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Author Topic: Getting Clear conference films ready for purchase  (Read 699 times)
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 Getting Clear conference films ready for purchase
Today, Sunday September 19th at 7 a.m. EST Tony Ortega announced the release of all the sessions for the Toronto Getting Clear conference that Jon Atack and I ran June 22-26, earlier this year.

Here is a slight edit of the announcement on the Underground Bunker:



As many of you know, we hosted the Getting Clear conference in Toronto, Canada June 22-26. The goal of this event was to present accurate information about Scientology, and to provide a forum for learning, listening and healing. Even in our wildest dreams, we did not foresee how successful the conference would be in terms of information and impact. Nora Crest, raised in Scientology and some years out, said that the five day conference was worth five years of therapy.

From the start, we determined to film the sessions for posterity, and now the videos of all 28 sessions are available in High Definition, providing the most thorough visual education and deconstruction of Scientology – or indeed any cult group - ever attempted.

Go to Vimeo Pro:

Other conference participants share our enthusiasm:

****Celebrated author and activist, Paulette Cooper, says that Getting Clear is “the most important record of scientology abuses and activities both past and present.”

****Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson, Jamie DeWolf seconds this: “The Getting Clear Toronto Conference will be looked back as the historical D-day in the fight against the criminal cult of Scientology.”

****Eastern Europe’s leading cult expert, Professor Alexander Dvorkin told us: “I can hardly remember anything so magnificent, so massive, and so loaded with information, meaning, and research.”

The conference sessions total almost 27 hours of filming—and the topics (taught by experts, academics and former Scientologists, including high-ranking Sea Org members and senior Hubbard aides) include:

· the true history of L. Ron Hubbard
· the origin and development of Dianetics and Scientology
· the Sea Org, with aides covering every year from its creation to Hubbard’s death,
Scientology’s harassment agency and the infiltration of government agencies
· the Paulette Cooper story and Tony Ortega’s remarkable new book, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely
· the role of celebrities in Scientology
· Hubbard’s ‘religion angle.’
· the Operating Thetan levels, where Jesse Prince – former Tech supremo – reveals the truth about OT VIII
· deconstruction of auditing and training routines, revealing their true intent
· problems faced by second generation Scientologists
· Scientology and health issues – including the prohibition of vital medicines
· the international Scientology scene: reports from France, Italy, Russia and Australia
· Narconon and other front groups
· violence at the top of Scientology
· hard-sell in Scientology
· recovery from Scientology

Christian Szurko, one of England’s leading cult watchers, with almost 40 years’ experience, said “Getting Clear was a milestone in the work to end Scientology's abusive activities. This video set will be a significant tool for educating people about the reality of Scientology for years to come.”

The sessions are available at Vimeo Pro for either individual or complete set rental for six months. Sessions range in price from $4 to $10 depending on length and topic. If bought separately the 28 episodes add up to over $150, but the regular price for the whole set is $120.

However, we want you to join us in celebrating the release of the Getting Clear films, so we are offering an initial sale price of $90 for the whole set. This discount price lasts for one week, until September 26.

The initial sale price is for the whole set only. We are working on the technical details for release of individual sessions.

As well, we hope to offer a Blu-ray video, in the not too distant future, with a discount for anyone who has rented the online videos.

To take advantage of this time-limited offer to rent the whole set, use the promotion code GC90 at the Vimeo Pro site. This code may apply only in U.S. If so, write Jim at and I will work out discount for those in other countries.

Paul Standring, a former business executive, had this to say about the conference:

“The five days at Getting Clear provided the most enriching learning experience of my life. I paid $1200 to my university to take the conference as part of my graduate studies. It was worth every penny. Now I am delighted that people all over the world get to the watch the same amazing sessions I did, and for a whole lot less.”

Scientology has led to pain, confusion, guilt and fear for tens of thousands. It has ruined many people’s lives, destroying families and bankrupting adherents. Getting Clear exposes Ron Hubbard as a scheming fabulist, a multiple drug abuser who convinced his followers to worship him and believed himself to be Lucifer and the Antichrist. It clarifies the true, documented history of Scientology and deconstructs the manipulative techniques deliberately used by Hubbard to enthral and entrap believers.

These videos will help anyone who is involved in a totalist cult to reconsider their involvement. The sessions will also help anyone to understand the dynamics of the cultic world.

Head to Vimeo Pro to access clear, accurate and compassionate teaching that will relieve the suffering caused by cult membership and provide vital information on the world of Scientology.

Remember: the discount set price of $90 (28 sessions, almost 27 hours of video) only lasts until September 26.

For the whole set:

Over the summer we watched the entire conference on film and we are amazed and thrilled at the contents and presenters. We are so excited that the films are now released to the world. Enjoy!

Jon Atack
Jim Beverley
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