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Title: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 24, 2010, 12:42:49 AM
I figured that the tidbits about scientology celebrities
should have their own thread.

Let`s kick it off with Kirstie Alley

In the gossip mags
by Anna Higgins
posted on Feb 23 02:42pm
While Kirstie Alley refuses to play by the rules of fat camp, a former cricketer is bowling yet another maiden over. And does Susan Boyle have a fella?
I touched on this last week, but this week the Day delves into all the undignified details on Kirstie Alley's ‘Fat Farm Freakout'.

The actress has recently been a guest at an exclusive California fat farm, trying desperately to shift her extra kilos - at the not inconsequential sum of $9000 a week. Nine grand!

But she's been causing trouble in fat-free paradise.

"Staff say she refused to work up a sweat, ordered desserts in her room and even flirted with kitchen staff in a seemingly desperate bid to get more food."

Have some dignity, woman!

A source says Kirstie's bad behaviour was caused by an embarrassing incident where she couldn't fit into the spa's workout gear.

"The facility provides their guests with complimentary grey sweatpants, shorts and t-shirts, but she was too big for them and stuck out like a sore thumb as she lumbered around in black sweats and oversized shirts."

Alley, of course, famously lost 34kg with Jenny Craig only to pack it on back on - and then some - causing her to lose her contract with the weight loss company.

The actress is reported to have chosen sleep-ins over the spa's mandatory 6am hikes. Normally, wouldn't we all? But then why pay $9k a week to go to the fat camp, you may as well just go on holiday, knock back margaritas, eat club sandwiches by the pool and hit the dessert cart.

This isn't Kirstie's first batch of bizarre behaviour recently. She's become notorious on Twitter for letting loose with a stream of awkward tweets about getting pregnant to one of the New Kids on the Block (???) and fancying Jamie Foxx (I'm sure he's thrilled).

"She's trying to be edgy, but her so-called jokes make her seem like she is completely losing her grip on reality," says a source.

Amongst them: ‘Mr Foxx is not on ‘Letterman' tonight...tonight Mr Foxx is on me.'

And several about her backside. ‘Does this Hubble telescope make my ass look big?', ‘Do Tiger Woods' affairs make my ass look big?', ‘Does Kim Kardashian's ass make my as look big?', ‘Do Angelina Jolie's lips make my ass look big?'

The answers, in no particular order, are yes, yes, yes, and yes.

And she's got teenage kids! I can only imagine the cringe-fest going on chez Alley.

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 01, 2010, 08:11:06 AM
                                  John Travolta.
  The resurrection man
February 28, 2010
Sydney Morning Herald

About his career.
Travolta of course made Hubbard`s Science fiction book, "Battlefield Earth",
into a movie. Rated as one of the worst ten movies of the last decade.
Scientology pulled all the stops to get this movie made.
Turns out the stops were a giant butt plug.

The article...

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 02, 2010, 09:45:44 PM
                        Katie Holmes undergoes Scientology 'auditing': report

Katie Holmes is reportedly undergoing Scientology 'auditing' in preparation to have another baby.

The Thank You For Smoking actress – who has three-year-old daughter Suri with husband Tom Cruise – is said to have spent four hours at the Hollywood Scientology Centre last week, sparking rumours she is getting ready to expand her family.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "This is exactly what happened just before she got pregnant with Suri. Tom has made no secret of the fact that he would like another baby."

According to a website run by the Church of Scientology, followers believe the "health and the sanity of the child begin long before birth”.

Scientology auditing is used to restore self confidence, happiness and spiritual freedom and involves answering questions or following directions with the aim of being freed from unwanted barriers that inhibit natural ability.

More here...

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 02, 2010, 09:48:46 PM
Kirstie Alley’s Weight Loss Company a Front for Scientology
Anonymous group finds connection between newly founded company and cult

The other day, “Fat Actress” Kirstie Alley announced that, finally, she was able to come out with her own weight loss product, as she had announced she would a few years back. It’s a well-known fact that the star, once a Jenny Craig spokesperson, wanted to come out with her own solution to tackle the problem of the extra pounds and she’s now able to offer just that – though it’s highly likely she’s doing so with the help of Scientology, RantRave says.

As per the e-zine, Organic Liaison, the company that Alley just unveiled and which offers the weight loss treatment that is made up of formulas with names like Rescue Me and Relieve Me, is connected to Scientology, for which reason it has already attracted the attention of Anonymous. Anonymous, for those not in the know, is a group of anti-Scientology protesters who have made no secret of embarking on a mission to bring to light the goings-on within the (in)famous religious cult.

More here...

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 03, 2010, 07:30:20 AM
                  NZ`s biggest Scio celebrity

Mike Ferris, secretary of The Church of Scientology of New Zealand,
was interviewed via phone on radio Live with Marcus Lush at 7:45 this morning.
(March 3 rd 2010)
The subject of the interview was Katie Holmes internal organs.
And Scientology`s effects on them.

During the course of the interview , Mike was asked who is New Zealand`s
biggest Scientology celebrity. Mike put his own name forward.

He also mentioned the now dead OT Bernard Roundhill, who designed the
Air New Zealand emblem.

Xenu wasn`t mentioned.

He`s real...right Mike ?

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 20, 2010, 07:49:27 AM
            Is Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison program linked with Scientology?

The internet is abuzz with claims that Kirstie Alley’s new weight loss program, Organic Liaison is a linked with Scientology. Apparently a number of members on her advisory board are fellow Scientologists. It doesn’t help that her company’s main office is in Clearwater, Florida…as is the main offices for Scientology. Coincidence or truth? Time will tell.

Some are drawing comparisons between Kirstie’s weight loss supplements and the purification rundown program developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. His controversial program claims to manage the long term effects of both drug abuse and toxic exposures, there are claims that it can treat conditions from cancer to obesity. The program contains high doses of vitamins and minerals, in particular niacin (up to 250 times the RDA). CalMag (Calcium + magnesium) is given up to three times daily. Calcium and magnesium supplements are sold both as nutrient supplements and for constipation.

So are there similarities? The Organic Liaison program also contains many vitamins and minerals. In addition a number of herbal supplements are added. The Release Me product is a calcium & magnesium product. One message that seems to be found in both programs is the claim that these products ‘counteract’ or ‘remove’ toxins. In addition the Organic Liaison products claim to allow the body to rest and cleanse naturally, maintain metabolism, decrease appetite and cravings while increasing energy.

Is this program simply an updated version of the purification program? Certainly there are some similarities between the two programs. Coincidence? Possibly. But given Kirstie’s experience going through the program herself (for cocaine addiction) it has many people wondering.

The bottom line is that the products being peddled are not necessary to lose weight. Being organic does not make them more effective. It comes down to burning more calories than you eat. Whether through diet change or exercise or both (both is best).

It is disturbing that on Kirstie’s, the diet and exercise portion seems to be downplayed. Until purchasing the 5 supplements you can’t access any of the information. If this was such a great plan, why can’t people join without the supplements?

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 20, 2010, 07:21:29 PM
 Lisa Marie, weighing in @ 165 lbs.
I was at the grocery store today and noticed Lisa Marie on the front page of one of the rags.

There was a picture of her and she is really heavy. This is a picture I found of her...but not the one in the rag I saw.
She is only 5'3" so it really shows. I feel for her, more so then Kirstie since she hasn't made an ass of herself on Twitter.

Scientology sure can't handle weight problems...or any other problems.

Pricilla is looking rather weird. She must have had a lot of work done on her face. Bizarre.

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 21, 2010, 04:05:09 PM
         This project has got "fail" written all over it.   
Why would an OT be struggling with her body.  Is it because scientology
suppressed her drug "addiction" and it came out somewhere else ?

  Kirstie Alley's weight loss diet 'Organic Liaison': Based on Scientology? (Video)

Is Kirstie Alley's organic diet "Organic Liaison" based on Scientology? The  "Big Life" star says the fact she even has to explain shows there's some growing to do with our government.

"That I would need to clarify the intentions or affiliations of my [company] in the year 2010 is indicative of the intolerances that we as a country still need to overcome," Alley said in an interview on the "Today" show.

While Alley's new "Organic Liaison" diet does have a handful of Scientologist employees, Alley says these are simply part of "the best team and the best people" she could find to devise her weight loss plan.

See Kirstie Alley in "Big Life" here!

"Organic Liaisons" is said by Alley to be the first organic weight loss program and is made for "normal people".

"I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist," Alley says in her "Organic Liaisons" intro video. "I'm just like you."

The diet's homepage says it's there to "be your LIAISON" and help consumers make the "transition from unhealthy foods into the world of organic benefits with an organic diet." And who better to not only represent, but establish the company than former Jenny Craig spokesperson Kirstie Alley?

"Our line of organic weight loss products contains formulas and ingredients not commonly found in the marketplace to effectively assist with weight loss and maintenance,"says the 'Organic Liaisons' site. "These products take the “toxic” out and rejuvenate your body with pure, healthy nutrients to help you lose weight."

Memebership to the site costs $10 per month and a reported $5 per day after that. Special "Rescue Me Kits" can also be purchased. For more information on Kirstie Alley's show and "Organic Liaisons" diet, click here.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 22, 2010, 08:29:38 PM
     Tom Cruise Scores a Fresh Kill for Scientology, and Other Horror Stories

    * Lost actor William Mapother—also known as Tom Cruise's cousin and Suri's secret father—has totally converted to Scientology. Asked whether it was true, Mapother rambled about how Tom messed shit up for everyone, so now he can't say: "I have kind of an unusual feeling about questions like that. ... There's kind of an ever-wavering boundary between the things I'm willing to talk about, and the things I'm not. And part of the reason that I find myself particularly cautious in this area is because of the things my cousin has been through." Oh, honey. (1.) Tom's mistakes are a direct outcome of his insanity, so if you are sane, you'll be fine, but (2.) If you join Scientology, you will not be sane for long. Cults insanitize.

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 25, 2010, 04:51:49 PM
         Katie Holmes’ Womb Possibly Forced to Harbour a Baby Scientologist

Katie Holmes’ womb is marginally more famous than she, so let’s examine it for a moment.

Katie’s womb rose to fame when it gestated Suri Cruise in 2006. The latest rumours about Katie’s womb suggest that it may be forced to harbour a second baby, against its will. That would technically be against Katie’s will also, but no one really cares about that.

Katie has been an empty shell of a human being – little more than a pretty, Scientology vessel – since she clapped eyes on Tom Cruise in 2005. They hooked up that Spring, and have been required under the tenants of their religion to be joined at the hip ever since.

Tom should logically have been the one who took the backseat in the relationship; his comparatively giant, glassy-eyed wife need only have been knocked over by a strong breeze and fallen for the actor to meet his end. However, the couple’s whole life seems heavily dictated by Tom. The Top Gun actor’s alleged latest fancy is another baby.

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 29, 2010, 06:21:49 PM
                   'Battlefield Earth' screenwriter spills Scientology secrets

By Elizabeth Snead

March 28, 2010 12:07 PM ET

"Battlefield Earth," the dreadful movie starring John Travolta and based on a story by his hero, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, won a Razzie for the worst movie of the decade this month.

So tell us something we don't know, right? Well, this latest honor prompted the amused screenwriter J.D. Shapiro to write a formal apology and explanation to the NY Post. Here's how it went down:

Shapiro says he read in "Premiere" magazine that the Scientology Center was a "great place to meet women," and there met a woman who was, at the time, president of the center.

One thing led to another and he ended up not only writing the ill-fated screenplay, but also dipping his toe into the Scientology pool.

"I took a few courses, including the Purification Rundown, or Purif. You go to CC [Celebrity Center] every day, take vitamins and go in and out of a sauna so toxins are released from your body. You're supposed to reach an "End Point." I never did, but I was bored so I told them I had a vision of L. Ron. They said, "What did he say?" "Pull my finger," was my response. They said I was done."

The movie turned out to be much different from his script which he claims was darker and grittier with richer characters. Until John's camp started requesting changes.

What his screenplay did not have but was in the final film? "Slow motion at every turn, Dutch tilts, campy dialogue, aliens in KISS boots, and everyone wearing Bob Marley wigs."

As for Scientology helping his score with women?

"No way do you get any action by boldly going up to a woman and proclaiming, 'I wrote Battlefield Earth!,'" he wrote. "If anything, I'm trying to figure out a way to bottle it and use it as birth control."

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 02, 2010, 10:38:06 PM
               Ex-wife of Jason Lee reveals the inner sanctum of Scientology

In an explosive Enquirer exclusive interview the ex-wife of Earl star Jason Lee reveals all about the inner sanctum of Scientology -- the Hollywood cult that masquerades as a "church".

When Tom Cruise called Nicole Kidman a Scientologist, she shot him a look that could kill - and shortly afterward, the couple divorced!

That's the blockbuster claim of former Scientologist and actress Carmen Llywellyn - the ex-wife of My Name is Earl star Jason Lee, who remains a member of the controversial church.

And in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Carmen pulls aside the veil of secrecy surrounding the religion that some describe as a cult. She reveals for the first time ever how the church caters to its famous celebrity members, including Cruise, John Travolta and Lisa Marie Presley.

Carmen joined Scientology in 1995 after marrying Jason, but quit during their bitter divorce in 2002, and claims her association with the church still haunts her.

"I have never spoken about Scientology before, but I still have nightmares about these people.

"They ruined my life and my career. I ended up addicted to painkillers, and it took three rehabs to get me straight," Carmen told The ENQUIRER.

"If I see a Scientologist now, I cross the street."

Revealed in the new ENQUIRER - on sale now:
Tom & Nicole's bitter battle over religion! Why Lisa Marie Presley didn't want Michael Jackson near her kids! And the shocking night Scientolo ex-hubby Jason Lee beat her in drunken rage!

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: rockyslammer on April 03, 2010, 08:29:50 AM

more here - much more .............................

the truth will out - eventually!

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 05, 2010, 09:14:25 AM
                                    Gawker weighs in.

  Jason Lee's Ex-Wife Blasts Scientology, Travoltas, and Cruises

Jason Lee's Ex-Wife Blasts Scientology, Travoltas, and CruisesCarmen Llewellyn says Scientology "ruined my life and my career. I ended up addicted to painkillers." She blames Scientology for Tom Cruise's divorce from "Suppressive Person" Nicole Kidman and says the Travoltas hid their son Jett from the church.

Carmen joined the church in 1995 when she married Lee, and left when she divorced him in 2002. In an interview with the Naitonal Enquirer she says Jason "was a drunk who beat me up" and forced her to join Scientology. "I foolishly allowed it to take root in me," she says. She describes hanging out at the Hollywood Scientology Center with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and says Scientology is why the pair divorced:

    Jason and I were talking to Tom, and we told him that we went to the CoS center in LA. He said brightly, ‘Oh yeah? Well, me and Nicole are Scientologists too! Right, Nic?' But she turned and gave Tom the most evil look. She stared at him for about 10 seconds, and Tom looked at her like he was throwing daggers with his eyes. I interpreted her look to mean, ‘I am not a Scientologist, and I will not be a Scientologist.' She was clearly mad at Tom for saying she was. And the next thing you know, they're getting a divorce!

    At the time, the word went around all the Scientologists that ‘Nicole is an S.P. so Tom has to divorce her.' An S.P. is a Suppressive Person, which is CoS jargon for the devil.

Llywellyn also notes how "odd" it was that John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston brought their daughter Ella to church functions, but never their late son Jett, who some speculate was autistic. After she left the church, Jenna Elfman "spouted statements like a robot and treated me like dirt."

    I lost my manager and my career. People didn't return my phone calls. Scientologists followed me down the street. They took pictures of my kids. They'd stake out my house, wait until we came out and follow us. They came looking for me to scare me, I was nearly suicidal.

    If I see a Scientologist now, I cross the street.

Prediction: the Church of Scientology issues a statement likening this to racism. Anyway, Llywellyn also throws in a bonus rumor about Lisa Marie Presley's divorce from Michael Jackson:

    Jason and I were talking to Lisa Marie one night and we asked her ‘Come on tell us the truth, why did you really divorce Michael Jackson?' She said, ‘The reason I finally left him was that I didn't want him to be in the same room as my children!'

Basically, this interview confirms everything you ever thought about crazy Hollywood people and their crazy church. [NationalEnquirer via ONTD, image via Getty]

Send an email to Maureen O'Connor, the author of this post, at

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 08, 2010, 09:03:17 AM
                       Celebrities on the Scientology Bridge,

A while ago i wrote a short e-book (so it would not be tl;dr) about what the hell celebrities are doing supporting Scientology. What keeps such high profile people under the brainwashed influence of this cult??

Due to the epic wins of Anonymous I am celebrating and offering it as FREE e-book to all those interested in reading it.

Celebrities On The Bridge by Michael Pattinson in Entertainment

I was on the "celebrity" handling/media bubble lines of Scientology for years so I had some insider infoz.


Michael Pattinson


Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 10, 2010, 09:50:37 PM
                Juliette Lewis saddened by Tom Cruise Scientology 'ridicule'

Chris Connor / WENN

Juliette Lewis "feels sad" for fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise for all of the "ridicule" he attracts by following the religion.

The singer/actress has credited the controversial faith with helping her win her battle with drugs, insisting Scientology helped her put her life back together.

And Lewis can't stand to see Cruise, one of the Church's most high profile supporters, criticized in the press over his beliefs.

In an interview with, she says, "It's been written about in such an obscene way, but it's very common-sense based. It's a progressive religion. You can be a Jewish or a Buddhist Scientologist and people don't understand that. I feel so sad for the ridicule that Tom Cruise got, and he's such a gracious, caring human being."

Read more:

But where does it say one can`t be a "ridiculed Scientologist."
Is Juliette anti ridicule ?
I find this religion is far too ridiculeless.

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 12, 2010, 06:00:50 PM
  Tom Cruise's lawyer has threatened Amy Scobee with a lawsuit over her up coming book.

TC's Lawyer, Bert Fields' letter: http://markrathbun.files.wordpress.c...amy-scobee.pdf
... your book claims that Mrs. David Miscavige said that Mr. Cruise had a “drug history.” This is false. Mr. Cruise has no “drug history” whatsoever. He has never used illegal drugs of any kind. On the contrary, he has extremely strong anti-drug views. Your publishing the assertion that he has a “drug history” would be not only false and defamatory, but highly damaging both personally and professionally. ...

Marty Rathbun's response: Cruise Missile or Scud? Moving On Up a Little Higher
... It would appear to me that all you have accomplished for your client over the past year is to write letters that position Tom as being as paranoid and aggressive as the cult leader he apparently follows.

Bert, I have some more fundamental advice for you. You damage your client’s reputation more each day by aggressively pursuing DM’s agenda to bury TRUTH than by any TRUTH that Amy, or anyone else for that matter, might impart. ...

Preorder Amy's book here: Scobee Publishing

A comment :  I especially like the part at the end of the letter;
"... I have urged Mr. Cruise not to give your book publicity by filing a lawsuit while it is initially on sale, but to wait until later..."

I think that book sales are about to increase at

I hope Amy becomes a household name and that many start to ask'Who is this Mrs. David Miscavige? Where is this Mrs. David Miscavige?'

And if there is a lawsuit against the book, would the cited Mrs. David Miscavige have to attend the legal proceedings? Would Tom Cruise do that to his best man? Dig up skeletons from the closet (so to speak) and have Mrs. David Miscavige attend a trial?

Go Amy Go! I think you have many supporters that want to see this played out.
And fuck Tom Cruise and David Miscavige.

                            Aunt anonymous

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 13, 2010, 03:51:00 PM
Amy Scobee is on target to have a best seller.
Thank you Bertram...

Tom Cruise Doesn’t Need the Church of Scientology to Help Him Pick Out Maids

    * 4/12/10 at 1:45 PM
    * Comment 10Comment 10Comments

Tom Cruise Doesn’t Need the Church of Scientology to Help Him Pick Out Maids

Amy Scobee, a former Church of Scientology insider, is publishing the book Scientology: Abuse at the Top next month, and Tom Cruise’s fantastically named lawyer Bertram Fields has already sent her a letter threatening a lawsuit thanks to some allegations toward his client. And the allegations are: Cruise's household staff is selected by Scientology; that a Scientologist handling Cruise’s money was once punished within the religion for bad business decisions; the Church pushed Cruise to divorce Nicole Kidman; and Cruise once admitted a “drug history.” To that last one, Fields responds “Mr. Cruise has no ‘drug history’ whatsoever. He has never used illegal drugs of any kind.” That sounds like a bit much: The Hollywood superstar has never dabbled in any kind of recreational-drug use? Not even once, a long time ago? Like, maybe at the Risky Business wrap party or something? [Gawker]

and another one...

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 17, 2010, 10:49:03 AM
                  Meat Loaf's weird experience at Isaac Hayes' funeral


What was it like being on South Park?

That was fun. That’s when I was Cous Cous. Well they came to me and said, “We’d love you to be on South Park” and I said, yeah, they could do me on South Park but they had to draw me really skinny because the only way in my life I was going to be skinny was in a cartoon. They said, “Yeah, we can do that” so they did and my stage name was Cous Cous.

I played this place where nobody showed up so Chef came out and said, “You’re doing this all wrong.” He fattened me up and changed my name to Meatloaf and the fans came. I became really good friends with Isaac Hayes. We sang a song on South Park...I got a gold record for it but I can’t remember it. It was produced by Rick Rubin too.

When Isaac died, I got a phone call asking if I could get to Memphis – I couldn’t but I said to let me know if they were doing anything else. I didn’t know he was a Scientologist. No clue. He did really great work in Africa, using the Scientology money for the good of the communities there in Africa and he did really good work for a lot of children. They called again and said they were having a memorial service for him and I said I’d love to go, I’ll be there.

When I got there, there was a line of people waiting to go in and all of a sudden this guy came out and said to me, “Excuse me, you should come with me.” So we go down through this secret door and into this garden and he tells me it’s a private reception and I should be here. But there was no-one else there. I was like, is this a private reception just for me where I sit and think about Isaac? He would have laughed. This guy said, “Some people like to be alone.”

Then I go inside and the room fills up with all these Scientologists with medals on and they’re all looking at me ‘cause I was the only one without a medal. I should have brought my medal! Finally someone talks to me and asks if I knew Isaac and I said, “Yeah, pretty well”.

But I made the mistake of saying that we did South Park together – that was a bad thing to say and I didn’t know that (*Isaac Hayes fell out with South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker when they made an episode of the show which mocked Scientology*). They went, “Uh huh...I see” and said they’d show me to my seat, which was right in the front row! Nobody else was there. I thought, “Oh my”.

So I’m sitting there and all of a sudden this woman comes up to me and says, “Excuse me sir, I believe you’re in the wrong side”. I told her that I didn’t know but someone had told me that this was where I was supposed to sit. She told me it was reserved for family members only and that she could tell just by looking at me that I wasn’t a family member. She moved me to the third row but I told her that was fine as I was nervous sitting in the front row anyway.

I sat in that seat for two minutes before the woman came back and said, “I am so terribly sorry, please forgive me.” I’m going, “What? It’s ok, I don’t know what you did!” and she said, “That was your seat.”

So I was moved back and I was sitting at Isaac Hayes’ memorial with Isaac Hayes’ family. At his request. His sister came to me and said, “Isaac considered you part of his family”. I didn’t have a clue. I didn’t even know he was a Scientologist. We jammed together and had fun, that was it. I looked around and saw all these major stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. I don’t know Tom very well but I went up and said “how’s it going?" It turns out his sister is a big Bat Out of Hell fan. meets...Meat Loaf | Sport Features |

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 16, 2010, 08:27:30 PM
             Obsession With Scientology Ruined Actor Jason Lee's Marriage

In an interview with Inside Edition, Carmen Llywelyn, an actress and photographer details how her marriage to actor Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) was destroyed by his obsession with Scientology. Carmen and Jason were married in 1995 and were divorced in 2001 when Lee confronted his wife about her skepticism of Scientology beliefs, which Jason was a practicing member of. According to Carmen, Jason came home one day and told her he was divorcing her, she wasn't welcomed in his life and to get out. Apparently her manager, also a Scientologist dumped her via a letter a week after Jason's bombshell, and informed her that her agent had as well.  This is typical of anyone who has been declared a "suppressive person." 

Once Scientology has declared you as an "SP" you are then systematically cut out of all of your loved one's (those still in Scientology) lives, and are ex-communicated.  They process, called "Disconnection"  is very hurtful, demeaning and cruel and is at the center of many, many of the broken families and marriages of those who practice Scientology. 

Essentially, in a cult like Scientology you are brainwashed to believe that anyone who doesn't strictly adhere to Scientology's beliefs is causing you harm and pain, or suppressing you and your growth in Scientology.  Hence the term "suppressive person."  You are NOT allowed to question ANY of what Scientology teaches you EVER.  If you do you risk a mountain of problems, including losing contact with your family and friends, your ability to work and often you are hit with massive fees for courses taken while you were a Scientologist that they then charge you for after you leave.  This has bankrupted many ex-Scientologists, and all these measures are designed to keep you hooked and under control.

Carmen learned this too late to save herself the pain and heartache, but hopefully as the public become more aware of the nefarious ways of Scientology others will be spared.

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Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 18, 2010, 01:47:31 PM
                         Travolta suffers more deaths

John Travolta's Dogs Killed in Freak Accident

Tragedy has once again struck John Travolta's family -- two dogs belonging to the actor were killed on Thursday in a freak airport accident.

In an email sent to the Bangor Daily News, city officials said, "At approximately 1 a.m. on Thursday, May 13, 2010 an airplane carrying members of the John Travolta family landed at BIA [Bangor International Airport in Maine]."

Officials said "someone who is not a family member" took the two dogs for a walk when an airport service truck approached the jet and accidentally struck and killed the dogs.

So far, no statement from the Travoltas.

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 14, 2010, 04:02:41 PM
                                 The New York Post

                The next generation of Scientologists?

Title: Re: Scientlogy celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 15, 2010, 12:02:08 AM
           EXCLUSIVE: That 70's Show Star Danny Masterson's Company Files For Bankruptcy

Hubbards`s financial tech in action.

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              Will Smith Drops Scientology from his Annual Donations

Good news: Will Smith didn’t make any charitable donations to Scientology last year.

In the recent past, Smith’s private self-named charitable foundation had donated thousands of dollars to groups associated with Scientology.

So despite Will and wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent appearance at a Scientology lunch in Hollywood with celebrity disciples Tom Cruise and Jenna Elfman, the couple is not giving the cultish group tax free contributions any more.

last year the Smiths handed over $70,000 to Scientology groups. Will once equated the Christian bible with Scientology in an interview. That didn’t go over too well.

This time, instead, the Will Smith Foundation, in papers just filed with the IRS and, turned its attention elsewhere. Smith gave away about $575,475 in 2009. Another place he could have contributed money but didn’t? His New Village Academy in Calabasas, California. There’s no entry for it. New Village, which has yet to file its own first Form 990 with the IRS, still advertises Scientology teaching on its curriculum list.

The Smiths did some interesting things with their money. A lot of it went to Christian ministries and teaching, including $12,800 to a group called Daughters of Power, in Beverly Hills. It’s an organization that does sort of Christian finishing for teenage girls.

The couple also gave $10,000 to the Harvard Foundation–maybe they’re laying the ground work to send little Jaden or Willow, their movie star children.

The biggest amounts went to Baltimore School for the Arts Foundation ($200,000); City of Refuge in Los Angeles ($150.000). Will also continues to send money to the Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville. That’s a nice touch since he played Ali in the great Michael Mann film

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                    Anna Nicole is NOT a scio but read on,,,

             Prospective jurors eliminated in Anna Nicole case

By LINDA DEUTSCH (AP) – 3 hours ago

LOS ANGELES — The first day of jury selection in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case has ended with most of the possible panelists eliminated.

Superior Court Judge Robert Perry finished Monday's session by ordering another group to report Tuesday after attorney challenges excluded all but a few of the first 60 people to be questioned.

Among those removed was a man who said he believed psychiatry was a fraud, and a fan of Smith's reality TV show who said the Playboy model's boyfriend-lawyer, Howard Stern, did not do enough to save her from drugs.

Stern and two of Smith's doctors have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to get massive amounts of opiates and sedatives for Smith. They are not charged with her 2007 overdose death in Florida.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Attorneys quizzed prospective jurors in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case Monday, probing their views about psychiatry, prescription drugs and a separate case involving Michael Jackson's doctor.

Many panelists voiced strong feelings about doctors and prescription medications.

Under questioning by lawyer Ellyn Garafalo, who represents defendant Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, several said they had suffered from chronic pain and taken medications with varying results.

One man said he was in such agony with back pain that he would swallow 12 to 16 Tylenol pills at once.

An issue in the case is whether Smith was prescribed too many drugs for pain by Kapoor and defendant Khristine Eroshevich, a psychiatrist.

One jury prospect said she was an avid fan of Smith's TV reality show and disliked defendant Howard Stern, the boyfriend-lawyer of Smith. The prospect felt Stern didn't do enough to help Smith with her drug problem.

"Can you put all that aside and give him a fair trial?" Stern's lawyer Steve Sadow asked.

"I've been asking myself that," she said. "To be honest, I have a strong opinion about him."

Almost all of the jury candidates raised their hands when Garafalo asked if they knew about the case of Dr. Conrad Murray, the personal physician of Jackson who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of the pop star.

Authorities say Murray provided Jackson with a mix of sedatives — including a powerful anesthetic that killed him.

The jury prospects indicated the case against Murray would not affect their ability to be fair.

One prospect was asked about his written statement on a jury questionnaire that "the field of psychiatry is a fraud." He said that opinion was partially based on his religion, The Church of Scientology.

Attorney Bradley Brunon, who represents Eroshevich, noted that actor Tom Cruise, also a Scientologist, had spoken publicly against psychiatry and psychotropic drugs.

"Are your beliefs as strong as Mr. Cruise's?" Brunon asked the young man.

"He speaks out a lot, but yes, I guess I feel the same as Mr. Cruise," said the prospect, adding his belief might interfere with his ability to be fair to Eroshevich.

Kapoor, Eroshevich and Stern have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to get massive amounts of opiates and sedatives for Smith, a former Playboy model and reality television star. They are not charged with her 2007 overdose death in Florida.

Superior Court Judge Robert Perry hopes to seat a jury by Wednesday.

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                John Travolta and Kelly Preston Celebrate Scientology

Joining together to celebrate their beliefs, the stars were out for The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre's 41st Anniversary Gala held at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, California on Saturday night (August 7).

With John Travolta and expecting wife Kelly Preston turning up with daughter Ella, the happy family joined their many Scientologist pals for a swanky soiree.

Among the guests on-hand were former "Dharma and Greg" actress Jenna Elfman, as well as astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife Lois Driggs Cannon.

Rounding out the Scientology celebration were singers Elena Roggero and Michele Henderson - while there was no sign of Tom Cruise or wife Katie Holmes at the west coast weekend fete.

See photo....

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Lisa Marie Presley lists home.... to move to the UK..
SELLER: Lisa Marie Presley

LOCATION: Long Valley Road, Hidden Hills, CA
PRICE: $8,995,000
SIZE: 8,000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms

DESCRIPTION: Beautifully & extensively remodeled & expanded in the exclusive guard-gated community of Hidden Hills is this 8,000 SF sprawling ranch home on over 3 acres of lush rolling lawns w/ orchards.

In addition to the main house, consisting of 5 bdrms. 5.5 baths, this private complex also features 3 separate guest quarters, pool/spa w/ waterfall, barns/tack rooms & extensive extra parking. The home backs up to the Santa Monica Conservancy/Ahmanson Ranch which ensures privacy.

Missus Presley Keough Jackson Cage Lockwood's Long Valley Road compound also has 3 separate guest quarters, one of which is reportedly occupied by musician Danny Keough, her first huzband and the baby daddy of two of her four off-spring.

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            Stanley Kubrick's family destroyed by Scientology disconnection
The below was apparently sent out to numerous media outlets. Hopefully the word will continue to spread about the devastating affects of Scientology disconnection. Amy

Stanley Kubrick’s family destroyed by Scientology disconnection

The UK Guardian has just published an important article revealing for the first time the destruction of Stanley Kubrick's family by Scientology. The revelation now makes film icon Kubrick the most prominent celebrity upon whom Scientology has inflicted irreparable damage.

At an open-air screening of Stanley Kubrick's film Paths of Glory. at Somerset House on the Strand in London, Kubrick’s widow Christiane Kubrick spoke of the loss of her daughter Katharine to Hodgkin's Disease. She also revealed to the worldf or the first time the loss of another of her three daughters, Vivian, to Scientology. In her remarks about Vivian she said:

But she was hugely loved. And now I've lost her." She pauses. "You know that? I used to keep all this a secret as I was hoping it would go away. But now I've lost hope. So. She's gone."

A talented musician, composer, and director who composed the score for Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Vivian got involved in Scientology around the time Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut was in post-production. Kubrick wanted her to compose the music for the film. Vivian refused and disappeared into Scientology.

Kubrick pleaded with her to no avail. She showed up at Kubrick's funeral with a Scientology "handler." Thereafter she broke off all communication even as her sister Katharine was dying of cancer and did not attend her funeral.

Those familiar with Scientology and its policy of disconnection will recognize what is going on here. When Stanley Kubrick objected to Vivian’s involvement in Scientology she was obliged to "handle or disconnect", that is, get him to shut up and stop criticizing Scientology or completely severe all communications with her family.

Compliance with Scientology’s policy of disconnection is not optional; it is mandatory. All Scientologists from Greta Van Susteren down to the poorest teenager sucked into Scientology are required to disconnect at Scientology command.

Failure to disconnect would have subjected Vivian to punishment by Scientology including public disclosure of confidential information in her Scientology counseling folders.

This has been the case with recent defectors like Amy Scobee, who spoke out about Scientology abuses in the St. Petersburg Times’ important investigative report, The Truth Rundown, which set off a continuing stream of mainstream media reports about Scientology abuses including Laurie Goodstein’s front page story in the New York Times and Anderson Cooper’s five-part series at CNN, Scientology: A History of Violence.

Scobee was a high-ranking executive responsible for the Celebrity Centers that cater to Vivian and other Los Angeles entertainment industry celebrities. In response to Scobee’s revelations Scientology Public Relations spokesman, Tommy Davis, son of Scientology actress Anne Archer, smeared her with purportedly confidential personal information. Scobee said, "If my folders are confidential, why is Tommy Davis talking about my sex life?"

Also to be noted in Christiane Kubrick’s account is the presence of a handler from Scientology's intelligence agency, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) at Kubrick’s funeral.

Anti-Scientology criticism from Kubrick's family made his funeral a potential source of trouble and a possible PR flap It also presented the risk of Vivian defecting from Scientology.

OSA is responsible for all public and government relations for Scientology. It is also responsible for the exploitation of Scientology celebrities, and thus the necessity of sending an OSA handler to mind Vivian at Kubrick’s funeral.

Tommy Davis is a member of OSA and Scientology’s chief spokesman. Davis accused editor Randy Sly of Catholic Online of “promoting religious hatred and violence” for criticizing Scientology in his many articles. OSA produced a major smear job on Anderson Cooper in Scientology’s Freedom magazine and distributed copies along with a defamatory DVD in front of CNN offices in Los Angeles.

While Kubrick is now the most eminent celebrity to have his family destroyed by Scientology, Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis remains the most prominent celebrity to defect from the cult. After 35-years in Scientology he resigned in an email to Tommy Davis, which has been widely reported in the media.

Haggis was outraged at the violation of Amy Scobee’s confidential information and Davis’ blatant lying in denying that the policy of disconnection exists. Haggis’ wife had been forced to disconnect from her own parents.

Disconnection is the most wide-spread damage Scientology does in society for it affects not only individual Scientologists, but entire networks of family, friend, and business relationships.

There are tens of thousands of families like Kubrick’s that have been destroyed by disconnection. One of the most heart-breaking is that of Allan Henderson. Henderson died of cancer disconnected from five of his six children and all twenty-two of his grandchildren.

Christiane Kubrick has given up hope. Scientology has rendered her daughter effectively dead to her.

Other parents need not yet despair if voices in society will speak up strongly denouncing disconnection and all of Scientology’s other human rights abuses such as coerced abortion, which is becoming an increasing concern particularly in the pro-life community after the recent exhaustive report in the St. Petersburg Times - No Kids Allowed.

Amy Scobee is the former Scientology executive most knowledgeable about Scientology’s control and manipulation of Scientology celebrities like Vivian Kubrick. She has recently published a book, Scientology: Abuse At The Top available at Amazon and her website, Scobee Publishing. She may be contacted at .

- Michael Barger
San Francisco   

                        Stanley Kubricks Widow Interviewed

......"She is a fabulous person," says Christiane. "Beautiful, very witty, enormously talented in all sorts of directions, very musical, a great mimic, she could play instruments easily, she could sing, she could dance, she could act, there wasn't anything she couldn't do. We had fights. But she was hugely loved. And now I've lost her." She pauses. "You know that? I used to keep all this a secret as I was hoping it would go away. But now I've lost hope. So. She's gone."

It all began, she says, while Stanley was editing Eyes Wide Shut, which starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Stanley asked Vivian to compose the score, but at the last moment she said she wouldn't. Instead, she disappeared into San Francisco and Los Angeles. "They had a huge fight. He was very unhappy. He wrote her a 40-page letter trying to win her back. He begged her endlessly to come home from California. I'm glad he didn't live to see what happened."

On the day of Stanley's funeral, Christiane says, Vivian arrived with a woman nobody recognised. "She just sat in Vivian's room. Never said hello to us. Just sat. We were all spooked. Who was this person? Turns out she was a Scientology something-or-other, don't know what."

"Did Vivian give a reason why she joined the Scientologists?" I ask.

"It's her new religion," Christiane shrugs. "It had absolutely nothing to do with Tom Cruise by the way. Absolutely not."

"Maybe it was her way of dealing with her father's death?"

"I think she must have been very upset," Christiane says, "but, again, I wouldn't know. I know nothing. That is the truth. I can't reach her at all. I've had two conversations with her since Stanley died. The last one was eight years ago. She became a Scientologist and didn't want to talk to us any more and didn't see her dying sister, didn't come to her funeral. And these were children that had been joined at the hip."

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19 August 2010 08:02

Lisa Marie Presley - Presley Finds English Home Near Scientology Base

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            The National Enquirer has a scientology celebrity cover.

Find out the wins Kirsty Alley, John Travolta , and Lisa Marie are
having applying the tech.

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              ‘Pulp Fiction’ actor John Travolta all set to tour Mumbai

Bollywood or bust

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       Bart Simpson Actress Sued Over Fiance's Debt

9/21/2010 5:40 PM PDT by TMZ Staff 

Nancy Cartwright -- the voice of Bart Simpson -- is a defendant in a lawsuit involving her fiance's suicide, a failed construction project, and the Church of Scientology ... this according to documents obtained by TMZ.

In the suit, the American Safety Casualty Insurance Company claims a construction company run by Stephen Brackett  -- Nancy's fiance at the time -- was hired to fix up a restaurant in 2008.  ASCIC issued an insurance policy to Brackett to cover the work ... and Nancy agreed to cover ASCIC's costs if anything went wrong.

ASCIC claims Brackett only did a portion of the work and "diverted contract funds" to the Church of Scientology, in which both he and Nancy were members.  ASCIC says that when the project was halfway done, Brackett committed suicide and his company folded.

ASCIC claims it had to fork over roughly $260,000 to complete the project ... and that Nancy is refusing to cover the expenses, as promised.

ASCIC is suing her for the 260k plus a whole lot more.

You may remember Stephan Brackett. He threw himself off Hubbard`s bridge last

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Yet another success story!!!

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                      Kirstie Alley Is 50 Pounds Thinner

At the beginning of the year, actress Kirstie Alley announced that she was coming out with a weight loss product and program and, at the same time, that she would be trying it herself. She’s now 50 pounds lighter.

The launch of Alley’s program was surrounded in controversy as many major media outlets said it was nothing but a front for Scientology, a claim the star vehemently denied.

Also then, she talked extensively about her weight and how she couldn’t stop it from yo-yo-ing, insisting this time it was for good because she could no longer stand being overweight.

It would seem that her commitment was genuine, as she’s happy to announce on her Twitter she’s over 50 pounds slimmer – with a little less than that still to go.

“I’ve lost over 50 lbs... and I’m having the time of my life... 30 more to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” the actress tweeted.

Clearly, she’s thrilled by her achievement – and quite an impressive feat it is.

In order to prove her 700,000 followers that she’s not lying or trying to deceive anyone, Alley also uploaded a picture of herself, to show how far she’s come.

“Me and my Italian men friends,” she says of a picture that shows her behind a desk, surrounded by men in tuxedoes. Granted, one can’t see that much of Alley herself, but she does seem slimmer than she was once.

In February this year, when she introduced her weight loss product, called “Elixir,” Kirstie said she’d already lost about 20 pounds in the first weeks and promised that everyone else buying it would have about the same results.

“I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist – I’m a regular person like you who has been struggling with her weight and searching and praying for a weight loss program to end that forever,” the actress said at the time.

“Now my dream is a reality. I’ve been afforded access to the best products in the world. I’ve been researching and developing Organic Liaison for the past two years with the help of the greatest scientific minds on the planet,” the star added.
See photo here...

"Nothing says "I`m thinner" than hiding behind a desk."

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              Enquirer: John Travolta has had like a bajillion gay lovers

    * September 25th, 2010 11:43 am PT

What with all the rumors that John Travolta's son's death was the result of Travolta's Scientology beliefs, blackmailing accusations involving foreign officials, and revelations that he spends his days petting wigs in a refrigerated room, everyone totally dropped the ball on the good old 'he's super secretly gay' stuff.

Well, on the eve of his replacement child's birth, which is like something from that horrible De Niro movie Godsend, the Enquirer has resurrected questions about his male lips-on-lips action. According to their recent story, Travolta is just a big ol' bear with a mad lust for dudes. According to professional Hollywood gay-outing fun ruiner Robert Randolph, who is conveniently publishing a book on the subject, "I have no doubt that John Travolta is a sex addict. I’ve heard from many men who have either had gay sex with John or saw him having gay sex in health spas, steam rooms, locker rooms, you name it.”

I only have one question: is there a way for two men to have sex that isn't gay? Like, they're rubbing red meat on each other, plotting hunting activities, and shouting out their favorite football team's name or something? 'Gay sex' seems totally redundant.

Randolph says he anticipates at least fifty men to step forward, and those are only the ones willing to say they banged Travolta, cos honestly? The days where that cleft chin won people over are long gone. If you're a gay man with any discerning taste and a fondness for clandestine affairs with celebrities, wouldn't you choose Ryan Seacrest?

A lot of magazines are all 'oh think of poor Kelly!' which...please. A wife knows why her husband is taking his favorite wig and a man back to the refrigerated room for petting.

Also, why is it that everyone always goes for the 'THEY'RE HOMOS!' slur on Scientology when they have so many legitimate weird things to attack them for? And the sadder part is that people accused act like that's so devastating. Geez, junior high never dies.

By the way... I have no problem with John being a swinger.
But he does.  And so does his "church" which says he should
be "done away with...quietly and without sorrow."

And don`t Scientologists sue people who tell lies about them.
Cruise did !!

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         Lisa Marie Presley is reportedly a devoted Scientologist

Sunday September 26,2010
By James Murray

IN THE leafy hollows of East Sussex, the only child of Elvis Presley has quietly set up home with her fourth husband and their two young children and is living the life of a recluse. For the past month, Lisa Marie Presley and musician Michael Lockwood have been staying in a £10million home set in 50 acres yet no neighbours have actually seen them.

Attempts to speak to her on the intercom of the gated property proved fruitless when a security man with an American drawl said: ‘‘There’s nobody by that name living here, sir.”

Whatever the guard says, everyone in the area is convinced Elvis’s daughter is relishing the peace of living like the lady of the manor, far from the madness of Los Angeles.

As the nights draw in, the conversation over pints of ale at Lisa’s local, The King’s Arms, inevitably turns to the raven-haired 42-year-old, who had brief marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. The question on everyone’s lips is: why has she forsaken the glitz of Hollywood for a Sussex backwater?
Scientology's British HQ in East Grinstead

The answer almost certainly lies in the fact that her new home, near the village of Rotherfield, is just a few miles away from Scientology’s 59-acre British, and former world, headquarters at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead.

Lisa Marie counts fellow followers Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes among her closest friends along with John Travolta, whom she spoke up for candidly following the death of his teenage son Jett in the Bahamas last year.

Angry Lisa Marie issued a public statement claiming certain people wanted to use Travolta’s “horrible tragedy” as an opportunity to “blame and or attack Scientology”.

The fact that a British judge once accused the organisation of being “sinister and dangerous” must baffle the devoted disciple of founder L Ron Hubbard, a sci-fi writer who was the subject of regular FBI investigations during his lifetime and who sought sanctuary in East Grinstead while being pursued by his enemies.

W hile the people of Sussex are delighted Lisa Marie and her family are neighbours, some wonder about her motives. As one neighbour asked last week: “Are Elvis’s millions being used to bankroll the church? That is all people here are talking about.”

Scientology chiefs never like to discuss donors but it is naive to think that Lisa Marie has not been generous in her support of the organisation she credits with saving her life.

It has been suggested that she encouraged both her wealthy former husbands, Jackson and Cage, to get fully involved but they reportedly weren’t as keen to follow the teachings of a man who believed we evolved from a race which crashlanded on Earth in spaceships.

 The King’s daughter turned to Scientology in her early 20s to help her kick her drugs habit. “Were it not for Scientology, I would either be insane or dead by now,” she has said. “I am forever grateful for the technology of Scientology and to Mr Hubbard, who dedicated his life to helping man and this planet, as well as to the people who have dedicated their lives to helping others through Scientology.”

Quite what she means by “forever grateful” is not clear but the statement reflects her commitment to the global growth of the church, which is being helped by celebrity endorsements.

Lisa Marie’s wealth is difficult to calculate but as the sole heir of her father’s estate she is estimated to be worth at least £500million.

To her credit, she has resisted repeated requests to release an album of her father’s classics, defiantly pursuing her own musical ambitions. Her debut album, To Whom it May Concern, went gold just a few months after release in 2003 and her second, Now What, reached No 9 in the US charts two years later. Several singles have also done well.

Lisa Marie worked on many of the songs with her first husband, Danny Keough with whom she had two children, Danielle and Ben, now in their 20s. After their divorce she allowed him to live in a guesthouse in the grounds of her home and they remain close friends: he was best man when she married musician Lockwood four years ago. Two years later, Lisa Marie and Michael had twin girls Harper and Finley. In rare public outings, they make a charming couple and, unlike Jackson and Cage, he is fully committed to Scientology.

As they enjoy their new life in rural England, many locals are keen to get to know them better but that seems highly unlikely as she prefers to keep a low profile and some residents have concerns about the “religion” she follows.

O n Tuesday the debate about how the church conducts itself will explode when the BBC’s Panorama reveals the results of a lengthy probe by investigative reporter John Sweeney.

Already the Scientology hierarchy is lining up PR firms and lawyers to scrutinise every word uttered by Mr Sweeney, having crossed swords with him three years ago. In memorable scenes, Sweeney lost his temper with the organisation’s Tommy Davis, son of actress Anne Archer.

Mr Davis is well known to Lisa Marie as he works closely with scores of US stars.

It’s possible he may even ask if she’d release a statement in support of the poor, put-upon souls treated so mercilessly by Mr Sweeney.

A Panorama Special: Secrets Of Scientology, Tuesday, BBC1 at 9pm.

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        Kirstie Alley Photoshop Weightloss

 Kirstie Alley is still hawking a diet plan called Organic Liaisons. so there is alot riding on the perception her diet elixir is working.

kirstie recently posted on Twitter

"I've lost over 50 lbs...and I'm having the time of my of my life...30 more to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo," she tweeted on Wednesday.

She has a huge vested interest in loosing the pounds,first for health reasons, the second is she had a huge sum of money wrapped up in a business start up,and also a
recently produced Television show (Kirstie Alleys Big Life)

Kirstie started off by promoting her diet plan on Oprahs show. a high profile send off for her new brand.

Later she appeared on Today Show to promote the product. on that show Kirstie Alley denied that her new diet system, Organic Liaison, is helping the Church of Scientology profit.

The question came right after her opening segment -- in which the veteran Hollywood Reporter's Roger Friedman claimed Alley's company was made of top-level Scientologists .for making the Scientology connection.

co-host Meredith Vieira questioned a possible connection.

"It's not true. It's not true," its ****-**** Kirstie said.

Meredith Viera asked. "So there's no connection between your diet program and [Scientology?]"

"God no! No. Zero," Kirstie answered.

Kirstie went on to say her Accountant Saul Lipson is a Scientology Jew.and the address in the clip was that of her accountant in Clearwater. Lipson's address is not in Clearwater, but Coral Springs, Fla. but we will let Kirstie Have that one.even if what she said isn't true.

the headlines read Kirstie Alley Rips 'Bigotry' on 'Today Show' after the appearance

Kirstie fired off a several Twitter Salvos

"GOING TO HAVE Mr. Attorney call Mr. Friedman's Attorney tomorrow..Mr. Friedman is treading on thin LIBELOUS ice with my company. Crackkkk," she wrote.

"P.S. I do NOT hate Meredith…just STRIKE one on blindsiding..and my bad..didn't see the "do you STILL beat your wife" ambush coming…WHAP" Kirstie wrote in a later Tweet on Tuesday.

"If you Google Mr. Friedman, you'll see he has had longtime problems with Scientology. He has written numerous articles against them,"

and put out this in a press release

"There was a claim that my product is a front for Scientology. This is not true. Organic Liaison is its own L.L.C. and is not affiliated with The Church of Scientology or the World Institute of Scientology. The proof is in the numbers," she continues. "Out of the 25 approximate employees, there may be 26, of Organic Liaison, 4 are Scientologists. Organic Liaison does not discriminate in its hiring practices, including religion ... It boils down to roughly 10% of my company is Scientologists, 90% are non-Scientologists," Alley added.

ok so its either a little white lie or shes horrible at Math (Hint) its around 16% well Kirstie its a good thing you have an accountant because the math is off.

In February of 2010 Womans day published an multi-page article titled "Kirstie Alley's fat farm freak out" checked into a ritzy California fat farm,in which they claim she made a mockery of the facility's strict rules on dieting and exercise.keep in mind she is promoting Her Diet program!

Next Kirstie Show airs on A&E and has awful ratings and the show may have run its course. the show was an advertisement for her weight loss vitamin supplement.
that looks as if it won't pan out. the show was a flop.

There may have been one notable quote from the show,when Kirstie introduces the TV audience to L Ron Hubbard's quackery while her chubby buddy was bedridden and feeling ill and pretending to be under the weather, Kirstie explained to him that in her Religion when some is ill "its because you have a Suppressive Person in your life" thats right its someone else's fault your sick. Scientologist believe that if you remove the suppressive person your illness will vanish.

She also coyly used Hubbard terms like "Natter" when talking to her staff in another episode. promoting Scientology along with her diet elixir on her semi scripted reality program. along with a small cast of Scientologists, John Travolta-Kelly Preston several employees and an obscure Australian Actor who was her boy-toy in the last episode "Cougeroo", who was also a Scientologist.
even is the show was thinly laced with Scientology and Scientologists we will give her that too.

Kirstie next move is to hire a new spokes person for Organic liaison, he choice is actress Jenifer Aspen star of the recent TV hit Glee and also a Scientologist, not a smart move if your trying to convince the public,otherwise. but then its her company.

Kirstie can be thought of as a bit of a Twitter-hoic, her tweets are the fodder of gossip blogs at times, you may remember her feuds with Joy Beyhar and late Night TV host Conan O'Brien, she even had an episode devoted to the subject on "Big Life" trying to make me go to "Tweet-hab" Kirstie has for month used her twitter accounts to shamelessly and exclusively promote her products.

Often using twitter it to promote a 30 day sauna purification detox she was doing not to long ago and promoting "L Ron Hubbard's book Clear Body Clear Mind" along with Her diet tips and suggestions. purely a gotcha moment if the public was paying attention. the public may be willing to let that slide.

Now she's in the headlines again with titles like these "Kirstie Alley: I've lost 50 pounds1" after she posted a photo of herself surrounded by 5 hulking Italian men in suits, if you look at the photo you don't see much of her. just a head shot,this picture was shot by a professional photographer Troy Plota. and her hair and makeup is no doubt done professionally and she looks 10-15 years younger.
looking at that photograph one thing stands out immediately, Kirstie is the only one back-lit in this photo. looking at it leaves no doubt its weight loss through photo-shop.

See it for what it is call it disingenuous-it's celebrity at its finest PT Barnum would be proud. thanks Again Kirstie!

Kirstie will soon be 60!. shes had a good ride. now shes tabloid fodder.

a funny quote from WWP sums it up

All right Mr DeMille I'm ready for my (close up) photoshop

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                              Juliette Lewis Injured In Hit & Run
BURBANK, Calif. – Police say actress Juliette Lewis has been injured in a hit-and-run crash in Burbank.

Sgt. Sean Kelley says Lewis was a passenger in the back seat of a four-door sedan Wednesday night when a driver ran a stoplight, smashed into Lewis' vehicle and kept going.

The car was found a short distance away, but the driver had fled the scene.

Kelley says Lewis complained of pain in her head, back and neck and some bruising and was taken to a hospital.

He says the driver will be arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run when found.

The 37-year-old Lewis received a best supporting actress Oscar nomination for her role in the 1991 film "Cape Fear." She appears in the soon-to-be released film "Conviction."


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Oprah interviews Lisa Marie at her new UK home.

Screening today on U.S. TV. Thursday October 21 2001

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            Nutcase Travolta did not learn the first time around

While John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston await the arrival of their new son Benjamin, one thing is already a known fact -- when the little boy does arrive, Scientology will play a major role. John flew back to the USA from Australia on Sunday to make preparations for their new arrival, which will include a controversial "silent" Scientology birth.

"The couple will follow the church's guidelines during delivery," a family insider tells me. "No music, no talking and no screaming will be allowed during the pains of labor. Also their new son cannot be prodded for medical tests or spoken to for the first seven days of his life. You don't want to do anything that will haunt them for the rest of their lives."

Preston told Redbook magazine a few years ago that she tried to follow the church's guidelines during the birth of daughter Ella Bleu, but after 13 long hours of labor, she told her husband, "Throw me in the car. I want an epidural!" However, due to traffic, there was not enough time to get Kelly to the hospital.

"This time around, Kelly is determined to follow her church's guidelines," an insider tells me. "Everyone who will be present at the birth has been given clear instructions to not make a sound."

For your sake, Kelly, I'm hoping Benjamin will be more eager to meet you and John than Ella was! (Full disclosure: I haven't been silent for 13 hours in my life!)

By Rob Shuter Posted Nov 15th 2010 09:26PM (AOL)


Poor kids, child protective services need to be called

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        John Travolta likes well-hung Middle Eastern types. Join the club

Posted on 22 Nov 2010 at 1:29pm

It’s one of the best-kept, worst-kept secrets in Hollywood that John Travolta is gay (Scientology allegedly promises to “cure” you of your homosexuality) — a fact that, despite evidence (remember the candid lip-lock photographed on him kissing his late son’s male, umm, “nanny”?) that has been respectfully ignored most of the time by the mainstream press......
Read the rest,Plus photo, here...

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               Charlie Manson written letter mentions Hubbard

One nut talking about another.

This letter from Charles Manson -he writes about being one with Hubbard in spirit.  It only went for $175 -

"Six page, great content handwritten letter from Charles Manson that
completely fills the front and back of 3 sheets of 8 ½ x11” ruled paper. This letter hails from around 1990....

...Scientology guru L. Ron Hubbard and infers there is a link to their belief systems and his own.

Many biographers have attributed Manson’s cosmic philosophy as being built around ideas first presented by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, in his landmark book, Dianetics. Having Charlie making references to major culty personal influences like these makes this a particularly unique and illuminating letter. "

This is Google's cache of,name,180868,auction_id,auction_details. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Nov 11, 2010 17:49:27 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more...,name,180868,auction_id,auction_details+L+Ron+Hubbard+letter+auction&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

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                          The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta

Not recommended reading for those with only a general understanding
of male anatomy...

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                               Travolta: 'Gay rumours are blatant lies'
John Travolta has demanded a retraction of a statement made by writer Robert Randolph alleging that the actor frequented gay saunas in attempts to find male sex partners.

The Saturday Night Fever actor hit out against the claims with a five-page legal complaint and wants "an unequivocal and prominent retraction of the false and defamatory statements".

Travolta's lawyer said: "[The allegations] go back 15 years, yet inexplicably Randolph has waited until now to peddle these phony tall tales."

The original letter was posted on the gossip website Gawker, with Randolph alleging that he was a personal witness to several gay sex acts involving the Grease star over a number of years.

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          Lisa Marie Presley sells Los Angeles ranch for $5m after quitting America for a new life in England

Article and photos here...

Read more:

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           Carrie Fisher Tells John Travolta It's OK to Be Gay

Actress Carrie Fisher was asked about her old friend John Travolta in a recent interview. The former Princess Leia tells the Advocate that she thinks the male spa frequenter can come out of the closet now, because no one cares.

The gay mag asked Fisher what she thinks about the recent stories about Travolta's less-than-straight sex life. Her response:

    Wow! I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know [he's gay] and we don't care. Look, I'm sorry that he's uncomfortable with it, and that's all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss.

There you have it, John. May the fierce—I mean force be with you.

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                 Nicole Kidman Misses Adoptive Children Connor And Isabella

It has been widely speculated that Nicole's access to the older kids has been restricted by Tom's religion Scientology. Connor and Isabella, being raised as Scientologists themselves, are allegedly not allowed to mingle with non-Scientologists like Nicole who is a Catholic.

Read more:

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                        Paul Haggis is Collaborating on an Anti-Scientology Book


Director Paul Haggis was a high-profile defector from the Church of Scientology in 2009, but he was cagey when discussing it during his recent press tour for The Next Three Days, admitting that he'd saved his thoughts on the matter for a forthcoming New Yorker profile. Now, Gawker reports that a book has sprung from that not-yet-published article, and it's entitled The Heretic of Hollywood: Paul Haggis vs.The Church of Scientology. Written by New Yorker staff writer Lawrence Wright, it will chronicle the roots of Scientology "through Haggis's eyes," explaining the religion's appeal to ambitious Hollywood players and detailing the abuse Scientologists allegedly suffer at the hangs of leader David Miscavige. The book does not yet have a publisher. [Gawker]


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     John Travolta to Receive Germany's Golden Camera Award

The decision could prove controversial as many of the country's citizens view Scientology -- which Travolta actively practices -- as a dangerous cult.

COLOGNE, Germany -- John Travolta will receive the Golden Camera, arguably Germany's most prestigious media award, at a VIP gala in Berlin on Feb. 5.

Travolta will be honored with the best actor international honor, a trophy that has previously gone to such luminaries as Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, Nicolas Cage and Sylvester Stallone.

"Receiving the Golden Camera best actor international award is a huge honor for me," Travolta said. "Over the past few months, so many positive things have happened to my family and me: Becoming a dad again has ignited such joy within me. ... But I also take great pride in my work, and it's wonderful to have it recognized in such a way."

"John Travolta is one of the very few stars who have managed to stay on top of Hollywood's A-list for decades," said Christian Hellmann, editor-in-chief at leading German listings magazine Horzu, which presents the Golden Cameras. "He is iconic and one of the greatest actors in the world."

But honoring Travolta could prove controversial in Germany. The Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction star is a prominent Scientologist, and many Germans view Scientology as a dangerous cult.

"Yes, Scientology is controversial in Germany, but we aren't honoring Travolta's beliefs; we're honoring his work," Hellmann said. "And he is and remains one of the most popular stars here."

The 46th Golden Camera awards will be broadcast live on German public network ZDF.

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              Paul Haggis now says he isn't cooperating on Scientology book

Paul Haggis has severed ties with the Church of Scientology. But maybe he's not quite willing to tell all.

Last week, a number of reports said Haggis was collaborating on a Scientology-themed book with New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright, who was also writing an as-yet-unpublished magazine article on the subject. The book was to explore the director's involvement with, and disassociation from, the Church of Scientology.

The next day, a representative for the filmmaker messaged to clarify that while Haggis was cooperating with the book, he was not an author and would not benefit financially from it.

This afternoon the representative, Ziggy Kozlowski, sent out a statement that Haggis is not cooperating on the book either. "Wanting to clear the air, Haggis asserts that he has absolutely no involvement in the book," the statement said, and includes a quote from Haggis himself. "I am a great admirer of Mr. Wright, but he has not asked me to cooperate with him on any book. I am certainly not collaborating with him on one."

Wright acknowledges that Haggis, who famously broke from the church in August 2009 after more than three decades as a member, cooperated on the article; he said that the book, which is being shopped around and does not yet have a publisher, will "expand on that material."

Conspiracy theorists might speculate about the reason for Haggis' apparent change in stance. Asked in an e-mail if a shift had indeed taken place, Kozlowski did not address the issue, replying simply, "He did the interview with Wright, but I believe that that is it."

--Steven Zeitchik

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                           Kirstie Alley Turns 60! Happy Birthday!

January 13, 2011 06:10 PM EST
1 person recommends this | comments: 7

Happy Birthday, Kirstie Alley! The actress is 60 years old today, January 12, 2011. Can you believe it's been twenty years since she won her Emmy Award for her role as Rebecca on the hit comedy TV series Cheers?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Alley has been in and out of the media's eye for many years. Sometimes it's been for her innate abilities as an actress, and at other times it's been for her wide range of weight losses and gains. One thing stands firm amidst all the news reports every written about her, and that is that Kirstie Alley is one talented and intriguing woman.

Just last year she launched the first ever organic weight loss product to be approved by the U.S.D.A. Called Organic Liaison; the product has thus far helped Kirstie lose a whopping 50 pounds.

At almost exactly the same time Organic Liaison launched, so did Alley's reality show on the A&E Network, called Kirstie Alley's Big Life. The show chronicles her weight loss efforts since she regained all the weight she had lost while serving as the spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

Alley is a Scientologist, and also serves as national spokesperson for Narconon, which is a drug treatment program based on Scientology principles. She admits freely that she was once a serious cocaine addict.

Regardless of the fact that Kirstie Alley is 60 today, she remains beautiful, vital and youthful. Her attitude has always been one of her biggest attributes, and has certainly served her well over these past 60 years.

Happy Birthday, Kirstie Alley!

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                 From Gawker - The Scientology Expose we've been waiting for

New Yorker staff writer and Looming Tower author Lawrence Wright is writing what his agent calls "the most profound reckoning to date" with Scientology, told through the eyes of director and apostate Paul Haggis. This should be good.

Haggis spent 35 years as a Scientologist before angrily and publicly ditching the cult in 2009 after he became convinced that leader David Miscavige is a violent nut. He hasn't spoken publicly about Scientology since, but a "blown" celebrity (to use the Scientological term for leaving the fold) like Haggis is Scientology's worst possible nightmare—it can smear and threaten rank-and-file detractors all it wants, but when one of its former leading lights is making the charges, it's harder to strike back.

Wright is a meticulous and muscular reporter, so the two men collaborating to tell the story of Scientology from the inside will be a very big deal. The book, which doesn't have a publisher yet, will be called The Heretic of Hollywood: Paul Haggis vs.The Church of Scientology and will explore both founder L. Ron Hubbard's life and Haggis' personal investigation into Miscavige's violence, the enslavement of "Sea Org" volunteers, and forced abortions for church workers, according to a catalog from Wright's agent Andrew Wylie [pdf] that was pointed out to us by a tipster. Full text of the catalog copy is below.

Wright has mentioned the project before in interviews, and indicated that it grew out of a New Yorker story that hasn't yet run.

It will be interesting to see whether Scientology's counterintelligence and disinformation machinery will be up to the challenge of undermining a project like this: Back in the 1970s, the cult actually managed to infiltrate the private life of Paulette Cooper, author of The Scandal of Scientology, with a stooge acting as her best friend in a failed effort to frame her and drive her to suicide. So Wright might want to be careful about making any new friends for the next few years.

The Academy Award winning writer and director, Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Crash), spent three decades in the Church of Scientology. Haggis was one of the church's Hollywood trophies, along with Tom Cruise and John Travolta, whose paths cross with Haggis's. His resignation from the church in August of 2009 was a crushing disappointment to the organization. This is the first time Haggis has spoken about his experience.

The roots of Scientology are explored in this book, particularly the life of its eccentric founder, L. Ron Hubbard, whose flashes of brilliance and insanity are woven into the fabric of this elaborate belief system. Through Haggis's eyes, we discover the appeal of Scientology, especially to talented and ambitious members of the entertainment industry. Haggis conducted a personal investigation of the church, in which he was told about the wanton physical abuse on the part of its current leader, David Miscavige, of senior members of the organization. He was told that young volunteers in the Scientology clergy, called the Sea Org, are subjected to conditions approaching slavery or imprisonment, and that many female members have been forced to have abortions.

The most profound reckoning to date with this powerful and secretive organization, The Heretic of Hollywood is also a moving human story of the lure of extreme faith and the price of leaving it.

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                           Michael Fairman

January 22, 2011
Dear Friends,
What follows is a series of events, observations and conclusions related to my relationship with officials and parishioners of the Church of Scientology. The events are true as I remember them; the observations and conclusions my own.

On Sunday morning, January 16, 2011, at about 11 AM, I was visited by my friend to discuss a film script we had written. The appointment for my friend and I to meet was made by us the night before.

When I opened the door, I was surprised to see that my friend was accompanied by Mr. Tommy Davis (The Church of Scientology’s Director of Public Affairs) and Mr. Michael Sutter (Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs) both dressed in their Sea Org uniforms.

The three wanted to have a conversation about a serious matter concerning my well-being. I asked them to leave, saying I was not interested in discussing anything with them at this time. But Mr. Davis and my friend insisted, and we continued to converse on my door step.

Mr. Davis explained that the matter of great importance and concern was the fact that I had been audited by a member of a squirrel group in Texas; and that this had to be addressed and handled immediately. Since I had told no one about my trip, I asked him how he came to know of it. He replied that he “just knew”. He also “knew” that I had posted the wins and extraordinarily positive
experience from this auditing under a pseudonym on a blog written by a declared SP.

Had they surveilled me? Had they taken photos or video of my visit? How did they know that the pseudonym was me? Mr. Davis said he “just knew”

Again I asked the three to leave.

Mr Davis then showed me a reference that indicated I had committed a suppressive act by being audited by the SP; that I was audited without the back-up of an Org i.e.. proper C/S’ ing, Examiner, Ethics Officer, and without access to previous PC folders, was totally off policy and dangerous. Then he showed me a Declare Order on goldenrod that indicated I was a Suppressive Person. I asked Mr. Davis if he thought I was a suppressive person. He said no, but that I had strayed off the path and had to find my way back as soon as possible.

My friend likened me to Shakespeare’s Othello, who was being manipulated by Iago. (Iago’s third partying results in Othello murdering his own bride, Desdemona). The tone, in which she expressed this to me was a hostile one. She had never used it in all the years we’d known each other, and it both surprised, angered and then saddened me.

Once again I asked them to leave but they would not.

Mr. Davis then continued by saying I could be sued for the amount of money (parishioner’s money) that it would cost the Church to re-shoot the films I had made with Golden Era Studios, just as Larry Anderson and Jason Beghe had been sued. (I later learned that the threatened suits against them were never initiated)

The suit and the Declare Order would not happen, Mr Davis said, if I came to my senses and accompanied them immediately to an Org, and began an “A to E” program to get back into the good graces of the Church. I emphatically refused.

I told them that I had been researching points of view expressed on various blogs, books and videos which severely take to task the current management of the Church; that I’d spoken to Sea Org members and public who had personally experienced abuses by management personnel, and the alteration and disregard of LRH policy and technology.

I explained I had also researched the Church’s point of view by reading various articles, watching videos and raising questions in D of P’s and with an Ethics terminal; and I’d read articles and watched videos attempting to rebut the charges made by the above disaffected Scientologists; and that I had spent twenty-seven years in the Church taking numerous courses and solo auditing for ten years on OT VII.

My conclusion, I told Mr. Davis and the others, was, that after nearly two years of research and study, I believed that the Church is not functioning as LRH would have it; and that my questions had not adequately been answered.

Mr. Davis said he would answer all my questions if they could come into my home. I said I did not want to do that at this time; that I had to prepare myself with the data I had researched and I would meet with him alone at 8 PM that evening at CC Int. He said that Mr. Sutter had to be there as well and I agreed, giving him my word that I would be there. The three then left.

After they had gone I began to reflect on what had just occurred; that I had actually been ambushed by my friend of thirty years, and two very important members of the Church; that I’d been shown an SP Declare Order that had been printed up even before I had been given evidence of what I had done.

In the interim my ex-wife, Joy called (we have remained very close). I discussed what had just happened with her and in our two-way comm cycle I realized I was not ready to meet with Mr. Davis and Mr. Sutter, and breaking my word, canceled.

Later that afternoon I learned that my sister-in-law who is on OT VII in Florida was already informed about my visit to Texas and that I had canceled the meeting at CC Int. Needless to say it was quite a stressful Sunday.

Monday afternoon I received a call from another friend (my best friend) a Scientologist, whom I’ve known for twenty-five years. He asked if it were true that I had left the Church. I said yes and he asked if he could come to my home and discuss it with me. I said he could, if he came alone. He promised he would. Later that day he arrived and we began to talk. Not ten minutes later there was a
knock on the door – it was Tommy Davis and two more friends. I asked them all to leave but they persuaded me to let them stay.

The ensuing conversation was about how much they cared about me; how wrong I was in attacking the Church because of my visit to the squirrel group and the subsequent posting of my wins; how I was throwing away the best thing in my life and would regret it for the rest of my life; and that the squirrel SP, and others I mentioned were evil in their intention to destroy the Church.

Again there was a knock on the door. Three other friends had arrived, and I was told there were two more on the way. Now very angry, I insisted that the conversation be ended , if the others did not leave. They did.

The conversation inside continued. I showed them letters written by Luis Garcia, the Schick’s,the Lugli’s and the Minelli’s from Italy, and Hy Levy. I said I had read books by the Headleys and Jeff Hawkins. I asked how could they ALL be SP’s? The response was that they were either lying or insane, and under the control of the SP I had visited in Texas.

I had had it and did not want these people in my home. So after threatening to call the police, I finally got them to leave. I again promised I would meet with Davis and one of the friends the next day.

After they left, a major mass lifted from my universe, I felt I could breathe again. Being slammed with their attitudes and fixed viewpoints was causing physical and mental suppression. Not once did any of them acknowledge that I had a viewpoint. One of them warned that being mid OT VII would now open me up to god knows what dangers; that I had reached for the reactive instead of the
analytic points of view. It had been a continual bombardment of invalidation.

Since I stopped Solo’ing in 2004`, my life has flourished across the Dynamics; and my four days of auditing with the “SP” had handled areas of my life which had been bugged for years. I was feeling freer spiritually, emotionally and physically than I had felt in years. And now this.

I decided not to meet with Davis, and in a phone call told him (1) I was definitely not coming back to the Church (2) I would not post my letter (this one) or any other comments attacking the Church (3) that my wife, daughter and I had to be left alone. Davis told me he understood, but that we would have to “wrap up the cycle”.

I discussed this with my family and others and we realized what wrapping up the cycle would mean. It was obvious that because of our points of view and our decision, we were already considered enemies of the Church, by Church officials and by our friends. And since we were not going to return that consideration would remain.

We also believed that “wrapping up the cycle” would possibly mean signing some sort of statement and we were not willing to do that. So we decided to end any discourse between ourselves, Church officials and those people who would be arguing for us to return.

It was quite a Tuesday.

On Friday at my place of work, a television studio, I met a friend and co-worker, a Scientologist, who I have known for about 20 years. I assumed this friend, a woman, had already been made aware of my status in the Church. Seeing the look on my face, she asked what was wrong. I said I did not want to bring it up at work but she insisted.

Reluctantly I related that I had left the Church, and what had happened on Sunday and Tuesday. She seemed patient and interested and willing to listen, but the conversation was interrupted. Before we resumed a while later, I asked her to please stop me if and when she began to feel the slightest enturbulation. She said she could take it and would I go ahead.

I began speaking about the research which had brought me to my decision. When I drew the distinction between LRH and his technology, and the current management of the Church,which I have come to believe was corrupt, she instantly transformed into another person. I was now the “enemy” attacking her life and everything she believed in. The more I tried to explain why I had come to my conclusions, the more savage her attack became. She said I needed
to stop and that I was “not there” and that every remark I was making was covertly hostile. Then she made a most bizarre statement — “You” (meaning me), she said, “now have an enemy at work”. It was said with such venom, I was stunned. She made another brief but equally bizarre series of comments about always being my friend and she left. The comment about work was handled immediately with the proper terminals.

So there you have six days of entheta and counting.

Continued on next post

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Regarding my refusal to have the conversation Mr. Davis wanted Sunday morning and later that day:

The Code of Honor, The Creation of Human Ability LRH
#8 “Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself
desire it”
#14 “Be you own advisor, keep you own counsel and select you own

Regarding my two year study of various points of view posted on the
internet, published in books and discussed in various videos and
tape recordings:
HCO PL 7 February 1965 LRH
KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working
“Look, don’t listen”

Code of a Scientologist LRH
10 “To work for freedom of speech in the world”.
11 “To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom,
philosophy or data which would help mankind”

The Phoenix Lectures, 1954 LRH
“(People) learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong
lesson. When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate…you’ll be
successful all the way along the line if
you just remember that.”

I am referring to the information being disseminated on the blogs.

Technical Bulletin, Confront LRH
“If one can confront he can be aware. If he is aware, he can perceive and act. If he can’t confront, he will not be aware of things and will be withdrawn and not perceiving. Thus he is unaware of the things around him.”

Technical Bulletin, Personal Integrity
“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when
you lose that, you have lost everything. What is personal integrity? Personal
integrity is knowing what you know–And to have the courage to know
and say what you have observed–and sufficient personal belief and
confidence in self and courage that we can observe what we observe
and say what we have observed.”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article #19 “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and
expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without
interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas
through any media and regardless of frontiers”

The Creed of the Church of Scientology LRH
“That all men have inalienable rights to think freely; to talk
freely; to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter
or write upon the opinions of others.”

Thomas Jefferson
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Ron Hubbard
“The price of freedom: Constant alertness. Constant willingness to
fight back. There is no other price.”

What I have learned over the past two years is that many hundreds of people, good people, both public and staff, OT VII’s and VIII’s, Sea Org members, highly classed auditors, who have devoted decades to helping people, who have contributed financially and their expertise to the delivery and expansion of LRH’s Scientology have found grievous faults with the church’s management. They say it is no longer LRH’s church and I have come to believe them.

Regarding my being audited by a squirrel and SP:

Since I had concluded that the Church was being mismanaged and that portions of the tech had been altered; and I hadn’t been audited or solo’d in a number of years, I decided to go elsewhere for a session. I thought long and hard about this and after thoroughly researching his qualifications, decided to visit an auditor outside the Church, who I believed was qualified to handle me.

The auditing I received from him was spectacular. The sessions were like gentle conversations, easy and light, generally ending with lots of laughter from the PC. Long standing case phenomena in four areas were handled that were never handled during my road to Clear and during the years I spent auditing through the OT levels including a decade on Solo NOTS. The wins continue to be stable
attested to by Joy and my daughter Sky who say they have never seen me so light and operating with such high ARC. It was a magical four days.

Code of a Scientologist LRH
“As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of
Scientology for the good of all…
12. to support the freedom of religion.”

The Creed of the Church of Scientology LRH
“That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist
or support their own organizations, churches and governments.”

The Constitution of the United States, Amendment 1
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging
the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people
peaceably to assemble; and to petition the government for redress
of grievances.”

Regarding my auditor having no Org to provide PC folders, C/S’ing and end of session examination:

There is a site on which you can learn the qualifications of my auditor, and why he was assigned by Mr. Miscavige to audit Tom Cruise among other Scientology celebrities; and who was permitted to wear the hat of C/S, Examiner and Ethics Officer. I will send the site to you if you wish.

If I had the slightest sliver of doubt regarding my conclusions (which I do not) about what the current Church of Scientology has become, that doubt would have been dispelled Sunday — spying on me; officials show up at my door without warning, and albeit in a civil tone, threatening and intimidating me with a law suit and expulsion, warnings of consequences to my friends and family — if I did not come back to the “path from which I have strayed”. Officials who have, even before they arrived at my door, informed friends and family of my “transgressions”? , What kind of Church is that? Is this what LRH intended?

LRH wrote in HCOB PL 7 February 1965, Keeping Scientology Working
Series I:

“So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the
High Priests, It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our

And this excerpt by LRH from the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man
Congress Lecture #15 What is Scientology Doing? 6 June 1955

“As I look into the future, I see that we are handling here material of a potential control and command over mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many…”

“And I believe the freedom of the material which we know and
understand is guaranteed only by lightness of organization, a
maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of
information. And if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the
information which we hold will become the property of an
untrustworthy few. This I am sure because it has always happened
this way…”

Regarding the conversations Tuesday and Friday:

All the above references.

Some observations:

Whenever David Miscavige was spoken of negatively, the response of every Scientologist who appeared in this drama, was virtually identical — an attack ranging in tone levels from antagonism to covert hostility, and the stopping of any further comments.

Davis and some of the friends use of the tech robotically to stifle any portion of any point of view I might have contrary to their beliefs. There was not one iota of acknowledgement by anyone of the remotest possibility that there could be corruption at the highest levels of management.

They asserted the absolute rightness of their position regarding possible corruption of management and asserted the absolute wrongness of myself or anyone who dares to believe that corruption exists. The people I encountered seem to have the unshakeable belief that L. Ron Hubbard, his technology, the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige are all one, so that LRH as Source equals David Miscavige as Source. Insanity is “the inability to associate and differentiate properly” (Scientology 8-8008); sanity is “the ability to recognize differences, similarities and identities” (HCO PL 26 April 70R)

My conclusions:

I love and respect LRH as a friend and philosopher because the truth and wisdom of his ideas has bettered my life and the lives of countless others. My argument is not with him or his work. I will defend him and the technology with all my being. My argument is with what the Church has become and how it now operates. Like the vast majority of those who have left, I will always be a
Scientologist and endeavor to better the conditions of those around me with the use of that technology. My purpose is not to undermine or nullify LRH or his true legacy.

My friendship with those of you who have spoken with me this past week, and others whom I have known and cared about over the years, is not based on the policies or dictates of the Church; and if my change of heart regarding my membership in it causes us to separate, so be it. That makes me very sad. Sad because it is dictated that you take what I have done as a personal attack and
betrayal. I can only say, and I have looked at this very seriously and as truthfully as I am able, that were the situation reversed, I would remain true to you — because to me, that is the profound meaning of friendship.

I do not wish to be part of an organization which on the one hand, states its purpose to be the betterment of Mankind by improving the life of each individual, and on the other, has its members behave in such a vicious and destructive manner; an organization which cannot tolerate a concerted and fair look into the possibility of corruption after so many credible observers have publicly stated that it exits; an organization which has created an environment in
which dissent and opposition results in vituperation and the ripping apart of family and friends; therefore I resign from the Church of Scientology and do not wish to be contacted by anyone representing the church, whether officially or otherwise in order to “salvage” me.

Michael Fairman

Note from Marty: Because of the power of Michael’s message, I did not want to distract from it with introductory comments. For those who do not know Michael, I want to provide a couple of words. While all of us have walked the valley of the shadow of death in our own inimitable styles, I was particularly impressed in witnessing part of Michael’s journey. His exploration was done in a very dispassionate, thorough and classy manner. It is a relfection of the man; one of most theta, compassionate, and strong that I have had the privilege of knowing. In my view he is the embodiment of the Code of Honor.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: NED on January 24, 2011, 10:19:26 PM
OMG!  Yay!  Michael Fairman is out too!!!!  I always liked him as an actor.  I was hoping he'd see the light one day.

It's don't hear anymore of celebrities who have recently gotten IN to Scientology, you only hear of them getting OUT!

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          Kirstie Alley, Fat Actress, uses Wichita as fitness getaway, bunks near Scientology center

Forgive us for this brief dunk into Entertainment Tonight territory, but according to blog, Kirstie Alley hauled her saddlebags to Wichita, Kansas, for a new weight-loss regimen. Which is sort of like going to Las Vegas to get sober, but to each her own.

According to a KWCH12 Eyewitness News story, Alley's sister teaches Zumba in Wichita and suggested that her famously fat sibling give it a try. Considering how a new fitness trend drops weekly (Weight Training With Your Toy Breed!), it's weird that Alley had to come to the dead center of the United States to try Jazzercise 2.0.

A Celebitchy reader in Wichita told the blog that everyone in town knows where Alley is staying: "It's two houses away from the Scientology center in the nicer, older area of town."

In other news: Wichita has a Scientology center. Whoa.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                           Lisa Marie Presley goes crazy

LISA Marie Presley is undergoing Scientology counseling to help her recover from an frightening emotional collapse, it has been claimed.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Lisa Marie — the daughter of late rock legend Elvis Presley — suffered a terrifying collapse at her $14 million estate in England and has fled back to the United States for emergency treatment at the Church of Scientology.

“Lisa Marie just lost it,” a source said.

“She started freaking out and burst into tears, crying: ‘I can’t take any more! I can’t take any more!’

“Just after putting the twins down for a nap, she collapsed on the floor. She screamed and sobbed: ‘I just can’t handle it!’

“Michael raced to her side and scooped her up in his arms. He held her tenderly. It seems like everything had hit her at once.

“Lisa Marie’s a fervent Scientologist, and it was Michael’s idea that she turn to her faith for comfort.

“Lisa agreed. Then she begged him to get her back to L.A. to be with her mother, her older children and to be near the Scientology Centre she’s grown to love. She told Michael: ‘I need them to get my head clear, and I need their guidance.’”

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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         Why a new baby won't end Nicole Kidman's family heartache

Read more:

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    Elisabeth Moss talks about playing an iconic lesbian role in “The Children’s Hour"

 January 27, 2011

...."I understand the curiosity," Elisabeth told The Guardian when asked about the public’s interest in her being a Scientologist. "I don't fault anyone for it. Ultimately my religion is a personal thing for me. People have questions and people are curious. I think the press has made a big deal out of it, which makes people more curious. I do feel there's definitely more attention on it than if I were Jewish or something, but it's a new religion, there's questions asked. There's things people want to know, and I understand it.  Elisabeth also said that she thinks something as personal as her religion can go into how she plays a role, even the one of a lesbian in The Children’s Hour."........

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                Report of Lisa Marie Presley's Collapse Is Untrue, Rep Says

By Sara Hammel

Friday January 28, 2011 08:05 PM EST
Report of Lisa Marie Presley's Collapse Is Untrue, Rep Says

Lisa Marie Presley is doing just fine, thanks.

 Despite a dramatic tabloid report this week that she collapsed at her English estate because she was weakened by an extreme diet, the musician's rep insists she's in excellent health.

 "It is absolutely and completely untrue," Presley's rep tells PEOPLE of claims that Presley was rushed back to the United States for treatment by the Church of Scientology after losing 55 lbs. in five months. "The National Enquirer puts Lisa on the cover every few months with manipulated photos and horrendous stories of supposed 'meltdowns,' and has since she can remember." 

 Presley, 42, is Los Angeles for work, recording her third album.

"She is happy and healthy and working hard," adds the rep. "The rest is absolute garbage. Not a bit of truth to any of it." 

 Presley's main residence is in England, where she lives with her guitarist husband Michael Lockwood. She has four children.,,20462040,00.html

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               The List : Scientology Secrets

Jan 30, 2011 12:04 AM | By Aubrey Paton

Ricky Gervais's recent gay Scientologist joke has prompted speculation as to whom he was referring to. Once regarded as a cult, the Church of Scientology must surely be the unofficial religion of Hollywood because so many of the A-listers are enthusiastic Dianeticists.

Leading the pack is John Travolta, widely suspected to be the butt of Gervais's joke. Rumours of homosexuality have dogged the Grease star and it's believed he attended several courses in the church to "cure" him of his affliction. When these proved unsuccessful, a marriage was arranged with Kelly Preston, a Scientologist in good standing, to provide him with a "beard".

The late Michael Jackson's marriage to Lisa Marie Presley is said to be another union organised by the church to protect The Gloved One from allegations of sexual dalliance with little boys, and who better to assist than second-generation Lisa, daughter of Elvis and long-term member Priscilla?

Tom Cruise is as famous for his evangelical Scientology as he is for couch-jumping on live TV. His sexual orientation is also open to question but the story that Katy Holmes was artificially inseminated by the cryogenically frozen semen of L Ron Hubbard is probably apocryphal. The Top Gun star is notorious for his hard line adherence to Scientology's curious medical theories, and his criticism of Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants made media headlines. "In Scientology we have the only successful drug-rehabilitation programme in the world," he bragged.

Kirstie Alley , who was introduced to the faith while in rehab, would agree: "Without Scientology I would be dead," she declared. Instead, she seems to have cross-addicted from cocaine to food. Maybe the time has come for a Dianetics fat farm.

Kelly Preston gave birth in true Scientology fashion last November, in total and complete silence. It's a good bet she was enjoying some strong medication at the time - or was possibly even unconscious. However, silent birth is one of the less off-the-wall strictures imposed by the cult.

Finally, Jenna Elfman is no less wacky in real life than the flakey New Ager she played in Dharma and Greg, the sitcom that shot her to fame. She brought herself and the church into disrepute when she refused to assist in an Aids fund-raiser, explaining that according to her beliefs, "Aids is a state of mind, not a disease".

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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              Kelly Preston Explains Her Totally Not Creepy 'Silent Birth'


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            Josh Brolin Recalls Watching John Travolta Practice Scientology

February 7, 2011

In addition to Paul Haggis' first-hand account of his experience with the Church of Scientology, Josh Brolin also opens up in the latest New Yorker about his brief flirtation with the religion.

In what Brolin calls a "moment of real desperation," he says he visited the Celebrity Centre and received "auditing"—spiritual counseling.

 He quickly realized Scientology wasn't for him and now wonders what the religion does for star members like Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

"Each has a good head on his shoulders, they make great business decisions, they seem to have wonderful families," Brolin tells the New Yorker. "Is that because they were helped by Scientology?"

Brolin recalls that he once witnessed Travolta practicing Scientology on Marlon Brando at a Los Angeles dinner party.

Brando arrived with a cut on his leg he got after helping a stranded motorist on the Pacific Coast Highway.

After Brando complained he was in pain, Travolta offered to help, saying that he had just reached a new level in Scientology, says Brolin.

He touched Brando's leg and Brando closed his eyes.

"I watched this process going on—it was very physical," Brolin tells the New Yorker. "I was thinking, This is really fucking bizarre! Then, after ten minutes, Brando opens his eyes and says, 'That really helped. I actually feel different!' "

 Travolta's lawyer calls Brolin's account "pure fabrication

WTF ?  Travolta`s lawyer denies Scientology helped someone. ????

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              Session Man: Remembering Rolling Stones Piano Great Nicky Hopkins        (1944-1994)

.....................In California, Hopkins became a Scientologist; according to one online source, Hopkins believed it helped him to overcome his various addictions and health issues, which were becoming more of a problem in the 1970s. He reportedly referred to L. Ron Hubbard as “a pioneer in the truest sense of the word,” one who “spent a lifetime researching and developing the only workable technology ever to enable man to become free.” He also claimed that Scientology not only offered the “technology” that literally saved his life but that his “awareness as a spiritual being and my artistic creativity” had “increased beyond measure.” Eventually Hopkins settled in Nashville with his wife Moira, but drugs and alcohol had already done considerable damage to his body. He played music into the 1990s but his health deteriorated rapidly; he passed away at age 50.


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              Lisa Marie Presley to move out of England

Submitted by Cerise Negulici on Tue, 03/01/2011 - 16:24

Daughter of renowned rock 'n' role star Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley has finally decided to quit her $12 million estate in England. Her move is a consequence of her failure to adopt country lifestyle, as per reports.

The singer made California her residence after death of her father in 1977. But she sold her ranch for $9 million last year to move to England. But she has changed her mind in a year and decided to back to US and settle there.

She lives with her husband Michael Lockwood. Last year couple shifted to Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, South East England. She chose this place as it's in vicinity to East Grinstead, Sussex. Its the same place where Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard settled in 1959 after moving out from United States.

A source informed The Sun newspaper, "Lisa Marie thought she'd love life in England but simply couldn't settle. She wanted to get away from Hollywood but ended up missing it. Although she enjoyed the scenery in Kent, the lifestyle wasn't for her".

Presley also said to leave LA because of her desire to escape pressure and gossip of Hollywood. She spent only 6 months in England, and now planned to move out of the place along with music producer husband Lockwood and their two year old twin daughters, Harper and Finley. Her $8 million estate in England spawns 90 acre and even has its own lake. House is 11-bedroom. It's not yet clear that whether she has put property on sale.

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          Katie Holmes Denies Drugging Up, Brings Hammer Down on Star

Read more:

The cover blares "Addiction Nightmare—Katie Drug Shocker—The Real Reason She Can't Leave Tom" and  even though the accompanying inside article doesn't explicitly mention actual drug use, Team Holmes is crying foul.

"Star magazine's malicious claims about Katie are untrue, unethical and unlawful," says Holmes lawyer Bert Fields (who has led many a successful litigation on behalf of Cruise). "Not only do they cruelly defame Katie, they play a cheap trick on the public, making ridiculously false claims on the cover unsupported by anything inside.

"Someone should bring a class action to get all buyers their money back."

The actual article says that Holmes has participated in Scientology auditing sessions using an e-meter. The magazine claims the device might trigger the release of  "hormones that cause a pain-killing, mood-elevating effect." A Scientology member is quoted in the story comparing the e-meter to being "like a heroin addict, you want another dose."

But Holmes isn't buying it.

Her lawsuit, first published by The Wrap, and claims that the "vicious lies about the plaintiff, designed to hype the sale of its sleazy tabloid magazine, were calculated to cause severe harm...The cover even created the false impression that, but for plaintiff's nightmare drug addiction, she would 'leave' her husband."

An AMI rep tells E! News the publishing giant hasn't been served with any papers yet, but that editors aren't backing down.

"Star fully stands behind the editorial integrity of what we have published concerning Ms Holmes' controversial use of the Scientology 'e-meter.' The physical effect of the e-meter on its users is a matter of significant public concern and we plan to vigorously defend the suit filed by Ms. Holmes," said the spokesperson.

"Our attorneys look forward to deposing Ms. Holmes about her experiences with Scientology and the e-meter, and expect that the case will be promptly dismissed by the court."

It is on!

Read more:

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MARCH 02, 2011

                  Katie Holmes suing Star over drug addiction story

Star magazine is now fending off a $50 million lawsuit brought by Katie Holmes, who is suing becuase the cover of its Jan. 31 issue implies she's a drug addict. What difference does it make that they were actually talking about her ties to Scientology?

The magazine ran a giant slammer headline that read "Katie DRUG SHOCKER!" and made it look like she was addicted to some horrible drug, then proceeded to write about her consistent use of the Scientology device known as the e-meter. Um, that's not really a drug, guys.

"Of all the fabricated stories that continue to be published about me, this instance is beyond the pale," the actress said in a statement, according to the National Post. "The publisher knew this outrageous story was false and printed it anyway to sell magazines."

Astral Media, which publishes the glossy, stood by its product: "Star fully stands behind the editorial integrity of what we have published concerning Ms. Holmes' controversial use of the Scientology 'e-meter,'" they said in a statement, noting they believed the suit would be dismissed. "The physical effect of the e-meter on its users is a matter of significant public concern and we plan to vigorously defend the suit filed by Ms. Holmes. Many ex-scientologists have testified that the e-meter sessions have mood elevating effects."

We're not lawyers, but calling an electronic device a drug is a pretty big stretch. Well, people are prett loony about their smartphones these days, but that's more stupidity than addiction.

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Kirsty Ally opening her new enterprise "Organic Liasons."

Make what you want of this "Only in America " video.

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John Travolta's pre-flight video provokes crew

The staff of the Australian airline Qantas rallies against the actor as brand ambassador
Article and video

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         John Travolta Plans Another Career Ending Movie

John Travolta has career longevity, that’s for sure. Just when you think he’s finished–with stuff like “Battlefield: Earth”–he comes bouncing back with an off the wall hit like “Wild Hogs.” Scientology, gay rumors, toupees, the National Enquirer–it’s all there, but Travolta just bounces along. Now he’s announcing a new film that’s his latest career ender: he’s going to play John Gotti in a film about the dead, disgusting mobster and his living, disgusting son. Yikes. Someone–maybe former comic and husband of Shirley Jones, Marty Ingles; or Jonathan Krane, Travolta’s sometime manager–has convinced Vinnie Barbarino that this will be his “Godfather.” You can hear the pitch–look at what this kind of thing did for Brando! Ahem. A couple of differences. “The Godfather” was put together by a Dream Team, and director by Francis Ford Coppola. “Gotti” is going to be directed by Nick Cassavetes, who’s lacking in the success department. Also, “The Godfather” was a solid bestselling novel by Mario Puzo. It was fiction, so we could distance ourselves from it. The Gotti’s are real, and really horrendous. There’s no upside to this story, no morality tale, and no poetry. The people killed by Gotti had relatives in real life. I can’t wait for that premiere. I guess the main thing for Travolta is that he can lose his wig toward the end. Some movies should not have been made. Recently, “Valkyrie” and “The Beaver” are on that list. Here comes the next one.

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                           Jada Pinkett Smith 'not a Scientologist'

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 » 08:33am

Jada Pinkett Smith says she is 'not a Scientologist' and the only thing she believes in is 'love'.


Jada Pinkett Smith is 'not a Scientologist'.

The 39-year-old actress insists people have 'assumed' she is a member of the sci-fi cult, made popular by Tom Cruise and John Travolta, when in fact the only thing she believes in is 'love'.

Asked about how she reacts to criticism of Scientology, she said: 'Well, I'm not a Scientologist. People make these assumptions, but my religion is love.'

She also revealed she has no intention of persuading her children - who raises children Willow, 10, and Jaden, 12, with her husband Will Smith and is stepmother to his son Trey from a previous relationship - to become part of any religion.

Jada added to Britain's OK! magazine: 'What we focus on in the house is love, giving and serving. I'll leave my kids to decide how they want to explore the idea of love through religion.'

Despite claiming she does not follow the faith, Jada and Will have previously donated $1 million to California's New Village Academy of Calabasas, where pupils are taught different teaching methods including 'Study Technology', which was developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The school has previously been the focus of anti-Scientology protests by pressure group Anonymous.

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Dancing with the Stars : Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy -- Rumba - Maks Fell!

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This list should shock and amaze...

                                Famous Scientologists
Celebrity, Influential, Notable Members of the Church of Scientology

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Michael Fairman, Familiar TV and Film Actor, Makes Public His Expulsion from Scientology
By Tony Ortega, Sat., Apr. 23 2011 @ 11:22AM

Read Michael`s SP declare here...

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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Is this the most precocious five-year-old in the world? The strange and troubling world of Suri Cruise

Read more:

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  John Travolta.  4 page article

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                    William S. Burroughs’ Wild Ride with Scientology

Lee Konstantinou — In 1959, the same year Olympia Press published his most famous novel Naked Lunch, the writer William S. Burroughs visited the restaurant of his friend and collaborator, Brion Gysin, in Tangiers. There, Burroughs met John and Mary Cooke, a wealthy American hippie couple who were interested in mysticism. Burroughs recalled, "There was something portentous about it, as though I was seeing them in another medium, like they were sitting there as holograms."

Who were these portentous holograms? Scientologists. Indeed, John Cooke is reported to have been the very first person to receive a status of "Clear" within Scientology, and was deeply involved in its founding. Cooke had been trying to recruit Gysin into the Church, declaring that the artist was a natural "Clear" and "Operating Thetan." Ultimately, it was Burroughs, not Gysin, who explored the Church that L. Ron Hubbard built. Burroughs took Scientology so seriously that he became a "Clear" and almost became an "Operating Thetan."

On a research trip to the New York Public Library, I discovered that Burroughs had left behind a rich paper trail documenting his exploration of the science-fiction inspired Church.

I was looking into Burroughs' life as part of a bigger project about his influence on punk, which led me to the the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection at the NYPL. The William S. Burroughs Papers have a range of amazing materials related to Burroughs's exploration of Scientology, including extensive handwritten notes Burroughs took on Scientological training materials, notes from auditing sessions Burroughs conducted, and even a cut-up of auditing questions.

Full size
According to his biographer, Barry Miles, Burroughs very quickly incorporated Scientology into his worldview. In an October 27, 1959 letter to Allen Ginsberg, Burroughs wrote: "The method of directed recall is the method of Scientology. You will recall I wrote urging you to contact local chapter and find an auditor. They do the job without hypnosis or drugs, simply run the tape back and forth until the trauma is wiped off. It works. I have used the method—partially responsible for recent changes." Burroughs thought that the Church was teaching techniques that might help him resist social control by erasing negative images called "engrams" and its ideas came to inform his art.

Only two days later, Burroughs wrote again to Ginsberg: "I have a new method of writing and do not want to publish anything that has not been inspected and processed. I cannot explain this method to you until you have necessary training. So once again and most urgently (believe me there is not much time)—I tell you: 'Find a Scientology Auditor and have yourself run.'" Scientology appears throughout Burroughs's oeuvre, and especially in his innovative cut-up trilogy of the sixties and in the avant-garde films he made with Gysin.

Again and again in his writings and interviews, Burroughs mentions the E-meter as Scientology's most important contribution to a science of the mind. The E-meter, Burroughs thought, was "really a sort of sloppy form of electrical brain stimulation… a lie-detector and a mind-reading machine… Not the content, only the reactions." Elsewhere Burroughs described the E-meter as a "useful device for deconditioning," or the elimination of imposed or habitual reactions of symbols and figures. The goal is to achieve something like a "floating needle," a therapeutic method Burroughs claimed to sometimes use. In his book of interviews, The Job, Burroughs explained his view that Scientology could help counter "the Reactive Mind… an ancient instrument of control designed to stultify and limit the potential for action in a constructive or destructive direction." Burroughs associated the Reactive Mind with Mayan calendars, which he described in the same interview as "one of the most precise and hermetic control calendars ever… on this planet, a calendar that in effect controlled what the populace did thought and felt on any day."

In 1961, Burroughs created a short film in collaboration with Gysin called Towers Open Fire (warning: NSFW!), which was a plotless film designed to show the process of control systems breaking down-showing Burroughs, in camouflage and a gas mask, firing an "orgasm gun"; a boy in underwear; a spinning Dream Machine; a shot of a man masturbating; among other disturbing images. Gysin's biographer notes that the film even used snippets of dialog taken from a Scientology pamphlet.

Scientology appears again disguised as the "Logos" group in Burroughs's 1962 novel The Ticket That Exploded. As described in the book, Logos has "a system of therapy they call ‘clearing'. You ‘run' traumatic material which they call ‘engrams' until it loses emotional connotation through repetitions and is then refilled as neutral memory' When all the ‘engrams' have been run and deactivated the subject becomes a ‘clear.'" In the 1964 novel Nova Express, Scientology is for the first time openly described in Burroughs's fiction. During an interrogation scene in the book, an unnamed character declares "The Scientologists believe sir that words recorded during a period of unconsciousness… store pain and that this pain store can be lugged in with key words represented as an alternate mathematical formulae indicating umber of exposures to the key words and reaction index… they call these words recorded during unconsciousness engrams sir… The pain that overwhelms that person is basic basic sir and when basic basic is wiped off the tape… then that person becomes what they call clear sir."

William S. Burroughs’ Wild Ride with Scientology At the start of 1968, Burroughs deepened his relationship to the Church. He took an intense two-month Scientology Clearing Course at the world headquarters of Scientology in Saint Hill Manor in the UK and Burroughs was declared a "Clear," though he later claimed that he had to work hard to suppress or rationalize his persistently negative feelings toward L. Ron Hubbard during auditing sessions. The Berg has almost a dozen files filled with Burroughs's pamphlets from Saint Hill as well as his almost unreadable hand-written notes on Scientology courses and questions he prepared for auditing sessions he himself conducted. These files include, as I've mentioned, an attempt to create a cut-up from auditing questions; from the start, Scientology was very much connected to the cut-up technique and Burroughs's theory that language constituted a kind of virus that had infested the human host. At Saint Hill, Burroughs entered an intense and obsessive period of auditing sessions with an E-Meter, including a process of exploring past lives, though he slowly began to grow alienated from the Church and what he considered its Orwellian security protocols. Burroughs's antipathy for Scientological "Sec Checks" are apparent in his strange and violent story, "Ali's Smile," which was published in the collection Ali's Smile/Naked Scientology.

Burroughs eventually rejected Scientology—because of what he called "the fascist policies of Hubbard and his organization"—but cautiously endorsed some of its "discoveries." His break with the Church developed over course of the late sixties in the pages of the London-based magazine, Mayfair, where Burroughs wrote a series of increasingly hostile "bulletins" about his adventures with the organization. These bulletins culminated in Burroughs's amusingly titled Mayfair article, "I, William Burroughs, Challenge You, L. Ron Hubbard." This piece was republished in the Los Angeles Free Press. In his challenge to L. Ron, Burroughs wrote:

    Some of the techniques [of Scientology] are highly valuable and warrant further study and experimentation. The E Meter is a useful device… (many variations of this instrument are possible). On the other hand I am in flat disagreement with the organizational policy. No body of knowledge needs an organizational policy. Organizational policy can only impede the advancement of knowledge. There is a basic incompatibility between any organization and freedom of thought.

For his inquiries, Burroughs reports, he was expelled from the organization and in 1968 was put into what Scientologists call a condition of "Treason"; though the exact circumstances surrounding this incident remain unclear. Burroughs's public battle against the Church continued in a 1972 issue of Rolling Stone, where he expressed his support for Robert Kaufmann's exposé, Inside Scientology, published by Olympia Press. Here Burroughs uses his harshest language yet: "Scientology is a model control system, a state in fact with its own courts, police, rewards and penalties." Strangely enough, despite his break with the group, Scientology reappeared in the 1972 film Bill and Tony, which Burroughs made with Antony Balch (the masturbating guy in Towers Open Fire). In Bill and Tony, an image of Burroughs's disembodied floating head recites instructions for how to operate an auditing session.

So what are we supposed to make of all this? On one level it's hard to say, but what ought to be abundantly clear is that Burroughs took Scientology quite seriously indeed for the better part of a decade—during what was arguably his most artistically fertile period. Burroughs clearly had his own uses for Scientology. Gysin once quipped that Burroughs was probably the first person to make more money from Scientology than the organization made from him. This may be true, but Burroughs wasn't investigating the Church cynically. Today, where so much attention focuses on the science fictional origins of Scientology, it is easy to forget how seemingly in harmony the Church was with a whole range of countercultural, "New Age," and anti-psychiatric practices in the Sixties.

What becomes clear when you listen to Burroughs talking about Scientology is that he associated the group with a range of mind-expanding and mind-freeing practices: Wilhelm Reich's trippy Orgone Accumulator, which Jack Kerouac wrote about in On the Road; Mayan calendrical mind control systems; hallucinogens (especially the plant yagé) and other powerful mind-altering drugs; apomorphine, which he used several times to treat his drug addiction; the rambling, sarcastic monologues he called "routines"; the Dream Machine Burroughs invented with Gysin, a machine that supposedly could simulate "alpha-waves"; and of course his ultimate weapon in the Burroughs arsenal, the cut-up, which was designed to jam up what he called "the Reality Studio," aka the everyday, conditioned, mind-controlled reality. If you spend enough time digging through Burroughs's writing, you get the sense that Burroughs thought he lived in a very literally real science fictional world.

Absent from Burroughs's writing are any references to body thetans, Xenu, the Galactic Confederacy, Douglas DC-8 airliners, volcanic hydrogen bombs, or other beliefs more recently associated with Scientology, thanks to the South Park episode, "Trapped in the Closet" and Lawrence Wright's epically long New Yorker article on the defection of the film director Paul Haggis from the church). It's too bad Burroughs didn't achieve a higher OT level; he could have mined Scientology's madcap space opera as a source for even more mind-bending books.

Lee Konstantinou is author of the novel Pop Apocalypse, and begins a teaching fellowship in English at Princeton in the fall.

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        "Bart Simpson" Voice Nancy Cartwright Lobbies for Scientology in Schools
Opinion by AUSCS

By Joseph L. Conn

Bart Simpson showed up at the Illinois legislature last week to lobby for character education in the public schools.

Well, not Bart himself. It was Nancy Cartwright, the actress who does Bart’s voice on the Fox cartoon comedy “The Simpsons.”

Cartwright came to the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee to tout H.R. 254, a resolution promoting “Good Choices,” a program affiliated with the Church of Scientology (of which she is a member). She denied that the program is religious, but conceded that it is based on The Way to Happiness, a book by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, other witnesses at the hearing said promotion of the church-related program violates the separation of church and state.

“The Way to Happiness is the Bible of the Church of Scientology,” said Rob Sherman, an atheist activist. “This would be no different than Francis Cardinal George coming here in and saying, ‘Well, we need character education so teach the Holy Bible.’”

If news media reports are accurate, the reaction of some legislators to this matter was deeply troubling. Some of them seemed more interested in having a celebrity appear before them than delving into the serious constitutional and policy questions at issue.

But at least a few legislators seemed troubled by the prospect of religious intrusion into the schools.

“I’m not arguing with their beliefs,” said Rep. Jerry Mitchell  (R-Sterling). “When the man’s name [Scientology founder Hubbard] is on the back of the book…  I’m not sure the public schools should be in the business of allowing that kind of relationship to be fostered.”

Resolution sponsor Rep. Dan Burke (D-Chicago) indicated he would rewrite the measure to remove references to the Scientology program.

That’s a step in the right direction. But I think legislators should tread very cautiously here. Public schools serve children from many faiths and some who follow no spiritual path at all. No religious tradition should be allowed to proselytize in our classrooms, directly or indirectly.

Frankly, this isn’t the first time there have been reports of Scientology outreach in the schools.  A church affiliated anti-drug program popped up in California public schools a few years ago, and a Scientology-affiliated tutoring firm in Georgia has raised some parents’ eyebrows.

Religious Right activists relentlessly look for ways to evangelize in schools. I wonder what they think about letting the Church of Scientology do it? Somehow, I don’t think that’s what they have in mind.

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                       Scientology Deathwatch: Kenickie Edition

Sad news this morning that Jeff Conaway has been in a deep coma for several days and is not expected to live.

Those familiar with Conaway's eternal problems with substance abuse will perhaps not be surprised to hear that an overdose of painkillers has him at death's door. Reporters are asking his representatives if the fatal dose was a suicide attempt, but really, that's a pointless question if you know addicts well. Conaway's life was one long suicide attempt, as became clear in his disturbing appearances in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Conaway's career problems are equally well known. The guy just never seemed to get the break he was angling for. When the television series Taxi started, Conaway's character was its star, but he soon faded to the background as Judd Hirsch took over the central role. In Grease, Conaway's Kenickie was a good pal to John Travolta's Danny Zuko, but Conaway himself never got the right chance to shine in a good film.

Travolta, however, brought Conaway into Scientology and its overhyped "purification" methods of treating addiction, as Conaway revealed a few years ago. Well, good for Travolta for trying to help his old co-star, but apparently nothing was going to stop the 60-year-old actor from doing himself in.

Hearing about Kenickie's imminent demise, we couldn't help wondering just how close Scientology itself is to going on life support. With assassination attempts in Tel Aviv, top former executives leaking damaging documents stateside, and ever-shrinking numbers of actual active members, David Miscavige's wacky cabal sure seems like it could use some oxygen and an IV drip.

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                  Hollywood and Scientology: (subtitled)

                                FRENCH TV
 Part 1

Part 2

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          Grease star Jeff Conaway's ex-girlfriend 'blocks family from turning off life support machine'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:53 AM on 27th May 2011

Read more:

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                               Jeff Conaway dead: Friends react
Celebs React To
Jeff Conaway's Death

Grease actor Jeff Conaway has died after a long struggle with addiction -- and his celebrity friends and fans alike are devastated by the news.

Jeff Conaway's death has devastated his close celebrity friends and fans, many of whom are speaking out on the troubled actor's tragic demise.

Former wife Rona Newton-John, sister of Conaway's Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John, had been with him since he was brought to the hospital after being found unconscious in his home.

"I was not there today... but I've been there for the last two weeks. The whole thing is very sad," Rona told RadarOnline.

"I know that down the road the family might do some kind of memorial. He's probably in a better place."

Longtime friend John Travolta, who starred with Conaway in Grease both on Broadway and in the movie, once tried to help the troubled actor beat his addictions through Scientology. Travolta said his costar was a "wonderful and decent man and we will miss him."

"My heartfelt thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this very difficult time."

Taxi costar Marilu Henner is heartbroken over the news. She told RadarOnline, "I can't believe he has gone... I really thought he was going to pull through."

"When I saw him in hospital just a few days ago he looked so handsome -- the best he has been in several years -- and there were signs he knew we were present, too."

"I feel like I have lost a brother. Jeff and I were very close and we always made a point of contacting one another during the holidays," Henner said.

"My two sons feel like they have lost an uncle and even through all his struggles Jeff could always smile and make others laugh too -- I will really miss him."

The husband of actress Didi Conn -- another of Conaway's Grease costars -- said, "Didi is upset and devastated by Jeff's passing. He will be missed. She cannot even talk on the phone right now."

Conaway was found unconscious in his apartment on May 11 by his girlfriend Vikki Lizzi, suffering from pneumonia and sepsis exacerbated by years of prescription drug abuse. Despite attempts by Vikki Lizzi to prevent his family from removing the actor from life support, Conaway died this morning at 60 years old.

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                    Travolta welcomes Scientology Church in Ocala

by Natalia Martinez - May 30th 2011

Actor John Travolta opened the Church of Scientology Mission in Ocala.
The Mission located in the heart of the downtown area held it's grand opening ceremony Sunday evening.
John Travolta, Ocala Mayor Randy Ewers and other local officials addressed the 1,000-plus crowd.
Travolta, who resides in Ocala thanked the city for making him feel at home.
"When I was a little boy, I had this idea that one day when I grew up I would have a home with an airplane in the backyard and a runway. And little did I know that it would be in Ocala, Florida and that dream would come true," Travolta said.
The Mission includes an information center explaining the basic beliefs and practices of Dianetics and Scientology. It will provide beginning Scientology services and daily seminars. The facility is open from 1pm to 10pm seven days a week.

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                          'X-Men' Star Suspect in Weed Wacking Assault

Jason Beghe -- one of the stars of "X-Men: First Class" and a veteran actor -- is under criminal investigation for allegedly attacking a man who was wacking weeds on his property, TMZ has learned.

According to the incident report, Daniel Montalvo was using a weed wacker on Beghe's Malibu property last week when the device malfunctioned.  Cops tell us ... a frustrated Montalvo "mistreated the device."  That pissed off Beghe, who then got into a loud confrontation with Montalvo which became physical.

Montalvo went to the Malibu cop shop and filed a report.  The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station  investigated the incident and sent the case to the D.A. for possible misdemeanor battery prosecution against Beghe.

Beghe was convicted in 2009 with accosting a process server.

Beghe is also featured on "Californication," and has appeared in "Eli Stone," "Ghost Wisperer," "Matlock," and our fav -- "Jake and the Fat Man."

Beghe -- an ex-Scientologist -- tells TMZ, "It's probably the Church of Scientology f**king with me.  They have it out for me."

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           Ex-Scientology Actor Attacks Ex-Scientology Plaintiff in TMZ Story Clearly Not Planted by Scientology
By Tony Ortega, Thu., Jun. 2 2011 at 2:45 PM

After spending more than a week frozen in a mixture of glycol and alcohol, this thetan is ready to re-enter the volcano! We're going to pierce the WALL OF FIRE! (Um, actually, it was a case of walking pneumonia, but whatever. It's good to be back to work.)

And what a day to come back to. First, we will deal with the bizarro story that is so incomplete on facts, we expect it nearly to turn around 180 degrees once some additional details leak out.

TMZ is reporting that actor Jason Beghe, a man we have written about extensively here before, is being "criminally investigated" for attacking a guy named Daniel Montalvo who was cutting weeds on his Malibu property.

    According to the incident report, Daniel Montalvo was using a weed wacker on Beghe's Malibu property last week when the device malfunctioned. Cops tell us ... a frustrated Montalvo "mistreated the device." That pissed off Beghe, who then got into a loud confrontation with Montalvo which became physical.

TMZ has nothing else about what happened or any larger context. We're left with the impression that Beghe is some unhinged actor who got pushy with the Mexican help on his ranch or something.

It makes you wonder why TMZ didn't provide a little more background, such as this little nugget: Montalvo has been living under Beghe's protection at the Malibu ranch since Montalvo's dramatic escape and continuous battle with the Church of Scientology.

How do you leave a detail like that out of a story?

Beghe himself, as our readers know well, is himself not only a former Scientologist, but one who made a dramatic exit from the organization, denouncing it as a scam. He estimated that he'd put in about a million dollars over the dozen years he'd been a member.

Montalvo, meanwhile, grew up in Scientology, and as we've reported before, he made his own dramatic escape from the strange group. Since then, under Beghe's protection from the church's process servers and operatives, Montalvo filed a major child-labor practices lawsuit against Scientology with the help of attorney Kit Winter.

We have reached out to Winter for help on the strange TMZ story, which seems to make little sense. Beghe, meanwhile, said he could not comment on the TMZ story at this time.

We also reached Marty Rathbun, who is in Los Angeles for Montalvo's other legal matters. "The church is making some really stupid moves," he said in regard to the TMZ story, but said he couldn't say more.

Our other sources close to the Montalvo legal matter tell us that no, Montalvo has not suddenly turned against Beghe, despite what the TMZ story seems to imply.

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                  Jerry Moore: Cartoon icon tells officials, ‘Don’t have a cow, man!’

Here is a classic “only in Illinois” story.

State Rep. Dan Burke, D-23rd District, of Chicago represents portions of west suburban Cook County. He sponsored a resolution last month recommending public schools use specific books as part of their character education curriculum.

One of the books cited in the resolution is called “How to Make Good Choices,” written by Nancy Cartwright. Her voice is known to legions of fans as that of cartoon character Bart Simpson.

Cartwright journeyed to Springfield (where else would a member of the Simpson family be found?) on May 11 to discuss her book. She indulged admiring members of the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee by breaking into character during her testimony.

That’s what legislators found most endearing about Cartwright. Who wouldn’t enjoy discussing public policy with Bart Simpson?

But what lawmakers didn’t care for was that Cartwright is a Scientologist. And neither did renowned Illinois atheist Rob Sherman, who testified that including her book in this list would violate the U.S. Constitution.
“How to Make Good Choices” is based on the book “The Way to Happiness,” written by Church of

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Cartwright denied, however, she was attempting to recruit children into Scientology. Her book promotes common sense values, she said.

That wasn’t good enough for Burke. He had a real “D’oh!” moment when he connected the dots between Cartwright’s book and her religious beliefs.

While Burke found the book’s message to be positive, he and other committee members remained queasy about Cartwright’s affiliation to Scientology. They removed the reference to the book from the resolution.

Legislators were silly to acquiesce to Sherman’s demands. A book written by a religious person does not necessarily make the work religious in nature. Do they vet all books they endorse this carefully?

But why are lawmakers wasting time recommending books to local schools? Shouldn’t they be more concerned with devising a funding formula for public education that actually works?

Do our representatives in Springfield intend to focus on their actual jobs? To paraphrase Bart Simpson: They can’t promise they’ll try, but they’ll try to try.

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           Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi to Play David Koresh: Why There's a Precedent for a Scientology-Branch Davidian Connection   

So I'm late to this story, but I only found out recently that Giovanni Ribisi is portraying David Koresh in a movie about the 1993 Waco raid that is scheduled to come out later this year. (The movie will also reportedly star Adrien Brody, Kurt Russell, John Leguizamo, and Sharon Stone, according to

I'm having deja vu on all kinds of levels over this nugget of news, and the reason is I believe I may have been the first, way back in 1995, to prove a connection between Scientology and Koresh's Branch Davidians in a story I wrote for the Phoenix New Times.

And now, Ribisi, a third-generation Scientologist, will be portraying Koresh on the big screen.

The hairs on the back of my neck keep going up.

In 1995, I wrote the first lengthy story about Rick Ross, a controversial "deprogrammer" who helped people leave Bible-based organizations they had soured on.

Even though Ross focused on Bible-based groups, Scientology considered him an enemy and kept him under almost constant surveillance through the use of private investigators. In 1992, Scientology lawyers learned that Ross was counseling a man named David Block, who had recently left Koresh's Branch Davidians group and its compound, Mount Carmel.

I talked to Block about his experiences at Mount Carmel, and he was adamant that Koresh was a sick fucker who was using Bible verses to convince underage girls to sleep with him. "If this is God, I don't want to have anything to do with him," Block remembered thinking about Koresh.

Once he fled the Branch Davidians and started his counseling with Ross, however, Block found himself under the same surveillance by Scientology-hired private investigators who kept an eye on Ross.

One of the private eyes, a woman, told Block that she'd been hired by Scientology's lawyers, and also told him that she was in contact with Koresh, to tell him that Rick Ross was deprogramming one of his former followers.

I was able to confirm this story with the woman's boss, Jon Gaw, who told me that yes, he was talking to the Branch Davidians about what Rick Ross was doing.

Ross told me he wasn't surprised that Scientology was trading information with Koresh, perhaps trying to rile up the violent cult leader against a man Scientology considered a mortal enemy.

Ross was later one of many experts on Branch Davidians who was consulted by the BATF about Koresh. He said he told the ATF to "work through the Bible and don't upset Koresh." He was shocked, he said, to see how badly the agency handled things with its raid on the compound.

Anyway, I really don't know what to think that a prominent Scientologist celebrity has been hired to play Koresh in the upcoming movie. Does that point to a particularly positive portrayal?

I haven't found a release date for the movie, but it sounds like we won't have very long to wait to see how Koresh comes off.

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       John Travolta's Scientology centre is vandalised - just two weeks after it opened

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 2:00 AM on 16th June 2011

A new Scientology Mission centre which John Travolta helped just two weeks ago has already been vandalized.

The letters 'ANON' were spray painted on the windows of the mission in Ocala, Florida, early Wednesday morning, before the center opened at 1pm.

The blinds were drawn still as passers-by stopped to check out the graffiti.
Defaced: Front view of the Scientology Mission in Ocala, Florida, before vandals got to work

Defaced: Front view of the Scientology Mission in Ocala, Florida, before vandals got to work

Anonymous is the name of the internet-based group that has frequently attacked Scientology in the media, often with videos claiming that the organisation is a criminal racket.

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston live in Ocala and were at the opening of the new Mission on May 29.

The actor broke down in tears while thanking the town for the support given to his family following their 'intense loss' of their son Jett, who passed away in 2009, reports.

Jett died while on a family vacation in The Bahamas.

The death certificate attributed the cause of death to a seizure.

Addressing the crowd of 1,000 people, Travolta said: 'This community protected us and safeguarded us.
Arch enemy: Members of the group Anonymous have attacked Scientology in the media, but the church claims it has threatened them with violence as well

Arch enemy: Members of the group Anonymous have attacked Scientology in the media, but the church claims it has threatened them with violence as well

'When the chips are down, you know who your friends are. Our friends are right here.'

'So the biggest gift I can give you in return is this mission.'

 Kelly Preston walked on stage and gave him a tissue and a hug, according to the Ocala Star Banner newspaper.

The Scientology Mission of Ocala is 4,500 square feet and the restoration was a $500,000 project for the organisation.

Attacking the Anonymous group, a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology said: 'Anonymous is an internet-based criminal organization currently under investigation by the United States Department of Justice, local law enforcement, and law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom and Spain, among others.
Proud moment: John Travolta with wife Kelly Preston and Ocala Mayor Randy Ewers and his wife Lorri Ewers at the opening of a Scientology Mission on May 29 in the Florida town

Proud moment: John Travolta with wife Kelly Preston and Ocala Mayor Randy Ewers and his wife Lorri Ewers at the opening of a Scientology Mission on May 29 in the Florida town

'Anonymous has claimed responsibility and is currently under investigation for its attacks on Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Sony's PlayStation Network, the Church of Scientology, the Spanish government and national police, as well as for crashing the Australian government's websites in response to Australia's attempts to curb the spread of child pornography on the internet.'

He claimed the attacks against the Church of Scientology have included anthrax threats, bomb threats, plus threats to kill, cause arson and kidnap.

The spokesman added: 'These crimes, among others, are currently part of an open hate crimes investigation by the United States Department of Justice.'

Travolta, originially a Roman Catholic, has been a practitioner of Scientology since 1975.

After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, he joined other celebrities in helping with the relief efforts, by flying his Boeing 707 full of supplies, doctors, and Scientologist Volunteer Ministers into the disaster area.

He has credited his family and faith in helping him survive the tragic death of his son, and in moving forward with his film career.

Anonymous has not claimed responsibility for the graffiti.

Read more:

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      Grant Cardone, NatGeo's 'Turnaround King': Doing Scientology's Dirty Work?
By Tony Ortega Mon., Jun. 20 2011

We happened to catch last night's premiere of Turnaround King on the National Geographic Channel. Well, OK, we were tipped that it might be worth paying attention to, so we did. I mean, normally, we are not watching reality TV on the NatGeo channel on Sunday nights.

Starring a man named Grant Cardone, this was more or less a straight rip-off of Kitchen Nightmares, and if you're familiar with chef Gordon Ramsay's show, then you know the formula: Cardone learns how badly a small business is doing, then fights to get the owner to use basic business sense to get things going in the right direction. (Last night's first two episodes involved a Gold's Gym in New Jersey and a car dealership.)

Cardone is charismatic, smart, articulate, and really seems to know what he's talking about. It's a fun show. So we were intrigued to learn what the show didn't tell us: that Cardone is a high-level wealthy Scientologist who, four years ago, may have slimed a fellow top Scientologist at the bidding of Scientology's dictator-for-life.

This afternoon, Marty Rathbun, once one of Scientology's top executives before his 2004 departure, made public at his blog a dramatic set of e-mails that Cardone sent out to fellow Scientologists in 2007.

Rathbun notes that Cardone is a wealthy Scientologist who has reached the highest level of "Operating Thetan" training, OT VIII, and is known in the church for his generosity to the cause, giving $1 million to a "Superpower Project" and another $1 million to Scientology leader David Miscavige's "war fund."

Cardone is so eager to please Miscavige, Rathbun says, he was willing to do some of the church leader's dirty work.

Rathbun says he knows this because before he left Scientology, Rathbun himself was originally asked by Miscavige to perform an unpleasant task: go after longtime Scientologist and famous acting coach Milton Katselas for not being loyal enough to the new Miscavige regime and way of doing things.

In a phone call, Rathbun explained to me how punishing Katselas is a prime example of how Scientology, under Miscavige, has lost its way. Over his decades as one of Hollywood's best-known acting coaches at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Katselas had helped bring into Scientology some of its biggest celebrities, actors like John Travolta, who first encountered Scientology by studying with the famous teacher.

But gradually, Katselas had been having less to do with Scientology as Miscavige increased pressures on members to give money, and as he began to drive away many high-level members in what author Janet Reitman has called a "mass exodus."

Rathbun says Miscavige wanted Katselas punished for not being more active, even though, over the years, he had been so effective at bringing in some of Scientology's greatest celebrity prizes.

That task, Rathbun says, fell to an eager, gung-ho Scientologist that Miscavige could count on. Namely, Grant Cardone.

On Tuesday, May 15, 2007, Cardone sent out an e-mail about Katselas that went out to hundreds of Scientologists, one ex-member tells me. (Rathbun produced a copy of the e-mail on his blog, but the Voice was able to get its own copy independently, as well as copies of e-mails from the Scientology community discussing Cardone's accusations.)

In the e-mail, Cardone accused Katselas of no longer participating in Scientology events, and not contributing money to Miscavige's push for new buildings:

    milton katselas does not attend or participate in any direct hard-sell dissemination projects to grow our church and make others aware of our efforts.

    milton katselas has not made any direct contributions to Ideal Orgs, IAS or any other of COB's command intention.

    milton katselas does not demonstrate being any part of the team of Scientologist who are doing what they can to make a difference.

The e-mail also accused Katselas of various sexual advances and practices with his female students, of paying female students to touch him sexually, and asking other students to perform sex acts in front of him. The e-mail provided no evidence for any of these accusations.

In other words, it appeared to be a simple smear attempt, intended to ruin Katselas' reputation in his own religion.

The message ended, "Please forward this to others that will benefit from this knowledge as it is true. Sincerely, Grant Cardone"

Rathbun says that almost immediately, Scientology's executives realized that this was a disastrous way to treat one of the organization's most loyal and most well-known members.

The next day, May 16, 2007, Cardone sent out a new e-mail. "Immediately destroy all forms of the e-mail I sent you," he wrote.

Rathbun notes that a little more than a year later, Katselas died of heart failure.

I called Cardone's office today, and was given the name and e-mail address of his assistant, Jen Harris. I sent a detailed message about what Rathbun planned to publish today. I am still waiting for a response.

Click here for Marty Rathbun`s post about it...

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        Milton Katselas Pleads With Scientology After Grant Cardone's Attack: A Church Jihad?
By Tony Ortega Fri., Jun. 24 2011

On Monday, we told you about Grant Cardone, NatGeo's "Turnaround King" whose new reality television show about rescuing ailing small businesses premiered Sunday night.

What the show didn't say was that Cardone is a wealthy and high-level Scientologist with cozy ties to Scientology leader David Miscavige. In 2007, Cardone sent an e-mail to fellow Scientologists attacking Milton Katselas, a well known and admired acting coach who had, in the view of the church, not kept up his duties as a compliant Scientologist.

Now we have more detail about that, with an additional letter that Cardone sent directly to Katselas, the acting teacher's reply to Scientology, and also Cardone's public responses since we outed him as someone willing to do Scientology's dirty work.

After our story ran Monday, we were contacted by Allen Barton, owner of the Beverly Hills Playhouse, who has a 20 year history there and worked closely with Milton Katselas.

Barton himself was a Scientologist for a time, but hasn't been involved for many years (despite what a New York Times story about Katselas said about Barton).

Allen Barton
​Over the years, Barton says, actors did come in contact with Scientology when they studied with Katselas, but that wasn't the point of what the great teacher was doing. "There was a time when people would come to the school, find out about Scientology, and become interested," Barton says. "But Milton never proselytized in class. Never. And he never gave a shit. He was interested in acting."

Although Katselas had been involved with Scientology since 1965, Barton says the ties between the Beverly Hills Playhouse and Scientology reached a sort of peak in 1999. "When Jenna Eflman won a Golden Globe, that was the height of that connection, between Milton and successful Scientology actors. Jeffrey Tambor was nominated for an Emmy. Catherine Bell was on a series. Giovanni Ribisi was becoming successful...Jenna did a big public relations spread where she had a photo taken with him."

But soon after that period, Barton says, there came a "disaffection." Katselas had been stuck on OT V, three levels under the highest of upper-level training in the church, and he didn't seem interested in pursuing that any further. He had stopped going to events. And, Barton says, Milton was a single, straight male. "He had female students who were interested in him. He didn't always refuse it. I'm not saying it was a good thing, but there it is."

Around 2003 or 2004, Barton says, "there came what I call this 'jihad' about Milton."

That's consistent with what Marty Rathbun wrote on his blog Monday -- that about that time, he was asked by Scientology leader David Miscavige to begin pressuring Katselas to get back on the straight-and-narrow path of Scientology development.

"It was a jihadist puritanical path," Barton says. "They were pressuring him. Was he really on board with the church, with Miscavige. All of this stuff that Grant Cardone put out in his e-mail."

"The Elfmans cut ties in 2004. Suddenly some trigger went off. This man must be stopped. I took a phone call from Bodhi Elflman screaming about Milton. Between 2004 and 2007, pretty much every Scientologist left at that point."

On May 15, 2007, Cardone, taking on the role of church enforcer, sent out an e-mail to hundreds of fellow Scientologists. Someone, he can't remember who, passed on a copy to him, Barton says.

"Holy cow. I can't remember if I even showed Milton. Milton didn't use computers. I'm sure someone showed it to him. His reaction was always measured. By that time he had become resigned to the jihadist mentality that had taken over Scientology.

​"To the end, he was loyal to Hubbard, and held that relationship in high regard. He never said anything negative about Hubbard. He would say things like, 'If Ron was still around, none of this would be happening.'"

Barton says that until Katselas' death in 2008, he was receiving some Scientology services, despite the church's approbation.

After Katselas died of heart failure, Barton was the one who cleaned out the acting teacher's office, finding various documents pertaining to the church.

At my request, Barton went through his papers and located two fascinating, and heartbreaking documents.

The first is a letter that Grant Cardone sent directly to Katelas himself. Besides sending out an e-mail to hundreds of Scientologists that was meant to ruin Katselas's reputation in the church, Cardone sent a copy directly to the teacher with an additional note.

[See the Cardone letter as a .pdf file. It includes the e-mail he sent out to fellow scientologists. Click the link on the window that appears.]

Cardone's letter includes chilling lines like this:

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                 Jett Travolta Foundation: 10 Percent Goes to Scientology

You may wonder whatever happened to the Jett Travolta Foundation. The 16 year old autistic son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston died after hitting his head during a seizure in the Bahamas on January 2, 2009. Since then, a foundation set up in his name has given away roughly $56,000 according to the organization’s Form 990 filings.

The 2009 filing doesn’t list specifics, but the newest filing–for 2010–shows that 14 separate donations were made in Jett’s name on March 23, 2010. Of the group totaling $27,850, one — for $2,500–was made to a Scientology detox charity in Ocala, Florida. The others included $5,000 apiece to the Starlight Children’s Foundation and the No Limits Limbs Loss Foundation, and $2,500 to the Marion County Sheriff’s Foundation in Ocala, Florida–where the Travoltas live.

The Travoltas also gave $250 to the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Foundation — it’s a disease affecting loose joints and hyperelastic skin–but nothing for autism research (Travolta told the Bahamas police in their report that Jett was autistic) or Kawasaki Syndrome, which the couple always insisted was the illness that afflicted their son. Other donations included $2,500 to Central Florida Community College for a scholarship in Jett’s memory. In February 2010 the Travoltas held a fundraising screening for their Foundation; some of the proceeds went to the Scientology detox for firefighters in their community.

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                Jenna Elfman Gets Scientology Joke Surprise in New Movie

Jenna Elfman, a serious Scientologist, may have gotten a bit of a jolt last night during the premiere of “Friends with Benefits.” Elfman is in the movie–she plays Justin Timberlake’s sister. But she’s not in a scene in which Justin and Mila Kunis hike up to the Hollywood sign in L.A. and get arrested for trespassing. It’s there that JT makes a quippy joke about Scientology–calling it “great science fiction.” Ouch! The joke gets big laughs and is very pointed. This may have accounted for Elfman not showing up after the screening at the Top of the Standard (aka the Boom Boom Room) for the movie’s party. Here’s what she missed: Timberlake in a section cordoned off by his huge and unfriendly personal bodyguard so the singer-turned-actor would be guaranteed no contact with any of the invited guests. Emma Stone — who’s great in this month’s other comedy, “Crazy Stupid Love”–and Mila Kunis joined him. Elsewhere in the club we ran into Courtney Love, Penn Badgley (about to start shooting a movie about late singer Jeff Buckley) with gf Zoe Kravitz, CAA chief Kevin Huvane, Patricia Clarkson with her nephew and his girlfriend, and New York socialite Patricia Duff, who runs The Common Good organization.

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                Did medical doctor discriminate against actor Michael Fairman because he left COS?

Michael Fairman | July 19, 2011

As I was writing the above, another piece of disgusting news arrived. Joy and I have been patients of Dr. Lisa Benest, Dermatologist, for over 10 years. We have gone to her and her colleague Dr. Rush, many, many times for dermatological issues and check-ups. Today I had something of an emergency and called to see Dr. Rush. I was told there was no available opening until September. Being a long time patient in good standing I pressed the issue and was told by the receptionist that she would speak personally to Dr. Rush and see if I could be brought in immediately. She called back to say I could be seen by Dr. Rush on Thursday morning, but the call was abruptly cut off. When I finally got back in touch with the office I was told by another person that I would have to make an appointment with another referred dermatologist out side their office. I said no and hung up. Joy had come over and I told her what had happened. she called the office , and tigress that she is, pulled the string and found that Dr. Benest, a Scientologist, had inserted a note in the computer alongside my name and Joy’s name, that we were to be referred elsewhere for services. There was no explanation. But I know what the explanation is as do all of us here. What the FUCK? We are witnessing the Church of Miscavige’s version of Nazi Germany!, South African apartheid and the segregated, bigoted American South. THIS MUST END!

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Nancy Cartwright, Danny Masterson and Erika Christensen praise the Church of Scientology for its stewardship of historic Hollywood real estate.

    Nancy Cartwright, co-star of The Simpsons: ''When there is an opportunity to preserve a piece of history, whether through a historic or culturally important building or its artists, I am all for it. I am very proud of the work my church puts into improving and restoring these buildings, and I am happy to be involved with it."

    Danny Masterson, co-star of That '70s Show: ''I bought my current house in Hollywood because I am a big fan of architecture from the '20s, '30s and '40s. I love the fact that my church shares the same philosophy I do when it comes to historic restoration of properties."

    Erika Christensen,  co-star of Parenthood: ''I grew up attending services at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. What the church did with the building is amazing. I was born in Seattle, and I flew up and attended the grand opening of the new Church of Scientology in Seattle last year after the renovations were completed. It was breathtaking aesthetically, and it was something I had looked forward to for a number of years. I am proud and impressed that my church is acquiring and restoring properties for our local churches."

    STORY: Scientology's Hollywood Real Estate Empire


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Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley Hits Rock Bottom – Turns To John Travolta For Help

Lisa Marie Presley turned to fellow Scientologist John Travolta is despair during her emotional meltdown.  The 43-year-old daughter of Elvis Presley buckled under the pressure of trying to revive her failing music career, being a mom to her 2-year-old twin girls, Harper and Finely, and all the while struggling to lose weight.

According to the National Enquirer: “All of Lisa Marie’s problems came to a head in a perfect storm of stress – from readying her new CD to her never-ending battle to stay thin and the constant de­mands of the twins,” a family said.  “After Elvis’ death, she’d vowed to make her daddy proud of her as a performer. But her musical efforts have fall­en short.”

About two weeks ago, she crumpled emo­tionally over her music come­back, said the source.

“I think Lisa Marie prob­ably knows this album with producer T Bone Burnett is really her last chance for a showbiz hit,” the friend confided.  It’s been six years since her last record, and this one is a do-or-die project.”

Lisa Marie is also freaking out over her recent weight gain, said the source.   Lisa Marie dieted from 165 lbs. down to a too-skinny 110, shedding 55 lbs. in just five months. She’s regained at least 20 pounds since then but has been drinking protein smoothies and avoiding sugar, trans fats and white bread in a bid to slim down again, said the source.

“Lisa Marie fluctuates between trying to live healthy and then going back to eating and drinking almost whatever she wants,” said the source. “She could be getting caught up in a nightmare cycle of yo-yo dieting that would be dangerous to her health.”

Feeling her life was spinning out of control, she turned to Travolta for support.  “John’s been a father figure to Lisa Marie for years,” ex­plained the friend.

“Not only are they both Scientologists, but he’s well-versed in showbiz pressures. No one knows more about comebacks than he does, and John gave her the courage to go on.”

Travolta also allowed stressed-out Lisa Marie and hubby Michael Lockwood, her musi­cal director, to take a break from their current home base near London, England, and offered them the use of his Bahamas vacation home.

“They packed up the twins and headed off to the Bahamas,” said the friend. “Lisa Marie found it incredibly calming.”

“Lisa Marie had hit rock bottom – thank God John saved her,” added the source.

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Scientology Uses Its Movie Stars to Woo Politicians, Says Former Top Exec (OR: Tom Cruise Loves Coconut Cake!)

​Another revelation this afternoon from Marty Rathbun, formerly one of the highest executives in Scientology who defected in 2004 and since 2009 has been criticizing church leader David Miscavige at his blog, "Moving On Up a Little Higher."

Rathbun once worked very closely with Miscavige, who today he describes as a man who sees everything as a game, and one that he wants to win at any cost. (Miscavige himself has not given a press interview in many years.)

In particular, Rathbun mentioned a concerted campaign by Scientology, as it was suffering one of its worst public relations disasters after the death of parishioner Lisa McPherson, to go on a charm campaign to woo and influence Florida public officials.

How did the church intend to loosen up Florida's pols? By setting up lunches and dinners with its stable of celebrities.

This is very relevant today, when in Los Angeles, Scientology's influence over Sheriff Lee Baca has suddenly become a news item.

But in the period of 1999 to 2003, Scientology's need for damage control was particularly critical. McPherson had died in 1995, but it wasn't until a year later that the public started to become aware of her unusual death at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida -- one of Scientology's most important landmarks. (For the best write-up of McPherson's entire history, make sure you pick up a copy of Janet Reitman's compelling history, Inside Scientology, which we reviewed in June.)

The Church of Scientology was indicted on two felony counts in 1998 over the death of McPherson. Through the next year, press attention on the church was unsparingly negative. Rathbun says it was the third worst tidal wave of bad press in Scientology's history, after the 1977 FBI raids following Scientology's widespread infiltration of government offices, and the 1982 lawsuit filed by Ron DeWolf (formerly L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.) for control of his father's estate.

As the criminal case and a civil wrongful death suit made their way through the courts, Rathbun says the church hit on the idea of trying to influence Florida's opinion leaders.

"The point was to win these people over to Scientology, and support it politically and get the word back down to the courts," he says. (The state dropped its criminal case in 2000, but negative publicity over McPherson was still a problem for several years as the civil case continued.)

The best way to counter the negative press, he adds, was with Scientology celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Greta Van Susteren, and soap star Michelle Stafford.

But Rathbun says the church needed help bringing together its stars with Florida's political influencers. For that help, Scientology turned to Republican operative Mary Repper.

In 2003, the St. Petersburg Times reported that Repper had held a dinner at her house that brought together Tampa's mayor at the time, Pam Iorio, and Scientology's biggest star, Tom Cruise:

    Repper met Cruise about a year ago at a political function sponsored by the Church of Scientology at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater. Cruise is one of Scientology's most famous believers, and Repper has helped the church build political contacts.

Repper denied then to the St. Pete Times that the church had anything to do with setting up the dinner, and she told me that as well, this morning, by telephone from her Florida home.

She told me she was embarrassed that the St. Pete Times story reported the dinner, and denied that the church had anything to do with it.

"That isn't true. I wasn't working for them. That's a lie," she told me. "How it happened was, I had met Tom Cruise and some discussion ensued about a coconut cake. Jeez, I said, I make a great coconut cake. He said, 'That's my favorite cake in the world.' About two months later he was in town. He called me. I can't tell you how excited I was getting a call from Tom Cruise. He said he wanted the coconut cake. I intended to bring it down to the Fort Harrison Hotel, but he said he'd come over. While he was there at the house, my son said, 'If you love her cake, you'd love her dinners.' He said, 'But I've never been invited.' And that's how it happened. It was certainly nothing about the church."

"So if that's true, how did [Tampa mayor] Pam Iorio show up?" Rathbun counters with a laugh after hearing Repper's version of events.

Iorio herself, now a few months out of office after eight years as Tampa's mayor, says she doesn't remember Rathbun being at the dinner. She remembers Tom Lee, a Florida state Senator, attending with his girlfriend, and Iorio was there with her husband, and Tom Cruise. (The St. Pete Times story also indicates that an attorney named Stephen Mitchell attended.) I didn't get a chance to ask Repper if Rathbun was present, and she didn't answer a second phone call.

"Mary Repper is a political consultant. She called me up one day and said she was having Tom Cruise to dinner and invited me and my husband," Iorio told me. Repper never worked for her, and Iorio says she never had a relationship with the Church of Scientology during her eight years as mayor. During the dinner Cruise did mention Scientology, she says, but what she remembered most was his talk about movies.

"He had just filmed The Last Samurai. He had brought some footage and was showing it to us. That's what I remember more than anything," Iorio says.

I also asked Repper if she was involved in bringing together Florida politicians with Greta Van Susteren, John Travolta, and Michelle Stafford.

She denied that she had Travolta to dinner at her house. (Rathbun, however, says she did have him over for an afternoon lunch. "She didn't have him for dinner. She had him for an afternoon with about 30 women politicians," Rathbun told me. I asked him if he attended the lunch. "Absolutely.")

Rathbun says Greta Van Susteren sailed a boat down to Clearwater and then hosted dinners on the craft. Among the people Rathbun says she was asked to sway was Barry A. Cohen, a larger-than-life defense attorney in Tampa. (I put in a call to Cohen and am waiting for a reply.)

Repper denied that she had anything to do with arranging Van Susteren's events. "They invited me to come to dinner. That happened a couple of times," she says.

As for Michelle Stafford, the soap star? "I had a brunch for her with all my sisters, who were all big fans. I met her at an event. I asked her. I was never affiliated with the church at that point," Repper says.

"She's such a liar. We hired her in, it must have been 1999," Rathbun says.

That's also the recollection of Mike Rinder, who was Scientology's chief spokesman until he left the church in 2007.

"I introduced Mary Repper to Michelle Stafford at a Hollywood Celebrity Centre event, and it was the biggest day of her life," Rinder told me by telephone today. "She was flown to Los Angeles for a gala event. I was her host...I'd been to her house a few times, too, when I was the chief spokesman for the church. I actually took Tom deVocht to dinner at her house one day. Anyway, that's an absolute -- I'm not sure what the correct word for it is. It's just lying, that's the correct word," he says, about her claim that she wasn't "affiliated" with Scientology when the politician charm campaign was happening in 2003.

"I remember hiring her in 1998 or 1999. Marty is absolutely right. He was there and so was [church leader David] Miscavige. There was a lunch in the Hibiscus room in the Fort Harrison Hotel. It was Miscavige, Marty and, me, and that was her first time at the hotel," Rinder says.

Choosing Repper to help them with Lisa McPherson damage control was no accident, Rinder says. "She was the campaign manager that ran Bernie McCabe's election campaign. He was the state's attorney bringing the state's case against the church at the time...There needed to be influence, there needed to be ways of controlling the process. The police department was going after the church, the FDLE was going after the church, the state's attorney was going after the church, Ken Dandar in the civil case was going after the church. It's true probably anywhere, but particularly in a community that has an old boys' network, if you're not in the 'in crowd,' you're a nobody. If you're in the 'in crowd,' you get a lot more leeway and respect."

Rathbun and Rinder both say Repper was hired to help the church influence political leaders in 1998 or 1999, and the state eventually dropped its criminal case in 2000.

"Honestly, I don't think she had any influence [on the state dropping the case]," Rinder adds -- the state's case fell apart when medical examiner Joan Wood changed the cause of death to an "accident."

Still, Repper was something of a "kingmaker" in Pinellas County, Rinder says, and the church found her useful. He didn't think much of her story of how Tom Cruise and major local pols ended up in her dining room:

"Tom Cruise just happened to hear about her coconut cake, and then he called her up and asked to be invited over. Nothing to do with Scientology whatsoever," he says sarcastically.

Repper denied that she was affiliated with Scientology at the time of the dinners, but she says she is working for Scientology today. "I do work for them now, yes. After I retired, I moved up here to Hernando County. I do whatever I can to help them because I believe in them. I think they're good people. The people in that church, I'm proud to know them. I used to be proud of Marty."

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Death By Devotion: Tragic Tale of Scientology Celebrity Centre Brainchild Yvonne Jentzsch

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              JLo-Anthony split over Scientology row

Read more at:

The reason for their split is still unknown, but Jennifer Lopez's commitment to Scientology was reportedly a bone of contention between the Hollywood actress and her husband, Marc Anthony.

Lopez, 42--who called off her seven-year marriage to Anthony last month--was hoping to send the couple's three-year-old twins Max and Emme to a specialist Scientology school.

But Anthony, also 42, wasn't so keen on the idea, reported Daily Mail.

A source close to the couple said, "Jennifer and Marc couldn't see eye-to-eye on the subject. She's always been more into the church than him. He wasn't a huge fan and it caused problems."

The On the Floor hitmaker is close friends with Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, who are also staunch Scientologists.

She had previously expressed her desire to educate her twins by the church and said, "I just wish that people wouldn't judge it without knowing what it is."

Read more at:

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                  Will and Jada split right after JLO and Marc Anthony
By: Roger Friedman What a summer for two of Scientology’s sorta maybe top couples. First Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split. Now it looks like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are separating according to several sources. The two couples are certainly linked and not just a little by Scientology. Tom Cruise has spent a lot of time recruiting all of them with varying degrees. But this much is correct: Lopez’s father has been a long time Scientologist. She was definitely more susceptible than Anthony.

In time, JLO and big time Scientologist Leah Remini have become best friends according to sources. Remini even managed to get Lopez onto her troubled afternoon show, “The Talk.” Pinkett got into Scientology when she and Cruise acted in “Collateral” in 2004. Pinkett was the one who got Marc Anthony a full time acting job on her TNT show, “HawthoRNe.” Smith always seemed uncomfortable with Scientology even though at one point he gave a now famous quote about it being “no different than the Bible.”

There’s more: the Smiths operate the New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, California (a swanky LA suburb). Even though they deny being Scientologists, the school’s curriculum is based on L. Ron Hubbard‘s nutty Study Tech methods. A couple of years ago, the Smiths fired the principal because she reportedly felt uncomfortable teaching Study Tech. Apparently, even the $200,000 paycheck wasn’t enough for her to overcome misgivings. Even though New Village has been in business for three years as a non profit, and lists $1.6 million in income, the school still hasn’t posted a tax filing or a Form 990.

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                                     Michael Fairman vs. Scientology,

Y&R's Michael Fairman continues "exposing the cancer that is now the Church of Scientology"
"Those who have been manipulated, intimidated, or bought into silence will not stop it . It is apparent at this time that neither the media nor the government has a firm will to stop it. Only we can. ALL those who have voices must be heard. It has gone beyond amusing videos and making 'Squirrel Buster' jokes, Joy and I learned this week first hand that this is very serious and dangerous business. Probably more serious and dangerous than we know. We, all of US, are an intelligent, determined force and we must use our collective power to end this. Many are already engaged, Every single one of us must be."

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                    Jada Pinkett-Smith Speaks on Her Relationship and Scientology
September 05, 2011 09:20 PM EDT

Hawthorn actress, Jada Pinkett-Smith, most recently opened up about her relationship with actor Will Smith stating that she was very grateful to have him in her life. Despite recent rumors of their alleged break-up, the actress confirms that the power couple is still tighter than ever.

Jada, who grew up in a single parent household, states that she is very grateful for having a husband to share in raising her children, Jaden, 13, and Willow, 10. The children, who are already on their way to A-list stardom on the big screen and in the music industry, will definitely need all the support they can get from their superstar mom and dad, especially since both of them have been in the entertainment business for many years. Both Will and Jada have careers in the film and music industry.

According to a source, Jada Pinkett-Smith says this about her childhood, "Having been raised by a single mother I'm very clear on what the difficulties of being raised by a single mother are. It's very hard when you don't have a male component in the home to create balance and help in the decision making. Sometimes it's nice to be able to just pass the ball, like, 'tag, you're it, you got this one'."

Even though it was not always easy being from a single-parent household, her upbringing has certainly prepared her to be a strong, independent career woman and mother figure for her children.

The actress also says that religion has always helped her to focus and remain grounded in regards to her life and family relationships.

In relation to previous speculation of the family's connection to Scientology, Jada confirms, "I'm not actually a Scientologist. People make assumptions about what I believe but my religion is love."

Love is definitely the key to any harmonious marriage, family and career.

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        Pomeranz promotes Dianetics at MIBF

MANILA, Philippines - David Pomeranz returns to the Philippines for the 32nd Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), ongoing until Sept. 18 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

On Sept. 18 at 3 to 5 p.m., Pomeranz is set to perform his hits and promote L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics, the landmark work that launched the worldwide movement for The Church of Scientology, of which Pomeranz is a member.

Pomeranz believes that the real barriers to a happy and valuable future are the upsets, failures, fears and mistakes of the past.

“These things hang around us like ghosts spoiling every chance to create a new and better life.” he says. “I had my own personal fears and internal barriers that blocked my way and threatened to destroy my chances to achieve my goals.”

Knowing and using Dianetics can help you break free of those barriers, Pomeranz notes, as  Dianetics discusses the different dynamics or areas of life that are essential for real success.

“Dianetics enabled me to shake off the shadows of the past and see the life the way it really is. It gave me the power to deal with life in a positive and constructive way,” Pomeranz asserts. “I have a great career doing exactly what I want to do, a wonderful wife and family, and, I am proud to say, many friends that I’ve been able to help to lead happy and fulfilling lives.”

Dianetics is published by Bridge Publications and will be available at the MIBF.

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                          Is Scientology Kirstie Alley’s Diet Secret?

Next to maybe Oprah, Kirstie Alley is one of the most notorious yo-yo dieters of the generation. For years, the one-time Cheers bombshell (and Golden Globe and Emmy winner) has been shilling various diet products and systems (remember when she was doing Jenny Craig?), and being extremely public about her struggles with weight. And every time she gains or loses in the triple digits, everyone wants to know: how does she do it?

Her secret may be Scientology.

This week, Alley did it again when she popped up somewhere other than a reality show or Us Weekly cover–she was at Fashion Week, on a runway, walking for Zang Toi, and looking fierce. Immediately, just about every news outlet exploded with the photos of her new figure, sans 100 lbs, and the age-old questions began to surface. But, per usual, very few people are talking about what may be one of her most influential dieting inspirations: her religion.

Founded by  science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, which Alley converted to in the 1990s and credits for her sobriety from cocaine, emphasizes taking control over one’s body. Sickness, injury, or bodily weakness (including being overweight) are considered symptoms of a lack of commitment and control–which starts to sound a lot like the thinking of those with disordered eating.

Additionally, Scientology teaches that taking medication, even in extreme circumstances, renders the body unclear and toxic, which means that for believers like Alley, surgery and other dramatic weight loss solutions are not an option.

However, as a celebrity (and a big donor to the Church), Alley is possibly under less pressure than the average Scientologist to stay fit and healthy. Overweight Scientologists are routinely counseled to undergo detox plans, as laid out by the Church, to help them achieve “cleanliness” of the body (read: loss of fat). And while Alley and other celebs probably aren’t being leaned on as hard, this message of the Church is assuredly something that resonates with her, particularly considering the flak she’s received from the media (and investigators) regarding her diet supplement, a drug-free detox program that’s very similar to those recommended by the Church. The line, called “Organic Liaison,” has even been accused of being a front for Scientology, designed to raise funds and funnel money back to the Church–claims that Alley vehemently denied.

Regardless of whether her diet plan actively funds the Church, with the kind of message that Scientology sends, it’s highly likely that the Church inspires her weight loss. And while many disagree with questionable medical teachings espoused by Hubbard, if it helps Alley keep the weight off this time, then good on her.

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             Did ‘The X-Factor’ Intentionally Obscure Stacy Francis’ Past Success As A Singer?

Everyone is talking today about Stacy Francis, the 42-year-old single mother who wowed the judges on The X-Factor last night with her passionate rendition of Aretha Franklin‘s Natural Woman. And rightfully so! She did a great job (even if she was flat at times). However, after doing a bit of research on her, I found out the show was somewhat misleading in presenting her as a struggling single mother who sings only after her kids go to sleep at night. Stacy Francis has already had quite a bit of success in the music business, getting signed to a major label in the nineties and starring in several Broadway and West End (as in, London’s Broadway) musical theater productions. She has yet to attain mega-fame, it’s true, but she’s hardly in danger of dying, as she said last night, “with this music in me.”

Additionally, Francis is involved with the Church of Scientology and seems to have made some connections through that. Here’s a video of her performing at Tom Cruise‘s birthday party three years ago:..............more...

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               Kirstie Alley: Scientology Celebrities' Conditions of Confusion

Where's Kirstie's mind these days?

September 28, 2011              the morton report

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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Scientology Connections: Is X-Factor Contestant Stacy Francis Telling The Truth?
Does X-Factor contestant Stacy Francis have a secret she wants to keep?

Photos video article.....

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    Catherine Bell splits from husband


Actress Catherine Bell (L) and husband Adam Beason attend the Church of Scientology's Citizens Commission On Human Rights "?Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" Museum Opening on December 17, 2005 in Hollywood, California. (Kevin Winter, Getty Images for CoS)

Actress Catherine Bell has split from her husband of 17 years.

The Bruce Almighty star and screenwriter Adam Beason have mutually agreed to separate, according to

The couple has two children together - eight-year-old daughter Gemma and one-year-old son Ronan.

Bell's representative says, "They remain great friends. They're committed to raising their two children together."

The couple also runs production company DaVinci Films.

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                     KFC Won't Even Let John Travolta Book a Private Table
Where: West Sussex, United Kingdom
October 20, 2011

Apparently even A-Listers can have trouble getting good service at fast food restaurants.

Despite the fact that there were a number of 4-star London restaurants, like The Ledbury, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, and Hix just an hour away, John Travolta decided KFC was the way to go while visiting West Sussex last weekend.

Travolta was in the area to attend an annual Scientology event in East Grinstead Friday when one of his reps called a local KFC and asked if they could book a table for the star and his guests.

Thinking that the call was a prank, the worker who took the call declined Travolta's request and told his rep he could wait in line for his drumsticks and biscuits just like everyone else.

After realizing the call was legit, a spokesperson for KFC said, "In hindsight, of course, we would have reserved a table for him," but the employee who took the call stood by the decision. "To me, customers are customers, no matter who they are. It doesn't make a difference if someone is famous."

Travolta may have missed out on fried chicken Friday, but he likely made up for it with a swanky dinner Saturday at the Saint Hill Manor, a mansion on 60 acres of grounds that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard bought in 1959.

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X-Factor Star Stacy Francis Was A Broadway Star & Played Tom Cruise’s Birthday!

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                    Q&A with Chick Corea on his 70th Birthday Celebration

A DownBeat Hall of Famer, NEA Jazz Master and 16-time Grammy winner, living legend Chick Corea has flourished for over four decades as a celebrated jazz pianist and composer. The Massachusetts native first made a name for himself as a sideman in the 1960s with artists like Blue Mitchell, Stan Getz and Miles Davis, and in the 1970s he founded Return to Forever, one of the world’s premier fusion acts.

To celebrate his seven decades, New York’s legendary Blue Note Jazz Club is holding a month-long 70th Birthday Celebration residency from Nov. 1-27, which includes a lineup of 10 different groups and more than 30 musicians. Included on the guest list are Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, the Five Peace Band with John McLaughlin, and a special unplugged appearance from Return to Forever.

In this exclusive interview, I spoke with Corea about the gigs, his thoughts about turning 70, the reason Return to Forever initially disbanded, and his first conversation with Miles Davis.

What are your thoughts about playing for a whole month at the Blue Note?

It’s just totally invigorating and exciting and great, and I mean that. My friends that were able to join me that are going to play with me are such great people and inspiring musicians. The whole thing is like being in heaven, you know? With all this creativity to get into, it’s the ultimate pleasure to have. It’ll be a lot of work, for sure, but it’ll be a lot of fun, mainly.

Which shows are you looking most forward to?

I’m looking forward to everything; I don’t even know where to start. I’m halfway through preparing right now. Unfortunately, I had a few weeks off before the gigs started, and I was able to put a setlist together and try to organize it a bit, but I’m looking forward to the whole thing. There’s some kind of new configurations that’ll be interesting. I worked with Paul Motian and Eddie Gomez for a couple of weeks earlier this year at the Blue Note—we made a recording there—but Paul ended up not being able to make it, and Eddie didn’t have the schedule to do it at that slot, so I found Gary Peacock, who I haven’t played since, wow, the ’70s, I guess.

But then leading to replace Paul because he wasn’t able to make it, I found that Brian Blade had a day open in his schedule before coming in with the Five Peace Band. So it’s going to be Brian and Gary Peacock. Now that’s going to be very interesting to me; that’s a whole new thing. I’ve also got Gary Burton and the Harlem String Quartet. We recorded one track with the Harlem String Quartet for our new duet recording, so for the whole three nights with the string quartet, we’re going to review some of the lyrics and music that we’ve made in the late ’70s and early ’80s, whenever that was, and a couple of new things that I wrote for the sextet.

So that’s new, and then my Spanish band [Chick Corea’s Flamenco Heart] is a new configuration, although I’ve played with Jorge Pardo and Carles Benavent before. The new members are Niño Josele, who is one of my current favorite flamenco guitarists. He’s just an amazing musician, who brings to this thing [vocalist] Concha Buika. So that said, I’m putting some new things together, [and] we’re going to have to find some rehearsal time. And also, the quintet with Jack DeJohnette is all new…all friends of mine, but we’ve never all worked together before. I’ve had a rhythm section with Jack and Eddie Gomez before, but now we’re going to have Wallace Roney play on trumpet and Gary Bartz on saxophone. It just happened unintentionally that it turns out that all of the guys in that quintet all have 10 years with Miles one way or the other.

How does turning 70 impact you? What does it mean to you?

It means a lot of people ask me how does it impact me (laughs) and I have to keep inventing answers. You know, talking about the body getting old, there’s a sadness to it in a way. But for me, I’ve never had my attention too much on that part of it. And fortunately, I’m doing pretty well—the body’s nice and healthy and I feel good touring and so forth. So I don’t know, you know? You get a zero at the end of your age number and you get some extra attention. That’s what I found out.

You’ve been busier than ever this year. I noticed on this current Return to Forever tour that you’re looking very trim these days. What’s your secret?

I’ve been trying to take the weight off for years, and I’ve always tended toward a vegetarian diet, but I had some wrong information going. Anyway, I found some data, some information, on nutrition, basically, that really helped me out. And I used it, you know, and it started to work really well for me; I started to feel real good. So I just kept doing it, and within a period of a year I lost 90 pounds.

That’s remarkable.


You’ve won so many Grammys. What do you think it is about your music that’s allowed you to achieve these honors consistently?

That’s a question that’s better answered by others, you know? I don’t know; I don’t think about it—it would be a survey question. You’d have to ask that question of others and then they could tell you. What I notice from my point of view is that when I’m in the mode of creativity that I really enjoy—which I try to be in all the time, which is just creating something that I love—and something that’s fresh, something that I can get very high interest and get very excited about wanting to involve myself in, wanting to eventually present to the recordings and performances. When I’m in that mode, I’m delighted the most.

I’ve noticed that the more adventurous and in that mode that I am, it seems that the more the audience really likes it. To me, that’s a real vote of confidence and a real plus that demonstrates a very important principle about living, because usually we’re in a mood of just barely trying to make it and just pushing through and trying to change things around to please others and all of that, and this demonstrates that people—not just me, but others, meaning audiences—really respond to being an individual, like having your own mind, creating, expressing yourself, having the freedom to choose how you want to express yourself. People respond to that. To me, that’s very, very encouraging. So that’s what I’ve noticed: people like that, When I do that well, it’s appreciated and I’m very happy with that.

I have a question about your 1973 tune “Captain Señor Mouse.” On future issues it was usually listed as just “Señor Mouse.” Is there any difference between that and the original?

No, only in the title. I guess what happened was, the “captain” part was part of the fun groove, the kind of playful touch of [Return to Forever’s album] Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy. We had a game going there where we were talking about a seventh galaxy, and there was a mothership in it, and there was a hymn to it. And so when I wrote this tune “Señor Mouse,” my cartoony image was a mouse in the captain’s chair of the spaceship. So, like, who’s the captain of this spaceship? This mouse, Señor Mouse, all dressed up and ready to go. So that’s all that was, and later on when I played “Señor Mouse” with Gary Burton and we took it outside the context of the hymn of the seventh galaxy, it just became (laughs) “Señor Mouse.”

Is there any connection between that song and Stanley Clarke’s Return to Forever tune “So Long Mickey Mouse”?

Not musically, I don’t think. In fact, they’re very different musically, aren’t they? I never thought about that, but I guess we both like Walt Disney, to some degree.

It’s such an intriguing title.

Yeah. Actually, you know, I never found out what the deeper meaning behind that was. That’s a wild name; I’m going to ask him next time I see him now.

The Musicmagic album followed what many consider to be Return to Foerver’s greatest success, Romantic Warrior. Why did you choose to replace Lenny White and Al Di Meola by then?

It wasn’t a replacement, and I never took on a role like that of being the one who hired and fired guys. By that time, the band was pretty much a partnership between Stanley and myself, and there was a direction change that was imminent and something that we wanted to try. Since the early Return to Forever days, Stanley became really excited about being a composer and composing music, and since then, as is proven by the amount of music that he’s written—not only for his own performance but for movies and such—it’s something that he really loves to do, and something that I love to do, as well. So that’s one of the things we thought: let’s put an orchestral setting together and do that. That was the reason for the change in personnel.

What are your thoughts on Musicmagic as the final studio album of Return to Forever?

I briefly scanned through listening to it, and I think it presents what the band was like, especially that live Musicmagic band playing a live concert—I forget what venue it was. It was pretty wild; all the tempos are real ultrafast and it has the spirit of the times in it. I think it’s cool.

Was it a conscious decision to fold the band immediately after that tour?

All of us were in a direction creating our own music, you know, our own bands and so forth. And added to that, which was when we put that tour together, there was very little control or thought of expenses and the economy of it, and we wouldn’t have been able to support a band that big, traveling around the world, past that one tour. In fact, I think Stanley and I went home—at least I know I went home—with less than an empty pocket on that particular tour. I don’t regret a minute of it.

I read this on the Internet, and I don’t know how true it is. It claims that the reason the band broke up is because of disagreements that you and Stanley had with each other over Scientology.

First of all, it’s not true…it just wasn’t that. The actual thing that was going on during the last parts, ’75, ’76, right in there, is that there was a quick—from the time that Stanley joined the band and then Lenny, and then Al, right during the Romantic Warrior period, I, and the management I had at that time—Neville Potter, who was the lyricist for the band, and Leslie Potter—I made an attempt to really help Stanley, Lenny, and Al make their very first solo albums, because the band was doing very well, and they were all really creative and burning to create.

And so, interesting thing during the Romantic Warrior tour, there was like, I think, five different record companies all involved in current projects. Columbia was our new record company that just did Romantic Warrior. And I still retained my Polydor contract, where I was in the process of making The Leprechaun, which was my first kind of solo album outside of Return to Forever. Whereas Lenny made his first solo album—I forget the record company—Stanley made his first album, I think for Polydor, called Children of Forever, which I helped him produce, and Al made his first record.

So when we went out on that last tour, there were five (laughs)—we had five albums all out. And I’m only saying that to point out that that was the tendency of the creativeness within that time. We all wanted to do our own thing and expand. I think that that’s really what was going on. But the media likes to use terms like “split up” and “break up” and all of that, and I don’t think that was what was happening.

Thank you for clearing that up.

Just let me say one more thing: I answered that in a very long form. If you maybe give some air for me (laughs) for that viewpoint, because you never hear that; you always hear the negative viewpoint. So if you give some air for that, that would be nice…I’ve never seen that explanation of the change-up in the band described that way. It’s my opinion; it’s what I think happened.

I’m happy to share that with everyone. So you still kept in touch with Stanley over the years, even when you weren’t performing together?

Yeah, we stayed in touch and we were doing our thing. And finally, after decades passed by like minutes, we decided, “Hey, let’s do something again before we’re too old.” [The classic lineup of Return to Forever reformed for a tour in 2008—Ed.]

Who are your favorite pop pianists and composers?

I like Stevie Wonder as my favorite non-pianist pianist. I mean, I shouldn’t call him a non-pianist, because he’s really a great pianist, but he doesn’t feature it that much—he uses his keyboards and his piano technique to support his great songs and so forth, but he can really blow. Stevie’s one of my faves.

I like Elton [John]’s piano playing very much; I like what he does on the piano behind the songs, to support his songs. I really like the piano playing that was done in the Beatles—is that Paul [McCartney] playing the piano?

On some tunes, yes.

Yeah. When I hear the piano played in a compositional way, like in a songwriter’s way in a compositional way, there’s a certain arc to that that I love. Who does that—Billy Joel plays great piano; I like Billy Joel’s piano playing.

Is there anyone else you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

It’s a long list, man. Every time I see a musician—it doesn’t matter what age—that inspires me, there’s always a secret little wish that maybe we’ll play together, because that’s how I learn and grow and so forth, you know. But hopefully there’s a lot more. These four weeks will be a big learning experience for me.

Is there anywhere else you’d still like to play on this earth?

I haven’t traveled in Africa nearly as much as I’d like to. I’ve been there a few times, and I’d like to learn more about the various cultures in Africa. But that’s the basis point of where all of the music that I love is based upon, from Africa to Cuba to Puerto Rico to South America. And I’d like to travel in India; I’m thinking I’m going to try and get John McLaughlin to introduce me to some of the things that he knows there. He spends time there; he’s very steeped in Indian culture. And then China, you know; China’s been closed to us [musicians] for a whole lifetime, but there’s a lot of deep history there. Actually, the places that I haven’t been are the places that I’d like to go.

Have you seen Béla Fleck’s Throw Down Your Heart? It’s very nice; it’s a documentary of his trip to Africa. It inspired me. Actually, this trip to New York in November and more in the future is going to be my answer to Béla’s Throw Down Your Heart, which is going to be discovering New York (laughs). I want to go back to New York; there’s a lot happening there in that city musically.

This year is the 20th anniversary of Miles’ passing. Can you share with us a memory of working with him?

There’s so many memories with Miles. Miles looms larger than ever as the years go along; you hear his music all over the radio every day. I mean, you hear it in restaurants, you hear it everywhere. He really set the bar very high for musical creativity and so forth.

Miles used to always give me the advice I asked for in very short bursts of words. One of the memorable conversations, actually, was the first time I talked to him on the whole, when Tony Williams told me that Miles wanted me to join them in Baltimore at this club because Herbie couldn’t make it. So I got Miles’ number through Tony Williams and called Miles up and kind of nervously asked him when the rehearsal would be. I said, “Man, I’m so excited to play. When will the rehearsal be?” And let’s see, he said five words to me in his raspy voice: “Just play what you hear.”

In other words, there would be no rehearsal, and just play what you hear. I didn’t know some of the songs that were being played, but the renditions of them that were being played by that band—which was Tony, Wayne [Shorter], and Dave Holland was on bass by then—their renditions were already impressionistic version of the songs that we were doing. So all I needed to do was listen and respond to what I was hearing around me, and I never did learn the general score to those songs. But he said, “Play what you hear.”

Any other words for your fans and readers around the world?

No, man, I think we covered a lot. I appreciate your interest and thanks for the interview.

Chick Corea’s 70th Birthday Celebration runs Nov. 1-27 at the Blue Note Jazz Club, 131 West 3rd Street, in New York City. For more information, visit and

Continue reading on Q&A with Chick Corea on his 70th Birthday Celebration - National Music Q&A |

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                 Sam Travolta, Jr.... John's nephew... Ex-Scientologist speaks..

    I received dox this morning....

    Sunday, 30th October, 2011 02:57:31pm

    Name or Alias: Samuel Anthony Travolta
    Training and/or processing level: none worked in basement filling
    Org or location: LA Day org/ celebrity center
    Time involved in the Church of Scientology: 1997-2007
    Recommended Website - n/a

    1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?

    My uncle John Travolta joined in 1974. I am his oldest brother Samuel J Travolta's ex-son.

    2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?

    I thought it was a world of ethical ppl. The truth was always hidden from me, from my cousins and Uncle who is the only lasting member of the Travolta's.

    3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?

    Yes I had no idea it was all self help with nobody to talk to. I was several depressed. I married a Russian women for a place to live and I left her and staid in a homeless shelter, then a storage unit. Then I got a job and Scientology caught up with me and got me to quit from when I left in 1997, so I re joined them in 2007 for one month.

    4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?

    yes lots of verbal abuse and no pay for labor.

    5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?

    I did not feel I had a choice after I lost my job. I reported 3 Hispanic men I worked with for helping Scientology to get me to quit. I thought I would be safe in the LA day org because of who my Uncle was.

    6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?

    staff. I was at the LA Day org. The sign out front said now hiring so I thought I would get a fair wage but I did not. I volunteered to work late on filling and some weekends. I was told I needed to join the Sea Org and watched a movie for the 80s but I did not join.

    7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?

    Yeah I was working and some lady came down and started yelling at me that I need to live where she was going to take me. I scared her back and she ran to get security so I bolted to the beach and Scientologist followed me. So in the morning I called my father and asked him to pick me up and I stayed with him in Thousand Oaks for a short time.

    8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?

    Yes it should all be free and no hierarchy!

    9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?

    No I would not! I am still being followed till this day by Scientologists and PI's. And Im not even in LA or close to any churches. I have kept quiet for 3 and a half years.

    10. Any additional comments you would like to make?

    Yeah, Scientologist have followed me to this mall midwest town and have spread rumours about me being a pedofile. And you can throw out the doctors as being enemies cause they used the Torrance hospital to label me crazy and put me on drugs and say I was delusional.

    I have seen Scientology cops and doctors look they other way while I was framed by my dad. I was kept up on the streets for 2 days. I went to the FBI but they blew me off and now I get a small monthly allowance from my father throu my Uncle John Travolta.

    No friends and no family either. Just chimp change will the church grows bigger and bigger and everyone looks the other way. yeah thanks America!

    There is a Sam Travolta on Facebook who is, obviously, gay. His Facebook album is full of photos of nude men & penis shots. If this is, indeed, John's nephew, would be curious why his (allegedly) closeted gay uncle wants to keep his distance.

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                  Noel Gallagher miffed at Katie Holmes

Noel Gallagher was left flabbergasted backstage at the Late Show With David Letterman earlier this week when actress Katie Holmes asked to be deleted from video footage the rocker's pal shot.

The former Oasis star was about to make his debut as a solo artist on Letterman's late-night show at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York when he had an unexpected request from a fellow guest on the show.

In a post on his blog, he writes, "We literally bumped into that top Scientologist Katie Holmes on the way into the studio. We came out of the lift (elevator) and BANG, there she was.

"Now at this point my mate, and friend of the stars, Scully was doing a bit of filming for my website and managed to capture the moment. She did look a bit miffed (annoyed) at the various North-West accents and some vigorous handshaking, but there was no need to send one of her people over to demand the video be deleted!!!! Un-f**kin'-believable."

But Gallagher's appearance on the programme wasn't all unpleasant - he got to meet heroes Steve Martin and ZZ Top star Billy Gibbons.

The rocker writes, "Our dressing room was next door to none other than the legendary comedian Steve Martin... He only stuck his head round the door to say hello! What an honour!!! We talked banjo and he had a bit of banter with the lads. Top, top man. Funny as f**k!! ..................

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          X Factor (Top 10) Stacy Francis eliminated!

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Kelly Preston Calls Kirstie Alley’s Scientology-Friendly Weight Loss System “Genius” – Could It Work?

Losing baby weight is tough, especially when you’re nearing 50. Kelly Preston recently (and publicly) struggled with it–but she had a little help from her friends. Namely, the Church of Scientology and a  weight-loss system  called Organic Liaison, co-created by fellow church member Kirstie Alley. Preston recently People that the controversial supplement, diet, and exercise plan helped her lose 39 pounds. Could the system actually work, or do birds of a religious feather just stick together?

In the interview with People, Preston, who had her own acting career but is mostly know now as John Travolta‘s wife, raves about the weight loss system, which combines and eating and exercise plan with supplemental “elixirs,” calling in “pretty much the most genius thing ever” and noting that it “boosts natural energy.” Preston credits Organic Liaison with helping her lose the weight from her last baby, whom she had when she was 48, in addition to stubborn weight she’d carried before the baby. Because Preston herself is also a member, the endorsement isn’t exactly rock-solid–but it does indicate that the diet is working for more than just Alley. ........

I wonder if losing a pound and then gaining it again 39 times really counts

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          Stacy Francis talks Tom Cruise, Astro’s meltdown, and Perez Hilton

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                                 Scientologist Juliette Simms on "The Voice"

    Juliet Simms is a second generation Scientologist. She is currently appearing on "The Voice" reality TV show. See here:

    Juliet's Mom, Natalie Simms, has been one of the Church's top fundraisers for the IAS and SuperPower Building for the past twenty years.

    Juliet's Dad, Jeff Simms, has earned his income by working with numerous WISE based companies since the mid 1980s.

    Millions of dollars have flowed through Natalie & Jeff to the Church with them receiving huge commissions for their registration efforts.

    Natalie & Jeff finance Juliet's career and have from the get go. They are intimately involved in all aspects of her career.

    I believe the family has close connections to Beck, Juliette Lewis and the Ribisi family.

    Natalie and Jeff's stated purpose for Juliet is for her to become a star and to use her fame to promote Scientology.

    Scientologists on reality shows: Coincidence or an organized effort?

    Kirstie Alley on "Dancing With the Stars"

    Grant Cordone on the "Turnaround King"

    Stacy Francis on the "X Factor"

    Juliet Simms on "The Voice"

Clearwater singer catches break on TV's 'The Voice'

By Jay Cridlin, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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                     Unconfirmed report

Cindi | February 24, 2012 at 3:17 am | Reply

Off topic — A blind item regarding a celebrity leaving Scientology (?) was just posted on CD&N, which is usually very reliable:

Escaping Your Church
This once upon a time almost B+ list female singer is now more famous for being famous. Hey, at least it keeps her wealthy. She is also known for being a devout member of this church. She recently left it though after she suffered a nervous breakdown and went on an alcohol binge that would make Arthur proud. She went to rehab and while in rehab began seeing a psychiatrist. Uh oh. She also left her church which is never a good thing. However, if you are wealthier it is easier to avoid them. They knock at her door every day and dig through her trash, but she just hires more and more security to keep them all away and stays locked inside her house. It’s a stand off. Oh, the tales she will be able to tell. But what about her kids? Her other relatives who are also in the church?

Some are speculating that it’s Lisa Marie Presley

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Uploaded by TheLipTV on Feb 23, 2012


Media Mayhem goes into the dark side of journalism this week with celebrity muckraker Mark Ebner. Having spent years digging in the dirt of the Church of Scientology, Mark comes to have a frank and rare discussion with Allison and Nick about the state of the media and finding the truth beyond the manicured Hollywood facade.

Mark goes into riveting detail about the Church of Scientology, as well as his own experiences as a true-crime investigator and occasional tabloid reporter. Mark is clearly an old-school journalist and he doesn't hold his tongue about any thing--least of all Hollywood.

From Tom Cruise, John Travolta and the real story behind Paris Hilton's hacked cell phone, to the current crop of celebrity mishaps and the tide of "citizen journalists", the world of fame and scandal is covered in full.


Mark Ebner is an investigative journalist who has covered celebrity and crime culture for such publications as Rolling Stone, Maxim, Details and Spy. Mark has investigated such controversial subjects as Scientology, dog fighting and the Ku Klux Klan. A published author, Mark co-wrote the New York Times bestseller "Hollywood, Interrupted" with Andrew Breitbart and Six Degrees of Paris Hilton.

Most recently he co-authored We Have Your Husband, a story about a kidnapping in Mexico. In addition to writing, he has served as a commentator on NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NPR, Court TV and E! Entertainment Television to name a few.

Mark was a consultant on the Emmy nominated episode of South Park's "Trapped in the Closet" and also consulted for NBC/Dateline on the Paris Hilton Tapes report. Ebner runs a blog at where he reports on breaking news from Hollywood.


00:03 Welcome to Media Mayhem
00:33 Introducing Mark Ebner
03:11 "What was it like when you first wrote about Scientology?"
05:38 Consulting with South Park on Scientology: "The secret is out!"
07:53 "What were the secrets you uncovered and what was the response?"
09:47 Tom Cruise and the celebrity advocates of Scientology: "Blood on their hands."
14:09 Legal harassment of journalists from Scientology.
15:54 The Huffington Post business model and "citizen journalists."
22:47 Understanding the media that the public consumes.
25:32 Thoughts on "Inside Scientology."
27:12 The insidious nature of Scientology auditing: "They're in, but how are they going to get out?"
30:21 "We Have Your Husband," and the true-crime story of a kidnapping in Mexico.
32:43 How journalists are co-opted by cartels in Mexico.
34:13 Using videos in the service of "stunt journalism."
35:29 Freelance journalism vs. being embedded in a publication.
37:14 Video of Mark talking about Paris Hilton.
38:56 How Mark got to the intrigue beyond Paris Hilton.
40:17 The virtues of tabloid journalists.
43:18 Harold Smith and Ronnie Chasen and journalist relationships with private investigators.
48:15 The Mayhem round.
50:06 Oscar rumours and Sacha Baron Cohen's latest (possible) stunt.
52:07 Mark presents a razzie for "Battlefield Earth," (including Clip)
54:41 Thoughts on exposing 911 calls.
59:07 The bottom line on tabloid journalism.
1:01:27 "In the future everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes."
1:05:37 Wrapping up with Mark.

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  Short clip from Mark Bukers upcoming movie "Knowledge report"

Ex ED of CC INT (Peter Schless` ex wife) interviewed about how Scientology targeted celebrities.

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          Elvis Presley's Granddaughter Riley Keough Engaged! Plus a Look at the Love Lives of the Presley Family

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                Kelly Preston, Lisa Marie Presley: Recruiting Demi Moore to Scientology?

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, March 16, 2012   

Will Demi Moore Become a Scientologist?

Kelly Preston and Lisa Marie Presley are reportedly trying to recruit Demi Moore to the dark side ... er... Scientology.

Following her stint in rehab, Preston and Presley have taken to helping their friend by trying to get her to become a Scientologist.

Well, that's if the National Enquirer is to be believed.

Moore, who is well known for sporting a Kabbalah string, may not be looking to convert anytime soon, though no doubt celeb Scientologists are a persuasive bunch.
Read: Kelly Preston Lost 39 Pounds on Scientology Diet

The Enquirer reports: "Lisa Marie Presley and Kelly Preston have vowed to save Demi Moore from relapsing into a life or alcohol and drugs -- by drawing her back into Scientology!"

First, let me interject that what Moore probably most needs is a solid support system, not a whack-a-do religious cult.

Say what you will about Scientology, but I don't think I'll ever be sold on the idea that it's a real religion.

The article quotes a source as saying, "Demi was truly touched that Kelly and Lisa Marie had her in their thoughts. Her number one priority is to get healthy, and she needs all the friends she can get right now."

The insider also maintains that Moore checked out Scientology when she first started on "General Hospital."

I guess it didn't stick.
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The insider shared that "Kelly called Demi while she was in rehab. After Demi was discharged, Kelly and Lisa Marie talked to her on a conference call. They didn't bring up Scientology per se, but they did tell Demi that she needed strong, supportive women in her life. Demi was into it, and a girl's-only lunch is in the works.

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                                       John Travolta Addicted to Hookers?
March 17, 2012

Oh my! John Travolta is involved with a hooker? The National Enquirer says it is true (remember they broke news of Michael Jackson's death) so it has to have some credence, right? Not so fast!

With a story that is sure to make even the Church of Scientology cringe, John Travolta ended up on the cover of the Enquirer. The rag claimed that Travolta was paying prostitutes for casual sexual acts. The article goes on to say that his wife and kids are ready to leave the actor 'forever' because of his sex addiction.

Of course, 'shocking, tell-all' stories are nothing new for the tabloid. The timing of a John Travolta scandal seems to be out of the blue, though. Perhaps they are trying to distance themselves from the Whitney Houston casket photos that they published by creating a smoke screen using Travolta.

Still, these stories, plus the ones about alien sightings, have to be taken with a grain of salt when they come via the Enquirer. Nothing says 'desperate to sell newspapers' like a good prostitution rumor, true or not.

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                                              The List
                                     Powerful Scientologists

Click the button on each photo to see the next...!

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                      Kirstie's Alley's company in Clearwater may want to sell you life insurance

By Drew Harwell, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Saturday, March 24, 2012

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John Travolta and Kirstie Alley struggle to hold his family together after gay prostitute scandal

    The National Enquirer reports:  After The ENQUIRER’s recent bombshell disclosure that Travolta, 58, was caught in a gay sex scandal, the twice-divorced sitcom legend rushed to the rescue.

    Kirstie begged her BFF Kelly not to do anything hasty – and she also demanded that John clean up his act.

    “After the scandal broke, Kirstie dropped everything and assumed the role of the Travoltas’ marriage counsel­or,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

    The burly massage therapist – who passed a lie-detector test – said the ac­tor had answered his Craigslist ad and hired him for a $200-an-hour mas­sage. The encounter reportedly turned ugly when Travolta began touching the man, who rebuffed his sexual ad­vances.

    The actor then allegedly suggested a three-way romp that would include a sexy female “model-type.”

    The massage therapist threatened to call the police, and Travolta fi­nally backed off. But he insulted and belittled the masseur before paying him $800 for his time.

    “Kelly was furious with John af­ter yet another cheating story made headlines,” said the source. “When she demanded an explanation, he at­tempted some lame excuse. But this time Kelly told him it was the last straw and that she was leaving.”

    Broken-hearted Kelly turned to her close friend and fellow Sci­entologist Kirstie for a shoulder to cry on – and the 61-year-old sitcom queen has been doing all she can to patch their marriage back together.

    “Kirstie managed to calm Kelly down,” revealed the source. “She begged her not to make any hasty de­cisions because of their two children. “Kirstie told her pal, ‘Even with all his faults, John’s a good man, a good father and he loves you with all his heart.’

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    Re: Lisa Marie Presley

Mat Pesch provided some information that sounded very familiar....

    My brother (a Scientologist) worked for Lisa for 7 years as the body guard for her and her family. He loved them very much and loved his job, with one exception: He was routinely pulled into the "church" and put on the e-meter and made to disclose the details of Lisa's life and those of her acquaintances. He felt he was being forced to betray a friend.

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Kirstie Alley Defends David Miscavige
Posted on April 16, 2012 by martyrathbun09 | 2 Comments


I have appended below excerpts of a verified transcript of an interview by the BBC’s John Sweeny with corporate Scientology celebrity Kirstie Alley. The interview was ordered and orchastrated by David Miscavige.  It was conducted on 21 March 2007 at church of Scientology Celebrity Center International in Hollywood Caliornia. I think this interview demonstrates a couple things that Scientologists ought to know about David Miscavige and his management of Scientology Inc.

First, the interview shows how celebrities are used to cover up the serial crimes of David Miscavige himself.  As we all know by now, the premise of the initial questions by Sweeny about the penalties for daring to harbor a thought contrary to Miscavige’s views is based on well-established fact.

Kirstie does a yoeman’s job of pretending those facts do not exist and diverting the conversation by positioning Sweeny’s question as akin to asking about alien sightings.

Which leads us to the second point of interest.  Kirstie by raising the specter of “aliens” sends Sweeny right down the Scientology space opera rabbit hole.  So much for Miscavige’s religious persecution complex.

Kirstie even resorts to claiming that as of the year 2007 she does not access the Internet in order to feign no knowledge of the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force, Miscavige gulag).  Even if true, what does that say about a prominent member of the church of Scientology?  Medieval mentality?  Controlled to the point of being shielded from the outside world?  Just plain dishonest?

Kirstie did an admirable job of defending her religion against a lot of loaded questions.

However misled she may pretend to be though, the facts remain:

a)      Miscavige is a liar and a coward having people like Kirstie thrown out as canon fodder to cover his crimes.

b)      Kirstie is in fact last on record singing Miscavige’s praises, denying his documented crimes, and thus helping to perpetuate them.

KA = Kirstie Alley

JS = John Sweeny BBC


JS: People who have been in Scientology say that there are effectively dungeons of the mind.  Places where people who have annoyed the management, David Miscavige, end up in the desert.

KA: People say there are Martians.   Look, I am the tabloid queen.

JS: That’s wholly untrue?

KA: That is–That there are no Martians?

JS: That Scientology has got a punishment, it’s got punishment camps where people go—

KA: Listen, but John, I can’t take you seriously.  I can’t take you seriously.

JS:  –And live miserable lives.  That’s just not true.  You’ve never heard that?

KA: To my knowledge it’s not true, but I can’t take you seriously.  It’s like me asking you, when was the last time you saw a Martian?  Because I know some people in Oklahoma who totally see Martians in their backyard.  And there are those people.

JS: Okay, well let’s talk about that.

KA: But not all Okies.   I’m from Kansas.  Oklahoma’s good.  They don’t all believe in Martians.

JS: Let’s talk about aliens.

KA: Let’s talk about aliens.

(not surprisingly followed by questions about OT III)


JS: Why–Hold on a second.  As the public face of Scientology—

KA: Am I the public face of Scientology?

JS: You are not the leader of Scientology.  As the leader of Scientology, why hasn’t Miscavige given an interview and answered these questions? What’s he afraid of?

KA If I were Mr. Miscavige, I would never sit down and do an interview with you. I love the BBC.  I love the BBC with all my heart.  Probably the best programs in the world.  I am a comedian.  I am an actress.  The best comedies in the world are on the BBC.

JS: Fine.

KA: I love your network.  But if I were Mr. Miscavige I would not sit with you because you clearly—

JS: I’d ask him a question about does he go around thumping people.

KA: And I think that that’s probably why he wouldn’t do an interview with you.  Just like I wouldn’t ask you if you’re still molesting children.

JS: … any other journalist since 1991.

KA: Pardon?

JS: He hasn’t given an interview to anyone, to a TV journalist, since 1991.

KA: Why would he?  My question is, why would he?

JS: He’s the leader of an organization—

KA: So.

JA: –that claims it’s a church.  Other people say, who have been inside it, that it’s a sinister, mind-warping, brainwashing cult.


JS: Terrific.  So why can’t Miscavige.  Why am I talking to an actress who is a loyal Scientologist?  Why can’t we talk to the leader of the Church?  Why can’t we talk to Tom Cruise?  He’s the biggest—

TD : I already told you why.

JS: Look, I can only interview one person at a time.

KA: He has nothing to do—Look, I’d like to answer this.  I’d like to answer this.

JS: Okay. Yes.  Why is that man scared of something like the BBC?

KA: Well see, you’re putting that in there, which isn’t true. Every week I get about 250 requests for interviews.  Now, I don’t particularly like doing interviews.

JS: Well you’re doing this one.

KA: So I turn down about 249 of those interviews.  Okay.  So I can’t imagine how many interview requests he gets.  But for whatever reason, he’s decided to turn them down.  I did this one because look, it is not my job to run around the world and defend Scientology.  But I happen to know the kind of piece you’re doing.   And I happen to respect the BBC.  And I happen to love Britain.  You know, my shows have been huge in Britain.  I’m getting ready to do a show that was beloved in Britain called the Vicar of Dibley, the American version.   I admire your actors and your artists, and I admire so much and I wonder why, why would you think someone would participate in something that is—talk about immoral and talk about creepy. This is creepy.

JS: Okay.  What is RPF?

KA: I don’t know.

JS: Don’t you?

KA: No I don’t.

JS: Have you never heard of it?

KA: No I haven’t heard of it.

JS: Do you use the Internet?

KA: No I don’t.

JS: Why not?

KA: Because I’m a bit stupid on the Internet. I’m a little bit in the 1940s. I like the phone. I can’t do the Internet.  I don’t know.

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                            Kelly Preston on Breastfeeding: 'I Love the Closeness'

No photos

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                    John Travolta and Silvia Kusada: a straight talk

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                        Comprehensive list of celebrities in the cult

Celebrities in order by birth year, with descriptions of CoS family + business relationships. Friendships in this group often are linked to nearness in age. The list is mostly Los Angeles actors, designers, and artists. The list was developed by building from known events and Scientologists, and testing other names in articles for having known projects on, say Imdb, and for being CoS participants in courses and/or events. They may or may not be close to family members, and may or may not be committed Scientologists. Comments are very welcome, especially about notable Scientologist musicians, if any, that I have missed.

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    New reality TV show starts screening in Australia


Speaking of vapid and self-obsessed, there is another place in the US where such creatures gather. It's a Hollywood housing complex called Oakwood, where parents of wannabe child stars bring their families each year for "pilot season", a three-month casting window when children act, dance and sing their way to fame - or not.

Not surprisingly, the story is littered with financial ruin, broken marriages and emotional breakdowns. All of which makes it fascinating to watch. Some of the youngsters do make the "miracle" happen and land a speaking role on TV. Others aren't so lucky. Either way, it's disturbing to watch as agents scam parents, kids learn to cry on cue and one mother joins Scientology as a strategy to get closer to Hollywood stars.

Read more:

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            Kelly Preston lost 39 pounds with BFF Kirstie Alley's Scientology-endorsed diet

When Kirstie Alley's best friend Kelly Preston lost 30 pounds, Kelly was quick to credit Kirstie's Organic Liaison weight loss program and an organic supplement system called Rescue Me that's featured on the Organic Liaison site. Kelly, who is a spokeswoman for the weight loss plan, described Rescue Me to People magazine as "pretty much the most genius thing ever." However, now some reports call the program a "front" for Scientology, noting that the diet is "Scientology-endorsed," according to Limelight.

The diet, which Kirstie says helped her lose 100 pounds, involves supplements, vitamins, and a membership program that provides online support. But the program overcharges for its vitamin supplements, after which the purchasers are "indoctrinated into the (Scientology) cult," claims Limelight.

What's the connection with Scientology? It's well-known that both Kelly and Kirstie, as well as Kelly's husband John Travolta, are Scientologists. And Kelly credits Scientology with helping her recover from the tragic lost of her son. "In Scientology, we have what's called 'auditing,' and that helps you to address things in your life and to strip them away and work through them," Kelly said, reported Us Weekly on May 14. "It's a path of spiritual enlightenment. Also, it helps rid the mind of painful experience completely. Through that, the people at my church literally held my hand and got me through. I will forever be indebted. You never forget, but I feel like the weight of the world was lifted."

However, neither Kelly nor Kirstie has given any public indication that the Organic Liason diet plan is linked to Scientology.

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           Danny Masterson on His New Show Men at Work, Justin Bieber, and Disliking Paul Haggis

Played they hippie guy in "that 70`s show."

Do you ever read what people write about Scientology? Someone recently sent me that New Yorker story about Paul Haggis from last year.
I met Paul twice. He was never nice to me. I’d heard about the story from other people, but I was never impressed with his vibe in the first place. So whether he used to study Scientology and has now decided not to, it’s like, “Who cares?” Plenty of people are raised Catholic and then aren’t Catholic anymore, like any religion.

People are interested, I guess.

It’s weird. I guess people want us to entertain and not give our opinion, but we can’t stop ourselves because we do interviews where people ask for our opinions. I generally will answer any question about anything. I’m not like, “Don’t ask about my penis!” In terms of Paul, I don’t know him, I didn’t like meeting him the times I met him, then I heard he shit all over something I know is fucking awesome. How can you get mad at somebody for wanting to study something they enjoy?...

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                             Scientology's "Celebrity" Magazine Will Make Me Famous

Plenty to see here...

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                        Lisa Marie Presley Signals A Break With Scientology

Two pages of FORBES Magazine. Covers other scio related celebs as well.

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                           Scientology Celebrates Carnaval In The Mission


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                                   Did mad Manson order murder in London hotel?

Seized tapes could solve 9 more killings

 ..........Scientologist DOREEN GAUL, 19, was stabbed to death in LA in November 1969 along with 15-year-old JAMES SHARP. Doreen’s family have always suspected Manson may be responsible and both cases remain unsolved. A relative of Doreen’s, who asked not to be named, said: “It is thought Manson may be responsible for many more murders and Doreen knew two members of the ‘family’. We would love to know who killed Doreen, to sit across from whoever is guilty and ask them why they did it. .......

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                          A humble message to the celebrities of scientology

First, let me start by saying that I find religions fascinating. I believe that there are many paths to the top of the mountain and that our spiritual diversity is part of what makes us unique and beautiful. That said, this video may be offensive to those who are afraid of the message. I feel compelled to say it, because it is important to speak out and do something when others are suffering so.
I have been an observer of the Anon vs. Scientology protests since the beginning. I find it fascinating to see how the Church of Scientology has it's finger pointing at Anonymous calling them terrorists and criminals and biggots, while they have 3 fingers pointing right back at themselves. I find it inspiring that Anonymous has accomplished so much and helped free so many through non-violent means. History has shown that Non-violence can achieve it's goal exponentially faster than war and violence.
Every religion has corruption, greed, abuses of power and ego to some extent, but when you remove those man made concepts, there is God (or some Deity that is worshiped) and there are prayers, ceremonies, rituals and songs that bring one closer to that Deity. What is there in scientology if you remove those corrupt concepts and abuses of power?

You can stir a sleeping person once and they will wake up with little effort, but you can shake a person who is pretending to sleep a thousand times and they won't budge. The celebrities of scientology need to wake up and/or speak up before more of the public learns about these abuses and mistakes their silence with compliance.

This message comes from a place of love and compassion.

May all beings in all the world be happy and peaceful!

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                         Birmingham band manager lifts the lid on his life with jazz stars

Article about Chic Corea, Isaac Hayes, Elizabeth Moss... and others. For anyone interested.

            Showbiz: Ron Moss reveals how the boy from Shirley ended up managing Clint Eastwood's son, Kyle.

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                Lindsay Lohan Joins Scientology After Recent Health Scare?

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly turned to the church of Scientology just hours after being found unconscious in her Los Angeles, Calif. hotel room.


    Troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious at a Los Angeles ...

The troubled actress was spotted visiting the Scientology Centre in Hollywood on Friday night, the same day that paramedics were called to her Ritz-Carlton hotel room. New reports suggest that her assistant, Gavin Doyle, recently helped spark Lohan's interest in the cult, according to X17Online.

"Lindsay is obsessing over the Scientology Centre where she's filming. Now she wants to move in. Gavin, apparently, sparked a huge interest in her and they want to join together," a source told X17.

Despite Lohan's controversial history involving drugs and alcohol, a representative for 25-year-old denied that she was under the influence of anything when she passed out on Friday morning and maintains that her "grueling schedule" working on the set of "Liz & Dick" is to blame.

"Lindsay has been working a grueling schedule for the last couple of days," Lohan's rep Steve Honig told E! News.

"Last night she worked from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. She was exhausted and went back to her room to sleep. Producers were apparently concerned and called the fire department and paramedics found her sleeping but determined that she was fine, just extremely exhausted and slightly dehydrated," Honig added.

Follow us

Lohan, 25, was found unresponsive by "Liz & Dick" production staff and although paramedics were called, the actress eventually awoke and laughed off the incident on Twitter.

"Note to self.. After working 85 hours in 4 days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion & 7 paramedics MIGHT show up @ your door... Hopefully they're cute. Otherwise it would be a real let down," Lohan tweeted.

Michael Lohan, Lohan's father, recently urged his daughter to embrace God following her on-going legal woes stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest.

Lohan, who has previously been jailed over the offense, recently completed her court-ordered probation which Michael applauded.

"It appears that she is on the right path, and if she gets on the right path with God, he will hold the final gavel for her," Michael told

"People can make things right with a judge but that doesn't mean they can make it right with God," her father explained......

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                    NAKED SCIENTOLOGY - THE 1960s

   William Burroughs.

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             That's Just Crazy! Angelina Jolie's 'Cousin' Seeks TRO Against Brad Pitt & John Travolta

As far as outlandish lawsuits go, this one is right up there with the best!

A man, claiming to be Angelina Jolie's cousin, attempted to get a temporary restraining order against Brad Pitt, John Travolta, and the Church of Scientology because, Jonathan Jolie claims, the two actors beat him after the Pope sent him to Florida to stop Pitt from becoming a Scientologist.

EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie's Supposed Cousin Files For TRO Against Brad Pitt

The federal court docs state: "Jonathan Jolie was at the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida on 6/1/12 and was physically assaulted by Brad Pitt & John Travolta...I live in the Vatican City and was sent directly from Pope Benedict to spy and stop Brad Pitt from joining the Scientologists in Clearwater headed by John Travolta, and I take it personal because if Brad Pitt becomes a Scientologist, he will brainwash his Scientology beliefs on my cousin Angelina Jolie which means the Jolie seeds will be infected and our bloodline ruined as I am also albino by birth and marksman at night and Pope Benedict called me into his secret chamber and told me Brad Pitt must be stopped immediately."

Jonathan contends that Travolta and Pitt "were holding hands and in disguise as the 80's sitcom Perfect Strangers were...and I shouted out 'halt…. you do not disobey Lord Pope Benedict' and Brad begged me not to tell Angelina because this conversion she did not know, it was to be kept a hidden secret, and Angelina Jolie also was not aware of Brad Pitt and John Travolta's affair with each other and I had a sword in my car, and body armour and put it on, and I told Brad Pitt I will fight to the death and you will not enter the Scientology building."

According to the documents, Jonathan claims Travolta and Pitt then hog tied him and dumped him in the Gulf of Mexico and he got bitten by a fish.

PHOTOS: Take A Peek Inside The Amazing New Scientology Training Center

Jonathan says he fears for his safety and is currently hiding out at the Italian Embassy in New York City.

Shockingly, the restraining order wasn't granted, and the case was officially closed on June 19, 2012.

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                          Just Married! Giovanni Ribisi Secretly Weds Supermodel Agyness Deyn

It’s definitely a surprise wedding when most people don’t even know that you are dating!

Giovanni Ribisi is a married man after tying the knot last weekend to supermodel Agyness Deyn in Los Angeles, the actor’s rep confirmed on Thursday – and has the details about the whirlwind romance.

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Most Married Stars

The Crown City News was the first publication to report the union, after randomly spotting the couple in line at the Los Angeles County Registrar on Friday afternoon.

“He was passionately kissing a young blond-haired woman with an English accent,” the onlooker said about the 37-year-old actor and his 29-year-old bride.

PHOTOS: Stars Who've Married Co-Stars

“They must have kissed passionately at least three times in line, not seeming to care who was watching.”

Ribisi, a Scientologist, dished that he was getting married and when asked how long the two had been together “they looked at each other and kind of smiled, and he vaguely said, ‘A while.’”

PHOTOS: Couples We’d Like To See!

The actor, who has starred in such movies as Gone in 60 Seconds, Avatar and Saving Private Ryan, recently plunked down $1.4 million on a swanky artist studio in Atwater Village.

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                                     What the gossip mags say


All three New Zealand woman's mags are this week running the same pictures of Kate's "private world", as it is headed in the Woman's Weekly. Both New Idea and Woman's Day angled in on the fact Kate was spending some time looking after two-year-old royal Savannah Phillips and therefore must be feeling "clucky".

The battle of the Kates raged on the cover of New Idea, as a reflective-looking Katie Holmes struggles to cope with the "pressures of being the perfect scientology wife".

New Idea says the "tired and drawn" looking Holmes has been feeling insecure about husband Tom Cruise's steamy photo shoot with an Australian Model to promote his latest film Rock of Ages.

"Once fresh-faced and stylish, Katie's recent outings reveal her with little make-up, premature greying hair and dark circles under her eyes," New Idea laments. Ouch.

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                                          Stars Who Left Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                     From Tom Cruise to John Travolta: 16 Notable Celebrity Scientologists (PHOTOS)

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                           10 Celebrities You May Not Know Are Scientologists

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                                              13 Celebrity Scientology Drop Outs

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                 'Scientology broke my heart': Jason Lee's ex reveals Church's sex questions`

    July 18, 2012 - 7:31AM

Jason Lee's ex-wife has accused Church of Scientology officials of wrecking her marriage to the My Name Is Earl actor - because she refused to give them intimate details about her sex life.

The Church hit the headlines recently after high-profile member Tom Cruise's wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce last month, amid reports Scientology was partly to blame for her decision.

    If a question comes up or a thought comes up that has to do with your husband or an intimate sexual detail, you are required to say it.

Last week, former counsellor Marty Rathbun, who claimed to have worked with Cruise during his divorce from Nicole Kidman, revealed secrets about how the children of members are "indoctrinated" to turn them against non-Church members.

However, officials and Cruise's lawyer Bert Fields dismissed his remarks as the "false" allegations made by an "ex-communicated self-promoter".

However, now the Church is in the spotlight again thanks to new revelations from Lee's ex-wife, actress and photographer Carmen Llywelyn, who is a former Scientologist.

She tells US news show Access Hollywood, "Scientology broke my heart... worse almost than Jason did."

Llywelyn wed Lee, a Scientologist, in 1995 and quickly found herself part of the Church, but she claims her reluctance to get more involved with her husband's faith led to their split.

She explains she struggled with the Church's much talked-about "auditing" process, which she claims was too invasive.

The actress explains: "When you get married and you have that dynamic of family and children there is that entity, that other extra part, that is involved in so much of the intimate details that at this point in my life I couldn't imagine being a mature woman... and actually allow it, literally, into my bedroom. The Church goes into your bedroom.

"When you're in session and you're going through the auditing process, if a question comes up or a thought comes up that has to do with your husband or an intimate sexual detail, you are required to say it... I don't want to get too gross, but (it would) have to do with sexual positions."

Llywelyn also admits she was not surprised to hear Cruise and Holmes had split.

"I knew it was gonna happen. You could tell that she had a plan and that was going to be her saving grace and by her just putting it all out there, I think (it) made it very difficult for them (Scientology officials) to attack her."

Read more:

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                Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard Offered Rewards For Celebrity Recruits In 1955

                          Plenty of celebrities practice Scientology today

 However, when the religion first started out, Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard had a few suggestions of his own for top recruits. 

Filed under the name "Project Celebrity," Hubbard announced a celebrity wish list to help spread word of his religion saying there are "many to whom America and the world listens."

Published in the archives, the list appeared in an early 1955 "Ability" newsletter, a bulletin sent out to Scientology members. "Project Celebrity" contained 63 well-known celebrities comprised of athletes, actors, artists, writers, and singers from the '50s.

Hubbard requested current followers to claim one celebrity, whom he referred to as "quarry," and bring them in for a formal auditing session in which the celebrity would be told the benefits of Scientology and be made "much more effective."

The note also says Project Celebrity was just one action of more to come. The announcement came complete with a plan of how to enlist "quarry" into the religion:

"These Celebrities are well guarded, well barricaded, over-worked, aloof quarry ...

If you want one of these celebrities as your game, write us at once so the notable will be yours to hunt without interference."

If you were successful in converting a celebrity you'd even receive a token of thanks for your efforts.

"If you bring one of them home you will get a small plaque as your reward."

Read the entire announcement of Project Celebrity below:

Read more:

Read more:

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                     Can scientologist Tom Cruise recruit cult comedian Russell Brand?

By Katie Nicholl

PUBLISHED: 00:31 GMT, 22 July 2012

Read more:

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                          Scientology: Don’t Let Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s Membership Fool You

Dr. Steven Frye

Google “SCIENTOLOGY RELATED SUICIDES and MURDERS” and you will find many articles on the dangers of this anti-psychiatry, anti-medication cult.

Modern psychiatry has truly miraculous, remarkably safe, life-saving medications and therapies to assist patients with all kinds of mental disorders, especially depression and suicidal thinking. Yet Tom Cruise and John Travolta constantly shove their dangerous propaganda on us.

Scientology’s own very stressful and toxic training further aggravates this by the “number of individuals [who] go crazy when exposed to the Hubbard Tech even absent malicious intent on the part of the persons applying the Tech. For example, [Andre Tabayoyon] saw John Colletto get psychotic after he was exposed to the OT III level (Operating the tan level III) materials. He got a pistol. In my presence, he shot his wife in the head. She died instantly. Then John ran a short distance before turning the pistol on himself and committing suicide. Moreover, John Travolta’s auditor told me of two occasions … John Travolta went into deep depression after auditing and therefore suffered a psychotic break.”

“I personally observed a number of other Scientologists go crazy and commit suicide as a result of the auditing processes…The results of Scientology’s hatred of medicine and psychiatry has lead to numerous deaths. The second half of this list describes five of those deaths.”
(Ref:An extract from an affidavit by Andre Tabayoyon)

Even without the trauma of this “training,” depression is a very common disorder in which suicidal ideas often occur. How many others that could have been treated and very easily saved have died unnecessarily because of this dangerous cult?

Regarding John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s son, “Jett had been having seizures on an average of every four days, until he started taking Depakote… the drug initially worked, reducing the frequency to approximately once every three weeks…Jett took Depokate for ‘several years,’ but it eventually lost its effectiveness, according to Ossi and McDermott.” They say “it began to cause serious physical damage” including “damage to Jett’s liver. And Jett went back to having at least one seizure every four days. So Travolta and Preston, after consulting neurosurgeons, stopped administering the drug.” (Ref:TMZ, Huffington Post, Access Hollywood, Us, People: 02/02/09, Updated: 05/25/11)

Incredible!!! Neurologists are usually the specialists that treat seizure disorders, unless they are intractable in which case neurosurgery can be very effective. But seizures are brain disorders and we know how Scientologists reject treatment of brain disorders. When Jett allegedly died from a seizure, how come no one challenged them as to why he was not on seizure medications? How come there was no indication of any blood levels of seizure meds on his autopsy?

With proper treatment it’s very likely that Jett Travolta would still be alive. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not allowed to let their children die for their religious beliefs. Why are Scientology celebrities allowed to let their children die without treatment when other citizens are not?

Scientology is believed to have played a strong role in the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce. She moved to New York where Scientology does not have the support it has in LA and after only a couple of weeks the divorce was finalized. The Scientologists certainly did not want a public divorce settlement hearing so everyone could learn the truth.

After Katie had their daughter, did she really want her to be raised with the potentially appalling beliefs of the Scientologists? Obviously not, as she just rejoined the Catholic Church about a week after her divorce was finalized and registered Suri in a Catholic School.

So Scientology is a very dangerous cult that can have a devastating effect on our relationships, especially marriage and family, our health and even our lives.
Citizen beware!

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Kirstie Alley
Sued For Allegedly Lying
About Dumping Weight

Kirstie Alley is being sued for allegedly lying about how she dumped 100 lbs.

The suit, obtained by TMZ, was filed by a California woman who claims Organic Liaison -- the weight loss product Kirstie hocks online and on QVC -- is not the reason Kirstie dramatically slimmed down.

Plaintiff Marina Abramyan -- who used the product and filed the class action lawsuit -- alleges Kirstie shed the lbs by dancing her ass off on "Dancing with the Stars" and eating an extremely low-calorie diet.

As for Organic Liaison, Abramyan says it's bogus -- just a bunch of calcium and fiber which is not a proven weight-loss product.

Abramyan is suing for unspecified damages.

We contacted Kirstie's rep. So far, no comment.

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                                 ROBERT Pattinson is being courted by Scientology!

Sources say the the organization is keen to have a new top celeb after Tom Cruise‘s divorce from Katie Holmes caused major embarrassment for the controversial religion.

Insiders believe that Kirstie Alley, a neighbor and friend of the Twilight star, is spearheading the efforts to lure him into the fold, after an SUV registered to the Cheers star was spotted leaving his property.

When it left at 4:30 p.m., the vehicle went directly to Scientology’s Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

“My first thought was that it was really unusual,” the eyewitness noted. “I didn’t get a good look at the driver except that I noticed that the person had a lot of hair – so it was probably female.

“The church of Scientology would love to have Rob in the fold. He’s the ideal candidate for Scientology.

“The church believes that everyone has a situation they can help them with, and they prey on people in their weak moments.

“Since he’s going through a bad breakup, it would be perfect timing for them to step in and ‘help.’ And, if Kirstie’s a friend and neighbor, he might listen to her.

“He’s young, he’s talented and he’s got a lot of money.

“Rob’s like a young Tom Cruise. He would appeal to younger people in a way that older celebrities, such as Cruise and John Travolta, might not.”

                   Kristen Stewart affair: Is Robert Pattinson's despair prime Scientology 'prey?'

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                    7 Black Celebrities Who Suprisingly Practice or Dabbled In Scientology
August 3rd, 2012

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                                            'Phenomenon': Or, How to Make Use of Good Manure

By Sabadino Parker 6 August 2012

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a meager mortal humanoid named John Travolta was renowned for his abilities to sing, dance, and act for the entertainment of the masses, who—while sometimes critical of his work—still applauded his talents as well earned and for which he worked hard.

Unfortunately, since then, Travolta—along with an equally acclaimed peer, actor Tom Cruise—became more famous for a bizarre attraction to a somewhat small but disproportionally influential cult of secretive people who adhered to an exceedingly strange philosophy, which dubbed itself “Scientology”, based on the pseudo-metaphysical writings of late science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.  Sometime before being dismissed as out of his gourd, Travolta made a film more than suggestive of his growing attraction to the marriage of the worlds of spiritualism and science fiction, an unsubtlely allegorical piece with the overt misnomer of Phenomenon.

Originally released in 1996, coinciding with the rise of the television phenomenon known as The X-Files and the optimistic first presidential term of Bill Clinton, Phenomenon tells the story of how a simple, small-town, animal-loving mechanic (who just so happens to do a little carpentry on the side) named George Malley (Travolta) becomes a superhuman, miracle-working, savior-like being after observing an unidentifiable flashing occurrence in the heavens minutes before the midnight ending of his 37th birthday. Thinly veiled as a metaphor for the New Testament travails of the Western world’s most controversial figure, Jesus Christ, George’s story does not try very hard to mask the notion that godlike potential lies within the heart of every person ... that is, if only he or she is so fortunate as to be bestowed that gift from the benevolent light shows of similar UFOs throughout the world.

Shortly after witnessing his own heavenly birthday present, George begins to stun his friends and neighbors with his growing mental capabilities, just as Christ tried to prove his credo with an array of munificent miracles.  For example, George demonstrates his potential to solve almost all the world’s problems by revealing to his best friend, the transparently named Nate Pope (Forest Whitaker), novel inventions such as an organic fertilizer that yields an exponentially increased amount of fruit and vegetation, automotive engines running on garbage and manure that achieve over 90 mpg, and solar-powered cells based on photosynthesis thousands of times more efficient than those currently patented, thereby saving humanity from all its hunger, energy, and environmental troubles.

When he proves to the skeptically minded Doc (Robert Duvall) his telekinetic abilities and finds a missing sick child through telepathy, George is not merely depicted as akin to the Christian Savior, he’s actually better:  After all, Christ simply put out a few profound parables; George is a superman of action—just like Scientology promotes.

It’s not too hard to see all the comparisons and contrasts between George’s greatness and Christ’s, just like one could see how love interest Lace Pennamin (Kyra Sedwick) could be aligned with concept of Mary Magdelene’s being Christ’s mortal wife, particularly when she washes George’s hair (just as Magdelene washed Jesus’ feet).  Phenomenon‘s attempt to promote the underlying theories of Scientology as patently more applicable and understandable than those of pretty much any other worldview, suggests John Travolta may not necessarily see himself as its most messianic figure, but as one more akin to the role John the Baptist plays in the Christian Bible: he is preparing the way for some great revelation by laying the groundwork for the general masses to be able to consume all Mr. Hubbard had to say regarding how the planet Earth operates.

After all, one must keep in mind Travolta was particularly spiritually minded during this period, in which his father died in May 1995, making Phenomenon in between releasing Michael (playing the role of Archangel Michael) and Orientation: A Scientology Information Film. Although Scientology has only become a majorly controversial subject in popular culture over the past decade or two (especially following the death of Travolta’s autistic son Jett from a seizure in January 2009), Travolta has claimed membership to the self-proclaimed church since his first rise to stardom in 1975. Thus, reading this film in such a context cannot be said to be all that beyond comprehension.

Whether Scientology may be considered a reasonable religion or lunatic-fringe cult remains neither here nor there—in either instance Phenomenon is a remarkably mediocre film, hardly a footnote in Travolta’s and its stellar cast’s lengthy careers. Its rerelease by Disney in Blu-ray format on 3 July 2012 (commemorating its sweet 16) seems to be nothing more than rote, with its only extras being the same as with Disney’s 2004 DVD: the film’s theatrical trailer, which is in standard definition (both letterboxed and windowboxed) and subtitles in English, French, and Spanish.  And while the soundtrack, supervised by Robbie Robertson, seamlessly interweaves Thomas Newman’s score with such songs as Sheryl Crow’s “Every Day Is a Winding Road” and Eric Clapton’s “Change the World”, its crystal clear rendering on a 50 GB BR disc doesn’t bring any more life to the film, with color tones so earthy one feels this sleeper’s been dug from out of a grave.

Unless one just happens to be a fanatic of one of the cast members (or the Blu-Ray format), there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to run out to buy Phenomenon, which is sad, considering the star power behind the film. There’s nothing extraordinary about this movie, nothing so phenomenal as the great godlike George. Yet, of course, a sentimental movie this big in scope can overlook so small a loose end such as what ultimately becomes of George’s beloved bloodhound Attila. Poor dog ... poor god, as well.

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                                              Meet Tom Cruise's First Church of Scientology Wife
August 07, 2012 08:55 PM EDT

Tom Cruise fans don't typically know all that much about his first wife, Church of Scientology member Mimi Rogers. They'll be able to see her soon, however, in her role as Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones's neighbor in the upcoming film Hope Springs.

According to a report from Yahoo, Mimi Rogers walked the red carpet at a Hope Springs promo recently, and she dished on her former husband and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Mimi Rogers

"I wish them both the best. There's not much else to say. I really do, though. I wish them the best," she said.

Mimi Rogers is seven years Cruise's senior, and the two were married for less than three years. Wouldn't it be interesting to learn the role the Church of Scientology played in their lives as a couple? Wasn't it at Mimi's urging that Tom first looked into becoming a Scientologist? Profile Picture

It's kind of interesting how, following their split, Tom went on to marry two more actresses—each more popular in the celebrity world than Mimi Rogers ever was. Was this part of Tom's way of proving himself in the eyes of both the film world and the Church of Scientology?

You can check out a photo of Cruise's first wife, Mimi Rogers (many of his fans don't even know what she looks like!), by clicking on the Yahoo! link above.

Does she even look like Tom Cruise's type?

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                Look Who's Talking To Perez! Kirstie Alley Denies Trying To Lure R-Patz Into Scientology!

Looks like Robert Pattinson is safe from the clutches of Xenu for now!

Or at least Kirstie Alley, anyway!

Although reports have circulated that the actress, who is a well-known Scientologist, has been spearheading a campaign to get the recently heartbroken actor to join the religion to make it more appealing to the younger generation, it's apparently NOT true it all!

And how do we know?

Because Kirstie has reached out to PERSONALLY to confirm that not only has she never met Pattinson, she hasn't even been in El Lay in eight months!

Phew! We're very glad to hear it … for no other reason than Rob has been through a lot these last few weeks and he really needs some alone time right now.

Relax and reflect right now, R-Patz. You earned it.

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                              Abandoned In The Name Of Scientology: Mimi Opens Up About Her Mom
August 9th, 2012

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                                 Kirstie Alley Defends Tom Cruise & Scientology


Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                            Kirstie Alley Defends Tom Cruise – Puts Down Katie Holmes By Implication

Scientologist and ‘Size 4’ crazy Kirstie Alley has been in New York for Fashion Week – because we all know Alley can fit in those designer threads. While there, Alley gave a interview with Entertainment Tonight and thought it would be a good idea to stir up the pot and talk about Vanity Fair’s article on the allegations of her cult religion, Scientology, and of course, Tom Cruise.

“I think whenever you have articles written that are third and fourth parties opinions – it’s like the game Gossip and you don’t get the truth – I think that a magazine of that caliber should have interviewed him, and then they would get the truth.” Really? Getting the truth out of Tom Cruise is like pulling teeth. I’m sure no one will ever know the inner workings of that man’s twisted psyche. But regardless Alley didn’t stop at that and continued with this “I think that probably all religions sound bizarre to the people who are not the practitioners of them…to me it’s so normal, and probably 90% of the crazy stuff I hear isn’t true.”

Photo and rest of article...

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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Tom Cruise’s Divorce and John Travolta’s Sex Scandal Inspire Celebrities To Leave Scientology

Scientology has been the buzz-word for celebrities with a penchant for insanity, for several decades, but now it seems that Hollywood is saying “sit yo’ ass down” and is ignoring Scientologists like we ignore Kim Kardashian praise. The Master film by the Weinstein Company has been described as an anti-Scientology masterpiece and while most Scientologist were sending snippets of their pubic hair to the production company, celeb supporters of the religion started slamming it left and right.

Marty Rathbun, the main Scientologist whistleblower and the first horseman of the Apocalypse told The New York Post, “There have been rumours about the tactics that the church uses to stop people from leaving, and many of us got wind of how Nicole Kidman had been treated when she and Tom divorced. Recent events, such as the alleged ‘auditioning’ for a wife, have consolidated in my people’s minds that Scientology is something they don’t want anything to do with. Membership once made you interesting and unique. Now [it’s] almost an admission of naivete and gullibility.” Oh, almost like admitting that you have The Bachelorette viewing parties?

David Miscavige, current leader of Scientology and resident puppy eater, has been largely to blame for the current celebrity evacuation. According to Rathbun, “The celebrity business has utterly backfired. The biggest negative you can have is to say, ‘Hey, man, lemme tell you about Scientology, that thing Tom Cruise is involved with.’” Celebrity followers of the religion, such as Lisa Marie Presley, director Paul Haggis and actor Jason Beghe, have left the church. These dwindling celebrity numbers have been truly surprising, especially when one considers how Scientology has been built on a celebrity following for the past couple of decades. Hey, if you get free publicity from the most powerful people in the world, why bother with recruiting normal people? Well, the celebrities do not only act as promotional billboards, but also as financial donors for the religion.

Rathbun says, “I know some celebrities who work with a financial manager. The manager is a Scientologist. [He is] in direct communication with a Scientology salesperson called a registrar, and the manager will let the registrar know, ‘They’re getting a big check for this much. They can afford to give you 25 percent of it.”

Scientology HQ has also been desperate to recruit David Beckham. They even invited him to their international headquarters and built him a $40, 000 soccer field, in case he wanted to work out. Rathbun adds that Beckham “got the willies”. See, Scientology is like that creepy ex-BF/GF of yours who begs you to take them back and then build you a life size Monopoly set in your backyard as a sign of their “appreciation”.

It seems like the future of Scientology is hanging by a very fine thread – if the celebrities start packing up, the religion will be brought to its knees. The only hope for it to survive is to re-adjust itself to fit a new generation of celebrities, but we become sick to our stomachs when we imagine what the new tactics might be.

Let us know in the comments below if you think Scientology should finally be disbanded.

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                      Kirstie Alley discussed weight issues on "Dr. Oz" today..

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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By Debbie Emery - Radar Reporter

John Travolta was the object of countless women's fantasies during his Grease and Saturday Night Fever days, and for Kirstie Alley he will always have a very special place in her heart.

His former Look Who's Talking co-star spilled the beans on her unrequited passions for the beleaguered actor to Barbara Walters on Friday's episode of 20/20, where she revealed that although they were close to hooking up, they resisted the urge because she was married at the time to actor Parker Stevenson.

PHOTOS: John Travolta & Kelly Preston Lovey Dovey On The Red Carpet

"It took all the power I had" not to run off with him when they shot the comedy together in 1989, the 61-year-old Dancing With The Stars contestant confessed.

Twice-divorced Alley fought off the dynamic attraction with the man she calls "the love of my life" for two more sequels in the Look Who's Talking series, meanwhile Travolta married Kelly Preston and the couple went on to have three children together.

PHOTOS: John Travolta And Kelly Preston Enjoy The Island Of Mykonos

Despite never sealing the deal in the bedroom, the pair has remained close friends thanks to their mutual devotion to Scientology.

The full interview with Kirstie Alley airs on ABC's 20/20 at 10 p.m. Friday.


Two Couples Score Perfect 30s On Country-Themed Dancing With The Stars: All Stars

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          Kirstie  Alley Interrupts Election Night To Tell Everyone    John Travolta Isn’t Gay

We don’t know about you, but we were fully focused on last night’s election tallies. As was, we noted, most of America. Our Twitter feed scrolled faster than ever before, as the country collectively chattered about the impending results. Meanwhile, smack in the middle of all the politics, comes a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter: “@KirstieAlley Fell in Love With Patrick Swayze, John Travolta While Married to Parker Stevenson.” WHAAAAAAT?! Hold the polls, America, Kirstie Alley is (in her very own special way) is deciding that now is the time to share with the world that John Travolta is not gay. Mind you, this is the same night that Americans voted for legalizing gay marriage in Maine:

    “I know John. With all my heart and soul, he’s not gay,” says Alley, who is a devoted Scientologist, along with Travolta. “I think it’s some weird way, in Hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they’re not out doing drugs and they’re not womanizing, what do you say about them?”

True, Travolta has not been womanizing.  But he has allegedly been doing the opposite of womanizing (manizing?), per reports that he grabbed the junk of a masseuse back in May. Well, it’s up to you decide if you believe this and if you’re going to buy Kirstie’s new book, The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente), but just imagine if these two had actually shacked up in real life! It’s a dream lost, along with the dream that we’d give birth to a child with the voice of Bruce Willis.

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                        Kirstie Alley’s Nasty Cocaine Habit Cured By Scientology

Scientology is only good enough for two things: One – reincarnating a failing celebrity’s career – and two – reminding us how a crazy cult dug its nails into modern consciousness. The celebrity “religion” has built up a steady following of celebrity heavyweights, including Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley. According to a new report, the latter actor used Scientology to kick her cocaine habit that was allegedly “spiraling” out of control.

Firstly, how was Scientology able to curb a habit without having a steadfast belief in modern psychiatry? And secondly, how was Scientology able to give Kirstie Alley the opportunity to remove a drug from her life that she dabbled with in her youth? Well, according to a recent report, the 61-year-old Alley enrolled in a Church of Scientology-affiliated treatment program. She also religiously read the organization’s self-help guidebook, Dianetics. According to Alley, “Somehow I got through [the book], and I thought, ‘Either [Scientology] is the world’s biggest scam or… this is how I am going to get rid of this hideous compulsion.’” The actress insists that these two important aspects of the religion – the book and the treatment program – saved her from ultimate death and destruction.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alley opened up about her past addiction to cocaine, “I thought I was going to overdose almost every time. I would snort coke, then I would sit there, I’d take my pulse [thinking], ‘I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying.’” Her chilling account of cocaine addiction gave the world an opportunity to see the Dancing with the Stars All-Star as a normal human being. We have to admit, even though we’re staunch Scientology deniers here at Celeb Dirty Laundry, we still have a steadfast belief that one’s spiritual orientation is a private decision and matter. Yes, Scientology might be the scariest thing since Ebola, but at least it assisted Alley in her addiction nightmare.

Scientology is now only good enough for three things: One – reincarnating Kirstie Alley – two – reminding us how a crazy cult does save people from themselves every now and then – and three – humbly proving to us that there are some good aspects to all religious orientations and beliefs.

What do you think? Are you YAY or NAY for Scientology? Do you think it is one of the scariest cults in the world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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                           Kirstie Alley Defends John Travolta, Scientology

By Holy Moly, Thu, November 08, 2012

Come on everyone, charming ex-Cheers hotbot Kirstie Alley's told her story, IT'S TIME TO TELL YOURS. Speaking to ABC, Alley had this to say:

    "Believe me, it took everything that I had inside, outside, whatever, to not run off and marry John and be with John for the rest of my life,"

    "I know John. With all my heart and soul, he's not gay. I think it's some weird way, in Hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they're not out doing drugs and they're not womanizing, what do you say about them? I think people think that’s the supreme insult: ‘he’s gay!’”

Alley went on, as if that wasn't already enough to get people to buy her new book (Eating For Three, £9.99 at all good train station bookstores), explaining how she used to back a dumper truck full of dick dust up to her nose every time she woke up, until a 'friend' sent her a book on Scientology. Wonder which friend might that be?

    'I thought I was going to overdose almost every time,'

    'I would snort the coke, then I would sit there, I'd take my pulse [thinking], "I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying." Who would keep doing it?'

    'Somehow I got through [the Scientology book], and I thought either [Scientology] is the world's biggest scam, or I thought this is how I am going to get rid of this hideous compulsion,'

So to summarise, John Travolta's not gay and Scientology actually does help people. Great stuff. Thanks Kirstie.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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            Kirstie Alley Says John Travolta Isn't Gay, Which is Fine, But Her Explanation is Offensive

In her new interview with Barbara Walters, Kirstie Alley discusses her passionate, long-gone relationship with her Look Who's Talking costar, the ever-discussable John Travolta.

"Believe me, it took everything I had inside, outside, whatever, to not run off and marry John and be with John for the rest of my life," she said.

I believe that. I mean, Kirstie Alley once had a reality show where she talking about raising lemurs. You have to expect the unexpected with Cheers' Rebecca Hall. But what upsets me about her revelation is what she says next about John Travolta and the reason people perceive certain actors as gay.

"I know John with all my heart and soul; he’s not gay. I think in some weird way, in Hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they’re not out doing drugs and they’re not womanizing, what do you say about them? I think people think that’s the supreme insult: ‘he’s gay!’”

No doubt about it, certain people consider "He's gay" a kind of insult, but here's another reason why people think actors like John Travolta are gay: Aside from the fact that several men have offered up personal anecdotes of sexual adventures with John Travolta, there is clearly an active closeting protocol among publicists and male movie stars. It's the same kind of closeting protocol that one associates with, say, Scientology. I hate when people make the act of suspecting an actor's gayness seem shallow, petty, or always mean. It's like she's suggesting that gayness is invisible, and those who suspect he's gay are just inflicting a bad word on him. No. Gayness is real, it's often perceptible, and we have been given plenty of reason to believe, in particular, that this person is gay. That's why many of us think he's gay. Because gayness is reality to many of us, not just a tabloid buzzword we know nothing about, and it's likely that, y'know, one mainstream actor somewhere is gay. And if it's going to be anyone -- at least according to the amount of available evidence -- it'll probably be John Travolta.

Anyone else find Kirstie's "read" a little offensive?

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 Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013

“Parenthood’s” Erika Christensen, a Scientologist, wants to make things clear

This week, Lawrence Wright's big Scientology exposé hits bookstores, and the TV star says we have it all wrong .......VIDEO

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Nicole Kidman Talks Scientology, Paperboy Pee Scene: "I Just Don't Find Urination Shocking"

Nicole Kidman isn't afraid to bare her soul on the big screen, but not so much when it comes to discussing her real-life split from Tom Cruise.

Gracing the cover of the latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar winner dished on that much-buzzed-about golden shower scene in last year's indie The Paperboy, and (sorta) revealed why she'd rather change the subject when it comes to rumors that Scientology played a role in her 2001 divorce from the Top Gun star.

When it's mentioned that in Lawrence Wright's new book on Scientology, Going Clear, the dissolution of their marriage is blamed on the Church, Kidman quipped, "I'll bet it is."

2012 Cannes Film Festival: Did Nicole Kidman really give Zac Efron a golden shower?

While neither confirming nor denying the report, she did hint at why she's remained mum on the topic all these years.

"I've chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists—Connor [17] and Isabella [20]—and I utterly respect their beliefs," said the actress.

Kidman, as gorgeous as ever at 45, wasn't shy, however, about discussing her sexually explicit role in last year's The Paperboy, a 1960s-era drama from Precious director Lee Daniels.

The movie turned heads for one particularly infamous scene in which she urinated on costar Zac Efron's bare chest after his character is stung by a jellyfish on a beach. But if you ask Nicole, it was just another day at the office.

Nicole Kidman gets down and dirty with Zac Efron in The Paperboy

"I just don't find urination shocking," Kidman noted. "I think I peed in the beginning of Eyes Wide Shut, too. But then, I don't find a lot of things shocking! Violence is a lot more shocking than sex—sex is primal."

She revealed that she also had no problem baring her bum for the camera.

"Lee had an obsession about shooting me from behind—he was obsessed with my ass! To me, that was so funny—he's hilarious, I love him. I'm drawn to Lee for his wild nature," the thesp remarked, adding, "I felt shy singing in Moulin Rouge!—but peeing—no, not shy."

Next up for Kidman, she's set to start shooting the Memento-esque Before I Go to Sleep later this year and stars in Oldboy director Chan-Wook Park's horror flick, Stoker, premiering at next week's Sundance Film Festival.

Nicole Kidman's always had good fashion sense

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                                          Jennifer Lopez on Scientology

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                               Eddie Frencher quits the Sea Org - back with Bella Cruise

    I've been informed that Eddie Frencher has quit the Sea Org and is back with Bella Cruise. After news of Eddie's joining the Sea Org, shortly after Bella announced her engagement to him, their Facebook pages were deleted. Recent photo of Bella & Eddie.

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                         Director Paul Haggis says Scientology is 'a cult, of course it is'


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                10 Stars Who Said 'No' to Scientology,g48406164

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                                 Agyness dismisses Scientology buzz

Agyness Deyn has dismissed the issue of her husband being a Scientologist, insisting she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

The 29-year-old British model and actress married Gangster Squad star Giovanni Ribisi in a surprise ceremony in Los Angeles last June.

Agyness, who was asked by Interview magazine about being married to a Scientologist, said: "I just think it's funny because no one really ever asked me about religion before. No one was like, 'What's it like going out with a Christian?'

"Now people ask me about it. Maybe it's because it's a new religion and people are curious about it. I don't know - my husband is an amazing man."

The loved-up petite blonde also spoke about her wedding day.

She said: "I've always been really private about my personal life. I don't talk about it. But it was really amazing, a really cool day."

Agyness - who has previously dated stars including The Strokes rocker Albert Hammond Jr - admitted it was "hard" seeing pictures of herself with her ex-boyfriends.

She said: "I suppose it's kind of hard. Your life's being documented. But I get on with all my exes, so there's nothing I need to forget about. I don't know - life is shorter than it seems."

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                 Isabella Cruise Reunited With Scientology Boyfriend After He Reportedly Quits Sea Org

                                         Radar online

Isabella Cruise and boyfriend Eddie Frencher have proved that true love is even stronger than the iron-clad ties of the Church Of Scientology, is reporting.

Last August, Frencher joined the controversial church’s elite clerical order, Sea Org, which requires a billion year contract. However, Scientology expert and former Village Voice Editor in Chief Tony Ortega is reporting that a “billion years” turned out to be just five months as the Los Angeles-based musician has already left.

PHOTOS: Isabella Cruise Parties With Connor For His 18th Birthday

Tom Cruise’s 20-year-old daughter began dating Eddie a year ago, but when he joined the strict sect, officials reportedly told Ortega that Isabella had been ordered to either join herself or end the relationship.

As previously reported, there was speculation initially that Isabella would follow in Eddie’s footsteps and sign up herself, but her father’s reps released a statement, saying: “[Isabella is] not a public figure and deserves privacy. However, she is not joining the church’s religious order.”

PHOTOS: Tom Cruise Through The Years

Both of the lovebirds grew up in Scientology, where the pressure to join Sea Org begins at an early age and young members are taught that no one has more dedication or deserves more respect that its officers, who work long hours for very low pay and live under spartan conditions with little privacy, according to former members.

According to Ortega, Isabella and Eddie celebrated their romantic reunion by posting photos of themselves on their private Facebook pages, and a Frencher family member reportedly confirmed to one of the journalist’s informants that Eddie had indeed left the religious order, and that he and Isabella are engaged to be married.

PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists

Sea Org was first created by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in the late 1960s in order to staff his small armada of ships that sailed the Mediterranean and Atlantic, and he ran it from the helm of his flagship, the Apollo. The super-secretive ‘higher order’ has been grounded since 1975, but the uniforms and naval ranks remain.

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‘Celebs Are Insulated From Nastier Aspects Of Scientology,’ Says L. Ron Hubbard’s Great-Grandson

The great-grandson of the founder of Scientology has made the stunning revelation that celebrities are kept apart from the “nastier aspects” of the controversial religion and are able to move up its hierarchy much faster than other members.

Jamie DeWolf – whose great-grandfather was L. Ron Hubbard – went on Current TV and slammed the religion that has high profile celebrity followers like Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley.

Scientology tried to recruit Elvis Presley , DeWolf revealed.  The singer turned the organization down but even if he had joined, he would have been exposed to a lighter version of Scientology.

PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists

“The celebrities get a different flavor of it and a very different brand of Scientology,” DeWolf said.

“They’re insulated from the nastier aspects of it and also they’ve got the money.

“So they can move up this pyramid at a much quicker rate and they don’t get stuck in levels like a lot of other people, just constantly spending money.”

PHOTOS:  Scientology Celebrity Centre Celebrates Anniversary With Famous Members

DeWolf also blasted Scientology as a “cult” based on “devious systematic brainwashing systems.”

In his interview with host Cenk Uygur, DeWolf revealed how the Church draws people in. He said: “A lot of it preys on narcissism. A lot of Scientology’s opening hooks to you is [sic] that it’s like a pyramid of self-mastery and as you move up…you’re going to reach this level of God-like status.

“You’re going to have telepathy and telekinesis, be able to move through space and time and…you’re going to be able to free yourself from this sci-fi imprisonment.”

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Travolta’s Local Scientology Center Vandalized

DeWolf  – whose grandfather was Hubbard’s son Ronald DeWolf – also claimed that once the Church of Scientology has enticed a person to join they are encouraged to stay via “electrified hypnosis,” “brutal security” and a “CIA-like structure” that becomes “intoxicating to people.”

“It works through a lot of hodgepodge ideas that you throw together,” he said.

“I think it’s one of the most brilliant and devious systematic brainwashing systems that’s ever been invented.  No one’s ever accused my great-grandfather of being an idiot.”

You can watch the interview here.

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                ‘Tom Cruise Saved Me’ Says Aussie Tycoon And Former Scientologist James Packer

                                       Radar on line

                                          Packer: My dad loved me

                                     James Packer gives candid interview

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                                 Scientologist Juliette Simms on "The Voice"

    Juliet Simms is a second generation Scientologist. She is currently appearing on "The Voice" reality TV show. See here:

    Juliet's Mom, Natalie Simms, has been one of the Church's top fundraisers for the IAS and SuperPower Building for the past twenty years.

    Juliet's Dad, Jeff Simms, has earned his income by working with numerous WISE based companies since the mid 1980s.

    Millions of dollars have flowed through Natalie & Jeff to the Church with them receiving huge commissions for their registration efforts.

    Natalie & Jeff finance Juliet's career and have from the get go. They are intimately involved in all aspects of her career.

    I believe the family has close connections to Beck, Juliette Lewis and the Ribisi family.

    Natalie and Jeff's stated purpose for Juliet is for her to become a star and to use her fame to promote Scientology.

    Scientologists on reality shows: Coincidence or an organized effort?

    Kirstie Alley on "Dancing With the Stars"

    Grant Cordone on the "Turnaround King"

    Stacy Francis on the "X Factor"

    Juliet Simms on "The Voice"

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                          Cruise-Holmes Scientology Spoof Gathering Steam in Chicago

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                            Kris Jenner fears Scientology

KRIS Jenner is worried that her youngest daughter, Kylie, is going to get sucked into the controversial Church of Scientology if  she continues to date Will Smith‘s son Jaden.

The pair — Kylie, 15, and Jaden, 14 — were spotted on a series of dates in London in early March.

The romance originally earned Kris’ stamp of approval — until she realized the possible implications.

“They were going to be the new Kardashian ‘celebrity couple,’” said an insider.

“Kris’ mind was go­ing a mile a minute thinking about all of the business deals she could make in the teen market. But after pals alerted her to the Smith fami­ly’s attachment to Scientology, she started having second thoughts about the relationship.”

Kris is concerned that Jaden will pique Kylie’s interest in the church, which could eventually “go after her money and try to control her career.”

Will has publicly denied that he’s a Scientologist, but he maintains a close friendship with the organization’s most celebrated member, Tom Cruise, and has donated to groups affiliated with Scientology in the past.

“Jaden’s a teen­ager,” noted another source.

“He’s way more concerned with sports, girls and dating than he is with Scientology.”

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                     Elisabeth Moss: actor, Scientologist, thinking man's crumpet.

Elisabeth Moss' cheeks are pink from the cold and the excitement of her first helicopter flight. All afternoon she has been flying over the mountains and lakes of New Zealand's South Island. The flight was part of a scene in Jane Campion's television drama, Top of the Lake, in which Moss plays a detective on the hunt for a lost child. The shoot took hours longer than anticipated and the evening has grown dark and chilly. Moss faces a long drive back to her accommodation in Queenstown, but the day seems to have left her energised rather than depleted.

''I've never been in a helicopter before,'' she says. ''It was so cool. You are kind of left a little breathless by it, you know?''

    You learn to balance fear with self-assurance.

Helicopter aside, Moss has steered clear of Queenstown's adrenalin-fuelled tourist circuit. There has been no bungee jumping, no paragliding or white-water rafting. ''I've taken the other route with Queenstown - the fine dining, the wineries,'' she says. ''I'm not the most adventurous person in the world.''

Moss apparently limits her risk-taking to her work. The 30-year-old actor has built a reputation for deft handling of complex, inscrutable characters. As Peggy Olson, the ambitious young secretary-turned-copywriter in the acclaimed American television series Mad Men, she kept audiences guessing through series one to five. Was the character an ingenue? A feminist icon? A psychological mess? Season six will screen in April, and much online speculation centres on Peggy's fate.

Her character in Top of the Lake is likewise riddled with secrets and contradictions. Detective Robin Griffin is a New Zealander who has spent years living in Sydney (Moss manages a passable antipodean accent). On returning home to visit her mother, she becomes obsessed with the case of a missing girl.

Campion initially imagined the role would go to an Australian. When Moss asked to try for the part, neither she nor Campion thought she had much chance. But as Campion watched Moss' taped audition, she found herself enthralled.

''It was a bit like the Mona Lisa quality,'' Campion says. ''She holds you, and she's mysterious. The material is quite difficult, quite complicated. You can't get away with just being real, you have to have some other quality that holds your interest.''

The decision to cast an American in the lead cost the production its backing from the ABC. Instead, it will screen in Australia on the pay television channel UKTV. Campion was disappointed but, she says, ''our job is to do the best for the story''.

On set in New Zealand, Moss refuses to demonstrate her accent. ''You can hear it when the show comes out,'' she says. ''It's definitely a huge part of the challenge because it's such a difficult accent … We're not trying to do regionally specific Australian or Kiwi or whatever. We just want to take all the American out of it so we can hear the story.''

For six months she worked with Victoria Mielewska, the voice coach behind Kate Winslet's flawless Australian accent in Campion's 1999 film Holy Smoke. Moss and Mielewska spent hours rugged up against the cold on Moss' balcony, drinking tea - or occasionally pinot noir - and talking.

''There was an element of hesitation at first … because it's a huge leap into the unknown,'' Mielewska says. ''Elisabeth, she is real dynamite … She is a very vivacious, bright spark - very positive.''

As Moss shed her American vowels, Mielewska realised how versatile a performer she could be. ''I feel this is only the tip of the iceberg of the work we are yet to see. She has huge capacity to develop those chameleon characteristics.''

For Moss, Top of the Lake is a ''welcome wardrobe change'' from Mad Men's 1960s period costumes. The thread of sexual menace that runs through the story is ''darker than the ass-grabbing that we've done on [Mad Men],'' she says. ''It is emotionally taxing … This is definitely the biggest thing I've ever done.

''There is a pressure to it, but I prefer to think of it as a challenge. You have to or you get scared.''

It is not unusual for actors in long-running television series to take on dramatically different roles in order to break free of a familiar character. But Moss says she has no desire to run from Peggy. ''I'd play her for the rest of my life if they'd let me. She's not something you get sick of … I don't feel boxed in by the character. On a lot of television shows, I'm sure there's a sense of, 'And we're doing this again,' but I don't feel like that with her. It's always changing, always new.''

Peggy's strength and gumption in Mad Men's sexist universe inspires passionate devotion from fans. Christina Hendricks' killer curves and va-va-voom necklines get more attention, but Peggy is the thinking man's crumpet and the thinking woman's imaginary best friend. Wherever Moss goes, strangers approach her to say hello.

''People coming up to you and saying nice things is never something you should get angry about,'' she says. ''The only time [it feels awkward] is when I'm not wearing any make-up or buying something embarrassing at the store.''

Often, those who admire Peggy's spiky intellect have certain expectations of Moss. The fact that she is a Scientologist, for example, causes waves of disbelief and even disappointment. She recently told The New York Times that public perceptions of the religion she has belonged to since birth did not bother her.

''For me, you gotta make up your own mind about anything in your life, whether it's a relationship or a job or religion - or Pilates,'' she says.

What bothers her more is the constant speculation about her private life and the expectation that she talk about it with anyone who asks. When her short-lived marriage to Saturday Night Live comedian Fred Armisen broke down, the gossip mill blamed Scientology. More recently she has been linked to Australian cinematographer Adam Arkapaw.

''In a way you get used to it and in a way you never will,'' she says. ''If I were to sit here and say, 'Well, tell me about your last break-up,' you'd be like, 'Absolutely not. Who do you think you are?' That's the natural reaction.''

She has sometimes spoken about her love life - her remarks about Armisen have been cutting - but feels uneasy about the attention that comes with her job. ''Whatever you manage to say in that moment will be recorded for the rest of your life,'' she says. ''So it puts you a little on your back foot, I think, and makes you really conscious of your words … In the beginning you think you have to talk about your relationships or you have to talk about your life. But I think that maybe you don't if you don't want to. That's OK, and if people get mad at you, that's fine. But it's always awkward. It's always weird.''

Moss has had plenty of time to get used to the attention. Strangers started recognising her in the street when she was 17, after she landed a role on The West Wing as president Jed Bartlet's youngest daughter. By that time, she was already a veteran of advertisements, television series and films.

The daughter of musicians - her father is a jazz musician and manager, while her mother is a professional blues harmonica player - she has always lived a creative life. As a child, she balanced television and film work with ballet. Her first acting job came when she was six, in the mini-series Lucky Chances.

Despite her long experience, she frets - like every jobbing actor - about the next gig. ''That's a given,'' she says. ''It's just something you get used to. I've had so many periods where I haven't worked and I've had the fear, but then something's come along. You learn to balance fear with self-assurance.''

As Moss grew up on screen, television matured with her. She remembers being on The West Wing set the night it premiered, discussing its chances of success. ''The predominant theory was that no one was going to understand it. It'd be way too smart and way too fast. It was a legitimate fear … But we were wrong.''

Since then, television has become a natural home for complex, long-form storytelling. American channels such as HBO and Showtime are prepared to take risks. A band of TV auteurs, including Mad Men's Matthew Weiner, have redefined the medium.

''I feel like the divides that there used to be between film and television, and even theatre, are disappearing,'' Moss says.

''You have famous film actors doing television and you have people who get famous from television doing films. It seems like the doors have been opened.''

As for Moss, she has dabbled in theatre. When she performed with Keira Knightley in the 2011 West End production of The Children's Hour, it was the fulfilment of a long-held wish. As a teenager, she saw a Royal Shakespeare Company production of Twelfth Night and vowed she would perform in London one day. She framed the ticket stub to harden her resolve.

Working with Campion, she says, is another dream come true. ''She has a great way of making you question yourself,'' she says. ''Making you step outside your little box and your habits … But at the same time, she's given me a tremendous belief in myself and my instincts.

''It's been a huge challenge, but I should hope that's what I get for a while - to be challenged.''

Read more:

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                                            Mad Men star: Me and Scientology
Last updated 13:58 25/03/2013

 Elisabeth Moss' cheeks are pink from the cold and the excitement of her first helicopter flight.

All afternoon she has been flying over the mountains and lakes of New Zealand's South Island. The flight was part of a scene in Jane Campion's television drama, Top of the Lake, in which Moss plays a detective on the hunt for a lost child. ...

 ....Often, those who admire Peggy's spiky intellect have certain expectations of Moss. The fact that she is a Scientologist, for example, causes waves of disbelief and even disappointment. She recently told The New York Times that public perceptions of the religion she has belonged to since birth did not bother her.

''For me, you gotta make up your own mind about anything in your life, whether it's a relationship or a job or religion - or Pilates,'' she says.....

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                             Actor Karen Black goes public with her cancer; asks for help

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                                      Scientologist Kirstie Alley Slams Antidepressant Ad Campaign
Posted on Mar 31, 2013

                                            Radar online

Scientology strongly opposes the use antidepressants and other drugs prescribed for psychiatric problems, and Kirstie Alley has now taken to her Twitter  page to rail against the way one particular prescription med is being marketed.

“HOW is it legal to INTICE people to down TWO mind altering drugs by using cartoon characters to depict the DRUGS? ABILIF,” Alley wrote.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant was referring to Abilify, which is currently using two dimensional illustrated characters in its advertising. The drug is marketed as “an add-on treatment for adults with depression when an antidepressant alone is not enough.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists

Alley, along with Tom Cruise  and John Travolta, has long been one of the most high profile Scientologists, and has often spoken about how she believes the controversial organization has helped her.

But using drugs for mental issues is not one of them.

According to the official Scientology website, “Today, the marketing of antidepressants has likewise reached nightmarish proportions, and the scenario becomes even more disturbing when one considers the explosively violent episodes such drugs precipitate. Moreover, there is categorically no evidence that diseases such drugs claim to treat even exist—which is to say, it’s all an elaborate and deadly hoax.”

It’s not clear why Alley decided to voice her strong objections to Abilify’s advertising Sunday morning.  The Kansas native’s most frequent Twitter topic in the last few days has been cheering on Witchita State in the NCAA March Madness tournament!

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             Kirstie Alley Says Mentally Ill People Are Slaves To Medicine – Scientology Freak Slams Abilify

                                 Celebrity dirty Laundry

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                          RFK Daughter Kerry Kennedy To Speak at Hollywood Scientology Salon

This is just about as weird as it gets. I’ve just been sent a copy of an invite to top Scientology couple Anne Archer and Terry Jastrow’s Hollywood home. It seems as though on May 1 the Jastrows are hosting a salon at which Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy Jr and ex wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, will address the crowd. Kerry Kennedy is the featured speaker.

The other hosts are all Scientologists including composer Mark Isham and actress Kelly Preston (aka Mrs. Travolta). Archer and Jastrow have held this kind of salon before, and I’ve reported on it. The invitation says it’s for a group called Artists for Human Rights, which is a Scientology group. Kennedy is coming a spokesperson for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation, named for her late father.

The story was first reported by the indefatigable Tony Ortega on his website,

kerry kennedy invite1Kennedy is still awaiting word about her car crash last July 2012 in Westchester County. She claimed she’d mistakenly taken an Ambien and had fallen asleep at the wheel of her car. It hasn’t been determined yet whether will she stand trial. You would think Kennedy savvy would have steered her clear from Scientology. Archer’s son, Tommy Davis, was the chief celebrity wrangler at Scientology for years. But in the last couple of years, Davis and his wife–Katie Holmes’ former Scientology minder Jessica Feshbach–have disappeared from day to day operations.

Kennedy could easily had read Lawrence Wright’s new book, “Going Clear,” or the new book by Jenna Miscavige Hill– niece of the cult’s leader, David Miscavige– to understand the countless acts against human rights perpetuated by the organization. Why she’s going, and carry the RFK Foundation name with her, remains a mystery. As a devout Kennedy Catholic, she may have some questions for these Scientologists about Thetan, the afterlife, aliens, and where the others who’ve disappeared have gone.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

                                   R.J. Ellory: a reluctant Scientologist?

British crime writer R.J. Ellory's 27-year-long association with Scientology made the news in France earlier this month. But how committed is he?

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                                      Courtland Rogers Studied Scientology

 April 11, 2013

Courtland Rogers is a lot of things, but one thing fans didn't peg him as was a Scientologist. However, Courtland is now claiming that he actually studied Scientology for a year. But did he really mean Scientology or was it all just a mix-up?

After reading some hateful tweets online, Courtland told his wife, "I've had a cognition! All these people that hate just really hate their lives and have nothing to look forward to except us." Cognition seemed like a word much bigger than anything Courtland would have been expected to have in his vocabulary, but he claims he knows the meaning. "Stupid stupid people, I studied a year in Scientology. Try me," Courtland wrote along with a screen shot of the definition of cognition. Fans obviously went wild about Courtland's comment about studying Scientology. First off, he's never mentioned Scientology before—or studying anything. And second, cognition doesn't seem to have anything to do with Scientology.

Did Courtland even mean Scientology? It would make more sense if he had said sociology or psychology, but he didn't. Once again, Courtland went a little too far and has made himself look even sillier than he did before.

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                The Chateau Elysee: Scientology's Celebrity Centre Before it Went Clear

A bit of history on the Chateau Elysee...Scientology`s Celebrity Center in Hollywood.

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                Jaden Smith, Kylie Jenner dating? She's 'pretty awesome,' he says

Is scientology stalking the Kardashians?

    Does Kris Jenner realize that everything Jaden does with her daughter will become part of scientology's files on both him and her? And if Jaden spends time at the Kardashian/Jenner home, scientology auditors will pick his brain about everything he does there, especially if he finds out anything negative about scientology. So who will win, Kris Jenner and her determination to control her children, or scientology, which would love to get the Kardashians hooked on their "tech"? I'd put my money on Kris over Miscavige any day.

    Says Kylie:

    ' "The two have been "friends forever," according to Us Weekly. Last November, Jenner posted a photo with Smith and two other guys that she captioned "I love these boys more than anyone could ever imagine." '

    Sounds like scientology files are already bulging with information about the Kardashian/Jenner family. I've noticed that Jaden seems to be hanging out with a lot of young celebrities. Looks like he'll be a fine recruiter one of these days, if he isn't already. How many Dianetics books do you think he's sold to his young buddies? Too bad none of these young people realize there's a direct line from Jaden's mouth to Miscavige's Howdy Doody ears and that the hooks are ready to snag them and reel them in. Ugh.,0,763152.story

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                             John Travolta and Tom Cruise Silent About Scientology’s Narconon

A phone call and email earlier today to Tom Cruise’s agent and Scientology’s Newsroom, received no response – as expected. In view of Friday’s raid on Narconon of Georgia by insurance agents and police, Scientology has a ‘no comment’ for now policy.

The past year has been rough for anyone supporting Scientology’s drug rehab network -- what many call ‘an industry of death’. Until recently, Travolta and Cruise have been jubilant supporters, with Travolta stating on-camera in 2007 in Hawaii: “compared to other rehabs, we’re the best.”

Tom Cruise insists that Narconon is "the only successful drug rehabilitation program in the world", adding "It's a statistically proven fact that there is only one successful drug rehabilitation program in the world -- period." Cruise ascribes criticism of Narconon to religious bigotry, saying "A minority wants to hate - okay. For me, it's connected with intolerance".

Cruise says that he "has personally helped hundreds of people get off drugs".

However, with the August 2012, and April 2013, NBC Rock Center Narconon expose of patient deaths inside the cult drug rehab centers, Cruise and Travolta have been silent. And with Narconon of Georgia being raided by insurance fraud agents and police this past week, nobody expects the ‘A-Team’ Hollywood icons to be promoting their cherished Narconon anytime soon.

The National Enquirer front cover headline slammed Travolta in late 2012 as: “Linked to 4 Scientology deaths” – one in Georgia and three at Scientology’s flagship, Narconon Arrowhead.

Radar Online picked up the story here:


Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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Scientology Celebrity blog - is this for real?

    I've been totally fascinated lately by this blog:

    The site purportedly represents the work of "Sea Org members working at Celebrity Centre International, CLO WUS, and the HGB in Hollywood. Some of us were implanted into the Sea Org by Anonymous after 2008; others have been in the Sea Org since the 90′s. We’re all here to report on Scientology from the inside."

    The content, if true, is pretty explosive. True or not, it seems to betray an extensive knowledge of the nature and workings of the COS. Check out, for instance, this commentary on a statement made by Marc Headley, on the subject of Dave M's sad auditing history:

    It seems kind of curious that this site exists in a sort of vacuum — I've never noticed any reference to it or its author(s) by the most visible COS critics. Are they, like me, not sure what to think?

Posted by jazzpolice

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                       After Earth Is Just a Shitty Movie, Not Scientology Propaganda

The tagline of the new Will/Jaden Smith movie, After Earth, is: “Danger is real. Fear is a choice.” The movie, which was directed by the inexplicably still-working hack M. Night Shyamalan and based on a story devised by the elder Smith, hinges on the ability of its young protagonist Kitai (Jaden) to rid himself of fear so that he can defeat a giant, blind monster mole that hunts humans by detecting their anxiety.

“Don’t feel what you feel,” is an idiotic, unreasonable moral for a film, and it sounds a lot like Scientology babble. Given Will Smith’s long-rumored association with the cult (the school he funded and staffed with his wife, New Village Leadership Academy, uses Scientology's "Study Tech" teaching method, for example) and the sci-fi, post-apocalyptic format of the film, After Earth has been widely regarded as a Battlefield Earth-like effort at sub rosa Scientology marketing....

                         The creepiest celebrities of all time.

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                                                                  After Earth (12A)
Verdict: The Scientologists are back

Rating: Turkey
Up to now, the most notorious attempt to sell us Scientology in the cinema was John Travolta’s legendary stinker, Battlefield Earth.
Will Smith — who donated $122,500 to the cause in 2007 — and his more openly Scientologist wife Jada Pinkett Smith thought they could do better. After Earth is the catastrophic end product.
A strong contender for 2013’s worst film, it educates us about several precepts of Scientology — suppress emotion, be in the present moment alone, earn the respect of your father-figure, and become a kind of human robot.

Read more:
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                                       Oye! Gossip
                           The Judge Decided Kirstie Alley Didn’t Tell The Truth About “organic Liaison”

A big setback for Kirstie Alley and Scientology. A customer of Kirstie’s weight loss program “Organic Liaison” filed a lawsuit charging the Scientology backed company with false advertising. Kirstie claimed to have lost 100 pounds using her product, but the dissatisfied customer pointed out that Kirstie actually lost the weight by dieting and exercising and rehearsing for “Dancing with the Stars.”Kirstie’s high powered Scientology lawyer tried to get the suit dismissed, but the judge ruled against her. Kirstie had to pay the disgruntled customer $130,000 and she has to re-word the ads for her product. No doubt customers will lose faith in the system and the Los Feliz store will be emptier than ever.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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Sexy New Scientologist? Fiesty Supermodel Jessica White Reportedly Joining Tom Cruise’s Controversial Church

Posted on Jun 25, 2013 @ 12:09PM | By Radar Staff

The Church of Scientology appears to have a sexy new member.

The supermodel ex-girlfriend of Sean Penn, Jessica White, is the latest celebrity to join Tom Cruise’s controversial religion, according to a new report – and has the details.

PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists

“She has been increasingly curious about it,” sources told the New York Post, after the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model was seen entering the church’s Celebrity Centre on East 82nd Street in New York City on Monday.

White doesn’t appear to be shy about her affiliation with the church, tweeting a photo Monday standing outside of the Celebrity Centre with the caption “enlightenment.”

PHOTOS: Life After Scientology For Jenna Miscavige-Hill

“Haven’t felt this relaxed in so long,” she tweeted a few hours later. “Had a beautiful meeting today, feeling like I’m entering into a new realm of understanding.”

White was arrested in 2010 for assaulting another woman in a nightclub after splitting up with Penn. The preacher’s daughter turned catwalk crawler has spoken publicly in the past about her history of “sexual victimization” as a young child and how her church and God helped her through her difficult times.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                        Kirstie Alley's Diet Business in Los Feliz Goes Belly Up

Signs posted on Kirstie Alley's "Organic Liaison" diet and vitamin business indicate that the space is for lease and that they are "moving to a new location."

The shop is a 5 minute walk to the Big Blue Scientology Building on Sunset. I live in the neighborhood, and during the time the place has been open, I have never, ever seen anyone inside except a lone employee or two.

It would be 'out-PR' to close to close the business outright, so the cult tech on this is to claim that you are moving or "expanding" (just like the now defunct Survival Insurance). If the place is truly moving (or expanding) why not note the new location? Surely the droves of clients and interested passers-by are demanding to know. (LOL)

We are in a recession here, like much of the rest of the country, and finding a retail space anywhere in this city is pretty easy at the moment.

Only time will tell, but my gut tells me this is the end of Organic Liaison.


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            Kirstie Alley Enlists John Travolta to Guest Star on her New Show: Desperate Attempt to Resurrect Both of their Careers?

There’s no better way to launch a new show than to bring in a few heavy hitters to help boost ratings. It sounds like Kirstie Alley totally got behind this idea when it came time to begin casting Kirstie’s New Show. Yep, that’s the tentative title and John Travolta is one of the first guest stars to be confirmed for the venture. Both actors confirmed the news via Twitter and shooting is scheduled to start within the next few weeks, with the show debuting on TVLand in December.
Kirstie is, of course, one of the Executive Producers for the show so it makes sense that she would dip into the pool of actor friends right from the start. She and John go way back and are also deeply connected through Scientology. Kirstie has also referred to John as the love of her life.
I can’t help but wonder how his wife, Kelly Preston, feels about John working with Kirstie. Does the situation make her uncomfortable or after all of the scandals surrounding John’s bad behavior, perhaps she simply doesn’t care any more. Maybe it’s easier to think of her husband at least linked to another actress rather than a string of younger men that inevitably throw him under the bus!
John’s career was booming for a long time but it seems that his personal issues have cast a shadow over his credibility. The same, in many ways, goes for Kirstie. Kirstie is always a bit of a crack pot so do you think that reuniting these two onscreen will revive their careers? Or is this another failed Kirstie show in the making? Will you tune in to check it out for yourself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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           Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Lose Face: Scientology Influenced New Village Leadership Academy Closed After Misleading Parents


                                                                  CELEBRITY DIRTY LAUNDRY

Back in 2008 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett  invested a dump truck load of money in a new school in Calabasa, CA called the New Village Leadership Academy. According to families that enrolled their kids it was advertised as an uplifting educational institution and appealed to parents who weren’t Scientologists as well as Will’s friends in the Church of Scientology. Somewhere along the way that encouraging environment turned to one of rigid rules and doom and gloom.
According to the Aug. 5th print edition of Star magazine many parents were never advised of the school’s religious slant and curriculum. The leaders had no problem taking their money and providing them with a less than honest overview and the end result over the last few years has been serious outrage. Money was never an issue, especially for a school rooted in the teachings of Scientology, but it takes a lot more than money to run a successful school program.
In June of this year the New Village school was finally shut down (28 June 2013) allegedly due to its shady business practices. Ironically, we’ve heard precious little about it probably because Scientologists prefer to keep their failures hush-hush. Does this reflect on Will and Jada? They threw their weight, name and millions of dollars behind a school that was deceptive to the core. Shouldn’t there be a moment of accountability here? Instead it seems like they quietly severed ties and tip-toed away from the controversy without mention.
I also have to wonder how this school was promoted if people had no idea that it was rooted in Scientology. That sounds like it had to have been carefully carried out and I could imagine a lawsuit or two popping up from this. Do you think that Will and Jada should address the situation at all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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                                      RIP Karen Black, 1939-2013

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                         The Massive List of Celebrities That Departed Scientology

                                                      THE MORTON REPORT

It's not the celebrities in Scientology that matter — it's why so many more have left.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                  Will Smith Recruits Justin Bieber To Scientology – Watch Out For “Uncle Will” (PHOTO)


Is Will Smith recruiting Justin Bieber to Scientology? Will and Justin have been spending some time together, largely due to the fact that Justin is good friends with Will’s son, Jaden Smith. Justin uploaded a picture with himself and ‘Uncle Will’ on Instagram, and the two look like they’re in the midst of some bonding time.
There are rumors floating around that Will is trying to show Justin the benefits of Scientology, and if his idol and his best friend are both part of it, what’s to stop Justin from joining? Imagine the coup for The Church of Scientology if Justin joined? Think of the millions of impressionable Beliebers who would follow blindly into the clutches of the cult and they money they would pay to be members with their idol.  Yes, “Justin Bieber Joins Scientology” is the headline David Miscavige is dying to read.
Considering that Justin is at his most impressionable right now, I wouldn’t be very surprised if these rumors turned out to be true. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but how many people would have thought that Will Smith and Tom Cruise would turn out to be part of a religion that worshiped aliens?
Honestly, it might even do Justin some good to get a sense of community for a while. We all know celebrities in Scientology are treated way better than the plebeians, and it might make him behave. Obviously, it’s probably not the smartest choice in the long-term, as we’re seeing with Leah Remini and other Scientology defectors.
Anyway, this is all speculation and based on some unfounded rumors online, but I thought it would be interesting to explore the ramifications of Justin joining Scientology. Would that lead to his fans joining? It certainly would be great publicity for the religion, especially after the PR nightmares it’s been facing in the wake of so many high profile defectors and negative news stories.
What do you guys think about the possibility of Justin joining Scientology? Do you believe Will is trying to recruit him? Or is it just a load of hogwash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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                                               Super Scientologists Seek Colorado Tax Breaks to Shoot Golf Movie

Super Scientologists Anne Archer (“Fatal Attraction”) and husband Terry Jastrow have put out a casting call for a movie he’s written and will direct, and she will co-produce. “The Squeeze” has something to do with golf and Jastrow’s devotion to the game. The Jastrows are co-producing with photographer Michael Doven, one time assistant to and still bff to one Tom Cruise.

Archer is the mother of Tommy Davis, who has been Scientology’s spokesman and celebrity wrangler for many years. But Davis and his wife, Jessica Feshbach– Katie Holmes’s Scientology monitor when she was first with Cruise–have become very low profile in the last couple of years.
The Jastrows recently sought tax breaks to shoot the $3 million movie in Colorado. They describe the movie as a combination of “Tin Cup” and “Caddyshack.”

The  storyline sounds like you’ve seen this movie before: “AUGIE, a talented young golfer who’s never been outside his small Southern rural town, is recruited by RIVERBOAT, a smooth talking gambling addict, to head to Vegas to make some serious cash. He soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly game  of one upmanship between Riverboat and JIMMY DIAMONDS, a mobster who’s rather kill than lose a wager…”
Jeremy Sumpter has been cast as Augie. Who will play Riverboat and Jimmy? How about Jason Lee and John Travolta? Hmmm….And Kirstie Alley as the crusty owner of the local saloon…”The Squeeze” shoots in Durango, Colorado beginning October 1st…

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                                                                Scientology wanted Bono, Brad Pitt

A former high-flying Scientologist says Brad Pitt had a brief flirtation with the controversial religion in the early 1990s, RadarOnline reports.

Jenna Miscavige Hill - whose uncle David Miscavige is the secretive group's leader - told the website Pitt, 49, was dating Juliette Lewis (a member) in the mid-1990s when he used a church program to detox from drugs. Scientologists badly wanted Pitt as a member, she said.

"There's a celebrity strategy and they're targeted for their influence, not their money," Miscavige Hill said. "They know people are obsessed with celebrities so will get more interested in Scientology.

"I think that celebrities are more inclined to be egocentric and Scientology caters for that - you're your own God. They're probably being told that all the time. But they're probably insecure, so the self-help of Scientology lends itself to that. And Scientology is meant to save people and the world, so the charitable thing appeals to a celebrity. "If you're egocentric, not always confident or insecure because of being in public eye and want to be charitable, Scientology pushes your buttons," she said. "That's why someone like Bono would fit the bill perfectly as so many people know him."

Miscavige Hill, who published her memoir - Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape - left the church in 2005 after more than 21 years as a member.

A spokesperson for the church denounced Miscavige Hill's "evershifting memories."

Miscavige Hill said Bono was also a prized member to go along with stars like John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

"I know he was receiving Scientology auditing and was at one of the Celebrity Centre Galas," she told RadarOnline. "Why would he need auditing? Scientology markets itself to everyone, it can deal with everything from marital problems to public speaking. He's a human, so he still needs those things. If he were to join, all the world would be Scientology!" Radar said it isn't the first time World War Z star Pitt has been linked to Scientology. Amy Scobee - who wrote Scientology: Abuse at the Top - said in the end, Pitt wasn't buying what Scientology was selling.

"In the end, (Pitt) didn't think it was for him and he and (Lewis) broke up. He was high on the church president's list of stars they felt could be 'recovered,' " Scobee said.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                              Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Relationship Being Ripped Apart By Scientology?

Angelina Jolie is the boss of the house, and Brad Pitt seems to be seconds away from getting bitch slapped by the tattooed goodwill ambassador. Brangelina is every young Hollywood couple’s goal. They’re mysterious, gorgeous, and have enough kids to start a band. While fans assume they’re planning their wedding, the couple has been fighting like Mr. & Mrs. Smith over Scientology! I guess Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith aren’t the only Hollywood couple disregarding Leah Remini’s warning against the cult-like church.
Angelina blames Giovanni Ribisi (Ted/Avatar), their neighbor and Hollywood Scientologist, for trying to turn Brad out. Sources close to the situation told Star Magazine, “In early August, she flipped out on him after finding some Scientology recruitment brochures, probably left behind by one of Giovanni’s visits, in their kitchen. Brad suggested she casually read through them, but Angie tossed them in the trash and furiously told Brad she didn’t want any of ‘that kind’ of material in their home.”
Brad Pitt first sipped from the Scientology pot back when he dated Juliette Lewis. A website, The Truth About Scientology, claims Brad completed a couple of Scientology classes in the early 90s at the Celebrity Centre in ‘Hell- A’ (Los Angeles). One course was “Therapeutic TRs” for drug addiction, the other was “Special Course in Human Evaluation.” Pitt later filmed Interview With a Vampire with Tom Cruise, so the seed definitely has been planted. “The church is always looking for more high-profile stars to join the faith.”
Katie Holmes and Leah Remini pissed on the Scientology church with their public disapproval. John Travolta’s gay bathhouse scandal added another booger to their silk napkins. It’s like a secret society, and it’s too creepy for regular people to digest.
The source continued, “That’s why Angie is especially on edge about Brad hanging out with his Scientology pals. He’s felt a huge spiritual void in his life for quite a while, and Angie doesn’t want him being drawn in. She would prefer that her family not be involved with that religion at all- and she doesn’t want her children exposed to it.”
The couple’s togetherness has surpassed Hollywood’s expiration date, and expectations. Will religion be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Is Brad Pitt just barking on his leash? Or, does Angelina Jolie finally get to rumble with Miss Karma? Religion is what broke TomKat, remember?

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                            Dakota Johnson's BF Demands She Join Scientology To Deal With New 50 Shades SeXXXy Fame!

- See more at:

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                                        Scientology Scrap! Kirstie Alley Furious That Leah Remini Is On DWTS, Feels ‘Bitterly Betrayed’
Posted on Sep 26, 2013

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                         'Evil feeds on goodness': Kirstie Alley appears to lash out at Scientology critics in Twitter rant

Read more:
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                                 Kirstie Alley Threatens To ‘Retaliate’ Against Leah Remini & Other Scientology Critics

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                           “Young and Restless” Star’s Web Series Produced by Scientology Film Company

Scientology is trying to dig in more and more in “mainstream” entertainment. I wrote about their latest effort, “The Stafford Project,” a few weeks ago. The web series on YouTube stars former “Young and the Restless” actress Michelle Stafford as a ‘kooky’ wannabe Lucille Ball meets Carrie Bradshaw in a scripted reality setting. But it’s really just a front for Scientology filmmakers. Stafford is a long time member of Scientology.
“The Stafford Project” is produced by New Slant Productions, named for an L. Ron Hubbard book called “A New Slant On Life.” Hubbard was the Kilgore Trout-ish science fiction writer who invented Scientology in the 1950s. Before he came up with the pay for play religion he was a  writer of pulp fiction paperbacks. (More on that in a minute.)
New Slant is run by two veteran Scientologists who fancy themselves Hollywood players: Mike Falkow and . Last year Falkow edited a Mother’s Day video from top Scientology celeb John Travolta to his wife Kelly Preston, directed by Travolta. Preston was recently featured on “Stafford” as a guest star.

I wrote a few weeks ago that everyone who works on “The Stafford Project” is in Scientology. Similarly, almost everyone and everything to do with New Slant Productions is connected to Scientology including all the actors– none of whom are famous–and crew members involved in their productions. And it does look like Scientology is pumping money into New Slant.

They suddenly have several “B”, or rather “C”, movies in production. Some of them also come under the banner of Radcliffe Productions, also populated by various Scientologists.
All of this makes sense in the context of Scientology’s real estate holdings in the actual city of Hollywood, and their new productions facilities. Indeed, they now sponsor something called The L. Ron Hubbard Golden Age Theater. At these live events in Hollywood, would be and has been actors read aloud from those Hubbard paperbacks including the wonderfully titled “The Blow Torch Murder” and “Reign of the Gila Monster.”

Among the players listed on their website are Elizabeth Moss (Peggy on “Mad Men”) and Judy Norton (one of “The Waltons”). The site also still features the now deceased Karen Black.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                              SELENA Gomez is being courted by the Church of Scientology.


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                             Alleged Scientologist Jaden Smith Talks Aliens, Before Will and Jada Cheating Rumors [UPDATE]

Jaden Smith, who many claim is a Scientologist, recently talked about aliens with President Obama. The chat occurred prior to a wave of rumors that Will Smith was cheating on Jaden's mom, Jada Pinkett.
If you ever get a chance to speak with a sitting president, then you should probably talk about something that actually matters. For Jaden Smith, that happens to be aliens.
When the overly-opinionated youngster caught up with Obama, he asked the president if extraterrestrials actually exist. Jaden recounts the experience and, luckily for us, extrapolates the meaning of Obama’s statements:

“Obama said he can neither confirm nor deny the existence of aliens--which means they’re real.”
Speaking of aliens, it is rumored that Jaden’s family are members of the ultra-secretive Church of Scientology, which is rooted in the belief of aliens (ie: Lord Xenu). It’s a pretty easy connection to make, considering the Smith’s involvement in a school that utilized the teachings of L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

Despite pumping millions of dollars into the learning institute, it ultimately shut its doors over the summer. An alleged source spoke about the school to Star, revealing:
“Will and Jada put millions in to it [the school]. But there’s a lot more to a school than money--if people don’t agree with the teaching material, then all the money in the world won’t save it.”
Of course, the Smiths have long denied affiliation to the religion, especially in regards to the school. Jade tried clearing up matters, when she appeared on NPR:

“I definitely want to make it very clear to everybody that the educational institution that we have, the school that Will and I have, is not a Scientology school. And that, you know, I know there's been, you know, a lot of buzz around that idea and that it is not my desire to, you know, teach Scientology at all. And that the method of teaching in which we use, you know, is a product of L. Ron Hubbard, which a lot of schools in L.A. use that are not affiliated with Scientology at all. So I just need your audiences to know that it is not a desire of ours to educate children with Scientology, that is not what Will and I want to do. And our school is not, and I repeat, not a Scientology school.”

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                Report: Will Smith’s Business Partner Warned Him About Scientology Interfering with Career

Leave it to Tony Ortega. The intrepid investigator of all things Scientology has gotten an exclusive first interview ever with Jacqueline Olivier. She was the original headmistress of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s private school, the New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, California. Olivier was fired after the school’s first year and replaced with a Scientologist who was only too happy to teach the kids L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Tech curriculum.

The school, which closed in June, was all about Scientology. Olivier tells Ortega: “I started finding out that everyone was a Scientologist, and what they were really up to.

More importantly, Olivier  clears up what has long been suspected but never confirmed and sometimes denied by the Smiths.

On Will Smith: “If he isn’t [a Scientologist] now, at least at that time he was, or seriously considering it. He was so into Study Technology,” Olivier says.

In 2008, Olivier says, Smith’s business partner James Lassiter warned him about the movie “Hancock”: “Don’t let Scientology get in the way of this movie. Don’t let the school and Scientology get in the way of the bottom line.’ I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the point of what he said,” Olivier says.

Smith didn’t listen, of course. The result was this summer’s Scientology-themed financial disaster “After Earth.”

And Smith’s reluctance to be in “Independence Day 2″ may have to do with the Scientology beliefs he’s acquired since the first movie was made.

Olivier’s conclusion about New Village: “It could have been a great school. But they were so vigilant about the Scientology aspect of it. In a fourth grade class, they were reading a first-grade text because they were so worried about the kids running into a misunderstood word. If a couple of kids got into a scuffle at recess, that also had to be the result of a misunderstood word,” she says. “It was so dull. The teachers were so bogged down following these rules, but that’s what Will and Jada wanted.”

For more read

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                          Face to face with a psychopath: Charles Manson's 'project' for the future

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                               Kirstie Alley Slams ‘Repulsive’ ‘Bigot’ Leah Remini Over Scientology Split: ‘You Are My Enemy’
Posted on Dec 5, 2013

                                      Kirstie Alley Slams ‘Repulsive Bigot’ Leah Remini Over Scientology Split: ‘You Are My Enemy’

December 5, 2013

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                                  Inside the Scientology 'Celebrity Centre' Christmas party

The Church of Scientology, normally shrouded in controversy and secrecy, has issued photos of their 21st annual 'Christmas Stories' performance, where some of their famous members put on a show for fellow members.

Orange is the New Black actress Laura Prepon, who was recently linked to Tom Cruise, led the way of famous faces in attendance, joined by That 70s Show's Danny Masterson and actresses Jenna Elfman and Erika Christensen.

Although their most famous member Cruise was nowhere to be seen at the festive event, which raises funds for the Hollywood Police Activities League, there was no lack of stars in the room.

Cruise recently quashed reports he was in a relationship with Prepon and the pair maintain they are 'just good friends'.

"They see each other at some functions, but they are not dating," a source close to Cruise told Us Weekly.

"He will date again and has been talking with women."


Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                                Rabbi Shmuley: When Scientology Tried to Recruit Steven Spielberg

...According to Wright, Cruise, whose devotion to Scientology is legend, designed, in about 2005, the biggest “get” that Scientology could possibly aspire to, namely, to “draw the most powerful man in Hollywood into Scientology.” At the time Steven Spielberg was directing Cruise in War of the Worlds and Spielberg had apparently said to Paul Haggis, the Academy-Award winning writer of Million Dollar Baby, “I’ve met all these Scientologists and they seem like the nicest people.”...


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                                   Actor Steven Mango Set to Expose the Scientology Celebrity Centre

Steven Mango, a rising actor with appearances on several hit TV shows, is set to release a tell-all documentary about his experiences inside the Church of Scientology that will expose the truths about the faith and their controversial anti-gay stance.

“I am not holding anything back because I want people to see Scientology for the sham it is and how it destroys people inside and out,” Mango said. “The truth about Scientology needs to be exposed to the world.”

His revealing documentary will come out on Sunday, detailing the personal abuse Mango was subjected to as a member of the Church of Scientology. He is being completely candid about his experience and will share his personal secrets about the faith to educate others about his completely revolting experience.

“I begin the documentary by taking you on my journey from a fresh faced new actor who just arrived in Los Angeles, full of hopes and dreams, to ultimately being recruited into Hollywood's most dangerous, secretive and famous cult,” Mango said.

According to Mango, a major secret he will disclose about Scientology is its hatred filled anti-gay bias and how it claims to cure homosexuality.

“I was an insider of the Scientology Celebrity Centre, which is the exclusive branch of the Church for famous and well-known parishioners,” he said. “I am not afraid of the church and I am going to reveal top secret information. This is a very explosive and damaging documentary that is going to make waves.”

A special screening of the documentary will take place on Sunday, January 26 at the ACME Theater in Hollywood. It is an exclusive and highly anticipated event that will have many big celebrities and prominent, high level ex-Scientologists and critics in attendance. The public is welcome at this dramatic event and tickets are available at http://TixAC.ME/CelebCentreExposed.

The trailer to “Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre: An Ex-Parishoner Reveals All” can be viewed on his YouTube channel at

For more information about Steven Mango, check out his website at

He also can be reached through his public relations firm, Luminary PR, at or via email at steven(at)luminarypr(dot)com.

Read the full story at

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                 An Aspiring Actor Joined Scientology Four Years Ago And Made A Documentary About The Experience

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                     Celebrity Scientologists: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes; Kirstie Alley Weight and Leah Remini 'DWTS' Reunion [UPDATE]

It's time for another update in the world of celebrity Scientologists. Tom Cruise, the world's most famous Scientology member, had his estranged wife, Katie Holmes, discuss how much better her life is now. Kirstie Alley continues to battle weight gain, as she discusses what type of music puts her in a romantic mood. And erstwhile Scientologist Leah Remini recently reunited with her Dancing with the Stars partner.
Katie Holmes recently opened up about what her new life in New York is like, following her divorce from Tom Cruise. Turns out that Katie is a big fan of the Big Apple (via E! News):....

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                                          Kate Ceberano's "tell all" autobiography    Aussie singer and scio.

Kate Ceberano reveals 'horrible' first time sex experience, her dedication to Scientology, and a secret half brother in tell-all autobiography.
A third-generation Scientologist, Ceberano, 47, also talks of her relationship with the church and how its teachings shaped her childhood.

'It's thanks to the fundamental teachings of the church then, when I was young, that I learnt about ethics, about self-preservation, self-respect,' she writes, adding details of her continued friendship with fellow devotee Tom Cruise....

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                                         No Elisabeth Moss, We Are Not Cool With Your Glowing Statements About Scientology
Go to the link and read the entire article.

Ravishly: No Elisabeth Moss, We Are Not Cool With Your Glowing Statements About Scientology

Once recruited, big-name celebs are coddled and pampered so they stay and publicly praise the church. The book details, for instance, luxe church accommodations, blinged-out motorcycles and extravagant feasts provided to Tom Cruise, often the result of unpaid labor by other church members.

Obviously, it's possible to be a healthy, happy, productive Scientologist, celebrity or otherwise. But because stars are used by the church as a marketing ploy, and because this adds glamorous sheen to actively abusive practices, it is the right of the public and the media to push back. In fact, it's necessary.

Now seriously, go read Going Clear, because wow: that sh*t is bananas.

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                                    Mad Men star is over discussing Scientology, still open to trashing marriage

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                                      Shamed Olympic swimmer Scott Miller trains as a recruiter for Scientology rehab centre where he had controversial therapy for drug addiction 

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                                      Former St. Hill Staff and Manson Family Murderer Granted Parole

I bet Brown will say he can't go free, but for now ...

Bruce Davis, Manson Family Member, Granted Parole After 28 Tries
Bruce Davis, 71, was born in Monroe, Louisiana and traveled around before joining the Manson family in 1967. Allegedly, Charles Manson was drawn to Davis because he had a record, was interested in Scientology and brought another male presence into the family. After spending some time with the Manson family, Bruce Davis moved to London for six months where he worked at the Scientology headquarters there. Davis was removed for drug abuse and returned to the Manson family.

While the Manson family members were living on Spahn Ranch near Chatsworth, California, Bruce Davis was involved in the two murders he would later receive a life sentence for....

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                                  'My Name Is Earl' Jason Lee's Ex-Wife Suffers Scientology Harassment After Leaving Church
Mar 17, 2014

    'They harassed me': Jason Lee's ex-wife claims Church Of Scientology terrified her after she divorced the My Name Is Earl actor

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                               Connor Cruise Breaks With Scientology Doctrine and Praises Mother Nicole Kidman – Is He Leaving The Religion?

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                                          Skrillex on His Scientology Upbringing: "Those Are My Homeys"

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                                            Kate Ceberano burns some bridges, but only up to a point

.............There is enough honesty in the book to feed a reader’s desire for more depth in analysis. Ceberano doesn’t avoid talking about something as fundamental as her belief and apparent adherence to a controversial religion, writing carefully about the positives she takes from it.

“Alacrity of mind, the sanctity of one’s own perceptions — these were the things we were taught to prize,” she says, reflecting on the “values” of Scientology. “They were precious and, once given away, could not be replaced. I found that to be very stabilising and it’s probably the reason I’m the person I am today.”

Yet she doesn’t indulge the reader with an intelligent discussion about the perception many have about Scientology as a controversial religion or cult. It’s a conspicuous omission.

Ceberano has the same rights as anyone to practise what she chooses without harassment or criticism, and religion isn’t a requisite part of most memoirs. However, like it or not, she is probably the highest-profile practitioner of Scientology in Australia. If you are the country’s best-known Catholic, Anglican, Buddhist or atheist, chances are your belief system is central to the story you’re telling and selling.

I’m Talking: My Life, My Words, My Music

By Kate Ceberano, with Tom Gilling

Hachette, 324pp, $32.99

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        Scientology Couldn’t Save Her: Peaches Geldof Was Member Of Controversial Church Before Her Death

Posted on Apr 7, 2014 @ 12:38PM | By Melissa Cronin

            ‘I’m Not Circus Fat!’ Kirstie Alley Back As Jenny Craig Spokesperson, Vows To Lose 30 Pounds

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                               Ex scio James Packer and David Gyngell were seen fighting on street in Sydney


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                             Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith under investigation by child services

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith under investigation by child services: reports

Date May 21, 2014 - 7:57PM

Rachel Clun
Life & Style reporter

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are reportedly under investigation by child protective services.

A controversial photo showing their daughter Willow, 13, in bed with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias has sparked the alleged investigation.

Radar Online reports the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services has opened an investigation, and so far the family is being co-operative.
A version of the controversial Instagram photograph that Kylie Jenner posted on Tumblr.

''The investigation was formally opened last week and is being taken very seriously by the department,'' a source told Radar.

''Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been extremely co-operative with officials. Of course, they aren’t happy that their parenting skills are under scrutiny, but they understand.''

The black and white photo was posted on Instagram by Arias early in May and shows Willow lying in bed with a topless Arias sitting behind her, partially covered by sheets. It was also shared on their friend Kendall Jenner’s Tumblr account.

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      Casey Kasem's wife stripped of guardianship of the ailing radio icon as vicious battle with star's daughter from another marriage wages on

Jean Kasem was served Friday with court papers stripping her of guardianship of the aging radio star
The court order is the latest shot fired in the battle between Jean and Kerri Kasem, Kasem's daughter from another marriage
In a statement Friday, Jean Kasem said Kerri's involvement with the Church of Scientology is why her husband doesn't want her involved in his medical care
The drama has laid bare the bitter battle between the children and Jean, who she claims has been 'vilified'
Jean says one daughter, Julie, hasn't paid back $100,000-a-year loans

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          Casey Kasem’s Wife Wants His Fortune Because She Says If His Daughter Gets The Money, She’ll Give It ALL To Scientology!

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                          Meet a Scientologist--Special Effects on the Screen and in Life

                                   PRWEB.COM Newswire(PRWEB) June 10, 2014
Although you may never have met Christoph Roth, chances are his work has touched your life, transporting you to another place or time.

As senior producer for an internationally renowned company that produces visual effects for feature films, television and commercials, "magic" is all in a day's work for Roth.

"We can create anything with the computer," says Roth. "Dinosaurs, Dragons, space ships, ghosts, entire cities--whatever you can imagine, we can create it for a TV show or film."

Winner of an Emmy award for "special visual effects" on Game of Thrones, Roth's work is a rare blend of aesthetic and "people" skills.

"I love working with really creative and highly skilled artists and coming up with solutions to problems. In the middle of a project, it can seem like everything is against you--you run out of money, you have to do it over again for the sixth time, everyone is getting frantic. The producer is the guy who has to stay calm and upbeat and make it all happen. That's my job."

A Scientologist since 2000, Roth has continuously studied and used the subject.

"The more you learn and understand about Scientology, the bigger the gains," he says.

Watch Christoph Roth's "Meet a Scientologist" video on or the YouTube Scientology video channel.

The popular "Meet a Scientologist" profiles on the Church of Scientology International Video Channel at now total more than 200 broadcast-quality documentary videos featuring Scientologists from diverse locations and walks of life. The personal stories are told by Scientologists who are educators, teenagers, skydivers, a golf instructor, a hip-hop dancer, IT manager, stunt pilot, mothers, fathers, dentists, photographers, actors, musicians, fashion designers, engineers, students, business owners and more.

A digital pioneer and leader in the online religious community, in April 2008 the Church of Scientology became the first major religion to launch its own official YouTube Video Channel, with videos now viewed more than 11.7 million times.

Read the full story at

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                                         Casey Kasem Death

Casey Kasem died today. May he rest in peace.

He recently was placed under the care of his Scientologist ( although she denies it) daughter, Kerri.

Kerri has repeatedly asserted that she has absolutely no interest whatsoever in her father's fortune, estimated at 10 million dollars.

Let's see how long she, and Scientology are able to maintain this fiction.

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                               Why Jodhi Meares no longer follows the Church of Scientology
Annette Sharp

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                                                                          Anne Archer: My family values

The actress talks about marriage, divorce and Scientology                                                       (Mother of Tommy Davis.)

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                               Maksim Chmerkovskiy Talks Falling Out With DWTS Partner Kirstie Alley,...

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                                       Kirstie Alley: TV Land Cancels Her Sitcom –
Wed, Jul 30, 2014

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                It Sounds Like Scientology Drove A Wedge Between Kirstie Alley And Maksim Chmerkovskiy! See Her Way NSFW Tweet HERE!

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                                      8 Black Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Were Linked To Scientology
August 6, 2014

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                                               Anne Archer: Women in Hollywood Are Doomed Forever

.....Dealing with bad press used to be one of the main preoccupations of her son, Tommy Davis, a former spokesman for Scientology and head of the church’s Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles until 2011. Davis now works as a senior vice president at Colony Capital, one of the world’s largest real estate investment firms.

Archer denied that he had left the prominent role in the church after a bust up with David Miscavige, the head of the church. “There was no falling out. Not even remotely so. No, he is a Scientologist, he always has been and he always will be. As much as anyone. Absolutely,” she said.

And with a fixed smile and a determined look in her eye, she added: “This article should not be about Scientology.”.....

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                   Nicole Kidman Desperate For Isabella Cruise to Quit Scientology – Connor To Stop Partying, Lose Weight and Get Healthy

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                                      Scientology seeks new faces instead of Tom Cruise and John Travolta

According to online Confidenti@l, Hollywood icons John Travolta and Tom Cruise will be left on the cutting room floor in new Scientology commercials. “The Scientology image campaign is looking for fresher faces than celebs like John Travolta and Tom Cruise.”

Desperate for new members, celebrities Cruise and Travolta has not helped expand Scientology so the cult is now focusing on people that look normal........

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                      Juliette Lewis on Hollywood, Why the MSM Hates Scientology, and Masturbating to George Clooney

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                                         Juliette Lewis Defends Scientology, Tom Cruise With "Conspiratorial" Theory

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                                        "Bart Simpson" to visit Scientology HQ in East Grinstead


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                                                    PHOTOS: Scientology party attended by "Bart Simpson"

By East Grinstead Courier  |  Posted: October 22, 2014


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                                    Kate Ceberano gets International Scientology Freedom Medal for bringing greater freedom to mankind

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                         Parenthood’ Star Engaged: Erika Christensen Set To Marry Cole Maness


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                                Beyonce Caught In Scientology Scandal! Her Secret Link To The Church Revealed

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

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                                    Mimi Faust Dishes on Racial Discrimination From Church of Scientology

It’s not secret that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust had quite the rough childhood, growing up with a parent who was a member of the Church of Scientology. Though Mimi has discussed being kicked out of the church as a teen, she recently opened up about the racial discrimination she endured as one of the few American American children in the church....

        Super $cientologists! Kirstie Alley & Kelly Preston Recognized At Special Church Ceremony — How Much Did They Pay?

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                         Is this the weirdest family in Hollywood? Their Scientology supporting dad's given to spouting nonsense - now Will Smith's children are ridiculed for boasting they can control time

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                             Will Smith’s Children Ridiculed After Bizarre Joint Interview


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                                   The Red-Headed Stepchildren of Scientology

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                                                Cher Says Scientologists Are "Crazies"

    In the UK's Sun newspaper yesterday, September 24, there was an interview with Cher. I can't post a link to their website because it seems to be subscription only but I'll quote her here. At one point she was discussing her exes, Sonny Bono and Tom Cruise and she had this to say:

    "Everyone's curious about Tom and Scientology but he wasn't a Scientologist when we were together, he was just Tom. Sonny was into Scientology for a bit but not me. I've no interest in Scientology whatsoever. They're crazies."

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                                    HBO’s Church of Scientology Documentary Set to Piss Off a Lot of Celebs

*Cue the lawyers and other supporters of the controversial Church of Scientology because some ish is about to go down!

For one, when you start attacking people’s faith base, well – ‘dems fightin’ words…and for another, HBO must have their dukes up because they are putting the finishing touches on a scandalous documentary on the Church, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which describes the film as “a bombshell” that will reveal why it has a hold on some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Er, you DO know brother, Isaac Hayes, was one of ‘em, right?


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  John Travolta comforts heartbroken Kirstie Alley as daughter Lillie, 20, mourns for fiance killed in horrific motorcycle crash in Los Angeles

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                          Drinking, Fights & Scientology Secrets: Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Makes Outrageous Claims About Their Marriage From Hell

Now more than ever, former Scientologists like Leah Remini are coming forward to share explosive claims about their time within the church. Scientologist Jason Lee’s ex-wife, Carmen Llywelyn, was an early critic when she went public with her own allegations after their contentious divorce in 2001. But now, in an exclusive interview with, she is opening up for the first time about the full extent of what she says she experienced. Excessive drinking, fighting, and Scientology secrets — In a series of outrageous claims, Llywelyn says many factors made her relationship a living hell from which she has yet to escape...

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                                       Celebrity Bully? Former Scientologist Claims Jenna Elfman Confronted Her Over Leaving The Church

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                               Explosive Interview! Former Scientologist Claims Church Came  Between Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

Audio interview....

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                                                          E Online

                       NEWS/ Kirstie Alley Opens Up About Scientology and Past Leah Remini Drama: ''I'm Not Some F--king Fake''

by Lily Harrison Mon., Jan. 12, 2015

Kirstie Alley stopped by Howard Stern's radio show earlier today and opened up about her recent accomplishment in Scientology.
The newly slimmed-down actress just earned the OT7 title and shared with the shock jock exactly what that entails.
"It means that you have gotten rid of all the things that would create aberrated behavior in you that you didn't want," she explained.
"It's an awareness level, it's an achievement."
She continued, "I think that people need to always, no matter what path they choose, the goal I hope would be to become more and more aware and less insane."

Alley also revealed that both of her children are Scientologists, saying, "it was their choice" and "it really helped them a lot so that's good."
And when further questioned whether or not she's really involved with the Church of Scientology, or just a celebrity spokesperson, Alley interjected, "I'm not some f--king fake OT7!"
Robin Quivers then asked whether or not she and Leah Remini were pals, considering their massive feud stemming from the King of Queens actress leaving the church.

"That's just sorta water under the bridge," Alley shared. "There's nothing going on and there was nothing going on for years. I didn't shun her but if a lot of people are rejecting you, at some point you gotta ask, 'What am I doing?' I mean, that's what I would ask myself."

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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            Will Scientologists Tom Cruise And John Travolta Turn Down Warner Bros. Deals After Upcoming HBO Documentary 'Going Clear'?

Rebecca West , Design & Trend
Jan, 18, 2015,

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                              Pet names, cozy dinners, hotel chats: How Tom Cruise's son Connor is comforting Kirstie Alley's daughter Lillie after her fiancé was killed in a motorcycle accident last year

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Sunday was a big night for musicians Beck and Chick Corea. Both are Scientologists who took home multiple Grammy Awards, with Beck winning the coveted Album of the Year.

In addition to Album of the Year, Beck also won Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical and Best Rock Album, for his 2014 release Morning Phase, beating out The Black Keys and U2.

Kanye West briefly attempted to crash Beck’s acceptance speech in objection to the Recording Academy’s decision to give the award to Beck and not Beyoncé. This was a throwback to 2009 when West interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video, a category Beyoncé was also nominated in....

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                                        Danny Masterson Talks About Life In Scientology—Tells Naysayers To ‘Go F**K’ Themselves
Posted on Feb 11, 2015

                                   Danny Masterson: 'Everything in Scientology Is Based on Logic'

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                Former Scientology Senior Executive: ‘Will Smith Is Not a Scientologist’

We sat down with ex-Church of Scientology fixer and senior executive Mike Rinder and Scientology expert Tony Ortega, who claim that the rumors about Will Smith are false.
For years, there’s been rampant speculation that Will Smith, the blockbuster star of alien-themed films like Independence Day, Men in Black, and After Earth, was a card-carrying member of the Church of Scientology.
It’s inescapable. When Smith’s teenage children, Jaden and Willow, gave an out-there interview to The Guardian and claimed they could control time, several gossip rags were quick to point to their dad’s alleged “Scientology-supporting” beliefs as a possible reason for his kids’ unique perspective on the world. There have been tabloid reports that Will Smith’s former business partner, James Lassiter, allegedly warned the Fresh Prince about not letting Scientology “get in the way” of his career; Scientology defector Jason Beghe said Smith was “supposedly dabbling in Scientology,” and a former principal at Will and Jada Smith’s school, New Village Academy in Calabasas, California, claimed that the curriculum was “100 percent” Scientology-focused. Hell, The Hollywood Reporter even got an ex-Scientologist to review Smith’s colossal bomb, After Earth, over its alleged Scientology themes.

The link, it seems, originates from Smith’s close friendship with Scientology’s most famous face, Tom Cruise....

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                             A Comprehensive Updated List of Every Celebrity Linked to Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                             Priscilla Presley’s Affair With Scientology Lover Creates Major Scandal Behind The Scenes

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                           Tina Knowles Converts To Scientology After Marrying Richard Lawson [REPORT]

Tina Knowles appears to be the latest celebrity to convert to Scientology.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                               Ex-Scientologist Carmen Llwyelyn blasts 'cult' and her treatment after divorce with Jason Lee

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 16, 2015, 07:20:02 AM
                         Shocking Scientology Emails Have Been Released In A Lawsuit Against Kirstie Alley And More Celebrity News

          ‘Blood, Sex, Crime!’ Shocking Scientology Emails Released In Kirstie Alley Lawsuit Reveal Dark Secrets Of The Church

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                    Actress Jenna Elfman promotes Scientology videos

Actress Jenna Elfman promotes Scientology videos.

Not a major news item, but I thought perhaps worthy of note and I couldn't find a preexisting appropriate thread.

While promoting Scientology, Jenna Elfman and Bodhi make a video which contains extremely explicit sexual talk starting at 8 minutes because their children walked in as they were about to have sex.

Blow jobs, "I want to fuck your mom, screaming I want a blow job"

Now 2 adults can say what they want, but to put this on YouTube for the the world to see ? Discussing his wife's vagina on YOUTUBE ?

Jenna is on "OT VII" a true ambassador the cherch.
Video is linked in above OTVIIIsGrrr8 's post.                        karen de la carriere

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                   Nicole Kidman Refuses To Talk About Scientology In Vogue Interview

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                            Father of Walking Dead star tells of Scientology Disconnection

Father of Walking Dead star tells of Scientology Disconnection.

Daily Mail:

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

EXCLUSIVE: 'I have four children who are Hollywood stars - but they are dead mentally to me, it's like they don't exist.' Father of Walking Dead and That '70s Show stars accuses Scientology religion of 'brainwashing' his kids

Joe Reiache was one of the highest-ranking Scientologists - and had been a member of its clergy - but questioned its claim of telekenisis

The father of four was declared 'suppressive' and cut off from his wife and their four children more than a decade ago

All four children are Hollywood successes, with roles including The Walking Dead, That '70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle and Last Man Standing

But Reiache, a former Australian rugby player with the Sydney Roosters, tells Daily Mail Online: 'They're good kids but they're mentally dead to me.'

He is one of a tiny number of former members of Sea Org to speak publicly and says: 'It's a very deep and sordid abyss.'

By Laura Collins For

Published: 13:49 GMT, 28 July 2015 | Updated: 18:58 GMT, 28 July 2015

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                                           Laura Prepon Opens Up About Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                         Isabella Cruise: Inside Her Secret Scientology Wedding – First Pics

                                         Nicole Kidman puts on a brave face as she steps out amid claims she was 'banned from daughter Isabella Cruise's secret wedding'

Read more:
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                                            Uninvited Nicole Kidman wasn’t aware of her daughter’s wedding

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                         The daughter who turned her back on Nicole Kidman

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                             Celebrities Boldly Spoke Out Against Scientology,manual

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: bthhthee on November 23, 2015, 02:39:21 PM
It sounds really good, too wonderful!

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 22, 2015, 07:14:46 AM
                                           Scientology Snub! Kirstie Alley’s Cousin Claims They Don’t Expect Her For Christmas

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                 PHOTOS: 10 Celebrities Who Managed to Escape Some Very Creepy Cults
February 4, 2016

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                       Kirstie Alley has completed the Scientology Cause Resurgence Rundown!

    Kirstie Alley has completed the Scientology Cause Resurgence Rundown of running around in a circle!

    First, a reminder. The Scientology Cause Resurgence Rundown consists of, and only of, running around in a circle.

    Literally running around in a circle.


    From Mike Rinder's Thursday Funnies...

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Fat Actress Runs Around Pole

    This was probably a bizarre spectacle.!

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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              Lisa Marie Presley Reportedly On A Mission To Destroy Scientology & You'll Never Guess Who She's Teaming Up With!

                                Scientology & Lisa Marie Presley: Former Wife Of Michael Jackson Teams Up With Dad Of Church Leader David Miscavige To Fight For Family Rights

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                             Kirstie Alley’s Ex-Husband Desperate To Save Baby Grandson From Scientologists

Parker Stevenson has even enlisted church enemy Leah Remini to help.

By Radar Staff
Posted on Jun 29, 2016

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                            Guitar Legend Al Di Meola blames Scientology for breaking up band Return to Forever

    Guitar Legend Al Di Meola blames Scientology for breaking up the band Return to Forever.

    "Chick" refers to Chick Corea.

    Ultimate Guitar: An Interview With Guitar Legend Al Di Meola - Part 1

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    In 1976, Return to Forever recorded the third and last album: "Romantic Warrior." Could the band have gone on longer?

    Oh, god. Yes. C'mon, this band should have never, ever broken up. It was the biggest mistake Chick ever made.

    Why did the band break up?

    I blame a lot of it on Scientology. It's a really fucked up religion and the poor guy got caught up in it. It's a shame because here's a band that should have had a minimum of 10 more records further developed after "Romantic Warrior" without a problem then 40 years went by. We could have had at least 10 more landmark records.

    That really is tragic.

    But we were dealing with Scientology and the heavily religious ideology that Chick was obsessed with much to his detriment and the fans too. His ego was out of control and it's just a shame. I give credit where credit's due.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Chick, Stanley and Lenny all play on your first "Land of the Midnight Sun" album. You still had a relationship with them at that point?

    Those were very friendly times still. The first couple of years were very friendly and I was still the kid and still so happy to be there. I was - let's say in Scientology terms - controllable. But as I gained a little bit more notoriety and my records started to outsell their records by times 10, I had a little bit more of a voice. That's why "Romantic Warrior" is 100 percent a better record by far than the other two records soundwise.

    Is that because you were getting more of a voice in the band?

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    HT - chukicita on Tony Ortega's blog:

Posted by  CommunicatorIC on ESMB

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                       Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Scientology Ruined My Friendship with Kirstie Alley

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kirstie Alley may have made a great pair on "Dancing with the Stars," but that friendship is long gone now.

The two competed together twice, coming in second place in 2011 and 7th in the 2012 All-Stars season, but have since had a major falling out. With Season 23 premiering tonight, Maksim opened up about some of the drama behind the scenes in a new interview with Us Magazine, where he got incredibly candid their seriously strained relationship.

So, what's to blame? In Maks' mind, the answer is simple.

"Scientology happened. You can thank [my friendship with] Leah Remini for that," he explains. "A note was sent to a friend telling me I was 'disconnected,' as in, I am no longer allowed to be Kirstie's friend. I find it ridiculous for an adult human being to 'disconnect' from someone. But everyone is entitled to their own insanity."

Remini famously made headlines for publicly leaving the controversial religion in 2013, a topic she spoke about at length on "DWTS," her reality show and in her memoir, "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology."

"I think that is the most repulsive thing that a person can do… is attack another person’s faith," Alley later said of Leah on Howard Stern. She went on to call Remini a "repulsive bigot."

"When you are generalizing and when your goal is to malign and to say things about an entire group, when you decide to blanket statement that Scientology is evil, you are my enemy," Alley added.

Remini later appeared on Howard as well, saying she understood why Alley felt the need to retaliate.

"I understood it because I know the policy," she explained. "I understand that hiding behind, you know, religious bigotry is the route to go."

"If I did [run into Kirstie], I wouldn't say anything, because I know she couldn't talk to me," Remini added. "I'm shunned. She couldn't talk to me. Same with Tom Cruise. He couldn't talk to me. And I wouldn't put them in that position. They'd look away, they'd walk away. They'd go to another room."

For the record, the church denies Remini's allegations -- and say she was "expelled" for "repeated ethical lapses and callous treatment of others."

                                          The Thin Line Between The Church of Scientology And Hollywood                                   

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                            Actor Jason Lee no longer practicing Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                  Jason Lee's Scientology exit sign of church's decline, former member says

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                        Michael Peña: ‘Scientology made me a better actor’

With his latest role as a corrupt cop in the comedy War on Everyone, he is arguably Hollywood’s biggest Latino star. He talks about speaking out in defence of the little guy – and how the church helped his script-reading....

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                     Mariah Carey Cites James Packer's Ties to Scientology As Reason for Breakup

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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David Bowie’s Scientology Secret Exposed In Tell-All: ‘It Genuinely Changed My Life’[/b]

Lazy Journalism as usual. idcb

Meanwhile some real Bowie news....

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                         Kirstie Alley’s Scientology Secrets Exposed By Kathy Griffin In New Tell-All

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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        ZOMBIE QUEEN Who is Alanna Masterson? The Walking Dead’s Tara and Scientology follower

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                              Jason Beghe’s Life After Scientology: ‘I Was in a Cult’

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                         Celebrity Scientologists and ex-Scientologists

See which celebrities have left Scientology and which stars are still involved with the church.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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        How Scientology Has Wreaked Havoc On Nicole Kidman's Life, And She's Not Even A Member

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                      Brandy Seen At Church Of Scientology Fundraiser In Leah Remini Docuseries Footage, Still Secret Member?

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 31, 2017, 05:07:00 PM
      Tziporah Malkah speaks up about Scientology and James Packer before joining reality TV show

Jonathon Moran, in South Africa, News Corp Australia Network

JAMES Packer’s ex fiance Tziporah Malkah said she felt muzzled by the billionaire businessman.

The former model and actor — who was previously known as Kate Fischer — said she is also scared of speaking out on Scientology, a religion she was introduced to by her former partner.

“I don’t want to get murdered so I would rather not comment about Scientologists,” Malkah told News Corp, having changed her name when she converted to Judaism.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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              Drugs, sex, and Scientology: Nicole Kidman to 'write a tell-all autobiography' as insider confirms she could receive up to '$11 million in sales'

Read more:
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Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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Church of Scientology accused of covering up sexual assault allegations against ‘That 70s Show’ star


                    Actor says sexual assault claims are false and tied to anti-Scientology movie


    Danny Masterson's Long History with the Church of Scientology: 'I'm a Spiritual Being Who Likes to Understand Why Things Happen in the World'

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 06, 2017, 04:16:29 AM
               That '70s Show actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson is accused of raping three female former members of the church

Read more:
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    Exclusive: Tom Cruise’s Scientology Spy Now Movie Producer Gets a Surprise at LA-Italia Film Fest

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                      Entertainer KUBA Ka has left the Church of Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                   Scientology Showdown! Katie Holmes & Jenna Elfman Caught In Awkward ‘GMA’ Run-In

      Katie Holmes Did NOT Hide From Jenna Elfman At “Good Morning America,” Despite Report

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 14, 2017, 05:17:29 PM
                     Jenna Elfman’s Disastrous Reddit AMA Flooded By Scientology Questions

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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Jennifer Lopez's Dad Has Given All Of His Money To Scientology In Hopes Of Getting ...

Celebrity Insider (blog)
David Lopez was a devout Scientologist for years and he claimed to have given the religion "hundreds of thousands" of dollars but he still refused to ...

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                       Jeffrey Tambor Reflects on Scientology, Transgender Issues in His New Memoir

"At one point, Tambor turned to the Church of Scientology and took classes for two years. He recalls, "I felt that love, I inhaled it. ... I was totally willing to accept Scientology — if it would fix me." Despite liking the "edginess" of it being frowned upon and being treated to celebrity privileges within the church like private doorways and deluxe classrooms, Tambor left the church abruptly. He did not cut ties after being conned out of thousands of dollars, but when he was pressured to leave his second wife."

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 29, 2017, 02:59:19 AM
                                       Bryan Cranston did some scio !!!

    Just reading Bryan Cranston`s autobiography..."A life in parts."
    (The father in "Malcolm in the middle." Walter White in "Breaking Bad."

    Page 94.

    ...... "I did Psychotherapy. I did improv and stand-up comedy solely
    for the purpose of conquering my fears. It was the 1980s, the self-
    help era, and EST (Erhard Seminars) and Scientology were big in
    Los Angeles. I took what I could from those ways of thinking and
    discarded the rest. If I became too enthralled with one approach,
    one way of thinking, I knew it was time to move on."

    Who`d have thought...?

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                               Will Smith targeted by anti-Scientology group

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                                            Musicians in Scientology

Chick Corea, Beck, Juliette Lewis and others.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                           Elisabeth Moss on Top of the Lake, Scientology and working with Nicole Kidman

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on August 18, 2017, 04:07:58 AM
Today in Entertainment: Elisabeth Moss addresses fan's Scientology question; 'Hamilton's' Lin-Manuel Miranda greets fans in Hollywood

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                  Scientologist Kirstie Alley: Psychiatric drugs common denominator in mass shooters

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                              Inside Hugh Hefner's Silent War Against Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                     Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                'I've had enough, I'm done': Priscilla Presley, 72, becomes the latest celebrity to quit Scientology

This is lazy Journalism !!!!

She`s been out for years


Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 25, 2017, 06:34:42 AM
       Priscilla Presley pampers herself as she denies quitting Church of Scientology after nearly four decades

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                Who Is Joy Villa? President Trump Says He's a Fan of the Singer Who May Run for Congress

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                     That 70s Show star accused of historic rapes denied by Church of Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 06, 2017, 12:32:26 PM
               Danny Masterson Is the Latest Hollywood Star to Face Rape Allegations

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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     Jenna Elfman’s Husband, Father-in-Law, Prepare Scientology Sci Fi Movie Featuring Little Persons as “Alien Clowns”

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 26, 2017, 05:56:15 AM
                            Leah Remini Calls ‘Bullsh*t’ on the LAPD and Danny Masterson

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                     Scientologist reveals what life is REALLY like inside the secretive religion

Musician Ian Clarkson lifts the lid in an exclusive ECHO chat

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                                He was no hippie: Remembering Manson, prison, Scientology and mind control

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 09, 2017, 04:53:36 PM
            Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s Scientology nightmare

There’s no way out. - by Patricia Smails

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 09, 2017, 04:55:00 PM
                     Danny Masterson fired from Netflix's 'The Ranch' amid a number of sexual assault allegations

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 10, 2017, 06:15:41 PM
                          US actress comes to Firhouse to warn local community about Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 13, 2017, 06:39:18 PM
                    Danny Masterson Accuser Claims Church of Scientology Operatives Killed Her Dog

               A Complete Timeline of Danny Masterson's Sexual Assault Allegations and Netflix Firing


                Netflix fires exec who reportedly claimed not to believe Danny Masterson’s rape accusers

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 21, 2017, 08:57:48 PM
                        Evil Maniac Charles Manson Was A Scientologist!

Madman used cult techniques to brainwash murderous followers.

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 22, 2017, 02:18:44 AM
                      Who is Bobette Riales? Danny Masterson Accused of Raping Woman ‘Repeatedly’

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                   The Biggest Scientology Shockers of 2017

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 28, 2017, 06:34:27 AM
  Joy Villa’s Sex Assault Case Against Corey Lewandowski: Trump Fans Blame Greg Mitchell, Clinton, Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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             "David Bowie a life " by Dylan Jones.

    The second anniversary of Bowie`s departure is upon us...

    A new book ... "David Bowie a life" by Dylan Jones is out...

    Great book , by the way.

    Page 211.
    Mike Garson. (Pianist)

    "... And the phone rang approximately twenty years later, asking me if I could be in New York the next day.
    I think he may have called me a little earlier if he had known that I had quit Scientology in 1982, but there we are.
    Scientology had a terrible reputation in Britain, and it had big problems in the psychiatric world, and his brother
    Terry obviously had a lot of problems.
    So David already had a very bad opinion of the subject. At the time I was drinking the Kool-Aid.
    I later changed my mind, but at the time I thought there were certain things about Scientology that worked.

    I was good at differentiation and I could take that 10 per cent that I thought was very powerful and use it.
    But there were lots of things on the organizational front that didn`t feel good to me, so I eventually left.
    I actually got Woody (Woodmansey) into Scientology, so when I left in 1982 he stopped talking to me, and we were
    best friends at the same time. And he hasn`t talked to me since....."

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 05, 2018, 05:43:44 PM
          THAT’S A WRAP! Report:

                              Actor Danny Masterson dropped by agency after sexual assault allegations

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 08, 2018, 07:50:54 AM
                    Kirstie Alley Calls Journalist “Hateful” & Bigoted For Scientology Posts

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 09, 2018, 10:04:20 PM
                                 Elisabeth Moss branded a hypocrite for Golden Globe acceptance speech

Washington Times

The speech was praised in some circles as a feminist rallying cry, but many social media users discounted her words as hollow due to her continued affiliation with the Church of Scientology. The organization, plagued by allegations of rampant harassment and abuse, has faced renewed scrutiny ...

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 09, 2018, 10:07:30 PM
               Was Scientology the reason Nicole Kidman decided NOT to mention her two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise at the Golden Globes?

Read more:
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Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Fretwell on January 12, 2018, 04:54:25 AM
             "David Bowie a life " by Dylan Jones.

    The second anniversary of Bowie`s departure is upon us...

    A new book ... "David Bowie a life" by Dylan Jones is out...

    Great book , by the way.    

I had no idea Mike Garson was into scientology. Does he talk about it somewhere else in more depth?

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 12, 2018, 06:32:49 AM
Mike Garson has been very quiet about the whole subject of Scientology.

I guess he kept quiet after Bowie started referring to him as "Garson the Parson."

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 15, 2018, 04:37:12 PM
                   We’re Sorry Danny Masterson

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 24, 2018, 05:04:31 PM
             EXCLUSIVE: Truth about Trump's favorite pop star revealed - singer planning run for Congress is 'bondage and vampirism'-loving adult model who Scientology wants to be the 'Tom Cruise of politics'

Read more:
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Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 26, 2018, 06:51:36 AM
                  Lisa Marie Presley sues ex-manager after Elvis cash falls to $14,000

Elvis’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, inherited his $100m (£71.5m) estate in 1993 at the age of 25. Another 25 years later, she says in a lawsuit obtained by US media that she is down to her last $14,000.

Presley blames her former manager Barry Siegel for her precarious finances, and filed a suit last week against him accusing him of “reckless and negligent mismanagement” of her inherited estate.

In the suit, first reported by the US website the Blast, she claims that her cash reserves were whittled down because of Siegel’s poor investment decisions. He has countered that Presley is to blame, alleging in a lawsuit of his own that she squandered much of her fortune. He is demanding $800,000 in damages for non-payment....

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 17, 2018, 07:05:33 AM
                          EXCLUSIVE: 'It's no secret that they despise each other!' Ex-security guard for Church of Scientology reveals bitter rivalry between Tom Cruise and John Travolta and how he was given 'the beating of his life' for speaking to celebs

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Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 22, 2018, 09:17:21 PM
                        The Handmaid's Tale star Elisabeth Moss and her relationship with Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                        Priscilla Presley reveals she is still active with Church of Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                 Erika Christensen Opens Up About Being a Scientologist, Why Going Clear Has 'No Relevance'

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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               Danny Masterson's rape accusers rip Netflix for new episodes of ‘The Ranch’ featuring the Scientologist

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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               Everything We Know About the Danny Masterson Rape Allegations

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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              How the Church of Scientology Went After Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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  CHEERS! Hollywood actress and Scientologist Kirstie Alley to star on Celebrity Big Brother in biggest signing yet

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 star Kirstie Alley’s career, age and Scientology history

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Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on August 23, 2018, 07:44:45 AM
Celebrity Big Brother SPOILER: Kirstie Alley REFUSES to explain Scientology to 'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves during awkward chat

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on August 31, 2018, 08:20:15 AM
          Scientology member Jenna Elfman gets candid about her relationship with the controversial church

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                   The dark days on the set of That 70s Show

16 Sep, 2018 5:48pm

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 19, 2018, 07:01:29 AM
                                    'TRAVOLTA IS NOT GAY!'

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                           WILL'S TESTAMENT Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith finally address those Scientology rumours and lift the lid on being labelled ‘swingers’

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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                 Nicole Kidman speaks about adopted kids’ Scientology beliefs in rare interview

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                Bring It On! Jada Pinkett Smith & Juliette Lewis Plan On-Air Feud Over Scientology

Title: Re: Scientology celebrities
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              The Real Reason You Don't Hear From Jason Lee Anymore