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Author Topic: A survey for current scientologists.  (Read 1263 times)
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Dear Scientologist,

Please consider the following questionnaire;

Do you have a system of fielding phone calls? Are you hesitant to answer your phone?

How do you feel about 'mandatory' briefings? Do you avoid them?

Have you found that Scn has been more expensive than you anticipated?

Would you hesitate to tell someone how much you have spent in SCN?

Given the cost of the current 'bridge' have you ever wondered how we will clear the planet?

Have you ever had any misgivings about bringing a friend, associate or relative in to your local church for services?

Have you ever suspected that Scn might not be growing at the rate reported by management?

Have you wondered about or resented having to pay for materials and services more than once?

If so have you wondered how those now defective goods and services were deemed 'good enough' in the first place?

Have you ever wondered about how tech bulletins and data and 'corrections' are still coming out 23 years after LRHs' passing?

Have you ever been ordered to destroy any of your books, HCOBs or PLs?

Have you or anyone you've known been through an engramic or unjust ethics or justice action?

Have you ever felt you were dealt with unfairly in Scn?

Are you concerned about the well being of any junior or aged SO members?

Have you ever been through a recruitment cycle that you felt would not end?

Have you ever been made to feel like you were either out ethics, criminal, deficient or worthless because you wouldn't join staff or donate money?

Have you ever been held against your will ?

Have you ever felt the church failed to take it's 'share' of the responsibility for things when they went wrong?

Do you have any reservations about your last Scn service or the manner in which it was delivered?

Do you feel that the promoted results of the services you have taken so far were over stated?

Have you in any way been disappointed in the results you have achieved in Scn?

Did the states you achieved fail to live up to the expectation you were given in any way?

Did you find any of the gains you had in Scn auditing to be temporary?

Have you ever met a clear or OT who did not live up to your expectations ethically, health wise or operationally?

Have you ever wondered if the Scn bridge in fact does lead to total freedom?

Do you have any concern or apprehension about living in a 'cleared' or a Scn run planet?

If you have answered 'yes' to more than a few of these questions it might be wise to take another look at your religion, there is a wealth of data on the internet about the CofS that any true scientologist should confront in the execution of their doubt formulas.

Remember; look don't listen, don't take any ones word. Personally verify what you read as much as possible.

Good luck!.
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