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Title: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 01, 2009, 05:20:46 PM
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Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 04, 2010, 10:31:39 AM

                   Little Miscavige Slaps Preclear

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 04, 2010, 10:33:14 AM
                     David Miscavige's Qualifications

David Miscavige is the leader of the Church of Scientology.

How did that come about? How did he get into that position and what are his qualifications?

Well, he was not designated by L. Ron Hubbard. Most Scientologists actually believe that he was put in charge by Hubbard, but that is totally false. Hubbard very specifically left other people in charge of the Church of Scientology. However, those that Hubbard left in charge are the people that Miscavige removed. Everyone that Hubbard put in charge of any part of the church has been removed by Miscavige. Not only removed, but most of them are now out of Scientology entirely.

So how did Miscavige take control of the church? Well, he just did. He said, with a group of strong-arm followers behind him, that he was in charge, and nobody was able to dispute it. You see, there was and is no policy or procedure to stop someone who just assumes control of the church.

Someone steps into that office and says they are now head of the church and unless the current head has more strong-arm followers, well, the church has a new leader.

And that's what happened.

Miscavige then "declared suppressive" anyone who had the temerity to object to his coup, so the Scientology public would never hear what really happened.

Well, what are Miscavige's qualifications? What makes him qualified to run the Church of Scientology?

Did he run a Continental Office for Scientology, booming a whole continent?

Well, no. He's never had that kind of experience, or success.

Did he run one of the big churches, an Advanced Org, a Saint Hill Org -- Flag Land Base perhaps?


OK, how about a smaller, local church? Some big city church?


A Scientology Mission? A Scientology Group?

Nope. Miscavige has no experience running even the smallest Scientology group.

Well, was he a well-trained executive who had years of on-the-job experience, helping one of Hubbard's selected leaders in some successful endeavor?


Well, maybe he's a proven leader in a related field? He ran something that was highly successful?

Still no.

OK, so he has no leadership experience or qualifications. What are his other qualifications?

Is Miscavige highly trained in Scientology "tech"? He has revamped all Scientology training and rewritten Hubbard's books extensively. He directs technical matters world-wide. Surely he is highly trained, Class XII perhaps?

Nope. While his "biography" on line is exceptionally vague about his qualifications, it is known that he completed the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course and, according to his biography, he "audited some people". That's all that is known. What is obvious is that there are thousands of people who are more highly trained and more technically qualified than Miscavige.

Well, then, Miscavige is at least an OT VIII, right?

Well, no. On the Bridge, Miscavige is stalled -- badly stalled -- on OT VII, and has been for 15-20 years. To be a bit clearer: Miscavige has had no significant auditing for 15 years at least. None. He wants "all Scientologists" to keep paying and moving on his "Bridge to Total Freedom" but, even when its all free to Miscavige, he won't go into session.

OK, despite the fact that he has no experience or qualifications for the job, has Miscavige at least proven himself on the job?

Are you kidding? Pretty much everything Miscavige attempts has been an abject failure. This is factually true. He really has had a bad time of it.
His primary job, according to extant Hubbard orders, was to get every church to the size of "old Saint Hill"--the size of Scientology's main center in its heyday. That was supposed to be the criteria for "releasing OT IX and OT X." This was more important than anything else he could be doing. He totally failed. Although statistics are carefully hidden, it is doubtful that any of those previously celebrated "Saint Hill sized" organizations still exist at that size, anywhere. To make it easier on himself, he changed the definition of "the size of old Saint Hill" several times, but, even with the smaller numbers, he still failed. Instead, Miscavige has "led" the Church of Scientology to its destruction.

Technically and organizationally, Miscavige has done more to destroy the Church of Scientology than any enemy of the church in its entire history. His lack of technical and organizational knowledge and experience has been disastrous for the church.

So why is Miscavige still in charge of the Church of Scientology?

The answers are simple. First, Scientologists simply don't know how completely unqualified and incompetent he really is. Second, any Scientologist who does find out, and says anything, is immediately "declared suppressive" and kicked out of Scientology.

But the primary reason is that there is no way to remove him. There is no procedure, no policy, no way to remove the leader of Scientology. No matter how much damage he does, they're stuck with him.

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Sharone Stainforth on December 21, 2010, 02:30:21 AM (

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: NED on December 21, 2010, 06:25:06 AM
And to think we sat there at those events believing all that shit!
He's STILL spouting the same bullshit!

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Sharone Stainforth on December 21, 2010, 01:46:18 PM
I'm sorry NED, I guess I struck a chord.

Something came up today about Tommy Davis saying most scientologists are 1st generation scientologists. That may be the case with some old die hards whom followed LRH into eternity, but their children are the ones that paid the price, including LRHs own children.

You can find bullshit all over the planet, but none more so in my estimation than in Scientology and I say that from one that was there at the begining of the Sea Org.

There is much I was not aware of until recently, in the last few years, and believe me it has been a real eye opener.

I left early on, in the grand scheme of things, but it has haunted me all of my life, especially in the last few years.

How can this have gone on for so long, without real justice?

Because this organization lies and cheats it's way through the justice system, just like LRH told it to. David Miscavige is second generation and nasty, creepy little bastard that he is uses it to fullfill his own needs.

Money, power and greed fullfill many a persons need to be the ultimate celebrity.

What have you got, really, if you have no conscience?

Scientology has NO conscience, never had, NEVER will.

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: NED on December 22, 2010, 04:16:34 PM
Hi Sharone,
I am just amazed at the fact that the same crap being spat out by Miscavige is still being swallowed by the poor Scientologists.  It's hard to watch.  They are so brain washed.  It all seems so easy to see from here.  My Christmas wish is that more and more Scientologists wake up and get the hell out!
It must be getting so hard for Scio's to stay in now, they will be being hit constantly for Miscaviges building fund.

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Sharone Stainforth on December 22, 2010, 10:53:57 PM
Hi Ned,

I'll draw your attention to Scientology's version of the autobiography of David Miscavige on the Scientology website;

In 1983, L. Ron Hubbard described a heroic Church executive who cleaned the ranks of rogue staff attempting to seize control of Scientology while Mr. Hubbard was engaged in intensive research and absent from the Church. As Mr. Hubbard himself phrased it:

“So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands.  It all came out all right.  Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did.  My faith was justified.”

That real Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard spoke of was David Miscavige.

“Trust and friendship are things forged in fire and pounded out on the anvil of life. We have been through a lot together. I trust you as you trust me.”

—L. Ron Hubbard to David Miscavige (

I think it is safe to say David Miscavige is indeed a true scientologist, in the likeness of L. Ron Hubbard.

My Christmas wish also is that more people will find their way out of this madness.

Merry Christmas.

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 28, 2011, 04:08:41 PM

Who is David Miscavige ?

He`s the guy that is erasing the Pure tech Hubbard left to the world.
See the evidence ...

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 30, 2011, 09:49:59 AM
                                             David Miscavige’s RTC    
Sunday, 29 May 2011 00:48

by Karen de la Carriere

The Religious Technology Center (RTC) was ostensibly created in 1982 to protect the Technology of Scientology. However, what RTC actually protects is David Miscavige — even when this means altering the Tech. For example, LRH designed the Tech so that a pc could say anything in the sanctity of the session. Per the Auditor’s Code, both the auditor and the Church promise:

    Not to evaluate for the preclear or tell him what he should think about his case in session.
    Never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.

But what has happened in David Miscavige’s RTC? Is the pc protected? No. In fact, in direct violation of LRH, here is what a pc may or may not say in session:

    It is strictly forbidden for a pc to name David Miscavige as an SP or an antisocial personality. Such an origination is not accepted by the auditor.
    The auditor will become adversarial if a pc names David Miscavige as an SP.
    The pc cannot name DM as an item in a Search and Discovery (searching for the SP)
    The pc cannot name DM in a PTS Rundown
    The pc cannot speak his or her thoughts, opinions, considerations on DM
    If a pc named DM as an SP, he or she can expect to be put onto lengthy security checks

As reported by ex-Freewinds and ex-Flag pc’s who come for repair to the Independent community, David Miscavige is absolutely “off limits” in session. Nothing negative may be said about David Miscavige inside of the Cult of Scientology. Said another way, David Miscavige may only be lavishly praised and glorified inside of the Cult.

Even when DM engages in brutality and human rights abuses he may not be spoken of as an SP. In the normal course of events, what person can get away with beatings, assault and battery? Not only has David Miscavige gotten away with this under the guise of “ministerial exception” granted by a judge, but DM has routinely engaged in:

    Sadistic lockdowns and sec checks
    Serving Oliver Twist slop as food to prisoners in the RPF
    Cutting off air conditioning in midsummer to dozens of RPF prisoners locked inside two trailers against their will
    Using Sea Org members as if they were Federal Marshals in an attempt to take custody of a fleeing Sea Org member
    Ordering husbands and wives in the Sea Org to divorce — or otherwise ordering them to posts hundreds or thousands of miles apart so they can never see each other
    Setting the state for wholesale abortions for some 25 years — only recently stopped because of Internet transparency and lawsuits.
    Making staff clean the sewage treatment lake (feces pond) at the Int Base without hazmat equipment
    Forcing executives to clean the oily bilges of the MV Freewinds without proper safety equipment
    Cleaning grease traps at PAC base.

(The grease traps are passages that run under the PAC base kitchens. These passages are approximately two feet in height and are referred to as “Rats Alley” by PAC base RPFers and are the ultimate punishment detail for errant Sea Org Members.)

Rats Alley cleaning detail consists of crawling along the hot, stinking, roach-infested passageways on backboards with wheels to deal with pools of stagnant grease from the kitchens above.

The stock in trade of RTC is abuse.

The stock in trade of David Miscavige is sadistic abuse.

Miscavige is protected from the consequences of his crimes by $1,000-per-hour attorneys. DM’s legal team is led by his personal Lawyer Monique Yingling. She carefully covers his misdeeds along with her husband criminal defense Lawyer Gerald Feffer. What they have covered up, what they have enabled Miscavige to get away with, is a remarkable lesson in just how dirty and profitable practicing law can be when Miscavige opens the flood gates of parishioner money. Unlimited budget.

Inside of the Church, David Miscavige’s sadistic campaign of terror is carried out and enforced by RTC. The staff of RTC fawn, placate and do whatever Miscavige wants — even if this means routinely violating LRH policies, church doctrine, or spying on people. These people are toadies who Miscavige rewards with status, cars, shopping trips, cash bonuses, and better pay for their abject obedience, blind loyalty, and cruelty in carrying out DM’s brutal dirty work.

Early on, Miscavige decreed the beingness of RTC members as "cold chrome steel." Thus are warm only to each other and steely cold to everyone else — to hell with affinity, reality and communication. The RTC network has absolute power over the rest of the Sea Org and exercise that power with cruelty.

RTC has announced that they are responsible for safeguarding the very technology they sabotage and undermine by order of David Miscavige. From 1992 forward, their obsession grew insatiably for power and domination over Sea Org members.

Declaring decent people, physical attacks, screaming, inflicting penalties, canceling auditor certificates, ordering demotions, and invalidating and denigrating technical staff with joyous sadism has became the hallmark of RTC.

Following the tradition of secret police as a modern-day Gestapo, RTC demanded the entire population of Scientology act as secret informers.  A normal report includes copies to the person who is being reported on. But RTC’s report line is confidential. Husbands are encouraged to report on their wives and wives on their husbands. Parents are told to report on their kids and kids to report on their parents. Friends report friends. Marriages, families, and friendships mean nothing to Miscavige.

Failure to report someone to RTC makes one an "accessory to the crime.”  Sea Org members are encouraged to report the slightest infraction and even when there is only a suspicion of something. RTC policy specifies identical penalties for those who "fail to report" to RTC.

As RTC Inspectors were themselves coerced to enforce DM’s draconian punishments with instant alerts to the "Office of COB" something happened. Departure of RTC members began to occur. The good and ethical human beings reached their tolerance level and blew.

Marty Rathbun,  Mike Rinder, and some 25 other former RTC all with Marty and Mike currently, endured the toxic level — the effects of the poison emanating from Miscavige. Despite the loyalty of these people to LRH, their threshold was met. People will either be destroyed if they stay in, or they will blow to regain their sanity.

DM’s self-appointed title as "Chairman of the Board" is a gigantic lie. There is no "Board of Directors." It is a sham and always was. No board meetings occur. DM can remove “board members” using signed, undated resignations kept by him. Battered and abused Sea Org members must sign these resignations on demand.

A normal board of Directors can remove the Chairman for misconduct in any 501C3.  Yet, as DM has no functioning Board of Directors, he has been able to rule year in and year out with impunity.

One cruel example of RTC indulging in superiority and bullying is the incident of the RTC Rep at the Flag Land Base in 1995 who decided to target my son Alexander Jentzsch — 12 years old at the time.  Alexander was not permitted to go to school, but instead  was used for janitorial duties 12 hours a day in child slave labor.  Alexander cleaned toilets and the lobby of the Fort Harrison and all the grimy back staircases and service entrances behind the galley in violation of child labor laws.

Alexander told me the story years later. The RTC Rep was a young Miscavige bully who would place his face one inch away from Alexander’s face and say: 

"You  WANT  to hit me, don't you?"

"You want to strike me, but you are too chicken"

"You would love to punch me in the jaw in retaliation, but you do not have the guts, sissy!"

Alexander Jentzsch would say quietly "No Sir, I do not want to hit you," while looking down at the floor. 

Why this RTC Rep had it in for Alexander, why these bizarre episodes occurred, I do not understand. But in the Sea Org you dare not write a Knowledge Report on RTC. And this "RTC Rep" knew that Alexander was orphaned in Clearwater because his Ex- Sea Org mom was 3,000 miles away in Los Angeles and his father Heber was incarcerated by DM and put on slave labor, steam-cleaning the engines of buses from morning till night.

Alexander could not report this child abuse. Alexander could never be critical of a DM’s appointment of an RTC thug. Only years later after the RTC REP blew and was declared, did Alexander feel "safe" telling me about the incident.

Alexander did not feel safe for many years in sharing how he was abused and harmed. When a felony was committed on him, he was ordered to not speak about.   This is symptomatic of the single biggest problem inside of the cult: David Miscavige may never be spoken of negatively in any session. Scientologists who have experienced "adversarial auditing" (the auditor challenging or being hostile to the pc and so on) leave and seek the freedom of old-school auditing in the Independent community.

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 03, 2011, 05:12:58 PM
        Scientology Interview with a Former Insider re David Miscavige

This is an interview with a Former Assistant to David Miscavige, and personal stories about his life inside. Here is a link to the SP TIMES Truth Rundown, which documents his story. Please read as there is more info in this: AND

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on August 05, 2011, 11:51:36 AM
    Transcript of Miscavige Briefing at the Gold Base

My one-on-one mentoring on DM-speak started in 1996 and lasted until December of 2003. And every bleeping one of them was just like what I wrote above. The funny thing is that DM launches on these incomprehensible diatribes anytime he opens his mouth when he’s not reading from a teleprompter. Layered over that, he’s usually very angry (Tone level: Hate). Note: there are no typos in the following excerpt:

    COB Meeting in the Cine Conference Room:

    DM: “We go, you guys, what are we trying to do? I’ll tell you, it’s so simple its by ESP. So simple only the most out ethics person in the history of Scientology couldn’t get it. Now that cunt or him. No, even him. He’s absolutely pathetic, you know whom I mean — I know, I have a video of the session. So he’s busted out of WDC and cleaning dumpsters in PAC. He said and then looked at me with that same pie faces I get around here… So, back to: the bigger we go — ok, right! So, ok. Before this goes to Tony for another online edit, so DO we make all those buildings and how to properly introduce them or do we want for the New Year’s videos? Which one?

    Steve (comm lagging, no clue what he was just talking about): “Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t quite follow …”

    DM: “What do you mean you don’ t follow? I just fucking explained it to you. Does everyone else in here know what I’m talking about? (Emphatic yes’s and nods all around). Marc, what did I just say?

    Marc Yager: “Sir, you said the New Years videos needed a proper introduction.”

    DM: “No, the fuck is NOT what I said. You’re suppressive! And you suck dick! Gabrielle, what did I say?”

    Gab: “Sir, I believe you said, you were asking him for what is the proper introduction.”

    DM: “Yes … and about what?”

    Gab: “If the buildings should be bigger with the marketing.”

    DM: “Fuck you the fuck I said that! What is SHE even doing in here? She doesn’t even make sense and she’s on Marketing? She’s assigned Confusion and GET HER OUT OF HERE! How did she get in here? Who is here from HCO? Who let her here? Lou!!!”

    COB Comm (Lou) (looks at her notes and shakes her head): “I don’t know, Sir.”

    DM: “… Greg! If you are fall asleep I am going to put my fist through your cock-sucking baby face and then you’re going to the RPF. Think I’m kidding? All these people on this side of the room, out. Leave! OUT! WDC all the rest, what do any of them know about scripts writing? Nothing. What do any of them know about Scientology or doing their posts? Nothing! You guys can’t string two words together or barely sign your name. All ya’ll on this side, go too. OUT! Nothing. Mike, Marc, Guillaume, you stay. Not because you treasonous cock-sucking mother fuckers know anything, I want you to HEAR what I say so I don’t have to keep saying it 150 times a day repeating myself to you pecker woods after I explain it here. (To COB Asst about the people leaving) Shelly, they ought to be RUNNING back and keep on running up there around their building and I mean RUNNING until I come back.” (Shelly runs out screaming at people to run).

    DM: “Lou! (Lou hands DM a protein bar, which he stuffs half in his mouth, a cigarette, and a cappuccino in a Starbucks cup).

    DM: (to Marc) “You got some serious out-ethics to handle. You better tell me what you are going to do about it tonight. Guillaume, that includes you. You got no one on post. All you got is his dick up your ass.

    Marc Yager, Guillaume: “Yes Sir. I will do that. Thank you.”

    DM: “What are you thanking me for? Did he just say that? Literally??? Guillaume, you literally have the worst TRs in Scientology. ‘Thank you, yes, fine, okay, I got that.’”

    Guillaume: “Got that, Sir. I will work on that. I get it, Sir. Really, I got that.”

    DM: “Steve, you are going to answer the fucking question. I know you know what I’m talking about. Now, ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!” (sits back to wait)


    As per usual, the meeting would end badly. Within minutes a transcript would be issued stamped in red, “COB TRAFFIC – NOT TO LEAVE THE BASE” which I would have to word clear (method 2 or method 9) with someone like the Dir Correction RTC (Claire Headley). During that process I would try to piece together what DM was talking about. The odds were about 70% getting it wrong regardless.

    Finally, in 2003 when DM added physical beatings into the meetings I decided to abandon the sinking ship.

    End of citation.

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 06, 2011, 04:53:55 PM

  On David Miscavige’s Behavior — Part 2

Posted on September 5, 2011 by mrinder| 99 Comments

By Mike Rinder

A recent discussion with Jim Logan and Christie reminded me of a section in Self Analysis that I then pulled out and read in a new unit of time.

It offers insight into the oft posed question: How is it possible that competent and able individuals in “international management” are apparently so incapable of doing anything about Miscavige’s insanity.

I suspect anyone who has ever been in close proximity to POB will read this and wonder how LRH could, in 1951, describe someone in 2011 SO precisely.

This is “Part 2” to an earlier posting concerning PAB 13 titled On DM’s Behavior:

In the interest of improving conditions, I also include the list that accompanies this chapter in the book, so if you read this and feel the need, LRH’s solution is right here for you to avail yourself of.

I laughed when I read the first question. Oh, how prescient LRH is.


            Aberrated individuals use two distinct and very aberrated methods of controlling others.

            The first consists of forcing the other person to do exactly what is desired with the mechanism of recrimination and denial of friendship or support unless instant compliance takes place. In other words, “You do exactly what I say or I am no ally of yours”. This is outright domination. Additionally, it seeks by anger and outright criticism, accusations, and other mechanisms to pound another individual into submission by making him less.

             The second method might be called domination by nullification. This is covert and quite often the person upon whom it is exerted remains unsuspecting beyond the fact that he knows he is very unhappy. This is the coward’s method of domination. The person using it feels that he is less than the individual upon whom he is using it and has not the honesty or fortitude to admit the fact to himself. He then begins, much as termites gnaw away a foundation (as in California) to pull the other individual “down to size”, using small carping criticisms. The one who is seeking to dominate strikes heavily at the point of pride and capability of his target. And yet, if at any moment the target challenges the nullifier, the person using the mechanism claims he is doing so solely out of assistance and friendship, or disavows completely that it has been done.

            Of the two methods, the latter is far more damaging. A person using this method seeks to reduce another individual down to a point where he can be completely controlled and will not stop until he has reduced the target into a confused apathy. The lowest common denominator of nullification could be called “invalidation”. The nullifier seeks to invalidate not only the person but the skills and knowledge of his target. The possessions of the target are said to be not quite as important as they might be. The experiences of the person being nullified are minimized. The target’s looks, strength, physical capabilities and potentialities are also invalidated. All this may be done so covertly that it appears to be “in the best interest of” the target. The nullifier seeks to “improve” the person being invalidated.

             The first question of this list should be, of course, how many people have you known who have sought consistently, under the mask of seeking to aid you, to tear you apart as a person and reduce your future, your hopes, your goals, and the very energy of your life?

 Can you recall a time when:

 1. A person much smaller than you resented your size.

2. A person bigger than you made you feel inferior.

3. A person would not let you finish something.

4. An object was too much for you.

5. You found a space too big.

6. You were pushed back because you were too small.

7. You didn’t make the team.

8. You found you were adequate.

9. You found somebody had lied about how bad you were.

10. You discovered you had been right, after all.

11. You found your decision would have been best.

12. You solved a problem nobody else could do.

13. You discovered there were homelier people in the world than you.

14. You found you could ignore somebody’s opinion.

15. You found somebody else thought you really had done something good.

16. You were admired for your looks.

17. You overcame a machine.

18. You accomplished arduous journey.

19. You discovered somebody who slurred you was dishonest in other ways.

20. You found yourself bigger and more powerful than an animal.

21. You discovered your competence.

22. You bested somebody thoroughly.

23. An enemy cried for quarter.

24. You drew blood on somebody else.

25. You took the lion’s share and kept it.

26. You made your weight felt.

27. You were too heavy for somebody.

28. You killed something.

29. You won.

30. You were able to get away from somebody who invalidated you.

31. You discovered you were right and the old man was wrong.

32. You found you could get better.

33. You got well when they had no hope for you.

34. You surprised yourself with your own endurance.

35. You discovered you did understand.

36. You did a job nobody believed possible.

37. You were proud of yourself today.

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 24, 2011, 04:23:05 PM
                  Miscavige’s Moral Bankruptcy
Posted on September 23, 2011

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 10, 2011, 11:28:10 AM
                          the sociopath next door

Over the past three decades David Miscavige has done his best to reverse the practice of Scientology. That is, the further one moves up the Bridge in the church of Scientology the more zealous, tractable, solid, narrow-minded, and in most cases miserable one becomes.  That is not to say that people cannot attain higher Grades and Levels of spiritual state and understanding. It means that those gains are manipulated by deceit and conditioning and stress toward molding a person into a conscienceless, deployable agent for an ill-intentioned cult leader.  Being the consummate covertly hostile suppressive person, Miscavige has managed to do so while stage managing a false identity to his public that he is L Ron Hubbard’s guy.

Miscavige is very well described in the Science of Survival and in PTS/SP technical bulletins, policy letters and lectures.  In fact, the reason why Miscavige could manage his complete reversal of the subject of Scientology with the willing help of thousands of staff members and thousands of once-well-heeled public Scientologists is all explained rather neatly in these Hubbard materials.

Becoming disaffected with the “church” and Miscavige, leaving one’s life works in the “church” behind,  some people have tended to leave behind some of what they learned too.  Most commonly, first and foremost they leave behind PTS/SP technology.  It makes sense.  After all, it is the technology that protects good people against people who intend harm to others.   And so many good people’s experience within the church proved to them that PTS/SP technology is faulty, does not work, or in many cases is the cause of their own travails.

Most people I have encountered who have left the church went through decompression periods of their own. That is, a length of time to destimulate (settle spiritually) from the collective, suppressive acts that finally prompted them to cut ties with the cult while trying to put those experiences into some kind of perspective against their new experiences in the outside world.  The lengths of those periods have varied from months to years to decades.

During my own decompression period I did not want to read or hear anything about Scientology.  That included reading Hubbard books or listening to his lectures.  While I never doubted any gains I had achieved and used my training in living life, delving back into the subject brought about depressing emotions with the recognition that the entity that “owned” the technology was for all intents and purposes destroying it.  I have found that many people shared that resistance during their decompressions.

But I never lost the love of reading and learning and devoured many books on other subjects that interested me at any given time.  Some of them helped immensely in giving perspective in evaluating my life, including my then twenty seven year experience in and with Scientology.  Some books validated and enhanced understandings I had attained from studying Hubbard. I have shared some of those books in the Recommended Reading section of this blog – see the subject bar on the home page of Moving On Up A Little Higher.

I am adding to that list a remarkable book that I just finished, The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout.  I am adding it because I think it might do quite a lot of good for a lot of people who left the church of Scientology.  Not only for those not wanting to review any Scientology material, but for anyone who has encountered David Miscavige or his minions dutifully carrying out his directives.

Stout is a clinical psychologist who specialized for twenty-five years in helping the victims of sociopaths.   The first half of her book shares her real life observations about sociopaths and the effects they have upon social personalities.  Her observations are remarkably parallel to Hubbard’s description of the Suppressive Person.   Note, modern accepted characteristics of the sociopath very closely align with Hubbard’s descriptions of the emotional tone level of Covert Hostility and of the Suppressive Person.  This is so much the case that I have taken to using the terms “suppressive person” and “sociopath” interchangeably.

But, Stout’s first and foremost marker for the sociopath is more complementary of Hubbard’s work than it is duplicative.  Per Stout, the sociopath first and foremost lacks conscience.  It is a very useful and workable observation she shares.

Stout’s second chapter, ice people: the sociopaths, provides an actual case history that, but for career choice and resulting milieu of operation, could serve as the biography of David Miscavige.

Later in the book Stout gives another common denominator of sociopaths that again insightfully adds to one’s arsenal against being ruined by one, the pity play:

The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.

 If you have followed this blog for long, you will know that I have several times wrote of Miscavige’s unnatural ability to paint himself as a victim.  As Stout notes, when a true sociopath is about to get caught out, he or she can very convincingly garner sympathy to divert attention from self.   Miscavige’s ability on that score has become institutionalized.  Virtually all International Association of Scientologist promo and briefings over the past two decades are outright fraudulent, falsely painting pictures of persecution against the cult.  Another example, the folks who have used 24/7/365 surveillance on my wife and me, who have overtly harassed us for 180 odd days running, with straight faces convince a clueless magistrate they must arrest me to protect them.

Stout recognizes the potential for suppressive/sociopathic groups, particularly “religious” ones.  Her description of one “church” sounds hauntingly like what has become of the conscienceless radical corporate church of Scientology:

As an illustration, one can cite the Creativity Movement, a militantly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian group formerly known as the World Church of the Creator, which is a religion founded on the love of the “White Race” and the prescribed hatred of everyone else. Within this doctrine, everyone who is not “White” is by definition a member of one of the “mud races.”  The central moral precept of the Creativity Movement is expressed as follows: “What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.”   Unsurprisingly, the long-term goal of the Creativity Movement is to organize the “White Race” to achieve world domination.

The conscienceless organization, justifying any means by its alleged assistance toward an end, committing any crime against another person without remorse as long as it can be rationalized as forwarding the group’s power.

Perhaps most importantly, Stout describes how good, intelligent people wind up doing the bidding of a sociopath.


Why are conscience-bound human beings so blind? And why are they so hesitant to defend themselves, and the ideals and people they care about, from the minority of human beings who possess no conscience at all?  A large part of the answer has to do with the emotion and thought processes that occur in us when we are confronted with sociopathy.  We are afraid, and our sense of reality suffers.  We think we are imagining things, or exaggerating, or that we ourselves are somehow responsible for the sociopath’s behavior.

It goes deeper when it comes to an organization emphasizing the importance of hierarchy and authority. Along the way she gives probably the best sum up and analysis I have read of the Stanley Milgram experiments on how authority can trump conscience.

While the last 1/3 or so of Stout’s book meanders down a sometimes painful path of speculations about possible genetic sources for sociopathy, it still manages to impart useful observations.   It was useful for me in this respect, I was able to recognize that despite Stout’s wonderful contributions (and clearly unintended validation of Hubbard’s work) modern mental health practitioners, regardless of their evolutionary progress over the past four decades, are still shackled by their inability to perceive or unwillingness to credit the spirit or soul.

Just because one is out from under the influence of the cult run by the sociopath/suppressive person of all sociopaths/suppressive persons is no reason not to read this book and hopefully recount, and maybe even re-study your Science of Survival and PTS/SP pack.  Stout, as Hubbard did forty-five years ago, recognizes that our inability to properly identify sociopaths and prevent the havoc they wreak is one of the greatest threats to humankind.

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
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FSO = Flag Service Org that Charges $8500 to elicit CRIMES and Transgressions for OT VIIs every six months !

That was the scenario at David Miscavige's Flag Service Org in 2006, when at a staff meeting, we were handed a piece of paper with all the names of foreign staff on it. It was Command Intention for anyone who's religious worker visa was expiring to do whatever they had to do to get a green card NOW.

And how to get that green card? Why, get married to a US citizen, of course!

This was a base-wide flap. We're talking Class IX auditors, Class XII auditors and top executives on that list. And funnily enough, it was brought up by the PR staff at staff meeting, as it was a "legal ruds" situation. Legal-schmegal, it was a criminal activity.

From the briefing, we were told that this was deadly serious and it was clear that we couldn't afford to lose ANY staff because it would cut across “Command Intention,” i.e., David Miscavige’s project to man-up the Super Power team
< snip>

Ergo, UNUSUAL SOLUTION: Get illegal staff married off to compound the illegality of it all.

It played out like this:

All unmarried US citizens were urged to choose one of the people on the list to marry before they were forced to leave the country.

At the same time, it was made clear to the soon-to-be-illegal workers that it was up to them to find a husband or wife, and to do it immediately. This was looked upon as their personal ethics situation.

They were given only two or three months to locate a suitable marriage partner and get married.

I don't know what happened or the magnitude of the flap that must have occurred on legal lines to have created this situation, but I do know the fallout: Many staff were married over that two-month period to someone they didn't even know before the announcement.
...a bunch of men and women hooking up not for love, but for money. Follow it through: By getting married, the FSO could maintain it’s income, sending more than a million dollars a week to... "Command" (David Miscavige) who had total dictatorial control over Sea Org reserves. That makes the spiritual leader of the Church...

                             PIMP-DADDY MISCAVIGE

...whoring out Class IX and even Class XII Auditors to other staff for cash, baby. As Santa would say, "Ho, ho, ho."

When a person on the list got married, “Command” considered that man or woman to have their ethics were in.

After all, wasn't this the most ethical thing to do -- whore yourself out to someone you barely knew, so that you could apply for a green card and continue working at Flag? Greatest good for the greatest number, right? Even though this type of activity is totally illegal?

All of this was happening while Flag was supposed to be delivering services at the highest levels of The Bridge, guarding the entrance onto the OT levels to keep any “suppressive people out.

Miscavige's Marriages of Convenience
The Flag Service Org, LRH's "Mecca of Technical Perfection" was the last service organization that LRH personally ran. It used to be his org and into the 1980s, the org still had that vibe about it. But in the 1990s, David Miscavige took over and he made it very clear Flag was HIS personal org. He virtually moved to Flag in the late 1990s and lived there personally overseeing all removations, and even C/Sing cases although he was not a C/S. His most notorious pc? Lisa McPherson. But if you had any Scientology auditing at all, chances are even you personally have been touched by the knowbest of David Miscavige. His latest stunt? Forcing every Scientologist to redo their entire Grade Chart from the bottom up.

Think "ka-ching!" And if by now you don't think David Miscavige is all about the money, this next story will perhaps sway you.

How would you feel if you were informed by an organization to which you had sworn your eternity, to which you gave 110 percent day in and day out, that you were about to be deported? Would you do whatever you could to be able to stay?

That was the scenario at David Miscavige's Flag Service Org in 2006, when at a staff meeting, we were handed a piece of paper with all the names of foreign staff on it. It was Command Intention for anyone who's religious worker visa was expiring to do whatever they had to do to get a green card NOW.

And how to get that green card? Why, get married to a US citizen, of course!

This was a base-wide flap. We're talking Class IX auditors, Class XII auditors and top executives on that list. And funnily enough, it was brought up by the PR staff at staff meeting, as it was a "legal ruds" situation. Legal-schmegal, it was a criminal activity.

From the briefing, we were told that this was deadly serious and it was clear that we couldn't afford to lose ANY staff because it would cut across “Command Intention,” i.e., David Miscavige’s project to man-up the Super Power team (that went on forever) and the new FSO building being built. Yet another scenario where the FSO had to expand rapidly to handle the entire world, as the rest of the orgs were being undercut continually by David Miscavige.

Instead of standardly manning up and building up Class V Orgs, so that they could flow public to the AOs and then on to Flag, he just concentrated his attention on Flag, the CASH COW. FSO regularly sent a million dollars a week up to "reserves". And he couldn't afford for that to dry up, now could he? Without auditors capable of delivering in many languages, the FSO could not maintain its high income.

Ergo, UNUSUAL SOLUTION: Get illegal staff married off to compound the illegality of it all.

It played out like this:

All unmarried US citizens were urged to choose one of the people on the list to marry before they were forced to leave the country.

At the same time, it was made clear to the soon-to-be-illegal workers that it was up to them to find a husband or wife, and to do it immediately. This was looked upon as their personal ethics situation.

They were given only two or three months to locate a suitable marriage partner and get married.

I don't know what happened or the magnitude of the flap that must have occurred on legal lines to have created this situation, but I do know the fallout: Many staff were married over that two-month period to someone they didn't even know before the announcement.

One example was a Class IX auditor who was a friend of mine. She married a top FSO reg in order to get a green card. She reviewed the crew list for eligible US citizens, chose him as the target, met up with him twice after hours and they then agreed that it would be fine to get married. The whole time, she was freaked out about "making it go right in time". Wow. Talk about romance.

I asked her if she loved him. She said she would eventually, and since he had a lot of money (being a top FSO reg -- they were the only ones who had the bucks) she could overlook his unattractiveness. Where have I heard that rationale before?

Another reg -- a Super Power reg -- locked in on a NOTs auditor who he had had his eye on for a while, and convinced her to marry him because she needed to stay in the country. This was not a marriage of love, by any means. But like something out of Borat, he got what he wanted -- sexytime!

So when you really stand back and look it over, what do you have? ...a bunch of men and women hooking up not for love, but for money. Follow it through: By getting married, the FSO could maintain it’s income, sending more than a million dollars a week to... "Command" (David Miscavige) who had total dictatorial control over Sea Org reserves. That makes the spiritual leader of the Church...
...whoring out Class IX and even Class XII Auditors to other staff for cash, baby. As Santa would say, "Ho, ho, ho."

When a person on the list got married, “Command” considered that man or woman to have their ethics were in.

After all, wasn't this the most ethical thing to do -- whore yourself out to someone you barely knew, so that you could apply for a green card and continue working at Flag? Greatest good for the greatest number, right? Even though this type of activity is totally illegal?

Now, how did the rest of the FSO staff view this (the ones NOT needing green cards)? Most of them considered it somewhat of a joke. In fact, there were running jokes on the base about how certain people would never find someone to marry in time, because after all, nobody would want them. Sad, but very true.

All of this was happening while Flag was supposed to be delivering services at the highest levels of The Bridge, guarding the entrance onto the OT levels to keep any “suppressive people out.” Some of those Flag auditors were the same ones delivering mandatory eligibility and six-month security checks to see who’d been naughty or who'd been nice. Ironic?

Yet another example of how the Church of Pimp-Daddy Miscavige operates way, way, WAY above the law.

Written by Scarlet Pumpernickel

Written by Scarlet Pumpernickel (who was there at the time)

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                                 More on the Vulture Culture
Posted on November 15, 2011

by Mike Rinder

In light of the ongoing St Pete Times series, here are some further thoughts on the subject.

Some Background:

David Miscavige has a long history of financial rape extending back to his days as “Chairman of the Board Author Services” in the 1980’s.  There he oversaw the Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth “special editions” and “signed artwork prints” exorbitantly priced rip-offs  sold as “investments.”  Anyone who owns these virtually worthless “properties” knows how much they are worth and how much bullshit hype accompanied their sale.

Miscavige also directed the pillaging of org book accounts, forcing orgs and missions to buy bookstocks that they did not need (many of them rotted in basements and eventually became worthless when the “new editions” came out) as the income to the Pubs Orgs resulting in increasing HIS stats at ASI (and consequently his bonuses).

And let’s not forget the International Finance Police, launched under his personal supervision, who went to orgs and missions and “fined” them for imagined transgressions and took the money from their accounts without any recourse.

But these were just warm up rounds to prepare him for the multi-million dollar scams to come – the IAS, “Basics” and “Ideal Orgs.”


In late 2006, David Miscavige ordered Janet McLaughlin (President IASA) and her executives, who were in Los Angeles at the time, rounded up and taken to the Hole.  Janet’s husband, Colm, was sent to the Freewinds under guard where he was put in lockdown.  Colm remains there to this day, separated from his wife for 5 years. He has reportedly tried to escape, but was gang tackled on the dock and dragged back to the ship (Security telling the Port Police that he was “drunk”).

For the rest....

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                           The Circus Comes to Town
Posted on December 1, 2011 by mrinder | 114 Comments

By Mike Rinder   (EX Official spokesperson for the cult.)

Having just seen the latest annual IAS circus featuring Chairman of the Board IAS (and nobody else,  including L. Ron Hubbard), a few thoughts sprang to mind (apart from the fact that I felt I needed to take a shower after being slimed).

Firstly, for an association that promotes itself as “open to anyone” and with such pressure brought to bear to get people to attend the event, they are awfully shy about letting the world see all their “good works”.  Earlier efforts to maintain the “security” of the DVD’s that go to the orgs are now completely  over the top. Less precautions are taken with State Secrets in many countries.  What is POB so worried about?  That his hype will be exposed for what it is? Or even worse, his over-the-top claims about the astonishing inroads in Guatemala, Pakistan, Colombia, Congo, Papua New Guinea  blah, blah, blah will be seen on the internet in those places and official responses will Dead Agent his bullshit.

Secondly, Shermanspeak ® has reached new lows.  Right out of the starting gates POB bloviates thusly: “We meet again in the kingdom of the IAS. And should anyone wonder what foresight and fortune brought you to this place that was always waiting – this place we were destined to reunite since the first tick of time, well, allow me to reiterate just who we are: We have come to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology.” If you can make sense out of this, you have obviously been subjected to a reverse Scientology rundown available only in the RCS.  It went downhill from there like a southbound train on a rocket ride to eternity.  I was going to count the number of times POB began sentences with “Given” or “Notwithstanding” or used the phrase “says it all”, “which is to say”, “all of which” or “which in turn brings us to this,” but it was just too painful.

As a sidenote, the “Kingdom of the IAS” seems to have been a theme, but more appropriate would have been “Circus of the IAS” – as it featured (literally) fire-eaters, stilt walkers, galloping horses dressed in medieval costumes, a big tent and a barking ring-master in a tuxedo.

Thirdly, it was rather evident watching his “Grand Opening” that there isnt much to talk about. Believe it or not, he showed the opening of NN Arrowhead, Applied Scholastics, WTH Fdn etc AGAIN and the conjured “stats” that bust out the top of graphs have become ludicrous.  How these people keep buying it is a wonder of the modern world.  A snaking pipe bursts out the top of a graph described as “Number of Disaster Sites Responded to by VMs” — 164 SINCE the wake up call!  Talk about Merchants of Chaos!  The more disasters there are, the more POB can hype his cumulative false stats!  Or this one, “2893 Governments On Board with Our Programs” since Wake Up Call.  Another smashing “Affluence” of unverifiable horseshit.  The Missions I will leave for another post as that was just comical.

His shermanspeak rendition of org “expansion” was presented as this: “10 fold expansion in sheer size and scope since Wake Up Call.”  The “graphs” come on the screen and crash and bang and nobody has any idea what they are really showing — they just give a general impression there is massive expansion occuring of some type, somewhere.

But his Grand Finale took the cake:  “If the Wake-up Call was ultimately about opening eyes to the necessities of Planetary Clearing , then what has since been accomplished says it all – Scientology sectors across the world now delivering help at a rate 70 times higher than in 2001.”

This is an all time whopper.

So, I thought comparing what the great man said in front of his loving audience to RCS PUBLISHED information would be interesting.

Of course “delivered help” would be reflected in org growth, so let’s begin there (I am sure if ever challenged to justify this statement he would say it is “all delivery” meaning counting every employee of any company that has had a WISE seminar as someone “helped”, but even given that sleaze, if it really increased 70 times in 10 years it would HAVE to show up in orgs).

As has become his predictably boring habit,  POB made a big deal about Ideal Orgs – promoting Inglewood and the seemingly jinxed “Jaffa” (Tel Aviv) Ideal Orgs with lavish fly-throughs, announcing them “complete” even though Jaffa cannot open because they do not have permission to occupy the building.

It’s well known the RCS doesn’t make information about stats from the Ideal Orgs (or any others) available to anyone.  Occasionally something leaks out, like stat graphs from a disgruntled San Francisco staff member (both an Ideal Org AND a SH Size Org) or eyewitness reports from visitors to the empty Ideal Orgs in London, New York,  Madrid, Pasadena, Malmo and others.  All one has to do to check up on POB’s bs is walk into any of these orgs.  No matter how many times he repeats that they are “the embodiment of the Bridge itself” or “each one a monument to civilization” the fact remains they are more like empty MEST monuments to POB’s insanity. But of course every KoolAid guzzler falls for the old trick – if they see the org they are in empty and failing they just know all the others are booming and their org is “out of step” and out ethics to boot.

So,  as Dan Sherman might put it, let’s take a “grander view from above the planet, straight up and vertical, three feet back of civilization.”  And for this first look, let’s stick to the orgs. And let’s stick to the data the CHURCH makes available.

There is a great baseline provided by the church for comparing relative growth. The 1992 edition of What Is Scientology? — perhaps the last broadly available accurate and honest information about the church of Scientology.  No doubt POB regrets it enormously, for it contains a list of all orgs and missions in the world, and the dates when orgs were first established.  If you look at the site these days, it is deliberately designed so it is virtually impossible to make such a list, though I am sure if you spent enough time you could. But for the purposes of this review, there is really no need.

Let’s analyse the “70 times” expansion with a very simple criteria.  How many orgs are there?  As POB keeps repeating, it is orgs that are the “islands of sanity bringing LRH tech to their entire zones.”  So, one would presume with 70x expansion there would be MORE orgs bringing LRH tech to their “entire zones.”

WIS lists the following:

NEW ORGS OPENED in the 1970’s: CCLA, Munich, Plymouth, Buffalo, Boston, Vienna, San Diego, Portland, St Louis, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Malmo,  Manchester, Montreal, Ottawa, Sacramento, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Milano, Bern, IFA (Mexico City).  22 in all.

NEW ORGS OPENED in the 1980’s: Brescia, Cincinnati, ACD (Mexico City), Edmonton, Phoenix, Brussels, Novara, ITD (Mexico City), Birmingham, IFA (Mexico City), Sunderland, Albuquerque, Columbus, Bogota, Basel, Angers, Berlin, Canberra, Rome, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Valley, Kitchener, Padova, Oslo, Polanco (Mexico City), Geneva, Pordenone, Madrid, St Etienne, Tel Aviv, Harare, Quebec, Joburg North, Caracas, CCLV, Winnipeg, Aarhuus, Barcelona, CC Paris, Torino, Verona, Clermont Ferrand, Tampa, Lyon, Orlando, Lisbon, Kansas City, New Haven, Brisbane, Brighton, Ann Arbor, Guadalajara, Hamburg, Zurich, Long Island, Orange County, CCNY, CC Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Steven’s Creek, CC Dusseldorf, Monza, CC Portland, Nuoro, CC Dallas, Lausanne, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hanover, Atlanta, Stuttgart. 72 in all.

NEW ORGS opened from 1990 to 1992: Catania, Salt Lake, Mountain View, Puerto Rico.  4 total.

From there, the information is based on my memory.  I believe St Petersburg, Moscow, Athens and Budapest were opened in the late 1990’s, or at least prior to the “Wake Up Call.”

SINCE the “Wake Up Call” – Inglewood, last month.

So, in the 3 decades prior to POB’s kick off point for his 70X expansion, 100 NEW orgs opened. Since then ONE. Maybe he just got his numbers/words inverted and he meant to say 70X contraction? Or 1/70th as much expansion as in previous decades? Or something???

But, let’s slice this cake of a cleared civilization another way.  Of the 10 largest metropolitan areas on the planet, only 3 have orgs – Tokyo, New York  and Mexico City. The 7 others  don’t even have a mission – Seoul, Mumbai, Jakarta, Sao Paolo, Delhi, Osaka and Shanghai. 70X expansion? Really?

Ah, but Dan and Dave could say that 70X expansion came about with the EXISTING orgs.  But back to the trusty WIS? book.  Prior to the Wake Up Call, the following orgs were declared St Hill Size:  Orange County, Munich,  Hamburg,  Zurich, Milano, Stuttgart, Stevens Creek, LA Org, CC Paris and Budapest. Since then, POB has bestowed that status on Joburg Day, Tampa Day, SFO Day and Moscow. There are a whole slew of his “Ideal Orgs” that have not qualified for “SH Size status” including some of his most grandiose – London, Berlin, DC, Brussels.  Surely, with 70X expansion generated by only the existing orgs, every single org would by now be SH size?

And finally, on the subject of orgs – what about some of the places POB has hyped over the last decade, showing grandiose “fly-throughs” depicting “completed” buildings that have never come to pass:  Harlem is the crown jewel of his Ideal Orgs dunces cap, but its flanked by some other gems:  Battle Creek ring a bell, New Haven? Sacramento? Kaoshuing? Copenhagen? CapeTown? Toronto? The list is almost endless. That is a demonstration of 70X expansion?

To borrow another favorite from the bard of bullshit – when you add it all up, you come to this:

Since 1990, under the direct personal orders of Mr. Scientology himself, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. David Miscavige: the international network of Scientology orgs has been steadily shrinking in terms of reach and help provided (theta), while steadily increasing in terms of buildings and the always supremely important “square footage” (MEST).

Or, to put it another way, David Miscavige has truly perfected the skill of turning theta into MEST

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                          Even More on Missions

By Mike Rinder      Article, video

Title: Re: Who is David Miscavige ?
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                           David Miscavige: The Narcissist
Posted on December 7, 2011 by martyrathbun09 | 55 Comments

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. Narcissistic personality disorder is closely linked to egocentrism.  - Wikipedia

As Mike Rinder, Dan Koon, Raul, and others will attest, not a single word of a single Corporate Scientology event is not directed and/or finally authorized by David Miscavige.  He lives for Corporate Scientology events.   The latest IAS Freedom Medal winner – the Columbian military man in the following video excerpt – is being honored for distributing The Way To Happiness booklets (a moral code written by L Ron Hubbard) in his country.

Mike Rinder, Dan Koon, Raul, and many other former International Corporate Scientology base staff will attest that David Miscavige would never lift a single finger to advance any such campaign.

Anyone who has worked closely with Miscavige can also attest that he considers Latinos second-class, degraded people. Not only can he not translate Spanish, he cannot even pronounce a single Spanish word properly. I’ve only ever heard him attempt to use Spanish words to degrade Latinos or Latinas in his environment.

Now, check the following clip from the most recent IAS annual event and tell me, is there a single sincere bone in this cat’s body?

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                                  David Miscavige: Merchant of Chaos

Posted on December 8, 2011 by martyrathbun09 | 100 Comments

In the following excerpt from the October,2011 International Association of Scientologists (IAS) event, David Miscavige preaches the benefits of the destruction of the Twin Towers and the loss of the lives of 3,000 people in New York  City on 9/11/01.

Possible Questions for discussion?

1) Is there anyone in the free world who ten years later is still so excited about the “virtues” of the terrorist attacks on New York City?

2) Is there any corporation in the world that has so shamelessly continued to exploit the misery of 9/11 ten years after the fact for profit and personal gain?

3)  Has there ever been a ten year period where Scientology has declined in numbers and credibility more than in these past ten  years where Miscavige has consistenly used the 9/11 catastrophe as his brilliant “Wake Up Call” strategy?

4)  Is Miscavige promoting the ideas of Osama Bin Laden in his dramatic description of what 9/11 meant?

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                 Champions of Human Rights — Yeah Right…

Posted on December 17, 2011 by mrinder | 43 Comments

by Mike Rinder

How ironic is the latest Press Release from the RCS?  Once again, you are warned to put down any hot coffee and grab yourself a barf bag.

The arrogance of asserted superiority and “facts” in the face of stark evidence to the contrary is not limited to POB at his international circus tent performances. Apparently the assertions know no bounds and are being spewed into the broad public arena too. Like the infamous “Comical Ali” (Saddam Hussein’s propaganda spouting spokesman) it seems the RCS thinks that if they pronounce obvious, massive lies with a straight face, the world will believe them.  And, like Comical Ali they are oblivious to the fact that everyone is laughing at them.

But really, it should come as no surprise.

In 1981 LRH wrote the HCOB entitled The Criminal Mind. In it, among many other things, he says the following:


Apparently they add it up this way: “If I accuse him of robbing, then it would be assumed by others that I have not robbed a bank.” By loudly voicing a condemnation of a crime, the criminal, with a crooked think, supposes people will now suppose he is above bank robbery and won’t suspect him.

Now, with that in mind, check out the latest church Press Release.

I have not included the entirety of the rambling, self-congratulatory puff-piece listing numerous false stats, as nobody should be required to read such drivel. But here are a few salient sections (in italics) with my comments following each:

On the 63rd anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Church of Scientology urges mandatory human rights education as the key to its full implementation of the Declaration. [The RCS would do well to educate itself on what the UDHR holds – so many of its Articles are being violated daily by the church. Remember “If I accuse him of robbing…”]

Human rights are the rights that belong to everyone without exception—to people of any color, creed, age, ethnicity or gender…. [Except anyone who dares express an opinion contrary to those held by David Miscavige and his clubbed seal followers.]

The United Nations estimates that 2.45 million people are trafficked each year, nearly a billion live in hunger, and almost half the world’s population subsists on less than $2.50 a day, making it clear any momentum generated this year must continue and that education and insistence on human rights has never been more vital. [Right… “victims of human trafficking are not permitted to leave upon arrival at their destination. They are held against their will through acts of coercion and forced to work or provide services to the trafficker or others. The work or services may include anything from bonded or forced labor to commercialized sexual exploitation. The arrangement may be structured as a work contract, but with no or low payment or on terms which are highly exploitative. Sometimes the arrangement is structured as debt bondage, with the victim not being permitted or able to pay off the debt.” Does thing ring any bells with anyone?  And come now -- $2.50 a day would be a raise for those in the RPF…]

For more than four decades, the Church has worked to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights broadly known.  The Declaration appeared in the first edition of Freedom Magazine, the Church’s human rights journal, in 1968…. [Ah yes, wouldn’t a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights look just swell in one of the modern day Freedoms “exposing” the pc folder data of “apostates” alongside the cartoon caricatures, photoshopped images and name calling that Mad magazine would reject? Surely you jest about Freedom mag – can anyone imagine someone from the United Nations reading one of those recent rags? They even turn off KoolAid drinkers and they can stomach almost anything.] 

“There are many examples in history of what individuals can accomplish by demanding their rights and insisting on the rights of others,” says Rev. Robert Adams, Vice President of the Church of Scientology International…. [Is this the absolute pinnacle of irony or what? The unknown VICE President of CSI is making the pronouncement on behalf of the International Church about its largest worldwide campaign on Human Rights Day. And it is the VICE President rather than THE President because?...  Well, we all know the answer to that, the President, in keeping with the great traditions of upholding human rights and dignity that the church has become so well known for, is held in the Hole, incommunicado for a decade. He has been “disappeared.” And POB doesnt dare announce the fact publicly, or appoint a "new" President as that would make it obvious Heber is "gone." POB has Heber held incommunicado until he dies and then he can make a grand pronouncement about him. This is no idle speculation, after keeping Mary Sue in similar circumstance for years, Miscavige was thrilled when she died as she was no longer a "problem."]

The arrogance required to make these statements boggles the mind. But then again, this IS what the Criminal Mind does. While strangling babies, Jack the Ripper is on TV campaigning for children’s rights. While violating human rights and destroying people’s lives daily, engaging in human trafficking and stealing money with false promises and hope, Pope on a Box is loudly announcing to the world that HE is the champion of Human Rights (and I mean this literally – check out the website and you will see all magnificences are directly attributed to the most magnificent one of all).

As a public service to one and all, but especially to POB who probably has never actually READ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, following are some of its 30 Articles. It doesn’t take a double digit IQ to scan through these and determine whether the RCS is upholding or is in direct violation of them.

Article 1:  All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2:  Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

Article 3:  Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 4:  No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Article 5:  No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 7:  All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Article 9:  No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 12:  No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 18:  Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Article 19:  Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Article 20:  (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. (2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

Article 30:  Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

So, here’s a challenge for the RCS. How about educating YOUR people as a first step? All those little booklets and videos are really cool.

But of course, that would also mean telling them the truth about what you are actually doing with Heber Jentzsch, what sort of dirty tricks you are employing against those who expose your abuses, and letting everyone know the truth about what is really going on with Scientology expansion.

I’m not holding my breath.

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                    From here to Scientology: Worldwide leader David Miscavige's Philly-area roots

Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-5916

THE SOUTH Jersey suburb where David Miscavige grew up was utopian by design, a prefab paradise where footballs and fireflies floated over lush, green lawns and parents played pinochle long after the ice cubes melted in their cocktails.

Miscavige's middle-class Catholic upbringing in Willingboro, N.J., abruptly changed four decades ago when his childhood asthma led the family to another utopian vision - that of L. Ron Hubbard.

Miscavige, 51, a high-school dropout, today is the worldwide leader of the Church of Scientology, which Hubbard founded. The church says Miscavige has touched the lives of "billions" since his days as a young Scientology prodigy.

But some ex-members have alleged abuses under his command. Some have called Miscavige a dictator who isolates followers from their families and uses his fists to touch people's lives.

Miscavige (pronounced Mis-kav-ij) has never been charged with assault, and the church has denied the accusations. In fact, the church says, Miscavige has been at the "helm in an era of expansion" into 165 countries. In 1993, he won a fight to gain tax-exempt status for the church from the Internal Revenue Service.

And when Tom Cruise, Scientology's most-visible face, married Katie Holmes, he chose Miscavige as his best man.

"I have never met a more competent, a more intelligent, a more tolerant, a more compassionate being outside of what I've experienced from LRH [Hubbard]," Cruise once said of Miscavige.

Over the past three months, church officials said Miscavige was either out of the country or busy with church functions and unable to talk. Most of his relatives either declined to comment to the Daily News or didn't return requests for comment.

Still, from interviews with former neighbors and former church members, a picture emerges of a South Jersey boy who went from playing in Pennypacker Park to becoming the top player in Scientology.

A taste for scrapple

Born in Bucks County in 1960, Miscavige spent his first 12 years in Willingboro, one of three mass-produced Levittowns built on the East Coast after World War II.

By all accounts, Miscavige lived an idyllic life in a two-story colonial on Peartree Lane in Willingboro's Pennypacker Park neighborhood. He played baseball and, like older brother Ronnie - whom he idolized - he also suited up for the Pennypacker Park Patriots football team.

Ronnie Miscavige apparently has not spoken publicly about Scientology or his younger brother since leaving the church in 2000.

But Paul Elliott, who grew up across the street from the Miscaviges, said his parents played cards with Miscaviges' parents on weekends. He and his brothers once rigged an Erector Set, propped up with string and a dose of childhood hope, from their bedroom window to the room where Ronnie and "Davey" slept, hoping to pass secret messages in the dark, he recalled.

Elliott said Davey looked up to Ronnie, who in turn was protective of his diminutive younger brother. Elliott recently attended a Phillies game with Miscavige's brother, but they didn't discuss Scientology.

"I asked him about Davey," Elliott recalled, but Ronnie said he hadn't spoken to his brother in a long time.

Long after both families moved away, a coincidental connection remains.

"It's funny that you came here," a woman, who asked not to be identified, said at the red colonial where the Elliotts once lived.

"My husband is interested in Scientology. He just got audited," she said, using the church's term for spiritual counseling.

The church told the Daily News that Miscavige has been back to the Philadelphia area infrequently since 1976, but that decades in California had not diminished his fondness for it.

"He has retained a taste for the local food, including Philly cheesesteaks, scrapple and perogies," a church spokeswoman wrote in an email.

Miscavige still follows Philly sports, the church said, and in 1981 he drove from California to New Orleans to watch the Raiders beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XV.

Marty Rathbun, an ex-church member and former close associate of Miscavige's, said they drove 32 hours in a Datsun to meet up with members of Miscavige's family at the Super Bowl. Afterward, the Miscaviges got into an argument at a buffet with about 20 Oakland fans who were gloating over the win, he recalled.

"That's how die-hard-Philly they were," Rathbun said.

In 1993, Miscavige attended two Phillies World Series games. He sometimes catches a spring-training game in Clearwater, Fla., the home of Scientology's spiritual headquarters.

Summers at the shore

The Miscaviges spent summers at the Jersey shore, mostly in Brigantine, Ocean City, Wildwood and Atlantic City - where his sisters, Lori and Denise, performed on "Tony Grant's Stars of Tomorrow" show on the Steel Pier, the church said. In the winter, the family rented cabins in the Poconos and went skiing at Camelback and Big Boulder.

According to the church, Miscavige has fond memories of Pennypacker Park Elementary School, in Willingboro. Former neighbors recall him, as well.

"He has a personality that you kind of remember, not good or bad," said Jeffrey Wirth, a former Pennypacker Park resident who knew the Miscavige family as a boy. "You just remembered him."

Former neighbors alluded to Miscavige's asthma, which they said often cut his days short with bouts of wheezing.

After many doctor visits and trips to the emergency room, Ronald Miscavige Sr. took his son to see a man who practiced the teachings that Hubbard espoused in his book Dianetics.

"From that moment, Mr. Miscavige knew he had found the answer to both his ailment and what he would make his life's pursuit," the church told the Daily News. "That is his personal story of how he began in Scientology."

Elliott said some kids in Pennypacker Park had a hard time understanding this transformation.

"I remember when they started," Elliott said. "He would say they know the truth, that 'this is this' if you really believed it."

The family studied Scientology in South Jersey briefly. In 1972 they abruptly sold their house, packed up and moved to England to delve deeper into the religion.

Having been a Scientology prodigy before high school, Miscavige now became one of the church's youngest "auditors."

The Miscaviges moved back to the Philadelphia area in 1973, then back to England briefly, and finally to Broomall, Delaware County, where David and his sister Denise attended Marple Newtown High School. According to the St. Petersburg Times, David was disgusted by drug use at Marple Newtown.

The Florida paper said Miscavige dropped out of high school on his 16th birthday with his father's blessing and moved to Clearwater to work in the church. A few dozen former classmates reached by the Daily News didn't remember him.

Miscavige was in California by 1979 and soon was working directly under Hubbard. He took over after the church's founder died in 1986, and is known to Scientologists as "DM" or "COB," short for chairman of the board of the Religious Technology Center.

continued here,,,

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                       Miscavige screwing his assistant on Cruise's personal jet?

A couple years ago DM was holding court in the presence of some Scientology Celebrities. Little did he know that one of them was not your garden variety Kool Aid drinking fawner. This particular woman is a friendly, sassy and savvy individual. Her beingness – at least back in the day – could be described as insouciant. She also wields a pretty awesome bullshit detector.

Well, the celebrity happened to see Lou affecionately pat DM on the butt, thinking that she was not being watched. Having a high level of integrity, the celebrity did precisely what LRH policy calls for in such a circumstance. She wrote a knowledge report on what she witnessed.

Not being the prudish type, perhaps she was motivated by care for the survival of International Scientology. After all, LRH had this to say on the subject:

“It is interesting that a review of faltering orgs that got into trouble in their areas each one had a bad sex entanglement high on staff.

“A review of actions of orgs and attacks over the last fifteen years makes it stand out sharply that an org which is mixed up sexually in the higher echelons will not be effective, will have low statistics and can’t defend itself on the public front.

“Such are not attacked for loose sexual relations. They are just too decayed to do a good job of defense or follow policy. So they become subject to attack.”

HCO POLICY LETTER OF 3 MARCH 1966 (OEC Vol 7 page 690)

The celebrity’s ethical vigilance was rewarded in much the same manner Shelly’s was, only tailored for a public Scientologist. She was ordered to Flag for behavior modification. At her own expense she was treated to sec checking and ethics handlings to find out why she was “critical of COB.” The end phenomena was to admit there must be something wrong with her to have had that perception. I invite folks to read T Paine’s Mechanisms of Miscavige at ... avige.html if you haven’t done so already. Think again if you doubt mind control is being practiced by Miscavige to cover his crimes and create unthinking loyalty.

Had the celebrity’s accurate perceptions been heeded rather than suppressed, they might have been used to put period to DM’s commission of the out ethics activities that LRH says outright wrecks organizations when practiced at the top.

An unimpeachable witness has subsequently disclosed that not only were Shelly and the celebrity perceptive in suspecting that DM was engaging in Out Ethics activity, he was doing it in ostentatious style, courtesy of his buddy Tom Cruise.

On long flights aboard Cruise’s personal jet, DM and Lou would retire for hours on end to Tom’s bedroom cabin, a cabin that is outfitted only for the purpose of lying upon the bed.

We have no proof what went on behind the bedroom cabin door. But, I credit the perceptions of Shelly Miscavige (who suffered greatly for deciding to cease ignoring outpoints and situations), and the celebrity Scientologist (who was coerced to pay for the privilege of the implanting of doubt of her own perceptions), and my other witnesses who have supplied the remainder of the testimony for this series.

Perhaps the saddest, and most telling, part of this story is that Lou used to be a quite likable, friendly and ethical individual. Many people will remember her as that. For that reason, we are all hoping she will wake up and escape before hunkering down in the bunker with Miscavige.

Peace to all of you – and there were many – who had your thoughts (or rather, Miscavige’s interpretations and embellishments of your thoughts) on the 2D broadcast in a fashion so as to belittle, invalidate and make you all feel less.

Remember what a wise man once wrote: “Basically, if sometimes clouded over with the not-so-pale cast of bad experience, your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe.”

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                         Secret History of David Miscavige

With photos...

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                                                    Another story:
Alex Castillo | February 28, 2012

Back at the Flag Land Base, in 1979-80, under your direct order, while I was the LRH appointed Flag Land Base Programmes Officer, instructed to report directly to LRH, you ordered one of your minions, namely Vicky Aznaran, to get rid of me by assigning me to the RPF without a Comm Ev, without confronting me with any kind of facts that would justify the sudden punishment. At the time when you ordered Aznaran to get rid of me, I was in charge of all programmes being run at the FLB, including the FSO, (having previously been a Flag Evaluator/Continental/Org Manager for years) all my stats were in Affluence, including FSO GI (gross income), which was at the time making well over a million dollars a week!

From the RPF, having complied with the rules, I attempted to use every LRH Ethics and Justice policy I knew by heart (I was fully trained on Data Series, FEBC, Ethics and Justice, and all LRH FOs, etc, etc). Again, under your orders, your CMO slaves squashed my attempts by using LRH Policies to clear my name and you even overrode the power of what was then Final Authority (LRH Pers Comm) and I know you personally received the package clearly showing that my RPF assignement was an injustice and you ignored it (you were not about be bested by a Mexican) and put it in a drawer in your desk (I know this for a fact).

Still believing LRH Policy was law, one night I blew the RPF, went to a Motel in Clearwater carrying all my evidence and ethics and Justice policies and called the IJC (some poor sod called Hamish Hamilton) and asked him to meet me, all in an on-policy attempt to clear my name and obtain Justice. The poor guy showed up the next day, saw my evidence and heard my case and concluded my case was an injustice. He promised me he would clear my name as long as I went back to the RPF, which I did.

The next thing I knew, again under your orders, the poor guy was busted from post and I never heard from him again. Some time after that, I decided there was something very wrong, I heard LRH was off the lines and I left. That was in 1981. 3 years later, when you had made good inroads by false reporting to LRH by being a “good and trusted friend of Pat Broeker”, while I was in Santa Barbara CA, close to the David Mayo scene but not involved in it, (my wife was helping David mayo, I was running a small business), you ordered Vicky Aznaran to destroy David mayo and anyone connected to him. I was a soft target and you did manage to destroy my livelyhood (but only temporarily).

It was not nice, David Miscavige, to have government agents showing up at my auto repair shop, putting a gun to my head and arresting me on the charge of being a “dangerous, armed criminal escaped from justice”. Me, I was nor armed (they searched my shop and all they could find was a lot of auto repair tools and equipment-the most dangerous “weapons” being screwdrivers), and clearly not an escaped criminal. Still, these people arrested me and took me straight to LA and dumped me into a holding cell.

An hour later the agents came back, took me out of my cell, guided me to a quiet corner and said (verbatum):” We know exactly how much the Church of Scientology paid to get you here. Here is a LA Times reporter business card. Call him and tell him your story. We are sorry but we had to follow up on their report about you. We have checked and you are not a wanted criminal”. (Anyone interested can read about that Op in Nancy Many’s book “My Billion Year Contract”)

After that, David Mayo posted bail for me and I went back to Santa Barbara, hired a lawyer and continued to run my business, but you had already achieved what you wanted. Being alone against your ill gained power I could not sustain the legal fees, so I capitulated and eventually left the US and moved to a different location where, thanks to my clear understanding of LRH Tech and Admin, started again and created a happy, successful life, something YOU CAN NEVER HOPE FOR THIS LIFETIME OR PERHAPS MANY OTHERS. You thought you had destroyed me, David Miscavige, but you didn’t and I am here to haunt you, confront you with your CRIMINAL ACTIONS and to let you know that this time I am not alone. Your betrayal of LRH and Scientology and your crimes against good, innocent, well meaning people is today very much a verifiable fact and you are now dealing with a group of TRUE SCIENTOLOGISTS that will see you right up against a wall of TRUTH and will not allow you to get away with all the crimes you have committed against people who just want to see that this world of ours become free of CRIME, INSANITY AND WAR.

I have no desire to hate you, David miscavige, because that is not part of my agenda. Maybe, and I say maybe, you are a good person, way, way down there in the depths of your tortured soul, a place you can’t see now when you are being a Suppressive Person, but as of now I very much want to see you
get the fuck out of this planet, so Scientology can succeed in it’s efforts to help people.

To all my friends here and for new people looking at this blog I say: David Miscavige’s crimes are not recent. They started way back in the late 70′s. He has had many years to practise his evil intents. Be aware!

Alex Castillo | February 28, 2012 at 5:14 pm |

By the way, DAVID MISCAVIGE, I am but one of the thousands of “products” your unbelievable criminality has produced. Many more will come back to haunt you. I hope you remember how, one way or the other, you got rid of all of the people who were selfishly dedicating their lives to the expansion of LRH’s Scientology. Remember Kerry Gleeson? Remember Bill Franks? Remember Alen Buchanan (RIP), remember all the LRH trained Class XIIs? Remember Janis Jentz? Remember Dede Reisdorf? Remember the hundreds of other who are on the list of “enemies of scientology? here is the list, in case you can’t remember, since you have so many enemies:

You made all these people, mostly dedicated Scientologists loyal to LRH into your enemies. THESE ARE YOUR PRODUCTS since you took the position of Leader of Scientology. Enjoy your wins!


Alex Castillo | February 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm |

I forgot to mention that my name is on the list of enemies, going way back to the early 80′s. Name: Castillo Alex

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    Department of Justice (Attorney General Eric Holder)


Department of Justice:

                                    Hold David Miscavige Accountable for His Crimes

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                                    Miscavige and Misogyny

Posted on March 3, 2012 by martyrathbun09 | 100 Comments

                           Definition of MISOGYNY

                                 : a hatred of women

— miso·gy·nic adjective

— mi·sog·y·nist noun or adjective

— mi·sog·y·nis·tic adjective

Origin of MISOGYNY

Greek misogynia, from misein to hate + gynē woman — more at queen

First Known Use: circa 1656     –

Many here have expressed dismay while attempting to divine David Miscavige’s “logic” in launching perhaps the largest footnuke in Scientology history by suing Debbie Cook.

Mike Rinder and I went through the same process the moment we first finished reading the lawsuit and motion for Temporary Injunction.

However, Rinder in his inimitable, deliberative style soon summed up what I believe to be a perfectly accurate estimation of Miscavige’s thought processes in one succinct sentence.

Mike read the following from Debbie’s 15 January email to the “church”:

“I put out a simple message to not support anything not covered in tech or policy by L Ron Hubbard and to go up the Bridge.  How is that so horrible and despicable?  Oh, I forgot, I dared to challenge DM.  My OL (Opinion Leader) is L Ron Hubbard.”

Mike turned to me and said, “I know exactly what happened;  Miscavige read this and said, ‘I AM GOING TO TEACH THAT BITCH A LESSON’.”

Mike was spot on because Mike understands that at bottom David Miscavige is the worst sort of misogynist.

When I joined the Sea Org in January 1978 one thing that impressed me about Ron Hubbard’s international organization was that it was way, way ahead of the times in terms of gender equality.   Some of the most powerful figures in Scientology – all appointed by L Ron Hubbard himself – were women.   Mary Sue Hubbard and Jane Kember on the Guardian’s Office side, and Dede Reisdorf Voegeding and Gale Reisdorf Irwin on the Sea Org side.

Well, the first order of business in Miscavige’s rise to power was the calculated, systematic destruction of all four of those women.

But, that was not the end of it.

Upon formation of Religious Technology Center, which was intended to carry out an international Qual function so as to guarantee the practice of Standard Technology in churches of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard appointed two more women to its highest positions, Inspector General – Annie Tidman Broeker; and D/Inspector General  – Vicki Aznaran.

Both very competent women were ruthlessly taken down by Miscavige.

By the late eighties there were but four remaining high-profile, internationally recognized women executives heading major Scientology entities, Terri Gamboa at Author Services Inc (ASI, before it became a glorified sales con outfit), Janet Light at International Association of Scientologists (IAS), Bitty Blythe Miscavige as Commanding Officer CMO Int,  and Debbie Cook at Flag Service Organization.

When Miscavige’s ordered criminal reg tactics of ASI were creating big external threats for the church, he blamed it all on Terri and blew her off.

Bitty rose to the position of Inspector General – chiefly on the merits of her years’ long projects to help upgrade Flag into a two million dollars a week income cash cow.  Janet was left to get on with it as she turned IAS into an even more profitable outfit, albeit out-exchange and criminal, than Flag.

Bitty had her ups and downs and ups, but in the year 2000 she too was blown off by Miscavige’s misogynist behavior after having the temerity to challenge him.

Then in early 2007 Janet was imprisoned in the hole and broken after expressing disagreements with Miscavige’s  increasing greed and criminality.  Shortly after Miscavige sent his own wife, COB Assistant Shelly, to a gulag because she too began to question Miscavige’s sanity.

That left Debbie as the last powerful woman in Scientology standing.  If you’ve been following since her New Years message this year, you know the misogynist behavior Miscavige visited upon her.

And when Debbie drew a line in the sand and told the dictator “make my day” he could not resist his own evil, misogynist impulses.

My guess is that if there were a support network like the Independent Movement in place back in the day none of these powerful women (all friends and trusted confidants of L Ron Hubbard) would have given up and left Scientology behind.

In my mind Debbie stands for all the great women of Scientology.

When Debbie told the SP “no!”, she represented every former great woman in Scientology that Miscavige blew off or destroyed.

When she prevails it will rehabilitate the power of female legends in the history of the Scientology movement.

It will restore complete gender equality in Scientology for the future.

It will quite possibly mark the end of Miscavige’s reign of terror; for the simple reason that I imagine he cannot live with the fact of being bested by a woman.

Note: While the above is only a brief overview, the details of the misogynist, sexist nature of Scientology Inc’s supreme leader and its effect in destroying Scientology Inc will be fully exposed in my upcoming book.

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     Killer post by  Scn.Hun  over at ESMB                       

  PROOF: Miscavige knew about the beatings of others

    According to the Church of Scientology's own online statements and videos, Church of Scientology Executives of the highest level (second in command) mentally and physically hurt, abused other executives and staff members on the International Headquarters of the Church of Scientology in Hemet, California for more than 20 years. Besides the ecclesiastical crimes they violated several State and Federal Laws.
    Even after David Miscavige had learnt about this, they could remain in position for years. Miscavige denies that he beat anybody, but according to the Church own sites he knew about the beatings of others.

    I collected these informations from COS sites, so beware of the links if you are afraid.
    There are several inconsistencies, but the truth shines through. I put my remarks between square brackets.

What I wanted to show are the following things:
- The Church of Scientology admitted that there were physical and mental abuses for many many years.
- The Church of Scientology admitted, that even the executive second in command committed horrible things for years.
- The Church of Scientology admitted that David Miscavige personally knew about them.
- The Church of Scientology claims, that those executives were removed from position, but they weren't.

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                David Miscavige is not CLEAR

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                Scientology leader David Miscavige on ABC Nightline February 14th 1992

Part one of nine..

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                     Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Wife Has Been Missing Since 2006
Ashley Lutz   | Jul. 3, 2012,

Scientology leader David Miscavige is often cited as Tom Cruise's best friend. He was best man at Cruise's ill-fated marriage to Katie Holmes and once threw the star a huge birthday party.

But the numerous references to Miscavige left out one really sketchy detail: his wife, Shelly, hasn't been seen since 2006.

Shelly was another Scientologist who was rumored to have led the church's search for Tom's third wife.

According to a recent New York Post article, Shelly set up Tom and Katie:

After the Cruz breakup, the lovelorn actor turned to his best friend, Scientology leader Miscavige, for help in finding a new wife. The diminutive church boss, who has a notoriously volcanic temper, became irritated with constant calls from Tom. As the head of a multibillion-dollar operation, he felt it was below him to be seeking out women for the Hollywood star. He deputized his wife, Shelly, to take over the task.

The New Yorker's Lawrence Wright reported that last year Shelley has been missing since 2006 and "her status is unknown." Just before she went missing, she had supposedly filled several job vacancies without her husband's permission.

Misbehaving Scientologists have been known to allegedly be locked up in "The Hole," a group of buildings where people are held captive. The church denies it exists.

Miscavige also has allegedly violent tendencies, according to the article:

Twelve other defectors told me that they had been beaten by Miscavige, or had witnessed Miscavige beating other church staff members. Most of them, like John Peeler, noted that Miscavige’s demeanor changed “like the snap of a finger.” Others who never saw such violence spoke of their constant fear of the leader’s anger.
So far, Shelley hasn't surfaced. Here's a missing persons poster put out by one anti-Scientology group:

Read more:

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                   Knowledge Report: Steve Hall on David Miscavige Violence

Steve talks about witnessing a violent outburst from Scientology's leader, David Miscavige.

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The Church of Scientology’s rambling paranoid letter to Vanity Fair: the ‘herculean’ David Miscavige

IN this month’s Vanity Fair, Maureen Orth talks about the Church of Scientology. She mentions David Miscavige and Tom Cruise. She asks The Church of Scientology 32 questions. Jeffrey K. Riffer, of the law firm Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP, writes a response: It’s dated August 16, 2012.

1-Jeff-Riffer-Re-David-Miscavige-to-Gaydon-Carter-16-Aug-2012 (1)

Some choice cuts:......

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                    David Miscavige: A cult figure in the fame game                July 2012

                                      THE GUARDIAN

The collapse of Tom Cruise's marriage has been blamed on Scientology's leader, who has transformed an arcane religion into a global operation. It commands both devotion and fear, its influence hugely enhanced by its hold on Hollywood

At first glance, the handsome Georgian mansion in the heart of the Sussex countryside could easily be mistaken for a National Trust property. Indeed, at this time of year, Saint Hill Manor would not look out of place in a BBC costume drama; lawns are manicured and greenhouses stocked with abundant produce.

Only the presence of stern-faced young men sporting pristine black naval uniforms and white flat caps indicate Saint Hill's true calling. The cadets are members of the Sea Org, the 6,000-strong unit within the Church of Scientology that is run along quasi-military lines and which is treated with a degree of respect that borders on fear by some of its followers.

Many members are little more than children who have signed contracts pledging to perform a billion years of service for the fledgling church which was set up in 1954 by the former pulp fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, and is famed for its celebrity followers.

Banned from having children while part of the group, Sea Org members are considered the Scientology elite, shock troops to be dispatched to the church's trouble spots. Hubbard declared that they had "unlimited ethics powers".

One of the Sea Org's earliest recruits at Saint Hill, a major Scientology training centre, was David Miscavige, a Roman Catholic raised in New Jersey who joined at the age of 16, having spent several years attending the church's courses which his father hoped would cure his asthma. Miscavige was quickly selected as one of only a handful of people allowed to work directly with Hubbard, who impressed upon his apprentice the powerful role the media played in promoting religion.

By 17, he had become Hubbard's director of photography, producing Scientology's first training films. Groomed for greatness from such a young age, it seemed inevitable that Miscavige would replace Hubbard when the Scientology founder died in 1986 at the age of 74, leaving behind an organisation that claims to have "millions of members in 167 countries".

Not that Miscavige, 52, saw his mentor's demise as creating a void. Invoking the sci-fi-rich language that peppers Hubbard's voluminous Scientology tracts, Miscavige pronounced that Hubbard had "moved on to the next level" and declared that he had "discarded the body he had used in this lifetime".

This obsession with progress runs through Scientology. In its dianetics courses, Scientology followers are promised that they can attain ever higher levels of self-knowledge and self-worth. In fact, there is nothing dianetics cannot do, according to its supporters. A single course, for example, can massively inflate a person's IQ. It is estimated that to complete a full series of dianetic courses, and achieve the highest levels within the church, costs several hundred thousand dollars, a claim rejected by Scientology whose transformation into a sophisticated multinational organisation is largely down to Miscavige.

Small-framed, sharp-featured and with an unnerving gaze, Miscavige's official title is "chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Centre", a stand-alone organisation whose remit is to "preserve, maintain and protect the Scientology religion". According to the church, the centre "holds the ultimate ecclesiastical authority regarding the standard and pure application of L Ron Hubbard's religious technologies".

What this means in practice, according to those who have quit the church, is that Miscavige wields absolute power over Scientology's followers.

It was this power that reportedly proved too much for Katie Holmes who, reportedly fearing the church's influence over her husband, Tom Cruise, and their six-year-old daughter Suri, filed for divorce. This triggered a tsunami of negative headlines for Scientology at a time when it was already battling lurid allegations on a number of fronts, many focused on Miscavige himself.

Today, Miscavige rarely gives interviews, making it difficult to substantiate or reject some of the claims levelled against him. In the few interviews he gave in the Nineties, he appears in sharp suits, coiffured, coiled and barely able to contain his frustration at the questions to which he is subjected.

What is undoubtedly true is that Miscavige enjoys a close relationship with Cruise, 50, who has been a Scientologist for almost half his life. Described as the "third person" in Cruise's marriage, Miscavige was best man at Cruise's lavish wedding to Holmes in Italy in 2006.

Two years earlier, in a special ceremony at Saint Hill, Miscavige had presented Cruise with Scientology's Freedom Medal of Valor, describing the actor as "the most dedicated Scientologist" he knew. The appreciation is mutual. Cruise has referred to Miscavige as unusually intelligent and compassionate.

That the church – and Miscavige – should prize Cruise so assiduously is no surprise. Hubbard knew the value of celebrity and exploited it to full advantage from the start, declaring "a culture is only as great as its dreams and its dreams are dreamed by artists".

This maxim has been applied with vigour as the church, under Miscavige, has expanded dramatically, becoming a multimillion dollar global operation in just four decades. In addition to Cruise, other high-profile supporters include John Travolta, Cheers star Kirstie Alley and the musician Beck.

But while the church's obsession with stars has helped it attract followers, pushing religion through the prism of celebrity carries an exacting price. The church has been subjected to an avalanche of negative stories disseminated across the internet which, by their sheer number, have made them difficult to deflect.

Scientology claims the abuse it receives is typical of the treatment meted out down the centuries to any new religion. But a plethora of lawsuits alleging that Scientology has harassed its critics, humiliated and beaten its followers and forced family members to break off contact with their loved ones, all denied by the church, have conspired to leave a sinister impression.

There is also unease over the apparent disappearance of Miscavige's wife, Shelly, another former member of the Sea Org, who was responsible for introducing Holmes to Cruise and who has reportedly not been seen in public since 2007.

In a letter to the Observer, Jeffrey K Riffer, a lawyer who acts for Shelly Miscavige, denied claims his client was missing. "Mrs Miscavige has been working nonstop in the church, as she always has."....

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                                   How Miscavige Plans to “Clear the Planet”

Posted on September 14, 2012 by mrinder | 155 Comments

by Mike Rinder

Here is the latest poster put out by the RCS (copyrighted to CSI who are apparently now the main fundraisers for the IAS).

It consists entirely of a quote from Chairman Mao that perhaps is more candid than he intended.  He clearly delineates HIS strategy for planetary clearing. It doesn’t involve training or auditing or Grade Charts or anything so messy and difficult that would require actual DELIVERY.

The “IAS” is going to “Clear The Planet” — hip hip hooray for the IAS. Hip hip hooray for “Chairman of the Bored” of Scientology Inc. (inclusive of the IAS and  every other entity that is part of the big ball of wax that rolls around under his thumb like an oversized booger).

Remember the days when Scientology was about what L. Ron Hubbard said? And even later when Miscavige at least pretended that was the case?

Well, here it is in big, bold, colorful letters: the pretense has dropped and the thin veneer of the facade has come down (to paraphrase Dan Sherman).....

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                 Tom Cruise and Scientology's David Miscavige: "Most Intense Bromance in History"

The most powerful Scientologist in the world has the movie star under his thumb. How does Miscavige do it?

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                                                David Miscavige Net Worth
Random Celebrity Profile
How much does David Miscavige make?

                                                                $50 Million

David Miscavige was born in Pennsylvania and has an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars. A member of the Church of Scientology since his teens, David Miscavige is the current Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, and is its highest member, save Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

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                         David Miscavige`s faceplant page.

Wins, theta, expansion, and quite a few porky`s

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                               Who Helped David Miscavige Take Over?

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         Exposed: Explosive New Court Papers Allege How Scientology Leader David Miscavige Rules The Church With An Iron Fist — Read The Documents!

Posted on Sep 6, 2013

The veil of secrecy surrounding Scientology is growing thinner by the day.

Shocking claims about private investigators, intimidation tactics and even lies under oath have emerged in new court documents, painting a picture of just how far church leader David Miscavige — the best pal of Tom Cruise – will supposedly go to keep control over the embattled institution.

This latest onslaught comes from an affidavit by former Scientologist Marty Rathbun, whose wife, Monique Rathbun, is suing Miscavige and several others for allegedly executing a detailed campaign of surveillance and harassment against her and her husband, as has previously reported.

When Miscavige responded to Monique’s lawsuit by saying he had no knowledge of the other defendants and had never conducted business in Texas, Rathbun, who served as Cruise’s personal auditor, felt compelled to respond with a lengthy affidavit revealing his version of the truth about Miscavige’s dealings.


“I served with Mr. Miscavige in Scientology’s Sea Organization for 27 years,” Rathbun explains in the documents.

“From 1982 to 2004, I answered directly to Mr. Miscavige … I was Mr. Miscavige’s second in command … In the history of Scientology, no other Church executive worked with Mr. Miscavige more closely, for a longer period of time, than I did.”

As for Miscavige, Rathbun says he has “unquestioned control of all of Scientology as its Sea Org Captain” since founder L. Ron Hubbard’s death in 1986.

One of Hubbard’s last directives to Miscavige, Rathbun claims, was to create “an intelligence, PR and legal network … that would protect Scientology’s spying and harassment operations by using buffer corporations and new levels of security.”

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Life After Scientology — Church Leader’s Niece Jenna Miscavige Hill

He also asked him to “by any means necessary, end the multitude of criminal and civil threats pending against Hubbard and Scientology,” Rathbun alleges. “And create a new corporate structure that would allow the Sea Org to operate as it always had, but with legal buffers in place that would prevent future ‘enemies’ from getting to Hubbard or other top Sea Org officers.”

Rathbun says that Miscavige succeeded beyond anyone’s imagination.

“Under Hubbard’s and Miscavige’s close supervision, I … effectively [continued] to silence potential critics and defectors without exposing Hubbard, Miscavige or the Scientology organizations to legal liability.”

Many former Scientologists, including Rathbun himself, have accused the church of harassment, but the church continues to deny their involvement and Miscavige’s specifically.

PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists

Rathbun claims that’s a lie.

Miscavige “ran the Scientology network as tightly as a naval captain runs a military vessel,” he states in court papers. “All the while we communicated to the world at large, including through our own false declarations, that Miscavige’s role was the same as that of any corporate board chairman.”

He claims, “I witnessed Miscavige’s control enforced without question from anyone … for the next 17 years. By the mid-1990s, Miscavige’s every utterance was ruthlessly enforced throughout all Scientology corporations. He regularly strode through Church of Scientology International’s California headquarters while barking verbal orders to anyone and everyone, from the janitors to managers responsible for Scientology management around the world.”

And in case they misheard him, Miscavige had employees follow him with tape recorders which were then handed to transcribers, Rathbun alleges. Those transcripts became memos and electronic alerts reminding employees to carry out Miscavige’s commands, he claims, and if they did not comply, they were punished.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Tom Cruise’s Tricked Out SUV Made By Scientology Church Members

Those outside of Miscavige’s control — Scientology defectors and critics – were the target of an entirely different surveillance program “carefully micromanaged” by Miscavige, Rathbun claims.

“Every evening I would receive an intelligence briefing in writing … summarizing reports from private investigators and Scientologists serving as undercover spies watching and interacting with Scientology critics,” Rathbun explains in the court papers.

Rathbun claims Miscavige then read the report and would instruct Rathbun to order “an operative or private investigator to find out something to do concerning the target of infiltration or investigation,” or sometimes just rant about the report’s subject.

Rathbun also claims he compiled his own morning briefings for Miscavige for 22 years detailing “media stories, investigations, legal cases, security breaches and potential security situations” having to do with the church, with the “highest priority” matters being those having to do with the Scientology commander himself.

PHOTOS:  John Travolta Celebrates 44th Anniversary of Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre

Journalists, lawyers, or anyone else contacting the church about Miscavige would speak to a representative fully briefed by Rathbun and would be monitored by him throughout their contact with the church, heCLAIMS.

Now, Rathbun claims, Miscavige is trying to exert the same control over his wife’s lawsuit — and making up lies in the process.

Miscavige has claimed that he does not know his fellow defendants, two private investigators. But Rathbun insists in court papers that Miscavige has both known of and actively used both men’s services in Texas since the 1990s. In particular, he alleges  they were used to investigate the family of Scientologist Lisa McPherson when she died under the church’s care.

Miscavige also told the court, “I have never availed myself of the privilege of conducting activities within the State of Texas … have not made any purposeful contacts with the State of Texas … and have not otherwise availed myself of the benefits and protection of Texas law.”

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Travolta’s Local Scientology Center Vandalized

But Rathbun claims although Miscavige was on the base in California, he frequently directed surveillance campaigns in Texas and hired attorneys and private investigators there as well.

In all, Rathbun’s affidavit presents a never-before-seen picture of the extent of the figure’s power within the church.

Monique Rathbun’s case will have a temporary injunction hearing next Thursday.

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                                               Scientology David Miscavige crimes and abuses exposed on Facebook Groups

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                        Read Why Shelly Miscavige, Once Scientology’s Queen, Was Dethroned by Her Husband David

                                                          VANITY FAIR

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                                           Scientology faces claims its leader's lonely, devoted wife who has not been seen for seven years has been banished to secret lair after defying his orders

 * Shelly Miscavige, wife of David Miscavige, disappeared 7 years ago

 * After actress Leah Remini filed a missing person's report last year, the LAPD said they had spoken with Shelly

 * It is believed she is at a secretive Scientology base near Los Angeles

 * Sources have given new insights into David Miscavige's fiery temper, his wife's desire to appease him and her loneliness

 * They said she was ultimately banished because she defied him by implementing a new structure among his staff while he was out of town

 * Scientology spokespeople have always denied she is missing and that she is still devoted to working towards the church

Read more:
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Mike Rinder says

May 1, 2014 at 10:08 pm

Dean — I can assure you, Miscavige has a very large vocabulary, is an extremely fast reader and is very intelligent. His high school “drop out” status was that he joined the Sea Org when he turned 16, not because he could not complete high school. After all, say what you will about his supposed incident on the internship at AOSHUK, the fact remains he was ON the Class IV Internship when he was 12. That is not someone who is slow. He reads a LOT of books. That he has a high IQ doesn’t mean he isn’t a sociopath. This idea he is some sort of village idiot incapable of putting a sentence together has some currency because of the “high school dropout” pigeon-holing. It’s just not true.

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                                                             $50 Million

                                                 David Miscavige Net Worth

Source of Wealth.......... Religious Technology Center
Birth Place................. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height..................... 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Marital Status................ Married (Michele Miscavige)
Full Name.................. David Miscavige
Nationality..................... United States
More Stats...................View More...

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                                                      Encyclopedia of American Loons

                        DAVID MISCAVIGE MAKES THE LIST: Encyclopedia of American Loons

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                                       How Did David Miscavige Become Leader Of The Church Of Scientology?

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                  How Scientology leader David Miscavige rose to power, according to insiders