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« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2017, 07:47:48 AM »

                                                The Author.

                                                    Part 16.

                                           The great unaffected.

So who is the author?

The author remains unaffected by your inquiry.

The human cannot ever grasp the fact that the author remains unaffected.

The human will cry out in a range of human emotions for acknowledgement from the author.

Yet the author remains unaffected.

The human cannot observe this fact.
There is nothing the human character can do to effect the author.

Have a look at all the ways the human is trying to win the authors favor.

Yet there is absolutely nothing the human can do to change this.

It is what is actual.

The author is unaccountable to anyone.

The human is on a mission to do something to win favor from the author.

The human will create a story that s/he believes will effect the author.

But the author remains unaffected.

The character in the story only exists because of the story.

Absent the story, the character is unaccountable and unaffected by anything.

End of story.
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                                                      The Author.

                                                         Part 17.

                                             Making sense out of nonsense.

Experience has no validity unless it is within a story.

Random facts remain so unless they can be part of a story.

The story is the effort of the human to make sense of random facts.

The human is thus sentenced to make sense of everything it experiences.

When things don`t make sense the ghost writer has the job of making it make sense.

So the ghost writer will take some facts and make up a story about them in an effort to make them make sense.

A life is created between sense and nonsense.

"Here is my life... that doesn`t make any sense... I will make some sense of it."

Not only does this make sense, it is also making that which is making sense of it.

We are observing the mechanics here. We are not trying to make any sense of it.

The human as an individual, and as a species, is dedicated to making sense of life.

But the more sense it makes, the more nonsense it reveals.

It is an endless treadmill that the human has walked for half an eternity.

And trying to make sense of it all is what powers the treadmill.

Making sense of things is a distraction from observing what is actual.

What is actually there has no obligation to make sense to anyone.

 The human has invented the fact that life owes it an explanation.

Which is nonsense. 

Just enough nonsense to try to make sense out of it.

Between sense and nonsense resides the created.

Free of sense and nonsense is the creator. Unaccountable and unaffected.

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« Reply #17 on: March 25, 2017, 08:41:41 AM »

                                                      The Author.

                                                         Part 18.

                                                        Story time.

The human believes it has a story. This is actually a flirtation with the non actual.

If you have a story... Where is it ?

Point to it.

For as long as you have a story. you are a prisoner of it.

Once again this drives the human crazy. S/he can`t make any sense of it.

The ghost writer comes to the rescue.
It distracts it`s victim by insisting that this is all hogwash and one day in the future it will all make sense.

Making sense of random facts is the function of the ghost writer.
If it wasn`t doing this, it would be doing nothing.

If the ghost writer wasn`t making up stories then what is actual could be observed.

It is not possible to simply observe what is actually there while a story is being made up about it.

Here is "My depression." 
The reasons I am depressed is because .... You have your own story.

Do you see what has actually happened.
The actual depression is not observed. In it`s place is a story. A story which doesn`t actually exist.

If it does....Where is it ?

Do you see the con?

The story is a collection of random facts tied together in a story to make the depression, which is made up, seem real.

It is this mechanism,that is keeping the human trapped in the human experience.
It is not the story ! It is not the content of the story. It is the context.

The ghost writer is expert at making up stories.
Without a story, it can`t make sense of anything.
And it`s function is to make sense of everything.

"I am stuck here till I make sense of it."

But it is the making sense that is creating the "stuck."

Observe this.....

No matter what finally makes sense to the human, the human is still stuck in the human experience.
The human has to be there for it to make sense to.

The human is surrounded by nonsense and sentenced to make sense out of it to break free.

Hasn`t happened yet......

Forget about "The greatest story ever told."

Observe "The greatest story NEVER told."

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« Reply #18 on: March 26, 2017, 08:25:42 AM »

                                                   The Author.

                                                     Part 19.

                                               Searching for something..?

You won`t find it here.

This is all about discarding things to search for.

It is all about dismantling that which has reason to search.

The human cries out.. "But I am really here. I have real problems. I am suffering."

The human is searching for relief from it`s suffering.

It always has.... and it always will.
The search is creating the time to be deprived of that relief.

Both the time and the relief are projections of the mind creating a story.

They are distractions from that which is actual.

The human is lured away from confronting the actual by the promise of something better.

One doesn`t simply observe their suffering.
If they did, they would see that the suffering is there only because they are.

Instead the human creates a mental projection to follow out of the suffering that they haven`t even looked at.

Those mental projections take the victim of them away from here and deliver them there.

Suffering can only occur because one is there.

If one was here instead of there, then there would be nothing there to suffer.

So if we dismantle everything that is there instead of here then there is no one there to suffer
or search for relief from that suffering.

Why does the human continually fall for this con?

Because the human does not want to be here !
The human wants to be somewhere else. And somewhere else is there for as long as you want it.

Here is there ...minus the mental projection.

When the mental projection is gone. There is here.

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« Reply #19 on: March 27, 2017, 09:14:03 AM »

                                                The Author.

                                                  Part 20.

                                         But why am I still suffering ?

One is suffering because there is still something there to suffer.

The human reaction to suffering is to project another there where one is free of suffering.

However that which is suffering is transported there to resume the suffering.

Striving to free oneself from suffering is a distraction with a shelf life.

Before long the suffering will infiltrate and usurp the distraction.

The human has no choice but to pursue another distraction and the treadmill is activated.

Unable to observe an absence the human cannot see that all the suffering it is not experiencing has one thing in common.  They are not there !

If one was not there experiencing the suffering they are experiencing, then that suffering would have nothing there to experience it.

So...How does one free themselves from bondage to suffering?

And why has nobody ever pointed it out to you before?

The fact that it hasn`t been pointed out is key to this.

It hasn`t been pointed out because it is an absence.
And the human cannot observe an absence.

Instead of the absence, the human puts something there to observe.
That something is inhibiting observation of the absence.

Put simply... The human cannot conceive of itself not existing.

Thus the human is sentenced to existing.

It has no choice. And there is nothing it can do about it.

The human has no choice but to be there.

The only choice available is to be here, and to withdraw from being there.

This is not a doing. It is an undoing.
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« Reply #20 on: March 28, 2017, 08:19:17 AM »

                                                 The Author.

                                                   Part 21.

                                             The author is an absence.

The author is the absence of what it is not.

And the author is not the authored.

Nowhere in the story can the author be found.

The story is there because of the author.

All that can be found on the pages of a story is the authored.

An authored character, in an authored story, in an authored here.

These are the mechanics of why the human cannot observe what is actual.

 For when the actual is observed the human is no longer there to observe it.

When the story asks "why am I here?" the author is unaffected by the inquiry.

The author is under no obligation to make sense or be accountable to anyone.

You are the author of your own obligations and accountability.
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« Reply #21 on: March 29, 2017, 07:42:28 AM »

                                                The Author.

                                                  Part 22.

                                            This is so hard to see.

Forget about hard. It is impossible.

Please observe that this dilemma has existed for all time.

It is the building block of time.

The human wants a solution that makes sense ...that s/he can do something about.

All this from something that has no obligation to solve anything, not accountable to make sense to anyone. And doesn`t have to do anything.

And on top of that, once what is actual is observed, that which couldn`t see it is gone !

Add to that the fact that the human is obsessed with content.
The content is so distracting that the context remains un-observable.

" I am so pissed off with my ex partner.
"They did this to me. And this and this.... And this."

The big picture is missed while one is self absorbed with the little picture.

The human is trying to impose obligation and accountability in their search for sense.

But all they end up doing is creating `was done`, `doing`, and `will do`.

These are the mechanics of "being there."

Thus "making sense' is permanently on the horizon, and the human is permanently pursuing it.

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« Reply #22 on: March 30, 2017, 07:58:02 AM »

                                                 The Author .

                                                    Part 23.

                                                The delusion.

The human is forever attempting to improve it`s situation.

Is this a fact?

As individuals and as a species, humans are living in hope that liberation is only a matter of time.

There is overwhelming evidence that this is the case.

It is what motivates doing.

And yet as individuals and as a species humans have been doing things since time began
and all that  doing has only revealed even more to be done.

Now... Please understand I am not suggesting that one doesn`t do things.
One has to do things. There is no choice.

But the doing of things is a distraction from the actual fact that one is a slave to doing.

The content obscures the context.

"I am so busy doing stuff that I have no time to observe what doing actually is."

If one cared to look, it could be seen that doing is creating time.
After all, one needs time to do anything.

You are not wasting any time on the things you are not doing.

Do you see this?

You are not worrying about shadows on planets in the Andromeda galaxy.

Shadows on planets in distant galaxies have nothing to do with you.

Something must have something to do with you before you can have something to do with it.

And the way to get something that has nothing to do with you to have something to do with you, is to put it into a story.

That story is the story of you.
And you are located right there in the eye of the hurricane.

If the story was absent, then you would be too.
And the hurricane would have no "I" to form around.

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« Reply #23 on: April 01, 2017, 08:38:33 AM »

                                                     The Author.

                                                        Part 24

                                            "But how does all this fit in?"

That which is being observed here does not "fit in."

It isn`t something that can be added to the accumulation of human history.

It is not a part of any evolution.

It is not trying to make sense.

It is not attempting to fit in.

The above is what the human is doing.

But you are not human. 
Well you are...but not for very long.

It is while you are, that you need to accumulate, evolve, make sense of things, and fit in.

And yet the act of being evicted from the human experience doesn`t accommodate any of these criteria.

Death makes no sense at all.

The subject causes bewilderment in the human.

Humans will even hear the sentence "S/He died happy." and never pause to see the idiocy of this statement.

To the human, death must be avoided at all costs.

The whole human experience is avoiding death.

For death reveals that the whole, entire human experience was and is a distraction.
It is a distraction from what is actual.

The human is the embodiment of not seeing what is actual.

The human inhibits observation of what is actual.

When the life distracted from what is actual is no longer distracted, then the life that was possible only because of the distraction is no more.

S/He who sees how they were being conned is no longer there to see it.
The life being conned is no more. And never was.

That`s the difficult bit to see.

But try to go back to believing something that you now know is false.

Just try it !

The guy, who used to believe what was false, is un-resurrectable.

What is being revealed here does not fit in with what being human is all about.

What is being revealed here is all about not being human.

Once you try won`t go back.

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« Reply #24 on: April 02, 2017, 08:59:24 AM »

                                                        The Author.

                                                           Part 25.

                                                "What did I do to deserve this?"

This is a question asked frequently by the human.
In fact one has to be human to ask it.

If the human was absent so to would the question be.

All human questions arise from a doing.

If the human was just being and absent from doing.
The human would cease to be human.

By failing to just be...and observe what is actual, the human projects a non actual better future.

But for this better future to become actual, the human has to do something.

To do something, the time to do it, is created.

Let`s go through it together.

What is actual is NOW !

Now is all there ever is. No matter where one goes, they are still in now.

But the human is unable to see this. The human would rather have a better NOW later on.

The vision is projected and the barriers to a better now come into focus.

To remove or overcome these barriers requires that one makes the time to do something about them.

We are not saying this is right or wrong. We are not saying this is good or bad.
We are not judging this in any way. We are simply observing it.
We are seeing the mechanics of what is.

We are not trying to put these mechanics into a story.
We are not asking "what did I do to deserve this?"

We are not looking for an angle here.

"How can observing what is actual benefit me?"

Look at this... !!!!!

If one was observing what is actual there would be no one there to benefit.

The human sentences itself to turn the non actual into the actual.

To wonder what one did to deserve this is to be there to wonder.

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« Reply #25 on: April 03, 2017, 08:45:05 AM »

                                                       The Author.

                                                         Part 26.

                                                   "What happens when we die?"

This question has been around for as long as we have lived.

After thousands of years of the greatest minds pondering it, death has never revealed what it actually is.

Just look at this.

Nothing the human has thought or done has penetrated this veil of secrecy.

Nothing !!!! 

The human can speculate and hope and theorize.
But the actual fact is, the human knows nothing about death.

Till one observes this as what is actually the case, one is left with theories, hope, and speculation.

Science theorizes, hopes and speculates that life is all a chemical reaction.

But when asked `what is it that is reacting to all these chemicals?` such proponents have their own chemical reaction.

What is it exactly that takes it personally when one`s theories, hopes and speculation about death are challenged?

In some cases challenging a human`s theories, hope and speculation about death can result in the challenger finding out first hand what death actually is.

Humans will defend their beliefs about death to the death.

How could they not?

Their life is defending their beliefs about death.

If they had no beliefs, they would have no life to defend.

Trying to observe what is actual about death drives the human crazy.

Just take a look around you. No shortage of crazy in every direction.

Having a life is having the inability to observe death.

When that life is abandoned, then death is what is observed.

There are no chemicals or beliefs to distort the observation.

There is no life there to observe that one is dead.

All that was authored is no longer.

Absent the authored is the author.

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« Reply #26 on: April 04, 2017, 08:27:46 AM »

                                                   The Author.

                                                        Part 27.

                                           "What happens when we live ?"

We suffer.

We do all we can to not suffer. But suffering is the life sentence.
Without it , we would have no life at all.

"Rest in peace." 

To put an end to a life is to put an end to it`s suffering.

Whatever that life is identified with creates a channel for feeling.

Feelings run the whole range from good feelings to bad feelings.

If one believes they are part physical, part mental, and part spiritual,
then one has physical, mental and spiritual feelings.

If one does not believe they are part spiritual, then that one has no feelings about it.

No pain or pleasure is derived from the spiritual dimension that they don`t believe in.

To believe in is to be living in.

You have to believe that you are a spirit to have your spiritual well being held to ransom.

Do you see it?

Once someone has beliefs, they can be manipulated and conned.

But you are only manipulated and conned because you have a belief that something that can be manipulated and conned is there to be manipulated and conned.

Beliefs have nothing to do with what is actual.

Beliefs are the mind substituting what is actual for something it can think with.

It thinks it`s beliefs are what is actual.

Try to tell the mind otherwise and it can`t think with it.

These observations can only be accessed when one backs out of their life.

Till one is backing out of it, that life is doing the observing. Or what it believes is observing.

It sees what it believes is actual and does something about it.

But to observe what is actual is the end of the road. The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

To have a belief about what is actual is to have a life.

For when the actual is observed, that life is over.

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« Reply #27 on: April 06, 2017, 07:22:22 AM »

                                                 The Author.

                                                    Part 28.

                                        That which is actual cannot die.

What can, and does eventually die, is the non actual.

What is non actual is authored.

As one is dying they are actually coming back to life.

The human death process is discarding the non actual.

As the authored is discarded, the author is revealed.

So death is life and life is death.

They are the same thing separated by time.

Life is an accumulation and a construction.
Death is loss and deconstruction.

What is constructed and accumulated is effect and accountability.

When all that is gone, when the story is over, what remains is unaffected and unaccountable.

The authored, which is non actual, is removed.... The actual author is revealed.

The author is the absence of the authored.

What is authored creates accountability and effect.

The effect and accountability thus created cannot effect or make accountable the author.
Thus the ghost writer claims authorship.

The ghost writer has to justify it`s own existence.
Thus it creates stories.  Stories that try to make things make sense.

Unable to observe what is actual the ghost writer sentences the human to believe in and be living in stories. There is no choice.

Pain and suffering are a creation of the ghost writer to keep the human in the story.
Thus pain and suffering is what the life is.

What is being observed here is not a story.
There is no beginning or end.
There is no construction or accumulation.

These are snap shot observations of the mechanics of a con.

When the actual con is observed, that which was being conned is no longer there to observe it.

Upon observation of this, the ghost writer says..."But nothing here fits in with the content of everything I am. It just can`t be true. Everything I am is an example of why this is not true. I can`t DO anything with this. How about a story instead?"

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« Reply #28 on: April 10, 2017, 09:08:19 AM »

                                                  The Author.

                                                    Part 29.

                                            The actual is the exit.

The problem for the human is that it cannot see the actual.

If it did, then what is looking at it would cease to be.

The human ghost writer deceives it`s victims with stories about "In time all will be revealed.
Humanity will evolve to a place where it knows what is actually going on. The universe is unfolding."

The ghost writer has it`s own agenda. And that agenda is to buy more time.

But have a look. Time is wholly a creation of the ghost writer.

It does not exist. There is overwhelming evidence that time does exist.
Everything you know took time to know it.

But when you have a real honest look you will surely see that the human knows nothing.

You could build a super computer that would collate all human knowledge and reduce it to
the final answer.  But that final answer raises a new question.

And on it goes forever.

But isn`t this all just word play and mind games ?

YES !!!

That is the message here.
Back out of all the word play and mind games.
Simply observe what is actual.

Just don`t be there where word play and mind games are your prison.

Can I offer an example?

The human on hearing about freedom projects a mental fantasy on what freedom is.
But it actually cannot do this. 

The human only sees freedom from. It cannot conceive of free of.

The human cannot observe actual freedom. So it makes a picture and then
develops a plan. Then there is a "to do " list.

And this is the basis of happiness.
Actual happiness is a myth. A carrot on a stick.

It is the contemplation of freedom from, and the pursuit of happiness is all there is.

The actual happiness at the end of the rainbow is like ice in the sun.
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« Reply #29 on: April 11, 2017, 08:09:39 AM »

                                                          The Author.

                                                              Part 30

                                                "But I don`t see how I am being conned."

Of course you don`t.
If you did, you would no longer be being conned.

Being conned is all about not wanting to think about it.
And not wanting to think about it is what deprives one of the faculties needed to think about being conned.

It is the unthinkable.

Not one person who is being conned is thinking about how it is being done.

They are distracted by promises of a better life.
The better life is what one is thinking about while they are being conned.

What sort of con are we focusing on here?

Every type of con in existence.

The mechanics are the same.

Distract the mark with mental projections of a better life, while giving them something to do to overcome the barriers to that better life.

Have a look at it !!!

Those who do not share the mark`s vision can spot the con clear as day.

Because they do not share the mark`s vision, it is clear to the mark that non believers just don`t get it.

Being the victim of a con has put the mark in a place they do not want to be.

The bait used is the hope of being liberated from where one doesn`t want to be.

But being there, where one is, is the con.

Let`s look at it.

Are you choosing to be where you are?

Do you have any accurate information on how you came to be?

Is the life you are living something you are choosing ?

What the fuck is really going on?

Where is the exit door?

The fact that you are here without your consent, is proof positive that you are the victim of a con.

The here that you are experiencing is a false here.
If you look into it, you will see that all the here you are is just there`s masquerading as here.

If you were actually being here, you would not be there to be the victim of a con.

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