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Title: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 08, 2010, 12:12:28 AM

Seems that Aaron is the center of attention
not only to Scientology, but also to Anonymous
and also to the media.

This thread will be to keep everyone informed about
what he wants people to be informed about.

Aaron has been served with a bunch of legal shit
from the cults infamous Cyrus Brooks as well as the Sue Hunt
restraining order.

Aaron decided he`d had enough and posted that he was
giving up the fight.

Here is the thread.

Make sure you read it to the end...

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Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 08, 2010, 07:22:40 AM
Pledges for Aaron Saxton`s legal fund.

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 09, 2010, 07:42:47 AM
Thank you. From Aaron Saxton

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 10, 2010, 10:02:50 AM
 Originally Posted by tamphex

Aaron and I have just left court, no interm nor standing order given even though the Church attempted to insist it was placed in until the next hearing. This particular AVO (Cyrus Brooks) has a hearing now set for 11th May. There is still a requirement to appear on the 15th February in regards to the first AVO (Sue Hunt)

What this means today is that Aaron is able to attend protests. This is win in regards to freedom of speech and civil liberities. Channel 7 was in attendence.

Edit: Aaron is overwhelmed with the support we all have been giving him during this stressful time. On his behalf, I thank you all.

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 12, 2010, 12:43:46 AM
                 Update from Aaron

 Lets explain the situation
Here is the situation.

First, let us clear up what happens when someone files an Application for a Violence Restraing Order (AVO).

It goes to court. At court you get a Mention. They ask the person who it is against if they consent to those orders sought or not. If you agree, they are issued. If you do not agree the matter goes to a Hearing. In the meantime, in almost all cases, as an err on the side of caution, Interim or Standing Orders are put in place until the Hearing is heard.

It is rare that Interim orders are NOT issued. At a Mention the Magistrate will not hear the case - that is for the Hearing.

The Cult got two AVOs filed. They had one intention in mind - stop Aaron from appearing at the Anniverssary protest on 13 February. It is clear they will lose the Hearings, but they KNEW that by at least filing the AVO's, and going to a mention, that they would get their desired result - interim standing orders.

It does not matter to them if they win the Hearing or not. Only as long as they prevented me from being at that protest on 13 Feb.

What happened with AVO 1 (Sue Hunt) was rare. I appeared in the Court and was able to make a small arguement about it. Rather than determine a hearing date, the Magistrate did something unexpected, he rescheduled the Mention. As a result, he would not issue Interim Orders. The Cult didn't see that one coming. And it was scheudled for 15 Feb - another Mention.

So that failed the desired result of having me silenced.

AVO 2 (Cyrus Brooks), they got their good lawyers in on this one, and we appeared for the Mention, and the Magistrate issued a Hearing date for 12 May, but did not issue Interim Orders. That was the brilliance of the Solicitor involved. Because it was a large statement from cyrus and if I had appeared alone, interim orders would certainly have been issued.

Again, the Church's final attempt to have me not appear on 13 Feb, failed.

So now we have delightful AVO 1 (Sue Hunt's) raising it's head on 15 Feb. 2 Days after the protest. No doubt, a Hearing will be scheduled for some time in the future. The Cult will seek Interim Orders until the Hearing is heard.

So the Church has failed to prevent me from speaking on 13 Feb.

Now, the the advice to not speak is not really in relation to AVO 1 (Sue Hunt), it is in relation to AVO2 (Cyrus Brooks) which will be heard in MAY. So there is a requst to do nothing and say nothing ALL THE WAY TIL MAY.

Now, Because AVO 1 (Sue Hunt's) is going to a Mention on 15 Feb, they see that speaking before then could also potentially have an impact on the request and determination of interim orders being issued.

The Magistrate just may issue them anyways, and say "Sort it out at the Hearing".

So the question is, not really what effect my speaking will have on AVO2 (Cyrus's), but what effect it will have on AVO 1(Sue Hunt's).

That is the question at hand.

Because the Cyrus AVO will not be won by the Cult at the Hearing. There is no case. Neither will other AVO for that matter.

So, the question is this:

On Monday when I appear for the Mention for Hunt's, what are the consequences of the Interim Orders being issued? Not a great deal.

However, cost wise there is a question. Do we spend huge amounts of money to defend the interim orders, or, do we hold the funds to fight the inevitable Hearing that will result anyways?

And in there lay the conundrum.

I may spend $2000 at the Mention on Monday and still get Interim Orders Issued.

There will be council at the Monday Mention, it is being sorted out exactly who that will be - there are complications afoot.

What effect does my speaking have on the AVO with Sue Hunt? No one can be certain. I can tell you for certain that they will attempt to dazzel the court with ficticious "proof" of continued harrassement. No doubt. Whether I speak or not on 13 February.

The concern raised really by council was the effect of speaking as it related to the Cyrus AVO - but in order to appease council and advice on this matter, it would mean not appearing at a protest until after 12 May.

So I ask all concerned, if this is what the Cult is going to churn out whenever it gets the chance, do we allow it to result in my never attending a protest again? Ever?

Because they can churn out dozens of these that are completely ficticious whenever they desire.

Next week there might be 4. Or 5 of these. Who knows.
Aaron Saxton

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 13, 2010, 01:43:11 AM
                                  paypal account shut down!!!!
Dear All,

I received this notification from paypal. Does anyone want to guess who might be behind it?

I am uncertain if the payments transferred that were in the status of clearance will actually arrive at all.

Welcome to the war my friends.

Anyone want to not protest? I ask you one last time...

Dear aaron saxton,

We appreciate your interest in PayPal. However, due to legal and regulatory
constraints, PayPal Private Limited is unable to process donation payments
for non-registered charities and non-profit organizations (NPOs), political
party/organizations, religious institutions, personal donation, etc in
countries under its jurisdiction.

You may refer to the PayPal Private Limited User Agreement link
( to
review the list of countries under its jurisdiction.

This is not a decision we make lightly, and we deeply regret any
inconvenience or frustration this matter may cause you. Please understand
that this decision is final.

If you have any questions, you may contact us at

PayPal Compliance Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

Responses to this email address are not monitored. Please send any
additional questions that you may have to
Copyright © 1999-2010 PayPal. All rights reserved.

PayPal Email ID PP1448

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 15, 2010, 04:26:19 PM
    Arron attended the "mention" today in Sydney.

Report by Tamphex                                                  Mon Feb 15th 2010

Today attended the mention for the 1st AVO (Sue Hunt); case was dismissed and will not be going to a hearing. The representation for Sue Hunt was not in attendance, so Aaron's legal representation requested a dismissal which was instantly granted.

Amusingly enough, whilst we were standing outside, Sue Hunt's legal representation made a sly attempt to enter the courthouse unnoticed. She was however spotted & followed back into the court room. Her attempt to have a private audience with the magistrate was denied, with the advice of going back to the client and advising them of their legal rights now that the case has been dismissed. Along with carrying a rather thick binder, she also was carrying a large duffel bag - contents at this time still unknown. New evidence to be presented perhaps hurriedly put together for this mornings hearing? Maybe her time could have been better spent ensuring she reached the court house in time.

It was amusing to see the Magistrate deny Sue Hunt's solicitor the right. I guess the Magistrate knows when he hears lies. And with the Cult manufacturing such ridiculous evidence, I guess we should get used to Magistrates taking any matter the Cult brings, with a grain of salt. The Solicitor pleaded with Magistrate to at least have an opportunity to speak regarding the important evidence that would justify reasonable grounds for having the mention done there and then (even though Aaron was gone), but he Magistrate was unimpressed and saw through the charade.

Arms crossed , with a straight face, the Magistrate had to again deny her request and appeared unamused.

Understandably, Aaron is feeling relieved and looking forward to taking some quality "Aaron time" for the moment.

The remaining AVO (Cyrus Brooks) is still set for 11th of May.

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 15, 2010, 08:57:38 PM
                         Aaron Saxton AVO - Case Dismissed

At the courthouse today, I was joined not just my legal council, but importantly persons there for moral support. I really needed it.

The case of Sue Hunt has been dismissed.

Now for the Cyrus Brooks AVO.

I want to thank people for their support they have shown. I want everyone to know I support them in everything they are doing, too.

The amount of people coming forward is a tidal wave. If anyone reading this hasn't come out yet to tell their story, please do so.

I also expect OSA's resignation in the mail soon. I do not know what those guys are planning next - but whatever it is, it is clear an obvious that they are going to be defeated, even if it causes hardship in the short term.

They do not have the resource or the manpower to confront 10,000 people worldwide in fair gaming us.

Make your stand if you have not as yet, and let us show them what real power is.

We will not be silenced.

And now it is our voices booming above theirs at every turn, in the media, on youtube, in the papers, in public polls, in front of their door steps and wherever one turns.

Message to my old friends in the SO (OSA, please forward):

"We can't wait to see you come to the other side and learn what freedom really is. And to celebrate free choice. I, and all your old friends miss you dreadfully. We are doing this to bring you back to your senses. We love you. We always have."
Aaron Saxton

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Xenu Flytrap on February 15, 2010, 11:51:57 PM
Hubbard said," Knowingness is above all other things. Every now and then, you're going to get somebody coming along telling you that thinkingness is knowingness. It's not."
Is'nt it amazing how devotees are not permitted to KNOW, what is actually going on out there. The Church failures, court cases, abuses, actions of Anons and why. But permitted only to think what they are given by OSA and the PR teams. No actual facts but slanted cooked up lies of what is happening.
No freedom to cruise the Net, gather information and then if worried, approach OSA and say, what's this? If they were squeaky clean, honorable and upright, it would all go away. But they are not. So cloak and dagger, black PR and lies have to be feed the poor brain washed devotees.
Reminds one of a certain country in Europe during the 2nd world war and how they handled their public. Of course some knew what was going on, and some to a degree, but still past on the lies. OSA members I put into that bracket. Some hopefully will be held to account if criminal charges ever come out of this once this world wide criminal group has been exposed. It's the poor believers still in that think they are saving this sector that we feel sorry for. Many of us were there once to. But how many injustices, church creeds broken on a daily basis and abuses do you have to see before you go, something aint right here? Hopefully Aaron and others words may seep through and truly enlighten some of the in mates and they achieve TRUE KNOWINGNESS.

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 16, 2010, 06:57:26 AM
For Ex-Sea Org Members only
This is a post just for ex-Sea Org members.

We gave a lot.

We gave them everything.

I have spoken to a lot of Ex-So via skype, phone and other means.

Some of us have gone through HELL.

I invite you to view the spechs from the Sydney Protest today on 13 Feb. The power of what was said by these two speaking for the first time.

It moved me.

Go outside those SO Bases and tell them what you think.

Try it.

And feel what it is like to finally get to tell them how you feel.

The Cult is terrified of critics. And Ex-SO? We make them shake.

Just ask any ex-SO that has grabbed that microphone and spoken. It will lift you.

WE CAME BACK (no typo). And the SO doesn't like it. Let's go back and get our friends out.

It's what we said we would do.

It is what we expect others would do.

We knew the score. We know the score. Let's go help them. They are screaming inside for us, you know it.

Aaron Saxton

See videos here...

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 17, 2010, 07:01:41 AM
                  Posted by Aaron on WWP.

Hi all.

It's Aaron Saxton here.

Just wanted to tell all of Anon that your awesome.

20 minutes ago I went out to find my mate and went into some local bars to see if I could find him. While in the bars, I had a guy come up and ask, "Are you Aaron Saxton?" To which I replied "Yeah".

He took me over his mates and they all recognized me from the protests. They were not Anon. They were not ex-Scios. They were just public that are now watching what goes down with the Church and are now youtube junkies and they are thinking about attending the protests against the Cult, and are writing Xenophon.

They made a special mention of Tamphex being a "real man" for doing what he did by the way.

Anon is Legion.

And Anon is making the difference.

Who said Anon wasn't effective?

New Ex-SO Members coming, new people attending protests, new members of the public standing and listening.

Anon goes into the history books because Anon is writing the story.

And by the way, your all a bunch of dicks... :D


That`s so punk rock !

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 26, 2010, 07:37:54 AM
                                          Some facts

For all those people out there with illusions of pre 1981, here are some quick reminders. Remember this is JUST FOR PEOPLE WITH DELUSIONS:

RPF created by DM? No, LRH
Diet of Beans and Rice - LRH
Fair Game - LRH
Beaching - LRH
Overboarding - LRH
Destruction of enemies at all cost - LRH
Not allowing SO members to marry who they want, making them only marry SO members? - LRH
Throwing children in the Bilge pumps on the ship? - LRH personally
Who said we are taken to Venus and other planets for the last 20,000 years and implanted by aliens with Fac One? - LRH
Who recorded the incident on the wholetrack going back 74 Quadrillion years or so down to the last minute? - LRH
Who claimed to remember millions of lifetimes and could not recall one piece of technology or language? - LRH
The total garbage in the "All About Radiation" book? - LRH
Separating Morals from Ethics - giving the biggest MU to Scientologists that allows them to have no humanity in decision making - LRH
Operation Snow white - LRH
The total BS "Mission into Time" - LRH
Abandonment of his own children - LRH
Abandonment of his wife - LRH
Treating kids as Adults and making them responsible for the universe - CMO - LRH
Disconnection - LRH
Elimination of SPs from the population - LRH
Who died with hundreds that he had ever worked for him bar a few declared, yet he knew how to spot them apparently???? - LRH
Who said he created a clear and never did? - LRH
Who said he was an OT but actually wasn't? - LRH
Who said OT powers had been realized and no one has ever displayed them? - LRH
Who created DM? - LRH
Who created the Sea Org? - LRH
Who created the GO? - LRH
Who authored the series "Infiltration of the enemy network"? - LRH
Who created rollback? - LRH
Who reported people to the police to be arrested for being communists when they were just critics? - LRH
Who told us governments were evil? - LRH
Who lied and told us that OT III would kill you if not prepared? - LRH
Who increased the prices of Scn? - LRH
Who said Jesus was below OT One? - LRH
Who said Yoga ism and other religions were IMPLANTS, then started his own religion? - LRH
Who started a religion because the AMA demanded SCIENTIFIC proof of Dianetics to avoid proving anything? - LRH
Who lied about his military service? Not DM, LRH did!
Who said Scientologists were the most ethical group? - LRH
Who presented the Axioms and Maxims as FACT when they are easily, with scientific evaluation disproven? - LRH
Who ran the SO during which period more atrocities were committed than when under DM? - LRH
Who ran the SO for the first decade and then some? - LRH
Who ran Scientology into the ground and had to run off on a boat? - LRH
Who first awared SO missionaries with a NAVAL DIRK (Weapon) for power missions? - LRH
Who made the policy that RPFing one FB staff member a week was good for morale? - LRH
Who made the policy on Children (Messengers) having the power to RPF anyone at anytime without Comm Ev? - LRH
Who told the first SO members they had to be trained in weapons and judo? - LRH
Who said they had done extensive research yet there is not one paper of his research ever released? - LRH

It is not LRH! Oh no, he was a GREAT man.

LRH is sweet and innocent. He never hurt a fly. Never would.

LRH never did nothing to no one. It is alllllll Sea Org management. Why, Before DM, it was the most glorious carefree place in the world, the Sea Organization.

All these aforementioned items are just, let me sit you down, fry your brain so you can't see anything obvious I put in front of your face, like a frying pan...or a UFO, or an Implant station right here on Earth called Scientology

They used to dance around and sing, play sports, had pets, laughed and joked with their families and had a gay old time! You can read all the great stories of the wonderful times aboard the boat with Ron...somewhere...

Then DM came a long and made it alllllll wrong. :-(

All of a sudden enemies had a hard time post 1981, because before, LRH did such a bad job that we hear ALL about them...oh wait, no... they all got wasted or never heard of again. Must have been Karma or something. Didn't have anything to do with HIS fair game policy that he implemented with utter ruthlessness...

Poor LRH, he never did anything wrong. He and his tech are examples of care, love and pure affinity. It works! It works! OTs are everywhere, they are just not showing YOU their abilities...but... if you talk to a REAL one they will tell you that they can "put beams out there" and stuff...make it rain...make the world a cool place... you can see it working, can't you??

And don't beleive anything else anyone else tells you!

Even Ron's own family will tell you that (except of course his first two abandoned insane wives, and his third jailed wife (and now dead from Cancer) and his other dead son and the other one that left him).

Go the voices that tell us it is all the Sea Org today! because once upon a time, they were angles, bloody angels! I swear!!!

Title: Re: Aaron Saxton
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 09, 2010, 08:07:56 PM
              Aaron Saxton, Scientology Enforcer, Stops By For a Chat

Yesterday, we were visited by Aaron Saxton, who is in town visiting friends.

Saxton is a former Scientologist, and his Orwellian tales of being one of the Sea Org's ruthless enforcers during the 1990s are part of a national scandal that has become big news in Australia.

In November, an Australian senator with the unlikely name of Nick Xenophon stunned his colleagues and the nation with a surprising speech filled with allegations of abuse by Scientology and calling for a federal investigation of the "church" there. (Let that sink in. Just imagine, for a moment, a Chuck Schumer or John McCain standing up in the U.S. Senate to call for a probe into John Travolta's bizarro buddies and the allegations -- proven many times over in numerous court cases -- that Scientology is more economic scam than "religion.")

For his screed against Scientology, Xenophon was relying on the testimonials of numerous former Scientologists, but many of the worst abuses he cited came from the online writings of Saxton, who had been posting harrowing tales he had witnessed of families split apart, of Scientologists starved as punishment for nonsensical reasons, of forced abortions for Sea Org members, and of severe retaliations against anyone who dared leave the organization.

Saxton's profile in Australia blew up overnight after Xenophon's speech, and his story quickly became familiar there: Born into Scientology, he became a member of the Sea Organization -- a hard-core inner group that requires billion-year contracts and total devotion -- at only 15 years of age. He was so young, his parents mother had to sign over guardianship of him to the church.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard had set up the Sea Org in the late 1960s as a force of young, completely dedicated believers that he could trust to run things and keep his growing empire in line. (At the time, he was sailing on a ship from port city to port city, avoiding tax hassles, hence the name "Sea Organization" and the goofy quasi-naval uniforms, worn even on land.)

Stories of harsh treatment of Sea Org members, and of the Sea Org swooping down to take over Scientology organizations to mete out discipline, are legendary in the organization. Ex-members often tell of harassment and intimidation by ruthless thugs posing as church officials.

Saxton says that's exactly what his role was for Scientology in both Australia and the United States from 1989 to 2000.

His allegations became some of the most cited after Xenophon's speech. From the country's largest national newspaper, The Australian:

    During his time as a security guard at the church in Sydney -- a job he started at 16 -- Saxton says he assisted in the "forced confinement and torture" of a female church member who was kept under "house arrest" on a farm in western NSW for a month, after she began screaming outside the front of the church headquarters. He also details how church officials bullied pregnant staff members into aborting their babies.

    "The staff that got pregnant were taken into offices and put under duress," he wrote.

    "They were informed that their getting pregnant was not in line with the Sea Org [Sea Organisation, an elite division of Scientology] plans, and that their departure represented a failure for the greatest good and that they should abort."

    Many women were demoted -- or "assigned to lower conditions" -- if they refused an abortion, he wrote.

    "At the time I assigned the [lower] conditions it was always in the hope that the person would miscarry the child or abort at a later date," his letter says.

    "We had one staff member who used a coathanger and self-aborted her child . . . all her files were destroyed."

    Saxton also admits in his statement to helping track down 10 staff members who left the church "without authorisation," and misusing confidential information -- including priestly confessions -- held in their personal files.

    "We used the information to call banks and cancel credit cards," his letter states.

    "We used the information to falsely contact airlines and cancel their tickets [by pretending to be them]."

Scientology vehemently denied all of the allegations in Xenophon's speech, and called his act "an outrageous abuse of parliamentary privilege."

The Australian senate voted down Xenophon's call for an official inquiry into Scientology, but that hasn't stopped the publicity there and the heightened interest in Hubbard's wacky cabal.

It's also brought Saxton several lawsuits. (For a brilliant analysis -- and debunking -- of one legal attack on Saxton, watch this nice bit of investigative television by the Aussie program "Today Tonight"):

Taking a break from the lawsuits and notoriety, Saxton is in New York and asked to come round the Voice offices.

We asked him, so what does Scientology say about you after all of these allegations?

"That I'm a liar and I'm a young, mean, spiteful man, according to their statement on me. Actually, I kind of agree with them. I am a young, mean, spiteful man. And I love pointing that out to them when I'm on a microphone."

It's really no wonder why Xenophon zeroed in on Saxton's story among the many he heard from numerous ex-Scientologists. We wanted to hear, for example, more about the abuse he witnessed of a woman when she freaked out during the teaching of Hubbard's "tech."

"Bettina Lockland was her name. This was in Australia. I was 16 at the time, and I was in charge of security [at an "Advanced Org" or "AO," a sort of diocesan office]. Bettina was doing the famous OTIII."

As Larry Wollersheim explained in our long telling of his story, it's at OTIII ("Operating Thetan, third level," is what it stands for) that some Scientologists have a hard time keeping things together. Up to that point, they've spent incredible sums -- it reportedly costs about $100,000 in training costs and several years of dedication to reach OTIII today -- and during that time they've been trying to get "wins" while "clearing" their minds of detritus left over from traumatic events in their lives or in their past lives. It's only at OTIII, however, that Scientologists are filled in with Hubbard's stunning backstory to the religion, that a galactic overlord named Xenu had used the primordial Earth as a sort of concentration camp for an overpopulation of aliens, who were destroyed, but whose disembodied souls now cling to human beings, causing all of their problems. Hubbard's weird mind-training, it turned out, was the only way to free people from the invisible aliens hanging on them like parasitic worms.

Some Scientologists, when this is revealed to them, don't handle it well.

"She flipped. She just came out of the course room one day and just lost her marbles," Saxton says.

Saxton himself was a hardcore Scientologist, but he didn't go through the kind of training that leads to OTIII. He was not privy to the information that caused the woman's freakout, and in fact he says it was his job in part to make sure that no one saw those materials who was not being trained in them.

"OTIII is not discussed in Sea Org. I had the keys to the OT course room, and I'd go in there periodically to make sure that someone hadn't broke in. And I'd be like this."

He stands up and shows how he'd walk with his hand shielding his eyes -- he dared not even glance at the documents he was guarding, such was the power they reputedly had.

"I had to be sure I didn't see one word. According to LRH [Hubbard], you will get pneumonia, and you will die if you see even one word."

[Saxton, after he left Scientology, perused these documents -- as has much of the world, thanks to the Internet -- and without so much as a sniffle.]

Lockland, the girl, however, was having a different reaction than pneumonia. She was raving.

"We threw her into an office until we could decide what to do with her," Saxton says. Later, he and others decided she needed to be driven to a remote farm.

"They took her out there for two months. And to help her, they audited her in a barn," he says, shaking his head.

"Every day at two in the morning, I'd get info about her faxed to me. I'd take that to the other officers to decide what to do with her. Then I got a phone call that she'd escaped. She was so insane the first place she came back to was the AO where I was working. She was demanding an e-meter so she could audit herself," Saxton says. "This time, they drove her off, and I never heard of her again. Totally vanished."

Today, Saxton says it's easy to see how wrong his actions were, how Scientology's nutty beliefs became toxic through intimidation and harassment. But why, we asked him, couldn't he see that then?

"I believed 100 percent that Earth was doomed without me.... I believed that we had 76 other planets to clear. Dude, I believed it," he says. "And if you really know that you're going to come back in another life, then giving up one lifetime means nothing. You can give any sacrifice if you know these things.

"I recruited about 50 people between the age of 15 and 17 to join the Sea Org. It always surprised me that parents would just turn their kids over like trinkets to be dressed up in naval uniforms.... But for Scientologists, giving up their daughters and sons doesn't bother them because they don't see it as their only life to give."

Saxton says he wishes the outside world could see what it's like for the youngest Scientologists who, like himself, are brought up in the quasi-military organization.

"Imagine this. You're a 10-year-old cadet. You form seven lines for division 1, division 2..." he says as he gets up and stands at attention to illustrate what he means.

"The commanding officer is 12 years old. You have an MAA -- master-at-arms -- he's another kid. 'All present and accounted for, sir.' Three times a day. 10-year-old kids. Morning, lunch, dinner.

"I'd love to see a poster of those kids, in their uniforms, saluting each other, and the words, underneath, 'Is this religion?'

"I want Scientology recognized for what it really is. It's a mental health practice, without the responsibilities. The claims are innumerable. 'We can cure psychosis. We can cure neurosis. We can make the blind see again.' And they are all medical practice claims," Saxton says.

"Scientology is an unregulated mental health practice masquerading as a religion."

And, it's tiny.

Like others coming forward recently, Saxton says that Scientology -- which claims 10 million members -- is kept going by only a very small number of active members.

"I was over the world statistics. I always saw Scientologists being lied to about the numbers by [church supreme leader] David Miscavige at events.

"There aren't a lot of Scientologists. There are a lot of ex-Scientologists."

In 1996, Saxton says there were "maybe 45,000 active Scientologists, worldwide." That's consistent with recent revelations by Marc Headley, who says Miscavige once ordered the manufacture of 30,000 e-meters -- so there would be enough for two machines for every active church member on earth. And the New York Times recently pointed out that a 2008 survey of American religion found only 25,000 Scientologists in the country.

So how, we asked Saxton, does Scientology seem to have so much money?

"It's about orders of magnitude. The way we thought was, if we can get $10,000 per annum out of each Scientologist, it only takes 100 of them to make $1 million. And if you can get that from 10,000 people, that's a hundred million dollars.

"And it's all tax free, and shipped offshore," he points out.

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of the Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. Among his other stories about L. Ron Hubbard's organization:

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         Responds to this post...

I have been criticized by Scientology haters for not laying blame for the abuses and demise of the church of Scientology on L Ron Hubbard. Some have pointed to my refusal to credit the Fair Game Policy (SPs may be tricked, cheated, lied to, sued or destroyed without any recourse to Scientology justice) as being the chief motivating policy behind the evil and criminal deeds Miscavige’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and RTC routinely commit against those who refuse to comply with the dictator’s reign. My response was, and is, that 99% of staff, including the Sea Org, have not even heard of the Fair Game policy, so of course they do not apply it.


The above is a quote from recent article on MR blog. Reading it, one is almost convinced it sounds authentic, except it is not.

LRH created Fair Game Policy. Why did he create it in the first place? The fact it was cancelled later is a lie, and also this fact does not mitigate the fact that he legally canceled it due to PUBLIC outcry.

The fact is he reinstated Fair Game and made provisions that the policy only applied to SPs. He then augmented SPs to include anyone who opposed Scientology in any way, shape or form, which included misapplying the tech, violating church policy or opposing the complete inplementation of Scientolgoy and included even other practises that were not Scientology.

So you see, fair game was not canceled. Fair Game is known to any SO member in a position of responsibility because it is part of your hat packs for good reason – it is to be applied. It can and is applied per LRH policy to WOGS, and in orer to do so they must fit the definition of SP which as I stated was augmented to include anyone you wished – unless they WERE COMPLETELY on board with Scn.

Nice try Marty. But it is BS.

And as for the part about responsibility of leaders, yeah, I have starrated that as wel – what is your point?

Was DM in the HGB when Foster Thompkins ruthlessley beat up Leah Hines? No. Was DM in CW when Pillar Jason locked up an FLB staff member and abused her? No. Was DM there when a CMOI Missionaire beat on one of my staff? No. Was DM there when I asked a missionaire to physically hit someone? No, he was not. Was DM there when we did man things? No, he was not, and neither were his orders.

The reality remains Marty that abuse has been part of Scientology going back to it’s beginnings, from LRH labeling physicians, the AMA, the government (for gods sake) the Psychiatric association and other groups or persons (even people he did business with) as SP.

Marty, stop trying to pawn off your twisted version of events. Facts are facts and all you are doing is providing NO EVIDENCE and OPINION, whereas my statements above are based by affidavits, court evidence and REAL investigation and testimony form those who were there. Marty, you were not there with LRH. I know LRHs auditor Otto Roos and others who were there and their facts are not in dispute.

Yours are, and are so because you are trying to sell an image that does not match the facts.

DM has every right to run the C of S how he sees fit. While you attack him for its current demise, you fail to credit him wih the massive expansion in the early 90′s or the numerous victories. Perhaps you just can’t accept that Society does not see a place for your extremist points of view and totalaterian view that all must be saved by your pathetic technology.

You Marty, and your kind which includes LRH and DM are not considered part of a humane society. You will be fought all the way because facts are truth – not some story you fabricate to placate disappointed Scientologists who have not managed to make a cup of coffee make itself while lying in their beds.

No one is buying it Marty except those that want to buy it so they can convince themselves it works and that “everything” will be OK.

What next Marty? If DM goes andYaeger or Starkey or Ingber take sover will we here their horror stories?

The fact is mate, if yu had taken it over while in there, these same people that are on your side now would be wanting your hanging. Why? Because you would have doen the same bullshit:

a. Get rid of thsoe that criticise
b. Attack those that disagree with YOUR VIEW of what is standard tech
c. Demand dedication to YOUR tech and finally -
d. Agree that LRH was a brilliant man, cover up the fucking lies, and create a bullshit image of him.
e. Discredit any FACTS by giving opinion.

This is what C of S has done – and if you had taken over, it is what you would have done, and are now trying to do from the outside. Perhaps you understand DM very well because you’re cut form the same block.

The emperor has no clothes.

Aaron Saxton

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Aaron`s message to Marty Rathbun.

                                 Is Aaron a plant? And Marty Rathburn

Since my posted Video on youtube, very blunt accusations have come forward to the effect of:

If this gets me removed from the boards, then SO BE IT.

1. Is Aaron A plant?
2. Is Aaron Attempting to undermine Scientology?
3. Is Aaron attempting to undermine Marty Rathburn?

Let me answer my critics in full...

1. Is Aaron a plant?

The answer is no. My history of employment with the Sea Org is well known to most. Clearly, the Church hates me. My Video is clear evidence of that. I have a distain for their actvities that is more vocal than most. And I am not a coward and I do not have a problem putting my name out into the public media.

I have heard ridicuous statements asking if Aaron really went to the Ship.

This is amazing to me seeing as The Chief on board the Ship, who was French was sent BY ME for posting to the Ship. And I was recognized by him when I went to the Ship in March 95 for the INCOMM mission. I also knew Greg Wilhere was on the ship because that's who I was sent to see. Also CMO Ship crew recognized me. Two were previously form LA - and one had been moved over into the IAS. I got an entire tour of the ship which included the stupid "White Room" with big fat cuban cigars.

Ask Fluer Thomas (CO CMO IXU), Amy Mortland, or the RTC Reports at that time who was my mission I/C. Or Deputy Senior C/S Int at the time who sec checked my arse. Or Liz Ingber. Or Luca Saccomanno, or the CW Computer operator who was my first misson point stop, or Ken Pearse who's room I crashed for a 4 hour sleep over at FLB etc. etc.

I think that there are just a few ex-Int staff out there that are surprised that they didn't even know about the mission. That was the idea people... it was off the books.

Or, if you have government contacts, check the flight records in early march for an Aaron Tweddell travelling on Aruba Airlines.

2. Is Aaron attempting to undermine Scientology?

The answer is yes.

It is junk, even the original stuff.

Sure, lots of basic stuff works. No arguement there. But the later stuff is based off more unrealistic junk that Star Trek XIII.

Ron was just upset someone beat him to "Star Wars". Jesus... Revolt in the stars was written ages ago. The E=meter was invented prior to his use of it, and Scientologie (yes, Scientologie) and other great works had loads of influence on Ron.

Ron: Mr. Great technology. Knower of all. Married and Divorced many times. Wife imprisioned. Sons killed and murdered. Died with his best friends all having been declared....

Lets look at Number Two: is his marriage? His children? Relations with family??? Friends? Nope. None.

Lets look at John Travolta... auditing didn't work for his son. Shame on that, but the medical treatment might have...

So...if there are any people out there that have recalled hundreds of thousands of past lives and can simply draw for me what you looked like or Planet R2D2, let me know... or what language you spoke...or one piece of technology, gimme a call and let me know.

It is a simple test. It isn't a trick test. Look - there is the Sky, what color is it? Answer the question.

But if your going to use the Blind Faith line on me, then go join Ql-Queda, I have no time for advanced thinking people that can't calculate what's right under their noses.

Do you have a problem with that Mr. Rathburn?

You do?

Then label me Suppressive and good luck on your new Sea Organization. Hey, I am Anti Scientology, and what are you doing? Your trying to get people to doubt me.

Sounds familiar to me...

Well done. Your the classic example of the Ultimate Engram trap, your now going to become what dominated you - your the new D.M.. Let me know how that goes for you.

You got bullied and you cried. Whaw Whaw whaw. And now your going to become the bully. Good for you. Let me know what part of the tech on Engram identification and valences you did not fully understand.

3. Is Aaron Saxton attempting to undermine Marty Rathburn?

The answer is yes. The last 48 hours have certainly shown his true colors.

It has become clear as dogs balls that your intentions relate to the re-establishment of the Scientology Religion. People sending private messages around raising doubts...askign questions....

Sounds like the brand new OSA Marty is starting up using the same BS techniques are paranoia.

That is at cross purposes with most peoples desires to eliminate the Sea Org.

Marty, you are not intelligent enough and have not been out long enough to even know what you are talking about. You were just another Sea Org member, duped and again, may I remind you, you are no more OT or smarter than anyone else on these boards.

Yawn. Yawn Yawn. I have met Ron's Auditor. Otto Roos. Who also did the L12 Tech. And was Rons Right hand man.

Yawn Yawn Yawn. Go to the movies together you two, buy some popcorn and figure out how many suckers you can get. He talks like you Marty. You both should get married and have little "I will save the world form DM and give them real tech" implanted babies together.

And just because you were IG Tech, it simply proves that you were more duped than even most. Not the the other way around.

The bottom line is you have not sat back an evaluated Scientology.

You also have failed to voice your concerns directly to me and have used classic Sea Org techniques to use people as your "agents" to plant mistrust into others, sendng them messages, making comments.

You are a coward.

A total Coward.

A complete, and utter coward and are as inspiring to me as a little doll of Ron sitting on my dresser lecturing me on "If your antagonistic you have overts"

Yes I do have overts. What has that got to do with anything?

And another overt would be to let you get off.

You can forget that one coming about.

And don't forget, if you have a question for me, have the balls to answer it.

Hopefully DM didn't slap those off you when he hit you in the head...dickhead.

Now I am going to go off and fight the real enemy here - THE SEA ORGANIZATION AND SCIENTOLOGY.

I suggest everyone else stop farting around with paranoia and gossip and get to the job at hand.

I will not be around forever, just the next few months to get done what I promised and then whoever wants to start whatever can. But can we all agree regardless of opinion that there is a window of opportunity here and this Dev-T gossip and second guessing is WASTING everyones valuable time.


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                        Aaron Saxton Radio Interview

For all those who missed this...

November 25, 2009 by XENU TV 
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Radio Skidrow invited Aaron Saxton onto the show for an eye-opening interview on his experiences in the Sea Org as a CMO officer.