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Title: WISE - the con
Post by: NED on May 22, 2010, 10:39:41 AM
It is so nice to see that people are waking up to the con.  It's great the way the dentist at the end of part one had the realization that the seminars etc were just "conditioning" the punters to accept scientology.

Title: Re: WISE - the con
Post by: Ididntcomeback on May 22, 2010, 12:50:13 PM
Isn`t it interesting that all these front groups are given aliases.
Where else do you hear aliases being used other than
when criminals names are being referred to ??

Title: Re: WISE - the con
Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 26, 2010, 01:50:47 PM
                          How WISE works
Very interesting data from a poster on marty's site:

 November 21, 2010 at 8:09 pm | Reply

I’m very familiar with this game, having worked for a major Wise consulting company as a consultant and exec for a number of years. I trained, drilled and coached hundreds of clients.

The game components and strategies are almost identical from Wise group to Wise group. They usually have an Opinion Leader, someone from that particular profession, held up as The Highly Successful _________ (doctor, dentist, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc.) Who Made Tons of Money Using Scientology Business Practices from Using Our Techniques. The subjects of New Patients, Selling and How to Manage are the draws.

I’ve never seen Scientology mentioned in their marketing materials or promotions as being the methods behind their magic, only after they’ve gone through the Div 6 recruitment process. Then they’re introduced to it carefully and any objections or bad PR handled. After that, they’re ripe for being sold high dollar services. Clients who’ve done some of the consulting services but haven’t failed and gone bankrupt yet are used as examples of the workability of the programs.

For chiropractors you’ve got David Singer, who’s a nutball but a very funny guy who entertains his clients. They’ve fed tons of people to orgs and Flag over the years.

For dentists, there’s Sterling Management which uses the success of founder Greg Hughes’s practice as an example of the workability. These guys have probably got more people into Scientology over 25 years than any other Wise group. Randy Emery was the original reg and one of the original founders and died of a brain tumor in the late 80′s. These guys were the main feeder line to Orange County mission which catered mainly to the Wise clientele.

Then you got MGE, Louis Colon’s group that used to be owned by Ravane Marcus, a notoriously tenacious and relentless shark of an FSM/reg. Their Opinion Leader Dentist is Greg Winteregg, who looks like a spokesperson for the Cult of Highly Motivated Multi-Level Marketing.

The sequence, circumstances and outcome for clients became highly predictable:

   1. Prospect receives promo mailing.
   2. Prospect becomes attracted to a highly surveyed button, such as New Patients or Money.
   3. Prospect gets a phone call from Div 6 to reg them into coming to the Introductory Seminar, often free but sometimes paying a small fee.
   4. Prospect impressed from dazzling seminar where Scientology is never ever mentioned, only the surveyed button is pushed and mystery sandwich tech is used to get prospect salivating for more.
   5. After intro seminar, reges pounce on prospects to reg them for the full higher-priced services, again often without mentioning Scientology.
   6. Once client enrolls for major service and either has wins or more often has difficulty implementing what he learns at the seminar, he is prey for the Super Reges to reg him for the Scientology-based high ticket Wise consulting programs that will finally train him in the secret magic methods that will then finally allow him to reach the heights of success he was originally promised.
   7. Client gets intensive consulting and attention and everything possible is done to ensure client has huge wins.
   8. Client implements some of what he’s learned and one of two things happen:
         1. He fails miserably or
         2. He starts having some success.
   9. Whether a or b, he is regged for auditing by the Wise Group’s own FSM or an outside FSM and referred to a field auditor, a mission, an org or if they’re already a high roller, to Flag.
  10. If they get to this step, they usually do well for a while, during which they are bled for more consulting, more high-priced auditing and donations before they fail and drop out, disillusioned, destitute, divorced and disengaged from their original postulates of why they chose their profession in the first place.
  11. If the effects of 10 above have not driven them away forever, pissed off, then they usually become a bona-fide died in the wool card carrying member of the Church of Donations.

I saw this process unfold with hundreds of clients.

Wise Int made almost zero inspections, gave zero help and seemed to have zero interest in anything except…MONEY.

Wise is completely, totally, emphatically, religiously and with great honor and fanfare…MONEY ORIENTED.