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Author Topic: "A NEW STORY."  (Read 67046 times)
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« on: June 01, 2014, 09:02:34 AM »

      It is suggested that one read "MY STORY"



                     ..... before reading....                                               

                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 1

                                                          Life is not an audition.

Now the reason it isn`t an audition is because you have already been cast. You have your character, your script and your role to play.

The very idea of taking on another role is unthinkable. I mean to say, you are probably having enough trouble with the role you have already been cast as. And most likely you have lost interest in the plot as well. It`s oh so predictable. Maybe it will be a relief when it ends.
Who cares about a happy ending when you`d be more happy when it just ends.

And chances are that since you have played your role for so long, you will now be typecast. The one thing worse, for an actor, than not being cast at all.

As I ended "Outside of the story" I asked you to contemplate auditioning for a role in some production at your nearest theatre company...
If your reaction to that was anything other than ..."FUN" then you have a very precise gauge of the type of casting your mind is inflicting on you.

"I can`t be bothered.  I have no interest in acting. I haven`t got the time or energy. I don`t have the confidence. I`m too old or too young.
I`m not up to it physically. I`m not good enough looking. I don`t want people looking at me. What if I lose my nerve at the last moment.
There will be plenty of others applying for the role with more experience than me.  I have other things to worry about....Serious things.
I don`t like the sound of all that commitment and responsibility. Why am I even thinking about it. I`m quite happy as I am. Leave me the fuck alone....."

Maybe you thought of some others....

If not... do so NOW !  Make a list if you like.

Very good. You now have defined the role you are currently playing.
It is the role that prevents you from playing other roles.

It is why you are not playing the role that, had things gone differently, you would now be playing.
The thing that is preventing you from playing your dream role is the role you are currently playing.

If you hadn`t been doing the present moment connected breathing exercise (Regardless of for how long) then that list would be even longer.

The better an actor is, the less he/she is acting. They are being the character. They are so believable that you don`t even register that they are acting. 

Just like you don`t believe that you are acting as the character you are now cast as.

So you can act. You fucken well can. Your acting is so good no one even suspects that you are acting. Not even you.

But you are.

Look at all the props you have accumulated. Listen to how sincere your well rehearsed lines are. Feel that character motivation.
See how convinced everyone around you is that your character is real. Notice how well you answer the phone with your serious voice.
Listen carefully as you deliver your lines so passionately when you protest about another character getting their lines wrong, or upstaging you.
Feel how angry you act when yet another prop fails to perform as required.

Have you not realized yet that the only way you will ever play your dream role is to take creative control of the whole production?

That means scrap heaping the one that isn`t fun, and writing a whole "new story"....

This time with your dream role.
And you as the star.
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                                                              "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 2

                                                              Who am I really?

Scientists are busy all around the world trying to figure this out for you.

One day soon there will surely be a big announcement in the news.

The question being asked, if it could be seen with any clarity is, "How did we get cast in the role we are stuck in?"

A lot of this research is focused on brains that evolved into the brain that can turn around and look at itself.

The human brain is unique in this ability. There are no otters, wondering how they got a brain. They don`t have the brains to do that.

The difference between a brain that can wonder about itself and one that couldn`t give a shit, is apparently, a subtle difference in their DNA.
What brains that can wonder about themselves have realized is that there are these mysterious switches in its genetic code that cause a gene to mutate.

My brain cannot understand how your brain could possibly find all this science boring. After all, it is all about you and how you got miserable
and lost in a character you didn`t choose.

Brainy people have realised that by introducing different chemicals into the brain, one can alter the way the brain functions.
Actually.. any high school kid could have told them that.

But a "HIGH School kid" would never have the brains to ask, is their brain the one doing the research or is it the one being researched?

The answer of course is both. "It just comes down to a shift of viewpoint."

And you can run the exact same drill on the mind.

So to save the country millions in research grants.

                     "How did we get cast in the role we are stuck in?"

"It just comes down to a shift of viewpoint."

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« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2014, 07:59:43 AM »

                                                             "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 3

                                                            Stuck in a life.

One is stuck in a role because they carry with them the illusion of choice.

"I could have been somebody...I could have been a contender..."

No you couldn`t.

You are who you are being because you had no choice.
Then you perpetuate that illusion by projecting it on others.

Every time you judge someone else`s actions or words, you perpetuate the delusion that they made that choice.

The guy who broke into your house didn`t do it while he was on holiday from being a movie star.

Hugh Hefner didn`t build the Playboy empire because there weren`t any vacancies in Walmart.

When, during sentencing, a Judge condemns the guilty, will often times , use the words, "You chose a life of crime..."

But if you asked the judge if he could ever have committed the heinous offences shown in evidence during the trial.
He would say. "No! Not under any circumstances. That to me, would be unimaginable. It would be completely out of character."

So...He is an upholder of the Law. And he attempts in vain to prevent the downfall of society.

But there is no fucken choice involved.
The judge could no more become a criminal than the criminal could become a judge.

To pretend there is choice involved is about as stupid and moronic as you can be and still walk on two legs.

Those who perpetuate the illusion of freedom of choice have actually given themselves a life sentence.

The only choice anyone can freely make is to not play the character life has cast them in.

Sit there for twenty minutes daily and ignore your script.

During the making of the film "Ironweed" starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, the story required Meryl`s character to be found dead in a hotel room.
Meryl asked the crew who were ready for the shoot , to come back in twenty minutes.
When they returned Meryl was gone. All that was left was a body on the floor.

Is it a coincidence that probably the best actress in the world can choose to be nothing?

I don`t think so !!

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                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 4

                                                            Character building.

The character you are presently playing, and the role you are presently cast in is an amalgam of all the choices you didn`t make.

And conversely, all the characters you are NOT presently playing, and the roles you are not cast in are the mandate of that character.

This is what schizophrenia is all about. Just like the angel and the devil that used to appear over Donald Duck`s shoulders in the early Disney cartoons.

This is what is jumping all over your arse when you try to extract yourself from any addictive cycle.

We only think of the free way types of addictions when we hear the word addiction.
These are the substances and habits that provide a rocket ride to a date with destiny.
These are the addictions that people form clubs where other addicts can share their stories and pray for help.

And those looking at those stories from outside just shake their heads and condescendingly dredge up their own addiction to giving useless advice.

The best the, addiction we call, mind has come up with is to write a new character.

"Imagine how logical it will be to give up your addiction." it glibly offers.

 "Write a new character over the top of the one you are presently playing. Change the story line. Pretend the "addicted you" never existed.
Get a new addiction that is more like a one lane country road, rather than a super highway to inevitability."

Forty days..... thirteen hours...... ten minutes and sixteen seconds without   a   ............  !

Isn`t this "number of days without a ......,"  obviously the banner of the deprived?

Often times the recovering addict is discovering a new addiction to distract him/her self from the old one.

Meanwhile the poor addict feels like Donald Duck.

So one tries to get addicted to a healthy addiction.  The stress and strain is overwhelming. All it takes is one slip, one moment when their guard is dropped, and then we have the most detested word in every language that exists....

                                                       RELAPSE !!!!

It`s depth of feelings of agony and despair can only be compared in intensity, to the feelings of ecstasy that preceded it.

To have focused on a "unhealthy" addiction while reading this, would have deprived one of the consciousness that "healthy" addictions are just the slow country lane version of the same thing.

Life itself is the addiction. And those who have one will die defending it.

That life you have is there, not of your choosing. You are a slave to it.

It doesn`t matter how long and hard you try to create a new life. That old one is just waiting for one small slip up. Just one moment when you let your guard down.  Ahhhhhh.... The relief.

"I hope you have learned your lesson. Now get back in line and do the fuck what you are told to."

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« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2014, 10:42:29 PM »

                                                           "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 5

                                                             A star is born.

Who ever you are being now is what is preventing you from being someone else.

And who you are being now is clearly evidenced by the experience you are having.

The poor guy you are, is the thing that is preventing you from being the rich guy you could be.
The lazy guy you are is preventing the highly motivated guy you could be from making his/her appearance.
The addict you are dragging around as you, is inhibiting the potential that you are from being realized.

Every time the new you calls , the old you hangs up on him.

The old you is just twisted memories and partial, one eyed experiences, that taught you lessons.
They are all crammed into what we refer to as mind. The mind is the definition of self centred.

It has to be to give you the centre from which the self resides.

To experience self consciousness is to identify with that mind.

The mind sends you out to get help once your addictions cannot be fulfilled.

All it will ever do is trade addictions.

"I`m no longer high on drugs. Now I`m high on Jesus."
"I owe my life to Swadipardi Pudapart.... I have pledged myself to bringing his truth to the world."

The first step to going free is to disown the things you are trying to get away from and the things you are trying to acquire.

The reasons one is trying to become enlightened are the very same reasons that they are not already.

If one frees themselves from the suffering caused by any addiction for any reason, they now have reason to be addicted to what "freed"  them.
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« Reply #5 on: June 13, 2014, 09:37:37 AM »

                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 6

                                                           Waiting to move.

Anything one decides to communicate, must be communicated from a point of view.
It is always from something or about something.

The mind tricks its owner into thinking that they are originating the communication, when all it is really doing is justifying the point taken.
What is really occurring is that the point taken is what is originating the communication.

If one had no point of view there would be nothing to communicate.
There is no choice about this. Even having no opinion from or about something ... is a point of view.

And that point of view is from or about something.
When it is about something, rather than from something, the element of identification has been removed.

When the point of view is from something, rather than about something, it is because the point of view has been moved inside that something.

One can communicate in a semi detached way about love. But when it is their own personal love on the agenda, the viewpoint is one of attachment.

A mind can take comfort in attacking other`s reputations. However it will be strangely silent when it comes to its own, except in it`s defence.

This is the very mechanism that prevents someone from moving from the old you to the new you.

The mind`s brief is to protect and prolong it`s self.

All mind owners are sentenced to defend and protect their mind to death.

I couldn`t help noticing that in virtually every biography I read that the subject had a near death experience before the new them emerged.
And reading those where a near death experience wasn`t mentioned, in its place was a sort of an epiphany.

Keith Richard`s was walking past a shop as a kid and he heard "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis. It blew his mind !!!!

Ozzy Osbourne heard The Beatles for the first time and ...... It blew his mind !!!!

Rod Stewart..." I can`t say that short moment in the grass matched what happened to me in 1962, which is when I got to hear Bob Dylan`s first album. Now that really did move the earth."

"Till one blows their mind, every communication line is set in stone by the point of view that mind has assumed."

A new story needs a blank page to be written on.

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« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2014, 09:20:50 AM »

                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 7


As soon as anyone tries to tap into their potential, the mind will pounce.
It does not have any interest in you reaching your potential because it spells the end of the mind.

It isn`t until one attempts this subjectively that they experience how ruthless the mind is in keeping the status quo.
The mind reasons that if one was to become the new you, then the old you wouldn`t have any involvement, and thus be denied the benefits that the new you was seeking.

It would say that those benefits would be bestowed on someone else.

The useless you, that you really are, cannot reap the rewards of the useful you that you really aren`t.

This is why it is imperative that one discharges the old you, by either a near death experience, an epiphany.
Both of these result in the third possibility... Which is what the other two bring about anyway.
And that is present moment awareness. And it is the only one that is a choice.

The first two also create a dependency on whatever saved them. The choice to be present moment aware is the only true independence.

Make no mistake...The mind is there to shatter your dreams and keep you dependent on it.

Now begins the process of discharging the hold the mind has over you as each attempt at liberation is thwarted.

Just as in the connected breathing  exercise, one must now stop listening to the mind`s reactions to the new you emerging.

Here is a list of the types of ammunition the mind will offer up to you.

"I am too old for this sort of thing."
"I`ve tried this before. It doesn`t work."
"What`s on TV?"
"This is too hard."
"I was born unlucky."
"I`ll start tomorrow."
"I`ve already missed my chance."
"God doesn`t want me to be happy."
"I only feel ambitious when I`m not medicated."
"I`m just WAITING for a lucky break."
"I`m waiting for a sign."

"I don`t get to eat at the adults table. I am a waiter."

And this is where 5 billion years of evolution gets you !!!!???
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« Reply #7 on: June 15, 2014, 10:35:57 AM »

                                                           "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 8

                                                           The enemy within.

All of the drama and crazy shit one observes in the world is a distraction from dealing with the actual cause of it.

No matter how much money is raised, how many wars are won, or how much effort is poured into solving the world`s problems, more just keep popping up.

This is not new. It`s been going on since the dawn of time. It is the cause of the time that is dawning.

There is no choice. One is dealt a hand. And it is that hand that they hold up for every round.

Someone born into the "I was born into poverty " hand will keep playing that hand. It is all they know.

No matter how much they rearrange their cards, they are still playing with the same hand.

Being who they identify with requires that hand.
Without it they would be someone else, and unable to identify with that someone else. It would be a pretence.

The world is unfolding as it is because everyone is playing the hand they were dealt. They have no choice.

When that hand gets them into trouble they seek an expert who has been dealt the "I can read your cards hand."

And while you still hold the hand you have been dealt, the advice can only be, and has only ever been to bluff your way through the game.

When that fails to bring relief, one resorts to cheating.

But no matter how one tries to deal with the game of life it is always an effort to hold off the relapse.
The hand that one has been dealt is not going anywhere.

People will hold onto the cards they have been dealt as if their life depended on it. It does.

The life that one has, is played with those cards. Without them, one is deprived of that life.

The specific viewpoint one has of life is dependant on looking at life from behind those cards.

And those cards are real. You can remember being dealt them.
They have made you who you are.

And who you are is someone trying to have fun with those cards.
Trouble is, you have identified with the cards instead of the fun you are attempting to have through them.

A card holder in this world has no choice but to try to have fun.
It is only when they throw in their hand that it is realized that they ARE only ever the fun they were trying to have.

The fun that one is, can only be obscured by the cards one is holding up in front of themselves.

The Two of spades cannot be the King of Diamonds or the Queen of hearts unless you play the Joker.
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« Reply #8 on: June 17, 2014, 10:43:58 AM »

                                                              "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 9

                                                               Rules rule.

The moment one picks up the hand they have been dealt, a viewpoint is adopted.
One looks through those cards to see what they could mean in the scheme of things.
One can for the first time ask, "Is this a winning hand? or could this be turned into a winning hand.

Right at this moment there is an infinity of games on offer.
One loses sight of this by only engaging those games that the specific hand they have been dealt fits in with.
"This is who I am . That is what I do. 
 This is what I do...that is who I am."

This specific viewpoint places its holder in an environment that they are present in.
Which makes interaction possible. One can now compare the specific hand they were dealt, with other potential hands being held.

So better or worse emerges.
These were only brought into view by the distortion or aberration one gets by looking through something being held in front of their face.

 The rules of Mahjong are only relevant to a Mahjong player.
The rules of Mahjong emerge because of Mahjong players.

The rules of "%#@*" have never caused anyone any suffering, or inhibited anyone`s freedom because no one is playing "%#@*".

To experience suffering or become inhibited one has to have become identified with a role they are playing because of a hand they have picked up and identified with.

The key to realizing the games you are playing is the viewpoint that there is the existence of better and worse.

If you are happy because there are those who are worse off...Or if you are sad because there are others who are better off....
That viewpoint can only be held by a player.

One can delude themselves into thinking that they aren`t a player. But if you recognize better or worse, then you are a player in the relative universe.  The illusion of better or worse, as a choice, is like saying one has chosen to go forward in time instead of backwards.

And there is nothing like the romantic union of two souls in love to illustrate this with !
For better.......or for worse.
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« Reply #9 on: July 14, 2014, 03:00:09 AM »

                                                           "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 10

                                                            Back to square one.

I haven`t written for a while. Something has gone terribly wrong. I have reluctantly decided to converse with potential again to see if I can get to the bottom of it.

So Potential what have you got to say?

Why not start by telling us what has been going on.

I guess mainly I feel like shit. I feel like I haven`t achieved a single thing from all I`ve done to become enlightened. I keep getting images of every single embarrassing, regretful, humiliating, unjust, degrading, depressing thing I`ve ever done.
It`s as if there has never been one positive, worthwhile thing I have ever done or witnessed. It just leaves me with feelings of bitterness
and resentment. It seems the more I try to become the new me, the less progress I make.
That`s something to start with...

Wow. Sounds pretty grim.

Oh ...and my health is failing and I am getting exasperated by all the insane people that surround me.
I actually rehearse in my mind the joy of getting some payback for all those who have wronged me.
I also feel thoroughly embarrassed to be bringing all this up.

Okay. Go and do some present moment connected breathing and then meet me back here....

Let me grab a cuppa and a smoke first.

As you wish.


Okay. Done.

Feeling any better?

Yeah...A bit.

Good enough.  Now lets see what`s been going on.

Well firstly could you answer for me why I have been feeling so bad?

You have created the expectation that being enlightened would foster some sort of recognition from the unenlightened world.
But the unenlightened does not recognize enlightenment. That`s why it is unenlightened. If it were to be enlightened, it would no longer exist.

That kind of makes sense.

Not to the unenlightened. To the unenlightened, God is someone else. Someone un knowable. Someone who works in mysterious ways.

It just struck me that the words `enlightened` and `God` are interchangeable.

Very good. Now do you notice that the enlightened God has no need for feedback. No need for recognition. No need for anything?
God begins where dependency ends.

I`m getting it.

God ISME acts independant of anything. It is by acting in a dependant manner that God transfers its power to God ISNOTME.

I`m feeling so much better since hearing that.

"Good. Get some sleep and we`ll recover some more ground when you have rested.

Thanks so much.

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« Reply #10 on: July 14, 2014, 11:26:08 AM »

                                                          "A NEW STORY."

                                                             Sense of fun.

                                                                  Part 11

                                                    Never can say goodbye.

Here`s something that`s always pissed me off. When someone makes progress on the road to enlightenment; when they falter, they always tumble right back to the beginning. They don`t go back to just before they faltered. They end up worse off than if they had never started on the path. It`s so demoralizing. What`s the deal there?

Anything, and it doesn`t matter what that thing is, can only be acquired or identified with for the duration of time it is suspended in.
It is an uphill battle to hold any possession up in time. All things will revert back to the nothingness from where they emerged. It`s just a matter of time.

Just hearing that reminds me of how tired I`ve been feeling lately.

That`s what tiredness is. It`s holding things up. Once you put down all that you are holding up, there is great relief.

But how does one put things down? I mean in practical terms.... Lately Neanderthals have been dumping all sorts of their shit on me and I find myself festering on it for hours. I try to move on but it just reappears and sets off all this stuff again.

The unenlightened do unenlightened things. To expect otherwise is itself unenlightened.

So is the answer to just become a recluse and avoid interaction with the unenlightened?

By doing so you are denying yourself the opportunity to allow the unenlightened to bring up that which is unenlightened within you.

Oh for fuck`s sake. This is all just so frustrating. I`m getting tired of it.

Okay. Go and do some more, present moment aware, connected breathing . Then we`ll continue.
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                                                                   Double post
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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 13


Okay I`m back.

Fire away.

I guess the thing that is bugging me the most is the quiet desperation and dissatisfaction that plagues peoples lives.
I mean one feels an empathy about other`s suffering, but it seems every effort to alleviate suffering is just futile. People relapse.
They go back to being miserable and overwhelmed with problems. I have just spent weeks in the doldrums myself. And I`m someone who is actually trying to transcend all this crap.  It just feels as if this is all just a waste of time.



Having time and something to waste are mutually inclusive.

Can you explain that a bit?

One can be of the view that it takes a lot of time to become enlightened. Whereas...It actually takes no time at all.
It is the time that inhibits the enlightenment.

But people have no choice. They are stuck with time as a reality.

That`s the apparentcy. (Made up word) The actuality is that people who believe in time are stuck in it.

But one can`t just magic away time.

Yes they can. In the magical world before time.

Tell us a bit about this magical world before time.

Well that would be a world where the days lasted for ever. It would be a world full of joy and wonder. It would be a world where the deep bond of friendship would be experienced purely because another kid showed up in front of your house. It would be a world where you could laugh so much you`d think you were going to die. And even that was funny.

You are talking about childhood of course.
But we can`t stay children forever.

Says who?

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                                                                    "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 14

                                                                     Before zero.

I kind of see what you are saying. But I really don`t feel like a kid at the moment.

If you aren`t feeling like a kid it`s because you are feeling something else.

Well.... Obviously.

No. Not so obvious. It`s something that has been missed by every mind that has tried to unravel this.
Minds are constantly getting guidance from their feelings. Minds will distort and manipulate anything observable till it "Feels right."
The mind is tireless in this pursuit. Everything observed is a manipulation of a made up truth, till it feels right.
As a result, one is able to have a life in a made up reality.

This is hard to get my mind around.

Exactly. When you do get around it, it will be as a result of abandoning the mind. By abandoning the mind one is extracting themselves from a mechanical process. That process is in place so that one is able to experience their feelings. The mind is like the mechanism that allows one to be surprised by the gifts they have bought for themselves.

I can feel something big is hiding just over the horizon. Like I`m about to be surprised by my own gift.

So ...Do you want to reveal it ? Or should I ?

Reveal what?

Okay. I guess that means I will.

Come on then... I want to hear this.

Life as you know it, only exists because one has fallen for the feeling that there is something over the horizon.
This is the grand conspiracy. This is the unthinkable.
For if there was nothing over the horizon there would be nothing to live for.

This is weird....Even by my standards.

Feelings are the booby trapped internal guidance system that keeps its victim from ever going beyond the horizon.

So what should I feel when I finally get what you are raving on about?

Nothing !

Holy fuck!!! This is just nuts.
I`m not sure what your point is . But it doesn`t feel right.

I have no control over how you feel about things. Trouble is neither do you!!!

But people have to have feelings. Otherwise they wouldn`t be human.

BINGO !!!!

You crack me up.
This is some pretty heavy subject matter and yet you make it seem like a mindless game.

Once there are no horizons to strive for, there is nothing to be serious about.
Here...Let me show you the con. The greatest minds have all fallen for it. Billions of dollars and hours have been wasted in this delusion.

The whole human experience is about staying on a treadmill of feeling, experience, feeling, experience, feeling , experience.

Okay... I need an example.

Look around you. That`s all there is. Anything other than that is beyond the horizon.
Once `beyond the horizon` is excluded from the equation one is stuck here with and by their feelings.

Every function performed, every endeavour pursued, is mandated by what appears to come from over the horizon... One`s feelings.

Here is this mechanism in action;
Some human feels bad. They are now sentenced to not rest until they feel good.
Maybe they consult an expert in the field who has expertise in turning bad feeling into good feeling.

This expert will now be judged on whether or not he can turn your bad feelings into good ones.

This is why different things work for different people.

If you consulted someone who was truly enlightened, you would come away feeling nothing at all.
But as is so often the case, one comes away from a healer with feelings of good.
"I went there feeling bad, and he was able to send me away feeling good. He`s the best !!!!

I used to be........  but now I`m ............. All thanks to ................

I was able to feel good for the rest of my life, apart from the last two weeks of it, when I felt like shit."

So what is the enlightened perspective on this?

The enlightened would have no addiction to feeling anything at all.

But without feelings how do we know how we feel, about anything?"

EXACTLY !!!  One has now resurrected pure potential. One is no longer taking dictation. Now one is writing a new story.

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« Reply #14 on: July 19, 2014, 10:19:02 AM »

                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 15

                                                          Feelings wooh wooh wooh... feelings...

If it wasn`t for feelings one wouldn`t have any instruction or cue as to what their viewpoint should be.

So what are feelings and where do they come from?

They are you, and they come from you.
The potential you is the creator of all feeling and all things. The specific identification you is the recipient of some feelings and some things.

How `bout I just step aside and let you explain all of this stuff about feeling...

Sure. A god is the originator of feeling. A human is the receiver of feelings.
All human feeling is in reaction to..... A human is mired in the feelings they don`t have any control over.
A human is sentenced to forever convert bad feelings into good feelings.
It`s never questioned. One`s feelings are simply obeyed.

But if one didn`t have feelings  they would be like a lifeless rock...

Ah the serenity of the rock. Free of the constant bombardment of feelings.
What a joy it is to be in the presence of an inanimate object that cannot be drawn into the human world of
opinions and viewpoints, needs and aversions, condemnation and approval.

Are you saying the rock is enlightened?

I`m saying that it is feelings that are inhibiting you from sharing the serenity of the rock.
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