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Author Topic: "A NEW STORY."  (Read 58653 times)
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« Reply #30 on: October 28, 2015, 10:11:19 AM »

                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 29

                                                                Dispensing with accumulation

It has been an unquestioned function of the mind to accumulate.
It gathers relentlessly. Accumulation is the very life blood of the mind.

It cannot function when it is empty.

Without the thought , there is no thinker.

The mind cannot even conceive of itself being empty.
It has no capacity to entertain such a thought.

It`s like asking a mind to give you love.
It has no love to give. So it goes through the motions of giving a cheap substitute.
It has an accumulation of observable expressions of love and knits them together into what looks like love.
The mind is conditioned by it`s accumulation and is therefore
only able to give "conditional love" which is not love at all.

Love is only possible when all conditioning is removed.

Love was there all the time. The conditioning obscured it.

It has nothing to do with experience. Nothing whatsoever.

For love is not an experience. It just is.

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« Reply #31 on: November 22, 2015, 08:27:11 AM »

                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 30

                                                                  You are the nothing it is all for.

We have all been suckered into believing that life is struggle.
All beliefs are a substitute for actuality.

If one was to point at their struggle right now. Try it....
It would become clear that the struggle is not an actuality.
It is a projection of a problem generating machine called the mind.

Once one has identified with that mind, they have given license to that mind to experience pain.

Pain can only exist through identification.
Pain can only get to you via identification.

The more one is identified with, the more channels are opened up to bring pain and suffering into one`s experience.

The solution in vogue is to identify with less and less.

Over time, this handling causes a reduction of the reach of the victim of the solution.
The dreams and optimism of youth become the alienation and pessimism of age.

It all comes down to attitude. And the attitude is the viewpoint of the individual.

That individual can look back at happier times in the family photo album and see sunny days and laughter.
The surroundings in the background of the photos can now be viewed without the conflicts and problems that
one was viewing those surroundings through at the time the photo was taken.
Nostalgic eyes are able to see the perfection that contemporary eyes are too preoccupied to see.

Motivated by the fact that one is aware that they are being denied happiness and fulfillment one
attempts to manipulate the world they are imprisoned in, trying to create solutions to problems and outpoints.

This is how a life is defined. The constant battle. The delusion of a better future.
The overcoming of obstacles. The pursuit of perfection. The avoidance of pain and the quest for pleasure.

This is the mind`s self preservation mechanism at work.

The mystery of the sub conscious is solved immediately wean one confronts the actuality
that the mind, any mind , is subconsciousness incarnate.

Sub conscious and unconscious are one and the same thing. Just different words. And the word is never the thing.

Absent the mind, there is nothing unknown. There is just consciousness.
The mind is the author of both the unconscious and the unknown.
Absent the unconscious and the unknown, the mind is completely redundant.

All that is unknown and unconscious has been the building blocks of the mind.
Actuality has been obscured by the mind.
The moment one loses identification with the mind there remains nothing unknown.

There is nothing for nothing to do.

Nothing must become something to have something to do.

No matter what one does, it will forever be for nothing.

Because you are the nothing it is all for.

One can`t see any of this by viewing it through a mind.
See the mind in action and it loses its power to harm and destroy.

The mind is only the past. That is all. And the past is just images.
It is only imagery. The mind has no where to place the actual.
It can only pervert the actual to take it on board.
So the actual becomes a distorted delusion in the mind.

It now has a viewpoint to observe from..... Distorted delusion.

It is the manufacturer of suffering and conflict.
It`s very existence depends on keeping it`s owner on the treadmill of life.

A mind confronted with actuality is the most pain and suffering one can feel.

The mind has booby trapped itself from going anywhere near actuality.

When you challenge a minds belief and structure, it is fighting for it`s life.
All bets are off. This is war.

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« Reply #32 on: November 22, 2015, 11:42:33 AM »

                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 31

                                                               Where the fun begins.....

Life, as it is being lived, is a flight from actuality.
The whole of human history, the mess we all live in presently, is totally and completely , the avoidance of actuality.

All of the pain, the suffering, the despair, the loneliness, the heartache, the humiliation, is the result of images , words and symbols,
that the mind has tricked it`s victims into believing are real.

The mind has convinced it`s owner that all can be remedied through time.

The mind says, "We can figure this out... You and me as a team, we can work on it. We can be logical,
we can consult experts, we can evaluate the facts.


The mind has been on the job 24/7 since it was given the task and tell me...
What the fuck has it come up with?

Weapons, bombs, safety locks, bank accounts, the U.N., Research funds, and social chit chat.  And "Fuck everybody else !"

So what the fuck is the solution ???
What can be done about it?
Somewhere the must be great minds working on the problem... Religious leaders, politicians, scientists. Surely... !!!
There could be a breakthrough any day.... 


Are you willing to look into the matter with me now?

How about , if instead of applying the same old strategy, that has never worked, we look at
not the solution , but the factors that have created the problem in the first place.

If the factors creating the problem are neutralized then surely no solution is necessary.

Seeing this immediately exposes the actuality that all solutions are merely contributing to
the problem.

The search for the solution is the birth of conflict.

Watch this closely....

The solution to a perceived problem is a projection of the mind.
It observes what shouldn`t be and now puts up an imagined what should be.

Neither of them are actual. Both are projections.

It`s relatively easy to see the solution as a call to action, a projected reality.
But what has been missed is that the problem itself is a projection of the conditioned mind.

What the mind has perceived as a problem is only a problem to the mind that perceives it.

The actuality is that it is what it is.  It`s that simplicity that the mind cannot tolerate.

The mind refuses to perceive what is and throws as much mental machinery at it as is required to give it peace.

The mind will fight what I`m saying with all it has. It`s very existence is dependent on not knowing what we are sharing here.

No doubt it will say "But this is just playing the three monkeys with all problems."
(Hear no evil. See no evil, speak no evil.) 

But if one really looks, one can see that the opposite is the fact.

It is the very inability to observe the actual which creates the problem.

For a problem to exist it must be viewed from a viewpoint saturated in distortion.

The symptom of a distorted viewpoint is the persistence of a problem.

Solving problems an indulgence in time.

Actual observation can only be now.

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« Reply #33 on: November 22, 2015, 05:32:33 PM »

                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 32

                                                            What inhibits total observation ?

The short answer is .... The observer.

This will sound like something too hard to think about.
And that is because it is.
The mind has no facility to process what I am pointing out to you.

The act of observing is what is creating the observer.
Absent the observed, the observer is not.

Same with thought.
The thinker can only exist in the presence of the thought.

Absent the thought the thinker ceases to be.

The act of observing and thinking creates the illusion of separation.

To think of something or to observe it, one has to be separate from that which is observed and thought about.

Only separation can create conflict.

A total observation of the actual is no observation required.

It is only through a distortion of the observation that separation and observation become possible.

So it would pay to inquire into what is the distortion that poses as observation.

The mind cannot observe the actual. It`s very existence is dependent on never totally observing anything.

The mechanics used by the mind to fool its owner are everything it knows.

Everything it knows is the past. It knows nothing else.

So it is forever weighing up what it is observing with the past.
This makes sense to the mind. And if you are identified with your mind then it makes sense to you as well.

But answer me this....

How come the mind has been making sense of life since it was made.

And yet "Life," as you are now experiencing it, makes no sense at all.

Try to write the definitive philosophy on life and see if you can get even one other lifer to agree with it.

Right now explain the meaning of life to someone. Or write it down.

Find out what it`s like to be branded as a nut.

And yet your mind has been busy answering all the questions posed to it for ever.

So far.... Nadda,. Nothing...Zilch.
Just a big pile of observations and experiences that add up to nothing at all...
And don`t make sense to anyone..

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« Reply #34 on: November 23, 2015, 07:27:17 AM »

                                                                        "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 33

                                                                   The mechanics of misery.

Picture a lemon.

Hold it firmly in one hand and slice through it using a knife with the other.

Hold one half of it above your open mouth and squeeze it till a few drops fall on your tongue.

Taste those drops.

Absolutely, unquestionably lemon juice. Clearly distinguishable from any of the billions of other tastes.

Chances are if you did this little exercise you even got a physical reaction.  Right ?

Now. ....   Point to that lemon.   Physically locate it.

If you think it`s in your brain, then repeat the drill with a watermelon.

There is no actual lemon. There is no actual watermelon.

The mind tricked you into thinking there was.

While you`ve got your finger out, point to your depression.
Point to your sadness.
Point to your regrets.
Point to your lack of self confidence.
Point to your fear.
Point to your hate.
Point to your problems.
Point to your poverty.
Point to your pessimism.
Point to your lack of energy.
Point to your grief.
Point to each of the catalog of psychological disorders you have had diagnosed or would have, should you have consulted a mental expert.

What ?  They don`t actually exist ????   Impossible !!!

Am I suggesting we have all been putting ourselves through hell over things that don`t actually exist ?
Does this mean that Hell doesn`t exist either.....?     Unless you can point to it of course.

Perish the thought...

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« Reply #35 on: November 23, 2015, 09:27:42 AM »

                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 34

                                                                     The plot thickens.

All mind owners have been tricked into believing that the word is the thing.

This gives the mind license to pollute the mind with delusion.

Is there anything at all in the mind that is real?

You tell me.

Have a look.

Try to locate one actual thing in the mind.

When that goes nowhere try to locate the mind itself.

Holy fuck !!!!!

Do you realize what you have just done ?

You have, after all these years of being tortured and humiliated, discovered that the whole thing was just delusion.

You trusted that mind to help and guide you. To take you away from pain and lead you to pleasure.

And they are delusions as well.

And you sit there right now unable to comprehend what all this means...

You are at a loss to make any sense of it.

"Maybe if I talk to people who`s opinions I value, they can tell me that your mind isn`t the delusion. It`s this crazy guy who
writes stuff on the internet that is deluded.

Let me just go back to my life. Let the suffering resume.

I wasn`t happy before... But at least I knew who I was. And I`m fine with that till the day I die.
Which is a long way off.

Till I see this on the News, I won`t believe any of it.

Experts and scientists are working on solving all the troubles in the world.
If they can`t come up with even one thing... How can little old me ever hope to transcend delusion.

I need permission first."

                             The mind is the hall of mirrors one holds between themselves and what is actual.

                                 Absent the mind, the actual is revealed in all it`s glory.
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« Reply #36 on: November 24, 2015, 07:23:31 AM »

                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 35

                                                                      The great duality

The second a thought process is commenced, time and separation are commenced.

The thing you were in unity with has now become other than you.

The unity that was now becomes the disunity that is.

The subject matter recedes from the problems you aren`t having and is now the problem you are.

Something has been created outside of yourself to interact with.

A part of you, that you own, is now separated from a part of you, that is disowned.

The part of you that is owned, if one really looks, must also be disowned.

This concept of separation, to persist, must be held at arms length.

A mind fulfills this requirement. The mind becomes your representative and spokesperson.

It is now apparent that the mind is the wedge between you and unity with all things.

It, as your loyal guide, takes you out into the world which is no longer you and accumulates.
It is building a you that you own to overcome a you that you have disowned.

Some experts have called this part of the mind the ego. If they had actually taken ownership of
the subject matter, they would be unable to find anything of the mind that is not the ego.

The ego is there to protect you from victimization.
However the mind/ego only exists as a victim. A victim of circumstance.
It is what it has accumulated......   Absent the thought, the thinker is not.

Integral to building a mind is separation.
Thinking does not take place where there is unity.

So comparison is an essential foundation to a budding young mind.
Next comes evaluation and judgement.

Watch some old episodes of "Sesame Street" if you need a refresher course on mind building.

Has it become apparent to you that what you are seeing here is beyond compare?

None of this is like anything else you have ever seen.
It isn`t better or worse than anything.

It just is.

As soon as you allow the mind to get its hands on this stuff , it will alter it.
It has to.
It has no choice.

To a mind, the stuff you are seeing right now is like an itch it can`t scratch.

It`s going.... "Okay...So learning this is going to make me happy ?
It`s going to solve my problems...?
It`s going to make me seem like an intellectual... I`ll be able to pick up chicks at parties. ?

What ? What ? What am I doing here ? Why am I continuing to read this rubbish ?

The mind wants something to do. It goes crazy if you stop feeding it.

(By the way... It`s favorite food is garbage.)

The instant one sees the actual, it is over.

There is no doing involved.
Doing is an invitation to the mind to formulate a plan and create dreams it will shatter , in time.

Look at this.....

The moment it occurs to you that you are happy... It is over.

The moment that it occurs to you that the mind is a restless bunch of crazy...IT IS OVER !

No doing required. The transformation has already occurred.

Now is all there is. 
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« Reply #37 on: November 25, 2015, 07:09:49 AM »

                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 36

                                                                   Loneliness vs Alone. 

The mind wants to be stimulated and entertained. It wants to be there where things are happening.
When embarking on any journey, the mind , like an excited child starts gathering everything it thinks you`ll need.

It maps the path. It plans . It strategizes. It projects images of possible scenarios and obstacles.
It gathers the wherewithal to make the journey a success.
It is your constant companion. It has tirelessly brought you to where you are now.   .... LOST !!!

It is in the terror of this lost feeling that one gives their consent to the mind to frantically accumulate.

The gathering of reliable, familiar, dependable, predictable, controllable, items with which to have relationship with, commences.
It is all to hold at bay the terror of loss.

A severe loss will turn the most brilliant mind into a gibbering idiot.

The paradigm of safety and security is shattered. That whole world falls apart.

One is cast head first into the unknown.
It is now. There is no other time.
The actuality that all that is known is of no consequence in the unknown.

Look at this fact now.

With all humanity/you has accumulated, all the facts and theories, all the experience one has acquired, all
one has, is a pretense that they know.

And the fact remains forever that all that is known is useless when confronting the unknown.

The mind enters the unknown with fear. It is compelled to insulate itself from that fear by
altering the unknown till it fits in with what is known.

The capsule one surrounds themselves with is a perversion of the unknown.
It has no substance. It is not the fact. It can be shattered and will be, in time.

Knowledge is an accumulation of the mind.
The more of it you have, the less you actually know.

Everything that has been accumulated as knowledge will be scattered to the winds of time.

The known can only exist in a bubble floating on the immeasurable ocean of the unknown.

That bubble is the loneliness created by fear. Fear is the skeleton.

When one can be alone, united with the unknown, loneliness has de-manifested.

Will any of this help you meet your soul mate?
That my friend is unknown.

Sorry if I burst your bubble.

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« Reply #38 on: November 26, 2015, 08:50:22 AM »

                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 37

                                                                   An extraordinary life.

Where does one begin, when there is no beginning?

And where does it all end, when there is no ending ?

Questions of this nature cause the mind to become embarrassingly silent.

It has total access to everything leading up to the question.
It has total access to everything as it leaves the question in it`s wake.

But there is only a void where the subject matter was considered.

The mind somehow avoided the question.

The mind has it`s owner preoccupied with beginnings and endings... 

What was and what will be.  But never , what is.

The mind takes great pride, and receives much applause for seeing what is wrong and putting it right.

Like a TV cop show. Every week a crime against humanity is solved. And then the whole cast
has a new script for the next episode.

The real crime is the con the mind plays on problem solvers.
The moment the problem is solved, it is over and a new crime commences. On and on and on........

All the problems solved, have disappeared. Completely vanished. As is they were never there in the first place.

The void created by the disappearance of a problem is immediately filled by a new problem.

Humanity takes great pride, and is much applauded, for it`s ability to pose and resolve problems.

All problem resolution requires TIME.

By not seeing what is, but rather projecting what should be, one has created the TIME the resolution requires.

If one sincerely asks a mind "What will we all do when the very last problem is solved?"

The best that it can do is say that "there will be more problems revealed that are as yet undiscovered."

Are you getting it?

The mind that talks rubbish to you every moment of your life is a problem creating machine.
All of the problems one is posing and resolving exist in the mind.

Not one of them is actual. Not one.

The actual seeing of the problem is it`s resolution. The conscious observation. No time involved.
The problems you are not having have all been accurately observed as having nothing whatsoever to do with YOU.

The problems you are struggling with have been inaccurately interpreted as having something to do with you.

The one common element to all of your problems is YOU !

Your deluded interpretation of who "you" is, is the only problem, manifested in eternal ways over eternal TIME.


I love you too.

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« Reply #39 on: November 27, 2015, 07:15:29 AM »

                                                                   "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 38

                                                           Leaving the human race.

No matter what anyone does....

No one will ever win the human race.

You can exercise, train, practice, stratagize, cheat, take out the opposition, accumulate weapons, tamper with the signposts , or use chemical assistance.
Everything that could be tried, has been.

And yet, no one has won the human race.

Both the beginning and the end are mere projections of the mind.

Being part of the human race is proof complete, that one is chasing phantoms.

One is the donkey eternally chasing the carrot on a stick.

The carrot is everything that rewards one.
But following close behind is the slap on the arse of pain to keep one moving along.
Going through the motions of being part of the field in the human race.

Your position in the human race is always slightly behind the carrot and slightly in front of the whip.

The carrot is the future.
The whip, ...your past.

The past is slavery.  The future is freedom.

Just as they always have been and will be.

But look at this !!!!!

Even the pleasure one had in the past is converted to pain.
At the same moment one recalls a moment of pleasure from the past, inevitably one is aware of the fact that they are being denied that source of pleasure now.

The past is an accumulation of pain, loss, grief, regret, ..... conditioning.
And it is that conditioning that is seeking freedom.

But freedom from... is not freedom at all.
It is an escape. And you better run real fast if you want to escape the backpack you are carrying.

Welcome to your daily struggle.  Are you a proud member of the human race? 
Is evolution actually revolution?  Is the finish line really around the next bend?

All that is around the next bend...... is the next bend.    All that is around the next bend...... is the next bend....    ....     .....
The circle of life.
Majestic in it`s deceptiveness.

I invite you to observe the majesty of the human race.

Just observe.
Don`t accept the invitation to judge it. Don`t use words to modify and substitute the actuality.
Refuse to compare it to anything.

With direct observation the whole thing is over.

With complete observation division is gone. Unity is restored.

Yes...There can be some tears.
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« Reply #40 on: November 27, 2015, 09:25:08 PM »

                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 39

                                                                       Res-erecting Joy.

Happiness is something one searches for.
Joy is what arises when that search is abandoned.

Joy is no longer joy once it is assigned a reason.
That`s when it becomes happiness.
Happiness is gone the moment the reason for it goes.

So you see , happiness is dependence , while Joy is independent.

The moment one realizes they are happy, it is over.

One can never realize that they are joyful.
It is not a perception.

Happiness is rooted in a viewpoint.
While joy is no viewpoint at all.

                                                  Life is relationship.

To have a life, one must have relationship.

Separation transforms what is into what is or isn`t.
This is achieved by disowning.
Disowning permits relationship to exist.
That which is disowned can only exist outside of what is known

Disowning manifests as unknown.

The known manifests as the you that is in relationship with the disowned, unknown.

The you that is known, doesn`t know what it`s missing.
But it knows it is missing something.

Armed with what is known, including that something is missing, the you goes boldly, or tentatively into the unknown
in hopes that it will find what is missing.

And that is the con.

For something to be found, it had to have been lost in the first place...
Otherwise how would a seeker recognize it and know that they had found it?

When one finds a new belief and owns it, the old one is disowned.

This produces the hope of happiness, reward, and encouragement to go on with the eternity of TIME.

Trading the known for the unknown, and swapping the owned for the disowned, is relationship.
Relationship is LIFE.

What has remained unknown till NOW , is that neither the known nor the unknown can hold the actual.

The actual cannot be known or unknown.

The actual is the reunification of the known and the unknown.

When the actual is observed , both the known and the unknown are seen for what they really are,... mental projections.

If one then ceases to own or disown their mental projections, unity is restored.
Absent the thought, the thinker is not.

The search for happiness ends.
The struggle is over.

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« Reply #41 on: November 28, 2015, 07:34:45 AM »

                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 40

                                                                    Imagine imagining.

The human race is kept in the running by the mental projection that once the unknown is known  the actual will be revealed.

If humanity is playing this game broadly, you too are playing it singularly.

After all you are a part of the human race.
The human race has given you the viewpoint you peer out from.

All you experience is filtered through the human experience.

The known is the bubble humanity resides in, within the sea of the unknown.

And as a human there is no choice but to be swept along by the current.

The solutions to all of your suffering exist in the unknown.   ...  Really ?

Has the accumulated knowledge you are wrapped in, eased your suffering one bit ?

Knowledge can only ever be a mental projection called the past.

Any knowledge from the future is likewise merely a mental projection.

The human experience is running from the past towards a future.

But both the past and the future are merely mental projections that can only be had NOW.

Now is all there is. 

Problems and solutions cannot manifest now.

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« Reply #42 on: November 29, 2015, 07:50:44 AM »

                                                                        "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 41

                                                                 Curiosity killed the cat-astrophe.

Curiosity is not a thing to be acquired.
It is what remains when a manufactured disinterest exits.

One has to learn to become disinterested.
Absent those lessons curiosity, like joy are what is actual, without any thing to cause it.

When the thing that is causing something is absent the thing being caused can only recede.

Accumulating knowledge is not an activity of curiosity.
It is an activity of a mind creating an identity.

It is an effort to destroy curiosity.
It is the projection that so much knowledge is accumulated that there is no further need for curiosity.

Commonly referred to as "The know all."

When the security gained by accumulation is stripped from the identity, curiosity returns... !

Why ?  Why ? Why ? 

Let`s use an example.....

One has a sexual partner.
Much pleasure is derived from this mutual  relationship.

One wants to hold onto it. One wants this pleasure to perpetuate through time.

The relationship takes on an identity of its own.
You and me become We.

This new identity requires certain boundaries to be placed to capture and perpetuate these feelings of fulfillment.

People are so desperate to hold onto the cause of their happiness that they even seek the blessing of God.
Vows are taken. Contracts are signed.

Others are drawn into this holiest of blessings as witnesses.

It is cause for great celebration. A service is held. Rituals are performed. Everyone tries to look their best.

Photos are taken to preserve this great day. People drink copious amounts of alcohol.

When the deed is done, everyone can relax and go back to being their usual selves.  Whew !!!

So the whole day was based on everyone playing at being someone else.

Except the newly betrothed.

They have just had the happiest day of their lives.
Now they have to endure all their days knowing that the happiest one is gone.

There are obligations to be met.  Expectations to be fulfilled.

Distractions are frantically pursued to take ones attention off the fact life has duped them yet again.

All the time they spend finding out what they liked about each other is now spent finding out what they dislike about each other.

Despite the fact that this couple were enjoying an obligation free, joyous, sharing.... pre marriage.
And despite the fact they had never seen an actual "happily married couple", they thought they could be the first.
What could possibly go wrong?

We`ll leave their respective lawyers to explain.

When the love has been replaced by hate, one is left wondering why.
What went wrong? 

Is there something one can learn from all this? Is there some knowledge that can be gained?

See how easily one falls for this shit over and over....

See the mechanism and you are free of it.

No matter what catastrophe, one has immersed themselves in, trying to do something about it is
building the next catastrophe and creating the time for it to occur in.

By fully, completely observing the mechanics of the con, no action is required.
Transformation has already occurred.

Old and wise are a myth.
Worn down and stupid is the fact.

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« Reply #43 on: November 30, 2015, 03:44:56 PM »

                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 42

                                                                  What`s the point?

The point is always a viewpoint.

Once one has settled into a new viewpoint the old viewpoint is discarded and is rarely inspected again.
It fades from memory like yesterdays headlines.

And this is exactly what is occurring as awareness of the con is exposed.

It isn`t a learning process.
It isn`t an accumulation of knowledge.

One is having a new relationship with life.
One isn`t working on a new relationship. One isn`t involved in some sort of practice or meditation.
Life itself is the meditation.

The moment one has a plan on how to change, or a list of acquisitions to gather, I`m afraid they have been duped once again.

This is so subtle and contrary to common knowledge that it has been missed by every mind that has pondered it.
There is no knowledge or conclusions that will lead to this transformation.
It is completely independent of everything you know.

Even telling someone that just by observing the con they can be free of it, will be misinterpreted by their mind and
have them signed up for lord knows what, and off on yet another path to un enlightenment.

It is not the word.  The word is never the thing.

The symptom of being conned is discomfort, pain and suffering.

Notice these are all words...... with no substance whatsoever.

The mind rejects this outright.

"Look...  If I stand on a fucken hurts !"

...........................     WHAT NAIL ?????

You getting it ? The mind has just manufactured a source of pain.
Completely made up. See what it did !?

The mind made up a nail and a you to stand on it.

With made up friends like that, who needs made up enemies ?

And while we`re on the subject "Who needs needs?" 
Another projection of the mind based on nothing.

It`s all a pretense.

Death is when the pretense is over and life is restored.

                                       LIFE AND DEATH ARE THE SAME THING.

The division between them is an illusion.  Direct observation of the actuality of life and death restores unity.
One can no longer observe either of them as they are now what one is looking out from. And that is called love.
Except as word, Love has been so badly butchered that it`s better just to be it.
When one is being it there is no need for the word.

You getting it ?

All that one has accumulated is a vain attempt to thwart death.
One has accumulated a life. One has "A life."

But anything one has, will be taken from them in time.

Hope you`re curious to see that con exposed.

But for now..... observe this.

Having a life means that life can be removed from you.

Life having you........means you can be removed from life.

Come and go as you please.

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« Reply #44 on: November 30, 2015, 08:23:35 PM »

                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 43

                                                             Actually observing actuality.

As one is observing the signposts that are coming into view here and now , there will inevitably be
the urge to just abandon the unexplored and return to the safety and comfort of the familiar.

But once you have been up here, you cannot go back as you were to who you were.

Whatever observations were able to be made here, will have been the transformation that
has made the "used to be" redundant.

But don`t get waking up confused with evolution.

Actual transformation does not take time.
It is instantaneous.

Are you curious?

How does one directly observe something so that transformation can occur ?

The mind wants to buy a course on this that it can start in a few weeks.
The mind wants certain impossible criteria filled before it will commit itself to its own destruction.

The mind wants to see results first. It wants a guarantee.
It wants to consult experts in the field of mental and spiritual well being who can green light this endeavor.

The mind is there to protect its owner and it will kill you if it needs to to keep you safe.

When all this has failed the mind will find fault with the messenger.

After all the mind has served its owners through history by making "Who said it" more important than, "What was said."

Meanwhile ignoring and turning away from actual truth, regardless of who said it.

So the mind wants convincing before doing anything. So it can ignore it when it doesn`t suit anymore.

The problem here and now is I`m not suggesting that you do anything.

Oh ....I get it.... This is meditation !!!

Sit there and do nothing.

Well........   No.

Meditation is something you have to dedicate time to.
You have to practice. Getting more and more control over the mind.

At the end of practicing meditation, one has a well disciplined mind.
And when the meditation is over, it goes back to its usual mischief making.

If your life isn`t your meditation, then you are merely on vacation from who you really are.

Just as one could learn to walk a tight rope with lots of practice, one can learn to quieten their mind.
But the tight rope walker and the meditator, both have to climb down some time.

The transformation has already taken place the instant the actual is completely observed.

Nothing to do with time.
Nothing to do with experience.
Nothing to do with acquisition.
Nothing to do with who you are.
Nothing to do with anything at all.

Direct, total observation is the actuality..... Once all the crap you have fucked yourself up with is dispensed with.

Observe without judgement.  The second you judge, you have put yourself in relationship to that which was judged.
Judgement is a projection of the mind. It has no bearing on actuality.

By judging anything at all, you have been caught in delusion.

" But some delusions are good.... and some are not good."
There you go again.

A delusion which has been judged is the story of YOU.

Judgement is the building block of separation.
Separation inhibits actually observing actuality.

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