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Author Topic: CoS Intl Media Statements  (Read 1567 times)
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« on: April 15, 2008, 08:06:33 PM »
Karin Pouw's letter to Radar Online

- The allegation that the Church has a policy about separating families is not only false, but the opposite of what the Church believes and practices.

- Any allegation that the Church has interfered in ?friendships,? on social networking services or otherwise, is categorically denied. Any allegation to the contrary is blatantly false.

- Children were never forced to engage in manual labor. Claims to the contrary are categorically denied. {Were Thetans in children's bodies forced to do manual labour?}

- There has been no string of high level departures from the Church. Moreover, Ms. Hill never held a high level position in any Church of Scientology.

- The recent string of attacks against the Church of Scientology perpetrated by the cyber-terrorist group ?Anonymous? are religious hate crimes, but they will not disrupt the Church?s normal activities of serving its parishioners and the community.

- ?Anonymous? is perpetrating religious hate crimes against Churches of Scientology and individual Scientologists for no reason other than religious bigotry.

- ?Anonymous?s? alleged ?free speech? justification is further belied by the fact that since the video in question has been seen by millions, it has prompted internet users desiring further information about the Church of Scientology or the context of the pirated video to visit the Church website at ?Anonymous? has repeatedly attempted to suppress free speech through illegal assaults on Church websites to prevent these internet users from obtaining information from the Church.
{This is true, but the DDoS, which was not 'attempted' but succeeded, stopped after 2-3 days.}

- In addition to cyber-crimes, ?Anonymous? has propagated other forms of harassment against Churches of Scientology and their parishioners including, shockingly, bomb threats, death threats, and threats to burn down Church buildings. ?Anonymous? vandals have smashed Church windows with rocks and cement blocks, and have painted offensive slogans on Church buildings. Coincident with ?Anonymous? Internet threats, the Church has been subjected to other forms of terrorism including mailings of suspicious white powder. These attacks constitute criminal actions.

- ?Anonymous? claims of altruistic purposes are no different than those heard from any terrorist or hate group. We are not the first to be targeted. Using Scientology?s prominence, ?Anonymous? hopes to garner more attention.

- It has publicly proclaimed its guiding materials to be the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf {and the Boy Scout Handbook}. ( ?Anonymous?s? religious bigotry is deplorable; they are anti-freedom of religion, anti-free speech and anti-American.
{For those of you not familiar with *Chan culture I can assure you that the youtube video referenced above is satire and black humour. If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to PM me.}

- We emphatically disagree that Mr. Cruise?s behavior and demeanor on the pirated video was worthy of ridicule.
{Ridicule, perhaps not. Humour, definately.}

- The motivation for the protest, is described above: Hatred, incited by antireligion cyber-terrorists spreading misinformation, including sensational false allegations that have long since been disproven. This mask-wearing hate group you seek to dignify with your questions is hardly interested in any accurate information {She knows what I'm thinking, she must have super powers}. Their placards demonstrate as much, ludicrously alleging that the Church does not answer questions about its beliefs and practices.

I suggest everyone reads the whole statement and makes their own conclusions. If anyone knows where the list of actual questions is would be much appreciated.

The following extract is also from the same statement and I thought I should mention it.

Long before targeting Scientology, ?Anonymous? destroyed the websites of thousands of MySpace users. When Fox News exposed their activities, ?Anonymous? hackers crashed the Fox website and issued a perverse manifesto in a July 2007 video message on the Internet:
?We are the face of chaos. ? We ruin the lives of other people simply because we can. ? Hundreds die in a plane crash. We laugh. The nation mourns over school shooting, we laugh. We?re the embodiment of humanity with no remorse, no caring, no love, or no sense of morality.?

Yes, many sites have become the targets of individual Anons, it is not my place to defend them. The youtube video above was made by a single Anon, there is no Anonymous. Let me repeat that, THERE IS NO ANONYMOUS THERE ARE ONLY INDIVIDUALS. If you like the message fine, if you don't, you don't. That's how Anonymous works. While you're at it, go research Dadaism, that's my take on Anonymous and if you don't like it you're free to make up your own mind.
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I wondered where they got the whole "Anonymous reads the communist manifesto and mein kampf for inspiration" thing. I thought I took things literally, but that takes the cake.
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