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Author Topic: THE UNKNOWABLE  (Read 9860 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 15, 2018, 08:11:37 AM »

                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 15.   

                                                     The me is vulnerable.

Life for every me can be over in a second.

The me is a construction based on it`s location.

There is an endless supply of me`s being evicted from their locations.

The non evicted can say "At least it wasn`t me."

The me is out there on it`s own.
It exists in division. It is an individual.

If something doesn`t impact directly on the me, it doesn`t know about it.

It doesn`t want to know about it. It can`t...because there is no me there to know about it.

 The me finds all this very confusing.   It has no capacity to observe this subject matter.

The me knows how to be free. It is attempting at all times to be free of SOMETHING.

It focuses on the something and has ideas on how to be free of it.

The me cannot see that it`s ideas on how to be free are what is trapping it.

If the me was actually free it wouldn`t be there to have ideas.

But the me says "But if I didn`t have ideas...what would I be?

FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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« Reply #16 on: March 16, 2018, 07:48:42 AM »

                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 16.   

                                             Division within the me.

When a guy at a restaurant receives his bill  he looks at it
and feels cheated.

He is not happy about having to pay this bill.

He is `full guy.`

`Hungry guy` would have been happy to pay the bill.
But `hungry guy` is gone.

Full guy is left paying the bill for `hungry guy`, who is no longer there.

So `full guy` gets out a credit card, has it swiped and then leaves the scene of the crime
knowing that he has passed the problem onto "Pay the bills guy."

`Pay the bills guy` exists in the future.

All is well for now.

If one follows this through closely one can observe the mechanics of the me.

It is a construction that exists in division.
The division allows aspects of it to be born and die away.

The me is so focused on the living that it fails to register the dying.

Those aspects that die , no longer have anyone there to register them.
They are unknowable.

They are the actual.

Kind of see it?
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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 17.   

                                               Who is the me ?

A me looking at the above example will say ...
"But it was all the same guy.

This is just stupid. Nothing was solved. This is not helpful.
I still have my problems and I don`t like it when someone makes nothing of them."

But isn`t the me making nothing of all the problems it doesn`t have ?

So in fact it is the me who is making problems out of nothing.

A me is a problem making machine.

The me can say "But I can think of a million problems facing us right now."

So where would those millions of problems be in the absence of the me thinking of them?

The me is frantically seeking out problems.
It is doing this so that it can BE THERE to solve them.

If one observes all the me`s in the world, we can see that they are
all immersed in their own problems.

So much so that they have no time for other`s problems.
And anyway they can clearly see that the problem another me is immersed in is made up.

The me will just give it a glance, offer some advice and walk away with peace of mind.

When one sees a problem is their problem.

The me is sentenced to getting rid of the problem.

It never sees that the actual problem is getting rid of the me that is having it.
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« Reply #18 on: March 19, 2018, 07:19:33 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 18.

                                           The no problem.

When a problem doesn`t exist, neither does the me to have it.

The non me and the  non problem are erasing each other.
There is no separation between them. 

The me that sees it is unwilling to erase a problem is actually unwilling to erase itself.

It can`t. It has no choice but to butt heads with the problem.

It is what the me does. It is what me is all about.

Without it`s problems the me has no ideas.
It doesn`t have any idea who it is.

The me has the idea that by solving it`s problems, it`s problems will no longer be there.
But that method leaves the me intact to observe and butt heads with the next problem.

The mechanics here are self perpetuating. It is a treadmill from which walking to the end of
is a delusion.

This is eternal life.
It is eternal life while one is there attempting to be eternal.

The me is chasing phantoms. It is caught in the mind which is making mental
projections of eventual happiness.

No matter how many times the me finds "happiness" it fails to see each "happiness" evaporate.
The mind projects more problems to occupy it`s victims attention.
More problems to keep the happiness carrot just beyond reach.

To see the mechanics of this is to allow the seeker of happiness to
be the happiness s/he was searching for.
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« Reply #19 on: March 21, 2018, 07:45:45 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 19. 

                                             Looking at why the message here is so hard to see.

It`s due to the fact that everything one is, is dependent on not seeing it.

If the one not able to see it could see it,
the one who couldn`t would no longer be there to not see it.

The billions of problems you don`t have , you are not having because you aren`t there to have them.

The inability to see this, is the problem one has to overcome to see it.

To locate the one who is there to have problems, just fill in a personality questionnaire.

If you have an answer to any of the questions, that is the guy who is there having problems.
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« Reply #20 on: March 22, 2018, 07:00:41 AM »

                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 18.

                                                     Why is this here?

By this I mean a message.

This is the only place it can exist. It is here and now.

This message is to reveal to the receiver of this message, the me who cannot get the message.

This message goes right over the head of a me.
A me can see no value in it. Nothing can be done with it. I doesn`t fit in with anything a me knows.
The me gets mightily pissed off by this message.
It will bite and scratch the messenger.

The messenger is merely pointing out the mechanics of the trap the me is caught in.
The messenger is not trying to do anything.There is no attempt to change or modify the me.
There is no plan or agenda. There is no advice on what to do.

Let`s assume that you drop dead now.
Have a look at what you know that will be of any use at all.

Do you see it?
There is nothing.

Really look at the actuality.
Resist the urge to speculate.

Just be here where everything you know is gone.

The trillions of man hours spent accumulating knowledge are rendered redundant in a non heartbeat.

This terrorizes every me.

That is because there is a me there to be terrorized.

That terrorized me wants to put something there between the me and the actual.

It will find something to believe. Something, even if it is completely nuts, just to pacify the terror.

It will believe in some magic man in the sky who is interested in your eternity.

If there was no God, man would have to invent one.
Which makes God an invent-able commodity, not unlike Santa Claus.

Can we see this?

The pain, discomfort, and suffering the me is sentenced to is
the me`s own dependency on perpetuating  the non actual.

Ask the me to observe the actual...and it will say "Fuck you !"

And that is what defines the me.
It should be in the dictionary.

Till one sees it, you are the one who is fucked.

Yes my friends...The game is rigged.

Quite a masterpiece.

A mystery that will perpetuate for as long as you are there to perpetuate it.

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« Reply #21 on: March 23, 2018, 07:46:52 AM »

                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 19.

                                                    The me be`s what it sees.

The me sentences itself to an existence between being and seeing.

If there were no seeing, there would be no being.

If there were no being, seeing could not exist.

For as long as the me sees the non actual, the me will be non actual.

While the me is being inauthentic, that me will see the inauthentic.

So in-authenticity is seeing in-authenticity.

It is a perfect match. The me is seeing the delusion it is being.

"Nothing wrong in here. It all makes perfect sense."

The me is living proof of the proof it is living.

The off button to this treadmill cannot be reached while the me is treadmilling.

While stuck on the treadmill the me can see things that will make the treadmilling more comfortable.

The me sees a new hand bag. It can see itself as the owner of that handbag.
It sees admiration as a new handbag owner by other treadmillers.

The me cannot see that it is just a fucking handbag.
It sees it as a desirable handbag, that will be a pleasure to walk and be admired with.
Plus one can carry stuff they need in that handbag.

But now everything that is being carried has become part of what is now seeing.

Eventually one has put so much in their hand bag that it is a struggle just to carry it.

Putting the hand bag down is not an option.

Being a handbag carrier is what one is being.
There exists no one there to put it down.

The handbag that was seen as a glamorous shortcut to happiness has now become a dirty old sack
that the me is stuck with.

Can we see the mechanics here?

If we can there is no me, no treadmill, and no me to carry the dirty old sack.

Of course this is all just talk. Nothing said here is what the me can see.

Nothing revealed here will fit into anyone`s dirty old sack.

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« Reply #22 on: March 24, 2018, 05:10:02 AM »

                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 20.

                                                 Home of the bewildered.

A me simply cannot see the message we are sharing here and now.

A me looking at the actual is like light looking for darkness.

The me just can`t get that it can`t get what is actual.

All a me can get is the content of itself.

The me cannot see a global view of existence, because there is no me that is global.

The me is the absence of a global view.

The me working towards world peace is in conflict with conflict.

Can we see this?

The peacemaker is in conflict with war mongers.

The goal of all conflict is peace.

But the peace is already there. The goal of peace is actually the non peace perpetuating itself.

Any me who is talking about peace, has missed the point of what peace is.

Try talking about all the conflict you aren`t having.

There is nothing to talk about.

Peace talks are all about conflict.

Two nations at peace don`t have peace talks.... There is nothing to talk about.

Peace is an absence of conflict.
Every me is sentenced to eternal conflict.

The me is in conflict with that.

The me will argue that it doesn`t have arguments.

Nothing wrong here !!!
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« Reply #23 on: March 29, 2018, 08:01:21 AM »

                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 21.

                                                 Does life serve a purpose?

I don`t know.

Shall we look into it here and now?

Can we observe the actual mechanics that would give life to the question.

We first see that this question has existed since there was life there to ask it.

And that life exists between the question and the answer.

If the question was answered there would no longer be a life there to ask it.

So do you see the answer will always remain unknowable.

The moment the answer is observed there exists no one there to ask the question.

For a me trying to observe this subject matter is like trying to scratch an itch that it cannot reach.

The me will say. "There is nothing there to see. This is all bullshit.
All I want is to be happy ! Is that asking too much?"

That is asking the exact amount required to have a life of pursuing happiness.

Good luck with that. If you find it. You will be the first to live to tell the tale.
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« Reply #24 on: March 30, 2018, 07:53:17 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 22.


Can we observe life from an over view ?
Can we, together, simply look at the mechanics of life?
Can we forget about ourselves... and see the big picture?

Can we first observe that we are trapped in a life?
It is as if one just woke up already here.
There is no recollection of making a choice to be here.

Is this what is actual?
Don`t take my word for it.

Now that one is here, is it not a case of trying to make the best of it?

Life is about creating a future. It is about persisting through time.
It is about pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain.

Isn`t it the case that one is in servitude to their feelings?

And is it not the case that `about to die` is the worst possible feeling?

So an overview of life sees that life is all about not dying !!!

All human knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy, has the unwritten title.."How to stay alive."

It is all thought. It is all about facing reality...

But thought is not the reality.

Thought and reality exist in contradiction.

Where there is thought, reality has left the building.

Reality is a product of thought...and has nothing to do with what is actual.

When the actual is observed , there exists nothing there to think about it.

The observer IS the observed.

When all that can die has, there is nothing left to die.

To qualify for death all something has to be is non actual.

The actual cannot die... It never bought into life to begin with.

Thought can have a life pondering this.

Thought is shown the exit door from servitude to life and it says "BUT....."

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« Reply #25 on: March 31, 2018, 07:41:15 AM »

                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 23.

What we are doing here is observing what is actual.

It is the only free choice available.

Observing the non actual is not a choice.

It is what one is sentenced to. To believe that any life form has choice is delusion.

One`s feelings are what locks one into the delusion of choice.

"I made the right choice. It felt right."

Feelings are what make the delusion of choice possible.

Absent feelings , no choice is necessary or possible.

This is not right or wrong. This is just observing the mechanics that permit life
to become caught up in the delusion of choice.

The only choice possible is to observe the actual without any feelings.

Feelings are where thought distracts one from what is actual.

The actual couldn`t give a shit about how anyone feels about it.

So what is the actual? It is here and now. Nothing more....Nothing less.

It is the thing, which unseen, produces life.

And that life will persist through the mental cul de sac called time.

When the actual is observed, time in that cul de sac disappears.

The mind, which exists in time, will protest this observation.

It will say... "But I am still in the cul de sac!"

The I that is in the cul de sac, is wondering why it is there.

If the I was not in the cul de sac to ask why it is there, the cul de sac would evaporate.

The I would not be there to spend any more time.

Can we see the impossibility of this mechanical trap ?

The mind shifts it`s focus to solving a problem.
It cannot examine what is actually there having the problem.

Because everything there to have the problem is non actual.

An American having problems... is having American problems.
The American having problems is viewing life through a flag.

The American is having American problems because s/he is being an American.

If such a person were to remove the false flag from their face, they would see an absence of American problems.

Is that clear enough?

Once it is seen, the life that was dependent on not seeing it, is over. Gone....Erased...Vanished....Nothingness.

It won`t even know that it used to not be able to see it.
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« Reply #26 on: April 01, 2018, 08:22:33 AM »

                                                 THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 24.

                                                 Can we look deeper into this?

A me looking into this subject matter can see nothing there.

There exists nothing here to hold a me`s interest.
"There is nothing here for me."

If there is nothing in it for the me, the me is blinded.

Seeing the actual is the undoing of the me.

But at the core of the me is the impulse to make something of itself.
This making of itself is the avoidance of death.

Death is the last thing the me wants.
Because death means no more me.

This traps a me in it`s own tiny world.
The me is at the center of it all.
The me is self centered.

It takes we to deeply examine a me.
The me will not cooperate at all.

It will use everything it knows to inhibit exposure of the self.

The we is not a collection of me`s.

No amount of me`s can create a we.

A we is what is here when all the me`s are absent.

The me says "There are many things wrong with the world."

The we sees neither right nor wrong.
The we is seeing the actual.

The actual is not accountable to anyone.
The actual is free.

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« Reply #27 on: April 02, 2018, 09:55:34 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 25.

                                                Message to a me.

The me is in an impossible situation.

It is a construction based on location.

All a me`s problems are based on it`s location.

The me is located at the center of all it`s problems.

Location and problems are a team.

The me is constantly trying to re locate itself.

It wants to be where it`s problems are not located.

But the me will take it`s problems where ever it goes.

Because the me is the problem.

Can we see this?

Can we see that there is no escape?

If one points to the source of the actual problem the me is stuck with,
the me will go but, but, but but, but....  Just like a motor... a mechanical engine.

The me is fighting for it`s life...

It will go into a rage when the actual is pointed out to it.

It will say but, but, but, but....

The me will insist it knows the solution to all it`s problems.

It`s whole life is implementing those solutions.

Can the me simply observe that none of it`s solutions are working?

Let me ask the me now...

"What is the solution?"

Take a moment......
Write the solution down.

There you go.... Problem solved. Have a happy life.

But if the me is willing to see that it knows of no solution....

Then can the me, who could draw on everything it knows, see that all it knows has not come up with a solution.

Can we see that everything the me knows is WRONG.

Not just slightly wrong... COMPLETELY WRONG !

All that the me has come to know has been a complete waste of time.

Ten years ago the me knew that the answer lay in the future.
Well you are in that future now!
What is the solution?

Observe that all you know amounts to nothing !!!

Just be with that.

Observing that "I don`t know." puts an end to delusion.

Can we see this?

"Everything I know is wrong !" Full stop !!!

Now the possibility of seeing the actual is present.

The non actual is a location.

The actual is everywhere.

Identification with location is the trap.

But...but...but... but... is the motor that keeps the me located in the that trap.

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« Reply #28 on: April 03, 2018, 07:54:47 AM »

                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 26.

                                                   What is here and now?

Here and now is what a me cannot be.

Here and now is the actual.

The me cannot be here and now.

A me can only exist there and then.

The me, unable to be here and now, creates a there and then which it pretends is a here and now.

If the me was here and now it would cease to exist.

Unable to contemplate non existence the me has feelings about it.

It cannot observe the actual so it uses feelings as a substitute.

The actual couldn`t give two hoots about how anyone feels about it.

By generating feelings the me can buy some more time.

If the me could be here and now, there would exist no time to buy.

While time exists, the me is serving it.

The me is a presence that cannot observe an absence.

Being incapable of observing an absence, the me has feelings about it.

Feelings keep the actual at arms length.

A me has feelings about everything.

Feelings create the separation between the me and the thing being observed.

"Here is me... and there are my problems. I have deep feelings about my problems."

While the me is having feelings about `my problems,` it can get some mileage out of those problems.

The me has taken a slice of the problem pie and claimed ownership of it.
"These are my problems."

Those problems are unique to the me that has claimed the right to have feelings about them.

What would happen if the me could resist the urge to manufacture feelings about it`s problems?

The buffer between the me and it`s problems would be absent.

The separation would end.

The me would be it`s problems.

Wouldn`t that be a revelation.

The me and the problems would unite.
Transformation occurs and that little cul de sac would disappear off the map.

Of course there is no evidence there to back any of this up.

What evidence is there for all the problems you don`t have?

Well ???
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« Reply #29 on: April 04, 2018, 07:51:12 AM »

                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 27.

                                           What do we know?

Integral to being a con victim is to be unaware that one is being conned.

The moment one realizes they are being conned, the victim of the con evaporates.

So can we see that there is the possibility that one is being conned and yet they are unaware of the fact?

Of course it is possible.

Not only is it possible, it is probable. If you are pondering it, doesn`t that confirm it?

So how could one know ?

Don`t even try....  It is unknowable.

For the moment one sees the con, the one who couldn`t is no longer there.

If someone is still there....It is because they have yet to see the full extent of the con.

Being there at all, is the con !

Come on....  Really look at this.

One can know any number of things....

But they can never know they are being conned.

Because the moment they know they are being conned the one who knows it, is gone.

Can we see that knowing is made possible by being conned?

Immediately one knows that this is not true.

"Knowledge sets one free." We all know that.
So where is the fucken freedom ?

We know so much about freedom.
So where is it?

Is it possible that all one knows about freedom is what is preventing freedom from manifesting?

Is it possible that one is a slave to what they know?

And is it possible that what one knows is all derived from location?

Is this why one is trapped in a location?

Is this the mechanics of the con?

I don`t know !

There is no one there to know it.

Is what is being revealed here, in conflict with everything you know?

Show me `anywhere` that conflict is possible where something isn`t there to be in conflict.

One is only there because they know it.

And conflict is all about holding on to what one knows.

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