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« on: July 09, 2015, 08:33:13 PM »

I am a kiwi, but have lived in Oz for almost more years than in NZ.  I had my first connection to Scientology in Sydney, where a good friend of mine, who seemed to become very paranoid over the years, left this world a broken man. He has lost his wife, kids and his house and was totally broke to an un-known to me cult, you guessed it.

I was asked to pickup if remaining possessions. All he had left was his books.  I started to pick up these books and a few of the magazines that were around and started to study.  I forgot to mention that at that stage I was a film script writer. Well it was not long before I was out there asking questions which lead me to hollywood and also to a detective in I think it was clearwater who was investigation the cult over the death of Lisa McPherson. I did get paid for the option to the script but it never got made, however, I have kept up with the cult ever since.

When I ended up back in New Zealand, I had the pleasure or the bad judgement to flat with a couple of local cult members and to be truthful they were both cuckoo, you know what I mean.  The one who used to babble away to himself day and night asked me to help by auditing him even thought I was not one of them but I put it all down to research and the other used to try to star through me about 3 feet behind my head and give a little snigger while it he it, like he was getting into my head and finding some funny things.

I sold my copies of the green set and red set of books (management and whatever) that I had but I have kept one magazine which I think is called source as my only reminder of my friend and its a reminder for me how lucky I am to have not gone into it.
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Interesting. May I suggest that you join  Ex scientology message board.

There is much more dialogue there than there is here.

Check it out.
I`m not sure if you have to join to lurk.
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