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Author Topic: THE UNKNOWABLE  (Read 1815 times)
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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 53

                                                 What can be observed here and now?

Here and now is the residence of the actual.

As Humans cannot see the actual, the human is never here and now.

When here and now exists the human must be absent.

Just sit quietly , eyes closed in a distraction free environment and connect your
breathing...In/out/in/out...No pauses.

Notice it is impossible to remain here and now.

The mind that makes one human is transporting you to there and then's relentlessly.

There is no choice.

Even if consciousness is abandoned completely, there
is still a denial of here and now.

Can we see this?

To stay on the map, the human will convince itself that here and now is one`s present location.
The physical universe is what here and now is.

But by closing ones eyes one is no longer depending on physical surroundings to give them a sense of here and now.

Here and now has no dependency on anything.

Here and now is independence.

We see immediately that this is tricky subject matter.
It is difficult, if not impossible, to think about.
We see that the human needs something to think about.

Without something to think about...thinking is what is impossible.

This is where the human falls back into the trap.

The human will be so caught up in it`s own thoughts that it fails to see what thought actually is.

Thought is the non actual.

No matter what one thinks about , it is a non actual projection.

There is what is actual... Which is an absence of thought.
And there is the non actual...Which is the presence of thought.

That thought, what ever it is, eliminates here and now.

We are just observing the mechanics of it.
We are inquiring into how the human is tricked into being human.

Once the mechanics of the trick are observed, the one being tricked is gone.

It is mourned as much as any life you never had.

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                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 54

                                                  No way out.

The human cannot spend any time pondering the meaning of life.

The human can only spend time pondering ending it`s pain.

Time is one of the ingredients of life.

So to ponder is a time consuming activity.

Viewing life through life`s ingredients is to be it, rather than see it.

For someone spending their life in pain, all they want is for that time to come to an end.

Do you see it?

They don`t want time to end.
They want to exist in time beyond the pain.

Time has fooled them again. Time and time again.

Human pondering is motivated by pain.

The human who isn`t in pain is so busy posing and resolving problems that they have no time for pondering.

There is no such thing as a laughing philosopher.

When laughter is present...Philosophy has left the building.

It is because of human philosophy that man is not laughing.

Philosophy is a product of thought.
Philosophy can be known.

Therefore it is non actual.

Everything you know has resulted in you being in pain.

Which is no laughing matter.

Philosophy has the unknowable caveat "When it suits you."

"Do unto others as you would have done unto you...WHEN IT SUITS YOU." etc.
"You reap what you sow... WHEN IT SUITS YOU." etc.
" Though shall not commit adultery...WHEN IT SUITS YOU." etc.

Laughter is the sound philosophy makes when it is being flushed away.

Next time you are laughing hysterically, try to quote the piece of of philosophy that has afforded you such euphoria.

Laughter exists where human philosophy does not.

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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 55

                                                        No idea.

The human has no idea what we are observing here...

And that is simply because we are not trading in the ideas currency market.

We are looking here and now at what is actual....Not someone`s ideas about it.

Ideas are a consumable. They are a disposable commodity, that exist until a better one comes along.

Humans and ideas have a symbiotic relationship.

Humans create ideas ...and ideas create humans.

The human goes "But if I didn`t have ideas...I wouldn`t have any idea what I was."

We are not falling for that.

We are not chasing ideas here.

We are not turning what we see into an idea.
We are merely observing.

We are observing what is actual.
Once what is actual is observed, that which was observing the non actual is vaporized.

We are not observing the actual because it is a good idea.

That which would benefit from a good idea is not there to benefit.

So the human asks "Well...why would I do this?"
And we say..."We are not DOING anything.

Having ideas and then doing something about them is fine if one chooses to remain human.

Trouble is...This is not a choice. And furthermore one has to ignore the fact that all of their ideas and doing are
time buying mechanisms.

But as sure as the human is suffering because of it`s own ideas, the human is running out of time.
Soon the human will have no idea of how to buy more time.
This is when transformation occurs.
It is life and death united.

Humans have a long history of following those with the best ideas.

But the best ideas trap the human.

The best ideas the human has are about buying more time in the human prison.

Humans will defend ideas. For without them they are not.

Ideas put an end to observation.
Ideas create a barrier between us and the actual.

Ideas are the mind diverting attention away from the actual.

One cannot observe the actual because of their ideas about it.

When the actual is revealed, one goes..."I had no idea."
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« Reply #78 on: June 03, 2018, 09:01:48 AM »

                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 56

                                                    "All this is going nowhere."

No matter where you go.... There you are.

What we are looking into here is that which needs to go somewhere.

Constantly going somewhere, has successfully diverted human attention from what exactly it is that is going.

The human equates going somewhere with self preservation.

The human is seeking to arrive somewhere that is better than  where they left from.

It goes against human nature to seek out places where one would be worse off.

This is so obvious... This is so what is actual, that the human cannot see it.
It remains unseen by the human because it has become the human that is looking WITH IT.

The human cannot observe being off.
The human is constantly projecting better or worse in front of it.

The human has no choice but to perpetually solve it`s problems so it doesn`t
wind up even worse off.

The human will continue to do this until it can`t come up with any ideas about how to keep doing it.

The human and it`s problems both disappear in the same instant.

Neither can outlive the other.

When the human has outlived itself, it is neither better or worse off.

It is simply off.
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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 57

                          "If moral codes are bullshit...How should I conduct myself?"

What is this myself?

Musn`t it be a construction that is so self obsessed that it needs rules to prevent it
from infringing on the rights of others?

And there you have the human.

It suits itself as to which morals to uphold and which to conveniently forget.

Philosophy and moral codes are an artificial solution to a problem that has not actually been observed.

Let`s look at it now.

The ideas humans have invented are an attempt to eradicate pain, suffering and discomfort.

They are a projected code of conduct necessary to keep pain, suffering and discomfort from entering one`s life.

Can we see this?

So humans are creating codes of conduct for humans to aspire to.
These are rules and regulations that can be known.
The idea is that if one knows them, one will conform to them.

Like the road rules.

But when it doesn`t suit the human, s/he will break those rules.

So the solution is to invent penalties and punishments for law breakers.

Those penalties , can you believe it? , are pain , suffering and discomfort.

Which is back where we started.

This is the human treadmill from which there is no escape.

At this moment the actual moral code of the human is viewable.
It can be seen ...But it cannot be known.

To see it, the human who couldn`t must be gone.

"Don`t get caught!"

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« Reply #80 on: June 05, 2018, 08:59:12 AM »

                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 58

                                                  The cure.

The human is trying to cure itself with ideas and mental projections.
It is attempting to modify what it is with rules and logic.

So the focus is on what the human should be.
What the human actually is, avoids scrutiny.

All the human can know is what it isn`t.
There are libraries full of what the human is not.

The human is the embodiment of not being able to see what it actually is.

Of course this makes no sense to any human.

The human will protest.
"But we have learned so much...We have come so far.
Things we didn`t know about yesterday, we know about today.
One day we will know everything and we will be free of ignorance."

The human has it`s way of doing things.
But it cannot see that all it has achieved is to delude itself into believing the word is the thing.

It`s as simple as that.

When the human sees what is actual...there are no words for it.

At that moment there is no human there to say them.

Upon hearing that the human goes...

"This is a load of rubbish.
Everything we have learned runs counter to what is being pointed at here and now.

Look at all the evidence. There are libraries full of it."

Okay... Summarize it. Give us the "Readers digest condensed version."

Done that?

The meaning of life is.....

Now share it with the world.
Humans have all been waiting to hear the cure.

Well...not quite...
They have been waiting to hear the cure that is aligned with their imprisonment.

"If I take the cure and it results in me not being here anymore, then it was hardly a cure!"

The cure is what is needed to stay human.

The human and the cure are a team.
Without the other , neither can exist.

If there is no human, there is nothing to cure.
Without the cure there is no human to keep taking it.
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                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 59

                                                     What`s really happening?

The reader is being invited to use a muscle they do not posses.

This is the muscle one would use to forgive someone who had wronged them.
It is the muscle one would use to immediately bring their hate and anger to a stop.
It is the muscle that would propel one out of a deep depression or out of a life long addiction.

That muscle does not exist.

See this as a fact.

Observe a human who is sulking...

Now say to that human "Just stop it."

But the human who is sulking cannot stop it. It has no capacity to stop it.
That muscle does not exist.

Can we see this?
Not just get the concept... Not understand it intellectually...

But can one embrace it? Can one be their inability to see?

Can one be with the fact that the human has no capacity or faculty to observe the actual?

Can one observe that all human inquiry into philosophy is tolerating the theory so that one can get to the
bit that tells one what to do.?

And can we see that the human has no choice but to turn what can be done into ritual?

Remove all ritual from human philosophy and religion and they are over. Gone!

What is being pointed out here is quite a revelation.

It isn`t that the author knows it and is telling you about it.

The author is seeing it here and now as well.

The observation here is not coming from the known. It is the unknowable.

How to be free of this human mess is not something that can be known..

If one actually knew it, they would already be free of it.
And if one was free of it , there would remain no one there to know it.

This is not mind games and word play.

There is no mind at play here.
And once the actual is observed it is beyond words.
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                                            THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 60

                                                      Love and hate.

Where would the human be without them?

The human spends it`s entire life loving and hating.

This is not a part time occupation.

These are the ingredients that make occupation possible.

The human erects an impenetrable wall between what it loves and what it hates.

Once that wall is in place, the human wonders why it is walled in.

The human wants to be on the side of love and locates itself with it`s back to the wall.

From there the human looks for love.

But no matter what the human does, hate will be there poking it`s ugly head over the wall.

They haven`t escaped from hate at all.

The love they have found is ready to turn to hate the moment that love fails to fulfill their expectations.

Humans love their children right up until they talk back to them.

Humans love their significant other right up till their significant other ceases to make them feel significant.

Humans will hate something until they can see a way that what they hated can prolong their life.

Just look at it.

Don`t love or hate what you are seeing.
Just see the actual.

See how you are being played.

For the human there is no escape from the love hate trap.

They love some aspects of being human...but they hate others.

While the human is preoccupied with loving and hating the human experience, the
human fails to observe what the actual human experience is.

"But if I didn`t know what I loved and hated, I wouldn`t know who I was.
If I removed love and hate from my life I would have no life."

What would I be if I didn`t love and hate?"


There would be no attraction or distraction.

There would be no division.

One would be with the authentic...the actual.

And that is what the human cannot be.
The human is the non actual and the non authentic.

The moment the the human is no more.... love and hate are gone with it.

The human loves the inauthentic...and hates the authentic.

It has no chance.

Can we see this?

The human has cried out for love and unwittingly activated hate.

Pretty cool con.
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« Reply #83 on: June 08, 2018, 08:49:48 AM »

                                               THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 61

                                             The great pretender.

There is not one thing within the human mind that is authentic.

Everything about the mind is a pretense.

That mental machinery that one is compelled to obey is completely a pretense.

The mind pretends to be what is actual. It is very convincing.
It will hound it`s human victim into compliance. It will never give up.
To give up is death to the pretense.

To bolster the case that it is real, the mind will bounce ideas of other similarly
trapped individuals and groups.

Let us short cut this to see the big picture.

At death, the pretense is over.

Can we really see this?

Everything one was pretending to be is gone. 

The plans, the connections, the accumulation, the knowledge, the regrets, the ego, the ambition, the drug history, the convictions, contracts, the house, the car, the bank account, the theories, the allegiances,
the love, the hate, the fear, the courage, the pain, the suffering , and the discomfort.

All gone. 

So what remains..?
Certainly not the human.

In the absence of the pretense, there is the authentic.

Can we be with this actuality?

The human is incapable of seeing the authentic.

Just watch two humans conversing.

Joe... "Bullshit...bullshit... bullshit."
Molly " Bullshit...bullshit. ..bullshit."

The human is saying "My pretense is working out fine and it is only getting better."

The other human is saying. "My pretense is as good as yours."

But when the human pretense isn`t working out... and the human can`t pretend
it`s pretense is working anymore.
..the human falls apart.

One is in close proximity to what is actual.

But being human, one tries to get their life back together, rather than be with the actual.

All help is perpetuating the pretense.

It`s what humans do for each other, when being human is all about pretense.

The human commodity is pretense.

When pretense is is the human.       
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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 62

                                                "What exactly is meant by "the unknowable"?

We don`t know.

Shall we look into it together?

The unknowable is when there is no one there to know it.

How can someone know what something is when they are not there to know it?

..."But one doesn`t have to be imprisoned to know what  imprisonment is...."

Let`s really look behind that.

If one is not actually imprisoned then all they can know is the idea of imprisonment.

It is not actual imprisonment. The idea is non actual imprisonment.

And it is built from the past. Experience, knowledge, evidence, history.

If one is not imprisoned here and now, all one has is the past. Which is just an idea.

So one uses the idea to put themselves in prison.

If one had no idea what prison was, how on earth could they end up in prison?

If that were the case, one could end up in prison and not even know it.

Isn`t it the case that they would only become aware of the prison when they tried to leave ? 

Now one has the idea that they are in prison.

It is the idea that has imprisoned them.

Now the human tries to change it`s ideas.

After all it was a bad idea to wind up in prison.

They have been put in prison to change their ideas.

Imprisonment is there for those with bad ideas.

Imprisonment itself is a bad idea.

So why does the human keep having it?

When the human sees the mechanics of this, the human who couldn`t is gone.

And it has no idea what happened to the prisoner.

There is no prisoner there to have any idea.

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« Reply #85 on: June 10, 2018, 07:27:01 AM »

                                                   THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 63

                                                 "Where has the gone... gone?"

Freedom is a lack of restriction.

Conversely ...restriction is a lack of freedom.

When the actual is observed, freedom from the non actual is revealed.

Thus restriction is a con. It is the belief that the non actual is actual.

A belief itself is a substitute for what is actual.

It only appears actual while one believes it.

One is conned into believing in their limitations.

There is a whole mechanical process in place to ensure one stays within their

The life that exists within those limitations is dependent on not seeing how it is being conned.

We really need to see deeply into this.
A part time superficial glance is all the limited can muster.

We are seeing why we cannot see it.

We are not looking at what we can`t see.
We are looking at the actual fact that we can`t see it.

What are the mechanics in place that prevent unlimited observation ?

We are looking, not at what we cannot see, but at what is restricting us from seeing.
Once the human believes in itself, it has created an unlimited encounter with limitation.

The unlimited has been conned into believing it is limited.

The actual unlimited is conned into being in conflict with it`s non actual limitations.

For the unlimited to be observed, that which is limited has to die.

So what happens to the life that was limited? Where does the gone, go?

Well... It never existed in the first place.
So it doesn`t go anywhere.

The non actual is constantly on the move. It is always on the go.
The actual is unmovable. It doesn`t go anywhere.

"No matter where you go....there you are."
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                                              THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 64

                                                   "I can`t believe it."

This is the death cry of the non actual.

When the actual is encountered, the believer in the non actual is vaporized.

The entirety of the human experience is dependent on beliefs.

Beliefs are a `stand in` for the actual.

When this compilation of beliefs comes face to face with the actual it can`t believe it.

There is nothing to believe and no one there to believe it.

The believer becomes a non believer.

Which is saying nothing.

There is nothing to say..... And no one there to say it.

"My loved one has died and I can`t believe it.
I have crashed my car... and I can`t believe it.
My partner of twenty years has been having an affair...and I can`t believe it.
I have been fired...and I can`t believe it.
The evidence shows that my guru is a con man...and I can`t believe it.
I just saw a U.F.O. and I can`t believe it.
I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness....and I can`t believe it.
My home has been burglarized ...and I can`t believe it.
Someone is pointing out what is actual ...and I can`t believe it."

Thus it goes for the human.

When a human`s beliefs are shattered, they go into shock.
They don`t know what to think.
They can`t make any sense of it.
It doesn`t fit in with the script.
It feels like the world has come to an end.

Notice that the above examples are what the human would interpret as bad things.

You can make a list of all the great things that have happened to you that you couldn`t believe.


That did n`t take very long...

It`s pretty much a no win situation for the human.

The human doesn`t know how lucky it is...because it isn`t lucky.

The only reason something lucky happens to a human is because the human didn`t know it couldn`t.

So it wasn`t luck at all.

Whatever luck befalls the human is the result of not having the belief that it couldn`t.

All beliefs are limiting.
They trap the believer.

Can I tell you a quick story. It`s something that actually happened to a little girl I knew.

Princess Diana was coming to New Zealand. She was going to be put on display in front of hundreds of school kids.

This seven year old girl who was staying with her grandmother mentioned that she was going to meet
Princess Diana today.

So her grandmother helped her iron her school uniform and  brush her hair so she would look her best when she met the Princess.

That evening she was on the TV news giving Dianna a bouquet of flowers and having a good old chat.
Now you could say she was the lucky one to be picked out of hundreds of kids that day.
It never occurred to the little girl that it wasn`t a forgone conclusion.

So it wasn`t luck at all.

Do you kind of see it.

Hope this hasn`t turned you into a believer.

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                                                THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 65

                                                    A peace of conflict.

The human believes it is surrounded by conflict.
The evidence is overwhelming.

What the human fails to see is that `it` is the conflict it is in.

The con is that the human sees the conflict outside of itself and
believes s/he is in conflict with it.

"I disagree with violence." says the human.

But if the human wasn`t there believing in the violence it disagrees with, there would be no violence there to disagree with.

We are examining violence here...but the same mechanics apply to getting free of any type of quicksand the human is limited by.

The more one is in conflict with it, the more one sinks into it.

But this is not a guide for getting out of quicksand of any sort.

This is an examination and vaporization of that which falls victim to quicksand.

All human aid is about getting one`s life back.

What we are looking at here is how one is being tricked into having a life in the first place.

Let`s look into it....

One believes they have a life while they are believing it.
When that life is over, one is no longer there to believe in that life.

Even all the speculation about the afterlife becomes unbelievable.

Still finding it hard to see?

If one sits , eyes closed, in a distraction free environment, and does the only thing a human actually has to do for the next twenty minutes or so...breathe....(In /out/in/out/ no pauses) one will experience the conflict they have surrounded themselves with, closing in.

So one goes....How come I can`t get all this shit to shut the fuck up?

A dialogue of conflict ensues.

There is me and there is this conflict.

I am in conflict with the conflict !!!!

Now we see that we have no one else to blame for this predicament.

There is only me there.

But that me is in conflict.
It and the conflict it is, is divided.

Division is conflict.

I am the conflict I am experiencing.

I am being conned.

The observer IS the observed !!!!


There is no benefit for the life that had not seen this...
That life is no longer there to benefit.

Of course to that life, seeing this is a death sentence.

When life and death are united, there is nothing to say. There is no sentence.
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« Reply #88 on: June 13, 2018, 09:09:25 AM »

                                                 THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 66

                                            Everyone`s gone to the movies.

A moving picture is an illusion.

It is actually now, now ,now, now....

There is no time to examine one frame, because the next one is arriving in less than a second.

One is willingly being tricked into thinking that a moving picture exists... When it doesn`t.

The moving picture tells a story.
A still frame cannot.

A still frame is only the story the viewer is making up.

By not making up a story about a still frame, the viewer loses interest immediately.
There is nothing there to get interested in.

What makes it interesting is the story you tell.

Is it possible for a human to observe something without making up a story about it?

Sit quietly in a distraction free environment, close your eyes, connect your breathing, and
observe silence....

How did it go?
How long did you last before the author started making up stories?

Now...let`s not be in conflict with the author...

Let us simply observe that the author is a psycho.

When one comes to in the middle of a story being told by the author,
just return to present moment connected breathing and look
at the story that had captured you.

"What the fuck?"

Tell another about your dream. See how long it is before you put them to sleep as well.

If we look deeply into this we see that movement is the mechanism that
captures the interest of the observer.

A still picture that doesn`t inspire movement, (or a story), will not hold one`s interest.

The observer is unmovable. Yet the unwary observer can be moved by a story.

This is so deep.
I wonder if you can see it?

What we are being invited to look at here does not fit in with any story you have ever been told.

The story you have been told is the story of how you wound up in this mess.

This mess has no choice but to have another attempt at writing it`s way out of the mess it is in.

But the mess is already in motion. It is taking it`s victim for a ride.

"Everyone else is doing it...So it must be right."

The human is not even slightly interested in the still picture.
It wan`t to get it`s life moving in a positive direction.

The human wants to know "What`s the story?"

Tell it there isn`t one, and it goes... "Sorry...Not interested."

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                                           THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                        Part 67

                                                   Your life is killing you.

Can we not superimpose a moving picture over that statement?

Can we just hold it still and look into it?
Look behind it. Look beyond the words.

Be curious about what it is actually?

Life positions itself in opposition to death.

Life is on the move.
That movement is in the opposite direction to death.

Can we just observe this as what is actual?

Life is saying "No..Don`t stop and look at this... There is so much to do. Onward and upward."

The moving picture captures one`s attention.

Because the next picture arrives so rapidly one has no time to see that it is only a now and another one and another one.

So let us not waste any more time pondering this.

Can we just call foul on all motion.

Let`s stop the game.

Now we have a still, motionless picture.

It is only now that we see it isn`t a picture at all.

It is what is actual.

All motion to and away from death is redundant.

Life and death are both present, as they always are, but without the imposition of time.

Time creates a life that is destined to die.

Without the life created in time, there is nothing there to die.

Sit there and try to mourn for the loved ones that you never had.

Sit there and try to mourn for all the addictions you never had.

But you can clearly see the ones you did have...
They are what is killing you.

Are you getting the picture?  still ? still? still? 
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