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Author Topic: Scientology Definitions  (Read 963 times)
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"...The Church of Scientology's official press releases don't seem to
make any sense at all. It's like they are speaking a foreign language.
What is happening in the real world simply doesn't match up with those

Well, it's true, they are speaking a foreign language. It's the
language they speak in Scientology-land, and everyone needs a
Scientology-to-reality translation dictionary. No, I'm not talking
about Scientology's technical jargon, I'm talking about "new,
improved" Scientology definitions for regular, real-world words.


In the normal world, a "terrorist" is one who utilizes intense fear as
a method of coercion.
In Scientology-speak, a "terrorist" is someone who protests against
Scientology's crimes, abuses, lies and fraud.
Do you think that caused "intense fear" in Scientology? Hmmm...


In the real world, "hate-speak" is saying hateful things about a class
of people--as determined by skin color, ethnicity, etc.

In Scientology-speak, "hate-speak" is saying bad things about
Scientology management. Bad things like daring to mention management's
criminal behavior.
Gee, I guess "psychotic management people" might be a "class of
people", eh? Does that count?


In the real world, "anti-religious" means being against all religion
and religious activity.

In Scientology-speak, "anti-religious" means attacking Scientology
Now, really! In what universe is Scientology management associated
with religious activity in any way, shape or form?


In the real world, religion means providing for the spiritual needs of
people, whether they have money or not--especially if not.

In Scientology-speak, religion is selling "religious" services to
people, if they have enough money to pay for it. Those without enough
money are not worthy of being "helped"--shut up.
In the real world, a volunteer is someone who, of their own volition,
offers to participate in some activity, but who can cease
participation whenever they wish.

Scientology-speak definition 1: A volunteer is someone who has been
successfully coerced and tricked into starting something, and who now
is forceably being prevented from leaving. Example: "RPF participation
is voluntary."

Scientology-speak definition 2: A volunteer is a salesman. Example:
"Our volunteer ministers are visiting every country in Europe."

Scientology-speak definition 3: A volunteer is one person who counts
as 1000 people. Example: "We have 100,000 volunteer ministers around
the world."
Religious Freedom:
In the real world, "religious freedom" is about people having the
freedom to join the religion of their choice, to leave a religion or
to choose no religion.

In Scientology-speak, it means the "freedom" to join Scientology.
Nothing else is allowed. You may not leave.
Other religions can just get out of the way, OK?

Freedom of Speech:

In the real world, "freedom of speech" means the people are free to
express their opinions without punishment or harm.

In Scientology-speak, "freedom of speech" means Scientology is free to
express their opinion without punishment or harm. You are also free to
express Scientology's opinion, and should. All other opinions are
With these proper definitions, you can now read the Church of
Scientology's press releases and understand what the heck they are
talking about."
Posted by Just Bill
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