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Author Topic: What's Happening with Scientology in NZ?  (Read 2737 times)
Ms. Zero

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« on: February 01, 2011, 10:20:48 PM »

Hey All,

Ms. Zero here! I was raised in the cult in Oz and NZ and my parents are still in (field staff members in Oz).
I have been following everything that's been happening to the CoS over the past few years and only dream I could be there to be apart of it all.

I'm living in Taiwan atm and can't be in on the action, but want to give a shout out to KiwiAnon!

Shit is hitting the fan in Oz! WoooHooo!

What's happening with the CoS in NZ? Is it dead or what?

xx Ms. Zero

ps. is a good place to mobilize ppl.

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