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Author Topic: "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."  (Read 26991 times)
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« Reply #30 on: February 13, 2014, 07:55:49 AM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 30

                                                                    Lasting the distance.

The subject matter being covered here leaves one with the impression that the author has a cynical  viewpoint on marriage.

To the contrary, from outside of the story, it matters not whether one is married, single, gay, old, young, black, white, yellow, or green with envy.

From outside of the story, the things that are inhibiting ones potential are obvious.

And although marriage has been used here to illustrate a powerful source of inhibition, the same case would be made with any of the pursuits or endeavours man has pursued in search of fulfilment.

All follow the same ingredients that have their genesis in a flawed truth which becomes believed in.

From outside of the story one can observe the false truth. From inside of the story, one is too busy courting disaster.

The information being disclosed here, cannot penetrate the mindset of a participant in the story.
To communicate this one has to present in a form that the mind can`t get itself around.

There has to be a simplicity that the complex mind can`t work with.

The same simplicity that you had as a pre mind child.

The great movie director John Borman (Deliverance) attended a British public school as a child. One morning when his grandfather dropped him and his sister off at school, he discovered that the bombing raid carried out by the Nazi`s the previous night, had scored a direct hit on his school.
His comment at the time...." Thank you Adolf."

Of course this was a disaster to all those who believed in the British public school system. But for those victims who didn`t, like John, it was no loss at all.

As children we can`t be bothered getting bogged down in serious bullshit.

A summer`s day knocking about with friends lasts an eternity.

The friendships one has as a child are never recaptured in adulthood.

The simplicity and fun are surrendered by a process of attrition.

The main offenders are the married couple you call your parents who are only ever doing what their minds say is best for you.

What they are really doing is transporting you into the disaster zone that you call "my life.".

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« Reply #31 on: February 15, 2014, 08:01:11 AM »

                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 31

                                                               How can you mend a broken heart?
                                                                      (Or.... Understanding self flagellation.)

Loss is by far the most devastating experience one can experience. With any other type of disaster one can formulate a plan.
One can get back in the saddle. One can try to fix it.
But with loss, there is simply nothing, and nothing one can do about it.

A loss victim is in a daze, totally incapacitated. 

The ground beneath their feet has disappeared. They are unable to get any traction. Their whole world collapses.

The thing lost is the very platform that they used to operate from. The mind goes into a panic.

"Maybe it is here?  Maybe it is there....  "Where did I see it last ?"  "Maybe it has been kidnapped and is being held against its will.."
"God help me... Please bring it back. I`m begging you...  I`ll be good from now on.  If you can grant me just this one wish, I`ll promise to do whatever you say.  I`m sorry I made fun of you and your kid.  I believe in you now.....  If you bring back my............ "

What a sad and pathetic mess loss victims are. This is compounded by sympathetic friends who insist on telling you all about their experiences with loss.

The mind will make feeble attempts to hold it all together.
It will remind you of how finding lost , keys, wallets and children in the past quenched your paranoia.

So you ask the mind "Well where is the lost thing?"  And the mind says ... " We don`t have time for this now. Let`s go and look at all the places you have already looked again."

So what is lost ?

It can only ever be nothing.      NOTHING !   NO THING.  (Unless you make something out of it.)

Nothing just happens to be the mind`s arch nemesis.

From the instant one believes that nothing is something, one is a disaster waiting to happen.

The truth  held up is that "Anything is better than nothing." And that is true while one believes it.

This belief is like a marriage. One has beliefs that they are married to.

They have great chemistry with their beliefs and with those who hold similar beliefs.
All goes well until there is loss.

Then one is left devastated. Their life is a disaster.

They franticly search for a new truth to hold onto. Anything is better than nothing.

To the divorcee it is clear that the reason the marriage failed is that "He was an arsehole", or "she was a bitch."

However it will be seen that the disaster caused by this failed marriage will be exactly proportional to how married they both were, not to each other, but to the institution of marriage itself.

When one holds up a bullshit truth, then turns their back on it. It will come back to bite them in the arse in time.
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« Reply #32 on: February 16, 2014, 06:46:00 AM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 32

                                                                Keep your enemies even closer.

Because the mind is all about something, nothing is the minds enemy.

The mind interprets nothing as a loss.

When something personally important disappears then the mind suffers a personally important loss.

When something becomes nothing the mind becomes dysfunctional.

Once the mind has experienced a personally important loss it will make tireless efforts to prevent that disaster again.

The mind is now programmed to worry its owner to death.

The mind is very anxious about becoming nothing again.

It will think it is a good idea to sedate you, as this will give it more time to live your life.

The threat of loss is what makes people inside of the story  hold on to things.

The thought of loss makes the mind very uncomfortable. It will make its owner hold onto things tightly.
It reasons that it would die if the things held were to slip from its grasp.

So mind owners grow old from worry. Their bodies lose their suppleness.

This becomes even more evidence of how disastrous loss is.

The stress caused by threat of loss, encourages one to take something for it.

Mind altering chemicals do the job nicely.  They soothe the stress for now and hope to stay one step ahead of it by pushing it further into the future.

Every time they stop the medication the stress comes back. So they do more drugs to push it back to the future.

But your truth always catches up with you.

Till it does it, will take you down some lonesome roads, directing your every move.
You will only turn to face your truth when it has led you to a dead end.

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« Reply #33 on: February 17, 2014, 07:53:14 AM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 33

                                                                      Life`s a bitch.

The mind gets very frustrated on the subject of enlightenment.

It wants someone to show it someone who is enlightened so it can imitate them or pick fault with them.

Once it can do either of these two things it has bought itself more time.

The mind loves to hear reports of supposedly enlightened people doing unenlightened things. It goes...
"Well if Swami Padipudipah can`t keep his dick in his frock, what chance does little old me have?

This is because the mind can only register unenlightenment.

It can only see that which is unenlightened. The enlightened aspect of what is observed is invisible.

This realm where the mind is king, is all about unenlightenment.

You can`t see that which is enlightened because it isn`t HERE.

Therefore all evidence one has that someone is enlightened is actually that which has not been converted.

But the mind goes.... " But if someone is enlightened, they should be ;

They should be loving.
They should be wise.
They should be happy.
They should be benevolent.
They should be wearing a frock.
Choirs should sing when they enter a room.
They should have a halo.
They should be Republican.
They should be able to heal people and perform magic tricks.

Unless they prove they can do all of these things, then enlightenment is just another disappointing commodity to be bartered for.

This mindset  has kept the unenlightened world going for as long as people are expecting to live in it.

This is why James Randi has kept his million dollars.

For a supernatural act to be registered it has to be converted to something natural.
Therefore Randi keeps his million dollars for all time.

In this universe something can only appear supernatural because it hasn`t yet been de frocked.
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« Reply #34 on: February 17, 2014, 07:57:27 PM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 34

                                                                    Going unconditional

Anyone who has a half functioning mind will by now see no point in reading the message I am relaying.

As I`ve said there is nothing to be gained from anything I am saying.

For a mind this is going to be very unfulfilling.

The mind has convinced its owners that without it, they wouldn`t even know who they are.

The mind has convinced its owners that it will keep them out of disaster zones.

There is just no way a mind is going to take its own de frocking lying down.

It has been the seat of every truth you have ever made up, believed, turned your back on, and been a bitch for.

The basic truth the mind has propagated is that "it is an essential part of your life."

Once that is true because you believed it, that truth is not inspected again, because it is now delegated all inspection duties.

Just try to get anyone to change their mind about something of significance.

The mind will not change itself. It will pretend to. It will buy more time to ponder the issue.
If pressed it will lash out at any percieved threat to its authority.

The mind is not your friend !!!!

You can get the most brilliant minds in existence and watch them descend into name calling, hissy fits , violence and addiction. Simply by challenging its rightness.
It will kill you to protect its right to rule.

The mind is, when push comes to shove, a spoilt brat kid from Hell.

So long as you believe that the mind has an essential role of ruling your life and you obey it...The mind will take it easy on you.
But the moment you disobey it, you will incur its wrath.

The same wrath that others will incur if they don`t fall into line with your minds goals, objectives and rightness.

The mind will kill, torture, rape, sulk, punish, insult, belittle, deride, fight, deceive, lie, use, con, betray, withhold...., Oh fuck this, just read the newspaper.

This is due to the mechanism of the mind. It is a relative machine.
It must have something to position things against for them to register in the mind.

The mind is conditional.

It will allow you to love someone if..........

The moment you realize that you are not seeing through a maze of conditioning, you are finally free of the mind.

Now when your kid comes home from school with the worst report card in recorded history, you can hold your child, look into their eyes and simply say   " I LOVE YOU."

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« Reply #35 on: February 19, 2014, 07:58:11 AM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 35

                                                                     Looking for nothing.

Ever since time began, those who believe in time beginning, have been searching for understanding. Searching for meaning, searching for a relief from suffering. Searching for happiness. Searching for the truth. Searching for their perfect soul mate. Searching, searching  searching.

Some have tired of searching and instead they search for relief from the anxiety caused by searching.

After centuries of evolution and scientific discoveries still no trace. When will this search end?
Billions of words have been written on the subject and billions of dollars have been wasted funding this expedition.
And what have we found so far ?

                                                            NOTHING !!!

Just listen to the comforting words medical doctors hand out to their patients that are suffering from multiple organ failure.

"Get your affairs in order."

Great efforts are made to help the terminally ill die with dignity. And yet there is no medical guide on how to live with dignity.

The body is a pile of stink being held together by who ever has taken ownership of that body.
When they disown it, that stink starts to come out.

"Ashes to ashes,  Funk to funky..... "

Here one minute... Gone the next.

I know this subject matter is something people get very emotional about. It`s all about loss. The exact opposite of what people`s thinking gear is programmed to do.  It reminds people that the search is in vain.
Every search for something has ended up finding nothing.

Sure it can be a long road. The longer the better. But ultimately we are left with nothing.

Now here is the tricky bit.

The thing doing the searching is the mind. It can`t function with nothing. And nothing is the exact thing every searcher has ended up finding.

But the mind can`t function with nothing.  You get the dilemma?

If you`re thinking, "This is nothing new," then you are still making something out of nothing.

The moment you truly contemplate nothing, you have disabled the mind.

Then it is clear that nothing is really something else.

Till then you are stuck with the same old something.

More soon....
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« Reply #36 on: February 20, 2014, 06:50:12 AM »

                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 36

                                                                 A show about nothing.

The one thing that has been underrated by every truth seeker is nothing.

And yet you can read any philosophical text and realize that they all came up with nothing.

Whether it be Science or religion or philosophy the nothing they came up with is completely overlooked and replaced by the optimistic words "But we are still looking."  Then we pull an Ally Mc Beal face and take mind altering substances in as sophisticated manner as we are able.

Take the Bible for example.  People who want others to believe their truth swear on it.
But if they actually read it you find they now want to swear at it.

But I guess it does provide comfort to some people.
Page after monotonous page of evidence that there are people stupider than you can give the ego a boost.

If you take the stupid out of the Bible you would find that all of the pages are blank. Allowing anyone to write anything they want on those hollowed pages.

Truth seekers think they are on to something, ultimately they find nothing, So look for something else.

This is the process of living.

And the mind is a sucker for it. Has been since time began.

When it comes to nothing, the mind is as dumb as the Bible.

It is not even possible to do serious research into the subject of nothing.

Because nothing is the opposite of serious.

As it turns out nothing is nothing but FUN !!

And Fun is like peace and quiet. It`s what is already there. They only seems to disappear when we create something (a truth) and take it seriously (Believe in it.)

This is the disaster zone. For we can only venture out into this world by turning our backs on whence we came in. (Ain`t that the truth ?)

By taking any truth seriously we set the fuse for the disaster of discovering it was not the truth at.

All truth has a "use by" date.  Everything you believe in, will expire.

`Nothing` cannot expire. 

Have I taught you nothing?
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« Reply #37 on: February 20, 2014, 04:06:27 PM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 37

                                                                  It`s all for nothing.

I`ve warned you many times that there was "nothing" to be gained from reading this.

But here is the thing.....  "Nothing is potentially anything."

The moment nothing becomes something, that something resides outside of endless possibilities. It ceases to be magic and becomes what magic has created.

If we hold our creation up as truth, believe in it, and turn our back on it , we can no longer imagine how it was created.
We are no longer privy to the happy backstage viewpoint. We are stuck with the sad truth.

We then create a mind to protect us from that truth.

To send the mind out in search of truth, is like sending your kid out into the world to convince people that someone they can`t possibly fathom, loves them.

The world sent that kid straight back to his father all bloodied and beat up.

The mind is a self perpetuating mechanism that gives you somewhere to go and something to do.

Without the mind, you would be nothing. That`s why the mind keeps you worried to death. It`s something to do.

Once you believe the truth that you are your mind, losing your mind will feel like place where those who don`t believe in the unfathomable father wind up.

If you believe that you are the vehicle the mind uses to take you to places and do things, then any threat to it`s existence is even more unfathomable than the unfathomable father.

See if you can get this....

The only way something can remain unfathomable is by being nothing.
The moment nothing becomes anything, it ceases to be unfathomable.

And remember the mind says "Anything is better than nothing."

 If you can discard that "truth" for NOW...

We can finally see the potential `nothing` has.

                  When there is nothing, there is nothing wrong.
                      "      "     "     "      , there is nothing to worry about.
                      "      "     "     "      , there is nothing to harm you.
                      "      "     "     "      , there is nothing to stop you.
                      "      "     "     "      , to intimidate you.

You see... the possibilities are endless.

                  We experience great relief when nothing shows up on our xrays.
                   We love it when others can find nothing wrong with us.
                  We love it when nothing goes wrong.
                   It`s a buzz when we have nothing to worry about.

 When it comes to the bad stuff.... We want nothing to do with it.

If we knew how to reduce the bad stuff to nothing, what a wonderful world this would be.

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« Reply #38 on: February 21, 2014, 07:40:49 AM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 37b

                                                                     Thanks for nothing.

As far as enlightenment is concerned, the mind will let its owner know there, but it sure as hell won`t let them go there.

The mind can see no benefit in its owner becoming enlightened.

It is so preoccupied arguing with itself and other minds in its vicinity, that it won`t make the time for anything else.

And that is why bullshit enlightenment is ruining this world.

Any route to enlightenment that doesn`t have nothing as its objective puts something there in place of enlightenment.

Rituals, ceremonies, funny hats, reverence and robes are all bullshit enlightenment.

They are the minds solution to inhibit the enlightenment of its owner.

And it goes through all this bullshit for self preservation.

Go up to anyone with religious beliefs and tell them it is all bullshit.  Then watch their mind kick in with the objective to make you nothing.

The mind will argue, debate, bomb, murder, martyr itself, rape and pillage to defend its religious beliefs.

It will even go to the highest court in the land to defend its right to practice its religion.

Trouble is , you only need to practice something because you haven`t got it right yet.

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« Reply #39 on: February 22, 2014, 07:52:13 AM »

                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 38

                                                                     More on nothing.

"Nothing" has been totally overlooked by every serious, mind owning seeker.
Despite the fact that every one of them has found nothing.
Instead of having fun with nothing, they have found something else to pursue.  (Which has also led to nothing.

All roads lead to nothing.

 Mind owner can invest billions of dollars and millions of thinking hours seeking and have still found nothing.

The mind will invent things to award itself for discovering something or other. But its a pretence. For in time, even the trophies they award will mean nothing to.

For the mind has been given the impossible soul purpose of giving itself "Peace of mind."

The problem is that while there is still something, there is still something to bang up against.

Can you list one thing that a mind does which doesn`t have "Peace of mind" as its final objective?

Can you list one thing that has been done, that was still deemed a success even though it did not produce the anticipated "Peace of mind?"

Achieving peace with the mind is not possible. People have taken drugs, climbed mountains, believed in God, amassed fortunes, committed mass murder, done speed dating, gone to the moon, invented gadgets, robbed banks, invaded countries, hit children, undergone plastic surgery, suicided, tortured, gone on Dr. Phil, become TV stars who eat cockroaches and yell at kitchen hands.

Believe me if it looks like it could provide "Peace of mind," someone has tried it.

And here we all are with `nothing` again.

So if the mind is a merciless task master, how does one ever escape its clutches?

You can`t just sit around doing nothing.......  Or can you?
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« Reply #40 on: February 25, 2014, 07:16:53 AM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 39

                                                                      The circle of life.

There is no gateway out of identification with the mind. Just like there is no gateway out of life.

The pearly gates, like cricket, are a product of the mind.

Faced with nothing, the mind is duty bound to put `something` there in its stead.

All philosophy, therapy, religion, and science are creations of the mind.

Each has come up with nothing, so has put something there to get peace of mind.

The mind will take this PIECE of mind and proclaim to the world that it is TRUTH.

Then the mind will try to turn any contrary evidence or opinion into nothing.

The mind will argue, belittle, ridicule, insult, or assault, anything that challenges its TRUTH.

It will even insist that GOD himself originated the TRUTH it believes.

It might even take up chanting to preoccupy itself so it has no spare attention units to hear any other truth.

Or put on a silly hat to keep re-minding everyone that this space is already taken.

There is not one mind created philosophy that does not speak of "Live and let live", while actually practising "Live and let die."

The "great" religions of the world can only unite when they all become nothing.

But the mind of a believer is happy for the others to go first. It will even try to nudge them over the edge.
The mind sometimes refers to this as Ethnic Cleansing.

It is here that the mind reveals its true mandate through its actions.
This is the nexus of the universe.

Any threat to the truth that is holding the mind together is taken very seriously. The mind can`t afford to risk failure in defense of its TRUTH.

It pulls out the big guns. It`s greatest fear is the best it can come up with to be used as a weapon against potential threats.

And that fear is becoming NOTHING !!!!!!!

It knows this is the ultimate hell for the mind. So it assumes that contrary minds have the exact same fear.

All efforts of the mind to perpetuate itself begin and end with an attempt to make nothing of any threat.

Once nothing has been made of the potential threat the mind knows that `nothing` has nothing to fight back with.

"Nothing can`t hurt you." and "nothing can hurt you." are the same thing.

The mind perpetually tries to make the other guy nothing first.

All mind owners are in the same boat.
Some want to escape and make the world go away.

The best they can do is maroon themselves on a desert island, where they are "ALONE WITH THEIR THOUGHTS."

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                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 40

                                       The truth. The whole truth, and any truth is better than nothing.

Some minds are so programmed to righteously defend their truth that they will outlive their host.

Even after the host has reverted back to nothing, the mind will continue to rein-act its truth over and over.
Like a mental patient the mind will literally haunt a location where its truth has not been acknowledged.

It will re state and rein-act its truth like an old record that is set on repeat.

We call such a mind a ghost.

But even here the truth it has turned its back on will eventually catch up with it.

When its truth runs out of steam, it will have not the wherewithal to separate itself from the fact that its truth was also a ghost.

People have always been afraid of ghosts.
Just like they have always been afraid of the mind.
What does that tell you ?

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                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 41

                                                                Gimme some truth.

The eternal quest for answers is the minds way of keeping its host in the circle of life.

The answers the mind allows its host to receive pose more questions.

The host, because it has identified with the mind, has allowed the mind to give itself brief moments of respite before it continues on its self perpetuating journey.

The mind can never allow its host to see that the truths that give it peace of mind are made up.

The mind is a victim of this universe. As a result, all its questions are loaded questions.
The mind is bias and prejudice incarnate.

It is the agenda of the mind to keep itself wondering.  Posing and resolving questions. Then posing and resolving more questions...

The universe causes the question to be posed and the answer can only be received when it fills the vacuum created by the question.

This is the actual circle of life.

At the eleventh hour of life, the host realizes the despite a lifetime of searching and learning, it knows nothing.
Then to add insult to injury, the mind says  "So long sucker. You`re on your own."

One has now attained present moment awareness where nothing MATTERs.

The mind is the tool we have used to separate ourself from ourselves.

One awakens from their sleep.

The vastness of our potential is embraced.

It is not possible to explain to an inhabitant of a mind what it is like to be free of the mind. .... Because to a mind it does not make any sense.

Like a jealous lover the mind will enact its vengeance on you if you try to leave it.

Despite all its pretence of sophistication and dignity, the mind will quickly resort to savagery with malice if one threatens its authority.

It knows what scares you. 

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                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 42

                                                                     Gaining permission

What follows is impossible for one to get their thinking gear around.  From outside of the story, what follows is as plain as day.
For someone inside of the story, these words cannot be made sense of.

There is nothing here for the mind to position this information to. It does not form part of a minds experience. And certainly can be proven incorrect by the evidence of ones circumstances.

For the mind to hold up anything as true, it must have approval.

Any truth that does not gain approval will be abandoned or amended.

An acceptable truth garners peace of mind for the holder of that truth.
An unacceptable truth will sentence its holder to convince the world that it is indeed the truth, but needed to be packaged better.

So inside of the story people are sentenced to convincing others of their truth, whether they are true or not.

The mind is the truth holder. It needs permission. It needs approval. It needs acceptance. It has needs !

Any hypotheses that does not meet with at least some approval, is dropped or amended.

A working hypotheses is not completely accepted but it gets by when it provides benefit.

So what it comes down to is that, science and religion have had to have the appearance of providing benefit to be acceptable.

The test of time is the benchmark. If some theory passes the test of time it becomes the truth.

Every mind that holds the big bang theory as true is sentenced to wait until the universe starts to contract to prove their truth is correct.

Anyone who believes in the Kingdom of God is sentenced to trying to do the right thing until they die.

The mind is totally unequipped to create enlightenment in either regard.

The mind needs something to do and approval there of.

The mind is holding its owners prisoner by holding out for approval.

Prison is acceptance of your truth, gone bad.

The only prison that can exist is a place that inhibits the minds ability to dramatize its addictions.

 Only a mind that holds its addictions as truth can be imprisoned.

A mind inside of the story that contemplates life has merely bought more time to dramatize its addictions.

The mind has you imprisoned, addicted, and unenlightened by its addiction to approval.

If you want to make friends with a mind, just say to it.... "You were right !!!"
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                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 43

              "By waiting for the universe to grant you permission to leave it, you are bestowing on it the authority to keep you in it."

  A Monopoly board does not know who invented it.

Playing the game of monopoly for eternity will never divulge who the author is.

The game board is the creation of the inventor, who is absent from the board.

The inventor of Monopoly can play the game of Monopoly, so long as he obeys the rules he invented.
As soon as he stops playing by the rules he invented, he has ceased to play Monopoly.

No where in the game of Monopoly can one find the instructions on how to stop playing the game.

If one just simply walks out mid game, his/her actions don`t meet with any approval from fellow players.

Was I using the word Monopoly ???  Sorry meant to say Universe.

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