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Author Topic: Scientologists: Scientology, Then and Now  (Read 896 times)
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"...For the purposes of this discussion, let's ignore the debate of
whether Hubbard's technology "works" or not. Let's just look at what
Hubbard put together, and what Miscavige did with it after Hubbard

All current Scientologists are supposed to believe that David
Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology is
continuing and enhancing the work of L. Ron Hubbard. They must trust
what Miscavige has told them.

Let's see what the truth is:
By the time Hubbard died, he had indicated, in his "Keeping
Scientology Working" that his tech was complete and must not be
altered. He forbade anyone altering, removing or adding to his
technology. In addition, he specifically admonished his followers to
never, ever reduce training to a set of rote drills.

After Hubbard died, Miscavige completely changed all training in
Scientology. He rewrote all the training materials and reduced the
training to a set of rote drills.
In the few years before his death, Hubbard presided over the greatest
expansion the Church of Scientology had ever seen. This expansion
continued, but tapered off after his death.

David Miscavige has orchestrated the greatest decline of membership in
the church's 50+ year history. Not just a decline in expansion, a
drastic shrinking of the church membership. All of the expansion of
Hubbard's years has been wiped out, and a lot more. And the decline

Hubbard created a large and complex administrative structure to
oversee the Church of Scientology after he was gone. Included in this
structure were many checks and balances to make sure the church
management did not stray from the proper administrative path he set
up. One top management group was even called the Watchdog Committee.
The staff at the International Management base in Hemet was around
1,000 at that time.

Miscavige has completely dismantled all of Hubbard's administrative
structure. None of the people who Hubbard put in charge remain. No one
who worked with Hubbard remains in any executive position. The staff
at the Int. Base are around 400, but many of those have been off post
for years, "doing lower conditions" -- endlessly. Anyone still within
that executive structure has no power but is simply a "yes-man" to
Miscavige's dictatorship.

Hubbard wrote quite detailed instructions on how the Church of
Scientology was to be run. These policies were made available to all
in over a dozen large volumes. In Hubbard's directions, these policies
were to be followed without question by all Churches of Scientology.

Under Miscavige's direction, the many volumes of Hubbard policy
letters are no longer in print. Miscavige has decreed that, from now
on, his orders are senior to anything written by Hubbard, his orders
are to be followed, he can and will order everyone to violate
Hubbard's policies and his orders must be carried out.
When Hubbard was in charge, any money to the church was in exchange
for a book, a course, a session. Money was always given in exchange
for something. Hubbard expressly forbade any "pure donations" where
there was no exchange. He was adamant.

Miscavige has introduced and heavily promoted "pure donations" from
Scientologists. So much so that Scientologists who do not donate
enough pure donations are considered "out ethics" and are punished.
Today, the vast majority of the church's income comes from those pure
donations that were forbidden by Hubbard.
When Hubbard was in charge, he found that big events--at that time
called congresses and held twice a year--artificially boosted church's
statistics and then inevitably caused a ruinous drop in church
activity. He forbade such big events. The "boom" was artificial and
the crash was disastrous.
Miscavige has created six yearly, big events, each one carefully
designed to sell something, to artificially boost the church's
statistics. When the inevitable crash in statistics occurs as a
result, just as predicted by Hubbard, Miscavige blames everyone but
himself for the problem that he created by violating Hubbard's

When Hubbard was running things, the local churches were expected to
make do with what they had. If they increased the number of people on
services, they would make the additional income needed to support that
expansion. It was a natural evolution. If the church did not expand,
it would get no outside financial help.
Miscavige's idea of "expansion" is to demand that the local
Scientologists pony up millions and millions of dollars, buy a big
building, come up with millions more to renovate the building, and
then give the oversized building to Miscavige. Miscavige turns around
and leases this large building back to the local church for lots of
money. This means the local Scientologists are paying for the new
buildings twice! The local church must shoulder the increased lease
and the increased burden of maintaining a huge building when they
couldn't even afford to maintain the smaller quarters! This "false
expansion" inevitably makes the church's struggle for survival much
harder. Closing churches, long forbidden under Hubbard, has become
common under Miscavige (spun as "combining resources" by Miscavige).
Scientologists: You are supposed to defend what Ron created from any
alteration! You are supposed to ensure that someone doesn't come along
and destroy all that Hubbard built and all that you believe in. That
is supposed to be your job and your most solemn duty as set out in
"Keeping Scientology Working".

Scientologists: If you honor L. Ron Hubbard, what are you doing
allowing Miscavige to destroy all that Hubbard built?

What is your excuse? You weren't paying attention? You forgot? You
believed Miscavige and forgot to look for yourself? Someone else was
supposed to do that? You were afraid that David Miscavige would punish
you for disagreeing with him?

Don't say you didn't notice anything! These are massive changes. The
entire structure of the Church of Scientology is collapsing. You are
letting it happen. LRH left you with that very specific responsibility
and you failed.

What is your excuse?"

Posted by Just Bill
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