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Author Topic: Once Upon A Time In Clearwater - your needle was floating  (Read 2124 times)
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« on: January 26, 2009, 03:56:25 PM »

Once Upon A Time In Clearwater - your needle was floating
There was a thread on about a caper in clearwater
that might turn out to reach epic proportions... I had suggested..,
NOT promised, that I'd reveal the caper for your enjoyment in about 60
days... well its been about 6 months. Unfortunately the situation got
a bit complicated, those who could be compromised took longer to get
themselves out of harms way... so I was unable to say much of
anything. Those I privately told the story to, understood why non-
disclosure would cause more havoc than disclosure would, but the time
has come to tell this very juicy story... The names involved will not
be disclosed, however, the operational details will be disclosed -
with certain facts left out to protect the players, some are still
involved but not for long, after making this posting...

Now kiddies, curl up by the fire, let me tell you a yarn...

Once Upon A Time In Clearwater

Once upon a time in Clearwater Florida, there was a health food store,
who had become privately famous for their nutritional suppliments. A
great bulk of their clients were hard core high level, rich,
Scientology "OTs"...

When an "OT" goes to get onto his next OT level, he is required to
endure a security check paid for at his expense... These 'sec checks'
sometimes take quite a while, costing thousands of dollars, and then
there are the required preparatory review/repairs that must be done
prior do doing your OT Level, or the "L" series....These preparatory
actions, including the security check, often take 3 or 4
"intensives" (12 1/2 hour blocks of auditing) costing TENS of
THOUSANDS of dollars, PER Intensive, unless of course your needle is
constantly floating...

So the Scientology OT's in clearwater, would often try all kinds of
nutritional tricks in order to be very "sessionable" so that they
might get through their auditing more quickly, thus saving some money
for themselves...

One of the products that became extremely popular was a rather
expensive protein drink - you know a fruit and protein with vitamins
added thick drink.. that the OTs would take for a few days before
their auditing started, so they would "run well" and be very

Well... this writer found himself in contact with a certain health
food store owner, who had read ... a LOT of it..(there
are 4700 pages there plus 10K more in archives). enough to deprogram
himself and to see the truth about Scientology...

We spoke about many things, including a fact, that I had learned and
told this person, that there is one city in the united states with the
LOWEST level of insanity.. and that city turns out to be El Paso

El Paso Texas also has a certain peculiarity about its drinking water
supply.. the drinking water there, because of certain natural rock
deposits, just happens to contain the highest levels of a certain
trace element... that element is lithium.

Up until about 1950, Lithium Chloride was sold as a salt (sodium
chloride) substitute, just as Potassium Chloride is sold a
salt substitute.

However, if you take teaspoons of this stuff for weeks at a time, it
can damage your kidneys - causing kidney failure... Lithium Carbonate
is prescribed by psychiatrists and doctors to treat Manic Depression,
the dosage is 500 milligrams a day.. thats 1/2 a gram of the stuff,
not teaspoons full...

Now, I grew up in a health food style family and have been reading all
that stuff for 40 years, and reading Science News Letter, etc.. since
I was 13 years old...and as a guy that went to Woodstock '69, I have
been around a while and was very good in chemistry...I keep up with
the latest, bestest and mostest nutritional information, specifically
as regards to Life-Extension..

So I explained a great deal about what *I* knew to this person in
Clearwater, including the tidbit about El Paso... and I even provided
a source for a trace mineral version of Lithium, called Lithium
Orotate.. The orotate radical, easily passed through cell membranes
AND through the Brain/Blood barrier.. It should be noted that the
Lithium Carbonate or Chloride versions do NOT, and must be metabolized
( which the body doesnt do very well ) for the stuff to become
psychoactive... A very small amount of Lithium will balance your brain
neurotransmitters.. bringing DOWN ones that are too high and bringing
UP those that are too low...and the stuff, if you happen to need a bit
more than you are getting, ocassionaly makes a person feel GREAT....
There is a website called Beyond A Century Performance Nutritional
Supplements that has it, and it is cheap..

Anyway, after I imparted the information above to the person in
Clearwater, they decided to add some of this stuff to the nutritional
guck bombs that the Scientologist OT's in Clearwater were drinking.
Shortly after adding this stuff word got around from "glowing" "OTs"
and completing their actions that had been estimated at 3 or 4
intensives in just ONE~!!!!

You see, if you are suffering from a need for a little bit of lithium
(USED AS A "PSYCHIATIC DRUG in 500mg doses) a few milligrams of it in
a form that can cross the blood brain barrier (Lithium orotate) might
just make you FEEL GREAT.

And it turns out to have a fantastic side effect - a little bit of
this stuff will give someone who needs it a FLOATING NEEDLE!!!


Which is EXACTLY the result it had!

And Flag's income crashed.

Well kids, I hope you enjoyed my little bedtime story

called once upon a time in clearwater..

"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speake"
"The internet is the liberty tree"
Who is this guy?
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« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2009, 07:11:46 PM »

Well that's very interesting Rocky.  You do know that the requirement of a floating needle has changed in the last year, don't you.  It now has to sweep widely across the metre three times.  A clean wide sweep each time.  So what we all thought was a FN now isn't.  SO the OTs who called FN's per the old definition are now being called back in to be retested to see if they have an FN per the new definition.  SOme are even getting there Clear attestations verified.

It's causing quite a stir amongst the OTs as they have to buy more and more intensives to 'correct' mis-calls on FNs in previous levels.

I hope they all get to read your post and save them time and $$
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« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2009, 07:31:05 PM »

Well that was a trip down memory lane for me.
I used to get those protein drinks across the road from Flag.
That shop was owned by ,was it, Peter Gilham ??
Red haired guy. He did his own version of the dissem tech
and his stuff was really effective.

Haven`t seen or heard anything from him since the early 80`s.
My guess is he`s sold the business and moved on.

This story proof that Scientology is a crock.
And just so you all know the Flag sec checks are done from a list.

That list contains multiple questions about internet porn.
I think the FLAG public need to ask who wrote this sec check.

It can`t have been Hubbard. He obviously never predicted the internet.
Fatal for his cult ...Not being able to predict the source of Scientology`s

Protein drink = $4.00
Auditing at FLAG = $1,000 per hour.

Worlds are colliding.

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