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« on: February 25, 2018, 08:54:06 AM »

                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part one.

                                       Everything you know is false.

Simply looking is all that is occurring here.

There is no effort to make sense of it.
There is no effort to solve a mystery.
There is nothing can be learned here.

Billions of man hours have been spent pondering the mystery of why we are here.
What is the meaning of life?
What are we all doing here?
How did we get here?
And how can suffering end?

Have a look for yourself....
Summarize what has been learned along these lines.

Write the definitive paragraph that has been true, is true, and will remain true for all time.

"We are here because.....                        ...                              ....

                  ...                 ....                     ....                    ....                    ....                       "

Now show it to some other humans and watch your pearls of wisdom spread like wildfire throughout humanity.

No good?

Try someone else`s quote...

Nope. There is nothing known that will free man from the mystery.

The presumption that it is still unknown just buys one more time.
Seeing that it is unknowable ends the mystery right here and now.

Let me ask you something...

"Would you rather be free... or would you rather be right about how freedom can be achieved?"

If you are not free than you have already answered the question by your actions, as is your right.

You are here to be right about how to answer that question.

See it?

The moment it is seen the one who couldn`t see it is gone.

Nothing is learned.

This whole game of life is rigged from the get go.

The enquirer into the meaning of life is only attempting to be right.

S/he will quiz some "authority" and reject any answer that contradicts what is already known.

The enquirer is motivated by mental suffering and will only accept answers that give them peace of mind.

The enquirer is looking only for answers that are on the same page.

What is being shown here is that the page , the book and the whole story is a con.

Once it is seen for what it actually is, the one who`s existence was dependent on not seeing it, is over.

Nothing was learned !

The one who needed to learn is no more.

This is not learning a new way of looking at things.
It isn`t a skill one can acquire.

Stupidity and ignorance are learned skills.

The actions of the stupid and the ignorant can only be based on what one has been taught.

One has been taught that they are a me.

The core of that me is an individual who seeks love and approval from we.

The individual is that lack of love and approval.

But it all makes sense to a stupid ignorant human.

Do you know the meaning of life?

Then everything you know is false.

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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2018, 08:06:00 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 2. 

                                 Houston We have a problem.

Knowledge has created the Me.

An absence of knowledge is an absence of the me.

You are who and what you are because of what you know.

Knowledge is the source of division.

I am only not you because of what I know.

You don`t know what I know. And I don`t know what you know.

A division that knows nothing is no longer divided.

The division is the individual.
The individual exists in division.

But look. Every individual is stuck in the very same trap.

Every me has a different content...But the context is the same.

The me has no choice but to attempt to persist in time.
The me moves away from pain, suffering and discomfort, towards pleasure.
The me breathes. The me needs nutrition. The me needs protection from extremes in temperature.
The me has sexual desires it needs to appease. The me wants love and acceptance.
The me has dreams.... whether pursued or abandoned.
The me has the desire to become something better.
The me protects what it knows and identifies with.

And every me has pondered this dilemma, even if for a brief moment.

Look deeply at this.
WE all have the same dilemma.

It is not something that any me has uniquely.

A me is unable to look at the actual problem.
A me can only see it`s own version of the problem.

The me is caught up in knowledge.
It is a problem that exists for we.

The entire history of the human race is a bunch of me`s trying
to solve a problem that exists in the dimension of we.

Can we see this now?

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« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2018, 08:54:40 AM »

                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 3. 

                                             The Me can never be free.

The me is setting in motion a process that is endless.

The me is attempting to transport itself from it`s own confines into a state of non confinement.

This is a distraction from the actuality that the me is the confinement no matter where it takes itself.

No matter where you go, there you are.

It is a con.

One goes from worrying about not having something to worrying about losing what one now has.

Rather than observing the mechanics of this con, the me will announce that it has learned things.
It is learning about life.

This is a pure con.

If any me examined all they have learned, it becomes obvious that everything they have learned actually adds up to nothing.

The last few moments of this life are spent discarding everything one has learned.

Not one shred of it is of any use when in the presence of the actual.

The actual is an absence of the me. (The me is the non actual.)

The me inhibits observation of the actual.

The actual simply is..... It matters not one iota what the me knows or doesn`t know.

The actual is unknowable.

Nothing being observed here resonates with any me...and never will.

The me is the embodiment of failing to make this observation.

The me must cease to exist for the observation to be made.

But the me protests... "But I only know about existing. Not existing is unknowable to me."

So look at this...

What happens when you die?

"I don`t know."

It is unknowable to the me.
There will be no me there to know or not know.
This is the realm of the unknowable.

The me exists between the known and the unknown.
There is no me in the unknowable.

There is nothing to grab and no me to grab it.

The we is NOT a collection of me`s.

A collection of me`s is exactly that. A bunch of me`s deluding themselves that they are a we.

Can we see this?

The me is interior.
The we is exterior.

Exteriorization of a me is a contradiction of terms.
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« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2018, 04:31:46 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 4. 

                                              A waste of time.

Discussing the we with a me is a waste of time.

The me has not the foggiest idea of what we is.

We are just observing this. We are not trying to do anything with the observation.

That doing can only be done by a me.

The me that does things is composed of knowledge.

That knowledge has all been filtered through the me.

We does not exist for a me. So it cannot process it.

The we is something the me has no knowledge of.

The me is preoccupied with becoming.
An observation that does not aid becoming is an observation impossible for a me to have.

The me is left with no choice but to become a better me.

Benevolence and compassion are all about the me.

If they weren`t there would be no me there to register them.

A me observing what is being pointed to here, cannot see the true compassion and benevolence of what is being revealed.

The me just wants to escape pain, suffering, and discomfort.
It cannot see that it is the pain, suffering, and discomfort, it is trying to escape.

Pain, suffering, and discomfort are only experienced because there is a me there to experience them.

The me invents philosophies to place between itself and what is actual.

Deconstuction of philosophy is deconstuction of the me.

When all philosophy is abandoned, the we remains...As it always has, is, and will.

"But there have been some marvelous philosophers.... Some great knowledge discovered.
Without all that, the world would be acting like cavemen!!!"

So if the human race is acting like cavemen... and they have all that knowledge....
is it possible that knowledge is that cave ?
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« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2018, 09:18:32 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 5.

                                                 The endless river.

Every me is out of it`s depth being carried along by the current.

It will remain in that river until it drowns in it.

It may temporarily hold onto a rock, but time will erode away that rock and
all will be carried away till it is out at sea.

The me is no more.

When the me is no more, the we  is.

We is the absence of the me.

The me cannot conceive of it`s absence.

Thus ...No matter how many me`s band together, they can never be a we.

All the me`s in the world cannot see beyond death....
How could they? There is no me there to see it!

What is being pointed at here is not be what the me wants to see.
What the me wants to see is the subject of human knowledge.

All human knowledge and philosophy is tailor make for a bunch of me`s.

Is this why humans hold on so tightly to religion, beliefs, philosophies and knowledge?

After all...the me`s life depends on them.

The me exists at the center of them all.

The we is un-locatable.

No me has ever found the we.

The we is there when the searching ends.

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« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2018, 07:42:25 AM »

                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 6.

                                                Living in the past.

That which is being pointed to here, is a pure observation of here and now.

For a me, here and now are impossible to see.

The me is essentially scanning what is being pointed at here till it sees something it can grasp.

It has to see something that fits in with it`s past.

If something pointed at is described as beautiful, the me can go "I know what beauty is.
I`ve seen many examples of it. I have files from when I first arrived here till the middle of next week."

The me draws on these files to see where it stands.

If what is being pointed at can`t be associated with any files, there is nowhere for the file collector to stand.

Till one knows about something there is no possibility of a life interacting with it.

The me knows it cannot transform.
All it`s files, pre transformation, are deleted.
So the me cannot interact with transformation.

It is caught in what it knows.

When it observes another me who is not caught in the same trap, it tries to gain knowledge about
the free me.

The me knows that knowledge will set it free.

But the me who is free simply didn`t know it couldn`t be.

Acquiring knowledge on how to be free is the jailer.

Can we see this?

Can we see that all evidence to back this up is deleted as it appears?

Transforming from some me who couldn`t see this to a we that can, deletes the me.

The me has no knowledge of pre transformation.
There exists no one there to know it.

The me has transformed into the inability to transform....

Who were you before the me you are now?

See that the files are deleted?

This is all just crazy ideas.

Exactly !!!!!

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« Reply #6 on: March 03, 2018, 07:33:31 AM »

                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 7.

                                                 Seeing dissolves being.

While a me is being,it is so besieged with the problems associated with being that it has no time to do any seeing.

What it is being is doing the seeing. So there is no room for the one being to see what it is being.

To see what one is being means one is no longer being what they are seeing.

" I see that I have finished the race. Therefore I am no longer being the racer.

Everything the racer was seeing is gone.
There exists no racer to see it.

One is now being a race finisher, and begins to see other things to be.

What it is now being determines what it is now seeing.

The racer is no longer being, thus there is no longer seeing.

The me is on the roller coaster ride of life.

Once the me has strapped itself in, the me is seeing what a me being a roller coaster rider will see.

The me is not seeing that it is a roller coaster rider.

A roller coaster rider is pre occupied with the ups and downs of being a roller coaster rider.

Once the ride is over the roller coaster rider is no longer seeing.

We are looking at the mechanics of this.

We are not finding answers to questions.

The only questions a me has are "How can I better enjoy the ride? How can I buy more time?"

And "how can I better enjoy the ride and buy more time? is the definition of human philosophy.

When we see this.... we see that the me is being taken for a ride.

That me is now gone without a trace.

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« Reply #7 on: March 04, 2018, 09:31:15 AM »

                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 8.

                                                 Location. Location. Location.

The me derives a sense of location from the known.

You are where you are because you know it.

Even knowing that one doesn`t know, locates one in the unknown.

"But one has to be somewhere...!"   

You know that... and thus one is sentenced to wishing they were somewhere else.

The me is so distracted by the desire to be somewhere else that why they are manifest anywhere at all, eludes them.

The desire to be somewhere else distracts the desirer from where they actually are.

Since all the distracted me`s in the world are focused on their projected solutions, the world`s actual problems have never been viewed.

Just ask any me how to solve the world`s problems.
It can be observed that they don`t know that they don`t know.
For every me that agrees there exists a me who doesn`t.

Knowing that it doesn`t know that is doesn`t know is unknowable to a me.

The me has no capacity to interact with the unknowable.

The me throws everything it knows at the unknowable.

The unknowable is unaffected.

When a me looks at the unknowable it mistakes it for the unknown.

The me has bought itself some time to come to know the unknown.

It has no choice. How to `not do so` is unknowable.

So what is the unknowable?

The unknowable is when there is no me to know or not know it.

Knowing and not knowing is what is creating the me and the world the me knows.

The world and all it`s problems is actually the me and all it`s problems.

The observer is the observed!

The world`s problems and solutions are unique to every me.

Every me has located itself at the center of the world`s problems.

Anything else is unknowable.

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« Reply #8 on: March 05, 2018, 08:12:21 AM »

                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 8.

                                              Life`s struggle.

Life is a constant struggle.

Ant part of life that ceases to be a struggle, disappears off the map.

The me that is caught up in this life struggle, is so engrossed in the struggle that they fail to see the map.

A map only exists because one wants to be somewhere other than where one is.

And it is that desire that puts one on the map.

This is a subtle trick of thought which up till now has been unknowable.

For a me to be on the map there must be something for the me to be.

The me absorbs the surrounding location and builds a life that is only
possible from being in a location.

A location is the foundation of any construction.

The construction fits in to the location.

When that which was constructed changes location it fails to fit in.

There is a commonality if both things were constructed in the same universe, or on the same planet,
even the same continent.

But western world constructions won`t always have much in common with Eastern world constructions.

"What exactly are we talking about here? Is it architecture? Is it psychology? Is it physiology?

It is all and neither. It is pure construction.

Construction is the what is being put on the map.

The construction and the map are mutually dependent.

Religious and philosophical beliefs are based on location.

If a me is constructed in close proximity to a particular religious belief,
that me will be formed in either acceptance or rejection of those beliefs.

Once the me is formed it is now sentenced to defend what has been constructed.

That is the struggle.

It is division. Which is conflict....which is struggle.

Had enough of it ?

The me has.

The we doesn`t know the struggle even exists.
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« Reply #9 on: March 06, 2018, 07:50:05 AM »

                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 9.

                                               A world view.

What is a view of the world?

It is everything that can be viewed.


It is all that is known. Including the knowledge that there is more to come.

So it is all the known and the unknown.

The unknowable is relegated to the unknown basket.

The unknowable is no one there to known or not know it.

Once someone is there, the known and unknown come into existence.

Being there is location. And from that location the one there has a view of the world.

It is their world view.

It is unique to them.

Even if the majority agree with one`s view of the world, that majority agreement becomes part of one`s world view.

There has to be a world view before it can be agreed or disagreed with.

 And the me is located at the center of their world view.

If the me didn`t have a world view, it wouldn`t know where it was.

It would be unknowable.

The me and the world view are one and the same.

Each can be changed and modified, but for transformation to occur, both must die.

The view one had of the world and the me that had it can no longer be located.

The life one`s view of the world had sustained was actually a death.

The death of one`s view of the world is actually life.

It is one`s view of the world that is killing them.

Can we see this?

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« Reply #10 on: March 07, 2018, 08:10:09 AM »

                                      THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 10.

                                              Saving the world.

Ever since there has been a world it has made sense to try to save it.

Having a world and saving it go hand in hand.

But every me has a different view on how the world should be saved.

Relying on others to save the world, because one is powerless to save it themselves, is another of those world views.

Once a me has a world view, that`me` can decide what should stay and what should go.

But everything that should stay or go is what constitutes the world.

What stays and goes is determined by whether you see it.

And it will be seen when there is someone there to see it.

A me and it`s world view are a team.

This sort of talk infuriates the me.

The me says "but, but, but, but......"

And every but breathes more life into the me created by it`s world view.

The me gets infuriated because it smells death.

The death of the me is the death of the me`s world view.

But it`s okay. The me`s world view is only ever there to inhibit the actual.

The me builds it`s world view in a mind.
Nothing in the mind is actual. It is the realm of the non actual.

A me thinks it is trapped in a world view.
We see that the me is actually trapped in a mind.

The me wants the world and all it`s problems to disappear.
But how can they while the me is there wanting?

The me would rather have a world full of problems than
be wrong about how to eliminate them.
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                                        THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 11.


The subject matter being observed here does not form any part of the world view of any me.

For all intents and purposes we are observing something that does not exist.

This subject matter is what makes a world view that does exist, possible.

We are not looking at the photo. We are looking at the development process.

Without a development process, which is not being viewed, there is
no possibility of the photo ever being viewed.

This subject matter doesn`t crop up in daily life.

It does not form a part of any world view.

It is what makes a world view possible.

A me is trapped inside a world view.

And it cannot see anything outside of that world view.

This is because it is the me`s world view that is doing the looking.

A comedian sees comedy in everything.
A scientist sees science everywhere that me looks.
A human sees the world through human eyes.

There is nothing else to see.

The me is it`s own trap.
That me searches for an escape from the trap by looking more closely at the trap.
Maybe it missed something....

The me looks where we are pointing and says  " I just don`t see it.
Nothing being pointed at here fits in with anything I know."

The me is saying "I want to be out of prison by following the prison rules."

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« Reply #12 on: March 09, 2018, 08:04:47 AM »

                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                 Part 12.

                                                 So what are we to do?

Well that is the problem....

The me is sentenced to doing.
It is constantly trying to DO something about it`s situation.

It never sees that nothing can be done.

It will say nothing can be done while still doing.

Doing nothing is impossible for a me.

Try it yourself.

Doing nothing is unknowable to a me.

This is because the me is what is doing.

To do nothing the me must be absent.

This is not theory. It is not a glamorous idea.
It is not the quote of the week.

It is what is unknowable to any me that looks at it.

Can it be seen that despite all that has been done, the me is
still in exactly the same position?

The me is sentenced to do something about it`s situation.

It still has it`s world view that it is surrounded by insurmountable problems that nothing can be done about.

And what can the me be counted on to do?
It has to do something.

The me cannot see that it is the problem.

This is unknowable.
For when it is seen, there is no me there to see or not see it.

Still don`t see it?

What happens to one`s problems and their world view at death?

Well.... That is unknowable.

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« Reply #13 on: March 10, 2018, 07:46:54 AM »

                                                     THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 13.

                                                     The unknowable is not up for discussion.

Freedom does not exist within the known or the unknown.

Freedom is not a thing... It is an absence of slavery.
Slavery is a thing. It is something that can be thought about and discussed.

When there is no slavery to be discussed, or thought about, freedom is what is.

The things that one is not a slave to are never thought about or discussed.
They are unknowable.

When one tells a me about freedom being an absence of slavery, the me does not know what you are talking about.

The me sees nothing and glides right past it. There are no second thoughts as there was no first thought to begin with.

The me is on the lookout for that which fits in with it`s experience.

The me has never, and can never, experience freedom, because the me is the slave.
The slave has to have slavery there to be free from.

When a me has no slavery there to be free from, it has nothing to think about or discuss.
It is unknowable.

The unknowable is the absence of a me there to know, or not know it.

What is being pointed at here is unknowable.
It is meaningless to a me that needs to know.

A me that needs to know is busy accumulating things to know.
What is being pointed at here cannot be added to that knowledge.

It is unknowable to a me that it is a slave to what it knows.

A me concludes that freedom from what it knows can be achieved by accumulating more knowledge.

This makes sense to a me... and it can think about and discuss it.

Pointing the me at the unknowable is life threatening to a me.
It will see the bringer of this message as the grim reaper.

The me says. This is a matter of life and death.
It is you or me.

And this is why discussion of the unknowable is impossible.
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« Reply #14 on: March 14, 2018, 06:50:58 AM »

                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 14.

                                                  How not to.

The me is preoccupied with trying to make something of itself.

It ignores the fact that everything it makes has a shelf life.

So we see that the me is simply trying to buy more time.

When the medical experts inform a me that it`s time is nearly up,
it sees that it actually knows nothing.
Everything it has made of itself is redundant.

There is NOTHING in a me`s experience that can prepare it for an encounter with the actual.

It has ignored the actual it`s whole life.

Now the me is able to see that it`s whole life was dependent on avoiding the actual.

The life was the `me`. And now the me is unoccupied.

Of course a me looking at all this says..."I don`t need to think about this sort of thing.
Nobody else does. And everything said about the actual has been a con anyway.I`ll deal with it later.
I`ve still got plenty of time."

The me sees that nothing we are saying here fits in with it`s experience.
The me has an endless supply of reasons to not see the actual.
Seeing the actual spells death to the me that couldn`t see it.
And that me has invested everything it knows into not dying.

A bunch of me`s who don`t want to die in the same manner will band together.
They will gather under the umbrella of a common belief to shield themselves from
the actual.

To remove that belief ends the life of the believer.
The believer has other beliefs and other lives.
Onwards and upwards. Buy more time.

The actual is an absence of the non actual.

The actual is always unknowable.
Look at it !  How can something be known when there is no one there to know it?

Of course someone there to know it has to say "I know what is being pointed at here is wrong."
After all...I am still here knowing it is wrong.

Onwards and upwards. Buy more time.

The me knows how to be free.

And there is your prison.

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