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Author Topic: Bring on the OTs!  (Read 950 times)
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"...If ever the Church of Scientology needed OTs, it is now.

OTs, "Operating Thetans", are superior beings with the power to
control, create and/or destroy matter, energy, space and time.

Hubbard and Scientology have been claiming they can produce OTs since
1954. Ever since these early days, Hubbard spoke of some very advanced
techniques, and the amazing results to be obtained. This is what the
Church of Scientology is selling. According to the church, every step
a Scientologist takes on "The Bridge to Total Freedom" makes them
"more OT".

Given how many people have spent so much money, time and effort in
traveling up "The Bridge", isn't it safe to assume that there are
millions of "more OT" people out there? Surely some of them are still
in Scientology.

And, OT VIII, announced as the "first true OT level", was released
quite a few years ago. Since then, hundreds of people have actually
completed that level. I'm sure a number of OT VIIIs are still in

So, I'm calling on all OTs to come to the aid of the Church of

The church needs you desperately!

It is obvious that the church is not doing well. The veil of secrecy
has become quite tattered. The secrets of the church are being exposed
to view, not only the secret OT data, but also management screwups,
falling numbers, reports of abuses and worse. These are all
significant signs of weakness, uncertainty, miscalculation, poor
planning, flawed execution and general incompetence.

Obviously, Miscavige must be busy working on his next big event
presentation, and cannot pay attention to general church management.
And it is equally obvious to all, that no OTs have been involved in
church management for years. After all, OTs are described as much more
capable than anything exhibited by the church.

So, it looks like all the Scientology OTs have been taking a break.
Perhaps they have been out playing with their new abilities.

But, break time is over. Now the Church of Scientology needs you. If
you are OT, your super-powers are needed urgently by the church. The
incompetence, weakness, errors, abuses, poor planning and flawed
execution by the church have got to be fixed.

Since Scientology has long said it can create OTs, and since the
church has moved many, many people through these "OT Levels", we know
that all these OTs must exist.

It is time for all the OTs to step forward and be recognized. All you
OTs need to use your OT powers to help your church. You don't even
need to leave your homes. Just patch up the failing parts, shore up
the sagging management, smite those who would dare expose the church's
faults! Do your OT thing, today!

Just one single OT, being really "OT", could turn the whole thing
around. I'm not kidding. That's all it would take, just one. This is
what the Church of Scientology is all about, this is what so many
people have sacrificed so much for: The making of OTs. So bring them
Posted by Just Bill
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