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Author Topic: Infodump: NZ- related threads on Enturbulation  (Read 2014 times)
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Infodump links from

Wellington 15/03 protest thread  - email

Auckland 15/03 protest thread

Christchurch 15/03 protest thread

Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

Quote from: anonyrat
I figured it would be a good idea to start a thread to collect information on the Scientology Organisation's presence and activities in New Zealand, their front organisations (WISE, Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics etc) and the current tax-exempt status of the "Church of Scientology of New Zealand Incorporated."
This thread is also for brainstorming suggestions and ideas on how New Zealanders can spread information about the Scientology Organisation and their activities to the general public and the media, effectively protest their harmful activities in New Zealand and reach out to New Zealand Scientologists who may be suffering because of their disconnection policy and other harmful actions and policies. Information, ideas, suggestions, fliers, posters and signs, media contacts, press releases, letter templates, cake, lulz and discussion of all of the above are welcome here!

AnonKiwi's excellent post on Narconon in NZ

Quote from: AnonKiwi
Anyway, the tl:dr version: Narconon Aotearoa (as it is known locally) seems to be involved or directs a trust which have been (I'm being generous) duped into using Narconon tech for their rehabilitation services. They are seemingly almost co-located and may share similar/same senior trustees? There was a death from a patient who got sick of the treatment, left, went mad and killed a young woman.

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You didn't quote me, I feel extremely unimportant and so offended it's unbelievable.

I refuse to take this shit.
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