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Author Topic: THE UNKNOWABLE  (Read 520 times)
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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 38.


We are just observing. There is no reason that we are just observing.

The human cannot get it`s thinking gear around this. The human needs a reason
to do anything. It is this trait that puts an angle on everything the human sees.

Thus the human is not able to simply observe what is actual.

The human is sentenced to forever be observing something other that what is actual.

And now we are able to observe the reason behind this.
Take away the reason and there is nothing to stand behind.

The human is incapable of seeing what it, itself, actually is.

For the moment what it actually is is seen the human is no longer there to see it.

The human deludes itself that it can see reason.
But it is the reason that is doing the seeing.

Reason cannot see that it is a function of the mind.
Reason is the last line of defense between the human and the actual.

The human, invited to observe the actual, will always find a suitable reason not to.

The human uses reason as blame.
It says..."I am not the culprit. I am sick. I need help."

There are endless reasons to remain human.
It is what being human is all about.
The human remains human for every bit of time it can milk out of the system.

There is no reason to be done with it completely.
There is no reason to try to beat the system.

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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 39.

                                                Getting off the grid.

The human is the embodiment of a self.

That self is trapped being a me.

When that me attempts to free itself it inevitably winds up even more entangled in the net.

It is a tragedy to observe the mess humans have gotten themselves into by trying
to escape the circumstances they are stuck to.

The human is stuck with a big hunk of me that is forced to do things.
It does things because it has to.
Don`t get us wrong....It has it`s reasons.

There is a reason for everything..... Except art.

Art is that which no one had to do.

And is art not creation?

Is this creeping in ?
Is what you are seeing here, being seen for no reason?

Wow !!!
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                                       THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 40.

                                                  The great freedom swindle.

Can we look at something together?

Can we look at something that the human is incapable of seeing?

And once we see it, will we cease to be human?

If we cease to be human, what will we be?

If we are examining this subject matter with the intention to be free, that
will surely place an agenda between the observer and the observed.

So immediately we see how fragile this observation is.
Anything that piggy backs along this line of focus, will cause it to collapse.

The human perspective trying to come along for a ride on the way to being with the actual
is what is causing the actual to elude observation.

It is like an angry human trying to see anything that doesn`t just make them even angrier.

Can we take a fresh look at this?
Can we look at it now? Can we set aside our viewing platform and just view?

How does one become free of grumbleabit ?

"I haven`t a clue.  I don`t even know what grumbleabit is."

So before one could be free of is a prerequisite to know what one is going to be free of, is?

Can we see this?

One can read book after book by successful people on the subject of success, and still need to read more "How to be a success" books. Humans have spent so much time doing what successful people say they did to become successful. 

Can we not waste any time at all on this and see, not even successful humans could see that they didn`t know what failure was. How could they write about something they don`t know exists?

`Wanna be successful` humans do know only too well what failure is ...which is why they want to escape from it.

Failure is the driving force behind their need to succeed.

There is a world of difference between trying to keep a distance between oneself and failure, and not knowing what failure is.

For the former, failure is right there behind them. If they stop trying to be successful, it will catch up.

Are we kind of seeing this?

Or are we seeing what grumbleabit is?

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                                         THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 41. 

                                                 How to transcend life.

Can we observe that this subject has defeated humans ever since humans were there to be defeated.

This is a subject like no other.

With every subject possible to make progress with, progress has been made.

Yet on the subject of transcending life, there is still not one single development.
Not one !

Can we observe this as a fact ? Can we see that nothing can be done about this fact?

If we can...we are observing what is actual.
The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

The second one can do something about the actual, it has been altered just enough to cease to be what is actual.

So doing only exists in the realm of the non actual.

Doing anything to transcend life can only mean that actual life has been abandoned and replaced with a non actual interpretation.

So let`s look into it.

For no reason.

Human reasoning is the reason the human cannot observe the actual.

Unless what is being observed makes sense to the human, the human has no reason to look at it.

Can it be observed that all the crazy observable in the world is making sense to someone.

If that someone was absent, there would be nobody there making sense of all that crazy.

For the human to spend any time on something that gave no benefit would be crazy.

We are looking into this together. We are observing a mechanical process.

Now we see benefit is longevity in disguise.

Right at the core of the human we have the mandate to survive.

Which is buying time.

Can we see that this exercise is futile.

Inevitably that time will come to an end. And the human cannot make sense of this.

Instead it will conjure up pictures of trumpets playing and solemn meetings with great ancestral spirits and
all the stuff covered in "Death for speculators."

But can it be seen that at death all that speculation comes to an end?
That speculation was a life of it`s own as well.

Now what death actually is, is observed.

Trouble is there remains nothing there to observe it.
It has already transformed.

Everything that is not here and now is lost.
What is here and now is actual.

The non here and now is the non actual.

There is a simplicity here that defies human reasoning.

The human was too clever to see it.

Now if you just saw this, can you see if you were to
rush around trying to tell humans about it, they wouldn`t have a clue
what you were talking about.

They would say "You have lost your mind."
Which is what has actually occurred.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 42.   

                                           "What is the actual?"

I don`t know. Nobody does.

This is the  lack of location where approaching the actual becomes possible.

This is the complete opposite direction to what the human is continually facing.

The human believes it knows something and from there it tries to know more.

The human is being conned into playing this game for as long as it exists.
It`s existence is dependent on the mechanics of this con for it`s existence.

When the human observes the actual mechanics of this con, the human existence that was dependent
on not seeing it is gone.

You are only bewildered by a trick until you see how it is done.
When that occurs...the life of the bewildered is over.

Now the human will say "But I`m still here."
Watch the magic trick again and try to resurrect the bewildered life.

Can`t be done. Nothing can be done to unsee the mechanics.
For the one who couldn`t see it is no more.

No rehabilitation was needed. No recovery time. No lifestyle changes required.
No group therapy. No counseling. No medication. No brain surgery. No intervention by some deity.
No war between nations. No research grants required. "What were we talking about?"

Okay. So we stop deluding ourselves that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
We see that the gold, the pot, the rainbow, and the end, are all mental projections.

Time is made up so that the human has something to do and a space to do it.

Time is not real. It is the mind`s tool for prolonging it`s existence.

Can we look at this?

If time was real then surely sometime in the future time travel will be possible.

So the future time traveler would have traveled back in time to show those
existing before time travel was possible, how it is possible.

Doing something about the actual is not possible.
Doing is only possible in the presence of the non actual.

eg. Time does not exist.... and there is nothing you can do about it.

But for a budding time traveler, time does exist, and there is plenty to do.

You see how this actually works?

Life is dependent on not observing the actual.

For to observe the actual means `that` life is over.
That life is what existed in servitude to the non actual.

Can we see why the mystery of existence has baffled man ever since he
was there to be baffled?

Seeing through this con runs contrary to everything life stands for ...and in.

Eternity is being created now.
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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 43.

                                                   The human trap.

Can it be observed that the human is constantly looking for benefit?

If no perceivable benefit is present, the human will see that there is actually no reason
to pursue the subject at hand.   

Thus the human is stuck on a treadmill.

Can we see this?

The human is chasing perceived benefit into a projected future.

The benefit is never present. It is always future.

The human achieves some benefit, and from there it sees something else it could benefit from.

The benefit it had just achieved does not hold the human`s interest.

Thus the human existence is one long dissatisfying experience. 

Am I making this up?  Or can the mechanics of this actually be observed?

Why has it never been pointed out to you before?

Simply because there is no benefit in seeing it.
Once it is seen, the one who could have benefited by seeing it, is gone.

There is no benefit in death.

Death is the result of not taking on the flag of benefit.

The pulse of human life is absent from that where no benefit is perceived.

The human will simply look for benefit somewhere else.

Back on the treadmill.

"But of course, as a human, we are looking to better ourselves. That is what being human is all about.
What`s your point?"

There is no point being made here.

We are simply observing the mechanics of being human.

These are the mechanics that have created the world that humans are trapped in.

Benefit is the bait. There is no bait to untrap you.

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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 44.

                                                   The mechanics of communication.

Communication only becomes possible through separation.

In unity communication cannot come into being.

When one is the thing, there is nothing to communicate.

Can we see this?

The human separation is dependent on believing that it is a lack of
communication that is behind all it`s problems.

The human believes that perfect communication will create a perfect world.

Now those who have pondered this have made the exact same amount of progress as those who haven`t.

It was like trying to solve a mathematical problem with words.

Communication is the exchange of thoughts and ideas between terminals.

What is being communicated is mental projections. It is not the actual thing.

The idea behind communication is "I want the other fellow to see what I am seeing."

But can we see that what is being seen must be accompanied by an explanation?

This way the communicator can bathe the observation in his or her own interpretation.

There is no interpretation being proffered here.

This is an invitation to observe.

Nothing is known. Nothing is being interpreted. Nothing is being communicated.

There is no division.

We are simply observing. That is all.

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