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                        The Handmaid's Tale star Elisabeth Moss and her relationship with Scientology

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              When Scientology Takes Your Kids

VIDEO interview with Lori Hodgson.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 44.

                                                   The mechanics of communication.

Communication only becomes possible through separation.

In unity communication cannot come into being.

When one is the thing, there is nothing to communicate.

Can we see this?

The human separation is dependent on believing that it is a lack of
communication that is behind all it`s problems.

The human believes that perfect communication will create a perfect world.

Now those who have pondered this have made the exact same amount of progress as those who haven`t.

It was like trying to solve a mathematical problem with words.

Communication is the exchange of thoughts and ideas between terminals.

What is being communicated is mental projections. It is not the actual thing.

The idea behind communication is "I want the other fellow to see what I am seeing."

But can we see that what is being seen must be accompanied by an explanation?

This way the communicator can bathe the observation in his or her own interpretation.

There is no interpretation being proffered here.

This is an invitation to observe.

Nothing is known. Nothing is being interpreted. Nothing is being communicated.

There is no division.

We are simply observing. That is all.

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             Scientology’s elaborate use of child labor for pennies an hour, spelled out in black and white

21 May 2018

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                                     Dianetics Dissembling

May 21, 2018 By Mike Rinder

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 43.

                                                   The human trap.

Can it be observed that the human is constantly looking for benefit?

If no perceivable benefit is present, the human will see that there is actually no reason
to pursue the subject at hand.   

Thus the human is stuck on a treadmill.

Can we see this?

The human is chasing perceived benefit into a projected future.

The benefit is never present. It is always future.

The human achieves some benefit, and from there it sees something else it could benefit from.

The benefit it had just achieved does not hold the human`s interest.

Thus the human existence is one long dissatisfying experience. 

Am I making this up?  Or can the mechanics of this actually be observed?

Why has it never been pointed out to you before?

Simply because there is no benefit in seeing it.
Once it is seen, the one who could have benefited by seeing it, is gone.

There is no benefit in death.

Death is the result of not taking on the flag of benefit.

The pulse of human life is absent from that where no benefit is perceived.

The human will simply look for benefit somewhere else.

Back on the treadmill.

"But of course, as a human, we are looking to better ourselves. That is what being human is all about.
What`s your point?"

There is no point being made here.

We are simply observing the mechanics of being human.

These are the mechanics that have created the world that humans are trapped in.

Benefit is the bait. There is no bait to untrap you.

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                                         Time, Place, Form and Event Part 10

May 20, 2018 By Mike Rinder

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               Lawrence Wright talks about Paul Haggis and Scientology

15 minute podcast

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                           Russia’s ineffective Scientology crackdown includes smearing foreign leaders

20 May 2018

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 42.   

                                           "What is the actual?"

I don`t know. Nobody does.

This is the  lack of location where approaching the actual becomes possible.

This is the complete opposite direction to what the human is continually facing.

The human believes it knows something and from there it tries to know more.

The human is being conned into playing this game for as long as it exists.
It`s existence is dependent on the mechanics of this con for it`s existence.

When the human observes the actual mechanics of this con, the human existence that was dependent
on not seeing it is gone.

You are only bewildered by a trick until you see how it is done.
When that occurs...the life of the bewildered is over.

Now the human will say "But I`m still here."
Watch the magic trick again and try to resurrect the bewildered life.

Can`t be done. Nothing can be done to unsee the mechanics.
For the one who couldn`t see it is no more.

No rehabilitation was needed. No recovery time. No lifestyle changes required.
No group therapy. No counseling. No medication. No brain surgery. No intervention by some deity.
No war between nations. No research grants required. "What were we talking about?"

Okay. So we stop deluding ourselves that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
We see that the gold, the pot, the rainbow, and the end, are all mental projections.

Time is made up so that the human has something to do and a space to do it.

Time is not real. It is the mind`s tool for prolonging it`s existence.

Can we look at this?

If time was real then surely sometime in the future time travel will be possible.

So the future time traveler would have traveled back in time to show those
existing before time travel was possible, how it is possible.

Doing something about the actual is not possible.
Doing is only possible in the presence of the non actual.

eg. Time does not exist.... and there is nothing you can do about it.

But for a budding time traveler, time does exist, and there is plenty to do.

You see how this actually works?

Life is dependent on not observing the actual.

For to observe the actual means `that` life is over.
That life is what existed in servitude to the non actual.

Can we see why the mystery of existence has baffled man ever since he
was there to be baffled?

Seeing through this con runs contrary to everything life stands for ...and in.

Eternity is being created now.

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