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Author Topic: latest news from the org.  (Read 45971 times)
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« Reply #45 on: February 22, 2011, 09:06:53 AM »

You are right.
I was using the Hubbard method to recall her name. Sorry about that.

Do you have an update on margaret...Michelle ?
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                                                                       Feb 21,2011

Dear ........,
                 I`m sure you have heard about the Melbourne Ideal Org having just
opened ! This was a huge win for our entire continent - our first ANZO Ieadl
Org ! And now having done an Ideal Org down here (Not somewhere else), we know HOW to do it.

              Being an OT VIII and key leading member of the OT Committee in Melbourne, as well as an OT Ambassador, I was very involved in this project and learned a lot from doing this.

             You may know that the New Zealand Ideal Org is on the schedule (The very important international grid) to open, along with the Sydney Ideal Org, in January 2012. The planning steps on the building with the Council have
moved along, nearing completion, and the building is able to be renovated by this time.

                 This Ideal Org for New Zealand is very important from a Continental
and International perspective. This is the starting point for real Scientology expansion and Clearing, effecting the entire Country.

                Due to it`s importance, I have been invited by the organization
Executives and Management, to Auckland for a special briefing this weekend -
Saturday the 26th of February- to brief all Scientologists in New Zealand on
what we did to make an Ideal Org, ow did we pull it off, so that we can repeat similar actions tailored to New Zealand for your org.

               I will also give you some OT hatting datums and data to be more cause over anything you wish to achieve in life, whether it is your family,
relationships, finances or Bridge progress - and of course the achievement of
the Ideal Org.

                This is not a fundraising event. not a recruitment event. And I definitely want you and your family to attend.

                Again, this is on Saturday 26th of February at 6:30 pm, at the
Waipuna Lodge (Waipuna Rd, Mt Wellington). There is plenty of free parking
and great food.

             Looking forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,
Andrew Rinder
OT VIII, OT Ambassador.

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Humanitarian benefactor meritorious or "sucker"
The special Legion of honour club members.

New Zealand Ideal org Humanitarian

The Carmichael Family The Ferris Family
Claude and Marion Moffat The Schamroth Family
Ian Gillott and Family

Founding members of the Auckland Ideal Org

Gold Benefactor

Vicky & Karina Casement Bill Chesterton Moss Kerran
Heather & Mo McCleary Denny Frater

Silver Benefactor

Gail and Dave D`Audney Winston Dickey Monique and Kerry Strongman


Clinton Stringfellow Joanna & Chris Woodhead

New Zealand Ideal Org Contributor

Matt Kielly Yure Radojkovich Pam& Mel Rigg Mana Te Whata
Shelly and Ben Van Den Berg Renate Van Eckert Kathy & Mark Swords

New Zealand Ideal Org Supporter

Bruce Bernsten Nick Green Mary & Charlie Hobbs Tony Johnson
Susan Jones & Stephan Giles Harvey Stapleton

Leading Contributor

Nutra Foods Wayne Rooney Peter Sapsford Hillary and Peter Shead
Dean Armstrong Ramon Brant Wally Collis Julie & Opie Foai
Damien Goddard Lube, Nigel and Natalie Gray Holistic Medical Center
Deva Khalsa & Monte Nightswonger Dana & Simon Lee

All members are highly commended and we appreciate your continuing assistance.

Lisa Terpstra & Tatiana Senkeviciene



Humanitarian $100,000
Premier Benefactor $50,000
Benefactor $35,000
NZ Ideal Org Contributor $20,000
NZ Ideal Org Supporter $10,000
Leading Contributor $5,000
Contributor $1,000
Supporter $ 500
Participant $ 100
Sober $ 0

Thank you very much from Diamond Dave.
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« Reply #48 on: March 21, 2011, 08:03:40 AM »

       Summary of Hubbard`s 100th Birthday event


I just watched the LRH Centennial Birthday event. Twice. It’s three hours and twenty-three minutes of the usual overblown, uber-orchestrated, hyperbole-filled crapola.
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« Reply #49 on: March 22, 2011, 04:40:02 PM »

                            Richard Reiss – Kha Khan
Posted on March 21, 2011 by martyrathbun09| 61 Comments

Wasn`t this guy a kiwi ?

Richard Reiss, long-time Senior C/S Flag Service Organization has recently left his physical body. He reportedly lost a bout with cancer. Richard died at the age of 66 on March 4, 2011. He died at the Brookside Hospice House in Palm Harbor Florida. Seventeen days after his death, less than a quarter of Flag staff, and handful of public gathered for a church of Scientology memorial service.

I believe Richard deserves to have the world know about some extraordinary things about his life. Things that David Miscavige will not only not ever let be known, but as you shall see below he will likely spend more pretty pennies trying to silence.

Richard was a giant intellectually.

Richard, though many never had a chance to see it, had quite a theta endowment.

I don’t know how many people got to see Richard relaxed and being himself. I was fortunate to have been one of them.  Richard, you see, as the Snr Technical terminal at the Mecca of Technical Perfection was under a tremendous, continual pressure to abandon his integrity to forward the suppressive whims of David Miscavige. In fact, in one of his last public appearances he was forced to announce the “breakthrough” in Objectives, that every Scientologist needed them (wherever they might be on the Bridge) and up to 125 hours of them to boot.  In my opinion that was the last straw for Richard Reiss.

In early 96, Richard and I were assigned to “qual check” the Golden Age of Tech” drills that were being produced by LRH Technical Comps Unit at the direction of David Miscavige. Richard and I spent weeks together, sitting across a meter and reads simulator in the Qual Division Gold, Scientology Inc’s Headquarters doing just that.

Richard had been pretty much rotting for months at Gold under the auspices of some kind of “Correction Program”. I think he had been sent there mid 95 shortly after Miscavige had pushed him aside to bypass to write Lisa McPherson’s long, rambling Clear r-factor – and then continued to supervise suppressive programs like Expanded Dianetics and Power Processes after that fact, driving her to insanity and ultimately to death.

Richard was happy to be finally assigned to something he thought was meaningful.

Richard was one of the most analytically gifted individuals I have ever met. To most I think he came across so analytical as to lack esprit vital. That combined with the fact he was under the constant strain of lesser minds of RTC children relaying micro managed and generally suppressive tech orders to him from Miscavige.  And yes, I was an integral part of that apparatus, and I wish I could have apologized to Richard and make it up to him before his untimely death.

But, I was lucky for a while.  I worked alone with Richard for a good period of time where I didn’t have to walk the suppressive walk.  In our little Gold staff auditing room, for many hours day after day, while we worked in privacy he couldn’t help but let his hair down. Many a time I got him to crack a smile, and sometimes laugh – and sometimes even line charge while we tried to make sense of the plus, minus shunt computer logic being implemented with a tech the founder of which once said, “the only way the technology can be lost is if you become a slave to procedure. There is no substitute for understanding.”

Richard and I would test the draft drills and attempt to correct them. Richard would run through the drill with me and we’d get to a “what do you do?” spot, and I’d answer something like, “well that depends. There are about four or five avenues I could explore depending on a number of factors not covered in the linear scenario just given.” Richard would suppress a smirk. Then I’d launch on a soliloquy on those four or five possible avenues, until Richard couldn’t handle it any more and he’d crack up. Richard would then put his straight face on again and slowly, but surely, cite a punch list of LRH references validating my contentions.

And Richard had a wicked, wry sense of humor of his own, with which he caused an occasional belly laugh for me.

I have told elsewhere on this blog what happened with those drills – a great percentage of our corrections were never made, and a higher percentage of the drills never made it to Richard and I before the RTC bots snatched them up under the orders of Miscavige to “make it for the event” (May 9 event 1996).

I tended to have a more practical understanding of the tech – having been assigned to unsnarl many a case Richard and the rest of the tech hierarchy “screwed up” under the stifling, blanket arbitraries enforced by Miscavige. I sensed Richard got a kick out of seeing me do so. He clearly wished that he could operate the way I was allowed to. Later that decade I would sometimes call Richard for a tech reference because the man could cite me chapter and verse for any principal I threw at him.

By now some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, Richard Reiss Kha Khan.

Well, I was assigned Kha Khan status by Miscavige for having been in his words the “guy who got us tax exemption.” Here is what LRH said about the title of Kha Khan that Miscavige based it upon:

    In an ancient army a particularly brave deed was recognized by an award of the title of Kha-Khan. It was not a rank. The person remained what he was, BUT he was entitled to be forgiven the death penalty ten times in case in the future he did anything wrong. That was a Kha-Khan.


Admittedly, Miscavige – as is his wont – dished it to me for manipulative, calculating, and insincere reasons. Namely to entice me to return from New Orleans a month after tax exemption was obtained in 1993. (Incidentally, if anyone is having trouble tracking with this, I suggest you watch the 3 and one half hours of video taped interviews with me at . I just don’t have time to recount all of the context, and it would tend to divert from the man of the moment, Richard).

I tell the following story to explain why I have eschewed the distinction and on my own origination award it, instead, to Richard Reiss.

Miscavige and I first spoke to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in the late summer/early Fall of 1991. By the end of the year we were deeply into negotiations with a team headed by the D/Commissioner for Exempt Organizations of the IRS. We pretty much commuted to D.C. – a couple times a month for the next year, preparing and bringing boxes and boxes of documentation to answer all of the questions the IRS had. By the Fall of 1992 Miscavige was becoming extremely impatient with the process. He used every carrot and stick method he knew to overwhelm the D/Commissioner to grant exemption.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to gather intelligence to flank all of this. We even received information from credible sources from the White House. And by near the end of the 1992 we were hearing that Papa Bush himself – exercising his trademark indecision – was concerned about the effect granting exemption to the Church of Scientology would have on his re-election hopes.

And so, the stalemate continued for another year. Nine months into the Clinton administration in fact.

There was not a single thing we provided the IRS during the year 1993 that was the make-break point of exemption entitlement.

Yet, lo and behold, in September 1993 – several months into the tenure of a Clinton appointed IRS Commissioner – the IRS Scientology team started swapping settlement drafts. In the first week of October we received tax exemption.

Fast forward a couple years.

Scientologist celebrity Ann Archer took a White House tour. To her surprise she was pulled  aside and lead to the Oval Office. Moments later President Bill Clinton appeared for a very rare one on one meet and greet.

Ann thanked Clinton for his administration having granted tax exemption to her church.

Clinton told Archer a little story as to why he considered it was the right thing to do. Clinton said that in the sixties when he was pursuing his Rhodes scholarship at Oxford, he hung with a fraternity of Yale University graduates. He said that a couple of the members of that franternity were Scientologists. He said he never forgot how kind and spiritual they both were. He knew then and there – by the beingnesses and conduct of those Scientologists – that Scientology was a spriritual activity and that “Scientologists were good people.”

President Bill Clinton did not mention names. But, I’ll tell you straight-up, Richard Reiss was one of those Scientologist Yale graduate, Rhodes scholars who met Bill Clinton during those days in the sixties.

Richard never spoke to Clinton since Oxford.

Richard didn’t know him well enough to do so.

But, Richard didn’t have to.

Richard left his mark by simply being himself around some amiable genius from Arkansas.

And that is why I say Richard Reiss is Kha Khan.

And I hope Richard that you find yourself a healthy, strong body with some parents who recognize a beautiful being and mind when you join their family. Or not if you’d prefer to do something else.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, it is entirely up to you.

photo ....

Or here...,r:0,s:0
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« Reply #50 on: March 23, 2011, 09:25:38 AM »

I met Richard once.  He didn't sound like a kiwi to me.  I remember being told he was auditing John Travolta.
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« Reply #51 on: March 24, 2011, 07:33:03 AM »

From what I`ve heard it was his wife Carla (Spelt Cala) who is a Kiwi.
She is still a class XII auditor at Flag. They had two kids. F/M.
Both S.O. 
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« Reply #52 on: March 26, 2011, 06:11:13 PM »

Latest crap from the cult shows group photos of scios from ANZO Orgs.

There are 40 people in the Auckland photo. Some are kids. Maybe five or six.

I`m guessing there may be another ten they could muster up with a big enough fake reason.

Never the less, "Scientology is expanding in New Zealand. !!!"

Of the total number of people who, over the years,  have been willing to stay for a basic course.
They have far less than one percent still hooked.

And remember Scientology is being applied more exactly now than it was when Scientology was booming in the late 70`s early 80`s.

I`d love to have a current Scientologist explain this major outpoint.

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« Reply #53 on: April 03, 2011, 11:28:27 AM »

         Mike Rinder posts the 100th birthday event for LRH.

Watching Dear Leader’s March 13 “tribute” to L. Ron Hubbard is to experience two plus hours of gag-inducing tragicomedy.

But it is also the latest evidence of what Mark McKinstry said in response to Marty’s posting Miscavige’s New Shock Squads.

“Then the applause would come and the AGREEMENT and with that the reality established, despite what the real scene was. You are left with the feeling that you are alone in your observation, the one who is going to bring the party down with the facts, and so, on it goes.

“I think that under this, a vacuum was left when LRH dropped his body. Miscavige stepped in to fill that vacuum/confusion. Most Scientologists who cling to the current organization want someone in authority to stand up, tell them how right it is going everywhere (except in the sector where they are), interpret world events and explain the tech for them. And, as you say, come in and make things go right in their area sometime in the future.

“And, the fact that it is wrapped in a high-tech glitzy presentation just adds to the credibility. Like going to a movie, you can suspend disbelief for two hours and let the outpoints wash over you.”

If you watched the video above, you will observe Dear Leader strutting onto stage where he sucks up the “Standing O” with no attempt to end it (this was a crime of magnitude back when he allowed others to participate in these International Events – Heber in particular was victimized for not curtailing applause for him when he walked on stage). The adoring crowds’ applause goes on for a minute and 19 seconds as Dear Leader positively revels in it. (And note, the picture of LRH you see after 20 seconds was added by the video editors afterwards –the audience didn’t see it).  That is vomit-worthy.  What happens next is tragic.

Dear Leader presents a “rolling thunder” (a term he coined to describe a series of stats one after the other without a breath, building to one final, crazed crescendo of cheering and applause when the last bursting graph busts out the top of the screen to fireworks and shooting stars) of Dan Shermanspeak ©® recounting the accomplishments of the life of LRH.  They put everything they had into it to try to hype LRH, including over-the-top graphics and over-inflated and deceptive “stats.”  That resulted in 38 seconds of applause – less than half what was lavished on Dear Leader. Exactly as he planned it. 

That one statistic tells you everything you need to know about the state of the Church of Miscavology.

The rest of the event lives up to the opening sequence.  Throughout it, Dear Leader’s strange cadence, emphasis and pronunciation has become a parody you might expect to hear on South Park representing a radical, comical politician desperately trying to be “interesting.”  And when combined with Shermanspeak©® it is virtually a foreign language.

The event was a case study in propaganda by redefinition of terms. Following is what Dear Leader said:

What LRH most wanted for his birthday – the gift of expansion.

But in this day and age, the epitome of expansion, the very action definition and the substance of the word – that’s an Ideal Organization.

But as a first word, let me once again reiterate what an Ideal Org represents – for while you have seen some magnificent structures of late, and are about to see others that will bedazzle your eyes, the real beauty of an Ideal Org is far more than skin deep. After all, they are built on tech and policy, literally.

Meaning, you can read a policy, describing what an org should be, then gaze upon an Ideal Org and there it is. And specifically, that pivotal LRH description of what one builds towards with an ideal org, and of which he writes: “The end product is not just an ideal org but a new civilization already on its way”  To exactly that end, Ideal Orgs are designed to replicate across entire continents and so bring on all LRH tech everywhere and hence so make planetary clearing a reality.

As for our headway to date, ideal orgs presently equate to better than 1.3 million square feet, but even so, there’s another way to do the math: because the fact is, our 25 ideal orgs to date already introduce more new people to Dianetics and Scientology than all other orgs combined. So yes, where stands an Ideal Org, there lies our future. And while I could tell you about our next million square feet of ideal orgs now on the horizon and presently under construction, well all you really need to foresee the future are the Ideal Orgs I am about to present.

Let’s break this gobbledygook down.

Of course, everything he says ignores clear LRH policy about org buildings (cited here before, but the most basic bears repeating:  PL 23 SEPT 70 QUARTERS, POLICY REGARDING, HISTORICAL where LRH lays out the POLICIES and RULES on the subject which include: “VIABILITY of the org is the first and foremost consideration.”  “Quarters must be close to ample and cheap student and pc housing, restaurants and transport.” ”Image is a secondary consideration.” ”Renovations are destructive if extensive.”)

Yet, with that in mind, he brashly claims that he is “following policy,” and proceeds with his sleight of hand, redefining an “Ideal Org” as an “Ideal Building”.  Accept that, and everything falls neatly into place. Here is how he does it:

Gain agreement with a truth:  LRH wanted expansion (let’s not mention St. Hill size and the Universe Corps and staff going OT which is what the LRH ED is really about).

Sleaze in something that sounds sort of right:  Ideal Orgs are the “epitome of expansion, the very action definition and the substance of the word.”  Except he is NOT referring to an org, he is referring to a building. Listen carefully and he actually says it:  An Ideal Org is a  “magnificent structure”.  And another Freudian slip: His new palaces will “bedazzle” you. The definition of that word is: “to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light; to confuse or disarm by dazzling.”

Add another correct sounding bit: Ideal Orgs “are built on tech and policy” – and then give “proof” of that because you can “gaze upon” one and see it (presumably because you can see the MEST: course rooms and auditing rooms… wow).

Throw in an LRH quote so it sounds really “On Source” — the end product of an Ideal Org is  “a new civilization already on its way” (presuming an actual org rather than a building).

Therefore, it’s obvious, more Ideal Orgs (Buildings) will make Planetary Clearing a reality.

And thus, abracadabra, hey presto and shazzam! – the proof of our incredible headway towards planetary clearing is that ideal orgs presently equate to better than 1.3 million square feet. !!  (Tip for Dear Leader: invest in old airplane hangars or maybe some abandoned car plants in Detroit – your square footage stat will go out through the ROOF).

But here’s the kicker. Even Dear Leader knows he has to give SOME sort of stat beyond the square feet to prove the “incredible expansion” of Scientology and the “massive forward advance” towards planetary clearing.

One might expect “Number of New Clears” – it is progress towards planetary clearing right Dave?  Or how about “Number of Grad V auditors made” (that could audit people to Clear?).  OK, maybe that’s a bit much.  How about we take it back a notch and just go for total Well Done Auditing Hours?  Student Completions?  Anything related to delivery of Dianetics and Scientology?  How about a NUMBER of anything?  You know, like the good old days: “This year we delivered X number of courses, hours, completions, whatevers.”

Well, no such luck.  It seems the best he could come up with to prove the MASSIVE international headway for planetary clearing was: “ our 25 ideal orgs to date already introduce more new people to Dianetics and Scientology than all other orgs combined.”  OMG Dave, that is monumental.  Presumably you didn’t give the number because it would be seriously embarrassing. Those 25 orgs  “introduce” more people than the other 150 combined.  But do they “introduce” 250 a week between them or 2500? No matter Dave, because the fact is that you have exposed the horrible truth your two or three fancy building per event can’t cover up:  Scientology orgs are failing miserably.  The average org (ie 150 around the world) produce just 1/8th as much as the “Ideal Orgs”. Now, in anyone’s mind that is small and failing when they are 1/8th of those empty Ideal Orgs (see next posting mentioned below).   

Dave, you have to be worried:  How long before someone leaks the ACTUAL stats of these wondrous Idle Orgs?  Buffalo?  Dallas?  Malmo?  Berlin?  Madrid?  Steven’s Creek?  Seattle? Nashville? In the Vampire Empire, these are the most closely guarded secrets since the formula for Coca-Cola. Why? Shouldn’t you be proud of how you are clearing the planet with your Idle Orgs and be announcing it to the world?  You’re not shy about promoting your accomplishments. And even tout the most amazing stats — 8,000 orgs, missions and groups (yet I see the church claiming NO connection to an Applied Scholastics school in Melbourne — but bet that one is counted — probably more than once — in your 8,000).

Next installment, the smoke and mirrors of the “Birthday Game Winners” presentation.

Watch part one of the event here... (Have a vomit bag handy.)
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« Reply #54 on: April 11, 2011, 11:35:06 AM »

             Minutes of the OT C Meeting in the Clearwater Bank Building

4 April, 2011

Kaye started the meeting at 6 21 PM.

Any new Members? NO


Div. 1 Melissa the Div 1 Sec said REPORT YOUR STATS.

Div  2 Not there

Div 3 Laura said she has OT C shirts.

Div 4-Tammy is the I/C of the 10,000 on Solo Nots Project. She told
us why she was on the post. She talked about Tuesday night’s
briefing for that project in the Sandcastle which will be delivered
by Pat Clouden: TOOLS FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS. She said come if you
can and pointed out that an AO C/S speaks too and also the Deputy
Captain (for the AO?).

Also Tammy said that next Thursday the 14 April there is an OT
PHENOMENA evening at the Wintereggs. Have a good time and good food!

NEIGHBORHOOD PROJECT I/C Janice Kenne said on the 1st Tuesday of
every month they have a dinner for their volunteers. Tomorrow is
the first Tuesday of April. They will be showing films about MV ( I
think. I tried to reach Janice to clarify and could not reach her).

Kaye said the Neighborhood Project is very effective with getting
people back on the Bridge. And since quite a number of people have
fallen off the Bridge, more volunteers are needed to get them back
on and through the Basics.

Div 5 Denise said she wants everyone on the HQS course! (This
course is also on our OT A Project Orders.)

Kaye said there are key OT C posts needing to be filled:

Personnel Control Officer
Ethics Officer

A Constant Contact person to send out emails, etc.


The Captain spoke about Super Power. He said we need to get a lot
of people into the Oak Cove who are mid their lower grades or fell
off at the lower Bridge and get them through and over to the AO
because we need a lot of people for Super Power when the building

He said the Field needs to be geared and geared up for Super Power.
He said there will be 2 L’s HGCs in the Super Power building and
two thousand people a day will be serviced on all the courses, all
the Grades.

Specific things are needed by him:

1-Get the entire Clearwater field together going in the same

2-All local lower Bridge public need to be rounded up and gotten
into the Oak Cove which can service 250 people per day!

Then all those people over to the AO.

3-There are a few hundred people not moving on OT VI and VII. This
is either those on OT V who have not gotten onto OT VI or those who
were on VII and fell off. These people have to be moved into the
AO. It is unsuccessful to leave people out of control.

4-Anyone not on the Basics needs to be gotten onto the Basics.
EVERYONE needs to get through the Basics. There are many who have
not started the Basics and those people need to be gotten on and
moved through the Basics. Those already on need to be encouraged to
get through faster.

5-Re Super Power, this is an enormous building and Super Power is
going to make a massive change. Scientologists will be ALIVE. We
will have the Mecca opening and Flag is the biggest org in the
world! All the Flag only Rundowns will be delivered there. People
who have reached and failed in their reach will come into the

We really do have an Ideal Scene Field. He wants everyone active,
no slacking off. Flag is the biggest supporter of the IAS. Flag
will be responsible for the creation of AO LATAM, AO SOUTH AFRICA,
AO CANADA. Flag will create an IDEAL PLANET. There is no other
place, there are no other people and there is no other time!

A lot of people are retreading the Purif, Drug Rndowns, Objectives.
Everyone’s folders are being reviewed.

6- Tampa is a Model Ideal Org. A lot of people are needed to boom
Tampa. There is the PE course.  WE need to get raw public into
Tampa! Eight thousand people are needed to sign up for the Oak Cove
who will then go on Super Power!

We the OT Committee and the field, we are on the Flag Org Board, in
Division 6. This is our org. People are needed for Tampa, the Oak
Cove, the AO, IAS Memberships and to get through the Basics.

Only half the OT Committee members were at the meeting and the
Captain wants ALL OT Committee members at the meeting next week:
All Flag OT C members, all Freewinds OT C members and all Tampa OT
Committee Members. The Captain said the Flag OT C is THE OTC. Kaye
is the one he goes to, he said.

All these above things need to be done before the Super Power
building opens. Also, a couple hundred more staff are still needed
for Super Power. Get people to the recruiter in the Coachman, they
need help.

There is a new FSM Section in the AO. The Captain introduced Mirre
Carrara who is the Senior FSM In-Charge, Flag. She is doing a
briefing at the FSM Convention on Saturday and Sunday the 16 and 17
April. Rick Alexander will be there too (who has gotten 42 members
of his family into Scientology). There will be an FSM school at
this Convention.


Charlotte from Div 6 gave us some numbers.

There are 4600 local Scientologists. OF these, 1000 are actively on
the Basics. Three hundred Basics completions (of the thousand local
Basics completions) are on other courses.

550 people who were on the Basics have fallen of. Also quite a
number are not on the Basics at Flag but some of those might be on
the Basics at Tampa or the Missions.

The Captain asked if there was anything we wanted to know and if
you do , please contact him. He asked if there are any tech
briefings we want. The Captain said we need more I/Cs for the
Neighborhood Campaigns, people are needed to take on hats to get
more people doing more!

The Deputy Captain Mathilde Jansson said if anyone has any
originations about what we are good at, for example, get people who
are good at those things grouped. We need to get more people doing

We gave LRH a hand and at 708 PM Kaye ended off this great meeting
with the Captain FSO!

Respectfully Submitted

Ellie Bolger
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« Reply #55 on: April 26, 2011, 12:03:25 PM »

        Auckland org has the target of opening their Idle Morgue
                               in TEN MONTHS.  !!!

Auckland is going ideal now !

WHY ???

"Because we decided to."

But in the meantime there is the "files project."

"This is 20,000 man hours worth of work. Which equates to 2000 hours per month or 455 hours per week or 65 hours per day.

Obviously Hubbard`s admin policies have been in full force.
20,000 hours of backlogged paperwork.

Can anyone think of any other group that is this disorganized.??

Here are the staff and public who are to be thanked for their work thus far;
Alan McLoughlin
Anna Hahich,
Bev Reid,
Chloe Plilip,
Chris Woodhead,
Chuck Zommatore,
Claude Moffat,
Dana Lee,
Daryn Leaity,
Dave D`Audney,
Domenico Langella,
Felicity Philip,
Gail D`Audney,
Gaylene Fraser,
Gun Boy,
Heather McLeary,
Ivette Salame- Ferriss,
James Ferriss,
Jan Sampson,
Jan Williams,
Jane Philip,
Jessica Goddard,
Joanne Woodhead,
Joel Swords,
Judith Moore,
Karyn Goddard,
Kathy Swords,
Kiri Willoughby,
Lauren Ferriss,
Liam Swords,
Maree Deakins,
Marion Moffat,
Mark Swords,
Mathew Fraser,
Melissa Drysdale,
Melva Collins,
Mike Ferriss,
Natalie Gray,
Nick Fraser,
Paul Maunder,
Paul Norris,
Paul Redfern,
Ramon Brandt,
Reo Schamroth,
Robert Deakins,
Shannon Laing,
Sheila Barton,
Stephan Rule,
Sue Glossop,
Susan Jones,
Vicky Casement,
Wayne Rooney,
Yure Radojkovich.

The rest of the newsletter is pleas for help.
Odd for an organization that claims it is the one that helps people.

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                      SYDNEY DAY ORG - Actual leaked stats/dox [PICS]

Why, its almost 2PM Thursday! You know what that means, time to roll out the stats!
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                                       FSM NEWS                   MAY 2011

..... Another important way you can get selectees is by coming out Stress Testing
with us over the weekend. Most Saturday nights we go out to the Pakuranga Night Market which is very popular. We usually "arriving" around 5 pm and stay until
11:30 pm, so your help in these markets would be great and you can select those public you disseminate to.

As an FSM you also receive commissions on the services and books you sell...."

Scientology. Guilty of perverting the course of enlightenment. !!!
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THE Church of Scientology, famous for celebrity followers such as Tom Cruise, is on a membership drive in Perth.

The church has been distributing a 200-question "personality test" in letterboxes.

Householders are being asked to include their name, address, email, phone numbers, occupation, age and sex on the form.

The information will be used for an "obligation free" personality analysis by "an expert evaluator", according to the church.

The survey asks residents whether they are "always getting into trouble" or if they have "spells of being sad and depressed for no apparent reason".

Another asks: "If we were invading another country, would you feel sympathetic towards conscientious objectors in this country?"

In a written statement in response to questions from The Sunday Times, the church said the recruiting drive was part of its normal activities.

"This is something we have done for many years, so it is not a new action by the church. We regularly hand out these questionnaires which are an invitation to a person to find out more about themselves," the statement said.

But Civil Liberties Australia director Tim Vines said people should be cautious about who was receiving their private information."In terms of unsolicited material, people should treat it like any sort of spam email or junk email they receive in their inbox," Mr Vines said.

"They should treat it with scepticism and think carefully about whether they should be providing this information."

Mr Vines said he had "significant concerns" about private information being sought, whether it was by a private group or government agency. He said people needed to consider whether their information would be kept on file or destroyed.

"I wouldn't fill out an unsolicited survey seeking personal information," Mr Vines said. "I'm sure in cases like this it is used to target follow-up information.

"Our general advice to people is to be cautious about handing over private and sensitive information and know who it is going to be used by."


- The Church of Scientology follows the teachings of the late American science fiction author L Ron Hubbard who founded the first church in 1953.

- It's teachings include that people are immortal spiritual beings who have forgotten their true nature.

- Teachings are also said to also encompass extraterrestrial civilisations and alien interventions in earth affairs.

- Practitioners undergo "auditing" as a method of spiritual rehabilitation.


Sample questions from the Church of Scientology 200-question personality test being distributed in Perth letterboxes.

* Do you intend two or less children in your family even though your health and income will permit more?

* Are you "always getting into trouble"?

* If we were invading another country, would you feel sympathetic towards conscientious objectors in this country?

* Do you pay your debts and keep your promises when it is possible?

* Do you prefer to take a passive role in any club or organisation to which you belong?

* Are you opposed to the "probation system" for criminals?

* Do you spent too freely in relation to your income?

* Do you have spells of being sad and depressed for no apparent reason?

* Do you often feel depressed?

* Do some noises "set your teeth on edge"?
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              News from inside San Francisco Org.

Scientology Apostate Part I: San Francisco Church's Stats
By Lauren Smiley Mon., Sep. 26 2011

A couple weeks ago, the masked Anonymous protesters who've been organizing protests outside San Francisco's Church of Scientology for the last three years received a jolt of affirmation. A self-proclaimed Scientologist logged onto the group's local message board with the handle "ethicstrouble," thanking Anonymous for its protests and writing "I hope one day to join you."

The San Francisco church's president, Jeff Quiros, told SF Weekly he thought the apostate was a fraud, created by Anonymous themselves. But SF Weekly has since talked at length with ethicstrouble on the phone, and they sent us a bevy of graphs that they said they smuggled out of the trash at the org.

After reviewing the graphs, Quiros claimed they are fake. "They are not legit," he wrote in an e-mail. "Someone is going to great lengths ... I wish SF Weekly would not continue to give legs to this nonsense game."

Download the graphs ethicstrouble sent SF Weekly in these PDF files.

Indeed, SF Weekly cannot confirm ethicstrouble is the San Francisco Scientologist they claim to be. But we'll share the detailed information about the San Francisco org they gave us, and readers can decide for themselves whether it's credible or not.

This week, we will present our ethicstrouble interview in multiple parts. Fearful of being discovered, ethicstrouble talked with us on the condition of only being identified as a 10-to-20-year member of the church who has shelled out more than $50,000 on coursework. We'll refer to ethicstrouble with a gender-less "they" pronoun.

Ethicstrouble said they called us from a telephone line they had acquired especially for this purpose, and asked us not to reveal what time we spoke. "Don't tell [President Jeff Quiros] in any way when I talked to you. If you let him know the times I was able to call you that will really narrow me down."

They first sent us graphs which they said they whisked out of a garbage can at the org before the papers hit the shredder.

Ethicstrouble says the graphs have proven to Quiros that they are from inside the church, and says their talking to the SF Weekly has created quite a stir within the org: "If you've seen the graphs I've sent you, they know those are real. I'm not worried about them believing I'm real. I can sense it; they feel it. My problem is proving to everyone else -- to you -- that I'm real."

Here's what ethicstrouble wrote to us to explain some of the acronyms in the graphs.

    ACTPRO:  That is the number of people auditing independently in their area. In the San Francisco area there are only two people auditing in a self-employed practice and possibly making a living out of it. That is a very small number, much smaller than years ago.

    HDSCOMPS and HDACOMPS: These are the two courses that teach people how to audit Dianetics. HDSCOMPS is the basic training and HDACOMPS is the training to be a professional Dianetic auditor. So you can see there are almost no Dianetic auditors being made.

    TTCNBR and TTCGRAD: These are the people in the technical training corps.... They are training to be auditors or word clearers or course supervisors, and they are either training at Flag in Florida or here at the Org. So at the end of the one graph we had 13 people in and during this time frame not one had completed a course. If one was to be a auditor for example, he will have at least 12 or more courses to complete his training

    BIS: Bodies in the shop, how many people are in the Org doing a course. Course supervisors often call people and beg them to come in for one hour for the week so this statistic is higher.

    WDAHP: This is for people doing the sauna sweat program. As you can see, there is something really wrong with this graph. The standard preferred schedule for someone doing the program is four to fuve hours a day, seven days a week, with the only exceptions given to people with physical problems -- then the hours may be reduced.

    GDS GBS: This is the total dollar value of books sold. This includes e-meters, which sell for over $3,000, so as you can see no e-meters were sold.

    PSO: This is the film shown to new people who don't know anything about Scientology.

    CL: The state called "clear" was the whole purpose of Dianetics. You must go clear before going higher up the bridge. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to go clear.

    GDS PDC: This is for everything completed in the Org, from courses to extension coursed to word clearing, anything that is paid for and completed. This can be deceiving because someone can pay for two or three little things in one week, so you can get three points for one person doing a few little paid services.

    WDAHWO: These are how many hours of auditing were produced without the purif hours. (hours in the sauna are considered auditing, I know it's weird). Graph looks like it is trending down to me.

    GDS FHS: This is the number of staff who have been trained to do their job. All other staff are not fully trained.

    PTF: This is how much money was given to Flag for the people we have training over there. We have to pay for their food, lodging, and courses. Very expensive. They study there starting at 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. with half-day off on Sunday to do laundry.

    CGI: Here is the gross income for the Org, includes everything.

    SOLO1COMPS: This is the first course you do after becoming clear and before doing OT levels.

More coming up tomorrow.

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