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« Reply #45 on: June 20, 2017, 07:27:24 AM »

                                                           The Author

                                                               Part 46.

                                                  "What is the author trying to say?"

Nothing !

There is nothing to communicate.

I am communicating nothing.

A complete absence of everything.

How can we see this?

Think of death. Is it not an absence of everything?

It is obvious that when death occurs the human is absent.

What was there before is absent in the hereafter.

The human is deluded into believing that it is here.
But the human can only ever be in a there.

As death approaches, the human separates itself from it`s delusion.

All the deluded here`s are exposed as there`s.

Before death one could believe they are a successful industrialist.
A member of a religion, or a political movement.
One could believe they were a member of a race.
One could believe that they are a citizen of a country.

One could even believe they were a knowledgeable authority on matters of importance.

But death couldn`t give a flying fuck about any human delusions.

They are all erased by death.
Death is the removal of all the there`s.
Death is being here. Actually here.
Which is life !!!

Your life was your death.
They were always the same thing separated only by time.

Now to royally screw things up...
The human exists in a delusion over what death is.
Just like the human is deluded over what life actually is.

It has to be.... If it were not, the whole thing would be over.

The human is trying to overcome death.
Yet the human has not the foggiest notion of what death actually is.

Death is the nothing that you cannot simply be with when you
sit in a distraction free environment, close your eyes and connect your breathing.

Life has an agenda!

Death has nothing.

By simply being here (Not there) life and death have no relevance. Nothing!!!
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« Reply #46 on: June 22, 2017, 08:35:44 AM »

                                                           The Author

                                                               Part 47.

                                                         How you are getting here.

Can one have a look at one of the great questions that has baffled humanity since humanity was here to be baffled.

"How did I get here?"

This is such a loaded question that needs to be unloaded before what is actually going on can be observed.

Firstly what is meant by "I"?

Have a look at it.

Without exception, the answer to this question, is denied the one who is asking.

So do you see the rest of the question "How did I get here?" is redundant.

Because there is mystery surrounding who one actually is, the asker of the question
is not who they really are.

Every human feels this.
There is an awareness that circumstances inhibit a full expression of who they really are.

If one was being who they really are, they wouldn`t know themselves.

Thus the human is left wondering who they really are.

But who they `are not` is asking the question.

If one was who they actually are, there would be no question.

It`s tricky. 

When looking out at the world, all one sees is a population of humans not being who they really are.

The whole human world is complete bullshit. Fake. Pretentious. Misguided. Pain and suffering. Deluded.

Is this what is actual?

Just look !

There is something wrong with the world !
This isn`t the world I came here for.

But this is the actual human existence. There is no escaping it.

So one asks "What could I possibly have done to deserve this?"

And the answer is "everything."

Everything you have done is what has gotten you into this mess.

And the human solution is to "do" more.

"But I can`t not do anything !!!!!"

The only humans that don`t have to do anything are dead humans.


Sit comfortably in a distraction free environment. Close your eyes.
Connect your breathing and "Don`t do anything."

The question "How did I get here?" is no longer there to be asked.
It never was.

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« Reply #47 on: June 24, 2017, 08:47:28 AM »

                                                         The Author

                                                               Part 48.   

                                              "So why can`t the human see what is actual?"

Because the human exists by not seeing the actual.
If the human saw the actual, it would no longer be there to not see it.

When you see how you are being conned, the one being conned is no more.

It is no longer stuck there. It has moved on. Transformed.

The actual is nothing complicated.

Not seeing it is what is complicated.

Not seeing it is barriers.

Those barriers are there to inhibit observation of the actual.

The last thing the human wants is to remove those barriers.
Because if it did, the human would cease to exist.

The barriers are effectively a mirror maze.

And the human exists within that maze.

The barriers are language, Recourse to authority, judgement, and the mind generally.

The mind is a collection of pictures of significance.
Those pictures make a story that the human is stuck in.

That story is a series of conclusions.

And those conclusions inhibit seeing what is actual.

There before you is what is actual.

But it avoids direct observation. But how ?

Look at this quickly....

One believes they are observing what is actual.
Let`s use a storm as an example.

There is the storm.

Here am I.

"How do you feel about the storm?"

That`s what humans do. They have opinions and conclusions. They have feelings.
Human feelings.

There is a storm.

How you feel about it.....What your opinion of that storm is... all inhibit
observation of that actual storm.

Do you kind of see it?

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« Reply #48 on: June 25, 2017, 09:16:07 AM »

                                                              The Author

                                                               Part 49.   

                                                             Can I come too?

Every effort to transcend the human existence is thwarted by the human, that insists on coming along too.

It`s like trying to end a game of monopoly by bringing your marker along with you.

Do you see this?

Once you lose identification with the marker, you are free of the monopoly game you have been playing.

It is over. And it never was.
Trying to resurrect that identification is not possible.
One can easily erect a new attachment to a monopoly marker.
But the previous one is gone. Circumstances have changed.

The character who used to be playing is no more. Even if one has attached themselves to the same marker.

I`m using this as an example... Just so the mechanics of this can be observed.
Because you are not presently a monopoly player, a monopoly player is not trying to make this observation.

Being a monopoly player inhibits the observation of the mechanics of being a monopoly player.

The monopoly player can only see that which relates to being a monopoly player.

How often have you thought about the rules of "Cluedo (Clue U.S.A.)" while playing Monopoly?

The rules of "Clue" are not relevant to a monopoly player. S/he spends no time with them.

The monopoly player observes through the marker they have identified with.
That observation is limited to the monopoly board. As far as what`s really going on, outside of the game...well they haven`t got a clue.

There exists no one there to ponder it.

The monopoly player is preoccupied with the game they are immersed in. Nothing else matters.
That is to say...Nothing else matters to the monopoly player.

For something else to matter, the monopoly player identification must be suspended.

If it wasn`t, humans might try spending monopoly money in the real world.
One might try to uphold the rules of monopoly to get through life.

One has to abandon the monopoly player to interact with the real world.

To observe the real world, the monopoly player cannot come along too.

To observe what is actual, the human cannot come along too.

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« Reply #49 on: June 26, 2017, 09:27:38 AM »

                                                            The Author

                                                               Part 50.

                                                      All opinions are human opinions.

Humans and opinions are synonymous.

To have an opinion, one must be human. To be human one must have an opinion.

That opinion, when examined, is a viewpoint.
And every human has one that is unique to them.

A viewpoint is where someone is observing from.
It is a location.

One locates themselves via a viewpoint.

What is your view on politics on Pluto?

Till your attention was put on it there was no viewpoint at all.
And failing to find anything there you have nothing to grasp on to.

So a viewpoint on Plutonian politics is not held.

But look further into this absence.
Because one has no viewpoint on Plutoniun politics there is no need to defend them.

We are effectively talking about nothing.

And that nothing is what the human cannot see.

The human cannot see any of the viewpoints s/he doesn`t have.
The human is preoccupied with the viewpoints it does have.

If the viewpoints the human has were absent, the human would cease to be preoccupied.
At which time, time would cease to exist.

The human is preoccupied with defending its viewpoint.
This is the mechanics of doing.

Doing is made possible and mandatory by having a viewpoint to defend.
Once there is nothing to defend, there is nothing one has to do anymore.

Still don`t see it?

Try to think of one thing you have to do about anything you have no viewpoint on.

Before you can do something one has to adopt a viewpoint.

Is it possible to not have a viewpoint?

That`s the con.
You have an infinite number of non viewpoints.... But you can`t even see one of them.
All you can see is the viewpoint that you do have.

One can change and modify their viewpoint. That is all they can do.
That is all humanity is trying to do.

And failing into eternity.

The viewpoint is made up.
The human rallies the forces to make a viewpoint real.

That is all a viewpoint is good for.

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« Reply #50 on: June 27, 2017, 08:56:37 AM »

                                                           The Author

                                                               Part 51.

                                           "But how can one not have a viewpoint?"

It`s probably easier to look into this by substituting the word viewpoint with the word opinion.

If you talk to a human, it is obvious that they have opinions on everything.

Just ask "What do you think of ...............?"
And the human will spurt forth something.

The spurting is what we want to look at.... Not what was spurted.

It is only human to be drawn into what another`s opinions are.

By doing this one is failing to observe what an opinion actually is.
And what it is, is a viewpoint born out of conditioning.

An opinion, or viewpoint, is the sum of one`s conditioning.

So do you see? The human is imprisoned with every opinion they have.

Still don`t see it?

Just challenge any human`s opinion.

The reaction can be anything from indignation to murder.

The human spends his/her life defending their conditioning.
And this is the cause of all human conflict.

If you were to allow your conditioning to remain undefended, it would
simply cease to remain.

You would be free of it.

But don`t expect any help from the human in you.
It has no choice but to defend it`s viewpoint.

Only you can choose to let it release you.
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« Reply #51 on: June 28, 2017, 09:02:01 AM »

                                                            The Author

                                                               Part 52.

                                             "Where does the author come into all this?"

It doesn`t.

The author doesn`t come into this at any time.

For a "this" to exist it has to be authored.

Any "this" that exists would be over instantly, unless it had a self perpetuating mechanism within it.

Now if one can just simply observe this as what is actual, without having an opinion on it ...
One can see the mechanism at play.

A problem creating machine.
A mystery creating machine.
A conflict creating machine.
A dissatisfaction creating machine.
A delusion creating machine.

This machine is called "The human mind."

It is a self perpetuating machine.

The human is expecting this , problem, mystery, conflict, dissatisfaction, delusion, creating machine
to free it from it`s life sentence.

It is incapable of this.
That isn`t what it does.

Just see it...and be done with it.
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« Reply #52 on: June 29, 2017, 08:46:28 AM »

                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 53.

                               "But isn`t all that is being written here, all just  your opinion?"

But I am no one who is talking about nothing.

I have no reputation, or credentials. I have nothing to defend.
I am not an authority on anything.

I do not have a point of view that I am trying to convert you to.

Nothing that is written here is born out of experience or conditioning.

The human experience is all about focusing on what you are doing.

But if you are not doing anything, there is nothing to focus on.

To focus on anything, one must have a point of view to focus from.

That point of view can only ever be bogus.

That point of view is born out of conditioning and experience.

Thus we have a human world full of opinions ... all in conflict.

The opinions the human has have nothing to do with what is actual.

The opinion inhibits observation of the actual.

So how does one escape this human existence?

Of course there is death. That is an eviction that is everything the human is attempting to delay.

The human is in conflict with death. S/he is intimidated by it.

It is only by failing to observe what death actually is that this intimidation is possible.

And the human existence is one of constant intimidation.

The human is conditioned to not lose this life.

But if one had already lost everything that is that life, what would remain to die?


There is no way to intimidate you over the life you do not have.

IF the life you have could be transformed into all the lives you don`t have,
you would see that an opinion is not possible.

You may have an opinion of what was just said.
I don`t !

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« Reply #53 on: July 01, 2017, 10:11:10 AM »

                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 54.

                                                 The endless enigma.

Getting a human to observe the actual is like trying to use a muscle that does not exist.

The human has no capacity for observing what is actual.
The human exists in denial of the actual.

For the human to observe the actual, that human would be absent.

The actual exists in the human`s absence.

The human is there preventing observation of the actual.

Place the actual in front of the human, and the human will alter it so
it can see it. But what it sees is no longer it.

It has taken a human form.
Thus it is no longer what is actual.
The human`s bread and butter is the non actual.

As for the actual.... Well the human can`t do anything with it.
That is what the actual is... That which nothing can be done about.

The moment the human has an opinion about the actual, it ceases to be actual.
And there we have the human point of view.
Which can only deal with non actual.

A human is dying...

He withdraws from his vocation.
He realizes that he never actually was a factory worker.
It was just something he had to do.

As his health deteriorates he realizes that he is still here.
As his mind deteriorates he sees that he is still here.
His empire fades into insignificance.
Yet he is still here.

He realizes... I am not any of the things that were my life.
They are gone ...But I`m still here.

All his dreams and regrets lose importance.
He is still here.

What is going on in the world becomes meaningless.
He realizes the body will soon be gone.
He is losing the last connection to the human experience.
Now there is just breathing.

And that ceases.

But he is still here.

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« Reply #54 on: July 02, 2017, 08:32:07 AM »

                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 55.

                                When the authored is dispensed with, the author is revealed.

The entire non actual is authored.

It has no basis in reality.
It is all authored conditioning and opinion.

While one is preoccupied with the non actual, the actual remains hidden.

One unfortunate encounter with a giant meteor and all of human past, present, and future is obliterated.

It is as if it never happened.

There are no humans there to mourn the loss. There are no opinions or viewpoints for humans to hold on to.

The human and the human viewpoint are annihilated in the same instant.

All of human history amounted to nothing.

Religion, science, philosophy, politics, entertainment, suffering, and conflict, have nowhere to reside.

What the human thinks of all this is irrelevant. There is no human thinking to be had.

There is no human there to wonder how it got there.

What parts God, or the atom, played in the creation of man, are redundant.

Everything that was ever authored is dispensed with.

The author is revealed.

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« Reply #55 on: July 03, 2017, 09:58:05 PM »

                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 56.

                                   The human is everything the author is not.

The human is authored. S/he is a total victim.
Even out there at the cutting edge of human understanding.
The human is still a victim of being human.
This is at the cutting edge.
The humans who represent the best efforts of mankind to understand the nature of existence
would still rather be right, than anything else.

The human sabotages all efforts to transcend being human.
Transcending being human is a death sentence to the human.

If the human found out the actual meaning of life, s/he would no longer be there to know it.

The best humanity has to offer on the coming together of everything is championed by humans
in conflict.

Even the most sophisticated, brilliant, learned, researchers cannot escape their own instincts as humans.

They cannot even hear what the other guy is saying.
Instead they are picking fault with it.
Just impatiently building a brilliant retort to demonstrate their superiority.

This isn`t good or bad. It isn`t right or wrong.
It is what humans do. Just observe it.

The human`s internal war with their own mind spills over into conflict with other minds.

It is what being human is all about.

Everything any human says or does is completely justified to that human saying and doing it.
 And just like the justification, the human has no basis in actuality.

The graveyards of the world are full of justifications.

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« Reply #56 on: July 17, 2017, 09:15:06 AM »

                                                       The Author

                                                         Part 56.

                                             More on the actual.

The actual is NOW.

Now is the exit door to time.

For time to exist, the exit door was missed.

Hearing this...the human protests..."But time is real."

And for the human it is.

It is real for as long as one is being human.

And being human is NOT a choice.

The only choice that exists is not being human.

At which point, the human being is over.

Until one observes that they are being human, the human is doing the observing.

Can we look at this?

The human is busily serving it`s life sentence...
The human is DOing TIME.

The past is a mental projection.
The future is a recycled mental projection of the past.
Both are only real to the human that is caught between them in a mental projection of NOW.

The now the human is living in is just the factory where future is converted into past.

Here one second. Gone the next.

The human idea of now is completely polluted by time.

And there is nothing the human can do about it.
It is what is actual.
The human cannot see this mechanism because the mechanism is doing the looking.

Similarly...every philosophy is crazy , except the one you have.
The one you have is the crazy doing the looking.

Do you kind of get it?

Once you see how you are being conned, the person there being conned is no more.

With every glimpse of the actual, there remains a little less of the person that is susceptible to death.

Birth is the beginning of time.
Death is the end of time.
And the person is stuck between the two.

If that person was not there.... Neither would birth and death be.
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« Reply #57 on: July 18, 2017, 09:00:10 AM »

                                                       The Author

                                                         Part 57.

                                              Eternal life is an oxymoron.

Life cannot exist without the presence of death.

Life and death are a dynamic duo.

By appearing anywhere between life and death, the human is burdened with all the stresses
and strains of keeping life and death as far apart as possible.

When the struggle is over, only then may you rest in peace.

While the human exists between life and death s/he deludes itself into believing that it can create.

"You create your own future..." etc.

Crap !

Your past is creating your future.

"I used to be poor.... Now I`m going to get rich."

"I lived without love...Now I am going to find my soul mate."

There is not one single thing the human does that is not based on circumstances.

All human philosophy is polluted with circumstances from it`s inception through to it`s abandonment.
It all has a shelf life. Circumstances change.

Everything in the human realm is authored.
The author is absent. "He works in mysterious ways."

Unable to observe this actuality the human is left with no choice but to try and make the best of
of a bad situation.

The human serves it`s sentence in pursuit of feeling good.

Completely disregarding the fact that no human has ever succeeded.

Good feelings are transient. The good feelings of success are soon swamped with the fear of failure.

And on it goes. As it always has. And as it always will.

The human asks, "So what is the answer?"

The human never looks at why they are there where the question is.
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« Reply #58 on: July 24, 2017, 10:12:03 AM »

                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 58.

                                                 The outer limits of thought.

For as long as a human has existed it, has confused thought with consciousness.

The human has a thought.... It is conscious of the thought. That thought becomes consciousness.

The human concludes "I am conscious because I can have thoughts."

"When I am not having thoughts, it is because I am unconscious."

Consciousness without thought is something the human cannot think with.

Navigating through this maze is impossible for the human.
S/he is stuck with human consciousness.

There exists nothing outside of human consciousness.

Human consciousness goes into gear to try to think it`s way out of this maze.

The very mechanism that is the trap, is charged with the task of freeing itself.

Can you see that this is why no human has ever escaped it?

The human is a time producing machine.
If it doesn`t have time, it can`t think.

The human thinks that with more time, it can think of the solution.

Thus sentencing itself to more time with human consciousness.

Just ask yourself...What have the great thinkers come up with in resolving this dilemma?

So far the great thinkers have come up with nothing.

That cannot be !

I understand that man hasn`t solved the whole puzzle yet. But what have they solved ?
What part of the eternal puzzle has now been established as fact?

What book or philosophy are you looking at ?

Why is it gathering dust instead of becoming part of the fabric of human existence?

The human is so preoccupied with how they got where they are , that the they is overlooked.

While one is connecting their breathing in a distraction free environment, the they reveals it-selves.

This is the outer limits of human thought.
And it is remarkably similar to trying to break free of the earths gravitational pull.

As one sails off into nothingness, one cannot help but look back and enjoy the view.
Seeing the curvature of the earth is all it takes to gain a unique perspective on life.

That is the viewpoint that one now has. Thus one has been successfully lured back into orbit.

Meditation, psychedelics, and space travel change and modify one`s viewpoint.

It is life changing. 

The human settles into it`s new life.

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« Reply #59 on: September 10, 2017, 10:07:08 AM »

                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 59.

                                                 Dispensing with the authored.

Until such time as the authored is dispensed with, the author is remains a mystery.

The human is so preoccupied with interacting with the authored that, the author remains unoccupied.

In story telling, this is called the fourth wall.

"Breaking the fourth wall" is any instance in which this performance convention, having been adopted more generally in the drama, is violated. This can be done through either directly referencing the audience, the play as a play, or the characters' fictionality. The temporary suspension of the convention in this way draws attention to its use in the rest of the performance. This act of drawing attention to a play's performance conventions is metatheatrical. A similar effect of metareference is achieved when the performance convention of avoiding direct contact with the camera, generally used by actors in a television drama or film, is temporarily suspended. The phrase "breaking the fourth wall" is used to describe such effects in those media. Breaking the fourth wall is also possible in other media, such as video games and books. wiki

When the fourth wall is broken it really fucks with the human mind.
The human mind can`t process it.
It throws the viewer into a confusion.

It causes a kind of nervous hysteria.

The same sort of nervous hysteria a human experiences when they misplace something.

When a human cannot locate their keys or their wallet.... Maybe they don`t see their car where they remember parking it. Their cell phone is missing.

Right at that moment a LIFE is created.

It is a life of discomfort. A kind of torture. A weird panicky kind of confusion.

The mind is blowing a gasket. It can`t trust itself anymore.
It is reaching for an answer. It is unable to rest until this mystery is resolved.

It runs different mental projections endlessly through it`s processor.
The human is totally focused on ending this living hell.
"Where the fuck are my ...    ????"

Look closely at this....

If you quiz the suffering human about the validity of their panic, they will find your
line of inquiry completely inappropriate.. and "Not helpful" at all.

"This is a serious situation !!!!"

There is nothing anyone can say to convince this victim of loss that what they are experiencing, and feeling, is not valid.

How dare anyone even make such an insensitive suggestion.

We are simply looking at this. We are not choosing sides...or judging...or trying to anticipate where this is going.

What we are about to observe is something the human has eternally failed to see.

The second the mystery is solved..the lost item is located, there is a feeling of relief.
The human calms right down. Order is re established.

The frantic, neurotic, who was there just a moment ago is gone.

Where ?

Where did they go?

Just moments ago the human was adamant that the anxiety ridden life they were experiencing was valid and real.

So where is it now ?

The human isn`t anxious or worried about losing that identity.
Yet it was real. They insisted it existed. Now it is as if it never did...

What gives?

The life of the seeker exists until what is sought is actually found.

Transformation occurs. The seeker is no more....and never was.

The entirety of the human existence has just been laid out before you.

Why has this not been observed before?
Because the human was never looking for it.
The human cannot see what is actual.
For to see it, the human is no more.
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