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                                            SENSE OF WONDER

                                                      Part 137

                                             Major Tom to ground control

The pursuit of control cannot but be accompanied by its twin,`lack of control.`

To the degree that one controls any particular thing, one must relinquish control of every other particular thing.

While a parent is controlling their own children, they are unwittingly manufacturing children out of their control.

An example...

The teacher controls their class.  The teacher leaves the room and out of control kids magically materialize from nowhere.

Things can only get out of control once you have tried to control them.

The reason someone`s life is out of control is because they have assigned control of it over to something they have no control over.

Attempting to sit quietly for twenty minutes without the mind butting in every few seconds will make it clear who is in control.

Interestingly when one can simply be in the present moment unfettered, it has not been because they have taken back control of the mind. It`s because they have disarmed the whole subject of control.

Being present moment aware is being outside of any need to control.
Having no need to control means one has no need to be controlled either.

    The out of control mind has an agenda to be in control.

      "To the extent that the out of control mind attempts to control the world, an out of control world will control it."

It is only when one tries to control something that lack of control is born.

The mind is insistent that not being in control is a death sentence. However it is only the mind that becomes redundant by you being OUT of control entirely. 


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                                          SENSE OF WONDER

                                             Part 138

                                          Trolling the con.

It is obvious to the mind that the only things giving it problems are the things that are not under its control.

So the mind instinctively declares war on that which is out of its control.

The mind does not tell its owner that the things it`s at war with are the very things it has failed to control.

Till it tried to control them...There was no war and there was no problem.

The moment one decides that they must control something, they bring themselves into direct conflict with the aspects of that which does not wish to be controlled.

So you drop your bombs on another country and immediately lose control of how that country will respond.

You decide you want to control a musical instrument and are immediately in conflict with the aspects of the instrument which are not under your control.

So one has now manufactured the TIME required to master the instrument or the country one wants to rule.  It gives one something to do.

For it is not enough just to make up time, one needs something to do with that time. And conflict is the only game on the TIME table.

This is why the world has been involved in conflict since TIME began.

If not conflict between nations, then conflict between companies. Or conflict between ideologies.
No matter what the conflict, it all begins with conflict within ones self.

That was the entry ticket to all other conflict.

Sit quietly, connect your breathing and there is the conflict waiting for you.

That conflict can be soothed in one of two ways.

Either integrate it by bringing it into the NOW.
Or go out and put closed circuit security cameras all over your city, or declare war on terror, or crime or drugs.

Or buy a gun and learn how to shoot people. Or build Guantanamo Bay.
Or get filthily rich. Or drink yourself stupid.
Or gossip about horrible people. Or lay on the sofa, in front of the TV, eating chips, and watch people get sent home for not being in control enough.
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                                                    SENSE OF WONDER

                                                       Part 139

                                              The search for the search.

When something is obvious, it has always appeared moronic to state it.
Stating the obvious is a very unsophisticated thing to do.

An unwillingness, by us, to state the obvious has led to a habit of failing to observe the obvious.

If one could perceive the obvious, there would be no mystery. Infinite possibilities would become one reality. What could be, would simply become what is.

I want you to quickly calculate how much time you have spent looking for things that were not lost.



No time at all..... Obviously.

But did you tune into that space ?

That space where there is no TIME.

The mind does not like this. There is nothing for it to do in absent time.

For the mind to kick back in it has to do something less than obvious.

It has to pretend that things can be lost. 
If things are not lost then how can it spend any of its time finding them.

You see, for something to go missing, it must have existed in the first place.
Otherwise there would be nothing missing. Nothing to feel deprived of.

There is nothing that will cause anxiety, worry, and despair in the mind like loss.

In fact that is what anxiety, worry and despair are.

But let`s look at the obvious....

The thing lost, no matter whether it be a lover, a fortune, a sense of direction, a belief, or an opportunity, ..... It must exist somewhere for it to be lost.

So all that has really happened is one has lost control of it.

 It is loss of control that has terrorized human minds since time began.

This is why minds have been so preoccupied with controlling things.

When one has present moment awareness, through either death or choice, it becomes obvious that control is something made up by a mind. It makes up control to create the lack of control that embodies it.

The mind is the powerless, lost, identification, that creates the TIME for you to search for that which was never lost.


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                                               SENSE OF WONDER

                                                  Part 140


The whole of human history is about control. The very circumstances you find yourself smothered by as you read this has its genesis in CONTROL.

You`d think CONTROL as a subject would have been hashed over by the great thinkers and written up in thick dusty books.

But for example, it is totally absent from the Koran, The Bible,  Mao`s Red book, Mein Kampf, The Origin of species, the Communist Manifesto, What is Scientology?, How to win friends and influence people, Playboy, or The cat in the Hat.

It isn`t mentioned as a subject because it is so obvious that everyone already assumes it is there as the subtext.

It is the unspoken premise that avoids inspection because of its obviousness.

When you ignore the obvious you just assume that LIFE is conflict. And the philosophies one grabs hold of are in an effort to be victorious in your daily conflicts.

Every thought the mind has ever had or written is about overcoming opposition.

Pick up every book you own....Watch every movie in your DVD collection, Listen to the lyrics of all your CD`s.  Everything the mind produces is conflict based.

The eternal fight for CONTROL.

If one just spontaneously creates a work of art without consulting the mind.... It won`t communicate with other minds that are conditioned for conflict. Your art is viewed as Avante-garde and will meet a lot of opposition from critics. If it`s too "out there" it will be labeled controversial.

The severity of the conflict can range from a bad review to thermo nuclear global war.

The whole range of drama associated with conflict is rooted in CONTROL.

Let`s look at an historical example.

You`ve heard the story a thousand times. But let`s stay neutral this time and not take sides.

Some have described at as "The greatest story ever told."
I have no conflict with that.

It`s the story of good vs evil.
It is the story of God vs The Devil.

It is the fight for control of everything.

The key player in this story is "Jesus of Nazareth."  The son of God.

When God saw that despite the millions he had slain, people still had not learned that they needed to be contolled by a loving God.
The Devil was taking control of all of God`s minions and leading them astray.

God needed to act, and quickly. It had been three thousand years since he last intervened.
So God sent his only begotten son to save all of his begotten children.

Jesus laid in wait for a further thirty years before he assumed the role of Project Manager.

Within three years he was to become, in the minds of Christians, one of the only three people ever crucified by the Romans.

Little do they realize that the romans used to hand out crucifixions like parking tickets are handed out these days.

There weren`t many breaks one could get with Roman justice. They had come up with crucifixion as a one size fits all solution to breaking the laws of GODS. (That`s right. They had Gods coming out their arses.)

Pretty much the only Law you could break back then was to challenge the right of the Roman Empire to control you.

Which is exactly what Jesus, and thousands of others, were sentenced to death for.

Jesus had gone to Jerusalem for passover weekend with every other old style follower of the God of Moses. Unfortunately the Romans had called in all their reserves for crowd control.
It was bad timing for Jesus to throw a hissy fit  inside the walls of the High Temple.

According to their own references Jesus took exception to the fact that the Temple had their own currency... A little like the Casinos of today. A worshiper of the God of Moses would exchange real currency for Temple currency, which they`d use to purchase pigeons which the Jewish priests would provide and then murder.  So the Temple priests got to keep their worthless Temple currency as well as the real currency being used at the time. And the pigeons got to help crazy people do crazy things.

Jesus caused a scene in the treasury department accusing the money changers of turning religion into a business.  And they didn`t even have Televangelists back then.

Jesus did not share Gods love with the money changers. He challenged their right to control how God was being worshiped. 
But they were just employees. They were just doing what they were paid to do by the Temple system.

Even if they went "Oh my God...Jesus , you are right" and resigned on the spot, they would have been replaced before they could compose a letter of resignation.

Instead they called the authorities.

Jesus was arrested , and murdered like a pigeon.

And three hundred years later someone thought. "I`m sure people would like to read about this."

In summary the Christian faith was born out of one Gods need to control, and his errand boy who was ill equipped to enforce that control was assuming that control was necessary at all.
Why not just create a more appealing philosophy on your own, rather than declare war on an existing one?  Why not learn to write so there is no confusion about how one can benefit by allowing one true God to control your life.

That way we wouldn`t be stuck with "The Greatest story ever Controlled."

Some may say...." No !!!!!  You`ve got it all wrong!!!!!!!  Jesus message was one of love."

And then treat me just like Jesus treated the money lenders at the temple, for challenging their right to control my thoughts and written words.

Anyhow.... Just wanted to show you that no one is exempt from having to hold their ground as the recoil from the gun they fire roots them firmly on terra firma.

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                                                    SENSE OF WONDER

                                                       Part 141


Someone reading all this might well wonder, "But what has any of this got to do with me?"

They might say that it is impossible to relate to any of these concepts. After all they are residing in the "real world."  Immersed in experiences and circumstances that cannot be ignored.
It is only by having "real"ated to these circumstances and experiences that one can get a sense of identity.

From them one can know what will bring them happiness and a sense of control.

And the one lesson the Real world has taught its participants, is that happiness is directly proportional to the amount of control one has.

If you are not happy, you can go to a professional and he will without a second thought try to help you get your life back under control.

If you haven`t totally lost control of your mind, it will offer you examples of identities in control to emulate.
One can be inspired by people`s stories about how they took control and lived happily ever after.
Those who take control are worshiped by the mind. The mind looks at them with awe and tries to copy them.

The mind reasons that if one was totally in control, one would be left wanting for nothing.

To this end all life`s participant have sentenced themselves to a constant struggle to gain control.

As incentive, the mind offers the imagined, projected future benefits of gaining control.

In Moses day, this was called "The Promised Land."

By having hope of a better future to aspire to, one has denied themselves the present moment experience of now.

Kids haven`t learned to do this fully yet and so laugh and play and push each other into bushes.

They look at how serious their parents and elders are and just can`t get it.

The parents and elders make it their business to ensure that they do get it.
Serious people have circumstances and experiences to back their case up.

These lessons set the kids up to be seriously screwed up for life.

They are taught that they must control themselves and take life more seriously.

Years later when they fail. They fail because the misinformation about controlling things is a sham.

One day, after some time taking the best advice, the kid realizes that he/she is now living a life that is devoid of fun.
They are doing things 24/7 that they don`t want to do.

Trapped. Out of control. Dangerous. cynical, and dying. Out of control.

A perfect time to surrender control over to God.

Then fun and joy will be their reward in the hereafter, God willing....

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                                             SENSE OF WONDER

                                                 Part 142

                                            Superior  / Inferior

The mind engages one in a constant battle for superiority.

The inferior aspects of the mind cower before superiority.

It avoids any situations where aspects of its inferiority will be exposed.

This involves the mind`s host in many experiences that are seen as complex.

One can inhabit a superiority, or an inferiority, complex.

The mind constantly points out the failings of others to make its host feel smug about its superiority.
It loses patience with bad drivers and condemns them to eternity in Hell.

Meanwhile the mind owner feels intimidated by stunningly beautiful women.
Some religions have gone to extreme lengths to eliminate this reminder of inferiority, by covering their women up.

 Inferiority and superiority are all rooted in CONTROL.

The mind inspires one to take control. It punishes its host for not being in control.

The whole subject of suffering is misplaced.

The things that cause your suffering today, are the things which are controlling you.
The mind says "if we get these out of control things , back under our control we will end our suffering."

This has created thousands of years of suffering and the struggle for control....
With no end in sight.

What has been successfully controlled is YOU.

The mind has evaded detection. It`s perpetuation has been guaranteed, by controlling its owner to be in control.

Feelings of superiority or inferiority are the symptoms to look for when flushing out the cause of all your suffering.
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                                        SENSE OF WONDER

                                           Part 143

                                        Reality / Imaginary


Reality can only persist by continually re imagining it.

In fact, the more real something appears, the more one is imagining it.

This doesn`t make sense to the mind. The mind comes up with its tried and true persuasion, that reality is tangible. It is something you don`t fuck with. It can hurt you, if you don`t take it seriously.

"I have learned all these things, and more... I will protect you. I will never abandon you."

So the mind accompanies its host everywhere it goes. It controls its host by coming up with ideas on how problems can be solved by gaining control of them.

The mind avoids detection by controlling the scene from behind the scene.

The host is so preoccupied with controlling what it is occupied with in the "Real" world, that it has no faculty to examine the pre Real world.

People don`t realize what they are up against when it comes to the mind.

It will commit genocide, homicide, and suicide, with malice aforethought, to save itself.
You gave it permission to.
If only you knew it, the moment you identify with a mind your life has become a runaway train, and you are a passenger bewildered by all the sirens and police helicopters.

The reason mind owners feel so fatigued is because all a mind owner can think of to do, is hold their foot permanently on the brake pedal.

To the host, the train`s inertia is real. The faulty brakes are real. The tracks are real. The inevitable carnage of the combination of these realities is real.

It is only when one makes a leap of faith out of the train, that one sees that the train, the track, the inertia and the train wreck were all re-imaginary.

Likewise, it is only when one makes a leap of faith out of the mind, that they see the mind, destiny, motivation and suffering were all re-imaginary.
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                                           SENSE OF WONDER

                                                 Part 144

                                       How to make things disappear
Life for a mind owner is a constant series of train wrecks. Sure there are some near misses.
Sure there are a few good times. But overall mind owners are so immersed in pressing problems that they never get a chance to stop and smell the roses.

The mind is constantly coming up with plans and schemes that will benefit it. But just as fast as it manufactures desirable things that are just out of reach, it will also sabotage its host to keep said benefits out of reach.  This gives the mind the time to stay in control and perpetuate itself.
This holds its host out of the present moment and unenlightened.

And its all real !!!!!!

If you listen to the problems another mind is giving its host, one can`t help but wonder why they can`t see they are their own worst enemy. One points this out to the troubled mind owner and one risks being erased from their Christmas card list.

The mind knows its problems are real. The train is real. The faulty brakes are real. The inevitable train wreck is real. The one thing that is unreal to the mind owner is "The obvious solution."

The mind already has an agenda of perpetuating the problems it has created.
The host goes through the motions of being a concerned citizen trying to do the right thing.
It will even take its host on  TV to debate the issues with Dr Phil or Jeremy Kyle.

Other mind owners love this shit.
Gives then them chance to gloat in the fact that there are some mind owners worse off than themselves.

Sometimes I have mind owners come to me with their problems... its nearly always problems interacting with other mind owners. Sometimes these are "REAL" problems.

I can see immediately how identified with and trapped they are.

But if one asks them if they ever played sport as a kid it gets them less identified and less trapped.

One can ask what problems they are having with that sport now?

It seems that sport is the furtherest thing from their mind. They have no connection with it whatsoever.
It had disappeared until you resurrected it.

Quiz them about how they got out of that team.

Often there is no story to tell.

They just stopped playing. One day they didn`t show up.

But you say....Did you make an announcement at the school assembly ? Did you put a notice in the paper?
Did you hire a plane to write your resignation in the sky? 

How did you leave the game you are now free of ?????

"I just stopped playing."

"No. You are making this up. That team was real. There were real games to be played. With statistics, injuries, and evidence. Maybe even trophies."

"Lance... I`m not coming to see you anymore. You make my head hurt.!!!"

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                                               SENSE OF WONDER

                                                     Part 145

                                               "But.... What about..."

Pointing out to someone that they can simply step out of their pressing problem is always new news.
It isn`t something that one can be RE MINDED about.

It is being RE MINDED of things that the mind grabs hold of with both hands and starts hurting people.

The mind owner, offered such an opportunity to just step out of their pressing problem, goes silent for a bit.
It hadn`t come up with this suicidal thought. It never will.
It would rather destroy something YOU.

Now it will drag in all sorts of crazy, just to stay in control of its, out of control, pressing situation.
When you tell the afflicted with pressing problems that they can just jump off the train,
the mind sees the light at the end of the tunnel and it knows to never go into the light.

So the mind turns on the enlightened one and gives it hell.

The mind will focus on the pressing problems like an addict focusing on a fix. If the mind owner starts to catch on to the mind`s tricks, the mind intensifies controlling the victim`s focus over and over on the pressing problem till the victim is thoroughly DE PRESSED.

The mind won`t allow its host to see the obvious solution to DE PRESSING problems.
It won`t allow its host to see that the common denominator of all its problems is itself.

The glue that is holding all the pressing problems to the host is the host him/herself.

If the host "just stopped playing" the problems would have nothing to play with.

The depressed problem generator is so preoccupied with trying to control their REAL problems, that it is unreal to them that their depressing problems are being fueled by themselves.

The mind knows that that is NOT the case. The mind proves this by shoveling piles of "But what about...s" into the furnace.

The mind will trample over any obvious solution to pressing problems by overwhelming the potential escapee with infinite variations of

      "But, what about..."

                            ....all the scientific evidence that prove you are just a freak chemical imbalance!

                            ...All the evidence that God made you and he works in mysterious ways.

                             .....  The fact that you promised to love honor and obey, till death do you part.

                                 ...... what the experts say.

                                 ...... What people will say about you.

                                 ....  the laws of physics.

                                  .... the fact that my C.V. says I`m an amazing guy.

                                  ....  the reality that you are destined to be miserable.

                                  .....  the test results from the hospital.

                                   .... consequences. Did you forget about consequences?

                                    ... what the Christians did during the Crusades...?

                                     ... Common sense.
                                     .... Scientific fact?
                                     ..... leaving someone else to figure all this out
"But what about..." is the fuel that keeps you down here and God, up there.

But what about...

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                                             SENSE OF WONDER

                                                 Part 146

                                                 Dis couraged

The mind is the tool in vogue for being less than you are.

If it weren`t for the mind you would know everything and have no obstacles to overcome.
And that would deny you the experience of finding out stuff and overcoming things.

Incidentally these activities are a great deal of fun when you are winning at them.
But Hell if you are, for what ever reason, unable to achieve any sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The thing I find astonishing is that no one has already written what I am writing now.
It`s not as if what I`m saying isn`t obvious...

The mind has the core function of moving from not knowing to knowing. From inability to ability.

When one moves into a mind, it is empty. A blank slate. It has no ability. Just a function.

That function is to be in the process of finding out.

And that is a process of re-cognition.

The mind must operate as an identity separate from you. That is why one can have a dialog with their mind. That dialog will last a lifetime if you let it.

It is only when one transcends identification with the mind that it becomes apparent that regardless of the subject matter in that dialog it was all a waste of time.

The mind will say "But what about all those years spent learning..."
                          But what about all those abilities one has mastered."
The only thing they achieved, was that they took time.

Confronting this takes courage.
Not confronting this empowers the mind to leave one dis_couraged.
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« Reply #160 on: May 17, 2013, 09:24:36 AM »

                                       SENSE OF WONDER

                                            Part 147

                                   It`s all in the mind. You are the all.

There is nothing one can discover that will bring them knowingness and enlightenment.

The mind says there is. "Stick with me... I`ll see you right." it assures it`s faithful servant.

"One day you`ll have this massive realization and all your dreams will come true."

"Scientists and thinkers are working on it as we speak. Plus millions are praying for an end to this suffering every day."

The mind is the consummate politician. It is the flashy defense attorney proving that his client is innocent.

The whole world is on a giant roundabout spinning endlessly in space under its own momentum.
The mind has convinced all the passengers that if it spins fast enough for long enough, everything will blur into unity and the reformation will occur.

Your participation in this makes you a co conspirator of the "Cosmic conspiracy."

It remains out of your consciousness until you try to get off of it.

Just sit quietly, eyes closed and connect your breathing. It is only now that you can perceive the swirling current that forces you to participate in the carnival of progress.

If you relax your resolution, you regain consciousness after even more revolutions.

I hope you`ll now be conscious of why so many of your co conspirators are giddy.

Some are so giddy that they get sick or have accidents.

Every day the the newspapers report about all the people who fell off the roundabout.

But the carousal just keeps on spinning and the casualties are soon buried to make way for new ones.

 The mind accepts this.  It pulls a `soap opera face` and says "That`s life!" 

For all those who have been on the roundabout waiting for a brighter future...

The future is here. We are in the future.  Nothing has changed. It`s all just going faster.
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« Reply #161 on: May 18, 2013, 10:02:56 AM »

                                               SENSE OF WONDER

                                                   Part 148

                                    The mind is everything you imagine it to be.

Many efforts have been made to define the mind.

But it is the minds prerogative to change.

We call it `changing our minds.`

Some people change their minds like the weather.

And like the weather, the mind still does unpredicted and unexpected things...Often with catastrophic results.

Like the weather the mind is on a mission to get even.

It yearns for a place of rest. Kind of a meteorological Heaven.
The psychological equivalent of a coma.

So trying to solve the problem of the human mind is as futile as trying to solve the weather.
Both are always ruining ones plans.

The weather causes the weather. The mind causes the mind.

To be outside of the weather one has to step off the planet.
To be outside of the mind one has to step off the plan it.

When a beneficial result is required only a mind can plan it.

Without a mind to make `plan its` all that remains is a spontaneous act of creation.... for fun.

Spontaneous is outside of time. It is NOW. Not based on a past. Not based on an imagined future.

Meanwhile a plan is grounded in an imaginary past, which it replicates in an imaginary future.
To make a plan one takes the trail of footprints from behind them and places them in front of them.
Whether it is to follow them or avoid them it matters not.
The thing that makes it an eternal walk, is that the mind is using an imaginary past to lay an imaginary future.

This is how one keeps the roundabout called life going round.  It`s very addictive.

The ground beneath one`s feet becomes real to the degree on pushes against it.

Talk about traction !!!

               "But...What about..."

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                                                 SENSE OF WONDER

                                                      Part 149

                                                 Spinning out of control

The laws that apply to the physical realm are not relevant outside of physical.
Because mind owners are so used to bumping up against physical universe laws they bounce things off those laws as a sounding board.

"If I drop this bowling ball, it will fall on my foot and pain will shoot up my leg to my brain making swear words come out. There it all is. The evidence is there. The experiential track is there."

So when one tries to conceive of what non physical is like, they keep dropping bowling balls on their foot.

The laws of gravity etc. as observed by Isaak Newton set the benchmark for what one can rely on when approaching physical.

First law: An object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by a force. An object in motion remains in motion, and at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.

When one interacts with physical, one can be so convinced by the evidence, that one believes themselves to be physical too.  And as a result render themselves subject to physical law.

It isn`t something that one has to create moment by moment , it is the very platform where one creates from, moment by moment.

One has become subject to being, or not being, acted upon.

One`s well being becomes subject to Newton`s first law. And as one is subject to physical law, one
has physical reactions to physical stimuli and will continue to do so until acted upon by other forces.

The physical, that one believes they are, will have the experience, or lack of, their interaction with other forces act out on them.

The subject of medicine is this principle in action.

Medicine tries to use other forces to interrupt bodies in or out of motion.

Medicine never asks "Why is every body sick in the first place?"

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                                                  SENSE OF WONDER

                                                     Part 150

                                                  Here and there..

Due to ones identification with here, one fails to register what is happening over there.

From the perspective of here one is left with no option but to speculate or assume what is occurring over there. This is all part of the ingredients of a game.
Once one has identified with a character, one has abandoned responsibility for other characters.
One feels as thought they have control of other characters... But this is delusion.

All other participants are brought into orbit around the character one is playing as.
So one sees "My children, My friends, My community, My staff, My neighborhood,  My opponents, My partner" etc.

So it is only aspects of others, that can relate to a self, that one interacts with.

To the mind, a variance of how others interact with the self can turn a friend into an enemy at a whim.

Observe the contrast between wedding photos and divorce settlements.

There are many variations of the wedding vows. But they all say the same thing.

"I am willing to be controlled to the end of fulfilling ..........`s expectations of me."

And it can be quite sexy ....for a while.

For many people their wedding is the best day of their lives.
Shortly followed by the worst life of their days.

It must be understood that the moment control is taken, `out of control` is born.

Every instance of suffering is the out of control born from the control.

Notice all the people who are fucking someone other than you...
Doesn`t even register. But when the one you pretend to control goes out of fucking control...that hurts.

Don`t worry... This is leading somewhere.

We are surrounded by other potential realities that we are blind to.
We are so focused on the reality brought to us by our identification that we are kept busy trying to hold onto that reality.

Potentially, right now, you dear reader, could be sitting in a space suit with one hours oxygen left, drifting hopelessly end over end, out beyond Jupiter.
You could be lying under a car out in the suburbs where the jack has collapsed and you are struggling to breathe.
You could be hunkered down in a bunker in the sand as people, who don`t know you use weapons made by your friends back home,to try to kill you.

You could be potentially in a hospital bed trying to work out what happened and what parts of your body are missing.

There are infinite possibilities of where you could be.

But where you are reading this from is where you specifically are.

Where you are specifically, is somewhere where someone who believed there was benefit in controlling experiences and circumstances has placed you.

Specifics increase in direct ratio to abandoned unspecified potential.

You are you, because you aren`t someone else.

The age old question "Who am I?" can only be asked by holding circumstances and experiences between the self and the answer.   
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                                                  SENSE OF WONDER

                                                       Part 151

                                                  Will I? I will.

The material I`m going to try to communicate to you NOW has remained unseen by all who have been puzzled by it.

I`m afraid it has been a case of identification with the question creating the question.
The fact that one has asked it means that one has located themselves in a different realm from where the answer resides.

It`s to do with the creation of the identity that asks the question.

The creation of the question is exactly what obscures the answer.

For a question to emerge, one must create not knowing first.

An example would be the question "What is the time?

To ask that question one has to pretend to not know that there is only NOW. Time is pure imagination.

This is very obvious to someone who is outside of time. One has to be in the illusion of TIME to ask what the TIME is.

Outside of TIME there is no question to ask and no TIME to ask it. TIME is beyond imagination.

I know.... It fucks with your head. Good.

One`s head is as imaginary as the TIME it resides in.

By moving into an imaginary not knowing head one has now created the imaginary time for the imaginary answer to arrive in.

Maybe take a moment with that...

Time does not exist until one asks "will I?" By then one has already created the paradigm and the "will I?" has already become "I will."

This is the ground floor to the lives we have, will and are creating.

No wonder no one else has seen it, to my knowledge.

One has to be on both sides of a one sided coin.

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