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                                       SENSE OF WONDER

                                            Part 122

                                    The player being played

The eternal mystery of what life is all about and why we are here can only exist in a mind.
Absent a mind, there is no mystery.

The mind has no motivation to resolve this mystery.
In deed it has a vested interest in perpetuating the mystery.
To that end, it will manufacture more energy to hold resolution at bay.

Take a few present moment conscious breaths NOW !

Unlimited potential precedes a judgment call.
Time is manufactured at the instant judgment is made.
Over time the judgment will magnify itself. However the moment of creation is "self" and "not self."

So the clock stats ticking with a denial of self.
The invention of lying has its genesis here.

The original lie is the act of disowning.

That which is always self has pretended that half of it is not self.

This is understood as desirable vs undesirable.

Because the distinction between desirable and undesirable is made up.
All that follows is made up on top of it.

One cannot but lie about what is desirable and what is undesirable.

The difference between the two is the basis of the lie which creates un-enlightenment and all the drama and experience that is created on that base.

The only way I could write what you are reading is by being out of my mind.
The only way you could get what I am writing is by being out of yours.

The mind will, in an act of self preservation, attempt to make this message undesirable.
Alternately it will change the message so it is desirable.

This is what all religions and philosophies are.

There is an attempt to lie about enlightenment to make it seem desirable.
This makes other religions and philosophies undesirable.

Been going on for centuries with no end in sight.

     "The only way to want or not want anything is to lie about it."
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                                            SENSE OF WONDER

                                                Part 123

                                             Life is a big lie.

Maybe pretense would be a better word. But the truth is, life is a lie.

This is hard to grasp when truth has been so bastardized by so many for so long.

The truth that is used daily as currency is, and can only be, a lie.

Even the concept that the truth will set one free is a big load of rubbish.

      "Truth is where the mind takes one back into the lie."

The truth merely reinforces ones circumstances and experiences. And it always happens in a mind.
Outside of a mind there is no such thing as truth. All there is, is a spontaneous act of creation.
It`s when that creation becomes an act of self definition that truth and lies manifest.

Outside of a mind, one is in no doubt that all experiences are an act of creation. They are created from a place of infinite potential.

Outside of a mind one is in no doubt that everything that comes to them is a message from potentially anything to specifically you.

When that message is undesirable, the specific you, instinctively knows that it came from higher forces.

"Why is God punishing me? 
I must have done some terrible things in a previous life.
"Why is this happening to me? I`ve tried to do the right thing and always told the truth."

Specific you denies all responsibility for the undesirable experiences it has.

But one has to realize that the undesirable experience one is having could not be experienced if one was not there to experience it.  `Specifically you` is an integral part of the experience.

Immediately `specifically you` registers an experience, the mind adjudicates it desirable or undesirable.
The experience ceases to just be an experience and either becomes good luck or misfortune.

All conspirators have agreed to deny responsibility for the causation of the experience.

"Shit happens!!!"

The mind`s tool for denying causation of experience is "truth."

The mind will create truth to hold one in its experience.

The truth is, one would not deliberately bring undesirable occurrences into their experience....Not in a million years. 

That truth has just brought its creator a million years worth of unenlightened lie to live in.

The search for the "truth"  is what keeps this universe going, and you stuck to it.

And the truth will keep changing the whole way through the ride.

In a hundred years every single thing that you presently know to be 100% true....will be gone.

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                                               SENSE OF WONDER

                                                      Part 124

                                                 At the movies.

A good way to illustrate the subject at hand is by looking at the fact that the entertainment industry out grosses every other industry in existence.

The whole field is based on giving people what they want to experience.

In 1963 Andy Warhol made a five hour twenty minute film called Sleep.

Sleep premiered on January 17, 1964. It was presented by Jonas Mekas at Film-makers' Cooperative. Of the nine people who attended the premiere, two left during the first hour.

It was not a box office success.

Watching someone on hiatus from experiencing anything, is not something people wanted to see.

The entertainment industry must keep their finger on the pulse of what people want to see and experience, just to stay vital and survive.

These days "test audiences" have the power to have the creators original vision amended considerably.

When Elvis gyrated his hips and the girls went wild, Elvis the pelvis delivered.

Elvis was not entertaining those who were too shocked and horrified to attend his shows.
He was focused on those who weren`t.

To that end, a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of where society is at, is to monitor the charts.
Love em or hate em. The charts give one instant feedback on what people want right now.

The entertainment industry thrives on peoples desire to be taken on an emotional ride as a spectator.

Without spectator-ism, there would be no entertainment industry.

To be entertained one must be reached on an emotional level.

One must be able to tune into another`s experience and say "I`m glad I`m not having that experience", or "Gee.. I wish it was me who was having that experience."

So one is distinguishing between desired and undesired.

While one is doing that, one is being entertained. If the entertainment is riveting, it blocks out, one`s own current experiences and circumstances.

One`s own life seems like Sleep in comparison.

One often comes out of the theater, or concert, with a warm fuzzy , excited feeling.
Nothing tangible was acquired.
Yet there is a feeling that one has been in the presence of greatness.
The entertainers have to a greater or lesser  degree re tuned you into infinite possibilities.

The entertainers have created something out of nothing. We tune into that power and we love it.

We realize the entertainers are Gods.

We too, have that potential.
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                                                   SENSE OF WONDER

                                                      Part 125

                                              Why we can`t all just get along.

Because the mind is compelled to stamp its mark on everything that comes across its desk,
we are eternally sitting in judgment.

And although, to the mind, this activity summarizes its whole function, to its poor host this compulsion of the mind is a tacit consent for the mind to have free reign in an imaginary world of conflict.

The mind is accepting and rejecting whatever it is exposed to. It is called thinking.
But it is everything but. It is a process of delineating desirable from undesirable.

The mind has no capacity for neutrality. Anything that is deemed as irrelevant or inconsequential is discarded as undesirable.

By navigating its host away from undesirable and in the direction of desirable the mind promises to see one right.

The mind has build you an identity to be, and now it will make you right for having that identity.
It will accept any stimuli that reinforces its identity and reject anything which challenges it.

And it knows how to manipulate you.

When anything comes along which challenges the minds rightness it will see that as a threat to its existence and it will take you into battle and allow you to be maimed or killed.

The mind will say "I came into being because of this, this, and this."
When another mind threatens me with that, that and that, I will reject it, with prejudice.

The mind will up the stakes to protect this and this against that and that.

We can get along with like minded people. We cannot get along with unlike minded people.

But here is the thing the mind must blind itself to to keep up the charade.

The adversary your mind has created, is identical to yours, as far as function goes.
They just have different sources of energy. Different input , if you like.

It one was to live the life of their adversary, one would be the adversary they now reject.

Every mind is completely right and 100 % justified in being who and where it is.

And that includes rejecting any mind that challenges its makeup.

This applies to the school bully or the Hanoi bombing.

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                                                SENSE OF WONDER

                                                    Part 126

                                                Rejecting acceptance.
                                                Accepting rejection.

These are two things that the mind finds impossible to do.

Anything that is not in alignment with the minds hidden agenda, will be eradicated from the minds focus.

Just picture a Christian sitting through a Muslim religious service.
The Christian mind will feel severely threatened. It will be contorting and dodging and squirming till it feels suffocated. If it were visible, it would look like a very unskilled juggler on a bicycle on a tightrope suspended across a large drop.

The Christian mind would be screaming at its owner..."Get me the fuck out of here...for Christ`s sake."

It makes no sense to the mind to attend the meetings of faiths one does not subscribe to.
Unless it has a plan to reaffirm its rightness by being able to say  "I`ve tried the rest, but mine is the best."

The reason one rejects other faiths and beliefs is that they do not match ones circumstances and experiences. What they are preaching is stuff one can`t identify with.

Yet if you had lived the life of a person who had been surrounded by a different culture then you`d be predisposed to find solace by conforming to the beliefs held in that culture.

One has to interact with the culture they are immersed in.
The minds desire to avoid rejection and ostracism is in direct opposition to ones desire to express their creative potential, untethered.

One cannot interact with others unless one is somebody.

A requirement of being somebody is to reject being somebody else.

This now leaves one vulnerable to needing to be accepted by somebody else.
But because they are somebody else, you have no real control over whether they accept you or not.
But a lifetime spent trying to get acceptance from others, certainly gives the eulogists at your funeral something to regale the mourners with.

What they won`t say is that the reason you wound up dead is because your mind ran out of ideas on how you could find acceptance.

I assume you are rejecting that statement.

The problems one faces in their journey on this plane, are all a direct result of the culture (System) they are immersed in.

Once one has failed to gain acceptance from others, one is left with big questions.
For those who don`t opt out and select distraction as a quick fix, they must consult the experts on how to gain acceptance.

And those experts routinely point to accepting higher forces as the remedy.

While the mind is further distracted sifting through what `higher forces` supposedly have to say one must do to gain acceptance from higher forces, it fails to notice that what `higher forces` have supposedly said, is what caused all of their problems in the first place.

It doesn`t matter which `higher force` one consults.
One is as nutty as the next.

It`s a case of keeping up with the Jim Joneses.

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« Reply #140 on: April 21, 2013, 10:08:43 AM »

                                          SENSE OF WONDER

                                               Part 127

                                          Together alone.

I have stated many times here that "the mind is not your friend."

Yet to Joe Citizen, that seems like the craziest thing they could ever not hear.

Joe Citizen has a lifetime worth of proof that their mind is their friend.

It has helped them find food, trick people into having sex with them, organizing a mortgage and maybe even win a few trophies.

The mind owner has only ever experienced life from inside of his/her mind.

Well not entirely true....

What about all those times when your life fell apart and you were in a fight just to stay sane or alive.

At these times you seek council from your mind and it is "Out to lunch."

This amplifies the sense of isolation and powerlessness.

"My mind used to do all these things for me.... and now it`s all fucked up!"

The real tricky thing is that this is probably not happening to you as you read this.

If you were involved in some calamity right now your mind would be so busy regurgitating the problem over and over, that it would be too busy to see the solution.

The mind easily goes into meltdown.  Three bits of bad news, in rapid succession, is usually enough to send your mind to the crazy house.

The reason people are blissfully ignorant of the threat the mind poses to their very existence is because they are religiously obeying their mind.

The mind is fueled by experiences and circumstances.
It has a vested interest in separating you from those who are not you.

This is a self preservation scam the mind plays on its host.
It assigns the causation of any hiccups it has in providing you with a sense of fulfillment, on others.

Others, who have not lived the life you have, cannot understand you. Others cause your problems.

The mind can fill literally hundreds of psychiatric case folders with evidence to corroborate that premise, just on you alone.

All that evidence has stuck in the mind. The mind knows it is what made you who you are.
Without it, you would be lost and alone.

To the mind it is essential that you know who you are.
Because if you didn`t then you would know `who you are not.`

When you know `who you are not`, you are enlightened, and have no need for a mind to define `who you are.`

  Every experience you have that you judge undesirable, is an act of self definition.
Self definition is mortality defined.
Taking up residence in a mind is how we all wound up together alone.
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                                                SENSE OF WONDER

                                                     Part 128

                                  Your mind has a contract out on you.

The mind is holding its owners hostage. It uses reward and punishment to achieve its ends.

One is blackmailed into keeping the mind placated at all times. To do otherwise will invoke great wrath from the mind. It will not let its owner have any peace until its mandates are carried out to the letter.

To blindly obey the mind is to have peace of mind.

What no mind has ever leaked out before is the fact that the mind is the biggest mass murderer in all of history. 

The mind will make you think that the inhumanity and genocide was committed by evil, notorious, tyrants....  Individuals who had evil in their hearts. 

Yet...Each of them was a slave to his master, the mind.

Let`s take a look at the second greatest mass murderer of all time, God.

According to "God`s word" he personally executed the entire planetary population, save one family, and a bunch of animals, who then repopulated the earth under Gods law, which included "no incest."

Following that, he ordered Moses to slaughter tens of thousands.
Then think of all the millions who were killed fighting his holy wars.

Statistically, God has been responsible for more deaths than alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

Quite a feat for a "loving God."

But who is this God?

Ask one believer and you get one version. Ask another and you start to realize that the God they believe in exists as their minds version of what God is.

From inside a mind one believes, or doesn`t believe in a God.
From outside of a mind, one is the God that does not require belief or lack of.

So for thousands of years the mind has hidden behind God.

"God must be obeyed....."  No. Actually it is the mind pretending to be God that must be obeyed.

This is incomprehensible to a resident of a mind. It causes the mind to punish its owner with intimidation and fear. If the mind can locate the source of this challenge to its authority, and it has the authority to, it will order the carrier of this message to be put to death, or at least excommunicated.

You getting this?

There`s more...
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                                                    SENSE OF WONDER

                                                        Part 129

                                                      The enemy within.

For a mind owner, life consists of getting up each day and being kicked around all day by the mind till they are so exhausted they need to sleep.

Having a mind is like hanging out with a "friend" who is constantly getting you into trouble.

Mind owners are under the illusion that the mind is protecting them from harm.
When a moment of clarity from outside of the mind disabuses one of that notion immediately.
The reality is, you are going through life protecting your mind.

The mind interprets all challenges to its authority and rightness as a personal insult to you.

No matter what mess you are in right at this moment, if you were to drop the illusion that you are actually purely in this moment, whatever problems you are experiencing would de-manifest.

The mind accompanies its host everywhere they go. It`s like a trailer full of memories and learned behavior patterns. The inertia of this weight pushes you into problematic situations as soon as you try to apply the brakes.

The mind makes the enemies that you end up engaging, before you get a chance to see what is happening.

The mind will manufacture whatever is required to justify the fights it gets you into.

The mind will defend itself against any challenges to its authority.

It hates statements like; "There is a better solution." "You are wrong." "You are making a big mistake."
" You have been found guilty." " You idiot."  "You`re full of shit." "How could you be so stupid?"
"Your time is up."

If you need to see this for yourself...Say them to some mind owners today.
If you are still alive, married, and employed, at the end of the day, say these same things to a mindless rock.

Totally different response.  Not only does a mindless object not respond to insults. It also has no desire to find out what an insult is.
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                                                   SENSE OF WONDER

                                                      Part 130

                                                   What have we learned?

There is no exam you can take to be certified as enlightened.
There is no course one can take that one graduates as enlightened.
There is no check sheet to complete.
There is no secret to uncover.
There is nothing to be experienced or learned.

The mind will become an expert on the subject of enlightenment, just so it can out-quote you and keep you unenlightened.

To that end "religious instruction" turns out to be "safety in numbers" for the unenlightened.

Each Religious philosophy requires every living being to subscribe to its doctrines for utopia to manifest on earth.

The real lesson of all religions is, "If we are all the same , conflict cannot exist."...Peace and love...

No matter what you have accumulated in your mind, no matter who you believe you are, no matter what you have done or not done, it was all a waste of TIME.

This really hits home as one is plummeting to their death.

One enters a timelessness. The last thing the mind says before it abandons you is "I am totally unprepared for this. You`re on your own." Then it`s gone.
Absent the mind one loses specific identification.

One assumes the euphoric feeling they are enjoying is pleasure.
What one is actually experiencing is a lack of pain.

One assumes the peaceful feeling they are enjoying is bliss.
What one is actually experiencing is a lack of conflict.

The wisdom one experiences is merely an absence of not knowing.
The vitality one feels is really an absence of tiredness.

The power one feels is really abandoned constriction.

The love one feels is actually the abandonment of desired and undesired, and the judgment of.

The awesomeness one feels.... The feeling of exhilaration, the feeling of being home...
The feeling of Joy and wonder... is the reunification of self.

That which was pretending to not be you has returned with the admiration for you that could only be experienced by taking the journey into time that part of you has just completed.

It is only by creating and experiencing what you are not, that has made it NOW possible to experience appreciation for what you actually are.

You cannot experience how amazing you are when you are all there is.

One does not need to die to experience how amazing they are.

But try telling that to a mind.

No one has succeeded in thousands of years. Nor are they ever likely to.

The mind knows you aren`t special. It`s its job to know that.

Just ask it... If you don`t believe me.
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« Reply #144 on: April 26, 2013, 08:58:14 AM »

                                                       SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                           Part 131

                                                        The resurrection

The activity of losing oneself to find oneself which is played out on a high frequency grand scale,
is visible in its lower frequency in the relative world.

To play any game one has to disown some part of the game for the game to exist at all.
There must be an element of `this is what I am` vs `this is what I am not.`

People can get pretty intense about playing their games.
How ones games are going, gives people the feedback they build their sense of wellbeing on.

The mind will be unsympathetic to the opposing side. When bad things happen to the opposition the mind will insist that it is the will of God.

The mind will egg you on to win at all costs. It needs the relative universe to give it feedback that you are on the winning side. You are the best. You are right. That, `that which is not you` is your bitch.

Because that is a one eyed view, it is not something visible with present moment consciousness.
The only way you can experience the glory of victory is through relegating your games to TIME.

The mind says to all conspirators that ,given TIME, the world will be convinced of your greatness. The world will know that you were right. That you were onto a winner. That you are magnificence defined.

The mind is willing to unspeakable things to anything that `is not you.`
It will beg, borrow and steal whatever it needs to make its point.

It will even lay down your life for the cause.

Your mind is not your friend.

Not matter what circumstances you find yourself enduring when this message reaches you, stop kidding yourself, the mind, that you surrendered your power to, has put you there.

Yes !!!  It was your dim witted association with your mind that has placed you in a foxhole in the desert.
It is your mind that has put you in divorce court. It is your mind that has laid you out comatose in A&E.
It is your mind that has taken the spring out of your step and the sparkle out of your eyes.
It is the mind that gets mad hearing this message.

The mind will conspire with other minds to disown this message...

  ..."And now here`s Tom with the weather."

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« Reply #145 on: April 27, 2013, 09:00:50 AM »

                                            SENSE OF WONDER

                                                 Part 132

                                             Owned by the dis-owner.

The only thing standing between you and enlightenment is identification with a mind.

Because you have disowned a part of yourself, you have relinquished control of the part of you that can look back at the owned part of you with on outside perspective.

We assign responsibility for sorting this mess out to the very thing who`s existence depends on perpetuating the mess.

It`s like assigning responsibility to find a cure for cancer to someone who`s livelihood depends on there being reason to continue to research the problem.

They will unwittingly sabotage there stated purpose so as to continue to pursue the real agenda.

This is why cancer researchers abandoned the search for a cure for cancer and all mind owner conspirators allow it to happen.  An authentic search for a cure is abandoned in favour of the search for a "drug cure."

Cancer researchers have the ability to completely ignore (disown) miraculous results achieved by people using alternative methods. That`s what happens when put your life in the hands of the mind.

By the way, if you have cancer, you`ll be relieved to know that "Scientists are excited about a new drug in development that is looking very positive in clinical trials." This was as exciting to hear twenty five years ago as it is today.

The same perverted research is ongoing in the field of mental health.

Billions have been spent and yet a trained expert in this field confronted with someone in a crisis situation has pretty much the same dialog with the victim as a carpet layer would have.

When you give something a job to do that has a completely different agenda, don`t keep pretending that you are surprised by the lack of resolution.

The mind was an inevitable solution to a problem.

One had a whole segment of themselves which had to be disowned.
The mind was created to manage what was disowned.

So its whole existence, its whole reason for existing, its whole being, is rooted in disowning.

A mind does this automatically. Its not something arrived at through consensus or consultation.
Everything constructed on top of a mind has dis-ownership as its foundation.
It is the function of the mind to keep the disowned part of you from being owned and resurrected by you.

The mind will make up stories to protect itself from being exposed. You give it the power to do that.

Just observe the mind in action when you meet one again.
It will talk endlessly about what it is disowning.  Listen to any meeting of the minds.

This process normally starts soon after one learns to talk.

The mind starts to frantically make up stories about how something is not your fault.

When you are sitting outside the headmasters office the mind will be taking great liberties with the facts as it creates a story where it disowns responsibility. It rehearses the story and finely tunes it.
It convinces its owner that the truth is all about disowning.

Anytime anyone ticks you off, the mind gets busy disowning them. It knows no limits in its quest to perpetuate the illusion of individuation.

The mind is rendered powerless by NOW.
It`s only place of residence is the past and the future.
To that end , it not only rewrites history to cover its own arse...It also makes up stories to justify its owner taking forthright steps into a future.

The mind has successfully diverted its owners attention from its dirty work for thousands of years and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. It never lets you suspect that you are really owned by it.         The mind has a specific job to do. And that job is to disown.

My mind did not write any of the above. And accepts no responsibility for any repercussions from an understanding of it.

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« Reply #146 on: April 28, 2013, 08:37:43 AM »

                                         SENSE OF WONDER

                                              Part 133

                                           Dawn of the dead.

The mind makes up stories to keep its host ignorant of the end game.

It demonizes  the opposition so that they can be thoroughly disowned and stamped on like bugs.

The mind glorifies ones own side or cause with righteousness and aspirations of glory.
It returns its host from battle with the expectation of admiration and dignity.
But just ask any returned serviceman.... It was all a sham.

How long will people fall for this crape?

For as long as they are a mind owner!

I think it was Al Capone who said "You can`t con an honest man."

I thought that quote was a con as well. But NOW I see it as quite profound.

The mind is a lie factory. Its whole reason for existing is to hide the truth with constant lies.

I`m not referring here to not owning up to breaking Gods commandment about sentencing your daughter to marrying her rapist, for being raped within hearing distance of a village.

I`m talking about lying to you that a book full of such utter insane rubbish should be, and actually is, the most published book in the history of the world.

Oh...Don`t get me started...

Anyhow....  The mind convinces its owner that without it the owner would be reduced to being a zombie.
But have you been down to the mall lately?
Have a look at what minds have done to our world.

The more hold the mind has over its victim, the more self absorbed they are.

They more one is identified with a mind, the less one can tolerate pain.
Not just physical pain. Any sort of pain. Because everything is personal at that level of identification.

Because of this super sensitivity of pain, the mind owner is living in fear. Afraid to take risks. Afraid to try anything new.
Afraid to stand out. Afraid to have an authentic opinion. Afraid to smile.

The mind has convinced its owner that it is better to be stupid than to risk looking stupid.

So the mind allows its owner to become a zombie to prevent it from seeing the zombie it has become.

The mind is in the process of convincing its owner that it is right.
It knows that, given TIME, it can find or manufacture the evidence to prove it.

The mind will convince its owner that if the owner ceases to identify with the mind it has already accumulated that the owner won`t know who they are.

They will cease to be defined.
Destiny will be tampered with. And only a God has the potential to do that.

Mind forbid !!
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                                               SENSE OF WONDER

                                                     Part 134

                                          Inside, outside...Leave me alone.

The perspective one has, regardless of how fucked up it is, can be broken down to "inside" or "outside."

The outside perspective gives one a viewpoint of detachment.
The inside perspective gives one a viewpoint of involvement.

One can be outside of many circumstances or situations, and feel no sense of ownership for them.
They are not something one is forced to deal with. Therefore little mind is paid to them.

However when one is inside specific circumstances one does feel owned and the mind is put on the spot to make everything work out fine.

But this feeling of ownership is all a TIME based pretense.
This applies equally to a problem , a bicycle, or a philosophy.

From inside of these beliefs one is convinced that these things are permanent and real.
But from outside they are like yesterdays news.

So the transformation from spectator to participant is dependent on one relinquishing ownership.
Permanence and reality are the result of participation.

One has to relinquish ownership of their full potential to be a participant.
Until one does, there is no reality to pretend to exist in.

Pure potential cannot exist in the "Real world." But pretend potential can.
It`s called "The mind."


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                                             SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                  Part 135

                                               The endless enigma

The mind is the tool we use to remain unenlightened.
There has to be a part of us that is compartmented off as disowned.
Otherwise we would own everything and never be in the dark.

So for enlightenment to occur one has to take back ownership of the mind.

The mind has other plans.

It`s mission is to keep you in the dark. By doing that it has succeeded in keeping you searching for the light.

The way it deceives all mind owners is to tell them stories.

These stories always have a happy ending....given enough time.

What the mind won`t tell you is that this activity creates the time you spend in search of that happy ending. It also omits to tell you that there is no end.

Remember how you were going to live in a `happy ending` when you got your drivers license?
How about when you finally got married?
Or when you opened your first business...
Remember how you were sure you`d be happy when you brought your dream home..
Or when you finally got an X Box.

You were conned by the mind into continually walking round the coast, hoping to find the perfect beach round the next corner.

You will never find enlightenment using your mind as a guide.

The way you spot bullshit enlightenment is by being alert to "benefit."

The mind will only take you in the direction of perceived benefit.

The mind will say  "You should do this course because it will make you happy and teach you skills."
The mind will say "You should believe in this because you will go to heaven and be able to fuck forty virgins."
The mind will say..."You should learn about this and this so you will have self confidence and a strong sense of identity."

So benefit is the giveaway that any path that leads to it, is the path away from enlightenment.

But once you realize that the promised benefit is not there, the mind will then accept the story that
the path will benefit others.

Ask yourself this...

If there have been so many great minds, working for so long, for man`s benefit.....

How come man is still in the dark????????

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                                                  SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                    Part 136

                                                Ending the search.

                  The only way to end the search for enlightenment is to stop beginning it.

The, ever helpful, mind will tell you that if you do this and this, you will be better placed to make a dash for the summit. Once certain circumstances have become owned, then one will be in the perfect position to afford the luxury of spending time contemplating the big issues.

But at the same time it disowns the fact that it has created the non perfect conditions you find yourself in to begin your journey.

If it hadn`t, it would never occur to you to make the journey in the first place.

The mind is the perfect self perpetuating machine.
It creates the very problems it is trying to solve.

The mind will insist that you take control of the very things it has relinquished control of.

This is how it hides the fact that it is the very thing you need to take control of.

The mind will say... "No. It is only by being in control of that which is disowned that is required for enlightenment." This is a story. You can tell the story in a trillion different ways.
But it is the same story told over and over.

The mind will continue to make up stories about things to piss you off.
It will blame that which is out of your control for making unenlightenment the only game on the table.

This is why you are always getting the last thing you needed whenever you make a dash for the summit.
The mind gets a reprieve and makes up a story to throw you off its scent.
It rubs your nose in the fact that there are still things out of your control.

It hangs on to stuff like that.

That`s why when you see someone lose their temper you see decades worth of frustration spew out
over some current circumstance, unworthy of such wrath.

Let`s see if we can get to it this way....

The constant stream of undesirable things that drop in your lap, inspire the mind to make up stories about it. It mixes it in with other stories that confirm your disownership of the undesirable.

Once it has fitted this new thing into its agenda it sends you out to fight its wars for it and generally strengthen your alliance with the mind.

If instead one saw the undesirable thing as a gift. Immediately one has begun the process of disempowering the undesirable and converting it into the desirable.

Once it has become desirable , it has no further use for you.
You mind is busy finding the next `last thing` you need right now.

Keep this up and there is nothing out there but the desirable.

Life becomes fun when the mandate to control things evaporates.

The control you demand over other things, is the control other things things demand over you.

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