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                                                                       SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                          Part 152

                                                                       Leaving normal.

It is only by beginning on the road out of unenlightenment that things that were previously invisible, come into view.
The unenlightened viewpoint had been keeping one in familiar territory.

Being immersed in familiar territory is a real burden to carry.

It gives one a backdrop to stage their play on.

The backdrop gives one a context to make sense of things within.

But it`s a process that is as hollow as chasing shadows.

It is a process that can only ever begin the ending. For every birth is the beginning of a death.

And that death is predetermined within the moments when the dye is cast.

That dye is the unenlightenment one cloaks them self in.
Death is the guaranteed, sure fire, everyone`s a winner, way of terminating unenlightenment.

But only that which is grown in unenlightenment can fall away.

To the extent that you have believed your own bullshit, you will feel disturbed by the thought of dying.

Why isn`t this information available anywhere else ??????

I`ll tell you why....  Because the only way this information can be made broadly available is by attaching some benefit to it.
"Read this and you will be happy."  "Believe this and you will go to heaven when you die."
"Use this and you will become wise and powerful."
"Grasp this and you shall fear no man." 
"Drink this and your cancer will be cured."
"Think this, and you will be enlightened."

This is not an insignificant step......

Any time spent on the road to enlightenment is actually unenlightenment.

If you are thinking  "Today I am more enlightened than I was yesterday", then you are manufacturing the enlightenment delusion.

                                       Enlightenment is what is left after you`ve given up on everything else.!

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                                                       SENSE OF WONDER

                                                        Part 153

                                                       The crossroads of the universe.

There is no nexus of the universe where one transcends suffering and stands on the road to truth.
If there was such a place you can be sure some arsehole would have bought advertising space on the billboard placed there for your benefit.

Ever noticed how empty, insulting and dishonest advertising is?
That`s because the whole industry is founded on a lie.
That lie is that benefit can be obtained ...for a price.

And yet all the benefit one has accumulated over a lifetime, falls off the beneficiary as he closes in on death.
The mind finds it beneficial to manufacture a Disney cartoon as a substitute for the actual experience.

To soothe people`s worried minds, and empty their heavy pockets, organized religion has sold the world a crock of shit for millennia.
It has done this by pretending great wisdom and an inside scoop on where to get the best seats.

Religion says..."You can benefit by taking us seriously."

How do I know this?

Well here is something no religion or philosophy has ever told you.

You can only experience grief by first worshipping the illusion of benefit.

If you refused to allow the delusion of benefit to distract you, there would be no loss to experience.

All you experienced would be what it is and not something on a journey to become something else.

There is no coffin in existence that you would be unsettled by. Least of all, your own.

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                                                                         SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                            Part 154

                                                                   The gravity of the situation.

The factor that determines whether one holds on to things or not is whether or not the thing in question is of potential benefit.

Old and useless things are discarded like yesterdays news.

And yet there are some who are so desperate for benefit that they daren`t throw away anything, lest it be the thing that could have set the benefit treadmill back in motion.

The hoarder is trying to hold as many things as possible in their orbit, just in case...

I think the modern term for this is space junk.

What the observer at the centre of all this fails to observe is that they themselves are holding all they see in orbit around themselves.

What the observer fails to observe is that the gravity holding its planets in orbit is benefit.
Anything that is stuck in your orbit is stuck there purely based on it being of benefit.

The quadrillion, gazillion, to the power of a trillion billion things that are not stuck in your orbit are inconspicuous by there absence.

They can`t stick to you unless you implant benefit in them.

The more benefit anticipated the more mass accumulated. To the extent that one is the nucleus of their own "Soul"ar system,
one has to tense up, and plant themselves firmly on stable ground.

What the great observatories of Earth have failed to see is that what they see is there because it is being observed.
And if it is deemed beneficial. it will be there again next time it is observed.

If it isn`t deemed to be of benefit it will become folklore and used to frighten kids.

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                                                                SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                   Part 155

                                                       Creating and Looking and creating.

One cannot observe themselves.
That`s because there is simply nothing to observe.

To view anything at all, one must hold it in a context.

It is the context that rewards the observer with something to bounce off.

The discovery of self and the meaning of life has to be the most creative and divergent story ever told.
Actually it is the only story ever told.

We are perpetually creating contexts to observe ourselves in.
To the context of the mind this makes any real observation impossible.

For a true observation of self can only occur......"out of context."

By losing all context, one is no longer anchored within the observatory that their context orbits around.

 The reason what I`m saying appears to be meaningless dribble, is because it is.

This is not a viewpoint. It is not something that is arrived at.

It`s something that was always there.

Just like Peace.   Peace was there before the peace and quiet were disturbed.

War is just Peace that someone has tried to ram into a context.

Un-enlightenment is just enlightenment that someone has tried to ram into a context.
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« Reply #169 on: June 15, 2013, 11:01:06 AM »

                                                                           SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                               Part 156

                                                                         The Enlightenment mafia.

Have you noticed how my writing on the subject of enlightenment is bereft of threats and intimidation.?

Not once has an "or else" raised its ugly head. There is not one mention of "consequences."

And here I am a Dollar scholar, expelled from the best school in New Zealand, writing about enlightenment without putting any fear into the mix.

Try reading other authors. I dare you.  It all starts off nice and flowery..."God is love"... but he will seriously fuck with you if you disobey him..."

Read any book on philosophy or religion and before you know it, you are immersed in a world of terror.

If one goes to any of the gate keepers of Enlightenment and questions their rituals....
There is a good chance you will draw great wrath upon yourself from the "God of Love" representatives here on Earth.

You meet the guru of some Eastern religion and insist you will be bringing a woman to join the "Men`s" meditation classes.

That guru will damn you to hell for all eternity.... with Love."

So here is the secret to getting to understand un-enlightenment...

Look at the set of rules any religion or cult adheres to. And understand that all ritulas are watered down torture used to coerce members to follow those rules. 

There you have un-enlightenment defined.

You are now a prisoner to freedom.

You step out of this charade after time has intervened and you are as stupid, naked, and naive as when you adopted a particular practise on the road to enlightenment.

But surely there are some sincere people who want to help others to become enlightened...

Yes.     Rare ...but yes.  They are not part of a system thought,
They are enemies of the freedom system.

No system gives enlightenment.

The system is the context that denies the observer something to observe when enlightenment is the observance of nothing.

Every road to enlightenment is actually the road to unenlightenment.

Sit quietly, take your attention away from all that you have put in orbit around you.

Just as philosophy, to recover, must resist all temptation to smite apostates....

You too can release all in your orbit from obligation.

You won`t realize how all of your obligations are being held in orbit until you release them.

One has to release to realize.

The crap one holds on to is not recognized as crap while one is holding on to it.

But man once they let go, one wonders how they could have been such an idiot.

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                                                              SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                 Part 157

                                                               Bringing God

The moment one decides to be enlightened, they find themselves attracting the last thing they wanted instead.

It`s uncanny. It`s not the second to last thing. But the very last thing one wanted right now.

If it had been the second to last thing that one wanted, then one knows they could have coped with that. But just the fact that
it was the last thing , makes one realize that God has got it in for them, personally.

It`s that attention to detail that gets to you.  If one created a list of all the things one didn`t want to have happen right now, one couldn`t do it with any real conviction. Because none of it is real and pressing. So the author of this list couldn`t even tell you which was the least wanted thing.

This is too uncanny to be mere coincidence.

The only way someone could know which was the most unwelcome item on a list of tragedies, would be if they were a reverse Santa Claus, or a God.

Now for the unenlightened, being brought the last thing they needed is a curse and an insult.
It`s an excuse to remain unenlightened.

Yet to a God, bringing the cell one is trapped in, into view, is the kindest act one could imagine.

Only an enlightened God could conceive of such kindness.

Only an unenlightened mortal could interpret kindness as cruelty.

   Only an enlightened God could see cruelty as kindness.

When they are viewed as the the same thing they have no TIME to exist.

When anyone asks me how to learn to play a musical instrument I tell them that instead of thinking what they feel like doing
with the instrument they should bring forward the last thing they feel like doing.

Then do that. Once that skill is no longer the last thing they feel like doing they should select the next last thing that has come forward.

On the day when there is no last thing they want to do on their chosen instrument, they are enlightened on the subject.

You realize that means they have no back off on the instrument and nothing they can`t do on it.

There is some real power in what I`ve just told you. But you`d need to be a God to recognize it.

All my love...
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« Reply #171 on: June 20, 2013, 11:14:04 AM »

                                                         SENSE OF WONDER

                                                               Part 158

                                                   Recognizing equals reorganizing.

It is the act of recognizing something that facilitates reorganizing ones thoughts.

This phenomenon places one at the effect of circumstances.
It leaves one with the the perpetual desire to recognize what is causing their disorganized thoughts.

It`s what people have been doing for as long as time has existed.
It is what has made the time to recognize and reorganize.
So it is the very mechanics of thought that have imprisoned people in their TIME based minds.

Everyone lives in the hope that at some future time it will all make sense and they will be able to recognize and can reorganize.

The mind will not allow one to proceed without the proceedings making sense.

The mind places an invisible wall between what is and what could be.

"I experienced this and this AND THAT IS WHY that and that."

 "............................. and that is why ................................."

Those four words are the the brush and paint that puts one in the picture.

Every activity that defines life as we know it is based on having these four words as a fulcrum.

What has been drawn into this mindset includes all efforts to free beings.
Psychotherapy and medical treatment have this ...AND THAT IS WHY.... as the unchallenged fulcrum which
has kept healing in a perpetual state of reorganization.

Dr. Fixit has recognized a new explanation for your condition, AND THAT IS WHY we need to reorganize you.

Dr. Fixit specializes in the very condition you are afflicted with.  He is so single minded about it that it allows him
to completely disregard the side effects of his methods.

Dr. Fixit is rewarded by society for ignoring 99% of who you are.

Dr. Fixit knows you have an unwanted condition AND THAT IS WHY you are sad.
Dr. Fixit cannot see that you are sad AND THAT IS WHY you have an unwanted condition.

On a personal level....  I have recently received test results that show a life threatening condition I have has been
almost totally eliminated. The medication I was taking was never to resolve the condition. It was always and only there to manage it.

If my Dr. Fixit had not taken the "hypocrite oath" he would have been curious to know how I recovered from this incurable condition. You`d think he`d at least be curious.

But he wasn`t and isn`t.

Now you`d think I`d be pissed off about this lack of interest from the medieval profession . But I`m not. I get it.
You`d think that I`d be over the moon that I have been given a new lease on life.
But right from the get go I used this condition as an invitation to broaden what I am willing to experience.

I gotta tell you. "It was a lot of FUN."
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« Reply #172 on: June 27, 2013, 09:42:41 AM »

                                                                          SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                               Part 159

                                                                          The war to end all peace

Try to get it that peace is waht is left after you take everything, that has been piled on top of it, off.

Peace is not something you build or create. It`s already there ...constantly.

"Peace talks" are exposed as an oxymoron.

If you are both in full agreement then what the fuck is there to talk about ?

The Peace talks are the war.

We face this dilemma as a species, as a race, as a country, as a sex. You name it it.

I know this isn`t going to be popular. What...with so much at stake and all .

There are people who`s job it is to understand and practice diplomacy and negotiation.
They have been involved in every single perpetuating international trouble spot.

One would assume there is something they can do to solve these world problems.
If they only could figure out what it was. Some real brilliant minds have wrestled with these issues.
And yet we have people`s mind full of shit running a muck on every page of the newspaper.

We face the same dilemma on a moment to moment basis in our own lives.

The mind has never allowed us to inspect its basic assumption that one can build something out of existence.

And this presumption permeates all earthly endeavours.

 The mind has set us on a course of pursuing enlightenment. It gives evolution and progress the big thumbs up.

Imagine the day when all we are is a brain in a jar, pondering existence and looking to a bright future tainted with grey matter.

The mind is not your friend. The mind is in a constant battle for survival.
It will treat you like its` bitch till you are used up.

The mind is dead set on keeping you in the game.

No matter what the problem. ... The mind will say.  "You can play your way out of this."

So the mind gets busy creating all sorts of commitments, agreements, promises and obligations.

It says; "This is the way out,. Your future looks bright. See the light at the end of the tunnel."

The mind says the future is the exit.

But the future is the eternal trap. 

The future is the minds way of keeping the last thing you want happening at arms length.

As soon as you chose to be present moment aware that last thing will be stuck on you like a fixation.

The secret to restoring self and transcending form is to stop fixation on the circumstances.
Just be with the emotion.

You are for example racked with anger and resentment.

Don`t allow the mind to build a reality that justifies that anger and resentment.
Just feel the anger in it`s pure form. It cannot persist
 unless you stick it to something.

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« Reply #173 on: July 31, 2013, 09:12:37 AM »

                                                            SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                   Part 160

                                                         Back to square one.

You may have noticed that I have been absent from this thread for a while.

The shore story is that I have been physically unwell.

The actual story is that I`ve been on a journey. It is a journey we must all take if enlightenment is to be realized.

The journey to enlightenment can only be through unenlightenment.

 It is not possible to bring anything into existence without, at the same precise moment creating it`s exact opposite.

This is easily observed outside of oneself. Not so easy when internalized.

One cannot be well behaved without , at the same precise moment creating the possibility of bad behaviour.

One is only being one thing because they are not being something else.

Over a lifetime one defines themselves by becoming more and more specific.
The more specific one becomes the less potential they have to be something else.

It is your specific illness that locks out potential wellness.

I`m just transitioning through this as I write.

I have been to a place where there was an horizon with nothing on it.

Absolutely no reason to exist.  Total apathy. Too sad for tears.

So the things that are coming to me this moment are not inspired or motivated.
There is a purity in these words unequalled in any writing I an aware of.

" The feelings one has are the feelings one has disowned, being reflected back at the them.

 The feelings the identity created in reflection have become the platform one interacts from.

The energy being reflected is the basis of the reality one experiences.
Everything the identity is, is invested in this reflection being so real that it can be disowned.

If one tries to see through the reflection, one has no horizon and nothing to live for.

Which is the exact opposite of what life is.

This can`t be resolved logically.

There is no aha moment.

This can only be seen by having no reason to see it.

Once all motivation to see it is dissolved,  what can be seen is not the detail, but the platform.

The identity one is has been created by the God that is you. The identity cannot see the God that is you, that created it,
while it is being that which it created.
So experience one`s Godlike qualities one must be God like. There is no other way.

Now what prevents one from experiencing their Godlike qualities is their less than God like actions.

Let`s see if you get it from this angle.

The pain you feel is the pain you willed on others reflected back at you.
The powerlessness you experience is the powerlessness you willed on others reflected back at you.

The lack of self esteem you experience is the lack of other esteem you willed.

You will the esteemed experience on others and that is the experience you have willed on the self that denies responsibility for them.

I`m just starting to see into this and figured I should record what I`m seeing as it unravels.

It`s fascinating to me how organized religion has made this subject the source of so much  made up misery.

A great deal of gratitude is owed to the authors of it.
Without them we would have no unenlightenment to move out of.

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« Reply #174 on: August 03, 2013, 12:44:15 AM »

                                                              SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                Part 161

                                                              It`s no game. Part one.

The whole objective of life and an essential part of the conspiracy is denying that we are all playing a game.

Life does what it does, regardless of labels. However the leaders lifers follow are adamant that life is no game.

Many philosophers have assumed incorrectly that Life exists to teach us a lesson.
However the only lesson Life has is that Life is no game.

Leaders of the lofty  lifers say;  "You think this is a game? You thing life is one big laugh for your amusement....  I`ll show you !"

"I`ll put your circumstances and experiences in direct conflict with mime."

One cannot be enlightened while taking anything seriously.

As soon as one takes anything seriously, one is vulnerable to blackmail.

The greatest gift you can ever bestow on another is to refuse to take them seriously.

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« Reply #175 on: August 28, 2013, 09:30:00 AM »

                                                                           SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                             Part 162

                                                                   Life is what you focus on.
                                                                What you focus on is your life.

It would appear that for many the focus of their life is trying to extract their focus from undesirable circumstances.
The focus on these circumstances isn`t a free will type of deal it is more of a rubbing ones nose in it.

So one is motivated to extract themselves from undesirable circumstances.

This is so much a part of life that there is no effort to understand the mechanics of it.

There are billions of undesirable circumstances in the world. They are great sources of undesirable circumstances. Yet
there is no effort to identify with them so no focus is put on them.
It is only when something one identifies with, has been placed on the roulette table that one gives a damn about any potential outcome.

So once again we see that identification is the source of all pain. (Hypnosis demonstrates this on a regular basis.)

One assumes that control of ones focus by another is the source of an hypnotic state.

However by coming at this from a non hypnotized perspective, it becomes clear that one is not hypnotized... One can only be "further hypnotized."

Someone else cannot further hypnotize a self who isn`t already hypnotized.

And the self that is hypnotized can never be anything other than self hypnotized.

Till one un self hypnotizes they are sentenced to be a slave to their experiences and circumstances.

The same mind identification that tells you you have free will, only ever gives you one option to follow.

The hero who saved the kid from drowning pretends he had a million options at that decisive moment.
But by saving the kid he has lost himself.

Surely if he was a genuine hero he would front up to the TV cameras and say he failed to save the kid and was willing to face the world as a self confessed coward.

Now that would take REAL courage.

Is a movie star a hero because he just stuck to the script?

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« Reply #176 on: August 29, 2013, 10:08:49 AM »

                                                                        SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                              Part 163

                                                                            Out of focus

The way we become dumbfounded is by misdirection of our focus.

A magician must control their focus if he is to be successful in bewildering his audience with an illusion.

We can only be mystified by being deprived of other points of view.

Focus is the leash that drags our sorry asses around the life we experience.

We only become imprisoned by focusing on the walls to our confinement.
If one is in prison to write the perfect novel, one never is in prison.

If one is on planet earth to focus on a life, one never experiences the prison Earth is.

It`s all to do with FOCUS.

Until you focus on something, it does not exist.

And something`s perpetual existence is once again granted by our focus.

It is our focus that gives us our single minded , self centred, point of view.
It is our inability to adopt other points of view that lock us into mortality.

From there we are deprived of the faculty to work in mysterious ways.
We are in denial about being the God`s that we had to not be so that our mortal selves
could be mystified by what we are reading right now.

Focusing on these words from inside the focus centre, will perpetuate the bewilderment.

On the other hand,allowing the concept, inspired by these words, to shine without having
any reaction to it, will resurrect potential.

Potential is un-focus.  Freedom is un-focus. 
Identification is focus. Slavery is auto focus.

What we focus on are our problems.
Our problems are what we focus on.

If we did not focus on something...That something would cease to exist.

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« Reply #177 on: September 02, 2013, 08:55:06 AM »

                                                                            SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                              Part  164

                                                                       The schizophrenic universe.

No God can create something without bringing something else into existence as well.

Something can only be what it is in the presence of something it is not.

So all that is NOT the thing, owes its existence to the thing it is NOT.

The Gods` desire for experience is dependant on identifying with something specifically.
The God now uses the word "MY."

The God ceases to take ownership of all other potentials and interprets its experiences through that identity it has specifically become.

Commonly the God has to create a mind that can do the mental gymnastics required so that the God can experience anything and give a darn.

A mind that has identified with self importance has unwittingly given birth to self unimportance.

If the mind has a choice it will go for self importance. But when the mind has no choice it begins to identify with self unimportance and
loses its way.

The universe is schizophrenic ...and so potentially is every self important mind created in it.

The help commonly available is to put you back in control of the sum total of your circumstances and experiences as imagined by your therapists circumstances and experiences.

All this dropped into my lap when other potentials that I was previously blind to, started to appear around me.

The conditioned mind has no awareness of realities outside of its circumstances and experiences.
The mould is set and one is a mere puppet until someone pulls the cord.

The trick, I have learned , is to remain immune to the temptation of identification with alternate realities.

To do otherwise is to journey into schizophrenia.

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                                                                          SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                             Part 165

                                                                         What about NOW ?

The life experience is about trying to erase discomfort that exists NOW.

The discomfort that is regretted or anticipated is only significant to the extent that contemplation of it impacts on the NOW one is experiencing.

Further proof that NOW is all we have to work with. 

The imaginary past and future pretend they are real. But that is all to keep one on the treadmill of LIFE.

This is not some casual musing. The past / present projection is way down before thought. It is instinct.


It gets you doing what you do before you have awareness of who is doing what you are doing.

This is where fear resides.
The identification one has clutched at instinctively is a made up identity that has as its basis a fear of not existing.

When it has grabbed a hold of you like the parasite it is, you too will believe you can cease to exist.

The identity is an amalgam of circumstances and experiences.
And if you are who they demand you be, then you are a slave to them. You are drowning in your own circumstances and experiences.

They are your executioner.

They are why you have to, moment to moment, sabotage your own sense of pure joy and fun.

The way out of this imaginary paradigm can only be NOW.

Not the identities NOW.  The Now that exists outside of the identity.

To tune into must tune out of their instincts.
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                                                          SENSE OF WONDER

                                                              Part 166

                                                        Life is a roller-coaster.

With our complete cooperation we allow our circumstances and experiences to set the course of our lives.

The myriad of potential realities now have no platform to be viewed from.

The only viewing platform on the table is the one our circumstances and experiences have moulded for us.

The only things we allow into our experience has to meet the approval of the sum total of our experiences and circumstances.

So our paths are pre determined and set on the rails. What ever we think we are has an agenda to persist in time as that identity.

Once a Christian always a Christian. Once a fitness freak , always a fitness freak. Onece a criminal, always a criminal.

Better the devil you know....

The only thing that can change our destiny is something that  our experiences and circumstances draw a blank on.
This identity threatening phenomenon "DE RAILS" us.

It is used as a criticism to say someone has gone off the rails.
The whole world wants you to stay on the rails. You are a co conspirator.

You have a right to be here.  You can overcome huge obstacles and endure great hardships.
One day you will die in a way that fits in with everyone`s circumstances and experiences.

There is great dignity and honour in perpetuating the pretence.

It is only when one is outside of the pretence that one can see it was a pretence.

Life`s roller-coaster ride was an amusing side show. Nothing more.

This includes all tragedies, all lives, all eras, and all civilizations.

Walking around the ruins of an ancient site one can make up scenarios of what happened here.

The more accurate the scenario, the more it is made up.

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