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Author Topic: "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."  (Read 27039 times)
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« Reply #45 on: March 03, 2014, 07:58:58 AM »

                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 44

                                                                  Roll the dice. It`s your turn.

Because you are not playing the board game Monopoly at this moment, none of the disasters that effect Monopoly players are having any effect on you as we speak.

For someone who has rolled the dice on a Monopoly board, they have made themselves vulnerable to all of the Monopoly potential disasters.

And similarly to the game of life, it`s fun if you are winning. But once the game is over and the board is packed away, it does not make a bit of difference who won or lost.
It`s only a win or lose proposition for the duration of the game.

Your location on the game board only exists when you give your consent to play by the rules.
This sets in motion the Monopoly player mindset.

That mindset will dissipate once no potential gain can be envisioned. The mind loses interest when it sees nothing.

At this very moment the mind is playing games other than Monopoly.

It is not experiencing the tranquillity of not being a Monopoly player.

It is not experiencing the tranquillity of avoiding all of the fallout of disasters potential players of other games face.

The mind is so focused on the disasters it is involved in that it fails to register all the disasters it is not involved in.

It turns out there are thousands of trillions of disasters one is not experiencing because it is so preoccupied with the less than a dozen it is involved in.

The mind believes that anything is better than nothing.

Every disaster you are involved in was an emotion ordering the mind, ordering the body. Before you wound up with a hard on for something, the mind thought of it first.

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« Reply #46 on: March 04, 2014, 02:27:52 PM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 45

                                                                       The sticky mess.

Only a mind could come to the conclusion that the problem of the human mind can be resolved by the human mind.

But the mind exists in the relative universe. It has to have something to think about.

The thought comes after the something.

The mind is incapable of creation. All it can do is rearrange what is already there.

An artist will not release his art until it has given him peace of mind.

A Scientist will not publish his theories until they make sense in his own mind.

A new age visionary won`t act until it "feels right."

And all of this is very nice and pleasant while one is inside their comfort zone.

However all that goes out the window when one encounters a disaster.

Then one is cast back into the raw emotional state where minds are created.

Your computer goes through the same thing when there is a power cut.

No matter what that computer has in it, No matter what functions that computer has performed, it is now a useless piece of junk.

Totally paralysed. Silent and clueless.

It has returned to the nothingness whence it was created.

Likewise, the human mind is a useless piece of junk when its power cord gets pulled.

All that remains is those raw savage emotions that created the mind.

These emotions MAKE NO SENSE.

They never have and they never will.

It is only the mind that convinces us that it has to make sense.

The mind has convinced its owners that once everything makes sense there will be some sort of utopia, some sort of incredible revelation.

But that is a huge booby trap.

The mind is mandated to fuck things up somehow.

There will never be peace while there is mind.

And if you want to know how serious the mind is about fulfilling its obligation...If you think the mind is this marvel of modern science...

Just realize this.... Every act of murder, torture, genocide, extortion, violence, hate, punishment, and slavery was conceived subjectively by the mind before it materialized objectively outside of every textbook ever written.
Not a part of the mind..... The mind.

And every act of cruelty, made perfect sense to that mind. It had a duty to.

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« Reply #47 on: March 08, 2014, 08:25:58 AM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 46

                                                                     Combating EVIL.

There are two ways to communicate. Either one communicates about something or one communicates from something.

Either one writes about Spain or one is writing from Spain.

The difference is the shift in viewpoint.

Thus it is with the subject of EVIL.

This subject, which man has banged his head against since Moses wrote the first five chapters of the Bible, is still as perplexing as it always was.

What is evil? And can one trade it on the stock market? Or get a patent on it?

Of course it is ridiculous to try to float EVIL on the stock market. Why ?  Because it doesn`t exist !

It`s just an idea. One needs blueprints and graphs and projections.
People need something to invest in. They wouldn`t be so stupid as to invest in something that wasn`t there.

And yet for something that does not exist, EVIL seems to be doing a roaring trade.

Evil is outperforming GOOD in every venue across the world from the playground to the Vatican.

While GOOD is fighting the GOOD fight at the front, EVIL is moving in on its flanks.

EVIL is ready to pounce on GOOD anywhere it shows itself.

Likewise... Anywhere that EVIL shows up, GOOD will rise to the challenge, and go into combat against EVIL.

But doesn`t it strike you as odd that to protect GOOD, sometimes you have to do EVIL things.

And likewise to promote EVIL one has to dress it up as GOOD.

Man... one could play this game for eternity. 


Can you imagine what the world will be like way off in the future when GOOD finally triumphs over EVIL.??

There will be dancing in the streets and free ice cream. Cats and dogs will be sleeping together, and All movies will have happy beginnings, happy middles, and happy endings.

Any time EVIL raises its ugly head, it will be rounded up and publicly executed.

And if the forces of evil ever raise their ugly heads again, We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Has it not occurred to anyone, that it is the combat itself that meets all the criteria that defines EVIL ????

The combatant communicates not about EVIL but from EVIL.

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« Reply #48 on: March 08, 2014, 10:42:47 PM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 47

                                      Everything you wanted to know about death but nobody knew.

Despite all the knowledge and understanding that has built up, there is still nothing one can find out about death that makes any sense.

The reason for this is that death makes no sense.

The human mind was constructed to facilitate the life of its self.

To try to get through to it about its own non existence does not compute.

The mind cannot think about a nothing. Therefore the subject of death has remained a mystery to the minds of man and always will.

The human mind is terrified of its own death. So much so that it is compelled to go into combat against anything that it perceives as a threat to its existence.

When it does feel threatened it will dig in and use what it fears against its perceived enemies. Its main fear is becoming nothing. Thus its strategy to make the enemy nothing. Kill, exterminate, obliterate, destroy, annihilate, eradicate. etc.

This can range from humiliation to murder.  But the fucked up thing about this is that its own host is not immune from being thrown under the bus by the very mind that led its owner into the disaster zone it is defending its self against.

A mind that is cornered will turn on its host, like an oxygen deprived cell does when it turns cancerous.

Everything that is known about death has been filtered through a life perpetuating machine called mind.

It will twist any accurate information it receives about death into something that makes sense to life.

Listening to someone who has had a near death experience, you will hear them talk about this indescribable FEELING.

..."It was like.....    .
"It was like... I was in Heaven."
"It was like... I was with GOD."
"It was like" this feeling of complete well being.

"It was like......"
"It was like ......."
"It was like
I was floating in a sea of infinite love."

To hear about death you have to be told about it from somebody in life.

"Dead men tell no tales."

Death is being free of the mind. But not really. It is lack of identification with mind that gives one present moment consciousness.

As I`ve mentioned before. "You will never feel more alive than when you are dead."

You are now the nothing that can potentially be anything. And so long as you don`t identify with any thing, you will remain pure potential.

You are off the Monopoly board and beyond combat. In a state of complete surrender.

Everything you have denied yourself, for however long you have been dead alive, is now miraculously available again.

Now you know why the cruel world was always trying to reduce you to nothing. When you are nothing it is not possible to harm anyone, least of all yourself.

All your experiences have been `who you are not`. And you had them so that now you can bask in the glory of who you really are.

It is not possible to experience finding yourself, unless you have experienced losing yourself.

Other than that its pretty much up to you. You can look through the pages of your ex mind like one looks through an old photo album.

One thing that the mind can`t get around is that when you die, you are surrounded by those you call forth. Both the dead/living and the living /dead. There is no such thing as waiting on the other side.

Now if by chance you begin to feel pressure on your chest and oxygen being pumped into your lungs, you will awaken to find people looking down at you and busily rushing around, checking your pulse, just rest awhile.

Soon you will rejoin the living and be able to answer their questions about what it felt like to be dead, you can start using the "It was like`s.."I was telling you about.

Some will scoff at what you tell them. Just don`t get combative with them. They have minds to defend.

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« Reply #49 on: March 09, 2014, 07:42:38 AM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 48

                                                                Going into combat for the mind.

The mind of man is willing to do anything to protect its truth.  To this end, the mind will try to surround itself with like minded people.
This gives the mind peace of mind. It can stay out of arguments and conflict.
It feels safe associating with those are not constantly challenging its truth, even by their presence.

You see the mind is programmed to instinctively lash out at any threat to its authority.

The mind is an unforgiving mind. It does not forget who challenged its truth either by word or action.

Any time  its  truth is challenged it can turn on its perceived attacker with a complete and detailed history of all prior infringements.

It will keep turning up the heat to combat a perceived enemy. It will start with words and if compliance is less than forth coming from the enemy, it will descend into physical violence.

When the mind is enraged, you cannot talk sense to it. It can`t hear you. And this from a mind that prides itself on all the sense it makes.

As the betrayed rocket scientist is raining blows on `the love of his life`s head, and the theme from "2001 : A space Odyssey," playing ominously in the background,  sums up the mind perfectly.

Great minds have concluded that the mind of man can be changed. They have built an industry on it.
They are adamant. They won`t ever change their minds about this truth.

See if you can sneak this in past your mind..

       "You are either communicating about a mind...or communicating from a mind."

Peace of mind means combat for its owner.

God`s mind is supposedly at war with Satan. Yet a mindless God has no reason to go into combat with Satan at all.

                          Why would it?
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« Reply #50 on: March 10, 2014, 07:34:18 AM »

                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 49


Great minds have pondered the question "How did we get here?"

What great minds never took into account was that they had to be here to ask that question.

For those that are not here, there is no such question.

A question must be posed from a specific viewpoint.
That viewpoint has already tainted the answer.

The only answer a mathematical question allows is a mathematical one.

Two apples plus two apples cannot be answered with "ambidextrous banana."  It doesn`t make sense.
The mind needs sense to carry on with its nonsense.

The question "Why are we here? is already booby trapped by our assumed truth about what being here means.

One cannot ask "why am I here?" from somewhere else.

So you see. 99% of every answer is in the question.

So all answers are the 1% missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is the right answer simply because it FITS.

The completed jigsaw now gives one the complete picture that must be protected.

But that completed puzzle has become a piece of an even bigger jigsaw puzzle that has to fit in with other completed jigsaw puzzles.

As a result "We can put a man on the moon, but I still have that bitch Kyle telling lies about me at school."

"We have the technology of the mighty computer and yet I still get rock headed Nigerian Generals emailing me with `get conned quick` schemes."

Is it hard to make sense of what I`m saying?

When one finally relocates to where none of it needs to make sense, one is free of identification with the mind.
From there one can communicate about minds instead of communicating as one.

As for jigsaw puzzles, they are best left to those who can think of nothing better to do. 

As it is with all puzzles.

Puzzles only exist because you are doing them.
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« Reply #51 on: March 10, 2014, 09:03:36 PM »

                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 50

                                                                 Conversations with Mind.

Current wisdom is that man is a amalgamation of body, mind and soul.  It is believed that for happiness and well being one must have all three elements in alignment. There is no one who is arguing with this truth.

And some even light incense to talk about it.

It makes for a rosy picture. Mind, body and spirit all lined up in perfect harmony.....  And going where exactly ????????

And all those who can`t line up and join the march of civilization, become the road of bones that humanity tramples under foot.

The mind loves all this new age shit. "Get everything in balance." "Only associate with things that give you a good vibe."

"Be kind to yourself and others."  "Eat healthy." "Your body is a temple."  "Think nice thoughts." "Respect others beliefs, even though they are obviously demented."  "Love is the answer."  "Use positive affirmations." "Jump and the net will appear."

The world is full of these inspirational sayings, quotes and advice. You even get emailed them and told to pass on these positive messages.

If we all light candles and pray, we can spread peace around the globe.

Here I`ll do it now.



   Nope. Nothing.

The mind, body, and spirit in balance is a creation of a self perpetuating mind.

It knows people are suckers for this shit. And any of these quotes meets with approval from other minds.

"Yeah....If we can keep coming up with this crap, we can all find peace one day.

Oh Lord....Give me a break !!!

I`m about to summarize every bit of philosophy the human mind has ever come up with.
I`m talking about from Abraham through to Kim Jong Un. 

Here it is...

                 "FUCK YOU."

If you find this hard to believe...

Just look at the next inspirational quote some mind has come up with, and ask yourself this....

                                       Does what I just read encourage me to keep playing the game?

It is only from inside the game that one feels no choice but to play it.

It is only a mind that will encourage you to feel there is no choice.           

A mind created philosophical saying presumes you have no choice.

It is saying "Fuck you."
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« Reply #52 on: March 13, 2014, 07:32:43 AM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 51

                                                                    Obey.....Or else.....

A being identified with a mind has no choice but to obey that mind.

The mind says "jump" and its owner says "How high?"

A mind owner is so busy obeying the mind that he/she has no resources spare to turn around and face the mind.

The mind is totally running the show. It is holding your "sense of well being" hostage.

The mind has circumstances and experiences to back up every order it issues. Meanwhile all you have is hopes and dreams.

The mind is vigilantly watching your every move. It cannot allow you to reach towards your potential.
To do otherwise would bring the minds reign of terror to an unceremonious end.

Mind owners never realize that the thing that is holding them back is their own mind.

Every dream you ever had has been sabotaged by the mind.

Every single arsehole you encounter is the a victim of mind control.

Those who have been completely beaten down into submission by the mind become the "How are you? Have a nice day." zombies that
haunt the malls of the urban spiritual wasteland.

Life for mind owners is identical to a baggage carousal at the airport. People`s baggage banging into other peoples baggage as it goes around in circles.

Trying to break free of the minds grip is impossible. It`s so hard because one can`t get their mind around it.

Trying to think your way out of the mind is like trying to walk to the end of a circle.

The mind will help its owner to come up with a scheme that will get the mind to shut the fuck up.

It will picture a log cabin in the woods, or a deserted pacific beach, or a penthouse suite overlooking Central Park, or finding ones soul-mate.

So one spends time devising a strategy to get free of the mind while obeying the mind yet again.

                              The mind has a mandate to prevent you from reaching your potential..

"But if we didn`t have minds we would act just like animals.!!!!"

All I can say to that is get out of your shell and have a look around you.

Am I being too harsh on the mind?

See how you feel about that next time you piss off a mind owner. Be it your parent, best friend, lover, team mate,  or total stranger.

See how you go next time you piss off a mind owning fellow motorist.

Meanwhile have a "whatever your mind tells you to have" day.

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« Reply #53 on: March 14, 2014, 07:47:28 AM »

                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 52

                                                                        The MINDer

The mind`s ownership of it`s host is dependant on the mind keeping you from reaching your potential.

To that end the mind will use every trick in the book it is writing.

It could be said that it is MINDing its owner.

It will never part with the instances of victimization and betrayal suffered by its host.

These are the stories the mind keeps repeating to keep its owner in character.

Every time a mind owner reaches toward his/her potential, the mind reMINDs them exactly who they are.

The stories that the mind owner uses to reMIND its owner that it is essential to the hosts existence are actually instances where it was the mind that came into conflict and combat with other minds not under your control.

This answers the age old question as to why some minds direct their host to ruthlessly control other minds.

However, the conflict of minds is caused by them  holding up conflicting truths.

The conflicts one has, which create their story, are the clashes of beliefs to the end of protecting a truth that one has turned their back on.

The mind is never searching for the truth.  All it can ever do is protect the truth that it believes in.

The mind knows it can`t handle the truth. It can only believe it.
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« Reply #54 on: March 15, 2014, 12:10:32 AM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 53

                                                                     Where does the mind reside?

The mind will be located where ever its circumstances and experiences have put it.
The mind was created from a place where all things were possible.

The mind makes it possible for a viewpoint where all things are not possible.

One thing that is not possible for the mind is to resurrect the viewpoint that all things are possible.

The mind`s very existence is dependant on hiding this viewpoint.

When one sees that there are unlimited possibilities, one does so without the mind.

Unlimited possibilities can only exist in the presence of nothing.

This is why the mind will not tolerate or contemplate nothing.

It concludes that nothing is the end.

So if one ever need to locate the mind all they need do is contemplate nothing and the mind can be counted on the appear between you and nothing.

Another way of stating this which may help, is that the mind exists between you and your unlimited potential.

The mind does nothing but hold you back. It does this by pretending to protect you.

The mind is not half assed about its duty. It will protect you to death.

It does this by believing that the currency it deals in is real.
That currency is circumstances and experiences.  These are turned into a story that the mind tells its owner endlessly, over and over again.

If it comes down to you or your mind, the mind will sacrifice your life before it will surrender to  nothing.

So where can one find a mind?

.......  Between the little picture and the big picture.
From the little picture one communicates from  mind.
From the big picture one communicates about mind.

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« Reply #55 on: March 15, 2014, 09:03:49 AM »

                                                                 " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 54

                                                                        All for nothing.

Nothing is the backdrop for every something in existence.
No matter what that something is, no matter how hard it resists the sands of time, it to will ultimately revert back to nothing.

When the mind tries to contemplate this nothing that all some-things arose from, it short circuits and thinks about something else.

The something that has arisen to make something out of nothing is the mind. (Watch daytime TV.)

But hear this...The mind cannot create. It can only re organize what has already been created.

And that is the definition of the mind.

It is the product of re organized circumstances and experiences.

The mind of man cannot conceive of it being any other way.

We all know that if we challenge the authority or rightness of someone's mind it will defend itself with prejudice.

What we never suspect is that offence is taken, and given exclusively by minds.

The minds priority is to win the argument and defend its truth.

To this end the mind will send its host into all sorts of disaster zones.

No matter how the mind re organizes something , that thing, will ultimately become nothing.

Unlimited potential is available when the mind becomes nothing.

Enlightenment is knowing that it was all for nothing...

                  ...And that you are the nothing it was all for.

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« Reply #56 on: March 17, 2014, 10:27:42 AM »

                                                               " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 55

                                                                         MY LIFE STORY

                                                   or... "A funny thing happened on the way to the cemetery."

The subtext of every life story is that in time the liver of the life story will cease to exist.
It`s so taken for granted that it sets the stage for the story to unfold on.

It goes without question that every life story will come to an end.

Death is the final appointment `story makers` have to keep.

It is the great wheel of life that great minds have written and spoken of.
Death is as unavoidable as avoidance of it is.

Death is the truth, story makers have had to live with. Not because they want to. But because it is obviously true.

"Death is real.  One day you will die. You will be nothing."

Great way to start the day !!!!

But for a story maker, it is how they start, continue, and end their day. Knowing that their stay here is temporary.

They are reminded of it every time they attend a funeral or watch TV.

And this is true while you believe it.  And some time in the future it is your destiny to prove it.

The mind gathers any evidence it can to back up what it believes.

There is no mind in existence that gathers information to disprove what it believes.
That just isn`t something a mind can do.

Before it can do that, it has to change its beliefs first. Otherwise there is nowhere for contrary facts to stick.

The mind grabs hold of a truth, hangs on to it like grim death and then turns its back on it.

To a mind, any truth is better than nothing.

To that end, the mind has an agenda to protect its truth. It will even put you in a uniform, arm you, and
send you off to a war zone to defend its truth. Of course you have God on your side. No war is complete without drafting God into your salvation army.

With God on your side how can you miss (the cemetery)?

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« Reply #57 on: March 18, 2014, 10:22:20 AM »

                                                                " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 56

                                                                    Solving problems

One thing you can always count on the mind to do is solve problems. 

Problems and solutions go hand in hand, like a married couple before death does them part.

There are no solutions without problems. Likewise, there is no problem that there is no solution for.

The mind detects a problem and the mind reorganizes stuff to solve the problem.

What is very revealing here is that the mind detected the discomfort of certain circumstances and then the mind comes up with a solution by digging into its experiences.  But the real objective of the process in play is to provide "peace of mind."

Once that is achieved the mind has located a new truth to hold onto.

The mind feels a sense of peace, for example, when it stockpiles masses of weapons that can turn masses of people, who don`t agree with its philosophy, into nothing.

Once the mind has made peace with the true solution, it will hold onto that truth, turn its back on it, and believe that the problem itself needs redefining so that it fits in with the solution.

This is why no one sees a problem with perpetually enforcing solutions that don`t work.

The world is happy for a focus group of the greatest minds on Earth to come up with no solution, but a newly defined problem.

Its all minds could come up with.

The mind is designed to perpetuate itself. Not you.

Every problem and every solution that is itself a problem, globally and right down to you dear reader is a creation of the mind.

                                                There is no problems or solutions outside of a mind.

The mind has a problem with that statement. It solves it by crying "Bullshit!"  It will nag at you about it till it gets what it needs...

                                                 Peace of mind.

  Every harsh word said... Every punch thrown, and every gun fired, has been in an effort to placate the mind.

                                     The mind will go into battle for world peace.

                                     It gives it peace of mind.

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« Reply #58 on: March 20, 2014, 08:28:55 AM »

                                                              " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 57

                                                           What the mind doesn`t want you to know.

It is obvious to a mind that what I`m telling you here is pure bullshit.

This rubbish about problems and solutions only existing within a mind is not backed up by one single persons experiences or circumstances.

Just have a look for God`s sake.

The problems that engulf our attention and time are real. Only a mindless moron couldn`t see that.

If any mind has the balls to confront the facts, it will show you that you have problems as far as the eye can see in every direction.

Problems with self esteem. Problems with your marriage. Problems with money. Problems with work. Problems with your kids. Problems with your relationships. Problems with addictions. Problems with the neighbours. Problems with your computer. Problems with politics. Problems with your plumbing. Problems with your health. Problems with tradesmen. Problems with conmen. Problems with your faith. Problems with crime and education. Problems with your past.  Worry about your future.

Gee it sounds like you are living in a disaster zone.

Who put you there?

Who or what has been doing the driving?

Who or what have you consulted with, every step of the way through your life story?

What keeps you up at night worrying you about your future?

What has trapped you, an immortal being, in the life you are having?

And when you are at the end of your tether and have finally had enough of everything....

You are at your darkest hour and with no one else to turn to, you plead with the mind for help.

And seconds before you pull that trigger, the mind has one final piece of advice before it abandons you.

"FUCK YOU."    After all who came up with putting a gun to your head as a specific solution in the first place?

I`m sorry to be so insulting to your life long companion. I`m sorry to tell you that the entity you have entrusted everything you have to, is a cheating, lying, scum-bag, whore, son of a bitch, treacherous, self indulgent, self righteous, arsehole...  But its something your mind will never tell you. 

But what would you call the thing that has kept you separate from GOD ?

                                           God is unlimited potential.

                                           God ceases to be God when that potential is expressed.

Notice how all this time, the god you don`t believe in has failed to help you one single time.
Actually...try it now. Ask God to perform a miracle for you right now. .....   .......

NOTHING !!!!!   

Not even close.  Maybe if you cut a deal. Do a bargain with God.

"You do me just this one small favour, and I`ll do this and this and then I`ll believe in you."

NOTHING again.  Don`t worry billions have tried this and had the same silent treatment.

How about Satan ?  Let`s see if he can help? 


They are both creations of the mind.

The mind calls potential for good, GOD.
And potential for evil, SATAN.

The mind in its obsession to create identities, has personified both forces.

And it all gets so silly I can`t be bothered going over the ramifications.

There is nothing good or bad about unexpressed potential.

It can only be subjected to judgement once expressed.

This is pure gold to the mind.

It can sit in judgement about everything held up in front of it forever.

The mind even passes judgement on God and Satan themselves.

The mind is the tool we use to communicate about God and Satan.

Absent a mind , we communicate from God or Satan.

                                          God and Satan is what the mind uses to keep you in your story.

The two can only be separated by the act of expression  of potential.

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« Reply #59 on: March 21, 2014, 08:03:21 AM »

                                                                 " OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 58

                                                            It`s a lonely journey to rejoin everyone.

The road to enlightenment is blocked at all times by the mind.

You say "I want to be enlightened. " The mind says "Fuck you."

If you still proceed with this insanity of becoming enlightened, the mind will sabotage your every step.

Just like when you wanted to have a shot at fame and fortune, the mind said "fuck you" and sabotaged your every step.
It knows what scares you. It can be very persuasive. It has facts to back it up. It can distract you with whatever works.

That which really works , is other minds.

As soon as you exhibit signs of withdrawing from the "be normal" game, other minds will descend on you.

To the degree that you show independence, other minds will attempt to make you dependant again.

Other minds will try to convince your mind to get back in line and play the game like any "normal " person would.

Minds have even come up with rules and laws to keep the peace (of mind)

To the mind, having rules and laws makes sense.  Otherwise it would be carnage out there.

Just think what would happen if there were no rules.

It wouldn`t be safe to walk the streets. You couldn`t leave your house without fear of it being broken into.
You couldn`t park your car without fear of it being stolen.
You couldn`t just stand on a city street without fear of being "King hit" by a school graduate.
You couldn`t invest your money without fear of being defrauded.
You couldn`t even go to a party without fear of being raped or assaulted.
Just think of the massive drug problem society would have if it were not for anti drug laws.
If it weren`t for rules and laws we would have wars breaking out all around the world.


Thank GOD for rules and laws !!!!!!

The purpose of rules and laws is to keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

Any attempt to break off that road flies in the face of convention.

The rules and laws are there for you to fit in with. There is great comfort and security from doing this.

Wow betide anyone who tries to violate the laws of physics.

Stay within the law and you will die a happy man.

For anyone seeking enlightenment, they must set off totally alone. The laws of man must be ignored.
There are no enforcers to keep you on the road to enlightenment.

                                  Indeed the road to enlightenment is breaking free of enforcement.

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