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                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 92.

                                                 Living and dying.

As one is dying, they are discarding things.
No matter what they discard. they are still there, post discarding.

One has discarded their identification as a communist, a fascist, a Manchester United supporter.

One had spent their life believing they were many things...
And yet when those many things are gone, they are still there.

They are still being something.
That something is what is dying.

When what is there has nothing left to be, there exists nothing there to die.

At that instant that which could die is no longer there.

What couldn`t die is now here.

What could die is now there and then.

The actual is no longer distracted by the non actual.

What was here cannot make any sense of this.
It is not equipped to contemplate it.

At death, what used to make sense is gone.

So how is it we can see this?

We can observe this by not trying to make anything of it.

We are merely observing.
We see something that is what it is looking at.

The observer is the observed.

Try explaining this to a human and it will kill the one who is pointing it out.
It will kill it to the full extent of what it can get away with.

If what is pointing this out has an ego, that ego will draw fire.
If what is pointing this out makes a living by pointing this out,
it`s livelihood will be attacked.

If the one pointing this out is doing so because they know something, what they know
will be attacked.

Life will attack that which threatens it`s life.

Do we know this?
We can`t...

To know it, one has divided the self from what it knows.

When the mechanics of this are fully observed, that which was observing and knowing, is
no longer there to observe and know.

It is what it is... and it doesn`t know it.

Knowing something is only possible by not being what one knows.

Knowing is a one way toboggan ride to eternity.

The more one knows, the more one knows that they don`t know.

How does one get off that Merry go round?


It is UNKNOWABLE !!!   

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                       Scientology proves it will try to capitalize on just about any disaster

15 July 2018

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                                 Auckland Ideal Org is Clearing New Zealand For Realz

July 15, 2018 By Mike Rinder

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                      Scientology fundraiser: ‘It was commonplace to lie to church members to get donations’

14 July 2018

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                                             The “Exact Person” Behind the “Entire Drug Epidemic”

July 14, 2018 By Mike Rinder

 on: July 14, 2018, 08:13:10 AM 
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                           Tom Cruise: Val Kilmer is ‘doing great’ after bizarre Scientology treatment

 on: July 14, 2018, 08:02:33 AM 
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                      Scientology scrambles to keep Miscavige out of forced-abortion trial

13 July 2018

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 91.

                                                  "This is a waste of time."

Now you are getting it.

The human looks at what is being pointed out here and it says "There isn`t anything here for me."

And there isn`t.

The human decides not to waste any more time looking at what is being pointed at here.

It has a lot better ways to spend it`s time.

The human will try to spend it`s time on things that will result in benefit.

Earning money to buy things that they believe will benefit them.

And upon the acquisition of these things there is the realization that these actually were just a waste of time.

How do we see this?

We see this because it is what we, as humans, are doing.

It is what being human is.... A complete waste of time.

So no matter what the human does, it ends up being a waste of time.

"But Ive benefited from things I`ve done !!!"

So why keep doing things?  Where does benefit end?

"This is crazy.... This is what life is.!!"

Which is exactly what is being pointed out here.

The human misses the point. It has to. For once one sees it, one sees there is no point.

Can we come at it from another way?

"I have been trying to become ..........  for 10 (seconds,minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries...)
and I still aren`t ....... ."

Till one becomes ..... they have no choice but to spend time being what they have not become.

I want to become happy creates the life of being unhappy.

Wanting to become enlightened creates the life time of un-enlightenment.

Are we seeing this?

Being uneducated is the sentence of those who want to become educated.

What we are looking at here cannot be taught.
We cannot spend any time pondering it.

To do so is to spend a lifetime pondering.

To ponder is to believe that a thought one has not had is what is
keeping one pondering. But pondering is thinking.

The thinker is pondering about thought.

There is an actual mechanical process here that makes all this nonsense make sense.

But it actually doesn`t. It is a trap that the human is using trap building apparatus to break free of.

"I don`t see it !  This is a waste of time."

Finally !!!

 on: July 13, 2018, 08:27:34 AM 
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                    Derek Bloch reflects on what having Scientology parents can mean for kids in the church

12 July 2018

 on: July 13, 2018, 08:26:00 AM 
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                                       Thursday Funnies

July 12, 2018 By Mike Rinder

                                           Regraded Being

July 13, 2018 By Mike Rinder

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