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Author Topic: Scientologists: What Freedom?  (Read 937 times)
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Dear Scientologist,

You are on your way, perhaps well on your way, up the Church of
Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom", right?

So, I want to know exactly what increased freedoms you're
experiencing. After all, if this is a path to "Total Freedom", you
must have greater freedoms.

So, what, in your life, is more free?

Can you speak freely? Can you think what you want? Say what you think?
Or are you only "free" to think and speak those things sanctioned by
the Church of Scientology? Free people do not think, talk and act just
like everyone else in their environment; trapped people must only
agree. Which are you? Can you speak freely?

Are you free to question what you are told by L. Ron Hubbard, David
Miscavige, or anyone else in authority in the church? Do you honestly
think these people have never, ever made a mistake or caused a
problem? You know you may not question what you are told by the Church
of Scientology. Such questions will only get you in trouble. This is
not increased freedom.

Are you free to participate, or not participate, in activities of your
own creation and choosing? Or are you under duress to participate and
give money to activities exactly as defined and executed by the Church
of Scientology? It isn't "volunteer" if you are forced to participate.
It isn't freedom.

Are you free to ask about the church? Do you know what the real
overall statistics of the Church of Scientology are? Do you know what
the IAS actually spends your money on? Do you know who is really
running your church? When you hear rumors about your church, do you
feel free to ask someone about those rumors? Do you feel free to ask
those sorts of questions? If you do ask such questions, you know you
will get reported to Ethics.

Are you free to talk to anyone you want to? Are you free to talk to
everyone in your family? Are you free to talk to all of your friends?
Or must you only talk to Scientologists and those who are careful
never to disagree with the Church of Scientology? If there are
restrictions on who you can talk to, can you consider yourself free?

Are you free to leave Scientology? This is the ultimate freedom that
Scientology could impart, freedom to leave, if you so wish it. But,
according to the church, this must never happen. According to the
church, you are not free to leave. Your church doesn't want you really

So, the question for you, on the "Bridge to Total Freedom" is, what
freedom? What freedom have you gained from being part of the Church of
Scientology? In what part of your life is there more freedom?

There is no evidence that there is any increase of freedom for those
on the "Bridge to Total Freedom". Instead, all that happens on this
"Bridge to Total Freedom" is less and less freedom.

And where does less and less freedom end up? Slavery. You don't reach
freedom by becoming a slave. There is no freedom at the end of the
Church of Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom".
Posted by Just Bill
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