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Author Topic: Amnesty Internation and You  (Read 1208 times)
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Amnesty International is ready and willing to hear from anons reporting suspected child abuse and human rights violations at the Scientology Flag base in Clearwater, Florida.

Amnesty International Southern Division WILL LISTEN -
original post: url][/url]

For those of you who want to copypasta a pre-written letter, here are some links to posts on Ent, quoting the first line or paragraph.

Letters send to Amnesty:
Top Grunge

Hello, I'm a concerned citizen with some news I have been hearing and was directed here by a person on the internet as a valid place to voice my concerns.

A Suggestion:
Has someone told them to check out the Woodcraft interviews here: and Tanya and Vivien's videos to see how children are treated in the SeaOrg yet?

To Whom It May Concern-
I am writing because I am deeply disturbed by some information I came across on the internet regarding the alleged holding and usage of children as near salve-labor by the Church of Scientology.

I?m writing to you out of concern regarding a possible breach of human rights which might be occurring at the Flag Service Organisation in Clearwater Florida USA (210 South Fort Harrison Ave Clearwater, FL 33756 USA).

A quote from a Scientologist in the glosslip article comments
I think you will find that every child working for Scientology is a willing volunteer. If they claim they cannot see their parents much, it is only because their parents are hard-working, dedicated Scientologists who don?t have much time to interact with them. This might seem like a bad thing to you, but if you knew what we new, then you would know that learning the tech and keeping the Orgs running is far more rewarding than some idle chit-chat with Mom. The kids are there because they are happy. Why can?t you just let them be happy? Are you afraid because you don?t understand how to be happy? Is it the guilt from your crimes?

I'm writing you on behalf of children who cannot speak for themselves. The children currently being held at Scientology's worldwide headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

Anonamour on Sat Mar 01, 2008 12:20 pm
I've copy pasta'd a chain letter for my email network- payback for every lame joke and word game that I rec'd over the years:
Amnesty International Investigating Scientology for Present Day Child Abuses
Is Scientology running a despicable and illegal child labour scam?

AnonMomAnon - more on what amnesty int said to her when she rang them

Anonylemmi on Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:28 am
I sent this.
"I will not bother you with unsubstantiated hearsay, but I urge you to encourage independent research in the subject. The evidence is overwhelming and it is happening all over the world.
Thank you for your time. "

 zuzuspetals on Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:12 pm suggests mentioning the riot cops to AI:
Atlanta, GA is the home of A.I.'s office in question, and that is where we saw Anons stand off face to face with black-clad, helmeted riot police:
I've already written to the office regarding the issues raised here, but am sending another e-mail with these photos. Looking at the exaggerated response from local law enforcement there, it may make good sense for A.I. to have a presence there on 3-15 as humanitarian observers. Do it!

(this post brought to you by tor; thetans in my isp)
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