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Author Topic: THE UNKNOWABLE  (Read 5964 times)
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                                         THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 68

                                               "Are we deconstructing what life there is?"

We are not DOING anything.
We are simply observing that there is no life there in the first place.

Of course the life in question will insist it is there...

And while it is convinced it is there, it is serving it`s convictions.

Those convictions cannot see beyond the life that holds them.

Without those convictions there exists nothing there to look.

Can we see the mechanics of entrapment?

Are you trapped in a belief system you never had?
Are you solving problems you don`t have.
Are you suffering from an injury that you never had?
Are you suffering from too much happiness?

Are you having trouble with a product that you never bought?

Can we see how integral you are to your problems?

Not because we are saying it.... Can we see it without dependency on anything?

So what do we do with this observation?


We are just looking ... We are not buying anything.

Can we see how clever this con is?

The con victim exists because it is being conned.

The con victim cannot see it is being conned.

When it sees the mechanics of how it is being conned, the con victim is no longer there to NOT see it.

That is exactly what the human cannot see.

You try to point at this to a human and it will dub in all sorts of life nurturing projections.

The human will tell you everything it believes...
It has to. The human cannot see what is actual.
The human will turn on you if it perceives you are attacking it`s beliefs.

It may never talk to you again.

Try to hold the human still so it can look at this.

But it can`t see the point.

It has real problems to solve. Things to do.

Eliminating the problem maker is not a priority.

"I can think about all this shit later...
I have plenty of time.

I make time up by not seeing what is actual all the TIME."

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                                          THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 69

                                                    The entrance to the exit...

So how do we get a human to see that which it`s life is dependent on not seeing?

I don`t know!!!!

Can we have a look ?

"I don`t know" is the key to this whole damned mess.

"I don`t know" is what is actual.

Speculation, guesses, theories, ideas, hopes, beliefs, prayers, dreams, inferences, etc...are all NON ACTUAL.

What is actual is "I don`t know."

You with me?

The human cannot see what is actual... So it makes something up to substitute for what is actual.

The human has put something between itself and what is actual. This is a life.

The departure from the actual has created time for that life.

The time for that life, thus created must run out.

It will run out when the life is no longer there to obscure the actual.

The moment you see how you are being conned, the life as a con victim is over.

Now this just seems to be mind games and word play.
It is easy to dismiss that we are observing the actual.
It is easy to dismiss because there is nothing there.

All of man`s problems, suffering, pain and discomfort are possible
by not seeing this con.

It is so easy to dismiss the one pointing out this to you.

It is easy to say..."This is an interesting theory..but I am interested in
real problems and real solutions. Till something, I can do something with,
is placed before me, I will not look into it."

The human is buying time as a researcher, a gatherer of facts.
That human will hate anyone or anything that points out their whole existence is a waste of time.

The human hates the actual and death.

But tell the human that you know something... Something that will give them enlightenment,
and the human will give you anything you ask for and do anything you say.

Tell such a human that they cannot buy the actual... And any DOING is just going to lead to more entanglement.. and they may attack the bearer of this message.

The human will die for their beliefs...For without them there is no life.
By ridding oneself of all beliefs there is nothing left there to die.

Get the human to believe in enlightenment.. and un-enlightenment is the residence where he be living.

Can we see what the human is up against?

Can we see this as clearly as we cannot see the trap we are in ?

We are not doing anything with the actuality that "I don`t know."

We are observing the actual. The actual cannot be known. It is unknowable.

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                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 70

                                       "Is everything we know wrong?"

We are not saying that at all..

We are pointing out that everything a man knows is what is making them man.

To carry on as a man, it is essential to keep knowing what man knows.

But man cannot find peace with that knowledge.
He knows he needs to know more.

Men look up to those who know more than they do.

Deriving a sense of importance for knowing more than others is a distraction
from the fact that one doesn`t know that they actually know nothing.

What they know has a shelf life of a century.
Outside of that, man knows nothing.

So all man knows is, what a man can know.

Which is literally next to nothing.

If one takes away what man knows, he finally sees he knows nothing.

At which point he is no longer limited by the man he knows he is.

Everything man knows is not wrong.... It is right for being a man.

Human knowledge is saturated by the human.

The human is searching for the truth.

The whole human existence is a lie.

The truth is that which protects the lies.

The actual is what the human has to avoid seeing, so it can continue it`s search for "truth."

And there is nothing wrong or right about it.

Anything else is unknowable.
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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 71

                         "What is the difference between the truth and the actual?"   

The truth is man made.
The actual is man unmade.

 The truth is something that can be known.

Whereas the actual is unknowable.

The truth needs someone to believe in it.
The actual couldn`t care less about what anyone believes.

Are we seeing this distinction?

The moment one locates a truth , they have put themselves there to believe it.

The truth thereafter must be defended.
For the believer in the truth is dependent on the truth for it`s existence.

The believer has put him/herself in conflict with non believers.

The believer is sentenced to ensuring that the truth prevails.

When one attempts to show a believer what is actual, they will see no future in it.

Which is death.

Can you see that you are not in conflict with what is being pointed out here. It`s
just that you can`t see it?

There is no evidence to back up what is being shown here.
There is no evolutionary process that has made this observation possible.

There is nowhere one can go to get corroboration.
There is no authority on what is actual.
What is actual is that authority is a product of truth. And needs to be defended.

"The truth can be argued and debated."
Which is what is actual...which can`t be.

It is not possible to argue or debate what is actual... Because the moment it is
observed the one who could argue about it is gone.

Truth exists in separation from the lie.

The truth is in conflict with lies.

If all the lies were gone, so too would the truth be gone.

Truth gives birth to lies.

Truth and lies are the same thing merely separated by the time they remain divided.

And that time sorting the truth from the lies is the life sentence
of pain, suffering and discomfort for anyone seeking the truth.

Whatever truth is found, will be revealed as a lie.

Okay ?

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« Reply #94 on: June 19, 2018, 08:28:35 AM »

                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 72

                                                     No reward.

We are not offering any reward for those who observe the actual.

Let us just say there is no reward.

Immediately we are outside of the capacity of the human.

The human does things. And it does them for an anticipated reward.

The human cannot even imagine any other reason to do anything.

That is because the human is imagining it`s own future.
And it need to see a better future to move into it.

The human is being coaxed along by reward.

There is no reward in seeing this.

To see it..the human must be absent.

For all the human can see is a future that is better.

Otherwise it sees no future at all.

You getting this?

The furthest the human can go is to deny instant gratification.
It does this by advocating delayed gratification.

It takes great pride in this.
It resists temptation now so that it can reach it`s reward later.

"Suffer now... Believing that you will be rewarded later."

Is that the definition of human religion and philosophy?

Humans are now experiencing the rewards of all those who have gone before.

The present is the future of past delayed gratification.

Now is the rewarding experience of Past delayed gratification realized.

How is that working out for you?

Feel gratified?

Is it a rewarding experience?

Want to play again ?

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« Reply #95 on: June 20, 2018, 08:48:57 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 73

                                                   The one and only time...

Everything that is being pointed at here is wrong....
if one chooses to remain human.
Which, by the way, any moron can see is not a choice.

When did you decide to become human?

Really look at it...

There is no time that the choice to be human was made and then forgotten.
Have you forgotten that you are a human?

Where is the time before the human you are ?

Can you see it?

Time began as a human.

You weren`t not existing and then joined time as a human.

This is a vicious con. Breathtaking in it`s scope.

Can we really look at this?
Can we forget everything we have been taught for now and just observe?

If we can`t we are stuck with the time based human serving our sentence.

We are not glossing over this in search of something we can do.

We see the actuality that doing is ritual.
Not just some doing... All doing.

Ritual is a repetitive process. It is time dependent.

The human is incapable of observing the actual.
It projects a substitute for the actual.
The non actual is born.
Something can be done with the non actual.
Faced with the actual there is nothing needs doing.
The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

"My loved one is dead.!" That is what is actual.
Anything done about this is non actual.

Can we see this?

Can we be with what is actual?

"My loved one is dead...and that is what is actual...END OF STORY !!!"

Everything we do only takes us further away from our actual dead loved one.

This is not leading anywhere.
There is no reward waiting to be unearthed.

We are merely parking that which can be buried to the side for now.

By remaining with our actual dead loved one we see that they were never alive to begin with.

Our interaction with our dead loved one was never actually them.

It was time spent with them as a human.

Time is movement.

Movement is ritual. It is repetitive process.
And repetitive process is locked into time.

Movement is doing ...and thus ritual.

The human is a time based, ritual performing, prison builder, that is using all it is to
to be free of itself.

The human is trying to do in order to not have to do.
The human IS the pain it is wanting to be free of.

The human is using it`s limitations to be free of limitation.

Meanwhile there are endless things that human is not trapped by that it is doing nothing about.

It doesn`t even give those freedoms any time at all.

It can`t !

It isn`t trapped by them because it isn`t there to be trapped.

The second we see this...
The human, who couldn`t, is no longer there to not see it.

"This is all hogwash !"


Now..... You tell us what is trapped and how to free it...

Well ?    ?

Well ?

We are genuinely curious...
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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 74

                       There is not one single human who will agree with what is being pointed at here.

And your point is...?

We are pointing out what is actual.

The actual doesn`t become the actual by humans agreeing with it.

If one is human and doesn`t have a problem with that, then seeing the actual is not on their radar.
But that requires not observing the actual predicament the human is in.

By the time a century has come and gone there will be not one trace of the human that
could not see that that is what is actual.

The actual has no obligation to anyone.

As soon as an obligation is bestowed on the actual, it ceases to be the actual.

This is frustrating for a human.

It goes "What is the actual?  Just tell me. Tell me what to do.."

So let`s look at it together...

Let us shut down this human madhouse called the mind..and simply look.

Look right now.

What is going on? Why am I here? How did I get here? What is here?

Okay.... Can we see that we do not know?

Can we make that simple observation and be with it.
Can we resist the temptation to make up shit ?

By observing that "I don`t know." everything I do know has been exposed as non actual.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

"But I don`t believe what you are saying."


The actual couldn`t give a toss about what anyone has to say.

One day you will look back on this and have nothing to say.
Because there is no one there to say it.
That day is now.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 75

                                            What is superman?

The human believes it is a unique individual.

"Some humans like this...but I like that." 

What the human likes and dislikes makes them unique.

But the fact that liking and disliking is a human characteristic is identical from human to human.

Humans are all in the same jail...but living in different cells.

The context is the same. The content is different.

But the content cannot exist without the context.

I like blue and he likes green....How different can we be?

I like spicy food and she likes sweet tasting food. How different we all are.

Are humans that stupid that they cannot see that they are both dependent on food to exist.
Humans need sleep. They need shelter from the elements.
They need to fuck. They need to be thinking. They need to be loved and accepted.
Humans have feelings and moods. They have hopes and dreams.

"He dreams of being a rich businessman. I dream of traveling the world.
How different we are ...."

But we are both caught up in dreams.

Unless we observe that the human, as a species, is caught in the same trap...
We are not seeing the entire trap.

I am an individual who has my own problems.
But the whole species has the same problem.

To see personal problems and not species problems, is to
fail to see the real problem.

There is no such thing as a super human.
It is a story told to children in comic books.

For someone to appear super human, they are actually not human at all.

To be a member of the human race is to march in step in the procession to the cemetery.
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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 76


We must really see something before we can observe that it isn`t actually here at all.

The human species has convinced itself that it is solving problems.

The problem is always over there.
Unless it is over there, the human cannot see it.

So the human is perpetually incapable of seeing the actual problem.

The human sees problems with the human species.
What it doesn`t see is that the human species is the problem.

At that moment the human is no longer part of the human species.

Once the human species is no longer looking at the problem, the actual
problem can be observed.

And the actual problem was that one was the human species.

Miraculously the problem of the human species is no more.

The human species was a delusion that one was a part of.

How many humans are rushing to join you in your death bed?

No sorry... You are on your own.

The human species delusion is what was in the death bed dying in the first place.

Death for a believer in the human species is that belief dying.

The instant death of the human species belief dies, there exists no
human to believe in it.

So what has actually died?

The belief that one was a part of the human species.

Now it is clear that one never actually was a part of any species at all.

"This doesn`t help at all."

Who or what doesn`t it help?
What were you doing in a position where you needed help anyway?

Of course the human race needs help...

Otherwise there would be nobody there to help it.

But being an ex member of the human race puts you beyond help.

Everything that is humanly possible to help has been done and
apparently it was no help at all.

Once one ceased to be part of the human race, help is the last thing one needs.

Once one buys into being a part of the human race they need help.

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« Reply #99 on: June 24, 2018, 08:52:04 AM »

                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 77.

                                                    Inner and outer reversed.

Can it be observed that for a human there exists an inner and an outer world.

The inner world being consciousness, thought, identification, individuality..

The outer being reality.

These two worlds exist in conflict.

"Inside I know I am very special...but I`m having a hell of of job convincing the outside world of this reality."

Do we see that the inside world is trying to get confirmation from the outside world?

It needs the feedback from the outside world to make the inside world actual.

When the inner cannot get confirmation from the outer, the inner is irreconcilable.

We are not looking for anything here. We are not attempting to make any sense of it.

We are purely looking at the mechanics of it.

The inner cannot be at peace while the outer is invalidating it.

"I am a friendly, loving, caring, person, who just just can`t stand being around stupid cunts."

"If all those no good, interfering people had just left me the fuck alone, I would still be
a friendly, loving, caring, person."

Can we slightly see this? Can we observe that our complaint is the same as every other human`s?

"I will treat you the way you treat me."

That is what being human is all about.

And to stay human, there is no better way.

You try to get a human to look at this for the first and only time and that human will scratch and bite.

It`s whole existence is based on having endless reasons to remain bitter inside the
unforgiving human experience.

The experts on human philosophy say you must forgive those who have wronged you...
and to hell with you if you disagree with that.

The outside is creating the inside... and the inside is creating the outside.

The individual human life is dependent on keeping the inner in, and the outer out.

Here am I ...
And there is the actual.

The observer and the observed.
But the observer IS the observed.


The life dependent on division is no more...and never was.

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« Reply #100 on: June 25, 2018, 09:35:41 AM »

                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 78. 

                                                "Can we have this explained to us again?"

Not possible.

To repeat something is ritual.
One has ceased to observe what is actual. And has now created a facsimile to represent the actual.

To say something again...Is to repeat something. The actual cannot be repeated.
Only a non actual memory can.

So as this is is not communicated from memory.
It is being observed here and now.

We cannot learn about this. We cannot say "I know how to see the actual."

Seeing the actual is only possible by not knowing.

Let`s look at this....

I am trying to observe what is actual.

I am looking with what I know.

This way I will know when the actual is being observed.

So... What is the actual?

"I don`t know."

Great !

What is actual is "I don`t know."

Immediately everything one does know is exposed as NON ACTUAL.

Are we seeing this?

We could say..."Stay there until you see this".... But that is already the case.

We cannot see the actual.... But we sure as hell can see the barriers to seeing it.

That is all humans can see.

And the fact that the human insists on seeing what is actual on it`s own terms is the actual barrier.

The human gets a vision of a bunch of hippies dancing naked around a fire at night.
It imagines flying at light speed through space.
It imagines trumpet fanfares, dignified religious leaders all standing on clouds and looking welcoming.
It imagines virgins.
It imagines being reincarnated as a bird... (Not a warthog.)
It imagines reuniting with deceased relatives and ex husbands and wives.
It imagines being reunited with deceased pets.
It imagines seeing Nazi`s and lawyers screaming and burning in pits of despair.
It imagines an old pervert with a beard saying "You passed the test."
It can`t imagine not imagining.

The human can`t just go... "I don`t fucking know."

And that my friend IS what is actual.

See it?

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« Reply #101 on: June 26, 2018, 08:23:24 AM »

                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 79.

                                                    We know nothing.

The instant something becomes known, it is no longer the actual.

And something that is non actual can be changed and modified.

The human knows who and what it is. And it is that knowing that inhibits actual observation
of who and what it really is.

Actual observation is here and now. Anything else can only be there and then.

"I know who I am because I can remember. If I couldn`t remember, I couldn`t remember who I am.

Memory is a picture of the thing. It is like a word. It is a representation of the thing.

It is NOT the thing.

Words and memories can be twisted and distorted. ie. Changed and modified.

Just listen to opponents in a court of law giving their version of the incident under scrutiny.
Both are obviously telling the truth. They have sworn to it.

And yet...the testimony from each is polarized.

They both absolutely believe they are telling the truth...
And yet the truth in every case is a lie.

The rule of law is the foundation of human society.

That foundation is constructed on lies.

But millions of humans are getting a life out of it.

So do we see it?  They are living a lie.

But that is what humans do.

If they didn`t...they would cease to be human.

The legal system came up with the death penalty.

This solves the problem of how to hide the fact that the legal system doesn`t work.

And this is the foundation of human society !?             
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« Reply #102 on: June 27, 2018, 08:55:58 AM »

                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 80.

                                                    "Make the world go away."

One cannot make something "go away" until they see what it is.

Not a limited view of it.
Not a viewpoint of something tainted by decades of indoctrination.

It is human to want what isn`t liked to go away.

But what isn`t liked, isn`t liked by the human.

If one actually sees what the human is, there is fuck all there to like.

The human is self centered.
That isn`t a liked or disliked quality.
It is what the human is. Like it....or not!

Being human is all about having zero choice.

The human deludes itself about having choice.

The human winds up an addict...

It says "But I don`t want to be an addict any more.
I choose to be a non addict."

And the human says "Fuck you."

You see it?

The human is being conned.
It is being conned from moment to moment.

It is what being human is.

Death comes along and suddenly you are no longer human.

"But that is a long way off. I can put time between me and the me who is outside of time."

When the death of a loved one occurs... The human suffering is indescribable.

The grieving human is dumbstruck.

It just does not know.

And that is the ticket out of this human world.

"I don`t know is the actuality."

EVERYTHING else is non actual.

It is the non actual that breathes life into the world that one can`t make go away.
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« Reply #103 on: June 28, 2018, 11:53:27 AM »

                                             THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 81.

                                                    Seeing through the con.

We are observing now.

We are not drawing on anything that has gone before.

The moment we draw on anything other than now... now is lost.

Are we seeing this?

To observe what is actual, everything one knows cannot obscure the observation.

What one knows is the past.

But really see this.... The past is NOT what is actual.
It is a picture...A memory... Experience.... Programming.

It is believing the word is the thing.

The thing is the thing. It is the thing that is here and now.

The word, the memory, the programming, is a non actual version or a substitute for the actual.

It requires someone being there to see it.

Life is created by being there to see it.

What a life thus created is seeing, is what it owes it`s existence to.

Thus what is being pointed at here is something that has to remain unseeable.
It is the unknowable.

What one is seeing is proof positive that what is being pointed at, here and now, is wrong.

What one is not seeing is that their proof positive is inhibiting the observation of here and now.

The moment one has a belief, they have sentenced themselves to be there to defend it.

One will die defending their beliefs.

The moment the believer dies, so does the belief.

And the moment the belief dies, so does the believer.

The observer IS the observed.
There and then evaporates.

Here and now is all there is.

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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 82. 

                                                   Where you live.

Where one lives is a location that provides a viewpoint.

It is that very viewpoint that inhibits observation of the actual.

One`s name, Date of birth, profession, financial position, IQ, personality, connections, responsibilities...
everything that describes and identifies a me, inhibits observation of the actual.

Can we see that death and losing all the above, is the same thing.???

All of the above is simply the impermanent attempting to be permanent.

Seeing this as a simple fact is beyond the capability of that which exists in ignorance of it.

That which exists is easily intimidated by threats of ending it`s existence.

That which is intimidate-able  cannot see a future without it in it.

Thus it has no choice but to perpetually be dependent on a future.

To have no future is a pronouncement of death.

We are not stirring anything up here.
We are not making sense.
We are observing a mechanical process that owes no explanation to anybody.

We are seeing how mankind is being terrorized by something that isn`t even there.

"This is too hard to see. It is just your theory. Facts prove otherwise...."

Correct .Correct...Correct.

Where does a con victim go once s/he sees that they are being conned?


Tell us where they are living so that they can continue being conned.

"Dear con victim,
                        Please continue being conned...

                                               Yours Sincerely,
                                                   The Con."

Dear Con,

             The guy you are looking for doesn`t live here anymore.
They left no forwarding address.



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