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March 19, 2010          Translated by google

                  Private school in Moscow proved to Scientology

Interfax - private boarding schools "Elite" in the village Zavorovo Ramensky area controlled by Scientologists - have come to this conclusion operatives of the Center for countering extremism police department in the Moscow region.

In late 2009, school was closed due to lack of licensing and accreditation of educational services, against the owner, the director of the Zhilvest Sergey Pichugin was prosecuted by st.171 Criminal Code (illegal business), wrote in a Friday newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

However, during a search in the school operatives seized packages of brochures for Scientology. Applied Scholastics. The checklist, which studied children who were found marking Applied Scholastics and signature of the "Center" Arts Education ", Educational Center" Edelweiss ".

Applied Scholastics ?
"His goal creators Applied Scholastics not hide - dissemination of educational materials and services based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the founding father of Scientology," - said president of Russia edition of the Centers Association study of religions and sects, chairman of the expert council on religion-examination at the Ministry of Justice Alexander Dvorkin .

In Moscow, the largest subsidiary of Center Arts Education "is" Edelweiss "- a training center offering tutoring services for all school subjects from 1 st to 11 th grades, extra" courses to improve the living and learning program WISE - International Association Scientology enterprises using management technologies developed by R. Hubbard.

Recently Russia has appealed the decision of the Strasbourg Court in the case of Scientologists in Nizhnekamsk. October 1, 2009 the Strasbourg court ordered Russia to pay cash compensation in the amount of 20 thousand euros for refusal of registration Scientologists in Nizhnekamsk and Surgut. However, as stated by deputy head of the Supreme Court of Tatarstan Civil Affairs Marat Khairullin, RF Ministry of Justice also may challenge the registration of Scientologists.

Original article in Russian:

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Scientologists banned in Altay

Moscow, October 8, Interfax – Barnaul industrial district court satisfied a complaint of the regional prosecutor with the request to ban the Dianetics Center city organization.

The complaint was formulated after regional administration of the Federal Registration Service and Prosecutor’s Office checked work of the Barnaul Scientologist Center.

“The administration officials came across major violations of the acting legislation, including such religious activities as spreading and teaching Scientology religion, non-equal rights of organization members due to the system of donations that depends on how well they know Lafayette Ron Hubbard’s teaching and etc.,” the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office reported on its website.

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21 April 2010, 16:30
      Works by scientology founder recognized as extremist in Russia

Moscow, April 21, Interfax – On the initiative of the Surgut Transport Prosecutor's Office, materials by scientology founder Ron Hubbard were recognized as extremist and banned in Russia, the Prosecutor General's Office reports.

In compliance with the legislation, they will be included in the Russian federal list of the extremist materials.

The Surgut Transport Prosecutor's Office and the Khanty-Mansiysk customs held a joint check to find out that various recipients in Surgut received international mail deliveries from the USA with literature, audio and video disks on scientology (by Ron Hubbard.)

The informational materials were confiscated and sent to the religious expert council at the Khanty-Mansiysk governor for examination where experts in psychiatry, psychology and sociology concluded that the materials should be prevented from spreading "as they undermine traditional spiritual life basis of citizens in the Russian Federation."

The Surgut Transport Prosecutor's Office applied to the court to recognize confiscated materials as extremist.

On the results of the conducted psycholinguistic expertise it was recognized that the materials "contain evident and concealed appeals to social and religious discord, to promotion of exclusiveness, superiority or deficiency of a person on grounds of his or her social and religious affiliation and attitude to religion, urges to impede legal activities of the state bodies including judicial and law enforcement agencies, to commit crimes motivated by ideological and religious hatred."


Press Release: Anon condemns Russia's banning of Scientology books???

Originally Posted by Anonymous
I can see some win in there: How about a press release from Anonymous denouncing the censorship involved in banning Scientology material in Russia? Anonymous wants ALL of Hubbard writings to be EASILY accessible to ALL, not the opposite. We want an increase is accessibility of Hubbard's writings, not a decrease.

After this, it would quite a laugh to see the CoS trying to paint Anonymous labels such as "bigots" or "haters", when we actually are more anti-censorship than the Scientologists are, and could be used as an excellent counter-argument when CoS tries to label Anonymous as "bigots."

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                Russian Company Forced Employees to Take LRH Courses

The Prosecutor’s Office has issued a complaint concerning coercion of an organization's employees to take L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) training courses under threat of dismissal.

On June 30, 2010, Deputy Prosecutor Vilen Zatsepin issued a complaint to the director of RosKabelSvyaz, Lev Syrolev, concerning the elimination of violations of the Law on Countering Extremist Activities, of labor legislation, and of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

A verification was conducted and it was found that the management of RosKabelSvyaz, in violation of Chapter 2, Article 19 and Chapter 2, Article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, of Article 3 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, and of Article 1 of the federal law "On Countering Extremist Activities", coerced employees of the organization, under threat of dismissal, to undergo training to improve production efficiency by taking L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) training courses which involve studying works of L. Ron Hubbard.

An April 21, 2010 decision of the Surgut city court in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra ruled that works by L. Ron Hubbard are extremist on the grounds that they contain ideas justifying violence in general and, in particular, any means of opposing critics of Scientology. Hubbard’s works contain both explicit and implicit appeals for social and religious discord, for promoting exclusiveness by fostering the view of a person’s superiority or inferiority based on his or her social and religious affiliation and attitude toward religion, for impeding the lawful activity of state bodies, in particular judicial and law enforcement entities, and for committing crimes motivated by ideological and religious hatred.

Thus, by its actions to coerce employees of RosKabelSvyaz to study the ideology of Scientology and Hubbard's works, which have been recognized as extremist, the company’s management has violated the above-mentioned norms of law as well as the rights and lawful interests of the employees of the organization.

For Evgeny and Yure

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                                Scientologists Charged With Extremism
26 July 2010
The Moscow Times

Prosecutors have opened a criminal case against a Scientology center in the town of Shchyolkovo, 13 kilometers northeast of Moscow, on charges of inciting hatred, punishable with up to five years in prison.

Investigators have decided that documents and literature confiscated at the center promoted extremism, a law enforcement official told Interfax, without elaborating.

The decision was based on expertise conducted by leading Russian linguistic institutions, including the Linguistics Institute at the Academy of Sciences, Interfax reported.

In April, works by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard were added to a federal list of extremist materials on the decision of a Siberian court, which de facto rendered all Scientology centers open to prosecution.

The court's decision slammed Hubbard's books as inciting social and religious hatred, justifying violence, especially toward opponents of Scientology, and promoting anti-state views.

Former science fiction author Hubbard created Scientology in the 1950s. The secretive church has faced regular criticism and litigation from former members, who accuse it of being a cult charging massive fees for purported religious services.

Germany has ruled that it is a commercial organization, and several other European governments have refused to recognize it as a religion.

Scientology's branches in Surgut and Nizhnekamsk successfully sued the Russian government in October at the European Court of Human Rights for refusing to list them as religious organizations on the grounds that they had not existed in the country for 15 years.

In June, Samara region prosecutors reprimanded the head of a local telecommunications company, RosKabelSvyaz, for breaking extremism and labor laws by forcing subordinates to study Scientology under threat of dismissal. They cited the April decision of the Surgut court as the reason for the extremism accusations.

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Re... Russian Company Forced Employees to Take LRH Courses



In Samara, RosKabelSvyaz employees were fired for refusing to read books about Dianetics.

by Olga Dimitrenko
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Aug. 20, 2010

At one of the enterprises in the Samara region, investigators from the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs found that the management forced employees to take Scientology courses under threat of dismissal.

During training, employees paid from 1,500 to 15,000 rubles, said one the enterprise’s former employees, on condition of anonymity. The money was sometimes deducted from wages.

“I worked at the company in 2008,” says the victim. “A month later, I was offered free Scientology courses, but further training cost money. On the company's staff, there was even a so-called supervisor who assigned us books by Hubbard to read and checked up on how we were learning from them. Training also took place at the ‘Dianetics Center’ in Samara. At work, we had to apply the knowledge we acquired. Our wages depended on it. A simple example: if a chief saw that an employee incorrectly, from the point of view of the training, communicated on the phone with a client, part of his pay was docked. The staff turnover was huge. Over a few months, perhaps as many as 20 people quit the department.”

However, resigning from the company was not so easy. According to the victim, if the management was against the employee resigning on his or her own volition, then the employee was dismissed with cause and was not paid in full.

“Most are still working there only because they are afraid of losing the money they earned,” says the woman who spoke with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Evidence of the coercion faced by employees of RosKabelSvyaz was uncovered by staff of the counter-extremism center of the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs while verifying operational information about the spread of Scientology at this Samara enterprise. Following verification by the regional prosecutor’s office, a complaint was issued to Lev Syrolev, director of the RosKabelSvyaz enterprise in Samara, concerning the elimination of the violations of the law, and the personnel manager received a reprimand. The prosecutors said that the company’s management violated the requirements of the Constitution, according to which it is prohibited to force anyone to belong to a religious denomination. The investigators also held the opinion that there was a violation of articles of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation regarding the prohibition against requiring employees to perform duties unrelated to their functions. Prosecutors also invoked Article 1 of the federal law "On Countering Extremist Activities", referring to the fact that, in late April 2010, the Surgut city court in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra ruled that works by L. Ron Hubbard are extremist on the grounds that “they contain ideas justifying violence in general and, in particular, any means of opposing critics of Scientology.” "Hubbard’s works contain both explicit and implicit appeals for social and religious strife and for promoting exclusiveness,” the Samara prosecutor's office said in a statement. However, the decision has not entered into force because followers of Hubbard’s teachings are now appealing the decision of the Surgut court to the court of cassation.

The Samara prosecutor's office said that if the management of RosKabelSvyaz does not eliminate the violations and if complaints are received from employees, it will take the matter to court. In addition, management could face administrative punishment in the form of a fine.

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         How scientology began in Russia (the way I rememer it)

I have not been back in Russia for a very long time.
I call to some of my scientologists -friends sometimes and I have heard that
most of orgs are closed down.
I was there since scientology started. I'll tell how it's all began, the way I remember it.
Dianetics came to Russia in early 90s, following by Scientology. It came at the time when Russian government was looking for something to keep kids off drugs and away from jail.
Late 80 s was the time when lots of Russian kids were protesting "young pioneers" organization and refusing wear their red ties to school. ( In the defence of young pioneers and komsomol, I can say that even though we were brainwashed, at least, kids those days had respect for elderly and for war veterans).
In early 90s lots of kids were partying and getting pregnant at young age (When I say, young age, I don't mean,16 because at 16 in russia you're are legaly an adult. I mean, like at 12-13 years old)
Dianetics came about at the same time as Herbal Life and Mary Kay and a few others things from overseas.The Hubbard Humanitarian Center in Moscow was open in 1993.. The Moscow Church of Scientology was registered in 1994. Scientology came in my city in 1995.
Gorbachev was a president back then and he was looking for something to increase the morals of youngsters. He found Scientology.
I read "Dianetics" and joined the staff right away.In 1996 I also found out there was a squirrels' group in local univercity that also do cources and auditing and there was a girl who went there and got some dianetics 55 processing and got her case all messed up,then she wanted standard auditing,but it was too late to help her. We was all so scared that freezonners will screw up our cases too, and then we would never be able to move on the bridge.
By the year 1996 Scientology spreaded everywhere and it was almost imposible to find a person who never heard of it. It was more popular than Herbal Life.LOL. As thematter of fact,
lots of "Herbalifers" and other sales people was taking scn cources and studying the tone scale.
I was selling books, and delivering lots of dianetics seminars and basic cources for the public.Ups and Downs used to be the most popular cource, because each person who would admit on OCA test that sometimes he has periods when he is very active and sometimes he is not, would be sent to that cource by me.
"The way to happiness" was another very popular book.Along with Criminon and Narconon and Aplied Scolastics scientology spreaded all over Russian schools.
We also was doing assists seminars in clinics and hospitals and assist tech became very popular along with other voluenteer minister cources.
There was also a war going on in Chechnya and some scientologists went there with lots of "the way to happiness " books. Then they came back ,claming they had stoppted the war, because as soon as soldgers began reading the book, they did not want to fight and felt homesick and that's how the war was stopped. And we all believed their version.

In 1996 , I watched the first negative show about scientology on the TV. It was the interview with the girl who was forced to disconnect with SP declared boyfriend and I though, it was not a big deal. Just one girl.But since that time I started noticing more and more anti-scientology shows on TV and articles in newspapers.My best friend and my auditor blew the org after watching one of those shows and when I asked her why, she said she does not want anything to do with sects. That was a big shock for me.

In 1997 I was doing some course sup training in OTL (Hubbard Humanitarian Center became OTL once they imported a few OTs from America and made a first Russian Clear).I got on ethics and was not able to study ,so I was doing some FSMing for a several month.
At that time Scientilogy was in Moscow so popular, I used to make lots of points just by selling books and giving out flyers. That was the time when scientology was still fun. People was sharing lots of sucsess stories and cource sup was not forcing anybody to write them.
OTL was a place I could call home. I was there all day long. I was there eating (had my food in the fridge,) and even sleeping sometimes
My mom came to visit and she freaked out because she heard some cursing and yelling in TRs room.But I calmed her down and sent her home. Staff tryed not to shout and curse around raw meat and threat them as VIPs
People in the orgs were so ethical , was just amazing.. My friend left her gold ring in OTL's bathroom by the sink, a few hours later it was still there. I mean, comparing to my wogs-friends who were stealing and doing drugs, my scientologists-friends were just awesome.
At that time orgs were full of people. Ethics officer, Boris was a nice guy and everybody liked him. Course supervisors were very nice .
There was lots of events going,full of public on and PR of scientology was not bad at that time

Then a man named Richard became a capitan and brought with him several OTs who did not speak any Russian. His plan was to let Moscow mission handle new public and keep OTL only for staff members that came from other orgs for training.
And then I went to U.S.
And when I came back, I don't know what the heck,have happened. I did not recognized Hubbard Humanitarian Center at all. Almost all staff was replaced. I did not know most of people there. My favorite course sup ran pass me in the gray shirt.
The biggest shock for me was the fact that most of staff were very low on the tone scale.
I was looking for MAA I knew to talk to but i was told she is not there anymore, there was another woman instead.We was talking toher about my future plans, I told her "I will see.May be I will go back to US and re-join the SO" and she wrote on report " Time will show" (In Russian "the time will show " and "I will see" have different meanning. One means you're the cause,other does not)
In the middle of our interview, she got up from her chair several times and started yelling and cursing because somebody locked the door.
And the girl who locked the door by mistake was yelling and curcing back at her thru the closed door
(I've seen lots of officers yelling in cursing in SO and got used to that already) but the funny thing was, this one was curcing in Russian, she acted as she did not know what she was doing and why she was curcing. She stopted the com cycle several times just to bang on the door and yell some more.)
It seemed to me she never understood the purpose of shouting with intention, she was just yelling, copying others who were yelling and cursing.
I was looking for some of my friends who I wanted to see and found only two of them and I was not allowed to speak to them .I still was able to talk to some people and found out that most of my friends blew, was RPFed or in freezone right now. I was shocked
Even people who lived in that neighbourhood, was kinda hostile to me and was giving me dirty looks watching me heading in dirrection of OTL.
Everything had changed. I looked around and did not recognize the place.It did not feel like the place I used to call home.
It was full of trained robots who was not hatted at all. OTL looked like a big daycare with no audult in charge. Most of staff members were very young (what happen to others, before I left there was many elderly people on stuff) The org looked like a bad parody of Sea Org .Yes, it was RussianSea Org .
And I was wondering, what's the hell have happened to this place?

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                         Scientologists say Russia lifts publications ban

May 4 2011

MOSCOW (AP) — The Church of Scientology says Russian authorities have lifted a ban on some of its publications.

A statement on the website of the organization's Russian branch says 29 books and lectures by the movement's founder L. Ron Hubbard were banned in late April after a court in the Siberian city of Surgut found them "extremist."

It said Tuesday that Russia's Justice Ministry has dropped the publications from its list of extremist literature.

Ministry officials refused immediate comment, but an online list of extremist literature does not mention Scientology materials Tuesday evening.

Scientology has struggled for acceptance in many European countries.

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25/5 Tass 234a

MOSCOW, May 25 (Itar-Tass) — Police in the Moscow region have closed an unlicensed school and retrieved 50 copies of
scientology textbooks, the press service of regional police told Itar-Tass on Wednesday.

"The school was located in the village of Baranovo, Naro-Fominsk district. It has been ascertained that it was providing
unlicensed tuition to children aged 6 to14, in the period from January 2009 through May 2011," a police officer said.

A check found 50 copies of scientology literature. These textbooks are undergoing a linguistic expert examination at present.

The revenue from illegal business amounted to 21 million roubles, police underlined.

Criminal proceedings were opened over illegal entrepreneurship deriving large profit.

This offense is punished by a fine, up to 500,000 roubles, or five years in jail.


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From: [X]            Part 0ne
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2011 6:09 AM
Subject: A question to work out


My name is Nikolay and I am representing the Religious Freedom Watch Russia. Recently you’ve been to Russia and RFWRU team is working on some materials on your activity as a critic of Scientology.

We want to make an article on site and we’d like to workout some moments with you. Just to make a try, let’s start from that question:

As you say, there were several physical assaults (six?) and several threats of murder toward you and once you’ve been almost pushed away from highway. Have you made corresponding statements to police and do you have a police records on that?

I hope you don’t mind to have this conversation with me as we want to recreate the whole story picture using certain and reliable facts and documents. So your answers may affect the final state of the article.

Nikolay Varshavsky

Today, Gerry Armstrong wrote:
Nikolay Varshavsky

Dear Mr. Varshavsky:

Thank you for your communication.

I’m glad you only say that my answers may affect the final state of your article about me. If you’d said that my answers will affect the final state of your article, I’d almost have to laugh. All the answers and facts in the world haven’t affected what Scientology and Scientologists have written about me over the past many years.

No, I don’t mind having this conversation with you. I’ve tried religiously, in fact, to find a Scientologist who would honestly engage me about my experiences and knowledge, and so far failed utterly. I wrote last year to Mike Rinder, who executed years of fair game against me for Scientology, about my appeal and my long search for an honest Scientologist.

If you become that first honest Scientologist, I would be forever grateful, and it would be a boon and blessing for you too.

I’m glad that you say you want to recreate the whole picture of my story. You doubtlessly understand that I don’t believe you. Importantly, for me to begin to believe you, I need some evidence that you honestly do, as you say, want to recreate that whole story picture. I want to recreate it in a number of arenas, most importantly in court, under oath, to judge and jury. I know my whole picture story well enough to know if you become honest about wanting to recreate it. And, as I mentioned, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for any sign of an honest Scientologist for many years.

Since the time I left the cult, Scientology and Scientologists have been trying without cessation to prevent my whole picture story from being recreated. All of the assaults and threats from Scientologists or their agents that you’re asking about were motivated by that same Scientology-wide intention, to prevent my whole picture story from being recreated by shuddering me into silence.

What Scientology and Scientologists over the past many years have tried to make the world think is my whole picture story has been what your scripture calls black propaganda or black PR. Your web site is a black PR organ for the Scientology cult, and your page on me is black PR.

Scientology and Scientologists have pretended for those past many years that their black PR on me is my whole picture story, but that is simply more black PR, more lies. Your black PR on me is part of my whole picture story, but as black PR. Similarly, the assaults and threats you’re asking about are part of my whole picture story, as assaults and threats.

Your Russian black PR page on me is, of course, a virtually direct translation of Scientology’s “Gerry Armstrong” page on its US-based black PR web site with the same design and name as yours, “Religious Freedom Watch.”

Both Scientology black PR sites, of course, are controlled by cult head David Miscavige.

It is well known that the individual under Miscavige who is the “administrative contact” for the English language black PR site is Joel Phillips. I wrote Miscavige and Phillips objecting to their page on me, principally their very sick black PRing me as an “anti-religious extremist.” One of Phillip’s functions, and presumably one of yours, is to hide the black PR’s source, which is Miscavige.

Because of their virtually conscienceless condition, which is tragically very common among Scientologists, neither Miscavige nor Phillips responded to my reasoned objection, but have continued their black PR attack. Scientologists’ attack reaction is, as you know, justified, and in fact mandated, in your scripture from Scientology inventor L. Ron Hubbard. He directed the “right thing” Scientologists are to do about “any threat:” “Don’t ever defend. Always attack.” Obviously Scientologists view me, or tell each other they view me, as a threat, or you wouldn’t attack me, even with your black PR pages on me.

As I’m sure you are aware, a document purporting to be a spreadsheet of West United States Scientologists who are trusted to do “volunteer” work for your Office of Special Affairs was recently released, and stated that Joel Phillips: “Works for Invest OSA INT.” “Invest,” or “Investigations,” as you know, is a Scientology euphemism for “Intelligence.” Phillips works for the Office of Special Affairs International’s Intelligence Section. This fact was already obvious to people like me, and not really vital because he works for Miscavige who runs everything including intel, but it was nice to see Phillips’ intel work acknowledged in an internal Scientology document.

His wife Tina Phillips, according to this spreadsheet, also does work for OSA.

It is understandable that Phillips, who is a clear Scientology black propagandist, works for OSA Intelligence, because Hubbard wrote in your scripture that black PR basically “is an intelligence technique.” If you really do, as you claim, represent Scientology’s Russian black PR site, it is reasonable as well to acknowledge that you also work for Scientology’s Intelligence apparatus. Your effort here to obtain details from me would be for your cult’s malevolent intelligence purposes, and not to recreate my whole picture story.

Phillips claimed authorship of a 2007 article “Behind the Scenes at Religious Freedom Watch,” that mentions the Religious Freedom Watch “teams.”

The backbone of the site is the investigators. We have a team in America and a team in Europe. Sometimes they travel back and forth. These people have years of training and have served in very high positions. They make it their life’s work to identify bigots, zealots, extremists, perverts and terrorists. You will see the fruits of their work on the site. Everything is checked and documented. You won’t just find a lot of hair brained yelling and screaming. You’re going to find photographs, interviews, court papers, in a word, PROOF that what you’re reading is true.

I imagine that you are on the European team that sometimes travels back and forth to America. Your team works for OSA Intel Int.

It is indeed possible to see the fruits of your Religious Freedom Watch teams on your sites, because your fruits are black PR. The checking and documenting that is done is to check and document that the black PR is what Miscavige intends and accepts. The yelling and screaming, of course, is probably done by the victims of your “investigations” and your black PR. But that Miscavige, Phillips, you, or anyone else has proof that what people read on your sites is true, is a conscienceless lie. Miscavige’s Religious Freedom Watch teams’ life’s work is to black PR Scientology’s victims as bigots, zealots, extremists, perverts, terrorists, etc.

It is instructive about Scientology and Scientologists that on your US-based site all the other Scientology targets and I are labeled and black-PRed as “anti-religious extremists;” and on your Russian site we are all labeled and black PRed as “religious extremists.” This contradiction even shows up in the URLs for your two sites’ black PR pages on me.;

I am, as Miscavige and Phillips know, and doubtlessly you know, neither a religious extremist nor an anti-religious extremist. I know all the other people personally that you black PR on your Russian site as “religious extremists,” and I am convinced that you Scientologists from Miscavige on up, know that these people you target are also neither religious extremists nor anti-religious extremists.

You imply that it was my recent trip to Russia that precipitated your Russian Religious Freedom Watch team’s getting to work on materials to recreate the whole story picture about me. This could be ironic to me because your Russian Religious Freedom Watch black PR site was a factor in my decision and planning to make the trip. I also mentioned your site in a number of talks or interviews I participated in during this trip to Russia.

In that sense, I could thank you and your fellow black PR agents because my visit to your great country (I’m assuming you’re really a Russian, and not Danny Sherman with an accent) was more successful, memorable and meaningful than I ever imagined. I actually consider your contacting me now, even if for your antisocial intelligence purposes, a big win from my Russian mission. I returned to Canada never more hopeful that Scientology’s persecution of the good people who might act in concert with me can be terminated, and that justice for Scientology’s victims, including me, can be achieved.

I became aware of your Russian black PR site last November on the WhyWeProtest forum in a thread entitled “Russian Orthodox Priest now on RFW (Russian version).”

Obviously, your Russian site focuses its black PR attacks on Russian targets, principally Dr. Alexander L. Dvorkin, who is, to Scientology’s leadership, a bigger threat to Scientology’s plans and operations in Russia than I am. Your black PR on me in Russian, thus far, as I mentioned, is merely the mindless regurgitation of a translation of Miscavige’s black PR on me from Scientology’s US-based site.

While I was still in Russia, as I’m sure you know, another Scientology-affiliated Internet entity “” published much the same black PR in Russian in the form of an interview about me by one Valery Stepanov with your fellow Scientologist Alexei Danchenkov. I had the article translated and then posted a response for Mr. Danchenkov, and for everyone else, on my blog.

Because of the facts and nature of your relationship with me, and because of the legal implications of your communication, I will do the same with this response. I am sure you’ve already read my response to the black PR attributed to Mr. Danchenkov, so let me urge you to read it again, because it applies and responds to several black PR points on your Russian Religious Freedom Watch site. It’s also part of my whole picture story, and necessary if you really want to recreate it.

The principal purpose for your black PR on me on your site, of course, is to black PR Dr. Dvorkin, by association with me, since I am an already extensively black PRed Scientology victim. On your US-based Religious Freedom Watch site, you Scientologists black PR many more people by associating us with each other, as I noted above, and identifying us all as “anti-religious extremists.” I had responded to the black PR association on this site between Dr. Dvorkin and me in my 2006 letter to Miscavige and Phillips.

[Your black PR:] “At a meeting of hate groups in Russia, Armstrong met with deprogramming proponent Alexander Dvorkin.”

[My response:] I have never attended any meeting of hate groups in Russia at any time, nor have I attended any meeting of any hate groups in any other country. I have met Dr. Dvorkin several times in Russia and in other countries, he has translated for me on several occasions, and I have been able to observe him for several hours at a time on many occasions. At no time did I observe him attend a meeting of hate groups, discuss attending any meeting of hate groups, or suggest that I or anyone else attend any meeting of hate groups. At no time did he propose deprogramming me or anyone else, as you define “deprogramming” on your hate sites; i.e., activities involving kidnapping and assaults or such stupidities. He is a Doctor of Theology, a religious man in the sincerest rational meaning of the word, and a teacher in religious studies and in religious organizations. He is one of the people identified on your hate sites as an anti-religious extremist that I know with complete certainly is not an anti-religious extremist.

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                               Part two

Your black PR attacks on Dr. Dvorkin and me by association with each other has actually made us associate more with each other, so I thank all you Religious Freedom Watch team members for that. I think this is an expected result among conscienceful people whose associations or relationships people like your team members attack and threaten with your black PR. I had the opportunity, in fact, to observe Dr. Dvorkin each day during my recent trip to Russia, in many settings and circumstances, and over many hours, and became even more convinced of the blackness of Scientology and Scientologists’ black PR on him. I also became more determined to end your persecution of such good people. So thank you for that as well.

I mentioned above that there are legal implications to your communication to me, which I’m sure you know about, but perhaps haven’t fully understood. Whether you are a formally employed OSA staff member or merely a “volunteer,” or if you really believe you are only a Religious Freedom Watch team member, you, Mr. Varshavsky, are a “beneficiary” of Scientology’s infamous Armstrong injunction. This order of the California Superior Court prohibits me from communicating about Scientology or about you or any other injunction beneficiary. I wrote about the injunction, its beneficiaries, and how it relates to Russia and Russians in my recent response to your fellow beneficiary Alexei Danchenkov. I said that a major purpose of my trip to Russia was, in fact, to discuss the injunction and encourage action to get it declared unlawful and lawfully unenforceable. What times I was assaulted or threatened by whom are extremely tangential to the live, personal, global issue of your injunction, your efforts to enforce it, and how you use it.

The beneficiaries in this matter are every Scientology or Scientology-affiliated church, organization or entity and all of their officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, successors, assigns and legal counsel. As you can envision, this is a cult-sized number of beneficiaries around the world, and you can easily find yourself among them. The injunction also prohibits me from assisting victims of any of you beneficiaries, or assisting people adverse in some way to any of you. People adverse to Scientology and Scientologists, and adverse to any normal people who are beneficiaries, comprise, as you know, the Suppressive Person class. These prohibitions are unlawful, the injunction was obtained by unlawful means, and Scientology’s actions to enforce the injunction have been unlawful.

Each Scientologist or Scientology agent who assaulted or threatened me, and the people like you who black PR me or run covert ops on me, are all beneficiaries of the injunction that prohibits me from communicating about any of you. Your Scientology-affiliated entity Religious Freedom Watch is a beneficiary of the injunction. It is impossible, of course, to tell, or recreate, my whole picture story without violating your injunction’s prohibitions. The prohibitions contain no lower limit for what constitutes a “violation;” so one word from me about Scientology or any of the beneficiaries, or the slightest assistance to a Suppressive Person, are valid, punishable injunction violations. Directing you to documents, or telling or recreating anything from my past, so that you, as you claim, are able to recreate my whole picture story, requires clearly gargantuan violations on my part.

The Armstrong injunction’s prohibitions, as you know, also apply to persons “acting in concert” with me. The prohibitions are just as unlawful for people acting in concert with me as they are for me personally. People acting in concert with me, in fact, comprise a class of citizens that you beneficiaries unlawfully threaten, and whose rights you unlawfully violate. To act in concert with me means that people do the things that I, and they, are prohibited from doing: discussing Scientology and you beneficiaries, and assisting your victims or opponents. The people who most act in concert with me are those who facilitate my violations of your injunction. Such people assist me in some way to tell or recreate my whole picture story, or assist me to assist the beneficiaries’ victims or opponents. If you honestly wanted to recreate my whole story picture, you would be acting in concert with me, for which I would be grateful. Even now, you are inciting me, or perhaps even extorting me, to violate your injunction.

You write that you want to recreate my whole story picture using certain and reliable facts and documents, and you ask me if I have made statements to the police about the Scientology beneficiaries’ assaults and threats, and do I have records of that. Yes I have, and yes I do.

More importantly, you beneficiaries already possess many, if not all, of such statements. You beneficiaries also possess all the records of your own statements about me to police, in numerous cities and countries.

David Miscavige can issue an order that all of OSA Intel’s, RTC’s, et al.’s records relating to me be supplied to you, or me or anyone, and it all could be done in a few days. The beneficiaries have known about assaults and threats against me since 1982, and have known that the number of physical assaults has stood at six since August 2004, which was the last assault recorded. I think we can both agree that there is no real urgency to getting facts and documents from me relating to twenty-nine years of assaults and threats because you now want to recreate my whole story picture.

Nevertheless, to make my work collecting and organizing my facts and documents for you as efficient and unburdensome as possible, please provide me all the facts and documents you beneficiaries possess about me. If you do this, I will be able to see if you are missing any facts or documents that would prevent you from recreating my whole picture story, which you say you want to do. I would then provide you with the facts and documents you’re missing, and a whole picture story would practically be guaranteed.

One final note, if you do become honest, and perhaps can’t stand the ignominy of being a beneficiary in Scientology’s unlawful injunction that suppresses and destroys so many people’s basic human rights, please take advantage of this Beneficiary Removal Form:

I look forward to receiving the facts and documents I’ve requested.


Gerry Armstrong

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              Scientology books banned in Russia

A court in a Moscow suburb has banned works by the founder of the Church of Scientology.

The Shchyolkovo court ruled that “What is Scientology?” and other books by L. Ron Hubbard “contain calls for extremist activities,” the Prosecutor General’s office said in a statement.

It said that once the court decision comes into force, scientology books will be put on the federal list of extremist materials banned for release throughout Russia. The court made the ruling following a request by local prosecutors.

Attempts by Russian authorities to ban Scientology literature have been overturned recently. In May, the Russian Justice Ministry  removed Hubbard’s books from the list of banned literature after a decision by a court in Siberia was overturned.

Scientology officials said they would protest the latest court decision.

“There have been many legal violations, the case is unfounded and the trial was hasty,” the group’s attorney Sergei Korzikov told  The Associated Press.

“We could not defend our legal interests.”

The group’s spokesman in Russia, Yuri Maximov, said that Russia is home to “tens of thousands” of Scientology devotees. Russian media have claimed that some powerful businessmen and officials are  among Scientology adepts.

Russia’s dominant Orthodox Church has denounced Scientology as a  “totalitarian sect,” and the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Moscow city authorities infringed on the group’s rights by repeatedly refusing to register it. In 2007 and 2009 the Strasbourg-based court issued decisions upholding the rights of Russian Scientologists to practise their religion free from unlawful government interference.

Hubbard, a science fiction writer, founded the Los Angeles-based  Church of Scientology in 1954. It teaches that technology can expand the mind and help solve problems.

The group claims 10 million members around the world, including film stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Scientologists say that there are more than 280 million copies of Hubbard’s books distributed around the world.

Belgium, Germany and other European countries have been criticised by the US State Department for labelling Scientology as  a cult or sect and enacting laws to restrict its operations and monitor its activities.

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              Moscow police search scientology [Taganskaya Street]

Moscow, October 6, Interfax - Moscow police have been searching the Church of Scientology on Taganskaya Street since Thursday morning, a law enforcement source has told Interfax.

The search could be part of a criminal investigation by the Moscow region's Investigative Committee into the distribution of scientology literature of the extremist nature, the source said.

No official confirmation of this report has been immediately available.

Scientology is an applied religious philosophy founded by American Ron Hubbard.

In late June, the Prosecutor General's Office declared several of Hubbard's books extremist.

Earlier, the Prosecutor's Office of the town of Schyolkovo near Moscow petitioned the city court to ban extremist materials by scientology's founder. The court upheld the plea.

Once the ruling comes into force, the banned literature is automatically included into the list of extremist materials barred from distribution in Russia.

In May, scientologists claimed that the Justice Ministry had excluded Hubbard's books from the "black list."

Video footage here...

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                                        L.Ron Hubbard books banned in Russia

A Moscow region court has backed a verdict issued by the Shchyolkovo town court, declaring books by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard as extremist, the Interfax news agency says.

Experts have concluded that Hubbard`s theory inspires its followers to adopt extremist attitude to people depending on their social status.

Now Hubbard`s books are banned from distribution in Russia.

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           This is acually getting a lot of press....  Here is one example;

                            Moscow court outlaws Ron Hubbard’s writings    24th March 2012

Undaunted by judicial setbacks and complaints to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Russia tramples the freedom of religion, Russian anti-cult activists have continued their campaign to outlaw the writings of the Church of Scientology founder Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

In 2010, the High Court of the Siberian region of Khanty-Mansy, and earlier this month, the High Court of the Republic of Tatarstan overturned decisions by lower courts to outlaw Hubbard’s books. But in the latest twist to the saga, the High Court of the region of Moscow has upheld a similar decision by a lower court. It ruled that Hubbard’s books contain instructions to build a mind-controlling cult, which would set its members against every other social institution including the state. As soon as the ruling takes effect, these books will join the federal index of outlawed literature. This means that Russia will finally join Germany and France in classifying the scientologist propaganda material as extremist and unconstitutional.

Law expert of the Russian Anti-Cult Association Dr Alexander Korelev describes the development as very welcome and timely.

He was speaking in an interview with The Voice of Russia: "Hubbard’s books form the ideological arsenal of one of the most virulent mind-controlling cults that continue to operate in the Russian Federation. This cult uses brainwashing techniques to drive the members insane and rob them of their property. It is absolutely destructive, and its ideology must be outlawed. Accordingly, all Hubbard’s books must be out of circulation."

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                            Customs blocking entry of banned Hubbard books

    Unofficial translation of a Russian article posted on May 31, 2012 on the website of the Northwest Customs Directorate of the Russian Federation:
    Saint Petersburg Customs: Results of the fight against extremism

    May 31, 2012

    Saint Petersburg customs notes a recent increase in the volume of religious propaganda literature being sent to Russia. Saint Petersburg customs agents regularly apply preventive measures to block the entry and further circulation of materials that have been ruled extremist.

    In the course of their inspections, agents of the law enforcement branch of the customs office noted a significant influx into the northwest region of literature, booklets and CDs containing informational materials in Russian by L. Ron Hubbard, the ideologist of the international religious organization "Church of Scientology," sent by "New Era Publishing Group," a legal entity registered in Denmark.

    The Shchyolkovo city court in the Moscow region has ruled a number of these materials extremist.

    The Russian branch of the Danish "New Era" publishing company, which ships and distributes these materials, is presently facing criminal charges filed by the Main Investigations Directorate for the city of Shchyolkovo under Part 1, Article. 282 of the Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation ("Incitement of hatred, enmity, or abasement of human dignity").

    Inspections of international mail in 2011 also turned up Hubbard books that have been ruled extremist by court decision.

    To summarize, goods prohibited from importation on the territory of the Russian Federation were detected during customs inspections. In accordance with the customs legislation of the Russian Federation, the materials found as a result of the inspections were refused at the customs control point and will be returned to the foreign sender.

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Church of Scientology Moscow Introduces Legislators and Community Leaders to the Legacy of L. Ron Hubbard

PRWEB) June 06, 2012

At a round table at the Church of Scientology Moscow May 29 Church staff introduced legislators, community and civic leaders to the life and work of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard through the pages of a new 16-volume biographical encyclopedia.

The L. Ron Hubbard Series, released March 13, 2012, provides the first definitive, in-depth account of Mr. Hubbard. In total, the work stands at more than 3,600 pages and chronicles Mr. Hubbard’s extraordinary life and enduring legacy as drawn from his extensive personal archives, including never before published correspondence, journals and essays.

Church of Scientology Moscow Public Relations Director Natalia Alexeeva presented an overview of the volumes, and guests watched a video presentation that detailed the project done to compile the volumes and restore the original photographs they feature.

Guests were then given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the encyclopedia.

Mr. Sergey Komkov, Vice-President of the International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation and Vice-President of All-Russia Foundation of Education, said, “The book enables the reader to delve into the life of this great man, and educate himself on L. Ron Hubbard’s greatest discoveries, the fruits of which will continue to be enjoyed by future generations.”

Writer, journalist and literary critic Mrs. Lyudmila Avdeeva said, “The unique, multi-volume publication is a triumphant accomplishment. It sheds light on the life and work of L. Ron Hubbard, an outstanding scientist, researcher and creative genius. The spiritual and practical heritage of L. Ron Hubbard is so enriching, anyone, regardless of age, profession or belief, will benefit from this information.”

Since its grand opening February 26, 2011, the Church of Scientology of Moscow has held weekly open houses, round tables, symposia, forums and community events to make the practical solutions of the Scientology religion broadly available and to coordinate with other groups and leaders who are working to uplift the culture.

The new Church stands in the city’s central Garden Ring, just one mile from Red Square. The Church Public Information Center contains more than 500 information videos covering the beliefs and practices of the Scientology religion and the life and legacy of L. Ron Hubbard. Visitors are welcome to take self-guided tours any day of the week and return as often as they like.

For more information, visit the Scientology Website.

Read the full story at

Read more:

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            Former Church of Scientology members report horror stories to Russia Today

The Church of Scientology is facing growing scrutiny.  Russia Today (RT) visited with former members who had horror stories to report.

From Los Angeles, Karen de la Carriere told RT, "Little did I know how the Church of Scientology would destroy my family, turn my son against me, let his body lie in a morgue, deny me a last look." She told RT that when she left the Church of Scientology two years ago, the church forced her son, Alexander Jentzsch, to cut off ties with her.  "To deny me one last look, 15 seconds I begged of the funeral director.  I said eyes only, I won't tell the media, let me just have 15 private seconds with my son."

The Village Voice reports that the 27-year-old son of Heber Jentzsch, the Church of Scientology's president, died on July 3.

As to Heber Jentzsch, Jentzsch reportedly fell out of favor with the Church's leader and has been kept at "The Hole," according to reports from ex-Scientology members given to RT.  RT reports that he had not been seen since 2004, but he was seen at the Church's memorial service for his son Alexander.

Describing "The Hole," Steve Hall told RT, "That place was actually turned into an actual lock down prison."  Hall worked at the Church's international headquarters alongside Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige. A former senior writer for the Church of Scientology International, Hall told RT, "I decided to leave in December of 2003 after being assaulted and battered by David Miscavige and also witnessing him physically beating his staff, among other criminal actions."

"He was brutal," de la Carriere confirmed to RT. "He hit people every day and people were electrified."

Hall said he was forbidden to leave Church grounds. "There was a fence going all the way around the property with razor wire so you can't climb over, and if you do, there are motion sensors and security lights that come on."

The Church of Scientology vehemently denies the claims of abuse. As to Alex Jentzsch, the Church issued a letter to RT that stated,

Ms. de la Carriere chose to leave the Church voluntarily. She became an apostate. For two or more years she has been a part of a small group of anti-Scientologists who methodically generate false and disparaging statements about the Church of Scientology. The allegation that the Church prohibited Ms. de la Carriere from contacting Alex is false. Any decision which Alex made not to communicate with his mother was made by Alex -- not the Church.

The Church has faced increased scrutiny after the divorce of high-profile Scientologist Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It is rumored that Holmes wanted out of the marriage, in part, to get her and her daughter away from Scientology. The Church of Scientology caters to celebrities like Cruise and John Travolta. It has a Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angeles.

"Tom Cruise and John Travolta were treated like royalty, like Saudi kings," de la Carriere says. "They never saw the darker side. They were pampered."

The activist group Anonymous has been protesting the Church of Scientology for years.

Despite the controversy surrounding it, the Church of Scientology claims that the religion is "growing faster today than at any other time in history" and "welcomes 4.4 million new people each year." Claiming that "there is an unprecedented worldwide demand for the knowledge of Dianetics and Scientology," it operates a gigantic state of the art publishing center that spans an entire city block in Los Angeles and produces millions of books and CDs each year.

Former Scientologists find the huge growth of membership in the church hard to believe.

Plus video...

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                  Russian “Press Council” decision for the Scientologists against Russia 1 TV

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                                    Orthodox Christian Rally In Moscow Condemned Scientologist Community

An Orthodox Christian rally on Saturday that brought together about 200 people condemned the allegedly proselytizing activities of Moscow’s Scientologist community and demanded the construction of numerous Orthodox churches in the city.

Indignation was expressed at the rally, held on 1905 Square in central Moscow, with the fact that the “totalitarian sect” occupies a large former mansion not far from the Pokrovsky Convent in the city’s historic Taganka area and is “intensively trying to recruit people who come [to the convent] to venerate the relics of St. Matrona.”

“In the 21st century, wars are fought with information and Web methods, totalitarian sects are used intensively, and so anyone who cares about the survival of Russia must join the body of the Russian Orthodox Church,” said one of the rally organizers, Valentin Lebedev, leader of the Orthodox Citizens Union.

The leader of the Forty Times Forty group, Andrei Kormukhin, demanded a ban on Scientologist activities in Moscow, especially near an Orthodox place of worship.

“In what is in effect a city of 15 million, we need 1,600 new churches – ‘forty times forty,’ – and very soon as well, as at least minimal compensation for the damage done to the church by the theomachists,” he said.

The meeting issued an appeal to the mayor and the head of the city legislature to take measures to prevent “sects” from activities that may exercise any influence on secondary and primary schools and to help governmental agencies whose duties include control of Scientologist and “other destructive religious organizations.”

The reason for the rally was a ruling by the Gagarinsky District Court late in May that upheld the Justice Ministry’s grievances against the Scientologist Church of Moscow and the Management Center for the Dissemination of Dianetics and Scientology.

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                                      12 November 2013,

                                        Ex-Scientologist comes clean about Scientology ‘people will do anything, it’s like drugs’

Scientology claims to have 8 million adherents globally, though thousands escape from the religion most notably described as a cult-like religion, impossible to detach from. Ex-member of Scientology Cindy Plahuta gave the Voice of Russia the dirt on the church and the rocky path after defecting.

Before Plahuta’s life was turned upside down, she had been living in a small town in Illinois and was a practicing Methodist. Though, after her move to Florida with her then husband, events unraveled which would change her behavior forever. Upon taking a job for a company, where mostly all employees and even the boss were scientologists, she slowly got pulled into the realm of Scientology for 20 years.
Though, the hook line and sinker were just the tip of the iceberg in the world of Scientology. Potential Scientology members are given a Stress Test to figure out what problems are burdening them in life. Afterward, a certified e-meter reader deciphers what their main issues are and how Scientology can untangle the knots in their life. Plahuta warns though that once a few tiny steps are done toward the “bridge to total freedom”, there is no turning back.

“You cannot get out. If you do, they know your friends, family, and there’s a very big part of Scientology called disconnection and that can be just devastating,” 56-year-old Ex-Scientologist, Cindy Plahuta told the Voice of Russia.
Endless reading and non-stop courses keep the majority of Scientologists busy as bees. A paperback copy on Scientology is just a measly 8 dollars, and beginner courses range from 50 to 100 dollars. However, in a religion where the “bridge to total freedom” forces adherents to take classes, read books, and get auditing done, it could easily cost a person half a million dollars to make their way up to the top. ”The bottom line is, it’s all about the money,” she said.

Like many former scientologists, Plahuta had come to a breaking point and by 2002 she couldn’t ignore it any longer. Two major hang ups motivated Plahuta to slowly stop engaging in group events and then eventually not show up to gatherings altogether.
One factor, which was of great concern for her, was with the fundraising efforts The Church of Scientology had done. Since Plahuta was part of the church’s fundraising initiative in Los Angeles for their new Super Power Building, she was told they needed to hit their target goal. The amount ranged from 2 to 25 million dollars per week. Even though some weeks the target amount was reached, she was still left with burning questions. “Where’s this money going and why is the target never going down,” Plahuta asked during this time of confusion.
Another commonality within Scientology was Plahuta found that people were disappearing left and right. One instance arose where she had scheduled a telephone conversation with another member however, to her dismay an entirely different person picked up the phone and said the man she was looking for was busy on a mission. When Plahuta interrogated her superior about the disappearances, instead of calming explaining he yelled at her for doing so.
Plahuta and her husband dropped out of the church and were sure of their decision in 2009, after a friend of Plahuta’s advised her to read an article about Scientology online, where executive hot shots left the religion for good. “It’s not allowed that you would look on the internet or type in the words Scientology, or watch the news,” Plahuta confessed. While her husband went off to sleep, she quietly went online, found the article and read it thoroughly. She said in that moment, she was sweating like a pig.

Later on, she ended up reading the article to her husband, and he had the same reaction as she did—speechless. Once the news was out, Plahuta lost friends she had had for decades, but more importantly she had lost complete and total contact with her daughter. She used to talk with her daughter Kara on the phone in early 2010, but would stay away from the topic of Scientology as it was a touchy subject.
“Two and a half years ago she just stopped called and she has not returned a phone call since,” Plahuta said in an upset tone of voice. Her son and step-son are anti-Scientology, but her step-daughter, like her biological daughter, has cut all ties with her and her husband.
It is safe to say that Plahuta’s personal path in and out of Scientology has been brutally unforgettable—but her pain does not stop her from spreading her story and words of warning. Her first precautionary tip is to foreign countries, as one sector of Scientology, The Sea Organization, has been recruiting lower class people to sign up for their religion in places like Taiwan and South America. They promise them a better life by offering the money, a free place to stay, and food in exchange for their allegiance to the church. “I would be very wary in Russia. Before I got out, there had been more people than I had seen prior from Russia,” Plahuta commented.

The ex-scientologist also forewarns people that as much as the Church of Scientology advertises they are a religion—in her eyes they are a cult. “People are just brainwashed. People will do anything, it’s like drugs to get their next intensive or their next course paid for. They’ll take our credit cards, mortgage their homes, borrow money from any relative. It is crazy.” Plahuta said.

Nowadays, she has to live with private investigators tracking her every move and people keeping an eye on her –a method many former followers say is designed to intimidate defectors. In her childhood she was a Methodist, in her adulthood she turned to Scientology, however now after what she has dealt with, she admits now she will never get involved with religious groups. Instead, “treat people the very best you can and whatever happens in the end will happen in the end regardless” has become her and her husband’s new take on life.

Read more:

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                                                            Soros Hires Scientologist to Conquer Ukraine

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                                         Scientologist Wiedermann moves to another state office

15 May 2014Flash News

THE STATE, governed by the Smer party, is not going to recall Scientologist Martin Wiedermann, who heads the Central Depository of Securities (CDCP), but rather, he is moving to a post in another state agency, the Sme daily wrote on May 15.
The government privatisation company, the National Property Fund (FNM), confirmed that Wiedermann has become a member of the Board of Directors of the state joint-stock company Dlhopis, which takes over low value securities from citizens.
Wiedermann is a former schoolmate of the co-owners of the J&T financial group, Patrik Tkáč and Ivan Jakabovič, and they are still reportedly on friendly terms. However, J&T representatives say they have done nothing to help Wiedermann acquire the posts he has held, and they denied having any financial connections. Tkáč even told Sme that he “has been systematically dissuading Wiedermann from Scientology”.
The CDCP collects non-public information on state and private joint-stock companies, including the structure of shareholders and their personal data. The FNM maintains that Wiedermann has no authority to even review the tenders gathered in the depository.
(Source: Sme)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports

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                                     Scientologist found dead near St. Petersburg, Russia

Translation of a Russian article posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 on the website:

Police seeking information about a Scientologist found dead near St. Petersburg, Russia

Law enforcement officers are seeking information about a man whose body was found on April 28 in the Novoladozhsky canal in the town of Shlisselburg. A black sports bag stuffed with stones was tied around his neck.

The Northwest Transport Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is presently looking into the circumstances surrounding the death of 57-year-old Valeriy Shelomentsev, a native of Irbit in the Sverdlovsk region. The body showed no signs of a violent death.

It is known that the victim moved from Lipetsk to St. Petersburg in 2012 and settled in Gostilitsy, where he worked as a physical education teacher. He was for many years a parishioner of the Church of Scientology of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Persons who have information about this man (place of work, residence, etc.) are requested to contact police by telephone in St. Petersburg : 601-00-34 , 601-00-36 , +7-921-847-82 -44 , +7-921-342-00-88 or by email :

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                                                    Russia: Police raid Saint Petersburg org, Sept. 25, 2014

    At 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 25, 2014, police raided the Church of Scientology located at 21 Rozenstein Street in Saint Peterburg, Russia. Authorities are investigating a "large-scale fraud" by the construction company "Olimp" whose directors are Scientologists Ekaterina and Mikhail Zaborskikh. Money that buyers paid to purchase apartments in buildings yet to be constructed was allegedly siphoned off to pay for Scientology courses or as donations to Scientology's "volunteer ministers." According to present estimates, 9 million rubles were stolen from defrauded investors.

    A video posted on Russia's NTV website on September 27 shows some scenes from the raid. The speaker heard in the video is Vyacheslav Stepchenko, an official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He states that the raid took place and summarizes the fraud allegations.

    Sources (in Russian):
    NTV video Sept. 27, 2014
    NTV video Sept. 25,2014
    Article, Sept. 25, 2014: Police raid Scientology business

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29 September 2014, 10:06
                                                   Police raid St. Petersburg Scientology church as part of fraud probe

St. Petersburg, September 29, Interfax - Police on Thursday searched the premises of the St. Petersburg Church of Scientology as part of an investigation into suspected large-scale fraud by the chief executive of a construction company, the police authority for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region said.

The searches resulted in "evidence confirming the existence of financial relations" between the suspect and the Scientologist church, the authority said in a statement.

Investigators claim that the chief executive handed over to the church about 9 million rubles that were allegedly investments from customers.

"Documents were seized in the course of the searches that confirm the transfer of about 17 million rubles to the religious group via a commercial organization controlled by them for donations and instruction," the statement said.

Police were continuing their investigations, it said.


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                                        Conference on destructive cults in Sakhalin, Russia (October 21-22, 2014)

Originally Posted by Announcement translated from Russian
World's leading religious scholars meet on Sakhalin to discuss issues of spiritual security

by Alexander Kyzmin
Monday, October 13, 2014

An international workshop conference titled "Totalitarian sects and civil society: Current challenges of spiritual security" will convene in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on October 21-22.

Among the guests of honor and speakers at the conference will be world-renowned experts in religious studies and experts in the field of combating destructive religious organizations:

- Bishop Khristophor Karpassiyskiy - director of the Pancyprian Parents Union (Cyprus);
- Alexander Dvorkin - President of the Russian Association of Centers for the Study of Religions and Sects, Chairman of the Expert Council on Religion for the Ministry of Justice;
- Prof. Ivan Zhelev Dimitrov - chairman of the Center for the Study of New Religious Movements (Bulgaria);
- Roman Silantyev - Executive Director of the Human Rights Center of the World Russian People's Council;
- Chao Huang - Associate Professor, School of Philosophy, University of Wuhan (China);
- Vladimir Rogatin - Director of "Dialog"; Nikolaevsk Center for the Protection of the Family and the Individual (Ukraine);
- Gerald Armstrong - writer, former personal archivist to the founder of the Hubbard Scientology cult (Canada).

The conference is organized by the Russian Association of Centers for the Study of Religions and Sects (RATSIRS), the Sakhalin Information and Consulting Center for Religious Studies, and the St. Irenaeus of Lyon Center for Religious Studies.

Events of this kind have been held in various regions of the Russian Federation and in nearby countries and have had a significant positive impact on the religious situation in the region.

For those wishing to participate in the conference, the organizing committee can be reached by telephone: (4242) 26-14-96.

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                                              Russia: Church of Scientology faces expert evaluation, closure

    English article posted on December 15, 2014 on the website of RAPSI (Russian Legal Information Agency)

    MOSCOW, December 15 (RAPSI) - Church of Scientology will be scrutinized by religion experts after the Russian Justice Ministry refused to register the statute of the Church of Scientology in Moscow, RAPSI learnt in Moscow's Izmailovsky District Court on Monday.

    The Justice Ministry found that the statute did not comply with the federal law on freedom of faith. It also indicated that “scientology” is registered as a trademark and is owned by the Religious Technology Center in the US. The ministry therefore filed a motion with the Moscow City Court seeking to ban the Moscow branch of the church. The hearings at the Moscow City Court will resume after the issue about the statute is considered by the Izmailovsky Court.

    Dianetics and Scientology is a religious and philosophic movement established in the US in the early 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard.

    A resolution passed in 1996 by the lower house of parliament, or the State Duma, classified the Church of Scientology as a destructive religious organization.

    The Moscow Regional Court ruled that some of Hubbard’s books be included on the Federal List of Extremist Literature and banned from distribution in Russia.

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                                      Jonny Jacobson on Tony Ortega`s site.

Russia tries yet another gambit to stymie Scientology

Our man in Paris, British journalist Jonny Jacobsen, has been keeping an eye on Scientology’s odd fortunes in Russia. So when we heard there was a new development there, we asked him to put it in perspective for us…

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

A Russian court hearing a case in which the justice ministry is trying to shut down the Church of Scientology in Moscow has adjourned proceedings to call in a religious expert.

For the ministry, a big part of the problem with the Church of Scientology appears to be that “Scientology” is a trademark registered in the United States.

Sure enough, the trademark belongs to the Religious Technology Center and Bunker regulars will recall that the RTC is the real seat of power in Scientology. Its chairman of the board is David Miscavige, who is known to “COB” to church members.

The city court hearing the case decided on Monday to put Scientology Moscow under scrutiny pending a report by a religious expert, the Russian Legal Information Centre (RAPSI) reported. A court spokesman told the agency that this would take at least a month to deliver.

For years now, the ministry has been refusing to register Scientology’s Moscow branch as a religion on the grounds that its statutes do not comply with the federal law on freedom of faith. And for years now, Scientology Moscow has been fighting to get that decision reversed.

So this latest move from the ministry just ups the ante in a legal battle that has been running — on one front or another — for two decades.

Don’t forget that Russia has already lost three times in the European Court of Human Rights for blocking different Scientology branches from registering — or re-registering — as religious groups.

The first of those losses, back in 2007, concerned its treatment of — you guessed it — the Church of Scientology Moscow. And according to the ECHR ruling in that case, it started way back in 1994.

We covered the most recent ECHR ruling against Russia here at the Bunker back in October, when Russia was condemned for its treatment of Scientology’s St. Petersburg branch.

That the ministry is making a fuss over the trademark issue is not such a surprise. It reflects the same paranoid mentality behind a recent law there cracking down on any non-governmental organization funded from abroad.

The law, which effectively reclassifies such groups as agents of a foreign power, has been denounced by international campaigners as a crackdown on independently minded rights groups.

It perfectly characterises the increasingly authoritarian style of Putin-era Russia.

Only yesterday, after all, Human Rights Watch reported on the growing levels of anti-gay violence in Russia in the wake of a law effectively discriminating against the LGBT community.

For anyone interested, I pulled the dust covers off Infinite Complacency last month to take a closer look at all three ECHR rulings condemning Russia’s treatment of Scientology.

Long story short? For once, Scientology occupies the moral high ground.

— Jonny Jacobsen

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                                                    Police search Moscow Church of Scientology, January 29, 2015

Translation of a Russian article posted on January 29, 2015 on
Police search Church of Scientology in Moscow

January 29, 2015

A law enforcement source has informed Interfax that searches are under way at the Church of Scientology located in Moscow’s Tagansky district.

According to the source, police and intelligence services arrived on Thursday evening at the building leased by Scientologists on Taganskaya Street and began a search in connection with a criminal fraud case.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs press center confirmed the raid to Interfax: "These actions are being conducted as part of the investigation."

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                            Police search Moscow Church of Scientology, January 29, 2015

Youtube video of the TV news item.

Published on Feb 15, 2015
Here, with English subtitles, is a January 30, 2015 Russian TV news report about the January 29 police raid on the Church of Scientology of Moscow. The report contains video of the raid released by Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                                            ECHR refuses to review Church of Scientology claim against Russia

MOSCOW, February 18 (RAPSI) - European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) has refused to review an appeal filed by Russian Federation over the ECHR decision in favor of unregistered Church of Scientology over the refusal of St. Petersburg authorities to officially recognize it as a legal entity, says the court ruling made public on Wednesday.

According to the ruling, the application was filed by Church of Scientology in St. Petersburg, which was formed by a group of individuals gathered together for research of Scientology. The first group was formed in St. Petersburg in 1984, which in the late 80’s splintered into two organizations, one of which was headed by Galina Shurinova (one of the six applicants).

The present application concerned the refusal of St. Petersburg authorities to acknowledge it as a legal entity. The group applied for registration six times, from March 1995 to August 2003.

The first application was filed by Shurinova with other nine founders of the St. Petersburg Church of Mission of Scientology in March 1995. Upon receiving no answer over the course of two years, Shurinova demanded an explanation from the authorities. Russian Justice Ministry informed her, that the application was transferred to a State Duma committee, to be evaluated by an expert in religious and legal matters. Following lack of response, the application was shelved.

In February 2002, a new registration request was filed, which was rejected in March of the same year, citing discrepancies in required paperwork. Scientologists filed four more registration requests, which were all subsequently turned down under a number of reasons. In the last rejection in August of 2003, the St. Petersburg authorities stated that the documents proving that the group was active for the last 15 years (time period necessary to register a new religious organization), were fraudulent.

The Scientologist turned to a district court in St. Petersburg, which declared the rejections legal in October 2003, and was supported by an appeals court in 2006.

The applicants turned to ECHR in November 2006. Citing article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights (a right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion), and article 11 Article ( the right to freedom of assembly and association), the applicants contested in their opinion unlawful rejections to register the Church of Scientology as a legal entity.

The Russian response confirmed that the rejections were in violation of freedom of religion, pointing out that the decision in the case was based on the Russian law and security reasons. Russia further pointed to similar cases reviewed by the ECHR concerning UK and Austria.

The ECHR upon reviewing the application, ruled in favor of Scientologists, awarding them 7,500 EUR as moral damages compensation.

Russia requested that case be referred to the Grand Chamber the Grand Chamber of ECHR. However, Grand Chamber refused to review an appeal. Therefore the Court ruling came into effect.

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                                            Parliament member requests inspection of Russian Scientology Church

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                        Russian court takes Justice Ministry’s side against Church of Scientology

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                                Russia: Police seize recording equipment in Moscow org (Aug. 17, 2015)

Police raided the Moscow Church of Scientology on August 17, 2015 and seized audio and video recording equipment that, investigators believe, serves to record conversations and auditing sessions to later blackmail Scientology's clients. Authorities are conducting a criminal investigation into "illegal trafficking of special technical equipment" based on article 138.1 of the Russian Criminal Code ("Violation of the Secrecy of Correspondence, Telephone Conversations, Postal, Telegraphic and Other Messages").

A short video of the police raid is available on a Russian "Life News" article:

Sources (in Russian):

Google translation of the first article:

The Church of Scientology secretly watched his parishioners in Moscow

Law enforcement officers raided the Church of Scientology on Taganskaya Street in Moscow. Employees of intelligence services received information that in the building of followers Ron Habbarta secretly using a variety of recording devices. It turned out that the Church of Scientology in the room mounted acoustic microphones and video cameras.

In particular, special technical devices found in the rooms, which were conducted personal interviews with people, so-called auditing. This process resembles Scientology confession of the Orthodox Church - the client comes to a counselor (auditor) and tells everyone that he is excited. According to Scientologists, they do not use in auditing suggestion, but research experts suggest that auditing contains a form of hypnosis.

As suggested by the investigators, the Church of Scientology in the recorded conversation with a visitor auditor to later blackmail clients.

- Investigating authorities GSM RF IC in Moscow opened a criminal case on grounds of crime under Art. 138.1 of the Criminal Code "Illegal circulation of special technical means." Currently, the complex of investigative actions and operational-search activities, aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime and the arrest of persons involved in it. The investigation of the criminal case continues, - commented LifeNews Senior Assistant Head SC GUS Russia in Moscow Yulia Ivanova.

It is worth noting that the searches carried out on Taganskaya Street investigators in conjunction with the control operatives to combat extremism Russian Interior Ministry.

Recall Scientology church in Russia has repeatedly come to the attention of law enforcement officials and representatives of the spiritual community.

Back in the 1990s, the security services have discovered that the followers of Ron Habbarta distributed questionnaires future members of their communities. A detailed study of the state security officers came to the conclusion that these surveys meet all the criteria of a professional intelligence activities.

People exhaustively transpired, not only of their marital status, religious beliefs, interests, level of wealth, but it set clear questions. In particular, if the person was military, the Scientologists established the number of the military unit, its deployment, as well as the location of objects and weapons storage sites.

- Showed signs of destructive totalitarian sect in their activities. Freedom of choice does not provide this sect. To leave the people they simply do not give. That is, people are held constant conversations, why they leave, they call, pressured come members of the sect. Man first persuaded and then it is put in the hard conditions dependent on the basis of the information that has been obtained from the person before - told LifeNews ex-employee of the department for combating organized crime FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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                                          Moscow-based Church of Scientology allegedly spied on visitors - report

Published time: 18 Aug, 2015

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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    Russia: Police raid Moscow org (Oct. 30, 2015)
From a Russian article posted on Friday, October 30, 2015 on the website:
(The article includes photos of some of the recording equipment seized by police.)

Police searches are underway today at the Church of Scientology on Taganskaya Street.

Earlier this year, searches were conducted at five other Scientology locations, where large amounts of hidden recording equipment were found, in addition to compounds for purification treatments:

1. The Narconon-Standard "Center for Education and Social Adaptation," located at 5 Kashira Drive. This building also houses the Criminon "Center for anti-crime education and social rehabilitation of offenders".

2. The Bitsa Mission "Center for the Dissemination of the Technologies of Dianetics and Scientology" in Kostomarovskaya Alley.

3. The "Applied Scholastics for the Commonwealth of Independent States" office located at Meshchanskaya Street, where Scientologists teach English and provide training based on L. Ron Hubbard technology. The clientele includes minors.

4. The "Management Center for the dissemination of Dianetics and Scientology," located in the Shchyolkovo district of the Moscow region.

5. The Narconon-South "drug education and rehabilitation center," located in the Podolsk district. According to law enforcement officials, the heads of the center are the adherents of the Church of Scientology.

Investigators stated that the audio and video recording equipment was found in the confessional rooms for parishioners.

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                                      Moscow Court Bans Church of Scientology

    November 23, 2015

    According to the Russian Justice Ministry, the church regulations contradict the federal law on the freedom of religion

    MOSCOW, November 23. /TASS/. The Moscow City Court on Monday ruled to shut down the local Church of Scientology at the Russian Justice Ministry’s demand.

    According to the ministry, the church regulations contradict the federal law on the freedom of religion.

    The Moscow Church of Scientology registered in the capital in 1994 has been ordered to set up a commission to handle its liquidation within six months.

    The organization’s lawyers said the Justice Ministry gave no serious reasons which "could influence the liquidation."

    "The organization violated no bans," lawyers said.

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                                              Russia: Police raid Moscow org (Dec. 17, 2015)

    Investigators conducted searches at the Moscow Church of Scientology on Thursday, December 17, 2015 in connection with alleged spying on parishioners. Investigators believe that hidden audio and video recording equipment capture information which can be used to blackmail parishioners. Similar raids were carried out in October and in late January.

    Source (in Russian):

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                                          Moscow Scientologist defrauded apartment buyers of millions of rubles

    Translation of a Russian article posted on December 29, 2015 on the news website:

    Scientologist swindler defrauded shareholders of millions of rubles

    Reporter: Aleksey Nikolaev

    A follower of the Church of Scientology sold unsuspecting citizens non-existent housing units in the suburbs of Moscow. The swindler created a firm with the suggestive name "Vash Dom" ("Your Home") and announced the sale of real estate in several areas of the region. Over a hundred trusting people fell victim to the fraud.

    Sergei was looking for a cheaper apartment, and he found one — in a quiet Moscow suburb with a view of a forest and every convenience. For three million rubles, he was promised not just a brick box, but finishes, bathroom fixtures, and a parking space. Today, Sergei has neither his money nor any of these home comforts. Even the walls will soon disappear, because the construction has been declared illegal and will consequently be demolished.

    There are many such housing projects in the Odintsovo district. In these projects, non-existent apartments are not only being sold, but also resold. The defrauded shareholders learned whom they were dealing with only from the documents of the criminal case. It turns out that the developer is a follower of the so-called Church of Scientology.

    According to investigators, Alexander Tkachenko duped more than a hundred persons. Not a single kopek is left in his accounts. He apparently used the money for the development of the Scientology movement rather than for the cooperative.

    Scientology is based on the teachings of the American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. In some countries it has managed to officially achieve the status of a religion, for example in the USA, where the organization's headquarters are located. Experts on cults warn that it is an opium of the people, because once a person joins Scientology, it is almost impossible to break free.

    Scientology service completions: Alexander Tkachenko

    Courtroom scenes from the NTV news video report:

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                                               Ban on Church of Scientology appealed in Russian Supreme Court

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                   Magnitogorsk, Russia: Man seized with explosives and books on Scientology.   (Russian)

Translation to English

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                                       Russia vs. Scientology: Kremlin Cracks Down on Controversial Church

Title: Re: RUSSIA
Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 19, 2016, 06:00:48 PM
                                      Russian citizen allegedly transferred stolen $2 mln to Church of Scientology - prosecutors


    Ban on Church of Scientology appealed in Russian Supreme Court
    Russian court takes Justice Ministry’s side against Church of Scientology
    Parliament member requests inspection of Russian Scientology Church

SAINT-PETERSBURG, April 18 (RAPSI, Mikhail Telekhov) – A court in St. Petersburg on Monday began hearing the criminal case against a local resident who is charged with stealing over 130 million rubles (about $2 mln) from real estate investors and who allegedly transferred the money to “the Church of Scientology Moscow”, RAPSI learned in the prosecutor’s office.

According to investigators, Ekaterina Zaborskikh was a chairman of several consumer committees and housing cooperatives. Allegedly she was responsible for deceiving people into paying her money under the guise of selling apartments, houses and land plots around St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region while she had no ability to provide such real estate. Allegedly she stole over 130 million rubles from her clients in 2012-2014.

Zaborskikh allegedly used the money on her own volition by, among other things, transferring it to the religious organization called “The Church of Scientology Moscow”. According to investigators, she gave away money to the organization both in cash and through cashless transfer.

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                           Russia Arrests Scientologist for Stealing $2 Million and Giving to Church

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                         Russia’s Supreme Court dismisses complaint filed by Church of Scientology

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                                              Scientology in Ukraine a Big Flop

Post by svonhatten at ESMB

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                        Searches underway in Moscow and St. Petersburg to suppress unlawful activities of Church of Scientology

St. Petersburg/Moscow, June 21, Interfax - Large-scale investigative measures concerning the activity of the Church of Scientology are underway in Moscow and St. Petersburg on Tuesday, a source in law enforcement agencies told Interfax.

"Large-scale investigative measures and searches are being conducted as part of efforts to suppress the unlawful activities of the Church of Scientology and as part of a criminal case opened on a count of 'illegal entrepreneurship'," he said.

These measures are being taken both in Moscow and St. Petersburg, he said.

Interfax has so far been unable to obtain official confirmation of the report.

The press service of the Russian Federal Security Service's branch for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has declined to comment.

An eyewitness told Interfax that officers of law enforcement agencies had arrived at the main scientologists' office in Moscow, located in the city's Taganskaya Street.

A police bus is parked near the building, all entrances to the office have been blocked and worshippers and other visitors are not being allowed inside, he said.

It was reported that in November 2015, the Moscow City Court ruled in favor of a lawsuit filed by the Moscow branch of the Russian Justice Ministry seeking the closure of the Moscow Church of Scientology religious organization. The scientologists have been trying to appeal this decision at the Russian Supreme Court.

Justice Ministry officials said during the court session that the title 'scientology' was registered as a trademark and, consequently, the Moscow Church of Scientology could not be called a religious organization because it would violate Russia's law on religious organizations.,,,

Title: Re: RUSSIA
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                                      Police Reportedly Search Scientology Church Offices In Moscow, St. Petersburg

    [Pin It]

June 21, 2016

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) and municipal police have reportedly searched offices of the Church of Scientology in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Law enforcement sources were quoted by several Russian news agencies on June 21 as saying the searches were part of an investigation into allegations of "illegal entrepreneurship."

However, there was no official confirmation of the investigation.

In November, a court in Moscow ruled that the Church of Scientology Moscow must close because it had been registered as a trademark rather than as a religious organization.

Scientologists have been trying to appeal the ruling at the Russian Supreme Court.

The Church of Scientology was founded in 1954 on the basis of a controversial collection of religious and philosophical teachings by the late American science fiction writer L. Ronald Hubbard.

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                                             Russia’s Feud with Scientology Leads to Arrests

In latest crackdown, police raid Scientology offices and churches, citing suspicions of criminal business dealings.   23 June 2016

The Russian branch of the Church of Scientology has denounced the raids carried out by the Russian police in its Moscow and St. Petersburg locations earlier this week, The Moscow Times reports. 


Ten church members were arrested in St. Petersburg on allegations of “illegal business activity.” And in Moscow, eyewitnesses said that police officers were not letting people in or out of the Scientology church. 


"It is a disease of our society when government agencies charged with protecting the people and enforcing the law, use the name of the law to persecute the practice of religion," the Church said in a statement on Wednesday, saying the authorities had violated the concept of religious freedom enshrined in Russian law.   


The arrests were made in the wake of a long-running conflict between the Russian government and the Russian Church of Scientology, which the authorities view as an extremist organization.


In November 2015 the Moscow City Court ruled to dissolve the Moscow church because the term “Scientology” is an American trademark, Kremlin-controlled RT reported. As a result, the ministry said that the group should be subjected to consumer protection laws.


“The representatives of the Church of Scientology themselves have created many legal conflicts by restricting the religious freedom through the use of trademarks,” the Ministry of Justice said, as quoted by RT. “So it turns out a commercial partnership was spreading the religion, while religion can only be spread by religious organizations.”....


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                                           Russian Supreme Court upholds ban on Church of Scientology Moscow

MOSCOW, June 29 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a lower court’s ruling to ban the Church of Scientology Moscow, RAPSI reports from the courtroom.

In November, the Moscow City Court granted a motion filed by the Russian Justice Ministry and ordered the liquidation of the branch of the Church of Scientology within six months.

The Justice Ministry found during an audit that the charter of the Church of Scientology Moscow runs counter to the federal law on the freedom of religion, and that the word “Scientology” is a registered trademark of the US Religious Technology Center. Following the audit, the ministry requested that the Moscow City Court outlaw the Church of Scientology Moscow.

The Church of Scientology Moscow appealed against the ruling.

On June 21, the Federal Security Service (FSB) officers conducted searches in Moscow’s and St. Petersburg’s offices of the Church of Scientology in connection with a criminal case launched against members of the St. Petersburg branch of organization suspected of engaging in illegal business activities.

Dianetics and Scientology are a set of religious and philosophical ideas and practices that were put forth by L. Ron Hubbard in the US in the early 1950s.

The scientific community never recognized it as science.

A resolution passed in 1996 by the State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, classified the Church of Scientology as a destructive religious organization.

The Moscow Regional Court ruled in 2012 that some of Hubbard’s books be included on the Federal List of Extremist Literature and prohibited from distribution in Russia.

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                                                            Scientology in Russia - It's 1984 All Over Again

Chris Shelton explains Scientology`s situation in Russia. AAA +++

Published on Jun 30, 2016

Russia has been taking on Scientology for the past 20 years in its usual authoritarian manner, banning its books and practicing thought policing. In this video, I go over the history of Scientology in Russia and alarming recent events Putin is taking to counter terrorism by taking away everyone's basic rights.

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                                                   Russia TV 5 Investigation of Scientology.

The date of the report is July 17, 2016. Use Google translation. There is also video at the link.

The following short Google translated excerpt indicates that the Church of Scientology has exported true, on-Source KSW Scientology to Russia. The "here it is" refers to a letter being shown on the video.

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

For example, Sergey Voldaev long time he spent with his mother in the church, decided one day to get out of it. He wrote a letter, here it is - the man says that his life the last few years has been a nightmare. Mother wrote in response to a denunciation son. And today she wants nothing to hear about his son. Dasas again at work. With the "raw material" - the so-called people who are in the process of treatment - it turns out. With "hot files" - those parishioners who at least once, but bought Scientology services - she is doing, on the contrary, not very. Head, of course, not happy, and so he sends it to the next training. Michael Kozin - the oldest and Honored Worker Church - explains how to behave with difficult clients. In this case, by any means necessary to persuade the person to come to the organization and buy service.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

Posted by  CommunicatorIC

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         Scientology Is A 'Brutal Sect' Which Drains Money From People, Says Russian Orthodox Church

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           Moscow COS evacuated for false explosion threat: November 22, 2016

    Translation of a Russian article posted on November 23, 2016 on the website:
    Church of Scientology in central Moscow evacuated for explosion threat

    November 23, 2016

    Employees and visitors to the Scientology Church on Taganskaya Street in Moscow were evacuated on Tuesday, November 22.

    According to a source in law enforcement, an unknown person called the establishment and warned that the building would soon explode.

    Police arrived at the location with a sniffer dog. A hundred persons were evacuated from the building. No explosive device was found.

    A verification revealed that the call was made from the office of a homeowners' association ["a TSZh" in Russian] in the Nagatinsky Zaton district. The incident is being investigated.
    Additional source:

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             Scientology extracted over $53 million in 'donations' from Russia in the past three years.

The last couple of days there have been a series of stories about a new raid by the Russian Security Service (FSB) on the Church of Scientology of Moscow. I hesitated to cross-post the news because there was really nothing new. Until now.

Sputnik: Scientologists Profited From $53 Million in 'Donations' Made in Russia in Years

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

The Church of Scientology could have extracted about 3 billion rubles (over $53 million) in donations made to its Moscow and St. Petersburg branches, Russian media report.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On Wednesday, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) conducted a search at a branch office of the Church of Scientology in the Moscow region, which had been operating without a license, according to investigators.

The Russian Izvestia newspaper reported on Friday citing expert sources, that documents seized during the search suggest that in the past three years, the Church of Scientology brought in to the United States about 3 billion rubles in "donations" made in Russia.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


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                      FSB searches Church of Scientology’s St. Petersburg office in extremism probe — source

June 06, 2016


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                           Church of Scientology accused of $4.8mn illegal profit in Russia’s St. Petersburg

Published time: 7 Jun, 2017

Title: Re: RUSSIA
Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 13, 2017, 09:08:53 PM
                                 All Clear: Russian Authorities Crack Down on Scientology in St. Petersburg

Having imposed a ban on the activity of Jehovah's Witnesses in the country, Russian authorities have turned their attention to the Church of Scientology, as law enforcement agents conducted a search of the group’s premises in St. Petersburg.

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                        Woman sentenced to 6.5 years for transfer of stolen millions to Church of Scientology

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                 One more case opened against St. Petersburg Church of Scientology

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                  US urges Russia to release political and religious prisoners

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                                                               PRISONERS IN RUSSIA

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                    Leaders of St. Petersburg Church of Scientology to stay in detention for four more months