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Title: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: anonyrat on December 19, 2008, 10:33:49 PM
Hai guise. This thread is for organising and posting the transcription of the interview.

"Lance Hoskins, joined the church in Auckland in the 1970s, then worked for the Sea Org - the church's management body in the United States; Genny Long, joined Scientology in Christchurch in the 1970s, then worked for the organisation in Sydney. Says she was harrassed when she tried to leave; Mike Ferriss, Spokesman for the Church of Scientology in NZ."

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Probably easiest to split it up into five minute segments. Say which segment/s you want to do, and I'll add you to the list. Then post below or send to me in pm when you've done them and we'll compile it. I've started doing the end of Genny's interview and the beginning of Mikey's, so I put my name on that time block.

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Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: Lenny on December 19, 2008, 10:57:26 PM
I'll try do:
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  • 25:00

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: anonyrat on December 19, 2008, 11:45:40 PM
  • <3 Lenny
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Title: [30:00] - [35:00] Genny's interview, beginning of Mike's
Post by: anonyrat on December 20, 2008, 01:05:40 AM
KR: Have you had any contact with or from the church more recently than that?

GL: Yes, and it was because I wrote a letter to the paper on the charitable status of the Church of Scientology, and then at the same time I was doing, um, I’ve just finished my BA and I was doing a course on cults, it’s called “Collective Behaviour,” why do people stay and join and – it was really good, really therapeutic, it answered a lot of questions.

But in that I was doing some searching on the internet and I found - I came across the sites of ex-scientologists, and there’s lots and lots of forums and support groups, and I actually joined one. And I met up with a lot of people that I’d been in the church with and um, who are now out and they were really fantastic; the support was amazing. And all this stuff that happened twenty-five years ago just all came out and, you know, just great. [30:30]

And then as a result of my letter, they found - the people in Auckland kind of were watching me, and then they – they went on our forums, they go on our forums and pretend to be ex-scientologists and they monitor our forums and they kind of find out what we’re doing, and I decided to join what’s called - the international kind of protest that we have, it’s usually about the second Saturday of every month. And it’s happening all over, in every centre of, of the world where there’s a Scientology church people meet up and protest, and you don’t even know these people, and they wear masks, so that they can protect their own identity from the scientologists who want to hurt them for speaking out.

KR: You say hurt them.

GL: Mmm

KR: But in effect, apart from ringing you in the middle of the night were there ever any threats or actions that you could say did that?

GL: Yes, um since the protest, my husband, who’s a teacher in a private Christian school, um he received an email to say that his wife was anti-religion and a member of a hate group. And um, this was - this was supposed to make him try and stop me from doing this, you know. And he, he was enraged and he actually said “I’ll come and join you.”

So he came and joined me at the next protest and we both wore masks and we joined up with the other people that were there, that we don’t even know. But the Auckland - people from the Auckland Scientology church - decided to come down and join up with the people from Christchurch and harass us at our protest . And um -

KR: What do you mean harass?

GL: They followed us around, everywhere we went they followed us. And um - the person that came from Auckland was saying stuff to me that he must have got out of my confessional folder. There was - the only way he would have known the stuff he was saying to me would have been out of my folder. And he kept on throwing this at me. And this was really really sensitive information that no-one in the whole world knows, except my auditor and the case supervisor at the time. No-one, no-one would have known this.

So he has read it. And he was following me around, saying it at me, saying it at me, saying it at me. And then he - it was just awful.

And since that time, people from Auckland, the church in Auckland have written to my husband’s school and have said, in the letter they initially wrote, that my husband was part of a hate group that is akin to the KKK, that there's Nazi swastikas been painted on the church buildings by people in groups that we belong to.[33:00]

KR: That is Genny Long, another former member of the group of Scient- ah sorry, the Church of Scientology in New Zealand, and also for a long time in Australia.

KR: Joining us now is the secretary of the Church of Scientology in New Zealand, Mike Ferriss. Thanks very much for being with us.

MF: Ah thanks, Kathryn.

KR: What’s your response to what these former members have had to say?

MF: Well just to - just to very quickly take up that last point that Genny made, um, about something being disclosed from her some, some kind of folder, in actual fact Genny wrote things about her auditing on the internet. And if you're an auditor in scientology, you don't, one of the codes you subscribe to is you don't divulge things said during auditing sessions and she was putting this onto the internet. And um, so she was challenged with that because that's really stepping outside the, the bounds of um decency and behaviour.

KR: So what are you saying, that members did yell out private information at a protest?

MF: Nuh no no no, she posted this private information on the internet and she was told that ah, that that's what had happened.

KR: How do you know she posted things on the internet?

MF: Ah, because it's on the internet! It was quite obvious that it was ah-

KR: So you do look at the postings of former members on the internet?

MF: Ah, yeah. Yeah yeah, there was certainly um some of it that was sort of brought to light, and considered that that was ah, not a good thing to do.

KR: Why do you look at the posting of former members?

MF: Well I don’t, um but this one was brought to light um through a, a person that ah was looking at the ex-Scientology website and he considered that, cos he knew who some of the people were and he said "Look at this, this is what this person's posted, some of their auditing details,” and, it was just crazy.

Title: [35:00] - [40:00] Mike Ferriss on auditing files and "apostates"
Post by: anonyrat on December 20, 2008, 01:11:29 AM
KR: And so they did confront her though?

MF: Yeah for sure.

KR: What happens to the information, the files or the information of former members? Does the Church hold onto that information?

MF: Ah, auditing files are completely confidential and that is a very strict rule in Scientology, I mean, and it just has to be that way, because people come for help in Scientology and they do talk about their lives and their experiences and that kind of thing and that is always maintained as completely confidential.

And I think, as I pointed out in last week’s programme, when you’re talking to apostates, and I know you read out a piece that you thought was written by a scientologist and in actual fact it was written by Brian Wilson from Oxford University who had quite a bit to say about apostates of new religious groups and religious groups in general. [36:00] And um, they generally need some kind of, as you said, self-justification and they reconstruct their own past to excuse their former affiliations. They blame those people and associates and they, they make up these stories to say that “this was what happened to me and it that was all bad.” But in fact, y’know I know Lance, and certainly I know that all of his experiences in Scientology weren’t bad, and when he was with the group he, he loved it.

So they might have their own reasons for leaving and I’ve got no argument with that and I’ve really got no argument with them. When they start attacking the church, sure, we’re, you know, we’re putting out our own views and finding out y’know perhaps why they’re attacking.  Genny said she belongs to a group called Anonymous. Well yes, as Christians, they’re attacking another religion. This is something that, if they looked at their own religion, it has a history of. The Christians were attacking the Quakers in the 17th  century, they were attacking the Methodists in the 18th century, um.

KR: So did a member email and/or write and say or inform the school in fact that a teacher’s wife belongs to a hate group?

MF: No, that he does.

KR: Right. And you, and that communication was sent to the employer, of a school? [Talking over each other here]

MF: Yes.

KR: Right. Okay, I asked you before -

MF: Because it’s like, you know this mask-wearing thing is very similar to the Ku Klux Klan. And they go out there with, you know, young children who don’t really know anything about scientology or why there is a protest and um, and it, it just looks weird.

KR: In terms of that information about auditing, for former members, I asked you if the church retains those files, does it retain those files on former member?

MF: We would have um, auditing files for everybody that’s been through the Church of Scientology.

KR: And if a member asks for that information to be provided to them, and any copies destroyed, does the church do that?

MF: Yes.

KR: In terms of auditing sessions here, now, what would the church charge today, for, say, a hundred auditing sessions?

MF: Um, ah it wouldn’t be dissimilar to what Lance paid back in 1980. The costs haven’t gone up all that much.

KR: Well it was around four thousand dollars, would that be - in New Zealand dollars, whatever that is now, possibly stick a zero on it - the cost of a hundred sessions?

MF: Yeah um, yeah it wouldn’t be quite that much, but ah - 

KR: Half that much?

MF: It could be over twenty thousand or so, yeah.

KR: Where does that money go?

MF: Well, it goes to the running of the Church of Scientology! It’s very simple really, our finances are ah, made public and they definitely show where the money goes. And um, there’s no secret.

KR: Who employs you? Are you the top representative of the church in New Zealand?

MF: I’m the spokesperson, yeah.

KR: Does that make you the top representative in New Zealand?

MF: Well yeah, I guess as a representative yeah, I don’t actually run the organisation myself.

KR: Who does?

MF: There are executives, there’s an executive council that runs the church. And um, again, it’s no mystery as to who runs it, or um, how it is run. It’s a very open group, anybody can come in and find out about it. And they do. It um, this idea that it’s secretive is a myth; it is not secretive, people come into Scientology everyday and examine it and find out about it. And as Lance very wrongly pointed out that um you become uncritical and, and don’t question it, that’s completely the wrong thing to do with Scientology. People are actually asked to question it, they’re asked to um examine it and be critical of it.


Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: anonyrat on December 20, 2008, 01:17:41 AM
I'll do the rest of Mikey's, share his thoughts on past lives.

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: Lenny on December 20, 2008, 03:44:13 AM
I just got to go through and make sure everything's good. kiwi's talk to fast :P

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: Lenny on December 20, 2008, 02:13:25 PM
LH: One of the things is that, getting out of something like Scientology is not a black and white process, it's not something where you just suddenly snap and you're out, it's a gradual thing, so, even though you've got doubts and things about what's going on, you're in a situation where you don't have the time or the facilities to pursue those things, for somebody to get out of Scientology they need to at least be out for about two weeks, away from that peer pressure, and the only way to really get out, is  suddenly to get information that has been censored from you, and that's what the internet has been, for a lot of people.
KR: Was the internet around at the time you left, was that how you started to find out about Scientology from a different perspective?
LH: No. I still have a good decade in there, of other things that went on. It wasn't until I had got back to New Zealand, I'd offended enough people, that they weren't chafing at the bit to recover me, and then I got the internet, and of course, you know, you take your life in your hands by typing in the word “Scientology”, and hitting search. What happens is; first of all you go, “I have been conned” and you get very very angry and that can be fatal because once you get angry, you feel like you need to tell other people, warn other people. Now Scientology's got a division specifically to catch those people, it's called the Office of Special Affairs and they've got their feelers out and as soon as you mention anything to anybody, contrary to what Hubbard wants people to know about Scientology, they are on to you. [16:30]

I started secretly getting other people out of Scientology and in each case it's very dangerous to do, and I can't go into details on this programme about it, but one particular person, unfortunately was in such a vulnerable  position, that when they were called into Scientology they went and confessed the whole thing, and then of course the Office of Special Affairs knew that I was anti-them, and of course I got a phone call.
KR: It was based where, this Office of Special Affairs?

LH: Well they've got one in every Scientology Organisation. If OSA didn't exist, that's Office of Special Affairs, if that didn't exist, Scientology would disappear overnight.

KR: So to someone listening, in what way is this different, I guess from anyone else, who gets themselves involved in a fundamentalist religious movement or belief organisation, and leaves.
LH: OK, the main problem with Scientology is that it is so fantastic, that no body is got anything to position it with, they've got no idea how dangerous it is. So when you try to put it in the frame work of a regular church, you are totally misguided. I've got a declaration here from the guy who actually set it up as a religion, it was deliberately done as what he called “religious cloaking”, for very many reasons, tax benefits being the dominant one.

KR: So what you are saying, that even though people can have some pretty weird and wonderful religious or spiritual beliefs, you don't believe that this is real to those at the top of the organisation.
LH: Absolutely not.

KR: That is a former Scientology Lance Hoskins, who left the church in 2000. It's 25 minutes past 9 now on Radio New Zealand National.
Well Genny Long also joined the Church of Scientology in the 1970's, she was just 16 and living in Christchurch. She and her first husband did extensive training with the church before moving to Australia, where they worked for the organisation in Sydney.
Genny Long: I was an Auditor, so I was actually doing the counselling, I was sitting in a room, up to 10 hours a day with a client, during the auditing, going through the levels of the Scientology bridge, that L. Ron Hubbard had written, exactly has he had written, then at night time because we weren't living in the Sea Org, we had to work a night job as well, so we would be at the church maybe, half past 7 in the morning and we'd finish at 6 at night, then we would walk over to the picture theatre where we were ushers, and we worked there till maybe half past 10 or 11, and then go home and do it again, the next day.
KR: Did you have any concerns about the church at this point?

GL: I had concerns that people weren't being treated very well, but we were always told that, that was because they had issues, they needed to confront their problems, their crimes, the reason that they weren't performing and questioning the church, was because they had crimes, they call them overts, a crime is basically an overt, which is something done against somebody but if they've got issues about the church they've got crimes about the church but they're not telling people, and we 100% believed that. So you just let it go, you see people walking around with gray arm bands on and you weren't allowed to speak to them and they did what is called the MEST duties, MEST duties are Matter Energy Space and Time, which is “stuff” you know, in the physical universe. So they were cleaning toilets and washing dishes, and generally just doing menial work, but we weren't actually allowed to speak to them, they weren't allowed to speak to us.

[anonyrat edit: changed a "word" to "work," looks great otherwise <3]

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: Lenny on December 20, 2008, 02:14:07 PM
KR: What was it then, that prompted you to have second thoughts and indeed to leave?

GL: I'd been on staff almost 5 years and towards the end it got pretty tough because the statistics were dropping and we were having visits from people from America, and the base called “Flag”, and they would come over and they were wearing their navy uniforms and they were pretty tough people. I was absolutely terrified of them and they could just call a court hearing, which was called a “committee of evidence”, just on their whim, and it was usually because people's stats were down, and I had a committee of evidence when I was about 7 months pregnant with my son, and was done with the days, I just explained to you the long day, and I got back to the church at about 11 o'clock at night after having put in that full day and the committee of evidence was to start at midnight. So I had a committee of evidence and there was a hearing, I was actually charged with actively suppressing the statistics of the auditing hours, because they weren't going up, and L. Ron Hubbard's technology it says that if the statistics aren't going up it's because there's a person  actively suppressing them. And I was thinking “here look I'm here, I'm here 12 hours a day, I'm working as hard as I possibly can”, then you start thinking “am I really a suppressive person” you know, “have I been kidnapped by aliens” and what's called PDH, which is Pain Drug Hypnotise, and the aliens apparently kidnap you and drug you and tell you to be a spy in Scientology and destroy Scientology but pretend you're actually working in it. But in the reality,  I just was thinking, “something's wrong here” you know, you can't actually accuse a person of doing this but you just go along with it, you just don't argue because it becomes even worse, it's like battered wife syndrome, if you try fight back, it's just worse and you just keep blaming yourself because in the writing, it the tapes we listen to for hours on end, anybody that's got a problem with Scientology is a Suppressive Person, and nobody wants to be a Suppressive Person.
KR: You mentioned that you were pregnant at this time.

GL: Yeah, I got pregnant, I was with my son, I was told that because I hadn't asked permission, I was married, but because I hadn't asked permission to get pregnant, they could actually tell me to have an abortion. I was pretty freaked out by that, but we had a really lovely person there, well he was a New Zealander, and he was an older guy, and he actually protected me, I don't know what happened, but it never surfaced again and I did have the baby, and then towards the end of my pregnancy, it was found that he was breach, he was a big baby and I'm only quite short, and they said “look if you're gonna keep up these hours” 'cause I was still doing those full days, “If you're gonna keep up these hours, it's a possibility that you're go into early labour with this baby, and he'll break his neck because he'll come  out, you know, pulling his head back”. [23:26]

So Harry, that was the guy, he suggested that I work from home and be put on, what was called the “supervisor's role”. So I would be at home, and someone would just drop the folders in, but when I didn't have any folders to work on, I could actually go for a walk along the beach, and I could see people playing on the beach, we lived in Bondi, and I was thinking “oh they haven't got Scientology, they're not really happy, they don't know what happiness is, they don't really know what life's about, and their not the ones who're gonna be saved” and all this sort of stuff. I probably had 3 weeks of the pregnancy to go, but it was these walks, and being away from the church and not being under pressure, all the time to read the technology and have, be answerable totally and trying to put thoughts out of my mind that I wanted to leave, because if you found out you wanted to leave, you've got crimes and you have to sit in a room and tell your crimes, even if you don't even know what they are, you just, kind of, vent things from past lives I suppose. It was the time of being away and having some space I suppose and away from the technology and away from the people, and then I just really, to this day remember this time, I looked at the people on the beach again, and I thought “maybe they're the ones that are happy, maybe they're the ones that have got it, maybe I'm completely wasting my time and this is absolute rubbish,” and because I didn't have the fear of being security checked, because with the people there from Flag, they could just tap you on the shoulder and say “right you're in for a security check” which means you have to hold the cans, and it's like a lie detector, and they ask you “have you had thoughts of leaving” and the needle would then read, because you have, then you have to tell your crimes, and so if you have a thought that you wanted to leave, you have really really suppress that thought, you really have to get rid of it, and you just don't want that thought because you might have to get sec checked and have to tell somebody, and you don't tell anybody else 'cause if they know that you want to leave, and they get sec checked, you know, “do you know anybody that's had thoughts of leaving”, they have to say, so you have to really force that thought out of your head, but that time when I was away from the church, I could have that thought, and I couldn't tell my husband because I knew that he was under pressure at the church because he was running the training, and there weren't so many people coming in for training so he was getting targeted, as being actively suppressing the stats on the academy, which is the training place, and then I just kept this to myself and then I had the baby, you know, everything was fine, but he was really fractious, and he just cried all the time. [26:25]

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Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: Lenny on December 20, 2008, 02:15:30 PM
My mother came over after about, the baby was about two weeks old, she just went through the daily procedure of how to look after a baby, and she said to me ?would you like to bring the baby home to show the family? and I said ?oh yeah it would be great?, and my husband must've told them I was going to go home, or I applied for leave, the night before my mother and I were going to fly out, and my husband was going to follow a week later, but the night before, the church people to our flat and were knocking on our door about every hour, saying ?you're not leaving, you're not leaving, you have to come back, you have to come back with us now? and trying to man-handle me basically, back to the church building with them right then, this went on till about 3-4, 4 o'clock in them morning. Meanwhile my mum's walking up and down the hall with the baby, because she was the only one who could actually settle him and then she just went and shut herself in the bedroom, because she was, she said she was ?actually terrified?, she said that, ?she lived through the second world war and she was terrified?. She likened it to the Gestapo. Then we went back to bed and I said to my husband, ?I want to leave?, and he said ?I do too, but I didn't know you did? and I said ?I did, and I've wanted to leave for the last three weeks? and he said ?well so have I because it's a really horrible church and we're all getting sec checked? and we just cried, we actually cried till that morning.
KR: You get out then, and what happens after that? Is there any contact  from the church after that?

GL: Yeah yeah, well my husband came out after a week, then we decided when we were here not to go back at all. But he had to go back 'cause we had our flat and a car and we had all our stuff in the flat and my clothes, a lot of the baby gear was in the flat, so he had to go back. He didn't tell anybody he was going back, but the seemed to find out, they knew he was coming back, and they got him when he got back, and he had to stay in the Hilton Hotel so they didn't know where he was and he packed up all his stuff, and we had some friends actually in the neighborhood that weren't Scientologists, that helped him pack all his stuff up, and got packers in and things, while he was staying in the Hilton Hotel and then on the day he was to fly home, for good, Scientologists were at the airport and pulled his bags off the trolley and said ?you've got to come back? and ?you can't go? and, you know, ?Genny's an SP? and ?her mother's an SP, can't you see that? and blah blah. But he came anyway, came home, and we were contacted I suppose, sort of Irregularly but for the next two years, you know maybe three months would go past and then there might be a space of phone calls, so they gradually over time I suppose, they stopped, but it did take about two years. The phone calls were in the middle of the night, there was lots of sort of mail and yeah, it just eased off.

KR: You have spoken out, recently 'cause this was some time ago, at what point would you say you really had a complete break from the church?

GL: OK, this was 25 years ago, and my son's 25.
KR: Alright, so we're talking 1983, have you had any contact with or from the church more recently than that?

Title: [40:00 - 45:00] Rest of Mike Ferriss - OSA, knowledge reports, past lives
Post by: anonyrat on December 20, 2008, 03:16:09 PM
KR: Is there an – I’m sorry to cut you off - is there an Office of Special Affairs that operates as described in those interviews?

MF: We have an office that deals with the legal aspects of the church, and the public relations aspects of the church. And it is called the Office of Special Affairs, yeah.

KR: Are there things such as Knowledge Reports, which are filed on members, who perhaps have some doubts about Scientology, or do something that upsets the church?

MF: Well it - that all depends. There is a reporting system, so someone with an upset or a disagreement can report it and so it can be taken up. It’s not a sinister thing, it’s something to - just so as a person can get things resolved. And if someone is misbehaving or doing something you know, wrong, then there is a reporting system so as it can be disclosed and known about.

KR: What would “misbehaving” be?

MF: Ah, it could anything from, you know, theft, or, or something that’s like immoral or something like that, that could be reported.

KR: Does the church tell its employees whether or not they can have babies? Do they have to seek permission in order to?-

MF: I’ve never, I’ve never heard of that.

KR: Haven’t you?

MF: Never heard of that!

KR: Right.

MF: And the church doesn’t have “employees” as such. Everybody working at the Church of Scientology works voluntarily.

KR: So no one is actually in paid employment in the church other than, than this executive?

MF: The executives? Even the executives are voluntary. It’s a voluntary organisation.

KR: How do they pay their living costs and live?

MF: Well there might be a stipend of some amount but it’s never that much. And as Genny pointed out, sometimes the staff have to work a second job as well and that’s not uncommon either.

KR: On top of working what they described as up twelve hour days, for the organisation.

MF: Um, if she was working twelve hour days, I don’t know that. Um it would depend on a person’s commitment, their lifestyle, y’know whether they can put in twelve hours. I think people work longer in other jobs, depending on their, their interests for their, their work.

KR: Why did you join the church?

MF: Well it- Scientology is really an invitation to examine one’s own life. And it asks that ah, the question really, that maybe what’s happening is this life is determined by earlier events in one’s own life.

KR: Past lives.

MF: Well, past lives, but also this lifetime. And past lives isn’t so mysterious, because half the world believes in past lives. And um Scientology follows the tradition of Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism in that regard, in that it is seeking, and saying that one can resolve this existence, in this life time.

KR: Some of what was described though, the use of what are effectively lie detector equipment, and very long sessions of auditing -

MF: Ah I think that’s exaggerated. Auditing is that examination of one’s own self. And the auditor is a guide to help one accomplish that. And, a person having auditing; it is an experience, it’s something that you look at yourself, and you look at your past and at a certain point yes you’ll be looking at past lifetimes, for most people they do. And they are resolving some mighty big questions about their existence. They find that they are spiritual, and that can be accomplished with certainty, and that they will -not only have they lived before but of course spiritually they cannot die, they will continue to exist.

KR: What to you say to those - including those people we’ve just spoken to - who say that their involvement in scientology, and what they describe as mind control in effect, because of the immersion they went through, has damaged their lives?

MF: Well again I think that’s completely exaggerated and really without substance because essentially, if you cannot - if you feel you cannot question what’s going on, then there’s something terribly wrong. There’s something they really haven’t understood because Scientology really is an effort to help a person to not only to question their own life but to question life in general. And also, y’know, they’re invited to question Scientology. It’s stated over and over again, within the materials of Scientology, that one should not accept this religion blindly -

KR: Right.

MF: That it’s not just a faith that one um immerses themselves in and becomes lost in; it is not a crutch.

KR: I thank you also for your time this morning. Mike Ferriss, the secretary of the Church of Scientology in New Zealand.

[end 44:58]

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: useful_anon on December 22, 2008, 12:27:29 AM
Mike as you very WRONGLY said in that radio interview that we are children that know nothing about Scientology i beg to differ. 1: we are not children we are anonymous and behind the mask age is irrelevant the mask signifies a presence and an idea of a collective group. we are one. 2: the majority of us are over 18 anyway. 3: whats wrong with children voicing there opinions? Scientology has no problem with having children work full time for no pay and missing out on an education, perhaps if you were to allow those children to voice there opinions they'd be getting an education and contributing to the world and themselves rather than David Miscavages bank account. 4. any children involved with the protests as well as all of us obviously DO know about Scientology, because we are not in it and do not want to be.
Radio interview went great tho. 35 minutes or so for anonymous, 10 for mike. thats quite a bit of a difference in terms of not only content but statistics we blew them out of the water. well done people. have a merry christmas.

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: OnceBitten on December 22, 2008, 02:11:00 PM
Hi Useful!

Thanks for your input.  I agree.  I agree totally.

There is a member of staff in Auckland (yes I know her name) who has been forced to work for the cofs from the age of 14.  SHe is still there.  SHe has never been to school, or had any kind of education other than scn. 

This is an important point, and one which needs addressing.  If Mike wants to throw things around about children not knowing what scn is all about, then he needs to look at the employees of his precious cult not knowing anything other than scn.  Have they had the chance to look and decide for themselves?  No.  I think a doco is in order.  Rather like the story Neo did on Today/Tonight about young children working for the cult in Melbourne.

So thanks for posting.

Love Genny

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: AnonKiwi on December 23, 2008, 01:36:30 AM
Awesome interview and host and mikey fell for all of the traps the host set. Funny as hell and a great bit of PR for anonymous and a great warning to kiwis. Burn it on a desk and mail it to your mp.

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: useful_anon on December 24, 2008, 03:56:22 PM
Thanks Genny, and may i just say i really applaud you for doing this interview and sticking with the protest it is really commendable that you could come out of something like scientology and knowing what its capible of still share your story on national radio. It really reminds me of why i am going out there to protest. The same goes for you Lance. you guys are heros. 

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: OnceBitten on December 28, 2008, 08:56:23 PM
You know it's all in the name of truth and justice.

In scientology there is no truth and there is no justice.

This is just the beginning

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: Libertas on December 31, 2008, 09:24:33 AM
You know it's all in the name of truth and justice.

In scientology there is no truth and there is no justice.

This is just the beginning

The words above contain more truth than scientology ever will. 

We have the beginning. We are moving towards the end. 

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: anonyrat on January 08, 2009, 06:24:27 PM
Anyone want to help transcribe Lance's section of the interview? :)

Title: Re: Transcript: Lance, Genny and Mike Ferriss National Radio interview!
Post by: useful_anon on April 02, 2009, 11:45:51 PM
Hey just thought id mention, was at a party the other day, the subject of tom cruise being a noob was brought up which then followed on to Scientology being a cult, talking with someone later, they mentioned hearing something on the radio a little while ago. to cut a long story short he had heard this interview and fully supported anonymous and what we were doing. said "yeah and there was this really creepy Scientologist on the show at the end, what a ~censored~" this is someone who had no prior knowledge involving Scientology yet came to the conclusion after hearing the interview that it was a con. just interesting to see people are hearing and getting the message. and what we are doing is having an effect.