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Author Topic: THE UNKNOWABLE  (Read 9861 times)
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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 83. 


Can we see that content and context are a team?

Can we see that they are mutually dependent on each other for existence?

A book exists because of it`s contents.

It`s contents are dependent on the book to give it context.

Some content taken out of a book loses it`s context.

Can we kind of see this?

Something has to be there to fit into a context.

There is no context unless there is something there to fit into it.

The human cannot free itself from a mystery.

It is a mystery why the human is stuck to mystery.

The individual human is an accumulation of mysteries.
That mystified individual is attempting to solve the big mystery.

It hopes that solving the big mystery will be the undoing of all the little mysteries.

How are you doing with that?

The context is all a big mystery.
And that context permits the existence of the content of that mystery.

The content hopes that by solving the context, it will finally find peace.

But the context is made possible by it`s contents.

A book with no content is no book at all...

End of story !

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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 83.


Contradiction is division.

These two things do not fit together...

Contradiction creates the contradicted.

If this is true then that cannot be true.

Thus the contradicted is living a lie.

If something is not existing in contradiction, it is not existing at all.

The human wants to live in peace and harmony.

And yet it`s existence is a complete contradiction of that.

It`s life of sadness exists while it desires happiness.

The human exists as the contradiction to all human philosophy.

In actuality there are no contradictions.

Life is there to contradict that.

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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 84.   
                                               Email sent...

Can you see that nothing anyone can do or say will make a permanent
dent in how you are feeling?

Can it be seen that no one except for you has this feeling?

Others have similar feelings. But your feelings are unique to you.

What these feelings dictate is that something needs to be done about them.

However anything said or done will only be the long way round to coming back to them...

Are we seeing this?

So we, and we alone, can navigate out of these feelings.

"You" can`t...Because you and your feelings are inseparable.
You are your feelings. The observer IS the observed.

About now we expect those feelings to sabotage the
termination of the feelings.

"This is all shit I`ve heard before... Nothing works....
I have a malfunction in my brain....etc.."

The feelings you are stuck with are now fighting for their life.
Can we see this?

These feelings looking at a remedy, will inevitably say "This doesn`t feel right."

So we are now looking at feelings as being an invention of the mind.
They are non actual.
They only exist because someone is there feeling them.

The observer and the observed.

Can we see that the mystery and the mystified are mutually dependent on each other for their existence?

If those feelings were gone. so would the one feeling them.
If the one feeling them was gone, so too would the feelings be gone.

Once one sees the actual mechanics of the con, he who couldn`t, is no longer there to not see them ...And never was.

So we have no choice but to be with the non actual.

The only choice is to have a choice.

Or one could carry on as they are...Which they don`t have a choice about.

There is no magic bullet !

There isn`t a paragraph that one can show others that will set them free.

If there was.... we would all be free already.

What isn`t free is the guy who keeps looking for a solution when in actuality there is none.
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                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 85.   


Are we curious as to why we are writing this?

Are we seeing that what is written here is not moving ?

Life is movement. When something stops moving it is dead.

What is being written here is the death of the human.

And it is not moving.

Life exists as a contradiction to death.

Death is stillness.....
Life is movement.

Human philosophy and wisdom is all about movement.

How can man move to a better place?

Let us create a philosophy that moves people.

Humans find out about it and it moves them.

We are writing here anti philosophy, which doesn`t move anyone.

We are pointing out that we are being moved to create time and will wind up
back here.

Just be still.

See how far we have come...See how much movement has occurred...
See all the lives that have come and gone...

And yet here we are.
All movement was a distraction.

A distraction from here and now...the actual.

What is being written here has not moved.

Movement is an empty promise.

In what sense do we mean movement?

All movement is nonsense.

It is all a distraction from being here and now...

Something the human simply cannot countenance. (verb: to permit or tolerate)

We are not doing anything...

We are giving the actual our attention.

When full attention is given, the one attending cannot move...
Because they are no longer there to be moved.

The observer and the observed are one.

No movement between them is possible.

By being your despair you have killed it.
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                                        THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 86. 

                                            What the human is up against.

 Breaking out of the human experience is impossible !

The human experience is the prison.

If one were out of it there would be no human there to experience it.

This one seemingly meaningless con is the source of all human suffering.

You only suffer because you are there to suffer.

"But I have no choice."

Exactly !

Everything the human has become, it has no choice about.

If you can`t see this...try not choosing it.

"I am choosing to follow a certain philosophy."

Okay.  Stop choosing to follow it.

"But that wouldn`t make any sense.
Following the teachings of Swami Payyourway is the obvious choice.
Swami Payyourway speaks to who I am."

Who you are is a follower of Payyourway.
If it wasn`t for Payyourway, there would be nothing to follow.

All the suffering Payyourway followers experience would cease to exist.

All the suffering Payyourway is experiencing would cease as well.

Payourway`s suffering is keeping ahead of his followers and critics.

For if they were to catch up with him, there would be hell to pay.

The whole human trap is about buying time.

By seeing the mechanics of it, there exists no time to buy.

There exists no human to buy it.

What stops buying into this con is no longer human.

Need some time to think about it?

Gotcha again.
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« Reply #110 on: July 08, 2018, 09:33:20 AM »

                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 87.

                                               "Is there life after death?"

I don`t know.

Let`s take a look together.

The human is completely unequipped to examine this subject matter.
Not one human knows the answer to this question.
But one can have a life pretending to know the answer.

That life exists as a pretense. It is over the moment the pretender stops pretending.

So there is no life after death for the pretender.

So we are looking into the actual mechanics of this.

But the human says. "No. I want a direct answer. Is there life after death?"

Now what ever answer the questioner receives has to fill the gap in knowledge that
is created by the existence of the questioner.

Now the questioner has a life questioning that answer.

"Is there life after death?" is a loaded question.

That questioned is being informed by the life that is asking it.

Whatever answers are received by that life, raise more questions.

By looking away from the actual, life has bought itself more time.

It then believes life is a learning process and that death can be learnt about.

If everything man has learnt about death was assembled in one book it would have to
be called "The complete idiots guide to life and death."

Anyone who read it would be no better off than the chimpanzees and bison that never read it.

Now if someone read it, and from that reading they established beliefs...
They would have a life as a believer in what they read.

If they died as a believer, non believers would say.. "It was their own stupid fault."

Now the non believer has a life believing it was the believers own stupid fault they were conned.

So do we see it?  Life is a con.
One is conned into believing they have a life.

Beliefs are a substitute for what is actual.

The non actual is the long way round to coming back to here and now.

Here and now is what is actual.

There is no actual AFTER.
There is no actual BEFORE.

Is there life after death? is the announcement...I don`t see how I am being conned.
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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 88.

                                                 Come to my aid....

When the human sees something it doesn`t want to see, it tries to move away from that viewpoint.

When it cannot, for whatever reason, it asks for help.

The human will feel that what it is looking at is life threatening.

It will become highly motivated to put something between itself and what it can`t face.

We are just observing the mechanics here.
We are not looking to see if this is true, according to our experience.

When we do that, we are avoiding  being with what we are observing here and now.

If we observe what is here and now, neither the observer nor the observed can exist.

This is due to mechanics.

The observer IS the observed.

How do we look at ourselves?

It can only be done in the separation of the observer and the observed.

The observed is distorted by the observer.
And the observer sees it`s own warped reflection.

It does not like what it sees.

It has done something that requires TIME to fix.

It can`t figure this out at all and thus has
a life waiting for help to come it`s way.

If it occurring to you, how much better your life would be if you received the right type of help?

You are being conned.

Help is equated with preserving and prolonging life.

And no one is coming to help the actual you.

The actual you is beyond help.
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« Reply #112 on: July 10, 2018, 09:40:04 AM »

                                        THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 89.

                                                "How come I am still suffering?"

I don`t know.
Can we look into it?

We can make the suffering justified in their suffering.
We can look at the things that are to blame.

And once all the reasons one is suffering have been confirmed, the sufferer
has confirmed their suffering existence.

They will continue to suffer until they have done something about all that has been confirmed.

Can we see how the human is conned into this problem solving process.
It all makes perfect sense.

"If there was no reason to suffer, I would stop suffering until another reason to suffer came my way."

Humans suffer in their own unique way.

When the human wants to end their association with suffering, that human gets in it`s own way.

After all... they are only human.

What distinguishes individual humans, is the unique way they have suffered.

Humans have learned how to live with their suffering.

Death puts an end to suffering. And yet to die is the worst kind of suffering for the sufferer.

Make sense of that !

The avoidance of end of human suffering is the what makes all human suffering worth it.

The human is suffering to avoid ending their suffering.

Can we see this?

Can we really see this?   
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« Reply #113 on: July 11, 2018, 08:48:41 AM »

                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 90.

                                             "I still can`t see it."

The human never will.
Once the actual is seen , the life that couldn`t see it is gone.

Life is the creation of a con job.

Death is what that life must avoid at all costs.
For death is to be with the actual.

Look at death.
It is losing everything that the life that is dying was.

While the dying was alive, they were under the impression that
they were a plumber, or a father, or a media mogul, a newsreader, a bad person, a health freak.
The living have all sorts of things they are thinking is them.

Dying is being stripped of all that.

So please look into this....

What actually remains after all that one believed they were is gone?

Really look into it.

There is no reason to do this.
There is NO benefit.
There is no epiphany.
There is nothing to be acknowledged , and no one to acknowledge it.

WE are just observing this as what is actual.

We are not falling for any more human reactions and defenses.

We have no time for all that.


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« Reply #114 on: July 13, 2018, 09:35:31 AM »

                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 91.

                                                  "This is a waste of time."

Now you are getting it.

The human looks at what is being pointed out here and it says "There isn`t anything here for me."

And there isn`t.

The human decides not to waste any more time looking at what is being pointed at here.

It has a lot better ways to spend it`s time.

The human will try to spend it`s time on things that will result in benefit.

Earning money to buy things that they believe will benefit them.

And upon the acquisition of these things there is the realization that these actually were just a waste of time.

How do we see this?

We see this because it is what we, as humans, are doing.

It is what being human is.... A complete waste of time.

So no matter what the human does, it ends up being a waste of time.

"But Ive benefited from things I`ve done !!!"

So why keep doing things?  Where does benefit end?

"This is crazy.... This is what life is.!!"

Which is exactly what is being pointed out here.

The human misses the point. It has to. For once one sees it, one sees there is no point.

Can we come at it from another way?

"I have been trying to become ..........  for 10 (seconds,minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries...)
and I still aren`t ....... ."

Till one becomes ..... they have no choice but to spend time being what they have not become.

I want to become happy creates the life of being unhappy.

Wanting to become enlightened creates the life time of un-enlightenment.

Are we seeing this?

Being uneducated is the sentence of those who want to become educated.

What we are looking at here cannot be taught.
We cannot spend any time pondering it.

To do so is to spend a lifetime pondering.

To ponder is to believe that a thought one has not had is what is
keeping one pondering. But pondering is thinking.

The thinker is pondering about thought.

There is an actual mechanical process here that makes all this nonsense make sense.

But it actually doesn`t. It is a trap that the human is using trap building apparatus to break free of.

"I don`t see it !  This is a waste of time."

Finally !!!

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                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 92.

                                                 Living and dying.

As one is dying, they are discarding things.
No matter what they discard. they are still there, post discarding.

One has discarded their identification as a communist, a fascist, a Manchester United supporter.

One had spent their life believing they were many things...
And yet when those many things are gone, they are still there.

They are still being something.
That something is what is dying.

When what is there has nothing left to be, there exists nothing there to die.

At that instant that which could die is no longer there.

What couldn`t die is now here.

What could die is now there and then.

The actual is no longer distracted by the non actual.

What was here cannot make any sense of this.
It is not equipped to contemplate it.

At death, what used to make sense is gone.

So how is it we can see this?

We can observe this by not trying to make anything of it.

We are merely observing.
We see something that is what it is looking at.

The observer is the observed.

Try explaining this to a human and it will kill the one who is pointing it out.
It will kill it to the full extent of what it can get away with.

If what is pointing this out has an ego, that ego will draw fire.
If what is pointing this out makes a living by pointing this out,
it`s livelihood will be attacked.

If the one pointing this out is doing so because they know something, what they know
will be attacked.

Life will attack that which threatens it`s life.

Do we know this?
We can`t...

To know it, one has divided the self from what it knows.

When the mechanics of this are fully observed, that which was observing and knowing, is
no longer there to observe and know.

It is what it is... and it doesn`t know it.

Knowing something is only possible by not being what one knows.

Knowing is a one way toboggan ride to eternity.

The more one knows, the more one knows that they don`t know.

How does one get off that Merry go round?


It is UNKNOWABLE !!!   
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« Reply #116 on: July 17, 2018, 08:59:39 AM »

                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 93.

                                                    "I am suffering."

"I am" is the entry pass to suffering.

Whatever one says after "I am" is destined to suffer.

"I am famous" is a one way ticket into suffering famously.

"I am happy" " I am in love." "I am a Christian." " I am an artist."

Whatever comes after "I am..." is suffering.

"I am not....." only suffers for the few moments it exists while being discarded.

Once it is fully discarded, it`s suffering has ended....Because nothing is there to suffer.

Human suffering ends when the human ends.

"What I am" IS suffering !

Hear that two different ways..... Then hear them as one.

There is no suffering without someone being suffer.

The countless things one is not suffering from are the things one is not there to suffer from.

These things are invisible, because there is no one there giving visibility to them.

The human is all about ending suffering.
The human has no capacity to end the sufferer.

If the human could end the sufferer, there would remain no one there who was ended.

Can we see this?

Are we getting out beyond our depth to make this observation?

Can this only be seen from where both the suffering and the sufferer do not exist?

I don`t know.

It is unknowable.

There exists no one there to know it.

The human is so caught up in its suffering that it is not free to observe non suffering.

The sufferer cannot see non suffering.

Non sufferer and non suffering are the same thing.

Nothing to observe it and nothing to observe.

"But how does this help me?

What the fuck are you doing there needing help in the first place?

See it?

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« Reply #117 on: July 18, 2018, 08:55:51 AM »

                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 94.

                                                You are dying !

The only way to have a destiny with death is to have a life.

That life is creating the possibility of not dying.

That is what it lives for.

Life exists to not be death.

To observe this as a fact one cannot observe it as a me.

A me will get between the observer and the observed.
It will say "But what about me?"

The me makes a big deal about being alive.
It`s life depends on it.

To observe the fury of the mechanical process humans are trapped in,
just try to point out to a human that their deeply held beliefs are a delusion.
It is the same as prying someones fingers off of a rope they are holding on to at the top of an abyss.

Can we see this?

Can we see the grip that life has on it`s victims?

"But what choice is there? Nobody wants to die."

This is a me trying to make sense of something that they have no capacity to observe.

The me exists because it has not seen it.

When the me sees this scam, there is no longer a me there to not see it.

Maybe this will help...

If you are not a Muslim you will not be there to experience the death of the Muslim that is you.

If you are not currently being kidnapped and tortured, you will not be there to experience the torture and death of that kidnap victim.

If you are not Chinese, you are not there to experience the death of that Chinese person.

There is you and what is here and now.

EVERYTHING else is a non actual mental projection, that you have to have a life to see.

Take away that life and there exists nothing to die.

Death of a person is always taken personally.
There is no other way for a person to take it.

Give it up and there is nothing to take.

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« Reply #118 on: July 19, 2018, 09:16:04 AM »

                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 95.

      "How come none of the great thinkers have ever said anything that comes close to what is being said here?"

I don`t know.
It`s not something anything can be said about.

This is not "Life...An insiders view."

So far the great thinkers have come up with nothing.
However they don`t stop there...
They think about it and make something of it.

We here on the other hand have observed there is nothing to come up with.
And leave it at that.

We see that the great thinkers have no choice but to try to come up with something.

We choose to not come up with something.

Can we just sober up here ?

Look !!!!

The human lives under the delusion that one day in the future there
will be a sentence uttered that will make all sentence readers go...
"Holy fuck !!!! I get it now !!! I know what life is. I understand everything. I am free.
I owe my freedom to the writer of the sentence that explains everything.
I owe my life to the author of that sentence. I am saved!!! Hallelujah !!

It`s not that way????
Okay you tell us how it actually is...



What does someone need to see before they have that eureka moment?



Thousands of years of great thinking has led to this moment...

So.... What is it?



Finally ... The actual is observed.

"But one day we might know."

There you go again.

The journey into the non actual starts NOW.

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« Reply #119 on: July 20, 2018, 09:24:42 AM »

                                                 THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 96.

                                                "What should I do?"

That is the outer limit of human experience.

The human is all about doing.

It has no choice. It is a doing machine.

There is always hope for the human race if it finds something it can do.

We aren`t judging this ..
We aren`t comparing it to experience and history.

Whether one has done everything or nothing the present moment is still the same old present moment.

And there is nothing can be done about it.

For anything to be done, it can only exist in the realm of the non actual.

Maybe this will aid in seeing it...

Someone transcends the human experience and tries to communicate what exists outside of
that human experience.

But the one hearing it is in that human experience.
So the message must be translated for the human to be able to think with it.

That change or modification of the communication goes from seeing to doing.

What the human will do is convert the actual into the non actual.

The actual it can do nothing about.

So everything done is non actual.

Can we see all attempts by the human to escape the confines of the human becomes a ritual.

Humans put on funny hats and recite monotonous passages in ancient languages.
They act solemn and dignified. They acquire wealth.
They proselytize and claim their rituals are the one true path.

There is no end to the bizarre things the human can do in the name of transcending the human.

The human is quoting wisdom, that cannot be written, from a book that can be.

What we are seeing here is the creation f life.

It isn`t an evolution.
There is only now for time to be created.
Time is placing the actual out of reach.

The actual can only be seen now.

Once it is seen it is not possible to spend any time on not seeing it.

There exists no time to do anything in the presence of the actual.

"Why is this so hard to see?"

Because one`s whole life depends on not seeing it.

Pretty cool gag...huh ?


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