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Author Topic: SCIENTOLOGY IS EMBARRASSING  (Read 1164 times)
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Email sent from scientology...

Subject: Lion Bookends for your LRH Library

Hello Sucker,

In case you didn't receive my last notice, I just came across an extra few sets
of these special edition bookends and wanted to let you know...

See below - it is an image of a pair of exquisite, deluxe edition, bronze finished
statues of the lions which is our traditional symbol of standard tech.

There are less than 8 in our warehouse and we will not be making more of these.
I would only recommend them to people who, like yourself, really pride themselves
in having a complete LRH library.

They are normally placed end to end with the Tech Volumes but they can be used
for any LRH materials.

The price is $450 USD for the set and this includes shipping & handling.

If you are interested, please order right here:

Or you can order by calling:

Direct Office Phone: (323) 899-1034
Bridge Reception: (800) 722-1733

Patrick Howson
Mail Order Manager
Bridge Publications, Inc.

For fucks sake !!!
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