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Founder of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard - ordered lockup of 4? year
old little boy
Transcripts and images of TV program SECRET LIVES - L. Ron Hubbard

He put this 4? year old little boy - Derek Greene - into the chain
locker for two days and two nights. It's a closed metal container,
it's wet, it's full of water and seaweed, it smells bad. But Derek was
sitting up, on the chain, in this place, on his own, in the dark, for
two days and two nights... people heard him crying. That is sheer,
total brutality. That is child abuse.

(View SECRET LIVES - L. Ron Hubbard in realvideo)

Founder of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard - ordered lockup of deaf-mute
From the book "Messiah or Madman" by Bent Corydon

Hubbard had ordered a little girl who was a deafmute down into the
chain locker sometime in 1968. Hubbard was going to cure her deaf-ness
by shoving her down there! This came to my attention after she'd been
there for about a week because the Master at Arms at the time, a
beautiful girl, came to me and said, "John, I've got to have you come
and see what's going on."

From the book "Religion Inc.: the Church of Scientology" by Stewart

McMaster remembers once being asked by the Master at Arms to come and
help her, He pulled up the wedge from the chain-locker, a dank and
unhealthy part of the ship into which offenders were flung without
food as a punishment. Out crawled a little girl who turned out to be a
deaf-mute who had been unable to write her name and had incurred the
Commodore's wrath.

Affidavit of Monica Pignotti

I also witnessed a fourteen year old boy being locked up in the chain
locker of the ship, where he was made to spend the night. The chain
locker is a small dark space where the chain to the anchor to the ship
is stored when the ship is not at anchor. The boy was being put in the
chain locker by three teen-age L. Ron Hubbard messengers. I witnessed
this happening several times to people, even though I never
experienced it myself.

Interview with David Mayo

The length of time for children would vary, but no one was there less
than a day. The average was a week or two. Three weeks was about the
maximum. Age didn't matter. The youngest kids were 5, 6 or 7. Old,
young, men, women, big, little; it wouldn't matter because to
Scientologists the being is ageless so you don't think in terms of how
young or old someone is.

Little Mark and Tony

The four-year-old boy could no longer cry. He had been nearly 48 hours
in the chain locker of the flagship _Apollo_ and his entire body was
aching from his efforts to chip off rust. His knees and hands were raw
with cuts and bruises. His voice was raspy from crying, and he was
desperately afraid.

Keep in mind that the chain locker was a dangerous and scary place to
be put in. One adult nearly was killed there. Was it no pleasure for
adults, the experience for little children must have been a very
traumatic one.

From the book "messiah or madman" by bent corydon

The chain locker was dangerous. Located at the very bow of the ship
under the water-line. It was the place where the section of the chain
not in the water was stored. When the entire chain was brought up it
filled most of this comparatively small, wet, dark, and some- times
rat-infested locker. The only thing that was holding the chain in the
locker was what is called a devil's claw, which was located well above
the locker on the deck of the ship. If someone were to kick the claw,
the entire chain would be pulled at high speed out of the locker by
the weight of the anchor, and anyone down in the locker could very
easily get caught in the outgoing chain and be yanked to his death.

Lawrence Wollersheim interviews Jesse Prince who was 2nd in command of

Just looking at it now, those children were so under-nourished, just
not whole, complete children, because L. Ron Hubbard figures barley
water is better than milk. . . I've seen those children, 15 to 20 of
them in a filthy room, filthy carpet, food everywhere, and playing. If
one of them got out of line, they'd just lock them in a room and let
them scream itself to death, or scream itself to sleep. . . They make
them do what's called rocks and shows, where if they do something that
they weren't told to do, they have to do sit-ups, push-ups from the
cradle they are punished. From the cradle the children are punished.

(for more on Hubbard's barley water formula see the barley page)

Delphi puts sick boy in solitary confinement.
Biased Journalism Volume, December 25, 1996

The boy was locked in a small room with no TV, no entertainment and no
company, for almost the entire time. He was fed and an adult came to
check on him a few times during the day. . . an ethics officer, who
stood by while the child talked to his mother. The message was clear,
"don't you dare complain."

FLAG ORDER 1630 , 3 December 1968 by L. Ron Hubbard

If a child or these children are found in Hold l _or_ any hidden
compartment of the ship they are to be locked up.

Affidavit of Tonja C. Burden
25 January 1980

On a number of occasions, I saw people placed in the 'chain lockers'
of the boat on direct orders of Hubbard. These lockers were small,
smelly holes, covered by grates where the chain for the anchor was
stored. I saw one boy held in there for 30 nights, crying and begging
to be released. He was only allowed out to clean the bilges where the
sewer and refuse of the ship collected. I believe his 'crimes' were
taking or using a musical instrument, I believe a flute, of someone
else without permission. I also saw a young boy and a young girl
thrown in the chain lockers at separate times because of romantic
involvements they had with other people.

Life aboard Scientology's ship 'The Apollo' in 1968

I was twelve years old and witnessed children younger than myself
being thrown into the chain locker (a room for storing the anchor
while at sea) for days on end until they persuaded the ethics officer
that they were not enemies. Physical abuse of children was rife.

Sister page: Children and teens and Scientology's Rehabilitation
Project Force (RPF)

According to Scientology "Any law which applies to the behavior of men
and women applies to children" and "A child is a man or a woman who
has not attained full growth." On the basis of these direct quotes of
the founder of Scientology and Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard, it is no
surprise that the harsh forced labour and self-confessions on the RPF
program with its social isolation and a maximum of 6 hours of sleep
per night, is also applied to children.

Why can't Scientology behave like a decent organization should, caring
for its youth? Why does it have to violate the Universal Declaration
of Human Right in pursuit of profit?

The answer lies with their founder L. Ron Hubbard, who made his word
into law for scientologists. Scientology can not change therefor, not
by themselves, it would be against all that is sacred for them to
abandon the twisted ideas of child abuse which emanated from Hubbard.
If we want to see a change in the organization's attitude toward
children then it can only come from outward pressure. Get active,
write your US representative, politicians, media and inform your
friends. Spread the word!

What does the Declaration has to say about these inhuman Scientology

Article 5.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading
treatment or punishment.

Article 9.
No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

(2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

Article 30.

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any
State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to
perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and
freedoms set forth herein.

Adopted and proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of
10 December 1948."
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Sharone Stainforth (LRH Commodores Messenger at age 10) at the Dublin Offlines Event
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