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Title: READ THIS - only if you want to know the truth about Miscavidge - I DARE YOU!
Post by: rockyslammer on August 15, 2009, 10:08:21 AM

Title: Re: READ THIS - only if you want to know the truth about Miscavidge - I DARE YOU!
Post by: rockyslammer on August 15, 2009, 10:22:21 AM
I actually found this interesting and it it made me feel a bit better about Hubbard - only a bit!  I left as a direct result of micabbages handling of scio - so it is interesting to read the truthful background.

Make your own conclusion - see what he has done to scio in the last 30 years or so.  I know many of you are in fact in a condition of doubt about him already (secretly).

So the thing is what can you do about it?  Don't ask me - I don't know.  All I could do is leave proper scio and help start the alternative field.

Believe me - everything you wanted from scio is available outside of the cof$.

Some of you will go down with the sinking ship - you have too much invested to leave.  But many of you can just quietly walk away.  What ever you do DON'T throw any more $ at the cof$, PLEASE.

I have an open door IF you want to talk - you can even swear at me if you want.  I CAN confront anything and I CAN talk to anyone.  I did OT3 before I left the cof$  so I CAN talk about body thetans and Xenu!

How can you help KSW?  Certainly not withing organised scio.


Title: Re: READ THIS - only if you want to know the truth about Miscavidge - I DARE YOU!
Post by: Ididntcomeback on August 16, 2009, 02:02:37 AM
Thanks for the link Rocky.
It filled in a few gaps for me.

Will there be a next part ?

It`s wonderful to be witnessing the cult losing its grip
and to see people coming out from under the Scientology
suppression to tell what they actually experienced.

For you scios who have studied LRH PR tech.
Please take a moment to dwell on the possibility
that it has been used on you !!

You have been sold PR for your whole time in scientology.

There is no excuse to fall for it any more.
The internet has arrived.
Use your confront, draw a deep breath, and exercise the Freedom
you have attested to, to make an INFORMED decision !!

Title: Re: READ THIS - only if you want to know the truth about Miscavidge - I DARE YOU!
Post by: Xenu Flytrap on August 18, 2009, 01:17:51 AM
The one thing that one shouldn't forget is that what Miscabbage is doing is just what Ron did when he was around. He beat his staff, as evidenced by many in books written about him. He condoned crazy, insane practises of overboarding and even watched from the upper deck. This is also amitted by senior Scio people who say" Oh we dont do such practises anymore'. No just make them walk a diving board, fully uniformed up into a swimming pool. Is this starting to sound like an insane civilisation?
One overboarded person was a woman in her 60's. I think I remember reading where one person broke their arm when overboarded.  The ship was banned from some ports in the Mediterranean because of their crazy goings on. Ron used to go into fits of rage over things and I have spoken with people, still in the church who worked with Ron, who told me this but they justify it.
Isn't anger a useless tone to dwell on for ages when trying to bring somebody up tone in a hurry? Maybe Ron needed to read and word clear Science of Survival again. Again, not seeing that the emperor had no clothes.
Also Ron didn't invent the word Scientology, it was first used in a book from Russia in the 30 or 40's. Wasn't the same tech but name. Thats why they say that the Tech was stolen and surfaced in the Eastern block countries. Trouble is, they beat him to it by about 10 or 20 years. He didn't invent the E meter, TR's or thePurification rundown. Lied on TV about being married 3 times. Some guy huh! Worth following, if you want to become an accomplished con man. Some Scio's claim to know of his past lives to. One being Buddah, and some say Rhodes from South Africa. Well speak to South Africans around at that time and it was well known Rhodes was gay.But hold on a moment, wasn't Ron quite anti gay! Maybe he wasn't successful as a gay and they saw through him.
My point is, all this violence in Scio land just didn't rear it's ugly head because of or in the time of the COB. It was around, prevalent, in your local orgs and practised by Ron. Even the cover up of a rape by a Scio staff member in Auckland. Is this really the society the world would like or dream of. I dont think so. They are as bad as what they say they fight against. 
Also ask how  some of their amazing public relations programs are going now like the rehabilitation of the prisoners in Mexico. Some of the king pins in that are doing more time for reverting to drugs. Ask the Native Americans how they got screwed over by the church in, I think it was Shalako.
The management tech dosn't seem to work either, as all orgs would be Saint Hill size 20 or 30 years ago. I mean the management use it every day and get people sent over to Flag to get trained within an inch of their lives in it. So Scios, keep justifying it, why it dosn't work and conning yourselves. Foolish but if that's what you believe in, do it to yourselves and not others. The one thing that Scio's cant apply to themselves or their situations is observing the obvious. Which they call obnosis and train in. One thing I was always able to do and therefor not justify their great failures and injustices.
The one's that cant are truly brainwashed, mentally modified,conditioned, whatever you like to call it.

Title: Re: READ THIS - only if you want to know the truth about Miscavidge - I DARE YOU!
Post by: rockyslammer on August 19, 2009, 09:26:16 AM
Yes Xenu flytrap - everything you say is true - mostly.

Hubbard had one thing going for him that miss cabbage didn't.  Hubbard totally believed passionately in what he was doing.  He was the originator of the movement which was going to save mankind and everything else in the universe.  Yes he got increasingly more nuts as time went on certainly and he didn't start off in a very good place either!

However he had a certain charisma and huge energy.

Now apart from being nuts miscavidge has non of the above attributes.  Whereas hubbard may have been able to keep the ship afloat there is nothing miscavidge can do to stop the rot.  He hasn't the imagination, energy, intelligence, knowledge to do it.

Miscavidge simply is not in hubbard's league. He is running and has survived only due to the reverence and dedication that current scios have for hubbard.

As an aside, my best friend (from the distant past) used to enjoy being overboarded and used to get into bother a lot so he could jump overboard again.

I'm not a hubbard apologist at all but it wasn't all bad.  Too many decent people I know worked with him closely and they wouldn't have done so if if he was a 24 hour a day psycho.

Yes the so called technology, in hindsight, is mostly crazy and I have to live with being duped - as you apparently.

Hubbards ethics technology is what mostly what people are concerned with - it is a harmful piece of work.  I came into scio years before this was introduced and it was a happy place to be.  It certainly changed after ethics in the late 60's, not for the good. It allowed evil ethics officers around the place to fuck people over.  And they did.  Scio went downhill after that at a much faster rate.

So, yes, hubbard was a charismatic madman, with a certain genius and talent,  miscavidge is just a madman.


Title: Re: READ THIS - only if you want to know the truth about Miscavidge - I DARE YOU!
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 15, 2011, 07:21:13 PM
          David Miscavige, Scientology's Leader, Wants You to Salute His Beagles

Yesterday, we published a review of Janet Reitman's stunning new history, Inside Scientology, which will hit bookshelves soon.

In our general review, we couldn't get into much detail. But we had to pull out a wonderful nugget from the book this morning that struck us as particularly illuminating of Scientology's Ultimate Leader, the diminutive David Miscavige.

Wanting to convey what it was like to work for the dictatorial Miscavige at Scientology's secretive desert headquarters in Southern California, Reitman described what it was like to be summoned to see "COB*":

    Virtually every meeting with Miscavige involved an element of fear: the initial summons required that those called to it drop whatever they were doing and sprint to the assignation place; there they would wait until the leader, who'd often be playing Nintendo in his private lounge, decided to show up.

    He would arrive flanked by his wife and Lou Stuckenbrock, a retinue of aides, and, often, his beagles. He had five dogs, two of which, Jelly and Safi, wore tiny blue sweaters with commander's bars. Miscavige was known to make his staffers salute the dogs, who held ranks higher than those of many people on the base.

Believe us when we say there are many, many more surprising and fascinating anecdotes like this sprinkled throughout Reitman's excellent book.

* Miscavige gave himself the title "Chairman of the Board" of one of Scientology's many arcane legal entities. Scientologists often then refer to him as "COB" as well as "DM." | @VoiceTonyO

Title: Re: READ THIS - only if you want to know the truth about Miscavidge - I DARE YOU!
Post by: Ididntcomeback on August 27, 2012, 08:50:24 AM
                                            Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Rare photos...