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This just in...

For the scilons reading this....
This is your chance to see that you are being used in the worst possible way.

Obviously I can`t vouch for the following 100 %.
But if it turns out to be true , it should be a real wake up call.

Here it is....

 David Miscavige to cancel Hubbard Policy and Tech
Don't ask me for the source, I won't reveal it, further the data is from multiple reliable sources. Source names are known to me. Here is the hot poop..

News from Clearwater FSO: Hubbard's Policy has been suspended, telex'd orders from David Miscavige now supersede Hubbard.

Hubbard's pictures grow fewer and fewer and smaller and smaller at each years events.

News from David Miscavge: Scientology will concede Hubbard was a dirtball, his PR and the evidence is so bad... they have given up... Hubbard will be phased be replaced by David Miscavige.

Their plan it is to copy the Mormons.
Few people know who Joseph Smith was..
but everybody knows who Brigham Young was...

El Ron Hubbard = Joseph Smith

David Miscavige = Brigham Young

Hubbard's policy will be canceled, his tech will be canceled,
David Miscavige will play the part of Brigham Young and write the new materials of $cientology for you.


The previous information is TRUE, regards
Arnie Lerma ex FBO Pubs US
6045 N 26th Rd
Arlington VA 22207
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