow a pair!

You can see the garage doors from Dorahy Street and you go right near them entering the property from the side entrance which is the drive for deliveries .

Another thing is often the garbage isn't picked up for weeks and weeks because they don't pay the bill. Finally they get some money after all that time, by then there is a whole colony of maggots that have bred in the rubbish and food scraps and the RPF have to get in there and load them onto the truck by hand. There are maggots everywhere, especially when it's warm, they come out of the rubbish by the bucket full and fall out from everywhere and end up in a writhing mass on the ground.

So if you go by knock on the door and say "Hai!".

Probably too late, because by the time you're reading this they'll be moving out like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

With some pretend naval officer shouting, "Hill 10 Hill 10"!, at them from a pile of rotten, maggot infested rubbish.

Cop ya later!


Which leads us to another story.

The Sea Org has been wanting to combine the AO, CLO and the berthing and move out of Sydney. That's right, they're running! There have been three locations that they are considering moving to. The Blue Mountains, the South Coast and finally the outskirts of Adelaide.

When they announce it it will be with all the fanfare possible. They'll talk about how they've expanded and this new ideal set up puts them in the box seat to clear Anzo. Right!

The truth is they have become so weird and extreme that the only way they can imagine surviving is away from those prying eyes. This move has been prompted by the recent neighbouring property development that you can see in the pics.

They'll need a place where they can put in a lake for their overboardings too.

If they do move those still there will never have reason to leave the base, it won't be long before they figure that out and install the razor wire, for *security purposes*. Wow, it'll be so on source, just like Int and Flag!

They've also long past the point of desperation regarding Anonymous protesting them every month, Ron's told them that the public love them and hate psychs, the cognitive dissonance must be keeping them awake at night by now.

Run clams, run.

Maybe they should put an advertisement in the window;

"Dodgy cult desperately has need for new headquarters, away from the influences of abberated wogs. Will pay big money for premises where we can practice our Human Rights abuses without interference. Call NOW! 02 96927300"

Cop ya later!

The Sea Org is a black comedy.
Mark Whitta was chosen to come to ANZO and create a friendly environment of good will. Surveys, originated at Int trying to find the *why* had shown that the public was staying away from the place because it was just too dangerous to go near it while Elaine Allen was the Captain.

It was with the outward appearance of a humanitarian mission that he arrived. Bringing friendliness and joy to the Australian public. Call-inners were told to spread the word that the AO was a real friendly place, now.

The message got lost and he ended up as the hapless victim of the vicious scene that he was party to covering up. Caught in internal politics he ended up as a prisoner under a squash court, while the reges that had previously been in his purview collected money to bring world wide awareness to the "Universal Declaration of Humans Rights", often under threat of comm ev themselves.

Every time in my tenure in the Sea Org that a survey or invest has showed that some egregious behaviour of management has brought it into disrepute various efforts, smokescreens and promo were promptly evolved to show the world that it's all changed. A scapegoat was hung and their head left on a pike for all to see.

That is, if it was too late to flatly deny it.

Then the group promptly continued on it's abusive course. Without any change.

No case change, no ethics change. What is that a sign of?

Cop ya later!

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 21, 2011, 11:32:16 AM
I`ve known about this for a while. But never got around to posting it.

Leisa Goodman has routed off staff.

Her mother is Melva Collins. She had a sister who dabbled in scio way back.
Leisa is a Kiwi who got into Scientology here in New Zealand. Though she was raised by a Scientology mother... I was doing introductory auditing at the same time she was. Her sister Margaret was Wally Collis`s P.C. after he was done with me back in `79.

Anyone here involved in Scientology back in the late 70`s - early eighties will
remember her as Leisa Collins.

She used to work on secret projects in the Guardians Office under Bruce Gibson.

Fleur and Darnelle Henley Smith, and Judy Shervelle were also G.O. at the time.
Also on special projects at the time were, Rufus Frazer and Barry Keon.

Leisa kind of did PR type things.
I remember once she toured New Zealand radio stations and Newspapers trying to dead agent the anti scio "Readers digest" article.

Leisa had been dating Rory Denness.

Leisa went to the states in the mid eighties and Rory joined the Sea org and was last heard of as crew aboard the Freewinds.

Leisa ended up marrying a Yank and still resides in the U.S.

Here is a clip of Leisa...   She seems to be doing well. Making friends
and upholding peoples Human rights. (not)

Leisa Goodman
Human Rights Director

Once again..... Now routed off staff !!!

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: NED on February 21, 2011, 12:05:20 PM
Leisa had a sister called Michelle, I've never heard of Margaret.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 22, 2011, 09:06:53 AM
You are right.
I was using the Hubbard method to recall her name. Sorry about that.

Do you have an update on margaret...Michelle ?

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 26, 2011, 08:12:52 AM
                                                                       Feb 21,2011

Dear ........,
                 I`m sure you have heard about the Melbourne Ideal Org having just
opened ! This was a huge win for our entire continent - our first ANZO Ieadl
Org ! And now having done an Ideal Org down here (Not somewhere else), we know HOW to do it.

              Being an OT VIII and key leading member of the OT Committee in Melbourne, as well as an OT Ambassador, I was very involved in this project and learned a lot from doing this.

             You may know that the New Zealand Ideal Org is on the schedule (The very important international grid) to open, along with the Sydney Ideal Org, in January 2012. The planning steps on the building with the Council have
moved along, nearing completion, and the building is able to be renovated by this time.

                 This Ideal Org for New Zealand is very important from a Continental
and International perspective. This is the starting point for real Scientology expansion and Clearing, effecting the entire Country.

                Due to it`s importance, I have been invited by the organization
Executives and Management, to Auckland for a special briefing this weekend -
Saturday the 26th of February- to brief all Scientologists in New Zealand on
what we did to make an Ideal Org, ow did we pull it off, so that we can repeat similar actions tailored to New Zealand for your org.

               I will also give you some OT hatting datums and data to be more cause over anything you wish to achieve in life, whether it is your family,
relationships, finances or Bridge progress - and of course the achievement of
the Ideal Org.

                This is not a fundraising event. not a recruitment event. And I definitely want you and your family to attend.

                Again, this is on Saturday 26th of February at 6:30 pm, at the
Waipuna Lodge (Waipuna Rd, Mt Wellington). There is plenty of free parking
and great food.

             Looking forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,
Andrew Rinder
OT VIII, OT Ambassador.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 27, 2011, 04:59:36 PM
Humanitarian benefactor meritorious or "sucker"
The special Legion of honour club members.

New Zealand Ideal org Humanitarian

The Carmichael Family The Ferris Family
Claude and Marion Moffat The Schamroth Family
Ian Gillott and Family

Founding members of the Auckland Ideal Org

Gold Benefactor

Vicky & Karina Casement Bill Chesterton Moss Kerran
Heather & Mo McCleary Denny Frater

Silver Benefactor

Gail and Dave D`Audney Winston Dickey Monique and Kerry Strongman


Clinton Stringfellow Joanna & Chris Woodhead

New Zealand Ideal Org Contributor

Matt Kielly Yure Radojkovich Pam& Mel Rigg Mana Te Whata
Shelly and Ben Van Den Berg Renate Van Eckert Kathy & Mark Swords

New Zealand Ideal Org Supporter

Bruce Bernsten Nick Green Mary & Charlie Hobbs Tony Johnson
Susan Jones & Stephan Giles Harvey Stapleton

Leading Contributor

Nutra Foods Wayne Rooney Peter Sapsford Hillary and Peter Shead
Dean Armstrong Ramon Brant Wally Collis Julie & Opie Foai
Damien Goddard Lube, Nigel and Natalie Gray Holistic Medical Center
Deva Khalsa & Monte Nightswonger Dana & Simon Lee

All members are highly commended and we appreciate your continuing assistance.

Lisa Terpstra & Tatiana Senkeviciene



Humanitarian $100,000
Premier Benefactor $50,000
Benefactor $35,000
NZ Ideal Org Contributor $20,000
NZ Ideal Org Supporter $10,000
Leading Contributor $5,000
Contributor $1,000
Supporter $ 500
Participant $ 100
Sober $ 0

Thank you very much from Diamond Dave.

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 21, 2011, 08:03:40 AM
       Summary of Hubbard`s 100th Birthday event


I just watched the LRH Centennial Birthday event. Twice. It’s three hours and twenty-three minutes of the usual overblown, uber-orchestrated, hyperbole-filled crapola.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 22, 2011, 04:40:02 PM
                            Richard Reiss – Kha Khan
Posted on March 21, 2011 by martyrathbun09| 61 Comments

Wasn`t this guy a kiwi ?

Richard Reiss, long-time Senior C/S Flag Service Organization has recently left his physical body. He reportedly lost a bout with cancer. Richard died at the age of 66 on March 4, 2011. He died at the Brookside Hospice House in Palm Harbor Florida. Seventeen days after his death, less than a quarter of Flag staff, and handful of public gathered for a church of Scientology memorial service.

I believe Richard deserves to have the world know about some extraordinary things about his life. Things that David Miscavige will not only not ever let be known, but as you shall see below he will likely spend more pretty pennies trying to silence.

Richard was a giant intellectually.

Richard, though many never had a chance to see it, had quite a theta endowment.

I don’t know how many people got to see Richard relaxed and being himself. I was fortunate to have been one of them.  Richard, you see, as the Snr Technical terminal at the Mecca of Technical Perfection was under a tremendous, continual pressure to abandon his integrity to forward the suppressive whims of David Miscavige. In fact, in one of his last public appearances he was forced to announce the “breakthrough” in Objectives, that every Scientologist needed them (wherever they might be on the Bridge) and up to 125 hours of them to boot.  In my opinion that was the last straw for Richard Reiss.

In early 96, Richard and I were assigned to “qual check” the Golden Age of Tech” drills that were being produced by LRH Technical Comps Unit at the direction of David Miscavige. Richard and I spent weeks together, sitting across a meter and reads simulator in the Qual Division Gold, Scientology Inc’s Headquarters doing just that.

Richard had been pretty much rotting for months at Gold under the auspices of some kind of “Correction Program”. I think he had been sent there mid 95 shortly after Miscavige had pushed him aside to bypass to write Lisa McPherson’s long, rambling Clear r-factor – and then continued to supervise suppressive programs like Expanded Dianetics and Power Processes after that fact, driving her to insanity and ultimately to death.

Richard was happy to be finally assigned to something he thought was meaningful.

Richard was one of the most analytically gifted individuals I have ever met. To most I think he came across so analytical as to lack esprit vital. That combined with the fact he was under the constant strain of lesser minds of RTC children relaying micro managed and generally suppressive tech orders to him from Miscavige.  And yes, I was an integral part of that apparatus, and I wish I could have apologized to Richard and make it up to him before his untimely death.

But, I was lucky for a while.  I worked alone with Richard for a good period of time where I didn’t have to walk the suppressive walk.  In our little Gold staff auditing room, for many hours day after day, while we worked in privacy he couldn’t help but let his hair down. Many a time I got him to crack a smile, and sometimes laugh – and sometimes even line charge while we tried to make sense of the plus, minus shunt computer logic being implemented with a tech the founder of which once said, “the only way the technology can be lost is if you become a slave to procedure. There is no substitute for understanding.”

Richard and I would test the draft drills and attempt to correct them. Richard would run through the drill with me and we’d get to a “what do you do?” spot, and I’d answer something like, “well that depends. There are about four or five avenues I could explore depending on a number of factors not covered in the linear scenario just given.” Richard would suppress a smirk. Then I’d launch on a soliloquy on those four or five possible avenues, until Richard couldn’t handle it any more and he’d crack up. Richard would then put his straight face on again and slowly, but surely, cite a punch list of LRH references validating my contentions.

And Richard had a wicked, wry sense of humor of his own, with which he caused an occasional belly laugh for me.

I have told elsewhere on this blog what happened with those drills – a great percentage of our corrections were never made, and a higher percentage of the drills never made it to Richard and I before the RTC bots snatched them up under the orders of Miscavige to “make it for the event” (May 9 event 1996).

I tended to have a more practical understanding of the tech – having been assigned to unsnarl many a case Richard and the rest of the tech hierarchy “screwed up” under the stifling, blanket arbitraries enforced by Miscavige. I sensed Richard got a kick out of seeing me do so. He clearly wished that he could operate the way I was allowed to. Later that decade I would sometimes call Richard for a tech reference because the man could cite me chapter and verse for any principal I threw at him.

By now some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, Richard Reiss Kha Khan.

Well, I was assigned Kha Khan status by Miscavige for having been in his words the “guy who got us tax exemption.” Here is what LRH said about the title of Kha Khan that Miscavige based it upon:

    In an ancient army a particularly brave deed was recognized by an award of the title of Kha-Khan. It was not a rank. The person remained what he was, BUT he was entitled to be forgiven the death penalty ten times in case in the future he did anything wrong. That was a Kha-Khan.


Admittedly, Miscavige – as is his wont – dished it to me for manipulative, calculating, and insincere reasons. Namely to entice me to return from New Orleans a month after tax exemption was obtained in 1993. (Incidentally, if anyone is having trouble tracking with this, I suggest you watch the 3 and one half hours of video taped interviews with me at . I just don’t have time to recount all of the context, and it would tend to divert from the man of the moment, Richard).

I tell the following story to explain why I have eschewed the distinction and on my own origination award it, instead, to Richard Reiss.

Miscavige and I first spoke to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in the late summer/early Fall of 1991. By the end of the year we were deeply into negotiations with a team headed by the D/Commissioner for Exempt Organizations of the IRS. We pretty much commuted to D.C. – a couple times a month for the next year, preparing and bringing boxes and boxes of documentation to answer all of the questions the IRS had. By the Fall of 1992 Miscavige was becoming extremely impatient with the process. He used every carrot and stick method he knew to overwhelm the D/Commissioner to grant exemption.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to gather intelligence to flank all of this. We even received information from credible sources from the White House. And by near the end of the 1992 we were hearing that Papa Bush himself – exercising his trademark indecision – was concerned about the effect granting exemption to the Church of Scientology would have on his re-election hopes.

And so, the stalemate continued for another year. Nine months into the Clinton administration in fact.

There was not a single thing we provided the IRS during the year 1993 that was the make-break point of exemption entitlement.

Yet, lo and behold, in September 1993 – several months into the tenure of a Clinton appointed IRS Commissioner – the IRS Scientology team started swapping settlement drafts. In the first week of October we received tax exemption.

Fast forward a couple years.

Scientologist celebrity Ann Archer took a White House tour. To her surprise she was pulled  aside and lead to the Oval Office. Moments later President Bill Clinton appeared for a very rare one on one meet and greet.

Ann thanked Clinton for his administration having granted tax exemption to her church.

Clinton told Archer a little story as to why he considered it was the right thing to do. Clinton said that in the sixties when he was pursuing his Rhodes scholarship at Oxford, he hung with a fraternity of Yale University graduates. He said that a couple of the members of that franternity were Scientologists. He said he never forgot how kind and spiritual they both were. He knew then and there – by the beingnesses and conduct of those Scientologists – that Scientology was a spriritual activity and that “Scientologists were good people.”

President Bill Clinton did not mention names. But, I’ll tell you straight-up, Richard Reiss was one of those Scientologist Yale graduate, Rhodes scholars who met Bill Clinton during those days in the sixties.

Richard never spoke to Clinton since Oxford.

Richard didn’t know him well enough to do so.

But, Richard didn’t have to.

Richard left his mark by simply being himself around some amiable genius from Arkansas.

And that is why I say Richard Reiss is Kha Khan.

And I hope Richard that you find yourself a healthy, strong body with some parents who recognize a beautiful being and mind when you join their family. Or not if you’d prefer to do something else.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, it is entirely up to you.

photo ....

Or here...,r:0,s:0

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: NED on March 23, 2011, 09:25:38 AM
I met Richard once.  He didn't sound like a kiwi to me.  I remember being told he was auditing John Travolta.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 24, 2011, 07:33:03 AM
From what I`ve heard it was his wife Carla (Spelt Cala) who is a Kiwi.
She is still a class XII auditor at Flag. They had two kids. F/M.
Both S.O. 

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 26, 2011, 06:11:13 PM
Latest crap from the cult shows group photos of scios from ANZO Orgs.

There are 40 people in the Auckland photo. Some are kids. Maybe five or six.

I`m guessing there may be another ten they could muster up with a big enough fake reason.

Never the less, "Scientology is expanding in New Zealand. !!!"

Of the total number of people who, over the years,  have been willing to stay for a basic course.
They have far less than one percent still hooked.

And remember Scientology is being applied more exactly now than it was when Scientology was booming in the late 70`s early 80`s.

I`d love to have a current Scientologist explain this major outpoint.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 03, 2011, 11:28:27 AM
         Mike Rinder posts the 100th birthday event for LRH.

Watching Dear Leader’s March 13 “tribute” to L. Ron Hubbard is to experience two plus hours of gag-inducing tragicomedy.

But it is also the latest evidence of what Mark McKinstry said in response to Marty’s posting Miscavige’s New Shock Squads.

“Then the applause would come and the AGREEMENT and with that the reality established, despite what the real scene was. You are left with the feeling that you are alone in your observation, the one who is going to bring the party down with the facts, and so, on it goes.

“I think that under this, a vacuum was left when LRH dropped his body. Miscavige stepped in to fill that vacuum/confusion. Most Scientologists who cling to the current organization want someone in authority to stand up, tell them how right it is going everywhere (except in the sector where they are), interpret world events and explain the tech for them. And, as you say, come in and make things go right in their area sometime in the future.

“And, the fact that it is wrapped in a high-tech glitzy presentation just adds to the credibility. Like going to a movie, you can suspend disbelief for two hours and let the outpoints wash over you.”

If you watched the video above, you will observe Dear Leader strutting onto stage where he sucks up the “Standing O” with no attempt to end it (this was a crime of magnitude back when he allowed others to participate in these International Events – Heber in particular was victimized for not curtailing applause for him when he walked on stage). The adoring crowds’ applause goes on for a minute and 19 seconds as Dear Leader positively revels in it. (And note, the picture of LRH you see after 20 seconds was added by the video editors afterwards –the audience didn’t see it).  That is vomit-worthy.  What happens next is tragic.

Dear Leader presents a “rolling thunder” (a term he coined to describe a series of stats one after the other without a breath, building to one final, crazed crescendo of cheering and applause when the last bursting graph busts out the top of the screen to fireworks and shooting stars) of Dan Shermanspeak ©® recounting the accomplishments of the life of LRH.  They put everything they had into it to try to hype LRH, including over-the-top graphics and over-inflated and deceptive “stats.”  That resulted in 38 seconds of applause – less than half what was lavished on Dear Leader. Exactly as he planned it. 

That one statistic tells you everything you need to know about the state of the Church of Miscavology.

The rest of the event lives up to the opening sequence.  Throughout it, Dear Leader’s strange cadence, emphasis and pronunciation has become a parody you might expect to hear on South Park representing a radical, comical politician desperately trying to be “interesting.”  And when combined with Shermanspeak©® it is virtually a foreign language.

The event was a case study in propaganda by redefinition of terms. Following is what Dear Leader said:

What LRH most wanted for his birthday – the gift of expansion.

But in this day and age, the epitome of expansion, the very action definition and the substance of the word – that’s an Ideal Organization.

But as a first word, let me once again reiterate what an Ideal Org represents – for while you have seen some magnificent structures of late, and are about to see others that will bedazzle your eyes, the real beauty of an Ideal Org is far more than skin deep. After all, they are built on tech and policy, literally.

Meaning, you can read a policy, describing what an org should be, then gaze upon an Ideal Org and there it is. And specifically, that pivotal LRH description of what one builds towards with an ideal org, and of which he writes: “The end product is not just an ideal org but a new civilization already on its way”  To exactly that end, Ideal Orgs are designed to replicate across entire continents and so bring on all LRH tech everywhere and hence so make planetary clearing a reality.

As for our headway to date, ideal orgs presently equate to better than 1.3 million square feet, but even so, there’s another way to do the math: because the fact is, our 25 ideal orgs to date already introduce more new people to Dianetics and Scientology than all other orgs combined. So yes, where stands an Ideal Org, there lies our future. And while I could tell you about our next million square feet of ideal orgs now on the horizon and presently under construction, well all you really need to foresee the future are the Ideal Orgs I am about to present.

Let’s break this gobbledygook down.

Of course, everything he says ignores clear LRH policy about org buildings (cited here before, but the most basic bears repeating:  PL 23 SEPT 70 QUARTERS, POLICY REGARDING, HISTORICAL where LRH lays out the POLICIES and RULES on the subject which include: “VIABILITY of the org is the first and foremost consideration.”  “Quarters must be close to ample and cheap student and pc housing, restaurants and transport.” ”Image is a secondary consideration.” ”Renovations are destructive if extensive.”)

Yet, with that in mind, he brashly claims that he is “following policy,” and proceeds with his sleight of hand, redefining an “Ideal Org” as an “Ideal Building”.  Accept that, and everything falls neatly into place. Here is how he does it:

Gain agreement with a truth:  LRH wanted expansion (let’s not mention St. Hill size and the Universe Corps and staff going OT which is what the LRH ED is really about).

Sleaze in something that sounds sort of right:  Ideal Orgs are the “epitome of expansion, the very action definition and the substance of the word.”  Except he is NOT referring to an org, he is referring to a building. Listen carefully and he actually says it:  An Ideal Org is a  “magnificent structure”.  And another Freudian slip: His new palaces will “bedazzle” you. The definition of that word is: “to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light; to confuse or disarm by dazzling.”

Add another correct sounding bit: Ideal Orgs “are built on tech and policy” – and then give “proof” of that because you can “gaze upon” one and see it (presumably because you can see the MEST: course rooms and auditing rooms… wow).

Throw in an LRH quote so it sounds really “On Source” — the end product of an Ideal Org is  “a new civilization already on its way” (presuming an actual org rather than a building).

Therefore, it’s obvious, more Ideal Orgs (Buildings) will make Planetary Clearing a reality.

And thus, abracadabra, hey presto and shazzam! – the proof of our incredible headway towards planetary clearing is that ideal orgs presently equate to better than 1.3 million square feet. !!  (Tip for Dear Leader: invest in old airplane hangars or maybe some abandoned car plants in Detroit – your square footage stat will go out through the ROOF).

But here’s the kicker. Even Dear Leader knows he has to give SOME sort of stat beyond the square feet to prove the “incredible expansion” of Scientology and the “massive forward advance” towards planetary clearing.

One might expect “Number of New Clears” – it is progress towards planetary clearing right Dave?  Or how about “Number of Grad V auditors made” (that could audit people to Clear?).  OK, maybe that’s a bit much.  How about we take it back a notch and just go for total Well Done Auditing Hours?  Student Completions?  Anything related to delivery of Dianetics and Scientology?  How about a NUMBER of anything?  You know, like the good old days: “This year we delivered X number of courses, hours, completions, whatevers.”

Well, no such luck.  It seems the best he could come up with to prove the MASSIVE international headway for planetary clearing was: “ our 25 ideal orgs to date already introduce more new people to Dianetics and Scientology than all other orgs combined.”  OMG Dave, that is monumental.  Presumably you didn’t give the number because it would be seriously embarrassing. Those 25 orgs  “introduce” more people than the other 150 combined.  But do they “introduce” 250 a week between them or 2500? No matter Dave, because the fact is that you have exposed the horrible truth your two or three fancy building per event can’t cover up:  Scientology orgs are failing miserably.  The average org (ie 150 around the world) produce just 1/8th as much as the “Ideal Orgs”. Now, in anyone’s mind that is small and failing when they are 1/8th of those empty Ideal Orgs (see next posting mentioned below).   

Dave, you have to be worried:  How long before someone leaks the ACTUAL stats of these wondrous Idle Orgs?  Buffalo?  Dallas?  Malmo?  Berlin?  Madrid?  Steven’s Creek?  Seattle? Nashville? In the Vampire Empire, these are the most closely guarded secrets since the formula for Coca-Cola. Why? Shouldn’t you be proud of how you are clearing the planet with your Idle Orgs and be announcing it to the world?  You’re not shy about promoting your accomplishments. And even tout the most amazing stats — 8,000 orgs, missions and groups (yet I see the church claiming NO connection to an Applied Scholastics school in Melbourne — but bet that one is counted — probably more than once — in your 8,000).

Next installment, the smoke and mirrors of the “Birthday Game Winners” presentation.

Watch part one of the event here... (Have a vomit bag handy.)

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 11, 2011, 11:35:06 AM
             Minutes of the OT C Meeting in the Clearwater Bank Building

4 April, 2011

Kaye started the meeting at 6 21 PM.

Any new Members? NO


Div. 1 Melissa the Div 1 Sec said REPORT YOUR STATS.

Div  2 Not there

Div 3 Laura said she has OT C shirts.

Div 4-Tammy is the I/C of the 10,000 on Solo Nots Project. She told
us why she was on the post. She talked about Tuesday night’s
briefing for that project in the Sandcastle which will be delivered
by Pat Clouden: TOOLS FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS. She said come if you
can and pointed out that an AO C/S speaks too and also the Deputy
Captain (for the AO?).

Also Tammy said that next Thursday the 14 April there is an OT
PHENOMENA evening at the Wintereggs. Have a good time and good food!

NEIGHBORHOOD PROJECT I/C Janice Kenne said on the 1st Tuesday of
every month they have a dinner for their volunteers. Tomorrow is
the first Tuesday of April. They will be showing films about MV ( I
think. I tried to reach Janice to clarify and could not reach her).

Kaye said the Neighborhood Project is very effective with getting
people back on the Bridge. And since quite a number of people have
fallen off the Bridge, more volunteers are needed to get them back
on and through the Basics.

Div 5 Denise said she wants everyone on the HQS course! (This
course is also on our OT A Project Orders.)

Kaye said there are key OT C posts needing to be filled:

Personnel Control Officer
Ethics Officer

A Constant Contact person to send out emails, etc.


The Captain spoke about Super Power. He said we need to get a lot
of people into the Oak Cove who are mid their lower grades or fell
off at the lower Bridge and get them through and over to the AO
because we need a lot of people for Super Power when the building

He said the Field needs to be geared and geared up for Super Power.
He said there will be 2 L’s HGCs in the Super Power building and
two thousand people a day will be serviced on all the courses, all
the Grades.

Specific things are needed by him:

1-Get the entire Clearwater field together going in the same

2-All local lower Bridge public need to be rounded up and gotten
into the Oak Cove which can service 250 people per day!

Then all those people over to the AO.

3-There are a few hundred people not moving on OT VI and VII. This
is either those on OT V who have not gotten onto OT VI or those who
were on VII and fell off. These people have to be moved into the
AO. It is unsuccessful to leave people out of control.

4-Anyone not on the Basics needs to be gotten onto the Basics.
EVERYONE needs to get through the Basics. There are many who have
not started the Basics and those people need to be gotten on and
moved through the Basics. Those already on need to be encouraged to
get through faster.

5-Re Super Power, this is an enormous building and Super Power is
going to make a massive change. Scientologists will be ALIVE. We
will have the Mecca opening and Flag is the biggest org in the
world! All the Flag only Rundowns will be delivered there. People
who have reached and failed in their reach will come into the

We really do have an Ideal Scene Field. He wants everyone active,
no slacking off. Flag is the biggest supporter of the IAS. Flag
will be responsible for the creation of AO LATAM, AO SOUTH AFRICA,
AO CANADA. Flag will create an IDEAL PLANET. There is no other
place, there are no other people and there is no other time!

A lot of people are retreading the Purif, Drug Rndowns, Objectives.
Everyone’s folders are being reviewed.

6- Tampa is a Model Ideal Org. A lot of people are needed to boom
Tampa. There is the PE course.  WE need to get raw public into
Tampa! Eight thousand people are needed to sign up for the Oak Cove
who will then go on Super Power!

We the OT Committee and the field, we are on the Flag Org Board, in
Division 6. This is our org. People are needed for Tampa, the Oak
Cove, the AO, IAS Memberships and to get through the Basics.

Only half the OT Committee members were at the meeting and the
Captain wants ALL OT Committee members at the meeting next week:
All Flag OT C members, all Freewinds OT C members and all Tampa OT
Committee Members. The Captain said the Flag OT C is THE OTC. Kaye
is the one he goes to, he said.

All these above things need to be done before the Super Power
building opens. Also, a couple hundred more staff are still needed
for Super Power. Get people to the recruiter in the Coachman, they
need help.

There is a new FSM Section in the AO. The Captain introduced Mirre
Carrara who is the Senior FSM In-Charge, Flag. She is doing a
briefing at the FSM Convention on Saturday and Sunday the 16 and 17
April. Rick Alexander will be there too (who has gotten 42 members
of his family into Scientology). There will be an FSM school at
this Convention.


Charlotte from Div 6 gave us some numbers.

There are 4600 local Scientologists. OF these, 1000 are actively on
the Basics. Three hundred Basics completions (of the thousand local
Basics completions) are on other courses.

550 people who were on the Basics have fallen of. Also quite a
number are not on the Basics at Flag but some of those might be on
the Basics at Tampa or the Missions.

The Captain asked if there was anything we wanted to know and if
you do , please contact him. He asked if there are any tech
briefings we want. The Captain said we need more I/Cs for the
Neighborhood Campaigns, people are needed to take on hats to get
more people doing more!

The Deputy Captain Mathilde Jansson said if anyone has any
originations about what we are good at, for example, get people who
are good at those things grouped. We need to get more people doing

We gave LRH a hand and at 708 PM Kaye ended off this great meeting
with the Captain FSO!

Respectfully Submitted

Ellie Bolger

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        Auckland org has the target of opening their Idle Morgue
                               in TEN MONTHS.  !!!

Auckland is going ideal now !

WHY ???

"Because we decided to."

But in the meantime there is the "files project."

"This is 20,000 man hours worth of work. Which equates to 2000 hours per month or 455 hours per week or 65 hours per day.

Obviously Hubbard`s admin policies have been in full force.
20,000 hours of backlogged paperwork.

Can anyone think of any other group that is this disorganized.??

Here are the staff and public who are to be thanked for their work thus far;
Alan McLoughlin
Anna Hahich,
Bev Reid,
Chloe Plilip,
Chris Woodhead,
Chuck Zommatore,
Claude Moffat,
Dana Lee,
Daryn Leaity,
Dave D`Audney,
Domenico Langella,
Felicity Philip,
Gail D`Audney,
Gaylene Fraser,
Gun Boy,
Heather McLeary,
Ivette Salame- Ferriss,
James Ferriss,
Jan Sampson,
Jan Williams,
Jane Philip,
Jessica Goddard,
Joanne Woodhead,
Joel Swords,
Judith Moore,
Karyn Goddard,
Kathy Swords,
Kiri Willoughby,
Lauren Ferriss,
Liam Swords,
Maree Deakins,
Marion Moffat,
Mark Swords,
Mathew Fraser,
Melissa Drysdale,
Melva Collins,
Mike Ferriss,
Natalie Gray,
Nick Fraser,
Paul Maunder,
Paul Norris,
Paul Redfern,
Ramon Brandt,
Reo Schamroth,
Robert Deakins,
Shannon Laing,
Sheila Barton,
Stephan Rule,
Sue Glossop,
Susan Jones,
Vicky Casement,
Wayne Rooney,
Yure Radojkovich.

The rest of the newsletter is pleas for help.
Odd for an organization that claims it is the one that helps people.

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                      SYDNEY DAY ORG - Actual leaked stats/dox [PICS]

Why, its almost 2PM Thursday! You know what that means, time to roll out the stats!

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                                       FSM NEWS                   MAY 2011

..... Another important way you can get selectees is by coming out Stress Testing
with us over the weekend. Most Saturday nights we go out to the Pakuranga Night Market which is very popular. We usually "arriving" around 5 pm and stay until
11:30 pm, so your help in these markets would be great and you can select those public you disseminate to.

As an FSM you also receive commissions on the services and books you sell...."

Scientology. Guilty of perverting the course of enlightenment. !!!

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THE Church of Scientology, famous for celebrity followers such as Tom Cruise, is on a membership drive in Perth.

The church has been distributing a 200-question "personality test" in letterboxes.

Householders are being asked to include their name, address, email, phone numbers, occupation, age and sex on the form.

The information will be used for an "obligation free" personality analysis by "an expert evaluator", according to the church.

The survey asks residents whether they are "always getting into trouble" or if they have "spells of being sad and depressed for no apparent reason".

Another asks: "If we were invading another country, would you feel sympathetic towards conscientious objectors in this country?"

In a written statement in response to questions from The Sunday Times, the church said the recruiting drive was part of its normal activities.

"This is something we have done for many years, so it is not a new action by the church. We regularly hand out these questionnaires which are an invitation to a person to find out more about themselves," the statement said.

But Civil Liberties Australia director Tim Vines said people should be cautious about who was receiving their private information."In terms of unsolicited material, people should treat it like any sort of spam email or junk email they receive in their inbox," Mr Vines said.

"They should treat it with scepticism and think carefully about whether they should be providing this information."

Mr Vines said he had "significant concerns" about private information being sought, whether it was by a private group or government agency. He said people needed to consider whether their information would be kept on file or destroyed.

"I wouldn't fill out an unsolicited survey seeking personal information," Mr Vines said. "I'm sure in cases like this it is used to target follow-up information.

"Our general advice to people is to be cautious about handing over private and sensitive information and know who it is going to be used by."


- The Church of Scientology follows the teachings of the late American science fiction author L Ron Hubbard who founded the first church in 1953.

- It's teachings include that people are immortal spiritual beings who have forgotten their true nature.

- Teachings are also said to also encompass extraterrestrial civilisations and alien interventions in earth affairs.

- Practitioners undergo "auditing" as a method of spiritual rehabilitation.


Sample questions from the Church of Scientology 200-question personality test being distributed in Perth letterboxes.

* Do you intend two or less children in your family even though your health and income will permit more?

* Are you "always getting into trouble"?

* If we were invading another country, would you feel sympathetic towards conscientious objectors in this country?

* Do you pay your debts and keep your promises when it is possible?

* Do you prefer to take a passive role in any club or organisation to which you belong?

* Are you opposed to the "probation system" for criminals?

* Do you spent too freely in relation to your income?

* Do you have spells of being sad and depressed for no apparent reason?

* Do you often feel depressed?

* Do some noises "set your teeth on edge"?

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              News from inside San Francisco Org.

Scientology Apostate Part I: San Francisco Church's Stats
By Lauren Smiley Mon., Sep. 26 2011

A couple weeks ago, the masked Anonymous protesters who've been organizing protests outside San Francisco's Church of Scientology for the last three years received a jolt of affirmation. A self-proclaimed Scientologist logged onto the group's local message board with the handle "ethicstrouble," thanking Anonymous for its protests and writing "I hope one day to join you."

The San Francisco church's president, Jeff Quiros, told SF Weekly he thought the apostate was a fraud, created by Anonymous themselves. But SF Weekly has since talked at length with ethicstrouble on the phone, and they sent us a bevy of graphs that they said they smuggled out of the trash at the org.

After reviewing the graphs, Quiros claimed they are fake. "They are not legit," he wrote in an e-mail. "Someone is going to great lengths ... I wish SF Weekly would not continue to give legs to this nonsense game."

Download the graphs ethicstrouble sent SF Weekly in these PDF files.

Indeed, SF Weekly cannot confirm ethicstrouble is the San Francisco Scientologist they claim to be. But we'll share the detailed information about the San Francisco org they gave us, and readers can decide for themselves whether it's credible or not.

This week, we will present our ethicstrouble interview in multiple parts. Fearful of being discovered, ethicstrouble talked with us on the condition of only being identified as a 10-to-20-year member of the church who has shelled out more than $50,000 on coursework. We'll refer to ethicstrouble with a gender-less "they" pronoun.

Ethicstrouble said they called us from a telephone line they had acquired especially for this purpose, and asked us not to reveal what time we spoke. "Don't tell [President Jeff Quiros] in any way when I talked to you. If you let him know the times I was able to call you that will really narrow me down."

They first sent us graphs which they said they whisked out of a garbage can at the org before the papers hit the shredder.

Ethicstrouble says the graphs have proven to Quiros that they are from inside the church, and says their talking to the SF Weekly has created quite a stir within the org: "If you've seen the graphs I've sent you, they know those are real. I'm not worried about them believing I'm real. I can sense it; they feel it. My problem is proving to everyone else -- to you -- that I'm real."

Here's what ethicstrouble wrote to us to explain some of the acronyms in the graphs.

    ACTPRO:  That is the number of people auditing independently in their area. In the San Francisco area there are only two people auditing in a self-employed practice and possibly making a living out of it. That is a very small number, much smaller than years ago.

    HDSCOMPS and HDACOMPS: These are the two courses that teach people how to audit Dianetics. HDSCOMPS is the basic training and HDACOMPS is the training to be a professional Dianetic auditor. So you can see there are almost no Dianetic auditors being made.

    TTCNBR and TTCGRAD: These are the people in the technical training corps.... They are training to be auditors or word clearers or course supervisors, and they are either training at Flag in Florida or here at the Org. So at the end of the one graph we had 13 people in and during this time frame not one had completed a course. If one was to be a auditor for example, he will have at least 12 or more courses to complete his training

    BIS: Bodies in the shop, how many people are in the Org doing a course. Course supervisors often call people and beg them to come in for one hour for the week so this statistic is higher.

    WDAHP: This is for people doing the sauna sweat program. As you can see, there is something really wrong with this graph. The standard preferred schedule for someone doing the program is four to fuve hours a day, seven days a week, with the only exceptions given to people with physical problems -- then the hours may be reduced.

    GDS GBS: This is the total dollar value of books sold. This includes e-meters, which sell for over $3,000, so as you can see no e-meters were sold.

    PSO: This is the film shown to new people who don't know anything about Scientology.

    CL: The state called "clear" was the whole purpose of Dianetics. You must go clear before going higher up the bridge. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to go clear.

    GDS PDC: This is for everything completed in the Org, from courses to extension coursed to word clearing, anything that is paid for and completed. This can be deceiving because someone can pay for two or three little things in one week, so you can get three points for one person doing a few little paid services.

    WDAHWO: These are how many hours of auditing were produced without the purif hours. (hours in the sauna are considered auditing, I know it's weird). Graph looks like it is trending down to me.

    GDS FHS: This is the number of staff who have been trained to do their job. All other staff are not fully trained.

    PTF: This is how much money was given to Flag for the people we have training over there. We have to pay for their food, lodging, and courses. Very expensive. They study there starting at 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. with half-day off on Sunday to do laundry.

    CGI: Here is the gross income for the Org, includes everything.

    SOLO1COMPS: This is the first course you do after becoming clear and before doing OT levels.

More coming up tomorrow.

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                            Scientology Apostate Part II: Life In the Org

By Lauren Smiley Tue., Sep. 27 2011

Yesterday, we posted documents purportedly smuggled out of a trash bin of San Francisco's Church of Scientology by ethicstrouble, a self-proclaimed church member who has decided Scientology is a money-sucking farce and wants out. Two prominent ex-Scientologists agreed the statistics looked legit, even though the San Francisco church's president claims they aren't.

There's no denying that ethicstrouble can speak frankly and intimately about life inside the San Francisco org, to a degree that would make this an incredible hoax if they were making this up. (We refer to ethicstrouble as a genderless "they.")

We've made minor edits to ethicstrouble's answers for clarity and brevity.

SFW: Can you tell us about the setup of the San Francisco org? How many people are actually on staff at the church?

ET: There's a day organization Monday through Friday and a foundation organization that's nights and weekends. It's less than 80 people for each org -- I don't have the specifics in front of me. There's a few that have inheritance [they can live off of] .... Ninety-eight percent do have a second job. Some people are barely getting by with their second job. I know of three people who've taken out a mortgage and filed for bankruptcy a few years later. All their money went to Scientology.

One of the most upsetting things for me is the [Scientology] events where they're getting money from people and the way they just push people. I've seen them go until 2 in the morning pushing people, and a staff member will call the credit card company and get their credit limit raised so they can donate. It's disgusting.

SFW: According to the stats you sent us, there's very few people taking courses or new members coming in the door. How does the church afford that fancy historic building on Columbus?

ET: They own it. They paid it off in the last year or two.  The org survives only because of deep pockets. Now almost all the events take place in the org because there's no money. In the old days, they were in a hotel.

SFW: Can you tell us about the layout of the basement of the org?

ET: The basement is the purification program and the auditing. At the bottom of the stairs to the right is the administration room. There's 18 to 20 auditing rooms. They're empty most of the time. Past that, you go down a hallway and they have a good-size sauna, a shower for the men and one for the women, that's where people do the purification and take the niacin.

There's a small lounge area and seven treadmills to do the exercise before go into the saunas -- you have to run for 20 minutes before going into the sauna. We're expected to do [purification] five hours a day, seven days a week.

SFW: Does the org talk about the celebrities in Scientology a lot? 

ET: Not at all. It's not a big thing at all. It's a big thing for upper management probably, but not for the ordinary guy or gal in the church.

SFW: So how do Scientologists feel about the internet?

ET: Anything anti-Scientology is not talked about in the org. None of the computers in the org are connected to the Internet. You can do anything you want on the Internet [on your own time], you just can't look at sites that are anti-Scientology. For so many years I so believed and was told never to look on the Internet [for anti-Scientology websites], and I never did. You get in so much trouble if you look on the Internet. They make you do ammends and you're just tormented so you never do it, because you're afraid to.

Still, there are people getting busted doing it all the time. [People who are caught] have ethics interviews, they bring them in and show them the "true data." They say you're giving power to the enemy by putting a hit on their site. So if they have all these pageviews then that's giving them power.

SFW: How do people have to make amends if they are busted looking at an anti-Scientology site?

ET: People come up with weird ideas. They can hand out 1,000 pieces of Scientology promo, like hand out '1,000 Ways To Happiness' brochures. Or call up 1,000 Scientologists and make sure they're still in good standing, or do a security check to "clean myself up to make sure I won't do it again." People could say, "I wrote on the their anti-Scientology website that I was a Scientologist and I know the truth and the website was all lies."

SFW: So are the people constantly handing out Scientology brochures outside Old Navy at Fourth and Market doing penance for having done something wrong?

ET: Frequently. We also have staff that do that, but frequently, absolutely. Or they try to sell Dianetics at flea markets.

Tomorrow we'll talk to ethicstrouble about how they decided, little by little, that Scientology was a crock. And yes, Anonymous did play a part.

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      Scientology Apostate Part III: Anonymous' Effect on the Org
By Lauren Smiley Wed., Sep. 28 2011

Earlier this month, Anonymous claimed their first potential defector from within San Francisco's Church of Scientology. Meanwhile, the church's president, Jeff Quiros, told SF Weekly the masked protesters' presence has only buoyed the public's interest in the org.

This week, we've posted the statistics that ethicstrouble claims to have smuggled out of the org, and we've talked with this inside source about daily life at the church. Today, we post our conversation with ethicstrouble about Anonymous.

Disclaimer: We have no confirmation that Ethicstrouble is, indeed, a San Francisco Scientologist. But two ex-Scientologists have said the graphs the source sent us look legit. Now, ethicstrouble says the leadership of the org is changing protocols to make sure such a leak doesn't happen again. "Right now, it's much greater security -- shredding them as soon as the executives see them. There's a shredder in the ED's [executive director's] office, so [the papers] will probably go straight in there."

SF Weekly: What was the reaction at the org when Anonymous first showed up three years ago outside the Columbus Avenue building?

ET: It was pretty shocking and upsetting. I didn't know what to do. People were told not to talk to them, just walk by and go in. The first thing you do when Anonymous shows up is you shut the front gates and make everyone have to go through the side. For staffers, it was like the opposite of how Scientology teaches you to confront a PTS -- a potential trouble source. There's a PTS-SP course on how to confront and shatter suppression. Those things are not being done with Anonymous.

SFW: Who said not to talk to Anonymous?

ET: It comes from San Francisco Scientology President Jeff [Quiros]. He lays down the rules.

SFW: And what's the reaction of the church toward Anonymous now that they're still at it?

ET: It's personal. Some people are are bothered by it and intimidated by it. Most accept it and say that's the way it is, and go about their life and work. But everyone is saying in the back of their mind, "God, they're still there, we're not winning." L. Ron Hubbard says the more they fight us the more it proves we're winning, but it's good Anonymous is out there, because it is starting to wear on people. How long can you say we're winning when the org is empty and Anonymous is out there protesting? Little by little you wake up, and pretty soon you say fuck it, I'm looking on the Internet, I'd like to see what the hell is going on.

SFW: What was most important for you: specific things the protesters said, or the presence of protesters outside?

ET: The presence was the most important. I thought the signs were silly. Most of the signs are silly -- "Tom Cruise looks like an idiot," that sort of thing. It's just the fact they're there, because they're just having fun and dancing -- there's no real information we're going to get. And to go on the [Anonymous] website, if any of the staff members have the gumption to do that.

SFW: What about the graph that [church member] Jerry showed the protesters last month that indicated the  protests have increased the amount of people coming into the org? Was that real?

ET: They don't talk about [the encounter between Jerry and Anonymous] in the org, but when I saw the graph online, it's not true. His graph is going up. It was too perfect, to be frank. Look at the graphs I sent you and how wacko they are. That his graph was perfect, slowing going up -- give me a break!

SFW: Is there anyone else doubting Scientology within the org?

ET: I know of two people.

SFW: Have those two been affected by Anonymous as well?

ET: Yes.

SFW: How important would you say Anonymous was to your starting to question Scientology?
ET: If it weren't for Anonymous, I may still be in, because Anonymous pushed me to look harder. I said, Why aren't these guys going away? I always had an excuse for everything. The reason we're talking is I want to acknowledge the people raiding in San Francisco because it helped me wake up. Without them, it would have taken longer.

Tomorrow we'll talk more about ethicstrouble's path to questioning the church.

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               Scientology Apostate Part IV: Deciding the Church Was a Fraud
By Lauren Smiley Thu., Sep. 29 2011

For our final post -- for now -- from the self-proclaimed Scientologist apostate inside the San Francisco Church of Scientology, we talk to ethicstrouble about the path to deciding that Scientology was a hoax. "The reason I'm talking to you is I want this thing to fall apart," ethicstrouble told us. "I think it abuses people's faith, promises things it can't deliver, and I think it's awful."

If you'd like to catch up with our previous conversations, here are our posts to date:
Ethicstrouble releases San Francisco churches statistics
Life in the Org
Anonymous' Effect On Scientology

SF Weekly: So was this a long process or was there one "aha" moment that started you on the path to questioning Scientology?

Ethicstrouble: It's a very, very slow process. You had something in your life that made you so happy, that told you I've lived past lives, I'm an immortal being, and Scientology is going to bring me up to a state where I experience immortality. If you believe that, you're willing to overlook so many things. Once you're a believer, it's hard to break that spell.

SFW: When did the process start for you?

ET: Ive been looking online for about three years now for information.

SFW: So would you say that the Internet is the death knell of Scientology?

ET:  Absolutely. Before you believed whatever they told you, I saw people getting in trouble years and years ago for reading A Piece of Blue Sky [a 1990 book that criticized the church], for having that and looking at it. They were told the book is all a lie, and you were already converted so you totally thought the book was a lie.

SFW: Other than masked Anonymous protesters dancing outside the org, what made you start to question your beliefs?

ET: It's fueled by the fact the technology does not work. Anonymous wakes people up and makes them question more. The chairman of the board say we're going straight up in vertical, but it's been six years and the number [of people] in our courses is the same. You slowly start picking out lies. People who reach these OT levels are supposed to have these special abilities, and you look at them and say, 'They're the same they were years ago.'

[Ethicstrouble references a passage from L. Ron Hubbard's History of Man that states: "So, again, as a final note on this chapter, let's not go upsetting governments and putting on a show to 'prove' anything to homo sapiens for a while; it's a horrible temptation to knock off hats at fifty yards and read books a couple of countries away ..."]
None of them can knock hats off at 50 yards. People in the OT levels supposedly don't get upset anymore, but I know OT8's that get upset all the time. You start finding little things that don't make sense.

SFW: Was there any other major blows to your belief?

ET: The retraining for auditors was supposed to make so many auditors, but there's less auditors! The basics release was a big thing. [Reporter's note: In July 2007, Scientology leader David Miscavige announced the church would rerelease all L. Ron Hubbard's basic books after they'd found Hubbard's original recordings and corrected mistakes.]  For the whole package of the books it's probably about $1,200. It's big money. The blame was put on the people who edited the books, made mistakes and didn't copy it exactly. That's why the books had to be resold. That was a big factor for me -- when I was at that event I was like, 'What the hell, didn't L. Ron Hubbard look at his own books and make sure they were correct?'

SFW: So hasn't the e-meter shown you to be a nonbeliever?

ET: I have learned how to beat it. When you ask a question, if the needle jerks that means there's something there. And when the needle floats back and forth that means you've told all. When you believe, you can't hide anything. But when you start not to believe, all of sudden one day I was in, and I got away with stuff, and I learned I could beat it.

SFW: So were you scared to go online and post that message thanking Anonymous for their protests?

ET: Yeah, but I'm scared of everything I do. Just like I had a purpose to be a Scientologist, now I have a purpose to know what's really going on.

SFW: So what's keeping you back from just walking out of the church and never returning?

ET: The stupidest thing would be say I know it's all a scam. So what I'm doing is what I have to do. Hundreds of people don't go to events and courses anymore, they have left the church, and nobody knows about it. I'm not doing that. If I were to leave the church, I would be declared a "suppressive person."

Every Scientologist would have nothing to do with me. They'd go to my work, put fliers around my house saying what a bad person I am, stuff like that.

[Reporter's note: ethicstrouble confirmed that Tommy Gorman and Jennifer Stewart have been declared "suppressive people" after they left the church and now protest it. As covered in our 2008 cover story, Stewart alleges she was repeatedly raped by a church leader from the Mountain View org, a claim the church denies while having settled with Stewart out of court for a handsome sum. Gorman and Stewart don't mind being declared suppressive people: They show up to protest the church with Anonymous, and Gorman once shaved the letters "SP" into his crew cut.]

SFW: So when will you defect from the church?

ET: I plan on leaving when the things fall apart. You and me talking is no accident. With the attrition that's happening, there's less staff, there's auditors and leaders leaving, things are going downhill in response to Anonymous. At some point, the church is going to crash. I don't know if it's next week, or next year. The reason I'm talking to you is I want this thing to fall apart. I think it abuses people's faith, promises things it can't deliver, and I think it's awful. Me talking to you now is my one little part in bringing this thing down.

Follow us on Twitter at @TheSnitchSF and @SFWeekly

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               Ethicstrouble, San Francisco Scientology Defector, Taunts Church
By Lauren Smiley Wed., Oct. 26 2011

After a month-long silence, the self-professed Scientology member who spoke with the SF Weekly about deciding the church was a cult has posted a new message online -- virtually taunting the church for its inability to figure out the identity of the apostate in its ranks.

"I have proven your inability to just find one mole. You trust me like you trust that most of the staff is not Ethics Trouble," wrote the apostate on a messageboard of the local Anonymous group, the masked protesters who stage regular protests against the San Francisco church. "This has played out better than I postulated. It's so perfect, I love it." 

To get unacquainted readers up to speed, Ethicstrouble first posted on the same messageboard last month, thanking Anonymous for its frequent protests outside the "org," as Scientology's churches are known, on Columbus Avenue. (In the newest message Ethicstrouble says  "You are impotent against a bunch of kids protesting.")

After some doubted his authenticity -- including the San Francisco org's president Jeff Quiros -- Ethicstrouble then released several graphs of the org's statistics to SF Weekly that the defector claimed were smuggled out of the org's trash. (Ethicstrouble claims that, after the leak, the org changed its policy to shred the statistics more quickly after review.) Several former Scientologists have suggested that Ethicstrouble's stats and follow-up interviews with the Weekly made the person appear to be a true Scientologist.

Our messages to Ethicstrouble in recent weeks had gone unanswered. But in the letter posted yesterday, the defector directly addresses fellow Scientologists, saying the decision to come out in the press as a defector was "because I saw no other way to get to you. To get you thinking, looking, questioning. Its time for us to see we made a mistake."

Ethicstrouble also says that the stats released to us are only half of the ones that were smuggled out of the org: "because of the nay Sayers on the boards I was tempted to challenge/bullbait Jeff Quiros with the threat I would give to [SF Weekly reporter] Lauren all the rest of the graphs (or maybe some more recent ones) with all names intact, you see, I had only given her about half of the them. I have chosen not to out of respect for my fellow brainwashed staff."

We await whatever is next.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
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                                 STRESS TEST PATTER

”Hello! [handshake] My name is_____ , What’s your name? [tells] ”Nice to meet you!"
[put cans in hands]

"Here is how this Works. I am going to ask you a question, you don’t have to say anything and we’re going to find out what is causing you the most stress in your life. When the needle moves to the right, that shows stress.” [point to the needle so they know to watch the dial]

[Tum the meter on and get the needle on the dial]

”Think of different people and situations in your life.”

”There! [point to the needle falling] That’s stress! What did you just think of?"
[Make a big deal out of the read and say this with impact so that it impinges on them]

[Get in comm. If no real ruin, give them a good and appropriate ack and say] ”Think of something else causing you stress.”

[Get in comm. If still no real ruin, check over the following areas, one at a time, if they haven’t already come up: work, family, relationships, health.]


[If you have still not found a ruin, then look a them with good TRs and high intention and say,] "Let me ask you a question, what is the one thing that is really messing up your life?"

[once you have found the ruin, ask] "How long has this been going on?", How is this affecting you life?" or "How does this affect you?" to make it real

[once done, give them a very good acknowledgement and take the cans away and show them the Dianetics book] "Let me show you something. Have you ever heard of this book?” [Put the book in their hands and have them read the first two paragraphs of the inside flap of the cover. Let go while the read it. Take the book away when done.]

”What you just told me about, Where... [repeat the ruin back as exactly as possible] ...this book will show you exactly why that happens and how to fix it." [When you say, " to fix it,” put the book into their hands and let go.]

[Then immediately without comm lag, start to hardsell the person Make it your own.]

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                       The latest news from Flag from an insider

    I was told today that all of the CSWs; particularly the LOA CSWs are to be approved only by David Miscavige and no one else. Just him, that's it. And staff has to wait until he is good and ready to read them.

    Also that there is a new question added to the A-J checks; David wants to know who is masturbating and whoever is found comitting that 'overt' is ordered to do a major ethics program.

    The new pre requisites to attest to OT 7 are: to sell at least one Basic Books package and to be a Patron of the IAS, if not then you cannot attest.

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                   Auckland ORG Demolished

 The org building located in Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand has been pulled down.


From their web site...

"You are very welcome to come into the Church of Scientology in Auckland at 44 Khyber Pass Rd., Grafton, Auckland.

We are open each day of the week and weekend and into the evening as well.

There is more information on this website so you are welcome to browse around.

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                          Church of Scientology opens in Malvern

It was seeing his wife’s fears disappear after a few hours of counseling with the Church of Scientology, that got Dr. Sheridan Cyrus interested in Scientology.

She had a plethora of unexplained fears, he said. His wife wasn’t able to walk on sidewalks because she had a deep fear of earthworms. Whenever their kids’ teacher left a call from school, she automatically assumed the worst and would feel like throwing up before she even called the school back.

But after undergoing counseling with the Church of Scientology, his wife dramatically changed for the better, Cyrus explained.

Ever since then, Cyrus believes Scientology can help improve people’s lives. On Nov. 12, Cyrus opened Scarborough’s first and Toronto’s fourth Church of Scientology in Malvern.

    There’s a lot of people out there and they need help and that’s what we can do with this mission.

    — Pat Felske

Located at Neilson Rd. and McLevin Ave., it joins the three other churches on Yonge Street downtown and on the Danforth.

“This is so exciting,” said Pat Felske, the church’s Director of Special Affairs.

“We’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time. There’s a lot of people out there and they need help and that’s what we can do with this mission.”

The Church of Scientology offers courses and counseling in many areas of life including relationship and financial problems, teaching children how to study effectively for school and even tax preparation.

Cryus has been active in the Malvern community over the years, helping raise money for a new Anglican church, which opened in 2001. He also helped expand the Malvern Family Resource Centre.

Working with people at the centre and as a dentist in Malvern, many people have asked him for advice for their problems, he said.

“I see there’s a great need for it [Church of Scientology] because people in the area are worried about their finances, relationships, their children,” Cyrus said.

“I think these are areas we can help them with.”

Around 70 people attended the outdoor opening ceremony including MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River Bal Balkissoon.

Saroma Baillie, 29, a local resident who attended the event said she joined Scientology 17 years ago when she completed their courses on studying and realized it helped her studies immensely.

“I realized that it actually made a real big difference so I kept my interest up,” Baillie said.

“I discovered that there are a lot more things in Scientology that I could use in my own life to help myself.”

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                       Impact 123 April 2010 IAS Patrons status'

    PLATINUM EXCALIBUR $20,000,000.00 (estimated)

    Bob & Trish Duggan & Family

    PATRON EXCALIBUR $15,000,000.00 (estimated)

    Elizabeth and Michael Baybak & Family

    PATRON LAUREATE $10,000,000.00

    Richard & Amy Acunto
    Bryan & June Zwan

    DIAMOND MERITORIOUS $ 5,000,000.00

    Alan & Sheila Atkinson-Baker
    Craig & Sally Jensen

    PLATINUM MERITORIOUS $ 2,500,000.00

    The Dayton Family
    Doug & Laurie Dohring
    George Duggan & Megan Shields
    Jeffrey Jonas
    The Marian Kapusta Family
    Larry & Margaret Leong
    Kurt & Jenny Listug
    Brandon & Angela Marion &Family
    Ron & Mimi Pollack (Founding Platinum Meritorious)
    The Sgroi- Clouden Families
    Ali & Noor Shawkat
    Farid Tabibzadeh
    Juan D. Villarreal & Family
    David & Bonita Wilson Family

    GOLD MERITORIOUS $1,000,000.00

    The Alborzi Family................

.....................PATRONS WITH HONORS $100,000.00


The Carmichael Family
Helen Kay Smith
Clinton Stringfellow

                          Sober meritorious

$ 0.

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    Scientology seems to have been dropped from Planet radio.
For years they have had a weekly hour long spot.

Now they just aren`t there...

Also news just in...

"This is it.... The launching point of what we have always dreamed of.... An Ideal Org here in New Zealand !

We have the best building in the world, and we just need to raise the funds, renovate it and OPEN !

We have expanded the org and moved into new quarters that are closer to the new Ideal Org premises, while preparing to renovate and open our Ideal Org building.
Now located in Grafton (at the OutSource IT Building, The Mall, 44 Khyber Pass Rd).
You should come for a tour any time and check out the new Premises."

Wow !!!

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    Latest mail out featuring wins from Auckland org.

Photos of "Humanitarian wanna be`s and new staff.

Wins, wins, and more wins till you vomit.

Below that some new photos about Auckland org and Ideal Orgs , movie star nights, fun
and briefings and bring money.

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                                                  NEW ZEALAND

                        Drugs education link to Scientology church

A controversial Church of Scientology drug-awareness programme has received government funding to spread its unorthodox views through schools and community groups.

In the past six months, drug-free ambassadors linked to the church have circulated 130,000 drug education booklets around New Zealand, paid for in part by the Department of Internal Affairs' Community Organisations Grant Scheme.

The ambassadors claim at least 18 community groups – including their "partners" the Maori Wardens – plus at least seven high schools, endorse and use the materials.

Advice offered in the pamphlets is based on research by Scientology's controversial founder, LRon Hubbard, who did not believe in medical drugs or psychiatry but instead in purging oneself of painful experiences to gain immortality.

Ross Bell, executive director of the New Zealand Drug Foundation, warned that the group's information was flawed pseudo-science and could prove harmful to youth.

"This kind of quackery should not be in our schools – we are talking about young people's lives," he said.

"Drug and alcohol issues are complex and therefore we need well-qualified, proper, evidence-based support advice and information."

Bell said Scientology's views on mental health were not based on science, and had been discredited "time and time again" in the countries they worked in.

Other critics, including former Scientologists, say the drug-free ambassadors are also a front group aimed at recruitment which does not openly disclose its ties to the church.

The group, which has various aliases, has also come under fire overseas, including in Australia where its links to the government were described as "worrying".

However, the Church of Scientology New Zealand says its anti-drug group is not aimed at recruitment, instead wanting only to arm young people with factual information about drugs.

"We promote good educational materials on the drugs in use on the streets that people of all ages can relate to and decide for themselves whether or not to start using," said Mike Ferriss, head of Scientology in New Zealand.

He said the booklets were based partially on Hubbard's teachings, plus using local statistics and information.

Only some of the money came from government, Ferriss said. The International Association of Scientologists also made a grant. "As a group we believe that something effective can be done about any problem and it does not have to cost a lot of money."

Several groups of Maori Wardens, which are mainly volunteer organisations funded by the taxpayer, have partnered with the drug-free ambassadors.
Ad Feedback

One of the group's leaders, Rita Peters, is a warden, a Scientologist and an ambassador. She spends much of her time handing out the booklets in places like Otahuhu and Mangere in South Auckland.

Mangere ward leader Thomas Henry said he talked with the group after its members consistently approached him with their pamphlets. He said drugs and alcohol were a problem in South Auckland and there was a need for the material.

"For us, it was free information. We don't have money to pay for these resources so we were thankful that we were able to have a relationship with them," Henry said.

Figures show that during 2011 the Church of Scientology New Zealand, a registered charity, listed its income for 2010 as $1.2 million. Drug-Free Ambassadors, also a registered charity, had an income of approximately $6700, of which $6500 was grants.

Green MP Kevin Hague said any funding given to a group that was a front for the church should be stopped.

"In the case of someone who is struggling with drugs, they are very vulnerable. So their exploitation by the church for their own ends is despicable."

King's College principal Bradley Fenner took up an invitation to speak at an event run by the drug-free ambassadors last year, only to find out afterward it was linked to Scientology. "I was disappointed. In general we would not align ourselves with a group like that," he said.

The drug-free ambassadors programme was launched by one of Scientologist actor John Travolta, more than 10 years ago. In 2003, actor Tom Cruise donated $1500 to the Auckland branch.

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All right the cat is out of the bag! We have now confirmed the location of Scientology's new Class V 'temporary' org:

                                     209 Castlereagh Street, Sydney


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                                             Melva Collins Travel blog.

Melva goes to America to reconnect with her daughters Eunice Henley-Smith & Leisa Collins,

 Eunice Henley-Smith,

 Leisa Collins/Goodman

Melva is also Grandmother of Fleur,
Laurisse (MIscavige`s squeeze)
and Darnelle.  Ordered divorced from Dave Bloomberg by Miscavige.

Comments from people like Lynnaire Liversedge.

All photos can be clicked on and enlarged

Including a visit to the Gold base.

Someone may recognize people in the photos or be able to read the subtext.

Love to hear any comments about this blog.

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                                  AUCKLAND Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

    Following on from my Melbourne and Perth threads, this thread is for the latest newsletter and promo leaks from Auckland and New Zealand. Auckland is pretty much the only 'active' org in NZ, and even then its in a pretty sad state.

    Theres not a lot to post, but I am sure anyone interested in matters of Scientology in New Zealand will appreciate these scraps.

Latest org news letter added here on 29 March 2012..

"Latest meritorious contributors, Three musketeers, Briefing by Scn C/S Anzo ,
Miss Shane Brokdolf, Nigel Grey`s new home full of new converts in Napier.

What more could anyone want ?

Yep. We all want less.

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                      Mathew Frazer is back from Flag.

Young Matthew Fraser arrived at Flag for his training in around December 2008, he was only 15 years old and 2 of the other ANZO OOTs were assigned as his guardians, people his parents had never met or even heard of. Just wrong!!!

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                                          Re: Is the cult insolvent?


    The Church's CASH FLOW used to be generated from the fraud of selling Clear and Operating Thetan. That finally caught up to them and people started leaving by the thousands, so they couldn't keep promising things that were never delivered.

    Now the Church uses metastasizing frauds, including such notables as the:

        * Library Donation Project
        * Basics Books Project
        * SuperPower Building Project
        * Ideal Org Project
        * Titanium Plate Project
        * IAS Project

    This is how Scientology has made its money since 1950. Fraud.

    No one got Clear. No one got OT. No one got exterior. No one got Total Freedom.

    As the international publicity continues to inexorably crush the already pathetic public relations, the cult is in frantic mode. That's why they are taking staff off post to sell books and reg, reg, reg.

    The new wave of books will prove even more devastating to a crippled organization. Add to that the outrageous PR bombshells that the CoS will blow up on themselves, the critical mass it at hand. We are watching it happen.

    Almost moment by moment, the Internet fills up with new acts of criminality, abuse, terrorism and fraud.

    Honestly? The CoS has no solution. They only have the old playbook which says to REG & ATTACK.

    It's nearly 2013, not 1950. What worked no longer works.

    The CoS's quicksand has always been truth.

    They are drowning in it.

    We're watching it happen, slowly, inch by inch.

    Organizations do not sustain such intense and sustained fusillades.

    All that's left is lies and bravado. But, really, that's all they ever had to start with.


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                      The current "scene" in ANZO - as far as I can tell.:biggrin:

    From “The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power”

    By Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad

    “But a cult in decline has more trouble selling itself.
. . Members and the guru become withdrawn and the focus gets more
internal, insular, and isolating. . . The fun is over. The rewards
are now put into the distant future (including future lives) and
are achievable only through hard work. This not only keeps disciples
busy and distracted, but it is necessary because the flow of resources
that came with expansion has greatly diminished. This glorification
of work always involves improving the leader’s property
(the commune or ashram), increasing his wealth, or some other
grandiose project.” (p82)

    Got a phone call the other day that got me interested (at least briefly) in the slow and painful demise of $cientology here in Oz. I started phoning around my friends to see what was happening and here’s the latest gossip.

    The org.s are doing shit – really shit. The Mel exec.s you see in the promo who look physically ill when they’re flown to other cities to talk up the Ideal Org lies? They know how shit Melbourne is really doing. Why do you think they look like they do? It’s due to an overdose of creativity with facts.

    And even tho’ more than a few SO members are living in the Mel org building at Ascot Vale in what amounts to a sizeable garrison mission and some are there to full-time recruit, it’s just not happening for them. Why?

    How’s the VSD?

    The Co$ brand was smashed several years ago, but the fanatics have other “whys” as to what’s happened to their “public.”

    The “old” public plead “ARC-broken” or “too broke” or whatever, when really they’ve left. Quietly. For various reasons, many won’t publicly announce they no longer belong to that UFO batshit-crazy Xenu-and-the-DC8s cult founded by a deluded sci-fi writer. Seriously OSA, it’s way out of your grasp now as an “external situation.” Which is why you’ve pretty much given up on it and concentrated your energy on the remaining Faithful.

    New public? A joke. Apathy about new public is tinged with paranoia as they may be plants for Big Media or Anons in real-life troll mode.

    The AOSH ANZO is empty. There are very few Aussie residents who go there. And most of the security effort is aimed at the crew. Who (like the CLO) are mostly Taiwanese these days. The English-speaking crew have either largely left or are trying to. 70%(?) of SO crew these days are imports.

    And just what visas are they on, OSA? THAT is a nightmare you have to live with, now isn’t it?

    And the conditions? Well, how much money for food etc. is there? And the tighter the security and worse the conditions are, the harder it is to keep blaming Rathbun and Rinder et al for the poor state of affairs.

    GAT II given an enthusiastic reception? Try quiet desperation. And there’s been a lull in media because really, who cares? A producer for one of the major networks told me a few months ago they weren’t going to do any more cult stories until after Christmas at least. There’s nothing left to protest or report.

    But there are a few skeletons that will fall out of their cupboards, probably after Christmas. One of them is potentially a real killer blow and, as far as I know, OSA have NO idea about it.

    But – will there even be any OSA left to “handle” them?

    Paul David Schofield

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                                              Spargo Story

Personal adventures and lessons learned

Ideal Org Program
Posted on September 10, 2012   

The Ideal Org program is a very attractive program and everyone wants one. We are told it is going to move us forward faster than ever before. In fact, the HES Mel Day spoke at our Fundraisers and painted a picture of an expanding org where staff were buying cars and would soon be getting a decent wage.

That sounded great, but I looked it over anyway.

Melbourne Org – An Ideal Org

I went down to Melbourne Org on 15 August 2012 and a friend of ours gave us a Tour. The MEST is certainly Ideal and pretty well maintained. We were told that there were 110 staff on Day and 80 on Foundation.

The OIC graphs were not up to date so our guide pulled up the MelDay stats we wanted to look at on their computerized stats system. We chose the longest graph possible (12 months) and asked for a number of stats.......

more here...

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         New Zealand is going IDEAL ORG in 2008 2009  2010 2011 2012


This amazing news just in from the latest Auckland org newsletter.

                              "2013 is going to be our year"

"it is official - we are going Ideal org this year - 2013.

How does Auckland org know this?

Because at the New Years event "C.O.B. again announced that Auckland org will be opening one week after Sydney."

"What does this mean? It means blood sweat and tears from each and every one of us to make this a reality."

So it isn`t real yet, like C.O.B. says...But it will be real if everyone works hard, except C.O.B. of course.
C.O.B wouldn`t lie to us. He wasn`t lying in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.. Everybody let C.O.B. down.

                             "To become an Ideal Org WE NEED STAFF!  100 for each org to be exact."

"We are going international too with regards to manning up our org.
Currently we are working on staff cycles in the Ukraine. Mexico and the U.S.A.
If you know anyone who would like to come to New Zealand, then give Anne, Anna or Lauren a call and we can get their details."

"Igor, Chris and Matt are our current academy team. Igor and Matt will be returning to Flag shortly for Golden Age of Tech 2 and they would love to have more staff going up with them."

     Why not get the new recruits from the U.S.A. and Mexico to just go straight to Flag.
That would save them having to come all the way here just to fly back and learn more about Hubbard.

It`s just a suggestion. And maybe the new recruits from the Ukraine could just go straight into the sex industry in Sydney. This would save on time and money as well.

Or how about just telling C.O.B to go and fuck himself!  Now that would save lots of time and money also.

     The scale of motivation from highest to lowest is:

DUTY                               -HIGHEST
MONEY   L.Ron Hubbard        -LOWEST

HCOPL 11 NOV 1969       Promotion and motivation.

Is it not then the org`s DUTY to deliver enlightenment above and beyond anything else including money? Just sayin...!!!
And that`s the news from the Auckland org for the last six months.

More in July.

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Post by: mischief on January 12, 2013, 06:35:38 PM
Thats funny,not.

Auckland org was supposed to be the next org to be worked with to go Old St Hill sized when I what happened?That was over 15 years ago.
Sandy Wilhere was supposed to help turn it all around.
I guess they couldnt do it.

It wont be happening.It didnt happen then and it wont happen now.
Keep your own money in your own pockets,whats left of it.
Do not contribute to this insanity any longer.
Let go of the idea that scientology has the answers you seek, it does not.
Let go of the idea that if you went on staff you could make  difference- you probably could, but I guarantee that you wont be allowed to make the difference you Want to make.
Let go of the idea that they hold the key to your future happiness or even your present and you alone hold those keys, or the laughter of your children does.

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 12, 2013, 10:18:21 PM
  Sandy Wilhere got into an, old Saint Hill size, automobile accident, was forced to divorce her ARCing husband, Greg, and has not been seen or heard of since.

All I can recall is that she had some Ideal org size handicaps from injuries sustained in the car wreck.

Anybody remember "Alfred Hitchcock presents"?
It used to feature a different horror story each week on TV.

Hope one day to see "Ron Hubbard Presents..."

Each week could be a story about someone`s experiences in Scientology.

No shortage of stories. No shortage of horror.

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                        Scientologists and Maori Wardens Drug Prevention Partnership for 2013

The Church of Scientology and the Mangere Maori Wardens begin 2013 by reaffirming their goal of a drug-free New Zealand

Mereana Peka, Manager of the Nga Whare Waatea Marae; Rita Peters, community affairs coordinator of the Church of Scientology Auckland and Thomas Henry, manager of the Mangere Maori Wardens
Quote startWith the support of many caring community groups that are concerned about the drug epidemic, we have been able to reach and help some of the most drug-ridden areas in the country.Quote end

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

The Church of Scientology and the Mangere Maori Wardens reaffirmed their goals for a drug-free New Zealand and laid plans for the new year at a gathering at the Nga the Whare Waatea Marae—a gathering place for the community where the Maori culture is celebrated through tribal ceremonies, functions and sacred traditions.

Thomas Henry of Mangere, a suburb of Auckland, is manager of the Mangere Maori Wardens, a community volunteer organization under the Ministry of Maori Development that works to ensure the safety and security of youth and the community as a whole.

“We have been using the Truth About Drugs materials for six years now and we can see the results in our area,” said Henry. “South Auckland’s drug crimes have dropped by as much as 20 percent in the last year and we know these booklets are making the difference.”

Mereana Peka, manager of the marae and a former Maori Warden in Otara, was the next speaker. In 2006, the fear that her son would die of his drug addiction was a constant companion, until her granddaughter received a copy of a Truth About Drugs booklet, brought it home and began reading from the booklet to her father every night. Peka credits the booklet and her granddaughter’s persistence for her son being alive and drug-free today.

Next, Rita Peters, community affairs coordinator of the Church of Scientology Auckland, released the new brochure Scientology—How We Help: The Truth About Drugs, Creating a Drug-Free World. The publication presents a global overview of the Truth About Drugs program.

“With the support of many caring community groups that are concerned about the drug epidemic, we have been able to reach and help some of the most drug-ridden areas in the country,” said Peters.

The New Zealand Maori Wardens and numerous community and church groups around the country have helped distribute more than 450,000 Truth About Drugs booklets. There are now six active Truth About Drugs education centres in Rotorua, New Plymouth, Northland and West and South Auckland.

The Church of Scientology has sponsored drug education around the world for more than 30 years. In the late 1990s, European Scientologists began producing a series of youth-oriented booklets containing straight facts on the dangers of drugs. There was so much demand for the booklets, the Church undertook to publish them internationally, which resulted in the distribution of millions of booklets, fliers and posters in communities around the world.

“We have drawn on decades of experience to create a programme that solves the problem of effectively communicating the reality of drug abuse to teens and young adults. This makes it possible for young people to make their own decisions, uninfluenced by peer pressure and pro-drug propaganda,” said Peters.

The brochure, Scientology: How We Help—The Truth About Drugs, Creating a Drug-Free World, was released to meet requests for more information about the drug education and prevention initiative supported by the Church of Scientology. To learn more or to read a copy of the brochure, visit

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “The planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress—drugs and other biochemical substances. These can put people into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.”

The Church of Scientology supports the Truth About Drugs, one of the world’s largest nongovernmental drug education and prevention campaigns. It has been conclusively proven that when young people are provided with the truth about drugs—factual information on what drugs are and what they do—usage rates drop commensurately.

Press Contact: Karin Pouw, Public Affairs
eMail: mediarelations (At) churchofscientology (Dot) net
Tel: (323) 960-3500

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                                   Got a pile of cash you need to get rid of ?

  Just in from the Auckland org...
                                                 TRAINING PACKAGES

  Academy starter package

New student hat
Method 1 co-audit
Professional TRs course
Pro metering course

                PRICE: $6,587.00

   Academy levels 0-V Package

Academy level 0
Academy level 1
Academy level 2
Academy level 3
Academy level 4
Ned auditor course

                  Price : $15,618.00

Premier package

New Student hat
Method 1 co-audit
Professional TRs course
Upper indoc TRs course
Pro metering course
Academy levels 0-4
Ned auditor course

                    Price : $21,291.00

                The above packages include all course materials and packs


                                E- Meter $6,075.00


                          (PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
                                   January 2013


Or you could just bang your head against a wall really hard for free.

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                   : AOSH ANZO/ Misc ANZO Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

    Have in front of me the latest AOSH ANZO NEWS.

    Ope Foa`i has attested to OT III.

    Ope has been in and away from Scientology in New Zealand since at least 1978.
    As well as becoming an OT III ...he is also now an auditor.
    He has a band called Te Vaka or some such name. Has been touring and recording for the last 17 years.
    His success story says he started with "The Basics" in 2012. And within a year he now has a piece of paper in a frame.

    Well done Ope.

    Sharon Frankenhauser has also attested to OT III.

    After going clear her sense of smell improved.
    But now as an OT III her ability to smell has improved even more.
    She can differentiate different smells in her kitchen.
    Shame she cannot use her OT double barrel Olfactory orifices in the org to sniff out bullshit.

    George Yiangou has attested to OT II.

    It gives you back yourself, according to George.
    But if you look at the photo you can`t help wondering if he came back as Magnum P.I.`s old boss.

    Sandra de Beer has attested to the state of clear.

    Sandra has been in the Sea org for 20 years.
    She especially wants to thank Shane Brockdorff who was in South Africa last year.
    Also to be thanked are Vince in Sth Africa and Pat Molloy in Sydney.
    Geoff Stokes and Jenny Lloyd also get a special mention.
    Plus LRH without whom Sandra wouldn`t be where she is now.

    Elizabeth Velinsky has achieved the state of clear.

    She describes it as magic. Money here...... Money gone. Hey presto !

    Mark Little OT III

    He doesn`t mention Xenu by name in his success story.
    But he knowingly hints about an incident that happened all those years ago.
    Staff member from Melbourne.
    He now has a piece of paper in a frame and half dozen wilting flowers from the local gas station.

    Speaking of wilting flowers, Monique Collins /Gifford/??? is leaning into the photo like yesterday`s pizza.

    If you`d like some of the same contact;
    Paul Grainger Dissem sec
    Tony Page Advanced scheduling reg
    Emmanuel Apoifis Reg
    Paddy Cunningham Reg
    Vince Spataro AOSH ANZO South Af/I/C
    Val Hansen " " Melbourne I/C.

    And that`s the news from AOSH ANZO.
    Scientology is still on course to have a cleared planet by 1984.

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                                                            The 'S' word

                                    Plymouth org has made a video.

Published on 6 Oct 2012

How did this get missed ?

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                                                  Scientology on move - maybe

An Auckland heritage-listed building bought by the Church of Scientology for more than $10 million six years ago may finally become the religious organisation's new home.

The Church of Scientology planned to spread the "applied philosophy" of its founder, pulp fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, from former Whitecliffe Art College headquarters after buying the prominent Auckland site in 2007.

At the time of the sale, church secretary Mike Ferris said the church would fully renovate and restore the building, built in 1927, over two years and expected 100 staff would shift there to provide Scientology services.

The college had not been on the market and the church paid a premium to get it, realtor Kevin Richards said in 2007.

However, the church remains based in a mall in the bottom of an office tower around the corner from the impressive Grafton site.

Historic Places Trust heritage adviser Robin Byron said last week the Church of Scientology was proceeding with an "upgrade and adaptive reuse plans for the buildings at 136 Grafton Rd".

No other information about the church's long-awaited plans has been forthcoming.

A hearing report written for a neighbouring property in Grafton Rd by the Auckland Council and published in May last year also said "the Church of Scientology has resource consent to operate a theological training facility in a scheduled building known as the Whitecliffe".

But any planned move remains unclear as a spokesperson for Auckland Council said it had no record of the church putting in a resource consent application, and no-one from the church responded to requests for comment.

The Whitecliffe property is category two listed, meaning it has historical or cultural heritage significance or value.

It is part of a church-wide push launched in 2004 to open impressive, renovated historic buildings "to meet increasing worldwide demand for Scientology services and community initiatives" called Ideal Organisations, or Ideal Orgs.

Scientology's website says more than 70 properties have been acquired around the world. New Zealand's Ideal Organisation - the Grafton building - is scheduled for construction and completion in 2012/2013, the site said.

Church critics have labelled the programme "Idle Morgues" and claim it is a farcical attempt to prove Scientology is expanding.

The 2006 census recorded 357 Scientologists in New Zealand.

The church's latest available accounts, for the 2011 financial year, indicate the church had 30 paid fulltime staff and a gross income of $842,299 with $419,925 coming from member donations. A further $207,798 came from "service provision", Scientology courses and training.

It had current cash and bank balances of $415,573, $310,118 in inventory, and non-current assets - land and buildings - valued $6.6 million. Total assets were more than $12m while the church had liabilities of more than $10m.

The church's 2012 accounts were expected at the end of June but the church had sought, and been granted, an extension until August, the Charities Commission said.

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                     New Zealand Scientologists Mark International Peace Day with Human Rights Education

Volunteers from the Church of Scientology Auckland held a human rights awareness event on International Peace Day.

Photos...   Plus a video about human rights made with slave labour.

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                    Re: Memorials Thread/RIP :sad:

For the Kiwis: John Duncan has passed away, no details as such.
I remember John as a stalwart of NZ scientology and active supporter of CCHR.
RIP, mate.

Panda Termint

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Have in front of me the latest Auckland Org newsletter.

In line with Ron`s policy of aeffluence . Don`t change anything.
The newsletter is now called Kiwi Communicator.

Turns out Dana Lee is the new Foundation ED.
Simon, her long suffering husband, as The executive over technical delivery on Foundation.

A new staff member that was recruited vaginally is Kaila Lee.

She was going to be a Hollywood movie star but decided Ron needed help instead.

Scientology will be making a showing at the following events...


Nov 30th-1st WEstern Springs " Day of Psychics."
Dec 7th and 8th Total well being Show." Alexandra Park
Dec 21st Albany Holistic market stalls.
Dec 27th-30th Bay of Islands (Pahia) Stress testing.
Jan 3rd-5th Thames for three days Stress testing.
Dec 7th Wapafest art festival for youth.

Warn your friends. !!!


"On 24th Oct, John Duncan passed away peacefully in his sleep. John will be well remembered as
a founding Scientologist who dedicated much of his time to helping others. We would like to thank John
for all his contributions and wish him well for his next adventure."


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                                       Scientology's $16m statement church                                       24/11/2013

The Church of Scientology of New Zealand will make a $16 million "statement" restoring and converting a heritage-listed Auckland building into its flagship church.

The local arm of the controversial religion purchased the former Whitecliffe Art College campus in 2007 for $10m borrowed interest-free from the Church of Scientology International. It is the church's only New Zealand property.

The church, which counts actor Tom Cruise among its parishioners, said it's nearing construction on the Grafton site that includes major seismic strengthening and a new fitout.

Church of Scientology New Zealand head Mike Ferriss told the Sunday Star-Times the cost of the restoration was $16m.

More than $3.5m had been raised mostly from the church's 5000 local members, Ferriss said, but scientologists around the globe including expat Kiwis would contribute.

Non-members who wanted to see the building restored had also donated, he said.

The 2006 census counted 357 Kiwi scientologists; meaning each would need to donate more than $44,000 to reach the $16m target.

The church's annual accounts for the year ending December 2012 showed donations were down more than $170,000 to $245,253.

It booked $1.18m from members in advance payments. The church had about $300,000 in the bank and owed its international office more than $8.6m, reporting a $2m deficit.

The "huge" project is estimated to take around 12 months of construction, Ferriss said.

New Zealand's top scientologist said the condition of the building when the church purchased it was not good.

"We will save this building. There's no question about it."

The Oamaru sandstone facing the building's entranceway and windows is in need of repair.

Ferriss said internally the major work would be tying joists to the walls to give the building the ability to move laterally in an earthquake. Floors will be overlaid with ply and ceilings may need repairing too, he said.

Some walls may need additional strengthening, he said.

The church has resource consent to disseminate the "applied philosophy" of church founder and pulp fiction writer L Ron Hubbard from the site.

A building consent application is with its head office in the US pending final sign-off and will then be lodged with the Auckland Council, Ferriss said.

Once complete the 11,000 square metre site will have more than 70 rooms dedicated to spreading Scientology's message.

The prominent site will have a chapel, library, reception and waiting area, offices for upper management, public display areas, a cafe, courtyard and rooms for the church's one-on-one counselling called auditing.

The Auckland restoration is part of an international programme by the church to boost its presence with high-profile churches called Ideal Orgs.

"What we are essentially doing is like the Church of Scientology putting down roots. We have been around for 60 years; this is a statement. This is us. This is where you can find us," Ferriss said.

When asked if Tom Cruise was likely to come to the opening of the restored church, Ferriss laughed and said: "It doesn't always default to Tom Cruise."

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Church of Scientology New Zealand head Mike Ferriss told the Sunday Star-Times the cost of the restoration was $16m.

-More than $3.5m had been raised mostly from the church's 5000 local members, Ferriss said, but scientologists around the globe including expat Kiwis would contribute.

Non-members who wanted to see the building restored had also donated, he said.

The 2006 census counted 357 Kiwi scientologists; meaning each would need to donate more than $44,000 to reach the $16m target.

The church's annual accounts for the year ending December 2012 showed donations were down more than $170,000 to $245,253.

It booked $1.18m from members in advance payments. The church had about $300,000 in the bank and owed its international office more than $8.6m, reporting a $2m deficit.
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John P.  noseinabk • a day ago
Excellent catch! And great interpretation of the raw data!

It's interesting to see the number of advance payments booked: $1.2 million (all figures NZ$) for 350 culties implies an average deposit amount of $3,500 per capita in 2012. If we assume that the actual number of active Scientologists is closer to 250, that still gets you only to about $5,000 per person, which is about what I have forecast for US cult members.

It would be nice to get the amount of deposits actually used up (i.e., program revenue) for 2012 rather than just the amount taken in, so we could try and estimate how fast they're piling up cash versus revenue (to think about how badly the reserves might unwind if there are successful refund lawsuits).

Anybody from NZ know anything about how to retrieve public filings like this so I could see the source documents, particularly if we can do it for a couple of years? Hello, Andrew Robertson, hello!

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                                                  Jedi still believe in the Force despite census snub

....He was disappointed Jedi did not make the census list of religions. He said the Church of Scientology managed to get on the list with 315 devotees, and was similarly based on science fiction.

"Jedi is just aslegitimate, if not more so."....

.....On the other hand, Scientologists were generally genuine believers in a complex mythology and their church was an established institution...

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                                                  New Executive Director for Auckland Day

"Hello New Zealand.
I want to introduce myself and give you a brief rundown of my history in Scientology.

My name is David Beck  ....(Photo David and Kylie Beck)
and I am now the Executive Director of Auckland Day Org.

I have transferred from Melbourne day org to help enable Auckland to achieve the target
of getting their Ideal Org done and opened!

I first joined staff in 1989, one day after I first walked into the Melbourne org and have been on staff ever since.

The posts I have held in that time are all executive posts. Tresury Sec, Deputy ED, HCO Executive Secretary, LRH Communicator and Executive Establishment Officer....

....My wife, Kylie is a long term Scientologist, a trained Supervisor and is working with me as Organization Executive Secretary, with the same purpose I have...."

Much Love,
                    David Beck.

No mention of what has become of long suffering ex ED AK Day Marion Moffatt.

So This means in recent weeks both AK Day and Fdn E.D`s have been replaced.

 Wins wins and more WINS. !!

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                                                     The New Ideal Org Strategy

January 21, 2014 By Special Correspondent

From Mike Rinder`s blog. Auckland Org is the topic.

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Some of you may know Warren Portsmouth...
Old time scio Auckland. 80`s
He made the cover of the Western Leader.
Local west Auckland newspaper...

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I have posted the latest org newsletter here...

It is the very last message on the page.

Page 8 has the next newsletter. Very theta. Very sad.

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   Another newsletter from the org.

Short on facts.... Huge on bullshit !

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                                            Auckland org`s Affinity mag makes a rare appearance.

Affinity is still going.
"Our bio chemical society" by L.R.H, two success stories.
And 38 purif completions completions... Did I say that twice?

Here are the names.

Michelle Owen ...................... Tony Johnson
Daryn Leaity .........................Kathy Swords
Michele Burnside ....................... Mark Swords
Dauren Saparov .........................Susan Giles
Gail D`Audney ......................Sam Swords
Tristan Woodhead ........................ Anne Carmichael
James Ferriss .......................... Sancia Rooney
Elliot Jones .............................. Dana Lee
Claudia Jones ............................. Simon Lee
Elva Perkins ............................ Kyle Beck
Lizzie Perkins ............................ Matt Fraser
Greg Martin ..................................Ramon Brandt
Mitch Martin ........................... Gaylene Fraser
Karen Rigg ............................Stephan Hokke
Robbie Rigg ............................ Nick Green
Stephanie Rigg ............................... Jim Hartley
Dave D`Audney .............................. Felicity Philip
Ben Van den Berg
Rebecca West

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  Latest Auckland newsletter.

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                                                      Mental Health Awarenes Week exhibition opening

 Friday, 3 October, 2014 - 21:13

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week (6-12 October 2014) the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is holding an exhibition entitled "Mental Health and Human Rights" documenting the dark side of psychiatric treatment.

The exhibition which opens on 6 October at 163 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland, confronts the extent of abuse within the field of psychiatry which has dominated the mental health industry for more than a century with abhorrent treatments such as the rack, ice-baths, electroshock, brain surgery and mind altering drugs, as well as behavioural theories and treatments that have been adopted by fascist and totalitarian regimes.

"The purpose of the exhibit is to raise awareness," said the Commission's director, Mr. Steve Green. "Many people are familiar with New Zealand cases of psychiatric abuse and this display gives an insight as to why psychiatry has been tarnished with labels of torture and cruel, degrading and inhuman treatments."

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has been the most vocal campaigner against psychiatric abuse in this country. In 1976 they exposed the child abuse and torturous treatment of young people in Lake Alice psychiatric hospital which culminated in the Government paying out over $12 million in compensation to 200 of the victims. CCHR took the matter to the United Nations Committee Against Torture who made various recommendations to the NZ government so that victims would be listened to, obtain adequate redress and perpetrators of the abuse would be prosecuted. Changes to the Crimes of Torture Act now allow independent inspectors to look into, report and prevent ill-treatment against the mentally ill and others in state care.

Other hospitals and controversial treatments have been criticised by the Commission over the years. They were instrumental in the banning of Deep Sleep Treatment and are outspoken about the continued use of Electroshock (ECT) in this country, especially on the elderly, pregnant women and children.

The display also dispels the idea that mental illness comes from imbalances of brain chemicals. The Commission says the unscientific claims of chemical imbalances has led to false hope and the widespread use of psychiatric drugs.

"One of the major areas of psychiatric drugging today, and one causing the most concern, is with young children," Mr Green said. "The escalating use of psychiatric drugs as a therapy for children who have trouble learning is completely wrong-headed and a short road to trouble, both for the children and society as a whole," he said.

CCHR's main roll has been to help psychiatric victims find a voice and support them to lay complaints with various medical authorities and even criminal complaints where warranted. They help document cases with the use of patient records and corroborating evidence. Medical professionals also assist with interpretation of medical files and CCHR works alongside lawyers and other professionals who believe everyone has a basic human right to obtain safe and ethical mental health care.

"The object of CCHR is to re-install basic medicine and medical ethics into the field of mental health," said Mr Green and he cites the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to ban all forms of non-consensual psychiatric treatment as it is often seen as torture. "This signals a turning point to a more positive future for human rights in mental health," Mr Green said.

CCHR was established by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry, Dr Thomas Szasz in 1969 and it works toward the establishment of real human rights in mental health and an elimination of psychiatric ill-treatment and abuse in all forms.

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                                        Seminar: Biochemical causes of mental health disorders

Friday, 17 October, 2014 - 00:29

"What are the Biochemical Causes of Mental Health Disorders?"

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights are hosting two seminars with Dr Janelle Sinclair, a Biochemist and Natural Medicine Practitioner, who will be speaking on Wednesday, 22 OCTOBER on the topic of "What are the Biochemical Causes of Mental Health Disorders?"

Dr Sinclair helped open the CCHR NZ Mental Health and Human Rights Exhibition on 6 October, marking the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, in the middle of Newmarket’s shopping district, on 163 Broadway Road.

"The purpose of hosting the seminar is to provide a place where people can find out about other options to current intrusive psychiatric practices," said Steve Green, director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a mental health watchdog group that was established by the Church of Scientology.

The exhibition has been travelling around the world and is currently in Auckland for the month of October. There are a mixture of information panels and video documentaries that show the history of psychiatry from the bedlam days through to Nazi Germany and their eugenics programmes, and the introduction of lobotomies, shock therapies and drugs.

The Commission, which was established in New Zealand in 1976, was the first to expose the human rights abuse and torturous treatments performed on children in Lake Alice psychiatric hospital, and it was CCHR that pursued these cases on behalf of the victims right through to a government apology and $13 million paid out in compensation in 2001 and 2002.

Because there were no real safeguards ensuring such abuse would never occur again, CCHR took their case to the United Nations Committee Against Torture and over a period of four years, the UNCAT wrote to the NZ Government requiring they adopt protective measures for all people incarcerated in psychiatric facilities and prisons so as their human rights could not be violated.

CCHR continues to investigate all forms of human rights abuse in mental health, including the use of restraints, seclusion, electric shock and the indiscriminate use of psychiatric labelling and drugs.

"It is more and more the consensus that compulsory treatment in psychiatry is looked upon as a form of punishment and even torture," said Mr Green and he would like to hear about anyone’s experience with their story of psychiatric abuse.

"People are becoming more aware of alternatives to mainstream psychiatry and their reliance on drugs and electric shock and CCHR is always keen to help raise awareness in this area," said Mr Green.

The seminars will take place on Wednesday 22 October at 3.30pm and 6.00pm. The exhibition is open from 10:30am to 8pm each day until October 31 at 163 Broadway, Newmarket. These are free events.

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                         This is not LATEST !!!

A NZ Herald article from 2008. Worth a read for any newcommers to this site.

                                                   The faith business: Scientology in NZ

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                                                    Latest org newsletter November 2014.

Five scans can be viewed here....

                                               From Metro Magazine ... One year ago.
Auckland org

                                                             Scientology: inside the Auckland HQ

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                           More news from the org..  and it`s GREAT !  Best ever and exciting...

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   One form letter from Dana Lee (Executive director of Auckland Foundation)
and one from Clive Rabey (Deputy Commanding Officer of Flag Advanced org.

(We both want your money, but for completely different reasons.}

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Latest newsletter from Auckland org 13 Dec 2014

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    Recent photos of the Auckland Ideal Org plus a newsletter about 2015 is going to be the best year for Scientology....ever.

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                        March 13 Auckland Idle Morgue newsletter scanned and uploaded here...

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   Scientology Auckland opens shop on Dominion Rd.


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                                                Indian event at the Church of Scientology

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                                                     Desperation in Auckland

April 16, 2016 By Mike Rinder

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                                            Church of Scientology HQ -136 Grafton Road

Photos of Auckland Ideal org. I have not seen these. Couldn`t get anything on that page to work.

A little way down on the right is the Grafton org link

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                                   Slappy does Sydney again !!!                            28th August 2016

    As reported by Mike Rinder a few days ago, the Drunken Maggot will be yanking His ribbon at Chatswood next Sunday (on Fathers Day - oh the irony given what His dad has written about Him) to open the "new" facility at Chatswood on Sydney's North Shore.

    Personally I have something far more important to attend - my son's soccer team are playing their grand final that morning over the other side of the lake so sorry OSA but I won't be there. Thought I'd save you the trouble of having a "friend" ring me to ask how I'm doing, what am I up to, etc etc ad nauseum.

    The actual event starts at 12 and the doors open at 10 for the Faithful to enter via Greville Street - the $5 mill bus stop STILL hasn't been completed so the cult will have to bus the sheeple in via Greville Street methinks. An excellent place for Placard Tech to be employed. If any Sydanons are lurking - it's over to you.

    I know that the minions are still frantically trying to get everything done to get the place ready - good luck with your impossible deadlines, SO members. You might get to get some sleep after Slappy McSavage gets back on His private jet to jump the Pacific to "home."

    I do know that there is quite a scramble to get peeps to show up for this event - someone who's been labelled as "badly disaffected" was being covertly sounded out just a few days ago to see if they were invite material.

    Yes OSA ANZO, I still have peeps who contact me to tell me of your latest

    It's a beautiful day here at home so the son and myself are going to work in the yard for the day. We've all just had a delightful breakfast cooked by Caz and the day beckons.


    Enjoy the rest of your week trying to get Chatswood ready for the Diminutive Madman.


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    Church of Scientology of Denver had ZERO Processing, Academy, Congress Course, Golden Age of Knowledge or Extension Course Completions.

    A Special Correspondent for Mike Rinder has the story and analysis:

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                                      David Miscavige has plenty of new Scientology buildings set to open in 2017

02 January 2017

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                   Scientologist doctor invites patients to opening of $16m New Zealand headquarters

Title: Re: latest news from the org.
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                  Scientology's multi-million dollar headquarters to open in NZ

                                            The New Zealand Herald.

By Ophelia buckleton
5:00 AM Sunday Jan 15, 2017

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 16, 2017, 09:45:10 PM
                   Church of Scientology opening $16 million Auckland base

    Alicia Burrow,

    Monday, 16 January 2017,

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 21, 2017, 06:51:08 AM
                                 Miscavige ?

I have been informed from two sources that Miscavige is in Auckland and will be at the opening of the Ideal Org today.  Saturday 21 st January 2016.

Registration (Hand over your name and address) begins at 1 : 00 pm.
Event starts at 2 :00 PM.

Grafton Rd. Overlooking the motorway.


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    TV3 Coverage of the Idle Morgue opening in Auckland today.
You have to sign up to watch this item on TV3 news.
It begins at 17 minutes 45 seconds.

                      Here is the item from tv3 news without having to sign up...

                    Church of Scientology's supreme leader David Miscavige in Auckland for opening of new headquarters

            Scientology security stalks 'untrustworthy media' at new HQ

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 23, 2017, 04:48:22 PM
                       An inside look at Auckland's new Church of Scientology

                     Undercover at the opening of Scientology’s new Auckland headquarters
By Hayden Donnell | Staff Writer
January 23, 2017

    David Miscavige’s Auckland Scientology HQ launch speech: as interpreted by David Farrier

                 A Treasured Landmark Reborn—Scientology Opens New Church Atop Auckland

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 14, 2017, 07:05:55 AM
    Scientology Auckland has been running an ad on a local radio station.

Haven`t heard it myself,,,

" It was a very easy going kiwi man saying something like 'we have a brand new building in grafton'  and 'scientology offers courses in growth, work performance ....'

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 07, 2017, 05:32:14 PM
                               Scientology advertising on the back of an Auckland bus.   April 2017

The ad. is really just the word "Scientology" and an invite to come and see the new Org.

Had the scio website as well.

No mention of the word "church."

Promote is the formula for the condition of emergency.

Maybe they should be advertising on the backs of ambulances.

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                                       Michael Ferris (Scientology) on the Beat Goes On

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                   Church of Scientology Auckland Hosts Forum Against Drug Abuse

Working together to create a drug-free New Zealand

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                             Māori Wardens and the Church of Scientology

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                                        Church of Scientology Auckland, New Zealand Tour

          New Zealand’s Success with The Truth About Drugs - Scientology Documentary Video

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                    Scientologists offer free dumplings to attract Chinese-Kiwis to Auckland HQ

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I`ve been told that Mike Ferris (D.S.A. Auckland org.Spokesperson for Scientology N.Z.)
is not on post.
The post is being held by Gaylene Fraser (That`s Nick Fraser`s wife.)(He was the Senior Case Supervisor. Seems to be part timer now.)

More as it comes in...

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                  Auckland churches slapped with rates rises up to 7000%

From Checkpoint, 6:23 pm on 27 August 2018

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                                 'Indoctrination': Questions over Church of Scientology's free English lessons