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Author Topic: Scientology-related Deaths in New Zealand  (Read 5869 times)
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New Zealand Scientology-related Deaths


ROBERT ALPE: Bob was quite well off and spent a small fortune on on-going processing. He once confided in me, "Being processed is absolute torture!"

About 1965 (not certain of date) he was declared the first *Clear* in New Zealand. Long before the days of Peter Williams (Aust.) or John McMasters!

A week after the celebrations, he disappeared. Eventually, they found him in a beach cottage where he had lived in an intoxicated state for 10 days. Probably trying to drink himself to death. They cleaned him up and gave him more processing and re-declared him *clear*.

Soon after he died; apparently of "unknown causes"!

GRACE ALPE, his wife was broken-hearted. She died soon after him! Both in mid-forties!

GERALD BAXTER was my PC. He came with a raft of problems and was having frequent bad asthma attacks. After two intensives, he seemed free of asthma and was handling his life and problems well. He was so please with his gains that he wanted to become an auditor and help others, so I sent him to the CoS in Auckland for further processing and training.

In the course of which he started having mild asthma attacks again. It was laid into him that this was his 'case' showing and he was forbidden to use his inhaler, (which moderated or aborted the attacks) or even have it around.

One night he had an attack and was so desperate for breath that he could't remember what had happened to his puffer. He survived that attack and was congratulated on doing the 'correct' thing.

A few nights later, he had one which he didn't survive!

To die struggling for breath in an asthma attack must be very terrifying, especially when one has lost one's wins and is surrounded by incompetent and uncompassionate people.




In his 20's – suicide, Auckland, recent.

ROSS COOPER, not related to Paul.  Christchurch.  Suicide.  Late 1990s. He had only finished his purification rundown a few days prior to suiciding.  Got nicely covered up.









was sent from Auckland, NZ to Sydney for 'Advanced Processing' because of some trouble that had arisen here between him and the Church.

After his expensive processing, he was so confused and spinny that a friend had to go to Sydney to 'baby-watch' him home.

He couldn't confront going to his family. He asked many Scns. for temp. accommodation but none would touch him, as he might be SP.

Friends of mine took him in but a few nights later, he slashed his wrists, all over their sitting-room carpet!

Wife was Debbie Speedy.  Long gone from scientology.  Used to sell real estate but suspect she may have left NZ after hubby suicided.

FRANK TURNBULL: Frank was the founder and director of early Scientology. He worked it up from nothing to a small field concern, to a busy HASI.

One day a fellow on a Sea-Org. mission arrived and stripped Frank of this position and the career, which had been his life. Previously, Frank had criticized the cruel treatment his wife got on the St. Hill course.

Soon after, he suffered a heart attack and a friend of mine spent hours of auditing to pull him through it. Shortly thereafter, he had another massive attack and died. A case of enforced failed purpose!

Thus the CoS rewards those of us who worked to create it in its beginnings here!


Not dead, but damaged by Scientology:

ED STRATEN came back from St.Hill were he had been run on advanced processes, unsuitable to his case!

He starting punishing his family for imagined overts. He put up a performance, yelling and dancing in church and was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Today, nearly 30 years later, he is still in and out of psychiatric hospitals.

When I came back from St Hill, instead of using the world-class auditing skills, I paid to acquire, I sat by a fire and held my stomach, for many months.

Every day, I suffered mentally and emotionally. I knew if I went out I would be locked up for beating up little old ladies or something!

It took me 2 years of misery to recover from my St. Hill processing. (Called the best in the world at that time!!)

These are those I know of, just in a decade or so, in our small country but I have cut contact with scientologists over the last 30 years.

I would like to know and see it made public, how many others have sacrificed their lives on the alter of the Godless Church!
- New Zealander in Scientology 1953 to 1965,

This list was collated from information provided by an ex-Scientologist who was in 1953 to '65 (“These are Scientology related deaths of people I knew well!”) found here, a contact of CVAnony’s and a New Zealand ex-scientologist involved in Anonymous. If you have any more information on these people or more names to add to the list, please post.

I'm the worst member here, and a disgrace to everyone.

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Wow, so they do die as well as ordinary people.  I thought they were immortal, can anyone please explain this phenomena? 
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User was banned for this post.

For those genuinely curious and not trolling, Scientologists believe they 'drop their bodies' when they 'end cycle' and are then reincarnated.

We want to encourage free and open discussion on NZRaid; this user was banned due to their track record of obnoxious trolling and posting offensive comments on sensitive topics. Sorry whitedeth, I know you wanted to do the banning, but I couldn't resist.

Back to the discussion!
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                                                    Jan Gillott/ Carlson/ Sampson.            13 th Nov 2016

Jan died on Sunday night six months after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer

 (Post edited at the request of the family)
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                                          November 17th 2016

Jan Gillott/Carlson/ Sampson/ ??`s funeral was held today.

It was at Snapper Rock in Albany, Auckland.

Apart from the immediate family the only Scientologist in attendance was Lynnaire Liversedge,

The service was done by an interdenominational Celebrant.

Neither the word nor the subject of Scientology was mentioned.
Other than the mention that leaving a body at death and reincarnating were part of Jan`s religious beliefs.

Phil Gillott and his wife Dianne (ne Pond) were there , presumably they got a few days off from their posts in the Sea Org.

Gossip overheard was that Stan Hilliam is still alive and in his late 90`s.

Bruce Gibson (Ex New Zealand Guardian`s Office boss) is back in N.Z. and working for Terry Le Seuer.

Any story to do with Terry ends badly.


Jan`s surname for the last year has been "Moon."  She has a facebook page.

George Bell has died.  No info on when.
George was a fireman. He was never on staff but used to gather intelligence for Mike Ferriss.
Mike had very little of his own.
George had an artery malfunction which turned into a stroke.

Doug Casement is still around. But not on lines.

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