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Author Topic: David Miscavige - Scientology's Leader  (Read 1240 times)
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Meet David Miscavige, Church of Scientology's leader.

"...What kind of a leader is David Miscavige?

Let's see, when I think of great leaders, I think the greatest of all
lead by example. They are the first ones to risk it all, they ask
nothing of their followers that they themselves wouldn't do. They lead
from in front and are an example of all that is good in the group.

Nope! Leading by example is definitely not Miscavige's style. He
demands long, long hours from all staff, with poor food, very poor
pay, no rewards and no benefits for his workers. His staff sleeps in
bunk beds or, very often they are forced to sleep under their desks.
While he, himself, sets his own hours, has luxurious private quarters
with servants, has the very best food and whiskey, $500.00 Egyptian
cotton shirts and $3,000.00 suits, his own custom van, private cars,
and a $20,000.00 custom motorcycle. He takes multiple vacations every
year -- at no cost to himself! Staff pay is around $50.00 per week, if
they are lucky (and they often are not so lucky), while Miscavige
pulls in over $140,000.00 per year -- with no out of pocket expenses!

Nope! Miscavige is not that kind of leader. So what kind of leader is

Well, some very good leaders have lead by inspiration and charisma.
These leaders inspire great things from their followers because they
have a vision, a force of will, ideals that people just want to
support and follow.

Nope! This is not Miscavige's style of leadership either. Actually,
Miscavige has no vision he can admit to. His core vision is making
money and controlling people, which he can't really admit to publicly.
When Miscavige is "running things" in any one of his many offices, he
has all the charisma of Attila the Hun. Oh, he can appear to be
charming at his grandiose, fanciful events, but every phrase, every
smile, every pause-for-applause is carefully scripted and is
completely fake. No, charisma is not in Miscavige's skill set.

Nope! So far, we've discovered what kind of leader Miscavige is not.
But what kind of leader is he? Let's look further:

Does he lead with courage? Some mighty fine leaders get by with great
amounts of courage alone.

Nope, Miscavige is a coward. He is a bully. He beats people up because
he knows they can't fight back. He browbeats people because they
cannot answer. He struts around -- but only because he is surrounded
by a retinue of muscle-boys and sycophants. No, Miscavige has never
shown any courage.

Well, how about leading by taking responsibility? Some leaders take on
huge amounts of responsibility and excite, in their followers, a
desire for more responsibility themselves.

Oh lord, definitely not! Miscavige comes up with these "bright" ideas
for things, slams his idea through and then takes absolutely no
responsibility for the inevitable disaster that follows. Miscavige's
"bright" ideas always cause failure and inevitably result in things
getting much, much worse. But whatever happens, it is never his fault!
He's never responsible for the disasters directly caused by his plans!
He blames anyone and everyone else, and metes out punishment by the
truckload -- usually by sending his targets to the church's private
prison camp. But no matter how many people Miscavige blames for his
failures, he keeps failing.

So how does David Miscavige lead the Church of Scientology? He uses

Intimidation: He yells, threatens, insults and abuses.

Lies: He will tell any lie to get what he wants. He tricks, he lies,
he fools people.

Beatings: He likes to hit, choke, slap, punch. But only when he has
his muscle-boys with him. He especially likes to attack people without
warning. He smiles as he does it.

Punishment: At the Int. Base there are many levels of punishment. You
can lose your pay, your time off, your meals, your rights to go home
and sleep, to see and talk to your family, to take a bath, to get
medical attention. These and many more "privileges" can be and are
denied by Miscavige and his henchmen, for some minor infraction or for
no infraction at all. Note that there are not, and have never been,
any balancing "rewards" for good work. Miscavige has used up all the
rewards on himself.

RPF: The "Rehabilitation Project Force", a private prison at a number
of primary Sea Org bases, where those who are to be punished are
forced to do manual labor, with poor food and little sleep, and they
must engage in endless "confession" sessions, for years, many years.
Some, who "know too much", will, apparently, never be released.

SP Hall: The nickname for a large room at the Int. Base where
Miscavige has locked up many of the prior leadership of the Church of
Scientology. Their crimes are unknown, but they, too, must endure the
never-ending punishments and "confessions" of the RPF.

Sec-checks: All the staff at the Int. Base must endure never-ending
"Security Checks", intense sessions of confession, to elicit
confessions of any and all transgressions. If a staff member has no
transgressions, they are hammered at until they confess to something,
anything. Under this intense pressure, most will confess to completely
fictitious "crimes", just to escape the room. Oh, but, Miscavige does
not, ever, get a Sec Check. Or auditing. Or training.

Degradation: Miscavige loves to read aloud, at staff meetings,
everyone's confidential "confessions" from their Sec Checks, the more
discreditable, the better. Despite the claims of the church that
"auditing sessions are confidential," for Miscavige, they are the joke-
of-the-day. Given that these "confessions" are forced and, often,
fictitious, the results are truly degrading. But Miscavige has a very
good time.

So, that's "leadership" as defined by David Miscavige. That's at the
very top of the Church of Scientology. That's the epitome of
Scientology in action. That's what Scientologists support, every day.

What kind of a leader is David Miscavige? He leads by psychopathic
Posted by Just Bill
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